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Sodomy and Come Horror

01/01/2012 14:39

Sodomy and Come Horror


Women`s possessiveness has often been criticized but I can`t. For me she represents the Holy Spirit, which is the Shekinah or Glory of God written of in the Song of Songs (1.2), the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) or Paraclete (1 John: 2.1) that is Eternal Woman and the Spirit of God in Man. Jesus is called the Second Adam, and Eve was from the side of Adam; so Longinus` spear cutting open the side of Jesus on the cross was his searching for the woman from Jesus` side (Matt: 27.54): and the Second Eve born from this Caesarean is the Holy Spirit, the guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet provided to Mankind by God after Jesus`crucifixion and Ascension.

 As God`s Wisdom, Woman represents omniscience, and the knowledge of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ), which is the path of redemption in accordance with the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament of the Bible. Men`s possessiveness is otherwise. They do not want the Spirit of God; they want their own. That is why Satan is represented as both male and rebellious in the Bible. The Spirit of God is Woman. God created Eve from the side of Man, whom God created in the image of God, as Man`s ideal image of what Man wanted from God and what Man wanted God to be. Eve was, therefore, God incarnate; or an aspect of God representative of God`s omniscience. The Holy Spirt, born from Longinus` Spear cutting open the side of Christ and, therefore, a premature Cesarean birth ripped from out of the side of Man, is similar to the serpent`s attempted aborting of Eve in Eden, and she as the Shekinah and Glory of God has the power of God`s Empress over Man`s Spirit.

 We have to understand in terms of God`s omniscience because Eve gave Adam the fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen: 2. 9), and why would God do this if God is good and wants good for Man? The apple is poison and God tells the serpent there shall be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between it and the woman`s `seed`` forever. This could only be possible if we`re talking about two different species; those of the serpent men and those of Man. In Genesis it says: 'Male and female He created them both.' (1:27) This suggests that Adam and Eve were created as a physical bisexuality. The serpent who comes between them is, therefore, of a different species entirely and represents what can not be a Godly unity because it never was. In short, it represents a single poisonous male creature that hates Woman – and Man – because it is a sadistic monosexual. It is not only homosexual because it is indifferent to Woman and heterosexual Man. It is monosexual, a different species which is the enemy of woman`s `seed`.

 Does it have `seed` of its own? According to God, yes. But it also seems likely that the serpent`s seed is `viral`, that is, it appears as a genetic strain. These are the poisons (boy sons) of Adam and Eve that are sadistic monosexuals. The redemption of Man, following from Adam and Eve`s expulsion from Paradise is, therefore, the revelation of God`s Providence; an omniscient Design.

 In the Bible God firmly depicts Sodom (where sodomy is practised), and Gomorrah (where sado-masochism is practised), as evil; and destroys them mercilessly (Gen: 18,19). Men`s possessiveness is based on the spirit of Satan and Satanism, which is sodomy and sadism. The separational factor in the relationships between men and women resides in the fact that sadistic monosexuals persuade homosexuals to sado-masochistically use their penises to sodomize each other. They are the evil spirits in men, of men, and as serpent men. Woman does not have the capability to sodomize. She cannot sodomize man. This is sadistic monosexual men`s unique capacity.

 The omniscience of God, and the plan for the redemption of Man, is revelation; although it is revealed as if God had always intended it to be so. This is what is meant by God`s omniscience; it is Providence. Everything is contingent to God who has omnisciently planned for every eventuality. That is why evil is thwarted. God has thought of everything; even if it is not consciously: it is present always in the mind of God. God`s omniscient aspect has prepared for it, and Woman is the instrument of God`s omniscient Will because the serpent men are her enemies. They do not want God or Man and Woman to see; they are `Sword dumb eyes`: to sodomize is to remove the power of sight from the victim. That is why Britney Spears (the Spears of America) and Christina Aguilera (Aguilera means `eagle` and the Eagle of America, at the Packers 2011 victory in the superbowl, `fluffed` a line of the US anthem and was vilified for it) are thought of as `dumb blondes`: the sadists do not want them to be intelligent. They are both brunettes in fact; but the wisdom and omniscience of God is apparent in Britney and Miley Cyrus` shaven heads (Hope and [Spear and Manifest] Destiny are her birthnames). They are not determined by their colour, race or creed. They will not be sodomized into inarticulacy. Christina forgot the words: `What so proudly we hailed at the twilight`s last gleaming.` Where was she?` Well, they sodomize (saw dumb [blonde] eyes) and described her as `America`s punching bag`. That`s why she lost it. Sodomising is not a metaphor or an analogy; it is a concretism. Saw `dumb eyes sing`, and she couldn`t. The US anthem is the Sword of My Singing. The Sword of God and Jesus. In Dirrty (2002) Christina represents herself as a boxer. She`s taken a few punches; but she`s not Sodom Might (sodomite – Sword `dumb` might). She`s the Mighty Eagle of the United States of America. Do not use my woman as a punch bag to justify your Sword, dummies!

 In Piece of Me (2007) Britney Spears condemns the paparazzi for printing pictures of her derriere: `I'm Mrs. 'Most likely to get on the TV for strippin' on the streets' when getting the groceries, now for real.. Are you kidding me?` And let us not forget that the paparazzi were blamed for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-97). `We the people...` begins the `American Declaration` of freedom and, since `dumb blondes` Jean Harlow (1911-37) and Mae West (1893-1980), the people have been reading the press explain how they were there and `saw dumb eyes sing` (sodomising). This is not the American Dream, but it is Revelation. The paparazzi are agents of sadism and sodomy who report to those who were not there that they were there and `saw dumb eyes sing` (sodomising). It is concretism again: the AIDS` plague. Woman is the Sword of God, the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) in Man and the serpent Satan is her enemy. As God says in the Bible, there shall be `enmity` between her `seed` and yours. (Gen: 3.15) Her singing is therefore the Sword of My Singing and not `saw dumb eyes singing`. That is how Satanists perceive Jesus: as their masochist. `My God. My God. Why hast thou forsaken me?` (Ps: 22.1) Jesus is `dumb eyes singing` and Longinus effectively cuts the Paraclete, the Glory of God, from Jesus` side in preparation for `saw dumb eyes sing` her (sodomising Eternal Woman) with his spear, which is Eternal Destiny according to Satan. But God`s is the Sword of Might, not the sword of the dumbite; the sodomite who would prevent your Sword `singing` or `biting` Satan.



 To shave your head is to say that you are not a dumb blonde; if you are a blonde. If not, it`s simply replying to those who `saw dumb eyes` that you won`t be seen as dumb or sodomize. A shaven head is associated with cancer or AIDS: but it`s actually a refusal to be pigeonholed or be someone`s pigeon or pigeon hole - as a pig John (a euphemism for a pimp`s shithole). Miley Cyrus (1992-), in I Can`t Be Tamed (2010) sings `I can`t be saved.` Because she`s accepted the new Spirit of the Age, which is the 21st century `sword dumb bite` (sodomite) in which the Word of God as sung is that of the masochist who has accepted the sadists perspective on Jesus and not that of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) or singing Sword of Might as `good soundbite` from the Paraclete that is the `teacher` within. But Miley is Hope and Destiny as Hannah Montana (2006-11) and, as Joe Montana (1956-) the `Golden Arm` that threw the TD spears of the San Francisco 49-ers as QB in four superbowl triumphs (XVI, XIX, XXIII, and XXIV) , she is God and good and goes on forever because you win with God: you have the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) in you which is Eternal Woman. In Oops I Did It Again (2000) Britney Spears on Mars is the Spear of Manifest Destiny as fulfilment of the American Dream, which is Britney (Neil Armstrong1) Lamb Strong (the strong lamb of God and the strong arm of God from the Moon – Armstrong - to Mars and – touchdown!). In 2011 `the Eagle has landed` as Christina Aguilera repeated the line `What so proudly we watched at the twilight`s last gleaming` instead of the supposedly apposite lyric. For me it is a warning that, as the Eagle watches over America, so we must watch over her; or the stars of the flag shall not be visible tomorrow. Aaron, `enlightened mountain of strength`, threw the spears for the TDs in the Packers` superbowl triumph in 2011 and Miley Cyrus will sing the national anthem at the superbowl in the future. She was Montana, and she is Hope and Destiny. Her stage name is Smiley in effect, which means `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, the cornerstones of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny.



 My Christian name is Robin Aaron Bright (2010-). I chose it myself and I use my given name as a pseudonym; because it`s a fiction imposed upon me. We have to recognize the differences between what is imposed, the sodomite (the Might of Saddam Hussein [1932-2009] `buggering` the USA through the back door of Kuwait – Saddam Might), and what is accepted, the Holy Spirit as the Sword of Might. It is a tradition for those who accept the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) to choose their own name. Green Bay`s Aaron threw the TDs for all of us. Christina Aguilera (1984-) is the American Eagle, Britney Spears (1982-) is the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) and the Shekinah as the Spear of Destiny; because her name says so and this is Revelation. She`s the Spirit between Montana and Miley, who is Hope and Destiny. Montana as the QB is the Sword of Might – as the possibilities are as wide as they can be perceived to be for the thrower of the Spears that the vehicle of the American Dream becomes as it is sent into space for the TD and the Eagle`s landing – on Mars in Oops I Did It Again. The sodomites (sword o` mites) would trivialize Revelation and cast the stars down from heaven. They would `bugger` us with their swords in our ass. How can I make the TD if I can`t see the planet? If I accept sodomising, that is, the word of Satan as the paparazzi `s `saw dumb eyes sing` reports, then my vision of Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Smiley Montana as `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, the Spears of Manifest Destiny spearing in for the TD and the declaration of a new independance where `the Eagle has landed` on the Moon, Mars and elsewhere, my hope and faith in the American Dream is ruined.

 To be saved we have to accept the Holy Spirit (Spear writ). Paparazzi are small people and they represent smallness. Taking your life is making you as small as they can. They are the Sword o` mites. We are trained to accept smallness as humility, but Jesus to the Satanists is their `masochist`. Accepting the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) is the Sword of Might. It might be that you become great if you accept God in humility. The `little people` we thank for our Oscars are as Great as God unless we see them – or they see us - with the ego of Satan. That does not mean that you accept that small people can take your life as the smallest they can make you as Sword o` mites (sodomites). This is `saw dumb might` in which they saw the greatness of the wood of your tree, and it`s a small narrow minded world in which the mores are more important than truth so you do not protest (you`re too dumb) to defend yourself as you might to produce further flowers and fruit of beauty and taste. The `saw dumb might` will make a cross for you from your tree of life and torture you sadistically: I'm Mrs. 'You want a piece of me?' Tryin' and pissin' me off. Well get in line with the paparazzi...` Britney Spears Piece of Me is a `piece of the cross of Jesus`. The Glory of God is the Shekinah as the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) or Paracletian Spirits of God which are the Spears of God placed here to guide, teach and comfort mankind. Piece of Me is therefore Britney Spears as the Spears of God cut from the side of Jesus by Longinus and that he is already threatening to sadistically torture as the Second Eve if he could find her.

 Sodomy is important to serpent men because it is the power given to them by the serpent in Eden to poison the Holy Spirit (Spear writ), which as the Shekinah dwelt in the tent wherein the Ark of the Covenant contained the Ten Commandments as the Law of God. (Ex: 40.35) In these, the Last Days, this serpent power for evil is present amongst us as AIDS. Serpent men have become the apes of Satan; AIDS monkeys spreading their poison: their rapes and their raids on the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) of what is Woman and Man - the love of God that was incarnated in Eden; as Eve given to Adam is one Creature - and God.

 Serpent men exist to give women AIDS. It is a concomitant of adultery; effectively they are AIDS and, in giving each other women, they are giving women AIDS. That is their special capability, which they have guarded since Sodom. In Gomorrah they practised sadism. Marriage is obedience and humility in God. BDSM is marriage with sadism added. Serpent men are therefore sadistic monosexuals who want to give women AIDS. It is Revelation. God does not intend it as a punishment; it is a concomitant of what serpent men are who do not accept redemption from the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) who is the Paralcete, the guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet of Man that does not want AIDS or sadism.

 Women think serpent men want them. AIDS tells us they do not want them in the way that they suppose. They want to be up each others` ass and up the ass of women; because that is what they want that God does not. It is Revelation and is in accordance with God`s condemnation of the serpent; there shall be `enmity` between yours and the woman`s `seed`. AIDS is the `seed` of the serpent men and sadistic homosexuality is the vehicle of Satan and Satanists who are the children as the boy son`s (poisons) of the serpent in Eden who is the Evil One.

 For serpent men, women are disposable condoms: this is AIDS. Serpent men are sadistic homosexuals and represent AIDS. Women are therefore `used less` assholes to them. Serpent men do not want them to reproduce and therefore women are not even useful as condoms. AIDS is a metaphor and an analogy; not simply a disease. That is why it is depicted in Revelation as a plague sent by God: `Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10) It`s AID`S so masochism (the Marquis De Sade`s). Homosexual sadists create masochists that accept their role as AIDS. Do not accept sadism is God`s Word here: it is the spawn of serpent men.

 Those who want sex are frightened of contracting AIDS and so abstain. This is celibacy, which is supposedly recommended by Christianity. I, personally, don`t want to be a urine bottle; but the analogy is useful. Men urinate while standing; that is what homosexual sadists are for: urination. AIDS is their `enforcer`. Homosexual sadists do not want women, and they do not want man and woman to be together. They are in favour of sterility because they – homosexual sadists - practice sterile union. It is teleological. Sterile sexual congress as a chosen means to orgasm necessarily means sterility as a chosen path. AIDS therefore describes serpent men as Satanists and Satan. They do not want reproduction, orgasm, love or happiness. They are sadistic monosexuals that hate God and humankindness, and they shall experience undendurable eternal pain forever in accordance with the will of God.

 The Jesus Assumption is that self-sacrifice is the path to God, and it is the approach that woman, as created by her sadist, understands as a masochist. Jesus` Ascension followed upon the crucifixion, so the supposition is that heaven follows from masochism or being `suicided`. What woman as self-sacrificing sadist`s masochist does not understand is that God is all around as the vessel of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) – Eternal Woman as the Shekinah – and the serpent men are the evil enemies of God who are her sadists.

 Saddam Hussein may`ve been hata serpent. He wanted George W. Bush Jr (1944-) to kiss his ass and be Saddam `ass kissed` - Saddamasochist (Sodom Hussein`s Adam`s anus – men`s acceptance of sodomy rather than the Holy Spirit). As Babylon, he`s portrayed in Revelation as the `mother of abominations`, which suggests Sodomy or Saddamy. He was the dictator with the sad army that gassed his own people, the Kurds, with poison (the Anfal Campaign 1988). He was sadism and, as Saddam `ass kissed` would have been sadder masochism. Because it is the nature of masochists to entreat with their sadist.

 That`s what Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940) did after negotiations with Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) in the 30s when, stepping off the plane in London, he claimed `Peace in our times!.` Shortly thereafter the Nasty`s invaded Poland (1939). In other words, if George Bush Sr (1924-) had allowed Saddam`s sodomy of Kuwait (1990) to stand, sado-masochism would have been a less well understood manifestation of Satan.

 As it is, Revelation allows us to perceive but dimly that Saddam and his sadist bullies mirrored the Nasty bullies of the 30s and that the bullies were 666 (Rev: 13. 17-19) rather than the 999 police of the United Nations World Order that, after 9/11 had dialled 911 in New York, resulted in the USA as the world`s #1 policeman exterminating `I be sad am`, that is, `I am the beast.`

 Satanists are therefore Saddamists, those who are invasive of that which they are not admitted to. Leaving aside notions of the `rape of Kuwait`, sodomy is prohibited by God and Saddamy as sodomy is therefore accurate as a description. Kuwait was Saddamised or sodomised rather than merely `invaded` which is a military term and does not take into sufficient account the word of God in Revelation insofar as it relates to Saddamasochist and the serpent men. AIDS is a sado-masochist dick`s plan to irreparably harm relations between man and woman. Those who support it are therefore Saddamist dick (sodomistic).   Woman of the 60s had all the dick she wanted. Now she`s sadder, because of the `sadder miss dick` (sodomistic) Saddamist `dick` philosophy of the serpent men who represent AIDS. This is Revelation.


Dear Jane Doe, we are notifying you that, because of Saddam, missed Dick won`t be returning.




Adder Miss Dick


pre procurationem serpens, Genesis, opcit.


 In the book of the Revelation of Saint John The Divine, a `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12.1-18) is depicted as giving birth to the New Redeemer, a child that `rules the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 2.27) while the serpent`s `seed` are being exterminated. The serpent is grown to the size of a dragon and is seeking to prevent the child from being born. It is there to devour the child when it appears. But the child is destined to cast the dragon from heaven and, with the help of the woman`s `seed`, exterminate the serpent men and Satan where they fall.

 God tells woman she has `seed` and there shall be `enmity` between hers and Satan`s (Gen: 3.15). In Revelation the dragon is threatening woman with the loss of her penis, Woman`s `seed` do not require Saddamists (Sodomists). This is Revelation. She has a penis and a womb; men can only be sterile: this is Revelation. Saddam-who`s-anus-Sadaam-who`s-anus... was the Satan that said to the US `Kiss my ass!` The USA`s Twin Towers represent ithyphallia. Man has a penis, and so does woman. Saddam `ass kissed` is sadomasochist. His claim to sanity is that he understands men. They are Saddamasochist Dick.



 After Gulf War II (2001-3), Dick Chaney (1941-) perpetrated the tortures of `waterboarding` and Guantanamo Bay from 2002 in Cuba (Chaney means `the one who chains `ee`). This is Sadomasochist Dick and Sodomist Dick. Dick kissed Saddam`s ass in that he became sadomasochist and therefore Saddamist, and woman is sadder; because of AIDS she`s `sadder [because she`s] Missed Dick` and men have made her miss it because they`re AIDS` monkeys. After a century, a moon landing and the internet, we still have pedal cars so that sadists can see the backs of her cars (the backs of fu*k ass). It`s where they want to put it.

 The Twin Towers, built in 1971, will be replaced with one tower, and it`s Woman`s Trade Centre (WTC) because it`s Trading Places2 for her. She doesn`t want Sadder Mask Kiss Dick (sadomasochistic) or Sadder Miss Dick (sodomistic), that is, she doesn`t want sadism and being made to feel for those she shouldn`t, or be sad for missing out on sex; which is what recognition of the serpent men as AIDS is all about. The serpent men are the embodiment of the virus in human form. This is Revelation.

 As is Dickgirl. She is the manga form in Japanese art that celebrates woman with a penis. Men are serpents who keep their power because they hate women. It is sadomasochist dick and sodomist dick for them, that is, for woman it is that she must wear a sadder mask and kiss their dick (sadder mask kiss dick) while they force her to understand their question: `Sadder Miss Dick?` Sodomistic.

 Do they not understand? They are masochists, like Jesus who they put on the cross to torture God in the understanding that they had his boy down here and he`d better be sad. Men are sadists who want women to be sad; or anyone who prefers them. That is why they are sadistic homosexuals and why AIDS is a biblical plague. They represent it.

 Woman`s problem is that she`s an actress. She`s trained herself in `Mask Kiss Dick`. She has to pretend to be masochistic, that is, loving towards the enemy. She is such a great actress, she believes her act. Then she`s powerless against the sadist (Sad is Dick). Only when she is able to stop believing in his trouser snake is she able to be free. Dickgirl is freedom, and Dickgirl is real.

 She always has been. It is the big lie of civilization perpretated by men who are sadistic homosexual serpent men of Satan who`ll show you their `iron scepters` in the trillion dollar movies; their `rods of iron` turning gold into lead and presenting entertainment as Saddamasochists (Saddam ass-kissers) and Saddamists (Saddam mystics). This is Revelation. This is why Hollywood is called Babylon, the `Great Whore of the Apocalypse, the Mother of Prostitutes and of the Abominatons of the Earth.` Because they worship the penis secretly – as the gun. Because they do not want woman`s penis to be known. It would cut them out of the action.

 Tehmeena Afzal (1982-) is one of the biggest glamour stars in her homeland of Pakistan, the Indian subcontinent, and the rest of the world. She takes (most) of her clothes off for money and has herself photographed in as many beautiful ways as she can. I know she was a virgin at 24 and treated as a whore by men because she`d been seen almost nude by them – on paper. She gave her virginity to a futanar: that`s Hollywood! Her futanar was Britney Spears. She was her Adam and Tehmeena was Eve. It`s Adam who`s sane.

 This is not accidental. This is Revelation. The Spear of Destiny is that which Longinus used to cut open the side of Christ while looking for the Second Eve which must have been there because Jesus was the Second Adam, wasn`t he? Jesus` path is one of redemption and clearly mapped out for us in the New Testament. Longinus was a sadist who wanted to torture God in the person of Jesus: `Surely this was the Son of God!` And was looking to torture the Second Eve also, which God provided Man as teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet in the form of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) or Shekinah; she who dwelt where the Ark of the Covenant was kept that contained the Commandments of God according to the Old Testament of the Bible.

 Britney Spears (1982-) represents the Spear of Destiny with Tehmeena Afzal. As do all futanar. They are the Wisdom and Glory of God that is the Shekinah or Holy Spirit (Spear writ) which does not want Saddam `ass kissed` (Sadomasochist) or Sodomistic (Sadder Miss Dick?). She wants what the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` represents; a union of male and female principles that is able to produce itself as a New Creation which is Redeemed from the curse of Satan, the dragon, and the serpent men that would seek her devourment. She is futanaria.

 Her child is her ruler in the sense that he prepares for her rule; for her Majesty and not His. He is not men, so he is not Man. `Male and female he created them both,` it says of God in the Bible, and before Eve was separated to be God`s instrument in the education of Adam. It is God`s Will in accordance with God`s omniscience that is manifest as destiny in Revelation, and it is Manifest Destiny that the American Dream is aimed at; as a longing, and a desire for belonging that has been long in us (Longinus` Spear). The New Adam and Eve are to be what they were in Eden; physically bisexual, having grown and become psychologically bisexual. 

 The child of the woman is not men, so is not man. He has no ego. His concern is the preparation of Her Majesty`s future as futanaria. He is not shemale. Shemale are men with the egos of men; visibly so. His ego is not male. Jesus offered men Redemption and in Revelation they reject it: `Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)  It is the male ego that is the problem; not the vehicle. This is manifestly so in the form of the shemale; he is male and female but the ego is masculine. It is therefore a manifestation of the serpent men. The woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a symbol of male-female complementarity which, in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), is Eros or love-relationships in harmony with Logos or the Word of God`s Law which is distinct from violence and is the Sword of Judgement that the child of the woman needs in order to be an accurate exterminator of what is evil. Shemale is evil: it`s an Abomination and is what is written of in Revelation as the dragon. It`s an attempt by men to seize the means of production and reproduction from woman in order to ask her the same question: `Sadder Missed Dick?` If they control the means of producton, woman is `buggered` – and so is man.

 The child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` represents the New Redemption; but shemale is least interested in woman. It doesn`t need them; in the same way that futanaria does not need men. It is biology girl, biological bi-logic; physically - and psychologically - bisexual. The missing ingredient is love. Eros and Logos combined denote psycho-physical bisexuality, which requires woman`s reproductive equipment and man`s fertilization equipment, not man`s reproductive equipment and man`s fertilization equipment. This is Abomination as described in Revelation. Men`s design is to take woman out of the equation. God`s design is to Redeem Man through Woman, which is why the child born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is Woman and not shemale. He who is born to rule for her is an exterminator of Satan, Satanists and Satanism.

Those who would seek to replace Woman at the Centre of Creation are the enemies of God. The shemale has the `mark of the beast` in Revelation. The marking of woman is its target. Longinus mocked Jesus with INRI, the King of the Jews, and tortured God in his presence. Shemale is the mocking of God in the presence of Woman and the Son of Man whom Longinus sadistically observed as he cut him open with his spear: `Surely this was the Son of God!` Shemale is the mock king of Man and Woman and is the mocking of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) that is Eternal Woman and is not a mockery of herself; with the Spirit of men as Satan`s rebelliousness against God pretending to be her as shemale in order for the sadomasochistic to mock her as Sad-dumb-ass-suck-his-dick!`.

 This is all Woman is good for from the point of view of the shemale who has hijacked her reproductive equipment and, as sadomasochists, do not need her. They have their own children to torture and can continue to play their Saddamasochist and Saddamistic `game` of torturing Man, Woman, and the Holy Spirit (Spear writ); as Satan who is still explaining to God that God is being tortured by Satan and God is not yet providing Satanists with that unendurable eternal pain which is the hell promised to them by God in Revelation.

 It is their version of the Spear of Destiny. Whereas the American Dream of `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` is to be fulfilled as Manifest Destiny amongst the stars and the goodness of God, sadism (which is Satanism) perceives Destiny as the Spear of Longinus torturing Man, Woman and God forever by means of the presence of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) or Shekinah that is the Glory of God in humanity.

 For Satanists it is the torture of woman that they are concerned with. Their appeal is to set themselves against God as a Father. Woman and the young perceive that they have an ally against their fathers, and are unable to perceive that they are the victims of sadomasochists. Satanists real target is woman, and the `meek` Jesus promises shall inherit the Earth (Matt: 5.5) are those that the sadists, who are Satanists, seek to recreate as masochists that behave sadistically towards themselves – or even others – in order to torture God as the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) of the Shekinah that is in them – or in those they torment. This is Satanism.

 Satanism appeals to those who are denied power over women, generally, because it is women that sadists want to have power over. Therefore Satanism, as an avenue for young women who want to take off their clothes in freedom without their father, discover too late that their fathers are Satanists and that God and the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) are their friend.

 God does not object to love; men do because they are evil. Satanism as a vehicle that appeals to those who do not want their fathers, who are evil, want to reject God the Father, who is evil because Father, and they discover that God is Woman and the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) in Man and Woman, which is sad for those who care and for those who are victims. But the sadists, who are Satanists, do not care and are not sad; they are elated at your suffering and that is why the American Dream is `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, so that the sadists can jeer you as they prepare Saddamasochist and Saddamist (sadomasochist and sodomist) correctives to your optimism.



 One become sadder if it is sadder My`s (Saddam eyes). The Logos is the Sword of Judgement in Revelation. Eros is love, so if you accept the sword through the back door you`re dumb and only your eyes speak of your pain. Cars are an analogy. Having learnt to drive, all I see is the back of the other car in front of me. It is the back ass (back cars) of sodomy. The tank battles in Iraq are symptomatic. Finally we stop looking at the back ass and show our penis. It is classic id psychology. Eventually, if we show our asses to each other often enough, there will be a confrontation. The car chasing is the `dummy sword`; the sodomy that precedes the `real action` of Sword-dumb-ass-kissed, that is, the kissing of the Sword of Satan as `dumb ass`; or Saddamasochist preceded by Saddamist (sadomasochist and sodomist). The USA created Saddam (sodom) and then Saddam said `Kiss my ass!` W. Bush refused pointedly and Sr Bush rejected the asshole. It reminds me of an old BBCTV Monty Python joke `The Cocktail Bar Sketch`:


John Cleese: `Nixon`s had an asshole transplant.`

Terry Gilliam: `Haven`t you seen the stop press? The asshole`s rejected him.`


Richard Millhouse Nixon (1913-94) was the architect of indiscriminate carpet bombing in the Vietnam War (1955-75). Eventually, the Chinese stopped him. His name was Dick. Saddam was an asshole. Same difference. Jesus isn`t an asshole. The Satanists would have you think so, and obfuscate truth with morality. I want to publish a picture of a futanarian woman in this article to illustrate the truth but morality of the publisher`s censorhip will prevent me. Instead, I shall put hypertext in and pray for leniency.3 Truth is reality and reality is truth. If you hide the penis, you hide the truth. If you repress the penis, you will drive a car looking up someone`s ass until it`s time to fire shells from your tank`s gun on the plain of Armageddon. Sad dummy, and Sad dumb-ass-sock-kiss-`em (Sodomy and Sadomasochism) is kiss & make up after the bout. It is shemale `make up` and the mockery of God. Sadomasochism is what men are. Iran is being prepared, and North Korea. It`s not about who wears the trousers, it`s about who wears the make-up: futanaria or shemale. If Satan makes up it is hell on Earth and if futanar it is a presaging of heaven.

 Like the WWI pimps who put the women on the streets in the expectation that Johnny5 wouldn`t `come marching home`, shemales are indifferent to man and woman except and insofar as they are victims. Men hide their penis, and produce it against Iraq – or Angelina Jolie (1975-)  in Mr and Mrs Smith 2005) – or Iran and Korea. They don`t want Woman to know their full intentions towards her. If she knew she had her own penis, she might reject the dicks, the Saddamasochist dicks and the Saddamist dicks. Helped by `morality`, her penis is hidden and shemale is a surgical aberration on the periphery of her knowledge. Brad Pitt (1963-) as `the pit of hell` shoots at his wife in the movies for our entertainment and his (including payment), and we don`t get to see her actual penis either.

 Shemale is what is being hidden and prepared to be the vehicle of Satan`s torture of woman; because shemale isn`t woman, doesn`t need her, and represents the serpent men`s sadistic advocation of what is loathsome as an alternative to what is beautiful. The Glory of God is the Shekinah and is the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) as Eternal Woman in both Man and Woman. As Man is the image of God, so the Shekinah is the ideal image of God that Man has. Before Satan, Man and Woman were One Creatureliness in God. Woman is recognizable. She is not shemale; she is Woman as futanar with her own penis. The Holy Spirit (Spear writ) belongs with her, Man and God. As futanar if men do not accept Redemption according to the Will of God and the teachings of Jesus.

 Men as shemale do not represent the Holy Spirit (Spear writ), but the rebellious spirit of Satan. Futanar are Mother Nature, the Mother of the Earth responding to God and the Holy Spirit. It is Revelation. In Hungary, where I live as a teacher and writer, the Hungarian word `tanar` means teacher, that is, the Paraclete or Holy Spirit (Spear writ) as comforter, guide and helpmeet. That is why shemale is a surgical aberration on the part of serpent men who would replace woman in God`s Creation with a torture factory upon the Earth. Futanar means the Paraclete as the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) and the Glory of God as Eternal Woman, the Shekinah. This is the Wisdom and the Glory of God as described by Solomon in the Song of Songs: ` Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth. For thy love is better than wine. `(1.2)

 Man can love futanar and so can woman. Man cannot love shemale. I am man and I cannot do it. They are a surgically created or genetically unfortunate Abomination and, as God condemned and destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19), I do not accept it. It does not have the Spirit of Woman in it or only insofar as the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) is vouchsafed to watch over it. Needs God must. But shemale is men`s spirit because it`s male. Futanar is woman`s spirit because it`s Holy. Shemale is therefore a Trojan Horse. It looks like a rapprochement but actually is what is obvious from the start – to everyone but the Trojans. A tank.

 Homer`s Iliad begins `This Troy.` I always remember it as `Destroy` because that`s the story from the Horse`s point of view. It is why they call a virus a `Trojan` in computer geekspeak. Because, as a manifestation of the Spirit of the Age and a concretism, it`s AIDS. The analogy is biblical and historical. Serpent men are concerned with the destruction of the relations between Man and Woman. Agamemnon ordered the Greek ships to Troy to save Helen from her rapist Paris. Bush Sr ordered the US Army to the Gulf to rid Kuwait of its invasive bugger, Saddam (Sodom).

 Because attacks on Helen and Kuwait were perceived as an attack on freedom, Graeco-American civilization was threatened. Saddam`s wasn`t a frontal assault on the USA. Neither was the Trojan Horse a frontal assault on Troy. But the dangers were the same; contracting the virus: Saddamasochist and Saddamist, on the one hand, and showing the heel of Achilles on the other. The weakness is turning defence into sadism. Troy was destroyed but Troy was beautiful. That was the aim. Arabia is beautiful to the Arabians. The aim of the Gulf War was to destroy Saddam. Babylon is the Great Whore of the Apocalypse according to the Bible`s Revelation and Hollywood is often described as the USA`s Babylon. Why? CNN received awards for its coverage of 911 and made big bucks out of Saddam and Bush II locking antlers together – as did all of the news media and the TV and movie industries. This is Babylonian economics; I fu*k your ass, you fu*k mine: it is Saddam `ass kissed`.

 `America the Beautiful`4 is programming itself for self-destruction through penis hatred. Hatred of Woman`s penis and her `seed`. Americans hide theirs so only the gun is visible and you never even suspect that the woman has a penis or has a `seed`. She has and it`s the love of God. To deny it is to put Woman on the cross and cut out the middle man. Adam and Jesus stood between Woman and Satan. Without Man to stand between her and the Evil One, she and her child, the man of her middle, her womb, are victims of the sadomasochists. There is no Son of Man to defend her, so she has to produce a Son of Woman, who is both her Daughter and Man: futanar. With Eternal Woman within and without as both the visible and spiritual power of God, she has a defender.

 It is turning defence into offence where she is weakest. Men are naturally offensive. As a vessel, she is by nature vulnerable. That is why men are offensive. They smell bad. In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), there are four functions of consciousness; thinking; sensation, intuition, and feeling.6 The latter is, naturally, associated with the heart. Eve and God in Adam`s case. Intuition is associated with the sense of smell - as feeling is associated with kissing and the mouth. In mythic terms, the feeling heart is the American Dream of the Holy Grail and intuition is the Spear of Manifest Destiny. These functions are predominantly female (which is why men smell bad, they aren`t Godly) while sensation (Providence) and thinking (the Sword of discrimination) are masculine and are not needed; because God`s Will is Providence and fulfilment of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny is the Will of the Heart and the intuition of the Soul in accordance with the Will of God and the guidance of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) to permanence in God.


Fig. 1 Mousetrap                       2. Twin Towers, NY, 2000     3. Circular plane saw     4. Saddam I


 In Kuwait City is a giant mousetrap on the bus route of the #9 and it represents I Saddam I`s monument. The satirist`s allusion is to The Mouse That Roared (1959), a film adaptation of a novel in which a tiny country called Grand Fenwick7 declares war on the USA for illegally marketing Grand Fenwick wine (the tiny nation`s economic mainstay), `invades` New York and wins. With the original title The Wrath of Grapes it reflects upon John Steinbeck`s (1902-68) The Grapes of Wrath (1939) and comments ironically upon the role of Kuwait in the First Gulf War (1990-91) where Saddam Hussein`s Iraq, with the world`s third largest army, effectively invaded a city state. The US army removed Iraqi forces from Kuwait and so there is probably a secondary allusion to Steinbeck`s Of Mice And Men (1937), which reflects upon rape (Saddam`s 1990 invasion of Kuwait) and Saddam`s (Sodom`s) particular bent which is Saddamy and the Saddamites, which are the small mights (mites) that would make the world a sadder place rather than a better one by promulgating `might` as a piece of cheese in a trap to a mouse, that is, they might allow you to be Good and Great and Go with God forever - or they might not; which is Saddamism (Sodomism) and Saddamite (the sadistic might of sadism). Steinbeck`s Of Mice and Men is itself a reference to Robert Burns` (1759-96) poem To a Mouse (1785): `The best laid schemes of mice and men/ Go oft awry.` The Kuwaiti mousetrap indicates that it is big enough for Saddam Hussein or anyone else – and they are not sadder mites.

 It is `I Sword damn mice`, that is, I sodomise and Saddam `ass-kissed` (sado-masochist created by the Americans themselves so that they could play Jesus) who invaded Kuwait as a way of attracting the USA`s attention: `Kiss my ass!` Saddam effectively was saying. From the Kuwaiti point of view, they are the Sword o` mice. Kuwait City, from Saddam`s (Sodom`s) point of view, is a City of the planes. Where the A10 tankbusters busted his ass and his virus, New York was the `other` city that didn`t want his virus. Why didn`t Patriot missiles knock out the passenger aircraft? Because they were passenger aircraft. New York was 2000`s Pearl Harbour (1941), which was a cowardly premeditated attack on the US Navy without warning at Hawaii (not then a state), and the USA nuked Nagasaki and Hiroshima because of it (1945). 911 was an attack by terrorists on the United States at its heart and head; the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Centre; `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. The United States of America is now engaged in a war of the Spirit. The collapse of the Soviet Union was the end of the Cold War in Europe. I am a member of the Hít Gyulakazet, in Hungary, which is the Faith Church and anyone who preaches the Word of Almighty God and the power of the Holy Spirit is deemed to be a pastor. The Hít is the Spirit of God after the Cold War (1947-91).

 What might happen is about probability and the collapse of the particle wave.8 In US football the QB is the Sword of Judgement, the Sword of Might. The QB chooses what will happen, hurls the Spears of Destiny and causes the TD. In physics it has been shown that particles chooses from a plethora of possibilities, that is, they choose what is to be. It has also been shown that human consciousness can determine what choices are made. When an ego is observing, particles make choices that are different to those than when a human ego is not present. In other words, God is concerned with what human consciousness is not concerned with; but takes `time out` to consider human activity. In US football the QB often functions under pressure, takes time out and has time limits. This is described as being `under the gun`. The allusion is relevant in the sense that bullets are direct whereas particles are not. The QB ego is forced to choose more quickly. That is learning to deal with fear and terror on the field of battle, which is why it`s Soldier Field for the Bears in Barack Obama`s (1961-) home city of Chicago. The President has to have an overall perspective and is the QB for the nation. His is the Sword of the Almighty (for Whom all is possible) and the QB that throws the Spears of Destiny for the TDs that further the American Dream and Manifest Destiny.

 In particle terms, bullets are the sword o` mites. They represent AIDS and the virus the A10 tank-busters busted his ass for. We have moved on from seeing murder by shooting as `lead-poisoning`; this is the 21st century and sword o` mites are Satan`s egoists who presume to tell the Great and the Good that they should be smaller unto death. This is the message to the USA post 911. In order to destroy Saddam (Sodom), Saddam ass-kissed (sadomasochist), and Saddamism (sadism) you have to annihilate, in the way that Nagasaki and Hiroshima were annihilated, small, narrow minded bigotry. Those who hate the Great and the Good hate them because they are in God and have a bigger tree with much more fruit upon it than they have. They therefore practise `bigotry` to cut down your tree and leave the fruit to rot because they are angry in Satan. They are ire-ax sword o` mites, that is, Iraq`s Saddamites who want the Great and the Good to be sad and not happy, which is sadism or sad `em (Saddam). Here is a vilification of a pop star, and I am choosing a name at random – Dannii Minogue (1971) – and I shall surf the net and post it here to indicate the nature of the malaise: `Fans of the reality TV series the X Factor (2004-) have called for judge Danni Minogue to be sacked from the show after she appeared to question a contestant's sexuality live on air.` Dannii said: `If the reports in the paper are anything to go by maybe you didn't need to change the... [gender orientation] of the song.`9 It`s a perceptival remark from a woman`s wisdom. How many David Beckhams (1975-) does it take to put on his underwear – one. Victoria Beckham (1974-).Who`s to say that Dannii doesn`t have a penis of her own? Dannii suggests `two wise` (ii) or perhaps even the ithyphallicism of twin towers (two penis). Only the sword o` mites would object. I know of women who have had their penis cut off with an axe because of narrow minded bigoted ire-ax Saddamists (Iraq`s Saddamists). I, myself, had half my length cut off when I was a young man living with parents because I had a 12” penis and, when inflated it was painful; so my nearest and dearest summarily decided to chop it in half without reference to medicine in any way whatsoever. This is sodomite (sword o` mite) philosophy. Does Dannii Minogue have an opinion; is she showing signs of intelligence: the sword o` mites are there ready to cut off her penis (or both penis; which is sodomising her – Sodom I`s – ii - singer) and off her with their rAIDS upon her. She is `too bright` for the sword o` mites and, therefore, a Bright Dannii (Britney) Spears of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ), which is the Dream and Manifest Destiny.

 Sodomites are the swords of the mites and not those of the Mighty Sword of God Almighty`s Judgement. They are the verminate exterminate (n.) of Satan that would implement fear and terrorism `under the gun`. That is why the QB is protected in US football. Anal sex and AIDS are a metaphor for `under the gun`; it is sterility and death whereas birth is future possibility. Sperms are the particle wave, the woman`s egg is the TD, and God is the QB. God chooses. If we think of the sperms as the vehicle of the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) and the woman as the vessel of God`s future, then the sperms are the Spears of God, the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. That is why Woman is loved. God is love and does not seem to be present among us; but God is omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent and omnibenevolent: Woman.

 In Baghdad is the Saddam monument to himself as `the mother of all battles` in the shape of crossed scimitars or I Sword am I (I Saddam I). The Twin Towers in New York were I and II or I and another I. The planes were visible for a thousand miles. They were seen planes and saw plain; as plane saws they buzzed the Twin Towers, circled them as circular saws, then cut them down as eyesores. Saddam was saying to George H. Bush (1924-) `I am Saddam. Kiss my ass.` He wanted to be Saddamasochist, that is, Saddam ass-kissed (sado-masochist). Tower I and II symbolically connote the Gulf Wars I (1990-1) and II and George Bush I and George Bush II. Saddam also represents the Twin Towers symbolically as Saddam (Sodom) and Gomorrah (sado-masochism): an attempt to plunge the world into permanent terrorism before Gore (1948-) of `tomorrow` and the Nobel Peace Prize (2007). The wife of Lot was turned into a pillar of salt because she `looked back` with regret at the destruction of the Cities of the Plains (Gen: 18,19). Clearly New York is the City of the Planes. The Twin Towers are pillars of assault (ass-salt) and represent I Saddam I`s (I sodomise) and the Towers o` salt. Perhaps J.R.R. Tolkien (1892-1973) wrote it: I Saddam I`s Towers O` Salt.

 There is a woman in the Bush family that has some relevance here. Robin Bush (1949-53) was three years old when taken by the hand of God, which reminds me to be grateful for what I have; or, as the proverb has it: `a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush`. Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait although he was President of Iraq, and then instead of sympathizing with the USA after 911 he evinced support for the terrorists and Al Qaeda (1988-). He was not grateful to God. In fact, unhappy with defeat by one Bush, he wasn`t finished until defeated and executed by a second Bush. His `bird in the hand` was Iraq and he poisoned his own Kurds, which is the `poisoning of one`s own well` that is the single greatest crime in Islam. In American tradition, the `blue bird of happiness` is found in The Song of the South (1944) and it represents freedom from slavery because it is a movie about slavery and the desire for liberty; or, as the Declaration of Independance of 1776 says: `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` as cornerstones of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. The `bird in the hand` is therefore happiness; symbolized as Robin Bush in the hand of God.

 My name is Robin and the sword o` mites hate me also. The English have a nursery rhyme: Who killed cock robin? The Twin Towers in New York represent the penis (times 2). Bush I and Bush II. The birds were the planes that crashed into the Towers. Terrorists are notorious for taking hostages; it is their `bird in the hand`. Saddam Hussein was a hostage to fate; the strong man of the USA in the Middle East with the third largest military capability in the world. It has been argued that the USA should not have interfered in the region. They should have been happy with their `bird in the hand`, which is the American Life from which `liberty and the pursuit of happiness` derive. Who killed cock robin? (c. 1744) is about Robin Hood (ca. 1200-94). He is famous for being a noble of Richard I, fighting in the Crusades for Christianity and Jerusalem, before returning to England and dispossession by the sword o` mites there who disobeyed the absent King in the Holy Land.Choosing life, Robin lived in a forest close to Huntingdon, of which he was the legitimate Earl, and robbed the rich in order to assist the poorer mites. This is the legend. If the rich are to be understood as sword o` mites, then the theft is not a breaking of God`s Commandment. Because the sword o` mites are inhuman and therefore not human.


            Who killed Cock Robin?

            "Who caught his blood?" "I," said the Fish,

            "With my little dish, I caught his blood."10

`Who'll be chief mourner?` `I,` said the Dove.



 There are many symbolisms here. The fish represents Jesus in Christian iconography. But it refers to the Cave Sura (18) of the Qu`uran (610-32 CE) in which Moses and his servant Joshua travel to the Red Sea and Joshua loses the fish there in the water as he prepares their meal. Shortly thereafter Khidr appears, a wise figure who represents God. He is similar to Osiris who, in Egyptian mythology, dies as the setting sun, undergoes forgetfullness because of Set, the Evil One, who dismembering him represents the Sun Set, and Osiris reemerges as the remembered god, symbolized by the new dawn, as Horus the sky god renewed. To be `washed in the blood of the lamb` (Rev: 7.9-17) in Christian terms is to be redeemed or renewed in God through accepting the Holy Spirit (Spear writ). This is the `dish` of `blood` caught by the `fish` that is represented in the Catholic Commuion service as the wine of the spirit of Jesus` Ascension to God: the Paraclete or Holy Spirit (Spear writ) as teacher, guide and comforter. Khidr, as a figure in the Qu`uran (in which Jesus is revered as a teacher), represents God`s omniscience. Moses continual question is: `Why did you do that?` It seems irrational to Moses but Khidr`s explanations show wisdom. Khidr therefore leaves him because he is egoism.


`The two set forth, but as soon as they embarked, Moses’ companion bored a hole

in the bottom of the ship.

`A strange thing you have done! exclaimed Moses, `Is it to drown her passengers

that you have bored a hole in her?`

`Did I not tell you`, he replied, `that your would not bear with me?`

`Pardon my forgetfulness`, said Moses, "Do not be angry with me on this


They journeyed on until they fell in with a certain youth. Moses’ companion slew

him, and Moses said: `You have killed an innocent man who has done no harm.

Surely you have committed a wicked crime`.

`Did I not tell you`, he replied, `that you would not bear with me?`

Moses said: "If ever I question you again, abandon me; for then I should deserve


They travelled on until they came to a certain city. They asked the people for

some food, but the people declined to receive them as their guests. There they

found a well on the point of falling down. The other raised it up, and Moses

said; `Had you wished, you could have demanded payment for your labours`.

`Now the time has arrived when we must part`, said the other, "But first I will

explain to you those acts of mine which you could not bear with in patience.

‘Know that the ship belong to some poor fishermen. I damaged it because in their

rear was a king who was taking every ship by force.

`As for the youth, his parents both are true believers, and we feared lest he

should plague them with his wickedness and unbelief. It was our wish that their

Lord should grant them another in his place, a son more righteous and more


`As for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city whose father was an

honest man. Beneath it their treasure is buried. Your Lord decreed in His mercy

that they should dig out their treasure when they grew to manhood. What I did

not done by caprice. That is the meaning of the things you could not bear with

in patience ...`


 Moses cannot accept the wisdom of God without query. Moses is the receiver of the Commandments (Deut: 5.6-21) of God because of this. He requires rules. Moslems talk about accepting the will of God. But men are sword o` mites. They want explanations because they want to rule. They do not want to accept God`s omniscient knowledge and power as omnibenevolent and omnipresent. They want to determine with their egos, that is, the sword o` mites, and overrule God. In Revelation (19:15) the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to a child to `rule the nations with an iron sceptre`. He presses the `grapes of wrath` and `out of his mouth comes a sharp sword`. He is able to direct and prepare. The woman that gives birth is `clothed with the sun`, that is, masculinity, and has the `moon at her feet`, that is, feminity. She is therefore a complexio oppositorum of male-femaleness that could be understood as Logos, the `sharp sword` as the Word of God, and Eros the love of God. This represents the Law of God and the Word of God as acceptance of the assistance of the helpmeet as Paraclete or Holy Spirit, the guide, teacher, and comfort of God that is Eternal Woman within and without (Love). She could be understood as a psychologically male-female bisexuality but also as that one creature in God that is depicted in Genesis as `Male and female he created them both` (1.27), that is, he created Adam and Eve as both male and female (Eve was created from Adam`s side – as the Paraclete was from Jesus` consequent to Longinus` Caesarean – so before that s/he was Hermaphrodite), which is physical bisexuality and the Woman that the child with the iron sceptre is ruling for.

 The child `clothed with the sun` is the Woman who, with `the moon at her feet`, rules with the `iron scepter`. She is Neil Armstrong (1930-) there upon the moon as Everyman because the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) is there. In Oops I Did It Again (2000) Britney Spears appears on Mars. She is Britney, the Strong Lamb of God (Brit-Neil Arm Strong and the QB that Spears in a TD on Mars). Britain helped the USA in the Gulf, as did Saudi Arabia`s King Fahad (1921-2005), Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca (wherein is the Qa`baa, the tomb of Abraham, father of Israel and Islam) and the Sword of Islam, which is Zulfiqar, a bifurcated weapon with two blades that belonged to the Prophet Mohammed and son Ali (`float like a butterfly, sting like a bee; your hands can`t hit what your eyes can`t see` - Mohammed Ali). Britannia Lamb Strong or Britain `kneel` Arm Strong is Queen Elizabeth II`s (1926-) Britney Spears: `Miss American Dream` since 1776. She is the Strong Arm of the Lamb of God and Her Majesty`s government`s Knight of God. This is Revelation.

 As Robin myself, I am what the sword o` mites hate. Someone who knows them. They plagiarise, steal and threaten my relationships with God and the Holy Spirit (Spear writ) that is Eternal Woman on the grounds that I should be giving them what I have because they`re poor mites who need aid; in fact they`re sword o` mites (Sodomites) and, like Saddam, would put a bullet in me and mine to speed up their AIDS infection. Their effect is visible wherever I go; played your eyes and sore dumb eyes: plagiarise and sodomise. The sword o` mites are at the rear – at your back, dad (Baghdad) - where the Founding Fathers of Satanism – your dads - are working your creative butt until your eyes are sorry. The only thing innacurate about the crucifixion of Jesus is that Longinus` spear is cutting open the side of Jesus to reveal the Second Eve as the American Dream that is the Holy Spirit as Glory of God and Eternal Woman within and without. His allowing men to put him on the cross is their last chance at Redemption if they do not accept his teachings and the guidance of the Paraclete which is the Holy Spirit (Spear writ). Jesus ` ass is too well protected from a sadist`s point of view. But Longinus the sadist is being offered a final chance. He is looking for the Shekinah, the Eternal Woman from the side of the Second Adam. To torture? It is to be hoped not. What is absent from the crucifixion scene (but is implicit) is Longinus` spear up Jesus` ass. The tree of the `Knowledge of Good and Evil` at the back of Jesus defends his ass and remains good, but the branch of the spear that represents the penis of Sodom is the evil aspect of the tree and the serpent in it. The Spear of Longinus is analogous to the bullet from a gun and AIDS is a metaphor for the causal connection. Guns are sword o` mites` weapons. That is why God condemns sodomy. `Thou shalt not kill.` is translatable as `Thou shalt not sodomise.` Bullets are faster and AIDS is slower but the metaphor is accurate. Getting a penis into a tight anus is a squeeze and their is no product other than a sperm that shall not prosper. Squeezing a trigger to put a bullet into someone has the same result. But the sperm had prospered. The sword o` mite has decided it won`t. Sodomy and AIDS is therefore a metaphor for the killing and death of human beings by an agency that is not human, Satan, and Evil.

 Men will always use their sword to take. It is a weapon of discrimination. `I will provide for myself and not care about your belly.` It is a misogynist recipe that prevents the future. As John Lennon wrote; `Woman is the nigger of the world.`11 Men`s swords discriminate against her. The symbol of Saddam I in Baghdad were crossed swords; the symbol of the `mother of battles`. I am the sadist Saddam I. Eye Sword damn eye. I Sword damn I. It is about Truth. Witnessing the truth by speaking it in accordance with the Word of God and the teachings of Jesus as promulgated by the Glory of God that is the Holy Spirit as Eternal Woman within and without. The sword o` misers would keep the truth from being revealed. They `sword damn eyes` or damn our eyes with their swords so that the truth cannot be seen. Saddam Miser (Sodomiser) was an enemy of Islam because of what happened to the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre. The planes were the swords of the Miser of Truth, the Sword o` Miser (Sodomiser). The Americans have an expression, `to dumb down`, which means to prevent the Word of Truth from emerging from the Well of the wealth of the knowledge of the Holy Spirit and the teachings, guidings, and comfortings of the Paraclete that is God`s love for humankind and its helpmeet in the shape of Woman within and without.

 Poisoning the well (or attempting to poison the well) is a logical fallacy where adverse information about a target is pre-emptively presented to an audience, with the intention of discrediting or ridiculing everything that the target person is about to say. `Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword` it says of the child that rules for Woman with an `iron scepter` in Revelation. Saddam the Miser did not want there to be words of truth between Christianity and Islam. He wanted to `dumb down` the dialogue and strike at Peace and Prosperity with the Sword Dumbizer (Sodomiser). The Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre were eyesores to Saddam (Saddam eyesores) to be cut down by the eye saws (Saddam eye saws) of the planes (plane saws) to ensure that Islam, Christianity and Judaism remained `economical with the Truth`. It was a `pre-emptive attack` with the intention of `discrediting` everything Islam – the real `target` - had to say. Moslems accept Jesus as their foremost teacher after the Prophet Mohammed in the Qu`uran, and the Shekinah that is the Spirit of God in the Talmud, which is the Holy Spirit that is from Jesus` side as the Paraclete given to humankind as its omnipresent teacher. This is the foundation of Peace between religions that only seem wide apart in the Aftermath of 911 and, in fact, poisoning the wellspring of this truth of the Glory of God that is Eternal Womanliness within and without in Islam as well as everywhere else, was the actual focus of the Spirit of Evil that had begun its activities in Kurdistan in 1988 with Saddam Hussein`s poisoning of his own people, the Kurds (the Anfal Campaign) – symbolically in the heartland of the Arabian Knights` Saladin – and was compounded in the invasion of Kuwait in 1990 (in which Saddam ignobly attacked his neighbor) before its culmination in the terrorist attack on New York`s Twin Towers in 2000 for which he and Islam were generally condemned.

 The Sodomiser Saddam - the Miser of Truth - was the one who wanted to prevent the Sword of Truth from being heard. `Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword,` it says in Revelation. Obviously the Word of God is spoken, is written, and is visible. Those who want us to cast down our eyes in the light of Truth want `sore dumb eyes` (Sodomise). They would cut out the light from the windows of our souls with the sword that dumbs (Sword Dumb, Sodom). Being silenced by the Sword Dumbites is what the ones who do not want you to see or speak, or write the truth are. Woman`s breast is called a Pacifier when it is a Word in the mouth of a child, but a `dummy` in the mouth is Word dummy (Sword dummy). It is a metaphor. In the USA, if someone has a behavioural problem, the question is: `What`s wrong with that dummy?` The answer, generally, is that `he must be sore about something` (Sore dummy). He has evil spirits. An infant imbibes the Holy Spirit from the woman`s breast. To `pacify` means to subdue and someone who is unable to speak , read or write, is pacified. That is why an infant`s dummy is a `pacifier`. It is a dummy Sword (Sodomy`s Sword). Truth cannot be spoken because the Holy Spirit has absented itself; or has been denied. A Pacifier is also a gun in American culture; and therefore the Sword – dummy!

 In some States of the Union oral sex is `sodomy` according to statute. The standard joke amongst men is that cocksucking stops their women from speaking. It is a Pacifier. Just as a dummy (sodomy) is a baby`s `pacifier`. The Sword of the miser is he who wants to keep the truth for himself. He`s a `dumbiser` who doesn`t want you to speak or know. The dummy and the fellatio are therefore a parody of what the Mighty Sword of the Dumb wants to do. It is training for suicide, which the sadist wants for you. To create masochists who will hurt themselves. Jesus on the cross is a prototype but it is not enough for the sadist. God`s omnipresence means that God perceives with the eyes of those that have the Holy Spirit in them; so murdering others is murdering yourself and being aware of it. That is what sadists do.



 Recently Britney Spears released the song: `If I had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?` as Hold It Against Me, and I couldn`t hear it. There was a great song there but it`d been produced by a `sad, dumb mite` and didn`t have good, sound bites. The title of the song is also about holding grudges, or about the penis. If one is possessed of the Holy Spirit, as I am after full water baptism immersion in `94 in Debrecen, Hungary, at the Faith Church, then one has God`s eyes and can perceive that those who hate you for past misdemanours in their eyes, are attacking those who also have the Holy Spirit in them, which is the omnipresence of God, and that those whom they are attacking is you, as the Greater Self that is God Almighty. Britney`s `hangers on` have been accused of abusing her, and `sad dumb eyes singer` is how she appears. The image I have of her is of her holding her child against her as it`s hat falls off and, ignoring the hat, runs to her car as the paparazzi snap at her. Afterwards, she is accused of endangering her child, but the hat was the only miscreant upon the scene.

 Britney lost custody of her child because it`s hat fell off and, perceived as a poor dumb mite, the Mighty Sword of Judgement decided, as the dumb mite`s Sword, that the hat was more important than the obvious fact that a billionaire was not likely to need welfare to feed her infant. This is Sword Dumb Might (Sodomite) and not the Sword of Judgement of God Almighty. Back stabbing is what the sodomites do. A dagger is not a sword. A condom is a sheath, so a penis is a sword. Spears are of a different order; they represent the Holy Spirit from the side of Eden`s Adam as Eve and the Paraclete from the side of Jesus as the Second Adam as Eternal Woman who is the Glory of God within and without. Spears point to immortality. `Spears. The Final Frontier`, as it might say in Star Trek (1965-). Leaving Earth behind and the `serpent` and its `seed` with its head `bruised` by her `heel` as she leaves for the stars. The Sword may go with her, but not the daggers of the sword o` mites who remain mighty petty egos (mites) here; their tiny parasitical minds and the egotistical grudges that they hold, preventing the talented from escaping them and the Promised Lands of God`s Kingdom amongst the stars kept as a chimera to tease the wannabes that succeeded, were backstabbed, and became `might have beens` again.

 Arabian popstar Suzanne Tamim, 31, was found brutally murdered in her Dubai apartment on July 28 at the Rimal Towers in Dubai in 2008. A Sword damn`s eyes; it is a damner of eyes. If the Holy Spirit is omnipresent in those who accept the Glory of God then the evil can be seen and destroyed by those who see with the eyes of God. If the eyes of the Holy Spirit had been watching over her then we would know who murdered her. Because those who have the eyes of the Holy Spirit that is omnipresent in them are able to see what is happening with each other. Those who seek to prevent their identity being perceived are therefore evil criminals who murder those with the Holy Spirit in them and are the Swords that `damn eyes`. Saddam Hussein was a Damn Sword and he didn`t want America`s eyes on Iraq. As Adam`s Sword he is damning the eyes of Man, which is what the Angel with the Flaming Sword did at Eden when Man was expelled for eating fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve were told they could not return to Paradise. It is analogous to the story of Lot`s wife who looked back at Sodom and was turned into a pillar of salt. Saddam is saying that he will cut off the eyes of Man and Woman`s penis if you look at him. The serpent has eyes and they are poisonous; boys owners: Saddam`s Republican Guard were his boy sons (poisons). I am an English language teacher trained to teach men, particularly in Arabia, and what you notice is that they like to be seen by other men while their women wear the one-piece coverall, the Abiya. Only their eyes can be seen, and men other than their husbands are not supposed to look at them. Because they are the eyes of the Holy Spirit or Shekinah that watches over you. Men do not. They are Saddam Might (Saddamite). They might let you see, but they won`t let you speak of what you`ve seen. The eyes are the windows of the soul and sad damn (Saddam) is the sadist`s damning of the love of the Holy Spirit for the vessel she dwells within. If she is permitted to see, but is unable to speak, she cannot love; and it is the role of the Shekinah, in Judaism and Islam, to speak as the guide, comforter, teacher and helpmeet that is the Paraclete emergent from Jesus` side as the Second Adam upon Christ`s crucifixion and Ascension. This is Sword dumbite and Sad damn eyes. It is God`s word that the Woman`s heel shall bruise the head of the serpent. Presumably when she leaves Earth and does not return to Paradisal Eden from which the Angel with the Flaming Sword has denied her.

 As it is written in the biblical Revelation, silenced by the Sword dumbizers: `Out of his mouth comes a sharp sword` and it says of the child that rules with an `iron sceptre` for Woman. He is the Mighty Sword of God`s Truth. She is the sadists` masochist if there is no God to defend her. Sadists prey upon her caring and make her care more; it is their `game` to hurt her and her daughters: in whatever way they can. Only when her daughters use the spirit that is in them for good Judgement is the Sword of God in the hands of right is might and not might be right (which is useless to the murdered, and equally useless to the murderer who shall have unendurable eternal pain forever because they though Sword Dumb Might was `cool`). Sword Dumb Might is the ethos of much of the movie industry in which figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger (1947-) in Terminator (1984) devastate people and peoples lives. This is a form of teaching that translates itself into what are called `snuff movies` in which people are murdered for the entertainment of sadists. God`s daughters can accept what God provides without seeking to discriminate against others. They are the Mighty Swords, the Long Spears and the Wingéd Eagles of God. Touchdown. In the name of the Holy Spirit, and Old Glory. Amen.



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