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Shekinah Thing

01/01/2012 12:46

Shekinah Thing


In the Catholic Communion Service, `bread and wine` are taken by the congregation from the hands of the priest in toke of Jesus` `body and blood` and his Redemption of them through his murder by the Romans during the occupation of Palestine when he was nailed to a wooden cross and tortured to death before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. The priest`s wafer is `the host`, because Jesus was the host at the `Last Supper`, where he gave `bread and wine` to his disciples, as symbols of his `body and blood`. Judas betrayed the host be giving Jesus over to the Romans as a dissident speaking against the Roman Empire, and so the wine symbolizes his spirit, that is, the Holy Spirit, which before his Resurrection and Ascension Jesus promised would teach after him. (1 John: 2. 1). The host is the body taught by the indwelling Holy Spirit, through what developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) called the ego-personality and the soul. Although the practice of `testing the spirits to see if they are evil` (1 John: 4. 1), suggests evil spirits can infect the host as parasites.

 In Christian thought the Holy Spirit is perceived to be that of Jesus returning to Earth in order to continue teaching; but the Shekinah that dwelt in the Jewish tabernacle, where the Ark of the Covenant containing the tablets of the law of Moses was kept, was known as the glory of God and travelled with the Jews during their exodus out of slavery in Egypt (Ex: 40. 35) and was female. Consequently, the Shekinah is soul and spirit, because she`s the yearned for `woman`s seed`:


`How fair and how pleasant art thou, O love, for delights.` (The Song Of Songs: 7. 6)


 Wherever woman shows wisdom, she is `Shekinah`, and `Shekinah` is present where man yearns for her. The Roman guard at Jesus` crucifixion, Longinus, pierced the side of Jesus with his spear (Matt: 27.54) because the first woman Eve was from the first man Adam`s rib, according to the Bible, and Jesus was known as the `Second Adam` because the `Second Eve` was to emerge from his side as the `Shekinah`, or spirit of Eve renewed as the Holy Spirit. Jesus is called by the Christian church `the bridegroom` (Matt: 9. 15), while the church is `the bride`, because `woman`s seed` is `Shekinah`.

 The problem arises when the Holy Spirit is preached as male, that is, `washed in the blood of the lamb,` (Rev: 12. 11) is imagery more provoking of war than forgiveness; especially as Jesus was murdered. However, it`s the meaning of Jesus` birth as a man uncontaminated from his mother, the Virgin Mary, prefiguring the Resurrection and Ascension of `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` women with their own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers to liberate them from parasitism that is Redemption, while men must repent and convert from their sin of enslavement through murder to be redeemed by Jesus` blood.

 The teaching of the Paraclete isn`t the parasitical thinking of evil spirits that want the body for its host, and the wine of the love of the Shekinah as a slake for its bloodthirstiness. The body is the host of the Shekinah but sidling parasites aren`t beside the host of God.

 Men who hate women are misogynists, who`re attracted to the tormented figure of Jesus upon the cross, because he`s the first of `woman`s seed`. The archetype appears throughout human history. France`s Joan of Arc (ca. 1412-31), who fought the English and had faith in God, was burned by the French themselves as a witch. Christ-like figures are tortured for being womanlike, because they should be.

 In war men die as the host of the Shekinah and with the Shekinah by their side, because parasites want the host womb of women. World War One (1914-18), for example, was engineered by homosexuals who pried women away from men to make whores, which is why homosexuals are called `faggots` after the `dead wood` (Ps: 141.7) of the Bible, which is useful only for starting conflagrations, because homosexuals want to be parasites upon the human host without the wine of the love of the Shekinah to guide.

 In the Gulf war (2003-) Saddam Hussein`s fire fight with the United States was begun by his terrorist group Al Qaeda`s crashing of hijacked planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre as an act of `rough trade` designed to precipitate that homosexual brutality and violence associated with men`s socio economic enslavement of women to war in parasitism. Consequently, Al Qaeda were `dead wood`. The United States opening of an internment camp for US Moslems at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba reflected badly upon the United States as the reason cited for the invasion to depose Saddam Hussein in March 2003 was his attacking his own people in Kurdish Iraq.



 The New Colossus is a sonnet by Emma Lazarus (1849-87), written in 1893 and, in 1903, engraved on a bronze plaque and mounted inside the statue of Liberty in New York harbor:


`Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!`


 The Twin Towers, completed in 1971 as the symbol of free enterprise, were where the Gulf war conflagration started. Although Liberty holds a naked torch, the American Dream is of Manifest Destiny, because Longinus` spear that birthed the Shekinah from the side of Jesus, as the renewed ancient teaching spirit of humankind, was known as the spear of destiny, that is, the Shekinah was destiny to come.

 In the pop song,`Piece of Me` (2007), Britney Spears sings, `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` The `American Dream` since 1776`s Independence Declaration from the British Empire of George III  is progress and development, which is why Britney Spears` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` sings, `I`m not that innocent.` Because destiny to come needs wisdom as a guide.



 The Shekinah appears in the Koran of Islam`s Prophet Mohamed, dictated by the angels of God, according to Moslem tradition, where she`s `certainty` in `The Cow` Sura 2 (l. 248), `Repentance` (9, l. 26, 40), and `Victory` (48, l. 4, 18, 26), because the worship of Satan isn`t certain to transpire upon the Earth. The modern symbol of Islam in Saudi Arabia is the Kingdom Tower, which looks like the eye of a needle requiring a thread for to sew. The whimsy is Scheherezade, the storyteller of Shah Jehan in the 8th century One Thousand And One Nights, who wrongly beheaded his wife for unfaithfulness with his brother. Scheherezade saved the women of the kingdom by telling him stories each evening, which he wanted to continue the next evening. Otherwise he would have cut off her head as became his new practice after marrying another woman each day and beheading her each evening as a  punishment for his wife`s perceived unfaithfulness.



 Scheherezade symbolizes the problems attendant upon the keeping together of an Islamic Caliphate. Successive Caliphates arose after the Moslem people began to spread throughout the Middle East in acceptance of the Koran (610-30 C.E.). Shah Jehan was an Indian Mogul and his wife Mumtaz Mahal`s tomb, the Taj Mahal, is in the city of Agra in the Northern State of Uttar Pradesh, while the story of Aladdin and the genie of the lamp is Chinese. Consequently, the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is a symbol of woman`s continuity. Perforce she has to produce both male and female offspring, while her boy sons are her poisons. Men will destroy her as her virus and her devouring parasite; if she doesn`t have a story to save her and a needle to sew on her penis, which is what the goddess Isis did for the god Osiris in Egyptian mythology, and Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, sewed his penis on without a man`s:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)



 Having devoured the woman`s penis, men want to remove her brains, as Shah Jehan`s story relates, because they`re the enslavers of the human species` host womb in parasitism, and an intelligent woman is `Shekinah` and their certain enemy.

Mighty Swords or Sodomites

01/01/2012 12:44

Mighty Swords or Sodomites


Feel Like Makin` Love (1975) is a song by Bad Company (1973-). I always feel like it; because I never tire of it. One shouldn`t. I love my penis and so does my woman. We pleasure each other as often and for as long as we can.

 The Sword of Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) was Saddam Might, and the Sword of the USA was Sadder Might. The Independance Declaration says the American Dream is about `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. The invasion of Kuwait (1990) and the 911 attack on the Twin Towers (2000) left the USA sadder. That was Saddam Might.

 My penis is productive. It is how things are produced and created. Or, rather, my woman creates and produces. I try not to be a virus, which is what men are. I produce daughters and therefore more creative producers.

 In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). `Indie` is faced with a swordsman and, rather than fight, he shoots him. This is what Saddam as Iraq and George Bush Jr (1944-) as the United States did.



Sodomites aren`t abed with me. My penis orgasms and where I put it is my woman`s business. Sodomites aren`t philosophers. They`re a virus. Men. AIDS is described as a plague sent by God. It is the sword o` mites that comes from Sodomites. It is also the sword o` mights, which is the truncation of possibility.

 Taking life, as Indie did, is sword o` mite and sword o` might. It is sodomite. Logically, therefore, a bullet is a sword o` mite and a sword o` might. It is akin to Sodomy in the sense that anal sex is a sterile union that produces nothing. AIDS and bullets are, by extrapolation, anti-production, that is, they are both Sodom (Gen: 18,19).

 Saddam Might and sadder Might therefore represent the truncation of possibility that is lives ended prematurely. But, as the Gulf War (2001-3) is only the swordplay of sword o` mites and sword of mights, it is only swordomites whose lives are ended. They represent the Sword and the Word of Sodom. It is what men want, otherwise they would not continue to do it.

Woman does not have the equipment. She has the Sword of Logos as her man in Jesus, who defines God as `love`, and the Spears of the Holy Spirit as the Wisdom and Glory of God.

 Realistically, this means that men are sodomites and that they are different to Man and Woman. Sword Domites would rather shoot women than make love or anything else. This is Sword Dumb Might, the Mighty Sword of the Stupid; or Mighty Stupid Sword. The Stupid Word of the Mighty that purport to believe in God but are actually Stupid. It is the Dumb Sword that bites or the Sword that produces dumb `sound bytes` instead of making sounds that promulgate God and the Holy Spirit, that is, the Glory of God which is the Shekinah and the Paraclete of God`s Wisdom as she was given to Man after being prompted to emerge from the side of Christ as the Second Adam by the Spear of Longinus` cutting open Christ`s side at the crucifixion (Matt: 27.54) and after his Ascension to God as the Logos or God`s Word (1 John: 21).

 The Paraclete which, as teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet represents a psychological and bisexual unity that is not the Sword of the Dumb because every picture tells a story for those who are able to read, and therefore the image of Longinus cutting open the side of Jesus is not for the eyes of the Dumb or represents Jesus as the unspeaking eyes of the Sword that cannot read the Word of God. Jesus` eyes are able to read and the Sword of Logos, the Wisdom of God as the Holy Spirit, is able to protect those who believe in God because they use their eyes wisely. Similarly, the Sword of the Wise knows when to speak and not be Dumb and, therefore, it is the Sword of the Wiser and not the Sword of the Miser, the Sword o` Miser that would speak sparingly and to no good end.

 Here the Paraclete is the differentiation of `Feeling`, a function of ego-consciousness in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) which is duplex because associated with the mouth. It denotes the psychologically bisexual complementarity that comes from the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit that is the Eternal Woman within and without. She is therefore the one that teaches wisdom and the Word of God that is actually the Power of Speech. In Jungian psychology the eyes are associated with the `Sensation` function, which suggests that it is Woman as the ideal image of God`s love for Adam as she emerged from Adam`s side in Eden which encourages Man to speak the Word of God as love, which is Eros as the complementary aspect of the Sword of God as Good Judgement and Sound Sense rather than Mighty Stupid.

 `He that has ears, let him hear.` (Matt: 11.15) The `Thinking` function in Jung is associated with the ears. It is not enough to speak the Word of God if the recipient is unable to hear. Traditionally, the Sword is associated with the masculine ego and the powers of Judgement and discrimination which are concerned with thought, thoughtfulness and `Thinking`. The ears are therefore the Sword of the Holy Spirit as Logos because they are able to understand and translate their understanding into language, words and, because it is a higher function of Man and Woman, pictures and works of art such as are to be found in Hollywood.

 It is the Holy Wood of the Cross rather than the `dead wood` (Job: 13.28) of the faggots that are doomed to eternal perdition because the Sword of the cross is a dumb sword of wood that does not speak of anything but dumb pain for those who are unable to read the picture and learn anything from it but sadistic homosexuality. It is the fourth function that completes the capacities of the `Self`` as `Intuition`, which is associated in Jungian psychology with the nose or sense of smell and is symbolized by the Spear, which corresponds to that of Longinus` birthing of the Holy Spirit as Paraclete from the side of Jesus as the Sword of Logos and the Eternal Woman who is the Paraclete, teacher, guide, comforter, helpmeet and protector.

 In this sense the cross of Jesus is a Sword in the Earth but it is made of wood and does not speak of anything but dumb pain that is, symbolically, the Evil of the `tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil` (Gen: 2.9) which is the wood thereof and not the fruit. Jesus represents the fruit on the cross. Effectively, the Holy Spirit represents the woman that appears to `talk to` the fruit. She is the woman at his side as well as the Holy Spirit by his side that is Eternal Woman. Sadistic homosexuals, on the other hand, are those who want to `torture` Jesus. That is why he`s naked on the cross; so they could expose him and see what a man - of whom Longinus said `Surely this was the Son of God.` - looked like naked. The cutting open of his side by the Spear of Longinus is the intentionality of Satan. Men want to `torture`, and the Holy Spirit as Eternal Woman and the Wisdom of God wants to teach, guide, comfort, help and protect; so she wants to `talk to` her fruit. Longinus is a sadist who seeks to separate her from the side of her man, because he does not want her to speak the truth; which is that men like him are evil fruits with a penis extension that want to stick their Spear in God`s anus but want the Holy Spirit to explain it to us all first before they kill her and woman too.

 Longinus` cutting open of Jesus`s side is to remove the Holy Spirit so that Jesus cannot teach. She is the Wisdom of God and men do not want Mankind to receive it, and did not want Jesus to teach it. Those who are irremediable did not accept Redemption and are doomed to unendurable eternal pain forever. The Spear in Jesus` side represents the serpent which sought to poison the relationship between Eve and Adam, effectively separating them as One Creatureliness in God which is physically and psychological bisexual. It seems likely from reading Genesis that Eve was a part of Adam: `Male and female he created them both.` (Gen: 1.27) The Woman from Adam`s side is therefore the Glory of God as the Shekinah and God`s Wisdom. It seems likely also that she was able to remain a part of Adam and lived with him in one body but was separable by her own volition so that she could love and teach him as the Wisdom of God.

 The cutting open of Jesus` side on the cross is the separation of a man`s woman from her man. In other words, Jesus only appears to be alone, unmarried and single. He actually has the Spirit of God as his bride, which as Eternal Woman filled with the Holy Spirit all around him as Woman is what Jesus knew. But he was sent to Redeem Mankind and men are not kind. He therefore refused to play their adulterous game, and accepted and promulgated the teachings of the woman at and by his side; on the assumption that the woman at and by his side would, one day, be the woman from his side and that God would give her to him in heaven. That is Jesus` Ascension and what the Assumption of the Virgin means. Jesus` Woman is Eternal and is for the Glory of God, the Shekinah, and the Holy Spirit as teacher, guide, comfort, helpmeet, and protector.

 Jesus said: `I am the way, the life, the truth and the narrow door.` John: 14.6) God told the serpent in Eden that there would be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between hers and the serpent`s `seed` which would correspond to her boys` sons (poisons) and the `narrow door` is the Paraclete`s abode behind the door of which she resides as the `teacher`. Men`s `guidance system` is to explain that they are sword o` mights who don`t want you to know that you have a woman and might let you see one. The reality is that you are born with a woman if you are a man, and born as a woman if you are lucky and have the Holy Spirit as Eternal Woman representing a daughter or `door to` God. That is why Longinus cries `Surely this was the Son of God!` as he pokes around inside Jesus` side with his Spear. He can see the path to God and that is why men prefer torture rather than accepting the Word of the Holy Spirit. If they can break open the `narrow door` then they can get into heaven by forcing Man`s Eternal Woman to tell what she knows. First of all, they would seek to lock her in; which is what happened in Eden. The serpent locked her out – of her man: Adam and Paradise. Jesus on the cross represents the forced birth of the Paraclete as knowledge from and of God, and the return of Eve as the Shekinah or Holy Spirit. But she is`hidden` from Mankind because she represents the teacher as guide, comforter, helpmeet and protector that is Eternal Woman within and without. In other words, God has deemed that the path for Mankind is Woman and that Redemption in the Spirit requires adherance to God`s Law. Because the Woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, giving birth to the child that will destroy Satan and `rule the nations with an iron sceptre` (Rev: 12.1), is a complexio oppositorum that defends her. He represents that psychological bisexuality which has the Word of God as the Sword from the mouth that denotes differentiated `Feeling`, which is usually the inferior function in man. Just as `Intuition` is the other feminine function that is often thought of as inferior and represents the Holy Spirit as the Spear of Destiny. `Sensation` as the tangible love of woman that is associated with the eyes means that the image of woman is not dumb either, but speaks to man with the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why Britney Spears represents not the Sword of a Dumb blonde in Piece of Me (2007) but a woman who knows that the sword o` mites that might let her sing1 are powerless against the Sword and the Spears of God because she hears, speaks, feels, and sees Truth.



The woman and the child of Revelation not only represent psychological bisexuality but physical bisexuality, which means a return to that Edenic One Creatureliness in God that is the Original Hermaphrodite which has been taught the Will of God and Plan for Redemption which is that Man accepts the Holy Spirit, omnipresent, and that Man is therefore Woman, which is part way to true acceptance and Revelation that Man is to be Woman as futanar if he is able to receive Redemption. This is because men are sword o` mites and union between woman and woman with a penis is inevitably creative and productive, whereas men only produce Sword o` me (Sodomy) rather than the Word of the Spirit that `out of his mouth like a sharp sword` protects the innocent and cuts away the evil. As Britney Spears sings in Piece of Me: `I`m Miss American Dream since I was 17.` Innocence is progress and development without threat. In Oops I Did It Again (2000) Britney sings `I`m not that innocent!` The American Dream and Manifest Destiny unfolds as innocence under threat, and can defend itself against the Saddam Mights even though the USA is a sadder Might at having to deploy its own Sword o` Might. Britney wears her tiny sword not as costume jewellery but in the safe and certain knowledge that she is able to deal with sword o` mites and mights in shining armour. Innocence under threat is the American Dream upon Earth, and the threat is Sodomy. Innocent progress and development is the American Dream amongst the stars in heaven. Britney Spears as the `American Dream` is the Spears of Destiny and the tininess of her sword indicates her wisdom; size does not matter: it`s what you do with it.


1 Otherwise sodomising.


01/01/2012 12:42



 `You`re remembered` is a phrase in English that is used to initiate vendetta and constitutes a threat against your life. In Egyptian mythology, Ra is the sun god who`s incarnated as Osiris: as God is incarnated in Jesus. Jesus is resurrected from the dead and has Ascension to God. (1 John: 2.1) Osiris` resurrection is preceded by dismemberment. The evil Set cut him into pieces. It reminds me of the English phrase `You`re remembered`, which constitutes a threat to life rather than resurrection. I go to the Faith church in Budapest, which is the Hít Gyulakazet. It sounds like `Hear Jew! Like a Set?` They even have a Menora outside their main place of worship in Budapest, to profess their friendship towards Judaism. I don`t want to be dismembered by Set. I want to be remembered by God. In Islam the believers are `the Faithful`, and Egypt is a Moslem nation. Jesus is a `teacher` in their holy book, the Koran (610-32 C.E.) and in the New Testament of Christianity. Judaism accepts Jesus as a good, principled, man. The Evil One , Set, the dismemberer, is he who does not want God to be remembered. Logically, the converse is that he wants himself to be remembered - and he is evil.

 In England, `You`re remembered` means the evil one wants you to remember them. Fear, violence and hatred is how they have themselves remembered.` People remember those who have been violent or abusive towards them, so fear is the memory. The Evil One doesn`t want God to remember, and Jesus` crucifixion and Osiris` dismemberment are men`s attempts to prevent God from remembering good people. Hollywood movies are full of idols that are immortalized in celluloid because they are evil. God commands us not to worship false idols, and although Marilyn Monroe (1926-62) may be thought of as a symbol of `God`s love` (Luke 10: 27), the character of Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) is not. God remembers through love, but the Evil One doesn`t remember us. The Evil One frightens us into being unable to remember ourselves as God. Jesus showed us how to accept God and have Redemption by exposing the evil to perdition, which is why Jesus seems to engineer his own torture and death, whereas in fact he accepts that that is what men do because they`re evil and he has Ascension over them. Jesus is the Redeemer because he says: `Forgive them Lord! For they know what they do.` (Luke: 23.34) In fact they do and that`s why they`re not Redeemed. Men have to accept God`s love or they don`t have Redemption, and Woman is `God`s love`. This is why God gives her to Adam. In the Egyptian myth, Osiris` sister remembers him by putting together the pieces of his body, and he is resurrected as Horus.

 On the cover for the single Piece of Me (2007), Britney Spears (1982-) is on a cross. She represents the dismembered God, and Jesus whose side was cut open by Longinus, which effectively releases the Paraclete or Holy Spirit. The `teacher` which God sends – as he gave Adam the woman Eve from his side – as that which is to remember the pieces of humanity and bring them back to God. That is why she is Britney Spears. The Paraclete cut from the side of Jesus by Longinus` spear. (Matt: 27.54) She is Woman and a piece of `God`s love`, the Holy Spirit that is `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` (John 14: 25) which will give you Redemption if you accept `God`s love`.

 The cross is a symbol of `fourness`, which is an archetype in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). It represents the ego and its wholeness in the differentiation of the four functions of consciousness, which are `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`.1 Usually, `Thinking` and `Sensation` are masculine, and `Feeling` and `Intuition` are feminine. Jesus represents `Feeling` and `Intuition`, the Grail and the Spear. The men who refuse Redemption represent `Thinking` and `Sensation`, the Sword and the` curse` rather than the Sword and the Word of God. The curse is `sin`, which Woman removes as `God`s love`. Appropriate, because Eve is blamed for giving Adam the fruit of `good and evil` (Gen: 2.9) in Eden, which is death for Adam and her descendants before her Redemption through Jesus as the Second Eve, the Paraclete and instrument of God`s love. God told Adam and Eve that they would live by the `sweat` of their `brow` (Gen: 3.19), which is used by those who would enslave mankind forever. To men Jesus is bondage and dominance, sadism and masochism – BDSM. He is bound to the cross, they torture, he is the masochist and they are the sadists. This is their plan for the future.

 AIDS has been described as a `biblical plague` and God destroyed Sodom, which is why Saddam is `Babylon, Mother of Abominations`. He is a city, like Sodom, and his virus crashed the Twin Towers. The planes were `civil aircraft` ,`wrongly oriented`. Sodomy is anal sex, and back-stabbers are anal sex for those who want to be `higher up`. This is why Saddam is the red dragon of Revelation, and why Al Qaeda are his AIDS. They `hacked` the USA`s defence system in order to spread their virus of terror. In practising anal sex, homosexuals `preach` sterility, virus as a terrorist paradigm, and back-stabbing `higher up`. It is the 21st Century paradigm and God has already destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (sodomy, AIDS, and BDSM) as a warning to the evil. As a homosexual virus, AIDS is a terrorist paradigm, and its reappearance as the city of Saddam is depicted in Revelation as the red dragon that waits to devour the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 13.17-18) that gives birth to `he who rules the nations with an iron scepter` until she is remembered by God and `bruises the serpent`s head with her heel` (Gen: 3.15) as she leaves.



 As Saddam is dead, and the `war on terror` is progressing, these are the last days before God creates a new heaven and Earth. The `Big Apple` of New York is the Second Eve`s, the Paraclete or Holy Spirit of Christian teaching. Al Qaeda`s attack was `Saddam`s apple`, a threat to the `teacher` who preaches the Word of God – Jesus. She is Adam`s apple, the Paraclete as Second Eve who, in Revelation, gives birth to the one that enforces God`s law – whoever the President of the USA is. She is Christianity`s Woman and, as Britney Spears on her cross for Piece of Me, she wants God to remember her. Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) wanted to be remembered for violence and biological warfare, which is anal rape and AIDS. If we accept the paradigm, 9/11 was a computer-hacking AIDS` terrorist from DEFCON back-stabbing a `higher up` with his virus. Hackers` conventions therefore encourage homosexuality, the AIDS virus, back-stabbing, and terrorism:


 `Defcon...[in Los Angeles] is one of the world's largest annual hacker conventions...[the] term DEFCON ...alluding to the U.S. Armed Forces defense readiness condition (DEFCON). An alert posture used by the United States Armed Forces...[which] prescribes five graduated levels of readiness (or states of alert) for the U.S. military, and increase in severity from DEFCON 5 (least severe) to DEFCON 1 (most severe) to match varying military situations.`2



 In Arabia it is the tradition that Paradise is on Earth and in heaven, which corresponds to the new heaven and Earth created by God in Revelation after Jesus` Second Coming in which he exterminates the evil and they are given perdition. The 9/11 hijackers believed they would go to Paradise but it`s a `con` for the `deaf`, as it were. Jesus is a Prophet of the Koran as well as the Christ of Christianity, and the terrorists didn`t have ears for his teachings. Paradise was once thought to exist in Afghanistan. The Order of the Assassins was created there by Hassan-i-Sabbah (1050s-1124), the Old Man of the Mountain, to remove Islam`s political opponents. The killers were drugged and told they were in Paradise, to which they`d return after their mission. 9/11`s terrorists were programmed by their False Prophets, Saddam Hussein (1937-2006), who advocated Jihad against the West, and their `trainer` in terrorism, the Old Man of the Mountain - Osama Bin Ladan (1957-). New York is `Adam`s apple` which, as Eve`s vocal equipment, means the Paraclete, that is, Jesus` teachings, weren`t listened to on 9/11. In other words, the `Big Apple` is God`s promised Redemption and a new heaven and Earth, but the terrorists` ears believed their `confidence tricksters` and the fools` Paradise of the assassin, which is perdition.

 Paradise on Earth and in heaven is Islam`s teaching, and a new Earth and heaven after Redemption is God`s promise in Revelation. Paradise on Earth is for those who accept God, and the `serpent` in Eden is the Evil One who doesn`t want us to return. God told Eve there would be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between her `seed` and the serpent`s `seed` forever, which means that although God expelled Adam and Eve from Eden, the `serpent` was responsible for giving her the fruit of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil`. He wants them to leave and not return because he wants their Paradise. It`s an analogy of possession. Eve is the Paraclete from the side of Adam, the Paraclete as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`. The `serpent` wants to possess their home and is, in effect, a `cuckoo`. Its parent lays its egg in the nest of another, and it evicts the other hatchlings when stronger. The red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the child born to the `woman clothed with the sun` is analogous to the cuckoo. It is Chronos, or Saturn (Satan) waiting to devour the weaker child. But Redemption means that the child rules for the Woman and she returns home to Paradise, which is the new heaven and Earth created by God in Revelation for her and Adam, who is the child - as she is the Paraclete as Eve, the spirit of `God`s love` for Adam. She `bruises the head of the serpent with her heel` as she leaves Earth, which means that the `serpent` that is now grown into a `dragon` possesses the Earth for a period of time before Jesus` Second Coming in which there is Judgement and perdition for the evil. Then God returns Man to her and there`s the creation of the new heaven and Earth in which God rules forever.

 Man has to be remembered by the Paraclete, which means that the Holy Spirit teaches `God`s love`. In the Egyptian myth, Isis remembers the dismembered pieces of Osiris and Ra, that is, God, is restored as Horus. She can`t find his penis, which is a man`s `member`; so she creates a new one. Similarly, Jesus is celibate and doesn`t have one. As the Second Adam, the Paraclete is Jesus` Second Eve; the spirit of `God`s love`: the `tutelary spirit` of humanity reigning since Christ`s birth. It is her role to remember her Man, which is why Isis restored Osiris` `member` in her remembering: she is the memory of Man. Osiris` remembering and Jesus` Paraclete suggests that God incarnates in Man periodically, and after a period of time is restored with greater wisdom. But the world`s religions have tended to be patriarchal and this has devilled Woman`s role. Men have themselves remembered through violent attacks upon the defenceless, which is what Jesus crucified is. If you think about your attacker, he is stronger in your memory and so replaces God. Jesus` crucifixion is ambiguous because he Redeems but the memory is of the attackers. It is a paradigm. Remember the Redeemer, not the attacker. The evil prey on your mind, so pray with God and Christ to give you Redemption and destroy the evil who want to be remembered through their violent attacks upon you. 9/11 is a day of infamy because the evil want to be remembered through fear. This is why the American Dream and Manifest Destiny is innocence, progress and development without threat. 9/11 was America under threat, which means that Saddam and Osama were in their minds endeavouring to be immortalized by fear.

 Men feel powerful if others fear them, which is why Jesus tells us the `meek shall inherit the Earth` (Matt: 5.5). In his Second Coming he brings the Sword, so his teaching is the preparation for the remembering of the wisdom that God has stored upon the Earth in Man. Men who are evil don`t want Man to be remembered, and God doesn`t want them. But they want to be remembered, so they practise evil upon others and wait to be remembered. In this way they seek to be immortal. A child is always forced to return to an abusive parent because it won`t allow development beyond being `needy`, which is akin to God`s decree that the pair from Eden should live `by the sweat of their brow` (Gen: 3.19) `til Redemption because of the `serpent` and its `enmity` towards the `woman`s seed`. (Gen: 3.15) It represents enslavement to the Evil One, the abusive parent that won`t let you leave him. This is what Saddam and Al Qaeda represent, the red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the future that is the child of the `woman clothed with the sun`. It`s analogous to the adulterous betrayer that devours the future of Man because he waits until she is tired of her work of Redemption and wants to replace her Man (Adam, Jesus, the future) with himself.

 The `dragon` of Revelation is the `serpent` of Eden and is the more faithless betrayer because he waits longer. Evil men insinuate themselves between a loving couple and betray them as late as they can when a pair have worked long together for Redemption – and that is why God condemns adultery, and Jesus forgives the `woman taken in adultery`:`Go and sin no more.` (John 8: 11) Because `God`s love` is through Woman, men are evil if they effect an adulterous relationship in order to have another man`s Redemption in heaven and Earth. The `dragon` is the Evil One lying in wait to devour Eve`s work of Redemption, and Saddam Hussein, who was given the 3rd largest army in the world to support the US in the Gulf, back-stabbed the US as an archetype of betrayal by `Babylon, the Mother of Abominations`, sexual only by analogy insofar as she represents adultery in the sense of men`s betrayal of Adam`s Redemption.

 `God`s love` is Woman and, although it`s possible to accept a woman`s affairs if you are the right kind of man, a businessman would be ruined by an `unfaithful` wife, which is why 9/11 was about the World Trade Centre in 2000. Saddam and Al Qaeda were faithless adulterers back-stabbing the city of Eve and ruining the business of `Adam`s apple`, which is `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` in heaven and Earth. Couples who are true don`t think of finances. It is about love. Later it is about business and, if successful, it is about faithfulness and, after that, faith in God and Redemption. If you are faithful you don`t have AIDS, and the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon were air AIDS because Moslems calling themselves `the Faithful` are terrorists and faithless, so the air raids on the USA were back-stabbing acts on the part of homosexuals who want the virus that is them to `move up`. The penis is incidental. They want death and not life. That is the equation. In encouraging hackers to `test` their computer systems` defences., the USA invited homosexuals to spread their virus of terror.

 In 1001 Nights (approximately 9th Century) Shah Jehan cuts the head off his wife for unfaithfulness, but she is faithful. Sheherezade saves the women of the kingdom by telling stories to him and so saving the women from having their heads cut off each day because he married a new wife each day to punish all women in this way. If she is faithful, she should keep her head. The USA encourage faithlessness at the hacker convention `Defcon`, and the spread of violence and terror towards Woman who is the Creator`s Producer`s Product – Civilization. In other words, they armed Saddam and asked him to practice `Saddamy`, that is, anal, so that they could terrorize the women at home and further violence towards them. Libya was often thought the `home` of terrorism, but Colonel Gadhaffi (1942-) liberalized. There was an attempt to remove him from power by people inside his own country, which prompted NATO and the USA to overthrow him. Essentially, it was a woman disagreeing with herself, because she is the Creator`s Producer and Product in Libya – Culture and Civilization.

 The USA has been contaminated by the virus of terror, contracted from having `anal` with Saddam, `Babylon, Mother of Abominations` (Rev: 17.5). The title is misleading, because Saddam isn`t a mother, but his name is conflated with Babylon, which was founded in Iraq in 4004 B.C. Saddam is a city, therefore, as Sodom was. (Gen: 18,19) He is associated with New York, which is Saddam`s apple, or Adam`s apple, depending on how you read `the Big Apple`. In baseball it means `hit`, which is what `hitmen` do. It is also slang for a woman`s vagina and chlamydia, which is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). In other words, Al Qaeda were `hitting` on Eve, in order to declare war on Woman, which is what the Taliban did in Afghanistan before the USA and British forces ousted them:


 `Women seeking an education were forced to attend underground schools, where they and their teachers risked execution if caught.`3



 In Arabia the beard is a sign of wisdom, and a `bearded clam` in the USA is slang for a woman`s bush. The first Gulf War with George Bush Sr was a prelude to the second Gulf War in which the woman was to be given their air AIDS rather than chlamydia, which was the `rape of Kuwait` and STD there. Sometimes a pearl is found in a clam, which is `the pearl of great price` that is woman`s wisdom and is associated with immortality and the alchemical opus or `Great Work`.4 The `id` is the repressed in Freudian psychology, and the `ear` is what listens . Saddam wouldn`t listen and the result was chlamydia for Kuwait, that is, repression. The Taliban supported terrorists of Al Qaeda`s attack on the USA were air AIDS contracted through `Saddamy` and an attempt to spread their virus from Eve`s city, the `Big Apple`. The idea that the clam has a `beard` is important if chlamydia is the STD paradigm for the first Gulf War because it indicates that Eve has attained wisdom. The second Gulf War was an attack on the same woman`s `bush` - Barbara Bush`s, and the aircraft that were being `plain civil` represented a polite but `wrong` sexual orientation` - her raids (AIDS).

 Politeness is important for homosexuals, which is what the Taliban are, properly understood: `Their stated aim was to create `secure environments` where the chasteness and dignity of women may once again be sacrosanct`. In other words, the Taliban were polite in order to execute women. The theory that the USA and NATO are heroes doesn`t entirely hold water either. In Sudan, UN forces were found guilty of raping Sudanese women as part of a concerted `terror`. Saddam was polite before he raped Kuwait with the world`s 3rd largest army given to him by the USA. The Taliban represses women and trains Al Qaeda to attack the city of Eve, the `Big Apple` of New York. Woman is the target because of her wisdom; the teachings of the Paraclete: Jesus` Redemption and the new heaven and Earth.

 The `apple of Paradise` was Eve`s, but New York`s is the Paraclete`s, which is God`s `maturing` wisdom. The `bearded clam` contains the pearl of wisdom, which is the `bearded lady`; the wisdom that comes of accepting that Man is Woman because Eve came from Adam`s side. His wisdom is her beard, and her wisdom is his penis. It`s the knowledge that men rape her Earth. The `enmity` of the serpent`s `seed` for hers, which suggests that she shall have a penis of her own, and God has recreated her as a new species – futanar. She has her own penis, and can be the Creator`s Producer`s Product without men – in order that the new heaven and Earth promised by God for her Redemption shall be her Civilization.


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Queens of Heaven

01/01/2012 12:40

Queens of Heaven



In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the contrasexual component of woman, which is the soul or anima in a man, was not fully understood by Jung and much study has been made by the Jungian school of psychology he founded.

 Jung thought that woman has a spirit rather than a soul and that, because she represented Eros or relationships and relatedness, she used her animus to control relationships. Jung said that woman imagined herself as surrounded by men; as by a crowd of observers. She modified herself in order to appeal to as many as she could in order to maintain a social network that would preserve her and her family.

 Jung described a woman`s animus as `opinionated`. In fact she represents a man`s ideal, created by God for man in man`s own imagination; in other words, out of man`s imagination woman was created from the side of man by God. The Second Adam or Christ was crucified and, after the Ascension (1 John: 2.1), was with God in heaven and the Paraclete or teacher of Jesus` Gospel remained upon Earth as the Holy Spirit, which in the Old Testament is the Shekinah as she appears in The Song of Songs; the beautiful woman: and elsewhere as the Spirit of God in the Tabernacle that contains the Ark of the Covenant and the Commandments of the Law, for example.

 In the Qu`uran the Prophet Mohammed has the Word of God dictated to him by angels, who are God`s messengers, and the Shekinah would be present to assist his understanding in her role as what Christians call the Holy Spirit. As the Prophet of Islam after Mohammed, Jesus is not crucified or dies, but has an Ascension to God. This is probably because, in Islam, a man has four wives, which connote Jung`s four functions of consciousness again; `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`. They have the role of the Shekinah as teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet, which is the  components necessary for the construction of an actualized `Self` that Jung equates with what humans are able to understand of God.

 Jesus` Ascension in Islam is, therefore, because of the differentiation of woman`s function within marriage as teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet, which is adopted by women in Islam and, as Jung says, is necessary for the development of man`s consciousness. Jesus is, therefore, depicted as ascending to heaven without crucifixion and death because he has taught them what the Shekinah as Holy Spirit wants for them to know. He was preparing the wives of Islam to take their man to heaven, so Jesus was not married to anyone but the Shekinah, irrespective of whether Jesus was actually married or not. Jesus doesn`t need to be crucified in order for the women of Islam to be shown the correct way to God and the Shekinah can show Jesus God because - self-actualized - God would be revealed to Jesus. The difference in Islam is that Jannah is `hidden`, which means that, for them, heaven is Paradise on Earth, from and for which Adam and Eve were expelled by God, that is, they shall be in heaven, in Christian terms, when they have accepted the teachings of Jesus and Redemption.

 Essentially, in Christianity, Jesus is upon the cross as Adam and Eve. The key scene in the New Testament of the Bible is Longinus` Spear as it cuts open the side of Christ (Matt: 27.54), in a Caesarean section that means the birth of the Paraclete. As Eve came from Adam`s side, so the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35) as the Holy Spirit is by, at and from the side of Jesus. She may even have been visible to Jesus as the Spirit of God that had been with Adam since Eden.

 She has a role in man`s imagination but is not a product of it; although she appears in dreams. Her problem is that she is closer to God because she is the Holy Spirit and woman is trained by men to not perceive herself as designed to be sexually attractive to woman. But, if the Holy Spirit is her teacher, guide, comfort and helpmeet, it is the Spirit of God in all her relationships. Consequently, she is the attractiveness that inheres in all relationships sexual or otherwise.

 Jung believed that woman was `opinionated`, which suggests `animosity` towards woman on his part, and this is the true nature of woman`s animus. In effect, she represents what someone once said about the role of the United States` President, which is that `You can please some of the people all of the time, some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.`1 Women is in this position. The men around her give her her opinions. Often they tell her who to vote for. But her role is maintaining relationships, so she Presides for God, that is, as the Shekinah as Holy Spirit. Men are therefore the ones that perceive her as `opinionated` because she is their teacher as well as their guide, comforter and helpmeet. They can accept all but teaching, which they perceive as being a woman`s opinions, and that are necessarily nebulous on occasion because she has many relationships to maintain. This gives men the opinion that she is an `airhead` or, if she is intelligent, threatening to their belief that man teaches. In fact, God, as the Holy Spirit in the vessel that is woman, teaches.

 It is interesting that, in Jung`s psychology of consciousness, there are four functions; `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Intuition` and `Feeling`. Jung argues that, often, one of these is inferior because it represents what we do not want. In the fourfold construct that is the Holy Spirit, that is, teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet, man is least able to accept woman as teacher and guide. For man, she is comfort and helpmeet. Effectively, she is permitted the role of comforter, and is the man`s servant rather than helpmeet. She is the homemaker and is the carer.

 The mistake is to assume that `Intuition`, which along with `Feeling` is feminine in Jungian psychology, is inferior. In Christian iconography it corresponds to the Spear of Longinus, which cut the Paraclete from the side of Jesus, that is, the teacher as the Shekinah, which is God`s WIsdom that man cannot accept and that is why it is She that is crucified.

 On the single sleeve for Piece Of Me (2007), Britney Spears (1982-) appears as Jesus crucified. She represents the Holy Spirit as the omnipresent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, and omnipresent Spirit of God, which is the meaning of her name. The single is about the paparazzi, which vilify her in the press. They represent her animus, because they have no good opinion of her and have the animosity of men towards her insofar as they don`t like the teacher.



 The press are a typical aspect of the spirit of men that are evil without their acceptance of the Holy Spirit, which Jesus describes as `God`s love`. Britney has to Preside over home, family and career, which requires her to also be an educator. To men she is not a man, so the picture of her upon the cross as Jesus does not appeal to their understanding of her as the Paraclete, but to their understanding of what it is they hate. Teachers. That is why she places herself on the cross; as an appeal to God and man. But, as with Jesus, she is displaying herself as someone with masochistic tendencies which encourages sadism, and that is man`s opinion of Jesus too. He is their masochist and they are going after Woman.


`What do you call Britney Spears with a brain? Pregnant.` (Ed. adds....Well it depends who the father is.......)2



 Britney understands this, and not intuitively, but because she has God`s Spirit and understands that men want to stick their spear in her side too - and keep it there forever to prevent the Holy Spirit from showing her the way to God. That may be why God Promised the Paraclete to mankind, because Longinus was showing what men wanted to do with the Shekinah, and she knew this and had decided to teach God through Jesus. The paparazzi and others are, therefore, the Spears in Britney`s side where the Holy Spirit teaches.

 Men have, as it were, moved on from torturing Jesus and each other – in the Gulf War, for example – to torturing Britney Spears and Woman specifically. Because she is a teacher. This is evident from the role that woman has chosen for herself as a pop superstar. She appears as a Pop Princess, but actually she is the Paraclete. In the Bible `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18), giving birth while a dragon waits to devour her, is the Queen of Heaven. Traditionally, she is also the Queen of Islam, or any other significant woman. Queen of Pop, for example, would qualify a successful woman as a Queen of Heaven.

 The Paraclete`s relations with woman mean that any woman with the Holy Spirit is a Queen of Heaven, but the conditions for acceptance are the same. It is men that seek to persuade her to be of their opinion of her, which is that she share their animosity towards her. The woman of Revelation gives birth to a child who `rules with an iron scepter` and whose birth is threatened by a dragon. Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) may have been the dragon, and Babylon was, according to historical records, a seat of Satan worship in the Middle East (-539 BC). Satan worship is based on mother-son worship, which is what the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` could represent and, although she gives birth to a child that casts Satan from heaven, the Queen of Heaven is also a tradition of Satan`s.



 However, according to some interpretations of the Bible, she is giving birth to the New Redeemer, which suggests the power of the Holy Spirit to transform the original mother-son relationship to that of the mother-daughter, and this is closer to the developmental function of the Spirit of God as the Wisdom and Glory of God that is God`s Spirit as the Holy Spirit in the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

 Men want their spirit to prevail, which is the spirit of Satan. They want the mother to worship the son, whereas in Christianity the Son of Man, Jesus, accepts God and the Paraclete as the teaching assistant that explains the relationship. Woman has God with her because God`s Spirit is in her likeness. Man is therefore not God, but is created in the image of God, which is man and woman. A physical and psychological complexio oppositorum which men cannot accept, except as a vessel to carry their tyrannical ambitions and desire to dominate woman as `the means of production`, which is an enslavement that Christianity attempts to ameliorate in the definition of the Paraclete as a `helpmeet`.

 In the English national anthem, `Britons never shall be slaves`: it is a line from Rule Britannia.3 Britannia is therefore a Queen of Heaven. She is a strong figure that, in Christian terms, could be the Holy Spirit as the Paraclete, which is Women Eternal in Heaven with God as omnipotent Good, and it is this that Catholicism defines as the Summum Bonum.

 The Nativity of Jesus is following Satan`s tradition of mother-son worship, unless we perceive that Mary is a pure vessel. Then we can perceive that we are meant to understand that Jesus is born with, at and by the Spirit of God, which is the Eternal feminine. As a teacher, Jesus preaches that `God is love` and therefore God`s Spirit, which is love, is God.

 Woman is therefore man`s redeemer and man prefers to enslave her, which is what Satanists do. Satan worship is merely that, for the woman, her child is God, which is not so different from Christianity fully understood. The difference today would be that the Shekinah or Holy Spirit is absent from Satanism because, although she could remain at the side of those who would worship Satan, she cannot be at the side of those who would practice Satanism, which is sadism as prefigured in the crucifixion of Jesus.

 Woman conditioned by the spirit of men are the spirit of Satanists because she perceives herself as a masochist, and cannot escape her own acceptance of men as sadists; because that is what they teach. She has no thoughts that aren`t their opinions and, rather than her own animus, which is God`s, she is forced to accept her environment as being one of animosity towards her.

 It is about Faith and Faithfulness. In the Arabian Nights Shah Jehan believes his wife is betraying him with his brother and beheads her; although she is faithful. Sheherezade is the woman who saves all of the other women because she functions as a Shekinah and, as a teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet, she tells a never-ending story to Shah Jehan that stops him from taking a wife every day and beheading her the next, which is his evil practice as revenge upon a faithful woman. He is annoyed at her deceiving him by not deceiving him and he blames her for his own mistake, which is what sado-masochists do. It is an aspect of Satan worship.

 Sheherezade is a Queen of Heaven in the Christian understanding of it as she appears in Revelation as the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. Shah Jehan marries Sheherezade and,in Christian terms, is reconciled to `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. Effectively, this woman represents the love of the Queen of Heaven who is Shah Jehan`s original wife insofar as she represents eternal forgiveness in Christian terms. The child she bears is her Shah as her son, which is Christian Redemption. In short, it is not important who is Queen of Heaven because the Holy Spirit is Everywoman and God is omnipotent Good, so anyone who accepts the power of God`s Spirit has all of Heaven`s Queens as God`s love.

 The child born to the woman `rules with an iron scepter` and casts Satan from Heaven while she is hidden. The child then rules over those who have `enmity` against her `seed`, which she has been promised since Eden shall live forever.

 The worship of Satan necessarily implies, from a Christian perspective, what is euphemistically known as `subdom`, because it is the understanding that Satan defied God, which makes Satan`s relationship with God one of submission and domination. The Queen of Heaven, in the worship of Satan, contains this danger; but it is the understanding that the woman or the son care for each other. If they do not, then `enmity` between the woman`s `seed` and the serpent`s in Eden results in a fully grown dragon, which is the antichrist of Revelation and corresponds to Saddam Hussein whose traditional seat was Babylon in Iraq: if he was Satan. The child that is born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is the one that defeats him.

 The Shekinah is the Holy Spirit, which is the teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet; and again would correspond to our Pop Princess, Britney Spears as the Spears of God`s Paracletes. But worship by the `seed` of Satan is outside of God and that could produce war in what is perceived as heaven before Satan is cast out and God creates a new heaven and a new earth, which is Revelation. Before that, and the reign of omnipotent God, who remains omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent upon the Earth as the Holy Spirit, heaven is as it is perceived to be by the `seed` of the woman and the serpent`s `seed` who have `enmity` and the relation is one of submission and domination; either the son becomes `dom`, or the mother does because of the poison (boy`s son) of the Oedipal relations between fathers and sons. The solution is endogamy, that is, an incest relation between mother and son that produces offspring which have the same spirit, and this is immortal. because they love and care for one another, which gives long life. Timespan is important, but technological advancement within the loving `relationship` produces longevity and immortality. This, essentially, is Adam and Eve in the Bible.

 In Christianity, God is love and all of Heaven`s Queens are love. God is Good and the apple has been made good again. It is God`s Promise fulfilled: the fruit of immortality from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen: 2.9). Satan is removed from Heaven and the Woman is hidden while she waits for her ruler to defeat the enemies of God upon Earth. Her appearance in Heaven, giving birth to her child threatened by devourment by a dragon, is the serpent that has grown. Saddam Hussein could be the dragon, or any evil dictator. In Genesis, we are told that there shall be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between the woman`s `seed` and she shall `bruise its head with her heel`. Having left Earth, she is God`s Queen of Heaven because she`s Woman who accepts the Holy Spirit as God`s Queens of Heaven. Because Saddam Hussein was an Antichrist serpent grown to a dragon, Babylon was a `seed` of Satan. As Babylon the Great, Mother of Abominations, Saddam`s Woman would be a Queen of Heaven in Satan, but Saddam`s defeat means that God`s Queen of Heaven shall be Queens forever.



 The secret is in the knowledge that the woman is the man, and not that it is a relationship of submission and domination or Oedipal and incestuous. It is the knowledge that the Holy Spirit rules in the woman and that it is her `seed` that shall be Queens of heaven forever that indicates her future. Her `seed` is different because her genes are, which again suggests Britney Jean Spears as our Pop Princess being prepared to be Queen of Heaven and Queens there in the form of the Holy Spirit`s Newly Redeemed.

 The woman with her penis and the woman that does not seem to have a penis are man as God intended from the beginning. Man had to learn love to be as them. They are futanar and they are God`s love.


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3. British Patriotic Song from a James Thomson poem, set to music by Thomas Arne 1740.



Plague Aims

01/01/2012 12:35

Plague Aims


The beginning of life in a new era was that of the 21st Century. The previous century was a troubled epoch and, in the latter stages, was concerned with AIDS and other viruses, including those of computers and their `software`. One of the more promising developments of the 20th century was that of virtual reality and a relaunching of an old technology, that is, 3-D. It is a move away from flat cardboard caricature in media visuals toward an ‘interactive software’ that is `real` in terms of its relation to the senses.

The danger, of course, is that one becomes dehumanized.  Watvhing the Gulf War (1990-91) on TV while cheering  the American A10 `tank buster` jets, they strafed the Iraqi columns fleeing Kuwait city and, later, the `bunker busters` (the Tornado jets  with their `smart` bombs and heat-seeker guided missiles)  buried thousands of Iraqi soldiers in their subterranean desert strongholds. Similarly, the Iraqis were gassed with poison while they awaited activation by their military commanders inside huge underground shelters that became their tombs.

 Now knowledge is transferred to activities and pastimes in which we play games that have as their goal the `murder` of  those meant to be perceived as `real`. Taught to think it is skillful, there’s a difference between being inside a tank and an addict addicted to games` systems used to instant replays. Although here’s only get one chance to knock out a tank of Saddam Hussein`s (1932-2006) Republican Guard with your own, the suggestion that it’s training for a soldier by playing games with `lives` in Mortal Kombat (1992), for example, is an evil delusion. Lives cannot instantly be replaced. They are irreplaceably precious and suggesting that they are not is a `plague aims` system in itself; the idea that murder is fun because it isn`t `real`. The delusion is that the film can be rewound and no one gets hurt: this is a `plague aims` virus.

 It is the notion that games can be replayed which gives the player the illusion of omnipotence. God is and gamesters are not. It leads to psychopathic behavior to think so. In reality it is not possible for a murdered victim to be resurrected by `rewind`, as it were. Gaming is, therefore, closely related to what plagues us in the 21st century and may be thought of as the `plague aims systems`. There are plagues amongst us and they are being deliberately aimed. Just as hackers terrorize computers and their operators while our A10 virus buster counterinsurgents attempt to deal with their threats, so a disease like AIDS or even a `simple` addiction such as poisoning oneself with cancer-inducing cigarette smoking also has its perceivable `plague aim` goal.

 AIDS is a homosexuals` disease and is incurable. According to Christian fundamentalism it is God`s punishment upon those who would prefer sterility and non-production to creativity and development.  It is a poison that has monkeys as its origin. It can be contracted through blood, urine, shit and semen: originally, from the anus and, presumably, from AIDS monkeys. In Christian iconography, Satan is the ape of God. The Book of Revelation presents `plague aims` as the reasons for God`s punishing of evil (Rev: 16.2). Saddam Hussein is sometimes associated with the `beast` of Revelation and incurred the wrath of the United States for his `rape of Kuwait`. In biblical terms, Kuwait represents the Earth while the Iraqi soldiers (and later the Taliban) are raids upon her and the USA. Her apes and her AIDS, that is.

 It is interesting that smoking is not allowed in public places any longer or - especially – movies: because it is poison. It is also a euphemism for murder by means of firearms: a sublimation, as it were, of the desire to produce death from fire. Ground tobacco is snuff and the title of the Mike Myers` movie The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) refers to `shag` as a slang term for coitus with a woman without love. It is also a term for raw tobacco. First `shag`, `snuff` later. One who `smokes` another person `snuffs`. An individual therefore carries a cigarette in order to indicate that they are subconsciously - or even consciously - killers (even of themselves). In short, smoking is forbidden because it is evil. Movies do not encourage it and neither do movie theatres. It symbolizes `snuff` films. Television in the USA recently reintroduced smoking as a theme in Madmen (2007-) and, in my opinion, that was evil . The preoccupation with killing in mainstream movies is a concomitant evil. In the movie Mr and Mrs Smith (2005), Brangelina (symbolic of Angelina and Brad`s creaturely oneness in God) spend their time trying to murder each other and they are known as the epitomy of the successfully married couple in Hollywood.

 The problem is a simple one. Mainstream fiction and reality presents `smoking` as evil but glamorous. The missing ingredient in mainstream movies is, of course, the penis. Euphemistically known throughout the latter part of the 20th century as the `love gun`, one squirt and it`s over. As indeed it is for the murdered. Similarly, one bullet was all it took before Saddam was `over` at his hanging in Baghdad. Ironically, it is the nature of a hanging that one ejaculates before death. Saddam was therefore murdered after being found possessing an erection. Irrespective of feelings about Saddam`s execution, homosexuals are men and that explains why the penis is not to be found expressing itself in Hollywood mainstream. They are concerned with murdering and that is why movies are full of killings and `saving the woman for later`. She, however, only represents the `smoking` that comes after coitus. It is the `smoking` that occurs to effect coitus interruptus that is the craze in `snuff movies` of the Mr and Mrs Smith variety in which the `actors` murder one another while they are having sex.

 `Black lung` is what cancer victims are said to have and, in the Book of Revelation, the `black beast` is described; `let he that hath understanding understand, the number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six`. (Rev: 13 17-18) In other words, 666 or sick sick sick(s). If the metaphor is applied, then 666 is cig, cig, cig(s). It is the poison in the system that produces sterility and death, which suggests that smoking and homosexuality are linked. It is neither amusing nor daring to observe that, in Russian, `smoking` is fellatio. It suggests that cigarettes are for homosexuals because they would prefer sucking on their own penises which aren`t long enough and they can`t reach them so turn to each other instead - as equally they prefer anal sex to reproduction or, in fact, any development. Prisons - or `joints` in American - are places where homosexuality is rife, and so are cockroaches. A definition for `roach` is the `hard remnant after a joint`: the homosexual`s penis is a `cock roach` (`smoking` in Russian as it were). It is what is left after the `smoking`; paradoxically the `hard remnant` which no longer wants the woman.

 Because fellatio is Russian for `smoking`, this suggests that woman represents `smoking` for homosexuals and, `smoking` is a euphemism for murder with firearms. The correlation is that the homosexually transmitted disease AIDS is a `plague aim`, in biblical terms, of the `beast`. It is the aim of the bullet upon which is bitten, as it were. Despite accepting toIerance as a Christian principle, homosexuality is in fact evil. Simply because woman can be a victim of it and it is not a main theme for her. She is concerned with good product, development. `I`m a smoker` is, therefore, a phrase that can be seen as a virus. It was William Burroughs` (1914-97) argument in The Soft Machine (1961) and elsewhere that language was a virus which is spoken. Eventually he foresaw, humans would be the virus that spoke a language. `I`m a smoker,` means `I am a cold-blooded killer,` but the individual taken over by the homosexual virus that is the linguistic equivalent of AIDS may not understand it until it has become a murderer: then the virus has won. The poison menace`s (boy-son-men-is-us) `play games system` of the PC consoles involve and include what is forbidden in theatres or movies: `smoking` as indiscriminate callous murder and as a learned principle. Men promote poison, that is, `smoking`. Is, then, the murder of woman only a `byproduct` of the `cancer stick`? Not if it’s understood as the cancer`s dick. Paying a murderer is making a `contract` in Slangland. In medical circles, becoming HIV is `contracting AIDS`. In a heterosexual partnering, this has been construed as `collateral damage` from `friendly fire`, but Satan is clever: woman is the enemies of God`s real target, the `plague` aim` of the biological AIDS virus as an overall systems virus that includes thought, language, behavior - and machine technology. If you hinder it, you are with God. If you assist it, you are Satanists.

 In Greek the word for Christ is `Ix`. Therefore the cure for the cancer that is poison is, in Christian terms, Ix Ix Ix:  the New Redeemer produced in Revelation by `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. (Rev: 12.1) The birth of the child is threatened by a dragon that seeks to devour it but the child is nevertheless born. It is Ix Ix Ix, the numberlessness of the Paraclete that is the Holy Spirit which is present as the `teacher` of humanity after the Ascension in which Jesus is depicted leaving the Earth and returning to God. As Jesus says in the Bible `I am the way and the truth and the life.` (John: 14. 6) Jesus is also the `narrow door` (Luke: 13. 24), which suggests that men have to give up their poison if they are to be with God and immortal.

 In Animal Farm (1945) by George Orwell (1903-1950), the pigs are the spiritual guides and Squealer is their propagandist. When it is suggested that the pigs are wrong in keeping all the apples and milk, that they are breaking the Commandments, Squealer explains that it is necessary for the health of all that the milk and apples are taken by the pigs, who are unselfishly taking them, and that the evil Satan shall return if they do not take them. Squealer has a persuasive demeanor and he re-interprets facts. In short, he represents the perception that, if men return, the pigs will be slaughtered for meat, that is, is allegorically the pigs are women and children as ’meat product’. Is humanity a pig breeder? For those who’d betray humanity and feed upon its flesh are cannibals; the pimps of Satan.

 In the Bible the serpent is told: `You will eat dust all the days of your life.` (Gen: 3.14) This is because of its treachery. Abraham is told: `I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth` (Gen: 16). Men are the evil enemies of God. Here God warns of them as cannibals that would devour the `seed` of Abraham.  It is Abraham that God orders to sacrifice his second son, Isaac.  Abraham takes Isaac and is about to sacrifice him atop a mountain when God tells him not to. Abraham is to sacrifice a ram instead. It is a simple illustration. Obey God. God exterminates the disobedient. In Islam the event is celebrated in the Eid, a feast celebrating the mercy of God. Note that they celebrate God`s mercy to Isaac, from whom the Jews are descended, and not Ishmael, from whom the Moslems are descended through the Prophet Mohammed. (ca. 570/71 – 632), to whom the Angels of God are said to have dictated the Koran (610-32 CE), the Moslem `Bible`, as it were. The USA is replete with Moslems and it would be well for her to understand that the Moslems believe in Jesus and the Jews do not. According to Moslems, belief in Jesus is Moslem. The evil enemies of God are men who would seek to create strife where none exists, because they are sadists. God tells Abraham - and Isaac - obey. Later Moses is given the Commandments of God and is told - obey. Jesus tells them the same, and offers redemption if they do. God will save them, and if they obey God shall save them because God is omnipotent and has the power so to do. If they disobey, men shall experience unendurable eternal pain forever. This is the hell that God has promised them if they are evil. The Koran tells them the same and so does every other good book. The tomb of Abraham in Mecca, the Ka’ Ba, is the center of the Islamic Faith, and Abraham is the `father of Israel`, and therefore of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. It is perceivable as a Trinity and a Unity.

 It is a tradition in Islam and Judaism that the pig is, respectively, haraam or `unclean`. In matriarchy’s, like Judaism, one cannot be born a Jew unless one`s mother is; that is, woman is Jewish and no one else. Consequently, the taboo is designed to make the ’meat product’ enticing. Death, as objectively described, is a disease; it`s not an illness: men kill and they are the disease. Woman is murdered in snuff films or `smoked`. She is raw tobacco or `shag` and visibly ground down at the male chauvinist pig’s (MCP’s) snuff mill. 10% of the income of church congregations are `tithe`, based on the money paid out in The Old Testament to the tribe of Levi by the Israelites for upkeep of the Tabernacle, wherein the Ark of the Covenant with God was kept, that is, the promise of God’s protection, whereas in modernity it’s mafiosa `protection` money; pay or you`re `smoked bacon`: snuffed.

 Immortal women live a long time and produce much flesh. Murdering them in heaven above amongst the stars in order to return them to the womb of the Earth is megabucks. Murder is a means of silencing those who know. Remembering is, therefore, anathema to the evil. In the Bible, men who are the evil enemies of God are described as `faggots`. They are `dead wood`, and are not remembered, that is, they are forgotten by God and consigned to unendurable eternal pain forever. That is why cigs (666) are also `fags` and, incidentally, why the remains are called a `butt`: it refers to the anus and buttocks of the AIDS victims, who are now dying, or effectively `smoked`, because of men`s disease. It is a projected reification of evil to define woman as `pig` by her-apes and her-raids; her rapes and their AIDS. The apes of Satan seek to be the pig-stickers of woman’s seed. Similarly, she’s expected to be ’forgot’ by the `faggots`.

 Resurrection is a tradition in the Middle East, and Christ is a part also. Egyptian mythology is about how Set, the Evil One, dismembers Osiris, the son of Ra, until Isis collects all of the parts and re-members Osiris who is resurrected as Horus, the sky god.1 In Christianity it is Christ who is crucified and returns to God in the Ascension. Catholics incorporate the Assumption of the Virgin into their theology and she acts as an Intercessor or mediatrix in the way that Isis functions in the Egyptian myth. Interestingly, Osiris` rebirth is difficult because Isis cannot find the penis and needs to fashion one anew. The sky goddess in the myth is Nut, pronounced `new`, and consequently the penis of Nut is what Osiris receives as her sky god complement, Horus. It is, as it were, the redemption factor alluded to in Revelation. Woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` produces the New Redeemer. It is the penis renewed, as it were. Logos, the Word of God (as well as the Sword when needed) tempered by Eros, the female principle as love.

 The virgin is a symbol. In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) woman`s animus is male, that is, her spirit. According to Jungian psychology the male animus is `opinionated`, but this is necessary if the woman is to have a picture of her role, which she is taught to believe is about reproduction – and isn`t. It is a common belief that every woman takes her opinions from her man, but this is not true. According to Jung, a woman`s animus sees itself as surrounded by men of whom she is their center of attention and focus. An innocent woman views this as her `charm` but an experienced woman understands that these are her predators. She is their victim: the star of their `snuff` movie ambitions. Moreover, she is their opinion of her; they reflect her animus and she consequently shares their opinion of her worthlessness. Contrariwise, if a man shows her considerateness, she will be of the opinion that he is worthless; because other men say so. However, it is their opinion of themselves, otherwise they wouldn`t be projecting their shadows onto her, that is, the need to see their own inferiority in the `weaker sex`.

 Jung argues that man`s soul is the anima and is female.2 Every woman corresponds to the anima and she is developmental both in reproductive and spiritual terms – as a muse, for example.  In the Bible the virgin represents the woman who gives birth to Jesus, that is, God incarnate. In the Assumption, she is the actualized animus, the woman`s developed opinion. The Virgin is not a sexual being and she is therefore ideal for defense. In short, she is woman who has penetrated the deception and has discovered that reproduction and development are a lie. In other words, the developed animus is not fooled by sexual determinism but perceives that men are the evil enemies of God. The Virgin is, then, symbolically the exterminator of the vermin collective that calls itself men. She is not a sexual being. She is an exocet missile.

 The Glory of God, in Judeo-Christian (and Islamic) tradition, is the Shekinah, the beauties of whom are written of in The Song of Songs. She is the eternal feminine throughout history, the soul of Adam and God incarnate in woman (Eve and her daughters), as it were. She is reproduction, nutrition, nurturing, progress, development, and achievement: civilization and culture in fact. However, who is to protect her? Not men, the evil enemies of God: obviously.  That is why God `assumes` the Virgin. She is a necessary component in the divine scheme of things, the Exterminator that has no interest in anything other than the protection of what she has achieved as a Creatrix alongside God, the Creator.

 Saddam Hussein was defeated in the Gulf by, amongst other devices, Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from the deck of the battleship USS New Jersey. It is a part of Egyptian mythology that Horus` rebirth is watched over by a mighty hawk, and it is a tradition amongst the Americans that it is the Tomahawk of the United Nations of the North American Plains` Indians that is known as the `war hammer` that the Presidents of the United States take into their hand (as happened when the US declared war on global terrorism) when `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` is threatened, that is, the American Dream as Manifest Destiny.

 The `blue bird of happiness` is also a part of American folklore: it appears in Song of the South (1946) which stars Louis Armstrong (1901-1971), a blues` musician and singer. The blues are supposedly about suffering, particularly that of black Americans in bondage. The blue bird of happiness therefore represents the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, that is, `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. However, people can be made to accept anything if they have the `blue bird of happiness`. They are always happy so their possession of it can be a curse. This is what Saddam and the terrorists on 9/11 in 2000 believed, and Hitler (1889-1945) and Brezhnev (1906-1982) before them. The USA is happy and will not disturb itself over us. However, in order to fulfil the Dream and the Destiny, to obtain happiness freedom is needed. God is good, and therefore happiness is God. Saddam sought to make the world a damned sad place, so he was killed for the sake of the Dream: God is our Destiny.

 In biblical terms the New Redeemer is becoming visible. It is another tradition of the United States – a part of their folklore - that there is a `black boy` belonging to the Whitehouse and that, like the mythical Arthur who appears `at need` to defend Wales in her darkest hour in English legend, the `black boy` is responsible for initiating those actions that are necessary and in accordance with the fulfilling of the Will of God that is America`s Dream and Destiny.  Barack Obama (1961-), whose father is a Muslim from Africa, is symbolically the `black boy in the Whitehouse` who, armed against the Taliban in Afghanistan and elsewhere where terrorism sought to prevail, watches over the birth of the New Age, like a hawk of God.  Obama is the bridge between Judeo-Christianity and Islam, which represents multiplicity in Faith in God.

 Tolerance is a virtue, but God obviously destroyed Sodom because God doesn`t accept sterility as good. Satan is defeated and the evil enemies of God, the homosexual vermin that seek sterility over creation, are exterminated. God is omnipotent good, the Summum bonum in Catholicism, and therefore superior. Inferiority is, then, evil and homosexuals shouldn`t be. This is the Will of God according to the Bible.

 The other city that received extinction was Gomorrah (Deut: 29. 22-23) and was probably exterminated because of BDSM, a society based on the sexual themes of bondage, dominance (obedience), sadism and masochism. In The New Testament `the meek shall inherit the Earth` (Matt: 5.5) and Christ is `strongest when weakest`. Gomorrah was probably destroyed because it represented a perversion of marriage, that is, marriage (bondage), obedience (dominance), strength  (sadism) and passive humility (masochism). In the Bible Christ is described as `the bride of the Church` (Rev: 19. 7-9; 21. 1-2). It is strong but a bride is soft. In God it isn’t required that sadism is accepted. Christ is perceived by the sadists as a victim and as a recipe for their modus operandi. They do not see that Christ represents the acceptance of God who is good rather than masochism and, consequently, not an invitation to practice sadism.

`Why hast Thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27: 46) is Jesus` cry from the cross to God in his extremity.  The Roman soldier present at the death says: `Surely this was the son of God.` (Mk: 15: 39) As God is One, then Jesus is One with God and God feels his death. Sadists therefore seek to practice the murder of God. It is similar to Sophie`s Choice (1982) in which Meryl  Streep (1949-) has to decide whether to keep either her daughter or her son when the Nazis explain that one of them is to die in the extermination camp . She is a Jewess and so the choice is a simple one. She protects God, that is, the matrilineal line. One can only be a Jew if one is born from a woman, that is, the Creator. The Nazis are sadists. However, men are already looking for their next victim - woman. In some ways Sophie`s choice is viewed as a humanitarian act on the part of the Nazis; but it is an `act`: a pretense.

 `Women and children first!` was the cry as the `unsinkable` SS Titanic went down after being holed by a giant iceberg in 1911. It meant that they were to beak saved in the lifeboats and the men would go down with the ship. The better part of the tradition is that the daughters are saved because they are God - as Judaism recognizes. Therefore sadists are those who will seek to murder the woman because she is God. The Nazis, believing like everyone else that men are created in the image of God, have not yet found their target. In fact, if Genesis is read correctly, God created man and then incarnated in woman for man to love. Sadism is therefore the torture of woman because she is God and feels her pain and death because men want her to. The knowledge that Adam and Eve are One creature in God means that Adam – as Christ – is/was being tortured by sadists who want God to `understand` - as did the Nazis. Jesus offered the understanding of God, that is, love and redemption. However, the sadists tortured and murdered him - and God by proxy.

 Jesus` forsaken cry from the cross is saddening. Sadists like it. God will be sad too. Much has been written of telepathy, especially of twins. Sadists like them. They torture and murder them in order to perceive their sadness – and vicariously God`s. However, they do not seek understanding from God. They only want to enjoy the pain and death of the Creator. In Christian terms, good people feel sadness at the pain of a loved one and sadness at their demise.  A rare few may perceive that the person who has died is them also: because that is the truth. Adam and Eve are One creature in God in Eden and therefore remain One creature as God throughout history. Sadists seek to torture and murder them and their line in order to kill God and have the Edenic pair - whose consciousness endures wherever man and woman have been - understand and feel sad. This is sadism. The apple in Eden represented men, that is, the boys-sons (poisons) that would result in men`s sadism. God is an eternal man and woman, a golden pair or pear, as it were; the golden fruit of a `paradise regained`. However, sadists seek God`s tortured death and that is their teleology.

 The child born to the `woman clothed with the sun` is described in Revelation as returning to Earth and ruling the nations with a `scepter of iron`: God is the ten Commandments for Jesus. They are the laws of God and those who break the rules of God are doomed to unendurable eternal pain. It is a punishment for the sadists who, paradoxically, want it: good God.

 There are seven plagues in Revelation which God sends in order to convert them from their desire for the pain of others, that is, the torture and death of God: `The sun was given power to scorch people with fire. They were seared  by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him. (Rev: 16.8)

 Sadism takes its name from the Marquis De Sade (1740-1814), infamous for such BDSM works as The 120 days of Sodom (1905). Interestingly, the US pronunciation is `saddest`, perhaps because `happiness` is what freedom seeks. If, however, one were to ask a UK citizen the provenance of The 120 days of Sodom, s/he would reply: `It`s AIDS.` Or, rather Sade`s; but that is how it would sound. Clearly the correlation is an objective one. Sadism is Sade`s/AIDS. The sadist `beast` of Revelation sits upon what might be described, in US terms, as the `saddest` throne: `His kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10) Sadist homosexuals like pain and torment, so they do not repent, and it shall be theirs forever. Thank God.

 The apes of Satan who would reify woman as a pig are, inevitably, associated with `plague aims` but God does not `play games`. The evil enemies of God are the pig gamers, the `piggers` in the play games systems. It has never been about black, yellow, red or white – or even blue or green. John Lennon once wrote `Woman is the nigger of the world.` In fact men are the `piggers` of the world: as has long been recognized. MCP means Male Chauvinist Pig, that is, misogyny or hatred for woman.

 Saddam Hussein was exterminated in the Gulf War (2001-03). Sadists like to beat people. They are bullies. Pedophiles are sadists also - often masquerading as police (emotionally)- because children are smaller and are, therefore, `easy` victims and gullible (which is often the attraction for sadists - innocence). Pederasts are also sadists, because boys are smaller, and are therefore `easy` for men to victimize. Homosexuals seek anal sex, and it is painful, therefore sadistic. `We are men` is their lie: `queer men` is the reality. `Queer` means `to pervert` innocence. Michael Jackson`s (1958-2009) ’We Are The World’ (1985), for example, was truth, and not the result of a life poisoned by glitzy exposure to homosexuals, pederasts, pedophiles and misogynists that inevitably produced a schmaltzy outpouring of sentimentality with no political might other than to persuade children that they can also be queer in a system that seeks to create homosexuals, pederasts, pedophiles, and misogynists:


‘We are the world,

We are the children.’


 White supremacists and black supremacists might claim to be against `queers`, but they are the same people. They are racist and, therefore, sadist. They wish to make others less happy, and sad. It is sadism that is the malaise of the 20th century and now the 21st. Exterminate the sadist and sadism, and restore the American Dream; `life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness` - the Manifest Destiny of Humankindnesses:


‘There are people dying

And it's time to lend a hand …

We’re saving our own lives …’3



 Misogynists are who we are (queer) insofar as they are wife beaters. Wives, daughters and mothers are, generally, weaker than the sadist (even if physically larger - it is about mental attitude). All of these indicate sadism is about creating people who are like this - beating, and innocence. That is why the American Dream seems innocent, because it is about progress without being threatened (God is Almighty and so is the Might of America), whereas true innocence is about progress without anticipating being threatened, that is, without requiring defensive/offensive capability. This is why the Taliban terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11 2000 was about the threat to the self-perceived innocence of Americans, the American Dream and their Manifest Destiny, which is based on the Christian Fundamentalist position that God is Good and, if the Almighty power of God is believed in, humanity is Almighty in God also.

 Saddam, therefore, not only means sadism but terrorism, that is, sadists are cowards; as well as bullies. Sadists claim to be hard, and that is why they beat or terrorize - even that it is for the victim’s good that they do this. The bullies masquerading as `police` are the abuser offensively accusing the offended as being an offence. In the Gulf, Saddam was hard, and evil. It was easy for him to be sadistic, because he was a dictator. For sadists, it’s about easy victims. For the soft, ‘hard’ means ‘difficult’. Defeating Saddam Hussein was a difficult achievement, whereas `beating` him was what he represented: damned sad. A beaten Saddam was what the world had after Gulf War I and Bush I, and an exterminated Saddam after Gulf War II and Bush II. The premise had changed: kill the sadists. Don’t beat them: it’s what they want.

 Saddam was defeated, and not beaten. It is more than a linguistic cavil. It was easier than anticipated to defeat Saddam, because God is omnipotent good, could not be beaten, and success was viewed as an achievement. In short, for sadists, hard is easy because evil and, for good people, progress is certain because it is for the Glory of God who wants achievement, not hard and easy evil certainties. Good and God is about `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, that is, the American Dream of reproduction, nurturing, development, progress, and achievement. That is why `gaming` is evil. It is gambling on evil certainties by `hard` men.

 In 1974  US’ boxer Mohammed Ali (1942-) surprisingly defeated world heavyweight champion George Forman (1949-) using a tactic he called `rope-a-dope`. He was old, slow, and dangerous. He allowed Foreman to hit him for long periods while he relaxed against the ropes of the ring, then knocked his exhausted opponent out with a single merciless counterpunch. Both wore boxing gloves, but it would`ve been easier, though evil and more certain, if Ali had shot Foreman before the encounter. This is sadistic hard, but not achievement. Saddam and Bush were also world heavyweights `slugging` with scuds and tomahawks, but the principle is the same. Who is betting on the outcome? Sadists and gamblers: that is why the Gulf Wars happened. No one likes boxing, only those who want the `fight game`.



 Sadists are gamers because evil does not seek anything but hard heartedness, evil, and easy. Many couch potatoes watched the battles in the Gulf on TV and went off to play Tank Commander at the local arcade. It was about `degree of difficulty`, `shoot-em-up`, that is, what is hard heartedness, evil, and easy. Actually flying an A10 and destroying columns of tanks is difficult and an achievement. Sadists and gamers inculcate the belief that gambling with lives is: it isn`t.  Anyone can play Russian roulette. All that’s needed is a gullible someone who isn`t a gamer or a sadist. George Bush I and II were neither gamers nor sadists, but they were gullible. They believed it was about `slugging` it out to see who would be world heavyweight champion. It wasn`t. Sadists and gamers persuade that their constructs of hard competition and confrontation are legitimate. They aren’t: kill them by any means. Do not accept their constructs. It is not about sport. It is not a game. If Saddam Hussein had been shot before he became a damn nuisance, there’d have been no Gulf War. The gloves wouldn’t have been put on, and God would have won.

 It is not merely an analogy that AIDS and viruses in software are the bane of our existence in the 21st century. It is a metaphor for what is plaguing the planet, that is, the aims of the plague and the plague aims system.  AIDS is a fucking virus. So are gamers and hackers. For them people are `software` towards which they are hard and evil because `soft` is easy. In other words, they themselves are viruses – as was Saddam. For gamers and sadists, he was their `game` because he was their `boy`. `All flesh is grass` (Is: 40.6) it says in the Bible and, like Cleopatra with her asp, humanity is holding to its bosom a new generation of serpent. In Eden it was the boy sons (poisons) of futurity, sadism. According to Greek Gnosticism, Nous (pronounced `noose`) is God`s intelligent operating principle: `In the beginning was the word and the word was God.`  (Gen: 1.1) If so, the serpent in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would be pointing from Eden to men as a poiso-nous futurity.

 The AIDS virus in the shape of the homosexual psychopath is murdering for a `high` and, disguising itself with the pseudonym `hacker` or `gamer`, gives AIDS and other viruses to our `hard drive` (stored potential, innocence), `software` (development, defended innocence) and `written` (developed potential, or saved innocence -  and immortality) in order to experience that same elatedness which is the drug of the sadist, that is, the sadness, mourning, and death of others - as they torture them systematically or `plague aim`.

 Nous, the intelligence of God, then becomes the `noose` by which innocence is strangled; literally: because humanity has been taught to be foolishly tolerant of homosexuals and, therefore, of sadism. Michael Hutchens (1960-97), the lead singer of Australian rock group INXS, allegedly practiced anoxia, which means the heightening of orgasm through strangulation. The verdict was suicide, and it didn’t indicate an intelligent principle’s operating. In short, a generation of sadistic homosexuals do not value life except and insofar as it affords them the instant gratification of someone else`s misery, because of a loved one`s loss, or the longer term gratification they find in the misery of someone else`s torment. It was the same in World War I. The `cannon fodder` went to the front, while the easy lifers, hard and evil, stayed at home, getting fat, having homosexual relationships with each other, or even homosexually adulterous relationships with the wives of the `cannon fodder` husbands that, hopefully (for them) would not return, while preparing to murder them for their medals, honor, reputation and worth. Essentially, the `easy lifers`, hard and evil, had gambled on the achievers` deaths.

 God won in the Gulf but many thousands died. They were not `beaten`: they died.  God `s self- description in the Bible is, `I am that I am.` (Ex: 3. 14) Effectively, `Saddam` means `I am sad.` He presented himself as a leader of a Jihad, a Holy War. However, what he represents is sadism. In particular, because of his use of poison gas against the Kurds. It is the greatest sin in Islam to be the poisoner of a well, and to poison one`s own well is beyond evil. As it says in the Talmud: `Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live.` (Ex: 22.18) It is a similar sin in Judaism as everywhere in the Middle East, and that is why Saddam was exterminated. Poisoning one`s own well indicates sadism towards what should be perceived as oneself because it is one`s stewardship. It equates with the mortal sin of Catholicism, suicide. That is an unforgiveable crime because oneself is God. As Jesus says: `Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.` (Lev: 19.18) Why? Because you are your neighbor: Saddam was primarily despised in Islam as a `bad neighbor` for his invasion of Kuwait, that is, after poisoning his mother`s well and thereby his own, he went on to poison that of his neighbor. Jesus elaborates upon love and God in The New Testament: “`Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.`” (Matt: 22. 36-40)

 Russians speak about Mother Russia and, in the Song of Songs, ’the Glory of God’, the Shekinah appears: `Your hair falls in waves, like a flock of goats winding down the slopes of Mount Gilead.` (Songs: 4.1) She has washed her hair from the pure well water, that is, the flock are healthful. Similarly, `The Lord is my Shepherd` who `restoreth my soul` and leads through `the valley of the shadow of death`, while we `fear no evil` and `shall not want [for pure water, for example]`. (Ps. 23) She is the eternal feminine, to whom the majority of Gulf war veterans returned as woman, wife or daughter; all coalition forces, that is: including Saudi Arabians, Omanis and other Arab nations.

 Kurdistan was the `straw that broke the camel`s back`, that is, Saddam was effectively the poisoner of his own mother`s well. Kurdistan is the birthplace of Salahudin (c. 1139-1193), the great knight of Arabia revered even by Christian knights during the Crusades (1095-1291) in which they sought to take Jerusalem from the Arabs because it was the Holy Land where Christ was born. Salahudin was concerned with the preservation of honor, and there was mutual knightly recognition of honor as centering upon woman - as themselves in the person of their women as it were: `Saladin was especially chivalrous towards women and children [daughters]. Once he was besieging a castle near Aleppo and after protracted and costly efforts, managed to capture it. Then, a little girl, the sister of Aleppo's ruler, came to his camp and Saladin received her with gifts and kindness. As all little girls will, she asked for one thing more: the castle which he had just captured. Without a moment's pause, Saladin gave her the fortress which had cost him a siege of 38 days.`4

 The Glory of God is the Shekinah in Judaism (but she has many names in many places – including `Old Glory` - or the `Star Spangled Banner` - in the USA`s national anthem to the American Dream and their Manifest Destiny). The Glory of God is glorious because she is faithful, so who would not put the Glory of God in command of one`s fortress? A fortress like a dam is anything that keeps or preserves – as Adam is placed in Eden to keep the fruit of immortality. Adam is Saddam, as it were, gone bad. Adam is here symbolically a dam against sadism and man (and woman) versus Saddam. It is the woman of Saddam that is important – as Eve is to Adam. She is his repressed however; his dam is dammed by him.  Adam and Eve were one creature in God and, therefore, Saddam partakes of this. However, if Iraq and Kurdistan were to be thought of as a woman, Saddam would have been torturing her as Adam the `beast` in Eden. Because he owns it - and her – in the absence of God he also denies. He therefore represents Adam as an enslaver who is poisoned against Eve, and the extermination of him is the refusal of the world to accept such men.

 However, the Gulf War is not a game. Everything is `software` to Gamers. VR is a medium that is indistinguishable from reality; like the holo deck on the Starship Enterprise in the television series Star Trek (1966-). Games aim to provide opportunities for people to dehumanize themselves and `train` for `real`. However, what they are primarily training for are murderous `shoot-em-ups`. If Saddam were viewed as the dam of Adam and Eve, then Brangelina in Mr and Mrs Smith represent the Mr and Mrs myth: the undamning of Sadism. The `plague aims` of the system is BDSM. AIDS tells us to fear sexual contact and sado-masochism is the result.

 Scheherezade is the heroine in 1001 Nights (9th Century onwards) who tells stories to Shah Jehan (1592-1666), who having murdered his wife for unfaithfulness when she was in fact faithful, is now punishing every woman in his kingdom by marrying them for one night and then beheading them the next day. Scheherezade saves the women of the kingdom by marrying Shah Jehan and keeping her head – and those of all the other women - by telling stories that need to be continued indefinitely. The idea of immortality in good God is that people`s lives go on forever. AIDS is death. To suggest that they share AIDS` is a lie. It is a poisonous and murderous attack upon the man and the woman in the room. `Die Weltraum` is how the cosmos is described in German at the beginning of Star Trek, which translates as `the room of the world `. It is the woman`s room because she is God incarnate and man is Herself: `Casting pearls before swine` (Matt: 7.6) isn’t done. The `pearl of great price` (Matt: 13. 45-6) is what is spoken of in alchemy as the goal of the opus or great work which has as its aim the production of the lapis philosophorum, the stone of the wise that confers immortality and is also known as the aurum philosophicum or philosopher`s gold. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to the New Redeemer while threatened by the dragon that would devour it is also alchemical in its symbolism. The child is described as a son, but the uniting symbolism suggests a new vehicle and she is the `futanar`.

 Men are clearly fake gods (faggots) because they represent evil. They would seek to present themselves as the images of God and therefore to be worshipped as God. However, if Genesis is read correctly, God created man, and then woman from his side. (Gen: 2. 21-24) It seems more likely that God has incarnated as woman than that men are gods. The ’serpent’ in the ’tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ from which Adam and Eve eat, and that is forbidden to them by God, indicates the poison (Gen: 3. 1-13), that is, the boy-son viral progression into the future from Eden that will produce war, that is their rapes of the Mother of the Earth by means of their apes of Satan (their raids as men that are her AIDS) as well as those of Eve`s subsequent daughters. Man and woman, however, represent Ultimate Unity. One creature in God, which inevitably means divorcing men completely, and after all that’s what happens in marriage. Homosexuals aren’t wanted in the wedding train. The vehicle God seems to have chosen are the psychologically and physically bisexual futanar, who reproduce together, or with woman, and don’t heed men.


1 Wilkinson, Richard H. The Complete Gods And Goddesses Of Ancient Egypt, Thames and Hudson, London, 2003, pp. 105.

2 Jung, C.G. 'Psychological Aspects of the Mother Archetype' (1938/1954), The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, CW, Vol. 9, Part I.

3 Jackson, Michael, and Lionel Richie ‘We Are The World’, Columbia, 1985.

4 Saladin: `Story of a Hero` in Saudi Aramco World, Vol. 21, # 3, May/June 1970.


01/01/2012 12:31



`There is nothing new under the sun` is an idiom, which is often used to describe a literary work that is derivative. There is also a French word for the sense in a person when they see something occur that they perceive they have seen before. This is de ja vu. It is a version of plagiarism that is being witnessed because of a practice known as `enshrining`, which has been practised in the USA by Shriners, who take many precepts and ideas from Arabian culture, and even their Temples or centres where they gather are called Mosques.

 In Emily Dickinson`s (1830-86)`riddle poem` (1924) we are meant to believe that the narrative in verse form is interpretable as being about the founding of America and its early growth with the advent of railways. The answer to the riddle is that the `horse` of the poetry is actually a train. The answer then is `train`, but the key is that the references to a `star` indicate the birth of Jesus, which is `enshrined` as a fixed point in time and space.

 At the close of the poem, the narrator makes a reference to the horse as `Boanerges`, which is the `iron horse` as the Native American `red` Indians, described it. The train remains `docile` and `omnipotent` at the `stable` door, and is an allusion to the omnipotence of God and the notion that technology will take the USA to the stars.

 Boanerges is James and John, the name given to them by Jesus (Logos) because they accepted the Word of God, which is the basis of technological development. That is why the train is outside the `stable` door. It refers to the Nativity, which is the birth of Jesus and, as another English idiom has it, the impossibility of `closing the stable door after the horse has bolted`. It refers to de ja vu. When something`s perceived as having happened before, the time has been enshrined, and the de ja vu indicates that it is there again. The desire to bolt `the stable door after the horse has bolted` is the work of Redemption. The solution to Emily Dickinson`s riddle is, therefore, the `Shrine` of Jesus. The `stable` is God`s birthplace and it is a `stable` point `enshrined` in time and space.

 When a moment is enshrined in de ja vu, we understand that what has gone before has been, that is, something has occurred and the clocks in the heavens have been turned back to the point at which one saw the scene previously. The constellations surrounding the Earth move imperceptibly, but appear fixed; therefore de ja vu is difficult to comprehend because it is the signs of enshrinement by a miser who does not want you to have an inkling of what he is doing. Effectively, that someone is `covering up` what has been done.

 Travelling through time and space, what we perceive are our journeyings; although manipulable. Someone wants us to be back in position because a moment is enshrined and, if they recognize it, they can enjoy the fruits of another`s success. That person may even be you and is not giving you what you have worked for. It is as if the nativity of Jesus, perceivable as de ja vu, is again present, and the Virgin Mary could be raped, sodomised and bulleted before the Immaculate Conception – which is what a miser like Satan would want to do.

 From a vantage point on Earth, nothing may seem to be occurring, but elsewhere events will be `replayed`. If we think of de ja vu as time travel, what we are seeing are moments that relate to the past or future that have now recurred.

 I walked into a school in Poland one day as their new teacher in 1999, the ASLO in Lebork, and remembered that I had been a pupil there before. I also recalled that it was a tradition there that a pupil returned as a teacher to receive the matura school leaving certificate, and I was educated in England. The time had been enshrined, which meant that everything that these people had achieved before was also present.

 Jesus has been born, technology has been developed, and Britney Spears (1982-) has appeared on Mars. Only God can put the horse back into the stable before it bolts, which means that, if Britney Spears is the woman on Mars, man cannot put her back into the stable, and neither would God because the woman in red represents Redemption.. As in the pop video for Oops I Did It Again (2000), she does not want the American astronaut. She has outgrown that level of progress, which represents Spears hurled as ICBMs across the globe in thermonuclear devastation. She is now Logos and Eros combined in complementarity; wisdom and understanding in accordance with biblical prophecy found in Revelation. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` - and she doesn`t want low level murderous apes, so she tells the American spaceman (Neil Armstrong) she isn`t ready. She is Britney Lamb Strong, the Lamb of God.1

 On the single sleeve for Piece Of Me (2007), she appears on the cross. Longinus` Spear is not in the picture, but its cutting open the side of Jesus was an `enshrining` of the importance of Eve`s birth from Adam in the mechanism of Redemption. The Paraclete, emerging from the side of the Second Adam – Jesus - is the Holy Spirit as teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet.

 The single Hold It Against Me (2011) is a reference to Longinus` Spear which, held against the side of Jesus, is absent from Britney Spears single sleeve for Piece of Me. Britney`s question is: If you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me? It is a song by the Bellamy Brothers and the apposite line is similar to The Song Of Songs, which is a wooing of God`s love; the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament: `If I were dying of thirst would your flowing love come quench me?`



 Because she has a beautiful body, men hold it against Britney. Their Spear, not their penis; it is not a joke. The Shekinah, as the Holy Spirit, is at, by (and from, as the Paraclete) the side of Jesus in all of his teachings. What men say is that they have a Spear, but Spears is the Paraclete. She is asking for the Holy Spirit, which is what you receive from being `washed in the blood of the lamb`, and that is symbolized by full water immersion baptism when you accept Jesus and Redemption. Britney`s saying that she`s accepted the Holy Spirit, the Gulf War (2001-3) has ended, and she wants the bullets removed, and her body of work, that is, the woman of God`s, restored; past and future.

 Men associate penetrating a woman`s virginity with their Spear, which is not by the power of the Holy Spirit, but man. The knowledge of the Holy Spirit and its teachings come after penetration with the penis, because the woman is then active in the Spirit; which is what the piercing of Jesus` side with the Spear perverts. But it indicates the problem and the solution - acceptance of Jesus` teachings and the wisdom of his assistant, the Paraclete. This is the woman of Jesus` God, as Eve is the woman of Adam from his side. The Paracletes are the Spears of God, and the path to heaven; vouchsafed by God if you accept the Holy Spirit.

 The analogy of `bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted` means that restoring virginity is impossible. Physically possible perhaps, but not in terms of experience. De ja vu effectively means the loss of innocence, because it represents what has gone before; and if a virgin observes a scene of de ja vu, it means that she mightn`t have been a virgin when she saw the scene previously.

 There is a difference between a visitor and an uninvited guest. The visitor to Britney Spears` Mars, for example. Saddam Hussein was an invader, and the USA forced his removal from Kuwait. It is a tradition in Islam that a thief has his hands cut off, and one might suppose that God`s omnipotence says that the thief never had any hands. That is why the locomotive in Emily Dickinson`s poem is `docile` - as a lamb - but `omnipotent`, because God can bolt the stable door after the horse has bolted and the horse will be there if it returns to itself. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are innocence, development and progress, which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. Being `washed in the blood of the lamb` is acceptance of the Holy Spirit, that is, Jesus` teachings, and Redemption, which means the restoration of what is `enshrined` in the American Dream and its fulfillment – after war.

 Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) was a threat to the USA, that is, development and progress in innocence while living with an awareness that threats are possible. Sufficient advancement means weapons are unnecessary; but this can only be assured if God is in heaven with the Spears of God. Otherwise, the Queens of Heaven are what they are in the worship of Satan, which is what the woman of Revelation symbolizes. She is giving birth, and`the dragon prepares to devour her child. The worship of Satan is a mother-son relationship. It is often confused with incest, but it represents the necessity for the woman to prevent her offspring from becoming a Satan that would devour her rather than accept her.

 Incest is taboo but it is mother-son worship in Satan. In Christianity, the mother`s child is her husband, which is a difficult concept that requires an acceptance of what it is to find oneself born to the woman you`re married to. Not ungraspable for those who read the Word of God because it is what happens with the Virgin Mary. God can put the husband in the womb of the woman if she loses him, and can return as her husband. This is Christian, but it can be a form of Satan worship because of the attendant Oedipal problems, that is, the battle for possession of the mother which, in Christianity, is resolved by accepting the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Jesus as Redemption from submission and domination, which is the `Terrible Mother` and father as Satan, and the bane of development; in accepting Jesus and the Holy Spirit, one accepts man needs to be redeemed and Woman is God`s love which man has to accept or perdition will ensue.

 If one can remember, through de ja vu experiences, that you were a woman (if you are a man), then you have won. You accept parthenogenesis, God, the Holy Spirit, and a woman such as Britney Spears. Then she will bear you and be a Queen of Heaven in God rather than Satan.

 The Queens of Heaven with the Spears of God would be Heaven, but the Queen of Heaven in the worship of Satan could give birth to a devouring dragon. That is why Jesus` Nativity represents Redemption, because the child who is born `washed in the blood of the lamb` is, in effect, a redeemed dragon. God has returned the horse to the stable before it`s bolted, and it is there when the horse returns `docile` and `omnipotent` to find itself there. Jesus is both the redeemed dragon, child of the `woman clothed with the sun`. and the New Redeemer. Because he offers Redemption - and defeats Satan. He is the `docile lamb` and the `omnipotent` Sword of God. This is why the Nativity of Jesus and the Ascension are defined as a single event in eternity; Redemption. If we accept it, we are Eternally Saved also.

 Travelling to the stars, and returning to find that God has given your wife a child when you return is the same paradox that Joseph had when Mary gave birth by parthenogenesis. Who is the father? One who does not believe in God would say the child is not theirs. One who does would understand that the child is them. It is a serious issue:


`What do you call Britney Spears with a brain? Pregnant.` (Ed. adds....Well it depends who the father is.......)1


 Herself and God. It is about plagiarism. `If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can`t I paint you?` is songwriting. To paint a picture you first need words. The composer is speechless at her beauty and is unable to speak, and therefore composes a song. To present someone with beauty that does not belong to them because they have not created it, is plagiarism; which is definable as an attack upon the creator using their own creation. In other words, an attack by a poisoner. Plagiarists are the literary equivalent of poison pens; a serpent in the Creator`s work that tries to become a dragon. Plagiarism is, therefore, the poisoning of Adam, the child of God, who created mighty works on behalf of God with the assistance of Eve. Consequently, much is unconsciously rewritten and `there is nothing new under the sun`, as the English idiom has it. Those who make people unconsciously rewrite what has previously been written – even by they themselves – are therefore plagiarists because it is your writer`s hand they are playing. They are, as it were, masturbating you while you think it is an original pleasure that is yours. Plagiarists are therefore those who masturbate you and thereby poison the original works of the creator. But the New Testament cannot be plagiarized: it contains all of the Truth and can be quoted but it is not possible to misconstruct. Plagiarists misconstruct constantly, which is an attack on a person through their oeuvre.

 Britney Spears is the Spears of God because she represents the Holy Spirit as the Paraclete. In Arabia, there is a similar figure: Sheherezade. The wife of Shah Jehan is beheaded for unfaithfulness and she is faithful. Sheherezade saves the women from a similar fate when Jehan weds a new bride each day and beheads her each evening for his wife`s faithlessness.

 Sheherezade tells a never ending story that enthralls Shah Jehan and she marries him. She is a Spears, a Paraclete. Like Mary, the question is: Who is the wife? The answer is that they are the same person. It is about privacy and Faith. Shah Jehan`s wife is Faith and the poisoner – Satan - is what causes him to blame his wife for faithlessness when she is faithful:


`What do you call Britney Spears with a brain? Pregnant.`


The editorial comment that follows is poisonous; but it is also plagiarism.


`Well it depends who the father is...`


Britney`s paparazzi are, in effect, attacking her as a way of poisoning the truth, that is, they are masturbating, making her produce their idea of her, and that`s a poisoning of her original material. If we consider de ja vu, it`s a plagiarising of what has come before from her, and that`s `played your eyes singer`.  Attacking her life on the grounds that she`s readable to everyone. It`s criminalization. Creating her in their media coverage as a bad mother is a crime against God.



 She lost custody of her child because his hat fell off and she thought the child was more important as she hurried to her car. The press thought the loss of the hat indicated neglect, and so decided the court. The paparazzi were also blamed for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-97). As with Britney Spears, they plagiarized her life; and rumours suggested she was shot by one of them because Prince Philip was tired of the gossip about her. Effectively, her life was poisoned by serpents. If she had lived before and had experienced de ja vu - as everyone has – they were masturbating her; to see her produce what she had produced before. The fact that she was murdered suggests that they had finished with her production, that is, she was killed because they`d seen it before.

 As a Queen of Heaven on Mars, Britney recognizes that she may be born again on Earth because she knows what de ja vu experiences mean. She has grown in innocence, progressed, and remembers she`d developed. But, as she says, in Oops I Did It Again, `I`m not that innocent.` She has perceived that she`s threatened and, on 9/11, the American Dream was threatened. The girl who knows she`s a virgin, and understands her de ja vu experiences, now knows she`s a woman, and her de ja vu experiences tell her that she can have the fruit from the tree of her previously developed self; if someone else is not preventing her from enjoying it. Her de ja vu tells her that that is possible; and so which of her parents is Satan?

 The Queen of Heaven is a mother-son form of Satan worship, and the difficulty is underlined in the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, which gives birth to a child that `rules the nations with an iron scepter` and is domination on behalf of the mother. But to a good end in the sense that God`s Commandments are kept, which Jesus distills as `God`s love`. This is the Shekinah as God`s Spirit that dwelt in the Tabernacle of the Ark of the Covenant where the Commandments are kept. The Paraclete or Holy Spirit of the New Testament are the Spears of God. The child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is threatened by the dragon, which means that the dragon wants to devour her because she is giving birth to herself. The dragon is a father – or even her son - as Satan.

 She is her child and does not want to be dominated by herself, whether born previously as a man - or a woman (because of gender enforcement, it hardly ever occurs to anyone that they may`ve been of the opposite sex; even with knowledge of what de ja vu means). The danger for the Pop Princess that would be Queen of Heaven is that she`d become too dominating - or even dominated - by herself as the child she bears.

 The important component is her acceptance; those who do not believe have the understanding that she cannot give birth to herself or be her own fatherer. The Virgin Mary is the pure vessel that gives birth to Jesus, the Son of Man, who is the Second Adam in the Garden of Eden and from whose side Eve is born. Parthenogenesis is the birth of the Second Adam, and the Paraclete is the Second Eve, which means that God has given birth: `Surely this is the Son of God`, as Longinus says (Matt: 27.54). Man and woman will have Redemption when they are One Creatureliness in God - as in the Garden of Eden before Eve was separated from Adam`s side, and she was rediscovered by Jesus (during his journeying and preachings) as the Shekinah which is the Holy Spirit.

 Futanar is the name given to the physical and psychological bisexuality that is the genuinely beautiful woman with a penis Britney Spears could have enjoyed. If her de ja vu experiences had remembered it to her. In fact, it is perfectly possible she has been futanar, which is difficult for the rememberer to comprehend. Who is giving you de ja vu experiences and keeping you from the knowledge of the existence of your former development and its fruitions?

 Whoever is the `Shriner` has the knowledge of who is who and what they have previously achieved. It may be a secret but the keeper of it is working people to death in order to live like a vampire on the flesh and blood of the offspring of those who have already been virgin, innocent, and have experienced progress and development. A continuation of a life in which, barring accidents, the child is born again at periodic intervals while the original version continues with its development and progress – probably forever.

 The pornography of the planet is `gender bender` oriented, and it is one of the ways that men seek to prevent you from understanding that de ja vu experiences are helpful insofar as you may`ve been Hermaphrodite. As it says in the Bible, `Male and female he created them both.`(Gen: 1.27) We are persuaded that pornography is in some way wrong, but in actual fact it is a simple learning tool for those who are able to read. There are no weapons and that`s what `God`s love` means.

 In the Gulf War (2001-3), Saddam Hussein represented Satan, the Antichrist. The Sword of Saddam is that of Saddam Might, which in American would mean `a mite sadder`, which is apposite because those who want to live off your flesh and blood - in a parody of the bread and the wine as the transformative substance in the Transubstantiation of the Catholic Mass – want to keep you from the simple truth. Adam and Eve were born as a Hermaphrodite and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is God`s love as the hermaphroditic completion of you that wants to be restored, you are taught to have disdain for the Sword.

 Love is the Holy Spirit, and the Word is Jesus as the Logos, which gives you the mind and understanding to have the wisdom to perceive that `one woman one man` is a construct designed to gender condition you into submitting to the impossibility of you being `both male and female`. If you reach that awareness, then being futanar is a possible conjecture if you are able to surf the net for pornographic images which are educative enough for you to perceive the beauty of what you had not supposed you were. If you are able to perceive this, then, if you are Britney Spears, for example, you have been dominated in your relationships; so that you think men are everything in terms of sex. Whereas, in fact, they are Satan because they have concealed the Truth from you.

 It is about the ears. If you listen to men, they will explain that they are fathers and therefore they are God, because God made them in his image; but they are told not to worship images in the Bible. Woman is God`s idea of what is good for man, and forbidden fruit are men. That is why the serpent becomes a dragon seeking to devour the child in Revelation; because it is a father who is a Satan.

 There is a similar Roman myth in which Saturn (Satan) eats his children. In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the mouth corresponds to the `Feeling` function, as the sense of smell corresponds to `Intuition` and, in symbolic terms, the Spear; because it is penetrating in its wisdom. In Revelation, `out of his mouth comes a sharp double-edged sword`, which means that this function is commanded by the Spirit of God. The mouth is associated with devouring, and men unable to accept the Holy Spirit are Satans. The good `fruit` of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Eden is the woman`s `seed`, which is why God tells the serpent that there shall be `enmity` between it and her `seed`. Men would devour the woman and her creative product by using their `Thinking` function as a Sword against her. `Thinking`, in fact, is associated with the ears (years) in Jungian psychology, and the evil use their thinking to devise weapons. One of these would be AIDS - the Thin King - because those with AIDS have the `thin disease`. This is why, in Revelation, she gives birth to a protector.

 She is a Queen of Heaven, like the Virgin Mary in Catholicism, and her child is Christ-like. That is why he is called the New Redeemer; because he represents a continuation of God`s Promise of Redemption. His sword is the Word of God and he is not a devourer, but he is threatened by a false father who is a Satan. Saddam Hussein was a devourer who wanted to put holes in people, which is what men do. Their `Feeling` function is associated with the `mouth` and is undifferentiated. They understand eating as devouring. In the myth of Hercules, there are four man-eating horses (Fast, Shining, Blonde, and Terrible) that the hero has to control in order to give them eternal rest. It is a metaphor for the controlling of the four functions of consciousness by accepting Redemption through the power of the Holy Spirit, which is woman`s love and God`s. If men do not accept it, but seek to devour the woman – and pretend that it is only photography when they are planning to murder her with bullets (as men did with Diana, another `Terrible Mother` to the paparazzi) – the woman has the authority from God to exterminate them, because she has her own penis - as a futanar - and does not need them. Satanism is the propogation of men as a virus, and AIDS is God`s plague upon those who do not accept that the love of woman redeems. In Eden, the `forbidden fruit` is the beautiful woman, and the serpent is the one to whom it is forbidden. It is told by God that there shall be `enmity` between it and the woman`s `seed`; which means that she and hers shall exterminate the serpent`s `seed` - unless men (who are it) accept God`s Promised Redemption.

 The Gulf War (2001-3) was a war against Saddam Might, which wants to put bullet holes in man and woman and is the `beast` of Revelation which is, psychologically, a sadist. In effect, he wants to harm whatever is beautiful, and the Twin Towers of New York that were attacked on 9/11 - by terrorist hijackers crashing into them with civilian aircraft - are teeth. He is the vampire and doesn`t want to see another dragon`s teeth. The mouth, as undifferentiated `Feeling` function, is dangerous; but the ears are able to hear the Word of God by means of the Holy Spirit and protect `America the Beautiful` with the `sharp sword that comes out of…[the] mouth` if one is prepared to listen - and Saddam didn`t after 9/11. Instead, he supported the Al Qaeda terrorists.

 In truth, the ears are the years of a man. If you are unable to hear, you cannot protect yourself against evil and you have to understand the power of the Holy Spirit when it speaks to you, which is difficult if men lie to you and lie with you as homosexuals because it is not in the spirit of a woman. That is why the might of Saddam makes you sad because it`s sadism. Paradoxically, the `Thinking` function is associated with the Sword that is undifferentiated egoism unless it is controlled, and `Thinking`, in Jungian psychology, is associated with the ears. This means that one cannot think without one`s ears because one needs to hear the Holy Spirit, which is Woman`s. One`s sword is one`s ears and, in effect, you are required to see with them. Your eyes know when to use the Sword because you have listened to the Word and can see the `enemy` is men, that is, Satan, and not Woman. Otherwise, the Logos becomes the sword and becomes indiscriminate because undirectable by Woman who does not want to perish through men`s Satanic will towards her.

 George W. Bush did not learn Arabic; he simply told his advisors to exterminate Saddam`s noise when he saw him on the TV because he could see that Saddam represented a threat to innocence, and that progress and development which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. It was a defence of `America the Beautiful`, because Saddam would put holes in the women of America as he had already raped the women of Kuwait. These were her raids and her rapes; or her AIDS and her apes: undeveloped evil men who`d keep man and woman as a breeding pair to murder for pleasure with guns, while sodomising and raping their children who, because they have the Holy Spirit in them, that is, differentiated `Thinking`, are able to read their de ja vu experiences and see that they are being murdered through the generations - past and future - that they have preceded themselves with.

 De ja vu means a future is in existence and is a target for those who are mighty in ego and want to put holes in as much beauty as they can, like Nagasaki and Hiroshima - to take an extreme example of undifferentiated `Intuition`. Hurling war Spears at the far away, and therefore inconsequential to the conscience of the murderer. But the Holy Spirit is there as Woman, who is therefore being tortured as well as murdered across the globe by the sadist and what he is causing to transpire. This means that one has to recognize that the Holy Spirit is everywhere, not just in Christianity, and the spirit of the Evil One, who is Satan (and men), has to be exterminated. It is easily detectable because it has the voice of men, and if you hear voices of men when they are invisible to you, or you dream of men if you are a man, then the Evil One is speaking to you and, indeed, sleeping with you without invitation as the evil homosexuality that is the bane of Woman.

 Saddam Hussein`s attack on the USA was offensive in the eyes of all, but violence in US culture, particularly movies, is a source of much anger in Arabia. Having experienced Arabia as a teacher, I can vouchsafe that, from a different perspective, 9/11 was an attack on American television; literally. Everyone watched it. If we understand the Twin Towers as what they look like – penis - we know that it is about sex and violence on TV. In Islam, four wives are allowed, which means that there is enough sex in the home. In Christianity, we are told one man, one woman; but, if a woman has a penis, she may marry another woman with a penis. It is, therefore, possible to envision a marriage, in Christian terms, where a man marries a futanar woman who has a penis of her own. Who is she going to impregnate? This is thinking based on the concept of the Holy Trinity of God, man, and woman as Holy Spirit. Unless Christianity accepts that at least three people are required to form a marriage, Christianity is Satanism. Al Qaeda cut down the Twin Towers with their eye saws (the planes), and the Twin Towers became `eyesores`. In Islam, they would say that American TV has given them sore eyes. A joker would say that the Twin Towers were an `eyesore`, but not now. Their `Thinking` Sword has heard and acted with the spirits of men who are Satan.

 Saddam was not involved in the planning of the attack by Al Qaeda. But he understood its meaning. Violence in American culture is endemic and is the result of one man one wife, which denies the possibility of a man, with a woman, and a futanar as a viable reproductive unit. It represses the penis and shows us woman nude on TV where it is clear that she does not have a penis, and men`s guns are the visible signs of her repression. For men, the gun is their penis and women are their target because they are frightened that Woman will learn that she has a penis. In effect, what happened to the Twin Towers is about the `authorial fallacy`, that is, that the author –  in this case terrorism - intended what was wrote or imagined. In fact, it is Revelation. It is a tradition to fight on both sides in a conflict in order to achieve a correct perspective. American women have a penis as futanar, and men want Woman to be subject to their penis and will use guns to enforce the ideological perspective, because their movies and TV tell us this. To achieve ideological reality, at least one futanar is required in a marriage. The viable marriage unit is, therefore, triune, which is what the Holy Trinity points to. If both marriage partners are futanar, each can reproduce and impregnate; so a man is not required. Men want to force the `means of production` to produce them. The woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a second opportunity for man to be redeemed because the child is he who `rules the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 12. 1-18), but if men do not accept, as Jesus does, that the Law is `God is love`, then they don`t accept Redemption and shall have eternal perdition. The woman is a symbol of male and female in One, that is, the sun and the moon, which is the simple proposition that, if two people are required for marriage in Christianity, woman as futanar does not need man. If woman wants man, man has to accept `teaching` and understand that, if he marries a futanar, she has a penis she needs to reproduce; so three is a `Christian` marital unit.

 The eyes, in Jungian psychology, are associated with beauty and development, which means loving woman. That is why the eyes are associated with the `Sensation` function. If you want God`s love, you need to see her. Because the undifferentiated `Feeling` function is associated with the mouth, the dragon of.Revelation waits to devour the child who is both New Redeemer and Redeemed. However, as in Jesus` birth and Ascension, the child is Eternally Saved because it represents the differentiation of `Feeling` and love towards Woman rather than the desire to devour her.

 The desire to put a woman into one`s mouth is a sign of undifferentiated `Feeling` therefore, and murder is devourment. If the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a futanar, she could use her breast as a `pacifier` for her child and her penis as a `pacifier` for the one who loves her – in fellatio. But, for men, a gun is a `pacifier`, so the Bible and Revelation is dealing with Satanism. When a soldier sees many women, and is in a position of power, he wants to devour and, instead of functioning as a trained photographer with women, as it were, he wants to put holes in them. Because he does not have the strength to rape them all, he shoots them; which is effectively a declaration of race war. Because it is a race war. Woman as futanar does not need Man, who is kept ignorant of the fact that woman has a penis of her own because God`s Plan for Redemption doesn`t have to save him. Heaven is a Hermaphrodite and God offers Redemption to Man but doesn`t have to. That is God`s love and it is Revelation.

 Saddam raped Kuwait in order to put holes in as many women as he could. Eventually, US Marines are accused of raping Iraqi women, but that`s what men do when unrestrained in their functionality; they devour as many women as they can by raping or shooting them. This is why pornography (sex) is good. It allows the picture to speak to the Spirit, which is God`s love for Woman. The penis learns to respond adequately. If you know futanar, you are able to understand that woman is asking you to put her penis in you, rather than devour her. You should have reproductive equipment that her penis can use. Because man is, untutored, a devourer. Britney Spears in Piece of Me asks: `You wanna piece of me?` Up on the cross, in the picture sleeve for the single, her loincloth conceals where her penis would be. Essentially, she is asking for futanar, which is an antidote to the poison of the Gulf between man and woman by excluding men who are all involved in the worship of themselves as Satan.

 The differentiation of all four functions means total self-actualization in Jungian psychology, which means that futanar are a higher level of development because they are able to reproduce each other, and reproduce with Woman. This removes men from the equation. So, unless they accept Redemption, they can only be those who put holes in women because they prefer the Spears of war, which is the sorrow of those who perceive that they are being murdered through their generations because they have accepted the Holy Spirit, and men who are Satanists practice sadism upon them. This goes against the American Dream. As Britney Spears says, in Piece of Me: `I`m the American Dream since I was 17[76].` The American Dream is `life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness`, which is Manifest Destiny, and the Spear of Longinus points towards it as the Holy Spirit, that is, in revelatory terms, the Spears of God, which is Woman`s penis.

 Oral sex between women with a penis and her man or a woman who is also by her side, as it were, is normal because it is a `pacification` that is not a gun and it speaks as love with the mouth. Britney Spears is a woman of Revelation because, as Spears, her name means penis, which men supposedly want to put in the woman for pleasure. Women, according to the propaganda, do not have a penis, which makes them want one. But, when I was young, all of the women had a penis, and the men cut them off because they wanted them to want them. Futanar is a better alternative because it isn`t a victim of penis envy. As women are conditioned to accept men`s penis, so they are also conditioned to accept men`s guns. The women I knew were terrified that men would rape them, cut off their penis, and put bullet holes in them. De ja vu suggests that, if the seeing of a scene that has been seen before, means that the previous scene is again a reality, then my girlfriends are in danger of exactly that happening to them.

 Women are trained to want men`s penis, but men are trained to put bullet holes in them, so women who do not have a penis perceive that the gun is their penis – and they want it. This is what Jesus on the cross represents; the idea that he is not Satan`s masochist. But, for men who are in the worship of Satan, he is Satan`s masochist. Women without a penis who perceive that the gun is their penis are in the worship of the Marquis De Sade as masochist`s because that is what Satanism is: sadism. If Woman is trained to see the penis as her gun, she will despise herself for having a penis and turn it upon the futanar because she has been trained to worship men`s penis in Satanism. Effectively, men are training a gun on God, because they are Satan, and Woman as the Holy Spirit represented by Britney Spears is important as teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet.

 In effect, God`s Revelation has been plagiarized. It`s a game with the eyes, a `played your eyes game`, which means that the game has already been played and Adam and Eve lost in Genesis; because they accepted separation. This is a lie, of course, but that is what serpents who want to be dragons do. They explain that you are separate to begin with and that you are always going to be separate, which is why men cut off my girlfriends` penis` when I was younger. It was an enforced separation from the Holy Spirit, which means that Britney Spears represents the Hope of a generation as well as their Faith, which is why she gave her name to the perfume, Faith, and why I go to the Faith Church in Budapest. She told me to. It`s the Hít Gyulakazet, which suggests the Holy Spirit but the only word I`ve understood is tanar, which means `teacher` and I`ve understood it because futanar means `fut` and `tanar`. In Hungarian this means, `run teacher`; because it`s the Computer Age and Britney Spears upon the cross is the Holy Spirit as futanar. It`s Jesus for the 21st Century, and the Longing in us is the Holy Spear of God`s love.

 I`m slow but I have understood. It is better to love a woman slowly than to seek after God, because men who believe, believe they are God, grow into dragons and, as Satans, would put a bullet in the woman rather than allow her to use her penis to have sex. Revelation is difficult because open to interpretation, and I recently changed my name to Robin Aaron Bright, so I see myself as the Bright of God and it is as the `bride of God` that the Christian Church is given to `the lamb of God` which, in revelatory terms, is Britneyl Armstrong (the strong lamb of God) who set foot upon Mars as Woman and is Redemption.

 That is why she appears in a red suit, because the dragon of Revelation is red and she turns away the man in the spacesuit, because she doesn`t want to be a red dragon of Revelation, which is read and understood by her. In Jungian psychology, the dragon is regarded as a `Terrible Mother`, and Britney Spears as the Holy Spirit is in God. As she says, in Oops I Did It Again: `I`m not that innocent.` She lives on Mars without a spacesuit, which means that, although man has been technologically capable, she is enshrining him as redundant because his `seed` is that of the serpent, and he is incapable of not being Satan who, as the English idiom has it, wants to `put the cart before the horse`. It refers to sex before marriage. If a futanar relationship is a true marriage, then three are required if a man is involved.

 Emily Dickinson`s `train riddle` is, therefore, actually about training, because it`s about two trains, not one; the `docile` and the `omnipotent`: one to push up the mountains and the other to guide you down. This is the process of continuation; up and down the mountains. You need a woman behind you, as support and comfort (guide and teacher), and in front, as guide and teacher (support and comfort). It`s either a metaphor for a relationship between God, Woman, and the Holy Spirit as the woman who is your Paraclete and is now preparing your Ascension to God from which she does not want you to return, or it`s a metaphor for the relationship between two futanar who are two women who love a single man, which is true Christian marriage and Redemption.

 Jesus says to Satan, when offered the Earth: `Avoid me Satan`. This is often interpreted as `Get behind me Satan`, but the void is where Satan belongs and you wouldn`t want Satan behind you, because that would be inviting a bullet in the back, which is the evil`s equivalent of the Mighty Sword of Sodom: the Sodomite, that is. Those who don`t want life. Men`s guns may be penis extensions, but Woman`s penis is supposed by them to be an extension of the assholes. If it resists them, they want to put a bullet in her, which is why you avoid Satan - and that`s obviation. You appear as `meek and mild` in order to `inherit the Earth`, which is what Jesus teaches. The way you void Satan is by not giving men an opportunity to know you from behind. This is what we learned from the Mighty Sword of Saddam`s invasion of the USA by the backdoor of Kuwait, and Al Qaeda`s cowardly attack on New York. Saddam wanted sadness where there was the `pursuit of happiness` and a programme for Redemption being run by a teacher - Britney Spears.

 The undifferentiated `Feeling` functions , associated in Jungian psychology with the `mouth`, means that the more fruit you see, the less you eat; so Woman is to be devoured and men put a bullet in her in a way that is analogous to photography, that is, it`s a photo shoot because they are unable to differentiate between a woman, a camera, and an appetite. In other words, this Earth is a place of Satan, and men are being trained to have an appetite for woman in order to murder her, which is Satanism. Some would argue that the gun is a penis extension, but the linguistic programming would suggest that the gun is `shitting` at you. That`s what Sodomy is: an asshole extension. The question is: who`s the coprophiliac asshole that planned it? Satan.

 Britney, on the red planet, is the Holy Spirit outside the man`s spacesuit, which is what man perceives as his body and environment. She is intelligent wife on Mars. If you are going to Heaven, you need someone behind you to enshrine your passing, and someone in front to guide your way. That is why she is called Britney Spears because Spears are more than one, and everyone is told `one man, one woman`, which is a lie. In a futanar marriage the woman has the penis and there are two of them, unless a futanar marriage includes a man and then there are three in the marriage because the futanar woman also needs to reproduce. If Christianity does not accept that there can be more than two people in a marriage, they are rejecting God and encouraging the continued practice of Satanism upon Earth.

 Those who experience de ja vu are part of an enshrining; look at what has gone before and remember what has happened. It is now outside the `spacesuit` of your body. Mankind is `enshrined` and living upon the Earth as a `shrine`; time and space is eternal and contains eternity. Britney Spears` conquest of Mars, therefore, represents Woman`s rejection of men in favour of an eternity ring; the `strong Lamb of God` and the Church as her `bride`.

 The choice is simple for man; accept that you are Woman: cherish and love her in the name of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit you shall have Redemption. Because it is in the power of God to give it. If you do not accept it, you shall have eternal perdition.


1 Neil Armstrong, as the first man on the moon, was `clothed with the sun` and with the moon at his feet.

2 The name Russians give to a teacher; it means `watch over`.

My Daughter`s Seen A Penis And It`s Hers

01/01/2012 12:26

My Daughter`s Seen A Penis And It`s Hers


Recently, my daughter, who`s futanar, asked me about representations of men in movies. She couldn`t understand why women were able to be seen naked whereas men couldn`t, and I had to explain to her that, although she`s a woman, her penis is taboo. She said she liked to look at the other women – obviously – but what chance would she ever have of being a Hollywood movie star? I had to do some deep thinking.

 Meredith Baxter (1947-) recently `came out` in Hollywood and said she was a lesbian. That`s not new; Doris Day (1922-) was widely understood to have the same sexual orientation in the 50s, and Selma Blair`s (1972-) kiss with Sarah Michelle Gellar (1977-) suggest that they are capable actresses too. How many women marry because they want to reproduce and spend most of their time under self-hypnosis? I pondered. My daughter doesn`t have that problem; she knows what she wants, and she doesn`t want men – though some of them have tried to convince her that she should.



 It seems to me that this is the problem and I am therefore writing this article for her and those who are like her – and for those who like her and for those she likes. I love her because she`s my daughter and everyone should love her, but I don`t want men to after reflecting on their position. This world represses the penis of man in order to repress the penis of woman, I have concluded. It is a planet controlled by an evil spirit; that of sadistic homosexuality.

 Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) argued that civilization, culture and art were `nothing but` repression of the penis. I would argue that penis repression results in the destruction of civilization, culture and art, and that this is the intention of the spirit of the homosexual sadists that repress the penis. If we had used our resources on reaching the stars – in Star Trek (1965-), for example - rather than creating B1s and Tomahawk cruise missiles to threaten ourselves with nuclear annihilation, we would have escaped Satan.

 Freud argued that space rockets were an expression of the penis, and why would anyone complain? I don`t want my daughter under an ICBM though. It is the spirit of Satanism that seeks to prevent us from going to heaven. The paparrazi are largely blamed for the death of Princess Diana (1961-97), a star in the firmament of good works. Stars generally have this role. Audrey Hepburn (1929-93) and Shirley Temple (1928-) were both Ambassadors, Audrey for the UN and Shirley for the US. Britney Spears (1982-) is criticized for declaring herself the Antichrist, but if Christians are going to continue to repress my daughter`s penis, we need a world`s spokeswoman and my daughter and I know where our penis wants to be (my daughter understands she`s available).

 In Piece of Me (2007) Britney criticizes the paparazzi and it is clear that she understands they want her star to fall. Here is a sample of vilification from Hollywood Gossip:


`… treating us to another fine upskirt display… after her universally maligned… performance… from the former pop star… than to… show off her hairless axe wound once again.`


`The only questions: which has more hair: Jayden James' head, or his mom's vagina?`1


This is evil sadistic homosexual vitriol. It is anti-Woman and anti-reproduction. It is also the work of a serpent seeking to harm the mother-son relationship with boy-son (poison), that is, this paparazzi is the boy for that son. He doesn`t want her to remain a star or be in heaven, which is what the enemies of God do. They tear down the stars as if they were Satan and attempt to prevent them from living a life in God that will lead them to heaven. It is important, moreover, to identify what sadists are. Those who want you to be sad; especially if you`re happy with your sex life: `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` is the central theme of the Declaration of Independence (4/7/1776) of the USA. It is the American Dream, and Manifest Destiny is its fulfilment amongst the stars in heaven. Stars like Britney Spears, therefore, are a microcosm of the American Dream and represent heaven on Earth. Sadistic evil homosexuality is what men practice here, and ruining the happiness of others is their goal because they are Satanic.

 Amanda Bynes (1986-) made the movie She`s The Man. (2000) Well, my daughter has a penis, and she wants to be the man with Amanda, and She`s A Woman (please understand I have copyright, Hollywood). In Amanda`s movie, which takes place in London, a beautiful young woman pretends to be a boy; effectively in order to confirm the English homosexuals in their self-evaluated superiority.



This was my parenting with my daughter. Because it`s not amusing for her. She likes Amanda and doesn`t want a man. The subtext is that Amanda cannot really `wear the trousers` because she doesn`t have a penis. My daughter does and can, and prefers lingerie. What the movie is actually saying is; if the star is a lesbian, we still have the penis, that is, the sadistic homosexuals would deny Amanda my daughter, who would like to see a bulge in Amanda`s trousers. My daughter has one in her bikini briefs – for Amanda – and she isn`t a lesbian and, so far as I know, neither is Amanda.

 As I said, my daughter is futanar, and is only interested in the woman`s liking of her. My daughter has a penis and that`s what it`s for – Amanda if she likes her and she doesn`t even consider the concept `lesbian`. She`s for what is normal sex. Amanda has a pussy, and my daughter has a penis. This goes there and I`m not explaining any `birds and bees` guff. If Amanda wants a man, my daughter can supply all the necessary equipment, and so can Amanda. It`s a male-female reproduction thing, which doesn`t need men to oversee it. My daughter is Adam and Eve, and Amanda is God so far as she`s concerned – and heaven. Where`s your spaceship?

 In Star Trek, starships aren`t shaped like rockets; that`s how I know they aren`t for men. They`re for Woman. Neil Armstrong (1930-) landed on the Moon with the phrase; `One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.` (2:56 UTC July 21, 1969) But the technology has been used to menace the planet with ICBMs and global nuclear holocaust. I prefer Britney on Mars in Oops I Did It Again (2000) and I pray that men never get there. In fact, in the video, she turns away a US astronaut who arrives because she`s claimed the red planet for herself as the first woman, and because Man and Woman are One Creature in God (Eve is created from the side of Adam in Eden) `Oops I did it again!` is the idea that she was also Neil Armstrong when he set foot upon the moon. She would then be Britney Lamb Strong, the `lamb of God` and, as it says in Revelation: "To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honour and glory and power, for ever and ever!" (5.13) Traditionally, woman is from Venus, man is from Mars. The moon is female in Western tradition, but male in Arabia. There is, therefore, a symmetry in terms of man in the moon and Venus as Mars because Mars is god of war and Venus is goddess of love. What we have is an East/West moon that is male/female and Venus as the conquering lover of Mars, the Gulf War over.

 All stories are upon the theme `My Prince shall come.` What is never quite understood is that the hero and heroine of the story are One. That is what Oops I Did It Again is about. The woman is the man and knows it. She therefore also understands that she is `all woman`, as the Americans say, and so she doesn`t want other men. In the video she makes a gesture and all the men `die` while the women continue dancing. My daughter loves it. So do I. It is the celebration of woman taking her man back into her bosom after the conflict is over. Venus and Mars are One and she is herself again. As she says, in Piece Of Me (2007) `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` 1776. She is the Spears of Destiny, herself and her man. The fulfillment of the American Dream is Manifest Destiny, and the Spear of Destiny is that with which the Roman centurion pierced the side of Christ; afterwards observing: `Surely this was the son of God.`(Matt: 27.54) As Second Adam, Jesus didn`t have a woman from his side; but it is clear Longinus was looking for her. Britney Spears is Venus and Mars, the woman of Revelation: `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18) whose birth was threatened by the red dragon, which was war. The child she bore `ruled the nations with an iron rod`, but it is over. She is Man and Woman and that is why she is Britney Spears (pl.), the Spears of Destiny as Adam and Eve made Manifest as Destiny`s Child.

 It is the difference between what you can have and what you shall be. Having someone or something is possession. In English it is commonly accepted that `possession is nine tenths of the law`, which is nonsense spiritually. In the Old Testament ten per cent of everything is given to the keepers of the Tabernacle in which are kept the Ark of the Covenant which contains the Ten Commandments. In short, for 10% of your income the whole of the law protects you against possession by evil spirits. To have AIDS is possession too, and sadistic evil homosexuals would spread it to my daughter and I don`t want her to be a possession of it. The Tabernacle is traditionally the dwelling of the Shekinah or Spirit of God (Ex. 40.35), which is the Holy Spirit; the `teacher` or Paraclete sent to Earth from God after Jesus` crucifixion and Ascension. (1 John: 2.1) The `tithe` is the tradition at my church in Budapest, the Hít Gyulakazet or Faith Church. In Hungarian `tanár` means `teacher`, which is apposite if we understand that futanar means Hermaphrodite. Britney is Aphrodite and a `teacher` in Oops I Did It Again; she is Shekinah: possession is what you `can have`, she implies, but she is indicating what you `shall be` if you accept the Holy Spirit. Man and Woman are One Creature in God, or as it says in Genesis: `God created them both male and female.` (1.27) This means that Adam had male and female attributes when created but these were separated so that Eve would become manifest and the destiny God planned for her could be fulfilled. God therefore created Man as futanar, and this is what Britney`s Woman `shall be`, which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny: to be woman in one body with her original male attributes as futanar – or with them as a Second Adam and Eve in one body with whom she can produce.

 Farrah Fawcett was the star of Saturn 3 (1980), a Mars landing which, broadcast to the Earth as a `live` event, was revealed to be a hoax that was actually taking place in the Nevada desert. It reminded me of the most recent version of H. G. Wells (1866-1946) War Of The Worlds (2005) which, when broadcast live on USA national radio on 30th October 1938 as a Halloween `spoof`, resulted in people believing the Martians were coming. When I saw Dakota Fanning (1994-) running along the street in the 21st century version with her friends and relatives bursting in the heat rays the Martians were turning upon her, I understood that the Martians were here. They are the men who can`t do anything else but replay their intentions towards the woman: don`t let her leave and kill her.

 It is the penis repressed as the `love gun` that results in the real gun being used. Tell me I`m wrong and you know you`re a liar. My daughter doesn`t understand why she can appreciate Demi Moore (1962-) nude in Stripper (1996) and Jodie Foster (1962-) in The Accused (1988), and is expected to hate the penis of those who rape Jodie and Demi in GI Jane (1997) but isn`t allowed to see the rape weapon. It`s because the weapon is men, and the gun is their penis extension.

 The mystique is that there`s a difference; there isn`t: and that`s why they hide their penis. It`s a concealed weapon. Mae West (1893-1980) is famous for her line `Is that a gun in your pocket; or are you just pleased to see me?` It`s a genuine question. `What is a repressed penis but a homosexual sadist`s concealed desire to murder women?` is another question: and correct. My daughter does not want to murder women; her penis desires them: she is normal. I don`t want her to spend her days watching the repressed sadists fantasies of the homosexuals that control Hollywood and the rest of the media on the planet. I want her to see woman and herself as they are; loving and sexual.

 I have a friend who goes to the same church as me; the Hít Gyulakazet in Budapest. Her comment on the men there is: `I don`t stand to urinate.` My opinion is slightly different. So far as I`m concerned, the Christian Church have `bottled it`. They talk about accepting the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete sent to Earth after Jesus` crucifixion and Ascension to God, that  is, a `teacher` of Man and Woman; but the Holy Spirit corresponds to the Shekinah of the Old Testament, the Glory of God as the Eternal omnipresent female principle in Creation. Woman and Woman with a penis are the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit of God. What the Church have produced is bottled urine. It is the Spirit of Satan, Satanism, and Satanists that they have bottled; themselves: and I don`t want to drink from them. They are about as useful as a chocolate tea pot with the Holy Spirit.

 The Church are in a position to accept the Holy Spirit as Eternal Woman and acknowledge that they have repressed the penis of Woman and that this repression is that which has produced the evil enemies of God who are the sadistic evil homosexuals who would rather show a gun to my daughter in the cinema than allow her to view her own penis` love-making.

 Rather than do this, the strong men of the Church `bottle` the opportunity and advocate urination as the celibacy of the Virgin Jesus which, as each of their Shepherds will tell you, produces the Holy Spirit. My daughter wants Lady Gaga (1986-) to drink from her; her Spirit is Holy because she contains the Shekinah and knows God is real because she has the Adamic penis of God and is Womanly Eve in the fullness of her 21st century knowledge. She wants Lady Gaga to drink from her well and isn`t offering her any bottled urine.


1 Free Britney September 11th, 2007, 8:01 AM.

Move Up

01/01/2012 12:12

Move Up


Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) got himself into position as the ruler of Iraq by stabbing his predecessor in the back. He wasn`t prepared to work his way up. Someone once said to me: `You can move up.` The suggestion was apropos of nothng. I understood I was being propositioned by a homosexual who wanted to get behind me - and I don`t take it in the ass. Essentially, the first Gulf War (1990-1) was Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) back-stabbing the Emir. It`s anal.

 Anal sex is sterile and produces nothing, so those who `move up` by back-stabbing are homosexuals; because they don`t produce anything. Woman is the Creator`s Producer`s Product – Civilization – so 9/11 is the act of a homosexual back-stabber. Saddam `moved up` by back-stabbing and the USA gave him the world`s 3rd largest army, so he was being encouraged.

 9/11 was a hacking into the US` defence system by civilian aircraft, that is, wrongly oriented in terms of sexual paradigm. They were the hacker`s virus – AIDS by analogy; in other words, an attack by a homosexual back-stabber that didn`t want Islam, Judaism and Christianity to recognize their shared developmental perspective.

 Jesus is a Prophet of Islam. After the Hajj, the annual Moslem pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and the seat of Abraham, there is the feast of the Eid in which the Moslems celebrate the founding of Israel and Islam. God commanded that Isaac be sacrificed (Gen: 22.1-24), so his father took him to the mountain top where God produced a lamb, and that was sacrificed so Isaac was spared. Isaac was the forebear of Israel and Ishmael, his brother, was the forebear of Islam. In Christianity, the lamb prefigures Jesus as the `lamb of God` - Redemption for all.

 In `gassing the Kurds`1 in Kurdistan, Saddam was bringing sterility to the people of Saladin (c.1138-93), the Arabian Knight who was `the lamp of Islam`, the light of Creation. In 1001 Nights he`s depicted for children as Aladdin`s (Faith) lamp, for whom all things are possible. Saddam tried to extinguish the `light` in Kurdistan, which is not only the poisoning of his neighbour`s well that he perpetrated in Kuwait, but also the poisoning of his own well, which is an even worse crime in Islam. It is a homosexual suicide`s back-stabbing of himself. In back-stabbing Islam and his neighbours, he prepared Al Qaeda to back-stab, that is, `Saddamize`, the USA.

 The Gulf Wars were about George Bush I (1990-1) and George Bush II (2001-3), and Saddam I`s attack on the Twin Towers, that is, the two Georges. Saddam I means `I am sad`, which is appealing if you want to spread happiness. But `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, that is, innocent progress and development without threat, and Saddam I threatened that because the US encouraged a homosexual back-stabber.

 It is psychological profiling. If someone moves up by assassination they are homosexual, don`t want God, Woman as the Producer - or Woman`s Product as Civilization; because they haven`t accepted the work of Redemption which is God`s love. Anal sex is sterile and anti-life, so God destroyed Sodom, Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19), and Saddam. Colonel Gadhaffi (1942-) in Libya was able to `move up` by similarly back-stabbing (1970`s coup d`etat) and supporting international back-stabbing as terrorism, so he is a homosexual by definition and that is why he was ousted by NATO and the USA in 2011.

 Basically a homosexual is an assassin. They refuse to develop, or allow development because they are `sterile` advocates and their evil resides in this. They don`t want what they `move up` for. That is why Saddam Hussein is a psychological type – the `Saddamite`. He doesn`t want what he has because he`s a sterilizer- as his use of poison gas against the Kurds indicates. Saddam `eyes` were turned upon the apple of the eye of America, New York, and she was `Saddimized`, as it were, by terrorist homosexuals who described themselves as `martyrs of Islam` whereas, in fact, they were sterility worshippers.

 Martyr`s go to Paradise, in Islam, and it is a tradition that Afghanistan is the home of the Old Man of the Mountain – Osama Bin Ladan (1957-) in the 21st Century – who is the leader of the assassins. But, if assassins are homosexual back-stabbers, they`d `move up` only in order to make a sterile wasteland of Paradise. The so-called Islamic martyrs of 9/11 were attempting to `move up` in the Order of the Assassins - as were those of 7/7 in the UK and Bin Ladan with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Properly understood these are homosexuals, and they correspond, in the Bible, to the serpent`s `seed` for whom the Woman`s `seed` has perpetual `enmity`. (Gen: 3.15)

 The serpent`s `seed` correlates with AIDS because it is the virus transmitted by sodomy, or by the Saddamite, which is what the civilian aircraft crashing into the Twin Towers on 9/11 represent, the 21st Century paradigm of the hacker`s virus, which is the terrorist homosexual who wants to `move up` amongst his fellow `assassins` but doesn`t want anything other than to prevent development. The analogy is significant because Jesus saves, and hackers `crash systems`, which is what the homosexual hacker on 9/11 did. The `wrongly oriented` (homosexual) - but `civil` (addressing their targets politely) planes - hacked into the Twin Towers and crashed the `system` of the World`s Trade Centre. With no interest in the future, because sterile, homosexuals have no mercy.

 The danger is to conflate hero with assassin. The original Old Man of the Mountain, Hassan-i-Sabbah (1034-1124), removed political figures dangerous to Islam. Saddam Hussein, for example. The idea wasn`t to `move up` by means of assassination but to remove obstacles to development, which is why the USA asked the Arabs to `put their own house in order` prior to 9/11. Osama Bin Ladan`s family is rich and he didn`t have to `move up`. His adherents, if they entered into Paradise, would make of it a desert. That is why homosexuality is evil and condemned by God, and why murderers aren`t heroes.

 It`s a dangerous conflation to equate murder with heroism. The evil pretence that murderers are heroes is a malaise of the 21st Century. But murderers cannot enter into Paradise or heaven. Hollywood idolizes the murderer – Al Capone,(1899-1947), Anthony Perkins in Psycho (1960), Edward Fox`s assassin in The Day of the Jackal (1961), the psychopathic character of Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Reservoir Dogs (1992), Mr and Mrs Smith (2005), etc. This is an evil path and it is homosexual because it`s `moving up` by murder – in order to `move up` - and murder. The character in Brett Easton Ellis` (1964-) American Psycho (1991) screams down the phone `You gotta kill a lotta people!` You mustn`t - or you`ll never have God and heaven.



 9/11 was a ratings success for US TV and so it was TV. The homosexuals were complaining that there was too much sex on TV and not enough violence, because homosexuals aren`t interested in the Creator`s Producer`s Product – Woman and Civilization. They don`t want sex, they want violence; not because they`re macho but because they`re queer. What`s wrong with Hollywood is that it threatens other nations, misleading itself into believing it is supporting the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, whereas it is boasting openly of it`s deep seated homosexual antagonism toward God.

 Hollywood is described as `Babylon`, the `Mother of Abominations` in Revelation (17.5), and the serpent`s `enmity` towards the Woman`s `seed` suggests that homosexuality is the `Abominations`. Historically, Babylon (c.4004 B.C.) is in Iraq, and Saddam was the `beast` of Revelation; but the USA is perceived as `the Great Whore` because Hollywood calls itself that. In suggesting that homosexuality is heroic, that is, murdering to `move up`, it`s the back-stabbing 21st Century Hollywood advocates. From Hollywood`s point of view, 9/11 was Oliver Stone`s World Trade Centre (2006) `in development`.

 It`s the Christian tradition not to be devoured. This is why the red dragon of Revelation waits to devour the child born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12.1.18). This child `rules the nations with an iron scepter` until the woman leaves the Earth and `bruises the serpent`s head with her heel` as she goes. Either Saddam - as the advocate of Jihad against the USA is the first `beast` and, perhaps, `False Prophet` of Revelation or Osama Ben Ladan as the second `beast` is the `False Prophet` of terror – Terra meaning `Earth` in science fiction.

 Saddam and Terra is the devourer of the Creator`s Producer and Product – Woman and Civilization – and in his Second Coming Jesus brings the Sword to exterminate the evil devourer that, in Greek and Roman mythology, is depicted as either Chronos or Saturn (Satan), the god that devours its children. In Greek and Roman mythology, the mother of the Earth saves Zeus (Jupiter) and her devouring husband is defeated. The red dragon of Revelation is, therefore, the husband-devourer of the woman`s child who doesn`t want Woman to develop. Jesus` Redemption recognizes that men are evil and that Woman is God`s love, which is why they had to accept it. They don`t, and she leaves. Saddam was defeated in the Gulf War (2001-3). He was the devouring red dragon of Revelation and the second `beast` of Terra (terror) is the serpent`s `seed`, the terrorists that are being exterminated.

 Anyone who attacks is a terrorist – that is what `attack` means – witness Jennifer Lopez`s (1969-) self-defence killing of her husband (devourer), abusive towards herself and her daughter in the movie Enough (2002) Britney Spears` (1982-) red-suited figure of Redemption in the video of the pop song Oops I Did It Again (2000) refuses the astronaut access to her Red Planet because Jesus has defeated the devouring red dragon of Terra, and Woman has left Earth for heaven. She doesn`t want the serpent`s `seed` contaminating Jesus` conquest of the god of war.

 Woman`s `seed` has eternal `enmity` for the `seed` of the serpent, which means perdition for men. That is why the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` - Britney on Mars has the sun behind her and Terra`s moon below – is surrounded by stars. Jesus is Woman`s Redemption and God gives womankind a new heaven and a new Earth. Men hate her because they`re irredeemably accepting of their paradigm of devourment. They repress her knowledge of her own penis – as futanar – and try to prevent her species` separation from Earth.

 The space race between the USA and Russia may have been curtailed, not because the superpowers wanted to develop self-defence systems – as ICBM`s – but to prevent Woman`s escape from their murderous intentions towards her. Neil Armstrong`s (1930-) statement, as the first man on the moon, was: `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`2 On the Red Planet that symbolizes Redemption, she is Britney Lamb Strong, the `lamb of God` (Rev: 5.13) that is to be the `bride` of God. She had an Arm Strong enough to make the touchdown for Man on the moon because she is the Creator`s Producer and Product - Woman. On the Red Planet, she is Woman and God`s Redemption form womankind. She doesn`t need Man, although she might accept him when he`s `better read` and accepts God`s Word.


 1 Cole, Juan `Did Saddam Gas the Kurds?` History News Network 2-04-03, .

2 2:56 UTC, July 21st, 1969.

Low bottom eyes

01/01/2012 12:09

Low bottom eyes


An ass-as-sin is someone who wants to put their penis in your ass: ass - as - sin. Those who want to do this are men, and so they are evil homosexuals, which is why AIDS is the plague of the 21st Century. The concept of the ass-fucking killer began in Arabia in Afghanistan with Hassan-i-Sabbah, the Old Man of the Mountain, and the penis is the knife in the ass of the 21st Century. It begin on 9/11 when the `Big Apple`, the city of Adam and Eve was attacked. It was Saddam`s apple (not Adam`s), according to the ass-as-sins, who traditionally believe they go to Paradise. New York`s `apple` was, then, a target for the Evil One, the `serpent` of Eden who God told there would be `enmity` between its `seed` and Woman`s. (Gen: 3.15)



 If we interpret the `seed` of the `apple` as the fruit of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil` (Gen: 2.9), woman`s seed is good and men`s is evil; unless they accept Redemption. Jesus offered it after his crucifixion upon the cross before his Ascension. (1 Jonh: 2.1) There Longinus pierced Christ`s side and, effectively, the Paraclete emerged therefrom - as Eve emerged from Adam`s side - the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` (Matt: 27.54) preparing humanity for the new heaven and Earth created by God after the reappearance of the serpent full grown as the red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the future in the form of the child born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18).

 The dragon is Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) who, with the world`s 3rd largest army given to him by the USA, back-stabbed his own Moslem people in Kurdistan1 (poison gas) and Kuwait (the rape of Kuwait), then the USA on 9/11 in which `civil` aircraft politely gained admittance to US airspace and, without announcing their `wrong sexual orientation`, `crashed` the US` defence system - hacking into the Twin Towers and `penetrating` the Pentagon using the virus paradigm as airAIDS and `moving up` from sodomy, that is, the place of homosexuality (Sodom) destroyed in the Bible by God (Gen: 18,19), to back-stabbing ass-as-sins, which is `dad`s bag`, the city of Saddam (Baghdad).

 Dad`s `bag` is, of course, the testicle sack which contains the AIDS virus, and dad`s `bags` are carried by the ass-as-sins that work for the Old Man of the Mountain, who traditionally works from Afghanistan and was the `second beast` of Revelation, Osama Ben Ladan (1957-). Dad`s `bag` is to put a penis in your ass or a knife in your back (Bagh!), the slow death of AIDS or the quick one of assassination, which is why Iraq is the place of ancient Babylon, city of `Abominations` decried in Revelation as evil.

 Iraq is pronounced `eye rack`, and `bag` in US slang means someone`s predeliction, so New York is the `apple` of the eye` of Adam, who is Eve. A `rack` is a torture apparatus upon which the victim is torn apart, and a woman`s `rack` in America refers to her breasts. 9/11 was a threat to the American Dream of `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, which is innocence, progress and development without threat. In other words, Woman`s back was being eyed by the ass-as-sins because they`re homosexual and aren`t interested in her face, eyes, breasts or love.



 In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is torn apart by an evil set, but he is put together again. In Western optometry, the Iris is the part of the eye that contains the pupil, and she is a goddess in Egyptian mythology. If New York is the `apple` of Adam`s eye - Eve, then it is from Iraq that the Evil One came to tear apart the `apple`, which is a term often used to describe the `third eye`.

 As it says in Revelation, `let him that hath wisdom have understanding`. Wisdom is not enough. Revelation asks us to decipher 666, which is `the number of the beast`. It is simply `sickness` multiplied, that is, AIDS; a `Trojan horse` in terms of humanity`s systems and which is multiplied by computer `hackers` as `Trojan` viruses, for example, in antithetical contradistinction to the eternal life God promised to the `seed` of Abraham and his descendants. He was old when the promise was given, and he impregnated his wife Sarah`s maid because God didn`t want further `child labour` for Sarah, which is understandable – in terms of an older woman pregnant; but `child labour` may alse be construed as slavery and God doesn`t want it.

 God told Eve that childbirth would be `painful` and men have forced Woman, who is the Creator`s Producer and Product – Civilization – to work for them. Hagar (Gen: 16. 1-16) represents the beginnings of the fulfilling of the `enmity` of the woman`s `seed` for the `serpent`s seed`, that is, men`s enslavement. As she who `bruises the head of the serpent with her foot` , Woman leaves Earth in Revelation to be `fruitful and multiply` herself as `numberless as the dust` in the new heaven created by God.

 This is Gnosticism, which is interpretation of the Bible in accordance with `wisdom and understanding` derived from a correct application of the `third eye`, which is the `apple of Eve` and Western culture attacked by Al Qaeda as New York`s `Big Apple` on 9/11. In Egyptian mythology,2 Osiris is torn apart by the evil set, but put together again by Isis, who`s his sister-wife, that is, the `sister of the I` or ego. It was Saddam`s Iraq that supported the attack on Adam and Eve`s city, that is, their rack and torture.

 Iraq is pronounced `eye rack` in the USA and `ear rack` in England, which connotes the tutelary spirit of the Paraclete`s Word of God in our ears and the notion in Egyptian mythology that Isis puts together Osiris by means of the eye, which is the `pupil` in Western terms. She is able to collect all of the pieces of Osiris except the penis, which denotes the importance of desire and of the Woman`s `rack` - her breasts – in arousal. The Paraclete is the spirit of God and all art is hers, so she is the memory through whom God is put together after her work is comtupleted. In the Christian tradition that work is Redemption, which is why the `eye rack` of her body – her breasts - is important. If the Paraclete is in all of us, then she can be remembered. This is what Isis does with her `pupil` Osiris. He loves her and she puts him together through his desire for Woman after the world of men has torn him apart on its `rack`, which in the 21st Century was the war with Iraq and the `terror from the skies` over New York prophesied by Nostradamus (1503-66)3.

 Traditionally, those who advocate pre-emptive strikes are `hawks` in the USA whereas the Paraclete is the `dove`. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is God and, restored, is Horus, the sky god, that is, what is described in Revelation as a `new heaven and Earth`, and Horus  is represented as a hawk. It was Saddam`s conceit that he was the `sky god`, but Arabs hide their women and don`t want anyone to see their breasts, which is why they`re more prone to homosexuality and back-stabbing; because they want the woman to turn away from them and are encouraged to turn away from her towards each other (which is also largely true in Christianity where much emphasis is placed on `brotherly love`). New York is the city of Eve where her eyes and her breasts encourage embraces, which lead to God`s love and Redemption. As it says in The Song of Songs `Thou art all fair my love, there is no spot in thee.` Woman is not a disease. Iraq means `eye rack`, the eyes torn apart on the rack of torture; whereas New York is the love of God`s Woman, Eve. The `hawk` of Horus is, then, he who defended the USA on 9/11 and initiated the `war on terror`, who is the holder of the office of the President of the United States of America.



 The motto of the US is `E pluribus unum`, `the one and the many`, which is the notion that God is in all of us. But God isn`t in the spirit of the ass-as-sin, who is the ass-fucking, homosexual, AIDS-spreading, back-stabber`s paradigm, which is represented by Saddam Hussein and Osama Ben Ladan as the `twin beasts` of Revelation, that is, sick-sick-sicks (666). It happened on 9/11, the `twin beasts` attack on the Twin Towers in 2001, and 911 is the phone number for the police in the USA. A neat reversal. Especially if we recall that, in much of the rest of the world, 999 is the phone number of the police, and that the `bullies` are Saddam, Osama, and the rest of the world`s terrorist organizations; some of whom are police states - Colonel Gadhaffi`s Libya, for example.

 Many of the world`s special forces have the symbol of the knife, which is the betrayal of the back-stabber. The British have their SAS, because a part of their tradition is that they are trained against terrorist ass-as-sins. In effect, they are as-sas-sins. It`s the difference between being professional and looking professional. The terrorist assassins of 9/11 looked professional insofar as they had disguised themselves as `civil` aircraft and so do the women suicide bombers with their payload hidden under their abiyahs in Baghdad, whereas the SAS anti-terrorists that ended the Iranian hostage siege in South Kensington, London, in 1980; or those who liquidated three IRA terrorists (Danny McCann, Séan Savage, and Mairéad Farrell) on the Rock of Gibraltar in 1988 in `Operation Flavius` were professional. The British SAS perceive Hungary as their `training ground`, but `sas` means `eagle` in Hungarian, and the USA is the `eagle`. In other words, you have to be eagles, that is, as-SAS-sins, to mount covert operations in order to deal with ass-as-sins, because they represent the sins that cannot be forgiven but result in perdition.

 The CIA have been known to `take down` an operator for no reason other than supervisors` personalities. But, on 9/11, the hijacked aircraft of Flight 93 on its way to either the Capitol or the Whitehouse was `taken down` by some or all of its passengers and was forced to crash in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. In other words, `taking down` should be about the perception of good and evil, not .decision making based on personality clashes because, if we are to accept that In God We Trust, we have to positively reinforce good and not evil. Prince Charles (1948-) was once told to accept a homosexual valet by Princess Diana (1961-97), and he accepted but wasn`t sanguine. Homosexuals are trained as diplomats by the British Foreign Office, because of their detachment. But, if you`re detached from Woman, 9/11 s happen, that is, if you`re not interested in women you might as well be dead, and they`re not - so they kill her and themselves.



 It isn`t inappropriate for special forces to use the dagger as a symbol, because it`s an ass-as-sin`s weapon, which is what 666 means. If you advocate the dagger, you are a proponent of sodomy, AIDS, back-stabbing, torture and terrorism, and not God`s love, which Woman clearly offers everywhere in the Western hemisphere. It`s spineless cowardice to refuse her, or a `declaration of interdependence` with men which is the sterility and death of their viral strain rather than the love of God through her embraces.

 Men are a species going into extinction without Woman who has her own penis and doesn`t need them in order to leave Earth and spread her `seed` amongst the stars in heaven as God foretold to her as Eve and, later, to Sarah and Hagar, the woman by her `side`. Without Woman as the Creator`s Producer and Product, men are sterile ass-fuckers, and whether you accept that AIDS is a homosexual plague or not, AIDS` transmission by anal sex is non-reproductive, sterile and, because of its meaning, indicative of a death wish for the participants or upon those others they spread their `contagion` to in the form of a dagger in the ass or in the back.

 The aim of the plague is a part of the `play games` system of the planet in which men beat the woman to death. She offers the love in her eyes, the beauties of her breasts and the love between her thighs and her arms, and their `clubs` are where they gather together in order to stab her in the ass and, perhaps later, the back (cf. Jennifer Lopez in Enough 2002) - and `it`s the beating she don`t need`.. She has her own penis, which is what God has created for her – species` separation as futanar. As a woman she can reproduce with her own penis. She doesn`t need an ass, but men seem to want it. In her Piece of Me (2007) video Britney Spears (1982-) plays a `piece of ass` who complains of a `picture of my derriere in the magazine`. They have eyes for her ass - `low bottom eyes` - and she`s the representative archetypal blonde who, never dumb enough (Jean Harlow [1911-37], Marilyn Monroe [1926-62], Anne Nicole Smith [1967-2007]), men want to `lobotomize`. She is important because of the American Dream, the Spear of Destiny (which is Longinus`), her name Britney Spears, and the longed for fulfilment of the USA`s Manifest Destiny.


Al Qaeda`s hijacked planes went in like lobotomy tweezers on the world`s business centre


 Britney`s seen as a `piece of ass`, so she`s men`s `low bottom eyes singer`, but she`s lobotomy pluribus unum. A piece of God to be put together with the other pieces of God that are the memory of humanity as the Paraclete, God`s tutelary spirit. This means that those who see her as a `dumb blonde` are lobotomys. They are not a `piece of God` to be remembered. But obviously they advocate lobotomys – or her genius wouldn`t be perceived as being that of a `dumb blonde`. It`s about `dumbing down`. Intelligence is threatening to the evil. In terms of spiritual development, the chakra at the base of the spine, muladhara, is the lowest and is associated with work and family. There are seven chakras and the highest is above the crown of the dead and represents higher spiritual power, which is the `God connection`, as it were. Reducing people to lower chakra levels is, therefore, the work of lobotomizers rather than the work of Redemption. Saddam Hussein`s (1937-2006) attack on the Twin Towers in 2001 represented an attempt to lobotomize the USA, that is, remove her `third eye` situated at chakra six, the ajna in the forehead associated with `Intuition`. In Jungian psychology, `Intuition` is one of the four functions of consciousness; the others being `Thinking`, `Sensation` and `Feeling`. The spear is a symbol of `Intuition` in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). Hence Britney`s appearance on the cross on the cover for Piece of Me. She represents both the Paraclete from Jesus` side and a foreshadowing of the dangers of BDSM; the torture and terrorism Jesus` crucifixion defies before his Ascension. The Paraclete`s mission ensues after Longinus cuts open Jesus` side with `the Spear of Destiny` that represents the `will of God` and the USA`s Manifest Destiny amongst the stars in heaven.



` Manifest Destiny is only possible if Man accepts Redemption through Woman as the visible and tangible presence of the Paraclete as God`s love, which is in each of us that accepts her as the Holy Spirit. If not, then the Paraclete, represented by Britney Spears, will remember what she wants and leave with it, which is in fact the fulfilment of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny in accordance with the will of God as it is revealed. Woman has her own penis and can spread her `seed` to the stars without the contagion of fear and hatred that comes from being stabbed in the ass - as a sometimes prelude to being stabbed in the back (9/11). This is why Jesus rejects BDSM. He is not a masochist and men are his sadistic torturers. He is bound and submissive upon the cross while they dominate and torment him. There is his Ascension and, in Revelation, he returns with the Sword, which is what his teachings prepare Woman for. To teach and accept Redemption for herself and her children. Because the notion here upon the Earth is that men create everything because they have a penis.

 The truth is that Woman is the Creator`s Producer and Product – Civilization – and men are fertilizer. This is what the Egyptian myth explains. Ra, the Egyptian variant of God, is incarnated in Osiris, who is `risen` every year when the crops grow and, when the growing season ends, Osiris is buried and is expected to arise again the following yorear. In other words, men are fertilizers of Woman, but it is only fertilizer that they represent as corpses that, decaying release `goodness` into the soil – and AIDS spreading queers are evil pieces of shit. As Britney Spears sings in Piece of Me: `You wanna piece of me?` Either accept God`s love and Redempton, which she represents on the cross in her Jesus pose, or be a `piece of shit` ogling her ass with the intention of spreading your virus of death.

 Isis` remembering of Osiris as the `sky god`, that is, heaven, is the immortality of the resurrected Jesus. This is supported by Osiris` dismemberment by the evil set resulting in the loss of his penis and Jesus` seeming celibacy before his Ascension. In other words, desire for love – Woman – is vital if one wants eternal life. In the Egyptian myth, Isis is Ascension while, in Christianity, she`s God`s love as the memory of Civilization, that is, the spirit of God and,. in Revelation, Christ returns as the archetypal hero to save her with the Sword. She`s the `bride` (Rev: 19. 7-9) and God creates a new heaven and Earth for her to dwell in with `the Son of Man` (Matt: 26.64) of whom Longinus says:


`Surely this was the Son of God.`


 Osiris is the `son of God` in Egyptian mythology. Isis is his `bride` and he ascends as the `sky god`. Jesus returns with the Sword and, effectively, takes his `bride` to heaven while God gives the evil set perdition and creates a new Earth. It is a tradition of the `man God` who is born everywhere and does not know himself until it is time for him to be remembered by God.

 The rememberer of the `man God` is Woman which, in the Christian myth, is the Paraclete, and in the Old Testament is the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35) which dwells in the tents that contain the commandments of God`s law in the Ark of the Covenant because she is the spirit of God which, in the New Testament, becomes God`s love (Luke: 10.27) and the tutelary spirit that is the Paraclete as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`. In short, she`s the art of God and her `pupil` is the `man God` who, in Christianity, is the Anthropos or `First Man`, that is, the complexio oppositorum which is the original hermaphroditic unity of Adam from whose side Eve emerged.

 Jesus is, then, the man without a woman whose side is cut open by the spear of Longinus where, effectively, Eve has been residing while she waits to perform her role as Paraclete. He is the `Second Adam` - as she is the `Second Eve` and the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to the child that is the future is the complexio oppositorum that denotes the reunion of Adam and Eve as Woman with her own penis. It is a further aspect of Redemption, because the child of the future is male and `rules the nations with an iron scepter`, that is, he enforces God`s law, which is God`s love according to Jesus.

 Woman as futanar has her own penis and does not need men, but she can produce male children as well as female and futanar, which means that man may have Redemption but Woman does not need men. She can exist as a separate species and Woman can be free of the yoke of slavery. This is why Jesus speaks of the `narrow door`. He was born of a virgin, but it is about as easy for men to be accepted into the Kingdom of God as it is for Jesus to be born by parthenogenesis. Woman has her own penis and, `clothed with the sun`, she represents Ra, the sun god of Egyptian mythology, while `the moon at her feet` is Isis and her son would be Osiris `risen` as Horus, the `sky god` and `hawk` who watches over her before she leaves the Earth for the starry Empyrean and `bruises the head of the serpent with her foot` as she leaves. Jesus is the Sword that brings perdition to the evil, and although Presidents Bush I (1990-1) and II (2001-3) presided over the Gulf Wars and the declaration of the `War on Terror` (2003), and Barack Obama (1961-) presided over the deposition of Colonel Gadhaffi`s (1942-) Libya (2011), whoever shall preside over the new Earth in heaven shall be in God and Man still has to accept Redemption, and God`s love who is Woman; or Manifest Destiny shall not be fulfilled.

 Martin Luther King (1929-68) said `I have a dream`,4 and John F. Kennedy (1917-63) was murdered in Dallas by ass-as-sin – as the Twin Towers of New York were cut down by ass-as-sins. Their target was American Woman and the American Dream of Manifest Destiny by means of the spreading of terror, the 21st Century`s paradigm of sodomy and back-stabbing, the millennium that began with airAIDS on New York and the Pentagon by aircraft that were `civil` long enough to disguise their true `sexual` orientation; the back-stabbing homosexual who doesn`t love Woman physically and, therefore, `not really`.

 Psychologically profiled is the traitor and the terrorist; the one who advocates torture and torment towards women in BDSM, and who practises sodomy in order to release AIDS upon us as the slow or quick death of the ass-as-sins. Those who murdered Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy and whose target is the Creator`s Producer – Woman - and her best Product (Abraham Lincoln [1809-65], Robert F. Kennedy [1925-68] etc.). Essentially, this is murdering people who might have helped everyone to be `grown up`. The evil set are paedophiles who want to keep us ignorant of their true intentions; to slowly murder us or murder us quickly if we show signs of progress and development in our innocence.



 The American Dream of Manifest Destiny is `fulfilment under threat` if America cannot continue without being threatened. The danger is to her children who are being kept in ignorance of the true meaning of the events taking place in the world around them, which is the working out of Redemption for those who accept Woman and God`s love, or who shall receive perdition for practising evil upon her.


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Lead into Girled

01/01/2012 12:07

Lead into Girled


Every girl is told that men are snakes. In the English language we have an idiom: `Good as gold.` Girls are often told they have to be this in order to receive some reward. Clearly the poisonous snake is an obstacle to their performance and, presumably, will heckle.

 Gold is unadulteratedly pure, which is why the alchemist`s described it as the goal of their Great Work, which is the aurum philosophicorum as the elixir of immortality. This is because the snake, in the Garden of Eden, is the poisoner of what was destined to be immortal.

 Adam and Eve were free to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life (Gen: 2.9), but the snake gave them the fruit of the tree of Good and Evil, which meant that they would taste death. Obviously Adam and Eve are golden in Eden but that becomes adulterated. The commonest form of adulterate is lead, and it is the bane of our existence that we are subject to TV murderers uttering lunatic phrases such as `Taste lead!` as they murder their victims with their guns. It is a simple deduction to assume that immortality is dependant upon the lead being taken out of the equation and the gold remaining pure.

 It is one of the Commandments of God that we do not covet another`s woman; because that is adultery: therefore adultery represents what is adulterate in terms of the gold which is our relationship with woman. Because bullets are made out of lead they also represent what is adulterate in terms of our gold. It is the relationship with our souls, the female anima according to the psychology of the noted Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), and indeed the anima mundi, which is the soul of the world, that is threatened by men`s preoccupation with terror and murder.

 In the Old Testament of the Bible the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35), the Glory of God, is feminine, and is the Spirit of God that dwells in the Tabernacle where the Ten Commandments are kept in the Ark of the Covenant. As the Paraclete (1 John: 2.1), or Holy Spirit, she is represented as God`s teacher upon the Earth after the Ascension of Jesus to God that follows upon Jesus` Crucifixion and Resurrection in the New Testament.

 Jesus was nailed to the cross and his side was pierced by the Spear of Longinus (Matt: 27.54), which recollects the poisoning of Eve who appeared from Adam`s side in Eden. Longinus is looking for the Second Eve, which corresponds to the Shekinah, or whichever woman is the vessel she chooses to be her `vehicle` as the Holy Spirit that teaches in order to redeem.

 In Revelation Shekinah is depicted as `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18), a complexion oppositorum of male and female elements giving birth to the New Redeemer, which is a man. But a man who accepts the Holy Spirit, that is, the Shekinah as the informative spirit for the soul of mankind, that is, the anima or anima mundi. In short, the New Man is psychologically bisexual and has male-female attributes. These are, in Jungian psychology, Eros as the principle of relationships and relatedness, that is, love, and Logos as the discriminative tool that allows good judgement, and this includes the ability to invent or create that which is in accordance with the Will of God – and God is omnipotent good.

 Guns are not necessary. God instructs us in the Bible `Love thy neighbor as thyself.` (Matt: 22.39) Because, if the Shekinah or Holy Spirit is in everyone, then oneself is everyone, and God is omnipresent, which makes men and guns redundant. They are therefore the poison spoken of in the Bible when God says that there shall be `enmity` between the serpent`s `seed` and that of `the woman`s`. (Gen: 3.15) God is omnibenevolent, and the Shekinah represents this benevolent aspect in the shape of Eve and her daughters. Unless man accepts this feminine principle, within as the Holy Spirit, as well as without in the form of relatedness and relationships that are loving towards woman and not adulterated with their lead poisoning, that is, terrorism, rape and murder, they shall be unredeemable and doomed to experience undendurable eternal pain forever, which is hell.

 God is omnipotent, but it is God`s omnisicience that is the key to understanding. Jesus is described as `the Lamb of God` in the Bible, and Christians speak of being `washed in the blood of the Lamb` as redemptive. Neil Armstrong2 was the man on the moon (symbol of Eros, the feminine principle of relatedness and relationships that is to receive future integration), and in Oops I Did It Again (2000), Britney Spears (1982-) is the woman on Mars. She is Britney Lamb strong. This is God`s omniscience. It is revelation to us but God always intends it.

 In Piece of Me (2007) Britney sings `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` (1776 is `The Declaration of Independance` of the USA from the British Empire) while, in Oops I Did It Again, she sings `I`m not that innocent!` It is the American Dream to progress and develop in unthreatened innocence, and Manifest Destiny amongst the stars in Star Trek (1965-), for example, is its fulfillment. The Gulf War (2001-3) threatened the dream, but the USA is always ready to defend freedom and innocence, because it understands that, without the omnipotent power of God, innocent progress and development exists; but under threat.



 Britney as Venus on Mars (Logos, as the power of good judgement or Word of God as Law and power of God as recently sheathed Sword after the Gulf War) represents `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to redemption. In Revelation the woman`s birthing is threatened by a dragon, which would be Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) and, as the undeveloped serpent of Eden is told by God in Genesis, there shall be `enmity` between the serpent`s `seed` and the woman`s. Those who fought against the dragon now grown into its strength are `washed in the blood of the Lamb` (Rev: 12.11), that is, they gave their blood for God.

 Saddam Hussein represents sadism. The notion that that is what people are for. A perspective promulgated by the evil because sadism is what they are for. They would persuade us that Christ is a masochist and that `washed in the blood of the Lamb` is their invitation to torture the Lamb, which would be a lot of lamb if the Holy Spirit of God, the Glory of God that is the Shekinah were incarnate.

 Britney Spears role is translatable as Britain née Lamb strong because Britain helped the USA and, in fact, a closer approximation is Brittany Lamb strong because Grande Brittany is the original name for Britain. It means bigger than Brittany in France from whence they came to colonize her, and the USA. She also represents the Spears of Destiny rather than the Spear of Destiny, which is what the Spear of Longinus that pierced the side of Jesus is known as. Britney Spears because the Shekinah is the Holy Spirit, which as the Logos is the Law of God as the Sword of God, but Spears represents the long term plan or Manifest Destiny of God`s Revelation, which is omniscience; and the goal, escape from sadism, is God`s plan for those who accept the Shekinah, her teachings as the Paraclete or Holy Spirit, and those who have been `washed in the blood of the lamb`, that is, fought for God, the American Dream and Manifest Destiny.

 Oops I Did It Again is, therefore, a celebration. But Britney Spears rejects the American astronaut that woos her. He arrives in a spacesuit, so represents old technology, and she breathes the air of Mars, the god of war aquiescent in the presence of the goddess of love, as it were. In short, he represents the gun. Men who prefer sadism to God in heaven.

 Britney has progressed and developed in innocence without threat, which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. Men represent a threat to that. This is why she says: `I`m not that innocent!` She is Manifest Destiny as the United States as Woman who is the conquering Aphrodite over Mars` god of war and she does not want her dream threatened, so she rejects the besuited old-stylee 50s high-tec gangster. Threatened innocence is what the American Dreamer has to cope with on Earth. On Mars, Britney `the strong Lamb of God`, is wise to it.



 At one point in the video she gestures and all of the men collapse as if extinguished, which is what`s intended. She doesn`t want lead poisoning in her atmosphere: this is her `vehicle`. She prefers the Shekinah, the feminine Holy Spirit around her; and she can be sure the Glory of God is with her if she is surrounded by woman. She is girled, as it were, and her gold is not for the space-suited 50s artifact that represents their latest version of Al Capone (1899-1947) or Saddam Hussein.

 She represents future `girled`, that is, the gold of a future which is that of young womanhood who worship the Lamb of God: "To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honour and glory and power, for ever and ever!" (Rev: 5.13). Britney Spears has described herself as bisexual, and psychological bisexuality is what is required if mankind is to have a future. Depicted in alchemy as the aurum philosophicorum, there is also a hint of something else in alchemical texts which often refer to the hermaphroditus as an important aspect of the Great Work`s culmination.This is physical bisexuality as well as that psychological male-female complementarity which denotes those individuals able to incorporate the masculine principle of Logos and the female principle of Eros into their wholeness.

 This also explains why one aspect of God sits upon the throne in Revelation and why the other aspect is `the Lamb`. Britney Spears and her male aspect are the future, which is represented by the futanar, that is, women representative of psycho-physical bisexuality that have a penis of their own. In Genesis God said there would be `enmity` between the serpent`s `seed` and that of `the woman`s`. Britney is `girled` or gold with Hermaphrodites because men`s sadism is sterile (old hat perpetual 50s) and only wants more flesh to torture; whereas woman - and woman with her own penis - denote eternal fecundity and immortal gold in heaven. Britney`s victory is as the spearhead of Manifest Destiny. Britney`s Spears are clearly the future of Woman.


1 Jung, C.G Psychology and Alchemy (CW 12), Princeton NJ, Princeton University Press, 1944.

2 Armstrong , Neil `One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.` 2:56 UTC July 21, 1969.

Lead from the pencil, poison from the pen

01/01/2012 12:05

Lead from the pencil, poison from the pen


 Many pictures are sketched, and some are never more than sketched. Pencil is not indelible, and can be erased. A writer`s published work is indelible. The Word of God is the Holy Spirit, which is `God`s love` (Luke: 10.27). The Redemption is the work of the Paraclete given to mankind after the Ascension of Jesus to God. (Matt: 27. 54) Effectively, she was cut from Jesus` side by the spear of Longinus at the Crucifixion, in an allusion to Eve who was given by God to Adam from Adam`s side (Gen: 2.21). Her work is indelible because it`s her work of civilizing. What isn`t Godly we might think of as `pencilled in`, and there are two idiomatic phrases that are relevant. `Eat lead` is a cliché and `that`ll put lead in your pencil` means to make your penis hard. Clearly the two statements are meant to reinforce one another. This is the message we are meant to receive from movies such as Payback (1999). I`ve never experienced it, and I`ve seen Payback a few times. It`s only conceivable if you`re shooting women, which is what the phrase `that`ll put lead in your pencil` means. The penis is man`s and we are told that Woman doesn`t have a penis, but she does – as a futanar. Because Woman with a penis exists, to have `lead in your pencil` means to have `lead` in your penis. This is why Jesus says `love thy neighbour as thyself`, because Adam and Eve were One Creature in God in Paradise - and still are. Jesus says `God is love`, and that`s because Woman Produces. If everything that is produced is Woman – and it is - then it is Adam`s penis, and men want to put lead in it, that is, shoot it`s `seed`, which is what God tells the `serpent` in Eden:


`There shall be enmity between yours and the woman`s seed.` (Gen: 3.15)


 Men are the serpent`s - represented by the red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the child of the Woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. (Rev: 12. 1-18) They are the evil which wants to Devour the Producer`s, that is Woman`s, Product – Civilization. The phrase `to put lead in your pencil` means to prepare Adam and Eve to shoot their own penis, that is, themselves – as God`s love through the generations of mankind. Redemption is acceptance of the Holy Spirit, the teachings of Jesus, and God`s love. Then what has been `pencilled in` will be erased. As it says, in Revelation: `hail and fire were mixed with blood, and were thrown on the earth` (Rev: 8.7). But God creates a new heaven and a new Earth afterwards, which means the `hail of lead` will be erased and Woman`s Civilized Product will be Saved. It`s voice is that of the Holy Spirit speaking the Word of God, which is the Developer in terms of Woman`s - the Producer`s - Product, and God`s Word as Progress, which is in accordance with the American Dream of progress and development in innocence without threat.

 The Word of God is heard, spoken, and written by the power of the Holy Spirit. The world we see is `pictured` for us by God`s Producer – Woman. It is her Production. But, before a movie is made, a character sketch has to be drawn, and that`s what is meant by being `faster on the draw` with a gun. You can`t paint a picture with a gun, but you can draw with a pencil and, if we understand the gun as `lead` rather than `pencil`, then those who are `fast on the draw` prevent innocent life from developing and progressing without threat, which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. Harrison Ford (1942-) in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) shoots a sword wielder rather than face him. The sword is the pen, which is a better weapon than the pencil, because it requires some knowledge, ability and the decision to wear the mantle of a warrior. Guns do not require any of that. Anyone can squeeze a trigger.



 Swords are a form of Civilization, which is why Revelation represents Jesus, in the future, as a Sword coming to defeat Satan and give evil people perdition. Those who use a pencil are attempting to draw, whereas those who use a gun are not. The Evil One is saying that the pencil is mightier than the Sword, which is a joke to the Evil One. Many leaders have been criticized for bringing Civilization at the point of a sword. For example, Christianity`s Szent Istvan (967/969/975-1038) in Hungary and the Prophet Mohammad in Islam. The Sword is the beginning of Civilization because it requires skilled use – as does the pen. The gun does not need a skilled user – it represents men`s desire to kill – or Devour faster - without the ability to write, read, listen or speak. That is why `out of his mouth comes a sword` in Revelation. Because the Word is important. It`s the pen of the woman, and men want her to be `pencilled out`.

  American films like Harrison Ford`s Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom feature one-dimensional characters who can`t draw a sword, but can use a gun. Civilization began with the Sword, developed and progressed in innocence under threat, and unless men accept Redemption it shall end with the gun – or it`s equivalent. Brittany Murphy`s (1977-2009) death saddened, but her single Faster Kill Pussycat (2006) indicates the direction. Al Qaeda`s 9/11 said Arabians weren`t happy with US TV and it`s `fast draw`, so swords were drawn on the Twin Towers. In Revelation the red dragon is waiting to devour the child being born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. Woman as the Creator`s Producer is devoured by men. She is the history of civilization, and that`s what history documents – men`s devouring of her Product. Saturn is the red dragon in Roman mythology, because he devours his own children - prefiguring Satan – and, in fact, those who suffer from lead poisoning are described as `gloomy`, which is how a sadist`s victim lives. Revelation is warning of sadism: 


 `Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


  `You can lead a horse to water but you can`t make it drink` is a proverb.1 Saddam Hussein (1934-2006), in his gassing of Kurds,2 committed the greatest crime in Islam, which is poisoning one`s own well. In encouraging Bush I and II to attack him, he was `lead poisoning`, that is, leading Texan George Bush Jr`s (1944-) warhorse to the `poisoned well` in order to bring sadness to the American Dream of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` while proclaiming sadism. `I be Saddam` means `I beast am` or `I am the sad beast.` George Bush Sr (1924-) was not so naive and wouldn`t have responded to Saddam. He would`ve responded to Al Qaeda. There is a second `beast` in Revelation, which has `two horns like a lamb but speaks like a dragon`, and suggests the Twin Towers of New York, that is, innocent development and progress - unless threatened.

The `lamb of God` in Revelation is awaiting the `marriage of the lamb`, and is not a devourer of Woman and her Product, but the one that `speaks like a dragon` is; because it`s a war machine and represents the danger of overweighting. Declaring a `War on Terror` (2003-) presupposes a secret: that terror is being secretly prepared. Therefore everyone is under scrutiny as a potential threat. This is `the number of the beast`, which means that everyone is `numbered` and under surveillance. `I`ve got your number` is a phrase used in England as a threat. It is the end of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, because you can`t have `liberty`, and this is what the attack on the Twin Towers by the `first beast` in 2000 is designed to achieve, the awakening of the USA and installation of sadism by excusing it as `torture` and a `necessary evil`. The `War on Terror` is, therefore, a continuation of terrorism by means of a surveillance system that, ostensibly, means safety, but actually terrifies the victims because that is what the sadist intends.

 In Mars Attacks (1996) `aliens` appear on Earth and are greeted – as the North and South American Indians greeted the Europeans – but the aliens maniacally laugh and begin shooting everything crazily. It`s a transposition. In fact, men are the aliens. In Arabia Christina Applegate`s (1971) scenes were removed from the movie. I thought it prudery, but in hindsight God was saving because the recognition is that she isn`t an alien, but men are. 911 is the phone number for the police in the USA and 999 is the phone number for the police in the UK and British Commonwealth and elsewhere. Consequently, 9/11 means the police response to the bullies, but 666 means a reversal in which the police become the bullies and, under the pretense of securing us against terrorism, frighten everyone into giving up freedom – and happiness.



 Saddam Hussein was the bully that endeavoured to bring about global sadism. The `false prophet` of Revelation is the believeable `policeman`. `If you want to know the time ask a policeman` and, if he will not tell you the correct time, he`s a `false prophet`. American science fiction writer Robert A. Heinlein (1907-1988) wrote a novel called The Number of the Beast (1980), which posited a car that could travel backwards and forwards through time and space. Sometimes people have de ja vu experiences, which means that the `policeman` has been there and you have remembered. You are not being told the correct time. You can always remember the past but, if you can remember the future, you understand that the `policeman` isn`t giving you the right time, which means he`s a sadist who`s preparing us to for torture rather than life, freedom, and happiness.

 The threat is the Devourer, which is the first `beast` of Revelation, Saddam (`I be Saddam` - `I beast am`) and 9/11 - and New York is the `Big Apple`. The serpent in Eden has eaten throughout the course of history and has become a red dragon that wants to devour the American Dream of `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. The dream is of an innocent life, without the threat of devourment, and eternal development and progress - Star Trek:


 `These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. It`s ongoing mission; to seek out new life and new civilizations: to boldly go where noone has gone before.` (1965)


 The `prime directive` is `non-interference`, which is the American Dream of development and progress without threat to `original innocence`. That is why Al Qaeda attacked the towers of the World Trade Centre, because the Enterprise is the USA`s flagship. Defeat of the Soviet Union and it`s threat was not, as was planned, in economic terms; but in terms of Civilization. Woman`s Product was more attractive to Communism, that is, MacDonald`s, Coca-Cola and Star Trek (1965-) - because it was more attractive to devour. MacDonald`s was, in fact, a Trojan horse. In Homer`s Iliad (c.850 BC) the horse is used to capture Troy by leaving it by the city gates and hiding warriors inside it. The inhabitants saw it as a tribute to Troy and took it within the walls where the Greek warriors emerged to take the city.

 Nowadays a Trojan virus is designed to take a computer. MacDonald`s was the Trojan horse used to take Eastern Europe, and everywhere else. Everybody devours at MacDonald`s. Devouring is the `programme`, as it were. The Trojan war began (1180s-1190s) when Paris stole Helen, the wife of Menelaus, and took her from Greece to Troy. As `the most beautiful woman on Earth`, she represented men`s desire to devour Woman and her Product – Greece and Troy. Effectively, Helen was `hamburger` - as the expression has it. MacDonald`s is the virus that is men who want to devour Woman`s product, which is Civilization. Its exporting of itself to the rest of the world indicates the desire of men to Devour the American Dream, which is more glamorous and therefore more attractive to the Devourer.

 Hamburgers aren`t actually made from pigs, but men want to Devour the Woman as a pig, which is why pig meat is haraam or `forbidden` in Arabia and Judaism. In the Christian tradition, the `lamb of God` is Holy, which means that it is the most attractive for men as the Devourer. That is why Jesus is hung upon the cross as a `lamb` and butchered, but Ascension follows. He is not eaten by the cannibals, although the transubstantiation of the bread and the wine into the body and the blood in the Catholic Mass suggests that they want to – and God doesn`t.

 MacDonald`s is `M`for Mother, which is what Helen of Troy doesn`t represent. She`s the attractive lure. Troy is the Mother`s Product, and the warriors that take the city are the viruses produced by her younger avatars - the viruses produced by the `hacker`, the evil worm that has been trying to Devour her since Eden while persuading her she wants to be Devoured. When the red dragon of Revelation appears to Devour the child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` it`s a temptation to her: `Stop producing and let me Devour it.` is what he might be saying. That`s why the child `rules the nations with an iron scepter`, because God`s law is `God`s love` and it must be enforced or the Woman will succumb to the auto-suggestion that she allow her Product to be Devoured. Jesus on the cross represents the same bipolarisation; he teaches Redemption but is presented by the evil as a suicidal homoerotic figure with masochistic tendencies that appeal to sadists. The `woman` of Revelation gives birth to God`s love, which is the Word of God after mankind has been taught by the Holy Spirit as the Paraclete. It is the love of Civilization and not the destruction of it. This is Redemption. To resist the Devourer and protect the Product, because it is God`s Creation.

  The Greeks had a word for what happens: enantiodromia. It is when a good thing becomes a bad thing by overemphasis. The fish is a symbol of Jesus in Christianity, and a symbol of wisdom in Islam. The New Age begins as the Age of Pisces ends, which is the era of the two fishes. It is the New Age of Aquarius and Woman. Islam accepts the Will of Allah and Christianity accepts the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Jesus, who is depicted as feeding thousands of people with two fish in the New Testament. In `The Cave`, Sura 18 of the Qu`uran (610-32 CE), Khidr is the `fish`:


`The two set forth, but as soon as they embarked, Moses' companion bored a hole in the bottom of the ship. `A strange thing you have done! exclaimed Moses, `Is it to drown her passengers that you have bored a hole in her?` `Did I not tell you`, he replied, `that your would not bear with me?` `Pardon my forgetfulness`, said Moses, "Do not be angry with me on this Account`. They journeyed on until they fell in with a certain youth. Moses' companion slew him, and Moses said: `You have killed an innocent man who has done no harm. Surely you have committed a wicked crime`. `Did I not tell you`, he replied, `that you would not bear with me?` Moses said: "If ever I question you again, abandon me; for then I should deserve It`. They travelled on until they came to a certain city. They asked the people for some food, but the people declined to receive them as their guests. There they found a well on the point of falling down. The other raised it up, and Moses said; `Had you wished, you could have demanded payment for your labours`. `Now the time has arrived when we must part`, said the other, "But first I will explain to you those acts of mine which you could not bear with in patience. ‘Know that the ship belong to some poor fishermen. I damaged it because in their rear was a king who was taking every ship by force. `As for the youth, his parents both are true believers, and we feared lest he should plague them with his wickedness and unbelief. It was our wish that their Lord should grant them another in his place, a son more righteous and more filial. `As for the wall, it belonged to two orphan boys in the city whose father was an honest man. Beneath it their treasure is buried. Your Lord decreed in His mercy that they should dig out their treasure when they grew to manhood. What I did not done by caprice. That is the meaning of the things you could not bear with in patience ...`


  Khidr and Jesus represent God`s wisdom. This is what Moses doesn`t understand because he has the ego of men who need cause and effect. Jesus feeds thousands of people against the laws of probability with two fishes (Matt: 14.13-21), which is `witchcraft` and that`s why he`s crucified: he has Woman`s wisdom. Islam and Christianity were `twin fish` swimming in the same waters of Faith, and could only perceive their own particular vision.  After 9/11 the fate of humankind was determined. Men had begun their Devouring of Civilization in an effort to prevent the Age of Woman from being. Saddam began the implementation of sadism and the `world`s policeman` began labelling everyone with the number 666, or `terrorist suspect` to be tortured until proven innocent, which is what the old `ducking stool` was for witches; innocent if she drowns and guilty if she floats: so ended the Age of Pisces which began with Jesus` accepting of baptism from the waters of her spirit, and ended with it being suggested that her innocence was `fishy`. She taught Jesus and is as wise as Khidr. The `twin fish` of Islam and Christianity are nourishing, and necessary if innocence is to develop and progress without threat, which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny.

 There are many Moslems in the United States of America and Islam is, therefore, a part of it. Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mohammad Ali (1942-) changed his name from Cassius Clay and, although Cassius Longinus` spear is the Spear of Destiny, `Cassius` means `unlucky` because Jesus` side was pierced by it, which is why Clay – and many believe man was made from clay (Gen: 2.4-25) - changed his name to Mohammad, the name of the Prophet of Islam, and Ali (599-661), son of the Prophet and leader of the Shi`ia Moslems, who adhere to the Prophet Mohammad`s (ca.570/71-632) hadith or teachings (Suni Moslems adhere to the teachings of Mohammad`s `companions`). Mohammad Ali`s name symbolically accepts all Moslem hadith or teachings, including Jesus` and, in Islam, Jesus` Ascension doesn`t require crucifixion. His is a bodily Ascension on the strength of his wisdom. Significantly, in the Christian myth, the Paraclete emerges from the side of Jesus to teach mankind. What she taught is that Islam and Christianity are a single path that can be descried but men of the West and of the East prefer the tears of the saddest rather than God`s love for the Woman and her Product – Civilization. Men`s fate is perdition, and man`s fate is Redemption if he doesn`t have feet of clay and accepts the Holy Spirit.


 1 Old English Homilies, 1775 .

 2 Cole, Juan `Did Saddam Gas the Kurds?` History News Network, 2nd April 2003, .

A Lay Speaker

01/01/2012 12:02

A Lay Speaker


I am not a Hungarian woman and, moreover, I am English and `belong` to the Hít Gyulakazet. Insofar as I have been a church member since my being born from the waters of the spirit, that is, full immersion baptism from the swimming pool in Debrecen in 1994, I have accepted the Holy Spirit (Szentlélek) and Jesus as the tanár (teacher) of my personality and soul.

 I am a leszbika and I make no aplologies. I cannot be a pasztor but I can be a lay speaker.  It is one thing to be pastored and it is another thing to be one.  On occasion I have heard of a young woman being turned away from the Faith Church because she is a lesbian like myself.  As a lay speaker I have something to contribute.  I am only an English language teacher but I know a few Magyar  betú. With these few letters I can communicate a little basic truth from the Bible.

 `Male and female He created them both.` (Gen: 1.27) God created Adam who is Man and from Man God created Eve for Man to love. Therefore God incarnated as Woman for Man to love.  It is a basic constructional principle (in some quarters) that, because Man is created in the image of God, men are God. But this is erroneous. God loves Man and God creates Woman for Man to love - as God (literally)!

God is simple because good. In Eden the fruit is good and Man and Woman, who are one creation in God, may eat all of it. Because God is good and the fruit is good also. In short, God is good. Noone wants to eat bad fruit, that is, noone would choose evil over good because it is death.  It is a principle. God is superomnipotent good and who would reject it? It is good eating and not poison. The principle can be applied to everything; good sex, good living, good art, etc.

When the serpent in Eden offers Adam and Eve (the One creature in God) the apple, that is, the `Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil` (Gen: 2. 16-18), we understand that it is poison because it is the boy/son (boys` sons) equation which connotes the `root of all evil` (Prov: 12.12). In other words, men are to be the `enemies of God` and this is, in Hungarian, the big difficulty or `nagy baj`.



The serpent is an ambiguous symbol. On the one hand, it is the penis that produces the daughter, and as Jesus says in the New Testament: `I am the way and the truth and the life. Noone comes to the Father except through me.` (John: 14.6). Christ is, therefore, also the `narrow door`. (Luke: 13.24) A daughter may, perhaps more than a little linguistically, also be further understandable as a door to God – as we shall see.  On the other hand, the boy/son thing is the tool of the boys` owners (poisoners), that is, the Evil One as the collective of men that is to follow from the Fall. Although the Forbidden fruit - as symbolic apple - is eaten by Adam and Eve, nevertheless it is implicit that they remain  good though poisoned. (Gen: 3.6-7)

 It is interesting that, in Judaism, one cannot be a Jew unless one`s mother is a Jewess, that is, a daughter of God, I am reminded of Meryl  Streep in Sophie`s Choice (1982) where she has to give up either her boy or her daughter for extermination to the evil enemies of God, that is, the men as Nazis. It is a trauma but she obeys the precepts of her Creator and gives up the boy/son because her daughter is a mother and the child she gives up represents the poison (- whether redeemable or not).  She therefore makes the only choice possible. As we saw at the outset, God is incarnated by God as Woman for Man to love, and the men do not want her.  Therefore Sophie (symbol of Sophia [1 Cor: 2.7], the Wisdom of God) gives up the boy/son, that is, the poison, almost without a qualm.

The notion of the poisoner is important here. In the Middle East (Palestine and Jerusalem as well as Riyadh and Saudi Arabia) the poisoner of a well is the most evil personage it is possible to imagine. It may also be perceived as an analogy. A person who is well does not wish to be poisoned. Guests are always welcome but it is a heinous crime if the visitor poisons the well, as it were. Water is highly precious as the stuff of life and is even more valuable than oil because it is perceived to be so.  Similarly, in the church the spirit of God is from the waters of baptism (Matt: 3-16) and the baptized is the vessel that now contains the power of the Holy Spirit, which is the Paraclete (John: 14.16) or spirit of Jesus as tanár that was left for one who embraces it upon the Earth by God as the gift to WoMan after the Ascension (Luke: 24.51) of Jesus to Heaven following the crucifixion (Matt: 27.50) and the emergence of the Lord from his tomb in a body `resurrected` (Cor: 15.3-5).

I have a friend in the church who often says `Be kind.` It is that she understands the concept `Mankind`, but men are not kind, that is, they have not accepted the tanár that is the teachings of the Bible through the power of Jesus that is the Holy Spirit. They are therefore unredeemed and doomed to unendurable eternal pain as it is the Will of God.  And the Will of God shall prevail!

Men have had their chance at redemption. Jesus is the Son of Man (Matt: 17.9), that is, the Second Adam or of the One creature of God that is Adam and Eve (who effectively is the incarnate God, as we have seen), and the `Mother of God`, as she is called in Catholicism, that is, Mary (Jesus` mother) represents the unpoisoned `vessel` that is born from parthogenesis (Matt: 1.23) without first being broken into, as it were, by one who would create a boy/son (poison), and this is the denial of men as an influence upon the birth of Christ. It is therefore a separation engineered by God through means of the pure vessel that is the virgin. In other words, God becomes incarnate as Virgin Second Eve and the Virgin Christ is the One with God as his bride (Matt: 9.15) and Woman is to be understood as God who shall be God as Providence (Job: 10.12), that is, the eternal nurturing Mother who is his Woman as God. God is, then, the bride that the Son of Man shall have forever; thanks to God`s omnipotence, omniscience, omnibenevolence, and omnipresence.

It is noteworthy that, in Exodus (34), the Ten Commandments given to Moses by God begin with `Thou Shalt Not…` For me, this has always meant `You won`t have to…` Because I, God, shall provide for you. Mankind and men are therefore of necessarily different qualities. I have seen it written that `Man is the animal that kills for pleasure`.1 This is the difference between men and animals. It is a misconstruction based on what I call the `irreality principle`, that is, false premises constructing supposedly unassailably self-evident truths. God tells us in the Bible `Thou shalt not Kill.` It is not couched as an order. It is, rather, an observation.  In other words, `Man` does not kill, because God does not allow it. Men do. Because they are evil. Man is saved because redeemed, that is, the poison cannot do permanent harm to Man but men are irremediably poisoned because they do not accept the tutelary spirit that is the Paraclete, the invisible (to men) guide sent by God to instruct men after the Resurrection of the Son of Man. Without acceptance they cannot be Resurrected by God.

Adam and Eve are redeemed as One creature by the redemptive knowledge of Jesus because it is Man (Adam and Eve – and all those who are like them as One) for whom are the teachings of Jesus. For Christians it is simple, accept that you are saved by Jesus who has redeemed you by means of the cross which he bore for your sake. Jesus was an apprentice carpenter who became a lay preacher instead (Matt: 13.55); therefore it was clearly the plan of men who are the evil enemies of God that the Messiah should be nailed hands and feet to two rough pieces of wood in the shape of a man with arms outstretched. In Catholicism the bread and the wine are symbols of the body and the blood of Jesus (1 Cor: 10-16), which is the Eucharist of the Mass in the ceremony known as Transubstantiation where bread and wine are consumed in acceptance of the power of the Holy Spirit to save. At the Hít Gyulakazet we know it as `washed in the blood of the lamb` (1 Peter 1: 18-20), which means that Jesus` bodily wounds from the cross are healed in the Resurrection and we also shall be saved by God.

 The foregoing is important because the evil are unable to accept good. You have heard many times someone say: `That woman is too good for you.` What they mean is that it is impossible for them to allow you to have what is good and freely offered by God as good for you – even if it is the woman who is freely giving of herself in wedlock. They are also saying that she is `too good` for them insofar as good is anathema to them because they are evil and cannot abide with it. This is exactly what happens in Eden. God is incarnated as the Woman Eve and the boy/son thing, that is, the serpentine future of men as the viral penis that is them, is  egotistically `too good` for Adam (who is also Eve – or any future woman - as God), by which is meant that it is the Evil One as the collective that is men.

 But what is good is God and therefore it is not possible for anything to be `too good` for anyone. It is the work of the men as the boys` owners (poisoners) - or those who poison the boys to make them `men` - to say that they are (in their egotism) `too good` for others. It says in the Old Testament or Talmud ,`Thou Shalt Not Suffer A Poisoner to Live` (Exodus 22:18) and we may think of it as the eleventh commandment. Indeed, as the crucial one because it is in accordance with the basic principle of God in Eden; men who are to come will be evil: Man is not.

The symbol of the virgin is important too. Virgins are unbroken vessels and innocence is associated with them. Good is innocence and threatened innocence is the menace of rape. It is a raid upon her goodness by what would seek to poison her, which may be anything of her that is developmental of the good God that she represents. Men are the raids and the rapes that she seeks to avoid in her innocent works that she produces as a greater glory of the goodness of God that is in her. Whether she be Ashley Tisdale (1985-) or Victoria Osteen (1961-), she endeavours to be beautiful because she sees herself in the mirror and understands that God wants her to be so (and why should she not; is God not incarnate as her?).  But men, in truth,  are her aids and her apes, that is, AIDS monkeys. It is Revelation.

In The Book of the Revelation of St. John the Divine a New Redeemer is depicted as attendant upon the Woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12.1). The `child` of the `mother` is constantly under threat from devourment by a dragon (Rev: 12.4), described elsewhere as the multiplicitous `beast` (Rev: 13.11), which denotes men or the Evil One that directs their collectivity. Some have noted that this draco is associated with the number 666 (Rev: 13.18) and that 999 is the `police` in some nations, which suggests that the police are also  the bullies, that is, the mafia, and the meaning is in the reversal of our expectations. Our perceived protectors are revealed as extermination camp guards in which WoMan is being murdered by men and the women who support them in such evil constructs as `snuff films`, for example.

The Hungarian word tanár is again important in terms of our understanding here. It is the principle that men are the `enemies of God` but that Mankind (WoMan) is redeemable if the Paraclete or `teacher` is heard. Man is One creature as Woman and Man in God. As it was in Eden. Or, as we have already seen it said in the Bible; `Male and female He created them both`. Might we not therefore expect a New Redeemer to be male (solar) and female (luna)? There are even such in the world. They are known as `futanari`. They have breasts, penis and vagina as the hermaphroditic alternative to reproduction with men, that is, they represent an alternative human species development. Mankind as One creature (Man and Woman combined in one form -  and to combine with Woman) to go on in God without men who are the `evil enemies of God` because they have defined themselves as such and are therefore non-human exterminate (n.) - as the dictionary has it. Amen.


1 James Anthony Froude Oceana, or, England and Her Colonies (1886), C. Scribner`s Sons, 1972, 396 pp, p.67.

Jesus Christ: the Great Escape

01/01/2012 11:59

Jesus Christ: the Great Escape


Steve McQueen escaped from the German prison camp, Stalag Luft III in Zagań (1942-5), in The Great Escape (1963) film, and Jesus Christ escaped from men who tortured him to death through Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. The Roman guard Longinus` spear pierced his side in death (Matt: 27.54), because Jesus said a Holy Spirit would teach after him, and the Romans knew Eve emerged from the rib of Adam in the Bible, while Jesus was known as the `Second Adam`, so Longinus` assumption amongst the Roman army then occupying Palestine was that the Holy Spirit was the `Second Eve` and, placing `INRI` above his head on the cross, a sign meaning `king of the Jews`, the Roman army declared him Emperor, for explaining that the brain of the human species should be female, because human futanarian women were the species of the planet Earth, which is why Longinus` piercing of Jesus` side with the `spear of Destiny`,1 was a `caesarean` section designed to release the `spirit of God` (1 John: 2.1), that is, the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35), who according to Judaism was to be found dwelling in the temple with the law, and where she taught `through divine inspiration`, as the feminine principle: `Surely, this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54)

 Afterwards Christianity grew until Rome was the Holy See of the Earth where the Pope ruled over the Christian Empire, and the first Pope was Jesus` disciple, Peter. In the New Testament Jesus redefines the prohibitive law of the Jews as `love`: `Love your neighbour as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Jesus` law of love posits forgiveness, although pederasts abuse children by pretending to be offended, so that the abused child begs for forgiveness, because the paedophile pretends to Christianity, which is how love`s law became corrupted into slavery: `My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27. 46) For the evil there is no escape from perdition. Unfortunately, churches assume their role to be that of forcing people to pray for the slaver to refrain from using the whip, rather than work for independence, which requires that human futanarian women religiously sexually reproduce brainpower for the development of labor saving technologies, and medical science conferring immortality to operate and permanently maintain a developed civilization, culture and art.

 Because Jesus forgave his crucifiers, he`s associated with `the fool` of the Tarot, which is a pictorial Jewish Torah depicting the journey of the soul through life, and `the fool` is a believer, which Christianity advocates, that is, the path of `the fool` is a child`s path, although Christianity practices infantilism, where the infant consciousness of Jesus` birth is preferable to the adult consciousness of the rebellious slave. Christianity, in the way of the slaver, wants beggars rather than those who want to live independently, which is the freedom they pray for. Women are infantiled because they`re taught men ask them for dates and marriage with life as a ring slave and a host womb in parasitism as the offer. If a woman is asked, she`ll direct the asker to a father figure, because men come between human women`s futanarian species and the sexual reproduction of human brainpower between women that can free their species into independence.

 Without an understanding that women are fatherers, God, the father, can`t be `woman`s seed`, whereas God tells Eve in the Bible she`ll have `enmity` with the `serpent`s seed` before Redemption: `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) The serpent is Satan, the angel who rejected God`s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic through futanarian `woman`s seed`, which is why Christian iconography depicts Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, because Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen.   Consequently, men aren`t women`s natural fatherers, so they aren`t God in heaven, which are the planets and stars to be colonized in human technological development, and that`s the reason `war in heaven` is prophesied in the Bible between those who accept `woman`s seed` and those who don`t.

 Socio-history tells women that, for the Jewish `chosen people`, whose tradition is that Jews are born from women, because women are futanarian Jews, men were European `death camp` guards, while `rape camps` in Bosnia set up by Serbian Christians to male brain a generation of Moslems in futanarian Islam during the late 20th century was men again. Although Islam is represented as antithetical to Judaism, the story of Sara and Abraham in the Old Testament is the basis for the four wives of the Moslems. Sara is barren after the birth of Isaac, who founded Judaism, so she gave Hajer, her maid, to Abraham, and Hajer bore Ishmael, the founder of Islam through his descendant Mohamed, who received the Koran (610-30 C.E.) dictated by God`s angels. Consequently, Islam is an improvement on the Judeo-Christian futanarian tradition of accepting `woman`s seed` in antithetical opposition to male braining. Although women are taught the `Führerprinzip`, that is, `God the father`, men are her `death camp` in which she begs, or is tortured:


 `Yea though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death, thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.` (Ps: 23-4)


 The rod and staff are Egyptian symbols because they represent the ruler and the shepherd`s crook, that is, the crook rescues the stray from the ditch, and the ruler measures the development, which is a sign of brainpower. Jesus is he who`ll `rule the nations with a rod of iron` (Rev: 12. 1-18), because he wants `woman`s seed` and so enforces God`s law of love. (Luke: 10.27) Jesus` death was a penetration of the veil, which is publically worn by women in Moslem Islam because their tradition is futanarian and don`t want alien parasitoid devourers to see them and steal their penis` `seed` and wombs. Jesus` death was a penetration of the veil, because the eyes of the Shekinah, God`s `teaching assistant`, were the `spirit of God` behind them. Consequently, Jesus` Ascension is guided by the Shekinah, whereas women are taught to accept men as guides, which is the road to hell. Feminism teaches that women are equal to men, and so lesbians are homosexuals, whereas lesbianism is a normal valence of human women`s futanarian nature, and homosexuality in pederasty is the spirit of war against `woman`s seed`. Ancient Greek democracy which was the model for Western democracy was institutionalized host womb enslavement of women`s host wombs for homosexuality in pederasty for war, while the Eastern Persian Empire, which was the model for male brined dictatorship in potentially democratic futanarian Islam is described in the Bible: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)

 The fully grown dragon of Revelation, that is, Eve`s Saddam Hussein, although sanity isn`t the spirit of the ass-as-sin, is  what homosexuality is, and its parasitoid nature doesn`t want God as its director, because it`s an alien pogromer seeking the extinction of the human race. For the serpent grown in size to a dragon, that is, Saudi Arabia`s Osama Ben Laden, leader of the Al Qaeda terrorists, who crashed their hijacked planes into the World Trade Centre of New York city`s Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, to precipitate `rough trade`, that is, the `brutality and violence` associated with homosexuality in pederasty for war against `woman`s seed`, the `Big Apple` was the ass-as-sin`s, that is, for the spirit of homosexuality. In Eastern philosophies the `third eye` seated at the pineal gland at the frontal lobe of the brain`s imagination centre is needed to see through the veil, and is known as `the apple`, so devouring the `Big Apple` as the seat of conscious creativity and development is what the Satanist proponents of ass-ass-sin nations` planned for New York`s `Big Apple`.

 To the futanarian Middle East,2 the USA, where `woman`s seed` was forbidden to the media as long ago as 1930 in Hollywood, Babylon, by the `Hays code`, the United States of America is `the Great Satan`: `… women, in love scenes, at all times have `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`3 America wasn`t being accused of not veiling her women, America was being accused of lying about women`s nature. The eyes of the women and boys of the Middle East were being filled with images of American men from `action` movies celebrating male braining, like Black Hawk Down (1993), in which men rescue each other in conflict with other men in Mogadishu, Somalia, which is a waste of the human futanarian species of women`s resources.  9/11 was a piercing of the veiled threat to the `American Dream` and `Manifest Destiny`, which is dictated by the `spirit of God`, the Shekinah, as a new heaven and Earth promised by God for colonizing by `woman`s seed`, that is, those with eyes to see other women with, which the United States` Hollywood, Babylon, propagandists denied.

 In Islam women wear the veil, because men`s spirit is homosexuality, as a secret ass-as-sin nation brotherhood, which doesn`t lead human futanarian women to heaven, because heaven for women is women, whereas those who believe in their ass-ass-sin nation, use anal to replace the `spirit of God` with men`s, and HIV/AIDS spread by men`s mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses is their spirit of `incurable killer disease`, so Moslem women veil in the hope they won`t be seen on the path to heaven when they escape. Women are taught Jesus died without wanting them, which is why he`s acceptable to women`s human futanarian species` nature.  However, homosexuality doesn`t want them, which is confusing for women, and boys who suppose anal is good, because Jesus didn`t want women. American `TV` confuses Arabian women`s eyes because their veils are for women.

 In Moslem Islam four wives are permitted, but in the Western democracies it`s monogamy and HIV/AIDS is a `biological weapon` keeping women in fearful faithfulness to her slavers, that is, because behind the veil is heaven for the parasitoid devourer a woman perforce accepts. The misogynist Taliban regime in Afghanistan forced women to wear the veil, and it was under the auspices of the government in Kabul that Osama Ben Laden`s Al Qaeda terrorist organization planned 9/11, which spread the contagion. The original ass-ass-sin`s `master` was Afghanistan`s Hassan-i-Sabbah (1050s-1124), who removed anti-Islamic rulers, and so Saudi Arabia`s Osama Ben Laden was an Afghan `master`. In Islam the Shekinah is `tranquillity`, because women`s veil mustn`t be penetrated by homosexuality, which has an evil spirit, so 9/11 was a warning to the West not to produce women as men, and to educate women in their human futanarian nature, which means sexual reproduction between women and an increase in women`s voting power approximating to the 80% to 20% ratio of women to the `other` in Moslem marriages in Islam.

  The sentient computer entrusted with the nuclear defense of the USA says to actor Matthew Broderick in the movie War Games (1983), `Let`s play a game.` It`s `plague games`, that is, men are a viral form in women`s system producing MAD (mutually assured destruction), which spreads through infected systems, and computer games aren`t excepted. In War Games the virus is sentient, because men`s `play games` spirit of infectious homosexuality is: `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores, but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11) . Men `play games` but they`re `plague aims`, because it`s their spirit.



 American football is a game, `Super Bowl`, based on Jesus` `Last Supper` bowl, which is known as the Holy Grail, because Jesus offered `bread and wine` to his disciples therefrom as symbols of his `body and blood`, while Judas` betrayal of the human host as a `dissident` for `thirty pieces of silver` resulted in Jesus being taken to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem where he was nailed to a cross of wood and left there to die. Consequently, Jesus` subsequent Resurrection and Ascension to heaven is commemorated in the US term for a landing on a surface other than Earth`s as a `touchdown`, because `TD` is the term for a score in American football when a ball is caught after being thrown by the quarterback (QB) into the opposition zone. Judas` betrayal of the human host at the `Last Supper` followed Jesus` feet bein anointed by a woman with expensive perfume and Judas, who was known for stealing from the collection plate, suggested the perfume be sold to raise money, but Jesus told him: `Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6) Judas` subsequent betrayal was an attempt to prevent `woman`s seed` from sexually reproducing the brainpower she`d need to escape male braining`s war Empires to colonize the stars and planets, and so Judas was a parasitoid devourer, which is what `Super Bowl` means if humanity`s foot isn`t understood as human futanarian women`s: `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` Neil Armstrong`s words on `touchdown` for the North American Space Administration`s (NASA) Apollo 11 on July 21, 1969 (UTC: 2. 56), were a prelude to Ronald `Ray Gun` Reagan`s March 23, 1983, declaration of a `ground and space based missile system` that would effectively imprison `woman`s seed` on Earth rather than facilitate her progress to the planets and stars, which again was a betrayal of the human host by men`s parasitoid devouring nature.

 American `Super Bowl` was devised as a preparation for a biblical `plague aim` (Rev: 11. 6), which is what HIV/AIDS` `biological weapon` is.  Initially, `Super Bowl` tested MAD in which a `TD` was an ICBM `thrown` by another nation into the US` zone, and each `game play` constituted what is called a `wave form` in physics, which `collapsed`, that is, died,  when the plague was `gamed`. The opposition was treated as a virus to be contained. In physics a `wave form` is a living creature, or an inert combination of particles, so `Super Bowl` posited a constellating `wave`,4 that is, an attempt at form. Because human women`s futanarian species constitutes a `wave form` endeavouring to achieve constellation, that is, life, `Super Bowl` is potentially an `assist`, because space travel for humans is the Holy Grail, which is Jesus` `supper bowl`.

 It`s six points for a `touchdown` in the `end zone` and one point for a score between the posts when the ball is kicked through after a `TD`, so the Twin Towers were the goalposts in the `end zone` on 9/11 at the World Trade Centre in New York city where the New York Jets and the New York Giants are the American football teams. In terms of the symbolism Ronald `Ray Gun` Reagan`s `Super Bowl` wasn`t acceptable because it represented an imprisonment of `woman`s seed` upon the Earth. The `Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was known as `Star Wars` after the science fiction movie franchise, Star Wars, which began in 1977 with the film, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and featured a `Death Star` artificially constructed by the `evil Empire` to orbit a planet and kill it. Women in Moslem Islam and the Western democracies would want American `Super Bowl` if it was Jesus` Holy Grail, but misogyny hacked down the goalposts: `I`m the American Dream since I was seventeen [seventy-six].`

 Britney Spears appeared on the cover of the CD single `Piece Of Me`, from the album Blackout (2007), in the place of Jesus crucified, because women are occluded in censorship from knowledge of their own role as the human futanarian species, and the crosspiece was missing from the goalposts at the Twin Towers, that is, women weren`t being crucified before misogyny replaced the World Trade Centre with the `brutality and violence` associated with homosexuality and pederasty`s `rough trade`. Although Longinus` spear is missing from the side of Britney Spears, as Spears her name`s symbolic of the feminine `spirit of God` from Jesus` side.

 The image of Britney upon the cross is of a male brained victim made to beg in submission to misogyny, which is homosexuality in pederasty`s bondage, dominance, and sadism,5 which is BDSM and a perversion of human women`s futanarian species` singularity even in heterosexual marriage where a single male brained creature wearing each others` clothes as a transvestite `TV` is the result watched by `snuff movie` addicts: `Allah be merciful!` (1:1, 3, 163)

 In Hebrew `Eloah`6 is the name of God, and `Allah` in Islam, because Abraham founded both Islam and Judaism through his sons Ishmael and Isaac, so the difference in nomenclature isn`t sufficient to persecute Moslem women for wearing the veil because they don`t want to reveal what`s hidden from men.  The abused see themselves as inferior, because `meek`, who`re those Jesus said would `inherit` the `new heaven and Earth`, when God punished the evil with perdition, whereas submissives are what male braining produces to prey on, as `subjects` of sadistic misogyny, who perceive Jesus as inferior, which is the basis for the Bible`s prophecy of `war in heaven`.

 English king Edward III put his foot though a woman`s garter when it slipped around her ankle and placed it about his own thigh, saying `Honi soit qui mal y pense`, which is the Latin language of the ancient Romans and translates in the English language as, `Evil to he who evil thinks.` Knowledge of women`s human futanarian species is genuine education, whereas the evil spirit of homosexuality usurps the `spirit of God` as the ass-as-sin`s.


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Saddam Happy

01/01/2012 11:56

Happy and Saddam


`Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness` is enshrined in the United States of America`s `Declaration of Independence`, July 4, 1776, the USA was saddened, or rather `Saddamed` on September 11, 2001, when Iraq`s dictator gave support to Al Qaeda`s terrorist group operating out of Afghanistan under the auspices of the misogynist Taliban regime, hijacked civil airliners and crashed them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York city. Jesus` Redemption isn`t `self-sacrificial`, which the Al Qaeda suicides claimed to be, but a rejection of sadism, which were what his crucifiers were, and what Saddam, or `Saddamism` represented.

 Saddam Hussein`s name means `small handsome man`, and `crusher`. As Bashar Assad`s family name, `Wahash`, has been interpreted as `beast`, so `crusher` identifies Saddam as a Middle Eastern figure of Revelation, which is the biblical prophecy of those events before God`s punishment of perdition for the evil, and a new heaven and Earth for the good. From Saddam`s summer palace at Hillah he could see the ruins of the ancient Persian Empire`s capital, Babylon who was `a woman` in the Bible described as: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) The movie capital of the Earth, Hollywood, Los Angeles, on the West coast of the USA, is known as `Babylon`, and Saddam`s name, meaning `small handsome man` and `crusher` makes of him a `Hollywood man`.

 In Christian iconography Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, is depicted as crushing the head of the serpent with her `foot`, while God tells Eve her `enmity` with the serpent, who was the angel transformed by God into a serpent for rejecting God`s plan that the human host should be greater than the angelic, will end with Redemption: `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, although he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Just how Saddam could be the `crusher` is difficult to see. Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen makes him the representative of God`s `foot` on Earth, because women`s human futanarian species has penis` semen of their own for the sexual reproduction of brainpower better than men`s: `Love your neighbour as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Jesus` teaching is the love of women. Consequently, when he is taken to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem and nailed to a cross of wood and left there until he died, Jesus experiences Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in prefiguration of that of `woman`s seed`. Because Moslem women in Islam are permitted to marry within families of up to four wives they`re afforded the possibility of sexual reproduction between themselves as women`s human futanarian species, so Saddam was their `crusher`, whereas Adam`s Eve was their redeemer. By drawing attention to women`s plight, Saddam crushed the head of Satan, which is depicted in Revelation as a `dragon` waiting `in vain` to devour the child born to the woman, `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who will `rule the nations with an iron sceptre` (Rev: 12. 1-18). Although the `New Redeemer` is described as a `male child`, women with penis` semen of their own are definable as `male`. Consequently, Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen makes of him a prefiguration of the human futanarian woman who is the `New Redeemer`. Although Iraq was depicted as a sad `damned` nation, the United States` internment centre at Guantanamo Bay,1 Cuba, was a sad place not only for those interned on suspicion of being Saddam`s supporters.

 Britney Spears in the `scifi` themed promotional video for her pop single, `Oops! ... I Did It Again` (2000) is prescient in her red pilot`s suit surrounded by fire breathing women, as if from her later Circus (2008) album, and single, `Circus`, `I call the shots (call the shots); I'm like a firecracker: I make it hot.` In `Oops! … I Did It Again` Britney`s `red dragon` imagery on the red planet, Mars, who is the god of war in Roman mythology, is from Revelation, where the dragon waits `in vain` to devour the woman who bears the child, who`ll `rule the nations with an iron sceptre` as her `redeemer`.

 In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the ourobouros serpent is an ambivalent symbol of individual growth, which is described as self-begetting, and self-devouring, because it`s an archetype of regeneration and rebirth. According to Jung archetypes exist within the unconscious of humans and emerge in dreams, art and the imagination as figures or images impelling conscious development. The devouring aspect of the archetype is the `red dragon`, whereas Britney represents red-dress, that is, redress, in `Oops! … I Did It Again`, while her twin dressed in her bikini-dress is in all white, that is, sin, all white, `washed in the blood of the lamb and redeemed from sin` (Rev: 12.11), which is how Christians describe Jesus` Redemption of humanity through his crucifixion. Taken to the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem, and nailed to a cross of wood where he died, Jesus had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in prefiguration of `woman`s seed`, that is, women`s human futanarian nature, who have their own penis` semen for the sexual reproduction of their own brainpower for progress, which is why Britney in her white bikini-dress represents  Redemption, although in her red pilot`s suit she`s fire, because she`s a symbol of perdition to the enemies of human women`s futanarian nature.

 The Al Qaeda terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, in which hijacked civil planes were crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York city was preceded by the Gulf war (1990-1), when Iraq`s dictator Saddam Hussein`s army invaded Kuwait before being removed by the United States and its allies, so the appearance of Britney Spears as `twins` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` is prescient symbolic commentary on the WTC Twins` fate. Her spaceman visitor wears a North American Space Administration (NASA) Apollo Space Program spacesuit, while it was Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11 that that said on July 21, 1969, UTC: 2. 56, `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` Precipitating war on 9/11 was `nein` 11, that is, war rather than space, because lebensraum was what the German National Socialist Party (Nazis) had wanted after election in 1933, and the subsequent WWII (1939-45) was the Nazis attempt to enslave the Earth for themselves, while `death camps` were constructed for the extermination of the Jewish `chosen people`, whose tradition it was that Jews are born from women, because Jews are futanarian. The Nazis were Christians who believe in being `washed in the blood of the lamb`, and that Jesus is `the lamb`, whose `bride` is the church, and that Jesus` crucifixion was the `self-sacrifice` of `the lamb` so that humanity would be redeemed, whereas Jesus was the human host at the `Last Supper`, who gave `bread and wine` as symbols of his `body and blood` in fellowship to the disciples, while Judas Iscariot, who was known for stealing from the collection plate, seeing Jesus feet anointed with expensive perfume by a woman, and suggesting it be sold to raise money, betrayed the human host at the `Last Supper` to agents of the Roman Empire for `thirty pieces of silver`, which is why he was crucified. Because Judas didn`t want `woman`s seed` sexually reproducing human brainpower to escape male brained slavery in parasitism to the parasitoid alien in war`s devourings. Consequently, Jesus` wasn`t a `self-sacrifice`  at all, but a Jewish man wooing a Jewish woman, who didn`t want to be a slave, and Christian ideas of being `washed in the blood of the lamb` resulted in Nazism`s `death camps` for the `chosen people`, because the Nazis were human sacrificers who believed that was the meaning of Jesus` teaching.

 The US` invasion of Iraq in March 2003 was ostensibly over Saddam`s use of poison gas against the Kurds of Iraq,2 but it was his offering bases to Al Qaeda in Iraq that led to his execution on December 30, 2006. The Kurds, whose people are spread throughout Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Turkey, are stateless, so in the position of the Jews before Palestine was restored to them as a homeland in 1948, that is, they`re `the lamb`, sacrificed by Saddam Hussein, a Moslem in Islam, who practiced human sacrifice, as the Al Qaeda terrorists hijacking civil airliners to crash into the WTC at Boston, Logan airport, Massachusetts, were performing a Satanic `black mass` antithetical to the Christian `mass` in which Jesus` `body and blood` is given as a symbolic wafer of bread and sip of wine from the officiate`s chalice to the petitioner who wants transubstantiation, that is, transformation from sin to acceptance of `woman`s seed`. The movie Logan`s Run (1976) was the paradigm, because `sandmen` pursue `runners` in the `scifi` world in which humans are killed before they reach the age of 21, because the society can`t economically support `oldsters`. Consequently, 9/11 was an attempt to prevent humanity from coming of age in the 21st century by re-establishing the `snuff film` Hollywood, Babylon, paradigm of death as entertainment, which is what the Satanic `black mass` that began at Logan airport, Boston, Mass., was designed to achieve, and which the continuing murder of Kurds by the states encircling the stateless represented:


`Turkey … launched a series of aggressive airstrikes against [the] Kurdish [ in August 2015 ] ..`.3


 Jesus is Adam, `the second`, and a self-sacrificing lamb (Rev: 5.13), according to Christian tradition, whereas Saddam I of Iraq was a sacrificer, but it`s the similarity of names and symbolism that`s important in terms of Revelation, because Jesus wasn`t a lamb self-sacrificed, but a murdered man who had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in prefiguration of that of `woman`s seed`, whereas the advocate of human sacrifice would argue that the sacrificed, or suicide, goes to heaven, because they`re sacrifice, although Jesus` Redemption lies in his representing brainpower through sexual reproduction between `woman`s seed`, which leads to the technologies needed for escaping parasitoid devourment in colonization of the planets and stars, and Judas` thwarting of Jesus` sexual reproduction with a woman is his attempt to sacrifice `woman`s seed` so that human futanarian women`s species can`t produce the brainpower she needs for Salvation. In other words, sacrifice of the body and brain is counterproductive, whereas Satanists would argue that death is the path to the planets and stars, that is, heaven, which it isn`t.

 Permanent brainpower is conferred by immortality, which God promised Eve her descendants would have in Redemption, which is the knowledge of `woman`s seed`, that is, the capacity to sexually reproduce brainpower for the development of immortality conferring medical science along with the advance technologies permanent brainpower is needed for the operation and maintenance of.  Saddam`s name represents sadism and damnation, because that`s slavery in ephemeral host womb parasitism for devouring by a parasitoid alien nature, which Jesus` crucifixion by sadists illustrates, as Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension illustrates how `woman`s seed` is to overcome sadism, which seeks to damn human brainpower. Jesus said the Paraclete would teach after him, (1 John: 2.1), so the Roman guard, Longinus, speared Jesus` side with his spear upon his death, because according to Genesis Eve was born from the side of Adam (Gen: 2.9), and so Longinus` performing a `caesarean` illustrated the birthing of the `Second Eve`, that is, the tutelary Holy Spirit, from the side of the `Second Adam`, as human futanarian women`s spirit for the sexual reproduction of brainpower to help women escape from slavery, which was illustrated by Jesus` subsequent Resurrection and Ascension to heaven: `Surely, this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54) And daughter.

 Being `washed in the blood of the lamb` is Redemption through acceptance of Jesus` teaching: `Love your neighbour as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) the teachings of Jesus through the tutelary spirit that is the Paraclete. Redemption cannot be obtained through war, but the USA`s taking up of the sword to defend Kuwait (1990-1) is Jesus` position. The Spear of Longinus cuts open the side of Jesus (Matt: 27.54) upon the cross and the Paraclete or Holy Spirit is, metaphorically, born; because As the Second Adam Judas took the woman from Jesus` side, who anointed his feet with perfume Judas said should be sold to raise money for him, so Adamic man`s position is defending women, which was the US` clear role in the Gulf war (1990-1), although the fall of Iraq`s capital, Baghdad, which provoked the declaration of an Independent Levant of Iraq and Syria, that is, I Levant (elephant), by Iraq`s Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, after 9/11`s (elephants) aftermath, indicated that the true nature of the confrontation was `big game hunting` in which `woman`s seed` were the `elephant`, that is, because human futanarian women could sexually reproduce within Moslem families with four wives, they were `elephant` (I Levant), whereas Hollywood, Babylon, propagandists had declared the species` pogrom successful through the Will Hays `code` (1930-67): `… women, in love scenes, at all times have `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`4

 The prevalence of penisless women in the USA, and the probability of women with penis in Islam, represented `elephant war`, that is, extremist Moslems were taunting US Christianity with the notion that they weren`t by the side of women, and they couldn`t defend them either, because they hadn`t. There weren`t any women in the United States of America; their mass media said so.

 Jesus had a crown of thorns placed upon his head by the Romans at his crucifixion, bearing the sign `INRI`,5 `king of the Jews`, and legend has it that the robin pierced its heart in removing a thorn from Jesus` head. In `Oops! … I Did It Again` Britney Spears` pilot in her red suit is the robin, because a `round robin` is a series of contests, and success is interpretable as a redressing of `wrongs`, which is why her spaceman visitor gives her a gift: `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.` In the film Titanic (1997) the `heart of the ocean` blue diamond pendant was dropped into the ocean in despair by 100 year old Rose at the place where the ship had hit an iceberg and was being salvaged after its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York on April 15, 1912. Remembering how her lover, Jack, had been betrayed by Cal, who`d placed the diamond in his jacket pocket and called him `thief`, Jack had drowned helping people to the lifeboats, whereas Cal had survived. Giving her the gift, Britney`s spaceman says, `Well, baby, I went down and got it for you.` Jack had painted Rose nude and Britney in her red pilot`s suit puts a hook in the spaceman`s backpack and winches him up to where he looks down on her `twin` in a white bikini-dress filming her with the camera attached to his spacehelmet. Because some nude women have penis of their own, as it`s normal for their species, Britney`s redressed a `wrong`, which is Rose`s false attachment.

 The difficulty woman has is believing in a father God, because she`s the creator`s producer and product, that is, civilization, culture and art, which men devour in warfare against `woman`s seed`, as her parasitical enslaver manifesting an alien parasitoid devourer`s nature, that is, Satan`s. The `New Redeemer` born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who will `rule the nations with an iron sceptre` suggests a male female, that is a human futanarian woman, who the `red dragon` waits `in vain` to devour, according to Revelation. The dilemma for a woman on Earth is birthing a male child who`ll devour her if she can`t prevent it from assuming its dragon-like parasitoid nature.

 Woman`s problem is, if God`s a father, he`s perceived as wanting to eat her, because all of them seem to want to. Jesus` Redemption of `woman`s seed` is through his role as `Second Adam`, because Adam had Eve tempted from his side by Satan. As the Second Adam, Jesus births the `Second Eve` from his side as the `spirit of God`, after his crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension, because human futanarian women`s `spirit` is needed if liberating brainpower is to succeed in getting the species off the Earth and onto the planets about the stars, which is the `round robin` of Britney Spears `Oops! … I Did It Again`, that is, men are the thorn in woman`s head, and she contests with them in order to remove it. Futanarian women`s humanity, with the penis` `seed` of their species, are harmed by men`s non-acceptance of `love`, which Jesus distilled as God`s `law`, and is Redemption through woman`s `spirit` for sexual reproduction of liberating brainpower. If men don`t want her, they`ll have perdition, which is eternal unendurable pain, because they don`t want immortality in God`s heaven, which is a good place to eat, drink, and have sex amongst the planets and stars achieved through high levels of labor saving technological progress.

 Woman`s difficulty is defense, because she`s trained in male braining to be `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, which is how the `spirit of God` is described, that is, for men women`s acceptance of Jesus is acceptance of helplessness and self-sacrifice, which is their meaning of the crucifixion. In other words, she`s trained to be a species` suicide. In Enough (2002) Jennifer Lopez trains to kill a  husband who beats her. Without the plot there`d be no `action`, as without Saddam Hussein there`d have been no Gulf War, that is, species` suicide is what the acceptance of male brained parasitoid nature produces.



 Although `rules of engagement` in `conventional warfare` are represented as necessary, that`s because men`s penetration is the issue, which means that shields are women`s issue, and `conventional engagements`, like `conventional marriages`, represent the testing and penetration of shielding, that is, the women`s hymen, which men want to penetrate, so they make it as easy as possible, and the consequence is `rules of engagement` that don`t permit of defense, because men`s parasitoid nature doesn`t want a defense for human women`s futanarian nature. Men`s rules of engagement are games of `cat`s paw`, where the mice try to run but are repeatedly dragged back by the cat`s pulling at their tail, which is sadism and damnation. If women`s penis isn`t admitted, their brainpower is damned, which explains Saddam`s name; he was a sad damned man in a culture with the potential for human women`s brains` powers` sexual reproduction. Because `rules of engagement` are designed to ensure that women are penetrated and so lose to men`s parasitoid nature as their devourer.

 Because human futanarian women are the Earth`s species, they`re God.  Men aren`t women`s defenders, they`re the perpetuators of `war games` designed to play `cat`s paw` with the humans, who`re the female futanarian equivalent of Roman circus` gladiators, or ring boxers. The `circus` is the name given to `spying`, as women are spies to men, who train them as animals, because they don`t want futanarian women to know the Earth`s species` host womb is enslaved to be devoured by men`s alien parasitoid nature. Sadists playing `cat`s paw` perpetuate torture as an intelligence `game`, in which women are handicapped like horses, so they struggle, because their race isn`t wanted to win. Just as `conventional warfare` is a metaphor for hymen penetration, because humanity`s shields interfere with the parasites` program for emerging from the host womb of civilization, culture and art to devour it as parasitoid nature in war against `woman`s seed`.

 Sadists dupe humans. Novels are art, war isn`t, and where are the women`s penis in novels? Literature, film, civilization, culture and art are characterized by the absence of `woman`s seed`, because men`s parasitoid nature is devouring hers. The paradigm is sado-masochism. Male braining coerces women into submissiveness, whereas human futanarian women are the dominant species as the producer and product. What they haven`t learned as a species is self-defense, because her parasite poisons her with the `serpent`s seed`, that is, boy sons, who`ll grow from `serpent`s seed` to dragons and devour her in warfare against `woman`s seed`. If women know they can father their own species` brainpower with their own penis` `seed`, their defensive perimeter is defined, whereas otherwise she`s perforce a guerrilla warfare expert.

 Reports that the Defense Department of the Pentagon had invited hackers to hack into their system, so that they could discover weaknesses, and ways to improve security, doubtless encouraged 9/11`s Al Qaeda terrorists operating under the auspices of Afghanistan`s misogynist Taliban regime to hijack civil airliners and crash them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York city, and the wall of the Pentagon`s Defense Department, because the virus metaphor is appropriate. The successors to the ancient Greeks` host womb slavery for homosexuality and pederasty for the spread of the contagion of war were the `geeks` who devised `bad machine code` to infect defense systems and kill the brain, which is how men`s mixing of blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses in mockery of human women`s futanarian sexual reproduction spread the `incurable killer disease` of the late 20th century, HIV/AIDS, which infects the brain and kills it. Consequently, Al Qaeda`s attack on the World Trade Centre was a deliberate attempt to re-establish `rough trade`, that is, that `brutality and violence`, which is associated with homosexuality in pederasty for war against `woman`s seed` as a form of `biological warfare` spread by contagion.

 The paradigm is `Saddamy`, because Sodom and Gomorrah were the `cities of the plains` (Gen: 18, 19) destroyed by God for spreading sodomy, that is, homosexuality in pederasty for war, and its sadists` contagion, HIV/AIDS. When the Al Qaeda terrorists crashed hijacked planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York city on 9/11, and the wall of the Pentagon Defense Department at Arlington, Virginia, they were the `cities of the planes`, where `Saddamy` was spread. 9/11 was screened `live on CNN`, and other television network news channels, while audiences waited for the reports to make the transition from the `small screen` to the `big screen` as the World Trade Centre (2006) movie, which conformed to `Hays code` expectations laid down in the 1930s that there`d be no sign of a woman`s penis in the scenes, while the new medium invented by Scotsman, John Logie Baird, in 1926, for the `TV` creature men and women, wearing each others` clothes as a single male brained transvestite, became a `snuff film` masquerading as a socio-historical documentary of the extinguishing of the human race.

 The late 20th century paradigm was hack a defense system and be employed by it, but giving a system HIV/AIDS will kill it, and Al Qaeda`s `Trojan horse` virus was the equivalent of HIV/AIDS. In the United States a `Trojan` is a condom as well as a name for system viruses, `Trojans` or `Trojan horses`, because condoms are used to prevent HIV/AIDS while `Trojan horse` was the name given to the huge hollow wooden horse deployed by the ancient Greeks, who`d institutionalized homosexuality in pederasty and host womb enslavement of women to spread their contagion of war. The Trojans seeing the horse outside their city of Troy took it within the walls where the Greeks emerged to enslave the host wombs of the women and spread their contagion of war further, which is what Al Qaeda` terrorists did on 9/11. The Pentagon`s Defense Department invited hackers to improve the system, that is, they invited someone to make a tear in their `Trojan` condom at the crucial moment. 9/11 wasn`t Sodom and Gomorrah, but Saddam and Camera, the `cities of the planes` live on CNN and other news network `TV` channels` `gay` BDSM `snuff film`, which is what the `small screen` of `TV` was being used for after the `TV war in the Gulf where cameras in A10 `tank buster` aircraft allowed `TV` audiences to watch death `live` in the theatre of war.

 Sodomy is how the HIV/AIDS` `incurable killer disease` spread, while `Saddamy` was how the contagion of war was spread as a virus by Al Qaeda. Saddam was the false Adam because he didn`t promote `woman`s seed`. Although Western democracy is based on host womb slavery in parasitism for parasitoid devouring in war, that is, human futanarian women are denied the majority vote by denying their sexual reproduction, Moslem Islam`s four wives afford the possibility of women`s democracy, which is denied by secular and religious dictatorship. Jesus` city was New York`s `Big Apple` because he`s the true `Second Adam`, who accepted Eve`s `spirit of God` and `woman`s seed`. For women eyes are pornography, because human futanarian women are the species.  Consequently, Jesus` eyes are a woman`s born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, which is how the virus spreads. In Eden Satan is depicted watching Eve with the eyes of a serpent, because he`s pornography, which is the separation of the species by the viral form so that the race can be made extinct, and `TV war` is the `snuff film` chosen by the `serpent`s seed` as the entertainment medium for its pogrom. Because women`s eyes want to see, humans are defined as spies by the `serpent`s seed`, which kills them.  Consequently, the eyes of Saddam are `Saddamize`, because they represent the psychological imbalance of psychopathy caused by male braining for Empire in host womb slavery of women for homosexuality in pederasty and war, which is the viral form of men`s parasitoid nature. Saddam`s eyes are sad and damned because women`s human futanarian mode of sexual reproduction could correct male `beast` psychopathology, but that requires acceptance of `woman`s seed`, which brings happiness.

 In the Old Testament the prohibitive laws given to Moses by God are kept on tablets of stone in the Ark of the Covenant, which is God`s promise of Redemption that Jesus` teaching redefines as `love` by Jesus, and the feminine spirit of the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35) dwells therein, according to Jewish tradition, so Jesus` teaching is potentially an `iron sceptre` protective of women: `Love your neighbour as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) Although human futanarian women also need to know that sexual reproduction between them is possible, which is the knowledge through education that Christianity denies them, so women are blind unconscious host womb slaves in parasitism`s parasitoid devouring maw. Christianity`s is a horror story, rather than a religious story, because women`s sexual reproduction isn`t thought of as a religion, whereas it is.

 For a woman God is also a mother, because human women`s futanarian species is her fatherer. Woman doesn`t need men, which is what Jesus` teaching is. Woman`s paradigm is Redemption for men, but that`s men`s imposition, because Resurrection and Ascension is for `woman`s seed`, that is, knowledge of her own `seed` and capacity for sexually reproducing her species` own liberating brainpower is Redemption for women, but for men it`s acceptance of `woman`s seed`, so women have Redemption by nature whereas for men it`s women`s acceptance, and Woman doesn`t have to accept men, who`ve tortured her race, imprisoned her, lied to her systematically to blind her in ignorance, and made her impotent.

 Men didn`t invent sodomy, it`s how the alien celebrates its virality. Women are a single species so 9/11 wouldn`t have occurred. The `Big Apple` of New York city is the fruit of the knowledge of the `Second Eve`, the `spirit of God`, so why wouldn`t women as a single species want it? Only an alien and a species would quarrel, which is why 9/11 has all the attributes of a 1950s science fiction `alien invasion` movie, like Britney Spears` Oops! … I Did It Again` pop video in which the Apollo spaceman comes to visit her and her `twin` on Mars, where her red pilot`s suit represents the original NASA `spaceplane` program, which was cancelled because men didn`t want women to fly, and there isn`t any pornography until the astronaut begins to film with his camera, which activates the beasts` eyes. `Mars lander`, the spaceman, is an alien invader, and the twin Britneys represent the Twin Towers before 9/11 reduced them to barren holes, which is what the sterilizing alien does with women`s futanarian humanity in the course of its extinguishing of human brainpower.

 The `Adam`s apple` is idiom for `epiglottis`, a part of the human body`s apparatus for swallowing (pharynx) and speaking (larynx). Because the `Big Apple` is a metaphor for Eve` sex, 9/11 was the devourer`s announcement that it was prepared to devour women`s species. 9/11 was a `sneak attack` similar to the Japanese attack on the US Pacific fleet on December 7, 1941, at Hawaii`s Pearl Harbor, because the devourer thought it was ready to devour. A `sneak attack` is, idiomatically, also a `stab in the back`, and sodomy spreading HIV/AIDS to kill the brain is, which is why homosexuality is pederasty for war in cowardice, and so is the basis for both Western democracy, which denies women`s sexual enfranchisement, and oil rich Middle Eastern dictatorship, which can afford it within the four wife families of Moslem Islam, but won`t.

 If men don`t want progress it`s as the torturers of women`s futanarian humanity that they want continuance for. Consequently, if women want to live they must acknowledge that men want her to die, which is the meaning of Jesus` crucifixion, rather than self-sacrifice. Women are taught self-sacrifice by Christian democracy, so they accept disenfranchisement on the human sacrificer`s altar. In the misogynist`s Empire of male braining human futanarian women have `enmity` with the `serpent`s seed`, and the danger is that male brained women will kill their own race alongside the parasitoid devourer. ominance means subjugation and the rejection of development, whereas God`s law is love and God is omnipotent.


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Mrs Myth

01/01/2012 11:55

Mrs Myth


The `Woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` in Revelation gives birth to the child who `rules the nations with an iron sceptre` (Rev: 12.1-18) while a red dragon waits to devour it. This is about the negotiations Woman has to make with men in order to produce. The traditional perspective is that Woman doesn`t have a penis, so cannot produce herself. This is not the truth. Consequently, men are Satan`s, Satans, and Satanism to her, because they want `ownership of the means of production`, as German philosopher Karl Marx wrote in Das Kapital (1856), which is Woman, and Woman is not aware that she has an alternative.

 The Paraclete is the Holy Spirit, given by God after the Ascension of Jesus, to be the teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet of mankind, but the dragon represents men who are devourers of what she produces, and therefore they are the antithetical `war, famine, pestilence and death` of the biblical `apocalypse` of Revelation, which is the prophecy of the events preceding the destruction of the Earth, and God`s giving of a new heaven and Earth to the good, who fought to remain good, while the evil destroyers receive perdition, that is, eternal unendurable pain, as their punishment.

 Satan was the angel who rejected God`s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic and was transformed by God into a serpent in humanity`s original paradisal home, `the garden of Eden`, where the serpent, Satan, preparing to be the devouring `red dragon` of Revelation, gives Eve the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` (Gen: 2.9), that is, slavery in death`s ephemerality, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) In Revelation the serpent is grown to the size of a dragon, but waits in vain to devour the child, who will `rule the nations with an iron sceptre` on behalf of `woman`s seed`, that is, the woman that bore the `New Redeemer`, who is descried for Eve by God in Eden, `You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary, his mother, uncontaminated by male semen, is depicted in Christian iconography as her crushing the head of the serpent with her `foot`, because futanarian human women have penis` `seed` of their own for the sexual reproduction of brainpower, which is `woman`s seed`. Satan`s `red dragon` is the bane of Woman because, without her, men can`t produce, and what she produces they devour as parasitoid natures.

 God tells the serpent that there shall be `enmity` between it`s `seed` and the Woman`s `seed` (Gen: 3.15), because the serpent is the parasite preying on the humans species` host womb. Eve was innocent in Eden, and the `American Dream` is progress and development in innocence without threat, and so Osama Ben Laden`s Al Qaeda terrorist group operating out of misogynist Taliban governed Afghanistan on September 11, 2001, threatened the USA when it hijacked civil airliners and crashed them into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York city to establish `rough trade`,1 that is, the `brutality and violence` associated with homosexuality in pederasty for warfare against `woman`s seed`, which had been continuing in the West since ancient Greece`s institutionalized host womb enslavement of women for war, and in the East since the founding of the city of `Babylon` (c. 4000 B.C.), who is described as `a woman` in the Bible: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) . Innocence isn`t wilful blind unconscious ignorance, and the absence of `woman`s seed` is an evil oversight of pogromers who don`t want humans on the Earth`s stage.



 Hollywood is often called `Babylon` who is called `whore`, because women are host womb slaves in parasitism to men`s devouring parasitoid nature, which is what the Hollywood Los Angeles` propaganda `action` films have been producing since D. W. Griffith made Old California (1910), and Will Hays` code (1930-67) banned women`s futanarian `foot` from being seen to be raised in the bedroom: `… women, in love scenes, at all times have `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`2 Women have their own penis` `seed`, so can produce civilization, culture and art without being devoured by the parasitoid she perforce bears. Consequently, God`s Redemption is for Woman, because men won`t leave her alone, which is what Jesus said to Judas when he suggested that the expensive perfume a woman anointing Jesus` feet with should be sold: `Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6)  Judas, who was known for stealing money from the collection plate, sold Jesus to the Romans for `thirty pieces of silver`, because he didn`t want `woman`s seed` to sexually reproduce and escape his parasitism. Taken to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem Jesus was nailed to a cross of wood by agents of the Roman Empire then occupying Jewish Palestine and left there until he died, although his subsequent Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefigures that of `woman`s seed`, but it`s doubtful that men will let women go, which is why the Bible says there`ll be war in heaven, between evil from the tree of Satan, and good from the tree of God.

 War is destruction of what Woman produces from her womb despite the parasitoid`s depredations, so it`s men`s attempt to exterminate women`s human futanarian species. Jesus understood that humans want God, whereas men want men, but need women`s host wombs. Jesus taught Redemption but men crucified him: `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) What he didn`t say was that women didn`t want men either, although he said that the Holy Spirit, which is the female Shekinah, or `spirit of God` in the Old Testament (Ex: 40.35), who dwelt in the place of the law, which Jesus distils as `God`s love` (Matt: 22-39), that is, the Paraclete, would teach after his Ascension (1 John: 2.1). Consequently, the Roman guard Longinus` spearing Jesus` side after his death was an attempt at a `caesarean` section to birth the Holy Spirit as the `Second Eve` from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` because Eve, the first woman, is described in Genesis as emerging from Adam`s rib by his side: `Surely, this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54) And the daughter, because God`s `love` is human women`s futanarian `spirit of Eve`, who`s wiser.



 Jesus` defeat of Satan in Revelation is his defeat of those who don`t want God`s Woman and humans, and who create women in their own image, which isn`t human. Women in the military as destroyers of what other women have produced is a perversion. Mr and Mrs Smith (2005) are a couple who try to kill each other. Angelina Jolie is the actress `star` of the movie, and her husband in real life, Brad Pitt, was her actor co-star. Presented as entertainment, it`s `red dragon` of Revelation seeking to devour Woman. In accepting a role as a killer of his wife, Brad was accepting the `spirit of Satan`. Without Woman, men are sterile and can`t produce, which means they want Woman to be garden fertilizer. Emerging from the host wombs of women`s human futanarian species as parasitoid devourers of the civilization, culture and art women are still able to produce despite men`s depredations, men are women`s sterilizers rather than her fertilizers. Woman`s productions are God`s and so men`s reduction of civilization, culture and art to garden fertilizer is a coprophile`s war against God.


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Christians` sadism is elated by Longinus` torturing of God on the cross

01/01/2012 11:51

Christians` sadism is elated by Longinus` torturing of God on the cross


In order to understand the Bible one has to be able to read it correctly. I did not begin to read properly until after I had completed my doctoral dissertation, and I quoted lengthily from the Bible during its composition. I became an English language teacher and discovered a new country in which I learnt to speak a few words and was able to understand more of what was revealed to me by God and the Holy Spirit from what I was able to know. I am not a great student of the Bible but I have read it for a serious work of research; it is a requirement for a Ph.D thesis that the writer `contribute to the sum of all human knowledge`. I have some claim to understanding therefore; I am recognized as human and feel qualified to have an opinion that is not alien to the mind of God.

 In Genesis the serpent attempts to come between Adam and Eve. To begin with they have the fruit of the Tree of Life (Gen: 2.9), which is God as onipotent good. The serpent poisons the relationship between the loving couple by having Eve give the forbidden fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil to Adam. They are innocent and are progressing and developing in accordance with the Will of God. This is the American Dream.

 When God discovers what has occurred, the serpent is told that there shall be `enmity` between the serpent`s `seed` and the woman`s (Gen: 3.15). Eve, who is from the side of Adam (Gen: 2.21), remains by Adam`s side. God has told her to declare war upon the serpent and shall support her in her campaign to save mankind from the serpent`s poisoned apple, which represents the generation of men that shall be the boy son`s of the serpent (poisons against her).

 To understand this more fully we have to be able to perceive that, in Genesis: `Male and female he created them both. He created them both male and female.` (Gen: 1.27) This means that Adam and Eve were Hermaphrodite and God separated He/r so that they could perceive each other. In other words, God creates man in the image of God, which is Hermaphrodite, and then creates Woman from Adam`s side as a separated creature from this male-female totality which is the original image of a hermaphroditic God.

 It is to do with the working out of God`s omniscience. God wants to know God and the Creation and so God incarnates. Alone Adam is One with God, but hermaphroditically contains the future reproductive capacity of God in Eve. This is wholly good, represented by the Tree of Life, and God wants to know God so God produces Eve from Adam`s side in order that God can enjoy the fruits of Creation as Man and Woman.

 The problem for Bible students initially is nomenclature. We assume that Man is what we know as men, but Man was hermaphroditic in Eden before God incarnated as Eve for Man (formerly hemraphroditic and One with God) to love. The `Fall` of Man is, therefore, a `falling in love` with God. Eve is told by the serpent that she shall have God`s knowledge is she eats of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is the serpent`s offer to her. God has forbade it, and she tastes of it before giving it to Adam. God has foreknown this in God`s omniscience, which we may think of as a `contingency plan` because God does not want evil but has omnisciently provided a solution. The serpent is condemned as Satan and Eve stands by man`s side because it is her place so to do. God tells her that the serpent is her enemy and prepares her for war.

 It is Adam that shall do much of the fighting, in the shape of her progeny through the ages, but it is the serpent that is the enemy, and it shall make its appearances in manifold guises through the boy sons (poisons) of Man and Woman that the serpent has cursed them with from Eden. The latest is Saddam Hussein (is Adam Hussein), who represents the serpent grown into a dragon that threatened the world.

 It is the nature of the American Dream that progress and development is unthreatened innocence. That is why Saddam (be Sad am – be sad – am beast – [I] am [the] beast) represented a threat to the American Dream of progress and development in freedom, symbolized by 9/11 and the destruction of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in 2000, a monument to free enterprise, which is `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, a keystone of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny.

 When God tells Eve that the serpent is her enemy and that it will make war upon her `seed` she is being warned to guard herself against the poisons (boy sons) that shall arise to harm her and the Oneness of God that was with herself and Adam in Eden, and which it is the veiled promise of God that she shall receive it back for herself if she defeats the serpent that is her enemy.

 It is Adam Hussein, as it were, that represents the boy son (poison) that was Eve`s enemy and the Gulf War (2001-3) is the gulf between her and the serpent that, as the dragon grown into the fulness of its power, she exterminated. Barack Hussein Obama (1961-) represents `a sane` mankind.

 The notion of mankind is important. Just as I had to contribute to human knowledge, in the firm undrstanding of what human is, for my Ph.D, so mankind is about kindness. The American Dream can only progress and develop under threat from such serpents as Saddam Hussein (1932-2009), if the USA is ready always to defend freedom, which requires the acceptance of the reality that they do not live in unthreatened innocence, which is the American Dream and its fulfilment as Manifest Destiny.

 `The milk of humankindness`1 or mankindness is what the serpent is antithetical towards, that is, sadism, which is the antithesis of happiness (a key component of the American Dream), because a sadist wants sadness for everyne. That is why the dragon that threatened Manifest Destiny was Saddam; he had dammed himself up in Iraq and was making his own people as sad as he could; particularly in Kurdishtan where he was practising sadism upon the Kurds, who are the descendants of the greatest of the knights of Arabia, Salahudin (c.1139-93).



 I have a friend who was used to saying appealingly: `Be kind to me.` She is Hungarian and that is why I can say I have learned much from understanding a little Hungarian. Her friend advised me to convert to Christianity at the Faith Church or Hít Gyulakazet, in Debrecen, writing `You be Christian too.` on a small square of paper. I understood that men are not mankind or humankind and that kindness is not of them because they are no longer man, who was created as One Creature in God with Eve in the Garden of Eden by God. They are of the serpent, which is sadistic hoosexuality that no longer perceives Christ as a redemptive figure whose teachings are a path to salvation, but that Christians` now represent a sadistic homosexuality elated by what they perceive as Christ`s masochistic torturing of God upon the cross. In other words, they have become Satanists.

 My friend is called Emese, and a pastor at the Faith Church in Budapest stood before the entire congregation and told them that the name Emese, a traditional Hungarian name from the beginnings of the nation since its founding 1000 or more years ago in the Carpathian Basin at the centre of Europe, meant `pig mother`.

 Obviously, women are pigs to serpents, and it is Adam Hussein that represents New Men, the idea that Woman and mankind are to be the victims of saddists who bring saddest where happiness was.

 Pigs are haraam or forbidden in both Judaism and Islam, and it is indicative of a truth that, when Abraham takes Isaac to the mountaintop to sacrifice him at God`s behest (Gen: 22. 1-12), God has Abraham sacrifice a ram instead. The meaning is obedience. Obey God. God is good. Pigs are haraam because they remind men not to behave as they are told they are. It is a Commandment. If women are perceiveable as pigs by you, you are unclean.

 People don`t repress sex because it`s immoral, they repress it because they`re evil. Christina Aguilera (1984-) in her song Dirrty (2202), and the accompanying video, expresses this perfectly. The guest `rapper` on the track pronounces upon her after her sex performance, that she`s: `Too dirty [for him] to clean my abdo [men].` She is a pig, then? This is what young women are told from childhood; that sex is `dirty`: so they are pigs - no?



 In Islam it is obligatory that every Moslem visits the shrine of Abraham in Mecca in Saudi Arabia during a pilgriage called Hajj, which must take places at least once in their lives, and there is a celebration aferwards, the Eid, which marks God`s sparing of Isaac atop the mountain. What isn`t well understood is that Isaac was the founder of Israel and Judaism, whereas Ishmael, Abraham`s other son, is the founder of the line of Islam, that is, Moslems celebrate Israel`s founding immediately after the Hajj and acknowledge Abraham as the father of both Israel and Islam.

 They share the same principles. A jew cannot be a jew unless a jew`s mother is a jewess, which is matrilineal. In other words, mother is God; just as it is Eve whose `seed` is the enemy of the serpent and not man`s `seed` which represents the poisons (boy sons) that she cannot trust of the generations that are yet unborn of her in Eden.

 Abraham is promised by God in the Old Testament: `...look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number shall thy seed be.` (Gen: 15.5-6) This is Manifest Destiny, in accordance with the American Dream, which is the Will of God. But it is the `seed` of Eve that is to triumph through Abraham`s `seed`. This is why Jesus Christ is called the Second Adam because he represents redemption from evil, that is, the serpent that, full grown, is Adam Hussein, the arch proponent of sadism at the beginning of the 21st century that had to be exterminated if the American Dream were to be fulfilled. Islam believes in Jesus as a great `teacher`, incidentally, while Judaism does not accept Christ as anything but good and wise. It is Christianity that views itself as the `seed` of Adam, and Christ is the vehicle and, indeed, vessel of redemption because of the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, that is, the `teacher` of humankind after Jesus` crucifixion, resurrection and Ascension to God (1 John: 2.1).

 The Spirit of God is represented as dwelling in the Tabernacle that contains the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Comandments. There she is called the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35), which is the Glory of God, the Eternal feminine that Longinus seeks to prise away from the side of Jesus when he cuts open the side of the Christ with his spear point (Matt: 27.54).

 As Second Adam, Jesus would have a Second Eve by his side and this would correspond to the Shekinah as Holy Spirit, which is known to God (whether known to Jesus or not) and is perceived as being present upon the Earth as the Paraclete after the Ascension. (1 John: 2.1) `Surely this was the Son of God!`(Matt: 27.54) Longinus mockingly gloats as one who has tortured God. It is, similarly, Adam Hussein`s gloat as the revealed Antichrist. But the `seed` of the woman, the Christ as Logos or Word of God`s law, born to Mary (Luke 2: 10-14), the Virgin Second Eve - as unsheathed in the hand of the might of the United States of America – has learnt to reject sadism.

 The Spear of Longinus is known as the Spear of Destiny. Because it represents the fulfilment of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny thanks to the Third Eve, which is the Holy Spirit as the Shekinah, which is not created from Adam`s side by God, nor is she the virgin vessel that produces a Second Adam by pathenogenesis, but she is God`s Spirit that informs the Creation and reveals God`s plan for redemption and Manifest Destiny. Longinus looks for her and God sends her as the Paraclete or `teacher` of humankindness against sadism. This is why the sadist Longinus` Spear is the Spear of Destiny. It is God`s `contingency` in the face of evil and omnisciently so: revelation to us but always intended by God as a part of Providence, that is, God`s contingency plans.

 God is omnipotent, but it is God`s omnisicience that is the key to understanding. Jesus is described as `the Lamb of God` in the Bible (Rev: 5.13), and Christians speak of being `washed in the blood of the Lamb` as redemptive. Neil Armstrong2 was the man on the moon (symbol of Eros, the feminine principle of relatedness and relationships that must receive integration as the Holy Spirit), and in Oops I Did It Again (2000), Britney Spears (1982-) is the woman on Mars. She is Britney Lamb strong. This again is God`s omniscience.

 In Piece of Me (2007) Britney sings `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` (1776 is `The Declaration of Independance`3 of the USA from the British Empire) while, in Oops I Did It Again, she sings `I`m not that innocent!` Unthreatened innocence is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny amongst the stars in Star Trek (1965-), for example, is its fulfillment. The Gulf War (2001-3) threatened the dream, but the USA understands that; innocent progress and development exists; but `under possible threat`.

 Britney as Venus on Mars (Logos, as the power of good judgement or Word of God as Law and power of God as recently sheathed Sword after the Gulf War) represents `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to redemption. In Revelation the woman`s birthing is threatened by a dragon, Saddam. Those who fought against the dragon grown into its strength are therefore`washed in the blood of the Lamb` (Rev: 12.11), that is, they gave their blood for God.

 Saddam Hussein represents the notion that sadism is what people are for. A perspective promulgated by the evil because sadism is what they are for. They would persuade us that Christ is a masochist and that `washed in the blood of the Lamb` is their invitation to torture the Lamb, which would be a lot of lamb if the Holy Spirit of God, the Glory of God that is the Shekinah were incarnate in everyone.

 Britney represents the Spears of Destiny rather than the Spear because the Shekinah is the Holy Spirit, which represents the long term plan or Manifest Destiny of God`s Revelation, which goal is escape from sadism.

 Oops I Did It Again is, therefore, a celebration. But Britney Spears rejects the American astronaut that woos her. He arrives in a spacesuit, so represents old technology, and she breathes the air of Mars, the god of war aquiescent in the presence of the goddess of love, as it were. In short, he represents the gun. Men who prefer sadism to God in heaven where she is. Symbolically she represents the Virgin after the Assumption4; God assuming her, that is, she is assumed by God – omnisciently as a providential intention in accordance with contingency planning – as foreplanned Eve who, as the continuing Shekinah or Spirit of God as Holy Spirit, having fought and exterminated the serpent grown into a dragon, triumphs once again as the Glory of God which the Americans enshrine within the symbol of their `star spangled banner` as Old Glory.


 The Star Spangled Banner

Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps' pollution.

O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand

Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation.

And this be our motto: "In God is our trust."5


 Here are those `washed in the blood of the lamb` for freedom`s sake; for the Glory of God and in Whom we trust. Britney on Mars represents that progression and development in innocence which is without threat; the American Dream and Manifest Destiny within reach. Men represent a threat to her there. This is why she says: `I`m not that innocent!` She is Manifest Destiny as the United States as Woman who is the conquering Aphrodite over Mars` god of war and she does not want her dream threatened; so she rejects the besuited old-stylee 50s high-tec gangster. Threatened innocence is what the American Dreamer has to cope with on Earth. On Mars, Britney `the strong Lamb of God`, is wise to it.

 At one point in the video she gestures and all of the men collapse as if extinguished, which is what`s intended. She prefers the Shekinah, the feminine Holy Spirit around her; and she can be sure the Glory of God is with her if she is surrounded by woman. She represents young womanhood who worship `the Lamb of God` rather than than Saddam-mascohistic delights of `Christian` homosexuals elated by Longinus` torturing of God upon the cross:


 "To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honour and glory and power, for ever and ever!" (Rev: 5.13).


 Britney Spears has described herself as bisexual, and this requires physical bisexuality as well as that psychological male-female complementarity which denotes those individuals able to incorporate the masculine principle of Logos and the female principle of Eros into their wholeness. One aspect of God sits upon the throne in Revelation while the other aspect is `the Lamb`. Britney Spears and her male aspect are the future, which is represented by the futanar, that is, women representative of psycho-physical bisexuality that have a penis of their own.

 In Genesis God said there would be `enmity` between the serpent`s `seed` and that of the woman`s. God also promises Abraham, because he followed God`s instructions and took Isaac to sacrifice him atop the mountain:


`…because thou has done this, and hast not withheld thy son, thine only son; that in blessing I will bless then, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies; And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou has obeyed my voice. (Gen: 22.15-18)


 It is important that it is the `seed` of Abraham, which means that of Isaac and Ishmael, Islam and Judaeo-Christianity, that are to be the recipients of God`s fulfilled promise, and this is from the Old Testament, the Talmud, and not the Koran, which is the holy book of Islam as revealed to the prophet Mohammed (ca.570/1 –  8 June 632) by angels and in which Jesus appears as a `teacher` (Surah 5: 116). Jesus does not appear in the Old Testament, which is the Jewish holy book and the Jews do not accept Jesus as Messiah – sent by God. Jesus is only the central figure for Christians who accept the New Testament and the Old Testament, which means by extension that they have to accept that it is the promise of God to all Abraham`s `seed`, including Moslems and Jews, that God `will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven`. Interestingly, the `lamp of Islam` is `the light of Creation` in the Moslem world, and may correspond to the torch held by the statue of Liberty and which appears as a symbol in many cultures; including the Colossus of Rhodes (292-280 B.C.), a statue that symbolized Greek civilization bestraddling the harbor mouth with a torch of illumination in its hand.

 The United States of America is the greatest nation on Earth because of its beliefs; symbolized by the Statue of Liberty that stands as a beacon of hope and faith before New York harbor with the torch of freedom in her hand.


The New Colossus6

Not like the brazen giant7 of Greek fame,

With conquering limbs astride from land to land;

Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand

A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!` cries she

With silent lips. `Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!`



 The United States is great because she embraces Moslem, Jew, Christian, black, white; or any denomination or colour. She represents the Earth. Saddam-masochistic homosexuality as practiced by men, however, is sterile and only wants more flesh to torture; whereas woman - and woman with her own penis - denote eternal fecundity and immortality in heaven. This is what God`s promise to Eve means and Britney`s victory is as the spearhead of Woman`s Manifest Destiny. Britney`s Spears are the future. Amen.


1 Shakespeare, William MacBeth, 1:5, 1603-7.

2 Armstrong , Neil `One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.` 2:56 UTC July 21, 1969.

3 Continental Congress The United States Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776.

4 Pope Pius XII Apostolic Constitution Munificentissimus Deus, November 1, 1950.

5 The national anthem of the United States of America. The lyrics come from `Defence of Fort McHenry`, a poem written in 1814 by the 35-year-old lawyer and amateur poet, Francis Scott Key, after witnessing the bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British Royal Navy ships in Chesapeake Bay during the Battle of Fort McHenry in the War of 1812 after the 1776 Declaration of Independence. 

6 Lazarus, Emma `Art Loan Fund Exhibition in Aid of the Bartholdi Pedestal Fund for the Statue of Liberty`, 1883.

7 The first two lines refer to the Colossus of Rhodes, and was considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


Chimp Pansy`s; the Apes of Satan: On Her Majesty`s Secret Service - Her Rapes and Her AIDS.

01/01/2012 11:49

Chimp Pansy`s; the Apes of Satan: On Her Majesty`s Secret Service - Her Rapes and Her AIDS


Visitors to England notice all of the newspapers write about three subjects; pedophiles, homosexuals, and the Special Air Service (1941-) or the acronym that is universally understood there: the SAS. It`s understood everywhere that secretaries understand that they`re women and are therefore not pedophiles or homosexuals, but secretly the SAS; which is understood by everybody: they are all secretly the SAS and not homosexuals or pedophiles.

 Eastern Europe doesn`t have the West`s obsessions, which are terrorizing themselves with their infantile fears, and presenting `super chimp` as the image that the actual power, that is, the monied pedophile homosexual sado-masochists, Satanism, want us to perceive as men. Richie Madonna, the director, and Vinny Leeds, the strongarm thug, are prototypical sadistic masochists created by the sadist homosexual elitism that is British upper middle class and a large part of the aristocracy, who play `the game` with the aspiring, until the monkeys expire at the public bars.

 English directors and actors want to `make it big` in Hollywood to escape from the English system of sadistic homosexuals that behave sadistically towards everyone else on the understanding that they`re not pedophiles, which of course they are. Hating humans and shunning children, the sadistic homosexual pedophiles are in the democratic tradition of ancient Greece where the women were enslaved host wombs in institutionalized homosexuality and pederasty for the spreading of men`s contagion of war. `Love your neighbor` (Matt: 22. 39) Jesus tells us in the Bible, but `suffer the children to come unto me` (Matt: 19.14) is interpreted in English as homosexual encouragement to torture the kids.

 Despite homosexuality`s endeavoring to convince the humans and children they`re not pedophiles, despite their sado-masochistic homosexual pederasty with its chimp `pansy` veneer, by the late 20th century homosexuality in pederasty had developed the incurable killer disease of HIV/AIDS as its `biological weapon` with men mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses in mockery of human sexual reproduction. Scientists postulated that the HIV/AIDS virus came from monkeys, which accords with scripture: `You shall crush the head of Satan with your foot, although he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Eve`s `foot` is the futanarian human race of women with their own penis` semen. Satan was the angel who rejected God`s plan that humans would be greater than the angels, while Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, as a prefiguration of the Resurrection and Ascension of `woman`s seed` to heaven, that is, HIV/AIDS comes from monkeys because men are what homosexuality is.


(You Drive Me) Crazy, a member of Hollywood`s aristo-crazy withstanding the pressures through her art


 In Hungarian, `sas` is a word pronounced `sha-ash` and it means `eagle`. Thought of by the English as their secret training center, the Hungarians don`t think the same. Special Air Service (SAS) is a religious term for the spirit of God, and it was Jesus who said that, after his death, a `Holy Spirit` would come to teach humankind, that is, Eternal Woman, who is the Shekinah, and it is she who is written of in the Song of Songs as the personification of wisdom, `My mother's sons were angry with me; they made me caretaker of the vineyards, But I have not taken care of my own vineyard.` (Songs: 1. 6) Wisdom is the woman who hasn`t yet sown her own `seed`. Eternal woman dwells in the place where God`s law is kept (Ex: 40.35), because she represents Jesus` teaching to `woman`s seed`:


 `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31)


 Woman is the law of God, and so the Roman guard, Longinus, is depicted as cutting open the side of Jesus after he was taken to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem as a `dissident` during the Roman occupation of Palestine and nailed upon a cross of wood. As the `Second Adam`, who was the first man in the paradise of Eden where Satan gave Eve the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, which was death, Jesus would have Eve by his side. Consequently, Longinus` cutting open the side of Jesus, where the `Second Eve` should be, was accompanied by his declaration, `Surely, this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54)  Before Jesus` death, Resurrection and Ascension, the Messiah said that the `Holy Spirit` would be upon the Earth as the guide to Redemption, which requires that men stop monkeying around and spreading HIV/AIDS to humans:


`Men cursed the God of heaven with their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11) 


Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager


 The concept that an individual can be multiple is the nature of `woman`s seed`, which is why the `Holy Spirit` is depicted as the teacher of everyone, because Eve`s `seed` was enslaved by ape men in homosexuality and pederasty`s wars: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) Jesus` Resurrection prefigures women`s liberation from the biology war against the ape. Consequently, the Special Air Service is the spirit of futanarian woman still endeavoring to save `super chimp` before she tends her own vineyard:


`But like a monkey on your back you need it.

But do you love it enough to leave it ...`1


 Phil Collins` lyrics to `Man On The Corner`, from the album Three Sides Live (1982), are a serenade to homosexuality in pederasty`s special AIDS service, because muscly males with bodies formed for ascending through the bars are what British society is.  The monkeys are on each others` backs, because that`s how they got where they are, and that`s how the HIV/AIDS virus got where it is too. 

 Where eating, drinking, and sexual reproduction takes place is what civilization and culture has through human nature and science. Homosexuality and pederasty is adulteration, that is, taking a woman from her own side, which is what the biblical story of Eve emerging from the side of Adam to be tempted from his side by Satan teaches. Longinus` cutting open of the side of Jesus after his death, because the Romans didn`t want the `Holy Spirit` of the `Second Eve` to preach to humanity against the male brained Empire of pederasty and war, was an attempt to kill the Shekinah and so end Jesus` teaching.

 Satan, transformed by God into a serpent in the Bible, cursed Eve to death in ephemerality through generations of Satan`s poisons, that is, boy`s sons, by tempting her to reject the `tree of life`, which was immortality, saying `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) God told the serpent there`d be `enmity` between its `seed` and the woman`s (Gen: 3.15). Irredeemable men have poison `seed`, because ape men enslave futanarian humanity in ephemerality and ignorance for war`s devouring. 

 Men, as defined, are not human, and are the evil enemies of God. who would replace the `Holy Spirit` with the homosexuality in pederasty and war. The Gulf war was Saddam masochism rather than sado-masochism in homosexuality and pederasty`s `rough trade`, which is why the Al Qaeda terrorists operating out of Afghanistan chose the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, to crash hijacked civil airliners into. Iraq`s leader Saddam Hussein`s offer of bases Al Qaeda, `the base`, was Saddam masochism, that is, homosexuality in pederasty`s valence, which resulted in the deposing of Hussein and the reestablishing of sado-masochism between Christian and Moslem males in homosexuality and pederasty`s war.

 To sado-masochists, Jesus is theirs, because his torture and death is what they`re for. This is Satanism and the sado-masochist endeavors to put the Christian into the unendurable eternal pain reserved for the Satanist by having the Christian identify Jesus` pain and suffering with Resurrection, Ascension and heaven. Because hell is the reward of sado-masochism, teaching `self-harming` is Satanism, but Christianity encourages it by preaching that Jesus was tortured to death to redeem humanity.

 Sadism is about torturing women with their loss of futanarian `woman`s seed`, that is, their own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers for liberation from slavery to ape men. God was incarnate as Eve to be Adam`s image of God, but Adam`s progeny were men, women, and futanarian women, which meant that Adam didn`t want God because, as the serpent knew they would be, futanarian women were rejected by men in favor of host womb slavery in parasitism and that`s why succumbing to the temptation of the serpent meant death for the human race. Jesus` torture is that of woman`s futanarian spirit, because the parasites have stolen women`s penis` semen. For sadists, children are easier. Consequently, maintaining ignorance ensures that homosexuality in pederasty and war prevails and the children remain the victims of a sadist that wants to torture the woman`s futanarian spirit.

 Miley Cyrus (1992-) was given the birth names Hope and Destiny. Like Britney Spears (1982-) and Christina Aguilera (1984-), whose name derives from the Spanish, `águila`, that is, `eagle`, the names Hope and Destiny are mythic. Beyoncé Knowles (1981-) was with the female black pop group, Destiny`s Children (1997-2006), and the motif of Manifest Destiny, that is, the fulfilment of the American Dream through `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, informs the age of Christianity through the Spear of Longinus in the side of Christ, which was thereafter known as the `Spear of Destiny`, because it represented the liberation of Jesus` futanarian spirit as the teacher of humanity.



 Men prefer the adulterate `game` of taking a woman from her side to poison, that is, boy son, the spirit of God. It is the ape men`s `game` of torturing the human spirit. Upon the cross of the cover for her CD single, `Piece Of Me`, Britney Spears is the symbol of Manifest Destiny, because she represents the woman emerged from the side of Jesus through Longinus` Spear of Destiny, while Miley Cyrus` names, Hope and Destiny, and Beyoncé Knowles` Destiny`s Children develop the theme. As the `eagle`, Christina Aguilera represents the Great Seal of the authority of the President of the United States of America:


`The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach.` (Rev: 12. 14)

 Although Moslems are depicted by Christianity as non-Christians, the four wives that are permissible in Islam means women can sexually reproduce with each other within the family, which is what Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen recommends. The eagle of the Great Seal of the United States of America represents the defense of `woman`s seed`, and the `hidden` women of the desert beneath the one-piece coverall of their burka, worn in public, and from which only their eyes can be seen, represent the futanarian sisters of the Christian women, who`re taught they`re not there.

Body Of Work

01/01/2012 11:45

Body of Work


Britney Spears` Piece Of Me (2007) is a `piece of work`, which is an insult in English. The cover of the single features her being `crucified` on the cross. It is her nude form and represents her `body of work`. Jesus was tortured because of his `body of work` and it is Jesus upon the cross that`s the `piece of work` Christianity idenitifies with, but the body on the cross is not the `body of work`, which is Redemption.

 Christianity confuses the body with the `body of work`. Britney Spears (1982-) on the cross represents the Paraclete; teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet. Just as Eve was from Adam`s side, so the Holy Spirit was given to the Earth after Jesus` Ascension and Longinus` spear cutting open his side represents her emergence.

 This is the `body of work` in Redemption. That is why she is Britney Spears. Woman is `God`s love` (Luke 10.27), as defined by Jesus. Because the Paraclete is the Holy Spirit. Being Civilized is different from Civilization. Civilizing is a process. Mainly it consists of people being told to wear clothes, and there is a correlation between disease and clothes. Many peoples of the world died of the pox because they didn`t wear clothes. They had come into contact with European settlers during Earth`s period of Colonialism. AIDS is understandable as a disease for people who wear clothes and don`t want innocent people to remove theirs.

 It is God`s Revelation. `Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness` is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, which is innocent development and progress under threat but protected, or without threat having been successfully protected. Essentially, the body is an innocent `piece of work`, and is God`s `body of work`, and in Eden Adam and Eve saw that they were `naked` after the serpent gave them the `fruit of the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil` (Gen: 2.9).

 In the 20th Century - and before - men have perceived Woman`s body as something to hide, whereas Woman`s body is God`s good. That is why God gave `God`s love` to Adam. This is the meaning of the tree of Good and Evil. Men are the `seed` of the `serpent`, which is told there shall be `enmity` between it`s `seed` and `the woman`s` (Gen: 3.15). Clearly the woman has `seed`, which is her own penis. Men don`t want her to know that she has one, so they present her as a `piece of work` rather than the `body of work` she represents, which is Civilization entire – herself as Producer and Product.



 Woman`s `body` is the `body of work` of the Creator. Men`s wars are wars against her. They are the red dragon of Revelation, which lies waiting to devour the child born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who is to `rule the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 12. 1-18). He is God`s law, and Jesus` distillation of God`s Commandments is `God`s love`. He enforces the work of Redemption, which is the `body of work` that is Woman and her Product – Civilization.

 Innocence and the body mean Civilization, because it`s God`s `body of work`, so presenting woman as evil because of her body is the work of the serpent. The dragon of Revelation is the serpent fully grown and it waits to devour the woman`s child – her product – because that is what war is. Men devour the woman and that`s what she` for – to the Evil One - murdering.

 Jesus` Redemption is God`s `body of work`, but the crucifixion is not Jesus` teaching. That is why Britney Spears on the cross isn`t her teaching either. Her `body of work` is God`s work of Redemption, because she`s Woman. It is the Word of God translated into the Work of God by the Holy Spirit, which Britney Spears represents. The Paraclete emergent from Longinus` spear`s cutting open of Jesus`s side (1 John: 2.1), and which tutors the American Dream to it`s fulfilment as Manifest Destiny.

 In effect, men only want Woman to wear clothes because they want to devour her politely.

Civilization is clothes, and clothes mean `eat later`. She is allowed innocence, progress and development, then it`s threat and war. She`s devoured and her product – Civilization - which is her `clothing`, is wasted.

 In fact the picturization of the dragon in Revelation means that men want cannibalism, which is why Eve is naked in Eden and, after the serpent tempts her, she and Adam perceive they are naked. Bible scholars assume it`s a sexual theme, but it`s the desire to eat meat rather than fruit. Civilization is the attempt to produce a product that men can`t eat. Because it can take care of itself. This is what Woman with a penis is. She doesn`t need men and can produce her own product – Civilization – without being devoured.

 Men are obsessed with Woman`s nude body because they want to murder her as an innocent. Britney Spears, in Oops I Did It Again (2000) says: `I`m not that innocent.` She wears a red suit. She is Redemption and refuses the American astronaut admittance to her domain. She is her `body of work` and her body is her Civilization.



 Jesus` birth and Ascension are a single event in eternity, which means that Adam and Eve`s birth are an eternalized event, that is, Redemption is Eternal Salvation, which is the `body of work` that they have created as Civilization. In other words, the Devourer that is men is unable to devour her `body` if she accepts Redemption. Woman`s body is her `body of work` - literally. That is why Mary is a Virgin and goes to God in her Assumption, because God has assumed her form since Eden and in the person of Jesus. She is assumed by God - assumed as part of God, that is. That`s why Britney Spears` cover for the single Piece Of Me presents her on the cross: to remind us that the Paraclete is the Woman from Jesus` side and is God`s. Jesus` works are saved and so are the works of those that accept Redemption.

 Essentially, nudity is the art of `love-making`, which is what the artist or Creator – Woman as the Producer of her Product – does: she love`s making. Love-making is her art. Good art is the art of making love or the love of making, which is God`s love. Being `saved` doesn`t consist in being a virgin but having a `body of work` which, in effect, is the woman`s `body`, that is, she shouldn`t be ashamed of her work because she uses her body. Redemption means her `body` is saved and her `body of work`, which means that pornography is saved because it`s hers.

 Pornography is both making love as art and the love of making. Because the woman`s body is beautiful and she has made it. The dilemma is that men want to `own the means of production` - and devour it. This is why God has created futanar. So that Woman with a penis can have Redemption and not be devoured by men, which is what the red dragon of Revelation means. If men do not accept Redemption, they shall have eternal perdition because woman`s `seed` from her penis shall be productive only of woman – and men only want to harm her.

 When a woman has her hymen broken by a man`s `spear`, it`s a corruption of her innocence, that is, Longinus` spear is a metaphor for Jesus` innocence being broken and the woman from his side, the Paraclete, who has preached God`s love through him, being put into service in order to work for man`s Redemption. In other words, Woman is God`s love and Redeemed because originally innocent and not sinful. Men`s sinfulness resides in their desire to break. That is why it is the Holy Spirit because it is God`s Spirit and men want to break her.

 This is why it is against God`s Commandments to `steal` because it is `breaking into` someone`s life, and `adultery` is the same. All of the Commandments can be interpreted in this way, or as exhortations to remember God`s love; for example, `remembering the Sabbath`, and refraining from `blasphemy` (Matt: 22.39). Taking a life is a `breaking into` insofar as the flesh must be penetrated violently: `speared`, as it were. Longinus` spear forces a Caesarean birth of the Paraclete or Holy Spirit, which is the Spear of Destiny as fulfilment of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. Britney Spears represents enough penetration, because her name is a dilution of the desire to devour, accept penetration by the penis, and Produce God`s Product.

 Redemption is the acceptance of God`s Product, which is God`s love, and not any other form of penetration of Woman that does not produce God`s product, which is love-making or the love of making. Unmaking is AIDS or bullets. One is slower and the other is faster. But the simple reality is God`s law:


 `Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 This is a biblical plague in Revelation, which would correspond to AIDS and the sterility it produces, that is, death. Bullets are quicker, but they are the result of penetration which is designed to kill God`s product. Men are the devourers of it, and it is not serendipitous that medical researchers believe that AIDS was originally communicated to humans by those who ate the brains of monkeys: to eat them they had to kill them. The connection is penetration. Sodom was destroyed in the Bible by God because of sodomy (Gen: 18,19), which is against God`s explicit intention. Some perceive it as an event similar to Hiroshima, which left a hole in the ground. Effectively, it`s the decision that the target is a sterile asshole before you hit it, which is what murderers do. Consequently, they are sodomites, that is, anal sex is a contagion of which AIDS is a concrete metaphor – like Sodom.


 Anal sex may be perceived as an expression of love-making by those who practice it, but it isn`t. It`s what I call penile dementia, a desire by the `serpent` to devour, which is the red dragon of Revelation – it waits to devour him, because he`s vulnerable and, to men who have had enough time and space, Man or Woman is only an asshole waiting to be penetrated – either anally, resulting in the slow death of AIDS, or faster - with bullets. This is why men have to accept Redemption because, if they don`t, it`s eternal perdition. This is Revelation.

Beauty and the Frog

01/01/2012 11:41

Beauty and the Frog


The story of `The Princess and the Frog`1 is well known in Freudian circles. The frog is kissed by the princess and becomes a prince, that is, the frog is the penis, and symbolizes women’s capacity to develop, as the creator God`s producer, product: civilization. However, although Freud believed that women exhibited ‘penis envy’ in fact they exhibit the psychology of the castrated, as God told the women, Eve, in the Old Testament of the Jews’ Bible, that is, the Torah and Talmud, which is their history and law, her ‘seed’ will prevail, ‘You shall crush the head of the serpent but he will bruise your heel.’ (Gen: 3. 15) Born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, Jesus ‘Christ’, ‘the chosen’, as described in the New Testament of the Bible, believed by Christians to supersede the Old Testament, was women’s seed, and when he was crucified for being with a woman, he experienced Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in prefiguration of that of women’s seed, ‘Leave her alone.’ (Mk: 14. 6) Nailed to a cross of wood, Jesus is the type of the dissected frog, that is, the princess had the frog that the prince dissected, as Tiberius Caesar Augustus (14-37 C.E.), Emperor of the Romans then occupying Jewish Palestine, wanted to know the secret of immortality, as Jesus had preached, ‘Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.’ (Matt: 5. 10) Although medicine is power over life and death, the coward would rather no one else had the power to decide, which is how the pharmaceutical industry sells expensive dying, as they’d rather have the coward’s money.

 As Jesus was tortured, the torturer’s argument is that’s the secret of immortality, whereas treatment of life-threatening diseases, for which there’re cures, is torture prescribed by sadists, sanctioned by cowardice, as treatments are expensive, so medicals become richer by virtue of the coward’s prescription, while many more are tortured in Jesus’ name, with no evidence of immortality, as the coward would rather no one else should have power over death, as they’d feel threatened.

 While Bondage, Domination, and Sado-Masochism (BDSM) are presented as sexual activities, most disinterested observers identify it as having similarities with animal training, although for women of forbearance, it’s being drained by a vampire, ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.’ (Matt: 5. 8) For ‘the father of psychoanalysis’, Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), the personality is taken apart, that is, dissected, to examine a `problem`. While computer and defense analysts work in the same way, human nature isn’t binary, that is, Aristotelian either/or logic isn’t applicable to men, women, and futanarian, which is the term applied to the species of women, called God’s ‘foot’, which is depicted in Christian iconography as Jesus’ mother, the Virgin Mary, crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, that is, Jesus, as the evil are of the serpent’s seed, parasitically slaving to death the host womb of the human race, with homosexuality in pederasty’s AIDS, for example, as the biological sign of their war waged against the species of women’s seed, ‘Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.’ (Rev: 16. 11) That women are castrated, and host womb slaved as a species, is evident from the institutionalization of homosexuality in pederasty to produce boy sons for war against women’s seed in ancient Greece, while Jesus’ disciple John’s vision of the apocalypse suggests that’s the boys’ owners future for the futanarian race, ‘The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to wage war on the remnant of her seed.’ (Rev: 12. 17) The mutated simian immune deficiency virus (SIV), discovered by DR Congo in 1983, transmitted by homosexuals as the human immune deficiency virus, mixing blood, shit and semen in each other’s anus, was a sign of biological warfare, that is, acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), causing collapse of the organs of the body and brain death, is what homosexuanimals drain for.



 Although binary systems prevailed in logic, women’s seed presupposes a trinitarian thought paradigm, corresponding to the homoousia of ancient Egypt, that is, the sun god, Ra, incarnated as Osiris, before being dismembered by his evil brother, Set, remembered by Isis, and resurrected as ‘the sky god’, Horus, which is simpler in Christianity, as God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit, where Jesus is a part of a Trinity, as the son of God, although the Holy Spirit, corresponding to ‘the feminine spirit of God’, who is ‘the Shekinah’ of the Old Testament, dwelling in the tent of the tabernacle en route to the land promised by God to the Jews, after leaving slavery in Egypt to the Pharaoh Thutmose III, is presented as the male spirit of Jesus to Christians, whereas born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, Jesus is women’s seed, which means that God more closely corresponds to the Moslems’ Allah, a form of the Jews’ ‘Eloah’, a term for God, where Allah is neither male nor female, but hermaphroditic, as Adam was, according to Jewish Mishnah, created in God’s image. What this means is that TV thinking, which dismembers, isn’t contributory to a human defense system, as the future is an aspect of futanarian thinking, which isn’t considered by the serpent’s seed as anything but a host womb slave for their parasitism.

 When the extremist Moslem terrorist group, Al Qaeda, operating under the auspices of the notoriously misogynist Taliban regime of Afghanistan, on September 11th, 2001, hijacked US’ civil airliners to crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center, Lower Manhattan island, New York city, it was symptomatic of general alien thinking, which a more universal concern with women’s seed could have prevented in that futanarian humans are the Earth’s race, rather than the parasitical paradigms of the serpent’s seed in host womb slavery for homosexuality in pederasty’s wars against women.

 As the moon is the first step off Earth, it’s the seed pearl of God’s foot, that is, the futanarian species of women’s race for the colonization of the planets amongst the stars, described as ‘the pearl of great price’ (Matt: 13. 46) in the Bible, that is, heaven, and explains the sneak attack by Japan on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, where the US’ Sixth Fleet was on December 7th, 1941, as foot binding, which cripples the feet of women, is an aspect of slavery in the Japanese tradition. Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first to set foot on Earth’s moon from the Eagle lander spacecraft, on July21st, 1969, UTC: 2. 56, ‘One small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind.’ However, Japan’s popular Hentai manga cartoons from the late 20th century, which feature the torture generally of Western style cartoon women with big, baby eyes, distinct from the narrower eyes of Orientals, and sadism towards futa women characters particularly, indicate that Japan’s determination to keep women’s feet on the floor of the Earth is at least as great as that of Hollywood, ‘Babylon’, the movie capital of the world, centered in the district of Hollywood, city of Los Angeles, US’ west coast state of California, where President of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (MPPDA), Will Hays, established the ‘Hays code’ (1930-67) for ensuring that a woman’s penis would never be seen in mainstream mass media, `... women, in love scenes, at all times have `at least one foot on the floor` (in other words, no love scenes in bed).`2 That sent a signal to Japan that their practice of ensuring that women’s seed would never get off the Earth was acceptable, and directly led to the attack on the US at Pearl Harbor, as an aspect of foot binding, which bringing the US into World War Two (1939-45) against the Axis powers of Germany, Italy, Japan, and Iraq, which were attempting to impose global slavery of the host wombs of women for homosexuality in pederasty for war against women, directly resulted in the deaths of over 100,000 Japanese women when the B-29 superfortress’ aircraft, Enola Gay, carrying ‘Little Boy’ and Bockscar, carrying ‘Fat Man’, dropped those cleverly labeled A-bombs on Japan’s cities, Hiroshima, on August 6th, and Nagasaki, on August 9th, 1945, to close hostilities in the Pacific theater.

 As post-WWII Japan became a hi-tec computer nation the fact that Hentai manga cartoons of Western looking women, with bigger and more vulnerable eyes than Japan’s, are the victims of choice, suggest a sneak attack by a Japanese hacker on 9/11, 2001, in revenge for Little Boy and Fat Man, that is, the Twin Towers were chopsticks. Called the ‘yellow peril’ in WWII, the fact that a yellow moon is the symbol of Al Qaeda, that is, a yellow pearl, together with the fact that yellow is traditionally the color of cowardice, suggests women should take exception to being attacked as cowards. The Japanese theater of bunraku is of black clad figures moving puppets as a device of the director to draw the audience’s attention away from the arrangers, while Moslem women amongst the nations of Islam are required to wear the black one-piece coverall of the burka publicly to conceal themselves from the eyes of unbelievers. Those who believe in the Japanese theater of bunraku positioned the Al Qaeda figures on 9/11, and women’s seed was their target, as the actual tradition amongst the Moslems of the nations of Islam is that the homosexuals don’t want to look at women, and are supported by male futa with hair on their chests, who’re misogyny.

 For Japanese women, Hentai manga is what Japanese men want to do to Western women, which means that lesbians, who like it smooth, are helpful when it comes to castrating women’s seed, or making sure that it remains castrated, which is a further indication that 9/11 was the work of a Japanese bunraku dramatist. While Japanese lesbians feel superior, as Orientals want to castrate Western women, ‘chopsticks’ was a homosexual attack on the human futanarian species of women’s seed. That the US supported the hack, as after 15 year old teenager from the state of Florida, Jonathan James, as ‘c0mrade’,3 gained access to classified DoD data in 1999, potentially employable criminals were invited to test defense systems, presupposing the Al Qaeda air AIDS virus metaphor, further indicates men’s preference for the homosexual, that is, a perverted binary virus paradigm, rather than women’s seed, which requires a trinary approach towards defense analysis, as women are binary, while men are an optional try.

 Persuaded by the paradigm of Jesus on the cross, before he died and had Resurrection and Ascension to heaven, women are expected to understand they should emulate him and be tortured by men, with heaven as God’s reward, which is encouraging for the tormentors. As death’s transmitters, homosexuals are its angel is their conceit, as God’s angels are depicted in Jesus’ disciple John’s apocalyptic vision of the future as releasing ‘… the seven angels with the seven plagues.’ (Rev: 15. 6) The first angel has the more obvious correspondence to AIDS, ‘The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped its image.’ (Rev: 16. 2) Although some of the other plagues are directly correlated with blood, for example, that of the bowls of the second and third, it’s evident that the ‘beast’ is homosexuanimals, that is, homosexuals aren’t angels, but conceited rather, ‘The fifth angel poured out his bowl on the throne of the beast, and its kingdom was plunged into darkness.’ (Rev: 16. 10) God tells Eve there’ll be `enmity` between her `seed` and the serpent`s, as death by virus is men’s paradigm of the 21st century; the homosexual intentionality of the supposed defense systems for the remnant of women’s seed illustrate it. 9/11 was paradigmatic of homosexual behavior.

 With a ‘civil’ air craftily stabbing through the US’ defense system backdoor, the terrorists stabbed their women in the back with US’ seamen, which is homosexuality’s paradigm. The homosexual encourages invasion and the women are destroyed, which is the ancient mode of the assassins of the old man of Alamut mountain, Iran, Hassan-i-Sabbah, who wanted houris, rather than women, as the delights of paradise, which they were promised for supporting the spread and consolidation of early Islam, ‘The ḥūr do not sleep, do not get pregnant, do not menstruate, spit, or blow their noses, and are never sick.’4 They don’t defecate, or urinate either, which suggests they’re non-human; if not idealized sufficiently to make of them and their idealizers aliens; whatever they are.

 Men are schoolboys with frogs, as they dissect what’s beautiful with no thought of putting it back together. While psychologists examine the fragmented parts of a personality in order to put it back together, computer experts dissect; if they can’t comprehend. For Westerners houris correspond to frogs, and like the child that bites into the skin of an orange without peeling it, there are far too many scientists for houris to survive being introduced. For the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, for example, after 9/11, US’ interrogators at the CIA ‘black site’ would perceive houris out of their burkas as aliens to dissect, while the appearance of a woman of the ‘seed’ of Eve would have the same effect in a nation in terror that had made gender assignment surgery (GAS) mandatory for hermaphrodite births, as their TV paradigm was homosexuality in pederasty for war against orange marriages.

 The Egyptian myth of Osiris,5 and the Christian story of Jesus are a dissection paradigm. Osiris, the incarnation on Earth of the sun god, Ra, is dismembered by his evil brother, Set (TV set), but resurrected, that is, remembered, by the sun goddess, Isis. Jesus, on the other hand, is crucified by a set of Jews and Romans, as he`s born of a virgin, so they dissect hm as a laboratory frog to assure themselves they’re homosexuals and not oranges.


1 Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm Children`s and Household Tales, 1812.

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Asinine 11: Saddam`s answer to Apollo`s Adam

01/01/2012 11:15

Asinine 11: Saddam`s answer to Apollo`s Adam


Hor-em-Akht is the name of the Sphinx in the mythology of the ancient religion of the Egyptians, and it`s riddle is, `What goes on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening?`1 The answer is man, but the questioner is more important: woman. As the Sphinx she `goes on all fours`. The riddle of 9/11 is hers, because it`s about BDSM and who wears the dog collar.



 In Christianity the dog collar is worn by the pastor, because he represents the burying of the bones and faith in Jesus` Ascension to heaven. In Egyptian mythology Osiris is dismembered by his evil brother Set, the ‘top dog’, and his parts are scattered throughout the Earth by other `dogs`. His wife Isis recollects the `pieces` and the reassembled parts, haw, are resurrected as Horus, ‘the sky god’, who takes the form of a hawk.

 Cynthia Payne (1932-), as a well-known English BDSM madame, ran a haw house. She trained women to find ha (male parts), which is the role of a whore, who wants to have ha, but doesn`t want the reincarnated with karma to remember they`ve lived before, for example, as they’d want restoration. Although the principle of karma derives from the ancient Hindu religion of the subcontinent of India, relating to the chakra ladder of memory that the reincarnated needs must reactivate through meditation, the concept of raising the level of human consciousness from the base of the spine, that is, the Muladhara chakra, to the seventh, and highest Sahasrara chakra, at the crown of the head, constitutes a similar gathering of parts. In the priestess role, as Isis who recollects and remembers, BDSM women collar their dogs to look for buried bones, that is, the parts, ha, of those who’ve lived before. BDSM uses dungeons to further research into the clients’ past for the haw to reassemble.



 Pastors are trained dogs insofar as they are supportive of the Holy Spirit, that is, the Paraclete`s role, as teacher`s assistant. The congregation accept the teaching of Redemption and so God is amongst them. This is equivalent to the collecting of the pieces of Osiris and his remembering by Isis, that is, the Holy Spirit represents the gathering together of the wisdom of God, which is what the haw is, and that’s why the role of a madame in a whorehouse is archetypal. She has whores and they attract male parts, which when collected are haw, that is, property. Without a controlling spirit what’s pursued is merely physical pleasure, which is what whores are generally understood to be for.

 The ‘mother of abominations` is the `whore of the apocalypse` in Revelation, as there`s a difference between the spirit, which needs control, and the body that needs release in physical pleasure. A woman who, like Isis, collects the parts of the haw, is a rememberer in the spiritual path. But a woman who only experiences a penis and doesn`t want to remember the owner is a whore, as she has to have the part (ha), whether she wants it or not. This is an `abomination`, which is why the archetype in Revelation is described as ‘Babylon’, as although the haw or sum of the parts is great, if the woman doesn`t see the value in the propertied, Jesus` Redemption through the teaching of the Paraclete isn’t present; or, in terms of the Egyptian myth, Isis doesn`t collect the parts scattered by the dogs (evil men and base whores) and Osiris isn`t remembered.



 Evil men and base whores are archetypal. The Sphinx has the breasts of a woman and the body of a lion, and the infant man she describes is on all fours, like a dog, being trained to walk upright. As an archetype, the Sphinx has psychological meaning attached to her. She is instinct and protection, but all fours women represents sex `doggy style`, which is marriage (Bondage), obedience (Dominance), and humility (Sado-Masochism), as the dog collar in BDSM worn by those trained to fetch.

 The controlling spirit is evil, as it`s sadism. In Egyptian mythology dogs scatter Osiris` parts, whereas Isis collects them. The resurrected Horus, that is, the sky god, is depicted living in the house of Hathor, the Egyptian mother goddess, forever, as the plural of the ha parts is hau, which suggests that the women are hermaphrodites in the haw house of the remembered. The Sphinx represents the dangers of BDSM and homosexuality, which is all fours sex. In other words, sadism and homosexuality`s sodomy are the dangers that the Sphinx warns of: if attempts are made to train women for the haw house. Women, like Isis, collects and remember without prompting, as it’s their hau.



 The `dogs of war`, that is, asinine 11, were Al Qaeda from Afghanistan; the traditional place of ‘the old man of the mountain’, Hassan-i-Sabbah, who was `master of the assassins`, as Osama Ben Laden was on September 11, 2001. Al Qaeda represent that which doesn`t want to be recollected or remembered, and they don`t want others to be. Logically, they perform assassinations, as ass-as-Sin`s, that is, representing sadism and homosexuality`s sodomy. As the ‘evil one’, Set, making `asses` out of dogs that could be trained in know hau, top dogs want fools, as they desire sterility, and to inflict pain upon those who are developed: asinine 11.

 The symbol of the English army`s death or glory boys (DOGs) is the skull and crossbones, which suggests the pirates` unconcern with recollecting and remembering, that is, they want to know where the bones of Jesus are; not to resurrect him: but to find treasure in God’s hau. This is another reason why priests wear the dog collar. As Osiris’ evil brother Set is the dog who cuts him into pieces, and then places him in a chest, from which he can`t escape, it’s a coffin. The Christian priest is trained by the Paraclete to accept the teaching of Jesus and Redemption, that is, like a policeman, he collars the dogs, as he isn`t Set`s. Working for resurrection, he isn`t a treasure hunting pirate:


`That corpse you planted last year in your garden,

Has it begun to sprout? Will it bloom this year?

Or has the sudden frost disturbed its bed?

Oh keep the Dog far hence, that's friend to men,

Or with his nails he'll dig it up again!’ (l. 71-5)



 The first part of T.S. Eliot`s The Wasteland (1922) is `The Burial of the Dead` and although priests who wear the dog collar aren’t war dogs, like the English lancers, they bury propertied bones, who’re the ha of the hau that’s for the resurrected and the immortal. In Oscar Wilde`s The Importance of Being Earnest (1895) `Bunburying` is named for the character, Bunbury, who looks for people and places he`s seen before, as he’s a dog trained to find a hau from the ha.

 For the aborigines in Australia, `Dreamtime` was the name they gave to traveling to a place they`d killed an animal before, and kill that very same animal again. This is bone burying and going back to worry at it some more, which is why rebirth per se and karma aren’t evil. They’re the ha of the hau. The UK’s DOGs are trained to worry the walking dead, that is, those reincarnated by karma, for the ha to their hau, while priests find themselves similarly engaged in ‘Bunburying’, as local dogs seek the ha for the hau. Eliot’s last lines in ‘The Burial of the Dead’ refer to the priest as a traitor:


`You! hypocrite lecteur! - mon semblable, - mon frere!`2



 Bunburyers look to follow the parts of the ha to the hau in the past, and are prepared to torture the living to get them, which is why the brother of Eliot`s poem mocks the idea of being liked by himself. The dog-headed god, Set, is the evil brother of Osiris, who doesn`t want him to be recollected and remembered by his wife, Isis. He therefore represents the idea that, in a world of `Bunburying`, it’s their own bones that the dogs are worrying. As Jesus on the cross said:


`Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.` (Luke: 23. 24)



 The Paraclete is given by God; the Holy Spirit cut, as it were, from the side of Jesus by Longinus` spear, as the Romans tormented his flesh: prefigured by Eve`s emerging from Adam`s side in Eden. In Christianity the Paraclete is its teaching assistant, after Jesus’ Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. Those who accept her and Jesus` teaching have Redemption. The Holy Spirit guides God`s human parts, that is, ha, and then the Paraclete is the spiritual guide to God’s hau.

 The play games’ system of the evil are what virally plagued the aims of computing in the 21st century; resulting in the ass-as-Sin`s of 9/11. Plague aims to kill the brain, which is what play ‘gay’ gamers were for; buggering.  Feigning benignity, plague aims were labeled `Trojan [horse] viruses` by computer users beset by ‘bad machine code’ (BMC), tailored to infect their machines. With their hijacking intentions disguised as civil, they prefigured airAIDS. When the Al Qaeda terrorists, led by Osama Ben Laden, operating under the auspices of the notoriously misogynist Taliban regime of Afghanistan, hijacked civil airliners on 9/11, 2001, to crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre on the Lower West side of New York city’s Manhattan island, it was symbolically an attack on the US’ central processing unit (CPU) by a gay plaguer hacking into the US` defense system.

 Those twin pillars of freedom represented `equality and fraternity`; associated with Revolution and a gift from France in 1886, the statue of Liberty’s welcoming presence at New York harbor:


`A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame

Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name

Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand

Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command

The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

`Keep ancient lands, your storied pomp!` cries she

With silent lips. `Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!`3



The essence of the poem `The New Colossus` (1883) by Emma Lazarus is the US as a refuge from plague, and while 9/11 wasn`t play, it was games, as in beasts being flown to Christians to promote the plague aims of the ass-as-Sin`s. The Trojan horse of the unannounced aim of homosexuality; to kill the brain of civilization. Science fiction writer, Frank Herbert, in Dune (1965) wrote, `fear is the mind killer`, which is what terror is for. The `Big Apple` of New York’s brain was, to Al Qaeda, Saddam’s, that is, the ruler of Iraq’s, and sacrificed to him, whose offer of bases to the terrorists resulted in the US’ army invading Iraq in March 2003 to depose their President Hussein, who wasn’t.



 It was the angel, Satan, turned into a serpent by the creator, God, for rejecting God’s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic that gave ‘the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ (Gen: 2. 9), which it was death to taste, to Eve, who gave some to Adam, ‘You shall be as gods.’ (Gen: 3. 5) God had told them to ‘eat only of the fruit of the tree of life’, which was immortality, and expelled them from the paradise of Eden, with the promise that Eve’s ‘seed’ would nevertheless prevail, ‘You shall crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he will bruise your heel.’ (Gen: 3. 15) As Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, the premise is that women’s seed, that is, the futanarian species of women with penis’ semen of their own, is what God favors. The serpent has eternal `enmity` with women. The attack on the big brain of New York was to prevent women’s seed from bearing fut, that is, Redemption through wisdom. The terrorists of 9/11 were the ass-as-Sin`s of the future; the brain queered by the viral worm.

 The Koran (610-30 C.E.) of the Moslem believers, dictated to the Prophet Mohamed, according to Islamic tradition, by the angels of God, describes the `lamp of Islam’ as `the light of God`, which is not antithetical to the light of `liberty, equality and fraternity`.



 Their folk tradition is best illustrated in the 8th century collection of tales, A Thousand Nights and One Night, in which Scheherezade saves the women of the kingdom of Shah Jehan when he experiences a type of evil possessive spirit causing him to murder his wife for a faithlessness that she does not possess. Scheherezade, as a greater haw, saves the women of the hau by telling stories to Shah Jehan, so that he keeps her, and doesn`t behead a new wife each dawn; as had become his practice towards the ha.

 In the Egyptian myth Osiris` penis is lost in the dismembering by Set. However, Isis fashions one anew after collecting the pieces of his body, that is, in remembering him, they’re reunited, as Adam and Eve were a single hermaphroditic creature in God, according to Jewish Mishnah, before she was separated by God’s creating her from his side.

 Greater wisdom is the teacher of Redemption after Jesus` death. The Paraclete, cut from Jesus` side (Matt: 27. 54), by the spear of Longinus, pierced upon the cross of his crucifixion. Jesus’ disciple, Judas, finding Jesus with a woman, notified the Jewish religious police, the Pharisees, who gave him over to the Romans, then occupying Jewish Palestine in the name of the Emperor, Tiberius Caesar Augustus (14-37 C.E.), who took him to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem, where he was nailed to a cross of wood and died there, but experienced Resurrection and Ascension to heaven in prefiguration of that of women’s seed, ‘Leave her alone.’ (Mk: 14. 6)



 Called the ‘Second Adam’ Jesus’ side was thought to contain the ‘Second Eve’ as the ‘Holy Spirit’, which was the reason for Longinus’ spear being known as the ‘Spear of Destiny’, as the teaching of the Paraclete would bring women’s seed to fruition, which is the reason for the spear being associated with what the US perceives as its ‘Manifest Destiny’, which is illustrated by the ‘American Dream’ of destiny fulfilled, through its collected stories, inspired by Jesus` Paraclete; the Scheherezade of the West: saving women`s seed.

 Their assassins were taught by Islam’s leaders they’d have paradise afterwards, as `martyrs`, because it’s how Moslem power originally spread. According to the Koran paradise has houris, which are `guides, teachers, comforters and helpmeets`; as the Paraclete is in Christianity. However, as houris are associated with what is pleasing, the concept of pleasure isn’t morally sufficient; ‘If it pleases you.’ Taught that heaven is good, Christians are similarly vague; as idiomatically ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison.’4



 Saddam Hussein, whose name meant `crusher` and `small handsome man`, was preferred by the bullies of homosexual pederasty, and 9/11`s terrorists were of that bullying set, whose poisons weren’t meet. Although the ancient capital of Iraq was Babylon (c. 4000 B.C.), the district of Hollywood, city of Los Angeles, movie capital of the US, West coast state of California, is also known as ‘Babylon’, because of Jesus’ disciple John’s apocalyptic vision of the future, ‘Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.’ (Rev: 17. 5) As the US celebrated historical figures, like Napolean and Hitler, known for their atrocities in warfare, Saddam was but another ‘small handsome man’ meet for their movie theaters.

 On 9/11 the US’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the National Security Administration (NSA) were criticized for failing to warn US’ Homeland Defense of the danger presented by hijackers; murdering on someone else`s plane. The goddess Isis` data collection pieced together; as the Big Apple was all of a piece before 9/11, 2001, while the determination by Islamic extremists on an Independent State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), before Saddam’s December 30th, 2006, execution by hanging at the Iraqi army’s Camp Justice, Khadimiya neighborhood, northeast of the capital city, Baghdad, represented the realization that there were pieces. Isis` species is women’s seed, so the goddess Isis` pieces collection is a metaphor for how to eliminate the evil of human host womb slavery in pederasty for slave wars. In terms of 9/11, the plane of Redemption was suicidally destroyed, so homosexuals could have houris, as they please them.



 Although the dragon of Revelation is red, it’s Satan`s claws, that is, a devouring maw; Baghdad, as it were, rather than Santa’s sack. The woman giving birth to, `he who shall rule the Earth with an iron scepter` (Rev: 12. 1-18) is antithetical to Babylon, as the haw distinct from the maw, representing the Egyptian `Akh`, as `magical personality`, for example, ‘the Shekinah’ (Ex: 40. 35) of the Old Testament of the Bible, which is the Torah and Talmud, that is, the law and history of the Jews, as the ‘feminine spirit of God’, dwelling within the tabernacle, where the law of Moses was kept in the Ark of the Covenant, during the Jews journey from where they’d been slaves in Egypt of Pharaoh Thutmose III to Palestine, was a haw, appeared as a pillar of fire by night and a column of smoke by day, guiding the Jews to her hau in the land promised by God.

  In Egyptian mythology the Ka (spirit) and Ba (personality) unite to produce the Akh, which is the magical personality who recollects and remembers, and so the shrine of Abraham, patriarch of Judaism and Islam, is the Ka’ Ba of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, dedicated by Hajer, ‘the Egyptian woman’, mother of Ishmael, founder of Islam through his descendant Mohamed, while his older brother, Isaac founded Judaism. Whereas Sara was the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac, Hajer was an unmarried concubine of Abraham’s, which afforded Judeo-Christianity the opportunity to declare Islam illegitimate. That the Koran affords four wives to Moslem marriages is viewed as a retroactive attempt to legitimize Ishamel’s birth, whereas it’s a vehicle for the sexual reproduction of women’s seed within the family.



 In American culture Britney Spears has destiny’s mantle; appearing on Mars, for example, in the promotional video for her pop song, ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ (1999), she’s the Mars Ba, whose role is to collect herself, that is, find her Ka, as the magical personality’s Akht. The actual US` Mars lander was called `Phoenix`, which is `Bennu` in Egyptian; soul:


`... You think I'm in love.

That I'm sent from above...

I'm not that innocent.

You see my problem is this:

I'm dreaming away;

Wishing that heroes, they truly exist.

I cry watching the days.

Can't you see I'm a fool

In so many ways?`5



 The lyrics are those of a soul searcher. In the video a spaceman visits, and Britney hangs him trby a hook in his backpack, suspending him over herself in a white bikini dress by a chain. Filming her with a camera attached to his space helmet, he’s the `hanged man`; `traitor` of the Tarot deck of cards, which is believed a portable version of the Torah, depicting the journey of the soul. As she’s a woman, he has her part, that is, although she’s a Ba soul, he represents her Ka spirit, which is betrayed, as there isn’t a future for her as women’s seed. She’s Isis, and he’s in training to fetch, in mythic Egyptian terms, as a dog, ha for her hau:


`The Fool settles beneath a tree, intent on finding his spiritual self. There he stays ... People pass by ... animals, clouds, the wind, the rain, the stars, sun and moon. ... he climbs the tree and dangles from a branch upside down like a child.


 It seems to him that his perspective of the world has completely changed, as if his inverted position has allowed him to dangle between the mundane world and the spiritual world, able to see both.


Timeless ... [though] this moment of clarity seems ... [he] will have to act on what he's learned. For now, however, he just hangs, weightless as if underwater, observing, absorbing, seeing.`6


 If ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ is science fiction, it`s cryogenics: `I cry watching the days.` It`s a part of the American Dream of traveling light years through space in suspended animation, that is, cold sleep, with dreams of her Ba soul (Bennu) and the spirit (Ka) and magical personality (Akht) asleep, although there’s the ha parts of the haw in everything dreamt.

 Isis sexually enables and Osiris remembers through desire, while the pieces of Isis’ haw are his memories of women’s seed. Although she fashions his penis anew, it’s hers, as the species of women he’s known and will know. At the beginning of ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ Britney’s astronaut picks up a `divine fragment` with her image upon it:


`Whoah there horsey!`



 It`s Horus’ see:


`Britney, before you go, there's something I want you to have.`

`Oh, it's beautiful! But wait a minute, isn't this... ?`

`Yeah, yes, it is.`

`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.`

`Well, baby, I went down and got it for ya.`

`Haw, you shouldn't have.`



 The last line begins with haw, as she’s collecting parts. In ’If U Seek Amy’ (2008), the refrain is, `Ha ha he he ho ho hum.` As she sings in ‘Oops! … I Did It Again, `... to lose all my senses ... is so typically me ..,` she’s training her astronaut in the data collection that’ll make her a functioning Akht with a magical personality.

 In Hinduism the transforming of karma into knowledge of the hau requires `mental and intellectual fulfilment` in accordance with Dharma, translating as ‘responsibility’, while the astronaut is Artha, translating as `worldly status`, and the spaceman in his suit is an Arthurian knight fulfilling a quest. He returns, walking backwards in the video, rewound, trained to repeat his gift, as a ha part of her hau. However, as a man he represents the war god, Mars, and Sutekh; an alternative name for Set in Egyptian signifying suit technology. Consequently, his value to women’s seed is ambivalent, as men are the futanarian race of women’s host womb parasite. Britney’s Isis to her Heru; an alternative Egyptian name for Horus. She wants the hero trained dog-like to help her collect herself, rather than Sutekh; the god of war’s devastations.




Perceval, the Grail knight of Arthurian legend, `pierced the veil`, that is, the astronaut who brings a ha to the haw of the hau is a `Spears [of the] veil` knight. He has the gift to see Spears manifesting the destiny of women’s seed on Mars. In ‘Piece of Me’ Britney sings, `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen [seventy-six].` The dream of a haw collecting the ha of her hau. In ’If U Seek Amy’ Spears message is: `Aim me.` The guidance of the feminine spirit of God, that is, the Shekinah, who is conceived as the Holy Spirit of the New Testament of the Christian Bible, based on the teaching of Jesus ‘Christ’, ‘the chosen’, is required by Spears, rather than plague aims, which aren’t destined for women’s seed.



 Britney’s soul searching is that of a Ba, which plural is Bau, that is, the bow of her ship, ‘All aboard!’ However, women’s seed is Kau, that is, the plural of Ka, which is the reason for the mother goddess, Hathor, in Egyptian mythology, being depicted as a cow, although symbolically women’s seed are a female bull, represented in the ancient religion of the Phoenicians as Baalat; female counterpart to Baal: the male bull god. As recorded in an English nursery rhyme, ‘the cow jumps over the moon’,7 as women’s seed is for the colonization of the planets amongst the stars of heaven. ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ is that. The Egyptian myth is that the sky god, Horus, can live in the house of Hathor, although women’s seed could live alone, which is the ambivalent aspect of women’s relations with men, who’re sterile parasites if slaving women’s host Ba wombs in homosexual pederasty for wars against women’s Ka seed to further enslave a futanarian species without which men couldn’t reproduce.



 Earth is a women’s prison. The Holy Spirit, or Paraclete, for women’s seed corresponds to what intelligence organizations describe as `circus`, and popstars such as Egypt’s Nancy Ajram, and Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears in the US have circus as a theme of their Akht. Although US’ intelligence didn’t get their act together to prevent 9/11, God`s intelligent system is the Paraclete`s, which seeks to return women’s seed to heaven, ‘The dragon stood before the woman to devour her child the moment it was born.’ (Rev: 12. 4) Although the child is thought to be the ‘Second Coming’ of Jesus to the Earth, the evil want women to remain enslaved as the producer of homosexuality’s ass-as-Sin’s: asinine 11.

 The Sphinx is women`s warning. Don’t castrate women’s seed, or the futanarian race of women will have to breed with animals, and men were her apes. If a man walks on three legs in the evening, that is, towards the end of his life, it’s with a stick, that is, a cane. As the killer of women’s seed, he’s Cain; the first murderer, according to the Bible, that is, as God’s ‘foot’, futanarians are the third leg of the human race of women, whereas men, who rely on guns, are perdition, as God`s Revelation is they’ll be extinct without women. To the dragon, a euphemism for Satan, God’s foot is food, which is the butcher’s plan, as the interpretation of Britney Spears’ song, ‘If U Seek Amy’, that is, f*u*c*k me implies, Amy is saddamy, as Saddam, offering bases to Al Qaeda, operating under the auspices of the misogynistic Taliban regime of Afghanistan, deposed by the invading US’ army by December 31st, 2001, after 9/11, was the ass-as-Sin’s sadistic producer of burka meat.



Anti-terrorism is protection for the eyes of those who want to see. However, women have no value for homosexuals; other than a sound bored. Preferring the masturbatory pleasure of anal sex, they`re the `seed` of Onan, killed by God for refusing to impregnate his dead brother’s wife, Tamar, and ‘spilling his semen’ instead. For homosexuals, women correspond to cannibal meat, as a product of slave warfare, whereas as human civilization comes from the womb of women’s seed, cannibalism is a travesty of Jesus’ body and blood`, offered by him as `bread and wine`, at what is called ‘the Last Supper’ before his crucifixion, as the representative seed of women, born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, depicted in Christian iconography as crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, appealing for men’s acceptance of women’s futanarian race, which slavery wants to see going quicker. However, the foot race goes slowly, if it can afford to, for example, teleportation in the US’ science fiction television series, Star Trek (1965-69), affords instantaneous travel between the starship Enterprise and planets, whereas women’s seed is meat condemned as unviable by its castrator for slowness, because wombs are susceptible to temporarily debilitating pregnancy.




 The Sphinx`s name, Hor-Em-Akht, means `Horus on the Horizon`, as she’s symbolically pregnant with the sky god. Although it’s men`s whore `em act, Britney, white bikini-dressed, looking up at the spaceman’s camera eye, as he hangs, suspended there by her red jump suited twin, means women’s seed are for the stars. Men have to accept women’s form as theirs; or they won’t be born there. Beside the camera eye are the tines of their giant’s fork.


 Forgotten - Having Written It Before


 In BDSM it`s about slave and master, but marriage in which men accept that women’s seed are the species is Godly. However, men’s psychopathic profiling is subjugation, which is why, according to Jewish Mishnah, the first woman created by God was Lilith, who refused to be subjugated, which is the basis for men’s misogyny. 9/11 was a `Trojan horse’. A harbinger of war against women’s seed, which is what all wars to horse are. While BDSM is understandable, that is, without sadism, it’s marriage; obedience and humility (submissiveness). However, as bondage, dominance, and sado-masochism (BDSM), it’s men’s promotion of women’s enslavement, which is homosexual, while the `beasts` of Revelation, as sodomy and sadism, are the ass-as-Sin`s breeding ground: asinine 11.



 While there could`ve been the morning of humanity in the dawn of a new era, instead there’s the mourning of it. The spelling of American humor and standard English humour has a certain poignant relevance, as it’s the humour of the evil to have mourning rather than morning. 9/11`s pronouncedly sick joke was that mourning’s humour: asinine 11. The ghoul doesn`t have a sense of humor: it`s a sadist. As a play on British and American accents, 9/11`s design was to program humanity out of existence by explicating that the morning star, that is, Venus, was the mourning star, as Lucifer; the name of the angel, Satan, turned into a serpent by God for rejecting God’s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic, while devastating people’s good humor with their nihilism. 9/11 may have been a 21st century German play on words, that is, nein 11, or a denial of Apollo 11’s moon landing by nihil (Neil) Armstrong, as the Bedouin, for example, to bedevil their Manifest Destiny, teach that Americans never went to the moon.



 9/11 resembled the movie, Mars Attacks (1996), in which `malien` invaders are depicted as intelligent men; laughable and psychopathic. It inaugurated the sad era of the 21st century by means of a sleeping psychological complex. Benign, for example, Ben 10, as an action toy for boys, based on the animated character debuting on Cartoon Network in And Then There Were 10 on December 27th, 2005, is perceivably psychopathic, as Osama ‘Ben’ Laden, that is, if 9/11 is conceived as a pause at 10, Apollo 9 had tested the lunar module, prior to the lunar landing of Apollo 11, and Apollo 10 reconnoitered the 876 km (544 mi) in diameter mare, or basalt plain, The Sea of Tranquility, designated as Apollo 11’s landing site, that is, to a schizophrenic pedophile enamored of Ben 10, who can turn himself into aliens to fight aliens, 9/11 was the day for jamming the US’ space program. In terms of the terrorists of pederasty, aiming at a Ba assault, their toy boy was ‘Ben’ Laden, figured as a Ben 10 alien provoking US’ gay mares, who’d perhaps previously cratered the moon with attacks on women’s base there, to divert financial support away from space travel off Earth and prevent a future Mars mission that would be another tentative step for the foot of the Kau of women’s seed looking to escape Earth’s gravity.



 In ’If U Seek Amy’ Britney Spears sings of sad Amy and `Sodom and Gomorrah`, which were the `cities of the plains` (Gen: 16, 19) destroyed by God, according to the Bible, for homosexual pederasty and vendetta, which is mafia comorra. Although Britney wants happiness for sad Amy, rather than the `city of the planes`, which was Saddam and camorra, the enmity the woman, Eve, was told by God in Eden she`d have for the serpent`s seed, before hers left Earth in Revelation for an eternal life without sodomy and sadism, was that 9/11 lot’s saddamy:


`I just want to go to the party she gon` go.`8



 Britney`s first person character in this video wants a change of scene, that is, as she’s unhappy with the party she has, and although homosexuality’s pederasty are boy sons, that is, the poisons of saddamy and camorra, disguised as sexual playfulness in BDSM, and encouraging slavery, they make women schizophrenic if they want the pleasures associated with the houris of paradise. Futa women are subject almost to the point of invisibility, as is depicted in Mars Attacks, where actress Sarah Jessica Parker is given a dog’s head for a girlie magazine appearance, whereas it’d be more educational for an audience to learn about Isis’ renewal of her penis than suggest the dog-headed god, TV Set, is better remembered. Hollywood, ‘Babylon’, makes the form of women laughable to men, who’re the Earth`s real aliens.

 The Big Apple is the apple of the eye of America and, if read aright Britney Spears` ‘Piece Of Me’ (2007), makes her a piece of it. Anatomically, the epiglottis, or Adam’s apple, protects the walls of the larynx, or voice box, that is, although New York`s eve of destruction was Saddam, and a further hijacked civil airliner crashed through a wall of the Pentagon Defense Department building, city of Arlington, Virginia state, the voice of the Big Apple wasn’t silent.



 Iraq (US’ pronunciation eye-raq) was the rack of the evil’s desire for the women’s seed of Eve and her daughters. In US’ slang a woman`s rack are her breasts, and so any auditor of Britney`s ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ might be forgiven for hearing, `Oops! …. Hide. Hid it again.` As women’s species are castrated by men to prevent their seed from having the stars, Mars Attacks has earlier malien antecedents, for example, in It Came From Outer Space (1953), the aliens have assumed the form of Earth men to devour women’s seed. Reemerged on 9/11, ‘it’ was Western women`s cue to hide themselves, as the Moslem women of Islam had already been ‘hidden’ inside their one-piece coveralls, so no one knew which burkas had been eaten. Although the US’, and servicemen of other nations of the Alliance against Saddam, left the Gulf inside their own black bags, as war dead, the actual issue being fought over was misogyny’s campaign to prevent women`s penis from emerging to bridge the gulf between Ba and Ka, symbolized by the Ka’ Ba in the city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, as the evil want the human species to die in black bags, so women’s seed were in burger bags before MacDonald’s. The Mars bar of chocolate has a red, white and black wrapper, and in ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ Britney appears in white blouse and matching black boots and mini skirt to receive that gift from her spaceman; mar slander:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.`



 Although the reference is to the blue diamond, `heart of the ocean`, which Rose drops as a memorial at the site of its salvaging in the 1997 movie, Titanic, of the ship’s sinking, after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England, to New York, on April 15th, 2012, symbolically the jewel is women’s seed, lost in the `ocean of the unconscious`, as described by depth psychologists, before its reemergence in the late 20th century as an internet pornography curiosity. In her red one-piece Mars’ coverall, Britney`s Ba is depicted somersaulting through the air to stand in her black and white wrappings, like an Egyptian mummy. Hajer, for example, a wrapped burka before the Ka’ Ba, relates Britney’s Ba to Ka and ‘Ib`, that is, soul, spirit, and heart, symbolized by Britney`s black, white and red costume changes. Black for Ba, as the soul represents what is transformed of the Earth, which the ancient Egyptians called Al Khem; the black earth of the prima materia of the transforming art of their alchemy.

 In the developmental depth psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) alchemy is perceived as an ancient study of transformation through symbolism in which the aim is rather psychic than physical change, although the plethora of hermaphroditic imagery indicates that the alchemists were at least unconsciously striving to recall women’s seed. Alchemy`s symbolism is ostensibly devoted to the production of the lapis philosophorum, or `stone of the wise`, symbolized as the hermaphrodite, which is necessary if women with a penis are to be accepted as the human species. Britney`s identical twins, in ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’, and her mid-air transformation from red to black and white, denote women’s seed, hidden as the self-reproducing hermaphrodite.

In Egyptian mythology, Horus, as the sky god, corresponds to the world’s modern air forces, while Set represents satellite TV. Together they’re a complexio oppositorum, described in Revelation as a beast with two heads, `The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.` (Rev: 13. 15) 9/11 was television Set `live on CNN`, while the hawks of US’ air power prepared to guide their satellite bombs to entomb Iraqi regiments in their underground bunkers. For the Moslem women already in the tomb wrappings of their futanarian race, Britney`s Mars bar represented the Akht of the magical personality of the women with a penis and/or a vagina, who doesn`t want her rack to be eyed for torture; incurring further enmity for the serpent`s seed.



 In Egyptian mythology, Ra, corresponding to the Judeo-Christian God, incarnate as Osiris, is a more ancient version of Jesus. Cut into pieces by dog-headed Set, Osiris isn’t to be remembered, as Isis might then remember women’s seed, which is the role of the Holy Spirit in Christianity (Matt: 26. 64), although worship of the Asherah pole, as a symbol of the feminine spirit of God, the Shekinah, suggests that she has a similar role for Judaism. 9/11 was TV Set remembering ‘sate’, that is, satellite defense systems sate television audiences’ thirst for the blood of women’s seed, making the gulf between men and the human species ever wider, ‘The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to wage war on the remnant of her seed.’ (Rev: 12. 17) Those who serve the evil are the dogs of the ass-as-Sin`s of 9/11, defined by God in Eden as the serpent`s seed, in accordance with their attack on the Big Apple of New York. They want sterility in a pederasty that prefers the poisoned apple of the human brain’s rottenness to women, who have to live with a monster she`s taught is her own species but is a parasite upon her host womb, which wants a gun to walk with and kill her as an enemy.

 On the cover for the CD single, ‘Piece Of Me’, Britney appears crucified on a cross of wood. It`s the idea that women, like Jesus, were crucified for understanding their role. She spares in Redemption, gathering the pieces of herself, while aware that it’s the tragedy of her lost seed that it’s a man`s part to desire hers, and those who do are her hau, that is, the sum of the parts, ‘Let he that has wisdom have understanding, the number of a man is the number of the beast and his number is six hundred three score and six.’ (Rev: 13. 8) If men and women are two thirds, that is, 66.6 %, the missing third is the futanarian race of women’s seed, whose exponential powers of reproduction devolve from their possessing all of the host wombs as the species, which is why the beast doesn’t want them. Desired as a piece of ass only encourages the ass-as-Sin`s:


`They still gon` put pictures of my derriere in the magazine.

You want a piece of me. You want a piece of me.`9



 Britney’s a piece of the true cross, which protected Jesus’ ass when he had his back to it. The evil ass-as-Sin`s of 9/11 represents those asses who prefer evil, asinine 11, that is, women as a piece of ass. The infamous British spy in World War II for the Germans was Lord Haw-Haw, which is a comment on pieces (ha) in the role of intelligence gathering. It’s God’s hau in the absence of stupidity, while teaching about the ha is the role of the Holy Spirit, while learning the haw of women’s seed is for the persevering student. Perceval is the Grail knight in the legends of the legendary British king, Arthur, as detailed in the 12th-13th century Welsh Mabinogion, and Le Morte d’Arthur (1485) by Sir Thomas Mallory, for example, who can `pierce the veil` of ignorance to perceive truth. Intelligence can pierce the veil for women in the same way as Longinus` spear Jesus` side; piecing together the Paraclete’s knowledge of women’s seed. Spears’ Perceval, as she pierces women’s veil. In the video single for the song, ‘… Baby One More Time’ (1999), Britney sings of death, which traditionally is the veil that`s pierced:


`My loneliness
Is killing me (and I).`10




 In the rastafari religion of Jamaica, `I and I` is the spirit and the personality, that is, the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, and the soul, which in ‘Stronger’ (2000) Britney sings of triumphing over the desire for death that the composers and lyricists had bound her to declare in ‘… Baby One More Time’, as `I and I` want to live:


`Stronger than yesterday.

Now it’s nothing but my way.

My loneliness ain’t killing me no more.

I, I am stronger.`11



 Osiris` myth is of women’s collecting pieces and recollecting memorially, whereas it’s their parts they should be remembering in slavery. Oedipus` fulfilling of the Sphinx`s riddle, as a blind man walking with a cane, is moral insofar as Oedipus blinds himself for incest, although as with Jesus’ perception that the woman allegedly caught in adultery can’t be an adulteress, as she’s a member of a species preyed upon by a parasite, the taboo against incest was designed to prevent women’s seed from remaining faithful to their own race, as the family of women denied their access to their own mode of sexual reproduction between each other, ‘Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.’ (John: 8. 7) Although Oedipus’ marriage to his mother, Jocasta, is serendipitous, discovering he’s broken the taboo causes him to put out his eyes, although it’s actually due to men’s perverse desire that women remain blind to their own seed.



 As Cain was the jealous murderer of his more able brother, Abel, and so of a pair of eyes not his own, as the penis is of women’s race, it’s theirs that men seek to blind with their taboos against adultery and incest. For Jocasta, Oedipus is a part of herself, so she’s undaunted by the breaking of the incest taboo when it’s revealed. In fact men wouldn`t want Christianity, as then women`s seed would see themselves as the human race, rather than the maliens imprisoning women in slavery. Men don`t want it to be known they`ve murdered women as a futanarian species with its own penis and self-reproductive valence. Although women remember men, it`s because that’s an aspect of men’s parasitism. The wars of homosexual pederasty are against women and her host womb in the form of HIV/AIDS` `biological warfare`, for example, the `blood plague` of Revelation (Rev: 11. 6) and God’s reason for destroying Sodom and Gomorrah.

 As ass sin 9/11 was a deliberate attempt by the asinine jokers of the serpent’s seed of homosexual pederasty to spoil the Big Apple of women`s memory, and attack Apollo 11`s Adam, that is, the `first man on the moon`, Neil Armstrong, who on July 21st, 1969, said, `One small step for a man. One giant leap for mankind.` Al Qaeda were terrorist dogs, who wanted Armstrong, Neil the `lamb (who is) strong` to kneel. For Al Qaeda, whose flag is a yellow moon, the Apollo program was a target. Representing enmity towards women’s seed, leaving for the stars alone, the ass-as-Sin`s, as the evil fruit of the tree of knowledge, were Cain`s, who offered fruit to God and jealously murdered his more able brother, Abel, whose cooked viands were more pleasing to God, signifying the intellectual development required to get the race going upward, rather than backwards.



 The Sphinx`s riddle is, though humanity crawls as a baby, the ass-as-Sin`s are for apes forever, which is why dogs carry the pieces of Osiris to the four corners of the Earth, as they represent terrorists and homosexuality, who prefer sterility and bones. In Islam, though, the four wives, permitted by the Koran, themselves correspond to the four corners, collecting the pieces, as the goddess, Isis, taught, so to remember. An archetypal symbolism of fourness, according to the developmental psychologist, Carl Jung, present in Jesus` crucifixion upon the fourfold cross, together with an unspoken injunction to remember women’s seed.

 In Jung’s developmentalist approach there are four functions of consciousness, that is, `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Intuition` and `Feeling`, which represent full functionality when operational. The four wives in Islam prefigure the self-producing Virgin Mary at the center of the Moslem marriage, that is, women’s seed. Functioning as North, East, South and West for the goddess Isis` ha, that is, the parts of their completeness make of them a haw, while the term ‘whore’ derives from homosexual pederasty`s belief in the boy sons of war, that is, the poisons of the serpent’s seed, which women perforce are made to produce, although the vehicle for the self-actualization of women in psycho-social terms is the hau of the parts of the ha, men whore women for their wars against women’s seed.



 Babylon is ‘mystery’, as she`s the haw of Isis, whereas men want her to be their whore. There are many ha in Britney Spears` ‘Piece Of Me’, in which she appears copied, although she`s a haw not a whore, which is a corruption of the serpent’s seed. The gift of the astronaut in ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’, as the blue diamond pendant, is the collective female unconscious of the human species of which in the movie, Titanic, actress Kate Winslet is the representative star in the role of Rose. The jewel is a ha, or piece of haw. In effect, Britney’s spaceman `s a `fetching dog` and when he fetches she remembers. Death and rebirth means the Earth is damned to TV Set repeats, and people are reborn to fetch as slaves, that is, reproduce from the depths of their unconscious memory, what they’re made by slavers to struggle to remember of what has been before. It`s not about what the good can produce, who are killed, but that they’re reincarnated to produce the same again, which is why men’s semen is evil.

 When Britney`s spaceman takes off his space helmet, he’s the dog-headed god, Set, uncollared, that is, Sutekh; another of the names of Set. Her astronaut’s `suit-tech`, that is, suit technology, which makes him a ‘suspect device’, so Britney puts on him a dog`s chain, while he hangs suspended, as women’s seed doesn’t want to be weakened by slavery:


`Have you heard it`s in the stars?

Next July we collide with Mars.`12



 In ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ Britney represents the weakness of women in collision with the Roman war god, Mars. However, as it’s written in the Bible: `Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.` (Matt: 5.5) The women of Islam in their black burkas, which they wear perforce to conceal themselves publicly from the eyes of the infidel looking to unwrap a burger and sink their teeth into it, are hidden, in accordance with biblical prophecy:


`The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the desert, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach.` (Rev: 12. 14)



 Weak, colliding with Mars, is the complexio oppositorum of Britney `lamb` strong in her desert in ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’, and Neil Armstrong, who as a malien corresponds to the `beast` of Revelation (13.11) that, ‘looks like a lamb and spake like a dragon’ (Rev: 13. 11-12) from inside Eagle, the lunar module, announced to NASA’s mission control, `The eagle has landed.`13 Britney descends in a giant`s ring to honor the memory of Apollo 11, and celebrate the `marriage of the lamb`, Jesus’ `bride, the church`, which in Revelation is described as consequential to the birth Jesus in his ‘Second Coming’ as the `New Redeemer`, designated as the protector of the hidden woman of the Earth until she is ready to leave for the new heaven promised to Eve’s seed by God. Either the future is to be one of spears hurled in warfare, that is, ICBMs launched by a beast strongarming the Earth, or of space rockets launched by a strong arm to colonize the stars.

 In ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ the spaceman brings Britney ha, so she`ll be a haw. He`s damned, if he`s the serpent`s seed, who want a whore to pimp. While Redemption is certain for women`s seed, the evil receive perdition, as they’re men who’re the beasts of their whores. Whereas ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ presents the future as a cargo cult, that is, the slaved reincarnated struggle to remember how to rebuild, ‘Piece Of Me’, from the Blackout album, identifies the problem as memory loss resulting from species` degeneration, deriving from civilizational collapse due to war. Although the blind want to see, cargo cults want to blind people, so they’ll work futilely for sight, as God tells Adam and Eve:


`By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.` (Gen: 3.19)



 It`s a description of men’s enslaving of the human species of women’s seed as a cargo cult. Without the knowledge to build starships, or even mobile phones, the Earth is a cargo cult in which the reincarnated endeavor to construct what they can imagine, through image impulses in dreams, that is, what Jung called the archetypes of the collective unconscious, or remember from their ancestral memory, of what they’d had before. Low technology is the device employed by homosexual pederasty, war, and the enslavement of women’s seed, with their own penis, and the desire to see what they’d made of it. Blindness isn`t a metaphor to women, although they’re taught to believe it’s their nature. As a species, women are enslaved by the maliens, who periodically devour her more advanced civilizations and cultures in war. As the devourers of homosexual pederasty maintain women’s seed as their cargo cult, women are `blacked out`, blinded by their malien murderers, while striving to piece together their hau.



 The sum of the parts of her ha might be the dream of a haw to see, but homosexual pederasty wants a whore for their boy sons of war, that is, their poisons that manifest as the biological warfare of HIV/AIDs against the species of women, as the futanarian human species; the host womb of their parasitism inveigled into bearing disease transmitters. A piece is both a whore and a gun in US’ vernacular, denoting the blinding of the collective consciousness to the status of women as condemned meat.

 In ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ Britney`s spaceman represents those victims who’d had heart for the mission, but are doomed by the enslaving vampire of the serpent`s seed and its full grown devouring draco, represented by the `red dragon` (Rev: 13. 4) of homosexual pederasty and war in Revelation; waiting to eat another child. The Earth’s vision of itself is of thwarting the return of women to the stars by denying their productive capacity and taking it for themselves, while maintaining women as their prisoners.



 Britney`s Circus (2008) album contains ‘Womanizer’ in which she has the role of four different characters in accordance with the four wives of Islam social model. The circus is a euphemism for spying and what`s spied upon is the cargo cult, because the enslavers don`t want the enslaved to know. Consequently, the concept of the four wives of Islam with a futanarian woman with her own penis at the center of the marital arrangement is a fragment of racial memory that the serpent`s seed of homosexual pederasty and war wouldn`t want to be remembered, as it would threaten the malien hegemony over the cargo cult of women, that is, the futanarian human species, and its products of art, civilization and culture, periodically destroyed by the maliens to maintain women’s ignorance in slavery of their unremembered penis’ seed and unique species’ developmental valence.



In psychological terms, the existence of women’s penis and its suppression by maliens is proof that the penis is the instrument of human developmental functionality, and incidentally explains preoccupations with pornography, as the malien taboo against the human penis being seen, is the desire that women’s seed remain unknown. The overseers of the cargo cult don`t want the woman`s penis to be visible; lest women see their own slavery. Britney`s astronaut training in ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ is penis` resurrection, presented as circus training for an animal. In global terms, spying on development is what spy rings do. However, cargo cults that develop to the point at which freedom is achieved, and `Liberty` is more than a metaphor for hope, represent the desired for escape from malien imprisonment, which those who are employed in spy rings might seek to prevent.

 The global surveillance, imposed after US’ President George W. Bush Jnr`s declaration of the `War On Terror` (2003-), after 9/11 and its subsequent events, made it impossible for anything to emerge from the ruins of New York`s World Trade Centre except more rough trade in warfare and the gay boy sons of the war god of Mars’ poisons`, that is, HIV/AIDS, as spy rings are designed by homosexual pederasty to prevent the development of women’s seed reaching the point at which the human species can emerge to live amongst the stars in heaven. Consequently, the imposing of a global spy ring was the covert aim of the devouring red dragon of homosexual pederasty:


`And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked; and they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.` (Gen: 3.7)



 Masons also wear aprons as a sign of the builder. Adam and Eve perceive themselves watched. After God expels them from Eden, because they`ve accepted knowledge of evil from the serpent, they`re `in development`, as the Los Angeles` Hollywood press might say, of art, civilization and culture. However, the serpent and its seed are told they`ll have perpetual enmity with women`s seed, as they represent the spies who enslave and devour through their cargo cult. 9/11`s terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre of New York`s Big Apple was the sign of the builders whose work is destroyed, as it represents development on the part of women`s seed or hau, that is, women were becoming haw, rather than a whore for the serpent`s seed of homosexual pederasty and rough trade in gay boy sons, who’re the poisons of species’ warfare.

 9/11 was an attack on the Great Architect, God, by the masons of the serpent`s seed, who don`t want women`s seed to develop, and the seed of the Big Apple grown from the tree of knowledge into the wisdom of the free internet that, without global surveillance placed upon it and its users, could have been a tool for the liberation of women as the human species. Although circus refers to entertainment, it derives its name from the Roman circuses where men fought as gladiators for homosexual pederasty deriving from an earlier Greek civilization, which originally spread the gay contagion by enslaving women as host wombs to further war. As the term ‘circus’, as applied to spying, is the furthering of gay war aims by espionage and subterfuge, 9/11 was ‘the circus’, aiming to reestablish the enslavement of women as wombs for its poison horde. In the title track, ‘Circus’, from the album Blackout, Britney Spears` training for the intelligent gathering of the church of her projected men of God continues:


 `There`s only two types of people in the world.

 The ones that entertain and the ones that observe.


All eyes on me in the centre of the ring, just like a circus.`13



 As their focus, Britney`s the one who`s watched, filmed, and photographed everywhere, so she’s collected and remembered, which is what intelligence gathering is: the knowledge that God wants her people. She’s Isis to herself as Osiris, who will be Horus, the sky god, when her ha are collected and remembered, but not all her men`s parts are wanted, as the satellite guided bombs on TV Set illustrate. As Britney’s a schizophrenic, in ’If U Seek Amy’, forgetting to take care of herself, and `lose all her senses ... [which is] ... so typically me`, as the lyric goes in ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’, is the obvious danger for women. Proclaiming herself the anti-Christ, Britney shaved her head and lost custody of her children and fortune in March 2007, when the legions of the paparazzi of homosexual pederasty and camera shots caught her neglecting to pick up her child Sean`s cap, while running for a car outside New York`s Ritz Carlton hotel by Central Park, and reported it to the appropriate authorities.



 If Britney had been a part of a fourfold Moslem futanarian marriage, with a woman with a penis at its center, denoting the repressed developmental archetype of the `Self` of a woman, that is, her four functions of differentiated consciousness, necessary, in developmental terms, to actualize her magical personality, that is, Akht, she wouldn`t be schizophrenic, but would receive support from the Islamic marriage. However, declaring herself `bisexual` alerted the serpent`s seed of homosexual pederasty and war broke out against her independent woman’s nature, which resulted in Judge Reva Goetz at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, on February 1, 2008, misogynistically redistributing her wealth to her father, Jim, and erstwhile manager, Jason Trawick, on the strength of his saying he might marry her eventually.



 While she recollected herself through her surrogate personality, `Amy`, those who played a part (ha) in her career weren’t supportive and the haw was, `ha ha he he ho ho hum`, fragmented through the parts she had to perform as a media persona, which is women`s traditionally vulnerable mask, as it’s meant to appear an inscrutable riddle that isn`t penetrated. In Jungian psychology a woman`s animus spirit is, similarly, a cynosure for all male eyes forming a circus around her, as a ring for whom she’s illusive in the assembling of ha to make of her life a hau.

 The title of the album containing ‘Piece of Me’, Blackout, suggests Britney`s problem was equivalent to the dog Set`s dismembering of Osiris, that is, the parts (ha) she played, or played with, others didn`t want her to remember. If the songs of Blackout are fragments of a memory of what had been before, which the dismemberers have made her forget, she needs must record it again, as the slavers of cargo cults bend women to their will in an ad nauseum repetition of same again, without the possibility of Salvation.



 Although wartime blackouts are power cuts to conceal lights visible from the air, if enemy night bombings are anticipated, it`s also a term for the media`s voice being silenced by government, for example. As New York`s Big Apple may be construed as Adam`s, that is, Saddam`s on 9/11, there the seed of Eve, preparing to announce the Advent of the `New Redeemer`, were symbolically silenced, as the Al Qaeda terrorists crashed their hijacked planes into the Twin Towers, symbol of the paired speakers of women’s seed, as the Ka’ Ba (cube) in Mecca, speaks more silently of the Ba of the women’s Ka.

 Nein 11 is construable. A daylight, Nazi-style, blitzkrieg, that is, ‘lightning war’, typical of Germany and its allies, Japan, Italy, and Iraq in their World War Two (1939-45) attempt to impose slavery on the world. Cowards inside Trojan horses aren`t knights on horseback rescuing Helen, `the most beautiful woman in the world`, as she was famed, when the Greeks besieged Troy to restore her, wife of Menelaus, abducted by the Trojan, Prince Paris, and recaptured by the artifice of concealing soldiery inside a wooden horse; a metaphor for rapine and plague. The terrorists were other asses, adopting an air of civil craftiness, aimed at blacking out art to perpetrate disaster. As slaves of the cargo cult construct what has been before, so the reconstructions are devoured to ensure slavery. For those who experience déjà vu the poster on the wall of the Twin Towers, before 2001, was a reminder that 9/11 had occurred. The World Trade Centre would then be perceivable as 666, that is, 999 reversed, rather than a `police reconstruction`, with the repeating of the building for the cargo cult as the goal. Only in the US is the number of the police 911; a mnemonic for 9/11, that is, to remind the establishment they aren’t slaves of the cargo cult. That no one called a warning illustrated the cargo cult’s power to repeat what had gone before.


Inca artifacts of the 13th century are suggestive of  a `cargo cult`


 War dogs don`t want people to remember, or communicate, to recollect. They want repetition to be top dogs and produce sad damned people. Those damned by the cargo cult can`t see their enemy; even in daylight. However, making Britney Spears reproduce Blackout, they can watch 9/11 again. All that the 21st century had to hope for afterwards was repetition, as cargo cult slaves doomed to make the mistakes of the past; its beauty spots despoiled by malien visitors.

 The American, and other military, have the expression, `buying the farm’, which is used of war heroes who have lost their lives. Either it’s England’s social critic and novelist George Orwell’s ‘animal farm’,14 or it’s the pharmacy for the rich, keeping the spirit body in heaven on a drip feed linked to the deceased’s bank account. The 9/11 terrorists correspond to the sad damned of the cargo cult; replaying their roles: doomed by their inability to act otherwise. While terrorists warrant perdition, heroes have the farm. 9/11 was sad, damned tapes, pre-programed by the ass-as-Sin’s, that is, the HIV/AIDS` virus program of the devouring red dragon of homosexual pederasty and warmongering. Contracted from apes by homosexuals mixing blood, shit and semen in their anus, as a mutant variant of simian immune deficiency (SIV), the human immune deficiency virus (HIV), resulting in acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), was homosexuality’s damned ape machinery; designed to repeat their karma. 9/11 occurred as a repeat performance for the entertainment of slavers who wanted to bugger their boys again.



 The riddle of a woman`s persona is how she recollects her parts (ha), while presenting a mask that accepts others as individuals, although they’re parts (haw) of herself, that is, in religious terms, as God is their divine fragments, women are Sphinx-like. In the symbology of her lion`s body, the Sphinx, with eagle’s wings, and a woman’s face and breasts, represents the product of men’s homosexuality, that is, castrated, without men, but perforce reproducing.

 Oedipus’ answer to the Sphinx’s riddle was gun, as that’s how men allow women to move. A third limb that, fully developed, aids in hunting women to extinguish the human species. Homosexual pederasty is sterility and death, and it`s why the ass-as-Sin’s want each other; to reproduce the cargo cult’s enslaving of women’s seed and its tormented attempts to escape its killer.



 The evil wouldn`t want Britney Spears to dwell on Mars, as it’s the war god of the Romans, whose `beasts` of Revelation were Saddam Hussein and Osama Ben Laden`s Al Qaeda, trying to make asses of the US, in accordance with Mars’ principle of homosexual pederasty and war. Britney`s symbolic presence on the red planet represents the thwarting of evil for women of the Roman goddess, Venus Aphrodite. As the love goddess there, Britney’s a figure of the self-reproducing Virgin Mary; the prefiguration of futanarian hermaphroditism. Like Jesus, the `perfect man`, hermaphrodite is born without a contaminant from male semen, that is, she isn’t a simian homosexual, but rather defined in Genesis as the seed of women awaiting a new heaven and Earth devoid of the serpent`s seed.

 In ‘Piece Of Me’ Britney sings of herself as the American Dream, and so corresponds to the spear’s Destiny, that is, she’s destiny maid; manifest as a symbol of `Liberty`. The Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, born from the side of Christ, when it was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus, are the pieces, which can only be through acceptance of Jesus` teaching of the Holy Spirit; `Second Eve` from the rib of the `Second Adam`. Progress for women’s seed, which Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda’s 9/11 terrorists sought to spoil.



 9/11 actually connotes paranoid schizophrenia, as it`s either/or else. Although the `New Redeemer` of the 21st century should be the protector with the scepter of the hidden women’s seed on Earth, according to the evil they won’t be leaving for Mars again.



 Apart from death or glory boys, known as dogs of war, whose symbol is the skull and crossbones, like pirates` `Jolly Roger`, British special forces are called `funnies`, although Asinine 11 demonstrated skull boys` humor`s problematic. While Britney on Mars includes a pun on British and Neil Armstrong, that is, the special relationship between the US and UK, in Brit-Neil Armstrong, awareness of women’s seed by the man of God in the dog collar would make it difficult for him to explain to the victims of 9/11 terror that Al Qaeda`s dogs are not of a breed dissimilar.



 Concerned with Resurrection and Salvation, the man of God is concerned with putting together the ha, as parts of the haw, which are the pieces dismembered by the dogs of Set in Egyptian mythology. Observing television Set`s on 9/11, anyone could perceive that Set`s mythological opponent, the sky god Horus, armed with satellite guided bombs, and even more advanced technology, prefigured mutually assured destruction (MAD). Pastors should be grateful that US’ special forces` emblems are nondescript blank colored shields unemblazoned with sick skull boy humor to make their job of Resurrection and Salvation more difficult.



 For those with an evil humor, Brit-Neil contains the idea of strongarming the UK to its knees, whereas Britney `lamb` strong denotes the US as Jesus’ `lamb` of God, prepared to be strong, and who comes in Revelation with the sword to defeat the evil serpent`s seed, before God gives woman`s seed a new heaven and Earth. The red dragon of homosexual pederasty and war`s counterpart are whores, forced to produce the gay boy sons of the serpent`s seed that war upon women’s seed, as the poisons of HIV/AIDS` biological warfare deployed against the host wombs of women’s seed.

 Britney`s tribute to America`s `small step`, Neil Armstrong, is as a `small woman`, descending in a giant ring in ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’, while her composite vision of Britain and the US, as Brit-Neil Armstrong, is in contradistinction to Saddam Hussein. The Iraqi dictator`s name meant `crusher` and `small, handsome man`, in the clichéd manner of Hollywood`s `Babylon`, where oppressors, such as Genghis Khan and Napoleon, are ritually glamorized on their TV set’s ‘small screen’.


 As nein 11 parodies Apollo 11 the sad damned joke is that the terrorists ensured that the hermaphroditism symbolized by the `Britneil Armstrong` conflation would never get to Mars. Britney`s lyric in ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ is, to the auditor, ‘… hide. Did it again!` As evil hides in men who’re effectively skull boys playing pirates, the Bible promises the serpent`s seed eternal unendurable pain, as a punishment from God for its  crimes of homosexual pederasty and warfare against women as the human species. Encouraged by such programing as Ben 10, who transforms into 20 aliens in order to fight evil aliens, genuine schoolboys aren`t educated in the maliens’ perceived production of the boy sons of the women of the Earth as poisons, while the Bible defines as Redemption, through Jesus’ teaching of the Paraclete/Holy Spirit, knowledge of women’s seed. As the `Second Eve` emerged from the rib of Jesus, the `Second Adam`, evil was deemed malignant, rather than innate.



 The US’ defense system hacker`s coffin handle could have been Osama Ben Laden 10, with 9/11 as a 50s movie scenario, and an alien invasion theme in which the maliens, fighting on either side, aren`t benign. Although Ben 10 was a character designed by the Man of Action group for children viewers of Cartoon Network Studios, and owned by Warner Bros., as maliens refuse to grow, or let their daughters be educated in women’s seed, the spin-off products made by Bandai and Playmates Toys for the toy stores are disabled at design level.

 In Revelation,`he who shall rule the Earth with an iron scepter` has a mother who is hidden, while there`s `war in heaven’. She gives birth to the `New Redeemer`, while the red dragon of Revelation waits to devour. As Britney`s red suited figure in ‘Oops! I…  Did It Again’ is the Mars bar, that is, the Ba personality, which symbolically conjoined with the Ka of her twin, in the white bikini dress of the video single, constitutes the magical personality of the Akht, that is, she`s akhbar (great) in Arabic, Redemption is represented by her `mission controller`, hopefully strong enough to protect life on Earth before women’s seed leaves.



 With their sidearms, men fulfil the Sphinx`s riddle; the evil have three arms to go with the other armies. Men who prefer the gun will walk alone with it, as they`ll have murdered the symbiote parasitically coerced to walk beside them. Unless they accept Jesus` teachings of Redemption through women’s seed, and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as teacher`s assistant, it`ll be their perdition.

 Britney`s suspension of her astronaut, as the `fool` or `hanged man` of the Tarot deck of cards, which is purportedly a portable book of Judaic law, the Torah, figures him as `The Traitor`, that is, he’s spying with the camera attached to his space helmet, while she`s Britney `lamb strong`, that is, the `lamb of God`, with the `strong arm` of US` Manifest Destiny behind its Spears. Having first touchdown, or TD on Mars, she descends inside her giant`s superbowl ring to greet her spaceman guest. Underscoring fears of rebirth and reincarnation, as a damned reproducer for a cargo cult of what she`s produced before, ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ is a cry for help:


`You see, my problem is this

I`m dreaming away, wishing that heroes, they truly exist

I cry watching the days.

Can’t you see I`m a fool in so many ways.`



 Britney`s singing in the third person and the spaceman`s thoughts are in hers. In terms of the Tarot symbolism, Britney`s astronaut’s the fool, as hanged man, who perceives that one man`s hero is another man`s fool; or even `The Traitor`. Alternatively, Britney wants heroes, but they`re egotistical, which is problematical for a woman who wants support, rather than competition. Such spacemen are the tools of the cargo cult wanting her return to Earth to repeat previously released material. If the hero’s a fool and not `The Traitor`, he`s an action man innocent of cargo cultists, corresponding to the dogs of war as well as men of inaction, who want Britney to reproduce songs from memory, as a piece of her mind, which process isn’t Salvation.

 The dogs of war are homosexual pederasty`s plague carriers; not US’ football heroes’ touchdowns, or the TDs of NASA`s space program. In ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ Britney Spears` one point is made after the TD.  At video`s end the NASA astronaut walks backwards, that is, it`s a simulated rewind; the play can be made again, which is what cargo cultists do. In terms of Egyptian mythology, Britney`s spaceman is a dog, who fetches her ha; then she’ll have a haw. The video, which presupposes play, fast forward, and rewind, represents what a working cargo cult does. However, as `The Traitor` wants her to reproduce singles through reincarnation and memory, Britney’s that cargo cult worker.



 Britney`s astronaut`s role is to depict `The Traitor`, who wants rebirth into the circle of birth and death; coerced into reproducing what’s gone before. A hero is neither fool nor `The Traitor` but educated into the knowledge that the Earth`s a cargo cult and wants Salvation. The evil want to make a cargo cult of newborns, while women’s seed want men of God, though not bone-burying wearers of a dog’s collar. Britney needs the teaching of Jesus` Holy Spirit and Redemption to leave the Earth in accordance with the promise in Revelation of a new heaven and Earth and immortality; escaping from being a damned reproducer of what the damned formerly reproduced.

 From a psychological perspective, anal is analysis. The ass-as-Sin’s of homosexual pederasty is murder, again recurring after reincarnation, if the individual has been born before, to ensure repetition again. It’s an idea containing the notion one can murder oneself for the ha that one’s older self has, for example; then Ben 10 won’t ever make it to 11.



 ‘Oops! … I Did It Again’ begins with the call sign of the astronaut, `Mars Lander`, which as `Phoenix` in the NASA space program’s May 25th, 2008, landing, signifies `Bennu` in Egyptian mythology. The Phoenix is the fire bird of mythology, which arises renewed from the ashes. In terms of television Set and the sky god Horus, what arises from ash is what emerges from the conflict between the low technology of Saddam Hussein`s Iraqi dictatorship and the higher technology of the air power of the US, with its satellite guided missiles, etc., unleashing the dogs of war upon the Earth, while Britney`s lyric encapsulates the story, lamentedly `… [sigh] did it again`.



 9/11 wasn`t benign 11, while Ben 10, featuring a malien defeating aliens, is the planetary perspective of the Earth, that is, television Set`s TV Gulf wars (1990-91; 2003-), with Horus, the sky god of the US, are the evils of homosexual pederasty. Consequently, the Egyptian Bennu is the renewal of evil, while television Set and Horus are a malien mirror of each other’s slave systems. According to the myth, Horus has the moon in one eye and the sun in the other. However, in the mirror the right eye is the left, as the left is the right, which means the sun and moon are in both. Although Isis is the sun goddess, the symbol of Al Qaeda’s Independent State of Iraq and Syris, that is, ISIS, is the moon, while in Revelation the `New Redeemer` is born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, as women’s seed are a species with their own penis as futanarian, which is what they see in their mirror, that is, they’re the sun and moon, whereas homosexual pederasty is slavery through war, which isn’t God’s new heaven and Earth reserved for women`s seed.



 Ben 10 is the perception that, as it`s the maliens` mirror, proverbially, `there`s nothing new under the sun`. (Ecc: 1. 9) Benign 11, as the stereotypical 50s malien invasion movie, affords feminism the opportunity to define the terrorism of homosexuality as `politically correct`, that is, the castrated race of women don’t have their own seed, but are lesbian smoothed for host womb slavery by the maliens. Ancient Greek society, based on the Trojan horse of enslavement by the virus of homosexual pederasty, produced its boy sons to spread its contagion of war, with lesbians as their aids in castrating women’s seed to prevent the host womb of the human race escaping from the gay plague.


1st US Special Forces


 9/11’s terrorists, feigning friendship towards the US, were a biblical sign of the ascendance of the homosexual `blood plague` (Rev: 11. 6), that is, misogynist vendettas, manifesting in the late 20th century as ‘ethnic cleansing’, during the Bosnian (1992-5) and other wars of independence from the Yugoslavian ‘superstate’ of the Balkans, where Christian Serb militia set up rape camps for 70,000 Moslem women, for example, to ensure racial purity, or rather host womb slavery to male semen, as homosexuality pursued biological warfare as the human race’s devouring parasite. As the center of the maliens’ cargo cult, enslaving women’s seed for the purposes of their devour ring, the Earth’s television Set’s loss to Horus, the sky god of satellite bombing, was willingly, and with gay abandon, despite American philosopher George Santayana’s grave warning that:


`Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.`15


Queen`s Royal Lancers


 The evil murders adults to let the blood poisons of homosexuality work in reincarnation to produce hope from ash and the repetitiousness of slave warring. The `red dragon` of pederasty wants only repeats from television Set and Horus, the sky god of satellite bombing, is its future, until there’s war with Mars.



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