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Ugh Ape!

01/01/2012 15:07

Ugh Ape!


For Christians, agape means familial love (Matt: 22.37-40), and relationships based upon that concept of family. AIDS is, of course what is perceived as threatening family values. Largely perceived as a homosexually transmitted disease, it is described in the Bible as one of the plagues sent by God to punish mankind.


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 A `gay deceiver` is what the French call a roué, which is what the English call a rake, and deception is what philanderers practice. Homosexuals are `gay` because their activity is intrinsically deceitful. That is why the serpent in the Garden of Eden is a deceiver of Eve. She is persuaded to eat of the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen: 2.9), which she also gives to Adam. God tells the serpent that there will be perpetual `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between its `seed` and that of the woman`s. It is a simple equation: the evil will die and receive unendurable pain forever; and the good will live forever in God. The serpent represents the poisons (boy sons) of the Edenic pair; war and disease particularly: and, in these the Last Days spoken of in the Bible, HIV and AIDS.

 Revelation presents sado-masochism. Those with the plague curse God who, as omnipotent good, would save them. Why do they not ask? Because, for them, Jesus` crucifixion - as the Son of Man - represents a homosexual sadist`s achievement. This is underlined by Longinus` cutting open Jesus` side with his spear, and declaring sadistically: `Surely this was the Son of God!` (Matt: 27.54)  For a sadistic homosexual, what is being achieved is the torturing of God in the person of the Son who is, as a part of the Christian Trinity - and which for some includes the Virgin Mary (added misogynistic hatred) - God in fact.  Moreover, for the sadist, Jesus represents the trained masochist; because he accepts the role that the homosexual sadist has prepared for him. Not only that, but he is made to see that it is his Father, God, who tortures him for the amusement of homosexual sadists everywhere:


`My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27.46)



 God is, therefore, to a homosexual sadist, a homosexual sadist with overtones of paedophilia and pederasty (on the part of the father or otherwise) to go with the homoeroricism of the naked young man being tormented upon the cross by Roman soldiers with big spears. The only character missing from the ménage is the Holy Spirit, which is called the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35) in the Song of Songs and dwells in the Tabernacle where the Ark of the Covenant contains the Ten Commandments of God in the Old Testament. She is also known as the Glory of God and God`s Spirit, and Longinus is looking for her with his spear during the crucifixion. Eve was from the side of Adam and Jesus is the Second Adam, so where is Jesus` Eve? Longinus cuts open the side of Jesus with his spear to find her.



 After Jesus` resurrection and Ascension to God, the Holy Spirit, that is, the Shekinah as Paraclete (1 John: 2.1) or `teacher` of God`s path to those who accept Jesus` redemptive teachings, has her role upon the Earth. Because of Longinus` role as the instrument of the sadistic homosexual, we must suppose that the sadistic homosexual now proposes to torture man (because he`s a sadistic homosexual) and woman (because he`s a misogynistic sadistic homosexual) because they have the Holy Spirit in them.



 The ideal for the sadistic homosexual is to be within the spirit of the man or woman. The Shekinah is the Eternal feminine within Woman, and that relation constitutes happiness for normal women. The homosexual sadist would want to be within the Shekinah, which is why the practice of anal sex between homosexuals is Satanical, whereas Man`s normal relations with the Shekinah as the `spirit of God` constitute a basis for happiness. This is why Christ casts out demons:


 `…two demon-possessed men… met him. They were so violent that no one could pass that way. `What do you want with us, Son of God?` they shouted. `Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?` (Matt: 8. 28-9)


 They are the spirits of sado-masochistic homosexual misogyny, which theme is the torture of woman, woman`s spirit, and the individual who has accepted the female `spirit of God`, the Shekinah, or the person who has accepted the spirit but has been conditioned into the role of masochist by the homosexual sadist, which is the tormenting of God, as Jesus was also God`s unaccepting tormentor.



 After Jesus` Ascension and the continuing role of the Eternal Feminine, the Shekinah as Holy Spirit and `teacher` in Jesus` stead, the sadistic homosexual that is the Satanical evil spirit of the planet, that is, men, seeks to torture God in everyone, which is possible from their point of view if the Shekinah is within and upon the Earth as the guiding spirit of God.



 The Church may say that you have to accept the Holy Spirit, but a look at any newspaper will tell you that priests are sadistic homosexual misogynist pederasts. Hypothetically, they want you to accept the Holy Spirit in order to torture God through you, which is the Satanical spirit of the sadistic homosexuals who want to replace the spirit of God with their Satanical spirit. Sadistic misogynyst homosexuality towards those conditioned to accept masochism is how the torment of God is enjoyed. Ordinary `meekness` represents `merely` perfunctory torture without conscious participation on the part of the tortured, and from the point of view of the Satanical this is what the Shekinah or `spirit of God` is for.



 AIDS came originally from monkeys, according to medical research,1 which is difficult to accept if one encounters an AIDS victim because it interferes with notions of universal familial love and Christian agape. But it helps to put things in perspective if the principle is accepted that God does not want sodomy, and that is why Sodom was destroyed. Similarly, if sadistic homosexuality is Satanical, HIV/AIDS is sadism looking for a masochistic victim, which means the `red dragon` of the `blood plague` is seeking to `convert` and `subvert` normal individuals to sado-masochism through `devices` such as BDSM. Anal sex is sterile, painful, and results in the `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS from the mixture of blood, shit, urine and semen, which is the reason Sodom was sterilized. Because it presupposed the masochism of Gomorrah, and that is why Gomorrah was sterilized. Because it required sadism. (Gen: 18,19), which is anal sex.



 BDSM is marriage, faithfulness, and humility in God without sadism. Because bondage is marriage, dominance is faithfulness, and masochism corresponds to humility. Unless sadism is added.. Basically, it`s the Marquid De Sade`s AIDS monkeys forcing you to their level of non-human activity, which precludes development and seeks to `convert` others from it or `subvert` it. Because the acceptance of anal sex requires that the victim be tied. It is `Ugh! Ape!` Your ape of Satan as your rape and his aides (AIDS), which agitprop for torture instead of sex. Don`t have sex, you`ll contract AIDS is the torturer`s valence. For pleasure and spontaneous orgasmic elation at their demise, without even touching the dirty, bleeding animals, as Brett Easton Ellis advocates in his infamous novel about the snuffing out of lives for entertainment, American Psycho (1990-91).



 This is 21st century psychosis, and logically derivable from `Noli me tangere.` (John: 20.17) approaches towards sex in an HIV/AIDS threatening environment. Murder people, especially if they look as if they might want to have sex. This is psychopathological, and it satisfies the desires of the sadistic homosexuals. Not only that, but the AIDS plague as a `punishment from God` suggests that God wants people to be sexually active so that they will have AIDS, which makes everybody a target for the sadistic homosexual misogynistic pederast psychopaths who teach that God hates sex anyway.



 Moreover, if God hates sex and wants us to have AIDS, God hates us, doesn`t God? Brett Easton Ellis (1964-) produced such a `Godly` character: `You gotta kill a lotta people!` he screams at a phone he`s picked up after it rings while he`s butchering some people in their own apartment. He doesn`t have a motive; but if God hates sex then God hates people also.



 Homosexuals are about deceit. They exist in an atmosphere which encourages them to be deceitful about their sexuality. Because it is sterile. Homosexuals `moon` over boys who have no interest in them at all and convince themselves and others that the boys desire them, which is a lie and the basis for rape and murder because it is the fulfilment of their valence. Sadists are similarly deceit oriented. They are concerned with finding victims who are not aware. The Game (1997) starring Michael Douglas (1944-) is presented as a movie entertainment in which the central protagonist loses everything after being manipulated by shadowy figures. The denouement is that it was all a `game`, but the character`s cuts, bruises, and traumas are real. Just as Jesus` were.



The Game is a conversion vehicle for BDSM acceptance, which is Satanical sadism. If the aim of sado-masochism is to promote the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, The Game is a vehicle of conversion, which is what sadists do. At game`s end you have lost everything and are melancholy, which is what sadism `produces`. They are elated while you are sad. Because you are. It is `the game` in which you are painted as a powerless masochist, and you become so irrespective of whatever powerful position you may have been in. Sadists may even let you think you are one amongst them; but the truth is it`s `the game` and you will be sadder and not wiser.



 It is wise to understand that sadism is the spirit of the Earth. Saddamasochism is a recently recognized threat. Everybody is in danger of being at the mercy of some sadist or other: it`s the system. Saddam was a damn but he represented the sadist`s requirement; victims – willing or otherwise. Gassing the Kurds2 in Kurdishtan was `poisoning his own well`, which is the greatest crime in Islam. Rubbing the two sticks of the World Trade Centre together in 2000 to produce a conflagration in the Middle East was sado-masochistic insofar as Saddam was inviting the US Army to BDSM. As Saddam I his name means I am [the] sad [beast] of Revelation, because `the number of the beast` is 666, which is 999 or the number of the police in the former British Empire and Commonwealth reversed, as 911 was the telephone number of the US police reversed on 9/11. In Arabia the tradition of the `hamzad` also has a bearing on the meaning of Saddam`s name, which to kabbalists might be reconstructed as `Zadham`:


`My lord! It was not me who seduced him at the beginning, but it was he himself who preferred blindness to guidance. So, I helped him achieve his goal through seduction.` Koran, Surah 50, Qaf. 27



 Because Saddam`s name reversed is, effectively `hamzad`, Saddam`s is a reversal of fate because his path went awry when one of his military commanders invaded Kuwait, perhaps without his permission, and not as the result of seduction by the hamzad `companion`, or djinn soulmate, which is callled the Qareen in Moslem tradition. In other words, Saddam represents what the Moslem people`s call Shaitan, which is an individual Satanically influenced. Just as the Holy Spirit or Shekinah of Christianity is female, so the `hamzad` may be male or female, and good or evil, which suggests that the `companion` is good if female and evil if male, because the soul and spirit are female. In short, Saddam is Adam reversed, because Adam`s city was New York`s Eve`s, and his fate was evil because his hamzad was a male demon and not a female `companion`. Because the male valence of the Earth is the `red dragon` of devouring homosexual pederasty men want demons. The valence is depicted neatly in the 60s scifi TV series Star Trek in which the crew of the starship Enterprise encounter an individual with a female `companion` that appears as a spirit, and the episode details the crew`s efforts to separate them. The female spirit of the `companion` is perceived as `demonic` because it isn`t male, but the notion of `hamzad` meaning Saddam reversed suggests that replacing the female `spirit of God` with a male valence is evil.



 In Revelation we are told `let him that hath wisdom understand; the number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six` (Rev: 13. 17-18), which is 666 while 9/11 is 911, the number dialled for the police in the USA. As a ruler Saddam is supposed to `police` his people, but a dictator `bullies` and so 999, which is the `police` number in much of the rest of the world, has become 666 as a symbol of the terrorist `bullies` that attacked the world`s policeman on 9/11.



 Having received the emergency call (911), the USA exterminated Saddam with the help of the Coalition, including Britain where the police number is 999, which means that, although the police were seemingly ictorious over the 9/11 `bullies`, 999 can become 666 and rulers sado-masochistic dictators. Just as sadistic homosexuals` feigned interest in sex can blossom more quickly into torturing their victims within the BDSM `number of the beast` telephone network.



 The American Dream is progress and development in innocence; whereas America actually progresses and develops under threat from figures such as Saddam. The USA accepts this handicap and remains prepared to fight for `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, which is against Saddamasochism, being sad, and allowing sadists to make them unhappy. This is why the Americans believe in Manifest Destiny, which is the fulfillment of the American Dream. It is the hope that America progress and develop in innocence, that is, without being threatened:


`In God we trust.`


1 Peiperl, Laurence M.D. `Did the Green Monkey Start AIDS?` Editor-in-Chief HIV In Site, University of California, San Francisco, .

2 Cole, Juan `Did Saddam Gas the Kurds?` History News Network, 2nd April 2003, .

Thorn in his side

01/01/2012 15:06

Thorn in his side


In Eden Woman is created by God from the side of Adam. She is on his side thereafter, as Right is Might, as it were. But it has nothing to do with dexter or sinister as the Romans would have it. The right side is the good side. Either side is good if it is good. It the either/or thinking that is associated with the Greek philosopher Aristotle (348 BC – 322 BC) that betrays us into `taking sides`. This is what occurs in Eden when the serpent offers the forbidden fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Gen: 3. 1-6) The fruit of the Tree of Life is wholly good, but the serpent wants to take Eve from the side of Adam, and therefore from God. So it produces Aristotelian logic, either choose good or evil. Before this juncture Eve is God and does not know herself from Adam who is with her in God.

The serpent represents adultery, that is, coming between Man and Woman. The Woman comes from the side of Man and the serpent is the one that has no spine and therefore has no side. The Woman is close to God and Man because they share a spine and she comes into visible being from the side of Man through God who is her Creator. It is a biblical mnemonic on the subject of the evil that `upon thy belly thou shalt go` (Gen: 3.14), as a recognition that the evil are spineless and treacherous.



It is a tradition that the serpent`s head is crushed by the foot of `the woman`s seed` (Gen: 3. 15), and traditionally Satan is represented as having hooves. It is British slang to call a homosexual an `iron`and the term comes from London`s Cockney Rhyming Slang in which `iron hoof` means `poof`, which is a further slang term for homosexual. The serpent in Eden prefigures homosexuals who seek to take the woman from the man`s side, not for sexual purposes, but simply to betray her. However, as it says in the Bible, `the wages of sin are death` (Rom: 6. 23).  A gun is called a `side iron` in the USA because it represents that which would part Woman and Man by violent means - Satanically. This is why the serpent in Eden is depicted as evil, because it is.



The serpent in Eden is successful because it confuscates sidedness to suggest that one side is good while the other is evil. In fact the suggestion is that Adam is good and Eve is evil, from which all else springs. But it is the serpent that is evil, it represents `enmity between...[itself] and the woman`s seed`, which suggests that the serpents` seed shall have human form but not be human, something which biblical commentators do not emphasize enough. The evil are amongst us and they are not human, they are the evil enemies of God and they are homosexuals – as defined in Genesis as serpents who would take a woman in order not to have sexual relations with her but to destroy her.



The nature of homosexuality is important but not paramount. Essentially it is a sterile mode that does not produce or develop. Woman is an oasis in the desert. Homosexuality is the desert. She offers dates in her palms, as it were. Her years and her occasions. She connotes immortality in the oneness that is Woman and Man as One Creature in God that continues throughout all Eternity. That is God`s Promise, that the seed of Adam and Eve shall be as numberless as `the dust of the Earth` (Gen: 13. 16).

 Because Adam and Eve are One Creature in God, so are their children. That is the immortality promised by God. The serpent represents `perpetual enmity between...[itself] and the woman`s seed`, that is, Satanical male homosexuals. Men are to be the evil enemies of God because they seek to betray Woman and her `seed`. The nomenclature is interesting because Woman does not have a penis and `seed` does not suggest `ovum`. What it does suggest is that Woman shall have a penis and that men shall hate her for making them redundant and revealing them to be evil. They shall prefer one another, as it were, and there shall be `enmity between...[them] and the woman`s seed`.

According to Gnostic thinking, the Holy Spirit corresponds to the Shekinah, which is the Glory of God. She appears in The Song of Songs: `Your hair falls in waves… winding down the slopes of Mount Gilead.` (Songs: 4.1). The Naas of the Naasenes, which sect preceded Christianity, is a serpent of Wisdom (John 3: 14) and this passage from The Song of Songs connotes the Wisdom that is the omniscience of God, which `moves in mysterious ways its wonders to perform`.1 The windings of a serpent of Wisdom, as it were, rather than that of the `father of lies`, which is the `sidewinder` in Eden: the Evil One who comes close to your woman in order to `wind you up` until you evince anger towards her. It is his intention to destroy your relationship with his evil attentions whereas it is the intention of the Shekinah to preserve your faithfulness to God.  She does this by being the spirit of the `woman`s seed`, the immortal continuing presence of God in the generations of Man and Woman that is called the Paraclete in the New Testament and which is represented as being upon the Earth after Jesus` Crucifixion, Ressurection and Ascension (Acts 1: 9-11) to Heaven and God.

In Christian tradition there is the Naas and the Nous, which is the Spirit of God: `In the beginning was the word and the word was God.` (John 1: 1) The Bible is the Word of God, and Jesus is represented in Revelation as coming a second time as the Sword of God who `rules the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 2.27). In other words, Logos is Sword and Word but the Holy Spirit, often thought of as Logos, is missing. She is the Shekinah, the Glory of God as female principle, which is the complement of Logos as Word, that is, Eros or love relationships and relatedness towards Woman.



Longinus pierced the side of Christ at the Crucifixion with a spear. (John 19: 34) Because Jesus is called the second Adam, we may assume that the centurion is looking for the second Eve, that is, he represents the serpent seeking to rob Christ of the Woman that belongs by his side, the Shekinah as Holy Spirit, that is. The betrayer of Woman is a spineless coward, a snake that crawls in the sand of sterile homosexuality when there is an oasis of womanliness to nurture and develop. Longinus waits until Christ is helpless before cutting open his side with his spear. It is not a Sword either, which is relevant. Why, then, is the spear known throughout the Christian Age as the Spear of Destiny? Because it is not the Sword, Logos as Word, but the Spear of God, that is, the Holy Spirit or Shekinah as Nous and Naas or Logos and Eros as complements.

 In the United States of America they speak of `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, which is a `blue bird` in American tradition. It appears in Song of the South (1946) which is about the suffering of  Americans in slavery. Pursuit of the `blue bird ` therefore represents the American Dream, which is Manifest Destiny, that is, the immortality of `the woman`s seed`, which is the Glory of God, the Shekinah.



However, people can be made to accept anything if they have the `blue bird of happiness`. They are always happy, so their possession of it can be a curse. This is what was meant by Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) and the terrorists on 9/11, and Hitler (1889-1945) and Brezhnev (1906-1982) before them. The USA is happy in the American Dream, which progresses innocently if unthreatened and, because God is Almighty, America is as mighty as she believes. However, true innocence is progress without the anticipation of being threatened and the requirements of defensive/offensive capability. So the Taliban terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York on 9/11 2000 was a threat to the American Dream of progress through innocence.



Another bird is the robin which, according to legend, perceiving the crown of thorns placed upon the head of Christ by the Romans as a part of their torturing of him, and its attempts to remove it pierced its breast from which its descedants have received a permanent blood red stain thereupon.


The Legend Of The First Robin


One day, long ago, a little bird in Jerusalem saw a large crowd gathered around a Man carrying a heavy wooden cross. On the Man's head was a crown made from a thorn branch. The thorns were long and sharp. The little bird saw that the thorns were hurting the Man. It wanted to help Him, so it flew down and took the longest, sharpest thorn in its tiny beak.The bird tugged and pulled until the thorn snapped from the branch. Then a strange thing happened. A drop of blood fell onto the bird's breast, staining it bright red. The stain never went away.And so today the robin proudly wears a red breast, because it helped a Man named Jesus.2



The Shekinah or Holy Spirit is symbolized by the dove, and the blue bird of happiness is a jay; so what is the robin? A fighter who is notoriously territorial and so the robin is a symbol of  that which is prepared to fight for God and even receive wounds in order to receive the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah, and immortality in God.



 Christ is, essentially, all of these; man without woman; the Spear of Destiny; the Armies of God; and the Shekinah as the bride of Man and Woman as One Creature in Eternity, together with all of their myriads of descendants who are also the One Same Creature in God (though they are all individuals). In English there is an idiom: to be a `thorn` in someone`s `side` is to prevent someone from achieving success. The robin was pierced by a thorn in its breast while attempting to remove the crown of thorns placed on the head of Christ, so the crown represents the crowning Glory of God that has to be fought for, the Shekinah. That is why the spear of Longinus means `the spirit that shall be Long in us`, and the spear represents the Spears of God needed to exterminate the evil enemies of God that are those who would torture us as sadists and explain that it is Christ-like to be sad instead of living the American Dream of `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` for the immortal Glory of God which is Our Destiny:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Britney Spears



1 Cowper, William `Light Shining Out Of Darkness` in Olney Hymns, 1779.

2  Robin,

This Troy, this New York; Britney Spears: The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships

01/01/2012 15:03

This Troy, this New York; Britney Spears: The Face that Launched a Thousand Ships


Someone was playing a game with the USA on 9/11, or the virus of the Evil One is ancient and strong. `This Troy, this Ilium...` is a common translation of the first few words of ancient Greek from Homer`s (850 BC) epic poem, The Iliad (ca. 1194-1184 BC) which narrates the siege of Troy by the Greeks after Meneleaus` wife Helen was abducted by the Trojan Prince Paris. The story is known as `the rape of Helen`, and she was `the face that launched a thousand ships` because Meneleaus` brother was Agamemnon, the ruler of Sparta, and he persuaded the Greeks to beseige Troy, which was located on the island of Lesbos.



The location of Troy is important because Troy is a city in New York state, the motto of which is Ilium fuit, Troy est, that is, `Ilium was, Troy is`, which is a challenge to the `Greeks`, as it were. But who is the US` Helen? The `Big Apple` suggests that she`s Eve, or `the spirit of God`s Woman`, which in the Bible is the Shekinah (Ex: 40. 35) of the Old Testament , and (God`s law) and the Holy Spirit of the New Testament (God`s love`). Both of which came from the side of Man. Eve emerging from within Adam and the Paraclete (1 John: 2.1) emerging after Jesus` death when his side was pierced by the spear of Longinus. She emerged from behind the `veil` of Jesus` death, that is, she was the `spirit of God` teaching through Jesus from behind his eyes, and continued in humankind for 2000 years after her birth until 9/11 when her spirit was attacked by Al Qaeda`s terrorists on Manhattan Island in New York in 2001.

Archetypally, the attack on New York`s World Trade Centre was an attack on the `towers of Ilium`, but archetypes are `developmental` in psychology and destruction is not, which suggests that a neuro-linguistic programmer (NLP) has been at work for thousands of years with `autosuggestion` and the words `this Troy` and `destroy`, and has - as its 21st Century `paradigm` - the `Trojan horse` virus and the notion that `history should repeat itself`. The target on 9/11 was God`s Paraclete and Woman`s development and progress in innocence without threat (Civilization), which is `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` and the American Dream and Manifest Destiny.

The Spear of Destiny is Longinus` which released the `spirit of God`s Woman` providentially from the side of Jesus at his crucifixion and death. The obvious candidate for America`s Eve is, therefore, Britney Spears (1982-); because the Paraclete is present for all those who accept the Holy Spirit and her teachings of Redemption. She is E Pluribus Unum, `out of many, one`, that is, the meaning of the motto of the `Great Seal of the United States of America`: she is the Paraclete which speaks with `one voice` for America because she`s God and Jesus` `teaching assistant` - `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`.



Feminism is Woman`s `development` because men don`t want her to develop herself, although Man and God may want her to. Men are produced by Woman and have no further need of her when physically grown. Woman is the Creator`s Producer and Product – Civilization – so is `the spirit of the wisdom of God` and – with the Paraclete – she`s responsible for `spiritual growth`, which requires a feminist perspective that includes lesbianism and Britney Spears is bisexual.

Ancient Troy is close to the island of Lesbos, and Troy in New York state is close to the `Big Apple` of Eve, which means that the air raids upon New York and the Pentagon on 9/11 were an attack upon female bisexuality. The remnants of Troy - led by Prince Aeneas - are said to have founded the British Empire and the USA`s `Statue of Liberty` is the symbol of continuing civilization after the defeat of Troy and the founding of the British Commonwealth. 9/11 was an attempt to shift the centre of Civilization by means of an attack on the walls of Troy`s Ilium, which were the Twin Towers of New York state, and so threaten female sexuality by association, because the island near Troy in ancient Greek times was Lesbos from whence lesbianism originated.



Troy, in New York state, is 2 hours` drive from Manhattan and, because ancient Troy was near the island of Lesbos, lesbianism and feminism was the indirect focus of the 9/11 assault. Socio-historically, the city of New York is the centre of sexual freedoms so Lesbos had effectively moved to mainstream consciousness in Manhattan while Troy - in New York state -  was symbolically the women hater`s real target at the World Trade Centre. The `Island` was figuratively Lesbos because, in Greek history, Troy was the city nearest to the island of the lesbians, that is, Lesbos.



The `aims of the plague`, which was Islamic extremism as the `beast` of Revelation, were to reassert male egocentricism and subjugate the Woman as the spirit of Civilization in order to destroy it – and her, which is the aim of the programmer who used `autosuggestion` to effect the correspondence between the words `Troy` and `destroy`. The USA`s relations with Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) – an ass as Sin who `moved up` by murdering Iraq`s President Qasem in 1959 - were a `Greek horse` or `Trojan virus` because the USA gave Saddam Hussein the world`s 3rd largest army in the world - and global terrorism was the back-stabbing result.

Just as Sodom was destroyed by God for `sodomy` (Gen: 18, 19), which produces STDs such as HIV and the AIDS` virus, so the 9/11 terrorist hijacking of `civil` aircraft to politely crash into New York`s Adam`s and Eve`s`Big Apple` business centre of World  Trade was, symbolically, Eve`s `Saddamy`, and `the base` of Al Qaeda,  represents the Muladhara chakra at the base of the spine where the anus is. In Hinduism the Muladhara chackra is the lowest energy point of the chakra ladder of Hindu spiritual and intellectual development and is associated with family and family values. The attack on the pillars of Western democracy was a threat to the foundations of the family and the airaids in the USA, which also struck at the Pentagon and Arlington, Virginia, were, because of the associations with anal rape, the equivalent of an airborne attack by the virus HIV/AIDS.



The `Twin` Towers because Man and Woman work together. She`s the spirit of God on Earth - and God is her spirit in heaven. Men alone are sterile as ass sin`s, that is, homosexual sterilizers who want to destroy the Producer (Woman) and the Creator (God). New York`s Adam`s city because Saddam wanted to show her who was `Dad` . He was an `ass as sin` in terms of career, because he murdered the Iraqi President in 1959 in order to `move up` quickly in terms of the `chakra ladder`, which represents intellectual and spiritual capability rather than the robbery and incapability of power grabbing through assassination. Saddam Hussein had his seat in Baghdad because he was the `dad` behind the `back` who stabs upward from the base of the spine, which is why the Bible tells it `upon thy belly thou shalt go`. Because it`s `moved up` by murder and, according to Revelation, shall have eternal unendurable pain because of it. Saddam represents the evil oneness of men who want to be evil spirits and heirs of the `ass as sins` who don`t even belong on the first rung of the ladder of success, because they`re the evil descendants of the spirit of the evil in Eden of whom God, the real Father, told Eve there`d be eternal `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between its `seed` and hers.



Saddam is the `beast` as the fully grown `serpent` of Revelation, which is the `dragon`, as the antithesis of Eden`s Adam, which waits to devour the `seed` (child) of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. In the video Oops I Did It Again (2000) Britney Spears appears in a red suit on the `red planet` of Mars, which is symbolic of both the `red dragon` and Redemption. In Roman mythology the red planet Mars is the `war god`, which accords with the biblical symbolism of the `red dragon`, and `men are from Mars, women are from Venus` is a popular perception which, because the spaceman from the USA arrives on Mars to find Britney Spears, suggests Mars has become Venus, a perspective strengthened by the apppearance of not one, but two Britney Spears. One Britney in her red suit, and one iin a white bikini dress.

 In white Britney lies beneath her spaceman-camera after he is raised above herself in her white bikni dress by Britney in her red suit. Her appearance as a second individuality suggests Britney is colonizng Mars for Venus, and so she corresponds to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, because that`s how the moon would appear from Mars - or Venus. However, Venus` point of view is that woman is a species with her own penis as a futanarian woman (, which explains Britney`s reproduction of herself.

 The red planet Mars is a sterile desert because it represents the male war god Mars, and the non-reproductive `red dragon` of Revelation, which is the devouring sterility of male homosexual pederasty and its `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS. In suspendng her spaceman so he is able only to film her with the camera beside his spacehelmet, Britney is showing how to control the `killer disease` of the HIV/AIDS virus, which would seek to make Mars sterile once again because, in representing a sterile desire, it represents the desire for sterility.

 Because the spear of Longinus effectively released the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete as the `Second Eve` from Jesus` side as the `Second Adam`, Britney Spears, as Venus on Mars, is a symbol of the multivalence of the Paraclete, which in Oops I Did It Again is depicted as having taught and subdued Mars. In Christianity, Redemption comes from being `washed in the blood of the lamb`, which means sucess in acceptance of Jesus` teachings through the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, and dealing with the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS is but a single valence of the Paraclete`s multivalent capabilities. Taught by Jesus, the wisdom of `God`s love` (Luke: 10.27) comes from obedience to `God`s law`, which is distilled in The New Testament as `love thy neighbour`. However, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 16,19) because sodomy and BDSM mean that the penis` semen is too close to blood and shit, which produces the virus of HIV/AIDS that`s the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of Revelation. The solution to HIV/AIDS is to `love thy neighbour` in acceptance of `God`s law`, or the result is the `red dragon` of devouring homosexual pederasty`s spreading of its enslaving passions by means of the wombs of women through warfare. The `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS is the biblical sign of God`s awareness of its contagion.



  In the English language a boy is a son, and so a fatherer is a furtherer of the boy son, which suggests that males further poisons, and that fatherers spread their contagion of war and plague because they`re a disease. Being `washed in the blood of the lamb` of Jesus` teachings after his crucifixion is the only antidote to the poison. In Revelation the `hidden` woman of the Earth protected by the scepter of the New Redeemer she has given birth to, in the teeth of the devouring `red dragon`, leaves Earth to `sow` her own `seed` amongst the stars, which means she` s a woman with her own penis and has no need of men at all. Revelation closes with the pronouncment that those who fight against her and her `seed` shall receive perdition and she shall be given a new heaven and Earth in which to dwell. In other words, men will fail to keep her on Earth and, if they refuse to let her go, God will punish them with eternal unundurable pain:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 10)



Arabia`s false Adam was Saddam who didn`t love his neighbours. He used poison gas against the Kurds in Kurdistan, so defiling the heritage of the foremost Arabian knight Saladin, which is Aladdin`s `lamp of Islam`,1 the light of God in the holy Moslem book, the Koran (610-30 CE):


`Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth. The Parable of His Light is as

if there were a Niche and within it a Lamp: the Lamp enclosed in Glass: the

glass as it were a brilliant star… Light upon Light! Allah doth guide whom He

will to His Light…` (Sura 24: 35)



The name `Aladdin` means `height of faith`, and the name `Din` means `belief`, which suggests Arabia`s Saddam - the `false prophet` who isn`t Adam - wanted to destroy belief in Allah, that is, `Allah Din`. The `rape of Kuwait` is infamous, but the `Big Apple` of New York was, symbolically, the separation of Helen from Meneleaus, that is, Baghdad`s Saddam would be under siege until the removal of his `evil eyes`, which were the evil spirits of the ass-as-Sin`s `brotherhood`, from the `Big Apple` of New York`s Eve.



 In mythic terms, Saddam had raped Kuwait (Woman) after the fashion of Paris in the story of Helen, `the most beautiful woman` of Earth in ancient times, and Saddam had symbolically removed to Baghdad under pressure from George Bush Snr., the President of the United States of Amercia, who`d correspond to the Greek king Agamemnon and `brother` of Meneleaus, the husband of Helen. George Bush`s successor was his son, George W. Bush, who`d correspond to Meneleaus, as his father`s Christian `brother`, and George W. Bush responded to the `Trojan virus` of the 9/11  hijackers` crashing passenger aircraft into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre by sending the `Greek` fleet to the Gulf to fight for the `Big Apple`, which symbolically was Helen`s of New York state`s Troy, because the `Big Apple` was the most beautiful woman in the world`s, according to Greek mythology.



 Although the wife of the Emir of Kuwait, Sheika Fitooh, and who would have corresponded to Helen, had died shortly before the Iraqi army`s invasion of Kuwait, the `rape` victim was held responsible for `transmitting` the virus. The story is peculiarly Arabian, because of its similarities with Shah Jehan`s 1001 Nights where the `brother` of the king is perceived to be having an affair with the king`s wife and she is blamed - and blameless. New York`s `Big Apple` of New York was attacked, because Al Qaeda found the `fruit of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil`, that is, the wisdom of Eve`s apple, `tempting` insofar as she was faithful to God, and that was why she was both `the most beautiful` and blamed. Because the virus didn`t want her.



 In chakra terms, the `apple` is the third eye of awakened consciousness, which was closed by the `ass as sins`. The `Big Apple` of New York corresponded to the Ajna chakra, or energy point at the apex of the spine, that is, the zenith of spiritual and intellectual achievement, whereas the spreaders of the contagion of terrorism, Al Qaeda, `the base`, corresponded to the energy point at the base of the spine, the Muladhara chakra, from which spiritual and intellectual achievment rises.



 The Al Qaeda terrorists were spineless cowards because they represent the denial of the fruit of the achievement that others have worked for, and the Bible of God has given us the sign of it in the form of HIV/AIDS` biological warfare against the wombs of women. The spreading of the disease of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s devouring warfare and `blood plague` to the `Big Apple` of the `developing world` is the way of the secret `ass as sin nations` as they seek to `move up` without working to develop anything for themselves or others. From the base of the spinal column as `fifth columnists`, the `red dragon` of enslaving and devouring homosexual pederasty induces ego-collapse and murder as a form of `blood plague` and back stabbing that can`t get any lower:


`Upon thy belly thou shalt go.` (Gen: 3.14)


 It was the Evil One who was the Evil Father – the `dad` behind the `back` of Adam waiting to practise `Saddamy` and `move up` with the `ass-as-Sin-nations` of Al Qaeda from `the base` of the spine of the `beast` of Baghdad through Kurdistan, Kuwait, and upwards to the `Big Apple` of dawning consciousness at New York`s towers of Ilium.



 Britney Spears corresponds to the `New Aphrodite`, because the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, as a multivalent `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` born from the spear of Longinus after Jesus` side was pierced at the crucifixion, is Spears in contradistinction to the Sword of God, which in Revelation is described as Jesus` capacity to command the spirit by means of the Sword that comes out of his mouth, and is the Logos or Word of God. The evil spirits of the `ass as sins` would seek to contaminate the Holy Spirit or Paraclete so that the Word of God could not be comprehended.



 The Hindu system of the chakra ladder is important, irrespective of Christian belief, because it`s a symbolical construct designed to couch a message of import, which is what all religious systems are for. Although Paris of Troy was given Helen, `the most beautiful woman`, by Aphrodite, he received the `golden apple` as his reward for choosing Aphrodite as the `most beautiful` of the goddesses. It`s similar to the story of Adam and Eve in Eden where the Evil One gives them the apple as the `fruit of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil` (Gen: 2.9), which is ultimately wisdom because the Evil One is recognizable - and defeatable - as Adam`s ass-as-Sin`s. Al Qaeda, `the base` of the spine, and the `beast` because of `Saddamy`, which sought to spread the enslavng and deuouring contagion of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s warfare and `blood plague` through the `Big Apple` of the raised consciousness of the United States of America, was defeatable because `America the beautiful` is recognizable as the wisdom of God, whereas the `beast` of `Saddamy` was recognizable only as `base` and evil.



 In ancient Greece women were only valued as `producers` of more men, who were pederasts,2 and the notion of the `Greek horse` inside which men hid in order to slip in as Troy`s `ass as Sin` may be descried as  the `Trojan virus` paradigm of 9/11 in which the hijackers used `civil` aircraft as `Trojan horses` to slip secretly into the USA and, like PC `gamers` hacking into a nation`s security system for fun, breeched the CPU towers of the World Trade Centre`s Ilium on 9/11 to bring `plague aims` to the Earth in the form of George W. Bush`s declared `War on Terror` (2003-).

 Paris chooses Aphrodite because he`s the best judge. He wants the `most beautiful woman` because he recognizes that she`s Eve to his Adam, that is, together they represent God`s love, God`s law, `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, the American Dream, and Manifest Destiny. According to tradition, the spear of Longinus is the Spear of Destiny, a symbol American predestination, which was symbolized at the beginning of the 21st century in Britney Spears` emergence as a `pop princess` with a voice:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Piece Of Me


 In the Hindu chakra system of spiritual and intellectual energy levels the Visudda or `throat chakra` is below the Ajna chakra which is the seat of the imagination in the brow of the individual and is often described as the `apple` or `third eye` because of its visionary capabilities. In Arabia pigs are `haraam` or forbidden, and the throat chakra in Hinduism, which is frowned upon by Moslems, and is the reason for the political divide between Hindu India and Moslem Pakistan, is called `ham`, whereas the Ajna chakra of the `third eye` is `om`, etc. Because `ham` is the seat of the power of the voice, `the base` Al Qaeda, which is Muladhara in the Hindu chakra system, sought to silence the USA on 9/11 because she was awakening to her memory of woman as a species with her own penis.



 Paris could have chosen Hera (power) or Athena (wealth), and men want them; but effectively he chose the wisdom of God, which is that Woman is a new heaven and Earth for he who accepts beauty. Paris is, metaphorically, the `Day of Judgement`. Paris is fair in his judgement because he perceives that beauty is good. New York`s `apple` is Helen, but men want power and wealth. That`s why Al Qaeda`s `base` terrorism from the back that corresponds to `Saddamy` from the `Baghdaddy` of the women`s prison, which is Earth before the `hidden` woman leaves to `sow` her `seed` amongst the stars, represents an ass as Sin`s beheading of the `Big Apple` of consciousness in the mouth of the pig. In short, 9/11 was an attack upon the `voice of America`, which the Arabian terrorists conceived as `ham` or a pig asking to be killed.



 New York`s Adam`s `Big Apple` of Eve corresponds to the World Trade Centre as that part of Adam and Eve`s `voice box`, which in medical terminology is the epiglottis that controls the sounds coming from the throat, and according to the Hindu chakra system is the seat of power (ham) below the imagination (om). In Christianity Jesus` voice is the sword of Revelation. Because the mind is the seat of development through imagination, the voice of Jesus is the Word of God that commands through the products of the imagination, which is understandable as advanced technological progress, which the evil do not want, especially for the `hidden` woman of the Earth with her own penis who wishes to leave, because they want to maintain their system of enslaving and devouring, and so sought to silence the voice of freedom in the USA on 9/11. In simple terms, men who want power (and money) but are prepared only to exploit rather than work, don`t want God`s producer`s best product, that is, woman`s civilization, and 9/11 was their `virus`.



 On Mars, in Oops I Did It Again, Britney is Aphrodite `coming out of her shell`, but `not that serious` (non-threatening) and `not that innocent` (wise to bullies). Her spaceman retraces his footsteps, and in fact walks backwards, as Britney sends him back to Earth. Because he has to learn that `grease` is viral, that is, `Saddamy` is the `false friendship` of Greek homosexual pederasty, and giving Saddam Hussein the 3rd largest army in the world to `grease the palm of the backstabber` wasn`t sensible. Because Adam was Saddam only as a homonym, so that we`d understand him as the serpent of Eden`s `ass as sin` for New York`s Adam and Eve`s `Big Apple`. Al Qaeda was going to spread the viral contagion of the enslavement of women`s wombs by the `red dragon` of devouring homosexual pederasty from `the base` of the Earth`s spine to the crown of the head of humanity by provoking war. Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda were Baghdad `stabbers`, which meant that they were seeking to murder God, the father, by stabbing him in the back and close the eyes of those who had accepted the guidance of the Paraclete, that is, the Holy Spirit, in focusing on development rather than exploitation.

 In Piece of Me (2007), Britney sings `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen [seventy-six, the year of American Independence from the British Empire].` The cover for the album is Britney Spears on the cross, which means she accepts Jesus and the teaching of Redemption. As the symbol of the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit as the multivalent Spears born from the spear of Longinus at the crucifixion of Jesus, Britney Spears represents woman`s duty to keep the  evil imprisoning `Dad` away from the `back` (Baghdad`s Saddamy) which, as the Spears born of the Spear of Manifest Destiny, is her `position` symbolically within the myth of the American people.

It is revelation that the Spear of Destiny has lifted the `veil` of Jesus` Paraclete so that she can give us vision. As Longinus` piercing of the side of Jesus, after his death 2000 years ago, released her from Jesus` side, and from behind his eyes. Born of a virgin and celibate, God had sought to protect Jesus from the evil spirits of men who`d defiled Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19) by means of anal sex and BDSM. The evil spirits of men would stab anyone in the back to `move up`.



 As the `false friend`, Judas stabbed Jesus in the back for `a few pieces of silver` (Matt: 26.15), when he betrayed Christ to Pontius Pilate and the Pharisees. In fact Judas hung himself, and Britney Spears alludes to hanging as a punishment for the traitor when she suspends her spaceman in judgement over her. Beside his spacehelmet with the camera attached are the tines of a giant fork, which suggests her controlling of the devouring `red dragon` of the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS. Whatever his perceived role, the spaceman has `demons`, in terms of the video`s logic, who direct his footsteps as `Mission Control`. Consequently, Britney is under surveillance and so predicates the situation obtaining after 9/11 when George W. Bush`s declared global `War on Terror` (2003-) presupposed the scenario from George Orwell`s novel 1984 (1948) in which the slogan was `Big Brother Is Watching You` because surveillance cameras were everywhere in control of the populations of the Earth. In Oops I Did It Again terms, Britney Spears,  symbol of the multivalent Paraclete or Holy Spirit, which is the eyes of God upon the Earth, is being watched, and so her spaceman`s `suspended` because she`s aware.

 It is revelation that God intended the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, to dwell behind the eyes of humanity, as she had been Jesus` `guide, teacher, comfort and helpmeet` until his crucifixion and death, so that humankind could develop beyond subjection to the `ass as Sin nations` that enslave and devour those capable of development; lest humanity should escape their yoke.



 Britney Spears sends her spaceman `home` when he visits her on Mars because, in her `red suit`, she`s the Holy Spirit or Paraclete which teaches Redemption, and so she`s both `red` and has to be `read`, which is why she raises her spaceman above herself in a white bikini dress, so that she can be `read` by `Mission Control`, which corresponds to her church`s `mission`. Raising her spaceman is a metaphor for a child`s education, which is why she sends her spaceman home, because she`s symbolically the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to the `New Redeemer` who`ll protect her. Outside her spaceman`s spacesuit she corresponds to the `spirit` that, according to the Bible, is `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`. Her spaceman is being asked if he can `read` her and, in her white bikini dress, she represents the physical body, whereas in her red suit of Redemption she represents the spirit. In white she`s the `bride`, who appears in The Song Of Songs in the Old Testament of the Bible as the `beloved`:


`Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which came up from the washing; whereof every one bear twins, and none is barren among them.` (Song: 4.2)


There`s a `twin` for every tooth. According to the New Testament the teachings of Jesus are `washing in the blood of the lamb`, because of the meaning of the crucifixion, which is reliance upon the `spirit of God`. In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s `twins` relate to the problem of reincarnation in which the individual is reborn, that is, the tooth is regrown, whereas Jesus` teachings are of continuance. Britney, in her red suit, represents the gum from which the tooth is born. In her white bikini dress, she`s a `baby tooth` and, although Britney, in her red suit, represents reincarnation, because she`s symbolically the `gum`, she seeks Redemption, that is, she doesn`t want herself to be a regrown `tooth` for somebody else`s head to enslave for devourment, and she`s teaching her spaceman not to be a `baby tooth` either. Because she wants Redemption for herself rather than to be a regrown `baby` for someone else`s `head` to exploit.

 In Revelation the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, and Britney doesn`t want her, or her son, to be a devouring dragon`s tooth.  In her white bikini dress Britney is her own `beloved`, and the `normal` perspective is that a man is guided by the Holy Spirit or Paraclete to his wife, which is depicted as a tragedy for the virgin bride in many cultures; because women are a species with a penis of their own. However, Britney`s concept of `normality` is radically different because it`s based on the concept of the mirror. A man who looks in the mirror doesn`t obtain an erection because he doesn`t see what he desires, whereas women spend a lot of time with the mirror adjusting their appearance. Because woman has a penis of her own and is a species, when she looks in the mirror she finds herself attractive, but has been taught by men, that is, the evil alien parasitical organism that has embroiled her in what she perceives as `symbiosis`, that men are desirable because they have a penis, whereas it is woman`s penis and she finds herself desirable in spite of the attentions of the `alien monsters`.

 Britney`s `beloved` is herself but she`s realistic enough to perceive that she`ll marry and has prepared to teach her children Redemption and continuance with memory, rather than reincarnation and continuation without memory, which is why she shows her spaceman her body in a white bikini dress. In her red suit of Redemption she sings, dances, and knows herself, whereas the `baby` Britney and her spaceman are helpless to do anything other than repeat. Her spaceman is old Apollo astronaut technology from the 60s and, in her white bikini dress, Britney`s reminiscent of a Busby Berkely musical from the 30s, but she doesn`t want to repeat herself as a reincarnation. She wants Resurrection, Redemption, and memory continuation.



 Britney`s metaphor of the tooth and the gum is a reference to The Song Of Songs, which refers to the `teeth` as `even shorn`, which suggests she`d already decided upon the name for her son, Sean, `the sheep`, whom she perceives as being redeemed if he accepts `washing in the blood of the lamb`, that is, the teachings of Jesus, which is adherance to the Holy Spirit, that is, the `spirit of God` as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, and so Redemption from reincarnation to achieve continuance with memory.


 Oops I Did It Again is about a young woman`s coming to terms with the idea of marriage, and what it means for her. In her red suit Britney raises her spaceman, which means she`s `read` the Bible and how to raise a son. It`s a metaphor for Resurrection and Redemption because reincanration, which the `red` gum and white `tooth` relationship symbolizes, is continuation without memory, whereas Resurrection and Redemption is continuation with memory, and it`s deemed desirable in Christianity because, as the essayist George Santayana wrote:


`Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.`3


 Britney`s Mars has herself as Venus upon it because love doesn`t want war, which is the catastrophe of Revelation. The `beast` was Saddam, and so the `New Redeemer`, born to the `woman clothed with the sun` while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour it, is Adam, the Second, who is to `rule the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 12. 1-18) and enforce `God`s love` with `God`s law` of Redemption so that the Evil Oneness of the evil spirits of the homosexuals that would sterilize a developed consciousness, because it was aware, shall have perdition, and the `hidden` woman with a penis of her own shall leave Earth to `sow` her `seed` and be immortal in God`s new heaven and Earth forever.

 As New York state`s city of Troy is the complement of New York`s Adam and Eve`s `Big Apple` of Manhattan Island, so the island of Lesbos is the complement of ancient Troy on the mainland of Asia Minor because it`s the nearest land mass from the coast where Troy is located. The Greek Helen was first kidnapped and raped by the Trojan Paris before the Greeks `raped` Troy and enslaved her. Later, of course, the Nazis `raped` Paris, France, while Britney Spears, `the most beautiful woman in the world`, according to polls, was befriended by Paris Hilton during 2004 to soothe her after her divorce from Kevin Federline, which in Hollywood terms was equal to the Trojan Paris` removal of Helen from Greece to Troy.



 Paris` Hilton and Britney Spears, a self-proclaimed bisexual, represent Redemption and the `New Eve` who has a penis of her own, and for whom woman is a species and `lesbian` is a term for those women who don`t want to be impregnated, which neatly reverses the social structure of ancient Greece where homosexual pederasty was the `norm` for those who didn`t want to impregnate women but had to do so in the service of a Greek state that sought to impose its contagion upon others by means of warfare and the enslavement of women`s wombs to, in the final analysis, produce those poisons, that is, `boy sons`, which are the `blood plague` of the devouring `red dragon` of HIV/AIDS and enslavement in the form of global terror through terrorism and the fear of surveillance on the part of those who are trying to develop under the yoke of the evil.



 The `Big Apple` is a euphemism for the `third eye` of precognition and `sightedness`, which is clairvoyance, and that principle of synchronicity that the developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) observed in the serendipitous caller on the phone who we`ve just been speaking of. Al Qaeda`s `base` attack on New York was a threat against the eyes of the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, that is, an attempt by gamblers to murder `God`s eyes`, and prevent intereference in their `rackets`. The more obvious instance in the 20th century is the murder of Bobby Kennedy, senior law enforcement officer in the United States of America with a brief to fight the mafia, and doubtless a future President before he was shot in 1968 by Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian Arab, because of his prommise to provide Israel with combat jet aircraft, and his brother President John F. Kennedy was similarly assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas in 1963 because he had refused to allow the Russians to put missiles on the island of Cuba that could represent a threat to the security of the USA.

 9/11 was a declaration on the part of `the base` of the spine, that is, the Muladhara chakre in Hinduism, that they would `put out the eyes` of the USA, which correspond to the Ajna chakra (om) in the Hindu system, by first silencing the voice of the USA, which corresponds to the Visudda chakra or `ham` and the Twin Towers of New York`s `Big Apple`. Because `the base` or Muladhara chakra corresponds to Al Qaeda, that is, the Arabic words `Al Qaeda` mean `the base`, and the Visudda chakra is `vam`, the `beast` of Revelation is a `vampire` or draco, who is concerned not to be seen. The attack on the USA, because she had the power of the voice of `ham`, which is the name given to the Ajna chakra, seems to have been based on the notion that the pig is `haraam` or forbidden, and so shouldn`t be able to speak. The eyes of the USA would be at the Pentagon, Arlington, where the second attack occurred, and the `crown chakra` or Sahasrara would have been the residence of President George W. Bush at the Whitehouse, but the threat was obviated when passengers braved the terrorist danger and crashed the aircraft themselves before it reached its target in Washington D.C.



 Unable to perceive the dangers of the USA`s acceptance of those who didn`t have the Holy Spirit but had `feigned friendship`, as the Greeks did before the walls of Troy, the USA had given Saddam and his assassins at Al Qaeda, `the base`, the world`s 3rd largest army. Like the 9/11 hijackers buying tickets in Boston, Massachussetts, the Greeks emerged from their concealment inside the huge wooden horse to capture the city of Troy and enslave the wombs of the Trojan women for devouring homosexual pederasty`s contagion of war. Like `the base` terrorists of Al Qaeda`s deployment of the previously perceived `civil` aircraft at the Twin Towers in September 2000, the Greeks betrayed those within the walls of Troy who had accepted their `feigned friendship`, as the ticket buying passengers aboard the `civil` aircraft from Boston were similarly duped by the 9/11 terrorists on their way to the Twin Towers of New York.



 Saddam, the `dad` behind the `back` in Baghdad, helped the `ass-as-Sin`s of Al Qaeda to evade the USA`s `third eye`s` precognition, according to intelligence. Al Qaeda, the `base` of the spine that corresponds to the Muladhara chakra of the Hindu system of energy points whith its apotheosis of intellectual and spiritual development at the head`s `crown` chakra,  represents the `beast` and `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS that is spread by the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s wars to enslave the wombs of women on the Earth. Inserting the HIV/AIDS virus into the anus at `the base` of the spine at the Muladhara chakra corresponds to Al Qaeda, that is, `the base`, attacking the `Big Apple` of the USA. The HIV/AIDS virus climbs from the base of the spine as a `killer disease` until the light of creation dies at the apex of the chakra ladder, which corresponds to the `Self`. `My home is your home,` is the traditional greetng to visitors from the head of the family in Arabian dwellings. In the English language, the corresponding phrase is `Treat my home as if it were your own,` and at the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre on 9/11, Al Qaeda, `the base`, betrayed the USA`s `welcome`. Buying tickets as flight passengers in Boston, Massachussetts, the terrorist hijackers crashed  the `civil` aircraft into New York`s World Trade Centre, because it was a symbol of the Visudda or `voice` chakra at the throat where the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty wanted to silence the Word of God for the sake of its `world trade`:


`Trade ...  is a gay slang term ... and refers to the (usually) casual partner of a gay man ....  motivations may at times include a desire for emotional fulfillment and admiration, but the term often refers to a straight man who partners with a gay man for economic benefit, either through a direct cash payment or through other, more subtle means (gifts, tuition payments, etc.). Trade originally referred to casual sex partners, regardless of sexuality as many gay and bisexual men were closeted, but evolved to imply the gay partner is comparatively wealthy and the partner who is trade is economically deprived. Examples of this include wealthy Englishmen finding partners among deprived Cockneys in 1930s London; traveling men finding partners in places such as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Bangkok, Thailand and locals picking up military personnel who are generally seen as being physically appealing and eager for extra income or benefits. More modern usage has centered on any casual sexual encounter between men, and as an adjective to refer to any male considered masculine and/or sexually appealing.`4



 The perpetrator of 9/11 was a homosexual draco, at least from the perspective of psychopathology, and the attack on the Twin Towers, which was the focus for business in the Western world, was a `spat` between one or other of the partners in the equation who saw the other as inferior or wanted the other to be inferior, which is what homosexual submission-domination relationships consist of. In raw terms, it`s whose anus is passive and whose penis is active. In geo-political terms, Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda, `the base`, were asking the USA to come out of the closet so that they could be `beasts` together and `devour` the `apples` of their collective ego individualities in warfare., which is what the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty is.



In the developmental psychology of Carl Jung, the inferior function is usually `Feeling`, and is associated with the female anima or soul, and the superior function is `Thinking`, which in a man is associated with the male ego. There are four functions of consciousness that have to be differentiated or conscious, according to Jung, and the other two are auxiliary and ancillary, and are `Sensation` (ego-related) and `Intuition` (anima-mediated) respectively. In terms of the chakra system of Hinduism, the WTC was the `voice` or `ham`, which made it an obvious target for the Al Qaeda terrorists because pigs are `haraam` or forbidden in Arabia, and `ham` is a dead pig anyway, so no blame attached for giving it the `killer disease` as an experiment to see if it can be cured of thinking itself alive. The Pentagon was the eyes or `om` while the `love` chakra was `yam` and is situated at the heart, so corresponds to `Intuition` or inspiration, while `ham` and `om` correspond to `Feeling` and `Sensation` because mouth and eyes are associated with the undifferentiated functions of `Feeling` and `Sensation` in Jungian psychology.



 `Thinking` would be President George W. Bush at the Whitehouse. because the President listens and, in Jungian psychology, the ears are associated with the undifferentiated `Thinking` function because it is necessary to hear a `voice` in order to think on what it means, which is why the Twin Towers symbolized the `voice` of America that Al Qaeda, `the base`, didn`t want to hear, and so effectively gave the USA the `blood plague` of Revelation so that the brain would be killed by its own disease of homosexual pederasty and war. The name for the Muladhara chakra of Hinduism is `vam`, which means that Al Qaeda, `the base`, is the vampire of the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, which is the `killer disease` of the `blood plague`of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war infecting the body through the `ass as Sins` in order to kill the mind:


`I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.` Frank Herbert Dune



 Frank Herbert`s desert world novel about the planet Arakkis, which became a part of the Dune (1965) series of books and was made into a feature film directed by surrealist film maker David Lynch and starring Francesca Annis in 1984, contains the basic precept of Western philosophy, which is `if you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs, you`ll be a man my son`, which was written by the Englishman Rudyard Kipling for his poem If in 1895. Voices without brains are useless, and that`s what Al Qaeda, `the base`, perceived before the 9/11 attacks.



If Al Qaeda, `the base`, could provoke the USA into adopting the behaviour of homosexual pederasty`s devouring `red dragon` of war, they could infect the body of the Earth from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and kill the brain, like HIV/AIDS after anal sex at `the base` of the spine kills by means of spinal infection. The `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS is quite literally the `mind killer` written of by Frank Herbert in his Dune series of novels, which feature transpositions from the deserts of Arabia and the lives of the Tuareg, Bedouin, etc. The virus cell itself `feigns friendship`, as Arabs are thought to do in the common imagination, in order to back stab. The HIV/AIDS virus `feigns friendship` towards those cells of the body that function as killers of disease and, by making friends with them, the killer virus kills the healthy cells and thence the body, which is what Saddam Hussein, the `false friend` of the Middle East, attempted to do with the USA and what Al Qaeda, `the base`, also attempted on 9/11 when they spurned their `welcome` and revealed themselves as `the beast` that kills the blood, and then the body, in mockery of Christ, Jesus` `body and blood`.

 As symbols of Resurrection and Redemption, in the transubstantiation of the celebration of an immortal living fellowship, the shared breaking of bread, and the drinking of wine, offered by Jesus at the `Last Supper` before his crucificxion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, as his symbolic `body and blood`, may refer to the practice of vampires, who `drink a little blood` in order to give immortality to the body. The 9/11 draco was more in accordance with the common imagination, that is, a render and not a life giver or preserver. Because the heart in the Hindu chakra system is `vam`, it may be interpreted as corresponding to the idea of the vampire as well as the stake in the heart, which along with decapitation is said to be the only means of slaying such a creature.



 The 9/11 attack on New York`s `Big Apple` was a gambler`s stake in the USA`s heart, because the `heart rules the head` of the passionate, and the terrorists gambled that, if the USA succumbed to its own ire, it would `lose its head`. All wars are blood drinkers, but there`s a difference between those who are elated by the spirits dying and those who are its warriors. If Jesus` offer of the `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood` signify the `drinker` of the `little blood` that gives immortality to the body so that the mind can continue to grow and develop, the draco of 9/11 was the Satanical antithesis who takes life elatedly and prevents life from growing and developing by placing a stake in the heart of the developed or developing, killing the brain or beheading by means of its `killer disease`, and warmongering, a perspective requiring some revision of the `vampire` concept.

The terrorists arrived from Boston Massachussetts, where the 17th century Salem witches were accused of practising `black mass`, and in the common imagination witches are tied to the stake in order to be burned. Consequently, the future of woman was at stake on 9/11 at the burning of the Twin Towers of `world trade`:


`...  the partner who is trade is economically deprived.`



 If all the boys look like boys but are wise old men, there`s no trade because the boys are wise to the `killer disease`, whereas the impassioned ire of old men shows they`re still `gay boys` so far as the `father of lies` is concerned. The devouring `red dragon` of the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty gamblled on 9/11 that provoking the USA would ruin woman`s future, and the `Greek` trade in `gay boys` would continue because women would produce more boys from her womb rather than the immortal wise youths of Jesus` promise. However, as it says in Revelation, the `red dragon` that lies in wait to devour the `New Redeemer` born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` waits in vain, and the `hidden` woman, protected by the scepter of the `New Redeemer`, leaves Earth to `sow` her `seed` in heaven, because she`s a woman with her own penis, and the spirits of evil men can`t prevent her from leaving after the divorce from the devouring warmongers of men and their `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, or their poison`s boy sons:


`And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.` (Rev: 17)



 In the common imagination vampires prevent development and take life, whereas preserving the body at its optimum and ensuring its continuance as a developing inidividuality is what vampires might actually do, and is what Jesus advocates. In other words, Jesus` terminology is different, but he`s referring to the practice of vampires when he offers the `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood` before his crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, which is why he has Ascension.



American Christianity was rocked by 9/11 because, as it says on the 1$ bill, `In God We Trust`, and so the eyes of the Paraclete or Holy Spirit behind the veil of Jesus`s death and given to humanity as the `teacher`s assistant` weren`t watching over her in Spetember 2000. Although the original motto of the USA was e pluribus unum, which means `the one and the many`, and refers to the Paralcete`s emergence from the side of Jesus after it was pierced by the spear of Longinus at Christ`s crucifixion, because it refers to the relation between the Paraclete or Holy Spirit as the `many and the one`, symbolized in 21st century American folklore by Britney Spears. Because the Paraclete or Holy Spirit was a spear birth, she is by our side. As a symbol of the Paraclete or Holy Spirit, that is, `the many [Spears] and the one [God]`, Britney Spears is an American religious icon, as she says:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Piece Of Me


 The spirit of woman`s love is the love she has for herself as a species, which involves recognition of the fact that woman has a penis of her own and `lesbian` is a word like `vampire` that we don`t fully understand, because of what feminists term the subjugation and oppressive repressions of patriarchy, which is male chauvinism. The best women on the planet are only able to declare themselves bisexual, or for bisexuality, but feminism confuses the issue by being `politically correct` and proclaiming lesbians as homosexuals, whereas homosexuals are men with a penis and are a virus enslaving her womb as an alien parasitical organism practising biological warfare against her in the form of the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS and emerging to spread the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s `plague games` of warmongering and `plague aims` of enslaving women as `host wombs` for its leechings:


`... the embryo ... obtains nourishment from the blood of the mother, similar to the leech, which feeds on the blood of others.`5



 The Arabian perception is from the Koran and constitutes the awareness that fear is what the relationship between women`s host wombs and the vampire spirits of what she has been taught to think of as a part of her species that calls itself `men` is based upon. Men actually function as a classic `blood sucking leech` and what Middle European folklore term draco, which experience elation over the helplessness of its victims and their dying spirits. As a vampiristic parasite, the evil alien organism that is men is clever enough to masquerade as a symbiote of women`s wombs and species before it`s time for another elated blood binge of death and destruction in which it can elate once again over the spirits of the dying.



Julian May, in her novels of The Many Coloured Land, describes the psychopathology as chakra vampirism, and in fact the chakra vampire actually devours the chakras of the spines of its victims so that they die enough, but not enough to escape them. Humans exist as `blood bags` that the chakra vampires allow to develop for a while before they return to feast on the `energies` of the chakras, which are located at several points from the base of the spine at the Muladhara chakra to the top of the spine at the Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head. The Sahasrara chakra is associated with `understanding and will`. Obviously, the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS as a `killer disease` will devour `understanding and will`, which is why the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty is a `blood plague` in Revelation and why Al Qaeda, `the base`, attacked New York`s `Big Apple`. It isn`t about `leeching` from the productive wombs of the geniuses born from the `blood bags` by those who live at developmental levels corresponding to `the base` of the spine, which is Al Qaeda, `the base`, in geo-political terms. It`s about reducing those who are developed, because they might develop to the point at which they become aware enough to fight back against the `father of lies`; as at `blood Baghdad`.



 In Islam a man may have four wives, so the potential for `normal` lesbian female relations is institutionalized, but how many Arabian wives have a penis of their own? In the West women are taught to be monogamous and `understanding` of men, but why should they understand men who want to devour the crowns of the chakras of their heads, which is `understanding and will`, according to the chakra ladder of development as depicted in Hinduism. In Piece Of Me Britney Spears` asks the question,`Who betrays me?`


`I'm Miss Bad Media Karma, another day, another drama.

Guess I can't see the harm in workin' and being a mama.

And with a kid on my arm, I'm still an exceptional earner.

You want a piece of me?` Piece Of Me


 Britney Spears lost custody of her children ostensibly because of her allowing her child`s hat to fall off in the street while running for a cab and from the paparazzi in London while failing to redress the scene by picking up the hat off the ground herself. The judge at her `trial` decided she was a `bad mother` and, making her two sons wards of court, congratulated the `paper rats` and gave her billions into `Conservatorship`, which means her dollars are currently administered by her father and someone who was sacked by her as her `business manager` but is now described as `Co-Conservator` and `going to be married`; presumably whether she likes it or not, and depending on the power of the hypnagogic drugs and the strength of the hypnosis. Obviously, she`s betrayed. Not because someone else wants to be in control of her life, but because men of the Southern States of the USA are notorious for believing that woman generally shouldn`t have a mind of her own:


Scarlett: `Sir, you are no gentleman.`


Rhett: `And you, miss, are no lady... Don't think that I hold that against you. Ladies have never held any charm for me.` Gone With The Wind (1939)



 Of course they haven`t. Hollywood is all about `voice` because the actors speak. But they don`t compose. Their lines are written for them. In other words, development level is cut off at the neck, which corresponds to the Visudda or throat chakra, because `voice` is what is required in movies, whereas `imagination`, and `understanding and will` aren`t, so the laurels go to the brainless, and of course the rewards go to those who can produce more brainless, which is why Brttney Spears lost her money because she dropped her kids hat in the street near Central Park. Any serious lawyer would have laughed their tits off at the notion of Donald Trump or Howard Hughes loding their billions of dollars because the kid`s head was bare.

 In Roman mythology Paris gives Aphrodite the `apple of judgement`, which is a symbol of the `understanding and will` of the crown chakra at the top of the head. Because Aphrodite offers Paris `the most beautiful woman in the world`, Helen, who corresponds to woman as the visible `teacher`s assistant` that Jesus` Paraclete or Holy Spirit represents, and psychologically the attainment of wisdom is psychological lesbianism, which had previously been mooted as bisexuality in terms of the brain`s functionality, whereas psychological complementarity would require physical hermaphroditism, which is what futanarian woman with a penis represents.



 God and heaven is possible for those who want what they conceive of as psychological bisexuality because they haven`t been given the education to have the `understanding and will` to conceive of woman with a penis of her own as the zenith or crown of creation. The majority are only able to conceive of male egoism or female sensitivity, while deeper thinkers conceive vaguely of male and female complementarity. The depth psychologist Carl Jung perceived a need for the male`s articulation of the masculine ego (sun) and the female soul (moon), or the female`s articulation of the feminine ego (moon) with the soul (sun), which is what the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` apparently symbolizes. She actually represents triumph over Al Qaeda, `the base`, which symbol is the moon, and the first treacherous attack upon the USA by the Japanese fascists in 1941, because the flag of Japan has the red sun as its symbol and signifies the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s enslavement and devourment of woman, and the products of her womb, that is, art, civilization and culture, by the alien parasitical organism of the male collective that uses her as a `host` for its plague.

 Denying education to women about the fact that she`s a species with her own penis is spiritual suicide from the perspective of Christianity, Islam, and any of the other world religions. Only the worship of Baphomet, who has female breasts and a penis, comes close to what is needed in terms of educational revision. Baphomet has the head of a goat because the symbol  relates to the path of libidic development, which is from instinctual levels of comprehension and behaviour to spiritual and intellectual levels of knowledge and understanding, but the principle is that of woman with a penis as a species. If the world`s religions deny women education based on perceptions of her as a species with her own penis, they`re rejecting God`s Word and a proper and correct understanding of the book of Revelation from the Bible, which is that the `hidden` woman`s `seed` will fight a war against the evil serpent`s `seed` from Eden that has grown in strength until it is a `red dragon`, and the `hidden` woman`s `seed` will win and be given a new heaven and Earth to dwell in, while the evil receive eternal unendurable pain from God as a punishment and she leaves the Earth to be with her own `seed` amongst the stars forever.



 Early in Revelation BABYLON, The GREAT, MYSTERY, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH,` (Rev: 17) is descibed as a woman: `And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth. However, when the bride of Jesus appears, Jerusalem, most religious commentators would have us understand that she is the church rather than a woman, whereas it is more logical to assume that, just as Babylon, the Great, rules under difficult circumstances upon the Earth, so Jerusalem, the bride of Jesus is a woman who rules for God and her Lord under perfect circumstances in heaven. Where the evil alien parasitical virus that is men forces Babylon, the Great, to breed men so they can `plague game` in homosexual pederasty, and enslave the `host` wombs of women to devour her product of civilization, art, and culture, as the `red dragon` of war, the bride of Jesus, Jerusalem, the woman, mightn`t breed at all.



 The story of Adam and Eve is of a man and woman observed, but there is no reason to suppose that the bride of Jesus, Jerusalem, will have a spy in the bedroom. Christian interperetations of the Bible presuppose that it will be possible to know what`s going on in Jesus` bed, and at the very least they`ll be able to pass legislation as the governement ensconced in Jerusalem to dictate what transpires in it.



 After 9/11 the President of the USA, George W. Bush, declared a `War on Terror` (2003-) and a global surveillance network that George Orwell foresaw in his novel 1984 (1948) in which `Big Brother Is Watching You` was the slogan for those attempting to soothe the suicidal fears of those under surveillance. In othe words, Bush`s `War on Terror` produced as much, if not more, fear among those few people capable of development and achievement through their browsing of libraries, the internet, or other forms of mass media; entertainment or otherwise, even than 9/11 itself.



 The `spirit of God` upon Earth has provided the possibility of species` separation through the love of woman with a penis for the futanarian woman. In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears is celebrating the `will and understanding` that she has from her development and achievement, which in fact corresponds to the reaching of spiritual and intellectual attainment represented by the Sahasrara chakra at the crown of the head that`s above the `imagination` of the Ajna chakra at the brow. In her red suit Britney`s suspending judgment on her `pupil` when she raises her spaceman so that he dangles helplessly. With his camera equipment he`s the `pupil` she`s educating, and `Mission Control` represents whoever, or whatever, constitutes the `surveillance`. If he`s possessed by demons she doesn`t want him to act. If he does act she wants to be able to excuse any excess as crime passionel, which necessitates his remaining an infant until his demons are exorcised.



 According to Jungian psychology the individual who is possessed is unable to recognize it. Developing individuals learn to recognize `demonic influences` arising from within themselves and `exorcise` them by reacting appropriately to situations. Jung argues that individual growth depends on this recognition and that the process of becoming an individual is hypothetically endless. Jung describes individuation as self-actualization, and theorizes that the conscious `Self` is unknowable to all but such few as Jesus or Buddha. In Jung`s psychology the `Self` constitutes the closest approximation to what we conceive of as God. If the individual remains infantile the process of individuation is in abeyance. Consequently, if the individual remains stupid, he can never be held responsible for his actions, which means he`s always forgiven. However, that perspective neglects the purpose of `exorcism`, which is self-development. In other words, refusal to develop isn`t an excuse for stupid behaviour.

 Because `will and understanding` has given Britney the capacity to conceive of woman as a species with her own penis, bisexuality and love for her own form is presented in Oops I Did It Again as psychologically and physically desirable for women. Although she appears on Mars as Venus, Britney`s actually projecting the concept of a woman from the planet Penis, that is, in science fiction terms, Oops I Did It Again presents her as a Penisian woman who is able to recognize that the penis of the male is actually female insofar as it finds her desirable. In the mirror of Britney Spears` video for Oops I Did It Again, woman is able to see herself and that desire for herself is normal because she`s a species with her own penis as futanarian woman.

 Men looking in th mirror don`t desire themselves, and don`t obtain an erection at the thought of having sex with themselves, because that`s homosexual pederasty. Women spend a lot of their time making sure they look attractive for themselves in their dressing table mirrors, and women who are futanarian obtain penile erection because they find their own bodies desirable. In other words, women are a species with its own penis because the penis is theirs and that`s why it finds her desirable.

 Men are merely parasitical symbiotes that become virulent if threatened by woman`s ability to transcend her conditioning and environment to become aware of the fact that she`s a species. The periodic eruptions of violence across the planet Earth are the result of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s desire to prevent the `hidden` woman of the Earth, that is, the woman who knows that she is a species with her own penis, from escaping, and men are prepared to initiate global terror in order to prevent her from awakening to their true nature, which is why Britney Spears` scifi video Oops I Did It Again celebrates the advent of the `New Redeemer` born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who will protect her before `the Spears of Destiny` leave Earth for the stars in heaven to `sow` her `own` seed there forever.


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5 Ibrahim, I. A., A Brief Illustrated guide To Understanding Islam, Darussalam, Houston, Texas, USA, 1997, pp. 74, p.6.

This Troy

01/01/2012 14:59

This Troy


Homer`s (c.850 BC) Iliad is about the Trojan horse, and Helen of Troy, who was taken to Troy by Paris. Meneleaus was the husband of Helen, and together with his brother, Agamemnon, King of Sparta, they persuaded the Greeks to send warships to Troy and return Helen to Greece (1190s-1180s).

 Paris Hilton (1981-) befriended Britney (1982-) during her divorce from Kevin Federline (1978-), and effectively `divorced` `the most beautiful woman in the world` from her Meneleaus. Britney has said she is `Bi`, so three people are needed for her marriage. This is the crux of the problem in the story of Meneleaus, Paris, and Helen – as recorded by Homer in the Iliad. In symbolic terms, Kevin Federline is Meneleaus or `men`, while Paris is Paris Hilton, and `the most beautiful woman in the world` is Britney Spears by voting consensus, that is, Helen.



  In the Bible, Jesus distills God`s law as, `God is love`, and that means `love thy neighbor`. Christians argue that Meneleaus and Paris do not understand `God`s love`, which is correct. Helen represents the Holy Spirit, which is the Shekinah from The Song of Songs in the Old Testament, who is depicted as being in the place where the Ten Commandments are kept (Ex: 40.35), which means that she is the love of God.

 If Meneleaus and Paris had accepted that the woman was God`s love, they would have shared her. But that is Antichristian to us. Therefore it`s a contradiction, and it has remained so until the advent of the internet. When I saw a futanar woman, I was disabused forever. She has a penis. This means that, if married, she has a choice, in Christian terms, of woman, man, or futanar.



 If she marries a man, who is she going to impregnate? If she marries another futanar, they do not need either a man or a woman. If she marries a woman, there are two in the marriage and no man. If she marries a man, she needs a woman for her to impregnate, and three is the marriage number. If she marries another futanar, they may want to have a woman or a man within their marriage, which is three or four as a marriage number. If she marries a woman, this is good but, in Christianity, not promulgated as an option because of misogyny.

 Paris Hilton and Britney Spears` relationship is outside their knowledge of futanaria, and the ideal Christian marriage is between a woman with her own penis and a woman. In repressing woman`s knowledge of her own penis, Christianity is Antichristian. It is a form of Satan worship. Because men are not needed, and know it.



 God`s love is Redemption, and `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to a child who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 12.1-18), which simply means the love of Woman will prevail; it is God`s law. Because she is `sun and moon`, she is a male-female complexio oppositorum, which is Hermaphrodite.



 The dragon is Satan and does not want God`s love, which means that Redemption is futanar, because men who are Satan`s would assume the woman `clothed with the sun` is woman without a penis. She is a prefiguration, which is understandable to Britney Spears, who in Oops I Did It Again (2000) appears on Mars. Neil Armstrong had appeared on the moon in 1969, with the sun behind his back because it hurt his eyes. He had the `moon beneath his feet` and was `clothed with the sun`, but wasn`t a woman. Britney, on Mars, knows the moon is below her and has the sun behind her too. She`s Britney `lamb` Strong as the `Lamb of God` (Rev: 5.13) in Oops I Did It Again, which isn`t the `red dragon` of Revelation, although she is `red` who `deems` or decides. In the 21st century, Paris and Britney are deemed `read`, which is what the `Assumption` of woman as the virgin means. Men are redeemable but have to want Redemption, whereas woman is `assumed` into heaven as `God`s love`. Consequently, Britney isn`t the `red dragon` of Revelation in Oops I Did It Again because, in terms of the logic of the video, it would devour her spaceman `baby` who, as the `New Redeemer`, would understand that lesbianism is a necessary first step towards the normalization of relations between women as a species with her own penis, and so the `New Redeemer` would protect her.



 Britney, in declaring herself `Bi`, divorced Kevin Federline, and accepted Paris Hilton, which means that Helen, `the most beautiful woman`, divorced Meneleaus - and Troy`s Paris, that is, men, which is in accordance with her understanding of Revelation, as it were. She doesn`t need a bisexual relationship, she needs futanaria, which may include 21st Century Paris Hilton, but marriage isn`t an issue. A good marriage has at least three people, and Christianity enforces two. So it`s against God`s love, woman and Redemption.



 Paris Hilton represents the woman with her hand on the hilt of her sword, which means that she is low technology from a good perspective, that is, the sword is a penis, and not a gun. Symbolically, Britney Spears is `God`s love` as the multiplicitous omniscience of the Paraclete (1 John: 2.1) separated from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` by Longinus` cutting open Jesus` side with his spear in what amounts to a Caesarean section (Matt: 27.54).



 `Et tu, Brute?` Julius Caesar1 (100-44 BC) says to Brutus (85–42 BC) when he is stabbed in the back at the height of his power. It is Caesar`s surprise that his friend would betray him. But it also represents Caesar`s faith that the same fate will befall Brutus. `My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27.46) is Jesus cry from the cross. He would not be there if he hadn`t had a similar friend to Caesar`s Brutus in his disciple Judas Iscariot (died c.30 AD). Jesus` work of Redemption was simple; God is love and the woman from my side is her. If men do not accept her, they shall not have Redemption; so destroy them as traitors to God. The betrayer is someone who puts a knife in your back, and Jesus tells God who it is. Karl Marx (1818-83), the architect of Communism observed, in Das Kapital (1861-94) that, in order to be free, the workers had to `control the means of production`. Capitalism is the `liberation of the means of production`, but woman is the only producer man has. FHM  and similar magazines for men are a form of the `ownership of the means of production` which isn`t liberation, as promised by capitalism, but enslavement.

 In communism the state owns the means of production, which is women, and in capitalism the means of production, that is, women, are owned by individuals. Men are the betrayers of the `means of production` because women aren`t free in any economic system yet devised. Other than the meritocracy which the United States purports to be - and isn`t. On the cross Longinus effectively separated Jesus` woman, that is, the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, from his side by means of his spear, which prefigures spiritual enslavement. Thence Jesus` cry, `My God! My God! Why has thou forsaken me?` Jesus prophesied that the Holy Spirit or Paraclete would be upon the Earth after his crucifixion as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, but the role of the female spirit in man has been that of a slave, and physically also.

 In Jungian psychology the soul is the anima, which is female, and the spirit corresponds to the Shekinah of the Old Testament as she is described residing within the place of the Covenant of the law of God, because she`s the `spirit of God`, and Holy Spirit or Paraclete of the New Testament that effectively emerges from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` when pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus upon the death of Jesus at the crucifixion and before Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. In other words, the soul and spirit are wholly female, and although 20th century economics was based on state control of the `means of production` versus individual control, the `means of production` was essentially woman and the soul and spirit, which is female. Consequently, control of the `means of production`, whether commmunist or capitalist, is slavery for the female. Feminism believes itself to be liberational, but the feminist perspective devolves form the falsely egalitarian perspective that male homosexual pederasty, which corresponds to the devouring `red dragon` of war and its enslaving of women`s wombs as `hosts` for the self-perpetuating of itself as war. However, women with a penis are a species and lesbianism isn`t homosexuality as defined by feminism but the normal expression of a repressed and subjugated species own desires for ittself and its developmental functionality.



 The `new economics` would be based on the notion that individuals obtained from their labours what they work for, whereas communism and capitalism are based on the principle that individuals work for the `other` and obtain rewards for the work they do. Slavery is the obtaining from someone something that they have worked for, either knowingly or unknowlingly, and keeping it for yourself, whereas true economics is working for what you could have but the exploiter won`t give it to you, because they don`t want  progress and development of potentiality or genius. The result is the reduction of individual consciousness to subhuman levels of functioning. As the soul or spirit is female, and constitutes the spiritual and intellectual `means of production`, so the notion of God as exisitng within individuals as the Paraclete or Holy Spirit as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` means that the reduction of functionality in individuals by means of murder or poor education is the progressive `dumbing down` of the human species to those few gene pools that are able to initiate those periods of `Rennaissance` that the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war requires at intervals in human history so that it can fake defence of the woman and the female soul and spirit, and so maintain its false role as `protector` of the devoured and enslaved `means of production`, that is, art, civilization and culture, while the Earth awaits the advent of the true `New Redeemer`.



 Because of the nature of goodness, which is the production of more good, heaven is where the good live, irrespective of what may be conceived as `heaven`. Consequently, Earth is a prison for those who are conceived as `not good`, which devolves upon woman and the female soul and spirit, because she`s too good to allow to leave. In short, the male flesh won`t release the species of woman that it`s fooled into believing its first phase dormant symbiosis in order to implement its second phase as a virulent parasitical viral form, that is, its devouring homosexual pederasty of warfare and HIV/AIDS, which Revelation describes as the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` and constitutes biological warfare against the `host` wombs of women.

Jesus` cry of `My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` relates to Longinus` seperating of the female soul and spirit from the side of the `Second Adam` by means of the spear Longinus thrust in there after Jesus` death at the crucifixion. The Shekinah or `spirit of God`, that is, the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, was Jesus` `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` up to his death, which is the role God had given to her so that the technology of the 21st century would develop through her spiritual influence on the intellectual capacity of her workers. In Jungian psychology libidic or sexual instinct is deemed to be the source of the transformed energies of the psyche that constitute genius levels of thought. However, repressed sexual instinct as negative reactions to pornographic representations of women, although comprehensible because of the participation of the alien parasitical life form in the `typical` scene, has prevented species` awakening, because woman, and the female soul and spirit, have been lied to physically insofar as she has been led to believe, on the one hand, that the alien male is her reproductive partner and, on the other hand, sexual representations of the female form are not for her to desire, whereas she is a species with her own penis, and her penis desires herself.



`My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` is Jesus` recognition of the role of the `serpent` to come, which would be an enslaving and devouring `red dragon` of war and `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS biological warfare against the `host` wombs of women by the male alien as parasitical virus. Jesus` words upon his death at the crucifixion were a protest against what Longinus` separation of the female soul and spirit from Jesus meant for the future. Enslavement of the female soul and spirit and women`s `host` wombs for the sole purpose of devouring the productions thereof. In Revelation Jesus` marriage to the `bride`, Jerusalem, reflects on the role of `BABYLON, THE GREAT, MYSTERY, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH` who is described as a woman ruler, which suggests that `Jerusalem` is God`s ruler for Jesus and a woman. In other words, `Babylon` is the producer of the products devoured by the devourer, which is why 9/11 is often thought of as `Hollywood`, because it was `like a movie`, while `Jerusalem` is God`s producer and product, and isn`t devoured by the evil `red dragon`. God`s Redemptive plan is that the female from Jesus` side should be God`s teaching presence upon the Earth after Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to God, and explains why Jesus is the Sword of God in Revelation. He avenges himself upon those who have abused the `love of God`, his woman.



 Revelation indicates that the `means of production` are to be in the hands of the `producer`, which is why Holywoood movie moguls are called `producers`, because they`re producers for `Babylon` and the devouring `red dragon`, which was demonstrated by 9/11 on CNN and the `TV wars` of the Gulf (1990-2011), whereas God`s producer and product is to be the `bride`, Jerusalem, according to Revelation, and Redemption is the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to he who shall `rule the nations with an iron scepter` while the dragon waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`. From the `rednecks` of US culture, for example. The woman of Revelation is wearing nothing but the sun behind her as she walks upon the moon, which is what woman with her own penis would have to achieve in order for her to be free of men.

 On her `red planet` of Mars Britney is spied upon by the astronaut, and appears in her red pilot`s suit of NASA``s original intention to fly to the moon but the X-15 space plane programme was cancelled because of reentry problems associated with `blackout`, which was the title of one of Britney`s later albums, Blackout (2007). Just as Oops I Did It Again is a nod at Robert A. Heinlein`s novel Podkayne Of Mars (1963), which feaured the USA`s first Grand Master of Science Fiction`s only novel about a heroine space pilot, so Britney is criticizing Heinlein`s Starship Troopers (1959), which was made into a movie in  1997 starring Denise Richards. Based on John F.Kennedy`s `Green Berets`, the movie featured the notion of futuristic paratroopers dropping out of spaceships to fight against `bugs`. Many commentators viewed Starship Troopers as an extrapolation of `communism`, but in the 21st century we might view it as an extrapolation of the dangers of being `bugged` by increased surveillance masquerading as security but that actually prevents much needed research and development from an individual and societal point of view.

 What Britney is saying in her red pilot`s suit is that the astronaut concept presupposed the Starship Troopers` paratrooper because the USA`s cancelling of the X-15 spaceplane programme reflected attitudes towards freedom. Effectively, Britney`s spaceman on Mars in an `invasion` by a paratrooper because 50s America`s perspective was coloured by projections in science fiction of their own behaviour patterns towards woman, which was freedom for themselves to control them. The X-15 spaceplane was too liberating, and Britney`s hypothesis is that the phenomenon of hypoxia, which is the technical term for `blackouts` experienced by the X-15 spaceplane pilots, was induced by `demonic possessors`. The `red dragon` as the enslaver of women`s `host` wombs , and devourer as homosexual pederast warmonger, doesn`t want the `host` to leave unless it has futuristic `gay boy sons`, that is, the paratrooper equivalent of `gay poisons` to `drop` on her. Britney is projecting HIV/AIDS` devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s `blood plague` of biological warfare.

 Ancient Greece was based on homosexual pederasty and the enslavement of women`s wombs for the purposes of further enslaving of women`s `host` wombs for the parasitical virus` purpose of perpetuating war. At Troy the Greeks employed the device of a huge wooden horse and then left it for the Trojans to take into their city where the Greeks emerged from their hiding place inside it and enslaved the women. On 9/11 the Arabian terrorists employed `civil` aircraft to hide inside and crash into the Twin Towers after hijacking. Both devices employed the notion of `feigned friendship`, which is how the HIV/AIDS virus spreads itself through the body in order to kill it. HIV/AIDS `feigns friendship` with the defence system and then kills it. Consequently, 9/11 was the first example of airborne HIV/AIDS terrorist biological warfare against the symbol of woman in the Western hemishphere, that is, New York`s `Big Apple` of Eve`s wisdom garnered since Eden.

 In Oops I Did It Again Britney seems to have envisaged a spaceborne HIV/AIDS virus after the model of the futuristic paratroopers of Starship Troopers coming to `bug` her with their cameras on her Mars before spreading through the cosmos to bring biological warfare in the shape of the male alien `buggers` from Earth to woman as a species with her own penis, which Britney`s red `one piece` spaceplane pilot`s X-15 `jump suit` pardoxically seems designed to emphasize in its obvious lack of male genital equipment, and equally paradocically seems to suggests that she possesses, or is going to possess, because it`s a male pilot`s X-15 `jump suit`. For the `bugs` of male alien biological warfare, woman is for `host` womb enslaving, and the warmongering devourer of her is homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon`, which spreads its contagion through the equivalent of the biological warfare of the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS as spaceborne male alien `starship troopers`. And just when she`s settled in nicely after escaping from confinement upon the planet Earth. Which explains why Revelation describes war in heaven between the `seed` of the woman and the `seed` of the `red dragon`.

 According to Revelation the evil shall receive unendurable eternal pain as a punishment from God while the good shall receive a new heaven and Earth in which to dwell in forever. On her Mars Britney is working for the Redemption of woman. If men knew she had a penis, they wouldn`t want her. Britney`s `Bi` female is Britney`s `spy plane`. Women may appear topless, nude, show her ass, and never reveal her penis, because that`s how the male alien parasitical viral life form of men maintains `the means of production`. But women don`t know that they`re a species with a penis of her own, and so Brintey`s `Bi` girl is functioning as women`s `spy plane`. While for men bisexual women are `host` wombs for their homosexual pederasty`s enslavement and devourment.of the products of her womb, that is, art, civilization and culture, through warfare and the biological warfare of the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of HIV/AIDS against women`s wombs, and the `biology war` of the male against the female with a penis of her own as the species of the planet Earth. Britney, on the other hand, in her red pilot`s suit and white bikini dress, represent Britney`s `Bi`, that is, Britney`s `spy plane` on male-female relations with a view to examining lesbianism as the basis for relations between women as a species with her own penis.



 In computers a `Trojan` is a virus, whereas  the 20th century`s HIV/AIDS virus was the biblical `red dragon` of devouring homosexual pederasty`s fear-inducing, terroristical `blood plague` of the `gay boy sons` biological warfare, that is, the `gay poisons` biology war, against the `host` wombs of women, which God`s Redemption was designed to save her from. Woman with a penis does not need men, which is why men themselves are a virus. This is what God means by the serpent`s `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) with the woman, that is, the `gay boy sons`, which are the poisons of the serpent, are wman`s enemies. Homosexuals aren`t producers, and their valence of HIV/AIDS tells us that they don`t want God`s productions, or women as the producers; nor even the producer – God.


`I like to see it lap the Miles -
And lick the Valleys up -
And stop to feed itself at Tanks -
And then - prodigious step

Around a Pile of Mountains -
And supercilious peer
In Shanties - by the sides of Roads -
And then a Quarry pare

To fit its sides
Complaining all the while
In horrid - hooting stanza -
Then chase itself down Hill -

And neigh like Boanerges -
Then - punctual as a Star
Stop - docile and omnipotent
At its own stable door -`


 Emily Dickinson (1830-86) `riddle` (1924) poem is about a train which is depicted as a horse. It is the `iron horse` of the growth of America, but it is represented towards the end of the narrative as `docile` and `omnipotent` at the `stable` door, which is what Jesus` birth and Ascension represent. The child that `rules the nations with an iron scepter` is Jesus; so is the `Son of God` on the cross, and the baby Jesus in the `stable`. The task for God is to bolt the stable door before the horse has bolted, and Jesus` Salvation from Nativity to Ascension and heaven indicates that the horse remains in the stable with God even if it had bolted. Jesus is eternally saved and has Redemption, but has to be the `Sword of God` in Revelation, which requires him to be meek as a teacher and wield a sword later to bring about the death of Satan. However, if God can allow Jesus to meekly teach the Word of God before his crucifixion, death, and Ascension to heaven, and engineer his `Second Coming in which, wielding the Sword of God, Jesus decimates the evil bloodthirstily and punishes them with perdition, before receiving a new heaven and Earth as reward, God has successfully `closed the door afte the horse has bolted` because Jesus has Salvation from his Nativity in the stable and throughout eternity.



 Men who are not `washed in the blood of the lamb` (Rev. 12.11), and do not accept Jesus` teachings through the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, can`t have Redemption. Because they prefer to continue with their tortures rather than accept whatever is visible of `God`s love`, who is woman. Jesus` `bride`, Jerusalem, is woman, as `Babylon, the Great, Mystery, Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth` is woman upon the Earth living under difficult circumstances. Forced to accept `boy son` injections that are the poison which will kill and subject her to fear and terror in the forrm of the wars of the `red dragon` and its `biological warfare` against her `host` womb through its `blood plague` of STDs and HIV/AIDS,  her `gay boy sons` are the poisons depicted in her cup:


`... having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication ...` (Rev: 17.4)


 Jesus is unmarried but required to bring about the death of Satan with the `Sword of God`. He is the `Son of Man`, which he describes himself as, and the `Son of God`, as Longinus describes him as, but he`s celibate, according to infantile perceptions that wouldn`t give credence to the idea of Jesus` penis functioning. However, the functionality of the penis` libido as instinctual sexual energy transformed into spiritual or intellectual endeavour is the basis of Western art, civilization and culture. The celibacy of Jesus` penis relates directly to the need for spirit and intellect rather than sensuality as the basis for development. In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s penis can`t be seen either, but the fact that she`s declared herself as `Bi` means that she`s `in the same position for those who`ve decided that Jesus was celibate, that is, they don`t want to know. However, those who do want to know would spy on Jesus, as Adam and Eve were spied upon in Eden by the `serpent` that becomes the devouring  `red dragon` of Revelation. Britney would be spied upon by them also because she`s declared herself as `Bi` and they`d want to know as `spies`, which is what the spaceman`s camera is for in Oops I Did It Again as he reports to `Mission Control` on her `movements`. Declaring herself `bisexual` preempts discussion over Britney`s celibacy, in lesbian terms, which means she`s Christ-like, because discussions over Jesus` celibacy are preempted in Christiianity. Jesus doesn`t have to be celibate. Just as Britney Spears in Oops I Did It Again doesn`t have lesbian sex, but we don`t presume that she doesn`t.

 Jesus` penis is a secret, and so is Britney`s. In terms of Emily Dickinson`s `riddle`, God is in the `stable` and without. Jesus can go forth, teach Redemption, bring death to Satan, and be the `bridegroom of the lamb`, who is `God`s love` as Jesus` woman, Jerusalem, and their marriage is noone else`s. Jesus is eternally saved; from the `stable` fixed point in time and space symbolized by the `star` of Bethlehem, to his bringing about the death of Satan by means of the `Sword of God`, and his marriage is for his eyes alone, which is what God told Adam and Eve in Eden, and that`s Redemption, because noone sees what goes on in Jesus` marriage, apart from Jesus and the `bride`, Jerusalem.

 In Eden God said there`d be `enmity` between the woman`s `seed` and the serpent`s. When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the `Knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil` (Gen: 2.9), they perceived themselves naked because they were being watched. The serpent`s `seed` can`t have the `marriage of the lamb` as the `bridegroom`, because watching is what they do, and the `red dragon` of Revelation devours them because it can see them. God is omniscient, however, according to the Bible, which is why the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer` when the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is giving birth.

 Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again is a prayer to `close the stable door after the horse has bolted`  - and before it bolts - which is a euphemism for a woman who has either lost her virginity, or has lost her virginity and conceived. The `video logic` of Oops I Did It Again has the spaceman discover the `cookie` each time the scenes are run. The `cookie` is an `Open Sesame`, or `password`, and access to the scenes depend upon its uncovering by Britney`s spaceman in the desert sands of her red planet of Mars. It`s the `condom` which protects her `conception`. If she`s a woman with a penis of her own as a species but doesn`t have a penis, then she`s for `bisexual` relations productive of male or female children, whereas if she has a penis of  her own as a `member` of the species `woman`, she`s `saved` in `eternity`, according to the Bible, which means that somewhere she is woman as a species with her own penis. Closing the door of the stable after the horse has bolted is what God does. Britney is `twinned` in the Oops I Did It Again video because, in terms of God`s `editing process`, that is, Salvation in eternity from Nativity onwards, in her red suit Britney doesn`t have a penis, but in her white bikini dress she`s a different woman, and might have.

 Christianity presupposes man and woman, so Salvation from Nativity to eternity supposes that man and woman`s forms are eternal, whereas the advent of the futanarian woman with a penis of her own, as an aspect of the species woman, tells us that man and woman are not eternal forms. Because a woman who is born without a penis and discovers that women have a penis presupposes that women are a species that does have a penis and men are keeping her as their prisoner, which is what monogamy and patriarchy is. In other words, woman`s Salvation is a knowing that she has a penis of her own, because women are a species with her own penis, and so if she doesn`t have a penis she`s `recorded` as having one by God somewhere, which means that she`s `saved` because she`s divided from her own species by the parasite that calls itself male, but is actually an alien viral life from masquerading symbiotically as a `friend` in the same way that the HIV/AIDS virus, or `gay poisons` from the `gay boy sons`, `feigns friendship` with the white cells of the body`s immune system in order to mount a campaign of biological warfare against the `host` wombs of women and kill the female with her own penis before she can emerge. That might explain why there`s no cure for the `killer disease`, because the aliens are endeavouring to discover a way of making the virus gender specific.



The `video logic` corresponds to the idea of permanence in which Britney, at the video`s commencement, corresponds to Jesus as both in the stable of his Nativity and in the eternity of his Salvation, which doesn`t require death and Resurrection. Although Jesus himself experienced crucifixion and death. Oops I Did It Again represents Britney Spears` `take` on Redemption and Salvation. If Oops I Did It Again is her Nativity, then the `recording` is her Salvation, because the appearance of her `star` is the sign of her Advent in the same way as the `star` of Bethlehem heralded the birth of Jesus. Britney`s `star` heralds the birth of the `New Redeemer`, which is the perception amongst humankind that woman is a species with her own penis, and that`s why she appears in her red pilot`s suit raising her spaceman above her in a white bikini dress. The spaceman is her `son` who she`s `teaching`, so he can `protect` women and be the `New Redeemer`. After her birthing of the `New Redeemer`, the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is `hidden` upon the Earth until she leaves. Britney`s Redemption is Salvation, without death and Resurrection, because she`s `recorded`. As the `stars` of the elect are `recorded` as `eternally saved`, according to the Bible, and as Jesus is `saved` in eternity from Nativity to Ascension and beyond.



Because of her declaration of bisexuality, which entails lesbianism, and doesn`t exclude encounters with futanarian woman ( ) with a penis of her own, Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is her version of the `marriage of the lamb` in which the `bride` is herself in a white bikini dress, and Britney`s spaceman, who she raises in her red pilot`s suit above herself in the white bikini dress by means of a hook and pulley, is the `marriage agent` for the `marriage agency` with his camera that sends her picture back to Earth for prospective wedding partners to view. `Beware Greeks bearing gifts` is the paradigm. If woman has a penis of her own, why would she want to wed with a man? It`s a `Greek horse` for the virus` enslavement of woman as a `host` womb by means of the `gay boy sons` that, in the last quarter of the 20th century, have become the `gay poisons` of the 21st century, HIV/AIDS. The `demons` of `Mission Control` which appear to be inside the spaceman as `mites of sodomy` are the `gay boy sons` endeavouring to `boy son` Britney for the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war so that the `blood plague` of their `biological warfare` against her can spread its `contagion` further. In rasing her spaceman abover her `daughter`, Britney is asking: `Is there a woman in the room?` Because my daughter will be woman as a species with her own penis.

 `Music can be such a revelation.` Madonna sings in Into The Groove `At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see . I’m tired of dancing here all by myself. Tonight I wanna dance with someone else.` Eventually, woman without a penis tires of masturbation and accepts her Satan, that is, a man who wants to produce more `gay boy sons`, and its viral `blood plague` of the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS. If men do not accept Redemption and the notion that the `New Redeemer` is to protect woman as  a species with her own penis, while she is sojourning upon the Earth, perdition is men`s punishment for being evil towards her,.



 Britney Spears  Oops I Did It Again `scifi` declares Mars` Redemption. Victory for the female Venusians, and  futanarian Penisians, over the god of war that`s the `red dragon` of Britney`s Revelation. But, if men turn their spears on woman, it`ll be species war between woman and herself as futanarian woman with a penis, that is, the men of Mars and the Venusians against the futanarian Penisians. If women do not accept that men have `ownership of the means of production`, where women are the `means of production`, then the `American Dream` is `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, that is, Manifest Destiny through the `producer of the means of production`, who is futanarian woman with a penis of her own of the species` woman of the planet Earth.


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Piece Of Me



1 William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, III, I, 77, 1599.


The Woman on the Sword

01/01/2012 14:57

The Woman on the Sword


Jesus on the cross is the man who does not defend himself until his Second Coming with the Sword when he exterminates evil and God creates a new heaven and Earth for the Redeemed. The cross represents the crosspiece of his Sword in the Earth. He is helpless so his tormentors do not have to use the sword against him.

 To a boy child the crucifix is the haft of a wooden sword pushed into the Earth. Jesus is the `Son of Man` (Matt: 26.64) because he is the Redeemer; but he returns with the `Sword of God` in Revelation. If Jesus had carried a sword, he would have been killed with the swords of men. In fact, he was killed by the Romans for being a Jewish subversive. His role was to last long enough for the sword of God to be reforged.



 Jesus distilled his own teachings, and `God`s law` as `God`s love` (Luke: 10.27). Upon the cross he was helpless and, after his Ascension (1 John: 2.1), God gave the Paraclete or Holy Spirit to mankind as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, which suggests that she is the helper that the helpless want to save them. As God`s spirit, she has taught Jesus - and through Jesus - so she is teacher, guide, and comfort also.

 Jesus` Second Coming is with the Sword, so he is Sword-trained and a sword-trainer. On the cross he has the woman`s position. He has been obedient to God but men want submission. The `marriage of the lamb` (Rev: 5.13), in Revelation, is submission to God and, pursuant, is `marriage`. According to Revelation, Jesus` `bride` is Jerusalem, but men assume that the `heavenly city` is a place from which they`ll govern creation, whereas Babylon, the Great`, is the city of Revelation described as the city upon the Earth where a woman rules. In other words, Jesus` bride, Jerusalem, is the woman who rules in heaven on behalf of God for Jesus` marriage, which men have no jurisdiction over, although they have always wanted to see into the bridal chamber that God had originally prepared for Adam and Eve in Eden. In Revelation `Mystery, Mother of Harlots, and of the Abominations of the Earth` is a `proxy` ruler for those men who, in ancient Greece, enslaved the wombs of women so that homosexual pederasty could spread its `gay boy sons` by means of war, which became the 20th century`s `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS, in accordance with Revelation, as the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s war against the wombs of women continued in the form of its biological warfare of HIV/AIDS, which in Revelation is decribed as `blood plague`:


`... a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:...` (Rev 17:4)



 Babylon`s womb is her cup but the `abominations and filthiness of her fornication` are what she is made to do by the `red dragon` of devouring homosexual pederasty`s warmongering `gay boy sons`, which result in the `blood plague`of the poisons of HIV/AIDS. However, `Babylon, the Great` is an archerype of woman that seeks to be made conscious, in psychological terms. According to the developmental depth psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) contents of the unconscious seek to be made conscious by means of impulses that arise in dreams, art, and imagination or reverie. The archetypes are the impulses towards civilization and culture, and `Babylon, the Great` is great because she represents the archetype of woman upon the Earth as she endeavours to survive and be born.

According to Genesis there shall be perpetual enmity between woman`s `seed` and that of the serpent, and in Revelation `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` that will protect her while she remains `hidden` upon the Earth. Because the woman of Eden is described as having `seed`, she`s a futanarian woman, or woman with a penis as a species in her own right, which means that Eve, Babylon, and Jerusalem are Woman. According to Revelation the `red dragon` and the serpent`s `seed`, which correspond to the `gay boy sons` of homosexual pederasty`s contagion of war and the `gay poisons` of the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, fight against the `seed` of the woman in heaven and lose. The `red dragon` and the serpent`s `seed` receive perdition, and the woman and her `seed` receive a new heaven and Earth.



 The Evil One is exterminated. He doesn`t submit because he doesn`t want marriage. He is single because he doesn`t want Woman. He represents homosexual sterility: `The beast that thou sawest was, and is not, and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the Earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.` (Rev: 17) In Arabia they have a similar tradition deriving from the holy book of the Moslems, the Koran,  which describes `Iblis`, the `Shaitan`, who corresponds to `Satan` in Christianity, and who has no power other than to whisper in ears. Because the `beast` represents the sterility of homosexual pederasty, it has no creative power, and so its power is an illusion. Consequently, it`s defined as `was, is not, and yet is` because it represents development.



 Just as men prefer to teach boys to play with wooden swords so that they have as much effectivity as the buried wooden haft of the cross of the sword of Jesus` boyhood, so Jesus` celibacy represents the need for a denial of the sensual for a period from the 3rd century C.E. so that 21st technology could develop. However, given the fact of a developed technology, such as that of the TV series Star Trek (1965-), low levels of technology are for the meek. In other words, developing is what the meek are for, and their low levels of technology represent the fear of the evil who are preparing for Jesus` `Second Coming` with the `Sword of God` that will slay them. If Jesus` plan was to develop technologically, so that the meek of the Earth would be able to defend themselves, the plan of the evil was to enslave the meek at the technological equivalent of chimpanzees after they had developed to the advanced technology of something akin to Star Trek, for example,. Jesus` `Second Coming` would result in the meek being kept upon the Earth as `hostages  to fate` subject to a black mass `slaughter` before Jesus` `Sword of God` was even out of its sheathe should Christ attempt to remove it therefrom.

 According to the New Testament Jesus was `trained` by means of `God`s Spirit`, which was by his side as Eve`s was from Adam`s and she emerges, as it were, as the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, when Jesus` side is cut open by Longinus` spear. The female Shekinah is the `spirit of God`s law` that dwells in the place of the `Ark of the Covenant` with God`s Commandments in the Old Testament, which Jesus distills in the New Testamnet as `love thy neighbour`. Because the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, is female she represents what the depth psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) defines as among the archetypes of the collective unconscious that, appearing in dreams, art, reverie and the imagination, impel civilization and culture to higher levels of spiritual, intellectual, and technological levels of development. Just as `Babylon, the Great` and Jerusalem, the `bride` of Jesus, represent aspects of the archetype of woman`s impulsion to development, so the Shekinah, or Holy Spirit, effectively emergent from the side of Jesus when it was pierced by the spear of Longinus after Jesus` crucifixion and death, is an archetype of spiritual impulsion. Consequently, the evil would seek to kill her because she represents the possibility of survival for woman as a species with her own penis.



  Because the capacity for developing independent space travel devolves, according to Jung, from instinctual levels of energy associated with sexuality, the solution for the evil would be to either kill the woman`s penis, suppress all knowledge of the woman`s penis, or simply engage in biological warfare against her `host` womb by injecting it with experimental `gay boy sons`, that is, the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS, as if she were an experimental rat. Jesus` alternative is portrayed at the `Last Supper` in the Bible where he offers `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood`, which represents the transformation of instinctual levels of development into spiritual or intellectual levels, which the transubstantiation symbolism of the Catholic Mass promulgates in the shape of the Communion wafer and the cup of wine. Conversely, HIV/AIDS is the Satanical cup of the `abominations and filthiness of her fornication[s]` from homosexual pederasty`s gay boy sons` celebrating their generations` long `black mass`invoking the `red dragon` of Revelation and its `blood plague` of `gay poisons`:


`... having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication ...` (Rev: 17.4)


 Gays don`t want development because the older pederasts wouldn`t be able to produce `gay boy sons` if woman with a penis of her own were an independent species. If woman with a penis of her own understood she didn`t need men, she`d be free to embrace immortality without the obligation to produce new `boy sons`. The intention of the male alien parasites upon her `host` is to keep each woman as a breeding slave for a couple of decades or so in order to produce more `gay boy sons` for the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s `plague games` of `biological warfare` with the `gay poisons`. Jesus` `bread and wine` is his `body and blood`, because he doesn`t want the `gay boy sons` or HIV/AIDS, and that`s why he`s born without the stain of a man`s semen upon him. Because God didn`t want him to have the `mark of the beast`.

 In Revelation the `hidden` woman of the Earth leaves to `sow` her `seed` amongst the stars in heaven. Most interpretations of Jungian psychology assume that men are a part of the species of the Earth, but if the spirit and soul are female, as the functionality of the Shekinah and Holy Spirit suggest, the archetypes of the collective unconscious are woman`s, and men have no developmental functionality but are evil aliens, which explains why there is war in heaven against the woman`s `seed`, and why the evil serpent`s `seed` of the aliens are defeated.



 As a supposed celibate, Jesus` cruficied is an icon of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s sado-masochistic lust for blood. Because he represents Eve`s understanding of woman`s role, he is a misogynist`s icon too. As the wooden haft of the toy sword of his boyhood, Jesus` cross is ineffectual, which is how it is interpreted by the evil. However, in Revelation, Jesus comes to save his `bride`, symbolized by Jerusalem who, as `Babylon, the Great`,  is the archetype of woman `washed in the blood of the lamb`, and who has Redemption and is saved in Revelation by Woman`s archetypal hero Jesus with the `Sword of God`. Although much happens with `Babylon, the Great`, the notion that woman as a species is separated both from her own penis and knowledge of it by the male aliens who have imprisoned her on the Earth in order to enslave her womb as a `host` for its parasite suggests that the separation of `Babylon, the Great` and Jesus` `bride`, Jerusalem, are equivalent to the separation of the penis of woman from woman as a species, which means that `Babylon, the Great` belongs in heaven as Jerusalem because her `abominations and fornication` are a consequence of her enslavement by the aliens.



 As a Sword trained by God`s spirit, the sword he is training is not man`s but Woman`s. The sword is associated with `Thinking` in psychology, and the Word of God is construction though instruction, which is invention, production and, most importantly, reproduction; the knowledge of how to make the same thing again: sex is the basics. If women are required for reproductive sex, men can`t reproduce without women, whereas women as futanarian women with a penis of their own can reproduce without men, Consequently, the male system of heaven divided into good males and males who aren`t yet quite good enough doesn`t take into account the fact that women have been separated from their own penis as a species by the male alien parasites using her as  a`host` womb for their devouring wars of homosexual pederasty, and so heaven would logically consist of  her physical hermaphroditism.



 In Egyptian mythology, Ra is God, Osiris is his son, Set is the Evil One that dismembers, and Isis is the Woman that remembers him as Horus. In Christian terms, Set corresponds to those men who don`t want the immortality that God promises Jesus. In the Egyptian myth, Isis wants immortality for Horus, whereas Jesus` separation from men by being born of a virgin without the semen of a man is a further instance of God`s distancing of God from men because they don`t want immortality in God but only insofar as it facilitates their blood lust as evil aliens.

 Jesus` birth without male semen suggests that God is divorcing men from the `spirit of God`, which God effectively confimed when he sent to the Earth the female Shekinah, that is, the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, to be `guide, teacher, comfort and helpmeet` at the side of woman. Jesus` offer of fellowship in the form of the `bread and wine`, as symbols of his trust, is betrayed immediately by Judas Iscariot, who sells him to the crucifiers, and prefigures the `gay boy sons` of BDSM and their poisons` `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, which transmits itself by `feigning friendship` with the fighting cells of the body`s immune system before betraying the `friendship` and killing them and the body. Another Satanical gay boy sons` black mass in which the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS mock Jesus` `body and blood` in their own pederatical version of the  transformation symbolism of the Catholic Mass.

 Woman`s `The End` product of Revelation in which her `seed` receives God`s `new heaven and Earth`, which are immortal lives, saved and remembered. In order to understand, we have to accept that God lives through man. Jesus` birth is by parthenogenesis; he isn`t man produced by the fertilizer of man. He is born of a virgin woman and God. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the incarnation of Ra, who corresponds to God, as Allah in Moslem belief. Osiris has many experiences, and because he has lived as mankind, he has much to remember. Without the knowledge of his imprisonment in an ego, he can`t remember. He needs the rememberer – Isis. She collects the pieces from Set`s dismembering of Osiris but can`t find the penis, because she shouldn`t; it isn`t hers.



  Isis fashions a new penis for Osiris, who is then reborn as Horus, but the symbolism indicates that he`s restored not remembered. In other words, he doesn`t have the memories of his incarnation as the individual egos of mankind. However,the fact that women have a penis of their own, is the reason why Isis shouldn`t find Osiris` penis. Isis corresponds to what in Christianity is termed the `bride`, Jerusalem, who is a woman who rules on behalf of God, as `Babylon, the Great` is the `proxy` ruler for the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s `gay boy sons` that represent the `gay poisons` in her cup of  the `abominations and filthiness of her fornication` that corresponds to the `blood plague` of Revelation which is HIV/AIDS. If Jerusalem, the `bride` of Jesus, is woman with a penis of her own and God`s true species, woman`s Resurrection would be `Babylon, the Great` with her own penis as the species woman, that is, Jesus` bride`, Jerusalem, who would have the memories of mankind because Earth is where her penis had been.

 Some believe God to have incarnated in Jesus in order to bring gnosis to the Earth, that is, `esoteric knowledge and intuitive wisdom`. In Christianity `Holy Wisdom is an expression of understanding of the Holy Spirit` and, according to the Gnostics, this was the way to Salvation. After Jesus` crucifixion and death Christ has Resurrection and Ascension. In Egyptian mythology the equivalent of God is Ra, who incarnates as Osiris, and is dismembered by the evil Set before being remembered by Isis who collects the pieces of Osiris` dismembered body. Where Jesus has Ascension to heaven in Christianity, Osiris is reborn as Horus, the `sky god` in Egyptian mythology, probably because Isis corresponds to the `bride` of Jesus, Jerusalem, who is a woman with a penis of her own. Consequently, the memories of mankind belong with her and so man`s penis is hers in heaven. The Egyptian `sky god` Horus represents the zenith of man`s aspirations on Earth. Because woman who is sundered from her penis as a species and its knowledge would be restored in heaven above, according to the `myth logic`.



 Although Ascension follows Jesus` crucifixion and death, God sent the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, to teach Redemption after Jesus, which corresponds to that `Holy Wisdom [which] is an expression of [the] understanding of the Holy Spirit`. Redemption isn`t Resurrection and Ascension, because that presupposes death and rebirth, which corresponds to what happens in Egyptian mythology where Horus is reborn as the `sky god`. If Horus has Resurrection he would be reborn with his memories of his incarnation as mankind. However, Isis can`t find his penis and fashions one anew, which suggests rebirth without remembering. In Christianity, the `spirit of God` is female and, because the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete is `esoteric knowledge and intuitive wisdom`, according to Gnosticism, the concept seems to be that she teaches and garners knowledge.



 Woman is a species with her own penis, and the female Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, in effect teaches the penis of mankind through the soul, which Jung calls the archetype of the anima, or female image in the psyche of man that corresponds to the desired image of woman, by means of the transformation of instinctual libidic sexual energy to spiritual or intellectual development. In Christianity Redemption presupposes death and Resurrection, but Redemption without death is Salvation. Just because Jesus died on the cross doesn`t mean that those who accept the teachings of the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, shouldn`t have Salvation without death. In other words, Gnostic Christianity represents the notion that `Holy Wisdom [which] is an expression of [the] understanding of the Holy Spirit` confers Salvation. In short, if woman with her own penis is the species of the planet Earth, and the `Assumption of the Virgin Mary` means that the woman, who is sundered from her penis upon the Earth, has restoration in heaven, because the penis of the male is female and desires its own `Self` as the species woman, the `Assumption of the Virgin Mary` means that woman is restored to her own penis as a species in heaven and `Holy Wisdom` belongs with her as Jerusalem, the `bride` of Jesus in Revelation, who is the Gnostic sapientae dei or `Wisdom of God`.



 If Resurrection is restoration with memory intact, the `bride`, Jerusalem is `Holy Wisdom` because she represents the memories that the individual who has Resurrection would want to have. In the New Testament Jesus preaches forgiveness, because of the `enmity` between the `seed` of the woman and the serpent`s `seed`, that is, men, which has been perpetual since Eden. Obviously the individual who had Resurrection or Salvation wouldn`t want memories that were of men and their evil ways. Consequently, the `bride`, Jerusalem, represents woman as a species with her own restored penis and so someone with all of the memories of humankind. Moreover, as Jesus` `bride`, she is `good` memories without men and their evil ways. The Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, functions as woman`s garnerer of knowledge, which might adjectivally be defined as `humanity`, and Jerusalem, as the `Holy Wisdom` of God, represents the woman`s good governance on behalf of God in the heavenly realm.



 In biological terms, Jesus and the Virgin Mary are a complexio oppositorum that denote the Virgin with a penis of her own as member of the species woman, whereas homosexual pederasty`s devouring `red dragon` of war through its production of `gay boy sons` in its enslaved women`s `host` wombs, is the Satanical serpent of the `seed` of men who were responsible for the torture and murder of Jesus as the Virgin, or nascent, `futanar`.  In the 20th century the `red dragon` escalated its campaign against woman as a nascent species with her own penis,  through `biological warfare`. The gay boy sons`  incurable `killer disease` are the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS, which is the `blood plague` valence of the `red dragon` of Revelation.



 Those who espouse the `red dragon` are the same people that tortured and murdered Jesus, without the forgiveness that would give them either Salvation or Resurrection in Jesus` name. The Satanical would want reincarnation for others but in places of their own choosing, which is why the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty, whose valence is torture and murder, began to enslave the `host` wombs of women at least as long ago as ancient Greece where women were merely `breeding stock` for the homosexual pederasts. The Satanical would also want Resurrection for themselves, but without Redemption, which requires the acceptance of forgiveness, as a basic Christian principle, because Resurrection for themselves and reincarnation for their victims would satisfy the `blood lust` of their valence.



According to the Bible the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, because she is Salvation, and that`s why the `New Redeemer` is able to protect the `hidden` woman with the `seed` that defeats the `red dragon` in war in heaven to receive a new heaven and Earth while the evil serpent`s `seed` receive perdition from God. The `New Redeemer` accepts the teachings of the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, and so is immune. Obviously, the concept of immunity relates to immunity from the `biological warfare` valence of the `red dragon` of HIV/AIDS `blood plague`. In other words, to be immune from homosexual pederasty`s valences, each individual would  have to be `straight`. However, in sexual terms, all this means is that the feminine principle desires itself, because woman as a species with a penis of her own is `straight`, and because that means the penis is female, `straight` means woman oriented desire, which is categorizable as the `normal` valence of the planet Earth.



 If the male doesn`t desire woman, and the violence in mainstream movies, as well as `reality` in such incidents and periods as 9/11 on CNN and the `TV wars` of the Gulf (1990-2011), suggest that it doesn`t `really`, then males aren`t `straight`. They`re what the ancient Greeks wanted when they presented their `gift` of a huge wooden horse before the walls of Troy. The `Greek horse` was a `device` inside which they hid in order to enter Troy and enslave the women`s `wombs`, as `hosts` to further homosexual pederasty`s valence of war and enslavement. The HIV/AIDS virus is a `Greek horse` inside which the `terrorist assassins` of homosexual pederasty metaphorically `hide` waitng to devour the `hidden` daughters of the woman of the Earth. In Satanical mockery of the `hidden` woman of Revelation protected in the `wilderness` by the `New Redeemer` before she leaves, and in Satanical emulation of the 9/11 terrorists` `feigned friendship` as they hid inside `civil` aircraft before crashing them into New York`s Twin Towers, which was itself an emulation of the `feigned friendship` of the HIV/AIDS` cell for the immune system of the body it kills, the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty is administering its injections of `gay boy sons`, that is, `gay poisons`, in an attempt to murder her `womb`, which is the producer of the Earth`s civilizations and cultures that it has been endeavouring to prevent from developing, and to destroy, since Eden.



 From the perspective of Egyptian mythology, Set corresponds to those men who are the disparate egos of Ra incarnated as Osiris that do not want what Christianity would describe as the `Oneness of God`. Jesus` crucifixion and death is the BDSM valence of the `red dragon` of Revelation, which is neatly encapsulated in the movie Red Dragon (2002) that features a psychopath:


` ... [who] kills at the behest of an alternate personality he calls `The Great Red Dragon`. He is obsessed with a William Blake painting, The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed in Sun, and believes that each victim he `changes` brings him closer to `becoming` the Dragon.`1


 The protagonist`s psychopathic perspective devolves from the perception that others are individuals that prevent him from `becoming` because they are him. In Christian terms, Jesus` distillation of God`s law` as `love thy neighbour` represented the awareness that God is incarnate in each individual upon the Earth, and according to Gnostic Christians Jesus was God incarnate. Consequently, the psychopath is he who seeks to have power over the other aspects of God who, from his pathological perspective, are those individual aspects of himself that he encounters, and so he corresponds to Set, the dismemberer of the incarnate Ra as Osiris, in the Egyptian myth, who practices submission-domination and other BDSM approaches, including torture and murder, to `become` what he perceives as an `individual`.



Because the psychopath `becomes` by means of murder, his contribution to civilization and culture is the `dumbing down` of more intelligent individual ego units that appear to him to be stronger insofar as he can`t `become`. His `becoming` has been dependant on others` thoughts instead of thinking for himself. Although this seems individuational insofar as thinking for oneself seems a necessary part of development, the murder of others because they`re stronger personalities is how the `ape of God` reduces the level of human behaviour to that of the chimpanzee. Medical research indicates that HIV/AIDS derived from monkeys, which fits the valence of the `blood plague` of Revelation, because the `gay boy sons` of homosexual pederasty, that is, the `gay poisons` of biological warfare against the `wombs` of women, and the brains of its victims, seeks to reduce the level of human awareness to that of a chimpanzee, so that it can continue to spread its contagion without conscious opposition from the alien parasites` `host`, who is Woman as a species with her own penis on the verge of being reborn.



 Just as the homosexual pederast doesn`t want men to experience God, because a collective of individuals who accepted the goodness of God would be stronger than the psychopathic `killer disease`, so the homosexual pederast doesn`t want woman with a penis of her own to develop and escape from the planet Earth because they would no longer have any `gay boy sons`. In Britain it`s a tradition of the `SAS`, which is the Special Air Service of the United Kingdom`s Armed Forces, to hold up a newborn male child to the sun, which effectively means `boy, sun`, that is, `poison`. The symbol of the SAS is a `winged dagger`, a common enough motif throughout the Armed Forces of the globe, because it represents the knife in the back. In other words, woman`s development can`t occur on Earth because the `plague aims` of the male alien `game player` is to reduce the level of woman`s technological development by poisoning the capacity of the female `brains` produced from her `wombs`, and so keep her a prisoner upon the Earth so that they can continue to `boy son`, that is, `poison`, and devour her like cannibalistic chimpanzees in their wars against the civilizations and cultures that she has succeeded in producing from her womb in spite of the alien parasitical viral life form masquerading as her male `partner`.



The difficult part is remembering. Because mankind has heretofore supposedly been man and woman, Jesus` Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, has the task of remembering both: `Male and female He created them both.` (Gen: 1.27) God created Eve from the side of Adam, according to the Bible, which means they`re potentially a single hermaphroditic being.2 Men who can`t accept Jesus` Redemption because they can`t accept Woman has a penis are those men who want to be `fertilizer`. In the myth of Osiris, Osiris is reborn in spring. The myth refers to the notion of fertilization of the eggs in the wombs of women, and the corpses of the dead as fertilizer for the soil and the crops. Men who want to be fertilizer represent reincarnation and Resurrection, but the BDSM valence, which corresponds to that of Set, the dismemberer in Egyptian mythology, indicates that reincarnation and Resurrection is a Satanical mode in which the torturers and murderers seek Resurrection for themselves, with all of their memories intact, but reincarnation for their victims, who are tortured indefinitely. Because those who have the evil`s Satanical version of Resurrection would seek to have their victims born in wombs of their choosing, and even reborn in wombs that they know of from their memory of previous reincarnations.



 In Christianity Jesus represents Redemption, which necessitates forgiveness, but the Satanical wouldn`t forgive, and immortality, although for the Satanical that would only mean indefinite torture for their reincarnated victims. Interestingly, reincarnation for the victim, doesn`t exclude the possibility of Resurrection for the victim. Although that`s active participation within BDSM rather than the `subdom` perspective in which the reincarnated victim is involuntarily submissive. Of course, either correspond to the `abominations and filthiness of her fornication[s]`,  where she is the enslaved `host` womb of homosexual pederasty.



 Men could only accept woman`s penis anally, which is why men represnt sterility. The anus is where shit as fertilizer comes from. The `red dragon` of the `blood plague` of Revelation (Rev: 12. 1-18) isn`t a fertilizer because it seeks to be an eternal devourer of the producer and her product. Waiting to devour the child born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, it`s ready to make shit out of her `latest`. According to the Bible, the dragon waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, who `rules the nations with an iron scepter` because he wants her civilizations and cultures to flourish. His `rule` is a comprehensive one because the valence of the `red dragon` is widespread. In Hinduism, for example, the Muladhara chakra, which represents the lowest level of spiritual and intellectual development at the base of the spine, corresponds to Al Qaeda, `the base`, while the Ajna chakra, which corresponds to `imagination` at the brain, corresponds to the `Big Apple` of the Twin Towers of New York. In simple terms, 9/11 was an attack by `the base` upon the `imagination` below the Sahasrara chakra of  `will and understanding` at the `crown` of the head, because `imagination` was beginning to develop `will and understanding`, and the `red dragon` devoured it by spreading its evil contagion of war.



 Anal sex is commonly thought to produce HIV/AIDS, and this is why it is thought of as a the `blood plague` of `biblical proportions`. Not only does it indicate that shit and blood is what semen as the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty wants, but it says it wants  to give its virus to everyone.. As the 21st century paradigm of computer systems` hackers, the terrorist virus of the red dragon`s hijackers of 9/11 used `civil` aircraft to politely` conceal their `orientation`, before crashing the hijacked planes into the Twin Towers. And so the `Big Apple` of the Vishudda chakra of the `will and understanding` of the United States was dimmed by Al Qaeda, `the base`, at which were the biblical `beasts` of Revelation, Saddam Hussein and Osama Ben Laden.

 At `the base` of the spine, Al Qaeda `Injected`  some Arabian `gay boy sons`, that is, the terrorist equivalent of HIV/AIDS` `gay poisons`, into what they perceived as the USA`s `anus`. The system created by their defence analysts. To `foul` the USA`s immune system by `feigning friendship`, as HIV/AIDS` cells `feign friendship` with the body`s defensive `white cells`, before killing the brain, Al Qaeda, `the base`, spread their plague of war and terror across the globe. Sowing the seeds of confusion to occlude the USA`s intelligence systems, the `red dragon` of terrorism precipitated a second Gulf War (2000-2011), while the actual threat lay in Afghanistan, which had always seemed `Mission Impossible` since the British failure there from 1838-1919 and the Russians similar lack of success in their afforts to govern from 1979-89.



 Osama Ben Ladan and his Taliban followers were operating out of the traditional fortress of the `Old Man Of The Mountain`, Hassan Ben Sabbah, the `Master of the assassins`. 9/11 was a psychological extension of the imago of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s `biological warfare`. The `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS was Osama`s ass as Sin`s terrorist paradigm as Al Qaeda, the base, launched their `killer disease` against the `Big Apple` of US intelligence on 9/11. Because Afghanistan had always been thought of as Mission Impossible (1996), much as the `Eye of Sauron` looked in the wrong place for the threat to Mordor in British fantasy author J.R.R. Tolkein`s The Two Towers, the USA`s intelligence looked towards Saddam Hussein, the `thief of Baghdad`, whose army had endeavoured to steal Kuwait and her oil.

 The second Gulf War was Two and Fro Dough Boys, or There And Back Dad, because the original title of Tolkein`s book for boys, The Hobbit, was There And Back Again in which Bilbo found the `ring of power` belonging to the evil Sauron. In the sequel, The Lord Of The Rings, Bilbo gives the ring to Frodo to destroy in the volcano, `the crack of Doom`, and break Sauron`s power, while the `Men of the West` from the realm of Gondor, and the `Horse Lords of Rohan` led by Aragorn, cause a `diversion` by attacking the `Black Gate` of Mordor:


`From the sky will come a great King of Terror.
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols
...` (Century 10, Quatrain 72)


 Aragorn`s men correspond to the hordes of the `great King of the Mongols` in Michel Nostradamus` 16th century Prophecies, and the Pentagon would correspond to the `Black Gate` where the ring of the power of the Dark Lord Sauron was to have been broken, because the USA would be aroused to its danger. Sauron`s `voice` would correspond to the Vishudda chakra of the `Big Apple`, which is `Adam`s apple` at the throat of the mouth of New York`s harbour of Liberty, and the `Twin Towers` would be the vocal chords of `Big Mouth`. The Ajna chakra of the `third eye` would correspond to the Pentagon that had ignored Osama Ben Ladan, the `Master of the assassins`, because Afghanistan was Mission Impossible, while the storyThe Thief Of Baghdad still looked harder to the rest of the world, and so Saddam Hussein remained a more attractive target for the ire of the USA.



 The Pentagon would correspond to `the crack of Doom`, because of the anticipated eruption from the Whitehouse, even though the terrorist plane nominated to crash into President George W. Bush`s office was `taken out` over Pennsylvania, by brave passengers unsparing of their own lives, as United Airlines Flight 93 crashed in a field in Shanksville. The Whitehouse would have corresponded to the `awakening` Sahasrara chakra, or `crown` of `will and understanding`, but the 9/11 attacks were sufficiently successful for the `War On Terror` (2003-) to be declared, which would restore the power of the `Dark Lord`, through the terror of global surveillance and torture such as occurred in the internment camp of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

 The main problem of the 20th century was `control of the means of production`, where communism and capitalism differed over whether the state or the individual had control. In communism `each according to his ability, each according to his needs` was replaced by the capitalist concept of wants. What people wanted wasn`t always what the state had decided they needed. The fear was that `bread and circuses` were what people wanted and so civilization and culture would deteriorate. However, if people had to work for what they needed, it would be possible to see what they wanted that was `affordable` from a societal point of view, and allow it. But neither communism nor capitalism were prepared to acknowledge that the `means of production` was the `host` womb of women that they were using to produce. Perspectivally, the male perspective was that she shouldn`t have a body of her own, which is the misogynist standpoint that marriage with a male espouses. Because woman has a penis of her own, she has a body of her own, and is able to produce as a species without her male parasite. Consequently, futanarian woman with a penis of her own ( ) constitutes what the German, Karl Marx (1818-83), founder of communism, described as `workers control of the means of production` where `workers` are the  female species and, with her own penis, she controls the `means of production` which constitutes a radical change in economics that begins from the presupposition that men do not own women`s bodies, but that woman can have a `body of her own`.

 At the beginning of the 20th century Virginia Woolf perceived that, in order to have independence, a woman needed A Room Of One`s Own (1929), whereas the economic experiments of communism and capitalism show that what a woman needs is A Body Of Her Own. Woman with a penis has a body of her own, and doesn`t need to give it to a man in order to reproduce, but she can reproduce with another woman, which means she has a body of her own that she can share. From A Room Of One`s Own, the virgin lesbian is emerging prepared to publish A Body Of One`s Own `sight unseen` in the new economy.



 The Egyptian myth of the corn god Osiris warns of the dangers of men who don`t want to be anything other than fertilizer. The growing of the corn each year is a metaphor for reincarnation but not Resurrection, which is what the Christians call Salvation and is continuance of the body with its own memories. However, men who don`t want to be anything other than fertilizer in order to produce more sons to torture and murder, as Jesus was tortured and murdered upon the cross at his crucifixion, want reincarnation for the `good` victims they always enjoy torturing and murdering, which is what the Egyptian mythologem of Set`s dismemberment of Osiris, and Set`s attempt to have anal sex with the reborn Horus, signifies.



  Horus puts his hand before his anus and removes the semen of Set from where Set`s ejaculate would have been. In Christianity the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of devouring homosexual pederasty is HIV/AIDS and its assault on women`s `host` womb is a form of `biological warfare`, which the struggle of Osiris and Horus against the evil Set prefigures in the Egyptian myth of what Christianity would term Redemption from `sin`. The male is an alien campaigning against woman as a threat to the aliens` controlling the `means of production`. Injecting themselves into the `host` wombs of women, like the creature in the movie Alien that injected its parasite into the body of John Hurt, men emerge from the `host` wombs of women after `feigning friendship`. As the `gay poisons` of the HIV/AIDS virus `feigns friendship` with the `host` before killing it, the `gay boy sons` of homosexual pederasty `feign friendship` with women as a `host` womb for their alien parasitical virus in order to enslave her economically and prevent her from reproducing herself and her daughters as a species with their own penis and a form of economics that isn`t based on reducing humanity to the developmental level of chimpanzees so that women can`t be a good `host` for herself.



 At the `Last Supper` Jesus` observation was that he was a good `host`, insofar as he offered `bread and wine`, as symbols of his `body and blood`, to the disciples.  Mary, the Virgin, Jesus` mother, had given birth to Jesus without semen, which prefigures the woman with a penis and semen of her own to reproduce, as a good `host`. Jesus` offer of fellowship to the disciples, one of whom, Judas Iscariot, betrayed Jesus to crucifixion and death, is symbolized by the `Holy Grail`, from which Jesus ate the bread and drank the wine at the `Last Supper`, and which is called the `host` in the Catholic Communion service where the `host` represents the desire of the recipient to transform themselves in acceptance of Jesus` teachings, and the teachings of the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, so that they can be a good `host` also.

 9/11 was the first real noteworthy 21st century instance of the good `host` being betrayed when the terrorists `feigned friendship` to travel in `civil` aircraft before the hijackers crashed the planes into the Twin Towers of New York. Because the `feigned friendship` of terrorism is a valence of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty, that is, the `gay boy sons` who are the fatherers of the `gay poisons` of the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, it`s a biblical sign of the `Last Days` that the parasite is endeavouring to devour the `host` that bore it. In simple terms, woman wants to be a good `host`, and Jesus perceived that his mother, the Virgin Mary, was a good `host`, whereas men were parasites and either must accept transubstantiation, that is, the `bread and the wine` as symbols of the `body and blood` that wants to be a good `host` and `convert` or transform into good `hosts`, or woman as a species with her own penis would be a `host` for herself, and men would have perdition for preferring parasitism.

 If men don`t want to be anything other than fertilizer, that is, semen or rottenness, Woman isn`t for them but for herself, and the advent of woman with a penis of her own as a species is the sign. Men have a `wrong` sexual orientation` because they`re fertilizer, which is why HIV/AIDS derives from blood, shit and semen, that is, the anal sex of homosexual pederasty that has been the bane of civilization and culture since the ancient Greeks first enslaved the wombs of women to be the `host` of their contagion of war against other peoples so that the `red dragon` of Christianity`s Revelation could spread its wings further abroad and eventually conceive of the gay boy sons` `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS` gay poisons to wage biological warfare against women`s good `host` womb. This is why Jesus attempts Redemption and why the Catholic church proclaimed the `Assumption` of the Virgin Mary in the 1950s. Because it is assumed that, because of the depredations of patriarchal alien male social structures, Woman has Redemption by Papal fiat as a recognizable separate species with a penis of her own as futanarian that the male aliens have endeavoured to use as a `host` for their evil parasitical activities and forgiveness is wha the church prays for.

 Jesus` offer of Redemption is for man but only if man accepts it. If not, Woman has her own penis, and can reproduce. Moreover, as a species living in subjection to an alien parasitical viral life form, it is the `Assumption` that confers acceptance of her Redemption by Papal edict. Woman is `God`s love`, and her female Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, exists to remember her in Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in restoration of memory and continuance. The notion of Jesus` offer of the `bread and wine` in token of his desire that others, that is, their `body and blood`, should be a good `host` also, is his recognition that a woman is a man with her own penis as a species, and that`s the Resurrection and Ascension to heaven that those who want Redemption and forgiveness are praying to have. Because it requires `will and understanding` to perceive that Jesus` exhortation to `love thy neighbour` is the perception that man and woman are the same person, unless man accepts what it means to be a good `host`, that is, a woman with a penis of her own as a member of the species of the planet Earth, man will remain man and cannot have Redemption. He will remain a fertilizer dying of the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS and the devouring ravages of homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon` of warfare.

 God`s Revelation envisages Woman with a penis in heaven and the promised `new body` follows the Edenic observation upon the creation of Adam and Eve, which also prefigures the advent of the futanarian woman from women`s own wombs. An antidote to the viral male parasite and its depredations of devourment and gay boy sons` `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS` gay poisons:


`So God created mankind in his own image,
in the image of God he created them;
male and female he created them.` (Gen: 1.27)


 Revelation implies that the male and female he created them as in Eden, is male and female as a single body in the new heaven and Earth God gives to the woman`s `seed` of her own penis after the `red dragon` is defeated in war in the `first` heaven. Paradise is Adam and Eve`s but, in Revelation, God gives mankind a new heaven and Earth. Adam and Eve are originally hermaphroditic, because God creates Eve from Jesus` side. The new heaven is Redemption and restoration of God`s original design for Adam and Eve, which is hermaphroditic oneness. Jesus, as the `Second Adam`, is Adam from the perspective of memory and continuation of bodily form in Resurrection and Ascension, while the Paraclete is the `Second Eve`, that is, Eve as God`s future woman. If man doesn`t want Redemption, he doesn`t want the new bodily form Jesus intimates of:


`The people of this age marry and are given in marriage. But those who are considered worthy of taking part in the age to come and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage, and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels. They are God’s children, since they are children of the resurrection. (Luke: 20.35-7)



 Jesus` teaching at the `Last Supper` predicates the Catholic Communion`s transubstantiation symbolism of the transformation of the `bread and the wine` into the `body and the blood` of God`s promised new bodies, who are `like the angels`. There is no marriage in heaven because woman with a penis of her own has a body of her own, and so their is no possession by males, because man and woman are recreated as futanarian, `both male and female`, which is how Adam began in Eden where his female nature was separated from his side by God so that God could love Adam in the shape of woman. Equally, the spear of the Roman centurion effectively separated the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, from the side of Jesus, as the `Second Adam`, so that `God`s spirit` could love mankind from the spiritual realm, where she would eventually be reunited as `both male and female` with him. In short, Adam and Eve become One in heaven after expulsion from Paradise, and a lengthy sabbatical in which they have learned as students, which is what Redemption is. After Revelation woman is in heaven with the penis of the `Second Adam` and they`re forever One.



A woman with a penis of her own has a body of her own and so can`t be `adulterate` because she can`t be possessed by a male in marriage, and that`s why Jesus says there`s no marriage in heaven. Christianity and other religions presuppose adultery because they advocate possession of the female by the male, whereas a woman with a body of her own has a penis of her own and doesn`t presuppose marriage, that is, possession, because the body of her own that she has is presupposed to be her own and inviolately so, which is why Jesus was born of the inviolate Virgin Mary, as a prefiguration of the woman who has a body of her own as a species with her own penis that is not susceptible to possession by the alien male parasitical viral life form that is men.



 The zenith of God`s developmental `Word` is technology, which in man`s hand is a weapon; the sword. On the moon in 1969, Neil Armstrong said `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` The spaceship that put him there was God`s `Word` as `Logos` rather than the `Sword` of God, which in Jesus` hand slays the evil in Revelation. Conseuquently, the  `Sword`, as a symbol of man`s `Thinking` in the developmental depth pyschology of Carl Jung, for example, is ICBM`s but not God`s `Word` - obviously.

 Jesus` Resurrection from crucifixion occurred because he didn`t want to be just fertilizer, as the annual Egyptian celebration of the `risen` corn, in the form of the myth of Osiris` reincarnation, suggests is the fate of man because man doesn`t want Resurrection in continuance of body and memories, as Set represents man who dismembers Osiris so that he doesn`t remember `where he put his car in the garage`, for example. Jesus` celibacy, in the New Testament of the Bible, was his preparation for `marriage` with the `bride`, Jerusalem, who is Woman, that is, the Earth`s memory stored by her Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, that is, `God`s spirit` separated from Jesus` side as the `Second Eve` and `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` by Longinus` spear (Matt: 27. 54). Jesus` `Second Coming` with the `Sword` of God in Revelation is to separate her from the side of those who haven`t accepted Redemption so that she can be hers forever as a futanarian species with her own penis recreated as `both male and female` by God in a `new heaven and Earth`.



 Jesus` `Sword` isn`t Woman`s technology, which is primarily concerned with `shielding`. A sword or a spear is a weapon, whereas a shield or armour is a defence. If the shield is strong enough the sword or spear can`t penetrate, which is why many people don`t understand military `rules of engagement` insofar as they are suggestive of the precursive arrangements attendant upon marrying. In the 17th century plays of the English dramatist William Shakespeare, `to marry` means to understand, which is why Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God (Gen: 16,19), because the men of the cities wanted to `know` the `angels` homosexually, and analysis of the functionality of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty indicates that war is a `marrying` or `knowing` that God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for. In other words, men have `rules of engagement in war so that they can `know one another` homosexually, without shields that are strong enough to prevent the `red dragon` devouring itself and, perceived by them almost as incidental, those civilizations and cultures that woman has successfully built under difficult conditions, in such places as the former Yugoslavia`s Kosovo, Chechnya in the former Soviet Union, Dharfur in Sudan, and Deir Ezzor in Syria, where atrocities and massacres most recently took place. In other words, men`s `rules of engagement` are for homosexual `marrying` and preclude adequate shielding, as the US` `missile defence shield` against the Iraqi scud missiles launched against Israel during the first and second Gulf wars (1990-2011) showed.

  Male technology is concerned with swords and spears, which the developmental psychology of Carl Jung observes in its perception of `Thinking` as the `Sword` and `intuition` as the `Spear` in its analysis of the Grail myth of the legendary British king Arthur and his knights, where the sought for `Grail` by the knights of the `Round Table` are `Feeling` and `Sensation` respectively. In Jungian psychology, `Sword, Spear, Grail and Table Ronde are symbols of the four differentiated functions correlated with ears, nose, mouth and eyes respectively. In simple terms, mankind`s focusing on `Sword` and `Spear` is a homosexual orientation that, in Revelation, and its lamenting of the inadequacy of a sufficiently protective condom against the depredations of the `red dragon` of warfare and its `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, corresponds to the Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Emperor`s New Clothes, where the king convinces himself, on others` advice, that he`s wearing clothes, when in fact he is not:


`Look at the King! Look at the the King! Look at the King, the King, the King!
The King is in the altogether, but altogether, the altogether
He's altogether as naked as the day that he was born
The King is in the altogether, but altogether, the altogether
It's altogether the very least the King has ever worn.` - Danny Kaye (1952)



 The knights of the Round Table pursuant of the `Holy Grail` suppose fellowship in `bread and wine` but have old methods of defending the individual, that is, sword and spear, whereas the Israelites discovered in the first Gulf war (1990-1) that `the king was in the altogether` because the US didn`t have a sufficiently strong shield. In short, Gulf War I was a homosexual `knowing` within `rules of engagement` for a homosexual `marrying`, in the biblical and Shakespearean sense of `knowing`, whereas in movies like Star Trek (1979) starships have `real` shields that actually protect from attack. Although the TV series Star Trek of the 60s was created in a period in which attacks from Russian missiles were presupposed, starships` shields in themselves only presuppose meteor showers or encounters with other forms of penetration. The Earth`s much vaunted protective `nuclear umbrella` of detente against the use of missiles with nuclear warheads, is in fact insurance for `rules of engagement` allowing the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s warfare to devour itself and the Earth under its own auspices and, by inference, by tacit agreement with itself and Earthmen.



In Islam, they use the phrase `sent to Allah` when someone is slain with the sword, which implies the sword `ships` in the sense of `transporter`. As an archetype of developmental provenance the `Sword` indictes the future. However, because it`s a symbol of `Thinking` in Jungian psychology, the future doesn`t have to be the `Sword`. In the Bible the `Sword` is variously referred to as `Logos` and the `Word of God`, which suggests both diplomacy and technology, that is, adequate `fellowship` and shielding that presuppose `safety`, which is what Jesus` Table Ronde of non-combatants at the `Last Supper` precurses. Knightly discourse is based on elaborate courtesy to avoid combat, which thugs amongst the various gangs throughout the world promote as a means to provoke rather than allay violence. However, if a person`s door is strong enough noone can provoke violence against the peaceable, which means that politesse is actually `the king is in the altogether` because governments don`t want individuals to have strong enough shields to prevent a `break in`, but would prefer their populations to live at a level approaching the simian because it`s easier to kill them.



 Earthmen only presuppose penetration because it`s the sexual methodology of their viral form, whereas futanarian woman with her own penis, as a species doesn`t presuppose penetration as the basis for future civilization and culture. In Revelation she is sufficiently technologically presupposed so the cup of her `Grail` may remain safely ensconced inside its armour plate, that is, the starships that would keep her safe. However, the evil aliens that are men will always seek to penetrate her, so it`s a part of their valence to ensure that her defences are weak enough so that she can never escape them. 9/11 was `teaching the bitch a lesson she`ll never forget` from the perspective of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and warfare, which isn`t the fare on woman`s table, but the Captain`s table on Star Trek presupposes warfare is `on the table` because it`s the fiction espoused by the paradigm of penetration as the methodology of Earthmen`s devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty.



 Without a model you can`t instruct, that is use the `Word of God`, and you can`t replicate. Although the `Sword` may be construed as nascent thinking, knights are technologically insufficient insofar as the development of the `Sword` into `Logos`, which is the development of more advanced technology through adherance to the `Word` of the continued presence of `God`s spirit`, the female Shekinah from the Old Testament incarnated anew in the form of the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete of the New Testament, effectively emergent from the side of the `Second Adam`, when Jesus` side was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus, to be `teacher, guide, comforter and hepmeet` into her future. Although Jesus wields the `Sword of God` in Revelation to slay the evil, the `Grail` myth shows that the concept of penetrative male weaponry is founded in a flaw, that is, the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s valence predicates missile systems but not missile shields. In Gulf war I the Israelis discovered that the USA`s `rules of engagment` in the `marrying` of Saddam Hussein`s Iraqi Army, hadn`t conceived of a sufficiently strong shield for Israel during Desert Storm when the Iraqis were launching scud missiles against Jerusalem, because they`s adopted the knightly perspective of spears, that is, missiles, as a shield defence. In other words, Desert Shield was conceived as a missile defence system, but not as a shield against missiles, that is, a shield as a shield.



 The Captain`s tablle aboard the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek is the `Grail` of Jesus` `Last Supper` because it`s safe to eat there as the shield is strong enough, but the level of technology still presupposes a fictional universe of knights with swords and spears predicating penetration rather than adequate shielding, on the understanding that the fiction is an accurate extrapolation of the future based on how humanity will develop. However, although military analysts used to swords and spears `Thinking` and `Intuition`, because of the knightly paradigm, might be expected to produce missiles as shields, the concept of the `nuclear umbrella` beneath which regulated devourment by the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s warfare continues, is as ludicrous as the USA`s Patriot missile system defending Israel from Iraqi scuds being described as Desert Shield. In fact the British SAS and US Delta forces, along with their various allies, had to make lengthy forays into Iraqi terroritory to destroy scuds by hand so that the USA could claim that Desert Shield was a success.



 In the myth of Arthur the sword, spear, cup and table resurface in the deck of the tarot of divination where the table is most often replaced by the enigmatic pentacle, which is defined by practitioners of the `art` as a protective charm. Although many view witchcraft as `nonsense`, one of the traditions associated with wicca is that a witch shouldn`t be caught in the rain, and in English folklore it`s unlucky to unfold an umbrella in the home, because umbrella`s are for keeping the rain off. However, the concept of the witch`s pentacle as a protection is what`s missing from the military analyst`s picture. In order to protect the home from nuclear warheads a `nuclear umbrella` is needed that isn`t a missile shield, but actually an umbrella that, when launched, unfolds to protect.



 Carl Jung`s description of the `Sensation`,function, which is associated with the eyes, and is male, (ego-related, as is `Thinking`), while `Intuition` and `Feeling` are feminine (soul or anima-mediated) corresponds to the protective pentacle in the tarot. In other words, although the US Defense Department are able to conceive of a Pentagon, as a `think tank`, they don`t seem to have been able to conceive of a pentacle as a `Homeland Defense` because of occlusion when it came to perceiving what a `nuclear umbrella` should look like, but God isn`t occluded. In Revelation one of the plagues that are descibed as falling upon mankind because of its sins is hail:


`From the sky huge hailstones of about a hundred pounds each fell upon men. And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail, because the plague was so terrible.`


 Just as God is explaining that homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon` of warfare and `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS needs to be counteracted in Revelation by the simple expedient of not indulging in acts of homosexuality, and that women should use a condom, so God is explaining with the hailstones that ICBM missile shields are an aspect of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s devouring war against women`s Earth by the male alien parasite, that is, they`re not supposed to work, we`re just supposed to think that they will, while the Earth burns to a cinder. In short, the Earth needs to develop woman`s archetype of the `umbrella`, which witches `melt` without, in the `rain` of `nuclear fallout` presumably. Protecting herself beneath the umbrella`s `unfolding` upon the Earth to finalize her escape from the parasitical aliens, she`ll leave in starships with adequate shields; inside which she can safely live until she reaches a `new Earth` and the `new heaven`.that awaits.

 In her video Oops I Did It Again (2000)  Britney Spears (1981-) is discovered on Mars by a spaceman who leaves `under a cloud` because he doesn`t seem interested enough in her, although she descends to her stage set inside a giant ring, which signifies `marriage`. However, because `marrying` in terms of homosexual pederasty is homosexual `knowing`, and the USA has been described as `the Great Satan`, in her red suit Britney raises the spaceman above herself in a white bikini dress so that he dangles helplessly like a baby in his `rompers` with a camera beside his space helmet and a giant fork at the side of him. Symbolically, the fork represents the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and warfare, which we see daily on our television screens attempting to devour woman as a species.

 Britney appears twinned in red and white as two separate individuals because, as a declared bisexual, it`s a part of her woman`s valence. Oops I Did It Again is the first few lines of Britney Spears` 21st century novel after Virginia Woolf`s A Room Of One`s Own, that is, A Body Of One`s Own, which is why she appears to offer her white bikini dressed `twin` to `the Great Satan`, who symbolically is the spaceman from the USA, because she wants to `know` if he`s going to devour her. Men don`t have a body of their own because they want to possess a woman`s body, which is what `marriage and `monogamy` is about. A woman who has her own penis, and so is a species, has a body of her own, and she can see that she does because she has a mirror. In the mirror she can see that her penis desires other bodies like hers, because the penis is female, so in psychological terms she wants to be with `herself` in fulfilment of Christ`s exhortation `love thy neighbour`, which is not possessive because she has `a body of her own`. However, men are demonic, and susceptible to possession by male demonic forces, because they seek to possess a female body not their own, which is why Jesus tells us there`s no `marriage` in heaven, because there isn`t male and female.

 In Islam `Allah`, the name for God amongst those who are Moslem, and have the Koran as their holy book, is `neither male nor female`. Because `male and female` are `One` in God. In the same way that God is `One` and that`s why `Allah` is `Eloah` in Hebrew. God, in any language, sounds the same to the good because good is what God wants. In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears, in her red pilot`s suit, is replaying a character from science fiction, Podkayne, a young female with her own spaceship pilot`s license in the first Grand Master of SF, Robert A. Heinlein`s (1907-88) Podkayne Of Mars (1964) whose `monicker` is `Poddy`. Oops I Did It Again`s unofficial subtitle is clearly A Poddy Of One`s Own, because Heinelein`s juvenile novel for independent minded young females was the `scifi` equivalent of Virginia Woolf`s 1929 feminist polemic  A Room Of One`s Own, and prefigures Britney Spears` contribution to feminist art, culture and civilization, which might have the semi-unofficial title  A Poddy Of Work Of One`s Own, which has been under construction since her first forays as a superstar on Disney`s TV show for children, Mickey Mouse Club (1993-5) with Christina Aguilera (1982-).



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s spaceman visitor leaves, disheartened, after giving her a gift, to which she responds, `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?` The reference is to the movie Titanic (1997) and the heroine, Rose, who drops the blue diamond pendant into the sea is a rememberance for her lost love who`d been drowned when the Titanic sank after hittting an iceberg on its way to the USA from Liverpool in 1911. Britney`s allusion is to Rosicrucianism:


`... built on esoteric truths of the ancient past`, which, `concealed from the average man, provide insight into nature, the physical universe and the spiritual realm.`



Rosicrucianism is symbolized by the Rosy Cross,3 and because of Britney`s esoteric reference to her spaceman visitor`s `gift` of the blue diamond `heart` of Rose, the Resurrection of Heinlein`s `Poddy` suggests Britney Spears` A Body Of Work is her teenager`s Salvation `project`:


`The fundamental symbols of the Rosicrucians were the rose and the cross; the rose female and the cross male ...`4



 Britney`s suspension of her spaceman relates to the meaning of the card of the `Hanged Man` from the tarot deck of divination, which is said to be a portable Torah or book of Judaic law: `... careful planning and orderly growth leading to spiritual development.` The suspended spaceman represents the `Hanged Man` as the male principle, whose legs form a `fylfot` cross, which is a form of swastika where one or more limbs are missing from the tau. In Buddhism the `swastika` is a symbol of peace, whereas in Nazism the swastika is is a symbol of `bodily fitness`. If Britney isn`t a woman with a penis of her own as a member of her species, she`s lost her futanarian aspect, which corresponds to the `hand` or `foot` missing from the `fylfot` cross, and which the `Hanged Man` of the tarot is making the sign of in the card that depicts him.



 The traditional Nazi symbol deriving from the period of the Roman Empire is a bundle of sticks and an ax, which in Nazism denotes the desire of what Jungian psychology terms the collective shadow, to first see naked women, and then devour them, which is what the Nazis were doing in places like Auschwitz and Belsen with their ovens. The symbol of the swastika with the `foot` removed in Nazism is a symbol of the futanarian woman with her penis removed, which is what the Nazi symbol of the rods and the ax denotes. According to Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the newborn, whose symbol of authority to protect her while she remains `hidden` upon the Earth is an `iron rod`, not a `bundle of rods` and an ax, which is the fascist symbol of `bodily fitness`, that is, the futanarian woman with her penis removed. In simple terms, the `iron rod` of the `New Redeemer` is a symbol of the penis that knows when it has had enough, and so would protect woman as a species from the fascists who would devour her after sex, which is what the Nazis did in places like Auschwitz and Belsen, whereas the fascist symbol of the Nazis represents the number of female penises cut off with their axes. The Buddhist swastika is anti-clockwise because it represents acceptance of the natural order of things as fitting, while the Nazi swastika is clockwise because it represents the will to have things `by appointment`, that is, as they appoint them to be, especially in the natural world, which is represented by woman as a species with her own penis.



The word `fylfot` actually means `many footed figure`, which relates to the concept of the futanarian woman with a penis of her own as the species of woman which the Nazis didn`t want. In Judaism Lilith was the second wife of Adam who refused to lie beneath him and is described as `mother of demons`, which corresponds to the Nazis approach to the futanarian woman who has a penis of her own and is a woman as a species. Judaism acknowledges futanarian woman in its traditions insofar as you cannot be born a Jew unless you are born from a Jewess, which effectively means that only women are Jews. Consequently, Lilith is the future of woman as a species with her own penis but is demonized in Judaism because she represents woman as a species with her own penis who refuses to lie beneath a man.

  Wearing her `red pilot`s suit`, Britney`s raising of her spaceman visitor above herself in a white bikini dress with a giant fork beside his spacehelmet represents the `host` Lilith`s desire to know if her `guest` is going to devour her `Second Eve`. Although Lilith is condemned as the `mother of demons` in Jewish tradition, she has the same archetypal role as `Babylon, the Great` in the Revelation of Christianity. Babylon is unfairly condemned as a `whore`, because homosexual pederasts use her to reproduce their virulent plagues of war, which Revelation describes as `like locusts`. Similarly, Lilith is condemned for refusing to accept the enslavement of her `host` womb in places like Troy so that the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty could reproduce itself as `gay boy sons`. Wearing the Nazi regalia of the `body fitness` fanatics, the Nazi `gays` demonstrating their preference for their own company, removed the penis of the futanarian woman with their axes in places like Auschwitz and Belsen. And the later `boy sons` of the `gay` Nazis did in fact enslave her as a `host` womb to pursue 21st century `biological warfare` against her in the form of the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS that the Nazi `gays had conceived together.



 Britney`s spaceman visitor retraces his steps walking backwards, as if being rewound on the tape of the video, because he`s always going to be unsuccessful. In Christianity damnation is the doom of repeating the same actions over and over again, which is why the Christians sing the hymn `We Will Overcome`5:


`We shall overcome, we shall overcome,
We shall overcome someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall overcome someday.`


 The Christians sing it as a battle hymn, but battles are what are to be overcome, or as George Santayana wrote: `Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.`6 In Oops I Did It Again the spaceman is the knight in armour, and he doesn`t have a sword, but he does have a product of the `spirit of God`, that is, from the inspirational archetype of the `teacher, guide, comfort and helpmeet`, which is the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, and that`s the spaceman`s camera. Even so, he`s low technology, that is, developing `Logos`, whereas she`s high technology, which is more developed `Logos` because she doesn`t need a spacesuit on Mars and her red `pilot`s suit` suggests she`s flown there and hasn`t used a an `Apollo module` style `lander`. She`s Podkayne:


`Meet Podkayne Fries, a thoroughly Martian Ms. who thinks that Earth is not really fit for habitation and that humanity evolved on the now-exploded Fifth Planet. Poddy has one goal in life: to be the first female starship captain. She has her strategy all scoped out, and with her determination, looks and I. Q. she'll get there, never you doubt!`7



 Podkayne represents the `American Dream and Manifest Destiny`, which is progress and development in innocence without threat. Poddy`s favourite bedtime story was The Poddy Story made up of `stories about herself`, which is what Oops I Did It Again is, if you`re Rosicrucian enough to `build` on `the esoteric truths of the ancient past`. Of course, that`s exactly what the spaceman represents. Britney doesn`t need a spacesuit because that`s `low style`, that is, `from Earth`, as Poddy is wont to say in Heinlein`s story Podkayne Of Mars. In her `red suit` Britney represents `Redemption` because she`s at a higher level of technological development. In adhering to Jesus` teachings and those of the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, she`s Jesus on Mars, which is the title of a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. The story is about the Krsh who have been discovered on Mars where they have formed a hybrid species with humans:


`This society practices Judaism but accepts Jesus as their Messiah.`8


 Towards the end of the novel, Jesus, who is discovered living with the hybrid species, returns to Earth where he`s accused of being the Antichrist. Because woman is a species with her own penis as futanarian, mankind is hybrid, which is why Britney`s alluding to Jesus On Mars (Anyone who proposes that womankind is a separate species from mankind would be the Antichrist to men, and woman with a penis of her own as a species would be Satan also. In simple terms, the adjective `Satanical` can always be applied to the evil, but Satan might have to be rehabilitated because women with a penis of her own as a species would be Antichrist and Satan to men. When Britney Spears proclaimed herself as `the Antichrist` she may have had this in mind:


`Friends of Britney Spears have reportedly revealed that the singer scrawled the devil's digits, 666, over her bald head and screamed `I'm the Antichrist` in rehab last weekend.`9



 Britney`s spaceman represents the `red dragon` of `the Great Satan` of devouring homosexual pederasty in his `spacesuit condom`, which she hoists above herself in a white bikini dress. It`s a `bondage` metaphor. The spaceman is `restrained` and can`t ejaculate his semen upon her, because of the `video conventions` associated with `teenybopper` pop music, so he can`t `contaminate` the viewer with `low style`, that is, what is `from Earth`, which is the HIV/AIDS virus and/or awareness of it. Equally, Britney`s spaceman can`t harm her, which is what mainstream TV used to depict as a `moral constant` for viewers, before `slasher` movies such as Psycho (1960) Nightmare On Elm Street (1984) and Scream (1996) became `acceptable` for prime time TV audiences and showed women how men really feel towards them. In other words, her spaceman can`t use either valence of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty, that is, the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, or the devouring war against her enslaved `host`womb and its product of art, civilization and culture aspect, which is symbolized by the giant tines of the fork beside her spaceman`s helmet. However, the fact Britney can`t make her metaphors more explicit constitutes `blackout` which her 2007 album Blackout draws attention to insofar as it refers to the notion that, if we can`t learn from our experience, we are doomed:


`I'm Mrs. 'You want a piece of me? '
Tryin' and pissin' me off.
Well get in line with the paparazzi
Who's flippin' me off.
Hopin' I'll resort to some havoc;
End up settlin' in court.
Now are you sure you want a piece of me?
(You want a piece of me)` Piece Of Me


 Piece Of Me is primarily about the paparazzi and how to deal with them. But it dodn`t prevent Britney from losing custody of her children and her fortune when her kid`s hat fell off near central park while she was running for her transport and the paparazzi noticed that she didn`t seem to care if her kid`s head was bare. The result was loss of her two kids and her fortune administered by her father, and later by her sacked ex-manager who was still a putative marriage partner when he was given Co-Conservatorship of her billions by the US courts. In other words, Piece Of Me is advice to her fans on how to live through our experiences and not allow `blackouts`, that is, those who would have us make the same mistakes repreatedly, and that`s why the paparazzi and US courts punished her. For refusing to accept `blackout` for anything other than `the bland`.

 Britney`s spaceman can see her and film with his camera, which is how `high style` women, like Podkayne, who don`t want the HIV/AIDS virus, deal with `low style` viruses `from Earth`. They introduce them to the `joys` of masturbation. Waving his hands helplessly, like the astronauts of Apollo 1, as they burned alive behind the glass of their `cabin` when a fire mysteriously began during a launch pad test on January 27, 1967, Britney`s spaceman`s hands are `restrained`. He can`t show her his penis so there`s no possibility of `contamination`. If he were able to show her his penis, the metaphor would be clear. Beside his spacehelmet is a giant fork, which symbolizes art, civilization and culture as the products of women`s enslaved `host` wombs devoured by war, and the spaceman isn`t able to disavow that imagery because his penis isn`t visibly erect. In other words, the `blackout` maintained by the conventions of the pop music `censor` presupposes devourment of the female rather than love, which is a `mistake` that the alien males want us to be doomed to repeat because it`s what `blackouts` are for.

 The Apollo astronauts were transferred from NASA`s X-15 `spaceplane` programme, which Britney`s red `pilot suit` is designed to remind us of. The X-15 was designed to fly to other planets but was cancelled by NASA in favour of cheapness, and the result was the 1967 Apollo 1 inferno. Britney`s album Blackout (2007) refers to the problem faced by the brave X-15 pilots as they collapsed in unconsciousness after testing the `envelope` of their planes` limitations during test flights above the Earth`s atmosphere. Often the pilots had to eject from the planes because of `blackouts` and there were many instances of X-15 plane crashes:


`I'm like a fire, bottle busting in your face (why you wanna do that to me?)
So tired of you being up in my space (what you gonna do with that?)
How much more could I take?` Toy Soldier


 Britney`s observation is that `blackouts` occur because of what rock giants Pink FLoyd also recognized in the title of their 1987 album A Momentary Lapse Of Reason. The planet Earth is notorious for `blackouts` of this nature. Christina Aguilera almost faced lynching for forgetting a line from the USA`s national anthem when singing at the superbowl in 2010 and Dan Quayle`s political career was virtually wrecked when the paparazzi vilified him for teaching kindergarters that `tomato` was spelled `T-O-M-A-T-O-E`. Oops I Did It Again observes that NASA`s decision wasn`t a `momentary lapse of reason` when they cancelled the `spaceplane` programme, which effectively maintained the impossibility of women`s escaping from the Earth. The image of the astronaut is that of the paratrooper holding his position above the planet in preparation for war. But the plan is a final assault on woman`s defences.



 As military equipment comes to seem more like that worn by the soldier in Robert A. Heinlein`s Starship Troopers (1959) , without any suggestion of humanity`s being prepared to leave the Earth, Britney`s drawing of the parallels between her spacesuited astronaut of Oops I Did It Again and the 21st century US Marine, inevitably bring us to the conclusion that men have no intention of ever producing a `spaceplane` and that woman will die here. Because the intention of the male alien standing upon the Earth`s moon, and Britney`s Mars, is to refuse Poddy her spaceship `pilot`s license`, so that she can`t escape, and so make it easier for the aliens to kill her. On Mars Britney is the future of woman as a species with her own penis, which is why she`s Redemption in her `red pilot`s suit`, because she`s a teacher `in the name of Jesus` and, in her white bikini dress, she represents Salvation, that is, continuation of memory without `blackouts`. Because Britney has Redemption from `blackouts` and can teach others how not to repeat. Woman has her own penis, and she doesn`t want the virus that is men.



 In Egyptian mythology Osiris proceeds to the Egyptian heaven of Aaru after he is `remembered` and reborn as Horus. Because Osiris is the incarnation of the god Ra, who corresponds to God in Christianity, his dismemberment represents the murder of those individuals upon the Earth that have a shared knowledge of God and which Set kills by killing them. This is `blackout`. When Britney stands before her spaceman visitor to symbolically receive the `gift` of the `heart of the ocean`, which corresponds to the `heart` weighed in the balance of the goddess before an individual can proceed to Aaru, she has a red disk above her head and so corresponds to Hathor, who is the `mansion of Horus` in Egyptian mythology:


`...  an Ancient Egyptian goddess who personified the principles of joy, feminine love, and motherhood ... welcoming the dead into the next life ... [as] a goddess of music, dance, foreign lands and fertility who helped women in childbirth ...`10



 Britney corresponds to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who gives birth to the `New Redeemer`. Her teaching is that of avoiding confrontation, and seeking forgiveness, so that the individual egos that constitute her God remain about her as her friends and herself, which is what Jesus advocated also. Confrontation and vendetta only leads to  the murder of those individual egos that constitute God on Earth, which is what Set`s dismemberment of Osiris and Judas Iscariot`s betrayal of Jesus to his crucifiers represents. The evil want blackouts` so that the good can`t remember `where they put the car in the garage` and can`t leave.



  In Egyptian mythology the `heart` is weighed to see if it is worthy, and it can`t be if it`s murderous, which is what the evil want for the good. If the incarnate God is a collective of good individuals, murder will reduce the level of ther effective awareness, which corresponds to `blackout`, and the good will become mindless simians at the mercy of their passions, and that will deny them heaven, as the evil plan. That`s why there is the notion of the `elect` of God in Christianity. The reduction of another individuality to the level of the evil by murdering their `fellowship` doesn`t interfere with the `election` of the good. On her Mars Britney`s portrait of herself as separate individuals wearing a red `pilot`s suit` and white bikini dress represents her knowledge of women as a species with their own penis capable of reproducing themselves. To defend against `blackouts` is to avoid susceptibility, and being encouraged to repeat the same mistakes by the evil. The first step is to know what women are, so that a woman faced with a male alien who wants her to understand that it wants to be an `owner` of her `means of production`, and possess her body, can demur, on the understanding that her female equipment provides her with more pleasure than the penis, because the clitoris is the only organ of the human body that`s created solely to give pleasure to the `owner`, and her girlfriends have their own penis anyway::


`Oops. Thank God. I didn`t do it again.`

 In the West, the penis is a sword, because it represents penetration and weapons` technology, which is a dangerous conflation but an accurate perception. In the 60s the phrase `love gun` was very much in vogue when talking about the penis. It is likely that the ban on smoking in public places and in the media can be correlated with the `smoking gun`, that is, banning cigarette smoking is an attempt to stop guns smoking. Repression of the penis as sword produced the gun. so the Revelation logic of the `red dragon` of the devouring war of homosexual pederasty was that cigarette smoking corresponds to male repression of the female penis. It is normal for the futanarian woman to want to have her penis sucked by her girlfriends, but that`s `abnormal` in males. Because weapons are the result of the  creation of what the depth psychologist Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) termed `repression`, its container or `id` shouldn`t be released.



 Cigarette smoking is the male`s repression of the female penis` desire to be sucked, and so the futanarian woman as a species` desire to live and love. Smoking bans therefore represent the repressed desire to have more advanced weaponry to prevent woman as a species with her own penis from enjoying oral sex, which is why fellatio is called `smoking` in Russia. Medical practitioners describe smoking as a cause of impotency, but if the `id` of the male psyche smokes because it doesn`t want woman as a species to have her penis sucked, potency isn`t the issue for the male alien, but it is the impotency of the futanarian woman with a penis of her own as a species that the aliens desire. The gun, or any of its more advanced counterparts, is the equivalent of cancer. Unless one perceives that cancer attacks, and that release of the woman`s penis is desirable, because it doesn`t want to possess a body, it has one, and that makes war redundant insofar as homosexual pederasty`s campaigns are designed to spread their contagion of enslvement of the `host` wombs of women to further their parasitical life form, the symbol of the penis will be the gun because it denies women`s rights to be her own producer.

 Although banning cigarette smoking means woman won`t die of cancer, it represents the male aliens` considered rejection of oral sex with the woman`s penis, and there are virtually no sexual representations of futanarian women outside of their own `ghettoized` pornography which are indicative of wider social acceptability for woman as a species.  But the `love gun` of the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon` of Revelation has reemerged as HIV/AIDS, and the `smoking gun` in TV and movies remains, because it`s a refusal to accept the woman`s penis as anything other than some `shag` to be `smoked`, that is, murdered. Movies of the early part of the 20th century were `chillers` because one prayed that the young girl stalked by the psychopath would escape and live, whereas in `slasher` movies of the 21st century one is expected to cheer on the killer of the young woman: it`s the century`s paradigm:


`The Virginia Tech massacre was a school shooting that took place on Monday,

April 16, 2007, on the campus of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State

University in Blacksburg, Virginia, United States. In two separate attacks,

approximately two hours apart, the perpetrator, Seung-Hui Cho, killed 32 people

and wounded many others before committing suicide.`11



 Al Qaeda attacked the Twin Towers on 9/11 because they knew the USA watching on CNN and elsewhere would see it as a continuation of the USA`s mythic film of its `Manifest Destiny`. Psychologically, aboard the civilian aircraft that they crashed into the Twin Towers, the terrorist hijackers were hiding their `sexual orientation`, which is that of the computer hacker spreading a virus that finds its `objective correlative` in the `red dragon` of the Revelation of the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty`s HIV/AIDS. It`s analogous to Jodie Foster in The Accused (1988) having it explained to her by means of rape that she should have HIV/AIDS because she`s prepared to defend her sexual orientation, where `sexual orientation` means woman as a species with her own penis. Men`s paradigm is to attack the woman, so she has to learn self-defence. But, for women, self-defence isn`t national, it`s international, which is why 9/11 was an attack on Eve`s `Big Apple` of wisdom garnered since Eden, and an attempt to silence the voice of New York`s Adamic man who might have spoken for her. In medical terminology the epiglottis is the `Adam`s Apple`, so the Twin Towers were the tonsils of the USA`s voice and the hijacked planes were forced down the throat of Liberty to prevent her from speaking. The attack on the Pentagon by another terrorist hijacked airliner was further deigned to provoke international conflict with woman at its heart:


`Blood rack barbed wire;
Polititians' funeral pyre;

Innocents raped with napalm fire ...
Death seed blind man's greed...` King Crimson Twenty First Century Schizoid Man (1969)



 Demi Moore, whose famous Navy Seal trainee`s line from GI Jane (1997) is `Suck my dick!` in the movie learns to defend the USA, that is, `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` and the `American Dream`, which is innocence, progress and development without threat as `Manifest Destiny`but under threat is woman`s development of her own penis, and so humanity`s art, civilization and culture. The `bugbear` is `women and children first`, where `boy sons` aren`t recognized as alien parasitical viral life forms.productive of the `blood plague` in Revelation of  HIV/AIDS `poisons` because they are products of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s undeclared war and `biological warfare` against womb and her `host` womb. The figure of the `New Redeemer` would be protective of the `hidden` woman from his birth in Revelation onwards because he would perceive that `defence` is the protection of woman and her daughters with her own penis as the Earth`s species. If long life, health and beauty is the final concern, as Revelation indicates, children aren`t. Because immortality precludes the need for children, or as Jesus says:


`... those who are considered worthy of taking part in the age to come and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage, and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels ...`



 If `gay boy sons` produce `gay poisons`, woman and her daughters wouldn`t. Consequently, boys are a disease, whereas female children aren`t. Or, in other words, the notion of `women and children first` when it comes to the lifeboats, as the Titanic is sinking, ought to be revised so that the `boy sons`, that is, the `poisons` aren`t considered `first`. Protection of the woman, and her daughters, is paramount, and so `woman and her daughters first`. Prior to the 21st century, economics was dependant on `ownership of the means of production`, where the `means` are woman, and possession of her is what enslavement of her `host` womb by the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty was what ancient wars were fought for. Modern `biological warfare` may similarly be thought of as the gay boy sons` `blood` plague` of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s HIV/AIDS `poisons` against the `host` wombs of women because of `over popularity`.

 Al Qaeda`s attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11 was the red dragon`s way of ensuring that `ownership of the means of production`, that is, woman and her daughters, remained in the hands of homosexual pederasty. By spreading global conflict designed to dull women`s economic awareness of their identity as a species with her own penis, and therefore `ownership` of her own `means of production`, levels of `security` would increase until her acceptance of `concentration camp` conditions was restored. In short, the concept `women and children first` is the watchword of a parasite protecting its interest, where economics is a valence of subjugation because women`s `host` wombs are the producers and so women own `the means of production` which means that, as a woman with a penis of her own, the parasitical male aliens have enslaved her in order to ensure that the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s valence of reproduction, consumption and destruction continues. The irony of 9/11 was that it was a typical Hollywood `blockbuster` movie for a star like Richard Gere, Tom Cruise or Harrison Ford, but if woman with a penis of her own was in Hollywood and visible, the boys and the girls would be fantasizing about her, which means that 9/11 on CNN was advertising for the Hollywood male alien`s continuance. Or, to put it another way, 9/11 was the restoration of homosexual economics because it restored the hero figure in the public imagination, whereas the hero of homosexual pederasty only looks like a hero. Science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin once wrote:


`The real mystery is not destroyed by reason. The fake one is. You look at it and it vanishes. You look at the Blonde Hero--really look--and he turns into a gerbil.`



 In fact the blonde hero of homosexual pederasty turns into a dragon because it`s a Hollywood `fake`. Often called `Babylon`, as the USA is also labelled `the Great Satan` by some nations, Hollywood`s valence is the `black mass` of `mass consumption` of woman and the products of her `host` womb. From the burning of the set of King Kong (1933) to fake the burning of Charleston in the movie Gone With The Wind (1939) to the grandiose economics of 9/11`s `live action` at the Twin Towers `for the small screen with CNN`, and the prurient detailing of the hijackers flight from `black Massachussets` where, as everyone knows, the witches of Salem hail from, Hollywood`s heroes much vaunted concern for women only masks the desire of their `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty to destroy as much as they can of her. American males are excluding themselves from the `American Dream` and `Manifest Destiny` because their worship of homosexual `Hollywood man` has spread its contagion of devourment of the products of the `host` wombs of women to the extent that it has become an economic threat to the security of the USA:


`... all [wo]men are created equal ... endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights ... [and] among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.` US` Declaration of Independance, July 4th, 1776



 America`s `mom` is God`s producer and product, so Colonel Gadaffi`s (1942-) `domestic dispute` in Libya in 2011, or any revolutionary fervour within an independent nation state, ought to be viewed as a decision making process on the part of the woman`s household. The attack by NATO and UN coalition forces preempted woman`s natural development. it`s the old paradigm of the gun as `smoking`, and as civilization`s cancer, with HIV/AIDS as a diagram indicating that guns are homosexual because they represent the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s desire to devour itself as well as the `host` womb of women and her products. 9/11 was the prototypical stab in woman`s backside for woman by the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty, who wants to continue the production of its male alien `boy sons`, that is, `poisons`, in the more modern form of the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS` `biological warfare` against her `host` womb and her daughters, and the`ass as Sin` couldn`t find a lower means of inserting the knife of their more highly evolved form of `anal sex`.



 The USA originally executed Saddam Hussein (1937-2006), and declared a global `War On Terror` (2003-) primarily against Al Qaeda. Terrorism was, consciously or unconsciously, attempting to spread its viral equivalent of HIV/AIDS as the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s 21st century paradigm for `attacks on women`, which was `contracting` amongst those who are the `gay boy sons`, that is, the `gay poisons`, to spread the `disease` of misogynistic homosexuality further:


`Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. They are demonic spirits that perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the whole world, to gather them for the battle on the great day of God Almighty.` (Rev: 16.13-14)



 9/11 was a sign performed by `frogs`, because `a frog in the throat` is a euphemism for those who are apologizing for not being able to speak, and contrasts with `the sword out of the mouth` that is the `Word` of God in the mouth of Jesus as he commands at Armageddon, which is the `battle` that the `frogs` are garnering evil support for. Demons are `puppeteers`. Amongst Moslems `Shaitan`, who is the equivalent of Satan in Christianity, is called `iblis` and has no power other than to whisper in the ears. In the developmental psychology of Carl Jung, the ears are associated with `Thinking`, which means the `demons`, who are described as `frogs in the throat`, seek to influence the thoughts of their `targets` in order to have them act and speak as ventriloquists with their dummies. The attack on New York`s epiglottis, that is, the `Big Apple` of the throat that contains the `voice of America`, was a sign of the `frogs in the throat` of Al Qaeda`s terrorists, giving the world a sign that `Armageddon` was to come:


`A 1976 law signed by President Gerald Ford requires VOA to `serve as a consistently reliable and authoritative source of news.` The VOA Charter states: `VOA news will be accurate, objective and comprehensive`.`12



 To be `accurate, objective and comprehensive` the VOA would have to represent woman with a penis as the species of Earth. In economic terms, the `red dragon` of the enslaving of the `host` wombs of woman in order to devour her product and wage `biological warfare` against her wombs in the form of the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of Revelation which is the gay boy sons` HIV/AIDS gay poisons, is the economic model of the male alien parasites that live as vampiristic bloodsuckers from her womb. Woman with her own penis doesn`t need males and so possession economics, that is, enslavement based on not having the body of a female and wanting one, which is how the female penis of the male `thinks`, is replaceable in female `Thinking` with the `growing concern` of a `family`, which consists only of daughters and, after growing her in the womb for nine months as the progeny of a futanarian woman with her own penis as the `fatherer`, that is, a woman who corresponds to `God, the fatherer` in Christian terms, the `mother` will care, whereas the male alien never had to care for more than the length of time it took to ejaculate. Because the `fatherer` of the daughter, that is, the futanarian woman as a species with her own penis, can also conceive and nurture after a birth, the economic picture is changed. For men it`s about how many bodies they can possess, that is, enslave, but it`s a homosexual metaphor for pederasty, which is what the `consumer society` of the devouring `red dragon` is. The terrorist attack on the `World Trade Center` was `economics` because homosexuals want to always have access to what they call `trade`, which are newborns who have to accept that they can`t rise economically without the `red dragon` of enslaving and devouring homosexual pederasty`s `mark of the beast`:


`... no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.` (Rev 13:16-17)



 Female economics is family oriented, because a woman can only produce so many daughters from her womb, and the gestation period is nine months, which means that she`ll carry, care, and nurture her daughter afterwards, because that`s female economics. The society of women with a penis of her own contains only women with a body of their own with a mother and a `fatherer` who is a woman with a penis of her own. Such women don`t have to reproduce, because they have a body of their own that they can see in the mirror and so possession is not their valence. They have what they want. In short, all males are demons. Because women with a penis of their own, or a woman without, who lives in a society of women with or without a penis of her own, can see in the mirror that they have the body they want, whereas homosexual males or `straight` men never will be able to, which is why they want to possess a woman`s body, so that their demon will reproduce, which is the true valence of the male alien parasite. Economically, women might want to reproduce and have a daughter, or they might not, but they still have a body of their own, and it`s the body they desire. Because all women have mothers and futanarian `fatherers` in an all female society, sexual fulfilment is perfectly feasible for all women, and immortality is conceivably realizable. Because a society of women with a penis of their own wouldn`t have the `disease` of the enslaving and devouring `red dragon` of male alien homosexual pederasty, and particularly its `blood plague` of  STDs and HIV/AIDS. Obviously, because men are parasites, and so constitute women`s `disease`. Or, as Jesus, says:


`The people of this age marry and are given in marriage. But [they] ... will neither marry nor be given in marriage, and ... no longer die; for they [will be] ... like the angels.`


 Marriage is the male demons` device for possessing a body that is not theirs, which is why the basic biblical law is`don`t steal`. Just as Jesus` distillation of `God`s law` is `love thy neighbour`, in preparation for the time when women will love one another, and live as `angels` in heaven, so theft is the basic prohibition, and marriage is possession, even if the woman agrees; because she isn`t aware that women have a penis of their own and so marriage is possession by the male alien. The parasite wants to possess women because, if women knew that they were a species with a penis of their own, men would quickly be redundant, especially if technology developed to the point at which labour saving devices freed her. The NASA space programme was lauded because it entailed rapid advancements in technology resulting in the development of better washing machines. Most dystopian science fiction centres upon the problems that societies face when robots take over household chores, but that would leave women freed by even more advanced labour saving devices. The male alien parasites argue that  robots would make them redundant, but so would women with a penis of their own as a species, which suggests that male economic theory is based on preventing technological development so that women remain slaves. The `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty devours the products of her enslaved `host` womb, that is, her art, civilization and culture, in war, while it prosecutes `biological warfare` against its human `host` by means of its `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS. Depth psychologists view the penis as the source of developmental functionality, so women`s penis would represent the technological basis for her liberation. Economics for women is different from economics against her, which is the economic war that the male alien parasite is waging against, either consciously or unconsciously, on behalf of the `red dragon` of  enslaving and devouring homosexual pederasty. Higher technological development and women`s awareness of herself as a species with her own penis would make the male alien redundant, but would mean women`s freedom:


`Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!`13



 21st century economics is a spiritually and intellectually low educational level in which the fact that women are a `hidden` species with her own penis is witheld, because that knowledge would reveal how the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty wants to maintain `restraint of trade` in the sense that women in bondage will continue to produce `trade`, that is, newborns with the `mark of the beast` already stamped upon their hands and foreheads who `no one may buy or sell` but the pederasts of the `red dragon` of homosexuality, which is why it chose New York`s World Trade Centre to announce its campaign against the power of the USA. In Hinduism, the Vishudda chakra, which denotes `power`, is the fifth of seven energy points along the spine that represent the level of spiritual attainment and intellectual development in the individual`s growth processes, and its seat is in the throat. Because the `Big Apple` corresponds to the epiglottis, or New York`s Adam`s Apple`, the provocative terrorist attack of 9/11 represents the red dragon`s desire that `the Great Satan` should devour and not speak. In Arlington, Virginia, the Pentagon corresponds to the sixth chakra level in the Hindu system of spiritual and intellectual development, which is the Ajna chakra, or `imagination` between the eyes, while the supposed target of Flight  93, the Whitehouse, in Washington, D.C., corresponds to the Sahasrara chakra at the head`s crown. In other words, the USA was to be `the Great Satan` in the Middle East whether she liked it or not.



 Retrospectively, Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again, in which she`s `twinned`, like two peas from her `Poddy`, as her red suited self hoisting her spaceman visitor above herself in a white bikini dress might be described, represents her objection to monogamy. In Christianity it`s one man, one woman, and the rest are not supposed to be admired by bride or bridegroom, which means those who seek to adulterate the relationship are for  the `red dragon` to devour:


`If a man commits adultery with another man’s wife—with the wife of his neighbor—both the adulterer and the adulteress are to be put to death.` (Lev: 20.10)


 In her red suit Britney suspends her spaceman visitor to Mars above herself wearing a white bikini dress, which suggests she`s  the `red dragon` who, offering her `bride`, represents monogamy, that is, devourment for those who aren`t in the `marriage of the lamb`. In Revelation Jesus` marriage with Jerusalem, the `bride`, is described as the `marriage of the lamb`, whereas the `beast` of Revelation looks `like a lamb` but speaks `like a dragon`, which means that the `beast` isn`t in the `marriage of the lamb` either, but corresponds to homosexual pederasty as the enslaver of the woman of the Earth, `Babylon, the Great`, whose `gay boy sons` force her to produce devouring war, and the `blood plague` of the Revelation of their `gay poisons` of  `biological warfare` against the `host` wombs of woman as HIV/AIDS. In Christian terms, the `fake` lamb is monogamy, which proselytizes against the appreciation of the physical beauty of women, which is why Britney`s spaceman has a camera.



 In the Bible photography isn`t  represented, and 21st century soft porn isn`t viewed as `spiritual`, but `adultery`, while depth psychologists view the activation of sexual libido or instinctual energy by means of visual material as a constant in the transformation of the soul or anima-mediated contents of the unconscious `self` as they emerge into consciousness during the process of self-actualization or individuation. However, in Moslem countries, women cover their faces, and in Christian nations eyes are perceived as `adulterous` by what George Orwell in 1984 (1984) described as `the thought police`:


`With eyes full of adultery, they never stop sinning...` (2 Peter: 2.14)



 In Hinduism, which Moslem`s view as antithetical to their belief system, spirituality is associated with the `power` of the throat chakra or Vishudda, while speaking or looking by either a man or a woman not your wife or of your immediate family is perceived as `adulterous`. The destruction of  the Twin Towers reduced the proposed new construction to one tower, which is a single phallic symbol of monagamous patriarchy, that is, Adam has a penis and Eve doesn`t, while Adam has the `Big Apple` and a voice, but Eve doesn`t. Or, to put it another way, Adam has Eve`s body, soul, and spirit, and she doesn`t. Moreover, `rough trade` will continue in the form of several more wars organized by the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty:


`O`ye who believe lower your gaze! For Messenger of Allah, Muhammad said: `The adultery of the eye is the lustful look at opposite gender.``14



 The `opposite gender` is the homosexual pederast.  If woman has a penis of her own and is a species, the `opposite gender` is the male; in all cases. In Oops I Did It Again Britney presciently observes that, if woman were more than one individuality, especially if she had her own penis, the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty would rather lose her sister and her penis in order to ensure the triumph of the astronaut Apollo`s low technology over higher performance levels. Or, in other words, one World Trade Centre Tower symbolizes one Britney`s spear and no Britney`s penis, whether she has one under her white bikini dress in Oops I Did It Again or it`s `purely symbolic` of the relationship between Redemption and the devouring `red dragon` of `ownership of the means of production`, that is, the possession of woman`s body, soul and spirit, to enslave and devour what is neither your own body nor your species, through a monogamous parasitism perpetrated by a male alien homosexual pederasty that doesn`t want woman`s penis to reproduce or develop itself. Britney`s perception is that, although her spaceman`s camera is a useful individuational tool insofar as it encourages the transformation of sexual libidic energy without tactile interactivity, or the possibility of violence or disease, Old Testament `eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth` formulations based on the principles of vendetta against those who can see, on the part of an enslaving and devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty that wants itself to be looked at and admired, means that those who appreciate physical beauty, of which the female form is but a shadow as of what is seen `through a glass darkly` (Cor: 13. 12), are the enemies of the evil who want ugliness.



The Statue of Liberty`s skirts conceal the penis of woman as a species; but its existence is Revelation. Any dictator can look `like a lamb` and `speak `like a dragon` because those who work on behalf of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty accept their orders. so although Generals like Norman Schwarzkopf, or Colin Powell take orders, neither they nor the President of the USA are prima facie `beasts`, whereas Saddam Hussein and Osama Ben Ladan were cowards who gave orders, and so were the `beast` that looked `like a lamb` but spoke `like a dragon`. In Christianity, the `lamb` is Jesus, because Jesus speaks as a lamb, but commands with the `sword out fo his mouth` because he`s a dragon slayer and can command those who are also dragon slayers. However, the female penis isn`t a dragon and, because woman with a penis of her own is a species, Jesus` approach towards Redemption is that the penis itself represents the instinctual libidic energy that can be taught by means of his teachings, and the teachings of the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, that is, the learned Old Testament female `Shekinah` spirit of `God`s law`, after him.



 The `Word` of God and the `Sword` are aspects of Jesus` defence of the technological advancement that 2000 years of celibacy would bring, and which was attacked on 9/11 when the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty attempted to replace the lamb of the `Word` and the `Sword` of God with global conflicts that would prevent either the female penis with the male from developing as God wished or the female penis with the female from developing to that point at which woman as a species could escape. In Revelation the woman`s `seed` fights a war against the evil serpent`s `seed`, that is, the serpent of Eden grown into the `red dragon`. In Eden God had told the serpent, `there shall be perpetual enmity between your seed and the woman`s`, which means the woman with her own penis, as a species, will defeat the `red dragon` of homosexual heaven. According to Revelation she remains `hidden` upon the Earth and protected by the `New Redeemer` while the battle goes on and the `red dragon` is cast down to Earth and her `seed` here fight it. `New Redemption` is the concept that the instinctual libidic energy represented by the penis can be taught until individuals are sufficiently advanced in judgement (Sword), spirit (Word), and technologically (Logos), so that the `hidden` woman can be safe in the `new heaven and Earth` that God gives to her and her `seed` and perditon to the evil as their punishment for accepting the `mark of the beast`, which is service to the evil serpent`s `seed`.



 The `red dragon` of war is the means by which woman as a species with her own penis is subjugated, and preferment based on `worship of the beast`, that is, homosexual `brotherhood`, is the basis of a misogynistic pederasty in which the aim is to keep woman`s `host` womb producing newborn infants that the homosexual pederasts can keep in `preyed upon` infantilism. That`s why the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` in Revelation while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour him, because homosexual pederasts keep children in infantilism so that they can devour them. The `New Redeemer` protects the `hidden` woman because he has `the Will of God` to have people perceive that good is preferable. In the folktale Snow White is given a poison apple to eat, but a good apple is not poison, which is why it is good. What is good is good and so is preferable. Cain murdered Abel because Abel could cook. He was able. Cooking is developmental and so is good, whereas the murderer of the developing or the developed is not good, because development is good. That`s why the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, because it wants infantilism rather than development. The `red dragon` is evil because infant `boy sons` and infantilism is the way it keeps a steady supply of `trade`, which is why the terrorists attacked New York`s World Trade Centre on 9/11. The terrorist hijackers of the `civil` aircraft they bought tickets for in Boston, Massachussetts,`fooled` the US` defence systems by `feigniing friendship`, as HIV/AIDS` cells `fool` the body`s defences in order to kill it, and so 9/11 was an aspect of the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s male alien parasitical viral life form`s continuance of its programme as the invader of the `host` womb of women in order to `wage biological warfare` against her as the `gay boy sons` of HIV/AIDS` `gay poisons` that seek to kill her.



 In Eden Eve receives the apple of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil` from the serpent, which is effectively poison, because it means death rather than the immortality God had given her as the fruit of the `tree of life`. The hijackers` attack on New York`s `Big Apple` of Eve represents the serpent`s attempt to devour the wisdom of Eve gleaned over 2000 years since the death of the First Redeemer, Jesus, by aborting the `New Redeemer`, which is that consciousness who is able to perceive that woman is a species with her own penis and the parasitical male alien is attemting to murder her in the womb. In Snow White the Queen observes herself in the mirror each day and asks it the question:


 `Mirror mirror on the wall; who is the fairest of them all?`



 The Queen receives the answer, `You, O Queen,` but one day she is told `Snow White` is fairer and so she send her a poison apple, which is Edenic insofar as the apple can now be understood as representing the `gay boy sons`, that is, the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS that has been germinating as the `seed` of the evil serpent since Eden. Because the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty is evil, the solution to the poison is not to produce any more. Folktales deal in `whim`. They depict the consequence of unconsidered action. When the Queen wants to know the identity of her more beautiful rival, the mirror replies:


`Snow White is the fairest of them all.`



 If the Queen had a penis of her own, she`d want to have sex with Snow White, which is the meaning of the apple. If the traffic light is at red the car shouldn`t go forward, irrespective of the driver`s whim, and the pedestrian shouldn`t cross the road unless the pedestrian`s light is green. The Queen doesn`t understand she has the green light because it`s a folktale. We don`t understand that the Queen is `wicked` because she has a penis of her own. Because that`s not what we`re taught. But there are no folktales to tell us the truth so we know we`re lied to. That`s why folktales are curiously evil. Because it`s the `secret` of the good people that wrote them that we can only understand them if we`re good. They`re about human nature and the consequences of its unconsidered actions. The Queen represents the woman that lies to her daughter about men. She doesn`t tell her that women are a species with her own penis, and so she produces more `boy sons`, that is, poisons. In other words, a daughter`s relations with men reperesent unconsidered `folk` relations with consequences similar to those attending Eve`s acceptance of her `poison` apple in Eden. If women don`t educate their daughters in the knowledge of their own species, either it means that they are knowledgeless because the seprent`s `seed` have been successful in keeping them in ignorance, or they are liars, which is why the serpent is called `the father of lies`. Revelation presupposes a considered relationship between woman as a species with her own penis, but there is no guidance from the liars, so God sent the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`.

 In Oedipus Rex by the ancient Greek dramatist Sophocles, Oedipus weds his mother and blinds himself upon discovering that he has while his daughter Antigone guides his steps thereafter. The drama describes the female penis` inability to see. Antigone`s mother Jocasta represents the female`s need for a man`s penis in order to produce a daughter, but Antigone is led into blindness. Because she accepts the father of lies` assertion that women don`t have a penis and so are not an independent species, whereas Sophocles` dramatization of the `big lie` is, like a folktale, designed to reveal its secrets only to those who are sufficiently advanced in knowledge, or to prevent the `secret` of women`s penis from emerging, which is what Antigone`s mother seems to want. In other words, Jocasta is a figure of the woman who wants to produce the `boy sons` that blind her daughter to wisdom, which is for Antigone to take care of herself and her own penis. Oedipus Rex is primarily a `sympathy play` in which Antigone is `fooled` into caring, but she can see and Oedipus can`t, so she represents the woman who is developing. At the beginning of the play Oedipus encounters the Sphinx who asks a riddle:


`What goes on four legs in the morning, two in the aftenoon, and three in the evening?`


 Oedipus answers, `Man`, and is deemed correct, so becomes King of Thebes, Jocasta`s city in Egypt, but Oedipus` name means `swollen foot`, which is a reference to the man who is to come who is a woman with her own penis that is called `futanar`. In Hungarian, `fut` means `run` and `tanar` means `teacher`, which means Antigone is `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` to herself by proxy in her sympathies for Oedipus and in prefiguration of Christianity`s Holy Spirit, or Paraclete. In developmental terms, Antigone is like a picture that is being developed so that it can be seen. Beauty and sexuality are linked insofar as sexual people want to enjoy sex in beautiful places. Consequently, divorcing beauty from sex is a liars` device. The homosexual perception is that women are not as beautiful as the penis, which means that beauty is pictorially inconsequential for a male alien only concerned with the sterility of anal sex and masturbation.

 Britney Spears` spaceman visitor in Oops I Did It Again is `armed` with a camera on the sterile desert planet associated with the ancient Roman war god, Mars, because he represents the male alien who wants to develop her so that she can`t be seen. Oedipus is `swollen foot` because his `lameness` derives from man`s inability to be the woman they want to possess, whereas Antigone looks forward to the `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own, who walks upon three legs in the evening in fulfilment of the Sphinx`s `prophecy`. Woman can walk alone as a species with her own penis, and in fact, as Hungarian observes, she can `run` because `fut` means `run` in Hungarian, and `futanar` is the woman with a penis who is a species that has been taught by her `mother`, the Sphinx, whose `riddle` is only that Oedipus could understand neither the question, nor the answer.



 Oedipus is a drama of `overweighting` because the premise is that the penis of a man is primary, which results in the penis not being able to see because of the incest taboo that exists as an obfuscation for woman`s realization of the fact that she has her own penis. The incest taboo is evil, not the incest, because it`s an instance of the male alien`s seeking to prevent woman`s knowledge of her own independence as a species with a penis of her own. If Antigone knew that women have a penis of their own she would be a daughter with other daughters, and not a lie`s drama.



 Overweighting is the bane of humanity. Just as the terrorist attacks of 9/11 effectively now keeps the globe in fear of state reprisals and vendettas, the TV series Mad Men (2007-) advocated smoking and cancer in the guise of  nostalgic fondness for the past, whereas it was actually retrogressive and evil because of its associations with `firearms`. The post coital cigarette indicates the successful male gun by analogy, whereby the woman`s penis is `smoked`, that is, murdered together, because she accepts it. Her penis as art, civilization and culture is a shared despisement because their togetherness is a knowledge that she has a penis of her own as a futanarian woman and independent species and the `smoking` activity is a coital `black mass` evilly celebrating the death of her penis.



 Men have regressed to back-stabbing woman and the art, civilization and culture that emerges from her womb thanks to the female Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, that is the `teacher, guide, helpmeet and comforter` of the soul and spirit. 9/11 with its terrorist attack from `the base`, which is the meaning of the name `Al Qaeda`, connotes the lowest chakra point at `the base` of the spine, Mulhadara, in the Hindu chakra system of energic development. Because the `Big Apple` of New York, the Pentagon, and the Whitehouse correspond to the Vishudda, Ajna, and Sahasrara chakras further up the spine, the terrorist attacks from `the base`, that is, Al Qaeda, represent an attempt to reduce the level of considered action in the USA by provocation so that the consequences are death and destruction on an indiscriminate scale, which constitutes a `stab in the back` correspondng to an anal injection of the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS from a `red dragon` concerned to spread its gay boy sons` contagion of the enslaving of women`s wombs as `hosts` for their devouring homosexual pederasty and war. As an anal injector to kill the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, the penis, as used by the male alien, is a knife that can`t stab any lower. Rather than using their sword, that is, their ego, to assist woman`s establishment of herself as an inclusive independent species, men`s unnatural bias is death, because they`ve focused upon it, whereas they could have accepted God`s planned Redemption through woman`s love:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 Men`s valence is extinction. Because they haven`t educated woman as a species in the knowledge that she has her own penis, and instead have enslaved her for homosexual pederasty and war, so that their `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS can wage biological warfare on woman`s `host` womb for them, they clearly don`t want her to live, and so God has planned the separation of the species woman from her parasite by creating the futanarian woman as a species with her own penis. Obviously, it`s a difficult task because, as Jesus says, `...those who are considered worthy of taking part in the age to come and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage, and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels.` (Luke: 20. 36) In Islam `Allah`, who is `Eloah` in Judaism, and means `God` in Christian terms, is `neither male nor female`, which means `hermaphrodite`, or `like the angels`.



 In Eden Adam and Eve `discovered themselves to be naked` after they had eaten of the fruit given them by the serpent, which had promsed that they`d be `as gods` if they acceded to its `temptation`. Because Adam and Eve were seen naked the supposition is that the serpent can see them but they can`t see the serpent, which is what it means by `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3.5) In the 1993 movie Sliver Sharon Stone was watched by a killer using CCTV surveillance cameras in the high rise building she had her apartment in. Being `gods` is the power to affect others` lives invisibly, which is what the `number of the beast` signifies, that is, `666` is the reversal of the telephone number of the police in the former British Empire `upon which the sun never sets`, and 9/11 is the reversal of the telephone number of the police in the USA because it`s 911. Symbolically, 9/11 is the Advent of the Antichrist, because of the associations with the former British Empire, which would correspond to 999 or the `number of the police` in the British Commonwealth, but `reversed` as 666 or `the number of the beast` if the British Empire were to be reestablished by neo-Nazis like the British Movement. Al Qaeda, `the base` or `the beast` of Revelation has a `yellow moon` as its emblem, so the Antichrist is born with the moon under its feet and with `the sun that never sets`. However, its the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who gives birth to the `New Redeemer` and so the Advent of the Antichrist is the fantasy of some or more sick queers.



 Police surveillance is the power to affect people`s lives invisibly, which is fulfilment of the serpent`s exhortation, `You shall be as gods.` There`ll be `perpetual enmity` between its and the woman`s `seed` because pornography and snuff films are all that the invisible `gods` can think of to do with her because. It isn`t about beauty, or sex with women in beautiful surroundings for the male alien. It`s about creating the delusion that women`s beauty is valued while giving her the minimum setting in which to delude the newborn infant into the infantile belief that a woman is all the beauty that can be aspired to. Because the serpent is male, and homosexual pederasts are interested in homosexual pederasty, the hermaphrodite woman is the `angel` that doesn`t mind being seen naked because it`s her species that`s with her. Because the body of the beautiful woman isn`t valued, neither is her setting, which means that `Hollywood man` is free to dramatize upon huge canvases of cinematic `action` minimizing the risjk to the single `heroine` while causing carnage on a scale approaching that of 9/11, and Pearl Harbour, or even Nagasaki and Hiroshima, without restraint, simply by constraining the woman`s contribution to how nice she looks in the bedroom mirror.



 In Jungian psychology, the libido of instinctual energy is transformed by archetypal material seeking to express itself in dreams, imagination and art as it emerges from the unconscious `Self`, which is desirous of being made conscious. Jung`s primary example comes from ancient alchemy, the forerunner of chemistry, in which a common motif is that of the hermaphrodite, because the female penis is endeavouring to use its separating `Sword` to speak its more penetrating `Word`. Woman can only emerge by not accepting any `Sword` but Jesus`. That is why the sword-as-penis is a logical fiction. It connotes the honourable defloration of a virgin. As the `knight` of Christian `chivalry`, Jesus is the archetypal `Sword` of Revelation because he`s not the fiction of the `hero` rescuing the woman from the devouring `father` dragon. He`s the `Word of God`. It is not a fiction for women, but it is men`s fiction that they are heroes. That`s why the sword-as-penis is a logical fiction for men, because it`s their parasite injecting metaphor.



 If the Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus by parthenogenesis, that is, without a man`s semen, she could have given birth to a woman with a penis of her own. Equally, Jocasta in Oedipus Rex could have given birth to Antigone as a woman with a penis of her own if she`d married a woman with a penis of her own and so the psychological bane of Western civilization, art and culture, that is, the `threatening possessive`, wouldn`t have been a psychological determinant. The `Oedipal complex` is a psychological term used by Sigmund Freud to describe the devouring father imago because Oedipus, albeit by accident, according to Sophocles` Oedipus Rex, killed his father to marry his mother. Freud thought that he had discovered a psychological constant insofar as the `Oedipal complex` described the relationship between father and son. What Freud had discovered was the fiction that the son wants to possess the mother, which conceals the male myth that a woman wants a father and a son. The Virgin Mary is the archetypal conception of the woman who doesn`t need a man`s semen to reproduce, and so it`s a male fiction in which the penis is important because it`s theirs.



 Behaviouralism was the psychological successor to Freud because it focused on the principle notion that the son should behave in order to prevent it from killing the father, and subsequent psychological applications included the Somme and Verdun where sons were sent to be killed in WWI in order to learn how to `behave`. Jungian psychology taught that the libido was developmental and that male-female complementarity was the solution to conflict. Populist therapies described such `conflict resolution` formulas as `getting in touch with the female side` because women were perceived as `sympathizing`. Feminist perspectives perceive the penis as female, and Jesus` teachings as celibacy, which obfuscates the real issue of Oedipus` blindness. The male aliens don`t want the woman to use her own penis. Antigone is the `sympathizing` woman who represents the imposed patriarchal fiction that women are the `angelic` sensitive counterparts of the thoughtless but `dashing` male `action man` that Carl Jung analyzed.



 Jungian Feminists perceive that Antigone is blinder than Oedipus at the drama`s end, because she has been coerced by the `threatening possessive`, that is, the parastitical male alien`s capacity for inducing sympathy for its plight, by means of ensuring in her false feelings of empathy based on consanguinity. In effect Antigone has been coerced into wanting her brother, because Oedipus is Jocasta`s son. The play is actually a description of how difficult it is for the woman, even if she`s able to reproduce parthenogenically, to escape from the homosexual pederast, which is what Jesus` torturers and murderers represent, and how difficult it is for woman to escape from men physically, even if she has a penis of her own and is a species independent of her parasite, because `pornographic` representations of futanarian women aren`t a part of men`s educational curriculum for women.



 On the cross Jesus is preparing to wield the Sword, but it`s a boy`s wooden one. He cannot defend against his crucifiers; because his role is as a `teacher`. He offers Redemption to mankind and `teaches` God`s love, but in Revelation we understand he`s a sword-master because he fights against the foe:


`And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. And the armies which were in heaven followed him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: and he shall rule them with a rod of iron: and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.` (Rev: 11-15)



 In Jungian terms, Jesus` libidic energy has been transformed from the penis-as-sword to the penis-as-word, which is commanding of the armies of heaven, because it`s developed faithfully and truly in accordance with his mother`s womb`s desire that her penis not be contaminated by the `seed` of the `serpent`, because her son, who would remain celibate, until she was a woman with her own penis, would be the spiritual leader of Christianity and its fight against the enslaving and devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty until the consummation of the `marriage of the lamb` and Jesus` `bride`, Jerusalem, the woman of heaven.

 During the second Gulf War (2001-3) the USA re-examined that aspect of national security, which is called `Homeland Defence`, and where `mom` in the home is famous for `apple pie`. The folktale of `Johnny Appleseed` is a basic component of the American myth. It is the tale of one who planted apple `seeds` all over the USA so that `mom` could bake `apple pie`. Clearly, the terrorist attack of 9/11 upon the Twin Towers of New York was aimed at `mom`, because she was able to cook, and therefore corresponded to Abel, who was murdered by Cain, the progenitor of all those murderers with the `mark of the beast` upon their foreheads, according to the biblical tradition. It was a sign from God of the importance of correct names. In Revelation it is not possible to live unless you have the `the name of the beast or the number of his name` (Rev: 13.17), and during the Indo-China war waged by the USA the male alien parasitical organisms were defined as `gooks` as a sign of the intolerance of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty for cooks. Significantly, the structural anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss` `culinary triangle` observed that one of the basic cornerstones of art, civilization and culture was the transformation of raw to cooked, where meat was prepared in the first instance, and the process of natural decay and fermentation produced a higher level human perspective because, without killing, such products as cheese, wine and vinegar could be produced, so emphasizing the beauty of natural growing foods such as fruit or corn, while deemphasizing killing. However, the USA employed such appalling devices as napalm and the `defoliant` agent orange over large parts of Indo-China in an attempt to starve the `gooks` as they had previously employed such folk heroes as Buffalo Bill Cody to shoot all of the buffalo in the USA so that the indians would all die of starvation because there would be no buffalo to `gook`. In other words, because the foundation of the USA was built on `mom`s apple pie`, that is, the ability of the woman to cook, 9/11 was an attack by the devouring `red dragon` upon the `Big Apple` of Eve`s `cooking`, that is, the summum bonum of woman`s art, civilization and culture that had been under development since Eden.



 Pertinently, the basic economic symbol of the USA is the `eye iin the pyramid` which connotes the developed ego as a transformer of the raw into the cooked, which in economic terms is either the enslavement of the womb of the woman to produce the homosexual pederasts whose main concern is the consumption of the woman and her art, civilization and culture by means of such evil devices as the `biological warfare` perpetrated against her womb by the evil male alien parasitical viral organisms in the form of the cancerous gay boy sons` `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS gay poisons, or acceptance of the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, as the female developmental `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` who can cook, but isn`t gay. And so it is possible to trust in `mom`s apple pie` because, as a woman with a penis of her own and so a species not concerned with the production of the `gay boy sons`, she is neither infected nor a poisoner.



 The attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11 was clearly an attempt by the `threatening possessive` against the basic economic unit of the USA, that is, the woman as the `owner of the means of production`, which is her inalienable womb, by the evil male alien homosexual pederasts seeking to restore the gay boys` `trade` in death and war by means of the initiation of global conflicts through terrorism designed to reduce rational response to criticism of `mom`s apple pie`. Folkloristically, New York`s `Big Apple` is a symbol of Johnny Appleseed and the `eternal enmity` between the woman`s `seed` and that of the serpent (Gen: 3.5), which is why a condom is called a `johnny` because it protects the `Big Apple` of woman`s nurtured and developed human consciousness from the evil `seed` of the alien male homosexual pederast`s viral life form component. The HIV/AIDS `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of Revelation, which wants `apples for eating` rather than `apples for cooking`, in economic terms, that is, `rough trade` rather than `fair trade` based on the solid economic principle that woman as a species with her own penis constitutes a `better economic outlook` than `consumption`, which was the old medical term for the `terminal cancer` that, like the `killer disease` HIV/AIDS, was the name given to incurable cancers of the body; socio-historical, socio-political, socio-cultural, socio-economic, etc.



 The evil male alien `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty wants to reduce the level of human consciousness, that is, the `apple` of ego individuality, to that of a chimpanzee, which is why the attack on the Twin Towers has so many resemblances to the Hollywood movie King Kong (1933) in which the `big monkey picture` is of a large animal killed by US fighter aircraft because it climbed to the top of the Empire State building in New York. In other words, the `big monkey` is what Hollywood wants because it`s too big for the woman, while 9/11 is the representation that the `Big Apple` isn`t for a `big monkey` but that New York is still full of `smaller ones` who don`t want the woman to get any bigger.



 Attacks on women are `on the increase`, and that`s the 21st century paradigm in Hollywood, the `dream factory` that manufactures what the world perceives of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, which from movies such as Steven Spielberg`s ET (1982) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1983), Back To The Future (1985), Batteries Not Included (1986), etc., is innocent progress and development without threat, and so fulfilment; or under threat and delayed. Hollywood`s paradigm is `attack the woman` so that the male alien parasitical virus that had emerged from her womb can destroy large swathes of her art, civilization and culture while pretending to be `at her side`. In a truer paradigm of `Homeland Defence`, mom defends herself and her `apple pie`, which means technological development and its deployment is based on human goals. If man has a penis and can develop weapons of `mass destruction` by transforming its libido or instinctual energy into spiritual, that is, intellectual ability, woman`s penis is different. Men invite attack because `action man` is their valence. `Hollywood man` has taught it to them, whereas the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, is peace, which means that 9/11 is what the `Hollywood preacher` has preached, and `curses are like chickens; they always come home to roost`.15  The metaphor is the virus programme of the 21st century hacker, where 9/11 is `hide d`yer hacker`, like the Led Zeppelin song D`Yer Mak`er (1973) is either about whether the Jamaica girl had sex, or was she forced? Did you make her? The rapist would seek to conceal the crime, and the hacker, with the `handle` Hide D`Yer Hacker would seek to remain anonymous if 9/11 were a `programme` designed to test the defences of the USA. It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that the USA`s Defence Department at the Pentagon invited `hacking` to `test` its system:


`... [we] would like to invite anyone with an interest in cryptography, reverse engineering or mathematics to help find the decryption keys and unlock the hidden payload.`16



 Although this staement comes from Kaspersky Lab, one of the more famous anti-virus buster programme developers, the invitation to `all comers` is  representative of many private and public organizations insofar as they invite hackers to improve their systems and then employ them as computer software programmers and analysts:


`... every modern computer exchanges and processes information in the ones and zeros of binary ...`17


 The hacker even employs virus language to describe its activities, and because the common cold is the commonest virus, hackers have coughing `handles` because, as on 9/11, their hacking technology was employed to make coffins out of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and flight 93, which was on its way to the Whitehouse when the passengers crashed the plane rather than have it reach its destination. In other words, hackers correspond directly to the concept of the `blood plague` of homosexual pederasty` `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS, because the `handles` of the `hackers` are 21st century versions of the `black death`, which is why the terrorist High D`Yer Hacker launched its valence of the `red dragon` from [black] `Massachussets`, that is, in imitation of, or desire to perform, a Satanical `black mass` based on the novel Logan`s Run, because Logan is the name of the airport in Boston, Massachussets, where Hi D`Yer Hacker hailed from:


`... a novel by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. Published in 1967, it depicts a dystopic ageist future society in which both population and the consumption of resources are maintained in equilibrium by requiring the death of everyone reaching a particular age.`18


 Because the `handle` is how hackers `hail` one another, the reference is probably also biblical in the sense that hailstones, like meteors, were another of the `plagues` of the `red dragon` of Revelation, which Britney Spears Oops I Did It Again presciently alludes to in the opening lyric `Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah`, where Oops High [I Did It Again] D`Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Jack would be the `handle` of the `hacker` who wants to access her material without using the `cookie` which the spaceman has to find in order for the towers of her palace to emerge, as seen reflected in the mirror of the spaceman`s helmet`s visor. In Toxic Britney appears in the apparent blue uniform of Thunderbirds, which is a science fiction rescue service, and the theme of `unmasking` a passenger`s real identity by removing his disguise is juxtaposed with her secret agent guise. Like Jennifer Garner in the US TV series, Alias, Britney portrays an `action heroine` who gets into a secret laboratory in order to obtain a formula, which would seem to correspond to the antidote for the poison HIV/AIDS. Because of the connection between 9/11`s hijackers, and viral attacks by the `plague` of homosexual pederasty`s valence of terror against women. Thunderbirds was a `puppet` show on British TV in the 60s and Britney`s Oops I Did It Again presents her as a Thunderbirds` character in her red pilot`s suit, because Thunderbird 3 is a red spaceship and Oops I Did It Again takes place on Britney`s red planet of Mars but within the framework of the video it`s a `spaceship` that requires the `password` before the spaceman can see her, and the icon he finds in the red sands of Mars is her `tough cookie`.



 In Revelation the `beast` is a `frog` that appears to speak from the mouths of its `puppets`, which suggests that Britney is perturbed that her lyrics have Satanical meaning that she doesn`t place a value on. If 9/11 was an attempt to attack the woman `hidden` and protected by the `New Redeemer` of Revelation, Oops Hide Did It Again would be the Satanical writer`s preparation for Oops Hide D`Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah [ jack ], where the intention would be to `hijack` her fortune and turn her into a `puppet` recording `jack`, that is, `zero` and the utterances of her `programmer`, which would be `the one` in modern computer`s binary code:


`... computer[s] exchange ... and process ... information in ones and zeros...`



 The aim would be to have Britney function as a `frog` mouthpiece for her programmer. To `side` in early 20th century recordings upoon vinyl meant to press one of the two sides that a `record` had. There was an `A` side for the single released, and a `B` side as a `bonus track`, which often was new and not on the album. Consequently, Oops Sided It Again refers to the record manufacturing process, where `siding` means to compose a picture in terms of DVDs, which have only one side video terms. For her programmer there`s only one side to the story, whereas traditionally there are `two sides to every story` if it`s about judgment. Britney is a `puppet` for her hijacking programmer who only wants her to be a `cipher`, that is, a zero, while he`s `the one`. The spaceman walking backwards in Oops Sided It Again or suspended above Britney, in her white bikini dress, represent aspects of the recording and manufacturing process. Britney`s spaceman`s camera at the side of his helmet is her `faithful reproduction` because he`s always `hung up on her`.and corresponds to her `good press`, both in the sense of `faithful representation` in terms of the media `circus` and a record press that makes copies by `pressing`, which again means `faithful recording`. But her spaceman also represents being `hung up` on by Captain `hook`, because Britney`s `hook`, by which her spaceman hangs, indicates `phone` replacement, after it rings and a call has been answered. In Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie Tinkerbell, the fairy, helps Peter against Captain Hook, the Pirate, and in terms of Oops Sided It Again that means Britney`s `programmer` doesn`t want anything but his `programme`, that is, the `Satanic message`, which is the songs `hook`, to be communicated:

`I made you believe we're more than just friends ...  I'm sent from above ... heroes, they truly exist ...  `All aboard` ...`


 The HIV/AIDS` virus `feigns friendship` for the body`s immune system before killing it, which was the Arab terrorist hijackers` method on 9/11 when they bought passenger tickets to board flights in Boston, Massaschussetts, before crashing the planes into the Twin Towers of New York`s Manhattan Island. Heroes did `truly exist` on 9/11, but Britney`s `programmer` defined `feigned friendship` as a `game` and not `serious`, whereas in Michel Nostradamus` Prophecies a warning is given:


`From the sky will come a great King of Terror.` Century 10, Quatrain 72


The USA had given Saddam Hussein the 3rd largest army in the world and had supported the Taliban against tthe Russians from 1979-89 but `feigned friendship` resulted in 9/11/2000, the Gulf wars (1990-2011), and George W. Bush`s declaration of an ongoing war against terror (2003-).Released on March 27 2000 Britney`s Oops I Did It Again `programmed` 9/11 and the spirit of the `game` into the mass mind as the most popular recording of that year.

 In publishing terms, `pirating` is the theft of copyrighted material, which amounts to stealing work that isn`t your own. In order to be a `pirate` you`d have to be a `hacker` who knew how to use a recording `jack`, which explains Oops Side Hid It `A` Gain, and Oops High D`Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah [ jack ]. If the idea was to produce a `zero`, and be `the one`, who `programmed` Britney to accept the `one-sidedness` of the programmer`s story, there`d be a `B` side, corresponding to Britney`s private story, which wouldn`t be told because the `programmer` wouldn`t want her to be anything but a `zero`. The `beast` of Revelation has an `economic` valence, because the `beast` who is the `frog` in the throat is a demoniacal programming ventriloquist for its `dummy`, which is what `demos`. Because the perspective is that what the individual is programmed to produce by the `frog in the throat` isn`t theirs. In other words, it`s `pirating` while feigning legitimacy, which means that the `beast` produces and consumes itself by possessing a creative individual. The `beast` doesn`t want that which doesn`t want to be consumed.



 Working to play is 21st century economics, whereas working to `consume` is 20th century economics.  People work to keep what they play with, or what they make, because 21st century economics is about individual creativity, and the value of the work for the makers, and the keepers. If the keepers are jailers, the workers and the work are the consumed because the `beast` doesn`t value the work, whereas if the makers and the keepers accept Redemption, which corresponds to the extent to which maker and keeper value the created work, they are valuable to the degree to which they value the work and keep it. In other words, God, the Creator, values the workers to the extent that they value beauty. What is beautiful is that which the `beast` denies but it is not able to deny the beauty of woman because she is the `host` womb of the `beast`, which means that the beauty of the Creator and the Creation is all but consumed by the evil male alien parasitical life form of the `beast` of homosexual pederasty, whose valence in the latter part of the 20th century is the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS` biological war against women`s wombs, and the virus of 21st century terrorism. 9/11`s Satanical `black mass` commenced upon a `black day` in Boston, Massachussetts, where the terrorists bought plane tickets at Logan airport, and after crashing their planes into the Twin Towers of New York`s `Big Apple`, other terrorist hijacked planes, following the `pattern` of the movie, Logan`s Run, ensured the poison of Eve`s apple would continue to cut short lives. In the Bible Adam was 930 years old when he died (Gen: 5.5), but in Logan`s Run adults must die aged 21 because of scant food and other resources. In Britney`s Oops Hide It Hid Again her spaceman arrives and reports to `Mission Control` as `Mars Lander`. and, in Logan`s Run, those who want to live longer than 21 years are called `runners` who escape to Sanctuary, an abandoned space colony called `Argos`, near Mars. Curiously, although Britney`s spaceman reports to `Mission Control` as `Mars Lander` there are many `red planets` visible in the night sky about them, which suggests the many-eyed Argos of Greek mythology who watched over Io:


`And set a watcher upon her, great and strong Argos, who with four eyes looks every way. And the goddess stirred in him unwearying strength: sleep never fell upon his eyes; but he kept sure watch always.`19



 Io is a moon of Jupiter, who is the father god of Greek mythology, and Zeus in Roman myths, but who corresponds to Jehovah in Judaism. The `four eyes` of Argus probably connote the attributes of God which, in Jungian psychology, is associated with the differentiation of the four human functions of consciousness, one of which, `Sensation`, is associated with sight, but the differentiation of the other three functions, that is, ears (`Thinking`), smell (`Intuition`) and speech (`Feeling`) represents that self-actualization which would make the individual fourfold in terms of perception, and so `with four eyes` Argos watches over Io, a Naiad in Roman mythology:


`...a type of nymph (female spirit) who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, brooks and other bodies of freshwater.`20



  If Oops I Did It Again represents Britney`s Sanctuary, Argos doesn`t seem to have any water, but her spaceman has brought her `the heart of the ocean`, which suggests that water will run again. As Logan does in Logan`s Run when the `sandmen` come to find those who want to live beyond 21 years and kill them. Britney`s perception is that futanar woman, where `fut` means `run` and `tanar` means `teacher` in Hungarian, represents a better economic perspective in which there`ll be sufficient food and resources because the `sandmen`, that is, those who create sterility, will be redundant and extinct when woman with a penis is the species of the Earth.



  9/11 represents the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s attempt to shift the economic perspective away from individual creativity and Redemption through value accorded to the artist and the work of art as maker by the buyer as keeper, and a return to 50s economics in which the enslaved are the consumed. T. S. Eliot`s The Wasteland (1922) was the poet`s perception that spirituality was what the 20th century with its devouring wars of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty lacked. Britney`s concept of the `futanar`, or `running teacher` represents her concept of the flowing of the waters of the spirit that can regenerate the Earth`s economy by focusing on Redemption through the keepers` valuing what the makers make, and value. The attack on the World Trade Centre on 9/11 was the homosexual pederasts` preference for `rough trade`, that is, more gay boy sons` STDs and HIV/AIDS` gay poisons to be the `killer disease` of woman and what might emerge from woman`s womb, which heretofore has been either another `host` womb for the evil male alien parasitical viral life form, or the evil male alien parasitical viral life form itself. If the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty is concerned to devour woman`s art, culture and civilization after it has emerged from her womb, its concern is to devour beauty, which means that futanarian woman with a penis of her own as a species represents that concrete symbol of regeneration that poets such as T. S. Eliot in The Wasteland had been searching for:


`I Tiresias, though blind, throbbing between two lives, 218

Old man with wrinkled female breasts, can see


I Tiresias, old man with wrinkled dugs

Perceived the scene, and foretold the rest -


(And I Tiresias have foresuffered all

Enacted on this same divan or bed;

I who have sat by Thebes below the wall

... ) Bestows one final patronising kiss,

And gropes his way, finding the stairs unlit...

  She turns and looks a moment in the glass,

Hardly aware of her departed lover;

Her brain allows one half-formed thought to pass:

'Well now that's done: and I'm glad it's over.'


She smoothes her hair with automatic hand,

And puts a record on the gramophone.`



 Tiresias is what Eliot described as an `objective correlative`, that is, the futanarian represents economic and spiritual regneration, because it`s the thing itself. In The Wasteland Tiresias is th one who sees, although blind, because he`s a hermaphrodite. He can foretell because he knows the scene. The penis wants the woman and she doesn`t want the man. In the same way, Tiresias represents the hermaphrodite that the woman doesn`t want, because he`s male and not female, which is why he can`t see her. Woman represents beauty, so her emergence as the species of the Earth suggests an increase in the valuableness of beauty as perceived by the beautiful, which posits spiritual and economic regeneration based on the value to the keeper of what is bought and the value to the maker of what is made, which is Redemption for the keeper and maker derived from their value to God as those who create or treasure what is beautiful and so valuable.

 The symbol of the `gramophone` vinyl record in The Wasteland relates to Britney`s encrypted work in Oops I Did It Again because a DVD is an improved form of saving but `corruption` from viruses and `hackers` is implicit in the religious metaphor because death through viral corruption is what the evil represent. Tiresias and the young woman`s `lover` in The Wasteland represent Eliot`s perceptions of what is amiss, which is that the young woman doesn`t have a penis of her own. She`s kept by `low` men who keep her amongst `low` things that she values, so the things are her keepers, whereas those who give her, or make, the `low things`, are her jailers and enslavers, which means she`s `saved` but poorly because she `treasures` what is `low`. Revelation is that the futanarian woman`s emergence as the species of woman with her own penis, in the 21st century, represents the possibility of a woman`s treasuring `high things`, and video DVDs such as Oops I Did It Again indicate the recording technology that mirrors her aspirations for woman as a species with her own penis to be inviolate of the male virus. As Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary kept the nascent spirit of Logos, that is, technology through the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, inviolate. So that spiritual advancement and technological development complimented each other sufficiently enough for futanarian woman to be recognizable to herself at the turn of the 21st century as the `objective correlative` of the spiritual and economic regeneration that the Earth requires.



 According to the Bible there is evil and good. If we understand the `red dragon` aright, beauty is good, and that ends the argument. Because only woman as a species is beautfiful to the penis and she has her own, which means that evil is ugly because it`s male. Amidst the sands of `Sanctuary` in Oops I Did It Again Britney is the 18 year old woman who represents those over 21 beset by `sandmen` from Logan`s Run who have made an economic desert of Earth and she is waiting for the `futanar`, the `running teacher`, to revitalize the Earth`s spirit and economy, an anticipation thwarted to a greater or lesser extent by 9/11 which effectively represenrted the male alien parasitical viral organism`s desire that the `New Redeemer` of 21st century `saving` technology shouldn`t encourage the young 18 year old Britney to want to be 930 years old and look as if she were 21, which is why the Arabian terrorist hijackers travelling from Logan airport in Boston, Massachussetts, represented the `sandmen` endeavouring to devour the `Big Apple` of I-Pod. Because `Poddy` of Mars, the heroine of Robert A. Heinlein`s Podkayne Of Mars, depicted by Britney Spears in Oops I Did It Again is worth saving. Apple`s `Mac` computers are for recording Christina Aguilera`s Dirrty, because she`s a heroine, and isn`t Apple`s `smack`. Some see Apple`s Macintosh computers, and the internet, as `dirty macs`, and an opportunity to inject some heroine with their `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS, or introduce Britney`s Poddy to Cain and Co., whereas hers and Christian Aguilera`s visual beauty is the good that homosexual pederasty would have us believe should be covered up so that we disbelieve in the existence of heavenly beauty while the `red dragon` of evil surrounds our eyes with dross and continues to devour what we can  still see of God thanks to the creative artists and imaginations of the makers and keepers who are our saviours because they value and treasure what is made.



 If `Jack` Kennedy was `the President in `Air Force One`, the President`s aircraft, Britney`s `programmer` with the `coffin handle` Oops Hi D`Yer yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah [Jack] Did It Again would be planning to mock Jack and his son, John, at the Twin Towers, which were associated with John (`Jack`) Kennedy I, who was murdered in Dallas in 1963, and his son, John Kennedy II, who also lost his way on  a flight path from Massachussetts, before his plane crashed mysteriously into the Atlantic off Martha`s Vineyard.21 In record industry terms, `hijackers` are `pirates`. As `Io` Britney in Oops I Did It Again `Argus` is her `many eyed watcher` over her `Sanctuary` from the `sandmen` who, in 21st century terms, are HIV/AIDS as the `killer disease` that threatens to strike everyone over the age of 21 because the sands of their hour glass of time are running out. At 18 Britney doesn`t yet have the `hour glass figure` that the `killer` doesn`t want. The `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty wants `easy meat` that isn`t developed enough to perceive the fallacy of needing male alien parasites that exist only to take over her `room` and devour her. In the German version of Star Trek `space and time` are described as `die weltraum`, which is `the room in which the Earth is`. However,  if woman is the species of the Earth, the male parasites from her `host` womb are the alien invaders. The 9/11 terrorists` movie was Logan`s Run as they boarded flights from Logan, Boston. Analysis of Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again suggests she has a traitor amongst her fans, that is, `Argus`, or at home, which is `Sanctuary`, while `Captain Hook` is another `coffin handle` of those `hacking` into her coffers, or `pirating` her material, who superimposed the concept Io Ho Ho onto the recording of Oops I Did It Again to programme disaster `scenarios` for their ghoulish laughter:


Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum

`Like break o'day in a boozing ken.


Fifteen men of the whole ship's list.

Looking up at paradise ...

Ev'ry man jack could ha' sailed with Old Pew

With sightless glare and their lips struck dumb ...`22



 The disaster programmers` subliminal Yo Ho Ho message to `hackers` and `pirates` from Oops I Did It Again is an SMS to ghoulish laughter encoded in a few lines and words that denote 9/11 and the continuing assassination of Kennedy`s `vision`: `... a boozing ken[nedy] ... list [of crew and passengers] ... looking up at paradise ... ev`ry man jack ... sightless ... dumb ...` September 11th is an important date because the USA`s Moslem terrorist group were called `Black September`, and `Yo` is black slang for `good`, which is `good` in Hungarian but spelt `jó`, while `hó hó` means `snow snow` and might be interpreted as `nose`, where the joker missed the `crack` at the Twin Towers. However, `az nő` means `a woman` in Hungarian, whereas `ember` means man, which suggests `7` ember because, although September is the ninth month, originally it was the seventh:


`In Latin, septem means `seven` and septimus means `seventh`; September was in fact the seventh month of the Roman calendar until 46 BC.`23



Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and the `Big Apple` is an Edenic fairy tale, but the `movie` Robin and the Seven Hoods in which Frank Sinatra is a gangster is believed by many to be the truth. The terrorists are obviously referring to the novel by J. R. R. Tolkein The Lord Of The Rings (1937-), which was a trilogy with the second part titled The Two Towers and Britney Spears alludes to it in Oops I Did It Again when she descends inside a giant`s ring, because the `One Ring` was the Dark Lord Sauron`s who ruled through the nine, which is why September, the ninth month was chosen by `Black September`, and because the ring ruled the `seven dwarves`:


`Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.
One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.`



The Christmas themes of the robin and the snow suggest `Black September` and the mafia, whereas although Jesus is a prophet of Islam second only to the prophet Mohammed to whom the angels of God dictated their holy book, The Koran, the date of his birth isn`t necessarily believed to be December 25th by Moslems. However, `Jó hó hó` does suggest the difference between `black` economies and legitimate economies. Jesus Christ was born of a virgin and so wasn`t illegitimate, while his notion of Christian fellowship corresponds to Tolkein`s conception in the first part of The Lord Of The Rings, of the league against Sauron, The Fellowship Of The Ring, while the `beast` of Revelation is `the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six`, which means the `coffin handle` of the leader of the terrorists is `Soar on`, that is, to the Twin Towers, and he`s a bastard gangster:


`New York, New York, a helluva town.
The people ride in a hole in the groun'.` On The Town



 Of course there were trains beneath the Twin Towers connecting Manhattan island to mainland New York state, which `improves` the `joke`. The Joker was obviously attacking Gotham city where the pig eaters live, because pork is `haraam` or `forbidden` in Arabia, as it is in Judaism, and 9/11 was Batman and Robin, while `Liberty` in New York harbour was the `sacred cow` under attack:


`Holy cow!`



 In the Greek myth Io is transformed into a heifer to hide her from Zeus` desire for her, and a red heifer is identified in the Epistle of Barnabas (8.1 with Jesus` crucifixion: `the calf is Jesus, the men that offer it, being sinners, are they that offered him for the slaughter.` Britney, in her red `pilot`s suit`, raising her astronaut visitor above herself in a white bikini dress, is referring to the Book of Isaiah: `Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.` (1.18, Num: 19.6) Air Force One, which is the aircraft that carries the President of the USA, is called `Sacred Cow`, which suggests that, wearing her red pilot`s suit and her white bikini dress, Britney is alluding to the special sacrificial nature of the red heifer for Judaism:


`... the Red Heifer [has] special status in Jewish tradition. It is cited as the prime example of a khok, or biblical law for which there is no apparent logic, and is therefore of absolute Divine origin. Because the state of ritual purity obtained through the ashes of a Red Heifer is a necessary prerequisite for participating in Temple service, efforts have been made in modern times by Jews wishing for biblical ritual purity (see tumah and taharah) and in anticipation of the building of The Third Temple to locate a red heifer and recreate the ritual.`24


 In Jungian psychology the four functions of consciousness are associated with ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Because the `Adam`s apple` is the epiglottis of the throat or Vishuddha chakra of Hinduism, the `Big Apple` of New York on 9/11 was meant by the terrorists to correspond to the `lump in the throat` of New Yorkers when the terrorist hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers. The plane that crashed into the Pentagon would be the Ajna chakra which corresponds to `command` in the Hindu system, and the fourth plane that didn`t reach its destination at the Whitehouse, but would`ve corresponded to the Sahasrara or `crown` chakra, if it hadn`t been taken down by brave passengers and lain in ashes along with the three other planes that reached their target and its victims, represented an attempt to sacrifice the President of the USA as a kokh.



The story of `Flight 93` from Newark, New Jersey, is similar to that of the movie Air Force One (1997), starring Harrison Ford, in which the President`s plane is hijacked by followers of Kazakhstan terrorist dictator Radek who want to hold the President hostage until Radek is released. Ford is taken to an `escape pod` by US secret service agents but, when the `pod` is recovered, Ford isn`t inside. Flight 93 crashed at Shanksville, Pennsylvania and, in the film Air Force One, the President`s plane also crashes, but U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command MC-130E Combat Talon rescues the President and changes its `call sign` to `Air Force One`. The passengers of Flight 93 crashed their plane on 9/11 and saved the Whitehouse and the President and so their `call sign` may also be understood as `Air Force One`. In Oops I Did It Again Britney, wearing her red pilot suit, corresponds to Thunderbird 3, but is Robert A. Heinlein`s `Poddy` in her white bikini dress, because Thunderbird 2 has a `pod` similar to Air Force One`s. Although Thunderbirds wasn`t made into a Hollywood movie until 2005, `Thunderbird` fighter jets have been the USA`s `model` pilots since 1953. As with the British scifi Thunderbirds (1-5), each has a number; from 1-12. However, as Flight 93 demonstrated and, as Britney reiterates in Oops I Did It Again, any `Poddy` can save anyone. The motto of the `Great Seal` is `e pluribus unum`, which is `the one from the many`, because everyone is the President in Air Force One. The name of the Presidents aboard Flight 93 are on the National September 11 Memorial.



 Whether the perpetrators of 9/11 conceived George W. Bush`s demise as leading inevitably to the constructing of the Third Temple, the `red heifer` is a further symbol of the `red dragon` of devouring homosexual pederasty and war because the `... [red heifer] is Jesus, the men that offer it, being sinners, are they that offered him [Jesus, George W. Bush or anyone] for the slaughter.` 9/11 was to delay the Advent of the `New Redeemer` because America wouldn`t swallow what was lodged in its `Adam`s apple` or throat. George W. Bush`s declaration of Gulf War II and the War on Terror (2003-) was the reaction to the terrorist planes lodged in the `Big Apple` of the throat of New York, which meant the USA would be a draco upon the Earth at the beginning of the 21st century. A draco is a blood-letter and an Eastern European tradition of the vampire that devours the `heart` or `vam` in Hinduism. The `heart in the mouths` of Americans watching the events of 9/11 unfold on CNN may`ve been a `lump in the throat` but it wasn`t that of the `devourer of hearts`. Perpetrating a `black mass` from Logan airport, Boston, `black` Massachussetts, in emulation of the movie Logan`s Run in which noone lives past 21, the terrorist programmers` intent was to ridicule the attempts of `TV 21` on CNN, that is, International Rescue`s attempts to be the President in Air Force One, and prevent the `Sacred Cow` of Americans from being slaughtered. George W. Bush`s successor in the Whitehouse was Barack and `barack` means `peach` in Hungarian while  `boci` is `heifer` and a chocolate bar, that is, the `sacred cow` would be Michelle Obama as the `peach chocolate` of Air Force One, whereas Barack is `chocolate speech` because of the Hungarian programmer`s `black humour`. Because `bean soup` is `ghoulash`, Britney`s spaceman is Alan Bean in Oops I Did It Again and the Hungarian `ghouls` intended to make `ash` out of the American Dream on 9/11.



 A `sacred cow` is a picture of what is valued by a society, so `boci` is pronounced `Pod-see` and Britney`s `Poddy` is for her spaceman`s photographing of her `body`, which means he`s her `I-Pod camera` insofar as he likes what he sees but isn`t her. If woman is a species with  a penis of her own, her spaceman is collecting what she wants in her `I-Pod`, which means Oops I Did It Again could be construed as having the subtitle `I Poddy`. Air Force One is subtitled `Sacred Cow` because what a man wants isn`t what he sees in the mirror. If woman with a penis is the species of the Earth it`s the mirror of what a man doesn`t want. If he wants woman. In other words, the `Sacred Cow` is that we`re collectively engaged in painting a picture of what we want, whereas we`re living in a picture painted by aliens that don`t want women. Britney, descending in her red pilot`s suit inside her giant`s ring in Oops I Did It Again appears `dwarfed`, so in terms of the terrorists` Lord Of The Rings `game`, she`s  one of the seven dwarf rings arrayed against the `Dark Lord` that doesn`t want her to develop herself on, before, or after 9/11.



 In her red suit Britney is Thunderbird 3 and, according to the video `logic`, a `puppet` or `doll` warning of the dangers of `voodoo`. To attack or manipulate an individual, Voodoo practitioners stick pins into an effigy of the `target`, much in the way that Chinese acupuncturists use needles on the actual body of their patients but to heal. The Hungarian alphabet is unique in linguistic terms, because it consists of 45 sounds represented by a combination of one or more characters, and focuses exclusively on pronunciation, which  is useful for a `programmer` who wants to give a `value` to every utterance. Because the Twin Towers are a pin prick on the map, an attack would be the acupuncture of a Voodoo practitioner. In homoeopathy a small amount of poison is imbibed to stimulate the body`s immune system, and so another `movie` that the terrorists were secretly emulating on 9/11 was Dam Busters (1955) where the poisoning of the consciousness of the USA against the Moslem peoples was `Saddambusters` because of the `Big Apple` of Eve`s Adam. The film features `617` squadron aircraft and the `device` sounds like an early description of a computer virus attacking a `system`, or a 9/11 proposal for how to avoid the radar of the USA`s `Homeland Defence`:


`... a bouncing bomb which would skip over the water to avoid protective torpedo nets. When it came into contact with the dam, it would sink before exploding, making it much more destructive.`25



 The attack on the Twin Towers also seems to have been based on the fillm 633 Squadron (1964) in which `mosquito` aircraft attack a Nazi V2 rocket factory in Norway during WWII. Because the `hackers` that hijacked the aircraft to penetrate the USA`s air defence `system` were endeavouring to deliver a mosquito bite that would  infect the West with the `killer disease`. The scenario is from a Batman `movie` in which The Joker stars:


`Knock knock.`

Q. `Who`s there?`

A. `Amos.`

Q. `Amos who?`

A. `A mosquito.`



 Of course the `joke` is mosque but Hungary`s `programmer` says `mosque áhÍtó`, which is `hungry`, and  hÍt means `faith`, so it`s `hungry i` faith`, which is an archaic or knightly form of indicating appetite for the meal. In Revelation the `red dragon` is depicted as waiting in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`, and Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again seems prescient in its depiction of a spaceman suspended by Britney in her red suit above her in a white bikini dress with the tines of a fork beside his spacehelmet. If the woman with a penis as a species signifies the `New Redeemer` the fork by the spaceman`s helmet represents The Temptation Of Puddin`, if we interpret Britney as a Heinlein character, and her `Poddy` is the temptation, which accords with many people`s observation of the nature of consumerism. The devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty would throw away the women it doesn`t want. `Poddy` may be a woman with a penis of her own and so represents conception and production rather than possession and consumption, which means that the `New Redeemer` is the `New Economics`. If Britney`s `gift` from the spaceman is a blue diamond in the shape of a heart, that is, `the heart of the ocean`, if we understand her allusion`s to the Titanic (1997), and Rose`s jewel memorial to her lost love after he drowned helping others to the lifeboats when the ship hit an iceberg and sank:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`



 In Hungarian Britney`s jewel is `kék`, and represents the heart chakra, which is `vam` in Hinduism, and so the allusion is to `vampirism` as well as devourment when Britney`s Puddin`, in her red pilot`s suit, suspends her spaceman above her `Poddy` in a white bikini dress with a giant`s fork beside his spacehelmet. Because Britney is Thunderbird 3`s pilot, in her red suit, she`s the Manipura chakra, which is the third chakra of the Hindu system associated with the solar plexus, below the heart or `vam` chakra, and above her abdomen, inside which would be carried a gestating infant. The Sahasrara chakra contains the moon, according to Hindu symbolism, and so the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` of Revelation is she who dwells in the Sahasrara chakra, with the moon at her feet and the sun, or solar plexus below her while she`s giving birth to the `New Redeemer`.



The `vam` or heart chakra is important because it`s between the moon and the solar plexus; as is the throat chakra or Vishudda and the Ajna chakra below the `crown` of Sahasrara. If the parasitical alien male vampire doesn`t want the `New Redeemer` to be born, consciousness won`t be allowed to develop beyond the first or second chakras, which are the Muladhara or anus and the Swadhisthana or genital region. Vampirism amounts to the simple perspective that the parasite will never educate its children into understanding that woman are a species with their own penis; for example. The economic system of possession and consumption is that of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and devouring war, while HIV/AIDS is the parasite`s virality, that is, the `blood plague` of Revelation, which is transmitted at the anus or from the genital region. In other words, the conception and production system of economics, based on individual spiritual and intellectual creativity, that is, individuation and technological development through the growth of personal development, is vampiristically denied by male parasitism, which begins at the `vam` chakra above the solar plexus and below the moon in the Sahasrara chakra where, in simple terms, the child of the future is conceived before it`s produced:


`Anahata is associated with the ability to make decisions outside of the realm of karma. In Manipura and below, man is bound by the laws of karma, and the fate he has in store for him. In Anahata, one is making decisions, 'following your heart', based upon one's higher self, and not from the unfulfilled emotions and desires of lower nature.`26



 Incongruously, a tree appears in the midst of the desert landscape of what might be termed Britney Spears` Oops Aj[na] Did It Again because below the `vam` chakra in Hinduism is the `wish fulfilling tree`:  `... known as Hrit, or Hridaya (heart) ... kalpa taru, which symbolizes the ability to manifest whatever one wishes to happen in the world.` Britney`s video `logic` supposes Oops Aj[na] Did It Again because of it`s Jungian developmental or archetypal symbolism which, interpreted from dreams, art and the imagination, acts as a guide to higher levels of conscious knowledge and wisdom:: `When something is seen in the mind's eye, or in a dream, it is being 'seen' by Ajna.` Oops Aj[na] I Did It Again relates to woman`s capacity to produce from her womb despite its often being used as a `host` by the evil male alien parasitical organism that seeks to devour her. The Ajna chakra is the seat of developed consciousness, whereas the Vishudda chakra in the throat is the `seat of power`, which corresponds to the `Big Apple` of New York because Adam`s apple denotes the power to speak rather than devour. Consequently, Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again video depicts the danger of parasitism, which in its final stages results in the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war`s gay boy sons` `blood plague` valence of `gay poisons`, that is, HIV/AIDS, which accords with Jesus Christ`s prophylactic birth and the Virgin Mary as prefiguring futanarian production, or `New Economic`, that is, conception and production without men`s semen, or indeed men.

 Christ crucified was a torturing and murdering of what woman had produced from her womb without male semen, which prefigures the futanarian woman`s conception and production, that is, the `New Economics` of the future, rather than  possession and consumption by the male `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and enslavement of women`s `host` wombs, so that its devouring of lives can continue unabated. Jesus` offering of the `bread and wine` to his disciples at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion as his `body and blood` suggests that, although the torturers and murderers of Jesus were vampires, the concept of immortality by means of the `little drink`, as the bite in the neck is euphemistically known, wasn`t viewed by Jesus with such distaste as the horror genre that began with the historical figure of Vlad `the Impaler` (1431-76) and Bram Stoker`s Dracula (1897) would have us believe.



 In Hinduism the `third eye` or `Big Apple` of the Ajna chakra at the brow, to which the 9/11 terrorists from Al Qaeda, that is, from `the base` of the spine, or `root` of sexuality at the Muladhara chakra to the `crown` or top of the head at the Sahasrara chakra, were endeavouring to give the body politic of the West the equivalent of the `killer disease` HIV/AIDS. If the terrorists had flown through the `crack of doom` between the Twin Towers, instead of at them, the injunction in The Return Of The King, the final book of Tolkein`s trilogy The Lord Of The Rings, to throw Sauron`s ring into the `crack of doom`, that is, the volcano of Mt. Doom, and destroy the ring, would have been observed. Of course, the Pentagon may have been perceived as the `ring`, a five sided circle with a hole, and that would be in keeping with the conceit of The Joker amongst the `hoods`, who`s `coffin handle` is `7ember` and Hungarian.



 JFK`s `dream` was of an end to `tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself`, which the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty attacked on 9/11. According to Revelation the apocalypse is characterized by the `four horsemen` who are war, plague, famine and death. War is comprehensible as the vestiges of the enslavement of women`s `host` wombs that began in ancient Greece, and spread by means similar to the HIV/AIDS virus, that is, `feigning friendship` for the citadel of the body`s immune system in order to kill it, which is what the Greeks` huge hollow wooden horse presented as a `friendship gift` to the Trojans before the walls of Troy represented .Because the Greeks emerged from the horse inside Troy and enslaved all of the `host` wombs of the women in order to breed more homosexual pederasts and more war. Consequently, homosexual pederasty is the `red dragon` of war, while its plague is HIV/AIDS because HIV/AIDS is contracted by mixing semen, blood, and shit in anal sex. which is how homosexual pederasts behave.



 Famine may be understood as the result of the `thin disease`, which is what HIV/AIDS is called because it`s a wasting illness that is incurable. Sex starvation is one mode of the disease because HIV/AIDS is a terror weapon against the wombs of women and the desire for heterosexual sex. Most people view famine as a concomitant of war because war interferes with agriculture and food production. However, the consumption of alcohol and petrol suggests the true valence also relates to ancient history where `ka` and `ba` were spirit and personality in Egypt. Western culture primarily devolves into driving the car, which corresponds to `spirit` or `ka`, to the bar, that is, the `ba` or personality in Egyptian, in order to consume alcohol. The car consumes petrol and it is the `demon` of homosexual pederasty that causes men to gather together in bars for the consuming of alcohol because it impairs functionality. In effect the individual with the car, that is, the `spirit` or `ka`, is `demon driven` or `petrolled` in the sense of `patrolled` by the demon of homosexual pederasty to consume that which devours the brain`s functioning. Consequently, famine is the lack of sense in terms of the individual`s ability to perceive that the `ka` and `ba` represent the spirit and personality need spiritual nourishment, which isn`t derivable from alcoholic spirits, or the internal fire of the automobile`s combustion engine.



Smoking causes cancer and is a metaphor for fellatio and murder, which means that famine is a `constant` in terms of human economics, because all social structures are `demon driven` by homosexual pederasty. The newborn infant is pushed in its pram by its mother until it can pedal itself in its automobile (every motorist observes with bemusement the unchanging `constant` of the `pedalled vehicle`) and be `petrol` driven, that is, `petrolled` by the `demon` to the `bar` where the `ba` or personality is consumed with the alcohol`s desire to return and be consumed further by its `demon`. The assassination of John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, while he was being chauffeur driven in a motorcade, was the homosexual pederasts explaining that they didn`t want an end to `terror, poverty, disease, and war`, and the President of the United States of America should continue being a drunk driver, like all the other victims of homosexual pederasty. If you drink from the bottle, the bottle will drink out of you, or as John said in his Inauguration:


`... those who ... [seek] power by riding the back of the tiger end ... up inside ...`



 One of the more famous political assassinations of the 20th century was that of John`s younger brother, Edward, Ted [Dead] Kennedy`s car falling off a bridge at Chappaquiddick island, Massachussetts, July 18, 1969, with a woman inside the car boot, Mary Jo Kopechne, who drowned. Kennedy didn`t report the accident and Ted lost the 1980 Presidential election primarily because of the drunk driving scandal, which cast doubt on his competence under pressure. In 1959 the petrol company Esso created the `put a tiger in your tank` ad campaign, and Esso is SOS when read contiuously, which corresponds to John`s exhortation: `Ask not what your country can do, ask what you can do for your country?` John`s assassination was the demon`s answer to John`s SOS to the nation to rid the world of `terror, poverty, disease, and war`, while Mary Jo Kopechne was the `tiger` that devoured Ted`s career because he didn`t answer the SOS, which John, as a former coastguard for Homeland Defence during WWII, would have insisted upon. The Dead Kennedys was a pop group`s name in the 70s, and so another `disease` created for the USA by the USA. As Saddam Hussein was created by the Defence Department who, in retrospect were responsible for giving the Iraqi dictator the 3rd largest army in the world, 9/11 brought home to the USA the consequences of accepting Hollywood`s preoccupations with `big budget disaster movies` like Towering Inferno. From the perspective of the demon accepted by the USA itself, the `dead Kennedys` were riding on John`s coattails, and should have understood they weren`t leaders of the `free world`. Because that was the response of the devouring `red dragon` to John`s exhortation to the USA to `Save our souls`.



 The `hijack` doggerel of the pirates` Yo Ho Ho even refers to John`s Catholicism: `Ev'ry man jack could ha' sailed with Old Pew,` where a pew is a seat in the church and `Old Pew` is `Hi jack Hearse`, a `coffin handle` for those who`re hacking into the coffers.. As Britney Spears` coffers were effectively hacked by the USA`s Justice Department. `Bobby` Kennedy, as Attorney General, the senior law enforcement officer of the USA, had sworn to fight the mafia before he was murdered. A potentially future President of the United States, Robert Fitzroy Kennedy was shot on June 6th, 1968, by a Palestinian Arab, who took exception to RFK`s `promise` of  jet fighters for the defence of Israel. Britney Spears` fortune was given into the Co-Conservatorship of her father and manager, Justin Trawick, formerly sacked by Britney Spears, and who`d yet to emerge as anything but a `hanger on` when he emerged as someone wanting to have a `handle` of her `coffer`. Before she became a `coffin doll` indicating where her fortune would previously be:


`The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.` Mark Twain




 The allusion is not inapposite because Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again features her in the character of `Poddy`, described as `the Poddy beautiful` in science fiction `Grand Master`, Robert A. Heinlein`s (1907-88) Podkayne Of Mars, while appearing in her `red suit`, raising her spaceman above herself in a white bikini dress, she finds correspondence in Mark Twain`s novel The Tragedy Of Pudd'nhead Wilson, and The Comedy Of Those Extraordinary Twins because, in the magazine Calling All Girls (1949), Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88) introduced his character Puddin` as a prototype for `Poddy` while his novel Time Enough For Love contained The Tale of the Twins Who Weren`t (1973). Twain`s tale is about ID. Puddin` collects `fingerprints`, and so is an `expert` when a murder is committed. The theme of ID is established by the motif of `twins` and a black woman who swaps her 1/32 or less `black` child for a well-to-do white woman`s. When her child is grown she returns and asks him for financial aid, but he derides her and she `blackmails` him to support her. Selling `Roxy` into slavery because of his debts, `Tom` robs and murders his uncle. Pudd`nhead applies forensic `fingerprinting` and  discovers Tom to be the murderer. Pudd`nhead is able to identify Tom as the child of the slave Roxy, and so he`s sold into slavery to pay his debts.



 Britney Spears` ID is `two` in Oops I Did It Again because she is `twinned` in her `red suit` and her white bikini dress. Because she hoists her spaceman above herself so that he can take photographs, it`s about `identity`. Her spaceman is an allusion to the video single A Space Oddity by David Bowie which begins: `Ground Control to Major Tom.` Although Britney`s astronaut is referred to as `Mars Lander`, the theme of ID suggests Twain`s The Comedy Of Those Extraordinary Twins in which Tom is discovered to be a murdering slave. At one point in the video Britney receives a `gift` from her `Tom`:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`



 The reference is to the Titanic (1997) and Rose, who drops the blue `heart of the ocean` diamond pendant into the sea at the site of the salvaging of the ship that had sunk after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York in 1911. Her `intended` had drowned while attemptng to save passengers in the lifeboats and Rose, as an `old lady`, lets the jewel fall into the sea in memory of him. The `plot` is of a lover betrayed because her ex-lover had placed the jewel into her new lover`s pocket and had accused him of theft. Consequently, Britney`s role as `Poddy` of Mars refers to Twain`s `Tom` in The Tragedy Of Pudd'nhead Wilson who betrays his mother, Roxy. In terms of the `video logic` of Oops I Did It Again, Britney`s Mars is `Rock See`, where `See` is the `throne` of a `bishop`:


`... it is sometimes given a wider significance, referring for instance to an area under patriarchal authority.`27



 In Titanic Rose is betrayed by an ex-lover who accuses her new lover of stealing her `heart of the ocean`,  and in Pudd`nhead Wilson  the murderer`Tom` betrays his mother by reselling her into slavery, which means that Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is the `See` of `Liberty`, because emancipation was the fundamental premise of the Union after the American Civil War (1861-5) when the Southern States were bound to accept the end of slavery in the United States of America by virtue of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution:


`Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.`28



In Twain`s tale `Tom` is convicted and enslaved, while in Oops I Did It Again Britney`s astronaut appears to have a `Mission`, which relates to the concept of the `Rock See`, and the `gift` of the `heart of the ocean` could signify Tom`s `manumission` because he`s no longer indentured into servitude, but has spiritual absolution from the bishop of the `See`, who`s Britney Spears. She`s `twain` as herself in a red suit hoisting her spaceman into position to `ID` her `other` in a white bikini dress by means of a photograph, so `mark twain` is the reference:


`When the leadsman's line sank to the two-fathom knot ... [and] the boat had a safe twelve feet of water beneath it, he called out, `By the mark, twain!``29


 Britney`s allusion to the Titanic means that the `safe depth` is the `mark twain` because Mark Twain`s works are deep enough for a `reader` of her video. Before Britney receives her `gift` of the `heart of the ocean`, we hear `All aboard!` A phrase sometimes completed as, `All aboard the lifeboats!` Britney`s hoisting of her spaceman to `ID` her is sex, and age (18) verification, because the rule with regard to the order of passengers saved when the ship sinks is, `Women and children first!` Moreover, 18 is the age of `adult` cinemagoing, which means that Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is a Roxy Cinema release because `Tom` in the spacesuit is her `lifeboat` and she`ll be `released` as a more `adult` video in her future.



 According to press reports Britney Spears is worth billions of dollars but she`s been declared non compos mentis in terms of her capacity to manage her own affairs, which of course includes the `affair of the ex-manager sacked` by her and who is now `an affair` managing her `affairs` while her father (Co-Conservator) continues to monitor her `spy, an all Lynne jury`. which presumably determines whether or not she`s able to continue amassing billions of dollars for the executors of her feeble will. In terms of the Mark Twain tale Pudd`nhead Wilson, Britney`s Puddin` from Robert A. Heinlein`s initial contribution to the magazine Calling All Girls, `Poor Daddy` (1949), is older than `Poddy` from Podkayne Of Mars (1963), and Britney`s careful ID-ing of her 18 year old `Poddy` suggests that Puddin` can take care of herself. If it wasn`t for the jury of the `in crowd` deciding, like a `spinal injury` waiting to happen, and that she even alludes to in the title of the 2007 album Blackout, how much she should know of her own `Self`, by adjusting the level of her IQ and long term memory through mentally eviscerating spells in `rehab` and other forms of `intervention`.



 Theoretically, Britney`s Puddin` was 51 and her `Poddy` was 37 when she was `released` in 2000. Mark Twain`s Pudd`nhead ID-d the murderer. He`s the one who disabled Britney`s `Poddy` to make of her a cypher for her bank account. Oops I Did It Again was Britney`s `release` but she went into voluntary `rehab` on 20th February 2007 and a court gave custody of her children to Kevin Federline, their father, on 1st October 2007, which only left Conservatorship (1st February 2008) over her fortune to be given away to her father, and later Co-Conservator Justin Trawick (26th April 2012) when Britney Spears (1982-) was 30. Because 9/11 in 2000 was the movie Logan`s Run Britney would have stopped being 21 in 2003, whereas her avatars, Puddin` and Poddy from Oops I Did It Again (2000) would be 54 and 40 respectively, but Britney in 2012 looks 30, which means that she`s been murdered by the terrorists  since 2003 when George W. Bush`s `War On Terror` was first declared.



 The male alien begins by feigning friendship, as the HIV/AIDS cell `feigns friendship` for the white cells of the body`s defensive immune system, that is, men appear symbiotic. After a while they revert to parasitism in which they produce boy sons, that is, poisons, to replicate their virality, which is what parasites do. In the final stages of the `disease`, the parasite launches biological warfare against the woman and her `host` womb in the form of the HIV/AIDS virus, which is described in Revelation as the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of devouring homosexual pederasty and war.

 In fact Britney appears three times in Oops I Did It Again, because she somersaults in her red suit to stand in front of her spaceman and receive her `gift` of the `heart of the ocean` wearng a white blouse, and black skirt and boots, which means that Puddin` is 51, Poddy is 37 and Britney is 18. Or, in other words, Britney has a continuing life. One of Robert A. Heinlein`s central characters is Lazarus Long who periodically changes his name and occupation because he`s ancient and he doesn`t want to have people who are `ephemerals` with shorter live expectancy discovering his secret, because of his experience of Nazi-style pogroms against those with longevity in the past. Oops I Did It Again posits `parallel lives` in which an individual exists as more than one person, that is, Britney as Puddin`, Poddy, and Britney, which means that, in the 21st century, Britney at 30 was living a `parallel life` as Puddin` (63) and Poddy (49). If we give credence to Britney`s fiction, Oops I Did It Again is memory, reincarnation and resurrection.



 If Britney is Robert Heinlein`s Puddin`, and Poddy, her spaceman, `the fourth man to walk on the moon`, is Alan Bean because `Alan` is the pilot of Thunderbirds` Thunderbird 4, which emerges from the `Pod` of Thunderbird 2 and would correspond to Virgil `Gus` Grissom in NASA lore. Because Britney`s  Oops I did It Again is `Sanctuary`, that is, `Argus`, where the `runners` run to when the `sandmen` are trying to kill them in the movie Logan`s Run and Carl `Gus` Gustav Jung is the `New Redeemer` of the 20th century whose developmental psychology showed that the unconscious wasn`t a place of `nightmares`, as films like Forbidden Planet (1956) suggested, but a place of inspiration to growth and wisdom, which movies like ET: The Extraterrestrial (1982) showed.  `Gus` Jung`s greatness was to observe that God watched and supported humanity from within. This was `Argus` for the Greeks, and Io`s `Sanctuary`, which was what the Al Qaeda terrorists were attacking on 9/11 in their `continuation` of the movie Logan`s Run from Logan airport, Boston, Massachussetts. Britney`s planet in Oops I Did It Again is a sterile warning of the danger that the `sandmen` murderers of Logan`s Run represent to all those who aspire to reach their 21st birthday, that is, those on 9/11 who`d reached the point of living in the 21st century. Moreover, Virgil `Gus` Grissom is the pilot of Thunderbird 2 and, as `Poddy`, Britney represents the `next issue` of Puddin` from Calling All Girls magazine, a `Virgil` birth, as it were. The Roman poet Virgil wrote in the Aeneid of the descendants of those who escaped from Troy, and presumably enslavement as `host` wombs of the Greeks, founding the British Empire, where the motto is `Britons never shall be slaves.` Although Britney`s `Alan`, who may also be meant to correspond to Alan Shepard, as the `fifth man to walk on the moon`, and so corresponds to Thunderbird 5, which is an orbiting `space station` suspended above the Earth, he has first descended into the ocean depths because Alan is the name of the `aquanaut` in the  Thunderbird 4 submarine. The `heart of the ocean`, which Britney`s spaceman gives to her `Poddy`, corresponds to the `spirit jewel`, or spiritual `diamond body` that yoga disciples strive to construct. Britney asks:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end?`



 For Rose of the Titanic it was a memorial, which are for remembering. The `diamond body` is the concept of continuation, rather than resurrection because Redemption and Salvation are for the living. Resurrection isn`t reincarnation but Jesus Christ`s teachings are of Resurrection, Salvation and Redemption, that is, continuance rather than reconstitution, which is what life on Earth is. On Mars Britney`s Puddin` and Poddy, which means that her previous incarnation is Puddin` (1949-), who has a daughter, Poddy (1963-), and her newborn is Britney (1982-), which is reincarnation and reconstitution of her Puddin` as a `bearther` for a male parasite. In order for Britney to remember her previous self, Poddy, her spaceman gives her the spirit jewel, the `heart of the ocean`, so that she`ll have a blue `diamond body` and remember herself. The male alien parasitical organism doesn`t want the woman to remember previous incarnations, or even Resurrection, Salvation and Redemption, because each newborn would perceive itself as an `add on` to its previous existence if it were to receive a proper education, which means that patriarchy is parasitism. On Mars Britney, as Puddin`, hoists `Alan` above herself as `the Poddy beautiful` in a white bikini dress as a type of `sympathetic magic` in which she`s asking for Thunderbird 2, which `delivers` Thunderbird 4 inside its `pod`. Effectively, Britney is saying that woman is the `pod` of Thunderbirds and she`s awaiting Salvation and Redemption, which is `Rescue`. Reincarnation is what men do. In Egyptian mythology the evil Set dismembers so that it isn`t possible to remember, which is what murderers do. The murdered individual is reincarnated and doesn`t remember. Consequently, Britney on Mars is asking for `safe delivery`:


`...and forgive us our trespasses, as we fogive those that trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.` The Lord`s Prayer (Matt: 6. 9-13)



 The prayer relates to the forgiveness of those that come into our Garden, as in Eden, which is why Britney alludes to it in her treatment of the spaceman. She`s prepared to forgive `trespasses` in her Garden but not temptations to evil. The `pod` of Thunderbird 2 is a `treasure chest`, as it were, because it represents `development`, in Hollywood terms, from Heinlein`s Puddin` to Thunderbirds` `pod`, which is the container of Britney`s `diamond` Poddy, and Britney on Earth doesn`t want her newborn `treasure` to be undervalued, that is, a `coffin.doll` forever pointing backwards to her past incarnations for the evil to prey upon. That`s why Revelation alludes to the `New Redeemer` who the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour, because it can`t. The ancient prototype is Chronos, or Saturn, which Christianity refers to as Satan, because he devours the new birth. The Bible refers to it in the Old Testament where it is written, `you shall not suffer a witch to live`, where `witch` is interpreted as `poisoner`. If the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and HIV/AIDS is interpreted as the result of `gay boy sons`, that is, `gay poisons`, eating them, as Chronos does, is the equivalent of women refusing to reproduce with them over time, so that they are no longer `poisoners` and `Babylon, the Great, Mystery, Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth` is redeemed:


`And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:` (Rev: 17.4)



 In terms of the Yo Ho Ho `pirates`, and `hackers` into Britney Spears` `coffers` the `pod` of Thunderbird 2 is either her `treasure chest` or her `coffin`, that is, either she`s a newborn `add on` contributing to the hoard of treasure built up by her previous incanrations, `Puddin` and Poddy, or she`s a `coffin doll` and the `pirates` and `hackers` don`t want her to remember herself, as Britney`s own `programme` in Oops I Did It Again suggests she wants to, which presupposes her murder and endless reincarnation, as foretold in Revelation as the consequences of the rulership of the `beast` with its 9/11 terrorist message from their continuation of the `movie` Logan`s Run that noone lives over 21. Although Britney`s Puddin` on the `red planet` Mars, in her `red suit` represents Salvation and Redemption because, in her white bikini dress, she`s herself with the `heart of the ocean`, that is, the`diamond Poddy` of continuation, the `next issue` of Thunderbirds, formerly on paper in TV 21 magazine, and as the 60s TV `puppet` show, became a Hollywood `blockbuster` in 2005 with `real` actors and actresses. Having `come of age` TV 21 might expect to `develop` beyond reincarnations in which the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty continues as a devourer, which is what the Bible implies when it says that the `New Redeemer` can`t be devoured by the `red dragon`. If TV 21 is understood as the dawn of the 21st century and the end of reincarnation but the beginnings of Resurrection, Salvation, Redemption and continuation for those who seek to have the `diamond body` of the teachings of the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, 9/11 was an attempt by the `red dragon` to superimpose the movie Logan`s Run from Logan airport in Boston Massachussetts, and kill all those who`d reached 21. In other words, the `blood plague` of `biological warfare` against women`s `host` wombs, that is, HIV/AIDS, would succeed as a valence of devouring homosexual pederasty`s aborting of the 21st century as a compliment to the red dragon`s other aspects of murder and war. In Toxic Britney`s Thunderbirds` style air hostess` uniform indicates she`s aware of her TV 21 role. Her alias is a Jennifer Garner style secret agent from the TV show Alias looking for a cure but Conservatorship for her fortune suggests that the `hijacker`, though `unmasked` in the video, is determined to allow her 21st century `coffin doll` to do nothing more than point back to the `treasure map` of her `paper dolls` amid the `puppet dolls` of her previous incarnations of the 1960s and on into a future of reincarnated `dolls` forever aspiring and never achieving freedom.



 Robert Kennedy would never have tolerated such a flagrant breach of the `spirit of the law` when he was Attorney General, the USA`s `policeman`, which is why he was murdered. The church`s MIB`s are `wooden` and wear black overcoats because they preach the `wooden overcoat` and the names of their `undertakers` are `coffin handles`, like such high `Holy rollers` as Jimmy Swaggart (swag, swagger, and the black arts of the mafia`s betting coup, where the winner of the Kentucky Derby is `revealed` by God`s all-seeing Holy Spirit), or Derek Prince (of the powers of the air), whose concern is to pray for the `coffin handles`, and greater rewards for the `hangers on`, rather than ask the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, where to send `the paratroopers of the Lord` in order to stop the legal eagles of the USA from defending the vultures that would prey upon the corpses of its best families.



 9/11 was `Spanish 21` in American card play whereas, in the Commonwealth of the former British Empire, `Spanish 21` is `blackjack`: `A leather-covered bludgeon with a short, flexible shaft or strap, used as a hand weapon.` The aim in `Spanish 21` is to receive two cards that make 21, which may be an ace and a picture card with a value of ten, or if `black twos` or `one-eyed jacks` are `floating`, a `black two` or a `one-eyed jack`. In terms of the demon`s valence, 9/11 was 20, which means that the terrorists of 9/11 were playing the English variant `blackjack` and acting in the movie Logan`s Run in which those above the age of 21 have to die so that the economy remains at an equilibrium that`s supportive of the population. In symbolic terms, the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty represents `banished 21` because the USA hadn`t experienced an attack on itself since the Japanese at Pearl Harbour in 1944. The destruction of the Twin Towers by the Al Qaeda terrorists, whose symbol is the yellow moon, whereas that of Japan is the red sun, was `black two`, and the Pentagon would be the card of ten or higher value needed to make 21. Arabian assassins are traditionally taught that they`ll go to `paradise` if they carry out their suicidal `missions`, as the Japanese `zero` pilots were taught they`d be `sons of heaven` after Pearl Harbour, but they wouldn`t want any geishas or houris who looked older than 21. In Revelation the `New Redeemer` is born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour her newborn. In other words, Liberty, in New York Harbour, couldn`t be prevented by Japanese fascism and Al Qaeda terrorism, or the former British Empire `upon which the sun never sets` from living longer and looking young, because Revelation says so:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was 17[76].` Britney Spears Piece Of Me



 Because the `Big Apple` of New York represented Vishuddha, or the `Adam`s apple` within the `throat chakra` of the energic level of spirituality, that is, intellectual development, in the Hindu system, 9/11 was a silencing of the truth of the `voice of America`, and the rescue of an aircraft and its passengers from the Hudson river, by the pilot`s inspired decision to `ditch` rather than land, represented a resuscitation of the heart of America through `shock` and faith in the male hero rather than approaching towards a truer picture in which the male ego is perceivable as `programmable` and `programmed` to be destroyed if it achieves a level of awareness greater than that level of spiritual, or intellectual advancement represented by the Vishudda chakra. The `heart chakra` Anahata is described as that which is `unstruck, unhurt, or unbeaten`, which wasn`t the case after 9/11 but the resuscitation of the heart after Captain `Sully` noticed `engine trouble` on January 15th, 2009, and `ditched` his A320 Airbus in the Hudson river, finds correspondence with the reactivation of the `hearty voice` of Manahattan after an invigorating jolt of cold water to the [m]Anahata[n] chakra. Just as Oops I Did It Again has a `programmer`s lyric` that suggests Oops Hi D`Yeah [yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Did It Again [Jack] derived from Led Zeppelin`s D`Yer Mak`er, that is, Oops Hi D`Yer Jack`er, so the double `A` sided single of D`Yer Maker and The Crunge relates to the programmer`s intention:


`Excuse me
Oh will you excuse me
I'm just trying to find the bridge... `



 The Led Zeppelin movie The Song Remains The Same was partly recorded at Madison Square Gardens in New York in 1973, and John Bonham, who subsequently choked to death in 1980 during a European tour of Scandinavia, because his Adam`s apple wouldn`t swallow, brawled with a guard at a venue in the USA in 1977 and Led Zeppelin were told they`d never perform a concert in the USA again, which they couldn`t because big John`s `Adam`s apple` was `choked`. John`s resuscitation wasn`t possible but the reinvigorating of the heart of America was, although The Song Remains The Same. `Sully` Sullenberger`s rescue of the crew and passengers of US Airways Flight 1549 from LaGuardia by `ditching` the aircraft into the Hudson river reflects on John Bonham`s fight with the guard, the USA`s statement that Zeppelin would never tour in the USA again, and big John`s `Adam`s apple` subsequently being unable to swallow because he was `choked` over not being able to drum in the USA during the band`s tour of Scandinavia in 1980. Guitars are described as `choked` when they produce distortion, and the guitarist would say he `can`t find the bridge`, which the strings are attached to in order to vibrate and produce sounds when plucked at or stroked with the fingers. However, acoustic guitars can`t produce distortion, because distortion is an attribute of electric guitars` amplification, which was used by bands like Nirvana in the 1980s to deliberately produce distortion for a genre of music known as the `Seattle Sound`. A `sound` is also part of a `waterway`, and a distorted guitar sounds as if it`s played underwater. Flight 1549`s engines `choked` because of a `bird strike` near George Washington Bridge, which meant `distortion` for `Sully` who `couldn`t find the bridge`. In other words, because of `grunge`, that is, dirt, or filth, `Sully` had to accept `distortion` in the `voice` of the guitar, which relates to the silencing of New York`s voice a decade earlier when the 9/11 terrorists attacked the `Big [Adam`s] Apple`. Grunge is an alternative name for the `Seattle Sound`, a genre of music combining `Punk Rock` and `Heavy Metal` because it features distorted guitars similar to those found on Led Zeppelin`s The Crunge:


`Has anybody seen the bridge?
(Have you seen the bridge?)
I ain't seen the bridge!`



 The `Miracle on the Hudson` was `uplifting` but it was a disaster `programmed` by `hackers` wanting to create a Led Zeppelin `myth`. The central motif of the band is a crashed zeppelin airship and the crashed airliner in the Hudson relates to the `hackers` abilities as `pirates` rather than `hijackers`. The basic idea of the `beast` as the `frog` in tihe `throat chakra` as a ventriloqust `programming` its `dummy` with subvoce subliminal messaging to cause such `disasters` as the appearance of the rescuing frogmen at the scene of the drowning Flight 1549 in the Hudson `remains the same`. What the `hackers` or `pirates` were attempting to achieve relates to notions of `twisted lyrics`, or `Satanic messages`, placed upon legitimate recordings, and in the minds of those perceived to be `puppets` by their ventriloquist `masters`. 9/11 was a physical `blackjack` in which the terrorist forced the USA to silence its voice, whereas the `Miracle on the Hudson` was a manifestation of the `second beast` of Revelation insofar as it represents `disaster programmes` based on the inability of the victim to defend themselves against the voice of coercion, which 9/11`s attack on the Defence Department of the Pentagon prefigured. In other words, 9/11 was the severing of the brain from the vocal chords, and the initiation of the `programmer`s` attempts to turn every individual on the Earth into a `puppet` with a `master`.



 The joke of course would be that Flight 1549 was late arriving in Charlotte, North Carolina, but `It`s Sully` would be the reply. The gap between movie and reality on 9/11 made it appear like a `puppet` film because the observer cares, and the action appears to be the result of some `puppet master` pulling the strings of those who are helpless to prevent the events from occurring, and Flight 1549 was.a similar event. The British TV series Thunderbirds was made into a 2005 movie with real actors and actresses, but the TV 21 show of the 60s was made with stringed puppets for a small screen. Supermarionation never made it to the `big screen`. Although 9/11 was clearly derived from Logan`s Run and the plot device that noone should be over 21 because, according to the `game logic`, they`d have to `lose a life`. Consequently, 9/11 was `blackjack`, where `blackjack` means the `club` of homosexual pederasty, and 9/11 `live` on CNN was `pay TV 21` because the `puppets` never get old. The notion is of reincarnation. Masters are those who murder the old in order for them to be reborn so that the masters can remaster them to perform `puppet theatre`.



 In 1980 the TV 21 `puppet show` Stingray was released as an edited `compilation` containing `Plant Of Doom` and `Master Plan`, which suggests Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant  Remasters, that is, someone perceives Led Zeppelin, and everyone else, as `puppets, because the Hudson `ditching` represents `sympathetic magic` or `voodoo` in which practitioners stick pins in dolls, or effect correspondences between seemingly unrelated things, in order to produce effects. The rescue vehicle Thunderbird 4 and Stingray were both submarines in TV 21 Supermarionation and both 9/11 and Flight 1549`s `Miracle on the Hudson` seem to have been `programmed` by `hijackers` of one sort or another to demonstrate that the rescue services are the puppets of their masters.



 Led Zeppelin reunited in 2012 to perform Celebration Day (1971) with John Bonham`s son Jason on drums as a `taster` for a `concert` movie but the `puppeteer` didn`t want their tour plane, Led Zeppelin, to fly. Because they were a `lead` zeppelin, which is depicted on Led Zeppelin I, the first album, as crashing in flames, while Flight 1549 wouldn`t sink, as the `sympathetic magician` felt Led Zeppelin`s aircraft, nicknamed The Starship, should. The `whisper` in the music industry that there`d be a reunion concert tour by Led Zeppelin was quashed by the `whispering` of the `puppeteers` in the `puppets` ears because, in the opinion of the `voodoo` master, Led Zeppelin`s name belies Night Flight, their recording for the Physical Graffiti (1975) album, that is, as Keith Moon, drummer with The Who once said, when asked about Jimmy Page`s idea for the new band:


`It should go down like a lead baloon`.


 Just as Keith Moon could be perceived in terms of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, so the `bootleg` of Led Zeppelin`s concert in Cleveland in 1977, known as The Destroyer, might be said to correlate with the `red dragon`, which appears in recodings such as Mars, god of War from the Planets Suite (1914-6) of classical composer Gustav Holst and elsewhere, but might have influenced the title of The Destroyer as it appeared remastered for public consumption as How The West Was Won (2003). In the sleevenotes Led Zeppelin confessed to practising `Satanism`, presumably upon the `New Redeemer` of the 20th century, developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, who won because he wasn`t Cole Younger, but Carl Gustav `Holster` Jung and knew the holster was only valuable because the gun was `safe` there. In other words, although the `holster` isn`t where the penis should be, `Red Marshall` doesn`t want Red Mars` `cowboys` to show it to anyone. Gunfighters, and other murderers, are frightened of being mastered, or remastered, that is, reincarnated to be mastered again, by their pederast, and so exist as.repressed by homosexuals who want them to show each other their penis, and they want to because that`s the valence of the male alien parasitical virality of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war. So they do. Because they are repressed homosexuals.



 Doggerel about a pirates` dispute can also be understood as a fight over `outlawed` material, which is what The Destroyer was before the `bootleg` was `mastered` as How The West Was Won by Led Zeppelin producer and lead guitarist, Jimmy Page. If New York`s `Big Apple` represents the late Steve Jobs` Apple Macintosh computers, or The Beatles` Apple label, `hackers` and `pirates` are their enemies, because they`re `disaster` programmers.One of the more famous political assassinations of the 20th century was Ted [Dead] Kennedy`s car falling off a bridge at Chappaquiddick island, Massachussetts, July 18, 1969, with a woman in the car boot, Mary Jo Kopechne, who drowned. Kennedy didn`t report the accident, presumably because he perceived it as a `bootleg` recording, and so the Yo Ho Ho of the `remasterers` refers to the `demon drink`; John`s plane crashing into the `drink` in 1999, and Marilyn Monroe`s death by mysterious drowning in a pool in 1962. Marilyn was JFK`s mistress and his assassination by the sniper Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963 was because he was perceived as dissolute, whereas in fact he was ahead of his time insofar as monogamy is `demonic`. Jack`s perception was that Marilyn Monroe was his wife. Although all women are individuals, they`re `Woman`. Jackie Kennedy was America`s `Camelot`, and Marilyn Monroe was `Jackie in Hollywood`, which is fulfilment of Jesus` Christian message, `love thy neighbour`. Jack was murdered because, as a a prominent figure, he was dangerously close to communicating the truth.



 John F. Kennedy`s acceptance speech at his January 20th, 1961 Inauguration contained the line: `So let us begin anew--remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof.`30 The attack on the Twin Towers on 9/11 showed that civility is a sign of weakness, because the aircraft were `civil`, and the proof of sincerity is HIV/AIDS is we don`t accept the law of God, which is that we do not need proof or to be `civil` when it comes to the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty because its a `killer disease` and we need not begin anew in our understanding of it. Redemption is the eradication of the `red dragon` of  homosexual pederasty, and if the male alien parasitical organism does not accept woman as a species, she will replace him in God`s new heaven and Earth of Revelation. So long as one woman isn`t sufficient for one man, the question is: how many women are sufficient? If the answer is `all` then woman as a species with her own penis will win. Because `one man, one species` becomes interpretable as e pluribus unum, which is the legend on the `Great Seal` of the USA, that is,`the one and the many`, where `one` is a man and woman is `many`:





 In Arabic culture alcohol is `haraam` or forbidden, and the `programmer` seems to have been suggesting that John`s plane crashed because he was drunk. If the `beast` of Revelation is the `frog` in the throat that seeks to put words in people`s mouths as a ventriloquist with a `dummy`, Britney`s Thunderbirds `puppet` in Oops I Did It Again is communicating a `worm`, which becomes the equivalent of a rum[our] in brains drunk with alcohol, and constitutes a form of `brain washing`, in which the `consumer` is unable to resist `subliminal messaging`. The effect was first noticed in Arabia where the `Master` of the `Order of the Assassins`, Hassan Ben Sabbah, gave hashish to his followers in order to programme them with notions of Paradise as the place to which they would return after carrying out their missions. If Britney is `Io` in Oops I Did It Again and Yo Ho Ho refers to `piracy` and `hacking` of recorded material, the `worm` was intended to be a shared `joke` amongst hackers with `coffin handles` like `D`Yer Hack`er` or `Captain Hook` after 9/11 and at the expense of, amongst others, the Kennedys.



 Britney Spears` Criminal is her post 9/11 reflection upon what her `programmer` had done to her ten years later. Much more weighted with 50s `kitchen sink` realism after the style of dramatist John Osborne`s Look back In Anger. Criminal contains elements that relate to Yo Ho Ho but `playing pirates` is the theme rather than `pirating` in the sense of someone throwing Spears` voice from her `puppet` as the `hackers` or `pirates` laugh together at the `in joke`:


`Twas a flimsy shift on a bunker cot
With a dirk slit sheer through the bosom spot
And the lace stiff dry in a purplish blot
Oh was she wench or some shudderin' maid
That dared the knife and took the blade
By God! she had stuff for a plucky jade
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.`



 In Criminal Britney`s possessed by the demoniacal influences attempting to control her. Embracing the `frog` in her throat, which is now communicating its influence to her `inner ear` and brain, she`s accepting its psychopathic directives. In Islam the voice of `iblis` or Shaitan, which corresponds to Christianity`s notions of the Satanical, is that of the demon that has no power other than to `whisper`. Acceptance, either consciously or unconsciously, of the demoniacal `voice` of the `ventriloquist`, is antithetical to the inspirational guidance of Jesus` teachings of (and through) the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete. As a spiritual developer, the Paraclete, described in the New Testament, as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, is that female spirit whose help brings the success, or `comfort`, that Christianity perceives as devolving from adherance to its tutelary guidance. The demoniacal influence of iblis` subglottal `voice`, who is the `frog in the throat` of the `beast`, whose gentle subvoce `hacks` are `coffins` to its targets, as on 9/11, where the `coffin handles` are perceivable as `Hi D`Yer Hacker` and `Captain Hook`, is definable as `throwing Spears` voice`. Having her voice thrown is equivalent to the `beast` having the throne of her voice, and the Vishudda chakra at the throat, representing the level of spiritual and intellectual individuality and creativity in the Hindu system, is the seat of  `power`, and so the `beast` is the virality of the male alien parasitical organism seeking to usurp her. Criminal is a different instance of `hacking`, insofar as Britney`s perception of herself as more `adult` and `real` is viewed by her `hijackers`, that is, the `pirates of Her Majesty`s high C`s`, as `playing pirates`, while their `piracy` of the ship of her lines, as it were, is demoniacal:


He is a loser, he's a bum (bum bum bum).
He lies, he bluffs he's unreliable.
He is a sucker with a gun (gun gun gun) ...
But Mama I'm in love with a criminal,
And this type of love isn't rational it's physical ...`



In fact it`s `psychological`, and the result of deep programming by subvoce ventriloquism corresponding to the demonic possession the Arabians call the `whispers` of `iblis`. He`s a `sucker` suggests vampirism and the `beast` as the `frog in the throat` of the `vam` chakra, which is what `power` is called in Hinduism. Her possessor is the `hacker` in her `coffin` because he corresponds to the evil vampiristic spirit that has possessed the voice of Spears` thrown, that is, his throne`s `voice`.



 Pop music has often been criticized by Christians for its lyrics, which are described as Satanism because `Satan` can be heard in `twisted lyrics`, or when played backwards. On the Beatles` White Album (1968), for example, `turn me on, dead man` is supposed to be audible when the track Revolution 9 is played backwards, and Britney`s spaceman walks backwards as if rewound in the video of Oops I Did It Again because the notion of hacking into CD software in order to record music that hasn`t been paid for, or DVDs from public libraries, is an issue in the music and film industry, which relates to Karl Marx`s notion that `workers produce value` and the value attached to the work by critics, labels and studios, and the artists or writers themselves is valuable to the extent that it is valued. However, the artist may value the work more than the product buyer or the studio or label, which means that the artist mighn`t be perceived as valuable so long as there is product. Elvis Presley, for example, made more money dead than alive. The repercussions of artists, or works being valued, or valuable because someone decides that they are acceptable to the `beast` who allows them to have the `mark of the beast`, so that they can `buy or sell`, is a concept that relates to democracy and freedom, that is, irrespective of people`s true preferences, John McCain would have won the Presidency of the USA over Barack Obama if the homosexual pederasts had wanted him to. Or, as Led Zeppelin`s Robert Plant lyricizes:


`There's a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure,
'Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.` Stairway To Heaven (1971)



 Led Zeppelin `invented` heavy metal, which was new, but if the `mark of the beast` is for those who accept that homosexual pederasty decides whether you can `buy or sell`, that is, whether you`re successful or not, the meaning is subjectival. In other words, the individual buyer confers value on the work, not the artist, who values the work for individual reasons also, which have absolutely nothing to do with the seller. In simple terms, either the work and the life of the artist have intrinsic value, or they aren`t valued as created product or creator. As long as the seller has product it doesn`t care about the creator, which means that the sold product has no value to the seller, so the creator`s life is valueless. In God terms, the creator has no value for the homosexual pedlar and the sale of valueless product is what the `red dragon` of `mass consumption` represents. Consequently, the work of art only has value for the producer of it and for God, the creator, which means the creator is divorced from the economy, and so the `red dragon` of `mass consumption` consumes whatever the homosexual pederasts put a `bar code` on.

 In Egyptian mythology, the spirit is the `ka` and the personality or soul is the `ba`, but in Western art, culture and civilization, the car is used to take the male alien parasite to the bar where it consumes alcohol, that is, its `evil spirit`. The aim of the parasite is to escape from the perambulator and its mother`s control to pedalling its own perambulator, that is, the `car` of `petrol` consumption, which corresponds to the personality of the `demon driven`, who needs to feel in control of its `ba`, in Egyptian mythological terms, and so the journey to the bar is `petrolled` by its `demon driver` in acceptance of its demon`s imprisoning authority. The parasite accepts its `programming` because its aspirations have been made to correspond to its activities by its need to drown its demon`s voice in unconsciousness, which the Arabians have long since recognized in their outlawing of the `evil spirit` of alcohol. Because`hashish`, and other forms of similarly brain numbing narcotics, which induce hypnagogic states vulnerable to accepting subliminal messaging, aren`t illegal in Arabia, the assassins of 9/11 undoubtedly represented demons.



 In literary criticism, the intentional phallacy is that the author is prepared to accept a critical interpretation of the author`s work which flatters the author but isn`t a part of the authorial intention. Or, in computer terms, the encoded value of the work from the author`s point of view differs from that of the publisher, reader, or flatterer, and corresponds to an encryption that is extrinsic to the value placed upon the work by those who did not create it, but is intrinsically subjective and that is the encoding which has cryptic value in terms of access to the artist`s copy. In Marxist theory there is the concept of `surplus value` which is what is produced for an employer. The supposition is that the artist produces work that has a `surplus value` extrinsic to the value known of by the artist, which is exclusion rather than exclusive, whereas what the artist wants is exclusive rights to at least a copy of their work in all formats. The hypothetical perspective would be that of the star who produces vinyl records and has never heard of CDs because the label or studio is producing their work in virtual reality and doesn`t want them to be aware of their `surplus value`. In such a situation the fallacy is that the author of the work intends for the enslaver to have access to the work. The value of the work and its encoding is determined by the enslaver, although the subjective value placed upon the work by the artist isn`t a fallacy, which means that the work of the artist is encoded at those places where the work has subjective value for its creator.

 If God is the Creator, the Creation is encrypted or `saved` at that point where God wants the work to be `safe`, which explains the concept of eternal Salvation and the `elect` of God, who are saved from eternity, but it doesn`t explain the Salvation of Jesus, who is saved from Nativity to Resurrection, Ascension and beyond. Salvation is continuity of an immortal body, whereas Redemption is continuity of an immortal body after acceptance of the teachings of Jesus and the Holy spirit, or Paraclete, which constitutes rejection of reincarnation, that is, continuity of memory for a number of years before rebirth and another period of development that is `damnation`. Christian Resurrection is the continuity of an immortal body with its `saved` memories over several lifetimes. If women with a penis are a species, and the valence of men is that of an alien symbiosis, that is, `feigned friendship`, it reproduces `boy sons`, which become its `poisons` as it progresses from symbiotic relations to parasitism. The `leech` feeds from the `host` body of the woman`s womb and breast, and from her art, civilization, and culture into which it has emerged, and that is also from her womb because her `producers` were there. After receiving life from her blood, and sucking milk from her breast, the `leech` proceeds to mix its semen with her blood and shit in order to produce its `biological warfare` against her `host` womb, which is HIV/AIDS. Redemption is the `conversion` of the `leech`:


`... those who are considered worthy of taking part in the age to come and in the resurrection from the dead will neither marry nor be given in marriage, and they can no longer die; for they are like the angels. `



 If woman are a species with their own penis, `angels` are hermaphrodites, who have immortal bodies in continuity of memory, and `neither marry` nor are `given in marriage`, because they aren`t possessed by a parasite with the life cycle of a virus that periodically destroys the woman`s art, civilization and culture in war. Originally, war was a vehicle for the enslavement of women`s `host` wombs as producers of more homosexual pederasts, and the huge wooden horse of Troy that the Greeks used as a `friendship offering`, much in the way that the HIV/AIDS virus `feigns friendship` for the `host` it kills, was accepted by the Trojans and the Greeks emerged therefrom to capture the city and enslave the `host` wombs of the women to produce more homosexual pederasts, which is what the male alien virus is for.

If the virus analogy is applied to 9/11 the `civil` aircraft of the polite ticket-buying terrorists visiting New York from Boston, Massachussetts, were the equivalent of the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of Revelation, and their flight from Logan airport was its continuation of the movie Logan`s Run in which noone over the age of 20 lives, because of the need for `economic equilibrium`. Consequently, 9/11 was an attempt by the evil to interfere with  Christian Salvation. Assassins are traditionally taught that they will go to Paradise upon completion of their murderous assignments, where they will encounter women called houris who are beautiful and `pleasing`. Obviously, the maximum age for an houri would be about 20. From the perspective of the `master of the assassins`, who corresponded to Osama Ben Ladan on 9/11, after the original Hassan Ben Sabbah of the 11th century, the dawning of the 21st century constituted the appropriate moment in time to ensure that the women of the Earth would never attain to that mental and spiritual development associated in most Christian nations with `coming of age` at 21. The plan was clearly to ensure that `Paradise on Earth` was a `breeding programme` for the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and devouring war. The `Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth` corresponds to those women who view the tanks arrayed against one another for the battle for Baghdad and Saddam Hussein`s execution as `a man`, whereas woman as a species with her own penis corresponds to `human`.



 If Christian Salvation meant longevity for women without their parasite, it`d be continuity of memory and bodily immortality, that is, women would never look more than 20, but would have all of the knowledge and experience of life that long lived women would have. However, the parasite would no longer have a steady supply of `boy sons`, that is, `poisons`, to prepare for wars and `biological warfares` against woman`s `host` womb and its products, which is art, civilization and culture. Instead, maintaining `rough trade`, which is a metaphor for homosexual pederasty, would further the aims of the `red dragon`, and so the terrorists chose the World Trade Centre as their target.



 Jesus speaks of the `body and the blood` as his offering to his disciples, which echoes the myth of the vampire that drinks the blood of the `victim` in order to give that individual immortality. Jesus` torture and murder upon the cross is symbolic of the valence of the male alien vampire, who doesn`t want longevity for others, because it represents the antidote to homosexual pederasty and HIV/AIDS,. However, if the species of women were to drink the blood of individuals to give immortality, Christian principles would still be being observed. Jesus was conceived without male semen and so represents the individual who cannot contract the `blood plague` of the male draco, which means that Jesus` teachings and those of the female Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, are preparing the way for acceptance of the woman with a penis as a species that can reproduce herself without male semen, as Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, produced him.



 From the perspective of homosexual pederasty `economic growth` would forever be non-sustainable because it depended on the extinction of the male alien parasite as a virality upon the `host` wombs of women and her product of art, civilization and culture, that is, the Earth, where the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty applies its valence of war against woman`s planet, and `biological warfare` against her species. 9/11 was a patriarchal misogynistic attempt to reintroduce possession as the basic unit of economics, where `marriage` disguises `ownership`, which is why Jesus says there`s no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven. However, marriage isn`t possession of the woman, it`s possession of the nascent `boy son` or `poison` in order to arrange more wars and `biological warfare` against women and their Earth. Although the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` corresponds to Pearl Harbour (1941) and the `red sun` flag of fascist Japan`s sneak attack on the USA and Al Qaeda`s flag with its yellow moon, the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`. The imago is of ancient Greece, where Chronos, who was Saturn in Roman mythology, and Satan in Christianity, devours its sons. However, homosexual pederasty is what `boy sons` are, so paradoxically eating the `poisons` is what should occur, which is what God tells Eve in the Garden of Eden:


`And I shall put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed...`(Gen: 3.15)


 From the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s point of view `boy sons` are for devouring, and God`s plan in Revelation is that they shoud be devoured if they don`t convert. God`s plan is for woman as a species with a penis to replace the `poisons`, which means that God doesn`t care if the `red dragon` poisons itself. The Salvation of woman as a species is God`s only concern because it`s the genuine `issue`. There were few women in the Gulf wars (1990-2011) because, although women as the `host` womb produced the `poisons`, that`s not God`s perception of what they`re for, whereas it is theirs. Consequently, there`s a division between what might be defined as the US Marine Corps valence and the Maureen `Poddy` valence, from Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again, where `Puddin`, Poddy, and Britney represent corpses to the `red dragon` of war and `biological warfare` insofar as 9/11 represents the notion that there`s no continuity of memory over lives lived, that is, Resurrection and Salvation from previous incarnations, because, according to the Logan`s Run scenario from Logan airport to the Twin Towers, the 21st birthday of Jesus Christ should not be reached by everyone. In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s `Poddy`, from Robert A. Heinlein`s Podkayne Of Mars, is a Maureen, that is, a `Marine`, because Heinlein recreated `Poddy` from Puddin`, who was introduction in Calling All Girls (1949), and whose name was Maureen. In To Sail Beyond The Sunset (1987) Maureen appears as `I`m Mama Maureen`, which is interpretable as `the mother of a Marine`. Puddin`, Poddy, Britney, and Mama Maureen denote a continuity in terms of memory, which is what Christian Salvation is. Born in 1882, Mama Maureen, who has `rejuvenation treatment` and is `resurrected`, is prefigured in the Titanic symbolism of Oops I Did It Again where Britney represents the `Maureen Corps`.



 One of Heinllein`s most famous contributions to science fiction is the `Time Corps`, which fix problems in time. However, Mama Maureen represents continuity over time, which is what Resurrection and Christian Salvation is. In the story `- All You Zombies -` Heinlein introduced his Time Corps in which the central protagonist discovers everyone is himself:


`I know where I came from—but where did all you zombies come from?


You aren’t really there at all. There isn’t anybody but me—Jane—here alone in the dark.`32


 Britney Spears called her record company `Zomba`, which relates to the Egyptian notion that the personality, or soul, is the `Ba`, whereas Heinlein`s car, Gay Deciever (correct spelling; for some reason Heinlein writes `e` before `i` after `c`), which corresponds to the `Ka`, or spirit in Egyptian thought, is the vehicle that the `Time Corps` use to travel through time to fix problems.At the close of `- All You Zombies -` the character is on the verge of revealing that women are a species with their own penis. The character can`t understand what all the zombies are for because she`s a hermaphrodite. In the same way, Britney`s Maureen, which means `star of the sea`, relates to Jungian psychology`s archetypes of the collective unconscious, which is often associated with the sea, and from which emerge into consciousness in dreams, imagination and during the production of works of art, abstract images and figures that inspire the individual to growth and personal development.



 The name Maureen is a `variant` of Mary, but unlike the Virgin Mary, who prefigures futanarian woman, Maureen represents an archetypal emergence of the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, from within the ocean of the contents of the archetypes of Jung`s collective unconscious and so, corresponding to the Egyptian `Ka`, that is, the spirit, she appears on the cover of To Sail Beyond The Sunset emerging from the waves like Venus. The goddess` birth represents her as a `pearl`, while Britney in Oops I Did It Again descends inside a giant`s ring to receive her `heart of the ocean`, the blue diamond for which her ring is the `setting`. In symbolic terms, Mama Maureen is wisdom, or `the pearl of great price`, and Britney`s `diamond Poddy` won`t have `cast her pearl before swine` if the `reader` can perceive the truth of her Mama`s argument, which is that the soul has to accept Jesus` teachings if the `Poddy` is to have continuity of memory over lifetimes and be Resurrected as an immortal within the `Maureen Corps` of Mama (1882-), Puddin` (1949-), `Poddy` (1963-), and Britney (1982-), whose spaceman in Oops I Did It Again dove to the ocean depths to bring her the `spirit jewel` of the Resurrection archetype of continued memory and bodily immortality through recognition and rejection of the male alien parasitical organism of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and warfare that`s `programme` is to be the disease that kills her.



 In Jungian psychology the aim of development is to recognize and integrate those negative aspects of the personality that Jung calls the shadow, but women are human, whereas men aren`t, which means that shadow projections, or inabilities to perceive the truth, are a concomitant of failure to perceive that women are a species with her own penis and men are her virus. Consequently, woman`s individuation, and individuation per se, involves the recognition and introjection of those aspects of the soul that correspond - adjectivally - to `humanity`, whereas the male alien parasite has to be rejected if the species `humanity` is to have eternal Salvation.



 If the penis is to be understood as the base of developmental functionality, Al Qaeda, `the base`, attacked the Twin Towers in order to reestablish `rough trade`, that is, the devouring homosexual pederasty of the `red dragon` of war, which uses `the base` as a place from which to launch its `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS against the `host` wombs of woman from which emerges her Earth`s art, civilization and culture. The World Trade Centre  is to be replaced by a single towering penis as a symbol of male defiance, whereas the Twin Towers, if woman is to stand beside man with her own penis` deveopmental functionality, the symbol of the Twin Towers would have stood. For the future will not perceive a single tower as `anything but`, in Freudian terms, repression of the `New Economics`, which would be based on Ascension to God through the power of the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, rather than possession of the female in order to destroy her.



 The `New Economics` is God`s economy based on the develomental functionality of the penis, which is the `bread and the wine`, or the `soul and the spirit`, which is the `body and the blood` of Christianity, that is, the transformation of energic instinct and sexual libido into spiritual intellect, because the Sword of Logos as the Word of Microsoft and other forms of intelligent `programme based` technology can be the Salvation of mankind. But not if the marine is enshrined as the epitome of humanity`s capacity for achievement. As Britney`s Io is asking, in Oops I Did It Again, to be watched over by `our Gus` (Argus), and the rest of the departed `spirits` of the `boys` in NASA`s space programme, because of the unwanted attentions of Almighty Zeus, symbol of the father that devours the son in the Greek myth of Chronos, and of the son that devours the father, in the myth of Oedipus. Britney`s role, as Puddin` Maureen, spans generations, and represents that continuity of memory in individuality across lifetimes that is Christian Salvation and so Mama Maureen is an `awfully big marine` for Jesus:


`And then a big marine, a giant with a pair of friendly eyes
Appeared there at my shoulder and said `[Ku]wait`

`Don't worry ... I'm here ... now [there`s] ... two to dodge.` Stan Ridgeway Camouflage


 The two coudln`t dodge the 9/11 suicide planes, because they weren`t with the `Maureen Corps` and didn`t have the eyes of the Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, watching over them. The warning from God is that, if `Liberty` is the freedom to keep the wombs of women enslaved so that the `red dragon` of homosexual pederast can continue to produce its `poisons` in an endless cycle of devourment for its `boy sons`, woman as a species with her own penis is a better economic prospect and, if mankind does not convert from its reductive approach to economic development on the basis that a woman is an enslaved species to be devoured, God will separate the human, the humane, and the humanity that is woman as a species with her own penis, which is not the torturers and murderers that God witnessed at the crucifixion of Jesus, but the woman capable of producing perfection without male semen, that is, the Virgin Mary as the precursor of the futanarian woman, and give the `seed` of the woman a new heaven and Earth to dwell in forever as Revelation ordains:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 10) 


 The economics of the male alien parasite is for the father to devour the sons, whereas the mother also produces daughters. If the daughter has a penis of her own and her fatherer is a woman, `New Economics` is on the horizon. However, if the 21st century is denied its evolution, a return to `basic economics` is non-sustainable economic growth. The attack of Al Qaeda, `the base`, from Logan, Massachussetts, upon the World Trade Centre, promotes a `version` of economics based on the `movie` Logan`s Run in which the `basic` is that noone reaches 21, which is what the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty represents for the 21st century:


`There's nothing more dangerous than a boy with charm.
He's a one stop shop, makes the panties drop.
He's a sweet talkin' sugar coated candyman.
A sweet talkin' sugar coated candyman.` Christina Aguilera, `Candyman`, Back To Basics


 Christian Salvation is Resurrection and memory continuation over lifetimes, which for a woman means knowledge of her own penis and its development, whereas endless reincarnations for the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty means low level technological development based on the imprisonment of woman as a breeding slave for the production of the `gay boy sons` of devouring homosexual pederasty`s war, and the `gay poisons` of homosexual pederasty`s final assault on the woman that they bore in the form of the virality they`ve created in their own image, that is, HIV/AIDS with its own `voice` and image. The ``beast` of Revelation is a `frog` and 9/11 was `blackjack` in which the terrorists `trumped` the USA`s `hand` with their `aces high`. The frogs` in the `throats` of Adam`s `Big Apple` of New York are a mockery of God`s creation of a woman, Eve, and of the Perfector of humankind, Mary, and the voice of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s antidote to what is pleasing to God, that is, the Eve of New York on 9/11, is men`s `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS` `killer disease`. God is annoyed because men are possession and consumption, whereas woman is conception and production. Laurel and Hardy made the movie Flying Deuces, but the Twin Towers weren`t deuces in `Spanish 21`, although Al Qaeda`s Flying Aces, which is the alternative title for Stan and Olly`s comedy, and was released at the outset of WWII, suggests that the eyes of the snake, that is, the grown awareness of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty, were on the Twin Towers for the sake of tempting the USA into degenerate license against the product of woman`s `host` wombs, that is, war and `biological war` upon her and the Earth, ever since Eden:


`In gambling, snake eyes is the outcome of rolling the dice in a game and getting only one pip on each die. The pair of pips resembles a pair of eyes, which is appended to the term 'snake' because of the long-standing association of this word with treachery and betrayal.`33



 The attack on the `Big Apple` of New York was the declaration of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s war aim, which was that only the `pips` would remain, where the `pips` were the insignia of the generals, which correspond to the evil serpent`s `seed` after the `Big Apple`. The `Kuwait ball` was the celebration after the first Gulf War (1990-1), whereas `pip` means `blackball`, which is equivalent to queuing the eight ball again (Q8) for Gulf War II (2000-11). Not for General Stormin` Norman Schwarzkopf, who was a `pip` in the English slang sense of `zit`, that is, Schwarzkopf is `blackhead`, but General Colin Powell because `black`. `Pip pip` is what the English say in approval, which suggests that Schwarzkopf and Powell were the first and second beasts of Revelation, whether personally or just in the queue with the rest of the `pips`.



 Britney`s spaceman in Oops I Did It Again represents the apologia for man`s destructivity, but the spacesuited `hero` is primitive technology in comparison to Britney`s red pilot`s suit, which identifies her as the pilot of Thunderbird 3, the spaceship, while the man in the `business suit` of NASA represents the marine commando who enslaves woman`s `host` womb for its commanders at `Mission Control`. Alan Shepard had an `inner ear` problem that prevented him from landing on the moon until 19 when he could hear his instructions. From the science fictional perspective of her red suited spaceship pilot in Oops I Did It Again Britney observes that the spaceman has `demons` telling him what to do. In terms of Jungian developmental psychology, his `inner ear` represents the undifferentiated `Thinking` function that, along with eye (`Sensation`), speech (`Feeling`) and smell (`Intuition`), constitute the four functions of consciousness in potentiam. Britney`s perspective is that Shepard could have been a pastor but he couldn`t hear the Word of God. Neil Armstrong, the `first man on the moon`, said `one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,` but from mankind`s perspective the Earth is woman`s Guantanamo Bay, a `holding pen` where the `pig` is bred so that the male alien parasite can listen to its demonic self and, disobeying God, the Creator, while woman is kept in abeyance by `Homeland Defence`, her MCPs write their histories of plague, war and death `across the universe` in other people`s homes:


`Words... flowing out like
Endless rain...

...they slip away across the universe.
Pools of sorrow ...
Possessing ...` The Beatles Across The Universe


 Economics from a male perspective is that women are possessed in marriage as producers of that which is possessing them as economic units to produce more `boy sons` that can be used as `poisons` to maintain their system of devouring homosexual pederasty which manifests itself as war, `biological war`, and HIV/AIDS or any other form of cancer that would be definable as consumption of the Earth`s and woman`s wombs` resources to no purpose other than to consume. A female perspective is to nurture what she produces from her womb after conception, which is far easier if she conceives and produces with a woman who has her own penis, and so is a member of her own species, because she won`t produce any `boy sons`. Even if she does, the Greek myth of Chronos, the Roman Saturn, and Christianity`s Satan, indicates what will happen. Chronos is `time` and  `boy sons` will become extinct, which means that the poisons of pollution and corruption will disappear because women`s wombs won`t want to conceive of them:





 Effectively, `abominations` are poisons, but Babyon is `Great` and the `Mystery` is that she is the victim of the `poisoners`, which are descried by some interpreters of the Bible as witches, `thou shalt not suffer a sorceress to live`. (Ex: 22.18). as witches. In the video for Lady Gaga`s Paparazi she drinks from a cup and saucer while the man with her dies on the sofa from her poisoning of him. The concept is of the woman that has `boy sons` to poison, which means that Babylon is `Great` because she`s an unwilling poisoner. Although Lady Gaga`s material is designed and conceived as challenging assumptions, she`s working within slavery and so represents a target. The danger for artists like Lady Gaga is that of provoking the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war into attacking the innocent, which is what Al Qaeda`s attack on the Twin Towers `live` on CNN meant. MTV challenges the status quo but provocation by artists making the same statement isn`t educative. Only when a futanarian rock star with a penis of her own takes the stage at Madison Square Gardens and announces that she`s `fronting` Zip Nipplin will the challenge have shifted from avoiding possession and consumption by the devouring male alien parasitical virus to conception and production.



  The paradigm for `hackers`, `pirates`, or hijackers is that of the invitation to attack the `mother`, whether country or computer, or any other system that conceives and produces, that is, it`s a valence of the possessive, and consumptive society. Systems are inviting themselves to attack woman as a producer. Whatever she conceives, or is conceived of, in her `host` womb, it`s for the parasities to devour, according to the parasites. Britney`s `Maureen Corps` of knowledge, sustained and continuous as Puddin` (1949-), Poddy (1963-), Britney (1982-), and Maureen (1882-) through the acceptance of Jesus` teachings of Resurrection and Salvation rather than reincarnation, suggests woman as a species with her own penis as conceiver and producer, whereas national governments are trying to devise ever more intricate encryption and virality to save the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and prepare woman`s final extinction. `Mama` Maureen represents the woman who refrains from using men as her sword in order to develop:


 `The law, which was proposed by Knesset member Meir Sheetrit and whose regulations were approved in May 2011 by the ministerial committee for biometric applications, is likely to expose Israeli citizens to severe invasion of their privacy. Criminal organizations or foreign organizations interested in causing damage to the state and its citizens might penetrate the future biometric database and do whatever they want there.`34



 Woman `traditionally` remains in the home because she`s `Homeland Defence` preparing to defend herself as a species. Jesus has been training her. If she won`t use the `sword` of her spirit and intellect to develop and defend herself, but rather adopt and adapt to the `test` paradigm of species` antagonism towards its parasite, or accept `host` womb enslavement by the alien male, she`ll be `Woman on the Sword` – as Jesus was her surrogate upon the cross. In effect, Jesus gave men time to develop, but they haven`t. The products of woman`s `host` womb have kept on struggling to emerge, as the inspirational archetypes of the collective unconscious from the spiritual `heart of the ocean` have impelled art, civilizationa and culture tfor millennia. Consequently, woman as a species has Redemption but man as a parasite doesn`t. According to Revelation perdition awaits men, and the signs of women`s victory are what men don`t want to see. Britney Spears` giant`s ring and fork in Oops I Did It Again is both woman`s triumph over what she has been able to produce and conceive, and her lament over what men have possessed and consumed of her.



 Britney Spears` take on Mark Twain`s The Tragedy Of Puddin` Wilson is that, although the spaceman is able to ID the murderer, it`s him. Because he`s a man. When he touches down on Britney`s planet he`s a `NY Giant` making a `touchdown`, `one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` The Comedy Of The Tale Of The Twins Who Weren`t is that their spaceman is `Wilson`, who`s Tom Hanks `friend` in Cast Away (2000) when he`s stranded on a desert island, a basketball with the brand name `Wilson`. When Britney hoists him into position above her he `hangs` because  it`s pause for thought and not `volleyball`. `Wilson` isn`t Twain`s Puddin` but Heinlein`s and she`s the `Poddy` of his work. Britney`s from Marand her spaceman being introduced to her `Poddy`, which means that `Wilson` isn`t her twin and `Poddy` is a real friend. If it`s a suspense story, Wilson didn`t do it, but he wanted to. But he couldn`t decide whether to eat Britney`s `Puddin` and, in terms of the video`s `logic`, he was `in two minds` over her  Poddy.


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The Saddamite; a psychopathology profiled: sadism, sodomy, BDSM and AIDS

01/01/2012 14:51

The Saddamite; a psychopathology profiled: sadism, sodomy, BDSM and AIDS


At the last supper, Jesus offers the disciples `bread and wine`, which is the `body and the blood`  in the transubstantiation1 of the Catholic Mass in which the churchgoer accepts the Holy Spirit. It is the acceptance of `God`s love`, the Paraclete (1 John: 2.1), born from the side of Jesus – in the same way that Eve is from Adam`s side – when Longinus` spear cuts open Jesus` side, and she`s `given` by God upon Jesus` Ascension to Heaven.

 Upon the cross Jesus is `the body and the blood`, but not to the Christians. To the sadists, Jesus is a masochist and, for homosexuals, a homoerotic image of sado-masochistic fantasy. The helplessness of a man with another man`s spear in him. This is Jesus`body and blood` in Satanism, which is sadism and sodomy.



 In combination, sodomy and sadism derive from the name of the Marquis De Sade (1740-1814) who`s synonymous with torture and, indeed, wrote a novel 120 Days of Sodom (1785). What is the Marquis De Sade`s is AIDS as the bane of the 20th and, so far, the zeitgeist of the 21st century. It`s a `blood disease` and, although Jesus` cross represents Redemption, the obverse meaning of the imagery is temptation to sadism - and homosexuality, which is sodomy.



 In Eden, God says there shall be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between the serpent`s `seed` and the `seed` of the woman, for having Adam and Eve eat of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` (Gen: 2.9). The serpent`s `seed` is the `seed` of sadism (blood) and sodomy (semen, and excrement) and the woman`s `seed` is for innocent progress and development – peace and love.



 Men promulgate the idea of the `devil` as evil, because `to devil` means `to impede development`. They impede development and so represent `devil-opment`, which is the negative of the photograph, as it were. Woman is the Creator`s Producer and Product – Civilization – and so is positive development. Men are the `devil` that they idolatorize as themselves; that which they depict as the `devil` is actually God`s `developer`. In her spiritual realm, Woman is the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, working to create, produce and save.



 Jesus preaches Redemption because God doesn`t want to develop men`s `negative`, but Woman`s `positive` development. Men are fertilizer. 9/11 and Guantanamo Bay tells us that sadism (terror and blood) is what they want, and its attendant `sterile waste` metaphor - sodomy (AIDS as fertilized faeces, rather than foetus).



 Jesus is the `Son of Man` (Matt: 26.64) and `the Second Adam`, and according to the Bible his crucifixion represents Redemption from sin - which is `original` in Eden. The sin of the serpent`s `seed` is AIDS in the 21st century, a reification of the Evil One. Jesus is the `enmity` of the woman`s `seed` towards evil, which means Woman is the eternal enemy of the `seed` of the serpent – which is sadism - and the spear of Longinus` cutting open of Jesus` side is a projection of the power of the serpent`s `seed` to give AIDS to Woman in the 20th century. The Holy Spirit - as the Paraclete - is `God`s Spirit` in Woman as the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`. She is by man`s side as the Paraclete, but the spread of AIDS through blood, semen, and excrement is a part of the `enmity` the serpent`s `seed` has for her.



 It is a paradox that Jesus on the cross is a sado-masochistic homoerotic icon while simultaneously being the act of Redemption from sadism and the serpent`s `seed` of sterile sexual aridity: torture, AIDS, sterility, and death. It is reminiscent of Revelation, and the four horsemen of the Apocalypse: war (torment), pestilence (AIDS), famine (sterility), and death.



 The red dragon of Revelation lies in wait to eat the child born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12.1-18). He is the epitome of the devourer, which is what men are - eaters of Woman`s product - Civilization. The dragon is a father, and the meaning is that God is the parent - men aren`t. They are `war, pestilence, famine and death`, whereas Woman is `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` (the Paraclete in both physical and spiritual realms). She is Civilization because it is her Product, and men destroy it periodically, that is, it is eaten by men pretending to be fatherly on behalf of God, God`s Producer as Woman and God`s Product as Civilization.

 The child born to the `clothed` woman `rules the nations with an iron scepter`. She is `God`s love` and he is `God`s law`, which enforces the teachings of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, so that the good can have Redemption and the evil are kept from harming them; because they would. This is why Jesus` crucifixion is a paradox. From the evil`s point of view, he`s a sado-masochist, and from the good`s perspective, he`s an actuator of God`s awakening. God gives the Earth the Paraclete and takes Jesus to prepare him for his Second Coming and his extermination of the Evil One as a continued threat to innocence, progress and development, which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny.



 Christianity fails to understand that sadism and sodomy are what evil is – exactly that. Jesus represents the knowledge that God is love, which means that woman`s body is good and, as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, she is doubly good. Sex per se is good, that is. In Islam, Jesus` Ascension doesn`t follow from crucifixion or death. Jesus is `translated` into heaven. In Christianity Jesus isn`t married, but in Islam it isn`t a consideration. Jesus` privacy isn`t even considered. If he is married, it`s what the Christians call `marriage in the sight of God`, which was Adam and Eve`s. Before the `Evil One` tempted Eve to eat of the `forbidden fruit` of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil` in Eden. Adam and Eve were expelled from God`s Paradise for accepting the poison of the `serpent`s seed`. It`s important to Christians that Jesus is without a woman, because of the Holy Spirit effectively emergent from his side by spear birth as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. The womanlessness of man is an archetypal symbol of the spiritual/intellectual development of mankind without sex, which was relevant 2000 years before space travel. Because the denial of carnality was necessary if space rockets were to be developed by 1969 and Neil Armstrong could proclaim from the moon:


`One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`



 Although `Woman` is necessary, because all development springs from her womb, the `serpent`s seed`, that is, men, don`t want the `woman`s seed` to escape from her enslavement. Consequently, the `Evil One` in the Garden of Eden represents the men who`d deny mankind the blessings of `Woman` in order to force humanity into spiritual/intellectual developments such as the intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) rather than send a human to Mars. In symbolic terms, the `serpent`s seed` would rather destroy her on Earth than conceive of the colonization of Mars and an end to the Roman war god`s depredations. However, in the Christian Bible the evil are depicted as warring in heaven with the `woman`s seed` while she`s `hidden` upon the Earth. The `serpent`s seed` receive eternal unendurable pain as their punishment from God and the `woman`s seed` receives a new heaven and Earth. The war god Mars is defeated. However, because violence is the valence of men, `Woman` as a species with her own penis is God`s new valence, which suggests that men are the `serpent`s seed` and `woman`s seed` will supercede it because male semen is merely a vehicle for an evil parasitism.



 Pop star Britney Spears describes herself as `Miss American Dream since I was seventeen` in the lyrics to Piece Of Me (2007) and the cover of the CD single features her as a Christ-figure on the cross. The spear of Longinus is missing from the picture because Britney is representing herself as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete already born from Jesus` side. In other words, she`s `Woman` born from Adam`s side in Eden and from Jesus` side at the crucifixion: a spiritual being wherever she is. She`s the Holy Spirit/Paraclete by one`s side that guides one to spiritual/intellectual growth. Although the spear of Longinus is a symbol of birth, it`s also a symbol of men`s piercing of the veil of `Woman`, that is, the female Holy Spirit/Paraclete by the side of humanity, which is a piercing of the veil of death in the spiritual realm where she persists.

 Longinus` spear`s piercing of Jesus` side is symbolic of men`s approach towards `Woman`. They`re looking to kill her. Even though she`s `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, which is why Jesus is a symbol of Redemption and future punishment. Because `Woman` is a species with a penis of  her own as `futanarian` (, Britney Spears on the cross on the cover of Piece Of Me symbolizes `Woman` born without the `serpent`s seed`, that is, male semen, because `futanarian` woman will replace Adamic man with God`s new species if men don`t accept the teachings of her Holy Spirit/Paraclete and convert from evil towards her. On the cover of Piece Of Me Britney Spears has replaced the spear of Longinus with herself as the symbol of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the spears of God`s new species of futanarian Woman. In the Bible the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is `hidden` because she has her own penis and is a species, which men would kill if they could:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev:16. 10)


 Men don`t want the species `Woman` even though the story of Eve from the side of Adam and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from the side of Jesus indicates that `Woman` is both the physical and spiritual nature of God`s future, that is, `futanarian`, species of humanity. Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary without the evil `serpent`s seed`, that is, male semen, because `Woman` is to be self-reproductive and self-productive. Jesus represents mankind`s last chance but not humanity`s. Although Jesus describes himself as `the son of man`, he`s the child of the `woman`s seed` insofar as he prefigures the birth of woman as a species without male semen. Britney Spears Oops I Did it Again (2000) synonymically refers to `side` and `hid` because she represents the `hidden` woman of Revelation that men don`t want. She`s `hidden` because of what mankind has already done to her. Men would murder her in their fear of being replaced by God. Concealing what they do, they hide from her and God`s vengeance.



 As `Miss American Dream` since the USA`s Declaration of Independence from the British Empire in 1776 the archetype of `Liberty` is discernible in Britney Spears` oeuvre because her name is prophetically linked with the multi-faceted spears of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete placed by God at the side of each woman to nurture her species` development. The motto of the United States of America is e pluribus unum, that is, `one of many`. So Britney Spears represents the multi-valences of the spears of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete born from Longinus` spear, that is, the `Spear of Destiny`. Britney`s appearance on the cover of the CD single Piece Of Me points towards fulfilment of the American Dream and the USA`s Manifest Destiny through acceptance of `Woman` as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete:


`If I said my heart was beating loud
.If we could escape the crowd somehow.
If I said I want your body now.
Would you hold it against me?` (2011)



 Hold it Against Me is Britney Spears` contemporary artist`s referencing of the spear of Longiinus as the `Spear of Destiny`. In the midst of the crowd, Longinus` spear attempted to pierce the still beating heart in the side of Jesus to effectively give birth to the Holy Spirit/Paraclete that has been the spiritual/intellectual valence of humanity ever since. `Woman` at the side of mankind is meant to be held and not pierced by a spear. Although the male valence is penis as piercing spear, `Woman` is not meant to be pierced by weapons. Consequently, `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own has her own piercing spear and, although Britney Spears is depicted as fighting against herself in Hold It Against Me, the valence of the species `Woman` isn`t to use herself as a weapon against herself.



 The Bellamy Brothers pop group sued Britney Spears for `plagiarising` their single `If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?` Later the Southern Belle from Louisiana recorded If You Seek Amy as her response. In the CD video single she`s Southern Belle Amy. The song`s title is translatable as `F*U*C*K me` because that`s what the penis is for.  Human beings have only two physical valences: eating and ejaculating. Obviously Hold It Against Me is a unique recording and the line `If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?` is in the public domain because it`s usage is so common. Consequently, The Bellamy Brothers` suing of Britney Spears represents their desire for more money to eat and ejaculate. As Britney Spears doesn`t want to be eaten, that is, speared, by mankind`s penis` desire to manufacture itself as a killing weapon, her solution is `F*U*C*K me`.



 The theme of the woman taken from the side of Adam in Eden, and Jesus` difficulty in winning her return to mankind`s side, is the human epic. `Woman` resides by the side of mankind from the spiritual realm as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, and emerges therefrom as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`. The spear of Longinus announced mankind`s intention to enter the spirtual realm by piercing Jesus` side after his death. As the Holy Spirit/Paraclete in the spiritual realm, `Woman` is there to effect Redemption for man; if man accepts her teachings and Jesus`.



 In Catholicism the `Assumption of the Vrigin Mary` is the assumption that Jesus` mother ascended to heaven because `Woman` belongs there by right of sufferance. The `seed` of `Woman` as a spiritual and physical species with her own penis as `futanarian` is assumed to be redeemed if Catholic dogma is to be interpreted correctly. `Woman` is humanity but the `serpent`s seed` is men`s. Mankind`s Redemption is dependant on the emergence of the `hidden` woman and her futanarian `seed`. If mankind doesn`t accept her, it`s perdition for attempted species genocide:


`Vengeance is mine`...says the Lord.` (Rom: 12.20)



 In Jesus` Second Coming, he kills Satanism with his Sword. It is God`s vengeance, but not Jesus`. He is the instrument and although it is a necessary action it is a dispassionate despatch of the Evil One. It is, however, Jesus` triumph. The `marriage of the lamb` in heaven with the `bride` is the wedding of `Woman` as a species with herself where there are no paparazzi to spy and men can have no conception of what it may be.

 In Eden, the serpent spies on Eve and, effectively, wants to see her naked without Adam, so he tempts her to `know` him. She wants to be `known` but wants Adam to be by her side during the affair, so gives him the `fruit` and invites the serpent to `know` Adam. Adam and Eve perceive their nakedness before the Evil One, and understand that they are to be `known` by him. She wants Adam by her side as the `safe haven` of civilization while she waits for the Evil One`s `serpent`s seed` to manifest.



 In God`s sight Adam and Eve are innocent; progressing and developing without threat, which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. In the sight of the Evil One, they`re innocent; progressive and developmental in spite of being threatened. The `marriage of the lamb` in heaven in Revelation means beyond the eyes of the Evil One, and so the American Dream and Manifest Destiny is fulfilled.



 Revelation indicates what Jesus` marriage isn`t: sadism and sodomy. `God is love`, as Jesus tells us in the New Testament, so Jesus` remarriage with the Paraclete`s omnipresence means the marriage of `Woman` in God where noone but God sees her. Christianity would seem to want to deny Jesus a wife because he`s represented as celibate, but Revelation celebrates the `marriage of the lamb` (Rev: 19.7-9), which is identified throughout the Bible as the Messiah. The Christian epic seems to be concerned with who sees the bride. Just as the story of Genesis was concerned with Adam`s being alone with Eve before the serpent saw her.



 In Christianity Jesus` marriage is `public` but his performance in bed isn`t describable. Because the Christian perspective holds that Jesus must remain celibate, the male members of the church as Jesus` bride are against reproduction for the `son of man`. However, if the bride is `Woman` as a species, the male members of the church are excluded. Jesus` celibacy is assured but mankind goes to hell for seeking to prevent the human species from continuing. In the transubstantiation symbolism of the Catholic Communion, bread and wine as symbols of Jesus` body and blood are consumed by the parishioners in desire for transformation. If the human species is `Woman` with a penis, Redemption implies translation of the male form into the female. Because Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary without male semen, Mary prefigures the woman with a penis` whose `seed` is the species and doesn`t need mankind for its future.



 It`s the unspoken tenet in Christianity that Jesus is celibate and virgin. Why should he remain so? Jesus Redeems from sin by means of his `body and blood`, and Redemption is what Christians want. But the `body and blood` is sadism and sodomy to the irredeemable, who have eternal perdition. It is what Jesus` crucifixion meant. The angle of perception determines where the evil lies. The crucifiers represent the evil that`ll have perdition.



 Jesus is Redemption and the evil `crucify` as the camera `angle` of the 21st Century paparazzi  crucifies those in the `public eye` by spreading lies, which is `bearing false witness`, and the equivalent of `bearing a sword` that is of the Evil One`s intelligence. In Piece of Me (2007) Britney Spears wears a small sword and the video is a critique of the paparazzi. The cover of the single features Britney Spears on the cross as a Jesus figure. As a symbol of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, she`s a `sword trainer` and, as the camera lenses are training their eyes on hers, so she`s training her Sword, Jesus`, on theirs. In terms of the crucifix as `Sword` technology, Britney Spears is the representative `Woman` and the lenses of the  paparazzi are her crucifiers.

 In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984), Harrison Ford shoots a swordsman preparing to fight him with a sword. His weapon is less complicated to use and he murders a developing soul. In cinematic terms, he`s glib despite his opponent`s offer to communicate. In Revelation the sword that comes out of the mouth of Jesus is the symbol of Jesus` ability to command. The sword from Jesus` mouth is emphasized because he isn`t glib, whereas glibness is the valence of weapons that bring instant death. Such irrevocably `glib` weapons are the instruments of cowards. As the Logos Jesus commands progress and development. Although male technology is a threat to `Woman` and human art, civilization and culture, the birth of the `New Redeemer` from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` in Revelation while the `red dragon` (Rev: 5.12) waits in vain to devour her child suggests the triumph of Logos and the ability of the `New Redemer` to communicate and command on behalf of `Woman` won`t be threatened by weapons of instantaneous death wielded by glib cowards.

 The Sword of Revelation isn`t symbolic, it`s superior technology. Here on Earth is sadism and sodomy, which is what evil is definable as. The paparazzi, for example, are `buggers` who invade privacy. As the serpent did in Eden to reveal Adam and Eve`s nakedness. The `marriage of the lamb` in Revelation is God`s promise that the bride won`t be seen in heaven by the `buggers`. As the `Woman` of Revelation leaves Earth, she `bruises the serpent`s head with her foot` and escapes the machinery of damnation. The serpent represents evil and doesn`t want `Woman`. In ancient Greece `Woman` was enslaved by greek pederasts for the purpose of spreading its contagion of war. The male serpent`s semen wants its `seed` to be the `buggers` of `Woman` as a species and spy on her. A euphemism for a homosexual pederast is a `bugger` because `Woman` is the species men don`t want to develop and so she is spied upon. The HIV/AIDS` virus is homosexual pederasty`s `seed`, that is,  a biological weapon against her `host` womb, which encourages her to perpetuate heterosexual monogamy rather than perpetuate her own species. Consequently, the `seed` of `Woman` with a penis of her own is sterile because `hidden` and so scarce. Because the `buggers` of the paparazzi cameras are the spies of homosexual pederasty that `bear false witness`:


`Now are you sure you want a piece of me? (you want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs. 'Most likely to get on the TV for strippin' on the streets'
When getting the groceries, no, for real...
Are you kidding me?
No wonder there's panic in this industry
I mean please...
Do you want a piece of me?`


 Even American Magazines like Hugh Hefner`s Playboy or Playgirl don`t feature women with a penis because it`s a threat to the hegemony of homosexual pederasty and the camera lies. If a woman has a penis she knows wwhere it should go. Equally the male penis knows where it should go. Consequently, desire for woman isn`t gender specific but universal. Moreover, the desire of `Woman` for herself is more legitimate because the penis is hers and it desires her because she`s the human species. The woman who looks at herself in the mirror doesn`t crave a man: the penis craves her. And it isn`t confined solely to the male. But the paparazzi lies. `Woman` is attracted to herself as `futanarian` woman with her own penis. But there are no educational or media depictions of the glamorous `futanarian` babe because the paparazzi are the spies of homosexual pederasty seeking to maintain its enslavement of `Woman` and continue with its contagion and war upon her Earth. The red dragon of Revelation waits to devour the `New Redeemer` born to `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. It waits in vain to `snap` because the paparrazi can`t lie before God.



 The child is `he who shall rule the nations with an iron scepter`, which is the enforcing of God`s law in order that `God`s love`, that is, `Woman`, shall prevail. The moment is encapsulated by the paparazzi `dragon`, but the meaning is obscured. Clothed with sun (male) and moon (female), she`s hermaphroditic and futanarian, that is, `Woman` with her own penis, and she bruises the head of the dragon with her `fut`. Men hide `futanarian` woman from her own species `Woman` because she doesn`t need men. She`s separate and men prey on her when they`re not being parasites upon her `host` womb as God`s enemies. As God tells the serpent in Eden, there`ll be `enmity` between its `seed` and hers, because she has a penis of her own and men don`t want her to. The paparazzi train their lenses on `Woman` like guns, because they are devourers and that`s what they`re training for. To kill her and everything she has produced for God, her creator, that is, the art, civilization and culture that is from her womb upon the Earth.



 Britney Spears` (1982-) sword worn as a pendant in Piece of Me is better technology. It symbolizes the smallness of mankind who`ll devour `Woman` because she might grow. In terms of cameras, men are negatives. As the `red dragon` that `snaps`, the paparazzi are the `buggers` who spy while preparing to devour Britney Spears` and the species of `Woman` with her own penis as well as the Earth. The paparazzi are the representatives of an alien hegemony of homosexual pederasty and lies. However, if men won`t develop God can. Jesus` Redemption from men is the saving of `Woman` and her developmental potential. Because she`s the producer of God`s product, that is, human art, culture and civilization. In Revelation it is written `the number of the beast is the number of a man.` Because a man is a beast if God decides mankind is iredeemable. In Genesis the serpent tells Adam and Eve, `You shall be as gods.` If Adam and Eve eat of the fruit of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil`. But God is a human God, that is, it is better to be God`s than enslavers of the human species of `Woman` as alien parasites.



 Only by accepting Jesus can you have Redemption. He didn`t like being crucified. That is what he is redeeming from, and so acceptance of the Redeemer is what`s required because crucifixion is evil. Jesus is the Redeemer; not crucifixion. The fiction the evil promulgate is that crucifixion is Redemptive. Jesus teaches the law of God as `God`s love` (Luke: 10. 27), and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the `spirit of Woman` which inculcates the love of good. Because she is appetizing but not edible. In Eden the fruit is husbanded but the descendants of Adam represent the contagion of homosexual pederasty and war. `Woman` as a species is her own fruit and she won`t devour it, because she can cook. She is able. In Genesis Cain slew Abel for being able to cook. Because men don`t want development for other men. Jesus` Redemption is the perception that he was able, whereas men`s perspective is that woman cooks because she`s Abel. Men are Cain because they don`t want to develop and devour the potentially able `Woman` because her development would mean her escape from the cannibals` pot.

 Men aren`t cannibals, because `Woman` isn`t their species. Moreover, although Revelation describes the `red dragon` as the devourer, the parasite as vampire isn`t an adequate description of what the male homosexual pederast is. In the heart of Europe is Transylvania, which was a part of Greater Hungary until after WWI. In Hungarian `futanar` means the teacher who travels. As Jesus did. The vampire myth derives from the 15th century Transylvanian figure of Vlad who impaled his enemies on stakes after battle. In the media vampires are portrayed as immortal and eternally youthful and unchanging. But vampires are depicted as evil and stakes are used to end their lives. Longevity is perceived as dangerous because `Woman` might remember she has a penis if there are `futanarian` women old and desirably youthful enough to teach her. The stake is a symbol of the male penis that ends her life. Because her male enslavers don`t want the human species to live. Consequently, although the term isn`t so pejorative, parasite more accurately defines what men are while vampire and particularly `vamp` more carefully describes what `Woman` is:


`...a seductive woman who exploits men by use of her sexual charms.`



 In Revelation `MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH` is mysterious only to those who don`t perceive that she is the victim of mankind`s enslaving of her for parasitism and men`s evil valence of homosexual pederasty and devouring warfare upon her Earth. Babylon is a victim and a `vamp` insofar as she needs must live with the parasites because she`s not aware of God`s plan for the development of her species `Woman`. Consequently, the figure of the `vampish` woman prefigures the anciently beautiful and immortal `Woman` as a species with her own penis that men have called `vampire`, whereas as parasites men more properly correspond to the term they have appropriated to describe her.



 The spear of Longinus in Jesus` side at the crucifixion is reminiscent of the stake in the heart of the vampire. Jesus` offer of the `bread and the wine` to his disciples at the `Last Supper` as his `body and blood` prefigures the torture of his body and the spilling of his blood. To his crucifiers he`s a vampire because he preaches immortality. In other words, longevity is associated with vampirism because it interferes with men`s parasitism. Acceptance of the `body and the blood` symbolically as the `bread and wine` of the Catholic Communion implies the conferring of immortality upon the `vampire`, that is, `Woman` as a self-producing species with her own penis, who is symbolized in Catholicism as the Virgin Mary who can give birth without contamination by male semen. The meaning of transubstantiation is transformation of the male into the female, which is prefigured by Jesus` `Passion` upon the cross as the `lamb` of God.



 The equation is a simple one. Men want to devour Woman and her product, which is civilzation, whereas the vampire wants to confer immortality and live with the beloved `Woman` forever. The `bread and the wine` are symbols of what they want together. The wine of love and the pleasure of sex. The `bread` as the `body` is sex without love, which is those who do not want `Woman` and her product, that is, art, civilization and culture. In Christian terms, if the body of `Woman` isn`t loved neither is the church as the `bride`, that is, art, civilization and culture. Lovelessness is the devourment of parasitism. For those who represent the `Evil One`, the `blood of Jesus` is life experienced elatedly at having taken, which is the bloodthirstiness of the sadist. In the guise of a `snapper` photographer, the `serpent`s seed` has grown into an aspect of the `red dragon` whose popular ascendancy depends upon its spreading of its contagion of sadism for those who want to watch the struggles and sufferings of its chosen victims:


 `My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27.46)



 Jesus` horrified anticipation of extinction is what sadist`s try to make their victims experience. The Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the omnipresent `spirit of God` given to the Earth for Redemption through `God`s love` by means of `Woman`. The Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the immortal spirit of `Woman` present to those who accept God. The sadist wants to torture those with the `spirit ` to inflict suffering. Especially upon those who live in the spirit and, aware of one another, are awake to the sadist`s aim.



 Vampires are Christian insofar as their myth is of a long lived collective awareness with a shared spirit. In mythic terms, the long memory of the vampire means that the parasites of alien homosexual pederasty can`t persuade acceptance of the contagion of war, plague and death. In the vampire myths drinking blood from the body is the means of attaining to immortality, but Jesus advocates drinking wine and eating bread as symbols of his `body and blood` at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion and death. In Catholicism bread and wine are symbolically consumed as Jesus` `body and blood` in the Holy Communion service of transubstantiation, which suggests a forswearing of parasitism while implying a tacit acceptance of the concept `vampire`.



 Acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the principle of transformation from parasite to immortal human, while the vampire that rends corresponds to the `serpent`s seed` grown into the draco of Revelation in fulfilment of the serpent`s promise to Eve in Eden,`You shall be as gods.` In short, Jesus corresponds to the immortal vampire insofar as longevity with awareness through memory of mankind is concerned. But Jesus` God is human insofar as God`s new species of `Woman` with her own penis isn`t a parasite. The serpent`s exhortation to Adam and Eve, `You shall be as gods,` is an encouraging of them to be inhuman and non-human, that is, the aliens of homosexual pederasty and its contagion of devouring warfare. Consequently, God is human but no longer mankind because men aren`t kind. The `woman`s seed` is the future, that is, `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own as a self-reproducer and producer of art, civilization and culture without men. God`s omniscience is that mankind will be superceded by humanity because men are now evil. Those who accept God are God because God is humane and Redemption for mankind is `Woman` because she`s the human species. If mankind doesn`t accept her as the physical embodiment of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, that is, `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, but makes `war in heaven` against the `woman`s seed` (Rev: 12. 17) because she`s independent as `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own, she`ll have a `new heaven and Earth` while the male `serpent`s seed` receives perdition.



 Those who do not accept God are merely egotists who believe that other people have no significance other than to provide them with the opportunity to dominate and devour, which is what those who like sex are persuaded they are for; in BDSM and `snuff` movies, for example. In Arabia is the tradition of the `evil eye`, which is understandable if eyes are for seeing and the Evil One is the `evil I`, that is, the ego that perceives all others as not itself, but is perceived by other individuals - as Adam and Eve perceived it in Eden - as watching with egotistical aims of domination and devourment. Pornography is simply a depiction of the only physical valence human beings possess apart from eating, but humans are taught by the aliens of homosexual pederasty and enslaving war`s contagion that the male penis is pornographic and shouldn`t be seen. Because `Woman` has a penis of her own and, if the penis were liberated, `Woman` as a species would be visible.



 Pornography is definable as evil because men are present therein as parasites upon the flesh of `Woman` who, if she knew she were a species with her own penis, wouldn`t need men at all. In other words, pornography is a valence of homosexual pederasty`s enslavement of `Woman` as a species insofar as it represents the `big lie` that men are humans while they`re actually the evil parasitical alien enslavers of the human species. Pornography is sex education, but with man and woman together. Although sex is jpart of `God`s plan` for mankind`s and humanity`s Redemption, pornography is used to present ignorance as the desirability of remaining innocent, whereas heterosexual education actually signifies the devilling of progress and the devourment of development for `Woman` as a species with her own penis and self-reproductive valence. `Woman` is the future of production and economics but, to be a part of it, mankind would have to accept `futanarian` woman. So far men haven`t and, according to Revelation, the consequence is perdition.

 The `red dragon` of Revelation waits to devour the child who is to dominate on behalf of the woman who gives birth. The child is a dominator, and the dragon is a devourer. The woman will be dominated and devoured, that is, her art, civilization and culture, if the child does not adhere to the conditions of his rulership, which is to protect futanarian `Woman`. Because she represents the human species` future development. Consequently, the `New Redeemer` casts the `Evil One` from heaven and protects the `hidden` woman`s `seed` upon the Earth until she`s ready to emerge. In Genesis the `woman`s seed` is described as leaving the Earth and `bruising the head of the serpent with her foot`, which could coincide with the emergence of her `futanarian` sister . The `Evil One` remains upon the Earth and Jesus` `Second Coming` as the `Sword` of God condemns those who have accepted the evil `serpent`s seed` of sadism towards the enslaved species of `Woman` to perdition, which is unendurable eternal pain.



 God`s creation of a new heaven and Earth signals an end the dominating and devouring by men of `Woman`. She`s God and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which is `the marriage of the lamb`. The evil can never see the `futanarian` marriage of `Woman` with her own penis to  is, herself, and so what occurs must either remain conjecture; or a war will ensue waged by the evil to see what God doesn`t want them to. Because the evil are the parasites that mankind has become and don`t want the human species of futanarian `Woman`. If they found her, they`d blind her, that is, occlude humanity from its own art, civilization and culture. By murdering `Woman` as a species with her own penis, the evil would take control of her `secret places` and Earth would become her prison. Reimposing `concentration camp` enslavement, the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty would continue its war against her. In Revelation the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the child born as the `New Redeemer` with the `iron scepter`. He rules to protect `futanar` woman. If `Woman` wasn`t accepted, the `red dragon` would dominate, enslave and devour her. However, because it `waits in vain`, God`s futanarian `Woman` with her own self-productive valence is new improved humanity and her success is certain.



 When offered the Earth by the `Evil One` while preparing for 40 days in the desert for his teachers` `Mission` to preach the `Word of God`, Jesus replied: `Avoid me.` As a teacher he speaks, but afterwards he comes in Revelation with the Sword. So Jesus avoids evil until he is ready to be a hero. The Bible is the epic engagement of mankind with the forces of evil and Jesus` defeat of the `Evil One` by means of the Sword that wins his `bride`, that is, the `church` after the epic engagement, is the conversion of Jesus` established Christian church to `Woman` as the human species with her own penis. The `marriage of the lamb` is `Woman` as the human species, and `suffer little children` is Jesus` maxim because he could teach them:


 `Jesus Christ! Superstar! Walks like a woman and he wears a bra.`3



Jesus Christ Superstar (1971) was written by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyricist Tim Rice and was a popular playground theme at primary schools. The actual lyric is, `Jesus Christ! Superstar! Do you think you`re what they say you are?` The playground rhyme is Revelation insofar as it represents the subconscious emergence of the truth of Jesus` teachings and the role of `Woman`. If the future of humanity is `futanarian`, Jesus would wear a bra.



 The `marriage of the lamb`, which is Jesus and his `bride`, the `church`, is unknowable. Because the `serpent`s seed` since Eden represents the `enmity` of men towards `woman`s seed`, that is, the products of her own penis as futanar, she`s unknowable after the `marriage of the lamb` when the `woman`s seed` receives a new heaven and Earth from God and the `serpent`s seed` receive perdition as a punishment for attempting to thwart her. In terms of Redemption, mankind would have to accept `Woman` as the human species. If they don`t, God will occlude men from heaven and Earth.

 In Eden, Adam and Eve are describable as originally hermaphroditic: 'Male and female He created them both.' (Gen 1:27). Adam and Eve perceive themselves to be naked, because they are perceived by what isn`t God. The `Evil One`, whose `seed` will be the serpent`s, wants to separate the originally hermaphroditic pairing of Adam and Eve and torment them. Although the penis desires the woman, it is no longer perceived as her penis, which makes her womb `host` to the parasite that will devour her as an alien predator upon her art, civilization and culture in the shape of its undeclared wars against her, which is evident in its later stages of devouring parasitism as the `blood plague` of Revelation, that is, homosexual pederasty`s virality of HIV/AIDS` biological warfare. The evil serpent`s persuading Adam and Eve to eat of the `forbidden fruit` of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil` so that it can `know them` is a metaphor for the separation of the penis of `Woman` from herself. The serpent of Eden represents the valence of evil homosexual pederasty that seeks to know mankind as the people of Sodom and Gomorrah wanted to `know` and were destroyed by God (Gen: 18, 19) because homosexual pederasty`s contagion is war and HIV/AIDS` biological warfare against the `host` wombs of `Woman` and the Earth it devours parasitically in its `developed` stage:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 HIV/AIDS` appearance in the latter stages of the 20th century was described as `an incurable plague of biblical proportions` because homosexual pederasty is evil and, according to Adam and Eve`s experience of the serpent`s poisonous nature in Genesis and Matthew, Mark, Luke and John`s description of Jesus` path to crucifixion in the Gospels, the valence of the `serpent`s seed` is to torment and sadistically torture the human species. Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary prefigures self-reproductive futanarian `Woman`, that is, humanity, and men no longer qualify because they`ve accepted the valence of the serpent as theirs. Jesus was crucified because he was womanless. The side of Christ was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus because Eve was from the side of Adam and Jesus was the `Second Adam`. Consequently, Longinus` spear was probing Jesus` rib to discover the hiding place of the `Second Eve`. The valence of the evil is to take the woman from the side of man, which is the `serpent`s seed` since Eden, that is, the serpent`s seeking to insinuate itself between Eve and Adam. In the realm of the spirit `Woman` corresponds to the Holy Spirit/Paraclete and the evil sepent`s seed wants to insinuate itself there also.



 In the Old Testament the Shekinah is the `spirit of the law` and she dwells within the environs of the Ark of the Covenant where the tablets of the law of God is kept. In terms of the New Testament of Jesus` teachings, the Shekinah corresponds to the Holy/Spirit/Paraclete, which means that the `voice` of God`s law is female. Consequently, if God`s law is to prevail, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as `teacher, guide, comforater and helpmeet` sent by God through Jesus after his crucifixion and death, has to be listened to. Because `Woman` is the human species and unredeemed mankind no longer has a voice. Mankind`s voice is adulterate insofar as it seeks to take `Woman` from the side of `Man`. God`s `futanarian` species of `Woman` with a penis of her own constitutes an independent production, which can`t be separated from the side of herself. To attempt to do so is how God defines evil and so those who seek to thwart `Woman` by adultery are given perdition by God as punishment.



 Jesus` marriage as `the lamb` is what cannot be witnessed by the evil because it`s occluded, but they want to `know` the `bride` in sodomy, that is, through their valence of homosexual pederasty and warfare, which is why Revelation describes `war in heaven` between the `serpent`s seed` and the `woman`s seed` and the inevitable triumph of `Woman`. In Revelation Jesus` `bride` is identified as the `church` but, if humanity is to be `Woman` with her own penis as the human species, Jesus` bride and church won`t be mankind`s. The Christian perspective is that the church as Jesus` bride will rule in heaven for mankind. But God`s heaven is where God rules and `Woman` is the human species whose `marriage with the lamb` of her own church isn`t necessarily mankind`s but is humanity`s.



 Men are rebels against God if they think they can rule in God`s stead in heaven, which is why the serpent in Eden has `enmity` with the Woman; because it rebels against God. Eve, in the guise of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the `Second Eve` from the rib of the `Second Adam`, Jesus. By virtue of Longinus` piercing of Christ`s side at the Messiah`s crucifixion and death, that is, spear birth. The `Second Eve` is preparing to teach mankind Redemption, and to guide mankind along the path of God. Before Jesus` `Second Coming` in Revelation with the `Sword` to deliver `Woman` from sadism and sodomy, that is, the evil `fruit of the tree of the knowledge`, which the serpent originally tempted Eve with in Eden. The `knowing` of sodomy is antithetical to the `knowing` of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which corresponds to Jesus` distillation of `God`s law` as, `love your neighbour as you love yourself`, whereas the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s valence is plague from the `host` womb of `Woman` and war against it and its products of art, civilization and culture. Sadists want to inflict pain on those who know each other in God because each can see the others with the eyes of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. Jesus was crucified because the `serpent`s seed` didn`t want Christian knowledge, that is, `woman`s seed`, because the Holy Spirit/Paraclete would have eyes to see. As the number of Christian eyes grew so the number of evil eyes would dwindle. The evil wouldn`t be able to occlude the good and would be themselves extinguished.



 Those who `know` through the Holy Spirit/Paraclete have the sundering pain of separation from God because the evil want to `know` only sodomy and sadism. Only men are capable of sodomy so Redemption is for them. `Woman` can`t sodomize and the `Assumption of the Virgin Mary`2 in Catholicism underlines her essentially redeemed nature. She is assumed to belong in heaven since the beginning of creation. God`s punishment for anal sex is the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS because homosexual pederasty is not only sterile but represents the enslavement of `Woman` as a species to further its valence of contagion through warfare by means of its boy sons, that is, its parasitical poisons against the Earth. Effectively, God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because homosexual pederasts don`t want a vagina of their own but seek to enslave. Consequently, God`s creation of `Woman` as an independent  species with her own penis is God`s final exclusion of homosexual pederasty from the creation.



 Upon the cross Jesus represents `Woman` and the desire of the `serpent`s seed` that mankind should have lived without her. The spear of Longinus pried into the side of Jesus to discover her. As the `Second Eve` the Holy Spirit/Paraclete effectively emerged from the rib of Jesus as the `Second Adam` when Christ`s side was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion to continue the `Mission` as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` in promulgation of the teachings of Redemption through the love of God`s `Woman`.

 Redemption requires acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, but the spear of Longinus in Jesus` side is a symbol of mankind`s desire to `know` her in homosexual pederasty. Men didn`t accept the teachings of Jesus but wanted to `know` Christ., and Longinus` spear seeking to discover the Holy Spirit/Paraclete by the side of Christ is a symbol of mankind`s desire to `know` her sadistically too.The Holy Spirit/Paraclete by the side of the `Second Adam`, that is, Jesus Christ, wasn`t visible. But the existence of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is described as a reality in the Bible. Consequently, Jesus` torturers were tormenting a blind man who wanted to see. As `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` the Holy Spirit/Paraclete corresponds to Antigone in the more ancient story of Oedipus who married his mother, Jocasta, and blinded himself because of the power of the incest taboo amongst the Greeks. Antigone, Oedipus` daughter, became the Holy Spirit/Paraclete for Oedipus as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` to his blindness. But Antigone`s selflessness is similar to Christ`s insofar as helplessness against the desire to be good is what sadism preys on. Antigone`s Christ-like desire to help self-blinded Oedipus is the evil`s mockery of `Woman`, who wastefully uses her eyes to guide men who don`t want to see rather than develop her own species` valence.

 Homosexual pederasty and enslavement of the `host` wombs of women to further spread their contagion of war was the basis of ancient Greek society. Recognizing that `Woman` was a species with her own penis would have been an eye-opener. Consequently, homosexual pederasty would have to blind mankind to that realization in order to maintain its parasitism and enslavement of the `host` wombs of women. The story of Oedipus, Jocasta and Antigone, which the dramatist Sophocles portrayed in Oedipus Rex, is an explication of homosexual pederasty`s blindness and blindings. According to Jesus, `love your neighbour as you love yourself` was a self-evident truth because you are your neighbour, and so Oedipus` marriage to his mother Jocasta is, in Christian terms, `love your neighbour as you love yourself`. But the strength of the incest taboo causes Oedipus to not want to see. Because nausea and disgust at `Woman` is one of the methods employed by homosexual pederasty. In preventing `Woman` from being seen as the human species with a penis of her own, that is, with an independent reproductive and economic valence, the devouring monster of homosexual pederasty ensures the breeding of `boy sons` for the spreading of its contagion of warfare, which in the latter stages of the 20th centrury had developed into the `poisons` of HIV/AIDS. The `boy sons` of the `red dragon` of Revelation were spreading its `poisons` in `biological warfare` against the wombs of women who`d been the hosts to its parasitism.

 The Roman centurion Longinus` spear probing the side of Jesus for the Holy Spirit/Paraclete by Christ`s side is a precuror of the mocking of the blind by those who can see because they have put out your eyes. Just as Oedipus can`t see that he is Jocasta, and homosexual pederasty`s incest taboo tells him he mustn`t, because then he`d know God`s `Woman`, so Jesus` Holy Spirit/Paraclete is `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` for those who want to see. Consequently, the aim of the evil is to blind and torment. If Eve was from Adam`s side in Eden and Jesus was the `Second Adam` from whose side pierced by Longinus` spear effectively emerged the `Second Eve` as the omnipresent but invisible Holy Spirit/Paraclete, adultery would be the `Original Sin`. Because the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as `Second Eve` from the side of Jesus as `Second Adam` would be the `spirit of Eve` taken from Adam`s side by the evil serpent of Eden. Jesus couldn`t see the `spirit of Eve` because Christ was blind. But Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary as a prefiguration of the `futanarian` female with her own penis and capacity to self-reproduce without male semen. Consequently, although the serpent was able to take `Woman` from the side of mankind without its being seen, God`s omniscience prevails insofar as God`s providence and foresight reveals men`s desire is to be blind and without  `Woman`, that is, the human species, which is separated from mankind`s blinding because it doesn`t need men`s `seed` to see.



 Misers don`t want `Woman` to be seen or spoken to. The misers don`t have the `Sword` of God but the Sword of the misers, that is, the sodomizers, who don`t want the Holy Spirit/Paraclete to be seen or spoken to either. Because the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is `Woman` in the realm of the spirit. The Sword of the misers is a blinding weapon, which removes sightedness because homosexual pederasty is an enslaver of the `host` wombs of women and, if the teachings of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete guided mankind, the `red dragon` of war would be exposed:


`Look at the King! Look at the the King! Look at the King, the King, the King!
The King is in the altogether, but altogether, the altogether
He's altogether as naked as the day that he was born
The King is in the altogether, but altogether, the altogether
It's altogether the very least the King has ever worn.` The King`s New Clothes (1952)



The song from the Hans Christian Andersen Hollywood movie starring Danny Kaye is about a ruler who`s naked, but his entourage have convinced him he`s wearing the finest clothes until one morning they encounter a boy who doesn`t understand that he isn`t supposed to see. If a woman with a penis were to stand beside a woman without a penis and a king were to stand with her, it`d be The Emperor`s New Suit (1837) again. In biblical terms, the boy represents the `New Redeemer` `born to the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who rules with an `iron scepter` to protect her while she is `hidden`. Because the king in the Hans Christian Andersen folktale represents the paucity of the argument that mankind is protective of the species `Woman` because he can`t stand naked alongside her without his ridiculousness being evident. Consequently, blindness is what he wants. Lest his penis be seen to be inferior to that of the human species.



 The sodomiser employs the `Sword` of the miser to separate `Woman` from the side of mankind by means of her beauty, which homosexual pederasty encourages the eyes to view as more valuable than the environment. Consequently, the world becomes a mirror of evil in which woman`s beauty is all that remains of mankind`s depredations upon the Earth. `Woman` is the dwindling screen of desire. The less visible she is, the more she is desired. While the world collapses into wars of terrror, vendettas and plagues, the mirror of the Earth of `Woman` becomes more evil. Misers want their `treasure` to remain `hidden` because, as all art, civilization and culture emerges from the `host` womb of `Woman`, it is most valuable. However, if `Woman` is deemed to be of more worth than the Earth, it`s because homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon` wants to continue its war against the Earth while mankind remains blinded by the `hidden` beauties of `Woman`.



 In Revelation the `hidden` woman is protected before she leaves Earth and the `woman`s seed` receives a new heaven and Earth from God. Mankind as the miserly captors of `Woman` don`t want her to leave and would blind everyone to her existence. With the exception of cinema and magazine representations that, dwindlingly alluring over the internet, falsely encourage belief in the beauty of `Woman` rather than the Earth. Arousing the libidic energy of the human species` of `Woman` with a penis` sexual instincts which, transformed into spiritual and intellectual knowledge, has its desire for the stars diverted into intercontinental ballistic missiles rather than spaceplanes to take her to Venus, homosexual pederasty`s depictions of `Woman` are designed to inspire false hope in the future. But long enough for the misers to murder `Woman` rather than allow the human species` penis to escape its parasitical enslaver and devourer.



 The misers of sodomy, that is, the sodomizers, seek to replace `Woman` by the side of mankind with themselves as evil spirits and HIV/AIDS is a manifestation of the spirit of evil homosexual pederasty, which seeks to insinuate itself spiritually by means of anal sex in order to come between the soul of the individual and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung the soul of mankind is described as female, that is, the anima, whereas the Shekinah or `spirit of the law of God` in the Old Testament and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete that effectively emerges from the side of Jesus when pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus is the `Second Eve` from the `Second Adam` and so is female also. According to Jungian psychology the spirit of `Woman` is definable as a group of men to which the female ego responds. Jung calls this the anmus, and doesn`t ascribe to `Woman` the properties of a soul. If `Woman` is the human species with its own penis, the appearance of men in her psyche, that is, dreams, art and imagination, is as a predator upon her species, which explains her animus. Jung views the collective unconscious of humanity as the source of all creativity and inventiveness, that is, dreams, art and the imagination is the souce of civilization and culture. Consequently, the male imago in the unconscious of `Woman` exists as her devourer. Jungian psychology doesn`t detect her as having a soul because she is a soul and, in the realm of the spirit, she corresponds to the Shekinah or Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`. What Jung identifies as the animus of `Woman` isn`t her spirit at all but the soul-eater.



 In animist societies the camera lens is feared because photographers are perceived as soul-catchers. In the video single for Oops I Did It Again pop star Britney Spears explores the concept of the soul-eater. In her red pilot` suit she hooks her spaceman and winches him up above herself wearing a white bikini dress. Beside his space helmet are the tines of a giant`s fork, which is in accordance with the `giant` motif of the video. Britney descends inside a giant`s ring at the beginning because it`s `One small step for a man, one giant leap for makind,` which are the words spoken by Apollo 11`s Neil Armstrong as the USA`s first man on the moon from the NASA space programme in 1969. The camera beside his space helmet marks him as a soul-eater because the male`s supposed desire for `Woman` is conditioned and fake.

In symbolic terms, Britney`s the red sun of Japan and a kamikaze pilot because of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to the `New Redeemer` while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour him. In historical terms, the sneak attack on the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbour by the red sun of Japan`s kamikaze pilots and the equally unheralded attack by Al Qaeda terrorists, whose symbol is the yellow moon, upon `Liberty` at the mouth of New York Harbour when hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on Manhattan island on 9/11 2001, is `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth in the jaws of the devouring male. In Oops I Did It Again Britney presents herself as the white female moon whereas the moon of Arabia is traditionally male. Recorded in 1999 Oops I Did It Again predates 9/11 2001 but the tines of the giant`s fork beside her astronaut`s space helmet and camera suggests that he represents mankind as the soul-eater and devourer of `Woman` as the human species and that this is what concerns her.

 In Jungian psychology Logos or the `Word of God`, which becomes Jesus as the Sword against the evil in Revelation, is male and is symbolized by the sun, whereas the moon is female and is identified as the principle of Eros, that is, relatedness and relationships, which is symbolized as the moon. If `Woman` is a species with her own penis as `futanarian`, her male principle is Logos and her female principle is Eros, which are symbolized in Revelation by the figure of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to the `New Redeemer` who will protect her with his `iron sceptre`. In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears depicts the psychological mechanism of the male spirit, which corresponds to the animus of Jungian psychology, that is, the male imago to which the female is conditioned to react as if to sexual desire. If the male is a devourer of `Woman` as the human species, her initial conditioning is to accept a symbiotic relationship. The male`s latent stage is a masquerade of sexual desire masking its active stage of devouring parasitism. Because relationships and relatedness is associated with the female principle of Eros, which is symbolized by the moon, an attack upon the female moon by the male moon was predictable, and 9/11 was an attack upon `Liberty` by the yellow male Arabian moon of Al Qaeda.

 The symbolism accords with the biblical prophecy of `the woman clothed with the [red] sun [of Japan] and with the [yellow] moon [of Al Qaeda] at her feet`, which signals the birth of the `New Redeemer` after the defeat of Japan in 1945 and George W. Bush`s declared `War On Terror` (2003-) against Osama Ben Ladan`s Al Qaeda. But the symbolism of `the man on the moon` is of a parasitical devourer keeping `Woman` as the human species imprisoned upon the Earth in order to periodically consume her art, culture and civilization. In Revelation God gives the `woman`s seed`, that is `Woman` with her own `futanarian` penis, a new heaven and Earth, while the parasitical non-relationship with men as the feigned symbiosis is dissolved and unredeemed mankind receive perdition as punishment.



 In the Bible God destroys the `cities of the plains` (Gen: 18, 19), that is, Sodom and Gomorrah, because of homosexual pederasty and its spreading of its contagions. At the beginning of the 21st century New York and the Pentagon were the suicide targets of terrorist passenger plane hijackers and so corresponded to the `cities of the planes`.  In 20th century terms, Gomorrah was `Camorra`, which is `mafia`. The atttacks on Pearl Harbour by the red sun of Japan`s kamikaze suicide pilots in 1945, and on `Liberty` in New York Harbour by the yellow moon of Al Qaeda`s kamikaze plane hijackers in 2001, were aspects of `the cities of the plains`, that is, Sodom and Gomorrah, insofar as Pearl Harbour and New York Harbour represented acts perpetrated by the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty (Sodom) and devouring war, and the vendetta of `Camorra` (Gomorrah). If the USA`s destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by dropping atomic bombs from planes to end WWII effects a correspondence between those `cities of the planes` and the `cities of the plains`, that is, Sodom and Gomorrah, Pearl Harbour and `Liberty` in New York Harbour on 9/11 represent the beginnings of God`s victory over Sodom and its `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war, and vengeance against Gomorrah`s baleful moon of `Camorra` and perpetuation of mafia vendetta.



The `Camorra` motif in The Godfather (1972) Hollywood movie about the mafia starring Marlon Brando is of the puppeteer pulling the strings of terror and vendetta, which denies `Woman`, that is, God`s Holy Spirit/Paraclete as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, in favour of the evil spirit of `action` represented by the `boy sons` of homosexual pederasty`s war god Mars` children, that is, the `poisons` of HIV/AIDS` `biological warfare` against the `host` womb of `Woman` as the human species attacked by the parasitical devouring virality of what once was understood to be human. The evil spirit of `action` in accordance with the devouring parasitical aims of homosexual pederasty and its god Mars is perceived by the individually acting ego as `demonic` possession by what the USA`s first Grand Master of science fiction Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88) described in his novel The Puppet Masters (1951) as `slugs`:


`Earth was being invaded by aliens and the top security agencies were helpless: the aliens were controlling the mind of every person they encountered. So it was up to Sam Cavanaugh, secret agent for a powerful and deadly spy network, to find a way to stop them--which meant he had to be invaded himself!`4


The typical 50s alien invasion scenario is identifiable as mafia or `Camorra`. It`s no accident that `slugs` are a euphemism for bullets because, if people won`t do what the mafia bullies want them to, its coercion or execution. When H. G. Wells` War Of The Worlds was broadcast as a radio play in 1938 by director Orson Welles several people suicided because they believed the alien invasion to be real. When viewers saw the hijacked planes crashing into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre on 9/11, 2001, many believed it to be a Hollywood movie, and later World Trade Centre (2006) starring Nicholas Cage was indeed filmed as what was effectively a 50s style alien invasion movie.

  9/11 was 50s style because `Woman` is the human species with her own penis and self-productive `new` economic valence while mankind is no longer human but represents demonic alien possession. Many 50s movies such as It Came From Outer Space (1953) or Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956), and even Robert A. Heinlein`s 50s novel The Puppet Masters, which was made into a 1994 film starring Donald Sutherland, feature alien possession by `slugs`, etc. The alien invasion theme masks the identity of the aliens, who are men as the devouring parasite of enslaved `Woman` and the human species. As Robert A. Heinlein`s character Sam observes, `... he had to be invaded himself!` Sam decides he has to accept the virus in order to understand and deal with it, which is a typical theme of science fiction. But so is Heinlein`s perception in the short story `They` (1941) where, to understand the `Glaroon`, is to be `assimilated`. 9/11 was mankind attacking itself in a 50s style alien invasion movie to present itself in the second Gulf War (2001-12) and the `War On Terror` (2003-) as the protector of `Woman` as the human species.  Whereas its 50s alien invasion movie has been going on since the dawn of recorded history. So `Woman` as the human species can be destroyed in mankind`s genocidal wars against even her `host` womb. Fooled by its propoganda wars of 50s alien invasion movies from Hollywood, `Woman` believes she`s being defended while the evil alien parasite devours her whilst pretending `heroism`.



 Osama Ben Ladan was from a rich Saudi Arabian family who espoused `Camorra`, that is, the Taliban`s mafia style vendettas against the `woman` seed` of Arabia, that is, `Woman` with a desire to learn and be educated, which USA`s President George W. Bush labelled gangsterism. The demolishing of the `Twin Towers` was a raising of `woman`s seed` to the ground in the `Big Apple`. The Hindu name for the Muladhara chakra at the base of the spine is `Vam`, which suggests `the base`, that is,.Al Qaeda, represents the traditional vampire that doesn`t want `Woman` to escape from its devouring parasitism. For Al Qaeda the `Big Apple` represents the throat chakra of the Hindu system, which is Visuddha or `Ham` and so the image of the pig with the apple in its mouth is prominent in the symbolism because ham or pig meat is forbidden or haraam to Arabians while Westerners are big pig eaters:


`The healthfulness of the fifth chakra is in relation to how honestly one expresses himself/herself. Lying violates the body and spirit. `5



  In the Hindu system `Ham` is the power of the voice and so the USA was being attacked on the foundations of its truth. Ancient Greece was founded on the enslavement of `Woman` for the purposes of spreading the contagion of homosexual pederasty and its `gay boy sons`, that is, its contagion of war that had become its `gay poisons ` of HIV/AIDS` `biological warfare` against `woman`s seed` by the end of the 20th century. In other words, the raising to the ground of the World Trade Centre was an attempt to  reestablish the Graeco-Roman foundations of `rough trade` through worship of homosexual pederasty`s war god Mars.

 The paradigm is the Greek horse before the walls of Troy, which was hollow and was taken into the city where Greeks emerged to capture the city for homosexual pederasty and the furthering of its contagion. The Trojans had accepted the huge wooden horse as a `friendship gift`, and the feigning of friendship was what the 9/11 hijackers and the HIV/AIDS` cell represent. The 9/11 Arabian terrorists bought tickets as tourists at Boston airport and the HIV/AIDS` cell contaminates the human system by pretending to be a white cell of the body`s defences. Consequently, 9/11 was a Greek horse and a paradigm of homosexual pederasty`s treacherous and cowardly virality, which is what Mars, god of war, represents. Because the human system lives by defence and invading war signals defeat.



 After the fall of Troy, legend has it that Prince Aeneas founded a colony in Britain, which later constructed the British Empire and the United States of America threw off its yoke in 1776. Consequently, 9/11 was an attempt to restore worship of Mars, the god of war, where `Liberty` was endeavouring to give birth to the `New Redeemer` by means of the truth that the `Big Apple` of the `woman`s seed` had nurtured since Eden. Because Mars` war god of homosexual pederasty is the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for the `woman`s seed` since Eden, the `biological warfare` of sodomy and  `Camorra`, that is, the vendetta of the `serpent`s seed` against `Woman`, is the meaning of God`s destruction of `the cities of the plains`, Sodom and Gomorrah, and the significance of Pearl Harbour and New York Harbour as the birthplaces of the `New Redeemer` born to `Liberty`, that is, the `woman clothed with the sun [of the USA`s atomic bombing by planes of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to end WWII in 1945 ] and with the moon [ of Al Qaeda, and `the base` attack of the `beasts` of Revelation upon her foundations in 2001 ] at her feet`, which is the pedestal upon which freedom stands in `the cities of the planes` of the United States of America.

 9/11 was an alien invasion plot designed to focus attention on men in business suits. `Woman` as a species with her own penis and self-reproduction constitutes a separate economic valence. The World Trade Centre was chosen because `rough trade` is the name used by homosexuals to describe boys who would be out of reach of pederasty unless economically depressed. The Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre were destroyed because homosexual pederasty wanted the world to be a `rough trade` centre without the new economics represented by the valence of `Woman` with a penis as the human species.



The traditional appeal of `Camorra` is to family, that is, man and woman with their children in heterosexuality and monogamy, but 9/11 was a prototypical 50s alien invasion style plot with terrorist hijackers crashing planes into the Twin Towers of New York to divert attention away from `Woman` as the human species and back towards the aliens in business suits whose `rough trade` is in the `boy sons` of war.  Waging poisonous vendettas against `woman`s seed`, that is, the gay boy sons` poisons of  thankless homosexual pederasty`s HIV/AIDS` `biological warfare` upon the womb of `Woman` that had hosted its evil parasitism, heterosexuality and monogamy was a cover for homosexual pederasty`s devouring parasitism.



 Because `Woman` as a `futanarian` species with her own penis and self-reproducive system constituted a threat to the parasitical evil aliens, 9/11 was devised as a means of feigning protectivity from the aliens towards `Woman` as the human species so that the devouring parasite would be able to continue with its enslaving of `Woman` at a low level of technological achievement. Maintaining the imprisonment of `Woman` to kill her as a species in its periodic genocidal wars against her art, culture and civilization, the evil parasitical `serpent`s seed` and `perpetual enmity`.of men towards `woman`s seed` masquerades as her defender against itself:


`How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!`6



 In the Hindu system of chakra levels of spiritual and intellectual development the base of the spine is associated with family and is called the Muladhara chakra. The translation of the Arabian word `Al Qaeda` is `the base`, which suggests that Osama Ben Ladan`s terrorist organisation represented `Camorra` insofar as it doesn`t want humanity to be anything other than a reproductive system for homosexual pederasty and war. The `Big Apple` of New York was chosen because `Adam`s apple` is the common name for the epiglottis, which is situated in the throat and is an area of the body that corresponds to the fifth chakra in the Hindu ladder of the developing of raised human consciousness. The destruction of the Twin Towers was a raising to the ground, that is, of consciousness to the `base`, which is Muladhara and denotes parasitical values insofar as heterosexuality and monogamy denote the enslavement of `Woman` to a devourer.

 Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because God hates homosexual pederasty and its false family values. Heterosexuality and monogamy are a fake symbiosis designed to lull the parasite`s victim into feelings of protection while the latent symbiotic phase develops from the `serpent`s seed` into the devouring `red dragon`. In Genesis (3. 15) God tells Eve that the `serpent`s seed` will have `perpetual enmity` with the `woman`s seed`, which accords with the notion of Gomorrah as representing family vendettas, that is, the mafia values of `Camorra`. God`s destruction of Gomorrah was because of his hatred for the `serpent`s seed` and its `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed`, which is manifested through homosexual pederasty`s wearing of the guise of heterosexual monogamy and support for the family.



 As a parasitical virality the `serpent`s seed` represents the vendetta of `Camorra` against the `woman`s seed`, which is `Woman` as a species with her own penis and economic productive valence. In Revelation `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to her protector, that is, the `New Redeemer`, while the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour him, which means `Woman` is protected by God.



  9/11`s attempt to prevent the dawn of humanity instead heralded the birth of the `New Redeemer` because of God`s `Providence`. The defeat of the `red sun` of Japan in 1945, and the attack upon `Liberty` in 2001 by the `yellow moon` of Al Qaeda, was the child of humanity born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. According to Revelation the `red dragon` of Sodom, that is, homosexual pederasty and war, and `Camorra` which is the `perpetual enmity` of the mafia families of the `serpent`s seed` for the `futanarian` family of the `woman`s seed`, wasn`t able to prevent the birth of the `New Redeemer`, who actually can protect the `woman`s seed` with his `iron scepter`. The `boy sons` of `Camorra` are the `poisons` of homosexual pederasty`s `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS in its vendetta against even the `host` wombs of the women who have borne the evil parasites.



 The mafia in their 50s style alien invasion movie are aliens who don`t want humanity to progress beyong their demonic possession and subjection. The consumer in the local supermarket is idientified as an alien by the floorwalker as soon as he/she approaches the food counter. In the local bank the security guard announces the appearance of the alien before the customer even has a moment to open a cheque book. The ticket inspector declares his intention to unmask the alien even before getting onto the bus to inspect tickets. The alien is here amongst the human species and everywhere he is declaring humanity to be the invader of its own space and time. Their `knowing` is `Camorra`, which is the vendetta of the camera`s surveillance that picks out the human as the alien`s victim. Sharon Stone in the Hollywood movie Sliver (1993) prefigured the future of the human species on Earth kept under watchful eye by its alien predators. Sliver represents the `come, horror` of sexual perversion in which individuals are tortured by the evil alien parasite for experiencing ejaculation:


`Come together right now over me.`7



  In sexual terms, the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are represented in the 21st century by HIV/AIDS` encouraging sodomy and the vendetta of `Camorra` through BDSM, which promotes unconsensual sex as `playful` bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism, but in Christianity obedience to God`s plan for reproduction doesn`t require sadisitc coercion. Nor does the individual buying a burger from McDonald`s ask to be identified by the alien security guard as a space invader before he eats; eating being the other physical valence of human beings besides ejaculation. The aliens are tormenting the humans` physical valences of ejaculation and eating, and the human species has only those two physical valences. BDSM and sodomy represent sex for the aliens who want to `know` humans and have convinced the humans that ejaculation and eating, that is, the physical valences of humanity, are frowned upon as evil alien behaviour by the Earth`s guards who see themselves as the actors in the 50s alien invasion movie that they`ve turned the supermarket, bank and bus passengers into.



 In Toxic (2004) Britney Spears sang `Your toxic gun slipping under`, which refers to the toxicity of a male penis with HIV/AIDS, and the horror of life lived in terror of it: `With a taste of poison paradise, I'm addicted to you.` It`s the threat to the American Dream of innocent progress, development, and Manifest Destiny. 2001`s 9/11 was premeditated horror and terror equivalent in sexual terms to BDSM, where two passenger planes, submitting to domination and bondage, sado-masochistically were `allowed` through because they seemed `civil` to US` radar. Acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` of the soul allows the individual to travel. Because they`re welcome. The 9/11 terrorists represented the evil spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah, that is, the vendetta of `Camorra` and the devouring parasite of Greek sodomy, which model of contagion is homosexual pederasty and viral invasion, Just as the Greeks before Troy feigned friendship to the Trojans in order to gain access by means of the hollow wooden horse in which they hid, so the Arabian terrorists pretended to be tourists in order to board and hijack civilian passenger planes to use as Greek horses and crash them into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre. Obviously, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete wasn`t with the terrorists and their journey ended in a culdesac . It`s a dead end without the Holy Spirit/Paraclete because the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` doesn`t go that way.



 The spirit of the 9/11 terrorists was that of sodomy and `Camorra` but they were welcome guests of the United States of America, which means they betrayed hospitality first and, in Christian terms, corresponded to Judas who, having broken bread and drunk wine with Jesus at the `Last Supper`, betrayed him to his death.  Jesus had Resurrection and Ascension because of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete but sodomy and `Camorra` is hated by God and that path isn`t welcome in heaven because its the spirit of evil. human beings have only two physical valences; eating and ejaculation. Jesus` distillation of the law of God is `love your neighbour as you love yourself` because love is the valence of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. Christianity is very simple; love is the spiritual valence of God, and to have Salvation it is only necessary to love:


`All you need is love.
All you need is love.
All you need is love, love.
Love is all you need.`8



 Although art, civilization and culture are spiritual products from the `host` womb of `Woman`, higher spiritual levels of creativity and inventiveness derive from humanity`s valences of eating, sex, and love. The desire to hang curtains necessitates the purchase of a stepladder, which is consumption, that is, a form of desire associated with eating, whereas the closing of the curtains in the evening so that the couple can enjoy sexuality presupposes the third valence of love. Everything derives from the basic three valences. But love doesn`t require the individual to be the inventor of higher technologies,  although development is an aspect of the transformation of sexual libido or instinct into spiritual and intellectual growth through love for something. In simple terms, Jesus represents the Messiah because he advocates love and technology, that is, the transcendence of sexual desire for spiritual and intellectual advancement. Although love is enough to save the soul, because it`s tacit acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, the alien parasitical enslavers of `Woman`, as the `host` womb of the human species, do so for the purpose of birthing its devouring monster of homosexual pederasty and warfare. Exercising the `spirit of Sodom`, the `serpent`s seed` enslaves love`s valence for the production of art, culture and civilization. Expressing the `spirit of Gomorrah`, that is, the vendetta of `Camorra`, or `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` since Eden for `woman`s seed`, the spirits of evil seek to destroy the daughters of Eve, who are the Earth`s true family.



 `Camorra` is the unforgiving spirit of `perpetual enmity` borne towards `woman`s seed` by the `serpent`s seed`. In simple terms, the spirit of sodomy and `Camorra` is plague and vendetta through warfare against the family of `Woman` as the human species waged by an evil parasite. Because the species of `Woman` as `futanarian` with a penis of her own is `hidden`, so the true nature of the wars upon the Earth are concealed. The male parasite isn`t attacking itself; it`s doing what parasites do: destroying the `host` species. Just as Judas betrayed the `host` after breaking bread and drinking wine with Jesus, which is called the `host` in the Communion service of Catholicism, that is, the `bread and the wine` as symbols of the acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, so the 9/11 terrorists betrayed their American `host`, symbolized by `Liberty` in New York harbour because, rather than the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, they had embraced the evil spirit of the destroyer of `Woman` and her Earth. Because it isn`t in the nature of parasites to love.



 Jesus taught Redemption through love, which is the spiritual valence of the human, whereas the two physical valences are eating and orgasm. In Judaism the Messiah isn`t acknowledged as Jesus. But Christ`s valence of love, that is, the transformation of eating and sex into technological advancement through consumerism and the desire for life, prefigures the machine that cares for the human, which would be `Meshiahn` and the fulfilment of Jesus` teachings because `Woman` as the human species would be protected from mankind as her destroyer. Consequently, the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who gives birth to the `New Redeemer` with the `iron scepter` to protect her while she remains `hidden` upon the Earth, would be the `Meshiahn`, that is, the humanized machine, or robot, that wouldn`t allow the spirit of evil to destroy the Earth. Because it`s `human` programming wouldn`t allow it. In simple terms, the programmer with the Holy Spirit/Paraclete could program machines to protect the human valences of eating and sex. The machine would be the `Messiah` because programmed to protect `Woman` as the human species with her own penis` love valence in terms of art, civilization and culture. Although Jesus` teachings would qualify him as the Messiah, the `Meshiahn` wouldn`t appear until Logos, that is, the spirit or `Word of God` had developed through technological advancement. In terms of Judaism, Jesus won`t be the Messiah until the `Meshiahn`, that is, the `New Redeemer` with the `iron scepter`, appears.



 As Sodom was the place of sodomy and Gomorrah represents the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for the `woman`s seed`, which in the 201st century is the lying `family` values of  `Camorra`, that is, vendetta against `Woman as the human species, so Saddam Hussein (1934-2009), whose, whose name means `crusher` and `small man` represents the idea that men seek to make smaller what is big, and so Al Qaeda`s terrorists attacked the `Big Apple` of the accrued knowledge and wisdom of humankind since Adam and Eve`s expulsion from Eden for accepting the `serpent`, and its evil `seed`, rather than God`s `Big Apple` of immortality from the `tree of life`. In Genesis Eve is described as crushing the head of the `serpent` before she leaves Earth. Saddam Hussein`s name identifies him as a target for the `crusher` because he`s a `small man` who hates what is bigger. The Twin Towers were the most prominent feature on the New York skyline because they were big, which is why the small men of Al Qaeda attacked them. Small men don`t want development or growth because the enslavement of the human species is their aim. As this passage from Gulliver`s Travels illustrates. Gulliver awakes amongs tthe Liliputians of Liliput, who are all small men and have bound him for slavery:


 `I attempted to rise, but was not able to stir: for as I happened to lie on my back, I found my arms and legs were strongly fastened on each side to the ground; and my hair, which was long and thick, tied down I the same manner. I likewise felt several slender ligatures across my body, from my armpits to my thighs. I could only look upwards, the sun began to grow hot, and the light offended mine eyes. I heard a confused noise about me, but in the posture I lay, could see nothing except the sky.`9


In symbolic terms, Eve is `Liberty` who crushed Saddam Hussein and Osama Ben Ladan`s Al Qaeda because the evil serpent`s seed` wanted her `Big Apple`, which rperesented the fruit of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil` with which the serpent of Eden had tempted Eve. God sent the Holy Spirit/Paraclete to continue Jesus` teachings for the Salvation of the `woman`s seed` and 2000 years after Christ`s crucifixion, death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda attacked New York`s `Big Apple` of Eve`s wisdom on 9/11, 2001. Because the truth that men were a parasitical virality seeking the destruction of `Woman` as a species with her own penis and economic valence was too much for the little men to swallow. Because Saddam was a `small man`, New York`s `Big Apple` is the `big man` of Eve`s, whose `Adam`s apple` helped humanity to speak its own mind and its voice won`t be silenced.

 Baghdad`s Saddam had a bag put over his head and `to hang by the neck until dead` was the order to the executioners. Because he`d supported Al Qaeda`s small men who wanted to choke off the voice of truth coming from `Liberty` and New York`s symbolic throat chakra of rising developed human consciousness, that is, the `Big Apple` of Adam and Eve in the United States of America. Baghdad`s Saddam was the place of sadness for Adamic man because Jesus` torturers were sadistic towards the Second Adam and Iraq`s Saddam was a small man amongst other small men tormenting a big man with a big voice. Adamic Jesus and the voice of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete emerging from the throat chakra of the `Big Apple` 2000 years after Jesus` founding of Christianity. The United States of America`s `open door` Christian policy does court disaster, and the legend blazoned on the statue of `Liberty` is indicative of Emma Lazarus` hubris in penning 1883`s `The New Colossus`:


`Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!`


 The events of 9/11 don`t detract from the meaning of `Liberty` but the welcome extended to aliens by the United States of America relates to `Sodom and Gomorrah` and the false sexual freedoms implicit in the notion of BDSM, which encourages sodomy, and sadism as an aspect of `Camorra` or vendetta. The murder of Jesus was sadistic because it represented vendetta and `Camorra` aganst Christianity by the families of ancient Rome and their support for the torments of the `circus` in which Christians were later thrown to the lions as sacrifices to their war god Mars and its valence of homosexual pederasty.  Consequently, the United States of America`s `open door` policy of welcoming the detritus of humanity was ultimately an invitation to contagion by those who`d succumbed to the sexual philosophy of BDSM, which argues that bondage and submission to sado-masochism is acceptable. In Revelation the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` is the `biological warfare` of homosexual pederasty and war`s HIV/AIDS against the `host` wombs of women. Because ancient Greece`s symbol of homosexual pederasty and war`s enslavement of women`s `host` wombs to spread its disease is the `Greek horse`, 9/11`s terrorist hijacked planes were `Greek horses` carrying the `blood plague` of vendetta against `Woman` to the `Big Apple` of Eve. But adherance to Jesus` teachings could have prevented the contagion of homosexual pederasty`s worship of the Roman war god Mars from spreading. Because Jesus` door is narrower:


`The door to heaven is narrow. Try hard to enter it. Many people will want to enter there, but they will not be able to go in.` (Luke: 13. 24)


 BDSM signals `danger` and the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of sodomy, that is, HIV/AIDS from blood, shit and semen, and the vendetta of `Camorra` against Jesus` Holy Spirit/Paraclete, who is `Woman` in the spiritual realm as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` and again in the physical world where `Woman` is the `host` womb to the parasites of the `gay boy sons` of homosexual pederasty that destroys her in its variegated vendettas against her. Including the `biological warfare` of the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS, which is the weapon of homosexual pederasty`s that even attacks its own `host` and so is paradigmatic of 9/11 and all other terrorist attacks.

 Although Saddam`s `Big Apple` of Adam`s Eve presaged the birth of the `Second Adam`, that is, the `Second Coming` of Jesus Christ as the `New Redeemer` with the `iron scepter` to protect the `hidden` woman of the Earth that had borne him, the United States` support for Saddam Hussein by giving him the third largest army in the world was an invitation to machismatic Arabia to indulge in the sodomy of homosexual pederasty and war and the vendetta of `Camorra`, which amounted to HIV/AIDS` developing from BDSM and 9/11`s airaids over New York and Arlington`s Pentagon as the airborne equivalent of the `seeds` of the contagion sowed by the United States of America itself when assisting Saddam Hussein. Despite the evidently potent symbolic connection of Iraq`s Saddam to the `Big Apple` of New York`s Adam`s Eve.

 The Iraqi dictator was being asked to indulge in BDSM and the consequence was the spread of wars contagion through terrorism as far as the Western European powers. Terrorist bombings in London`s Underground metro trains on 7/7/2005 could be directly attributed to the United States of America`s inability to interpret its own symbolic structures in terms of the Christian Bible. If the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` was `Liberty`, and the red sun of Japan and the yellow moon of Al Qaeda were her garments of victory over Japanese fascism in 1945 and Islamic fundamentalist terrorism in 2001, Iraq`s Saddam could have been perceived as the Antichrist seeking to take a bite of of New York`s Adam and Eve`s `Big Apple` on 9/11. Because the United States of America supported Saddam, the most obvious conclusion would be that they didn`t want to stop him:


`Almost one hour after the attacks on the London Underground, a fourth bomb was detonated on the top deck of a number 30 double-decker bus, a Dennis Trident 2 (fleet number 17758, registration LX03 BUF, two years in service at the time) operated by Stagecoach London and travelling its route from Marble Arch to Hackney Wick.`10



 9/11 was the Advent of the Antichrist as the exponent of homosexual pederasty and wars` sexual valence of BDSM and its concomitant virality of HIV/AIDS. As the paradigm of the `blood plague` of the Antichrist`s `Camorra` in the shape of `biological warfare` for its vendetta against the `host` wombs of the human species of `Woman`, the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` is for `futanarian` woman with her own penis. Born on the Earth, the `hidden` woman protected by the `New Redeemer` with his `iron scepter`, according to Revelation, is `hidden` until it is time for her to leave for God`s new heaven Earth while the evil `serpent`s seed` receive the punishment of perdition for its `perpetual enmity` against `woman`s seed`.



 If the woman with the red hair standing next to the man at the railway station doesn`t share with the man the understanding that she can have sex with the blonde woman in the railway carriage that he can see waiting for the train to leave, and that the blonde may have a penis of her own, they are part of an alien information system that has interfered with the structure of their human brains so that they`re aliens. In Homeland Defense terms, a human system con only be defended against aliens. However, if the system is alien, there`s no defence. The United States of America is in the position of explaining to the Homeland that it couldn`t defend itself because it`s allowed its people to be educated into accepting aliens rather than humans. Our human systems are vulnerable to attack because the information system is alien to humans and doesn`t permit of the construction of human brains.


`A defense readiness condition (DEFCON) is an alert posture used by the United States Armed Forces. The DEFCON system was developed by the Joint Chiefs of Staff and unified and specified combatant commands. It prescribes five graduated levels of readiness (or states of alert) for the U.S. military, and increase in severity from DEFCON 5 (least severe) to DEFCON 1 (most severe) to match varying military situations.`11



 If you weren`t deaf, you wouldn`t know when to be at DEFCON 1 because the information system is alien. Consequently, US` defences on 9/11 didn`t stop the alien threat to the `Homeland` because aliens are what the system is designed to construct. US Grand Master of science fiction Robert A. Heinlein wrote a novel Time Enough For Love (1973) in which he posited longevity as the expressed need for greater sexual activity, and technological advancements, including bodily rejuvenation, facilitated sex and, indeed, was what technology was for. The management of time in the human system by alien brains is designed primarily to prevent `Woman` from having enough leisure as a byproduct of the development of labour saving devices, to please herself.

 The alien brains don`t want `Woman` to orgasm, because it would mean that she had sufficient technology as the orgasm of `Woman` takes longer to develop. However, penis ejaculation is much more efficient and `Woman` with a penis would obtain sexual gratification after a few minutes. Therefore the suppression of the penis of `Woman` as a species is a form of male cruelty and a concomitant of the alien brains` enslaving of her. Her sisters` lengthened pleasure is given in many `human` societies as a reason for female circumcision to the point at which clitoral pleasure is impossible. Because it interferes with the whores` employment. In other words, men`s system is alien because it is designed to torment `Woman` as the human species. The ensuing Gulf crisis was an alien invasion by `home grown` aliens because that`s what the `builders` wanted:

`An evil group of men has always wanted to rule the entire world. In the past conquest has failed to achieve this, due to the resulting outrage and awareness of the enemy. In our present time an evil group are trying a subtle but effective way to rule. This is to gradually infiltrate and delude the masses into accepting their ideas. Such subtle gradualism, along with distraction (such as unnecessary work, study, entertainment and sport) is being used effectively. Few people will therefore be aware of what is going on.`12



 Because acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is as simple as saying that you are capable of `love` and accept that, sexual desire is the vehicle of human nature, which means the American Dream and the Manifest Destiny of the United States of America is `Woman`, and that`s in accordance with God`s observation in the Bible that the `serpent`s seed` with its `perpetual enmity` towards `woman`s seed` received perdition as a punishment while `Woman` receives a new heaven and Earth. Although the United States is criticised for its emphasis upon `Woman` in its iconographical representation of her in its media, such depictions are entirely in accordance with scripture and the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John`s understanding of Jesus` proselytizings:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Britney Spears Piece Of Me



 Without acceptance of `Woman` as human with a human brain, men will promote an alien system designed to construct aliens, which here upon the Earth as themselves will attack the United States of America, that is, `Liberty`, as a symbol of `Woman`, and the freedom that comes of acting in accordance with Jesus` teachings of the Holy/Spirit/Paraclete. The Christian question is, `Do you accept the Holy Spirit and Jesus` teachings?` The answer is that sexual desire for `Woman` has `love` as its natural spirtitual valence because eating and ejaculation are human nature`s physical valences, which means the acceptable answer is, `Yes`. To suggest more is to be suggestive and advocate the spirit of homosexual pederasty, which is what the Catholic church is often accused of. Because it`s true. If homosexual pederasty`s physical valence is war, its spiritual valence is the equivalent of the HIV/AIDS` cell that asks the body if it`s converted because the Holy Spirit/Paraclete isn`t enough for the homosexual pederast`s evil spirit of possession. William Burroughs, the US science fiction writer once posed the question:


`What moves in when the spirit moves out?`



 Burroughs was a homosexual `junkie` and so the question was easy for him to pose. The spirit of homosexual pederasty is what possesses the body if the love of `Woman`, that is, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, isn`t present. The `Evil One` doesn`t want the human species to continue, or enjoy its physical valences of eating and sexual intercourse, because the penis of `Woman`, and the penis per se, is taboo. In some states of the USA `oral sex` is defined as `sodomy` to underscore homosexual pederasty`s victory over a spiritual aspect of the human mouth`s physical valence. Consequently, an aim of the spirit of evil is to possess the body and speak with its mouth, which is made easier in an alien system without human information to allow the individual to construct a human brain. In short, Burroughs` question wasn`t sufficient. A more pertinent query would have been, `What is it that is so alien it`s prepared to deconstruct the human brain to insinuate the spirit of homosexual pederasty as an acceptable valence? The answer is simply that which seeks the extinction of the human, which is definable as `Woman` or the `woman`s seed` because homosexual pederasty is her would be extinguisher.

 Saddam Hussein`s army might be described as the might of Saddam, that is, Saddam might, which denotes power, valence and possibility. Saddam might have defended freedom in the Middle East, that is `Liberty`, which is why the USA gave him the third largest army on Earth. But he decided to attack Kuwait with the `Saddamites`. The Iraqi army`s invasion of Kuwait was a form of homosexual parasitism, that is, `sodomite`, which is what the small men who invaded the Emir of Kuwait`s home represent. The body of the Earth is art, civilization and culture from the `host` womb of `Woman` as the human species. Alien invaders are her `sodomites`, which gives meaning to the name of Saddam, `the mite`, where `Hussein` means `small, handsome man`. and `the mites of Saddam` were the soldiers of the Republican Guard. Although `sodomite` is a term that directly refers to a place, that is, Sodom, `Saddamite` would indicate a follower of Saddam Hussein, the glamour of the `small handsome man` with the machismo and the moustache who, as the epitomy of the `gay biker` attractive to homosexuals, was a single individual, that is, a `mite` and not a city, like Sodom, or a nation as, for example, the Hittites, who were descended from Ham and his son Canaan, who gave his name to the `Promised Land`, which the Jews received from God after their exodus from slavery in Egypt.



 Saddam Hussein`s `Saddamites` weren`t representative of a city or nation, but of the animal magnetism of the homosexual pederast, which is viral in nature. The Saddamites` `contagion`, as the spiritual equivalent of HIV/AIDS towards the body of the Earth, represent the degeneration of the human species because, effectively, they`re terrified of what is greater and seek to devour it. Not merely due to its size, but because that`s what parasites do. Having constructed an alien system that makes it impossible to construct human brains, the `serpent`s seed` have degenerated the humans so that they too have become parasitical aliens with `perpetual enmity` towards `woman`s seed`. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the [red] sun [of Japan`s defeat in WWII] and with the [yellow] moon [of Al Qaeda`s defeat in WWIII] at her feet` gives birth to `he who rules with the iron scepter`. According to scripture, the `New Redeemer` is Jesus in his `Second Coming` role, so he would be the giant that the small men don`t want. Consequently, the `red dragon` of the `serpent`s seed` in Revelation is whoever has been prepared to prevent Jesus` Redemption and so is depicted as waiting to devour him. In vain.



 According to Revelation Jesus rules on behalf of `Woman` until the `Evil One` is extinguished. The machismo of BDSM and HIV/AIDS ar ethe physical and spiritual valnces of the `Saddamite`, which in historical terms denotes the rulership of royalty, which was responsible for WWI, followed by that of the terrorist dictators, who may be collectively perceived as charismatic mites because they don`t represent anything but themselves. `Liberty` in New York harbour represents the triumph of the `seed` of the `hidden woman`, that is, Eve`s Holy Spirit/Paraclete, at the `Big Apple` where `clothed with the sun` of her victory over the royalty of the British,13 German and Japanese Emperors in WWI and with `the moon` of Al Qaeda `at her feet`, the USA represents triumph over the global mites of terrorist dictatorships that superceded such dynastical monsters as King George I, Kaiser Wilhelm II, and Emperor Hirohito. Saddam Hussein  was the last of the mites who sought to prevent the innocent progression of the American Dream and its technological fulfilment in Manifest Destiny through God`s `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, that is, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the developer of humanity`s instincts into intellectual creativity and invention.



 Saddam Hussein means `crusher` and `small man`. As a bigger man, he`ll crush the smaller, and as a smaller man he`ll seek to make the bigger even smaller than the small man he is, which seems `human` unless we comprehend that it`s the `woman`s seed` he`s measuring. The serpent`s seed`s system is designed to prevent `Woman` from remembering how much she`s been abused by homosexual pederasty`s `perpetual enmity` for her species. The pop group The Who once sang the lyric from Substitute, `I hope I die before I get old.` Homosexual pederasty wants `Woman` to die before she gets old so she doesn`t remember her abuser. The scientific development of longevity by means of technological developments and medical treatments is the `Wise Old Woman` to defeat homosexual pederasty because the `serpent`s seed` doesn`t want development. Pederasty wants `boy sons`, which are the `poisons` spreading the `serpent`s seed` of `perpetual enmity` of hatred for the human species of `Woman` in its wars and `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS against the `host` womb for its alien brain.



 The information system of the `serpent`s seed` declares its `perpetual enmity` for the human species everywhere, and is represented by its education programme to transform them from human into alien. Put simply, Christianity`s `Virgin Mary` gave birth to Jesus without male semen and, in his `Second Coming, Jesus as the `New Redeemer` protects the `hidden woman`, that is, `Woman` as a species with her own penis and socio-historical valence. Consequently, Mary is a prefiguration of `Woman` as a species that`s self-fertilizing and self-productive. Without an education programme that promulgates a human information system, the `big lie` that men are unredeemed parasitical life forms is disseminated to impressionable human brains and, as a consequence, humanity is now alien.



In the developmental psychology of Carl Jung, the symbol of the Ourobouros serpent is self-fertilizing and self-begetting, but also self-devouring. Because it represents the symbiosis of the `small man` with the species of `Woman` with her own self-reproductive valence. The `Saddamite` becomes parasitical in its final stages and, at the last, becomes the devouring `red dragon` depicted in Revelation. Because `Woman` is the human species, the parasite doesn`t want her to reproduce or develop. Its devouring wars against `Woman`, that is, art, civilization and culture from her `host` womb, would reach cessation and its evil would devour itself. Without a human education `Woman` as the parent of the species would succumb to the virality of the parasite`s information system, which is attempting to give her a brain as alien as itself to help in her own devourment of herself.

 Britney Spears on the cover of her CD Piece Of Me appears on the cross of Jesus. Because of Longinus` role at Jesus` crucifixion, where the spear of the Roman centurion effectively pierced the side of Christ to birth the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam`, Piece Of Me denotes the role of `Woman` by the side of humanity; either as physical `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, or as spiriual Holy Spirit/Paraclete, who corresponds to the `hidden woman` taught by Jesus and protected by Christ as the `New Redeemer`, that is, `Woman` as a species with her own penis. In Oops I Did It Again Britney was figuratively moving back to the South from her California days on Mickey Mouse Club to present herself as Pixie and Dixie, who were two cartoon Southern mice that had `perpetual enmity` with Mr Jinx, the cat: `I hate those meeces to pieces.` in her red `catsuit`, she raises her spaceman by means of  a hook and pulley, which is a comment on children`s education. Suspended above her the spaceman`s camera captures pictures of Britney wearing a white bikini dress. She is `pics see`, that is, Pixie, whereas in her red .`catsuit` she`s `Dixie`:


`I wish I was in the land of cotton,
Old times they are not forgotten;
Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie Land.
In Dixie Land where I was born in,
Early on one frosty mornin,
Look away! Look away! Look away! Dixie Land.`


 Mr. Dixy was a slave owner around New Orleans and French-speaking Lousiana, which is Britney`s home state:  `His rule was so kind that `Dixy's Land` became famed far and wide as an elysium abounding in material comforts.`15 Someone once asked Queen Elizabeth II about the `hoop` skirts worn by women for formal dances. She replied that it was so that the man couldn`t be seen. In Oops I Did It Again Britney, in her red `catsuit`, is `dick see` because she isn`t wearing a `hoop` skirt to conceal her `man`, which makes it obvious she doesn`t have one. `Dick` is a euphemism for both penis and `detective; for example, the cartoon figure of detective Dick Tracy (1990) played by the notorious Hollywood womanizer Warren Beatty in the movie. Consequently, Oops I Did it Again is Britney`s critique of the `serpent`s seed`s information and education system for humanity, which presumes `Dick` can see her because he has a penis.



 In the antebellum period of the Southern United states of America the `hoop` skirt was worn to balls because it concealed `woman`s seed`, that is, her penis or `man`, as Queen Elizabeth II once observed. Just as Britney`s `dick` couldn`t be seen on Disney`s Mickey Mouse Club, so Britney`s `dick` can`t be seen when she`s wearing her red `catsuit` in Oops I Did It Again. Because children aren`t supposed to see it, according to alien brains and alien brain constructors. Although children think they know the meaning of the term, they aren`t allowed to do enough `dick` or `detective` work to discover `woman`s seed` has a penis through the research medium of the internet; for example. Moreover, women can`t reveal it. Penis visibility is an educational taboo. Most women don`t even know. Because men have destroyed her memory of herself and occluded her through their murder of `futanarian` women.

 Wearing a white bikini skirt in Oops I Did It Again, Britney Spears` `Pixie` could have a penis, even though it`s obvious that, in her red `catsuit`, Britney doesn`t. Consequently, Oops I Did It Again is a critique of Christianity`s education and information system which, on the one hand, advocates acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete so that everyone has a piece of God in them and are a collective and, on the other hand, advocates `love your neighbour as you love yourself` in tacit acceptance of the truth that God is present in each of us and so humanity is `One`. Concomitantly, there`s no intrinsic barrier to the understanding that Britney Spears can be both duplex, that is, more than one individuality, and a woman with a penis as well as a woman without. However, the serepnt`s seed`s `perpetual enmity` doesn`t want her to self-reproduce and so humanity is taught the `big lie` of monogamy, which is that of the devouring parasite who doesn`t want `Woman` to breed as a species with her own penis.



  Although Pixie and Dixie are cartoon `meeces` that love cheeses, that is, Jesus, the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed` is actual and indicates the valence of tolerance, patience and humour that `Woman` as a species has to present in order to live with her devouring parasite. On the cross of Jesus, who was conceived without contamination by male semen, Britney appears on the cover of the CD single Piece Of Me as a representative of the `woman`s seed` that accepts Christ`s teachings and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete rather than the spirit of the serpent`s seed`s evil torturer`s valence of homosexual pederasty and HIV/AIDS.  Just as the Roman centurion Longinus` spear may be understood as searching for chinks in Jesus` armour, so Britney on the cover of the CD single Piece Of Me represents the Holy Spirit/Paraclete that, as a `piece` of the light of God in each individual, affords a chink of light, as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, to direct the soul to God. In terms of Oops I Did it Again, the chink in Jesus` armour is Mr Jinx who represents the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed`, which has drawn the blinds, that is, occluded her species through murder, but that curse will be removed when the `hidden woman`, protected by Jesus` Second Coming` as the `New Redeemer`, will be given a new heaven and Earth while the evil receive perdition, in accordance with Revelation.



 Another reason for the name `Dixie` as applied to the Southern states of the USA is the `Mason and Dixon line`, which is a surveyors` boundary delimiting the South from the North. Oops I Did It Again denotes Britney`s perception of her sojourn in California with the Mickey Mouse Club as a `raid` whereas Pixie and Dixie represent the true elysium of the South to which she can return, not as a slave of Hollywood`s `Babylon`, but in freedom to `Dixie` where she can conceal herself beneath the `hoops` of its antebellum skirts. The video single for Oops I Did It Again begins with Britney`s descent inside a giant`s ring holding a `hoop` as a symbol of the sleeping giant of the Southern United States of America, which slogan is `The South shall rise again`:


 `Often, those who use this phrase believe the American Civil War was `about States' rights, not slavery`.`16



 If the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at  her feet` represents the USA`s victory over the red sun of Japan in 1945 after Pearl harbour and the defeat of the yellow moon of Al Qaeda after 9/11, the stature of `Liberty` in New York harbour is a woman`s rights` symbol but not a feminist one because, in feminism, lesbian women are defined as homosexual if they demonstrate their species` valence of reproduction without male semen, which is doctrinally supportable as `Christian` by reference to Jesus` `immaculate conception` and birth from the Virgin Mary. Consequently, although Madonna was described as `the whore of the apocalypse` for her blatant eroticism in video singles such as Like A Prayer or Like A Virgin, her appeal to the young is an awakening of their sexual valences and so she is a true mother in the Catholic tradition:


`When you call my name it's like a little prayer.
I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there.
In the midnight hour I can feel your power.
Just like a prayer you know I'll take you there.` Like A Prayer (1989)



 On the cover of the Piece Of Me CD Britney Spears represents `Woman` at the side of the USA, which corresponds to the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from the side of `Woman`. In the Bible Jesus describes himself as `the Son of Man` when asked if he`s the `Son of God`, but he`s the child of the Virgin Mary born without contamination by male semen, which means that he`s not a parasite. Adam and Eve were told by God that she would experience the pain of childbirth while he would have to earn his bread by the sweat of his brow, which meant that he couldn`t live by prasitism. In spiritual terms, HIV/AIDS is the child of homosexual pederasty`s seeking to mix its semen with blood, shit and urine during anal sex, which means that the serpent`s seed` is waging its `biological war` of `perpetual enmity` against the `host` womb of `Woman` that produces everything in terms of art, culture and civilization. Consequently, men`s wars are an aspect of its parasitism. If Jesus is `the Son of Man`, the Virgin Mary is `Man`, that is, the `futanarian` who is the `hidden woman` of the Earth and the `woman`s seed` because she has her own penis and socio-economic valence.



 Unredeemed men are parasites who don`t work. `Woman` is God`s `producer` and so the perception is that, as everything comes from her `host` womb, the parasite that doesn`t want to work must enslave her. However, HIV/AIDS is the result of homosexual pederasty and so the parasite is attacking the `host` womb of `Woman` by means of `biological warfare` because it wants to work less than it wants to live, which is the nature of a parasite. Moreover, it doesn`t want progress or advanced technological development with its obvious benefits of eternal youth but immortality because `Woman` as a species with her own penis would have her own socio-economic valence and use it to escape from her parasite. Consequently, HIV/AIDS is a means of both keeping her faithful to her monogamous possessor and enslaver, and the pursuance of a socio-economic valence that would be technologically productive.

 On the cover of Piece Of Me Britney Spears appears Christ-like on the cross, but without the spear of Longinus piercing her side, which suggests she represents the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` and `Woman` as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` who is depicting herself as tortured to produce because that`s what the parasite does with the female soul and spirit, and `Woman`. At the beginning of the 21st century the `Saddamites` of Saddam Hussein, that is, of the `crusher` and `the small, handsome man`, which is what the names `Saddam` and `Hussein` mean, represented the smallness of men that want to crush human development. In Genesis Eve is told by God that she will `crush` the serpent`s head before she leaves Earth, which suggests that Saddam Hussein`s `Saddamites` aimed to crush Eve before she could leave.



 Britney Spears` picture on the sleeve of the CD Piece Of Me represents the female soul and spirit, that is, `Woman`, tortured to produce more by the evil serpent`s seed`s perpetual enmity for woman`s seed. Because everything comes from the `host` womb of `Woman`, that is, art, civilization and culture, `Woman` as the human species with her own penis and reproductive socio-economic valence is God`s `producer`. In Jungian psychology there are four functions to human developmental consciousness; `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`. According to Jung `Feeling` and `Intuition` are associated with the female soul or spirit, and `Sensation` and `Thinking` are associated with the male ego. Moreover, `Sensation` is associated with eyesight, which means that, to encourage the brain to think, the evil `serpent`s seed` with its `perpetual enmity` towards the `woman`s seed`, that is, the human species, wouldn`t want humans to see. Because sight is the primary human valence, humanity wants to see more of God and the cosmos. The aliens have imposed an information system that prevents humanity, that is, `Woman`, even from seeing her own naked penis. Without the knowledge that `Woman` is a species, which would result in human development, the alien information system constructs a society with alien brains, which don`t want to see because their alien constructors don`t want them to. Consequently, rather than space rockets to take humanity to the stars after securing the moon, the aliens have imprisoned the human species, that is, `Woman`, upon the Earth, in order to keep her blind, ignorant and desperate to leave.



 Saddam Hussein and the `Saddamites` plan to crush `woman`s seed` here upon the Earth is a symptom of male parasitism. The concept is primarily to do with eyesight. If the soul and spirit are female, then `Woman` is the source of all technological progress and development, which means that the alien parasite would have to reconstruct her brain by means of its disinformation system of education to create a brain that sought the death of its own life. Although the simplest valence of humanity is eyesight, which is the valence to see more of what is beautiful and good, that is, God, rather than starships alien mankind has constructed a planetwide system of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) to destroy `Woman` and the human species. The parasitical aliens have applied the simplest rule. If humans want to see, they`ll work to be able to, that is, they`ll accept the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the spiritual valence of womankind, which will assist them to develop more advanced systems of visual perceiving, but the evil aliens don`t want them to see. In human terms, humanity wants to see and, in terms of alien thinking, the aliens want the humans to be slaves and produce more to see, which the aliens don`t want for the humans to see.

 One of the more famous TV series of the 1990s was Star Trek: The Next Generation but `alien thinking` is that the human species shouldn`t develop starships, which means that the `degeneration` of human eyesight is a primary target for the aliens. The capacity to travel is an extension of the capacity to see. If `alien thinking` is to deny humans space travel, it`s a blinding. Consequently, the degeneration of the human species is linked to vision. In simple terms, `alien thinking` is to keep humanity in a blind and degenerate state so that the evil aliens can exterminate the human race by directing its valence towards suicide. Because that`s what evil aliens do. Saddam Hussein`s `Saddamites` were the small men who would crush people`s freedom to work for themselves and build spaceships to see more of God rather than have their brains enslaved by an information and education system designed to construct brains alien to anything but the building of intercontinental ballistic missiles, or their derivatives, to prevent people from seeing anything at all.



  Britney Spears Christ-like on the cross without the spear of Longinus in her side represents the Holy Spirit/Paraclete born from the side of the `Second Adam` pierced by the Roman centurion`s spear, and the perpetual enmity of the serpent`s seed for the woman`s seed as her torturers and tormentors so that she`ll produce more art, culture and civilization for the parasites to imprison her upon the Earth and periodically destroy her for producing. The parasitical aliens` perspective is that, if she`s enslaved, they won`t have to work. Because she represents the physicality of `Woman` as well as the female soul and spirit, the alien position is that, if they educate her brain through disinformations such as, `all women are homosexuals because they have a penis of their own and so are lesbians,` she`ll develop an alien schizophrenic brain that`s suicidal, which would assist the aliens in their aim od destroying her and her Earth.



 Saddam Hussein`s `Saddamites` represent the evil valences of sadism and sodomy, that is, the physical torture and torment of `Woman` by the same small men that murdered Jesus, the `Son of Mary, the Virgin,` who was uncontaminated by male semen, that is, the male valence of sadism and sodomy, which is to torture and torment the individual that has the Holy Spirit/Paraclete to produce art, culture and civilization for the aliens to periodically destroy in their wars against the Earth. Sodomy is the spiritual evil of homosexual pederasty`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in witchcraft to produce its boy sons` `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS` `poisons`  against the `host` womb of `Woman`, which is the death of the `host` and its parasite, and is what parasites do.



 Although Longinus` spear is missing from the CD cover of Piece Of Me, Britney represents the `Second Eve` as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam`, which means that there is a Spears by her side. In terms of psychological development the soul is the anima, which is spiritualized through education and becomes wiser. Consequently, an older woman, who in Britney`s perception would correspond to her mother, Lynn Spears, represents the `Wise Old Woman` of Jungian psychology, that is, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` to the younger soul, which is not yet the spiritualized anima of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete but seeks to be. Technological progress would facilitate such techniques as the prolonging of youth and beauty, which is the spiritual valence of the intellect that wants to live longer and to see more. But longer lived `woman`s seed` would be wise to men`s `perpetual enmity` towards her because of its alien parasitical cycle of birth and reincarnation, which keeps `Woman` helplessly unconscious amongst her degenerators. Consequently, the alien parasite teaches that she is all that is beautiful and desirable to look upon. Travel is a vehicle to look upon her, and the more easily she can be looked upon, the less need there is for travel. Star Trek: The Next Generation is the perspective that the individual can vicariously travel by starship without getting out of the seat before the television, so 9/11 was the evil alien perspective that it could watch degenerate mankind destroying itself `live on CNN` by constructing the brains through its disinformation system that would want to travel in order to do so.

 In the video for Piece of Me Britney writes `sucker` on the forehead of a paparazzi because he represents a disinformation system that wants her to keep on working for the aliens whereas, if she was cognizant of her role of `Woman` as a species with her own intellectual programme, she`d be working for humanity`s valence of escape from the blood sucking parasitical leeches. As she sings, `I'm Mrs. 'Most likely to get on the TV for strippin' on the streets' when getting the groceries, now, for real ... are you kidding me? No wonder this panic in the industry. I mean, please, Do You want a piece of me ..?` The paparazzi are the plague of homosexual pederasty`s valence of enslavement because those who want `ownership of the means of production` need to `frame` her. Britney Spears lost her fortune because the paparazzi snapped her child`s hat falliing off near a hotel by New York`s Central Park and cried `neglect`. Having declared her bisexuality, she was put in the picture by the American judiciary who wanted her to understand that the well-being of  her boys should be of paramount concern to her, which was a manifestation of homosexual pederasty`s general approach towards women whose valence had shifted towards her own species sexually. Justin Trawick was made Co-Conservator of her billions and never married her, which suggests the courts only wanted to assert patriarchal administration of her money to prevent her from supporting genuine feminist perspectives that included the appearance of `woman`s seed`, that is, the human species of `Woman` with a penis in her videos or even on her arm at the disco.


  Jim Steinman, who wrote the album Bat Out Of Hell (1977) for Marvin Lee Aday, who fronted the pop group `Meatloaf`, had to front Bad For Good (1981) himself because `Meat` had lost his voice. A doctor suggested `urine injections`, and HIV/AIDS, which derives from a mixture of semen, blood, shit and urine, induces severe weight loss and that`s why it was known as the `thin disease` in the 1980s. `Meat` was a heavyweight performer and HIV/AIDS was just becoming known in the early years of the 1980s. The concept of `urine injections` is `witchcraft` and Jesus, who turned water into wine (John: 2. 1-17) was effectively crucified for being a witch. Although Jesus` transformation of the water into wine was harmless and, indeed, beneficial, and so doesn`t correspond to `poisoning`, which is the definition of `witchcraft` supported by most interpreters of the Bible. Anyone with the power of God is a `witch` to the evil, whereas homosexuals are not perceived as witches because feminism, for example, tells them that they are the equals of women, which is `witchcraft` if HIV/AIDS is the `biological warfare` of the serpent`s seed`s perpetual enmity for woman`s seed.



 Because Jesus` conception was without contamination by male semen, the `Second Adam` is the `Son of Man` because Adam was created by God but Jesus` conception without male `seed` identifies him as `woman`s seed`, that is, born of the Virgin Mary in an `immaculate conception` that is God`s creation of the `Second Adam` in a denial of the male `seed` which came after Adam and the `Woman` that came from Adam`s side and wasn`t of male `seed` either. In spiritual terms, Jesus` Christianity is a `daughter of Eve`, that is, as the `Son of Man` Jesus is of the line of Eve and not of the male `seed`. which makes of him a `daughter of Eve`, which is why Christ is the Messiah born from the Virgin Mary, that is, his teachings are female in spirit.,The Holy Spirit/Paraclete effectively emergent from Jesus` side, as the `Second Adam`, after being pierced by the Roman centurion Longinus, signals the spiritual emergence of the `hidden woman` of Revelation, which the `New Redeemer` is depicted as protecting with an `iron scepter`, that is, `woman`s seed` with her own penis as the `Second Eve`. The Virgin Mary is, therefore, a prefiguration of the `futanarian` women as the daughters of the `Second Eve` who can self-reproduce without male semen.



 Jesus` decision to accept crucifixion is comprehensible as defining the boundary between parasitism and the `vampire` legend of the individual that wants to live, but who is condemned in folklore for wanting to. Jesus` torturers and tormentors at his crucifixion are representative of the parasite who would force the human spirit to work for it, and to no avail. At the `Last Supper` before his death, Resurrection and Ascension Jesus tells the disciples that the `bread and wine` are his `body and blood` because they represent the female soul trapped within the body, which Jungian psychology calls the anima, and the teachings of the female Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which constitutes the spiritualization of the soul that is required to liberate the individual from drudgery through technological development. The parasite would describe the individual who wants to escape from its enslaving as a `vampire` because it wants to live, which is why Jesus` crucifixion carefully delineates between the torturer and he who seeks life immortal. Because he wasn`t a `leech`. In simple terms, the parasite would have the human understand that the human is a `vampire` because the human wants to live, which is why Jesus` focus is on the `bread and wine` as his `body and blood`. Because Jesus wants the human species to live. But the parasite has defined it as a `vampire` because the parasite is a `leech` and the developed human with the technology to have eternal youth but immortality would escape, which is why `woman`s seed` in Revelation is depicted as receiving a `new heaven and Earth` from God. Because God has given up on her `leeches`.



 In the legends of the vampire the `chosen` have immortality through the `little drink`, which is the drinking of a small quantity of human blood by the vampire to confer immortality upon the recipient. In the Bible God`s `chosen` are the Jews, and according to Judaism one can only be a Jew if one is born from a woman. Consequently, women are Jews and it`s the `chosen` blood of women that is Jewish. Jesus` `body and blood` is symbolic of his `chosen` status as the founder of Christianity. In biblical terms, Jesus is the body that wants to live forever through the disciples drinking of his blood. In spiritual terms, Jesus is the `daughter of Eve` and her bloodline or genealogy isn`t parasitical. Jesus` teaching is acceptance of `Woman` whether she is seen, or unseen as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, that is, as the disseminator of Jesus` teachings after him as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. In terms of vampirism, Jesus` advice is to accept `Woman` because, even if she were a vampire, she isn`t a parasite, which is in accordance with the Christian tradition of accepting the unseen, `hidden woman`, or mysterious `woman`s seed`. Jesus makes the obvious deduction. If `Woman` isn`t parasitical, she would be Christian as a `vampire`, that is, she`d want to live forever as a `Wise Old Woman`, who didn`t want to be tortured and tormented by parasites to produce technological advancements such as space rockets that the parasites would deploy as ICBMs to destroy her. Or, in other words, Christians are `vampires` as described by parasites who don`t want them to live.

 Britney Spears` paparazzi are `leeches` if they`re not parasites because parasites would prevent her from living, and she`s the centre of a multi-billion dollar industry, which makes the concept of `leech` respectable but only insofar as it defines parasite as unacceptable. In the same way Jesus defined parasite as unacceptable but `vampire` as an unacceptable definition of the parasites for what Jesus wanted, which is eternal youth but immortality. The depiction of the male vampire as the male `seed` which contaminates the `woman` seed`, that is, her bloodline, in 21st century terms denotes the spiritual valence of the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `Woman` in the form of the `witchcraft` of HIV/AIDS` `gay poisons` produced by its gay boy sons` mixing of semen, blood, shit and urine in anal sex as a means of farthering homosexual pederasty`s `biological war` against the `hidden woman`, or unseen Holy Spirit/Paraclete. In simple terms, `Woman` is `vampire`, but she`s depicted as the victim of the `male seed`, which is true. However, God`s promise is of a `new heaven and Earth` for the `woman`s seed`, which means that her `vampire` desire to live is fulfilled while the `serpent`s seed` represented by the `red dragon` of Revelation, that is, the devouring draco that waits in vain, has unendurable eternal pain as its punishment from God for drinking her blood. Because she`s not a parasite with an evil alien brain constructed by a liars` non-human education and information system designed to help it to devour her.

 Jesus` offer of his blood as wine is a transforming symbolism similar to his turning of water to wine for the wedding at Canaan, and is known as `transubstantiation` in Catholicism, which relates to the concept of substantial and insubstantial. Jesus` promise is of an immortal body through Redemption, that is, Resurrection and Ascension in bodily form through the acceptance of Jesus` teachings and those of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. The evil spirit of the 20th century was disease. HIV/AIDS as a `witchery` productive of death by mixing male semen with blood, shit and urine in anal sex was homosexual pederasty`s `biological warfare`. Before that the main disease of the 20th century was cigarette smoking, which caused cancer and was spread by advertising campaigns as a socio-economic mainstay of anti-societal `puff` behaviour, where `puff` is a euphemism for the insubstantiality of `false liberalism`.



 Margaret Thatcher once described the UK`s Defence Minister, John Knott, as `A here today, gone tomorrow politician.` Because, as she`d told everyone, `This lady`s not for turning.` Margaret Thatcher was the British Prime Minister who, in 1982, sent a UK task force as far as the coast of South America to retake the Falkland Islands from the invading Argentine forces, which became a principle of global politics and was the main reason for the USA`s political will to retake Kuwait from Saddam Hussein. However, because Saddam`s family name of `Hussein` meant `small, handsome man`, the USA`s support for his `poor, little correctness` was due to his political flexibility in `feigning friendship` to coincide with the USA`s notions of `political correctness`. In other words, he and his American support represented the insubstantiality of `false liberalism`, that is, the perception that `false freedom` is tantamount to giving the body freedom to rebel against itself, which is effectively what cancer is.



 Without knowledge of the value of the individual to the social body, libertarianism encourages the individual to be anti-social. In simple terms, terrorists are an advanced form of societal cancer, which begins with rebelliousness or anarchism. They`re society`s `cancer cells` who don`t perceive the body of scoiety as a necessary part of their existence, which means that they poisons the body so that it dies. HIV/AIDS` cells kill the body by `feigning friendship` insofar as they pretend to be defensive phagocytes, that is, the `white cells`, while actually preparing to kill those defenders of the body, which is what Saddam Hussein, the `small, handsome man` did with the USA`s `poor, little correctness` and what the Al Qaeda terrorist hijackers flying from Boston, Massachussetts, did on 9/11 when they crashed `civil` aircraft into New York`s World trade Centre and the Pentagon in Arlington.



 The smoking ruins of the Twin Towers have been interpreted in diverse ways by cartoonists, and the stumps of the USA`s traditional victory sign made fashionable by the cigar smoking figure of Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister during WWII, when he would raise `two fingers` as a salute to those fighting the Axis powers of Germany and Japan, is one of the more acceptable political comments. Another is the depiction of the Twin Towers as cigarettes that have been `smoked`, and may also be said to relate to the socio-economic picture represented by the ruins of the World Trade Centre as an aspect of the `special relatedness` between the British and the Americans in the shape of British American Tobaccor, or BAT, where the two fingers of peace or victory, which the Twin Towers represented, are redrawn on the New York skyline as Winston cigarettes, that is, `no cigar` is American idiom for an unsuccessful effort. In socio-economic terms, the collapse of the Twin Towers represents, from an English cricketer`s point of view, the `middle stump` of the penis of the `Woman` of the Earth `taken out` because the BAT`s men didn`t protect her. Although America`s comic strip heroes, as depicted in the Hollywood movie Batman and Robin (1997), would probably have tried to.



 In biblical terms, British American Tobacco`s `special relationship` with the false freedom of a `political correctness` that encourages smoking, that is, cancer, is related, in societal terms, to the acceptance of homosexual pederasty, that is, the male `seed`, as equivalent to the `woman`s seed`, rather than acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which is a form of cancer arsing not from homosexual pederasty`s desire for fellatio with the male `seed`, that is, `smoking` as murder, but from the pederasts desire to spread its evil `gay poisons`, that is, the cancer of HIV/AIDS, by mixing its male semen with the blood, shit and urine of a lower orifice in an anal masturbation of its penis that is designed to be sterile and unproductive. In other words, smoking and anal sex are pointless and poisoning, but were encouraged in the 20th century as the basis of socio-economic and political theory. The collapse of the World Trade Centre might be understood as the collapse of the `rough trade`, which is the term used for homosexual pederasty. Although the focus seems entirely `gay`, homosexual pederasty is actually the enslaving of the `host` wombs of women for the purposes of producing `gay boy sons` and furthering the spectre of `war, plague, that is, the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS, famine and death`, which are characterized as the `four horsemen` of the apocalypse in Revelation, and connote the evil consequences of the enslaving of `Woman` since the ancient Greeks employed it to spread their contagion of war to city states near Athens.



 Feminism`s `political correctness` defines homosexual pederasty as `feminine`, whereas it`s the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed`, that is,, for what is human.  In other words, `PC` is the socio-economic theory that `smoking`, which in simple terms is `killing`, and the enslavement of `Woman` in homosexual pederasty`s wars against her Earth, is `economics`. Of course, the USA`s `Military Industrial Complex` (MIC) is an economic powerhouse kick-started by global conflict, but recent US TV series like Madmen which feature `retro` acceptance of `smoking` is advertising for companies such as British American Tobacco and the `special relatedness` of homosexual pederasty to the major killer diseases of the 20th century, that is, cancer, war, and HIV/AIDS. A large proportion of smokers said they smoked to lose weight, and HIV/AIDS was `the thin disease` when it was first recognized in the 1980s, which suggests a correlation between women`s desire to lose weight after childbirth and their unwillingness to conceive. In other words, anal sex and smoking are connected. Because they constitute a poisoning of the human system. On average, the penis of a `futanarian` woman is larger and more virile. As the `hidden woman` of Revelation, she`s as uncontaminated as Jesus when he was born from the `Virgin Mary` without male `seed` being involved in his conception. Consequently, as the `seed` of Eve, which according to the Bible `crushes the head of the serpent before she leaves Earth`, homosexual pederasty has `perpetual enmity` towards her. Because she signifies the desire of `Woman` to conceive as a species.



 The perception of a relationship between `smoking`, which is a `killer disease` that causes cancer, and is used by killers as a euphemism for their killings, and the killer disease of HIV/AIDS, is encouraged by libertarian position that regard women as the equals of homosexual pederasts. , which was encouraged by libertarian postions with regard to the equality of women and homosexual pederasts.  Killers describe themselves as `smoking` people, and individual life has no value for these substanceless `puffs`, that is, the evil spirit of homosexual pederasty. In Russia fellatio is even defined as `woman smoking`, while in the USA it`s `politically correct` to describe fellatio as `sodomy`, which is semantically false but gives the `serpent`s seed` and its `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed` an excuse to `smoke` the woman for being anti-social. Just as Jesus is the `woman`s seed`, so acceptance of `Woman` is the meaning of the transubstantiation of the Catholic Communion in which the `bread and wine` is accepted as Jesus` `body and blood`. Those who do not accept the Holy Spirit/Paraclete of `Woman` are substanceless `puffs` for whom other lives are as valueless as `gunsmoke`, which is why Gunsmoke, starring James Arness, was one of several `irreal` 60s TV series designed to realistically present murder as `manliness` and so 9/11, which was essentially a `Hollywood` 50s style `alien invasion movie` starring homosexual pederasty and war `live on CNN`, is ultimately understandable as God`s punishment on mankind for poisoning itself.



 In the 20th century `false liberalism` was permissive of cigarette smoking causing cancer, and feminism`s `PC` notions of equality led to homosexuals being defined as the social equals of women, whereas the rise of `witchery`, in the shape of the killer disease HIV/AIDS, which was produced by mixing male semen with blood, shit and urine, gave the lie to such `PC` notions. If homosexual pederasty is the source of war, `smoking` is an aspect of its `red dragon` of Revelation which, according to scripture, waits in vain to devour the child of the woman who will be the `New Redeemer`, and who will protect her with the `iron scepter` of his will that she live. Such luminaries of world peace as British American Tobacco (BAT) or its Military Industrial Complex (MIC) in the USA will try to convince that they`re socio-economic necessities, but the extermination of the human species is what they`re for.



 The `New Redeemer` with the `iron sceptre` represents the `ruler` who, as the Judaiac `Meshiah`, will authorize the development of advanced technology, that is, the labour saving device that, protecting and liberating `Woman` from slavery will be the `Meshiahn`, but that science fiction writers have foreshadowed for generations as the robot. Because `woman`s seed` is female, the human robot, as the better machine, would be female in mind and form. So far men have used technological advancement to imprison `Woman` rather than liberate her. Instead of space technologies that had, as their main consequence for women, the refrigerator and washing machine, men focused on rockets to shatter art, civilization and culture on the Earth, that is, maintain the enslavement of `Woman`. Consequently, men represent the evil alien robot programmed to exterminate the human species, which forces `Woman` to play with it, as a torturing and tormenting cat does with a mouse. However, only the robot programmed as a better human to protect the `Woman` and liberate her would be able to keep her art, civilization and culture intact so that she could work and play in safety, which is the `new heaven and Earth` that God gives to `woman`s seed` in Revelation while the evil alien robots, that is, men who have accepted themselves as the machinery of devouring and enslaving, receive perdition as God`s punishment for their enslaving and devouring of `Woman` and her Earth.



 In science fiction terms, mankind can`t pretend to be defending `Woman` and her Earth from 50s alien invasion scenarios by perpetrating 50s alien invasion scenarios all over the planet, such as Argentine dictator Galtieri`s invasion of the Falkland Islands in 1982, Iraq`s invasion of Kuwait in 1990, 9/11 `live on CNN` in 2001, and NATO`s invading Tripoli, Libya, in 2011, whenever they`re invaded by the irrealist `Hollywood` spirit of 50s alien invasion movies. God`s Revelation isn`t science fiction and men all over the world with telephone numbers, bank account numbers, numbered IDs, and car number plates, seriously perceive themselves as `the number of the beast` from Revelation, `the number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six` (Rev: 13. 17-18), that is, 666, which means that a man is a beast who thinks he`s numbered amongst the beast`s followers:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven, but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 10-11)



 What men have done is prefer slavery for others because they don`t want to work, but those who do want to work aren`t able to because the enslavers don`t want them to develop to the point at which they are free of their enslavers. In other words, slavery isn`t about work; it`s the denying of productive labour to those who do work. Whether they`re employed by an employer, or independent and self-employed. Enslavers don`t want work. They want to prevent the enslaved from working to free themselves. Consequently, enslavement is stultifying of technological development and the desire of the human species to be free. The perception of slavery as forced labour is false. The slaver doesn`t want the slave to escape. So slavery`s objective is to have people work pointlessly and to no avail, which is what WW I (1914-18), WW II (1939-45), 9/11 and the subsequently decared `War On Terror` (2003-) and Gulf wars I and II (1990-2012) emphasize.



 Sexual desire is a metaphor for the instinct of the slave to be free. `Woman` is taught that the male penis is the focus for her sexual nature but, if she has a penis of her own, her focus is for herself to live. The male `sex slave fantasy` is of the woman who can`t escape, that is, it`s not a sex fantasy but a slave fantasy, and a woman`s sexuality indicates her desire for her own species` development, which is thwarted by the male enslaver, who has lyingly taught her his penis is concerned with `raising a family`, whereas `Woman` is enslaved and doesn`t have even education or public information access to her own species` penis and its socio-economic potential for liberation and improvement.



 Jesus offers the `bread and wine` of the `Last Supper` to his disciples because Redemption through the Holy Spirit (wine) and an immortal body (bread) is acceptance of `Woman`. Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary without contamination by the male `seed` makes his an `immaculate conception` and `woman`s seed`, which constitutes acceptance of `Woman` and Redemption for those who accept her as the human species rather than a target for spreading its contagions of terror and HIV/AIDS:


`They still gon' put pictures of my derrière in the magazine. You want a piece of me.`


 Britney Spears`  labelling of the paparazzi as `suckers` in her video single Piece Of Me is because mankind have become `leeches` upon `Woman` using her beauty and talent to trap humans into transforming their sexual instincts and desires. Starving `woman`s seed`, that is, the human species` sexual valence, to enforce spiritual and intellectual development, which should be productive of improved living conditions, men`s instincts for enslaving and devouring the human species means `Woman` and her humans are trapped by the alien brains` construction of a non-human information and education system to transform human brains into aliens` and continue the aliens` enslavement and devourment of `Woman` and her human species upon the Earth.



 Britney Spears, on the cross for the cover of Piece of Me, is aimed not at developing her own image but in presenting others` opinions in an attempt to change them, which is what Jesus Christ, the mocked `King of the Jews`, and other politicians before and since have done. It`s a form of immunity also practised by `pop stars` and entertainers, and functions as a condom preventing contamination  by the `father of lies`, that is, the evil `serpent` and its `seed`. In most versions of the Bible, the `serpent` is depicted as crushing the head of Eve while she bruises his heel (Gen: 3.15), which defines Saddam, `crusher` Hussein as the `serpent` of the 20th century, but the Douay-Rheims Bible describes the woman`s heel crushing the head of the serpent, which is what happened to Saddam, the `crusher`, because `Liberty`, female symbol of the USA, defeated him. If Saddam wasn`t the `serpent, then his role was an acceptable fiction for those who wanted to play with the idea of the `beasts` of Revelation,because Saddam`s name means `crusher` and `small, handsome man`, and means he`d be an easy target for the `fictioneers` if the USA helped him to grow bigger by giving him the world`s 3rd largest army.

 Although pop stars `politick` insofar as they invite their `fans` to agree with them. However, because they`re individuals, they tend to repeat the same `political` suicides. Lady Gaga (1986), in Bad Romance (2009), `challenges` a group of men, and defies them to harm her while presenting herself as invulnerable and, wearing only a leotard and accessories, she obviously isn`t, which is what the `fictioneers` do. Just as Saddam, `crusher`, Hussein was defined by the `fictioneers` of the 20th century as the serpent who`d crush `woman`s seed`, but she crushed him. Lady Gaga, and other pop stars, present themselves as invulnerable crushers of the serpent, which is politically revolutionary but dangerous to impressionable fans who don`t have their money, independent positions of powerful autonomy, and so relative security, but are encouraged into suiciding in adoring emulation of the stars, who are essentially blameless because it`s the role of the liberated ego to challenge whatever it sees as limits on freedom. Unfortunately, pop stardom isn`t unique. It`s a pitfall for those who seek to change the world but rebelliousness and anarchism isn`t a guide for behavior, which is why it is written in Revelation that, after the woman has given birth to the `New Redeemer`:


`… to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle [of the United States of America[, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.` (Rev: 12.14)


The `hidden` woman of Revelation represents perspicacity, which `futanarian` woman with her own penis needs if she is to live amongst the evil `serpent`s seed` which, according to God in Genesis, has `perpetual enmity` for the `woman`s seed`. Consequently, the `New Redeemer` of Revelation is depicted as protecting her with an `iron scepter` while the `red dragon` is the contaminated male `seed`, which is the serpent`s grown into global terrorism and its `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS against the `host` wombs of women.

 Revelation describes the `blood plague` of vendetta, which is the `perpetual enmity` of homosexual pederasty`s enslaver of woman`s wombs for its devouring wars against the Earth`s art, civilization and culture, which God warned Eve of in Genesis (3.15), and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah to underline his disapproval of while waiting until Revelation to destroy `sodomy` itself and `Camorra`, that is, the false family values of mafia vendettas against `woman`s seed`. Jesus, born uncontaminated by male `seed` from the Virgin Mary, is `woman`s seed` and, as the `New Redeemer` in his `Second Coming`, is the protector of the `hidden` or `futanarian` woman with her own penis, which the `red dragon`, grown in size from the `serpent`s seed`, is depicted in Revelation as waiting in vain to devour because Jesus, with the `iron scepter`, rules against it.



 The image of Jesus upon the cross is men`s determining opinion of what `Woman` is for, and so Britney Spears on the cover of Piece Of Me on the cross is `political`. What the image represents is Jesus` `political suicide`, but spiritual `politicking` insofar as he`s `woman`s seed` which, according to Revelation, will be given a `new heaven and Earth` by God while the evil receive perdition as a punishment. In short, Britney Spears on the cross is her understanding of what `Woman` is for to men, who correspond to the `serpent`s seed` and its `perpetual enmity` for woman`s seed`, which is represented by the torture and torment of Jesus. Born form the Virgin Mary, as `woman`s seed`, Jesus prefigures the `futanarian` woman with a penis, that is, her own `woman`s seed`, which is protected by Jesus, in his `Second Coming`, as the `New Redeemer` who rules with the iron scepter of God`s will to preserve the human species.



In presenting an image, or images, that corresponds to men`s image of `Woman` as a tortured and enslaved spirit, Britney is asking Christianity a question. If Jesus represents the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed` as it tortures him to death on the cross, Christianity ignores  `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own, and so denies the socio-economic valence of `woman`s seed`. Moreover, Christianity condemns `normal` sexual desire for herself as `lesbian` in favour of sado-masochistic homoeroticism, which is what Jesus` naked crucified form means for homosexual pederasty and its terrorism. If all Jesus` crucifixion represents is the tortured spirit of `Woman` so that humanity will continue developing its species` intellectual capacity for the evil to hijack its technology, for example, as the Al Qaeda terrorists did on 9/11, to use against her Earth, it`s Antichristian.

 Jesus is the `Perfect Man`, or the `Second Adam`, because he`s woman`s seed` and his statement on the cross could only be made by him, and it isn`t sexual for him, whereas for homosexual pederasty, that is, the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed`, it`s homoerotic and sado-maschistic, and depicts  the role of `woman`s seed` for the torturers of the spirit of the human species. If `Woman` were upon the cross, it`d be a sexual statement, and Jesus` crucifixion as a man isn`t a sexual statement from his point of view. Consequently, Jesus` role as the `Redeemer` derives from the fact that he`s `woman`s seed` and no woman can ever be in his position because he`s a man and the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed` isn`t sexual, whereas a woman on the cross is a sexual image, which means that it`s a sexual attack on `Woman` by her perpetual enemy, the serpent`s seed`, and for which there`s no excuse.. The woman didn`t put herself there. So Jesus as the first of the `woman`s seed` is her `Redeemer` because he was a man and it wasn`t a sexual attack. In other words, `Redemption` is the perception that men aren`t allowed to sexually attack women. Because God will give them eternal unendurable pain if they do.



 Britney Spears on the cross on the CD single`s cover for Piece Of Me isn`t Christian, it`s pagan, because it`s `woman`s seed` as `sacrificial lamb`, that is, `washed in the blood of the lamb` (Rev: 12.11) is a metaphor for those mental and spiritual processes involved in accepting the teachings of Jesus and those of the female soul and spirit of `Woman`, which is the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, but Christ-like images of the `lamb` being `sacrificed` are advocative of suicide and aren`t `missionary`. Being `washed in the blood of the lamb` is acceptance of `woman`s seed` through Jesus` crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, not acceptance of the spirit of BDSM and its evil spiritual consequence, HIV/AIDS. Jesus as `the lamb` isn`t a permissive symbol for the torturers to murder the `meek`, while the evil would have us believe that such `bloodlettings` were redemptive as occurred during the Gulf wars, or in the pogrommed `bloodbaths` of the former Yugoslavia`s `ethnic cleansings` in Srebrenica in July 1995 and Kosovo in February 1998, and in Sudan`s Dharfur in 2003, and elsewhen and elsewhere in the 20th century.



 `Sucker` is what Britney Spears writes on the paparazzi journalist in Piece of Me, and doctors used to use `leeches` for blood cleansings that were deemed healthful. However, just as the genocidal ethnic cleansings of Srebrenica and Dharfur weren`t healthful to the murdered, paparazzi defamations of character aren`t healthful to the talented. The murderer isn`t redeemed through his murder, and the `scapegoat` syndrome is pagan, that is, the notion that someone has to be sacrificed to assuage the public conscience is central to the story of Britney Spears` rise to fame and subsequent loss of her fortune to Conservatorship on the basis of the paparazzi`s defaming her to the world as an `unfit mother`. Because her child`s cap fell off in the street, and she neglected to pick it up while running for a car near New York`s Central Park. The American judiciary confiscated her earnings, even so far as to give them to Justin Trawick who, suggesting that he might one day marry her, and didn`t, was given Co-Conservatorship of her earnings, along with her father, because the paparazzi thought so too, and so should their readers.

 In shamanism the belief is that an individual from the wider group is chosen to be the `scapegoat` for the wider sins of the tribe, and Jesus is often thought of as a similar figure by the pagans, whereas he isn`t. The practice of blaming individuals for whatever social or physical malaise besets society is`still prevalent. The most celebrated instance of the `scapegoat` syndrome is that of the young women who, accused of witchcraft in 17th century Salem, Massachussetts, were burned at the stake. Britney Spears` image on the cover of Piece Of Me might appear as a `scapegoat` figure to pagans, but her question for Christianity is, if Jesus was `woman`s seed`, is `scapegoat` all that she represents? The sins of homosexual pederasty`s is `sodomy`, that is, the mixing of blood, shit, and male semen during anal sex to produce the killers` disease of HIV/AIDS, while the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` is the `blood feud` of the false family values of mafia `Camorra` and vendetta, which is what the paparazzi displayed towards herself and her children.



 Britney Spears wears a sword on her necklace in Piece of Me, which is what the crucifix prefigures. Imagery that appears in Le Mort D`Arthur (1485), where a sword in a stone awaits the one who, as king, will draw it out. The King is Arthur of Britain, and the sword`s precursor, in symbolic terms, is the cross that`s transformed into the hilt, crosspiece, and partially visible haft of Jesus` Sword, which the `King of the Jews` figuratively puts away from him on the hill of Calvary after his crucifixion. Like the haft of a sword buried to the hilt, the cross was left behind as Jesus` dead body was taken to the place of its entombment prior to his spiritual and bodily Resurrection and Ascension.  Just as Arthur`s sword was half hidden by the stone in which it was placed.

 Britney Spears` sword is small because she doesn`t care how small the evil are. Saddam Hussein`s name means `crusher` and `small, handsome man`, because most versions of the Bible describe the `serpent` as crushing the head of Eve while she strikes at his heel. Although the Douay-Rheims Bible is more logical, because Eve is depicted as crushing the head of the serpent while it strikes at her heel with its poison fangs. In Piece Of Me Britney Spears` small sword about her neck on a chain is her Christianity. She doesn`t feel it`s beneath her to kill the evil `serpent`s seed` before it grows into a devouring dragon. Just as Jesus as a `small man` on the cross left behind his wooden sword when he was taken down from the hill of Calvary to the place of his Resurrection and Ascension, so in his `Second Coming` Jesus has a `sword that came out of his mouth` which commands the hosts of God to save `Woman` and her `seed` as well as those that have accepted Jesus` teachings and those of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete and so have Redemption.

 In terms of the vampire myth, the haft of Jesus` wooden sword in the Earth, that is, the cross upon which he was crucified and died, is the stake in the heart of Jesus`  `Woman`, which is traditional in the case of preventing the Resurrection and Ascension of vampires. Jesus` teachings were of the Resurrection, and so the spear of Longinus` penetrating of Jesus` heart through his side is a sign of the Roman centurion`s pagan aim of preventing Jesus` Resurrection as a perceived vampire, and that of Eve, who would correspond to the Holy Spirit/Paraclete by the side of the `Second Adam`, that is, Jesus Christ, because the first Eve was created by God from the rib of the side of the first Adam in Eden. In other words, Jesus` supporters` claim that he was `King of the Jews` and the second incarnation of the first man, Adam, from whose rib the first woman, Eve, was created by God, was taken as a very serious threat to their political power by the pagan Romans, and is why Longinus in fact said at the moment of Jesus` death, `Surely this Man was the Son of God.` (Luke: 23. 47) It was to emphasize Rome`s triumph over the Jews.



 The story of Adam and Eve is their separation from God, and the story after Eden is Eve`s separation from Adam, which is the story of the serpent`s seed`s perpetual enmity for `woman`s seed`. Biblical scholars have seen it as a story of adultery, but it isn`t about sex for the serpent. Jesus` story is of himself as the first Adam reborn with Eve at his side as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. The serpent`s story is of its `seed` grown to the side of the enslaving and devouring `red dragon` of Revelation and war, which wages its vendetta or `Camorra` of evil through its sodomizing spirit of homosexual pederasty. HIV/AIDS is the biblical `blood plague` of Revelation and the serpent`s seed`s `biological warfare` against the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, and God`s erasure of the `cities of the plains`, that is, Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis (18, 19), was an early attempt to destroy it, while 9/11`s `cities of the planes` was God`s warning to sodomy and `Camorra` that it was known.


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The Boys & Ben Laden

01/01/2012 14:48

The Boys & Ben Laden


There is a proverb, `The pen is mightier than the sword.` It seems to be an accepted article of faith in the Arab world where they have a tradition of monumental and realistic art. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the entrance to the Princess Nour Bint Abdulrahman women`s University, is a stylized fountain pen several metres high and, in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, besides aircraft on model kit style plinths decorating the boulevards, by the side of the King Abdul Aziz Hospital (KAAH), inside the King Khalid Military City where the North West Armed Forces` army nurses trained with their helicopter crews for rescue missions in the Gulf wars, there`s a giant fountain pen maybe 50 metres high.



 In Revelation the lamb `spake like a dragon` and `out of his mouth came a sharp double edged sword`, which is the `Word of God`. It is not the same as the `Sword of God`, but it is the equivalent of the pen because it`s the `Word` of God is the `spirit of the law`, which is the female Shekinah in the Old Testament, who dwells wherein the tablets of the law of God`s Commandments are kept in the Ark of God`s Covenant, that is, the promise to the `chosen` that they`ll receive a new heaven and Earth from the Almighty. The `Word` is taught by the Holy Spirit/Paraclete after Jesus` teachings of Redemption, according to the Bible, and corresponds to the `spirit of the law`, which is the Shekinah, and suggests that the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is Shekinah in the New Testament. Just as she appears in Arabian tradition through their `Word of God`, which is to be found in their holy book, the Koran, as it was dictated from 609-32 CE by the angels to the Prophet Mohammed:


`Shekinah is a spirit from God that speaks, and, in the case of the Israelites, where people disagreed on some issue, this spirit came to clarify the situation, and used to be a cause of victory for them in wars. According to Ali, `Shekinah is a sweet breeze/wind, whose face is like the face of a human`. Mujahid mentions that `when Sakinah glanced at an enemy, they were defeated`, and ibn Atiyyah mentions about the Ark of the Covenant (at-Tabut), to which the Shekinah was associated, that souls found therein peace, warmth, companionship and strength.`1



 Christianity`s perspective that Islam is less intelligent because more complicated besets communication. In Judaism, and even Catholicism, the symbolism isn`t token, whereas in Evangelism all that`s required is acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. In the Koran are Abraham, Moses, Joshua, the `spirit of the law`, which is the Shekinah of the Old Testament, and Jesus is a figure second only to the Prophet Mohammed as a teacher. After the Moslem`s fasting month of `Ramadan` the feast of `Eid` celebrates God`s sparing of Abraham`s son Isaac, who was the founder of Israel, whereas Abraham`s son Ishmael was the founder of Islam. But the important aspect is that the Moslems are still celebrating the founding of Israel in the `Eid`. Just as Ramadan is one of the `five pillars of Islam` so the Hajj, which is an obligatory pilgrimage to the Kaba, or `holy house` built by Abraham and Ishmael, is a journey Moslems undertake at least once in their lives, and is another of the `five pillars` of Islamic faith.



 Millions of Moslems travel each year to the Kaba in Mecca, and so gratefulness to God for the `fathering of Israel`, because Abraham`s son Isaac was the founder of Judaism, is a central tenet of Moslem worship. The Christians, whose Book of the Revelation of St John the Divine was dictated, have no justification for their despising of the Moslems because they believe that the Koran was dictated to Mohammed by the angels, who`re depicted as heralds of the birth of Jesus to Mary in the New Testament, that is, she whom the Moslems call Miriam, and which is also celebrated in their Koran where Jesus enters into heaven without crucifixion. In symbolic terms, the Christian Jesus` crucified is comprehensible because Christ is the `Second Adam` and Eve emerged from his side. Jesus` death was marked by the Roman centurion Longinus` piercing the side of Jesus with his spear (Matt: 27.54), which effectively announced the upcoming Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus into heaven and the emergence of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from the side of Jesus, that is, the `Second Adam`, as the New Testament version of the Old Testament Shekinah, who was Eve from the side of Adam and, as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, is the`Second Eve` to Jesus` Adam.  In `movie` terms, Christianity represents `continuity`. However, although Abraham, Moses, and Jesus are central figures in the Moslem Koran, it doesn`t seem as if Christianity wants `continuity` with Islam. Largely on the basis that the Moslem figure of Jesus wasn`t crucified before he was taken into heaven by God. Although Eve, the Shekinah and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the `continuity girl` in `Hollywood` terms, but although she wants Islam, Judaism and Christianity, Christianity doesn`t want her.

 This `Second Eve` from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` is `God`s love` (Luke 10.27), according to Jesus, who evaluates the Commandments of God as `love your neighbour as you love yourself`. According to the Old Testament, the `spirit of the law` of God is the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35), which dwells wherever the Ark of the Covenant is, and wherever the Commandments of God are kept because God`s promise is kept there too. Although the Kaba of Islam, that is, the `holy house` in Mecca, doesn`t seem outwardly a symbol of God`s law, neither do the `tefflin`, which are worn in Judaism as smaller boxes containing prayers:


`Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One! You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might…These words that I am commanding you today must always be on your minds…Tie them on your hand as a sign. They should be on your forehead as a symbol.` (Deut: 6. 4-8)



 Just as the box of the `holy house` of the Kaba signifies that Islam is a `house of God`, so the box affixed to the door post in Jewish households declares the occupant of the `house of God`, `Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.` (Deut: 4.9). If you can`t teach it`s because you haven`t kept God`s Commandments, which is why Jesus` advocation of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, that is, the wisdom of God`s spirit garnered since Eden, represents immortality. Because the evil don`t want you to be able to teach your children, and you can`t if you live in the spirit of `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for the `woman`s seed`. Roger Daltrey once sang My Generation for `The Who`, `I hope I die before I get old,` which became a 1965 `pop anthem`. If you don`t live long, how can you teach the young? A typical pederast news story:


`Forget about the debate over passport forms replacing ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ with ‘Parent One’ and ‘Parent Two’ -- make way for Parent Three! A Florida judge has ruled that a 22-month-old baby girl shall have three people listed as her parents on her birth certificate - a married lesbian couple and the gay man that provides one half of her DNA.`2



 Who`s going to teach the girl about `woman`s seed`? Feminism`s `politically correct` approach towards equality for lesbians, homosexual pederasty, and libertarianism are well represented. But what about the girl with the penis? Obviously the two women don`t want to reproduce with a woman, and neither does the pederast, so what are they doing with a baby human, who may be born with a penis of her own? Who`s supporting the alien education and information system? Parent one is a human woman with a penis, and parent two is her birth mother, while parent three is already pregnant. In Christianity the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` is the female Shekinah, that is, the `spirit of the law` of God, which is the continuator of Jesus` teachings of Redemption and immortality as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, whereas news stories about pederasts and lesbians parenting women who they haven`t fathered isn`t educational, but a symptom of institutionalized misogyny. The Shekinah is the `spirit` of the composition, The Song of Songs which, because all art, civilization and culture ultimately comes from the womb of `Woman`, is the `spirit of God`:


 `The watchmen that go about the city found me: to whom I said, Saw ye him who my soul loveth?` (Songs: 3. 3)



 Through the `spirit of the law` of God, that is, the Shekinah, and Jesus` teachings of Redemption by means of this Holy Spirit/Paraclete, God has taught the love of `woman`s seed`, art, culture and civilization, which ultimately emerges from the womb of `Woman` as the human species on the planet Earth with her own penis and socio-economic valence as `futanarian`. Effectively, `Woman` is God`s `producer`, and God`s genius, but Mankind must accept her spiritual valence or perdition will ensue. In Revelation a `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to a child while a `red dragon` waits to devour the `New Redeemer`, because men are the devourer of the art, culture and civilization of the `woman`s seed`.



 In some biblical translations the serpent of Eden is described as the `crusher` of the head of Eve while she strikes at his heel, which is curious because it would be expected that the serpent would strike at the heel of its assailant. Moreover, the Douay-Rheims translation of the Bible describes Eve as crushing the head of the serpent before she leaves the Earth, which agrees with Revelation in which the `woman`s seed` receives a `new heaven and Earth` from God while the evil receive perdition. The serpent as `crusher` interpetation gains some credence from Saddam Hussein`s (1934-2009) name, which means `crusher` but, as Saddam was figuratively crushed by `Liberty`, that is, the USA, the Douay-Rheims translation, in which Eve is the crusher, despite the attentions of the serpent grown into the `red dragon` of Revelation, is more sensible. Although the World Trade Centre is a symbol of capitalism, which wants `ownership of the means of production`, `Woman` is the means, and `rough trade` is what the 9/11 2001 terrorists` attack on the Twin Towers of New York, by crashing hijacked planes into Manhattan island, aimed to restore. In ancient Greece homosexual pederasty spread its contagion of war by enslaving the `host` wombs of women and then attacking nearby city states for fresh female slaves. In the 20th century `rough trade` was the name used for homosexual pederasty, and Gulf War II (2001-212) resulted from Al Qaeda`s terrorism against New York on 9/11. If `rough trade` means `homosexual pederasty and war`, the World Trade Centre was the logical `restoration point` for the `serpent`s seed` and what God warns Eve of in Genesis (3. 15), that is, its `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed`.



 The `American Dream` is `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, which is freedom and what `Woman` wants, as the human species enslaved by the parasitical aliens of homosexual pederasty that emerge from her host wombs. Feigning the virality of its wars against her as virility, but which God`s Revelation identifies for man as the consequences of its `witchery`, men have mixed their semen with blood and shit in anal sex to spread homosexual pederasty`s viral contagion of war and its `blood plague` (Rev: 16.3) of vendetta through HIV/AIDS to the very wombs of what God describes as the `perpetual` enemy of the `serpent`s seed` (Gen: 3. 15). The terrorist attack on New York`s World Trade Centre on 9/11, 2001, was a sign of the red dragon`s will to devour the `American Dream` and `Manifest Destiny`, but without traitors and betrayers it can`t win. Just as the HIV/AIDS` virus feigns friendship for the immune system of the body in order to kill it, so the 9/11 Al Qaeda terrorists feigned friendship for the USA before attacking it. At the `Last Supper` Jesus` offered fellowship to the disciples in the shape of `bread and wine`, which he called his `body and blood`, and Judas betrayed him to those who wanted to crucifiy him. In 21st century terms, having `broken bread` with the USA, the tourists from Arabia boarded `civil` aircraft at Boston and, hijacking htem, flew them to New York`s World Trade Centre where they crashed them into the Twin Towers. In sociological terms, betraying friendship is equivalent to the deliberate spreading of the disease HIV/AIDS and is closely associated with homosexual pederasty`s desire to enslave `Woman` as its `hosts` in its wars against art, culture and civilization, and which God defines for Eve in the Bible as the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed`.

 The `American Dream` is `Manifest Destiny` and is the fulfilment of God`s Covenant with the `chosen people for Redemption through the teachings of Jesus and acceptance of the teachings of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which taught in the spirit after Jesus` death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. As Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary, he`s `woman`s seed`. Mary was a Jew and it is only possible to be a Jew if you`re born from a woman, which means that women are God`s `chosen people`. Although Jesus was a man, he was `woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary, which means that those who accept the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete are redeemed but, as the `Assumption` of the Virgin Mary in Catholicism indicates, `Woman` is assumed to be redeemed because she`s human and `woman`s seed`. Because `futanarian` women have a penis of their own the human species has an entirely female valence, which means that `Woman` can continue without male semen, and God gives a `new heaven and Earth` to `woman`s seed` in Revelation while the evil `serpent`s seed` receive perdition as a punishment:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.11)



 According to tradition, the `Spear of Destiny` is the spear of Longinus (Matt: 27.54) which, in cutting open the side of Jesus, effectively signals the liberation of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam`. She`ll stay by the side of humankind long enough to save those who want Redemption although `woman`s seed` is given a `new heaven and Earth` by God in Revelation, which suggests that she`ll abandon her efforts to save the `serpent`s seed` before God decrees eternal unendurable pain as their punishment. She is the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, and the `Spear of Destiny`, which is the `American Dream` of `Manifest Destiny` through the teachings of Jesus Christ. 9/11`s terrorism was a betrayal of `Liberty` and `Woman` as God`s `chosen people`, that is, `woman`s seed` as God`s `producer` of art, culture and civilization. Homosexual pederasty`s terrrorism is now its threat to human progress and development.



 The story of Adam and Eve is of a divorce. God offers Redemption through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from the side of the `Second Adam`, but `futanarian` women have a penis of their own and so are categorizable as the independent species which the Bible identifies as `woman`s seed`. The evil perceive Revelation as a `battle ad`, that is, as a constant advertisement for homosexual pederasty and war, that is, the `bad lads`, which in the 21st century had become the `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS against `Woman`. The appearance of the 9/11 terrorist atrocity against the Twin Towers of New York `live on CNN` was a `battle ad` made by `bad lads`. New Yorkers saw planes cut down the World Trade Centre like plane saws, but the more logical analogy is of the `battle adz`, where `adz` is an old word for axe. Consequently, 9/11 was a `battle ad`, in accordance with the `battle ads` of Revelation, which maintains the serpent`s seed`s advertising campaign for its battles against the human species. In simple terms, homosexual pederasty and war has hijacked Jesus `Mission` to further the `plague aims` of the `bad lads`, who want to `play games` of `biological warfare` with `woman`s seed` and other HIV/AIDS` related `plague games`.

 Even the campaign against HIV/AIDS is a `battle ad` for homosexual pederasty`s `bad lads`. However, Revelation makes it evident that the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of enslaving and devouring homosexual pederasty and war is the serpent`s seed`s `perpetual enmity` towards `woman`s seed`, and so the `battle ads` are a genuine sign to Christians that they are being campaigned against by the `bad lads` and that there is a genuine battle to be fought. But the battles of the Somme, Arnhem, Kosovo and Kuwait suggest that the `battle ads` have won rather than that the `bad lads` have been defeated. In other words, Christianity has succumbed to the programing of the `serpent`s seed` rather than fought with the dragon:


`Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the lamb is come, and his wife has made herself ready.` (Rev: 19.7) 



 Although the bride is represented as the Christian church in most theology, as `woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary, Jesus` church is his bride, `Woman`, that is, `the marriage of the lamb` is the divorce and independence of `woman`s seed` from  pederasty. The Roman centurion Longinus said, `Surely this was the Son of God,` but Jesus described himself only as `the Son of Man,` because he was `woman`s seed` as the child of the `Virgin Mary`, who was `Man` to Jesus. If `woman`s seed` have their own penis, which `futanarian` woman does, the `marriage of the lamb` is the union of `woman`s seed` as `one creature in God`. God is divorcing what was formerly Mankind because it doesn`t want Redemption. In Revelation the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS is an aspect of homosexual pederasty`s war of terror:


`I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God. The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. `He will rule them with an iron scepter.` He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty.  On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: king of kings and lord of lords.` (Rev: 19. 11-18)



 Jesus` robe is `dipped in blood` because Christ`s victory is over HIV/AIDS, tthat is, the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` and its enslaving and devouring homosexual pederasty and war, which was prefigured in God`s erasing of `Sodom and Gomorrah` (Gen: 18,19), where sodomy and the `blood feuds` of the unforgiving mafia families, who are known as `Camorra` and are synonymous with anti-Christian vendetta, are the 21st century`s `Sodom and Gomorrah`, which they attempted to inflict on New York and Arlington`s Pentagon, and that were supposed to be understood as the `cities of the planes`; as `Sodom and Gomorrah` were punished by God as the `cities of the plains` in the Bible. Osama Ben Laden`s Al Qaeda family`s attack on New York`s `Big Apple` of Eve`s garnered wisdom since Eden was intended to be the poisoned fruit that would lure the USA into being `bad lads` with `bad` Laden`s `family`, that is, the mafia `Camorra` of Al Qaeda, and spread the serpent`s seeds` contagion of `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed` into the 21st century and beyond.



 The symbol of the assassin is the dagger, which is a weapon of cowardice. Unfortunately, most of the Earth`s `special forces` have the dagger as their symbol, which suggests support for terror rather than anti-terrorism, that is, the `Camorra` of warring families` vendettas, and  those global factions amongst the military and police who want the violence and sado-masochism of homosexual pederasty and don`t want an end to it. To conceal their evil design, which is the destruction of art, culture and civilization periodically as it emerges from the `host` womb of `Woman`, homosexual pederasty has engaged in a `politically correct` war of attrition, which by the end of the 20th century had produced the `black magic` of mixing blood, shit and the `serpent`s seed` of male semen in anal sex to wage `biological warfare` against even the host wombs of women that had harboured the nihilistic parasite.



 The figure of the statue of `Liberty` in New York harbour isn`t incidental. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer`, that is, Jesus in his `Second Coming` as `he who shall rule with an iron scepter`, and so the victory of `Liberty` over the red sun of the Japanese flags at Pearl harbour and the yellow moon of Al Qaeda`s flags at New York harbour is the beginnings of the triumph of the `woman`s seed` over the evil parasitical virality that she has harboured in her bosom for too long in her hopes of redeeming the evil bastard from its `perpetual enmity` against her `seed` that God had warned her of as long ago as Eden. Jesus is `Faithful and True` because `Woman` is bound by her acceptance of monogamy, which enslavement is broken by Jesus` `marriage of the lamb`. Previously, she`d even had to accept HIV/AIDS as a means of homosexual pederasty`s keeping her `Faithful and True`, which is represented in the Bible by, `MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH` (Rev: 17. 5) because the slave of homosexual pederasty is abominated through no fault of her own. To maintain its slave, homosexual pederasty engages in wars of terror, which include the terrorism of HIV/AIDS and homophobia, which are designed to prevent `woman`s seed` from divorcing pederasty and denying Redemption to Mankind.



 According to the Bible, the `wages of sin are death`, which is what Adam and Eve are told after they`ve disobeyed God`s injunction not to eat of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` (Gen: 2.9) which the serpent tempts them to eat, but to eat of the `tree of life`, which is immortality. Because Eve accepts the fruit from the serpent, she has `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed` because, although the serpent is widely understood to represent adultery, it represents adulteration. The future of `woman`s seed` with humankind is poisoned by pederasty after Eden. God tells Eve there`ll be `enmity` between its `seed` and hers, because men aren`t her `seed`. `Woman` with her own penis is `futanarian`, which has the `seed` of the human species uncontaminated by male semen and, prefigured in the birth of Jesus from the Virgin Mary, can be discovered through the internet as the only education and information system that will explain to `woman`s seed` that `Woman` is the human species and she lives as a slave in pederasty`s wars against `woman`s seed` and the art, culture and civilization that `Woman` producers from her womb.

 Although `woman`s seed` is meant to be grateful to her misogynists, if the USA can put a man`s foot on the moon, `That`s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,` she can put a woman`s futanar on the moon, but men don`t want it to go any further than `first base`, which is an American baseball euphemism for kissing, and father`s don`t want it to go any further. Consequently, Al Qaeda means `base` and the 9/11 terrorist attack, which reestablished global war was a sign that, so far as patriarchy is concerned, the space programme was designed to produce a better washing machine for the woman to use rather than a space rocket to facilitate her species` escape. One of the more famous scifi movies of the 50s was Forbidden Planet (1956) and it`s title is indicative. The basic premise is that science is a monster. All of the scientifically highly developed species on the Forbidden Planet have died mysteriously at the zenith of their achievements. Most critics perceive Forbidden Planet as a metaphor for nuclear Armageddon and what could happen on Earth. Although the loss of the species of Forbidden Planet is due to their imaginations becoming too strong to control themselves, it`s a metaphor for pederasty because it presents technology as a monster, whereas it`s a liberator. Effectively, what Forbidden Planet says is that the planets are forbidden to women and men won`t allow technology to develop, because they are monsters and won`t allow her to escape.

 9/11 was `Babylon` insofar as it was`Hollywood`. In typical 50s alien invasion movie style, the `monsters` of the `serpent`s seed`, who have already taken control of the Earth, say that they don`t want the human species, that is, `woman`s seed`, to escape from its `perpetual enmity` against her. Many people watching 9/11 `live on CNN` in fact perceived it initially as a 50s scifi alien invasion movie because they couldn`t believe that could happen to the Twin Towers. Although science fiction is viewed as faintly ridiculous, last month`s science is tomorrow`s world. The space rocket that would put a futanar woman on the moon with her own penis is more liberating than the automatic washing machine, which washes the clothes of the `woman`s seed` for her. But the principle is of the machine that is the liberator of `Woman` and not the system`s machinery that keeps her in imprisonment upon the Earth so that her pederast can enslave and periodically kill her when the technological has advanced far enough to suggest to her that she can leave. Internet taboos against sex research for the young may seem comprehensible ( ), but if there`s noone to tell a young woman that she`s a species with her own penis, how else is she to know?



 Christianity`s Jesus is `woman`s seed` and advocates immortality, so that Eve`s daughters will have the knowledge of themselves as a species, which is denied to them by pederasty`s ephemeral preoccupations. Just as the washing machine, rather than the spaceship, is the zenith of human aspiration, in terms of pederasty`s technology, so `three score years and ten` is the limit of their enslaved ephemerals capacity for stored memory. Because it is in pederasty`s interest to prevent a young woman having a grandmother who can tell her about women`s own penis, or indeed reveal that she has one. Irrespective of eternal youth, pederasty will murder her in the spirit and the flesh to prevent her from passing on her stored knowledge, which in Revelation is what the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS is a sign of. Consequently, `the wages of sin is death` refers to pederasty, not adultery, because it is `woman`s seed` that has been adulterated by the `serpent`s seed` of homosexual pederasty, which Jesus` birth without male semen and his crucifixion by the `serpent`s seed` emphasizes. Redemption is acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `Word of God`, that is, the Logos, so that `woman`s seed` can progress in technological development and escape pederasty, which Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension prefigures. Those who advocate spiritual escape without work haven`t understood God`s exhortation to Adam and Eve after Eden, `In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.` (Gen: 3.19) To the `serpent`s seed` this means that work that`s productive isn`t possible, because, as Jesus did, you`ll escape death. On the other hand, if you believe in maracles, as most Christians perceive Jesus` Ascension as, you won`t work. However, as science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once observed:


`Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.`3



 Just because Jesus` Ascension seems miraculous doesn`t give us an excuse for assuming that sanctimony is Jesus` path. Spirituality isn`t the perception that other people work for you and that the miracles of technology and/or heaven are yours because you`re `spiritual`. Even if Jesus wasn`t carried up into space by the transporter beam of the USS Enterprise for another episode of the TV show Star Trek, (1965-) it isn`t the perception that those who believe in the work of science are spiritually inferior because they don`t want to die in pederasty.



 Men are death to `Woman` because she`s God`s producer and the destruction of her art, culture and civilization is what they`re for. Although HIV/AIDS is the homosexual pederasts` `biological warfare of the 20th century, cigarette inducing cancer has been a metaphor for the killers` disease for much longer. A euphemism for murder is `smoking` and the first murderer was Cain who killed Abel for being able to cook, that is, he was able to see and develop beyond agriculturalism. The blind are given a white cane, which they use to bang against objects in their path so that they can feel their way forwards. In Christianity the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` because it`a about being able to see. Cigarette smoking is the precursor of HIV/AIDS as the homosexual pederasts` prototypical precursor of its more improved killer disease of HIV/AIDS. Consequently, the little white stick of the cigarette is the blind woman`s cane. Jesus` distillation of the `spirit of the law of God` is `love your neighbour as you love yourself` because woman`s seed` is your neighbour, which is the Christian perception that murderers kill themselves, and means that `smoking` is Cain and the smokers` cigarette is the white stick that represents blindness. To the dying individual the smokers` white stick isn`t `Romance`. Living life without eyes to see because the `smokers` and those spreading the homosexual pederasts` more recent and lethal contagion of HIV/AIDS have killled them in the spirit.isn`t romantic:


`Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear? And you don`t remember?` (Mk 8. 18)



.Where are the eternally youthful ancient old women with the memories of `woman`s seed` and who can teach and guide their daughters? Dead because the blinders have `smoked` them with their white stick symbols of blindness and death. Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` Now the planet is beringed with the little white sticks of their ICBMs in the mutually assured destruction (MAD) that cigarette smoking retro `Hollywood` shows like Mad Men (2007-) ensure will puff us all out of existence. God`s destruction of `Sodom and Gomorrah` prefigures the mafia families` `Camorra`, which is the `blood feud` of sodomy, that is, homosexual pederasty`s serpent`s seed`s vendetta against `woman`s seed` and her Earth`s human species.If you don`t have eyes to see, or ears to hear, you can`t remember, which is `Camorra`:


`He who is deaf, blind and silent, lives a thousand years in peace.`4



 The romantic would place the emphasis on `peace` in the sentence as it is constructed, whereas it`s a blinding curse. Who wants to live for a thousand years, deaf, blind and without the capacity to communicate? That`s `Camorra`, or as the famous non-mafiosa Dean Martin mightn`t have sung, `When you walk in a dream but you know you`re not dreamin` ... [signora]. `Scusami, but you see back in old Napoli, that`s ... [Camorra].` 5 The American myth is of a virgin land, which is developable. Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary is of the `woman`s seed`, which is developable, but if the Americans persisit in infantile delusions; for example, political correctness consists in the institutionalized belief that homosexual pederasts and women are equal, all we can expect is deafness, blindness and silence, which isn`t `amore`. In Eden the serpent`s apple of temptation is a sign to Eve that it will seek to enslave and devour her. through homosexual pederasty, which is what 9/11`s terrorist attack on the `Big Apple` of New York was attempting to reinforce. The USA was tempted into global conflict, which in WWII resulted in the defeat of the red sun of Japan by means of two nuclear bombs, `Fat Man` and `Little Boy`, dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima which, after the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS in homosexual pederasty, that is, the `biological warfare` of the `gay boy sons`, is understandable as an early symptom of the disease.



 In Revelation, `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` while the `red dragon` is unable to devour `he who shall rule the nations with an iron scepter` because the moon of Al Qaeda is beneath the statue of `Liberty` where it is reflected in the harbour of New York after 9/11. In other words, the defeat of the red sun of Japan after Pearl Harbor in 1941 and of Al Qaeda at New York harbour in 2001 represents the defeat of that which would devour the Earth by unleashing the power of its suns upon her. 

 Acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is `the Word`, which is what software giant Microsoft calls its processor. In Jesus` terms, humankind`s speech and writing requires a `guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet` which, in the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), corresponds to the spiritualized soul or anima that is the female component of the psyche. Most works produced by Microsoft word processor, or any other type, adopt the paradigm of homosexual pederasty`s undeclared war against the human species of `Woman` as their premise; for example, the Bible. Consequently, accepting Jesus` `Word` as the `woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, is a prerequisite for changing the paradigm of homosexual pederasty`s enslaving and devouring of her as the `serpent`s seed` that, grown into the `red dragon` of Revelation, cannot devour `he who shall rule the nations with an iron scepter` to protect her. In Revelation `woman`s seed` receives a `new heaven and Earth` from God while the evil `serpent`s seed` receive perdition as a punishment. The paradigm of `Woman` accepting her slavery in exchange for comfort perpetuates low level technological advancement. The washing machine that takes care of the woman is not yet conceived of. But that would be the end of her enslavement, and the knowledge that she has her own penis and is a species is enough to indicate that the source of her enslavement is the desire for it.



 9/11 was knocking down buildings and rebuilding them; as a child does with building blocks. But the notion that humans shouldn`t develop is central to the terrrorist attack upon New York`s Twin Towers. Unless `Woman` wants a washing machine that takes care of her, she`ll opt for the next best thing, which is the male seed that accepts low level technology in exchange for roles as enslavers and devourers within the pederasty that provides her exclusively female form, that is, `woman`s seed` without her own penis that `sows` her own `seed`, with low level technological comforts. In the scifi movie Barbarella (1968) Jane Fonda is depicted in the opening scene through the porthole of a spaceship that looks like that of a washing machine and the cinema audience watch her in weightlessness while she `spins` and removes her clothes. The metaphor is of the liberated `woman`s seed` who has her own washing machine. In socio-economic terms, 9/11 precipitated `another Vietnam` because the USA`s spaceplane programme of the 50s was cancelled on economic grounds largely due to the USA`s commitment to global policing of communism. Although the Saturn V space rocket replaced the X-15 programme to pilot spaceplanes, the astronaut atop the rocket, but visible through the lunar module`s porthole, represented development of the washing machine, that is, the low level technology that woman required for her comfort within pederasty. US President Richard Nixon`s support for the `Vietnam war` (1955-75) and George W. Bush`s declared `War on Terror` (2003-) represents a refusal to develop. Because a higher level of technological development would mean that the washing machine would take care of the `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` woman with her own penis would be cared for by the technology, and the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war would no longer exist. It`s continuation means that the Saturn V rocket no longer functions as a washing machine developer, but as a means of deploying nuclear holocaust, which would mean that the Nazi`s `concentration camp` programme of turning dreams to ashes and then into soap would have more ash:


`It’s funny how,
A building can look so tired.
They’re knocking down,
All the buildings,
That remind me of you.
And the new ones,
Just scrape giant holes in the blue,
And they block out.
The sun.
They pay for the ground,
And a thousand blocked views.
Cannot bear to stand at all,
Cannot bear to stand at all,
Maybe that is why,
That’s why,
Yeah, maybe that’s why,
Buildings fall down.`6


 The proverb is that `the pen is mightier than the sword`, which is borne out by the description of Jesus in Revelation, `and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword`. Although Jesus is thought of by the Christians as the great dragon slaying hero of Revelation, he is true to his `Mission` in that his acceptance of torture and murder by the `serpent`s seed` illustrates his role as the `woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary and uncontaminated by male semen, which doesn`t prefigure the helplessness of `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` woman with her own penis, because it is written in the Bible, `the meek shall inherit the Earth`, and although Jesus defeats the `red dragon` and its `serpent`s seed` in Revelation, while the evil receive perdition, Jesus doesn`t actually fight. The analogy is of the US Marine who takes orders from Norman Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell, who were erroneously thought of as the `black beasts` of Revelation, because `schwarzkopf` means `blackhead` in German and Colin Powell was black. Just as there`s no perception that Norman Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell were cowards because they commanded, so there`s no perception that Jesus is a coward because he commands. Nor is there the perception that `futanarian` woman, that is, `woman`s seed` with her own penis, has to fight either. But, in psychological terms, there`s the perception that sexual instinct and libido has to be transformed into spiritual and intellectual endeavour, which means that the new socio-economic valence of the woman with a penis represents the technological development that can save her through the creation of the washing machine that cares for her rather than that she is a low level technological slave of the washing machine that doesn`t. In simple terms, labour saving devices are the liberation that the enslavers and devourers of `woman`s seed` don`t want for her, which means that the fight for the `seed` of woman is cerebral and spiritual, but a real and significant battle.

 As `Logos` or the `Word` of God, Jesus is the advocate of technological advancement, which is the defeat of pederasty by peaceful means. In programers` terms, Jesus` `Word` is the machine program, which is why the adjectival form for `Messiah`, that is, `Meshiah` in Judaism, is `Meshiahn`. Because the intelligent machine is more human than the humans it cares for, which is the reason that pederasty doesn`t want higher levels of technology for its slaves. Much `scifi` has been devoted to the idea that robots are the slaves of humans, whereas the notion that the robots are more human because they care for the human species isn`t considered. However, Jesus` notion of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete infusing the spirit of humankind with the desire for more human machines is why he`s `Meshiahn`. Jesus` perception is of a future technologically advanced art, culture and civilization in which the spirit of woman`s seed`s desire to protect itself has triumphed. Jesus` New Testament is the battle for the heart, which is why he`s associated with the distillation of the `spirit of the law` of God as `love your neighbour as you love yourself`, but the battle for the brain is why he`s `Logos` and the `Word`. Because peaceful technology is Salvation for `woman`s seed` and, if men don`t want it, she has the socio-economic valence to take her penis elsewhere.



 In publishing terms, the Bible is the `Word` of God and, whether Saddam Hussein and the Ba`ath Party, or the terrorist cells of Al Qaeda, are the two `black beasts`, as foretold in Revelation, the attack on the Twin Towers put them in print as `wannabes`. In the `Vietnam war` the average age of the US combatants was nineteen, which meant that the `Khmer Rouge`, that is, the Asian incarnation of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war, could pretend to be injured American servicemen, crying `Joe! Over here Joe!` Repetition is the bane of art, culture and civilization, because cancer cells replicate. The evil spirit of HIV/AIDS even feigns friendship for the body it kills by pretending to be the white cells that defend it, which is what the Khmer Rouge did with the US Marines. Although the `Khmer Rouge` were perceived as the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed`, war is the sign of homosexual pederasty, and so the 19 year old American soldiers were victims of pederasty. Consequently, repretition and pederasty is the cancerousness of war, and HIV/AIDS is the `blood plague` of Revelation as a sign and a portent that homosexual pederasty is a repretitive anathema, which God has wanted to exterminate since `Sodom and Gomorrah` (Gen: 18, 19). Because `futanarian` woman with a penis is `new`, that is, 21st century `woman`s seed`, she`s a `cancer cure`. Simply, because `woman`s seed` isn`t contaminated, which Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary prefigures, and his teachings of immortality through the Holy Spirit/Paraclete of the New Testament were `new`. Because repetition is cancerous and `woman`s seed` isn`t. Although the Bible is repeated for the edification of infants, infantilism is the desire to repeat evil events, which homosexual pederasty encourages, and so the Catholic church is condemned periodically for its pederasty because the Bible encourages its repetition. Unless pastors are prepared to preach the physical reality of `woman`s seed`, the only thing to be understood from the Bible is war, slavery and death in the jaws of homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon`. Jesus` Holy Spirit/Paraclete is for the teaching of `woman`s seed`, that is, the `seed` of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, who is uncontaminated by the virality of the male parasite that wants to feed off the human species` `host` womb as its devouring plague.

 In the movie Face Off (1997) Nicholas Cage and John Travolta change faces by means of surgery and attempt to kill each other. The concept of good and evil is irrelevant because it`s the alien face of pederasty, and it`s the nature of the disease to devour itself. Britney Spears` album Blackout is a more intelligent perspective. The concept album is familiar to contemporary music lovers since the 70s and unconsciousness, where that means the inability to remember, is the basis of homosexual pederasty`s cancer. If `woman`s seed` can`t remember her own penis, it`s because she`s been, or is being, murdered. In the late 80s the all girl rock group was at its zenith with bands like Vixen, The Spice Girls, Heart, and Girlschool, which was `newish`, but the all `woman`s seed` band is yet to appear and, if the cancerous repetitiveness of homosexual pederasty prevails, there won`t be any woman bands. Elvis Presley was once ostracised for shimmying on stage while singing `Blue Suede Shoes` and the complaint was that his penis could be seen engorged along his inner thigh beneath his tight jeans. If the female band ever took to the stage with their erections and breasts, it`d be the end of homosexual pederasty`s dominant stance. Consequently, repetition is a sign of homosexual pederasty`s enslaving and desire to devour `woman`s seed`, which is an Anti-Christian denial of the role of the communion wafer that represents the body of Jesus in the Catholic Mass:


`I'm Mrs `Lifestyles of the rich and famous`.
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs `Oh my God that Britney's Shameless`.
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs `Extra! Extra! this just in`.
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs `She's too big now she's too thin`.

(You want a piece of me)` Piece Of Me (2007)


Of course, Jesus` `bread and wine` from the `Last Supper` is the `body and blood` symbolized by the wafer and the wine of the Catholic Communion because the drink represents the spirit, that is, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which isn`t possession by the evil of homosexual pederasty and the `perpetual enmity` of the enslaving devourer for `woman`s seed`, but self-possession in the desire for `Woman`. Female sexuality is taught that she isn`t to be desirable to herself, which defines men as her possessing demons, because `woman`s seed` has her own penis and socio-economic valence together with its capacity for energic spiritual and intellectual transformative capcity to improve her environment for her species. In `Piece Of Me` Britney Spears` observes that not only do `demons` want to possess her spirit, that is, the wine of her body, and cause her to endanger herself or her family, but intoxicated by their desire for sexual possession of her, post coitally she`s `pissed off` by men who`re only devouring and enslaving demons using her as `a convenience` before and after ejaculating:


`I'm Mrs 'You want a piece of me?'
Tryin' and pissin' me off.
Well get in line with the paparazzi
Who's flippin' me off.
Hopin' I'll resort to some havoc

And end up settlin` in court.

(You want a piece of me)`



Britney Spears` concept album Blackout observes that she wants to be `original` and not a victim of homosexual pederasty insofar as she doesn`t want to repeat herself in endless regurgitations of material that she has previously produced. One of the basic principles of enslavement is that of the `cargo cult` in which an individual is given a mock artifact such as a mobile telephone carved from wood in order for the `cult` to have the `subject` work to produce a working mobile telephone based on the wooden `effigy`. The concept is based on the theory of reincarnation, that is, if the individual is reborn, and the theory is that everyone is reincarnated, all the `cargo cult` has to do is wait for them to produce what they`ve produced before. Moreover, if they don`t reproduce what has been before, the `cult` will force them to. Because they don`t want anything but what they`ve already had. Basic to the theory is homosexual pederasty, which doesn`t want `woman`s seed` because it`s `new`.  In simple terms, the Earth is definable as a `cargo cult` run by homosexual pederasts who don`t want `woman`s seed` to be born, whereas God`s Revelation in the Bible is that `woman`s seed` shall receive a `new heaven and Earth` while the evil `serpent`s seed` receive perdition as a punbishment, but it`s not clear why. The reason is because the alien parasitical virality preying on the `host` womb of the human species won`t allow the `woman`s seed` to develop:


`Men cursed the God of heaven because of their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.11)


 What they`d done was enslave `Woman` in homosexual pederasty and preferred their alien parasitical virality in the shape of HIV/AIDS to enforce the faithfulness of `Woman` to their possessive enslaving misogynyst`s monogamy. In videos like Oops I Did It Again and Lucky, Britney Spears appears `repeated` in the sense that she`s `doubled` or `twinned` to `star` alongside herself. In homosexual pederasty replication denotes cancer because it copies itself, which in terms of God`s `plan` means that there won`t won`t be any original material if the serpent`s seed` is successful. But for `woman`s seed` replication is a metaphor for reproduction by means of her own penis. The featured track of Blackout is `Piece Of Me` and Britney Spears appears on the cover of the CD single depicted on the cross in the place of the crucified Jesus, because his `Mission` is to be new `woman`s seed`, but after 2000 years `Woman` still hasn`t remembered because homosexual pederasty has censored that `piece` of her. Christianity is a travesty in which the murdered spirit of woman is expected to go to her local pederast and say, `Forgive me father because I can`t remember whether I`ve sinned or not.` On the tacit understanding that she used to have a penis and is now a sinful lesbian, who`s censored and so unconscious of her forever `fallen` state, which the priests will remind her of just before she goes to hell in order to experience the eternal unendurable pain that they`ve accepted as God`s `plan` for her:


`I can feel you on my lips.

I can feel you deep inside.

Ooh, ooh baby,

In your arms I finally breathe.

Wrap me up in all your love.

That's the oxygen I need, yeah.` Ooh Ooh Baby (2007)



 Britney Spears` `Ooh Ooh Baby` from Blackout represents the singers` desire for the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. Although it`s sexual, Jesus is `woman`s seed`, which means that the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is `woman`s spirit`. In the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which detail the life and teachings of the disciples` master, all agree that the Roman centurion Longinus` spear pierced the side of Jesus upoin his death at the crucifixion, which was the signal for the emergence of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the continuator of Jesus` teachings, that is, as the spirit of the first Eve from the side of the `Second Adam`. Because the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is a `multiple personality`, in psychological terms, without being fragmented, each is a `piece` from Longinus` spear, which means that Britney Spears` name has biblical significance because it suggests the `pieces` of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, but the `piece` of her that`s invisible is her `futanarian` sexuality. In other words, `Woman` is schizophrenic because the education and information system available to her upon the Earth says that woman`s sexual orientation should be towards men because they have exclusive rights to the penis, whereas `woman`s seed` has a penis of her own. Consequently, women are schizophrenic because their sexual orientation has been interfered with, which is why Jesus is `woman`s seed`. Because Jesus represents the `seed` of the woman interfered with by the `serpent`s seed` of homosexual pederasty and its `perpetual enmity` for the human species. Britney Spears` `Ooh Ooh Baby` is sexual and spiritual, because `woman`s seed` is.



 The attack of Al Qaeda`s terrorists upon the `Big Apple` of New York`s World Trade Centre was homosexual pederasty`s declaration of its intention to devour the human species, which is definable as `woman`s seed`, in biblical terms, because Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary without contamination by male semen and is described as the `Second Adam`. Jesus` offer of Redemption to mankind is conditional on mankind`s acceptance of his teachings and those of the Holy Spirit as his continuator. Just as Eve emerged from the side of Jesus, so Jesus` side was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion, Longinus, and so the Holy Spirit/Paraclete emerged from the side of the `Second Adam` because she was the spirit of Eve, that is, `woman`s seed`, and so the `Second Eve` is the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` to ` rule the nations with an iron scepter`. Jesus` teachings have been disseminated by the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, and so the minds of mankind have changed:


`Men cursed the God of heaven because of their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.`



 God sentences those who refuse to change their mind to eternal unendurable pain. Jesus` `Second Coming` is identified with the birth of the `New Redeemer`,because the Messiah`s birth from the Virgin Mary, without male semen, is decontamination, and prefigures `futanarian` woman`s birthing of the `New Redeemer`, who may be male only insofar as a `futanarian` woman with a penis is his birth mother, and he is male because `futanarian` too. Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary identifies him as `woman`s seed`, but the penis doesn`t identify the male as human. The `sores` of HIV/AIDS are from the `serpent`s seed` because men who don`t accept the `woman` seed` are no longer human, and homosexual pederasty is the biblical sign of their degeneration. HIV/AIDS is  a `wasting disease`, and was defined as the `thin disease` when it was first recognized as a `gay plague` in the 1980s. Because the minds of men need to change their `thinking`, HIV/AIDS is the `Thin King` disease, which is identifiable as `plague`, that is, one of the `four horsemen of the apocalypse` from Revelation, but God even is blamed by men for the `blood plague` in Revelation, whereas men have constructed the enslaving and devouring god of homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon` for themselves.




 `Thin King` is a mind wasting disease, and so `plague`, but its physical symptoms are starvation, which identifies it as another of the `four horsemen of the apocalypse`, `famine.`, while the ancient Greeks` enslavement of women as `host` wombs to spread their contagion of war, means that war and death are the god of homosexual pederasty`s also, and so these are the `four horsemen of the apocalypse`, `plague, famine, war and death`. In the New Testament Jesus is `Logos`, the `Word` of God, because technological advancement is either an aspect of the `wasting disease` of the god of homosexual pederasty, that is, thermoglobal nuclear holocaust as the latest instalment in their `snuff movie` homage to the god of wasting everything that `woman`s  seed` produces from her womb. `Woman` produces art, culture and civilization, and men as her `wasting disease`, waste it, and that`s worship of the god of homosexual pederasty, which is the enslaving and devouring `red dragon` of `consumption`. According to Revelation the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer` because the strong willed and the strong minded won`t allow `woman`s seed` to be devoured, and the `New Redeemer`, according to the Bible, protects his mother who remains `hidden` upon the Earth. God tells Eve that she will crush the head of the serpent before she leaves, and God gives `woman`s seed` a new heaven and Earth in Revelation, which means that `woman`s seed` will leave Earth and be protected before she does so. God`s `plan` seems to be that `woman`s seed`, as `futanarian` woman with her own penis, is `hidden`, but the plan of the evil `serpent`s seed` is that she shall never be seen, which is the difference between Revelation and blinding through miseducation and disinformation, for example, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are both associated with `eye candy`, whereas `candyman` is the name of a `snuff movie` company providing training for directors who want to implement the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` against `woman`s seed` by preparing themselves for genocidal `cleansing` pogroms such as occurred in Yugoslavia`s Srebrenica, Sudan`s Dharfur, Ukraine`s Chechnya and elsewhere in the late 20th century.



New York was the `Big Apple` of America`s desire for innocence, progress and development, which is the American Dream of Manifest Destiny through `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. But humanity has to accept the teachings of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, because Jesus` flesh and spirit is `woman`s seed` and `Woman` is Redemption through `God`s love` (Matt: 22.39) although those who won`t accept due to their worship of the false god of homosexual pederasty will have eternal perdition:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Piece Of Me (2007)



 On the cover of the CD single for `Piece Of Me` Britney Spears appears in the place of Jesus on the cross, but without the spear of Longinus in her side, because she represents the `spirit of Eve` born from the `Second Adam`, that is, acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which is an aspect of God`s omnipresence and omniscience. Consequently, Britney Spears is lending her name to the idea of the omnivalence of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete emerging from the side of Jesus when pierced by the spear of the Roman Centurion, Longinus, because the multivalent spirit may be conceived, in US Christian terms, as `the Spears of Manifest Destiny`, which at least makes Britney Spears` name and appearance on the cover of `Piece Of Me` symbolically cogent.

 Eden is explicable in terms of `adultery` but only insofar as the `serpent`s seed` doesn`t adhere to the `Word of God`, which is `adulterated`. Because of the `serpent`s seed` who tempts `Woman` from the side of mankind. God`s `plan` was for a third to stand beside Adam and Eve the `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own. The terrorist attack on New York`s `Big Apple` is the explication of the problem 2000 years after Jesus` exhortation to `love your neighbor as you love yourself`. Without the third aspect of the Christian Trinity, that is, `futanarian` woman as a `fatherer`, the `serpent`s seed` will devour `woman`s seed` in its adulteration of the `Word` and publish its `perpetual enmity` for her, which is why Jesus called himself `the `Son of Man`. Because he was `woman`s seed` from the Virgin Mary who, as the prefiguration of `futanarian` woman with her own penis, would correspond to both `Woman`, God, the `fatherer`, and the `spirit of Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam` as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. Consequently, God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit/Paraclete can all be understood trinitarily as `Woman`.



 Miley Cyrus is another US pop star famous for appearing in a cage as an American Eagle in `Can`t Be Tamed` (2010), while a `master of ceremonies` declares he`d thought she was `extinct`, and in `Party In The USA` (2009) she celebrates her birth names of `Hope` and `Destiny`, which may signify hope in the American Dream and the Manifest Destiny of the United States of America:  `Hopeful people are `like the little engine that could, [because] they keep telling themselves `I think I can, I think I can`.`7 Mythologically,  `Zeus created a box that contained all manners of evil, unbeknownst to the receiver … and those evils were released into the world; hope, which lay at the bottom of the box, remained.`8 Miley Cyrus is at the bottom of her cage at the end of the video for `Can`t be Tamed`, which suggests that the hope represented by the Eagle upon the `Great Seal` of the United States of America is `bird flu` to her plummy voiced British impressario. Although Hannah Montah, Miley`s character in the TV show about a successful teenage popstar, was the American Dream fulfilled, Britney Spears` shaving of her head to `baldly` represent the American Eagle, denounced herself as the `Antichrist`, and was equally symptomatic of possession by the `wasting disease` of the god of homosexual pederasty, which had caused Miley Cyrus to promote herself as a soon to be extinct species.



 Britney Spears had growing pains too. The `red dragon` threatened to devour her offspring, when she was accused of being a child neglecter after paparazzi snapped her child`s hat falling off as she ran for a cab near her hotel by Central Park, New York, and the court awarded custody of her boys to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and after agreeing to award Conservatorship to her father, Co-Conservatorship of her confiscated billions US$ earnings was awarded by the courts to Jason Trawick, who said he might marry her, and eventually didn`t. 

Britney Spears had `growing pains` too. The `red dragon` threatened to devour her offspring, when she was accused of being a child neglecter after paparazzi snapped her child`s hat falling off as she ran for a cab near her hotel by Central Park, New York, and the court awarded custody of her boys to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and after agreeing to award Conservatorship to her father, Co-Conservatorship of her confiscated billions US$ earnings was awarded by the courts to Jason Trawick, who said he might marry her, and eventually didn`t. Hannah Montanah was Redemption for Miley Cyrus, because she could `act good`. However, the USA`s preoccupations with `family` meant that her father, Billy Ray, much in the same way that Britney Spears` father,  Jim, was awarded Conservatorship of her fortune, when the courts decreed she was neglecting her children, was able to `remain close on set`, `acting good` as her father, , `In late 2005, he began to co-star in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana with his daughter Miley Cyrus.`  Hannah was Redemption for Miley and her generation of viewers because she developed as a good actress, but she was young enough to be good as well as act good, and the acting taught her and her audience what good was, which is what American TV is perfect at, because it`s in accordance with the American Dream of innocent progress through development. However, in homosexual pederasty the pederasts act with the good, and so the meaning of Miley Cyrus` father having the role of her father in Hannah Montanah is pederastical, whatever Billy Ray`s relations with his daughter are.  In other words, acting is what pederasts do, but the developing adult learns to act good with them, which is what pederasty is. You`re good and they`re secretly evil, but they`ve taught you to be good, and if you declare yourself bisexual, or a single mother, because you`re the `woman`s seed`, who`s able to recognize her own species, like Britney Spears, the pederasts will take your children and your money and give you a leech who says he`ll be Co-Conservator of your billions US $ until you`re a hollowed out shell singing mafia songs about your love for sodomy and `Camorra`:


`He is a loser, he's a bum
(Bum, bum, bum)

He lies, he fluffs he's unreliable
He is a sucker with a gun
(Gun, gun, gun)`


 Bitney Spears` early career produced good recordings, and those who act good are good. Oops I Did It Again (1999) presents the `game`, Oops! ... I did it again. I played with your heart. Got lost in the game. Oh, baby; baby. Oops!` Pederasty is the `plague game` in which the individual learns to play the game of pretending to believe in father so that they can develop and escape, but Britney Spears slipped up when she dropped her child`s hat and the paparrazi snapped it, while Miley Cyrus learned to act good for the pederasts, which made of her a `wild child` like others of her generation, such as Lindsay Lohan, who escaped in the right direction by becoming a lesbian and  embracing `woman`s seed` to escape from her `father`, who was a criminal.



In the Chinese book of philosophical wisdom, the I Ching, or Book Of Changes, the central tenet is `hidden dragon, do not act`. If you believe that acting good will save you from `the dragon`, it`ll devour you, and pederasty teaches its victims to be good by acting good. In Hollywood, everyone is an `actress` because it`s a game for `drama queens`. `Woman` can`t act to save herself  because she`s taught that acting good is what fathers do, whreas it`s what `drama queens` do, and Belsen and Auschwitz give the lie to the belief that they don`t. In the video for the CD single Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears is depicted beneath her spaceman`s camera with a giant`s fork beside his helmet while she` `looks good`. It`s a devourer`s metaphor. She`s acting good and looks `good enough to eat`, because homosexual pederasty is her parasitical devourer.

 If men promote actions that are evil, they are published as `read` in Revelation.  As God`s producer, `Woman` isn`t responsible for the evil that emerges from her `host` womab. The daughters of Eve have been trained by men to believe mistakenly in `boy sons`, that is, but `poisons` is what men have become. Because they`ve accepted the `serpent`s seed` since Eden. On the cross of his crucifixion, Jesus is a `good actor`. He doesn`t have to illustrate how homosexual pederasty tortures the spirited to make them produce, that is, Christianity in Jesus` case, but he does. On the cover of her CD single, `Piece Of Me`, Britney Spears isn`t acting out Jesus` crucifixion, because it`s a symbol. She knows `good and evil` so she`s not fooled by `bad actors`. The actors aren`t as `good` as Britney Spears, because the `serpent`s seed` were `bad actors` who didn`t accept Jesus` `Mission`, and so Britney Spears` 21st century crucifiers, the paparazzi, and the American judicidary, are mistaken in believing that they are good, because they represent the evils of homosexual pederasty, which enslaves `Woman` and torments her spirit to produce for it.  In `Piece Of Me` Britney Spears is preaching the `Word` of God` and, although many perceive her, and those who are similar, for example, Madonna and Christina Aguilera,  as akin to the `MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH` because she`s `sexual`, human beings only have two physical valences; sex and eating. Babylon the Great is described as `mystery` because it`s a mystery that `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` woman with her own penis, continues as the slave to a devouring parasite, which is what homosexual pederasty`s alien virality constitutes.



 In the New Testament Jesus distills God`s law as `love`, `love your neighbor as you love yourself,` which simply means that, in addition to the two physical human valences of sex and food, `love` is added, which is described as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete because it is the spirit of `Woman`, that is, Eve`s spirit from the `rib` of Jesus as the `Second Adam` pierced by the spear of Longinus at his crucifixion before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. In simple terms, heaven is a better place, which Jesus as `Logos` or the `Word` represents. If the Bible is read as the Destiny of `woman`s seed`, attempts to prevent technological advancement restrict the ages of women by limiting medical advances through science. Events such as 9/11`s terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre is recognizably an attempt to restore the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty and the enslavement of `Woman` as the de facto producer of the human species by `wasting` the Earth`s resources in war   Low level technological imprisonment maintains pederasty and imprisons the human species as the victim, in science fiction terms, of the aliens that aren`t invading, but are already here, and have humanity trapped without the possibility of knowledge or information about its true circumstances because the education system defines pederasty as `good`, and Christian leaders pay only scant attention to the concept of the `woman`s seed`, which is vaguely understood as `good` because Jesus was born of a virgin, rather than that Jesus` mother`s seed was the source of Jesus` conception, which prefigures the `futanarian` woman with her own penis as the human species of `Woman` receiving, in Revelation, a `new heaven and Earth` from God.



 In Oops I Did It Again (2000), Britney Spears declares `I`m not that innocent!` which means that she is aware that the American Dream is innocence and fulfilment of Manifest Destiny is development and progress, which depends on protecting the innocent, and so she`s a woman. On the cross of his crucifixion, Jesus is a lawyer, and the defence is for the accused:  that is, mankind, but Britney Spears isn`t `innocent` because defence is the protection of the innocent`s progress and development, which is what mothers do. If homosexual pederasty wants `Woman` to be naked and vulnerable, which is how women`s image is generally promulgated, Jesus` nakedness upon the cross of his crucifixion depicts the helplessness and torment pederasty wants for `woman`s seed`. Moreover, the sadistic `punishment` of Jesus by the `serpent`s seed` is interpreted by Christians as a sanction to righteously torture the spirit in worship of the false god of homosexual pederasty that they have set up as an `idol`, which God forbade in the Old Testament:


` You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them or serve them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments.` (Ex: 20. 3-6)



Jesus represents the defence of `Woman`, who was from Adam`s side in Eden, as Jesus was from the Virgin Mary without contamination, and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete was from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam`, when pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus at his crucifixion and death before, ascending to heaven, Jesus left the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the continuator of the Messiah`s teachings of Redemption. Because the Shekinah of the Old Testament is the `spirit of the law`, the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam` is the Shekinah, who is called the Holy Spirit/Paraclete in the New Testament, where Jesus distills `God`s law` as `love your neighbor as you love yourself,` which means that the new `spirit of the law` of God is `love` and so the Shekinah, which means the `dwelling or settling` of God, is the Holy Spirit/Paraclete and the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` of humanity thereafter.:


 `The Lord was going before them in a pillar of cloud by day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire by night to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night. He did not take away the pillar of cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people.` (Ex: 13.:21-22)


 The Shekinah contains the divine presence  and moves before and behind to protect and guide, `the pillar of cloud moved from before them and stood behind them. So it came between the camp of Egypt and the camp of Israel; and there was the cloud along with the darkness, yet it gave light at night. Thus the one did not come near the other all night. When the cloud moved, the people followed it. When it stopped, everybody stopped.` (Ex: 13-25) The Shekinah prefigures Jesus` Holy Spirit/Paraclete as `guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet` because the Messiah, in his `Second Coming`, is the `New Redeemer` as protector. As the cloud or light, the Shekinah or Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the `spirit of the law` of `God`s love` and of the penis`s `seed`  that desires itself, which is `woman`s. In Egypt the Jews were enslaved as breeding pairs of slaves in pederasty, and it`s traditional in Judaism that a Jew can only be born from a woman, which means that women are the `chosen people`, and the escape from slavery to pederasty in Egypt is only a stage in her liberation from pederasty,


 `In the night time the cloud was a great column of brilliant light, and all night long the radiance from that cloud brightly illuminated the entire camp so that no night ever touched them for forty years. As soon as the sun rose, the fire became a white cloud.`



 HIV/AIDS, is the `biological warfare` of the `serpent`s seed` and its `perpetual enmity` for `Woman`, which is how the future struggles of the `daughters of Eve` are described for her by God in Eden. 9/11`s destruction of the `World Trade Centre` by Arabian terrorists was the attempt by homosexual pederasty to restore the `rough trade` of the `boy sons` of war by attacking the `Big Apple` of woman`s development in the West. The serpent`s seed`s `gay poisons` were the `gay boy sons` of the terrorist East`s `biological warfare` against `Woman`, which has already separated itself entirely from `woman`s seed` in preparation for species` genocide by the alien parasitical virality preying on her `host` wombs.



 In their black abiyahs and burkahs the `woman` seed` of Arabia is as entirely segregated as the black populations of enslaved South Africans were separated from the white in pederasty and, indeed, the Arabian pederasts wear white as a sign. But not even of racism because `Woman` isn`t their species. Jesus lived in pederasty but was born uncontaminated by male semen from the `woman`s seed` of the Virgin Mary, which was a sign of the eventual freedom of `woman`s seed` and her capacity to reproduce by means of her own penis. Civil war between Moslems and Christians in the former Yugoslavia, and in Sudan`s Dharfur between the black West Africans and the ruling `masters` emigrated from Arabia, only masks the true war for species` enslavement by pederasty and its ongoing genocide against `woman`s seed`. Jesus` words to the disciples who, on the day before his crucifixion, berated a woman for washing his feet with oil that was `too expensive`, were:


`Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14.6)



 The most significant words in the Bible condemn `pederasty`, and announce the `futanarian` future of `woman`s seed`, which receives a `new heaven and Earth` from God in Revelation as a sign of the formerly thwarted technologically liberated future of `Woman` amongst the stars. God isn`t a sado-masochist who seeks enslavement for the human species in eternal torture, which is what Jesus` crucifixion means for the evil. It is the mistake of sado-maschists to assume that, because `Woman` and Jesus` teachings of the `spirit of the law` as `love`, represent the softness of `woman`s seed`, the sado-masochists shan`t have eternal unendurable pain as a punishment for wanting it. Because the rest of us don`t want it. Hell isn`t a place of torture. It`s pain alone. Sadists can`t have heaven, because they like to inflict pain, and masochists can`t either, because they like to experience pain. Both are evil and want torture for humanity, which is why Christ, crucified on the cross, is the `serpent`s seed` playing `devil`s advocate`. Jesus` crucifixion is a homoerotic icon for the false god of homosexual pederasty`s spiritual enslaving of humanity`s development to the even falser god of sado-masochism`s `cat`s paw`, which doesn`t want the human `seed` to advance technologically and leave Earth because it wants to continue its tormenting of it.



 The Assumption of the `Virgin Mary` is the assumption that `woman`s seed` belongs in heaven, which is confirmed in Revelation when `woman`s seed` receives a `new heaven and Earth` from God. `Mankind` has to work for Redemption because men aren`t `woman`s seed`. Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary to emphasize that men aren`t `woman`s seed` and that contamination by male semen is what Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary attempts to avoid. Consequently, when Jesus is tempted by the serpent from Eden, the Messiah says, `Avoid me!` Because `woman`s seed` doesn`t want contamination. The `blood plague` of Revelation is the `serpent`s seed` and its `gay boy sons` of homosexual pederasty`s spreading of its `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS is its advanced form of contamination to the `host` wombs of women in its war of `perpetual enmity` against her `seed`. `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth` is the `original sin`, which is enslavement of the `host` wombs of women in homosexual pederasty and war, but not the `original sin` of Eve, which was to accept pederasty for the `daughters of Eve` through her accepting of the `fruit of the knowledge of good and evil` from the serpent in Eden.



Those women who accept pederasty are whores because they support the serpent`s seed`s `perpetual enmity` for the `woman`s seed` in genocidal pederasty. All wars mask the campaign, which is to exterminate the `seed` of `Woman`, and the illusion is the delusion of heroism, that is, wars are fought by men, whereas they`re pederasty`s engagement rings. Conventional war is the conventional marriage in which the partners accept equality, which is touted as freedom in feminism, that is, women are equal to homosexual pederasts, and so the conventional marriage can continue. Defined as `gay`, lesbians are `politically correct` if they accept that homosexual pederasts are their equals, although their sexual desire for women without a penis, is mirrored by `futanarian` women with a penis, which suggests that conventional heterosexuality`s belief in equality is mirrored in the convention that wars must be fought by equals and that this is a marital convention. In simple terms, the liberating marriage of technology with art, culture and civilization can`t occur because pederasty has a `conventional` desire to kill the woman before she escapes. In short, `politically correct` feminism is species` genocide.

 Pederasty is plagiarism because it doesn`t want anything else to be produced: `In the beginning was the word and the word was God,` As the author, God was producing an original work, and the `original sin` was plagiarism. Because the serpent hijacked the `published` work, much in the way that the 9/11 terrorists attack on Eve`s `Big Apple` at the World Trade Centre indicated their hijacking of human development to restore `rough trade`, which is the `gay` slang term for homosexual pederasty. In Latin `serpent` is serpens, which suggests poison serpens,, or `poison pens`,is what the `gay boy sons` of the `serpent`s seed` are. The work of God is defiled in Revelation by the `blood plague` of the `red dragon`, which is the `perpetual enmity` of the serpent`s seed for  `woman`s seed` in the form of `biological warfare` against the `host` womb of `Woman` by means of homosexual pederasty`s evil `seed` of HIV/AIDS. Because pederasty is plagiarism, in Christianity the paradigm is more important than the text, and literary analysis reveals that the Christian paradigm is of the `woman`s seed` but pederasty wants male seed, which is defined by Jesus as the contaminant of the original design of the creator. Because Jesus was born without contamination by the `male seed` and so the Messiah was `woman`s seed`, which is paradigmatic. In other words, the paradigm of `woman`s seed` doesn`t exist in pederasty , which is the `poison pens` plagiarism since Eden, and so the concern of Christianity is with the paradigm of `futanarian` woman with her own penis and socio-economic valence for the future of her own technological achievements outside of pederasty, but so far Christianity has only displayed a coward`s refusal to engage with the enemy by supporting such delusory notions as `gay Christians`.




 Poison pens are the enemy`s sword raised against the creator and the producer , that is, art, civilization and culture from the womb of `Woman. In Revelation Jesus is the `New Redeemer` who commands with `the sword that came out of his mouth` because God`s is the `Word` of the author, and the writer who employs the paradigm of `woman`s seed` is the `Sword` of God raised against the evil `serpent`s seed` because the good artist wants progress and development outside of the false paradigm of pederasty.  A good writer is a producer of the creator`s paradigm of `woman`s seed` and, although their time and space is devoted to the `Word` and not the `Sword`, they are in accordance with the `Will` of God, which is represented by Jesus commanding with `the sword that came out of his mouth,` that is, Jesus` heroism isn`t that of a warrior in pederasty, but of `he who shall rule with an iron scepter` in the `spirit of the law` of `God`s love` for `woman`s seed`. Consequently, woman`s seed` is elevated in Christianity, whereas the plagiarists of the `serpent` seed` have elevated pederasty and feminism because heterosexuality is perceived to be the paradigm, whereas `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen is the true paradigm of Christianity. Or, in simple terms, the penis of `Woman` desires herself because it doesn`t desire the anus of homosexual pederasty, which is sterility and death. If Christianity continues to accept plagiarism in pederasty, it will no longer be God`s `Word` because it`s refused God`s paradigm of `woman`s seed`, which is given a `new heaven and Earth in Revelation by God and so should be the new paradigm of Christian belief after 9/11. Because the overcoming of the terrorists attack on the `Big Apple` of Eve`s wisdom, garnered since Eden, by the United States of America, heralds the birth of the `New Redeemer` from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet,` that is, the defeat of the red sun of Japan at Pearl harbor in 1941, representing her menses, and the defeat of Al Qaeda, symbolized by the moon reflected in the broken waters of `Liberty`, in New York`s harbor on 9/11, 2001.



 The `Word` of God is preached, because God doesn`t want anything published that isn`t Godly. In Revelation the `serpent`s seed` since Eden has grown into the `red dragon` and represents men`s devouring of the product of `woman`s seed`, that is, art, culture and civilization from her `host` womb, which the parasitical alien virality of homosexual pederasty is devouring in its ceaseless wars of `perpetual enmity` against her. Those who read the Bible to plagiarize the `Word` of God want to maintain pederasty. It`s a common perception that quotations from the Bible are used to support any argument, whereas the biblical paradigm of the `woman`s seed` receiving a `new heaven and Earth` in Revelation precludes any argument, `In vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.` (Matt: 15.9) Text is devoid of meaning without context. The Evangelist Paul wrote `Wives should be subordinate to their husbands as to the Lord, (Eph: 5. 22), but precedes this, `Be subordinate to one another out of reverence for Christ.`  Paul`s words are a dilution of the teachings of Jesus, who remonstrated with the disciples en masse when they observed that a woman washing his feet was using perfumed oil that was too expensive for the Lord about to be crucified due to the treachery of one of their number, Judas, `Leave her alone.` Despite pederasty, wives must accept God and teach the `Word` to husbands, who might be able to enter into a dialogue of Redemption.



 Plagiarism in pederasty is stealing the work of another pederast, because pederasty is what is plagiarized in pederasty. That is why the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` is forbidden in Eden, because `futanarian` woman with her own penis, that is, `woman`s seed`, was yet to emerge from the creator`s `tree of life`. Without `woman`s seed`, art, culture and civilization is `variations on a theme` of pederasty, which is the result of the `original sin` of accepting plagiarism for the creator`s work. The serpent, who is plagiarising God`s creation when he tempts Eve into slavery in pederasty, wants to be a plagiarist`s boy son`s pen until, a parasite from her `host` womb, it emerges as a collective called the `red dragon` in Revelation to once more devour `woman`s seed` and her product of art, culture and civilization. God wants what is good. Writer`s write within their milieu, so they write about what is good and what is not good, but a writer who writes within pederasty doesn`t know what is good and what is not good. Although Christians say `good works` are what Christians say they`re for, if they don`t know that they`re In pederasty, their perception of `good works` is flawed. Such abominations as women are the equals of homosexuals because of `political correctness` then abound. Playboy  publishes pictures of beautiful women, and why would God say that`s not good? If the fruit isn`t poisoned, and the woman is beautiful, why should God be rejected? Because the evil want us to concentrate on the penis of the `serpent`s seed` rather than that of the `woman`s seed`, which would become erect in its appreciation of its own species` beauty.  Pederasty is terrified of the first steps of the `futanarian` woman.  Without knowledge of what a good seed is from the original fruit of Eden, Redemption is an occluded chimera. Taboos against the penis` visibility in art, culture and civilization blind `woman`s seed` from the knowledge of her own species actual sexual drive. Because sex drive is the basis of libidic transformation into spiritual and intellectual endeavour, which would result in the development of an independent technology for `woman`s seed` and an escape from pederasty amongst the stars of heaven in fulfillment of Revelation in which `woman`s seed` receives a `new heaven and Earth` while the serpent`s seed receive perdition as a punishment for enslaving her and thwarting humanity`s progress.



 Men have not accepted Redemption, because Woman`s product has been continually devoured in pederasty since the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden. President George W. Bush`s declared `War Against Terror` (2003-) appears positive, but it implies surveillance of the global population, which includes the internet as the most accessible source of information and education about woman as a species and `woman`s seed` because she can be seen in sexual coitus with herself and even during pregnancy ( ) If the terrorism of 9/11 is used to enforce global `blackout` on `woman`s seed` by means of internet censorship, or other forms of information freedom, and mask the intention to inflict genocidal pederasty upon the black West African women of Dharfur, or the Arabian `futanarian` women veiled beneath their burkahs in Iraq, for example, the reestablishment of `rough trade` through the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre accords with the USA`s support for Saddam Hussein`s Iran war (1979-89) and Osama Ben Laden`s notoriously misogynistic Taliban`s successful role as insurgents (1979-89) against the Russian backed regime in Afghanistan:


`It is becoming increasingly clear that George Bush, operating largely behind the scenes throughout the 1980s, initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence, and military help that built Saddam's Iraq into the power it became.`10



 In 1990 Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait precipitating the Gulf wars (1990-2012), which included Osama Ben Laden`s terrorist attack on New York on 9/11, 2001, and `Hollywood` style `live on CNN` reestablished the virality of homosexual pederasty masquerading as virile machismo as the false paradigm for humanity. Although Revelation indicates that the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and warfare waits in vain to devour, the aim of the alien parasitical virus is `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed`, according to God, before she`s given a `new heaven and Earth` and the `serpent`s seed` receives perdition as a punishment. However, the `serpent`s seed` wants `forever war` against `woman`s seed` and so, although Revelation says the `New Redeemer` is successful in protecting `Woman`, the evil want him to be devoured, which is what the struggle is about.Pederasty wants the consuming of the product of `Woman`, that is, art, culture and civilization from her womb, to continue indefinitely.

 If Adam was originally hermaphroditic, then Eve would be the female aspect from the side of Adam, but that wouldn`t necessarily mean that Adam wasn`t `futanarian`, that is, a woman with a penis, whereas the serpent could have been what pederasty has taught is man, although there are no pictures to support the argument. What are thought of as humans in pederasty want the belief that `Woman` doesn`t have a penis, so she`s `published` ubiquitously and pornographically for the male members while the moralists write of women`s `immorality`, whereas they`re the slaves of pederasty. With her own penis as `futanarian`, `Woman`  is an independent species that doesn`t need men. Naked and vulnerable to the destructive nature of the alien parasites that have taken over her `host` womb, which is what art, culture and civilization is, mankind is doomed to eternal perdition unless men seek forgiveness and Redemption from God for being the `father of lies` to the human race.


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The Apple of the Eye of America

01/01/2012 14:46

The Apple of the Eye of America


New York is the `Big Apple` and the `apple` of `the eye` of America upon which all eyes were turned on 9/11 when she became the world`s cynosure. Like Sauron`s eye from Mordor in J.R.R. Tolkein`s (1892-1973) The Lord of the Rings (1954-5)  the eye of Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) was trained upon The Two Towers.



 In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), woman is described as `opinionated`. A beautiful woman is the cynosure of all eyes and it is men`s opinion. In other words, men share an opinion of her as `the most beautiful woman in the world` - as Britney Spears (1982-) was once voted, for example. According to Jung, woman`s spirit, her animus, perceives itself as surrounded by men who admire her. But, if she doesn`t do as they want, her mind is `opinionated`.

 Wooing is based on the eyes` `opinion` and, convinced, marriage ensues. If the woman`s opinions differ, she`s possessed. In 1001 Nights Shah Jehan beheads his wife because he holds to the false opinion that she`s faithless. In other words, she is not possessed because she doesn`t have his opinion.

 TV is the cynosure of all eyes in the 21st Century, and American TV is the benchmark. 9/11 was the `Big Apple` of the eye of the world as a cynosure on TV. New York was being viewed as `Babylon, Mother of Abominations`, that is, the actual historical Babylon lay within the boundaries of Saddam Hussein`s Iraq. But, in the terrorist`s opinion, New York was possessed. She represents a woman to be possessed by men who wanted her to have their opinions.

 9/11 was what is termed an example of men`s collective shadow projection. Arabia views the United States as an `opinionated woman` because she`s visible. Arabian women wear the abiyah, which conceals everything but the eyes. Men`s opinion of the woman is what they are allowed to see, and it is not permitted to look. Men are said to have contracted the `evil eye` because they blame Woman for their own blameworthiness – as Shah Jehan blamed his wife though she was blameless.



 As the `Big Apple` of `Mom`s Apple Pie`, that is, her eye, America`s New York is a beautiful woman to Arabian eyes; but they`re possessed by the `evil eye` of themselves when they look upon her. In other words, `America the Beautiful` is the cynosure for Arabian terrorism because she is Woman and Arabian men have the `evil eye` because they perceive Woman as blameworthy rather than work on integration of their shadow-projections, which in Christianity is called Redemption, that is, acceptance of `God`s love` (Luke: 10.27) from the teachings of Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit – the Paraclete emergent from Jesus as the `Second Eve` when his side was pierced by Longinus` spear at Jesus` crucifixion prior to his Ascension to God (Matt: 1 John: 2.1).

 New York`s `Big Apple` is the Woman`s. Jesus` Paraclete`s worked for Redemption and what men with the `evil eye` won`t work for because they don`t accept Jesus` teaching that `God`s love` – Woman`s – Redeems. Their understanding is that she`s evil, whereas they are. Those who persist in viewing Woman as the `temptress` Eve – who gave Adam the `knowledge of the fruit of the tree of good and evil` (Gen: 2.9) - haven`t accepted Jesus` - and Woman`s - Redemption.



 The apple of the eye of America is Woman`s. Her eye is Redemption, and so is her apple. It is the apple of immortality which, in Revelation, is Jesus` new heaven and Earth. It is new because, as futanar, Woman has her own penis and doesn`t need men. She is a separating species, as indicated in Eden when God gives her to Adam from his side, and the Paraclete - as Eve`s eternal spirit - effectively emerges when Jesus` side is pierced by Longinus` spear during the crucifixion. She is preparing to separate from men, which is the reason for Jesus` teaching Redemption. If men do not accept her, they shall have perdition and she`ll leave.

 In Eden the serpent is told there shall be `perpetual enmity` between it`s `seed` and the woman`s `seed` (Gen: 3.15), which suggests that the woman has a penis. God promises her `seed` eternity, and perdition for the serpent`s. She shall `bruise the serpent`s head with her foot` as she leaves. Man`s Redemption is dependent on accepting that he is Eve, and not only Adam, that is, Adam and Eve were originally One as Hermaphrodite; or, as it says in the Bible: `Male and female He created them both.` In short, Woman is man and Jesus` exhortation to `love thy neighbour` reflects upon this. It is a difficult path to tread for a man, because it necessitates loss of ego and acceptance that the woman is you.



 In Britney Spears` Hold It Against Me (2011) video, the concept is that she has a `beautiful body` and she wants to know if the man wants to `hold it against` her, that is, does he hold her body against her - as a grudge - or does he want to hold her to his side – as the Paraclete? Those with the `evil eye` hold her body against her – as Al Qaeda held a grudge against her and the United States on 9/11 in 2001. In the video she has an eye with two pupils, which suggests the education of male and female as one in accordance with Jesus` teachings of Redemption.

 In Jungian psychology the eye, ear, mouth and nose are associated with the functions of consciousness, that is, `Sensation`, `Thinking`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`.1 These have to receive differentiation if the totality of the `Self` is to be actualized. Obviously, if oneself is dual, the eye with two pupils is more than symbolic. Hold It Against Me features Britney`s `made up` lips and mouth, which suggests functional differentiation, and surrounded by an array of microphones she has the ears of the world – as the Paraclete speaking to the mind of her devoted listeners.



 Britney has said she is bisexual, but her material points to the psychological - and physical – bisexuality of Hermaphrodite. Surrounded by TV screens showing images of herself she`s her animus without men`s admiration: a cynosure for her own eyes without their opinions possessing her. With an evil awareness, TV is transvestisism, that is, Adam and Eve are wearing each others` clothes.



 The perception in Hold It Against Me is that Woman is both Eve and Adam, but her evolution is as Woman. This is why she has her own penis, and she educates herself out of men`s cynosure because that`s `sin knows ya`. In other words, they don`t accept Redemption for her because they prefer to see with the `evil eye` and say she`s `tempting` them to love, which is evil because that`s what Redemption is - love.

 Self-actualization requires differentiation of the four functions - `Sensation` (eyes), `Thinking` (ears), `Feeling` (mouth), and `Intuition` (nose). The spear is associated with `Intuition` and the Paraclete - or `she who knows you`. Britney Spears is, therefore, the Holy Spirit`s representative. Longinus held the spear against Jesus` side and the Paraclete emerged. How long are men going to hold it against her that God`s paradigm is that she`s for teaching men to differentiate good from evil?

 Longinus` spear is the Spear of Destiny, and Britney Spears represents the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, which is development and progress in innocence without threat. Jesus` Second Coming with the Sword to slay the dragon of Revelation represents the removal of the threat to innocence (Rev: 12. 1-18). God creates a new heaven and Earth – ostensibly for mankind. But Jesus is the archetypal hero come for his bride, the Woman of the Earth that has been teaching man`s soul here in spirit – as the Paraclete - and body since his Ascension. She is not a young girl, but ancient in her wisdom and knows that Woman is a separate species with her own penis and that Jesus comes for her. Men who can`t accept that they`re Woman remain irredeemable and perdition ensues. Essentially Woman goes to heaven and men go to hell.


1 C.G. Jung Psychological Types, Collected Works, Volume 6, Princeton University Press, 1976.

The Spear of God

01/01/2012 14:43

The Spear of God


Fence sitting is what happens when you are observing. The joke I always remember is that of the elephant sitting on a fence. What time is it? Time to get a new fence. It is about the weight of the creature. But wait is what fence-sitters do. They look at both sides and don`t decide until the decision is made for them. It is like Revelation in the Bible.  Men are refusing Redemption, and God gives Heaven to the good and eternal perdition to the evil. It`s a tradition that angels are upon the Earth that did not fall with Satan; these are zwilare, and they function as `observers`. Effectively, they watch over what is good. If Redemption is possible, the good is Redeemed. If not, the evil are for eternal perdition. It is like a manuscript, saved upon completion.  If you have been good, and then you have been evil, what is good is saved. But everything is possible to God and so the evil aspect, which is an ego personality, is separable from the good ego-personality, and the evil ego-personality shall experience eternal perdition. This is what you do when you sit on the fence. Observe what is good and understand that, if it is good, you want it, and if it is not good you don`t want it.

 On this Earth, sex is the issue. Men want to `own the means of production`, which is Woman. `Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` is the American Dream` and so Woman, as the producer of everything that is human is `the means of production`, but she does not own herself. When it is understood that she has a penis of her own, men are understandable as a virus. She can produce more woman without men. This is Revelation. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a male (sun) and female (moon) futanar woman that produces a male child that represents a last chance for man`s Redemption. If men do not accept the teachings of Jesus, God is quite capable of making it impossible for a futanar woman to produce a male child and exterminate the virus that is men forever.


 Having sat on the fence long enough to perceive the problem, I understand the elephant joke differently:

What time is it when an elephant sits on a fence?



A  good time. No offence.


 If we are thinking of man and woman, it`s about which side you favour. Usually, if you are a man, you favour woman and, if you are a woman, you favour man, because of reproduction. If you are futanar, you could invite either to be with you; but Christianity says `two people in a marriage`, which means that Woman wins. She doesn`t need men. The defence has won.

 If men do not accept Woman, they can`t be a part of Redemption, which began with Longinus` spear cutting open the side of Jesus upon the cross, Jesus` Ascension to God, and the Paraclete, as Eve, as it were, reemerging from the Virgin Mary - and the Virgin Jesus - as God`s love; the teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet of mankind.

 Men who do not accept Redemption, cannot be saved by the Holy Spirit which, according to Jesus, is the  Shekinah that dwelt in the place where the Ark of the Covenant was kept with the Commandments that Jesus distills as God`s love, and is the Paraclete of the New Testament. Longinus` spear indicates God`s love but the indicator is an instrument of torture – and the man is a torturer – so Jesus is being tortured by Satan, which is what men are - if they do not accept the teachings of the Holy Spirit, which is Woman. That is why Britney Spears – as Woman - represents good teaching; the many Spears of the Paraclete which is omnipresent at, by, and from the side of man until he accepts - or doesn`t accept - Redemption.

 Her cover for the single Piece of Me (2007) indicates that there are many parts to her; it is a picture of her as Jesus upon the cross without the spear in her side, so she is the Paraclete but is still on the cross. This means either the spear is not going to appear or men have developed a form of torture that doesn`t require a spear. They have, of course, and they call it a `piece`, which is the gun. `You wanna piece of me?` is Britney`s challenge. You can have the peace of the Holy Spirit and Redemption, which is what she represents as God`s omnipresent Paracletian Spears. Or you are declaring war on her and Woman, and it`s a piece of the cross of Jesus that she represents. The Paraclete is on Earth, but if men do not accept her and try to keep her in torment, she knows she has a penis, doesn`t need men, and can defend herself .

 It`s a species war and it`s prefigured in Genesis where God tells the serpent that there shall be `enmity` between it`s `seed` and the woman`s `seed`, which is between men who want to subjugate her, and woman who wants freedom to produce herself without men and with futanar.



 Basically, men want to run God. They want to run a man through the woman they are married to, or run a woman through the man she is married to; this is what the Spear of Longinus means in the hands of Christian men; running through Jesus. The Spear of Destiny is the Spear of God, and you cannot run God. The modern day spear is a gun and the evil run people through with it; as a spear. They run women through it, which is `ownership of the means of production` by threats. The American Dream is progress and development in innocence without threat, which is Manifest Destiny. The Spear of God is Redemption as mankind`s Destiny, which is Britney Spears on Mars turning away the American spaceman because she`s happy without him. He represents the threat of ICBMs and Neil Armstrong`s Apollo 11 as future ICBMs on Mars and the spreading of the virus that is men. In her red suit she`s Redemption and the Spears of God who has learned about men. Transylvania had a ruler called Vlad the `Impaler`, and it was his practice to pierce his victims anus with a spear and leave them to die in this way. It`s a form of crucifixion and this is what Longinus` spear indicates. This is what men want to do with their spears, and this is the danger that men represent to Britney Spears. That is why there is no spear of Longinus on the cover of her single Piece Of Me. Men want to put their spear in her, but her appeal is to lesbian `bi` friendships.

 Jesus appeals to homoerotic sado-masochists, whereas Britney Spears appeals to men and lesbians. Putting herself on the cross, she is presenting herself as Redeemed, as a Redeemer, and as Redemption if you accept her teaching, which is God`s love. Lesbians need the knowledge of futanar in order to be free and, if Britney Spears is without the knowledge of futanar, she is asking for Redemption while presenting herself as a Redeemer, which is falling into the sado-masochists` trap. Men would want to impale her in order to explain that that is the Spears of God and she`ll never use her penis as a futanar where they cannot see her. That would be Heaven in God, and what the hermaphroditic Adam and Eve were required to learn after they left Paradise: `Male and female he created them both.` (Gen: 1.27) They were One creature in God and the serpent wanted them to know evil. He is alienating woman from man for their future. Britney on the cross is appealing to her Gay devotees, which is a mistake. Because homosexual`s understand anal penetration is what Longinus is wanting to do, which is why Jesus upon the cross is a well known homoerotic image. Britney on the cross is inviting anal sex , which isn`t the path to Redemption. It`s the path to AIDS and death, which is the path of the Antichrist and not the role of the Paraclete when it is in the role of `helpmeet`, or even her other attributes as `teacher, guide and comforter`.


 Despite this, she has attained Redemption because, as Jesus says:


`I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power, and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.` (Rev: 3.8)


 Britney labored under the supposition that `bi` was a way forward. It is, but it leads to futanar, not anal penetration, which is sterile and anti-life. The Earth is a planet of Satan, Satan`s, and men who seek to hide woman`s knowledge of her own penis from her. Because she represents God`s love, she has Redemption from the beginning of Creation. She functions with man as the Redeemer, and men refuse Redemption. Britney on the cross is a desperate appeal to God. If I am Redeemed, give me Ascension to God.

 If God does not take her to Heaven, she has put herself in the place of the masochist with the sadistic homosexuals who want anal sex. But, to a sadistic homosexual, a penis is a gun. It is, then, a dangerous image to put on the cover of Piece Of Me. She has asked for her door of Redemption but has recently been voted a `Gay icon`. She clearly has the Holy Spirit and represents the Paraclete`s work of Redemption, which is God`s love, but it doesn`t have to go on for her.

 Declaring herself `bi` is enough to attract the futanar, and that is knowledge enough. Woman is trained by men in the role of masochist, which means that Britney on the cross is not accepting sadism, but announcing her Redemption and saying `Bi bi`, which is what physically bisexual futanaria is, and she is accepting it and saying goodbye. God has taught through Britney Spears. She has dreamt the American Dream, accepted God`s love, Redemption, and Manifest Destiny. Heaven beckons.

Sodomy and Come Horror

01/01/2012 14:39

Sodomy and Come Horror


Women`s possessiveness has often been criticized but I can`t. For me she represents the Holy Spirit, which is the Shekinah or Glory of God written of in the Song of Songs (1.2), the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) or Paraclete (1 John: 2.1) that is Eternal Woman and the Spirit of God in Man. Jesus is called the Second Adam, and Eve was from the side of Adam; so Longinus` spear cutting open the side of Jesus on the cross was his searching for the woman from Jesus` side (Matt: 27.54): and the Second Eve born from this Caesarean is the Holy Spirit, the guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet provided to Mankind by God after Jesus`crucifixion and Ascension.

 As God`s Wisdom, Woman represents omniscience, and the knowledge of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ), which is the path of redemption in accordance with the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible. Men`s possessiveness is otherwise. They do not want the Spirit of God; they want their own. That is why Satan is represented as both male and rebellious in the Bible. The Spirit of God is Woman. God created Eve from the side of Man, whom God created in the image of God, as Man`s ideal image of what Man wanted from God and what Man wanted God to be. Eve was, therefore, God incarnate; or an aspect of God representative of God`s omniscience. The Holy Spirt, born from Longinus` Spear cutting open the side of Christ and, therefore, a premature Cesarean birth ripped from out of the side of Man, is similar to the serpent`s attempted aborting of Eve in Eden, and she as the Shekinah and Glory of God has the power of God`s Empress over Man`s Spirit.

 We have to understand in terms of God`s omniscience because Eve gave Adam the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen: 2. 9), and why would God do this if God is good and wants good for Man? The apple is poison and God tells the serpent there shall be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between it and the woman`s `seed`` forever. This could only be possible if we`re talking about two different species; those of the serpent men and those of Man. In Genesis it says: 'Male and female He created them both.' (1:27) This suggests that Adam and Eve were created as a physical bisexuality. The serpent who comes between them is, therefore, of a different species entirely and represents what can not be a Godly unity because it never was. In short, it represents a single poisonous male creature that hates Woman – and Man – because it is a sadistic monosexual. It is not only homosexual because it is indifferent to Woman and heterosexual Man. It is monosexual, a different species which is the enemy of woman`s `seed`.

 Does it have `seed` of its own? According to God, yes. But it also seems likely that the serpent`s seed is `viral`, that is, it appears as a genetic strain. These are the poisons (boy sons) of Adam and Eve that are sadistic monosexuals. The redemption of Man, following from Adam and Eve`s expulsion from Paradise is, therefore, the revelation of God`s Providence; an omniscient Design.

 In the Bible God firmly depicts Sodom (where sodomy is practised), and Gomorrah (where sado-masochism is practised), as evil; and destroys them mercilessly (Gen: 18,19). Men`s possessiveness is based on the spirit of Satan and Satanism, which is sodomy and sadism. The separational factor in the relationships between men and women resides in the fact that sadistic monosexuals persuade homosexuals to sado-masochistically use their penises to sodomize each other. They are the evil spirits in men, of men, and as serpent men. Woman does not have the capability to sodomize. She cannot sodomize man. This is sadistic monosexual men`s unique capacity.

 The omniscience of God, and the plan for the redemption of Man, is revelation; although it is revealed as if God had always intended it to be so. This is what is meant by God`s omniscience; it is Providence. Everything is contingent to God who has omnisciently planned for every eventuality. That is why evil is thwarted. God has thought of everything; even if it is not consciously: it is present always in the mind of God. God`s omniscient aspect has prepared for it, and Woman is the instrument of God`s omniscient Will because the serpent men are her enemies. They do not want God or Man and Woman to see; they are `Sword dumb eyes`: to sodomize is to remove the power of sight from the victim. That is why Britney Spears (the Spears of America) and Christina Aguilera (Aguilera means `eagle` and the Eagle of America, at the Packers 2011 victory in the superbowl, `fluffed` a line of the US anthem and was vilified for it) are thought of as `dumb blondes`: the sadists do not want them to be intelligent. They are both brunettes in fact; but the wisdom and omniscience of God is apparent in Britney and Miley Cyrus` shaven heads (Hope and [Spear and Manifest] Destiny are her birthnames). They are not determined by their colour, race or creed. They will not be sodomized into inarticulacy. Christina forgot the words: `What so proudly we hailed at the twilight`s last gleaming.` Where was she?` Well, they sodomize (saw dumb [blonde] eyes) and described her as `America`s punching bag`. That`s why she lost it. Sodomising is not a metaphor or an analogy; it is a concretism. Saw `dumb eyes sing`, and she couldn`t. The US anthem is the Sword of My Singing. The Sword of God and Jesus. In Dirrty (2002) Christina represents herself as a boxer. She`s taken a few punches; but she`s not Sodom Might (sodomite – Sword `dumb` might). She`s the Mighty Eagle of the United States of America. Do not use my woman as a punch bag to justify your Sword, dummies!

 In Piece of Me (2007) Britney Spears condemns the paparazzi for printing pictures of her derriere: `I'm Mrs. 'Most likely to get on the TV for strippin' on the streets' when getting the groceries, now for real.. Are you kidding me?` And let us not forget that the paparazzi were blamed for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-97). `We the people...` begins the `American Declaration` of freedom and, since `dumb blondes` Jean Harlow (1911-37) and Mae West (1893-1980), the people have been reading the press explain how they were there and `saw dumb eyes sing` (sodomising). This is not the American Dream, but it is Revelation. The paparazzi are agents of sadism and sodomy who report to those who were not there that they were there and `saw dumb eyes sing` (sodomising). It is concretism again: the AIDS` plague. Woman is the Sword of God, the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) in Man and the serpent Satan is her enemy. As God says in the Bible, there shall be `enmity` between her `seed` and yours. (Gen: 3.15) Her singing is therefore the Sword of My Singing and not `saw dumb eyes singing`. That is how Satanists perceive Jesus: as their masochist. `My God. My God. Why hast thou forsaken me?` (Ps: 22.1) Jesus is `dumb eyes singing` and Longinus effectively cuts the Paraclete, the Glory of God, from Jesus` side in preparation for `saw dumb eyes sing` her (sodomising Eternal Woman) with his spear, which is Eternal Destiny according to Satan. But God`s is the Sword of Might, not the sword of the dumbite; the sodomite who would prevent your Sword `singing` or `biting` Satan.



 To shave your head is to say that you are not a dumb blonde; if you are a blonde. If not, it`s simply replying to those who `saw dumb eyes` that you won`t be seen as dumb or sodomize. A shaven head is associated with cancer or AIDS: but it`s actually a refusal to be pigeonholed or be someone`s pigeon or pigeon hole - as a pig John (a euphemism for a pimp`s shithole). Miley Cyrus (1992-), in I Can`t Be Tamed (2010) sings `I can`t be saved.` Because she`s accepted the new Spirit of the Age, which is the 21st century `sword dumb bite` (sodomite) in which the Word of God as sung is that of the masochist who has accepted the sadists perspective on Jesus and not that of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) or singing Sword of Might as `good soundbite` from the Paraclete that is the `teacher` within. But Miley is Hope and Destiny as Hannah Montana (2006-11) and, as Joe Montana (1956-) the `Golden Arm` that threw the TD spears of the San Francisco 49-ers as QB in four superbowl triumphs (XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV) , she is God and good and goes on forever because you win with God: you have the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) in you which is Eternal Woman. In Oops I Did It Again (2000) Britney Spears on Mars is the Spear of Manifest Destiny as fulfilment of the American Dream, which is Britney (Neil Armstrong1) Lamb Strong (the strong lamb of God and the strong arm of God from the Moon – Armstrong - to Mars and – touchdown!). In 2011 `the Eagle has landed` as Christina Aguilera repeated the line `What so proudly we watched at the twilight`s last gleaming` instead of the supposedly apposite lyric. For me it is a warning that, as the Eagle watches over America, so we must watch over her; or the stars of the flag shall not be visible tomorrow. Aaron, `enlightened mountain of strength`, threw the spears for the TDs in the Packers` superbowl triumph in 2011 and Miley Cyrus will sing the national anthem at the superbowl in the future. She was Montana, and she is Hope and Destiny. Her stage name is Smiley in effect, which means `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, the cornerstones of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny.



 My Christian name is Robin Aaron Bright (2010-). I chose it myself and I use my given name as a pseudonym; because it`s a fiction imposed upon me. We have to recognize the differences between what is imposed, the sodomite (the Might of Saddam Hussein [1932-2009] `buggering` the USA through the back door of Kuwait – Saddam Might), and what is accepted, the Holy Spirit as the Sword of Might. It is a tradition for those who accept the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) to choose their own name. Green Bay`s Aaron threw the TDs for all of us. Christina Aguilera (1984-) is the American Eagle, Britney Spears (1982-) is the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) and the Shekinah as the Spear of Destiny; because her name says so and this is Revelation. She`s the Spirit between Montana and Miley, who is Hope and Destiny. Montana as the QB is the Sword of Might – as the possibilities are as wide as they can be perceived to be for the thrower of the Spears that the vehicle of the American Dream becomes as it is sent into space for the TD and the Eagle`s landing – on Mars in Oops I Did It Again. The sodomites (sword o` mites) would trivialize Revelation and cast the stars down from heaven. They would `bugger` us with their swords in our ass. How can I make the TD if I can`t see the planet? If I accept sodomising, that is, the word of Satan as the paparazzi `s `saw dumb eyes sing` reports, then my vision of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Smiley Montana as `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, the Spears of Manifest Destiny spearing in for the TD and the declaration of a new independance where `the Eagle has landed` on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere, my hope and faith in the American Dream is ruined.

 To be saved we have to accept the Holy Spirit (Spear writ). Paparazzi are small people and they represent smallness. Taking your life is making you as small as they can. They are the Sword o` mites. We are trained to accept smallness as humility, but Jesus to the Satanists is their `masochist`. Accepting the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) is the Sword of Might. It might be that you become great if you accept God in humility. The `little people` we thank for our Oscars are as Great as God unless we see them – or they see us - with the ego of Satan. That does not mean that you accept that small people can take your life as the smallest they can make you as Sword o` mites (sodomites). This is `saw dumb might` in which they saw the greatness of the wood of your tree, and it`s a small narrow minded world in which the mores are more important than truth so you do not protest (you`re too dumb) to defend yourself as you might to produce further flowers and fruit of beauty and taste. The `saw dumb might` will make a cross for you from your tree of life and torture you sadistically: I'm Mrs. 'You want a piece of me?' Tryin' and pissin' me off. Well get in line with the paparazzi...` Britney Spears Piece of Me is a `piece of the cross of Jesus`. The Glory of God is the Shekinah as the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) or Paracletian Spirits of God which are the Spears of God placed here to guide, teach and comfort mankind. Piece of Me is therefore Britney Spears as the Spears of God cut from the side of Jesus by Longinus and that he is already threatening to sadistically torture as the Second Eve if he could find her.

 Sodomy is important to serpent men because it is the power given to them by the serpent in Eden to poison the Holy Spirit (Spear writ), which as the Shekinah dwelt in the tent wherein the Ark of the Covenant contained the Ten Commandments as the Law of God. (Ex: 40.35) In these, the Last Days, this serpent power for evil is present amongst us as AIDS. Serpent men have become the apes of Satan; AIDS monkeys spreading their poison: their rapes and their raids on the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) of what is Woman and Man - the love of God that was incarnated in Eden; as Eve given to Adam is one Creature - and God.

 Serpent men exist to give women AIDS. It is a concomitant of adultery; effectively they are AIDS and, in giving each other women, they are giving women AIDS. That is their special capability, which they have guarded since Sodom. In Gomorrah they practised sadism. Marriage is obedience and humility in God. BDSM is marriage with sadism added. Serpent men are therefore sadistic monosexuals who want to give women AIDS. It is Revelation. God does not intend it as a punishment; it is a concomitant of what serpent men are who do not accept redemption from the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) who is the Paralcete, the guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet of Man that does not want AIDS or sadism.

 Women think serpent men want them. AIDS tells us they do not want them in the way that they suppose. They want to be up each others` ass and up the ass of women; because that is what they want that God does not. It is Revelation and is in accordance with God`s condemnation of the serpent; there shall be `enmity` between yours and the woman`s `seed`. AIDS is the `seed` of the serpent men and sadistic homosexuality is the vehicle of Satan and Satanists who are the children as the boy son`s (poisons) of the serpent in Eden who is the Evil One.

 For serpent men, women are disposable condoms: this is AIDS. Serpent men are sadistic homosexuals and represent AIDS. Women are therefore `used less` assholes to them. Serpent men do not want them to reproduce and therefore women are not even useful as condoms. AIDS is a metaphor and an analogy; not simply a disease. That is why it is depicted in Revelation as a plague sent by God: `Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10) It`s AID`S so masochism (the Marquis De Sade`s). Homosexual sadists create masochists that accept their role as AIDS. Do not accept sadism is God`s Word here: it is the spawn of serpent men.

 Those who want sex are frightened of contracting AIDS and so abstain. This is celibacy, which is supposedly recommended by Christianity. I, personally, don`t want to be a urine bottle; but the analogy is useful. Men urinate while standing; that is what homosexual sadists are for: urination. AIDS is their `enforcer`. Homosexual sadists do not want women, and they do not want man and woman to be together. They are in favour of sterility because they – homosexual sadists - practice sterile union. It is teleological. Sterile sexual congress as a chosen means to orgasm necessarily means sterility as a chosen path. AIDS therefore describes serpent men as Satanists and Satan. They do not want reproduction, orgasm, love or happiness. They are sadistic monosexuals that hate God and humankindness, and they shall experience undendurable eternal pain forever in accordance with the will of God.

 The Jesus Assumption is that self-sacrifice is the path to God, and it is the approach that woman, as created by her sadist, understands as a masochist. Jesus` Ascension followed upon the crucifixion, so the supposition is that heaven follows from masochism or being `suicided`. What woman as self-sacrificing sadist`s masochist does not understand is that God is all around as the vessel of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) – Eternal Woman as the Shekinah – and the serpent men are the evil enemies of God who are her sadists.

 Saddam Hussein may`ve been hata serpent. He wanted George W. Bush Jr (1944-) to kiss his ass and be Saddam `ass kissed` - Saddamasochist (Sodom Hussein`s Adam`s anus – men`s acceptance of sodomy rather than the Holy Spirit). As Babylon, he`s portrayed in Revelation as the `mother of abominations`, which suggests Sodomy or Saddamy. He was the dictator with the sad army that gassed his own people, the Kurds, with poison (the Anfal Campaign 1988). He was sadism and, as Saddam `ass kissed` would have been sadder masochism. Because it is the nature of masochists to entreat with their sadist.

 That`s what Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940) did after negotiations with Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) in the 30s when, stepping off the plane in London, he claimed `Peace in our times!.` Shortly thereafter the Nasty`s invaded Poland (1939). In other words, if George Bush Sr (1924-) had allowed Saddam`s sodomy of Kuwait (1990) to stand, sado-masochism would have been a less well understood manifestation of Satan.

 As it is, Revelation allows us to perceive but dimly that Saddam and his sadist bullies mirrored the Nasty bullies of the 30s and that the bullies were 666 (Rev: 13. 17-19) rather than the 999 police of the United Nations World Order that, after 9/11 had dialled 911 in New York, resulted in the USA as the world`s #1 policeman exterminating `I be sad am`, that is, `I am the beast.`

 Satanists are therefore Saddamists, those who are invasive of that which they are not admitted to. Leaving aside notions of the `rape of Kuwait`, sodomy is prohibited by God and Saddamy as sodomy is therefore accurate as a description. Kuwait was Saddamised or sodomised rather than merely `invaded` which is a military term and does not take into sufficient account the word of God in Revelation insofar as it relates to Saddamasochist and the serpent men. AIDS is a sado-masochist dick`s plan to irreparably harm relations between man and woman. Those who support it are therefore Saddamist dick (sodomistic).   Woman of the 60s had all the dick she wanted. Now she`s sadder, because of the `sadder miss dick` (sodomistic) Saddamist `dick` philosophy of the serpent men who represent AIDS. This is Revelation.


Dear Jane Doe, we are notifying you that, because of Saddam, missed Dick won`t be returning.




Adder Miss Dick


pre procurationem serpens, Genesis, opcit.


 In the book of the Revelation of Saint John The Divine, a `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12.1-18) is depicted as giving birth to the New Redeemer, a child that `rules the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 2.27) while the serpent`s `seed` are being exterminated. The serpent is grown to the size of a dragon and is seeking to prevent the child from being born. It is there to devour the child when it appears. But the child is destined to cast the dragon from heaven and, with the help of the woman`s `seed`, exterminate the serpent men and Satan where they fall.

 God tells woman she has `seed` and there shall be `enmity` between hers and Satan`s (Gen: 3.15). In Revelation the dragon is threatening woman with the loss of her penis, Woman`s `seed` do not require Saddamists (Sodomists). This is Revelation. She has a penis and a womb; men can only be sterile: this is Revelation. Saddam-who`s-anus-Sadaam-who`s-anus... was the Satan that said to the US `Kiss my ass!` The USA`s Twin Towers represent ithyphallia. Man has a penis, and so does woman. Saddam `ass kissed` is sadomasochist. His claim to sanity is that he understands men. They are Saddamasochist Dick.



 After Gulf War II (2001-3), Dick Chaney (1941-) perpetrated the tortures of `waterboarding` and Guantanamo Bay from 2002 in Cuba (Chaney means `the one who chains `ee`). This is Sadomasochist Dick and Sodomist Dick. Dick kissed Saddam`s ass in that he became sadomasochist and therefore Saddamist, and woman is sadder; because of AIDS she`s `sadder [because she`s] Missed Dick` and men have made her miss it because they`re AIDS` monkeys. After a century, a moon landing and the internet, we still have pedal cars so that sadists can see the backs of her cars (the backs of fu*k ass). It`s where they want to put it.

 The Twin Towers, built in 1971, will be replaced with one tower, and it`s Woman`s Trade Centre (WTC) because it`s Trading Places2 for her. She doesn`t want Sadder Mask Kiss Dick (sadomasochistic) or Sadder Miss Dick (sodomistic), that is, she doesn`t want sadism and being made to feel for those she shouldn`t, or be sad for missing out on sex; which is what recognition of the serpent men as AIDS is all about. The serpent men are the embodiment of the virus in human form. This is Revelation.

 As is Dickgirl. She is the manga form in Japanese art that celebrates woman with a penis. Men are serpents who keep their power because they hate women. It is sadomasochist dick and sodomist dick for them, that is, for woman it is that she must wear a sadder mask and kiss their dick (sadder mask kiss dick) while they force her to understand their question: `Sadder Miss Dick?` Sodomistic.

 Do they not understand? They are masochists, like Jesus who they put on the cross to torture God in the understanding that they had his boy down here and he`d better be sad. Men are sadists who want women to be sad; or anyone who prefers them. That is why they are sadistic homosexuals and why AIDS is a biblical plague. They represent it.

 Woman`s problem is that she`s an actress. She`s trained herself in `Mask Kiss Dick`. She has to pretend to be masochistic, that is, loving towards the enemy. She is such a great actress, she believes her act. Then she`s powerless against the sadist (Sad is Dick). Only when she is able to stop believing in his trouser snake is she able to be free. Dickgirl is freedom, and Dickgirl is real.

 She always has been. It is the big lie of civilization perpretated by men who are sadistic homosexual serpent men of Satan who`ll show you their `iron scepters` in the trillion dollar movies; their `rods of iron` turning gold into lead and presenting entertainment as Saddamasochists (Saddam ass-kissers) and Saddamists (Saddam mystics). This is Revelation. This is why Hollywood is called Babylon, the `Great Whore of the Apocalypse, the Mother of Prostitutes and of the Abominatons of the Earth.` Because they worship the penis secretly – as the gun. Because they do not want woman`s penis to be known. It would cut them out of the action.

 Tehmeena Afzal (1982-) is one of the biggest glamour stars in her homeland of Pakistan, the Indian subcontinent, and the rest of the world. She takes (most) of her clothes off for money and has herself photographed in as many beautiful ways as she can. I know she was a virgin at 24 and treated as a whore by men because she`d been seen almost nude by them – on paper. She gave her virginity to a futanar: that`s Hollywood! Her futanar was Britney Spears. She was her Adam and Tehmeena was Eve. It`s Adam who`s sane.

 This is not accidental. This is Revelation. The Spear of Destiny is that which Longinus used to cut open the side of Christ while looking for the Second Eve which must have been there because Jesus was the Second Adam, wasn`t he? Jesus` path is one of redemption and clearly mapped out for us in the New Testament. Longinus was a sadist who wanted to torture God in the person of Jesus: `Surely this was the Son of God!` And was looking to torture the Second Eve also, which God provided Man as teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet in the form of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) or Shekinah; she who dwelt where the Ark of the Covenant was kept that contained the Commandments of God according to the Old Testament of the Bible.

 Britney Spears (1982-) represents the Spear of Destiny with Tehmeena Afzal. As do all futanar. They are the Wisdom and Glory of God that is the Shekinah or Holy Spirit (Spear writ) which does not want Saddam `ass kissed` (Sadomasochist) or Sodomistic (Sadder Miss Dick?). She wants what the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` represents; a union of male and female principles that is able to produce itself as a New Creation which is Redeemed from the curse of Satan, the dragon, and the serpent men that would seek her devourment. She is futanaria.

 Her child is her ruler in the sense that he prepares for her rule; for her Majesty and not His. He is not men, so he is not Man. `Male and female he created them both,` it says of God in the Bible, and before Eve was separated to be God`s instrument in the education of Adam. It is God`s Will in accordance with God`s omniscience that is manifest as destiny in Revelation, and it is Manifest Destiny that the American Dream is aimed at; as a longing, and a desire for belonging that has been long in us (Longinus` Spear). The New Adam and Eve are to be what they were in Eden; physically bisexual, having grown and become psychologically bisexual. 

 The child of the woman is not men, so is not man. He has no ego. His concern is the preparation of Her Majesty`s future as futanaria. He is not shemale. Shemale are men with the egos of men; visibly so. His ego is not male. Jesus offered men Redemption and in Revelation they reject it: `Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)  It is the male ego that is the problem; not the vehicle. This is manifestly so in the form of the shemale; he is male and female but the ego is masculine. It is therefore a manifestation of the serpent men. The woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a symbol of male-female complementarity which, in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), is Eros or love-relationships in harmony with Logos or the Word of God`s Law which is distinct from violence and is the Sword of Judgement that the child of the woman needs in order to be an accurate exterminator of what is evil. Shemale is evil: it`s an Abomination and is what is written of in Revelation as the dragon. It`s an attempt by men to seize the means of production and reproduction from woman in order to ask her the same question: `Sadder Missed Dick?` If they control the means of producton, woman is `buggered` – and so is man.

 The child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` represents the New Redemption; but shemale is least interested in woman. It doesn`t need them; in the same way that futanaria does not need men. It is biology girl, biological bi-logic; physically - and psychologically - bisexual. The missing ingredient is love. Eros and Logos combined denote psycho-physical bisexuality, which requires woman`s reproductive equipment and man`s fertilization equipment, not man`s reproductive equipment and man`s fertilization equipment. This is Abomination as described in Revelation. Men`s design is to take woman out of the equation. God`s design is to Redeem Man through Woman, which is why the child born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is Woman and not shemale. He who is born to rule for her is an exterminator of Satan, Satanists and Satanism.

Those who would seek to replace Woman at the Centre of Creation are the enemies of God. The shemale has the `mark of the beast` in Revelation. The marking of woman is its target. Longinus mocked Jesus with INRI, the King of the Jews, and tortured God in his presence. Shemale is the mocking of God in the presence of Woman and the Son of Man whom Longinus sadistically observed as he cut him open with his spear: `Surely this was the Son of God!` Shemale is the mock king of Man and Woman and is the mocking of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) that is Eternal Woman and is not a mockery of herself; with the Spirit of men as Satan`s rebelliousness against God pretending to be her as shemale in order for the sadomasochistic to mock her as Sad-dumb-ass-suck-his-dick!`.

 This is all Woman is good for from the point of view of the shemale who has hijacked her reproductive equipment and, as sadomasochists, do not need her. They have their own children to torture and can continue to play their Saddamasochist and Saddamistic `game` of torturing Man, Woman, and the Holy Spirit (Spear writ); as Satan who is still explaining to God that God is being tortured by Satan and God is not yet providing Satanists with that unendurable eternal pain which is the hell promised to them by God in Revelation.

 It is their version of the Spear of Destiny. Whereas the American Dream of `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` is to be fulfilled as Manifest Destiny amongst the stars and the goodness of God, sadism (which is Satanism) perceives Destiny as the Spear of Longinus torturing Man, Woman and God forever by means of the presence of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) or Shekinah that is the Glory of God in humanity.

 For Satanists it is the torture of woman that they are concerned with. Their appeal is to set themselves against God as a Father. Woman and the young perceive that they have an ally against their fathers, and are unable to perceive that they are the victims of sadomasochists. Satanists real target is woman, and the `meek` Jesus promises shall inherit the Earth (Matt: 5.5) are those that the sadists, who are Satanists, seek to recreate as masochists that behave sadistically towards themselves – or even others – in order to torture God as the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) of the Shekinah that is in them – or in those they torment. This is Satanism.

 Satanism appeals to those who are denied power over women, generally, because it is women that sadists want to have power over. Therefore Satanism, as an avenue for young women who want to take off their clothes in freedom without their father, discover too late that their fathers are Satanists and that God and the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) are their friend.

 God does not object to love; men do because they are evil. Satanism as a vehicle that appeals to those who do not want their fathers, who are evil, want to reject God the Father, who is evil because Father, and they discover that God is Woman and the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) in Man and Woman, which is sad for those who care and for those who are victims. But the sadists, who are Satanists, do not care and are not sad; they are elated at your suffering and that is why the American Dream is `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, so that the sadists can jeer you as they prepare Saddamasochist and Saddamist (sadomasochist and sodomist) correctives to your optimism.



 One become sadder if it is sadder My`s (Saddam eyes). The Logos is the Sword of Judgement in Revelation. Eros is love, so if you accept the sword through the back door you`re dumb and only your eyes speak of your pain. Cars are an analogy. Having learnt to drive, all I see is the back of the other car in front of me. It is the back ass (back cars) of sodomy. The tank battles in Iraq are symptomatic. Finally we stop looking at the back ass and show our penis. It is classic id psychology. Eventually, if we show our asses to each other often enough, there will be a confrontation. The car chasing is the `dummy sword`; the sodomy that precedes the `real action` of Sword-dumb-ass-kissed, that is, the kissing of the Sword of Satan as `dumb ass`; or Saddamasochist preceded by Saddamist (sadomasochist and sodomist). The USA created Saddam (sodom) and then Saddam said `Kiss my ass!` W. Bush refused pointedly and Sr Bush rejected the asshole. It reminds me of an old BBCTV Monty Python joke `The Cocktail Bar Sketch`:


John Cleese: `Nixon`s had an asshole transplant.`

Terry Gilliam: `Haven`t you seen the stop press? The asshole`s rejected him.`


Richard Millhouse Nixon (1913-94) was the architect of indiscriminate carpet bombing in the Vietnam War (1955-75). Eventually, the Chinese stopped him. His name was Dick. Saddam was an asshole. Same difference. Jesus isn`t an asshole. The Satanists would have you think so, and obfuscate truth with morality. I want to publish a picture of a futanarian woman in this article to illustrate the truth but morality of the publisher`s censorhip will prevent me. Instead, I shall put hypertext in and pray for leniency.3 Truth is reality and reality is truth. If you hide the penis, you hide the truth. If you repress the penis, you will drive a car looking up someone`s ass until it`s time to fire shells from your tank`s gun on the plain of Armageddon. Sad dummy, and Sad dumb-ass-sock-kiss-`em (Sodomy and Sadomasochism) is kiss & make up after the bout. It is shemale `make up` and the mockery of God. Sadomasochism is what men are. Iran is being prepared, and North Korea. It`s not about who wears the trousers, it`s about who wears the make-up: futanaria or shemale. If Satan makes up it is hell on Earth and if futanar it is a presaging of heaven.

 Like the WWI pimps who put the women on the streets in the expectation that Johnny5 wouldn`t `come marching home`, shemales are indifferent to man and woman except and insofar as they are victims. Men hide their penis, and produce it against Iraq – or Angelina Jolie (1975-)  in Mr and Mrs Smith 2005) – or Iran and Korea. They don`t want Woman to know their full intentions towards her. If she knew she had her own penis, she might reject the dicks, the Saddamasochist dicks and the Saddamist dicks. Helped by `morality`, her penis is hidden and shemale is a surgical aberration on the periphery of her knowledge. Brad Pitt (1963-) as `the pit of hell` shoots at his wife in the movies for our entertainment and his (including payment), and we don`t get to see her actual penis either.

 Shemale is what is being hidden and prepared to be the vehicle of Satan`s torture of woman; because shemale isn`t woman, doesn`t need her, and represents the serpent men`s sadistic advocation of what is loathsome as an alternative to what is beautiful. The Glory of God is the Shekinah and is the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) as Eternal Woman in both Man and Woman. As Man is the image of God, so the Shekinah is the ideal image of God that Man has. Before Satan, Man and Woman were One Creatureliness in God. Woman is recognizable. She is not shemale; she is Woman as futanar with her own penis. The Holy Spirit (Spear writ) belongs with her, Man and God. As futanar if men do not accept Redemption according to the Will of God and the teachings of Jesus.

 Men as shemale do not represent the Holy Spirit (Spear writ), but the rebellious spirit of Satan. Futanar are Mother Nature, the Mother of the Earth responding to God and the Holy Spirit. It is Revelation. In Hungary, where I live as a teacher and writer, the Hungarian word `tanar` means teacher, that is, the Paraclete or Holy Spirit (Spear writ) as comforter, guide and helpmeet. That is why shemale is a surgical aberration on the part of serpent men who would replace woman in God`s Creation with a torture factory upon the Earth. Futanar means the Paraclete as the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) and the Glory of God as Eternal Woman, the Shekinah. This is the Wisdom and the Glory of God as described by Solomon in the Song of Songs: ` Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. For thy love is better than wine. `(1.2)

 Man can love futanar and so can woman. Man cannot love shemale. I am man and I cannot do it. They are a surgically created or genetically unfortunate Abomination and, as God condemned and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19), I do not accept it. It does not have the Spirit of Woman in it or only insofar as the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) is vouchsafed to watch over it. Needs God must. But shemale is men`s spirit because it`s male. Futanar is woman`s spirit because it`s Holy. Shemale is therefore a Trojan Horse. It looks like a rapprochement but actually is what is obvious from the start – to everyone but the Trojans. A tank.

 Homer`s Iliad begins `This Troy.` I always remember it as `Destroy` because that`s the story from the Horse`s point of view. It is why they call a virus a `Trojan` in computer geekspeak. Because, as a manifestation of the Spirit of the Age and a concretism, it`s AIDS. The analogy is biblical and historical. Serpent men are concerned with the destruction of the relations between Man and Woman. Agamemnon ordered the Greek ships to Troy to save Helen from her rapist Paris. Bush Sr ordered the US Army to the Gulf to rid Kuwait of its invasive bugger, Saddam (Sodom).

 Because attacks on Helen and Kuwait were perceived as an attack on freedom, Graeco-American civilization was threatened. Saddam`s wasn`t a frontal assault on the USA. Neither was the Trojan Horse a frontal assault on Troy. But the dangers were the same; contracting the virus: Saddamasochist and Saddamist, on the one hand, and showing the heel of Achilles on the other. The weakness is turning defence into sadism. Troy was destroyed but Troy was beautiful. That was the aim. Arabia is beautiful to the Arabians. The aim of the Gulf War was to destroy Saddam. Babylon is the Great Whore of the Apocalypse according to the Bible`s Revelation and Hollywood is often described as the USA`s Babylon. Why? CNN received awards for its coverage of 911 and made big bucks out of Saddam and Bush II locking antlers together – as did all of the news media and the TV and movie industries. This is Babylonian economics; I fu*k your ass, you fu*k mine: it is Saddam `ass kissed`.

 `America the Beautiful`4 is programming itself for self-destruction through penis hatred. Hatred of Woman`s penis and her `seed`. Americans hide theirs so only the gun is visible and you never even suspect that the woman has a penis or has a `seed`. She has and it`s the love of God. To deny it is to put Woman on the cross and cut out the middle man. Adam and Jesus stood between Woman and Satan. Without Man to stand between her and the Evil One, she and her child, the man of her middle, her womb, are victims of the sadomasochists. There is no Son of Man to defend her, so she has to produce a Son of Woman, who is both her Daughter and Man: futanar. With Eternal Woman within and without as both the visible and spiritual power of God, she has a defender.

 It is turning defence into offence where she is weakest. Men are naturally offensive. As a vessel, she is by nature vulnerable. That is why men are offensive. They smell bad. In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), there are four functions of consciousness; thinking; sensation, intuition, and feeling.6 The latter is, naturally, associated with the heart. Eve and God in Adam`s case. Intuition is associated with the sense of smell - as feeling is associated with kissing and the mouth. In mythic terms, the feeling heart is the American Dream of the Holy Grail and intuition is the Spear of Manifest Destiny. These functions are predominantly female (which is why men smell bad, they aren`t Godly) while sensation (Providence) and thinking (the Sword of discrimination) are masculine and are not needed; because God`s Will is Providence and fulfilment of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny is the Will of the Heart and the intuition of the Soul in accordance with the Will of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) to permanence in God.


Fig. 1 Mousetrap                       2. Twin Towers, NY, 2000     3. Circular plane saw     4. Saddam I


 In Kuwait City is a giant mousetrap on the bus route of the #9 and it represents I Saddam I`s monument. The satirist`s allusion is to The Mouse That Roared (1959), a film adaptation of a novel in which a tiny country called Grand Fenwick7 declares war on the USA for illegally marketing Grand Fenwick wine (the tiny nation`s economic mainstay), `invades` New York and wins. With the original title The Wrath of Grapes it reflects upon John Steinbeck`s (1902-68) The Grapes of Wrath (1939) and comments ironically upon the role of Kuwait in the First Gulf War (1990-91) where Saddam Hussein`s Iraq, with the world`s third largest army, effectively invaded a city state. The US army removed Iraqi forces from Kuwait and so there is probably a secondary allusion to Steinbeck`s Of Mice And Men (1937), which reflects upon rape (Saddam`s 1990 invasion of Kuwait) and Saddam`s (Sodom`s) particular bent which is Saddamy and the Saddamites, which are the small mights (mites) that would make the world a sadder place rather than a better one by promulgating `might` as a piece of cheese in a trap to a mouse, that is, they might allow you to be Good and Great and Go with God forever - or they might not; which is Saddamism (Sodomism) and Saddamite (the sadistic might of sadism). Steinbeck`s Of Mice and Men is itself a reference to Robert Burns` (1759-96) poem To a Mouse (1785): `The best laid schemes of mice and men/ Go oft awry.` The Kuwaiti mousetrap indicates that it is big enough for Saddam Hussein or anyone else – and they are not sadder mites.

 It is `I Sword damn mice`, that is, I sodomise and Saddam `ass-kissed` (sado-masochist created by the Americans themselves so that they could play Jesus) who invaded Kuwait as a way of attracting the USA`s attention: `Kiss my ass!` Saddam effectively was saying. From the Kuwaiti point of view, they are the Sword o` mice. Kuwait City, from Saddam`s (Sodom`s) point of view, is a City of the planes. Where the A10 tankbusters busted his ass and his virus, New York was the `other` city that didn`t want his virus. Why didn`t Patriot missiles knock out the passenger aircraft? Because they were passenger aircraft. New York was 2000`s Pearl Harbour (1941), which was a cowardly premeditated attack on the US Navy without warning at Hawaii (not then a state), and the USA nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima because of it (1945). 911 was an attack by terrorists on the United States at its heart and head; the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Centre; `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. The United States of America is now engaged in a war of the Spirit. The collapse of the Soviet Union was the end of the Cold War in Europe. I am a member of the Hít Gyulakazet, in Hungary, which is the Faith Church and anyone who preaches the Word of Almighty God and the power of the Holy Spirit is deemed to be a pastor. The Hít is the Spirit of God after the Cold War (1947-91).

 What might happen is about probability and the collapse of the particle wave.8 In US football the QB is the Sword of Judgement, the Sword of Might. The QB chooses what will happen, hurls the Spears of Destiny and causes the TD. In physics it has been shown that particles chooses from a plethora of possibilities, that is, they choose what is to be. It has also been shown that human consciousness can determine what choices are made. When an ego is observing, particles make choices that are different to those than when a human ego is not present. In other words, God is concerned with what human consciousness is not concerned with; but takes `time out` to consider human activity. In US football the QB often functions under pressure, takes time out and has time limits. This is described as being `under the gun`. The allusion is relevant in the sense that bullets are direct whereas particles are not. The QB ego is forced to choose more quickly. That is learning to deal with fear and terror on the field of battle, which is why it`s Soldier Field for the Bears in Barack Obama`s (1961-) home city of Chicago. The President has to have an overall perspective and is the QB for the nation. His is the Sword of the Almighty (for Whom all is possible) and the QB that throws the Spears of Destiny for the TDs that further the American Dream and Manifest Destiny.

 In particle terms, bullets are the sword o` mites. They represent AIDS and the virus the A10 tank-busters busted his ass for. We have moved on from seeing murder by shooting as `lead-poisoning`; this is the 21st century and sword o` mites are Satan`s egoists who presume to tell the Great and the Good that they should be smaller unto death. This is the message to the USA post 911. In order to destroy Saddam (Sodom), Saddam ass-kissed (sadomasochist), and Saddamism (sadism) you have to annihilate, in the way that Nagasaki and Hiroshima were annihilated, small, narrow minded bigotry. Those who hate the Great and the Good hate them because they are in God and have a bigger tree with much more fruit upon it than they have. They therefore practise `bigotry` to cut down your tree and leave the fruit to rot because they are angry in Satan. They are ire-ax sword o` mites, that is, Iraq`s Saddamites who want the Great and the Good to be sad and not happy, which is sadism or sad `em (Saddam). Here is a vilification of a pop star, and I am choosing a name at random – Dannii Minogue (1971) – and I shall surf the net and post it here to indicate the nature of the malaise: `Fans of the reality TV series the X Factor (2004-) have called for judge Danni Minogue to be sacked from the show after she appeared to question a contestant's sexuality live on air.` Dannii said: `If the reports in the paper are anything to go by maybe you didn't need to change the... [gender orientation] of the song.`9 It`s a perceptival remark from a woman`s wisdom. How many David Beckhams (1975-) does it take to put on his underwear – one. Victoria Beckham (1974-).Who`s to say that Dannii doesn`t have a penis of her own? Dannii suggests `two wise` (ii) or perhaps even the ithyphallicism of twin towers (two penis). Only the sword o` mites would object. I know of women who have had their penis cut off with an axe because of narrow minded bigoted ire-ax Saddamists (Iraq`s Saddamists). I, myself, had half my length cut off when I was a young man living with parents because I had a 12” penis and, when inflated it was painful; so my nearest and dearest summarily decided to chop it in half without reference to medicine in any way whatsoever. This is sodomite (sword o` mite) philosophy. Does Dannii Minogue have an opinion; is she showing signs of intelligence: the sword o` mites are there ready to cut off her penis (or both penis; which is sodomising her – Sodom I`s – ii - singer) and off her with their rAIDS upon her. She is `too bright` for the sword o` mites and, therefore, a Bright Dannii (Britney) Spears of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ), which is the Dream and Manifest Destiny.

 Sodomites are the swords of the mites and not those of the Mighty Sword of God Almighty`s Judgement. They are the verminate exterminate (n.) of Satan that would implement fear and terrorism `under the gun`. That is why the QB is protected in US football. Anal sex and AIDS are a metaphor for `under the gun`; it is sterility and death whereas birth is future possibility. Sperms are the particle wave, the woman`s egg is the TD, and God is the QB. God chooses. If we think of the sperms as the vehicle of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) and the woman as the vessel of God`s future, then the sperms are the Spears of God, the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. That is why Woman is loved. God is love and does not seem to be present among us; but God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and omnibenevolent: Woman.

 In Baghdad is the Saddam monument to himself as `the mother of all battles` in the shape of crossed scimitars or I Sword am I (I Saddam I). The Twin Towers in New York were I and II or I and another I. The planes were visible for a thousand miles. They were seen planes and saw plain; as plane saws they buzzed the Twin Towers, circled them as circular saws, then cut them down as eyesores. Saddam was saying to George H. Bush (1924-) `I am Saddam. Kiss my ass.` He wanted to be Saddamasochist, that is, Saddam ass-kissed (sado-masochist). Tower I and II symbolically connote the Gulf Wars I (1990-1) and II and George Bush I and George Bush II. Saddam also represents the Twin Towers symbolically as Saddam (Sodom) and Gomorrah (sado-masochism): an attempt to plunge the world into permanent terrorism before Gore (1948-) of `tomorrow` and the Nobel Peace Prize (2007). The wife of Lot was turned into a pillar of salt because she `looked back` with regret at the destruction of the Cities of the Plains (Gen: 18,19). Clearly New York is the City of the Planes. The Twin Towers are pillars of assault (ass-salt) and represent I Saddam I`s (I sodomise) and the Towers o` salt. Perhaps J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973) wrote it: I Saddam I`s Towers O` Salt.

 There is a woman in the Bush family that has some relevance here. Robin Bush (1949-53) was three years old when taken by the hand of God, which reminds me to be grateful for what I have; or, as the proverb has it: `a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush`. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait although he was President of Iraq, and then instead of sympathizing with the USA after 911 he evinced support for the terrorists and Al Qaeda (1988-). He was not grateful to God. In fact, unhappy with defeat by one Bush, he wasn`t finished until defeated and executed by a second Bush. His `bird in the hand` was Iraq and he poisoned his own Kurds, which is the `poisoning of one`s own well` that is the single greatest crime in Islam. In American tradition, the `blue bird of happiness` is found in The Song of the South (1944) and it represents freedom from slavery because it is a movie about slavery and the desire for liberty; or, as the Declaration of Independance of 1776 says: `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` as cornerstones of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. The `bird in the hand` is therefore happiness; symbolized as Robin Bush in the hand of God.

 My name is Robin and the sword o` mites hate me also. The English have a nursery rhyme: Who killed cock robin? The Twin Towers in New York represent the penis (times 2). Bush I and Bush II. The birds were the planes that crashed into the Towers. Terrorists are notorious for taking hostages; it is their `bird in the hand`. Saddam Hussein was a hostage to fate; the strong man of the USA in the Middle East with the third largest military capability in the world. It has been argued that the USA should not have interfered in the region. They should have been happy with their `bird in the hand`, which is the American Life from which `liberty and the pursuit of happiness` derive. Who killed cock robin? (c. 1744) is about Robin Hood (ca. 1200-94). He is famous for being a noble of Richard I, fighting in the Crusades for Christianity and Jerusalem, before returning to England and dispossession by the sword o` mites there who disobeyed the absent King in the Holy Land.Choosing life, Robin lived in a forest close to Huntingdon, of which he was the legitimate Earl, and robbed the rich in order to assist the poorer mites. This is the legend. If the rich are to be understood as sword o` mites, then the theft is not a breaking of God`s Commandment. Because the sword o` mites are inhuman and therefore not human.


            Who killed Cock Robin?

            "Who caught his blood?" "I," said the Fish,

            "With my little dish, I caught his blood."10

`Who'll be chief mourner?` `I,` said the Dove.



 There are many symbolisms here. The fish represents Jesus in Christian iconography. But it refers to the Cave Sura (18) of the Qu`uran (610-32 CE) in which Moses and his servant Joshua travel to the Red Sea and Joshua loses the fish there in the water as he prepares their meal. Shortly thereafter Khidr appears, a wise figure who represents God. He is similar to Osiris who, in Egyptian mythology, dies as the setting sun, undergoes forgetfullness because of Set, the Evil One, who dismembering him represents the Sun Set, and Osiris reemerges as the remembered god, symbolized by the new dawn, as Horus the sky god renewed. To be `washed in the blood of the lamb` (Rev: 7.9-17) in Christian terms is to be redeemed or renewed in God through accepting the Holy Spirit (Spear writ). This is the `dish` of `blood` caught by the `fish` that is represented in the Catholic Commuion service as the wine of the spirit of Jesus` Ascension to God: the Paraclete or Holy Spirit (Spear writ) as teacher, guide and comforter. Khidr, as a figure in the Qu`uran (in which Jesus is revered as a teacher), represents God`s omniscience. Moses continual question is: `Why did you do that?` It seems irrational to Moses but Khidr`s explanations show wisdom. Khidr therefore leaves him because he is egoism.


`The two set forth, but as soon as they embarked, Moses’ companion bored a hole

in the bottom of the ship.

`A strange thing you have done! exclaimed Moses, `Is it to drown her passengers

that you have bored a hole in her?`

`Did I not tell you`, he replied, `that your would not bear with me?`

`Pardon my forgetfulness`, said Moses, "Do not be angry with me on this


They journeyed on until they fell in with a certain youth. Moses’ companion slew

him, and Moses said: `You have killed an innocent man who has done no harm.

Surely you have committed a wicked crime`.

`Did I not tell you`, he replied, `that you would not bear with me?`

Moses said: "If ever I question you again, abandon me; for then I should deserve


They travelled on until they came to a certain city. They asked the people for

some food, but the people declined to receive them as their guests. There they

found a well on the point of falling down. The other raised it up, and Moses

said; `Had you wished, you could have demanded payment for your labours`.

`Now the time has arrived when we must part`, said the other, "But first I will

explain to you those acts of mine which you could not bear with in patience.

‘Know that the ship belong to some poor fishermen. I damaged it because in their

rear was a king who was taking every ship by force.

`As for the youth, his parents both are true believers, and we feared lest he

should plague them with his wickedness and unbelief. It was our wish that their

Lord should grant them another in his place, a son more righteous and more


`As for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city whose father was an

honest man. Beneath it their treasure is buried. Your Lord decreed in His mercy

that they should dig out their treasure when they grew to manhood. What I did

not done by caprice. That is the meaning of the things you could not bear with

in patience ...`


 Moses cannot accept the wisdom of God without query. Moses is the receiver of the Commandments (Deut: 5.6-21) of God because of this. He requires rules. Moslems talk about accepting the will of God. But men are sword o` mites. They want explanations because they want to rule. They do not want to accept God`s omniscient knowledge and power as omnibenevolent and omnipresent. They want to determine with their egos, that is, the sword o` mites, and overrule God. In Revelation (19:15) the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to a child to `rule the nations with an iron sceptre`. He presses the `grapes of wrath` and `out of his mouth comes a sharp sword`. He is able to direct and prepare. The woman that gives birth is `clothed with the sun`, that is, masculinity, and has the `moon at her feet`, that is, feminity. She is therefore a complexio oppositorum of male-femaleness that could be understood as Logos, the `sharp sword` as the Word of God, and Eros the love of God. This represents the Law of God and the Word of God as acceptance of the assistance of the helpmeet as Paraclete or Holy Spirit, the guide, teacher, and comfort of God that is Eternal Woman within and without (Love). She could be understood as a psychologically male-female bisexuality but also as that one creature in God that is depicted in Genesis as `Male and female he created them both` (1.27), that is, he created Adam and Eve as both male and female (Eve was created from Adam`s side – as the Paraclete was from Jesus` consequent to Longinus` Caesarean – so before that s/he was Hermaphrodite), which is physical bisexuality and the Woman that the child with the iron sceptre is ruling for.

 The child `clothed with the sun` is the Woman who, with `the moon at her feet`, rules with the `iron scepter`. She is Neil Armstrong (1930-) there upon the moon as Everyman because the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) is there. In Oops I Did It Again (2000) Britney Spears appears on Mars. She is Britney, the Strong Lamb of God (Brit-Neil Arm Strong and the QB that Spears in a TD on Mars). Britain helped the USA in the Gulf, as did Saudi Arabia`s King Fahad (1921-2005), Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca (wherein is the Qa`baa, the tomb of Abraham, father of Israel and Islam) and the Sword of Islam, which is Zulfiqar, a bifurcated weapon with two blades that belonged to the Prophet Mohammed and son Ali (`float like a butterfly, sting like a bee; your hands can`t hit what your eyes can`t see` - Mohammed Ali). Britannia Lamb Strong or Britain `kneel` Arm Strong is Queen Elizabeth II`s (1926-) Britney Spears: `Miss American Dream` since 1776. She is the Strong Arm of the Lamb of God and Her Majesty`s government`s Knight of God. This is Revelation.

 As Robin myself, I am what the sword o` mites hate. Someone who knows them. They plagiarise, steal and threaten my relationships with God and the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) that is Eternal Woman on the grounds that I should be giving them what I have because they`re poor mites who need aid; in fact they`re sword o` mites (Sodomites) and, like Saddam, would put a bullet in me and mine to speed up their AIDS infection. Their effect is visible wherever I go; played your eyes and sore dumb eyes: plagiarise and sodomise. The sword o` mites are at the rear – at your back, dad (Baghdad) - where the Founding Fathers of Satanism – your dads - are working your creative butt until your eyes are sorry. The only thing innacurate about the crucifixion of Jesus is that Longinus` spear is cutting open the side of Jesus to reveal the Second Eve as the American Dream that is the Holy Spirit as Glory of God and Eternal Woman within and without. His allowing men to put him on the cross is their last chance at Redemption if they do not accept his teachings and the guidance of the Paraclete which is the Holy Spirit (Spear writ). Jesus ` ass is too well protected from a sadist`s point of view. But Longinus the sadist is being offered a final chance. He is looking for the Shekinah, the Eternal Woman from the side of the Second Adam. To torture? It is to be hoped not. What is absent from the crucifixion scene (but is implicit) is Longinus` spear up Jesus` ass. The tree of the `Knowledge of Good and Evil` at the back of Jesus defends his ass and remains good, but the branch of the spear that represents the penis of Sodom is the evil aspect of the tree and the serpent in it. The Spear of Longinus is analogous to the bullet from a gun and AIDS is a metaphor for the causal connection. Guns are sword o` mites` weapons. That is why God condemns sodomy. `Thou shalt not kill.` is translatable as `Thou shalt not sodomise.` Bullets are faster and AIDS is slower but the metaphor is accurate. Getting a penis into a tight anus is a squeeze and their is no product other than a sperm that shall not prosper. Squeezing a trigger to put a bullet into someone has the same result. But the sperm had prospered. The sword o` mite has decided it won`t. Sodomy and AIDS is therefore a metaphor for the killing and death of human beings by an agency that is not human, Satan, and Evil.

 Men will always use their sword to take. It is a weapon of discrimination. `I will provide for myself and not care about your belly.` It is a misogynist recipe that prevents the future. As John Lennon wrote; `Woman is the nigger of the world.`11 Men`s swords discriminate against her. The symbol of Saddam I in Baghdad were crossed swords; the symbol of the `mother of battles`. I am the sadist Saddam I. Eye Sword damn eye. I Sword damn I. It is about Truth. Witnessing the truth by speaking it in accordance with the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus as promulgated by the Glory of God that is the Holy Spirit as Eternal Woman within and without. The sword o` misers would keep the truth from being revealed. They `sword damn eyes` or damn our eyes with their swords so that the truth cannot be seen. Saddam Miser (Sodomiser) was an enemy of Islam because of what happened to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre. The planes were the swords of the Miser of Truth, the Sword o` Miser (Sodomiser). The Americans have an expression, `to dumb down`, which means to prevent the Word of Truth from emerging from the Well of the wealth of the knowledge of the Holy Spirit and the teachings, guidings, and comfortings of the Paraclete that is God`s love for humankind and its helpmeet in the shape of Woman within and without.

 Poisoning the well (or attempting to poison the well) is a logical fallacy where adverse information about a target is pre-emptively presented to an audience, with the intention of discrediting or ridiculing everything that the target person is about to say. `Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword` it says of the child that rules for Woman with an `iron scepter` in Revelation. Saddam the Miser did not want there to be words of truth between Christianity and Islam. He wanted to `dumb down` the dialogue and strike at Peace and Prosperity with the Sword Dumbizer (Sodomiser). The Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre were eyesores to Saddam (Saddam eyesores) to be cut down by the eye saws (Saddam eye saws) of the planes (plane saws) to ensure that Islam, Christianity and Judaism remained `economical with the Truth`. It was a `pre-emptive attack` with the intention of `discrediting` everything Islam – the real `target` - had to say. Moslems accept Jesus as their foremost teacher after the Prophet Mohammed in the Qu`uran, and the Shekinah that is the Spirit of God in the Talmud, which is the Holy Spirit that is from Jesus` side as the Paraclete given to humankind as its omnipresent teacher. This is the foundation of Peace between religions that only seem wide apart in the Aftermath of 911 and, in fact, poisoning the wellspring of this truth of the Glory of God that is Eternal Womanliness within and without in Islam as well as everywhere else, was the actual focus of the Spirit of Evil that had begun its activities in Kurdistan in 1988 with Saddam Hussein`s poisoning of his own people, the Kurds (the Anfal Campaign) – symbolically in the heartland of the Arabian Knights` Saladin – and was compounded in the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 (in which Saddam ignobly attacked his neighbor) before its culmination in the terrorist attack on New York`s Twin Towers in 2000 for which he and Islam were generally condemned.

 The Sodomiser Saddam - the Miser of Truth - was the one who wanted to prevent the Sword of Truth from being heard. `Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword,` it says in Revelation. Obviously the Word of God is spoken, is written, and is visible. Those who want us to cast down our eyes in the light of Truth want `sore dumb eyes` (Sodomise). They would cut out the light from the windows of our souls with the sword that dumbs (Sword Dumb, Sodom). Being silenced by the Sword Dumbites is what the ones who do not want you to see or speak, or write the truth are. Woman`s breast is called a Pacifier when it is a Word in the mouth of a child, but a `dummy` in the mouth is Word dummy (Sword dummy). It is a metaphor. In the USA, if someone has a behavioural problem, the question is: `What`s wrong with that dummy?` The answer, generally, is that `he must be sore about something` (Sore dummy). He has evil spirits. An infant imbibes the Holy Spirit from the woman`s breast. To `pacify` means to subdue and someone who is unable to speak , read or write, is pacified. That is why an infant`s dummy is a `pacifier`. It is a dummy Sword (Sodomy`s Sword). Truth cannot be spoken because the Holy Spirit has absented itself; or has been denied. A Pacifier is also a gun in American culture; and therefore the Sword – dummy!

 In some States of the Union oral sex is `sodomy` according to statute. The standard joke amongst men is that cocksucking stops their women from speaking. It is a Pacifier. Just as a dummy (sodomy) is a baby`s `pacifier`. The Sword of the miser is he who wants to keep the truth for himself. He`s a `dumbiser` who doesn`t want you to speak or know. The dummy and the fellatio are therefore a parody of what the Mighty Sword of the Dumb wants to do. It is training for suicide, which the sadist wants for you. To create masochists who will hurt themselves. Jesus on the cross is a prototype but it is not enough for the sadist. God`s omnipresence means that God perceives with the eyes of those that have the Holy Spirit in them; so murdering others is murdering yourself and being aware of it. That is what sadists do.



 Recently Britney Spears released the song: `If I had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?` as Hold It Against Me, and I couldn`t hear it. There was a great song there but it`d been produced by a `sad, dumb mite` and didn`t have good, sound bites. The title of the song is also about holding grudges, or about the penis. If one is possessed of the Holy Spirit, as I am after full water baptism immersion in `94 in Debrecen, Hungary, at the Faith Church, then one has God`s eyes and can perceive that those who hate you for past misdemanours in their eyes, are attacking those who also have the Holy Spirit in them, which is the omnipresence of God, and that those whom they are attacking is you, as the Greater Self that is God Almighty. Britney`s `hangers on` have been accused of abusing her, and `sad dumb eyes singer` is how she appears. The image I have of her is of her holding her child against her as it`s hat falls off and, ignoring the hat, runs to her car as the paparazzi snap at her. Afterwards, she is accused of endangering her child, but the hat was the only miscreant upon the scene.

 Britney lost custody of her child because it`s hat fell off and, perceived as a poor dumb mite, the Mighty Sword of Judgement decided, as the dumb mite`s Sword, that the hat was more important than the obvious fact that a billionaire was not likely to need welfare to feed her infant. This is Sword Dumb Might (Sodomite) and not the Sword of Judgement of God Almighty. Back stabbing is what the sodomites do. A dagger is not a sword. A condom is a sheath, so a penis is a sword. Spears are of a different order; they represent the Holy Spirit from the side of Eden`s Adam as Eve and the Paraclete from the side of Jesus as the Second Adam as Eternal Woman who is the Glory of God within and without. Spears point to immortality. `Spears. The Final Frontier`, as it might say in Star Trek (1965-). Leaving Earth behind and the `serpent` and its `seed` with its head `bruised` by her `heel` as she leaves for the stars. The Sword may go with her, but not the daggers of the sword o` mites who remain mighty petty egos (mites) here; their tiny parasitical minds and the egotistical grudges that they hold, preventing the talented from escaping them and the Promised Lands of God`s Kingdom amongst the stars kept as a chimera to tease the wannabes that succeeded, were backstabbed, and became `might have beens` again.

 Arabian popstar Suzanne Tamim, 31, was found brutally murdered in her Dubai apartment on July 28 at the Rimal Towers in Dubai in 2008. A Sword damn`s eyes; it is a damner of eyes. If the Holy Spirit is omnipresent in those who accept the Glory of God then the evil can be seen and destroyed by those who see with the eyes of God. If the eyes of the Holy Spirit had been watching over her then we would know who murdered her. Because those who have the eyes of the Holy Spirit that is omnipresent in them are able to see what is happening with each other. Those who seek to prevent their identity being perceived are therefore evil criminals who murder those with the Holy Spirit in them and are the Swords that `damn eyes`. Saddam Hussein was a Damn Sword and he didn`t want America`s eyes on Iraq. As Adam`s Sword he is damning the eyes of Man, which is what the Angel with the Flaming Sword did at Eden when Man was expelled for eating fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve were told they could not return to Paradise. It is analogous to the story of Lot`s wife who looked back at Sodom and was turned into a pillar of salt. Saddam is saying that he will cut off the eyes of Man and Woman`s penis if you look at him. The serpent has eyes and they are poisonous; boys owners: Saddam`s Republican Guard were his boy sons (poisons). I am an English language teacher trained to teach men, particularly in Arabia, and what you notice is that they like to be seen by other men while their women wear the one-piece coverall, the Abiya. Only their eyes can be seen, and men other than their husbands are not supposed to look at them. Because they are the eyes of the Holy Spirit or Shekinah that watches over you. Men do not. They are Saddam Might (Saddamite). They might let you see, but they won`t let you speak of what you`ve seen. The eyes are the windows of the soul and sad damn (Saddam) is the sadist`s damning of the love of the Holy Spirit for the vessel she dwells within. If she is permitted to see, but is unable to speak, she cannot love; and it is the role of the Shekinah, in Judaism and Islam, to speak as the guide, comforter, teacher and helpmeet that is the Paraclete emergent from Jesus` side as the Second Adam upon Christ`s crucifixion and Ascension. This is Sword dumbite and Sad damn eyes. It is God`s word that the Woman`s heel shall bruise the head of the serpent. Presumably when she leaves Earth and does not return to Paradisal Eden from which the Angel with the Flaming Sword has denied her.

 As it is written in the biblical Revelation, silenced by the Sword dumbizers: `Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword` and it says of the child that rules with an `iron sceptre` for Woman. He is the Mighty Sword of God`s Truth. She is the sadists` masochist if there is no God to defend her. Sadists prey upon her caring and make her care more; it is their `game` to hurt her and her daughters: in whatever way they can. Only when her daughters use the spirit that is in them for good Judgement is the Sword of God in the hands of right is might and not might be right (which is useless to the murdered, and equally useless to the murderer who shall have unendurable eternal pain forever because they though Sword Dumb Might was `cool`). Sword Dumb Might is the ethos of much of the movie industry in which figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947-) in Terminator (1984) devastate people and peoples lives. This is a form of teaching that translates itself into what are called `snuff movies` in which people are murdered for the entertainment of sadists. God`s daughters can accept what God provides without seeking to discriminate against others. They are the Mighty Swords, the Long Spears and the Wingéd Eagles of God. Touchdown. In the name of the Holy Spirit, and Old Glory. Amen.



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Shekinah Thing

01/01/2012 12:46

Shekinah Thing


In the Catholic Communion Service, `bread and wine` are taken by the congregation from the hands of the priest in toke of Jesus` `body and blood` and his Redemption of them through his murder by the Romans during the occupation of Palestine when he was nailed to a wooden cross and tortured to death before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. The priest`s wafer is `the host`, because Jesus was the host at the `Last Supper`, where he gave `bread and wine` to his disciples, as symbols of his `body and blood`. Judas betrayed the host be giving Jesus over to the Romans as a dissident speaking against the Roman Empire, and so the wine symbolizes his spirit, that is, the Holy Spirit, which before his Resurrection and Ascension Jesus promised would teach after him. (1 John: 2. 1). The host is the body taught by the indwelling Holy Spirit, through what developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) called the ego-personality and the soul. Although the practice of `testing the spirits to see if they are evil` (1 John: 4. 1), suggests evil spirits can infect the host as parasites.

 In Christian thought the Holy Spirit is perceived to be that of Jesus returning to Earth in order to continue teaching; but the Shekinah that dwelt in the Jewish tabernacle, where the Ark of the Covenant containing the tablets of the law of Moses was kept, was known as the glory of God and travelled with the Jews during their exodus out of slavery in Egypt (Ex: 40. 35) and was female. Consequently, the Shekinah is soul and spirit, because she`s the yearned for `woman`s seed`:


`How fair and how pleasant art thou, O love, for delights.` (The Song Of Songs: 7. 6)


 Wherever woman shows wisdom, she is `Shekinah`, and `Shekinah` is present where man yearns for her. The Roman guard at Jesus` crucifixion, Longinus, pierced the side of Jesus with his spear (Matt: 27.54) because the first woman Eve was from the first man Adam`s rib, according to the Bible, and Jesus was known as the `Second Adam` because the `Second Eve` was to emerge from his side as the `Shekinah`, or spirit of Eve renewed as the Holy Spirit. Jesus is called by the Christian church `the bridegroom` (Matt: 9. 15), while the church is `the bride`, because `woman`s seed` is `Shekinah`.

 The problem arises when the Holy Spirit is preached as male, that is, `washed in the blood of the lamb,` (Rev: 12. 11) is imagery more provoking of war than forgiveness; especially as Jesus was murdered. However, it`s the meaning of Jesus` birth as a man uncontaminated from his mother, the Virgin Mary, prefiguring the Resurrection and Ascension of `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers to liberate them from parasitism that is Redemption, while men must repent and convert from their sin of enslavement through murder to be redeemed by Jesus` blood.

 The teaching of the Paraclete isn`t the parasitical thinking of evil spirits that want the body for its host, and the wine of the love of the Shekinah as a slake for its bloodthirstiness. The body is the host of the Shekinah but sidling parasites aren`t beside the host of God.

 Men who hate women are misogynists, who`re attracted to the tormented figure of Jesus upon the cross, because he`s the first of `woman`s seed`. The archetype appears throughout human history. France`s Joan of Arc (ca. 1412-31), who fought the English and had faith in God, was burned by the French themselves as a witch. Christ-like figures are tortured for being womanlike, because they should be.

 In war men die as the host of the Shekinah and with the Shekinah by their side, because parasites want the host womb of women. World War One (1914-18), for example, was engineered by homosexuals who pried women away from men to make whores, which is why homosexuals are called `faggots` after the `dead wood` (Ps: 141.7) of the Bible, which is useful only for starting conflagrations, because homosexuals want to be parasites upon the human host without the wine of the love of the Shekinah to guide.

 In the Gulf war (2003-) Saddam Hussein`s fire fight with the United States was begun by his terrorist group Al Qaeda`s crashing of hijacked planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre as an act of `rough trade` designed to precipitate that homosexual brutality and violence associated with men`s socio economic enslavement of women to war in parasitism. Consequently, Al Qaeda were `dead wood`. The United States opening of an internment camp for US Moslems at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba reflected badly upon the United States as the reason cited for the invasion to depose Saddam Hussein in March 2003 was his attacking his own people in Kurdish Iraq.



 The New Colossus is a sonnet by Emma Lazarus (1849-87), written in 1893 and, in 1903, engraved on a bronze plaque and mounted inside the statue of Liberty in New York harbor:


`Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!`


 The Twin Towers, completed in 1971 as the symbol of free enterprise, were where the Gulf war conflagration started. Although Liberty holds a naked torch, the American Dream is of Manifest Destiny, because Longinus` spear that birthed the Shekinah from the side of Jesus, as the renewed ancient teaching spirit of humankind, was known as the spear of destiny, that is, the Shekinah was destiny to come.

 In the pop song,`Piece of Me` (2007), Britney Spears sings, `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` The `American Dream` since 1776`s Independence Declaration from the British Empire of George III  is progress and development, which is why Britney Spears` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` sings, `I`m not that innocent.` Because destiny to come needs wisdom as a guide.



 The Shekinah appears in the Koran of Islam`s Prophet Mohamed, dictated by the angels of God, according to Moslem tradition, where she`s `certainty` in `The Cow` Sura 2 (l. 248), `Repentance` (9, l. 26, 40), and `Victory` (48, l. 4, 18, 26), because the worship of Satan isn`t certain to transpire upon the Earth. The modern symbol of Islam in Saudi Arabia is the Kingdom Tower, which looks like the eye of a needle requiring a thread for to sew. The whimsy is Scheherezade, the storyteller of Shah Jehan in the 8th century One Thousand And One Nights, who wrongly beheaded his wife for unfaithfulness with his brother. Scheherezade saved the women of the kingdom by telling him stories each evening, which he wanted to continue the next evening. Otherwise he would have cut off her head as became his new practice after marrying another woman each day and beheading her each evening as a  punishment for his wife`s perceived unfaithfulness.



 Scheherezade symbolizes the problems attendant upon the keeping together of an Islamic Caliphate. Successive Caliphates arose after the Moslem people began to spread throughout the Middle East in acceptance of the Koran (610-30 C.E.). Shah Jehan was an Indian Mogul and his wife Mumtaz Mahal`s tomb, the Taj Mahal, is in the city of Agra in the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh, while the story of Aladdin and the genie of the lamp is Chinese. Consequently, the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a symbol of woman`s continuity. Perforce she has to produce both male and female offspring, while her boy sons are her poisons. Men will destroy her as her virus and her devouring parasite; if she doesn`t have a story to save her and a needle to sew on her penis, which is what the goddess Isis did for the god Osiris in Egyptian mythology, and Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, sewed his penis on without a man`s:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 Having devoured the woman`s penis, men want to remove her brains, as Shah Jehan`s story relates, because they`re the enslavers of the human species` host womb in parasitism, and an intelligent woman is `Shekinah` and their certain enemy.

Mighty Swords or Sodomites

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Mighty Swords or Sodomites


Feel Like Makin` Love (1975) is a song by Bad Company (1973-). I always feel like it; because I never tire of it. One shouldn`t. I love my penis and so does my woman. We pleasure each other as often and for as long as we can.

 The Sword of Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) was Saddam Might, and the Sword of the USA was Sadder Might. The Independance Declaration says the American Dream is about `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. The invasion of Kuwait (1990) and the 911 attack on the Twin Towers (2000) left the USA sadder. That was Saddam Might.

 My penis is productive. It is how things are produced and created. Or, rather, my woman creates and produces. I try not to be a virus, which is what men are. I produce daughters and therefore more creative producers.

 In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). `Indie` is faced with a swordsman and, rather than fight, he shoots him. This is what Saddam as Iraq and George Bush Jr (1944-) as the United States did.



Sodomites aren`t abed with me. My penis orgasms and where I put it is my woman`s business. Sodomites aren`t philosophers. They`re a virus. Men. AIDS is described as a plague sent by God. It is the sword o` mites that comes from Sodomites. It is also the sword o` mights, which is the truncation of possibility.

 Taking life, as Indie did, is sword o` mite and sword o` might. It is sodomite. Logically, therefore, a bullet is a sword o` mite and a sword o` might. It is akin to Sodomy in the sense that anal sex is a sterile union that produces nothing. AIDS and bullets are, by extrapolation, anti-production, that is, they are both Sodom (Gen: 18,19).

 Saddam Might and sadder Might therefore represent the truncation of possibility that is lives ended prematurely. But, as the Gulf War (2001-3) is only the swordplay of sword o` mites and sword of mights, it is only swordomites whose lives are ended. They represent the Sword and the Word of Sodom. It is what men want, otherwise they would not continue to do it.

Woman does not have the equipment. She has the Sword of Logos as her man in Jesus, who defines God as `love`, and the Spears of the Holy Spirit as the Wisdom and Glory of God.

 Realistically, this means that men are sodomites and that they are different to Man and Woman. Sword Domites would rather shoot women than make love or anything else. This is Sword Dumb Might, the Mighty Sword of the Stupid; or Mighty Stupid Sword. The Stupid Word of the Mighty that purport to believe in God but are actually Stupid. It is the Dumb Sword that bites or the Sword that produces dumb `sound bytes` instead of making sounds that promulgate God and the Holy Spirit, that is, the Glory of God which is the Shekinah and the Paraclete of God`s Wisdom as she was given to Man after being prompted to emerge from the side of Christ as the Second Adam by the Spear of Longinus` cutting open Christ`s side at the crucifixion (Matt: 27.54) and after his Ascension to God as the Logos or God`s Word (1 John: 21).

 The Paraclete which, as teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet represents a psychological and bisexual unity that is not the Sword of the Dumb because every picture tells a story for those who are able to read, and therefore the image of Longinus cutting open the side of Jesus is not for the eyes of the Dumb or represents Jesus as the unspeaking eyes of the Sword that cannot read the Word of God. Jesus` eyes are able to read and the Sword of Logos, the Wisdom of God as the Holy Spirit, is able to protect those who believe in God because they use their eyes wisely. Similarly, the Sword of the Wise knows when to speak and not be Dumb and, therefore, it is the Sword of the Wiser and not the Sword of the Miser, the Sword o` Miser that would speak sparingly and to no good end.

 Here the Paraclete is the differentiation of `Feeling`, a function of ego-consciousness in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) which is duplex because associated with the mouth. It denotes the psychologically bisexual complementarity that comes from the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit that is the Eternal Woman within and without. She is therefore the one that teaches wisdom and the Word of God that is actually the Power of Speech. In Jungian psychology the eyes are associated with the `Sensation` function, which suggests that it is Woman as the ideal image of God`s love for Adam as she emerged from Adam`s side in Eden which encourages Man to speak the Word of God as love, which is Eros as the complementary aspect of the Sword of God as Good Judgement and Sound Sense rather than Mighty Stupid.

 `He that has ears, let him hear.` (Matt: 11.15) The `Thinking` function in Jung is associated with the ears. It is not enough to speak the Word of God if the recipient is unable to hear. Traditionally, the Sword is associated with the masculine ego and the powers of Judgement and discrimination which are concerned with thought, thoughtfulness and `Thinking`. The ears are therefore the Sword of the Holy Spirit as Logos because they are able to understand and translate their understanding into language, words and, because it is a higher function of Man and Woman, pictures and works of art such as are to be found in Hollywood.

 It is the Holy Wood of the Cross rather than the `dead wood` (Job: 13.28) of the faggots that are doomed to eternal perdition because the Sword of the cross is a dumb sword of wood that does not speak of anything but dumb pain for those who are unable to read the picture and learn anything from it but sadistic homosexuality. It is the fourth function that completes the capacities of the `Self`` as `Intuition`, which is associated in Jungian psychology with the nose or sense of smell and is symbolized by the Spear, which corresponds to that of Longinus` birthing of the Holy Spirit as Paraclete from the side of Jesus as the Sword of Logos and the Eternal Woman who is the Paraclete, teacher, guide, comforter, helpmeet and protector.

 In this sense the cross of Jesus is a Sword in the Earth but it is made of wood and does not speak of anything but dumb pain that is, symbolically, the Evil of the `tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil` (Gen: 2.9) which is the wood thereof and not the fruit. Jesus represents the fruit on the cross. Effectively, the Holy Spirit represents the woman that appears to `talk to` the fruit. She is the woman at his side as well as the Holy Spirit by his side that is Eternal Woman. Sadistic homosexuals, on the other hand, are those who want to `torture` Jesus. That is why he`s naked on the cross; so they could expose him and see what a man - of whom Longinus said `Surely this was the Son of God.` - looked like naked. The cutting open of his side by the Spear of Longinus is the intentionality of Satan. Men want to `torture`, and the Holy Spirit as Eternal Woman and the Wisdom of God wants to teach, guide, comfort, help and protect; so she wants to `talk to` her fruit. Longinus is a sadist who seeks to separate her from the side of her man, because he does not want her to speak the truth; which is that men like him are evil fruits with a penis extension that want to stick their Spear in God`s anus but want the Holy Spirit to explain it to us all first before they kill her and woman too.

 Longinus` cutting open of Jesus`s side is to remove the Holy Spirit so that Jesus cannot teach. She is the Wisdom of God and men do not want Mankind to receive it, and did not want Jesus to teach it. Those who are irremediable did not accept Redemption and are doomed to unendurable eternal pain forever. The Spear in Jesus` side represents the serpent which sought to poison the relationship between Eve and Adam, effectively separating them as One Creatureliness in God which is physically and psychological bisexual. It seems likely from reading Genesis that Eve was a part of Adam: `Male and female he created them both.` (Gen: 1.27) The Woman from Adam`s side is therefore the Glory of God as the Shekinah and God`s Wisdom. It seems likely also that she was able to remain a part of Adam and lived with him in one body but was separable by her own volition so that she could love and teach him as the Wisdom of God.

 The cutting open of Jesus` side on the cross is the separation of a man`s woman from her man. In other words, Jesus only appears to be alone, unmarried and single. He actually has the Spirit of God as his bride, which as Eternal Woman filled with the Holy Spirit all around him as Woman is what Jesus knew. But he was sent to Redeem Mankind and men are not kind. He therefore refused to play their adulterous game, and accepted and promulgated the teachings of the woman at and by his side; on the assumption that the woman at and by his side would, one day, be the woman from his side and that God would give her to him in heaven. That is Jesus` Ascension and what the Assumption of the Virgin means. Jesus` Woman is Eternal and is for the Glory of God, the Shekinah, and the Holy Spirit as teacher, guide, comfort, helpmeet, and protector.

 Jesus said: `I am the way, the life, the truth and the narrow door.` John: 14.6) God told the serpent in Eden that there would be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between hers and the serpent`s `seed` which would correspond to her boys` sons (poisons) and the `narrow door` is the Paraclete`s abode behind the door of which she resides as the `teacher`. Men`s `guidance system` is to explain that they are sword o` mights who don`t want you to know that you have a woman and might let you see one. The reality is that you are born with a woman if you are a man, and born as a woman if you are lucky and have the Holy Spirit as Eternal Woman representing a daughter or `door to` God. That is why Longinus cries `Surely this was the Son of God!` as he pokes around inside Jesus` side with his Spear. He can see the path to God and that is why men prefer torture rather than accepting the Word of the Holy Spirit. If they can break open the `narrow door` then they can get into heaven by forcing Man`s Eternal Woman to tell what she knows. First of all, they would seek to lock her in; which is what happened in Eden. The serpent locked her out – of her man: Adam and Paradise. Jesus on the cross represents the forced birth of the Paraclete as knowledge from and of God, and the return of Eve as the Shekinah or Holy Spirit. But she is`hidden` from Mankind because she represents the teacher as guide, comforter, helpmeet and protector that is Eternal Woman within and without. In other words, God has deemed that the path for Mankind is Woman and that Redemption in the Spirit requires adherance to God`s Law. Because the Woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, giving birth to the child that will destroy Satan and `rule the nations with an iron sceptre` (Rev: 12.1), is a complexio oppositorum that defends her. He represents that psychological bisexuality which has the Word of God as the Sword from the mouth that denotes differentiated `Feeling`, which is usually the inferior function in man. Just as `Intuition` is the other feminine function that is often thought of as inferior and represents the Holy Spirit as the Spear of Destiny. `Sensation` as the tangible love of woman that is associated with the eyes means that the image of woman is not dumb either, but speaks to man with the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why Britney Spears represents not the Sword of a Dumb blonde in Piece of Me (2007) but a woman who knows that the sword o` mites that might let her sing1 are powerless against the Sword and the Spears of God because she hears, speaks, feels, and sees Truth.



The woman and the child of Revelation not only represent psychological bisexuality but physical bisexuality, which means a return to that Edenic One Creatureliness in God that is the Original Hermaphrodite which has been taught the Will of God and Plan for Redemption which is that Man accepts the Holy Spirit, omnipresent, and that Man is therefore Woman, which is part way to true acceptance and Revelation that Man is to be Woman as futanar if he is able to receive Redemption. This is because men are sword o` mites and union between woman and woman with a penis is inevitably creative and productive, whereas men only produce Sword o` me (Sodomy) rather than the Word of the Spirit that `out of his mouth like a sharp sword` protects the innocent and cuts away the evil. As Britney Spears sings in Piece of Me: `I`m Miss American Dream since I was 17.` Innocence is progress and development without threat. In Oops I Did It Again (2000) Britney sings `I`m not that innocent!` The American Dream and Manifest Destiny unfolds as innocence under threat, and can defend itself against the Saddam Mights even though the USA is a sadder Might at having to deploy its own Sword o` Might. Britney wears her tiny sword not as costume jewellery but in the safe and certain knowledge that she is able to deal with sword o` mites and mights in shining armour. Innocence under threat is the American Dream upon Earth, and the threat is Sodomy. Innocent progress and development is the American Dream amongst the stars in heaven. Britney Spears as the `American Dream` is the Spears of Destiny and the tininess of her sword indicates her wisdom; size does not matter: it`s what you do with it.


1 Otherwise sodomising.


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 `You`re remembered` is a phrase in English that is used to initiate vendetta and constitutes a threat against your life. In Egyptian mythology, Ra is the sun god who`s incarnated as Osiris: as God is incarnated in Jesus. Jesus is resurrected from the dead and has Ascension to God. (1 John: 2.1) Osiris` resurrection is preceded by dismemberment. The evil Set cut him into pieces. It reminds me of the English phrase `You`re remembered`, which constitutes a threat to life rather than resurrection. I go to the Faith church in Budapest, which is the Hít Gyulakazet. It sounds like `Hear Jew! Like a Set?` They even have a Menora outside their main place of worship in Budapest, to profess their friendship towards Judaism. I don`t want to be dismembered by Set. I want to be remembered by God. In Islam the believers are `the Faithful`, and Egypt is a Moslem nation. Jesus is a `teacher` in their holy book, the Koran (610-32 C.E.) and in the New Testament of Christianity. Judaism accepts Jesus as a good, principled, man. The Evil One , Set, the dismemberer, is he who does not want God to be remembered. Logically, the converse is that he wants himself to be remembered - and he is evil.

 In England, `You`re remembered` means the evil one wants you to remember them. Fear, violence and hatred is how they have themselves remembered.` People remember those who have been violent or abusive towards them, so fear is the memory. The Evil One doesn`t want God to remember, and Jesus` crucifixion and Osiris` dismemberment are men`s attempts to prevent God from remembering good people. Hollywood movies are full of idols that are immortalized in celluloid because they are evil. God commands us not to worship false idols, and although Marilyn Monroe (1926-62) may be thought of as a symbol of `God`s love` (Luke 10: 27), the character of Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) is not. God remembers through love, but the Evil One doesn`t remember us. The Evil One frightens us into being unable to remember ourselves as God. Jesus showed us how to accept God and have Redemption by exposing the evil to perdition, which is why Jesus seems to engineer his own torture and death, whereas in fact he accepts that that is what men do because they`re evil and he has Ascension over them. Jesus is the Redeemer because he says: `Forgive them Lord! For they know what they do.` (Luke: 23.34) In fact they do and that`s why they`re not Redeemed. Men have to accept God`s love or they don`t have Redemption, and Woman is `God`s love`. This is why God gives her to Adam. In the Egyptian myth, Osiris` sister remembers him by putting together the pieces of his body, and he is resurrected as Horus.

 On the cover for the single Piece of Me (2007), Britney Spears (1982-) is on a cross. She represents the dismembered God, and Jesus whose side was cut open by Longinus, which effectively releases the Paraclete or Holy Spirit. The `teacher` which God sends – as he gave Adam the woman Eve from his side – as that which is to remember the pieces of humanity and bring them back to God. That is why she is Britney Spears. The Paraclete cut from the side of Jesus by Longinus` spear. (Matt: 27.54) She is Woman and a piece of `God`s love`, the Holy Spirit that is `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` (John 14: 25) which will give you Redemption if you accept `God`s love`.

 The cross is a symbol of `fourness`, which is an archetype in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). It represents the ego and its wholeness in the differentiation of the four functions of consciousness, which are `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`.1 Usually, `Thinking` and `Sensation` are masculine, and `Feeling` and `Intuition` are feminine. Jesus represents `Feeling` and `Intuition`, the Grail and the Spear. The men who refuse Redemption represent `Thinking` and `Sensation`, the Sword and the` curse` rather than the Sword and the Word of God. The curse is `sin`, which Woman removes as `God`s love`. Appropriate, because Eve is blamed for giving Adam the fruit of `good and evil` (Gen: 2.9) in Eden, which is death for Adam and her descendants before her Redemption through Jesus as the Second Eve, the Paraclete and instrument of God`s love. God told Adam and Eve that they would live by the `sweat` of their `brow` (Gen: 3.19), which is used by those who would enslave mankind forever. To men Jesus is bondage and dominance, sadism and masochism – BDSM. He is bound to the cross, they torture, he is the masochist and they are the sadists. This is their plan for the future.

 AIDS has been described as a `biblical plague` and God destroyed Sodom, which is why Saddam is `Babylon, Mother of Abominations`. He is a city, like Sodom, and his virus crashed the Twin Towers. The planes were `civil aircraft` ,`wrongly oriented`. Sodomy is anal sex, and back-stabbers are anal sex for those who want to be `higher up`. This is why Saddam is the red dragon of Revelation, and why Al Qaeda are his AIDS. They `hacked` the USA`s defence system in order to spread their virus of terror. In practising anal sex, homosexuals `preach` sterility, virus as a terrorist paradigm, and back-stabbing `higher up`. It is the 21st Century paradigm and God has already destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (sodomy, AIDS, and BDSM) as a warning to the evil. As a homosexual virus, AIDS is a terrorist paradigm, and its reappearance as the city of Saddam is depicted in Revelation as the red dragon that waits to devour the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 13.17-18) that gives birth to `he who rules the nations with an iron scepter` until she is remembered by God and `bruises the serpent`s head with her heel` (Gen: 3.15) as she leaves.



 As Saddam is dead, and the `war on terror` is progressing, these are the last days before God creates a new heaven and Earth. The `Big Apple` of New York is the Second Eve`s, the Paraclete or Holy Spirit of Christian teaching. Al Qaeda`s attack was `Saddam`s apple`, a threat to the `teacher` who preaches the Word of God – Jesus. She is Adam`s apple, the Paraclete as Second Eve who, in Revelation, gives birth to the one that enforces God`s law – whoever the President of the USA is. She is Christianity`s Woman and, as Britney Spears on her cross for Piece of Me, she wants God to remember her. Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) wanted to be remembered for violence and biological warfare, which is anal rape and AIDS. If we accept the paradigm, 9/11 was a computer-hacking AIDS` terrorist from DEFCON back-stabbing a `higher up` with his virus. Hackers` conventions therefore encourage homosexuality, the AIDS virus, back-stabbing, and terrorism:


 `Defcon...[in Los Angeles] is one of the world's largest annual hacker conventions...[the] term DEFCON ...alluding to the U.S. Armed Forces defense readiness condition (DEFCON). An alert posture used by the United States Armed Forces...[which] prescribes five graduated levels of readiness (or states of alert) for the U.S. military, and increase in severity from DEFCON 5 (least severe) to DEFCON 1 (most severe) to match varying military situations.`2



 In Arabia it is the tradition that Paradise is on Earth and in heaven, which corresponds to the new heaven and Earth created by God in Revelation after Jesus` Second Coming in which he exterminates the evil and they are given perdition. The 9/11 hijackers believed they would go to Paradise but it`s a `con` for the `deaf`, as it were. Jesus is a Prophet of the Koran as well as the Christ of Christianity, and the terrorists didn`t have ears for his teachings. Paradise was once thought to exist in Afghanistan. The Order of the Assassins was created there by Hassan-i-Sabbah (1050s-1124), the Old Man of the Mountain, to remove Islam`s political opponents. The killers were drugged and told they were in Paradise, to which they`d return after their mission. 9/11`s terrorists were programmed by their False Prophets, Saddam Hussein (1937-2006), who advocated Jihad against the West, and their `trainer` in terrorism, the Old Man of the Mountain - Osama Bin Ladan (1957-). New York is `Adam`s apple` which, as Eve`s vocal equipment, means the Paraclete, that is, Jesus` teachings, weren`t listened to on 9/11. In other words, the `Big Apple` is God`s promised Redemption and a new heaven and Earth, but the terrorists` ears believed their `confidence tricksters` and the fools` Paradise of the assassin, which is perdition.

 Paradise on Earth and in heaven is Islam`s teaching, and a new Earth and heaven after Redemption is God`s promise in Revelation. Paradise on Earth is for those who accept God, and the `serpent` in Eden is the Evil One who doesn`t want us to return. God told Eve there would be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between her `seed` and the serpent`s `seed` forever, which means that although God expelled Adam and Eve from Eden, the `serpent` was responsible for giving her the fruit of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil`. He wants them to leave and not return because he wants their Paradise. It`s an analogy of possession. Eve is the Paraclete from the side of Adam, the Paraclete as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`. The `serpent` wants to possess their home and is, in effect, a `cuckoo`. Its parent lays its egg in the nest of another, and it evicts the other hatchlings when stronger. The red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the child born to the `woman clothed with the sun` is analogous to the cuckoo. It is Chronos, or Saturn (Satan) waiting to devour the weaker child. But Redemption means that the child rules for the Woman and she returns home to Paradise, which is the new heaven and Earth created by God in Revelation for her and Adam, who is the child - as she is the Paraclete as Eve, the spirit of `God`s love` for Adam. She `bruises the head of the serpent with her heel` as she leaves Earth, which means that the `serpent` that is now grown into a `dragon` possesses the Earth for a period of time before Jesus` Second Coming in which there is Judgement and perdition for the evil. Then God returns Man to her and there`s the creation of the new heaven and Earth in which God rules forever.

 Man has to be remembered by the Paraclete, which means that the Holy Spirit teaches `God`s love`. In the Egyptian myth, Isis remembers the dismembered pieces of Osiris and Ra, that is, God, is restored as Horus. She can`t find his penis, which is a man`s `member`; so she creates a new one. Similarly, Jesus is celibate and doesn`t have one. As the Second Adam, the Paraclete is Jesus` Second Eve; the spirit of `God`s love`: the `tutelary spirit` of humanity reigning since Christ`s birth. It is her role to remember her Man, which is why Isis restored Osiris` `member` in her remembering: she is the memory of Man. Osiris` remembering and Jesus` Paraclete suggests that God incarnates in Man periodically, and after a period of time is restored with greater wisdom. But the world`s religions have tended to be patriarchal and this has devilled Woman`s role. Men have themselves remembered through violent attacks upon the defenceless, which is what Jesus crucified is. If you think about your attacker, he is stronger in your memory and so replaces God. Jesus` crucifixion is ambiguous because he Redeems but the memory is of the attackers. It is a paradigm. Remember the Redeemer, not the attacker. The evil prey on your mind, so pray with God and Christ to give you Redemption and destroy the evil who want to be remembered through their violent attacks upon you. 9/11 is a day of infamy because the evil want to be remembered through fear. This is why the American Dream and Manifest Destiny is innocence, progress and development without threat. 9/11 was America under threat, which means that Saddam and Osama were in their minds endeavouring to be immortalized by fear.

 Men feel powerful if others fear them, which is why Jesus tells us the `meek shall inherit the Earth` (Matt: 5.5). In his Second Coming he brings the Sword, so his teaching is the preparation for the remembering of the wisdom that God has stored upon the Earth in Man. Men who are evil don`t want Man to be remembered, and God doesn`t want them. But they want to be remembered, so they practise evil upon others and wait to be remembered. In this way they seek to be immortal. A child is always forced to return to an abusive parent because it won`t allow development beyond being `needy`, which is akin to God`s decree that the pair from Eden should live `by the sweat of their brow` (Gen: 3.19) `til Redemption because of the `serpent` and its `enmity` towards the `woman`s seed`. (Gen: 3.15) It represents enslavement to the Evil One, the abusive parent that won`t let you leave him. This is what Saddam and Al Qaeda represent, the red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the future that is the child of the `woman clothed with the sun`. It`s analogous to the adulterous betrayer that devours the future of Man because he waits until she is tired of her work of Redemption and wants to replace her Man (Adam, Jesus, the future) with himself.

 The `dragon` of Revelation is the `serpent` of Eden and is the more faithless betrayer because he waits longer. Evil men insinuate themselves between a loving couple and betray them as late as they can when a pair have worked long together for Redemption – and that is why God condemns adultery, and Jesus forgives the `woman taken in adultery`:`Go and sin no more.` (John 8: 11) Because `God`s love` is through Woman, men are evil if they effect an adulterous relationship in order to have another man`s Redemption in heaven and Earth. The `dragon` is the Evil One lying in wait to devour Eve`s work of Redemption, and Saddam Hussein, who was given the 3rd largest army in the world to support the US in the Gulf, back-stabbed the US as an archetype of betrayal by `Babylon, the Mother of Abominations`, sexual only by analogy insofar as she represents adultery in the sense of men`s betrayal of Adam`s Redemption.

 `God`s love` is Woman and, although it`s possible to accept a woman`s affairs if you are the right kind of man, a businessman would be ruined by an `unfaithful` wife, which is why 9/11 was about the World Trade Centre in 2000. Saddam and Al Qaeda were faithless adulterers back-stabbing the city of Eve and ruining the business of `Adam`s apple`, which is `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` in heaven and Earth. Couples who are true don`t think of finances. It is about love. Later it is about business and, if successful, it is about faithfulness and, after that, faith in God and Redemption. If you are faithful you don`t have AIDS, and the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were air AIDS because Moslems calling themselves `the Faithful` are terrorists and faithless, so the air raids on the USA were back-stabbing acts on the part of homosexuals who want the virus that is them to `move up`. The penis is incidental. They want death and not life. That is the equation. In encouraging hackers to `test` their computer systems` defences., the USA invited homosexuals to spread their virus of terror.

 In 1001 Nights (approximately 9th Century) Shah Jehan cuts the head off his wife for unfaithfulness, but she is faithful. Sheherezade saves the women of the kingdom by telling stories to him and so saving the women from having their heads cut off each day because he married a new wife each day to punish all women in this way. If she is faithful, she should keep her head. The USA encourage faithlessness at the hacker convention `Defcon`, and the spread of violence and terror towards Woman who is the Creator`s Producer`s Product – Civilization. In other words, they armed Saddam and asked him to practice `Saddamy`, that is, anal, so that they could terrorize the women at home and further violence towards them. Libya was often thought the `home` of terrorism, but Colonel Gadhaffi (1942-) liberalized. There was an attempt to remove him from power by people inside his own country, which prompted NATO and the USA to overthrow him. Essentially, it was a woman disagreeing with herself, because she is the Creator`s Producer and Product in Libya – Culture and Civilization.

 The USA has been contaminated by the virus of terror, contracted from having `anal` with Saddam, `Babylon, Mother of Abominations` (Rev: 17.5). The title is misleading, because Saddam isn`t a mother, but his name is conflated with Babylon, which was founded in Iraq in 4004 B.C. Saddam is a city, therefore, as Sodom was. (Gen: 18,19) He is associated with New York, which is Saddam`s apple, or Adam`s apple, depending on how you read `the Big Apple`. In baseball it means `hit`, which is what `hitmen` do. It is also slang for a woman`s vagina and chlamydia, which is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). In other words, Al Qaeda were `hitting` on Eve, in order to declare war on Woman, which is what the Taliban did in Afghanistan before the USA and British forces ousted them:


 `Women seeking an education were forced to attend underground schools, where they and their teachers risked execution if caught.`3



 In Arabia the beard is a sign of wisdom, and a `bearded clam` in the USA is slang for a woman`s bush. The first Gulf War with George Bush Sr was a prelude to the second Gulf War in which the woman was to be given their air AIDS rather than chlamydia, which was the `rape of Kuwait` and STD there. Sometimes a pearl is found in a clam, which is `the pearl of great price` that is woman`s wisdom and is associated with immortality and the alchemical opus or `Great Work`.4 The `id` is the repressed in Freudian psychology, and the `ear` is what listens . Saddam wouldn`t listen and the result was chlamydia for Kuwait, that is, repression. The Taliban supported terrorists of Al Qaeda`s attack on the USA were air AIDS contracted through `Saddamy` and an attempt to spread their virus from Eve`s city, the `Big Apple`. The idea that the clam has a `beard` is important if chlamydia is the STD paradigm for the first Gulf War because it indicates that Eve has attained wisdom. The second Gulf War was an attack on the same woman`s `bush` - Barbara Bush`s, and the aircraft that were being `plain civil` represented a polite but `wrong` sexual orientation` - her raids (AIDS).

 Politeness is important for homosexuals, which is what the Taliban are, properly understood: `Their stated aim was to create `secure environments` where the chasteness and dignity of women may once again be sacrosanct`. In other words, the Taliban were polite in order to execute women. The theory that the USA and NATO are heroes doesn`t entirely hold water either. In Sudan, UN forces were found guilty of raping Sudanese women as part of a concerted `terror`. Saddam was polite before he raped Kuwait with the world`s 3rd largest army given to him by the USA. The Taliban represses women and trains Al Qaeda to attack the city of Eve, the `Big Apple` of New York. Woman is the target because of her wisdom; the teachings of the Paraclete: Jesus` Redemption and the new heaven and Earth.

 The `apple of Paradise` was Eve`s, but New York`s is the Paraclete`s, which is God`s `maturing` wisdom. The `bearded clam` contains the pearl of wisdom, which is the `bearded lady`; the wisdom that comes of accepting that Man is Woman because Eve came from Adam`s side. His wisdom is her beard, and her wisdom is his penis. It`s the knowledge that men rape her Earth. The `enmity` of the serpent`s `seed` for hers, which suggests that she shall have a penis of her own, and God has recreated her as a new species – futanar. She has her own penis, and can be the Creator`s Producer`s Product without men – in order that the new heaven and Earth promised by God for her Redemption shall be her Civilization.


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Queens of Heaven

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Queens of Heaven



In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the contrasexual component of woman, which is the soul or anima in a man, was not fully understood by Jung and much study has been made by the Jungian school of psychology he founded.

 Jung thought that woman has a spirit rather than a soul and that, because she represented Eros or relationships and relatedness, she used her animus to control relationships. Jung said that woman imagined herself as surrounded by men; as by a crowd of observers. She modified herself in order to appeal to as many as she could in order to maintain a social network that would preserve her and her family.

 Jung described a woman`s animus as `opinionated`. In fact she represents a man`s ideal, created by God for man in man`s own imagination; in other words, out of man`s imagination woman was created from the side of man by God. The Second Adam or Christ was crucified and, after the Ascension (1 John: 2.1), was with God in heaven and the Paraclete or teacher of Jesus` Gospel remained upon Earth as the Holy Spirit, which in the Old Testament is the Shekinah as she appears in The Song of Songs; the beautiful woman: and elsewhere as the Spirit of God in the Tabernacle that contains the Ark of the Covenant and the Commandments of the Law, for example.

 In the Qu`uran the Prophet Mohammed has the Word of God dictated to him by angels, who are God`s messengers, and the Shekinah would be present to assist his understanding in her role as what Christians call the Holy Spirit. As the Prophet of Islam after Mohammed, Jesus is not crucified or dies, but has an Ascension to God. This is probably because, in Islam, a man has four wives, which connote Jung`s four functions of consciousness again; `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`. They have the role of the Shekinah as teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet, which is the  components necessary for the construction of an actualized `Self` that Jung equates with what humans are able to understand of God.

 Jesus` Ascension in Islam is, therefore, because of the differentiation of woman`s function within marriage as teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet, which is adopted by women in Islam and, as Jung says, is necessary for the development of man`s consciousness. Jesus is, therefore, depicted as ascending to heaven without crucifixion and death because he has taught them what the Shekinah as Holy Spirit wants for them to know. He was preparing the wives of Islam to take their man to heaven, so Jesus was not married to anyone but the Shekinah, irrespective of whether Jesus was actually married or not. Jesus doesn`t need to be crucified in order for the women of Islam to be shown the correct way to God and the Shekinah can show Jesus God because - self-actualized - God would be revealed to Jesus. The difference in Islam is that Jannah is `hidden`, which means that, for them, heaven is Paradise on Earth, from and for which Adam and Eve were expelled by God, that is, they shall be in heaven, in Christian terms, when they have accepted the teachings of Jesus and Redemption.

 Essentially, in Christianity, Jesus is upon the cross as Adam and Eve. The key scene in the New Testament of the Bible is Longinus` Spear as it cuts open the side of Christ (Matt: 27.54), in a Caesarean section that means the birth of the Paraclete. As Eve came from Adam`s side, so the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35) as the Holy Spirit is by, at and from the side of Jesus. She may even have been visible to Jesus as the Spirit of God that had been with Adam since Eden.

 She has a role in man`s imagination but is not a product of it; although she appears in dreams. Her problem is that she is closer to God because she is the Holy Spirit and woman is trained by men to not perceive herself as designed to be sexually attractive to woman. But, if the Holy Spirit is her teacher, guide, comfort and helpmeet, it is the Spirit of God in all her relationships. Consequently, she is the attractiveness that inheres in all relationships sexual or otherwise.

 Jung believed that woman was `opinionated`, which suggests `animosity` towards woman on his part, and this is the true nature of woman`s animus. In effect, she represents what someone once said about the role of the United States` President, which is that `You can please some of the people all of the time, some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.`1 Women is in this position. The men around her give her her opinions. Often they tell her who to vote for. But her role is maintaining relationships, so she Presides for God, that is, as the Shekinah as Holy Spirit. Men are therefore the ones that perceive her as `opinionated` because she is their teacher as well as their guide, comforter and helpmeet. They can accept all but teaching, which they perceive as being a woman`s opinions, and that are necessarily nebulous on occasion because she has many relationships to maintain. This gives men the opinion that she is an `airhead` or, if she is intelligent, threatening to their belief that man teaches. In fact, God, as the Holy Spirit in the vessel that is woman, teaches.

 It is interesting that, in Jung`s psychology of consciousness, there are four functions; `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Intuition` and `Feeling`. Jung argues that, often, one of these is inferior because it represents what we do not want. In the fourfold construct that is the Holy Spirit, that is, teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet, man is least able to accept woman as teacher and guide. For man, she is comfort and helpmeet. Effectively, she is permitted the role of comforter, and is the man`s servant rather than helpmeet. She is the homemaker and is the carer.

 The mistake is to assume that `Intuition`, which along with `Feeling` is feminine in Jungian psychology, is inferior. In Christian iconography it corresponds to the Spear of Longinus, which cut the Paraclete from the side of Jesus, that is, the teacher as the Shekinah, which is God`s WIsdom that man cannot accept and that is why it is She that is crucified.

 On the single sleeve for Piece Of Me (2007), Britney Spears (1982-) appears as Jesus crucified. She represents the Holy Spirit as the omnipresent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, and omnipresent Spirit of God, which is the meaning of her name. The single is about the paparazzi, which vilify her in the press. They represent her animus, because they have no good opinion of her and have the animosity of men towards her insofar as they don`t like the teacher.



 The press are a typical aspect of the spirit of men that are evil without their acceptance of the Holy Spirit, which Jesus describes as `God`s love`. Britney has to Preside over home, family and career, which requires her to also be an educator. To men she is not a man, so the picture of her upon the cross as Jesus does not appeal to their understanding of her as the Paraclete, but to their understanding of what it is they hate. Teachers. That is why she places herself on the cross; as an appeal to God and man. But, as with Jesus, she is displaying herself as someone with masochistic tendencies which encourages sadism, and that is man`s opinion of Jesus too. He is their masochist and they are going after Woman.


`What do you call Britney Spears with a brain? Pregnant.` (Ed. adds....Well it depends who the father is.......)2



 Britney understands this, and not intuitively, but because she has God`s Spirit and understands that men want to stick their spear in her side too - and keep it there forever to prevent the Holy Spirit from showing her the way to God. That may be why God Promised the Paraclete to mankind, because Longinus was showing what men wanted to do with the Shekinah, and she knew this and had decided to teach God through Jesus. The paparazzi and others are, therefore, the Spears in Britney`s side where the Holy Spirit teaches.

 Men have, as it were, moved on from torturing Jesus and each other – in the Gulf War, for example – to torturing Britney Spears and Woman specifically. Because she is a teacher. This is evident from the role that woman has chosen for herself as a pop superstar. She appears as a Pop Princess, but actually she is the Paraclete. In the Bible `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18), giving birth while a dragon waits to devour her, is the Queen of Heaven. Traditionally, she is also the Queen of Islam, or any other significant woman. Queen of Pop, for example, would qualify a successful woman as a Queen of Heaven.

 The Paraclete`s relations with woman mean that any woman with the Holy Spirit is a Queen of Heaven, but the conditions for acceptance are the same. It is men that seek to persuade her to be of their opinion of her, which is that she share their animosity towards her. The woman of Revelation gives birth to a child who `rules with an iron scepter` and whose birth is threatened by a dragon. Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) may have been the dragon, and Babylon was, according to historical records, a seat of Satan worship in the Middle East (-539 BC). Satan worship is based on mother-son worship, which is what the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` could represent and, although she gives birth to a child that casts Satan from heaven, the Queen of Heaven is also a tradition of Satan`s.



 However, according to some interpretations of the Bible, she is giving birth to the New Redeemer, which suggests the power of the Holy Spirit to transform the original mother-son relationship to that of the mother-daughter, and this is closer to the developmental function of the Spirit of God as the Wisdom and Glory of God that is God`s Spirit as the Holy Spirit in the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

 Men want their spirit to prevail, which is the spirit of Satan. They want the mother to worship the son, whereas in Christianity the Son of Man, Jesus, accepts God and the Paraclete as the teaching assistant that explains the relationship. Woman has God with her because God`s Spirit is in her likeness. Man is therefore not God, but is created in the image of God, which is man and woman. A physical and psychological complexio oppositorum which men cannot accept, except as a vessel to carry their tyrannical ambitions and desire to dominate woman as `the means of production`, which is an enslavement that Christianity attempts to ameliorate in the definition of the Paraclete as a `helpmeet`.

 In the English national anthem, `Britons never shall be slaves`: it is a line from Rule Britannia.3 Britannia is therefore a Queen of Heaven. She is a strong figure that, in Christian terms, could be the Holy Spirit as the Paraclete, which is Women Eternal in Heaven with God as omnipotent Good, and it is this that Catholicism defines as the Summum Bonum.

 The Nativity of Jesus is following Satan`s tradition of mother-son worship, unless we perceive that Mary is a pure vessel. Then we can perceive that we are meant to understand that Jesus is born with, at and by the Spirit of God, which is the Eternal feminine. As a teacher, Jesus preaches that `God is love` and therefore God`s Spirit, which is love, is God.

 Woman is therefore man`s redeemer and man prefers to enslave her, which is what Satanists do. Satan worship is merely that, for the woman, her child is God, which is not so different from Christianity fully understood. The difference today would be that the Shekinah or Holy Spirit is absent from Satanism because, although she could remain at the side of those who would worship Satan, she cannot be at the side of those who would practice Satanism, which is sadism as prefigured in the crucifixion of Jesus.

 Woman conditioned by the spirit of men are the spirit of Satanists because she perceives herself as a masochist, and cannot escape her own acceptance of men as sadists; because that is what they teach. She has no thoughts that aren`t their opinions and, rather than her own animus, which is God`s, she is forced to accept her environment as being one of animosity towards her.

 It is about Faith and Faithfulness. In the Arabian Nights Shah Jehan believes his wife is betraying him with his brother and beheads her; although she is faithful. Sheherezade is the woman who saves all of the other women because she functions as a Shekinah and, as a teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet, she tells a never-ending story to Shah Jehan that stops him from taking a wife every day and beheading her the next, which is his evil practice as revenge upon a faithful woman. He is annoyed at her deceiving him by not deceiving him and he blames her for his own mistake, which is what sado-masochists do. It is an aspect of Satan worship.

 Sheherezade is a Queen of Heaven in the Christian understanding of it as she appears in Revelation as the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. Shah Jehan marries Sheherezade and,in Christian terms, is reconciled to `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. Effectively, this woman represents the love of the Queen of Heaven who is Shah Jehan`s original wife insofar as she represents eternal forgiveness in Christian terms. The child she bears is her Shah as her son, which is Christian Redemption. In short, it is not important who is Queen of Heaven because the Holy Spirit is Everywoman and God is omnipotent Good, so anyone who accepts the power of God`s Spirit has all of Heaven`s Queens as God`s love.

 The child born to the woman `rules with an iron scepter` and casts Satan from Heaven while she is hidden. The child then rules over those who have `enmity` against her `seed`, which she has been promised since Eden shall live forever.

 The worship of Satan necessarily implies, from a Christian perspective, what is euphemistically known as `subdom`, because it is the understanding that Satan defied God, which makes Satan`s relationship with God one of submission and domination. The Queen of Heaven, in the worship of Satan, contains this danger; but it is the understanding that the woman or the son care for each other. If they do not, then `enmity` between the woman`s `seed` and the serpent`s in Eden results in a fully grown dragon, which is the antichrist of Revelation and corresponds to Saddam Hussein whose traditional seat was Babylon in Iraq: if he was Satan. The child that is born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is the one that defeats him.

 The Shekinah is the Holy Spirit, which is the teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet; and again would correspond to our Pop Princess, Britney Spears as the Spears of God`s Paracletes. But worship by the `seed` of Satan is outside of God and that could produce war in what is perceived as heaven before Satan is cast out and God creates a new heaven and a new earth, which is Revelation. Before that, and the reign of omnipotent God, who remains omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent upon the Earth as the Holy Spirit, heaven is as it is perceived to be by the `seed` of the woman and the serpent`s `seed` who have `enmity` and the relation is one of submission and domination; either the son becomes `dom`, or the mother does because of the poison (boy`s son) of the Oedipal relations between fathers and sons. The solution is endogamy, that is, an incest relation between mother and son that produces offspring which have the same spirit, and this is immortal. because they love and care for one another, which gives long life. Timespan is important, but technological advancement within the loving `relationship` produces longevity and immortality. This, essentially, is Adam and Eve in the Bible.

 In Christianity, God is love and all of Heaven`s Queens are love. God is Good and the apple has been made good again. It is God`s Promise fulfilled: the fruit of immortality from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen: 2.9). Satan is removed from Heaven and the Woman is hidden while she waits for her ruler to defeat the enemies of God upon Earth. Her appearance in Heaven, giving birth to her child threatened by devourment by a dragon, is the serpent that has grown. Saddam Hussein could be the dragon, or any evil dictator. In Genesis, we are told that there shall be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between the woman`s `seed` and she shall `bruise its head with her heel`. Having left Earth, she is God`s Queen of Heaven because she`s Woman who accepts the Holy Spirit as God`s Queens of Heaven. Because Saddam Hussein was an Antichrist serpent grown to a dragon, Babylon was a `seed` of Satan. As Babylon the Great, Mother of Abominations, Saddam`s Woman would be a Queen of Heaven in Satan, but Saddam`s defeat means that God`s Queen of Heaven shall be Queens forever.



 The secret is in the knowledge that the woman is the man, and not that it is a relationship of submission and domination or Oedipal and incestuous. It is the knowledge that the Holy Spirit rules in the woman and that it is her `seed` that shall be Queens of heaven forever that indicates her future. Her `seed` is different because her genes are, which again suggests Britney Jean Spears as our Pop Princess being prepared to be Queen of Heaven and Queens there in the form of the Holy Spirit`s Newly Redeemed.

 The woman with her penis and the woman that does not seem to have a penis are man as God intended from the beginning. Man had to learn love to be as them. They are futanar and they are God`s love.


1 P.T. Barnum of Barnum and Bailey`s Circus.

2 Britney joke, .

3. British Patriotic Song from a James Thomson poem, set to music by Thomas Arne 1740.



Plague Aims

01/01/2012 12:35

Plague Aims


The beginning of life in a new era was that of the 21st Century. The previous century was a troubled epoch and, in the latter stages, was concerned with AIDS and other viruses, including those of computers and their `software`. One of the more promising developments of the 20th century was that of virtual reality and a relaunching of an old technology, that is, 3-D. It is a move away from flat cardboard caricature in media visuals toward an ‘interactive software’ that is `real` in terms of its relation to the senses.

The danger, of course, is that one becomes dehumanized.  Watvhing the Gulf War (1990-91) on TV while cheering  the American A10 `tank buster` jets, they strafed the Iraqi columns fleeing Kuwait city and, later, the `bunker busters` (the Tornado jets  with their `smart` bombs and heat-seeker guided missiles)  buried thousands of Iraqi soldiers in their subterranean desert strongholds. Similarly, the Iraqis were gassed with poison while they awaited activation by their military commanders inside huge underground shelters that became their tombs.

 Now knowledge is transferred to activities and pastimes in which we play games that have as their goal the `murder` of  those meant to be perceived as `real`. Taught to think it is skillful, there’s a difference between being inside a tank and an addict addicted to games` systems used to instant replays. Although here’s only get one chance to knock out a tank of Saddam Hussein`s (1932-2006) Republican Guard with your own, the suggestion that it’s training for a soldier by playing games with `lives` in Mortal Kombat (1992), for example, is an evil delusion. Lives cannot instantly be replaced. They are irreplaceably precious and suggesting that they are not is a `plague aims` system in itself; the idea that murder is fun because it isn`t `real`. The delusion is that the film can be rewound and no one gets hurt: this is a `plague aims` virus.

 It is the notion that games can be replayed which gives the player the illusion of omnipotence. God is and gamesters are not. It leads to psychopathic behavior to think so. In reality it is not possible for a murdered victim to be resurrected by `rewind`, as it were. Gaming is, therefore, closely related to what plagues us in the 21st century and may be thought of as the `plague aims systems`. There are plagues amongst us and they are being deliberately aimed. Just as hackers terrorize computers and their operators while our A10 virus buster counterinsurgents attempt to deal with their threats, so a disease like AIDS or even a `simple` addiction such as poisoning oneself with cancer-inducing cigarette smoking also has its perceivable `plague aim` goal.

 AIDS is a homosexuals` disease and is incurable. According to Christian fundamentalism it is God`s punishment upon those who would prefer sterility and non-production to creativity and development.  It is a poison that has monkeys as its origin. It can be contracted through blood, urine, shit and semen: originally, from the anus and, presumably, from AIDS monkeys. In Christian iconography, Satan is the ape of God. The Book of Revelation presents `plague aims` as the reasons for God`s punishing of evil (Rev: 16.2). Saddam Hussein is sometimes associated with the `beast` of Revelation and incurred the wrath of the United States for his `rape of Kuwait`. In biblical terms, Kuwait represents the Earth while the Iraqi soldiers (and later the Taliban) are raids upon her and the USA. Her apes and her AIDS, that is.

 It is interesting that smoking is not allowed in public places any longer or - especially – movies: because it is poison. It is also a euphemism for murder by means of firearms: a sublimation, as it were, of the desire to produce death from fire. Ground tobacco is snuff and the title of the Mike Myers` movie The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) refers to `shag` as a slang term for coitus with a woman without love. It is also a term for raw tobacco. First `shag`, `snuff` later. One who `smokes` another person `snuffs`. An individual therefore carries a cigarette in order to indicate that they are subconsciously - or even consciously - killers (even of themselves). In short, smoking is forbidden because it is evil. Movies do not encourage it and neither do movie theatres. It symbolizes `snuff` films. Television in the USA recently reintroduced smoking as a theme in Madmen (2007-) and, in my opinion, that was evil . The preoccupation with killing in mainstream movies is a concomitant evil. In the movie Mr and Mrs Smith (2005), Brangelina (symbolic of Angelina and Brad`s creaturely oneness in God) spend their time trying to murder each other and they are known as the epitomy of the successfully married couple in Hollywood.

 The problem is a simple one. Mainstream fiction and reality presents `smoking` as evil but glamorous. The missing ingredient in mainstream movies is, of course, the penis. Euphemistically known throughout the latter part of the 20th century as the `love gun`, one squirt and it`s over. As indeed it is for the murdered. Similarly, one bullet was all it took before Saddam was `over` at his hanging in Baghdad. Ironically, it is the nature of a hanging that one ejaculates before death. Saddam was therefore murdered after being found possessing an erection. Irrespective of feelings about Saddam`s execution, homosexuals are men and that explains why the penis is not to be found expressing itself in Hollywood mainstream. They are concerned with murdering and that is why movies are full of killings and `saving the woman for later`. She, however, only represents the `smoking` that comes after coitus. It is the `smoking` that occurs to effect coitus interruptus that is the craze in `snuff movies` of the Mr and Mrs Smith variety in which the `actors` murder one another while they are having sex.

 `Black lung` is what cancer victims are said to have and, in the Book of Revelation, the `black beast` is described; `let he that hath understanding understand, the number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six`. (Rev: 13 17-18) In other words, 666 or sick sick sick(s). If the metaphor is applied, then 666 is cig, cig, cig(s). It is the poison in the system that produces sterility and death, which suggests that smoking and homosexuality are linked. It is neither amusing nor daring to observe that, in Russian, `smoking` is fellatio. It suggests that cigarettes are for homosexuals because they would prefer sucking on their own penises which aren`t long enough and they can`t reach them so turn to each other instead - as equally they prefer anal sex to reproduction or, in fact, any development. Prisons - or `joints` in American - are places where homosexuality is rife, and so are cockroaches. A definition for `roach` is the `hard remnant after a joint`: the homosexual`s penis is a `cock roach` (`smoking` in Russian as it were). It is what is left after the `smoking`; paradoxically the `hard remnant` which no longer wants the woman.

 Because fellatio is Russian for `smoking`, this suggests that woman represents `smoking` for homosexuals and, `smoking` is a euphemism for murder with firearms. The correlation is that the homosexually transmitted disease AIDS is a `plague aim`, in biblical terms, of the `beast`. It is the aim of the bullet upon which is bitten, as it were. Despite accepting toIerance as a Christian principle, homosexuality is in fact evil. Simply because woman can be a victim of it and it is not a main theme for her. She is concerned with good product, development. `I`m a smoker` is, therefore, a phrase that can be seen as a virus. It was William Burroughs` (1914-97) argument in The Soft Machine (1961) and elsewhere that language was a virus which is spoken. Eventually he foresaw, humans would be the virus that spoke a language. `I`m a smoker,` means `I am a cold-blooded killer,` but the individual taken over by the homosexual virus that is the linguistic equivalent of AIDS may not understand it until it has become a murderer: then the virus has won. The poison menace`s (boy-son-men-is-us) `play games system` of the PC consoles involve and include what is forbidden in theatres or movies: `smoking` as indiscriminate callous murder and as a learned principle. Men promote poison, that is, `smoking`. Is, then, the murder of woman only a `byproduct` of the `cancer stick`? Not if it’s understood as the cancer`s dick. Paying a murderer is making a `contract` in Slangland. In medical circles, becoming HIV is `contracting AIDS`. In a heterosexual partnering, this has been construed as `collateral damage` from `friendly fire`, but Satan is clever: woman is the enemies of God`s real target, the `plague` aim` of the biological AIDS virus as an overall systems virus that includes thought, language, behavior - and machine technology. If you hinder it, you are with God. If you assist it, you are Satanists.

 In Greek the word for Christ is `Ix`. Therefore the cure for the cancer that is poison is, in Christian terms, Ix Ix Ix:  the New Redeemer produced in Revelation by `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. (Rev: 12.1) The birth of the child is threatened by a dragon that seeks to devour it but the child is nevertheless born. It is Ix Ix Ix, the numberlessness of the Paraclete that is the Holy Spirit which is present as the `teacher` of humanity after the Ascension in which Jesus is depicted leaving the Earth and returning to God. As Jesus says in the Bible `I am the way and the truth and the life.` (John: 14. 6) Jesus is also the `narrow door` (Luke: 13. 24), which suggests that men have to give up their poison if they are to be with God and immortal.

 In Animal Farm (1945) by George Orwell (1903-1950), the pigs are the spiritual guides and Squealer is their propagandist. When it is suggested that the pigs are wrong in keeping all the apples and milk, that they are breaking the Commandments, Squealer explains that it is necessary for the health of all that the milk and apples are taken by the pigs, who are unselfishly taking them, and that the evil Satan shall return if they do not take them. Squealer has a persuasive demeanor and he re-interprets facts. In short, he represents the perception that, if men return, the pigs will be slaughtered for meat, that is, is allegorically the pigs are women and children as ’meat product’. Is humanity a pig breeder? For those who’d betray humanity and feed upon its flesh are cannibals; the pimps of Satan.

 In the Bible the serpent is told: `You will eat dust all the days of your life.` (Gen: 3.14) This is because of its treachery. Abraham is told: `I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth` (Gen: 16). Men are the evil enemies of God. Here God warns of them as cannibals that would devour the `seed` of Abraham.  It is Abraham that God orders to sacrifice his second son, Isaac.  Abraham takes Isaac and is about to sacrifice him atop a mountain when God tells him not to. Abraham is to sacrifice a ram instead. It is a simple illustration. Obey God. God exterminates the disobedient. In Islam the event is celebrated in the Eid, a feast celebrating the mercy of God. Note that they celebrate God`s mercy to Isaac, from whom the Jews are descended, and not Ishmael, from whom the Moslems are descended through the Prophet Mohammed. (ca. 570/71 – 632), to whom the Angels of God are said to have dictated the Koran (610-32 CE), the Moslem `Bible`, as it were. The USA is replete with Moslems and it would be well for her to understand that the Moslems believe in Jesus and the Jews do not. According to Moslems, belief in Jesus is Moslem. The evil enemies of God are men who would seek to create strife where none exists, because they are sadists. God tells Abraham - and Isaac - obey. Later Moses is given the Commandments of God and is told - obey. Jesus tells them the same, and offers redemption if they do. God will save them, and if they obey God shall save them because God is omnipotent and has the power so to do. If they disobey, men shall experience unendurable eternal pain forever. This is the hell that God has promised them if they are evil. The Koran tells them the same and so does every other good book. The tomb of Abraham in Mecca, the Ka’ Ba, is the center of the Islamic Faith, and Abraham is the `father of Israel`, and therefore of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. It is perceivable as a Trinity and a Unity.

 It is a tradition in Islam and Judaism that the pig is, respectively, haraam or `unclean`. In matriarchy’s, like Judaism, one cannot be born a Jew unless one`s mother is; that is, woman is Jewish and no one else. Consequently, the taboo is designed to make the ’meat product’ enticing. Death, as objectively described, is a disease; it`s not an illness: men kill and they are the disease. Woman is murdered in snuff films or `smoked`. She is raw tobacco or `shag` and visibly ground down at the male chauvinist pig’s (MCP’s) snuff mill. 10% of the income of church congregations are `tithe`, based on the money paid out in The Old Testament to the tribe of Levi by the Israelites for upkeep of the Tabernacle, wherein the Ark of the Covenant with God was kept, that is, the promise of God’s protection, whereas in modernity it’s mafiosa `protection` money; pay or you`re `smoked bacon`: snuffed.

 Immortal women live a long time and produce much flesh. Murdering them in heaven above amongst the stars in order to return them to the womb of the Earth is megabucks. Murder is a means of silencing those who know. Remembering is, therefore, anathema to the evil. In the Bible, men who are the evil enemies of God are described as `faggots`. They are `dead wood`, and are not remembered, that is, they are forgotten by God and consigned to unendurable eternal pain forever. That is why cigs (666) are also `fags` and, incidentally, why the remains are called a `butt`: it refers to the anus and buttocks of the AIDS victims, who are now dying, or effectively `smoked`, because of men`s disease. It is a projected reification of evil to define woman as `pig` by her-apes and her-raids; her rapes and their AIDS. The apes of Satan seek to be the pig-stickers of woman’s seed. Similarly, she’s expected to be ’forgot’ by the `faggots`.

 Resurrection is a tradition in the Middle East, and Christ is a part also. Egyptian mythology is about how Set, the Evil One, dismembers Osiris, the son of Ra, until Isis collects all of the parts and re-members Osiris who is resurrected as Horus, the sky god.1 In Christianity it is Christ who is crucified and returns to God in the Ascension. Catholics incorporate the Assumption of the Virgin into their theology and she acts as an Intercessor or mediatrix in the way that Isis functions in the Egyptian myth. Interestingly, Osiris` rebirth is difficult because Isis cannot find the penis and needs to fashion one anew. The sky goddess in the myth is Nut, pronounced `new`, and consequently the penis of Nut is what Osiris receives as her sky god complement, Horus. It is, as it were, the redemption factor alluded to in Revelation. Woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` produces the New Redeemer. It is the penis renewed, as it were. Logos, the Word of God (as well as the Sword when needed) tempered by Eros, the female principle as love.

 The virgin is a symbol. In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) woman`s animus is male, that is, her spirit. According to Jungian psychology the male animus is `opinionated`, but this is necessary if the woman is to have a picture of her role, which she is taught to believe is about reproduction – and isn`t. It is a common belief that every woman takes her opinions from her man, but this is not true. According to Jung, a woman`s animus sees itself as surrounded by men of whom she is their center of attention and focus. An innocent woman views this as her `charm` but an experienced woman understands that these are her predators. She is their victim: the star of their `snuff` movie ambitions. Moreover, she is their opinion of her; they reflect her animus and she consequently shares their opinion of her worthlessness. Contrariwise, if a man shows her considerateness, she will be of the opinion that he is worthless; because other men say so. However, it is their opinion of themselves, otherwise they wouldn`t be projecting their shadows onto her, that is, the need to see their own inferiority in the `weaker sex`.

 Jung argues that man`s soul is the anima and is female.2 Every woman corresponds to the anima and she is developmental both in reproductive and spiritual terms – as a muse, for example.  In the Bible the virgin represents the woman who gives birth to Jesus, that is, God incarnate. In the Assumption, she is the actualized animus, the woman`s developed opinion. The Virgin is not a sexual being and she is therefore ideal for defense. In short, she is woman who has penetrated the deception and has discovered that reproduction and development are a lie. In other words, the developed animus is not fooled by sexual determinism but perceives that men are the evil enemies of God. The Virgin is, then, symbolically the exterminator of the vermin collective that calls itself men. She is not a sexual being. She is an exocet missile.

 The Glory of God, in Judeo-Christian (and Islamic) tradition, is the Shekinah, the beauties of whom are written of in The Song of Songs. She is the eternal feminine throughout history, the soul of Adam and God incarnate in woman (Eve and her daughters), as it were. She is reproduction, nutrition, nurturing, progress, development, and achievement: civilization and culture in fact. However, who is to protect her? Not men, the evil enemies of God: obviously.  That is why God `assumes` the Virgin. She is a necessary component in the divine scheme of things, the Exterminator that has no interest in anything other than the protection of what she has achieved as a Creatrix alongside God, the Creator.

 Saddam Hussein was defeated in the Gulf by, amongst other devices, Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from the deck of the battleship USS New Jersey. It is a part of Egyptian mythology that Horus` rebirth is watched over by a mighty hawk, and it is a tradition amongst the Americans that it is the Tomahawk of the United Nations of the North American Plains` Indians that is known as the `war hammer` that the Presidents of the United States take into their hand (as happened when the US declared war on global terrorism) when `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` is threatened, that is, the American Dream as Manifest Destiny.

 The `blue bird of happiness` is also a part of American folklore: it appears in Song of the South (1946) which stars Louis Armstrong (1901-1971), a blues` musician and singer. The blues are supposedly about suffering, particularly that of black Americans in bondage. The blue bird of happiness therefore represents the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, that is, `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. However, people can be made to accept anything if they have the `blue bird of happiness`. They are always happy so their possession of it can be a curse. This is what Saddam and the terrorists on 9/11 in 2000 believed, and Hitler (1889-1945) and Brezhnev (1906-1982) before them. The USA is happy and will not disturb itself over us. However, in order to fulfil the Dream and the Destiny, to obtain happiness freedom is needed. God is good, and therefore happiness is God. Saddam sought to make the world a damned sad place, so he was killed for the sake of the Dream: God is our Destiny.

 In biblical terms the New Redeemer is becoming visible. It is another tradition of the United States – a part of their folklore - that there is a `black boy` belonging to the Whitehouse and that, like the mythical Arthur who appears `at need` to defend Wales in her darkest hour in English legend, the `black boy` is responsible for initiating those actions that are necessary and in accordance with the fulfilling of the Will of God that is America`s Dream and Destiny.  Barack Obama (1961-), whose father is a Muslim from Africa, is symbolically the `black boy in the Whitehouse` who, armed against the Taliban in Afghanistan and elsewhere where terrorism sought to prevail, watches over the birth of the New Age, like a hawk of God.  Obama is the bridge between Judeo-Christianity and Islam, which represents multiplicity in Faith in God.

 Tolerance is a virtue, but God obviously destroyed Sodom because God doesn`t accept sterility as good. Satan is defeated and the evil enemies of God, the homosexual vermin that seek sterility over creation, are exterminated. God is omnipotent good, the Summum bonum in Catholicism, and therefore superior. Inferiority is, then, evil and homosexuals shouldn`t be. This is the Will of God according to the Bible.

 The other city that received extinction was Gomorrah (Deut: 29. 22-23) and was probably exterminated because of BDSM, a society based on the sexual themes of bondage, dominance (obedience), sadism and masochism. In The New Testament `the meek shall inherit the Earth` (Matt: 5.5) and Christ is `strongest when weakest`. Gomorrah was probably destroyed because it represented a perversion of marriage, that is, marriage (bondage), obedience (dominance), strength  (sadism) and passive humility (masochism). In the Bible Christ is described as `the bride of the Church` (Rev: 19. 7-9; 21. 1-2). It is strong but a bride is soft. In God it isn’t required that sadism is accepted. Christ is perceived by the sadists as a victim and as a recipe for their modus operandi. They do not see that Christ represents the acceptance of God who is good rather than masochism and, consequently, not an invitation to practice sadism.

`Why hast Thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27: 46) is Jesus` cry from the cross to God in his extremity.  The Roman soldier present at the death says: `Surely this was the son of God.` (Mk: 15: 39) As God is One, then Jesus is One with God and God feels his death. Sadists therefore seek to practice the murder of God. It is similar to Sophie`s Choice (1982) in which Meryl  Streep (1949-) has to decide whether to keep either her daughter or her son when the Nazis explain that one of them is to die in the extermination camp . She is a Jewess and so the choice is a simple one. She protects God, that is, the matrilineal line. One can only be a Jew if one is born from a woman, that is, the Creator. The Nazis are sadists. However, men are already looking for their next victim - woman. In some ways Sophie`s choice is viewed as a humanitarian act on the part of the Nazis; but it is an `act`: a pretense.

 `Women and children first!` was the cry as the `unsinkable` SS Titanic went down after being holed by a giant iceberg in 1911. It meant that they were to beak saved in the lifeboats and the men would go down with the ship. The better part of the tradition is that the daughters are saved because they are God - as Judaism recognizes. Therefore sadists are those who will seek to murder the woman because she is God. The Nazis, believing like everyone else that men are created in the image of God, have not yet found their target. In fact, if Genesis is read correctly, God created man and then incarnated in woman for man to love. Sadism is therefore the torture of woman because she is God and feels her pain and death because men want her to. The knowledge that Adam and Eve are One creature in God means that Adam – as Christ – is/was being tortured by sadists who want God to `understand` - as did the Nazis. Jesus offered the understanding of God, that is, love and redemption. However, the sadists tortured and murdered him - and God by proxy.

 Jesus` forsaken cry from the cross is saddening. Sadists like it. God will be sad too. Much has been written of telepathy, especially of twins. Sadists like them. They torture and murder them in order to perceive their sadness – and vicariously God`s. However, they do not seek understanding from God. They only want to enjoy the pain and death of the Creator. In Christian terms, good people feel sadness at the pain of a loved one and sadness at their demise.  A rare few may perceive that the person who has died is them also: because that is the truth. Adam and Eve are One creature in God in Eden and therefore remain One creature as God throughout history. Sadists seek to torture and murder them and their line in order to kill God and have the Edenic pair - whose consciousness endures wherever man and woman have been - understand and feel sad. This is sadism. The apple in Eden represented men, that is, the boys-sons (poisons) that would result in men`s sadism. God is an eternal man and woman, a golden pair or pear, as it were; the golden fruit of a `paradise regained`. However, sadists seek God`s tortured death and that is their teleology.

 The child born to the `woman clothed with the sun` is described in Revelation as returning to Earth and ruling the nations with a `scepter of iron`: God is the ten Commandments for Jesus. They are the laws of God and those who break the rules of God are doomed to unendurable eternal pain. It is a punishment for the sadists who, paradoxically, want it: good God.

 There are seven plagues in Revelation which God sends in order to convert them from their desire for the pain of others, that is, the torture and death of God: `The sun was given power to scorch people with fire. They were seared  by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him. (Rev: 16.8)

 Sadism takes its name from the Marquis De Sade (1740-1814), infamous for such BDSM works as The 120 days of Sodom (1905). Interestingly, the US pronunciation is `saddest`, perhaps because `happiness` is what freedom seeks. If, however, one were to ask a UK citizen the provenance of The 120 days of Sodom, s/he would reply: `It`s AIDS.` Or, rather Sade`s; but that is how it would sound. Clearly the correlation is an objective one. Sadism is Sade`s/AIDS. The sadist `beast` of Revelation sits upon what might be described, in US terms, as the `saddest` throne: `His kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10) Sadist homosexuals like pain and torment, so they do not repent, and it shall be theirs forever. Thank God.

 The apes of Satan who would reify woman as a pig are, inevitably, associated with `plague aims` but God does not `play games`. The evil enemies of God are the pig gamers, the `piggers` in the play games systems. It has never been about black, yellow, red or white – or even blue or green. John Lennon once wrote `Woman is the nigger of the world.` In fact men are the `piggers` of the world: as has long been recognized. MCP means Male Chauvinist Pig, that is, misogyny or hatred for woman.

 Saddam Hussein was exterminated in the Gulf War (2001-03). Sadists like to beat people. They are bullies. Pedophiles are sadists also - often masquerading as police (emotionally)- because children are smaller and are, therefore, `easy` victims and gullible (which is often the attraction for sadists - innocence). Pederasts are also sadists, because boys are smaller, and are therefore `easy` for men to victimize. Homosexuals seek anal sex, and it is painful, therefore sadistic. `We are men` is their lie: `queer men` is the reality. `Queer` means `to pervert` innocence. Michael Jackson`s (1958-2009) ’We Are The World’ (1985), for example, was truth, and not the result of a life poisoned by glitzy exposure to homosexuals, pederasts, pedophiles and misogynists that inevitably produced a schmaltzy outpouring of sentimentality with no political might other than to persuade children that they can also be queer in a system that seeks to create homosexuals, pederasts, pedophiles, and misogynists:


‘We are the world,

We are the children.’


 White supremacists and black supremacists might claim to be against `queers`, but they are the same people. They are racist and, therefore, sadist. They wish to make others less happy, and sad. It is sadism that is the malaise of the 20th century and now the 21st. Exterminate the sadist and sadism, and restore the American Dream; `life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness` - the Manifest Destiny of Humankindnesses:


‘There are people dying

And it's time to lend a hand …

We’re saving our own lives …’3



 Misogynists are who we are (queer) insofar as they are wife beaters. Wives, daughters and mothers are, generally, weaker than the sadist (even if physically larger - it is about mental attitude). All of these indicate sadism is about creating people who are like this - beating, and innocence. That is why the American Dream seems innocent, because it is about progress without being threatened (God is Almighty and so is the Might of America), whereas true innocence is about progress without anticipating being threatened, that is, without requiring defensive/offensive capability. This is why the Taliban terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11 2000 was about the threat to the self-perceived innocence of Americans, the American Dream and their Manifest Destiny, which is based on the Christian Fundamentalist position that God is Good and, if the Almighty power of God is believed in, humanity is Almighty in God also.

 Saddam, therefore, not only means sadism but terrorism, that is, sadists are cowards; as well as bullies. Sadists claim to be hard, and that is why they beat or terrorize - even that it is for the victim’s good that they do this. The bullies masquerading as `police` are the abuser offensively accusing the offended as being an offence. In the Gulf, Saddam was hard, and evil. It was easy for him to be sadistic, because he was a dictator. For sadists, it’s about easy victims. For the soft, ‘hard’ means ‘difficult’. Defeating Saddam Hussein was a difficult achievement, whereas `beating` him was what he represented: damned sad. A beaten Saddam was what the world had after Gulf War I and Bush I, and an exterminated Saddam after Gulf War II and Bush II. The premise had changed: kill the sadists. Don’t beat them: it’s what they want.

 Saddam was defeated, and not beaten. It is more than a linguistic cavil. It was easier than anticipated to defeat Saddam, because God is omnipotent good, could not be beaten, and success was viewed as an achievement. In short, for sadists, hard is easy because evil and, for good people, progress is certain because it is for the Glory of God who wants achievement, not hard and easy evil certainties. Good and God is about `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, that is, the American Dream of reproduction, nurturing, development, progress, and achievement. That is why `gaming` is evil. It is gambling on evil certainties by `hard` men.

 In 1974  US’ boxer Mohammed Ali (1942-) surprisingly defeated world heavyweight champion George Forman (1949-) using a tactic he called `rope-a-dope`. He was old, slow, and dangerous. He allowed Foreman to hit him for long periods while he relaxed against the ropes of the ring, then knocked his exhausted opponent out with a single merciless counterpunch. Both wore boxing gloves, but it would`ve been easier, though evil and more certain, if Ali had shot Foreman before the encounter. This is sadistic hard, but not achievement. Saddam and Bush were also world heavyweights `slugging` with scuds and tomahawks, but the principle is the same. Who is betting on the outcome? Sadists and gamblers: that is why the Gulf Wars happened. No one likes boxing, only those who want the `fight game`.



 Sadists are gamers because evil does not seek anything but hard heartedness, evil, and easy. Many couch potatoes watched the battles in the Gulf on TV and went off to play Tank Commander at the local arcade. It was about `degree of difficulty`, `shoot-em-up`, that is, what is hard heartedness, evil, and easy. Actually flying an A10 and destroying columns of tanks is difficult and an achievement. Sadists and gamers inculcate the belief that gambling with lives is: it isn`t.  Anyone can play Russian roulette. All that’s needed is a gullible someone who isn`t a gamer or a sadist. George Bush I and II were neither gamers nor sadists, but they were gullible. They believed it was about `slugging` it out to see who would be world heavyweight champion. It wasn`t. Sadists and gamers persuade that their constructs of hard competition and confrontation are legitimate. They aren’t: kill them by any means. Do not accept their constructs. It is not about sport. It is not a game. If Saddam Hussein had been shot before he became a damn nuisance, there’d have been no Gulf War. The gloves wouldn’t have been put on, and God would have won.

 It is not merely an analogy that AIDS and viruses in software are the bane of our existence in the 21st century. It is a metaphor for what is plaguing the planet, that is, the aims of the plague and the plague aims system.  AIDS is a fucking virus. So are gamers and hackers. For them people are `software` towards which they are hard and evil because `soft` is easy. In other words, they themselves are viruses – as was Saddam. For gamers and sadists, he was their `game` because he was their `boy`. `All flesh is grass` (Is: 40.6) it says in the Bible and, like Cleopatra with her asp, humanity is holding to its bosom a new generation of serpent. In Eden it was the boy sons (poisons) of futurity, sadism. According to Greek Gnosticism, Nous (pronounced `noose`) is God`s intelligent operating principle: `In the beginning was the word and the word was God.`  (Gen: 1.1) If so, the serpent in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would be pointing from Eden to men as a poiso-nous futurity.

 The AIDS virus in the shape of the homosexual psychopath is murdering for a `high` and, disguising itself with the pseudonym `hacker` or `gamer`, gives AIDS and other viruses to our `hard drive` (stored potential, innocence), `software` (development, defended innocence) and `written` (developed potential, or saved innocence -  and immortality) in order to experience that same elatedness which is the drug of the sadist, that is, the sadness, mourning, and death of others - as they torture them systematically or `plague aim`.

 Nous, the intelligence of God, then becomes the `noose` by which innocence is strangled; literally: because humanity has been taught to be foolishly tolerant of homosexuals and, therefore, of sadism. Michael Hutchens (1960-97), the lead singer of Australian rock group INXS, allegedly practiced anoxia, which means the heightening of orgasm through strangulation. The verdict was suicide, and it didn’t indicate an intelligent principle’s operating. In short, a generation of sadistic homosexuals do not value life except and insofar as it affords them the instant gratification of someone else`s misery, because of a loved one`s loss, or the longer term gratification they find in the misery of someone else`s torment. It was the same in World War I. The `cannon fodder` went to the front, while the easy lifers, hard and evil, stayed at home, getting fat, having homosexual relationships with each other, or even homosexually adulterous relationships with the wives of the `cannon fodder` husbands that, hopefully (for them) would not return, while preparing to murder them for their medals, honor, reputation and worth. Essentially, the `easy lifers`, hard and evil, had gambled on the achievers` deaths.

 God won in the Gulf but many thousands died. They were not `beaten`: they died.  God `s self- description in the Bible is, `I am that I am.` (Ex: 3. 14) Effectively, `Saddam` means `I am sad.` He presented himself as a leader of a Jihad, a Holy War. However, what he represents is sadism. In particular, because of his use of poison gas against the Kurds. It is the greatest sin in Islam to be the poisoner of a well, and to poison one`s own well is beyond evil. As it says in the Talmud: `Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live.` (Ex: 22.18) It is a similar sin in Judaism as everywhere in the Middle East, and that is why Saddam was exterminated. Poisoning one`s own well indicates sadism towards what should be perceived as oneself because it is one`s stewardship. It equates with the mortal sin of Catholicism, suicide. That is an unforgiveable crime because oneself is God. As Jesus says: `Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.` (Lev: 19.18) Why? Because you are your neighbor: Saddam was primarily despised in Islam as a `bad neighbor` for his invasion of Kuwait, that is, after poisoning his mother`s well and thereby his own, he went on to poison that of his neighbor. Jesus elaborates upon love and God in The New Testament: “`Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.`” (Matt: 22. 36-40)

 Russians speak about Mother Russia and, in the Song of Songs, ’the Glory of God’, the Shekinah appears: `Your hair falls in waves, like a flock of goats winding down the slopes of Mount Gilead.` (Songs: 4.1) She has washed her hair from the pure well water, that is, the flock are healthful. Similarly, `The Lord is my Shepherd` who `restoreth my soul` and leads through `the valley of the shadow of death`, while we `fear no evil` and `shall not want [for pure water, for example]`. (Ps. 23) She is the eternal feminine, to whom the majority of Gulf war veterans returned as woman, wife or daughter; all coalition forces, that is: including Saudi Arabians, Omanis and other Arab nations.

 Kurdistan was the `straw that broke the camel`s back`, that is, Saddam was effectively the poisoner of his own mother`s well. Kurdistan is the birthplace of Salahudin (c. 1139-1193), the great knight of Arabia revered even by Christian knights during the Crusades (1095-1291) in which they sought to take Jerusalem from the Arabs because it was the Holy Land where Christ was born. Salahudin was concerned with the preservation of honor, and there was mutual knightly recognition of honor as centering upon woman - as themselves in the person of their women as it were: `Saladin was especially chivalrous towards women and children [daughters]. Once he was besieging a castle near Aleppo and after protracted and costly efforts, managed to capture it. Then, a little girl, the sister of Aleppo's ruler, came to his camp and Saladin received her with gifts and kindness. As all little girls will, she asked for one thing more: the castle which he had just captured. Without a moment's pause, Saladin gave her the fortress which had cost him a siege of 38 days.`4

 The Glory of God is the Shekinah in Judaism (but she has many names in many places – including `Old Glory` - or the `Star Spangled Banner` - in the USA`s national anthem to the American Dream and their Manifest Destiny). The Glory of God is glorious because she is faithful, so who would not put the Glory of God in command of one`s fortress? A fortress like a dam is anything that keeps or preserves – as Adam is placed in Eden to keep the fruit of immortality. Adam is Saddam, as it were, gone bad. Adam is here symbolically a dam against sadism and man (and woman) versus Saddam. It is the woman of Saddam that is important – as Eve is to Adam. She is his repressed however; his dam is dammed by him.  Adam and Eve were one creature in God and, therefore, Saddam partakes of this. However, if Iraq and Kurdistan were to be thought of as a woman, Saddam would have been torturing her as Adam the `beast` in Eden. Because he owns it - and her – in the absence of God he also denies. He therefore represents Adam as an enslaver who is poisoned against Eve, and the extermination of him is the refusal of the world to accept such men.

 However, the Gulf War is not a game. Everything is `software` to Gamers. VR is a medium that is indistinguishable from reality; like the holo deck on the Starship Enterprise in the television series Star Trek (1966-). Games aim to provide opportunities for people to dehumanize themselves and `train` for `real`. However, what they are primarily training for are murderous `shoot-em-ups`. If Saddam were viewed as the dam of Adam and Eve, then Brangelina in Mr and Mrs Smith represent the Mr and Mrs myth: the undamning of Sadism. The `plague aims` of the system is BDSM. AIDS tells us to fear sexual contact and sado-masochism is the result.

 Scheherezade is the heroine in 1001 Nights (9th Century onwards) who tells stories to Shah Jehan (1592-1666), who having murdered his wife for unfaithfulness when she was in fact faithful, is now punishing every woman in his kingdom by marrying them for one night and then beheading them the next day. Scheherezade saves the women of the kingdom by marrying Shah Jehan and keeping her head – and those of all the other women - by telling stories that need to be continued indefinitely. The idea of immortality in good God is that people`s lives go on forever. AIDS is death. To suggest that they share AIDS` is a lie. It is a poisonous and murderous attack upon the man and the woman in the room. `Die Weltraum` is how the cosmos is described in German at the beginning of Star Trek, which translates as `the room of the world `. It is the woman`s room because she is God incarnate and man is Herself: `Casting pearls before swine` (Matt: 7.6) isn’t done. The `pearl of great price` (Matt: 13. 45-6) is what is spoken of in alchemy as the goal of the opus or great work which has as its aim the production of the lapis philosophorum, the stone of the wise that confers immortality and is also known as the aurum philosophicum or philosopher`s gold. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to the New Redeemer while threatened by the dragon that would devour it is also alchemical in its symbolism. The child is described as a son, but the uniting symbolism suggests a new vehicle and she is the `futanar`.

 Men are clearly fake gods (faggots) because they represent evil. They would seek to present themselves as the images of God and therefore to be worshipped as God. However, if Genesis is read correctly, God created man, and then woman from his side. (Gen: 2. 21-24) It seems more likely that God has incarnated as woman than that men are gods. The ’serpent’ in the ’tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ from which Adam and Eve eat, and that is forbidden to them by God, indicates the poison (Gen: 3. 1-13), that is, the boy-son viral progression into the future from Eden that will produce war, that is their rapes of the Mother of the Earth by means of their apes of Satan (their raids as men that are her AIDS) as well as those of Eve`s subsequent daughters. Man and woman, however, represent Ultimate Unity. One creature in God, which inevitably means divorcing men completely, and after all that’s what happens in marriage. Homosexuals aren’t wanted in the wedding train. The vehicle God seems to have chosen are the psychologically and physically bisexual futanar, who reproduce together, or with woman, and don’t heed men.


1 Wilkinson, Richard H. The Complete Gods And Goddesses Of Ancient Egypt, Thames and Hudson, London, 2003, pp. 105.

2 Jung, C.G. 'Psychological Aspects of the Mother Archetype' (1938/1954), The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, CW, Vol. 9, Part I.

3 Jackson, Michael, and Lionel Richie ‘We Are The World’, Columbia, 1985.

4 Saladin: `Story of a Hero` in Saudi Aramco World, Vol. 21, # 3, May/June 1970.


01/01/2012 12:31



`There is nothing new under the sun` is an idiom, which is often used to describe a literary work that is derivative. There is also a French word for the sense in a person when they see something occur that they perceive they have seen before. This is de ja vu. It is a version of plagiarism that is being witnessed because of a practice known as `enshrining`, which has been practised in the USA by Shriners, who take many precepts and ideas from Arabian culture, and even their Temples or centres where they gather are called Mosques.

 In Emily Dickinson`s (1830-86)`riddle poem` (1924) we are meant to believe that the narrative in verse form is interpretable as being about the founding of America and its early growth with the advent of railways. The answer to the riddle is that the `horse` of the poetry is actually a train. The answer then is `train`, but the key is that the references to a `star` indicate the birth of Jesus, which is `enshrined` as a fixed point in time and space.

 At the close of the poem, the narrator makes a reference to the horse as `Boanerges`, which is the `iron horse` as the Native American `red` Indians, described it. The train remains `docile` and `omnipotent` at the `stable` door, and is an allusion to the omnipotence of God and the notion that technology will take the USA to the stars.

 Boanerges is James and John, the name given to them by Jesus (Logos) because they accepted the Word of God, which is the basis of technological development. That is why the train is outside the `stable` door. It refers to the Nativity, which is the birth of Jesus and, as another English idiom has it, the impossibility of `closing the stable door after the horse has bolted`. It refers to de ja vu. When something`s perceived as having happened before, the time has been enshrined, and the de ja vu indicates that it is there again. The desire to bolt `the stable door after the horse has bolted` is the work of Redemption. The solution to Emily Dickinson`s riddle is, therefore, the `Shrine` of Jesus. The `stable` is God`s birthplace and it is a `stable` point `enshrined` in time and space.

 When a moment is enshrined in de ja vu, we understand that what has gone before has been, that is, something has occurred and the clocks in the heavens have been turned back to the point at which one saw the scene previously. The constellations surrounding the Earth move imperceptibly, but appear fixed; therefore de ja vu is difficult to comprehend because it is the signs of enshrinement by a miser who does not want you to have an inkling of what he is doing. Effectively, that someone is `covering up` what has been done.

 Travelling through time and space, what we perceive are our journeyings; although manipulable. Someone wants us to be back in position because a moment is enshrined and, if they recognize it, they can enjoy the fruits of another`s success. That person may even be you and is not giving you what you have worked for. It is as if the nativity of Jesus, perceivable as de ja vu, is again present, and the Virgin Mary could be raped, sodomised and bulleted before the Immaculate Conception – which is what a miser like Satan would want to do.

 From a vantage point on Earth, nothing may seem to be occurring, but elsewhere events will be `replayed`. If we think of de ja vu as time travel, what we are seeing are moments that relate to the past or future that have now recurred.

 I walked into a school in Poland one day as their new teacher in 1999, the ASLO in Lebork, and remembered that I had been a pupil there before. I also recalled that it was a tradition there that a pupil returned as a teacher to receive the matura school leaving certificate, and I was educated in England. The time had been enshrined, which meant that everything that these people had achieved before was also present.

 Jesus has been born, technology has been developed, and Britney Spears (1982-) has appeared on Mars. Only God can put the horse back into the stable before it bolts, which means that, if Britney Spears is the woman on Mars, man cannot put her back into the stable, and neither would God because the woman in red represents Redemption.. As in the pop video for Oops I Did It Again (2000), she does not want the American astronaut. She has outgrown that level of progress, which represents Spears hurled as ICBMs across the globe in thermonuclear devastation. She is now Logos and Eros combined in complementarity; wisdom and understanding in accordance with biblical prophecy found in Revelation. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` - and she doesn`t want low level murderous apes, so she tells the American spaceman (Neil Armstrong) she isn`t ready. She is Britney Lamb Strong, the Lamb of God.1

 On the single sleeve for Piece Of Me (2007), she appears on the cross. Longinus` Spear is not in the picture, but its cutting open the side of Jesus was an `enshrining` of the importance of Eve`s birth from Adam in the mechanism of Redemption. The Paraclete, emerging from the side of the Second Adam – Jesus - is the Holy Spirit as teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet.

 The single Hold It Against Me (2011) is a reference to Longinus` Spear which, held against the side of Jesus, is absent from Britney Spears single sleeve for Piece of Me. Britney`s question is: If you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me? It is a song by the Bellamy Brothers and the apposite line is similar to The Song Of Songs, which is a wooing of God`s love; the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament: `If I were dying of thirst would your flowing love come quench me?`



 Because she has a beautiful body, men hold it against Britney. Their Spear, not their penis; it is not a joke. The Shekinah, as the Holy Spirit, is at, by (and from, as the Paraclete) the side of Jesus in all of his teachings. What men say is that they have a Spear, but Spears is the Paraclete. She is asking for the Holy Spirit, which is what you receive from being `washed in the blood of the lamb`, and that is symbolized by full water immersion baptism when you accept Jesus and Redemption. Britney`s saying that she`s accepted the Holy Spirit, the Gulf War (2001-3) has ended, and she wants the bullets removed, and her body of work, that is, the woman of God`s, restored; past and future.

 Men associate penetrating a woman`s virginity with their Spear, which is not by the power of the Holy Spirit, but man. The knowledge of the Holy Spirit and its teachings come after penetration with the penis, because the woman is then active in the Spirit; which is what the piercing of Jesus` side with the Spear perverts. But it indicates the problem and the solution - acceptance of Jesus` teachings and the wisdom of his assistant, the Paraclete. This is the woman of Jesus` God, as Eve is the woman of Adam from his side. The Paracletes are the Spears of God, and the path to heaven; vouchsafed by God if you accept the Holy Spirit.

 The analogy of `bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted` means that restoring virginity is impossible. Physically possible perhaps, but not in terms of experience. De ja vu effectively means the loss of innocence, because it represents what has gone before; and if a virgin observes a scene of de ja vu, it means that she mightn`t have been a virgin when she saw the scene previously.

 There is a difference between a visitor and an uninvited guest. The visitor to Britney Spears` Mars, for example. Saddam Hussein was an invader, and the USA forced his removal from Kuwait. It is a tradition in Islam that a thief has his hands cut off, and one might suppose that God`s omnipotence says that the thief never had any hands. That is why the locomotive in Emily Dickinson`s poem is `docile` - as a lamb - but `omnipotent`, because God can bolt the stable door after the horse has bolted and the horse will be there if it returns to itself. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are innocence, development and progress, which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. Being `washed in the blood of the lamb` is acceptance of the Holy Spirit, that is, Jesus` teachings, and Redemption, which means the restoration of what is `enshrined` in the American Dream and its fulfillment – after war.

 Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) was a threat to the USA, that is, development and progress in innocence while living with an awareness that threats are possible. Sufficient advancement means weapons are unnecessary; but this can only be assured if God is in heaven with the Spears of God. Otherwise, the Queens of Heaven are what they are in the worship of Satan, which is what the woman of Revelation symbolizes. She is giving birth, and`the dragon prepares to devour her child. The worship of Satan is a mother-son relationship. It is often confused with incest, but it represents the necessity for the woman to prevent her offspring from becoming a Satan that would devour her rather than accept her.

 Incest is taboo but it is mother-son worship in Satan. In Christianity, the mother`s child is her husband, which is a difficult concept that requires an acceptance of what it is to find oneself born to the woman you`re married to. Not ungraspable for those who read the Word of God because it is what happens with the Virgin Mary. God can put the husband in the womb of the woman if she loses him, and can return as her husband. This is Christian, but it can be a form of Satan worship because of the attendant Oedipal problems, that is, the battle for possession of the mother which, in Christianity, is resolved by accepting the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Jesus as Redemption from submission and domination, which is the `Terrible Mother` and father as Satan, and the bane of development; in accepting Jesus and the Holy Spirit, one accepts man needs to be redeemed and Woman is God`s love which man has to accept or perdition will ensue.

 If one can remember, through de ja vu experiences, that you were a woman (if you are a man), then you have won. You accept parthenogenesis, God, the Holy Spirit, and a woman such as Britney Spears. Then she will bear you and be a Queen of Heaven in God rather than Satan.

 The Queens of Heaven with the Spears of God would be Heaven, but the Queen of Heaven in the worship of Satan could give birth to a devouring dragon. That is why Jesus` Nativity represents Redemption, because the child who is born `washed in the blood of the lamb` is, in effect, a redeemed dragon. God has returned the horse to the stable before it`s bolted, and it is there when the horse returns `docile` and `omnipotent` to find itself there. Jesus is both the redeemed dragon, child of the `woman clothed with the sun`. and the New Redeemer. Because he offers Redemption - and defeats Satan. He is the `docile lamb` and the `omnipotent` Sword of God. This is why the Nativity of Jesus and the Ascension are defined as a single event in eternity; Redemption. If we accept it, we are Eternally Saved also.

 Travelling to the stars, and returning to find that God has given your wife a child when you return is the same paradox that Joseph had when Mary gave birth by parthenogenesis. Who is the father? One who does not believe in God would say the child is not theirs. One who does would understand that the child is them. It is a serious issue:


`What do you call Britney Spears with a brain? Pregnant.` (Ed. adds....Well it depends who the father is.......)1


 Herself and God. It is about plagiarism. `If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can`t I paint you?` is songwriting. To paint a picture you first need words. The composer is speechless at her beauty and is unable to speak, and therefore composes a song. To present someone with beauty that does not belong to them because they have not created it, is plagiarism; which is definable as an attack upon the creator using their own creation. In other words, an attack by a poisoner. Plagiarists are the literary equivalent of poison pens; a serpent in the Creator`s work that tries to become a dragon. Plagiarism is, therefore, the poisoning of Adam, the child of God, who created mighty works on behalf of God with the assistance of Eve. Consequently, much is unconsciously rewritten and `there is nothing new under the sun`, as the English idiom has it. Those who make people unconsciously rewrite what has previously been written – even by they themselves – are therefore plagiarists because it is your writer`s hand they are playing. They are, as it were, masturbating you while you think it is an original pleasure that is yours. Plagiarists are therefore those who masturbate you and thereby poison the original works of the creator. But the New Testament cannot be plagiarized: it contains all of the Truth and can be quoted but it is not possible to misconstruct. Plagiarists misconstruct constantly, which is an attack on a person through their oeuvre.

 Britney Spears is the Spears of God because she represents the Holy Spirit as the Paraclete. In Arabia, there is a similar figure: Sheherezade. The wife of Shah Jehan is beheaded for unfaithfulness and she is faithful. Sheherezade saves the women from a similar fate when Jehan weds a new bride each day and beheads her each evening for his wife`s faithlessness.

 Sheherezade tells a never ending story that enthralls Shah Jehan and she marries him. She is a Spears, a Paraclete. Like Mary, the question is: Who is the wife? The answer is that they are the same person. It is about privacy and Faith. Shah Jehan`s wife is Faith and the poisoner – Satan - is what causes him to blame his wife for faithlessness when she is faithful:


`What do you call Britney Spears with a brain? Pregnant.`


The editorial comment that follows is poisonous; but it is also plagiarism.


`Well it depends who the father is...`


Britney`s paparazzi are, in effect, attacking her as a way of poisoning the truth, that is, they are masturbating, making her produce their idea of her, and that`s a poisoning of her original material. If we consider de ja vu, it`s a plagiarising of what has come before from her, and that`s `played your eyes singer`.  Attacking her life on the grounds that she`s readable to everyone. It`s criminalization. Creating her in their media coverage as a bad mother is a crime against God.



 She lost custody of her child because his hat fell off and she thought the child was more important as she hurried to her car. The press thought the loss of the hat indicated neglect, and so decided the court. The paparazzi were also blamed for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-97). As with Britney Spears, they plagiarized her life; and rumours suggested she was shot by one of them because Prince Philip was tired of the gossip about her. Effectively, her life was poisoned by serpents. If she had lived before and had experienced de ja vu - as everyone has – they were masturbating her; to see her produce what she had produced before. The fact that she was murdered suggests that they had finished with her production, that is, she was killed because they`d seen it before.

 As a Queen of Heaven on Mars, Britney recognizes that she may be born again on Earth because she knows what de ja vu experiences mean. She has grown in innocence, progressed, and remembers she`d developed. But, as she says, in Oops I Did It Again, `I`m not that innocent.` She has perceived that she`s threatened and, on 9/11, the American Dream was threatened. The girl who knows she`s a virgin, and understands her de ja vu experiences, now knows she`s a woman, and her de ja vu experiences tell her that she can have the fruit from the tree of her previously developed self; if someone else is not preventing her from enjoying it. Her de ja vu tells her that that is possible; and so which of her parents is Satan?

 The Queen of Heaven is a mother-son form of Satan worship, and the difficulty is underlined in the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, which gives birth to a child that `rules the nations with an iron scepter` and is domination on behalf of the mother. But to a good end in the sense that God`s Commandments are kept, which Jesus distills as `God`s love`. This is the Shekinah as God`s Spirit that dwelt in the Tabernacle of the Ark of the Covenant where the Commandments are kept. The Paraclete or Holy Spirit of the New Testament are the Spears of God. The child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is threatened by the dragon, which means that the dragon wants to devour her because she is giving birth to herself. The dragon is a father – or even her son - as Satan.

 She is her child and does not want to be dominated by herself, whether born previously as a man - or a woman (because of gender enforcement, it hardly ever occurs to anyone that they may`ve been of the opposite sex; even with knowledge of what de ja vu means). The danger for the Pop Princess that would be Queen of Heaven is that she`d become too dominating - or even dominated - by herself as the child she bears.

 The important component is her acceptance; those who do not believe have the understanding that she cannot give birth to herself or be her own fatherer. The Virgin Mary is the pure vessel that gives birth to Jesus, the Son of Man, who is the Second Adam in the Garden of Eden and from whose side Eve is born. Parthenogenesis is the birth of the Second Adam, and the Paraclete is the Second Eve, which means that God has given birth: `Surely this is the Son of God`, as Longinus says (Matt: 27.54). Man and woman will have Redemption when they are One Creatureliness in God - as in the Garden of Eden before Eve was separated from Adam`s side, and she was rediscovered by Jesus (during his journeying and preachings) as the Shekinah which is the Holy Spirit.

 Futanar is the name given to the physical and psychological bisexuality that is the genuinely beautiful woman with a penis Britney Spears could have enjoyed. If her de ja vu experiences had remembered it to her. In fact, it is perfectly possible she has been futanar, which is difficult for the rememberer to comprehend. Who is giving you de ja vu experiences and keeping you from the knowledge of the existence of your former development and its fruitions?

 Whoever is the `Shriner` has the knowledge of who is who and what they have previously achieved. It may be a secret but the keeper of it is working people to death in order to live like a vampire on the flesh and blood of the offspring of those who have already been virgin, innocent, and have experienced progress and development. A continuation of a life in which, barring accidents, the child is born again at periodic intervals while the original version continues with its development and progress – probably forever.

 The pornography of the planet is `gender bender` oriented, and it is one of the ways that men seek to prevent you from understanding that de ja vu experiences are helpful insofar as you may`ve been Hermaphrodite. As it says in the Bible, `Male and female he created them both.`(Gen: 1.27) We are persuaded that pornography is in some way wrong, but in actual fact it is a simple learning tool for those who are able to read. There are no weapons and that`s what `God`s love` means.

 In the Gulf War (2001-3), Saddam Hussein represented Satan, the Antichrist. The Sword of Saddam is that of Saddam Might, which in American would mean `a mite sadder`, which is apposite because those who want to live off your flesh and blood - in a parody of the bread and the wine as the transformative substance in the Transubstantiation of the Catholic Mass – want to keep you from the simple truth. Adam and Eve were born as a Hermaphrodite and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is God`s love as the hermaphroditic completion of you that wants to be restored, you are taught to have disdain for the Sword.

 Love is the Holy Spirit, and the Word is Jesus as the Logos, which gives you the mind and understanding to have the wisdom to perceive that `one woman one man` is a construct designed to gender condition you into submitting to the impossibility of you being `both male and female`. If you reach that awareness, then being futanar is a possible conjecture if you are able to surf the net for pornographic images which are educative enough for you to perceive the beauty of what you had not supposed you were. If you are able to perceive this, then, if you are Britney Spears, for example, you have been dominated in your relationships; so that you think men are everything in terms of sex. Whereas, in fact, they are Satan because they have concealed the Truth from you.

 It is about the ears. If you listen to men, they will explain that they are fathers and therefore they are God, because God made them in his image; but they are told not to worship images in the Bible. Woman is God`s idea of what is good for man, and forbidden fruit are men. That is why the serpent becomes a dragon seeking to devour the child in Revelation; because it is a father who is a Satan.

 There is a similar Roman myth in which Saturn (Satan) eats his children. In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the mouth corresponds to the `Feeling` function, as the sense of smell corresponds to `Intuition` and, in symbolic terms, the Spear; because it is penetrating in its wisdom. In Revelation, `out of his mouth comes a sharp double-edged sword`, which means that this function is commanded by the Spirit of God. The mouth is associated with devouring, and men unable to accept the Holy Spirit are Satans. The good `fruit` of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Eden is the woman`s `seed`, which is why God tells the serpent that there shall be `enmity` between it and her `seed`. Men would devour the woman and her creative product by using their `Thinking` function as a Sword against her. `Thinking`, in fact, is associated with the ears (years) in Jungian psychology, and the evil use their thinking to devise weapons. One of these would be AIDS - the Thin King - because those with AIDS have the `thin disease`. This is why, in Revelation, she gives birth to a protector.

 She is a Queen of Heaven, like the Virgin Mary in Catholicism, and her child is Christ-like. That is why he is called the New Redeemer; because he represents a continuation of God`s Promise of Redemption. His sword is the Word of God and he is not a devourer, but he is threatened by a false father who is a Satan. Saddam Hussein was a devourer who wanted to put holes in people, which is what men do. Their `Feeling` function is associated with the `mouth` and is undifferentiated. They understand eating as devouring. In the myth of Hercules, there are four man-eating horses (Fast, Shining, Blonde, and Terrible) that the hero has to control in order to give them eternal rest. It is a metaphor for the controlling of the four functions of consciousness by accepting Redemption through the power of the Holy Spirit, which is woman`s love and God`s. If men do not accept it, but seek to devour the woman – and pretend that it is only photography when they are planning to murder her with bullets (as men did with Diana, another `Terrible Mother` to the paparazzi) – the woman has the authority from God to exterminate them, because she has her own penis - as a futanar - and does not need them. Satanism is the propogation of men as a virus, and AIDS is God`s plague upon those who do not accept that the love of woman redeems. In Eden, the `forbidden fruit` is the beautiful woman, and the serpent is the one to whom it is forbidden. It is told by God that there shall be `enmity` between it and the woman`s `seed`; which means that she and hers shall exterminate the serpent`s `seed` - unless men (who are it) accept God`s Promised Redemption.

 The Gulf War (2001-3) was a war against Saddam Might, which wants to put bullet holes in man and woman and is the `beast` of Revelation which is, psychologically, a sadist. In effect, he wants to harm whatever is beautiful, and the Twin Towers of New York that were attacked on 9/11 - by terrorist hijackers crashing into them with civilian aircraft - are teeth. He is the vampire and doesn`t want to see another dragon`s teeth. The mouth, as undifferentiated `Feeling` function, is dangerous; but the ears are able to hear the Word of God by means of the Holy Spirit and protect `America the Beautiful` with the `sharp sword that comes out of…[the] mouth` if one is prepared to listen - and Saddam didn`t after 9/11. Instead, he supported the Al Qaeda terrorists.

 In truth, the ears are the years of a man. If you are unable to hear, you cannot protect yourself against evil and you have to understand the power of the Holy Spirit when it speaks to you, which is difficult if men lie to you and lie with you as homosexuals because it is not in the spirit of a woman. That is why the might of Saddam makes you sad because it`s sadism. Paradoxically, the `Thinking` function is associated with the Sword that is undifferentiated egoism unless it is controlled, and `Thinking`, in Jungian psychology, is associated with the ears. This means that one cannot think without one`s ears because one needs to hear the Holy Spirit, which is Woman`s. One`s sword is one`s ears and, in effect, you are required to see with them. Your eyes know when to use the Sword because you have listened to the Word and can see the `enemy` is men, that is, Satan, and not Woman. Otherwise, the Logos becomes the sword and becomes indiscriminate because undirectable by Woman who does not want to perish through men`s Satanic will towards her.

 George W. Bush did not learn Arabic; he simply told his advisors to exterminate Saddam`s noise when he saw him on the TV because he could see that Saddam represented a threat to innocence, and that progress and development which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. It was a defence of `America the Beautiful`, because Saddam would put holes in the women of America as he had already raped the women of Kuwait. These were her raids and her rapes; or her AIDS and her apes: undeveloped evil men who`d keep man and woman as a breeding pair to murder for pleasure with guns, while sodomising and raping their children who, because they have the Holy Spirit in them, that is, differentiated `Thinking`, are able to read their de ja vu experiences and see that they are being murdered through the generations - past and future - that they have preceded themselves with.

 De ja vu means a future is in existence and is a target for those who are mighty in ego and want to put holes in as much beauty as they can, like Nagasaki and Hiroshima - to take an extreme example of undifferentiated `Intuition`. Hurling war Spears at the far away, and therefore inconsequential to the conscience of the murderer. But the Holy Spirit is there as Woman, who is therefore being tortured as well as murdered across the globe by the sadist and what he is causing to transpire. This means that one has to recognize that the Holy Spirit is everywhere, not just in Christianity, and the spirit of the Evil One, who is Satan (and men), has to be exterminated. It is easily detectable because it has the voice of men, and if you hear voices of men when they are invisible to you, or you dream of men if you are a man, then the Evil One is speaking to you and, indeed, sleeping with you without invitation as the evil homosexuality that is the bane of Woman.

 Saddam Hussein`s attack on the USA was offensive in the eyes of all, but violence in US culture, particularly movies, is a source of much anger in Arabia. Having experienced Arabia as a teacher, I can vouchsafe that, from a different perspective, 9/11 was an attack on American television; literally. Everyone watched it. If we understand the Twin Towers as what they look like – penis - we know that it is about sex and violence on TV. In Islam, four wives are allowed, which means that there is enough sex in the home. In Christianity, we are told one man, one woman; but, if a woman has a penis, she may marry another woman with a penis. It is, therefore, possible to envision a marriage, in Christian terms, where a man marries a futanar woman who has a penis of her own. Who is she going to impregnate? This is thinking based on the concept of the Holy Trinity of God, man, and woman as Holy Spirit. Unless Christianity accepts that at least three people are required to form a marriage, Christianity is Satanism. Al Qaeda cut down the Twin Towers with their eye saws (the planes), and the Twin Towers became `eyesores`. In Islam, they would say that American TV has given them sore eyes. A joker would say that the Twin Towers were an `eyesore`, but not now. Their `Thinking` Sword has heard and acted with the spirits of men who are Satan.

 Saddam was not involved in the planning of the attack by Al Qaeda. But he understood its meaning. Violence in American culture is endemic and is the result of one man one wife, which denies the possibility of a man, with a woman, and a futanar as a viable reproductive unit. It represses the penis and shows us woman nude on TV where it is clear that she does not have a penis, and men`s guns are the visible signs of her repression. For men, the gun is their penis and women are their target because they are frightened that Woman will learn that she has a penis. In effect, what happened to the Twin Towers is about the `authorial fallacy`, that is, that the author –  in this case terrorism - intended what was wrote or imagined. In fact, it is Revelation. It is a tradition to fight on both sides in a conflict in order to achieve a correct perspective. American women have a penis as futanar, and men want Woman to be subject to their penis and will use guns to enforce the ideological perspective, because their movies and TV tell us this. To achieve ideological reality, at least one futanar is required in a marriage. The viable marriage unit is, therefore, triune, which is what the Holy Trinity points to. If both marriage partners are futanar, each can reproduce and impregnate; so a man is not required. Men want to force the `means of production` to produce them. The woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a second opportunity for man to be redeemed because the child is he who `rules the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 12. 1-18), but if men do not accept, as Jesus does, that the Law is `God is love`, then they don`t accept Redemption and shall have eternal perdition. The woman is a symbol of male and female in One, that is, the sun and the moon, which is the simple proposition that, if two people are required for marriage in Christianity, woman as futanar does not need man. If woman wants man, man has to accept `teaching` and understand that, if he marries a futanar, she has a penis she needs to reproduce; so three is a `Christian` marital unit.

 The eyes, in Jungian psychology, are associated with beauty and development, which means loving woman. That is why the eyes are associated with the `Sensation` function. If you want God`s love, you need to see her. Because the undifferentiated `Feeling` function is associated with the mouth, the dragon of.Revelation waits to devour the child who is both New Redeemer and Redeemed. However, as in Jesus` birth and Ascension, the child is Eternally Saved because it represents the differentiation of `Feeling` and love towards Woman rather than the desire to devour her.

 The desire to put a woman into one`s mouth is a sign of undifferentiated `Feeling` therefore, and murder is devourment. If the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a futanar, she could use her breast as a