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Low bottom eyes

01/01/2012 12:09

Low bottom eyes


An ass-as-sin is someone who wants to put their penis in your ass: ass - as - sin. Those who want to do this are men, and so they are evil homosexuals, which is why AIDS is the plague of the 21st Century. The concept of the ass-fucking killer began in Arabia in Afghanistan with Hassan-i-Sabbah, the Old Man of the Mountain, and the penis is the knife in the ass of the 21st Century. It begin on 9/11 when the `Big Apple`, the city of Adam and Eve was attacked. It was Saddam`s apple (not Adam`s), according to the ass-as-sins, who traditionally believe they go to Paradise. New York`s `apple` was, then, a target for the Evil One, the `serpent` of Eden who God told there would be `enmity` between its `seed` and Woman`s. (Gen: 3.15)



 If we interpret the `seed` of the `apple` as the fruit of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil` (Gen: 2.9), woman`s seed is good and men`s is evil; unless they accept Redemption. Jesus offered it after his crucifixion upon the cross before his Ascension. (1 Jonh: 2.1) There Longinus pierced Christ`s side and, effectively, the Paraclete emerged therefrom - as Eve emerged from Adam`s side - the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` (Matt: 27.54) preparing humanity for the new heaven and Earth created by God after the reappearance of the serpent full grown as the red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the future in the form of the child born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18).

 The dragon is Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) who, with the world`s 3rd largest army given to him by the USA, back-stabbed his own Moslem people in Kurdistan1 (poison gas) and Kuwait (the rape of Kuwait), then the USA on 9/11 in which `civil` aircraft politely gained admittance to US airspace and, without announcing their `wrong sexual orientation`, `crashed` the US` defence system - hacking into the Twin Towers and `penetrating` the Pentagon using the virus paradigm as airAIDS and `moving up` from sodomy, that is, the place of homosexuality (Sodom) destroyed in the Bible by God (Gen: 18,19), to back-stabbing ass-as-sins, which is `dad`s bag`, the city of Saddam (Baghdad).

 Dad`s `bag` is, of course, the testicle sack which contains the AIDS virus, and dad`s `bags` are carried by the ass-as-sins that work for the Old Man of the Mountain, who traditionally works from Afghanistan and was the `second beast` of Revelation, Osama Ben Ladan (1957-). Dad`s `bag` is to put a penis in your ass or a knife in your back (Bagh!), the slow death of AIDS or the quick one of assassination, which is why Iraq is the place of ancient Babylon, city of `Abominations` decried in Revelation as evil.

 Iraq is pronounced `eye rack`, and `bag` in US slang means someone`s predeliction, so New York is the `apple` of the eye` of Adam, who is Eve. A `rack` is a torture apparatus upon which the victim is torn apart, and a woman`s `rack` in America refers to her breasts. 9/11 was a threat to the American Dream of `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, which is innocence, progress and development without threat. In other words, Woman`s back was being eyed by the ass-as-sins because they`re homosexual and aren`t interested in her face, eyes, breasts or love.



 In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is torn apart by an evil set, but he is put together again. In Western optometry, the Iris is the part of the eye that contains the pupil, and she is a goddess in Egyptian mythology. If New York is the `apple` of Adam`s eye - Eve, then it is from Iraq that the Evil One came to tear apart the `apple`, which is a term often used to describe the `third eye`.

 As it says in Revelation, `let him that hath wisdom have understanding`. Wisdom is not enough. Revelation asks us to decipher 666, which is `the number of the beast`. It is simply `sickness` multiplied, that is, AIDS; a `Trojan horse` in terms of humanity`s systems and which is multiplied by computer `hackers` as `Trojan` viruses, for example, in antithetical contradistinction to the eternal life God promised to the `seed` of Abraham and his descendants. He was old when the promise was given, and he impregnated his wife Sarah`s maid because God didn`t want further `child labour` for Sarah, which is understandable – in terms of an older woman pregnant; but `child labour` may alse be construed as slavery and God doesn`t want it.

 God told Eve that childbirth would be `painful` and men have forced Woman, who is the Creator`s Producer and Product – Civilization – to work for them. Hagar (Gen: 16. 1-16) represents the beginnings of the fulfilling of the `enmity` of the woman`s `seed` for the `serpent`s seed`, that is, men`s enslavement. As she who `bruises the head of the serpent with her foot` , Woman leaves Earth in Revelation to be `fruitful and multiply` herself as `numberless as the dust` in the new heaven created by God.

 This is Gnosticism, which is interpretation of the Bible in accordance with `wisdom and understanding` derived from a correct application of the `third eye`, which is the `apple of Eve` and Western culture attacked by Al Qaeda as New York`s `Big Apple` on 9/11. In Egyptian mythology,2 Osiris is torn apart by the evil set, but put together again by Isis, who`s his sister-wife, that is, the `sister of the I` or ego. It was Saddam`s Iraq that supported the attack on Adam and Eve`s city, that is, their rack and torture.

 Iraq is pronounced `eye rack` in the USA and `ear rack` in England, which connotes the tutelary spirit of the Paraclete`s Word of God in our ears and the notion in Egyptian mythology that Isis puts together Osiris by means of the eye, which is the `pupil` in Western terms. She is able to collect all of the pieces of Osiris except the penis, which denotes the importance of desire and of the Woman`s `rack` - her breasts – in arousal. The Paraclete is the spirit of God and all art is hers, so she is the memory through whom God is put together after her work is comtupleted. In the Christian tradition that work is Redemption, which is why the `eye rack` of her body – her breasts - is important. If the Paraclete is in all of us, then she can be remembered. This is what Isis does with her `pupil` Osiris. He loves her and she puts him together through his desire for Woman after the world of men has torn him apart on its `rack`, which in the 21st Century was the war with Iraq and the `terror from the skies` over New York prophesied by Nostradamus (1503-66)3.

 Traditionally, those who advocate pre-emptive strikes are `hawks` in the USA whereas the Paraclete is the `dove`. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is God and, restored, is Horus, the sky god, that is, what is described in Revelation as a `new heaven and Earth`, and Horus  is represented as a hawk. It was Saddam`s conceit that he was the `sky god`, but Arabs hide their women and don`t want anyone to see their breasts, which is why they`re more prone to homosexuality and back-stabbing; because they want the woman to turn away from them and are encouraged to turn away from her towards each other (which is also largely true in Christianity where much emphasis is placed on `brotherly love`). New York is the city of Eve where her eyes and her breasts encourage embraces, which lead to God`s love and Redemption. As it says in The Song of Songs `Thou art all fair my love, there is no spot in thee.` Woman is not a disease. Iraq means `eye rack`, the eyes torn apart on the rack of torture; whereas New York is the love of God`s Woman, Eve. The `hawk` of Horus is, then, he who defended the USA on 9/11 and initiated the `war on terror`, who is the holder of the office of the President of the United States of America.



 The motto of the US is `E pluribus unum`, `the one and the many`, which is the notion that God is in all of us. But God isn`t in the spirit of the ass-as-sin, who is the ass-fucking, homosexual, AIDS-spreading, back-stabber`s paradigm, which is represented by Saddam Hussein and Osama Ben Ladan as the `twin beasts` of Revelation, that is, sick-sick-sicks (666). It happened on 9/11, the `twin beasts` attack on the Twin Towers in 2001, and 911 is the phone number for the police in the USA. A neat reversal. Especially if we recall that, in much of the rest of the world, 999 is the phone number of the police, and that the `bullies` are Saddam, Osama, and the rest of the world`s terrorist organizations; some of whom are police states - Colonel Gadhaffi`s Libya, for example.

 Many of the world`s special forces have the symbol of the knife, which is the betrayal of the back-stabber. The British have their SAS, because a part of their tradition is that they are trained against terrorist ass-as-sins. In effect, they are as-sas-sins. It`s the difference between being professional and looking professional. The terrorist assassins of 9/11 looked professional insofar as they had disguised themselves as `civil` aircraft and so do the women suicide bombers with their payload hidden under their abiyahs in Baghdad, whereas the SAS anti-terrorists that ended the Iranian hostage siege in South Kensington, London, in 1980; or those who liquidated three IRA terrorists (Danny McCann, Séan Savage, and Mairéad Farrell) on the Rock of Gibraltar in 1988 in `Operation Flavius` were professional. The British SAS perceive Hungary as their `training ground`, but `sas` means `eagle` in Hungarian, and the USA is the `eagle`. In other words, you have to be eagles, that is, as-SAS-sins, to mount covert operations in order to deal with ass-as-sins, because they represent the sins that cannot be forgiven but result in perdition.

 The CIA have been known to `take down` an operator for no reason other than supervisors` personalities. But, on 9/11, the hijacked aircraft of Flight 93 on its way to either the Capitol or the Whitehouse was `taken down` by some or all of its passengers and was forced to crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. In other words, `taking down` should be about the perception of good and evil, not .decision making based on personality clashes because, if we are to accept that In God We Trust, we have to positively reinforce good and not evil. Prince Charles (1948-) was once told to accept a homosexual valet by Princess Diana (1961-97), and he accepted but wasn`t sanguine. Homosexuals are trained as diplomats by the British Foreign Office, because of their detachment. But, if you`re detached from Woman, 9/11 s happen, that is, if you`re not interested in women you might as well be dead, and they`re not - so they kill her and themselves.



 It isn`t inappropriate for special forces to use the dagger as a symbol, because it`s an ass-as-sin`s weapon, which is what 666 means. If you advocate the dagger, you are a proponent of sodomy, AIDS, back-stabbing, torture and terrorism, and not God`s love, which Woman clearly offers everywhere in the Western hemisphere. It`s spineless cowardice to refuse her, or a `declaration of interdependence` with men which is the sterility and death of their viral strain rather than the love of God through her embraces.

 Men are a species going into extinction without Woman who has her own penis and doesn`t need them in order to leave Earth and spread her `seed` amongst the stars in heaven as God foretold to her as Eve and, later, to Sarah and Hagar, the woman by her `side`. Without Woman as the Creator`s Producer and Product, men are sterile ass-fuckers, and whether you accept that AIDS is a homosexual plague or not, AIDS` transmission by anal sex is non-reproductive, sterile and, because of its meaning, indicative of a death wish for the participants or upon those others they spread their `contagion` to in the form of a dagger in the ass or in the back.

 The aim of the plague is a part of the `play games` system of the planet in which men beat the woman to death. She offers the love in her eyes, the beauties of her breasts and the love between her thighs and her arms, and their `clubs` are where they gather together in order to stab her in the ass and, perhaps later, the back (cf. Jennifer Lopez in Enough 2002) - and `it`s the beating she don`t need`.. She has her own penis, which is what God has created for her – species` separation as futanar. As a woman she can reproduce with her own penis. She doesn`t need an ass, but men seem to want it. In her Piece of Me (2007) video Britney Spears (1982-) plays a `piece of ass` who complains of a `picture of my derriere in the magazine`. They have eyes for her ass - `low bottom eyes` - and she`s the representative archetypal blonde who, never dumb enough (Jean Harlow [1911-37], Marilyn Monroe [1926-62], Anne Nicole Smith [1967-2007]), men want to `lobotomize`. She is important because of the American Dream, the Spear of Destiny (which is Longinus`), her name Britney Spears, and the longed for fulfilment of the USA`s Manifest Destiny.


Al Qaeda`s hijacked planes went in like lobotomy tweezers on the world`s business centre


 Britney`s seen as a `piece of ass`, so she`s men`s `low bottom eyes singer`, but she`s lobotomy pluribus unum. A piece of God to be put together with the other pieces of God that are the memory of humanity as the Paraclete, God`s tutelary spirit. This means that those who see her as a `dumb blonde` are lobotomys. They are not a `piece of God` to be remembered. But obviously they advocate lobotomys – or her genius wouldn`t be perceived as being that of a `dumb blonde`. It`s about `dumbing down`. Intelligence is threatening to the evil. In terms of spiritual development, the chakra at the base of the spine, muladhara, is the lowest and is associated with work and family. There are seven chakras and the highest is above the crown of the dead and represents higher spiritual power, which is the `God connection`, as it were. Reducing people to lower chakra levels is, therefore, the work of lobotomizers rather than the work of Redemption. Saddam Hussein`s (1937-2006) attack on the Twin Towers in 2001 represented an attempt to lobotomize the USA, that is, remove her `third eye` situated at chakra six, the ajna in the forehead associated with `Intuition`. In Jungian psychology, `Intuition` is one of the four functions of consciousness; the others being `Thinking`, `Sensation` and `Feeling`. The spear is a symbol of `Intuition` in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). Hence Britney`s appearance on the cross on the cover for Piece of Me. She represents both the Paraclete from Jesus` side and a foreshadowing of the dangers of BDSM; the torture and terrorism Jesus` crucifixion defies before his Ascension. The Paraclete`s mission ensues after Longinus cuts open Jesus` side with `the Spear of Destiny` that represents the `will of God` and the USA`s Manifest Destiny amongst the stars in heaven.



` Manifest Destiny is only possible if Man accepts Redemption through Woman as the visible and tangible presence of the Paraclete as God`s love, which is in each of us that accepts her as the Holy Spirit. If not, then the Paraclete, represented by Britney Spears, will remember what she wants and leave with it, which is in fact the fulfilment of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny in accordance with the will of God as it is revealed. Woman has her own penis and can spread her `seed` to the stars without the contagion of fear and hatred that comes from being stabbed in the ass - as a sometimes prelude to being stabbed in the back (9/11). This is why Jesus rejects BDSM. He is not a masochist and men are his sadistic torturers. He is bound and submissive upon the cross while they dominate and torment him. There is his Ascension and, in Revelation, he returns with the Sword, which is what his teachings prepare Woman for. To teach and accept Redemption for herself and her children. Because the notion here upon the Earth is that men create everything because they have a penis.

 The truth is that Woman is the Creator`s Producer and Product – Civilization – and men are fertilizer. This is what the Egyptian myth explains. Ra, the Egyptian variant of God, is incarnated in Osiris, who is `risen` every year when the crops grow and, when the growing season ends, Osiris is buried and is expected to arise again the following yorear. In other words, men are fertilizers of Woman, but it is only fertilizer that they represent as corpses that, decaying release `goodness` into the soil – and AIDS spreading queers are evil pieces of shit. As Britney Spears sings in Piece of Me: `You wanna piece of me?` Either accept God`s love and Redempton, which she represents on the cross in her Jesus pose, or be a `piece of shit` ogling her ass with the intention of spreading your virus of death.

 Isis` remembering of Osiris as the `sky god`, that is, heaven, is the immortality of the resurrected Jesus. This is supported by Osiris` dismemberment by the evil set resulting in the loss of his penis and Jesus` seeming celibacy before his Ascension. In other words, desire for love – Woman – is vital if one wants eternal life. In the Egyptian myth, Isis is Ascension while, in Christianity, she`s God`s love as the memory of Civilization, that is, the spirit of God and,. in Revelation, Christ returns as the archetypal hero to save her with the Sword. She`s the `bride` (Rev: 19. 7-9) and God creates a new heaven and Earth for her to dwell in with `the Son of Man` (Matt: 26.64) of whom Longinus says:


`Surely this was the Son of God.`


 Osiris is the `son of God` in Egyptian mythology. Isis is his `bride` and he ascends as the `sky god`. Jesus returns with the Sword and, effectively, takes his `bride` to heaven while God gives the evil set perdition and creates a new Earth. It is a tradition of the `man God` who is born everywhere and does not know himself until it is time for him to be remembered by God.

 The rememberer of the `man God` is Woman which, in the Christian myth, is the Paraclete, and in the Old Testament is the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35) which dwells in the tents that contain the commandments of God`s law in the Ark of the Covenant because she is the spirit of God which, in the New Testament, becomes God`s love (Luke: 10.27) and the tutelary spirit that is the Paraclete as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`. In short, she`s the art of God and her `pupil` is the `man God` who, in Christianity, is the Anthropos or `First Man`, that is, the complexio oppositorum which is the original hermaphroditic unity of Adam from whose side Eve emerged.

 Jesus is, then, the man without a woman whose side is cut open by the spear of Longinus where, effectively, Eve has been residing while she waits to perform her role as Paraclete. He is the `Second Adam` - as she is the `Second Eve` and the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to the child that is the future is the complexio oppositorum that denotes the reunion of Adam and Eve as Woman with her own penis. It is a further aspect of Redemption, because the child of the future is male and `rules the nations with an iron scepter`, that is, he enforces God`s law, which is God`s love according to Jesus.

 Woman as futanar has her own penis and does not need men, but she can produce male children as well as female and futanar, which means that man may have Redemption but Woman does not need men. She can exist as a separate species and Woman can be free of the yoke of slavery. This is why Jesus speaks of the `narrow door`. He was born of a virgin, but it is about as easy for men to be accepted into the Kingdom of God as it is for Jesus to be born by parthenogenesis. Woman has her own penis and, `clothed with the sun`, she represents Ra, the sun god of Egyptian mythology, while `the moon at her feet` is Isis and her son would be Osiris `risen` as Horus, the `sky god` and `hawk` who watches over her before she leaves the Earth for the starry Empyrean and `bruises the head of the serpent with her foot` as she leaves. Jesus is the Sword that brings perdition to the evil, and although Presidents Bush I (1990-1) and II (2001-3) presided over the Gulf Wars and the declaration of the `War on Terror` (2003), and Barack Obama (1961-) presided over the deposition of Colonel Gadhaffi`s (1942-) Libya (2011), whoever shall preside over the new Earth in heaven shall be in God and Man still has to accept Redemption, and God`s love who is Woman; or Manifest Destiny shall not be fulfilled.

 Martin Luther King (1929-68) said `I have a dream`,4 and John F. Kennedy (1917-63) was murdered in Dallas by ass-as-sin – as the Twin Towers of New York were cut down by ass-as-sins. Their target was American Woman and the American Dream of Manifest Destiny by means of the spreading of terror, the 21st Century`s paradigm of sodomy and back-stabbing, the millennium that began with airAIDS on New York and the Pentagon by aircraft that were `civil` long enough to disguise their true `sexual` orientation; the back-stabbing homosexual who doesn`t love Woman physically and, therefore, `not really`.

 Psychologically profiled is the traitor and the terrorist; the one who advocates torture and torment towards women in BDSM, and who practises sodomy in order to release AIDS upon us as the slow or quick death of the ass-as-sins. Those who murdered Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy and whose target is the Creator`s Producer – Woman - and her best Product (Abraham Lincoln [1809-65], Robert F. Kennedy [1925-68] etc.). Essentially, this is murdering people who might have helped everyone to be `grown up`. The evil set are paedophiles who want to keep us ignorant of their true intentions; to slowly murder us or murder us quickly if we show signs of progress and development in our innocence.



 The American Dream of Manifest Destiny is `fulfilment under threat` if America cannot continue without being threatened. The danger is to her children who are being kept in ignorance of the true meaning of the events taking place in the world around them, which is the working out of Redemption for those who accept Woman and God`s love, or who shall receive perdition for practising evil upon her.


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