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The War Of The Worlds

02/01/2012 02:47

The War Of The Worlds



The lasting image from 2005`s War Of The Worlds is of Dakota Fanning, running down the street while rays from giant war machines from Mars annihilate her friends and relatives as she flees. The original text was written by H. G. Wells in the nineteenth century, and it was director narrator Orson Wells radio broadcast of 1938 that restored the story to prominence. The tale was presented as happening in `real time` and many people thought the story factual. There were a significant number of suicides, and Wells was criticized. However, the power of the technique was recognized and adapted for use by hypnotists who, using positive words of auto-suggestion on cassette tapes, were able to help people who, psychologically damaged by World War II, for example, found that they couldn`t live without `programming`.  Orson Wells` War Of The Worlds radio `programme` preceded WWII by a single year, and the fact that it was perceived as real wasn`t lost on the propagandists. If a radio broadcast purporting to be the truth could persuade people to commit suicide, then the USA and her Allies would broadcast radio `programmes`. The 1953 film of War Of the Worlds coincided with the `Cold War` against the Soviet Union`s take over of Eastern Europe after WWII and the USA`s continuation of its `programme`:



`From the 1950s the export of American culture and the American way of life was heavily subsidized by the federal government and was coordinated by the United States Information Agency (USIA), which operated from 1953 to 1999 ... [and] the distribution of Hollywood movies were some of the activities designed to extract propaganda value from the appeal of America's way of life, particularly its popular culture and material success. From the 1960s the Voice of America (VOA) utilized the popularity of American rock music with audiences behind the Iron Curtain, using the music to boost the standing of the United States. While radio remained an important weapon in waging psychological warfare against the Soviets, broadcasting was also seen by American authorities as a means by which the United States could win hearts and minds throughout the world through a long-term process of cultural propaganda. Throughout the Cold War, the United States was also able to call upon the appeal of products of private and multinational concerns such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and others. The universal popularity of such symbols of “Americanization” testified to the success of this approach. Such "cultural imperialism" was designed to convert the world into a "global village" dominated by American values.`1



 The core of 20th century thinking was `programming`. H.G. Wells` War Of The Worlds (1898) was textual, and the 1953 Hollywood film version was about the `Cold War`, that is, the Martian invaders were extrapolations of the `Communist threat` into the `alien menace`. The 2005 version is `sexual`, because the aliens aren`t perceivable as anything other than men`s extrapolation of what they want to do with Dakota Fanning. It`s the devouring imago, much ignored by psychology, but found in Revelation where the red dragon waits to devour the newborn New Redeemer. The dragon waits in vain and the New Redeemer is born to protect with his `scepter` the `hidden` woman of the Earth until she leaves to sow her `seed` amongst the stars. In heaven she waits for the serpent`s `seed` from Earth, that is, men, and there`s `war in heaven` in which the `serpent`s seed` (and the serpent, grown much since Eden) are `cast down to the Earth` where they await the final judgement of God who destroys the Earth and gives them perdition. God then creates a new heaven and Earth for the `woman`s seed` to dwell in. This can only be understood if woman has a penis of her own from which her `seed` can emerge, and as `futanarian woman` she does have her own penis.2



 War Of The Worlds 2005 is the continuing war of men against women. The nineteenth century text written by H.G. Wells is a creative man`s perception that there`s a devouring imago to be feared, which is that of the `serpent`s seed`, that is, men, who want to devour God`s producer and product, who is Woman. Orson Wells` radio version of War Of The Worlds constellated the devouring imago in the mind`s of his listeners and they committed suicide.  The principle is that the devourer can be `programmed`. The 1953 film version of War Of The Worlds is a `programme` that intelligent extrapolators perceive as being directed against US` fears over Soviet Communism. But, for cinema goers, it`s simply a constellator of the devouring imago, and so an attack on the USA from within and upon itself.



 A historical analogy is Helen of Troy, where the Greeks are a Trojan Whore`s virus and she`s the Trojan`s Whore. The story is of how the Greek army deployed to Troy to force Paris to return Helen, the bride he`d stolen from Menelaus, the brother of Agamemnon, the king. They used a wooden horse as a ruse. The Trojans took the horse into the citadel when they saw the Greek ships leave and the Greek soldiers emerged, took over the city, and the ships returned. Troy was sacked, the people murdered or enslaved, and so they were they were the Trojan Whore`s, that is, Helen`s. It`s how the devouring imago functions.



 A symbol for MacDonalds in Eastern Europe is a `wooden horse` because it represents `devouring`. War Of The Worlds isn`t about aliens or Communists. It`s about devouring. The genuine fear is what occurs in 2005`s War Of The Worlds in which Dakota Fanning is made the explicit target of the devouring imago. The story`s development is from text, which simply indicates that there`s a devourer imago to be feared, and successive extrapolations in radio, music, and film, present the devouring imago until, in the early 21st century, it`s clear that Woman is to be devoured.



 The second level of critical interpretation requires the understanding that the devouring imago is what we have been taught to think of as the `hero`, and that the aliens are women who`re in the grip of men as the devouring imago of her own species. Rarely contemplated by psychology, it`s clear that the 20th century was coming to terms with the realization that the archetype of the heroine is what should be found within the dreams and unconscious impulses of the self, or conscious ego, because Woman is a species, and so the appearance of the `hero` is merely a constellation of the devouring imago as the Trojan Whore`s. This is why Babylon is described, in Revelation, as the `Great Whore of the Apocalypse`, and the `Mother of Abominations`, because she`s women who betray their own species in order to devour it, like men.



 Many writers have observed that new work isn`t favourably received by Hollywood production companies, who prefer to make `safe` movies, and so we have a continuous remaking of `proven successes`, like War Of The Worlds, which focus on the function of the devouring imago, and that isn`t an archetype with a developmental function, as the soul or anima that is represented in the New Testament of the Bible as the Paraclete, emerging from the side of Jesus after being pierced by the spear of Longinus, the Roman centurion, at Jesus` crucifixion and death.



 As `Second Eve`, the Paraclete`s `wisdom` is from the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` from the apple given to her by the `serpent` in Eden, whereas men are only the devourers of it. The Paraclete is the `tutelary guide`, sent by God after Jesus` preaching of `God`s love`, and men`s betrayal and torturing of Jesus to death after `marrying` him, in the Shakespearean (or even biblical) sense of `knowing`. Because men didn`t accept the guidance of God`s Holy Spirit, they`re Jesus` devourers if they continue to present the devouring imago as the epitome of heroism. This is why Hollywood is often described as Babylon. H.G. Wells` asexual text War Of The Worlds emerged in 2005`s screen version as misogynist hatred for young women`s pubescent sexuality, and reinforced Hollywood`s imago as the `Devourer of Souls`. It`s perspectival. Wells` War Of The Worlds is about the devouring imago, so it isn`t about Dakota Fanning`s `development`.



 Hollywood movies are about the hero - or villain - as `devourer`, and the women who devour, or are devoured. The red dragon of Revelation waits to devour the New Redeemer who`s to `protect` the `hidden` woman with his `scepter` because men are the devouring imago and that`s what they`re for: devouring themselves. Every male child is a `villain` because it`s a devourer. Consequently, there`s no difference between dragon (villain) and newborn (hero) until the birth of the New Redeemer, who survives because he`s not a devourer or a devoured, and so is the hope of Woman, who doesn`t want to devour or be devoured. In Arabia`s 1001 Nights Sheherezade saves all the women by telling her nightly `cliffhangers`, and so prevents the powerful man who listens to her from beheading a fresh bride each day after the wedding. He`s the devouring imago and she`s the archetypal heroine that saves the women, which is what the archetype of the woman who gives birth to the New Redeemer represents in Revelation, the `hidden` woman guided by the `tutelary spirit` of God`s Paraclete who refuses to devour or be devoured.



  The emergence of Woman as `heroine` in Hollywood invariably initiates a spate of remakes in which there`s a stereotypical devourment. In King Kong (1933) the prototypical AIDS` virus monkey, functioning as both hero (devoured) and villain (devourer) climbs to the tip of the Empire State building, where the dumb monkeys that are men have released it, and so King Kong prefigures the devourers` virus as terrorism, and the 9/11 planes, `two civil`, politely eluding protocols, and `hacking` the Twin Towers`, symbol of the USA`s air defence system. It`s The Girl, Phwoar! movie in which Fay Wray is rescued on the understanding that all the monkeys are her boyfriend, but not the one that tried to save her. He didn`t want to devour her, and she didn`t want to be devoured. So he was the enemy of men, and so was Fay Wray. Until she accepted that all men are her boyfriends, which is how STDs and AIDS are spread, and how men make everyone as stupid as monkeys with AIDS.



 The analogy is of Gulf War I in which the Emir of Kuwait`s wife asked help from Barbara Bush, and Gulf War II in which some AIDS` monkeys munched into the `Big Apple` of New York, so initiating `apple munching` all over the Middle East.  In 2003 virus-replicating devouring imago, that is, George Bush Jr.,  declared a `War on Terror` rather than a `War on AIDS`. Hollywood remade War Of The Worlds and Dakota Fanning took a `big apple` role against men as `Martian war machines`, and with supporting actor and hidden `serpent` Tom Cruise as the `heroic` devouring imago, began conducting a war of terrorism against the young woman, lest she develop immunity to their `plague aims` society.



 In 1979 War of the Worlds was released as an `eat-em-up`, which is a more applicable description to what is commonly termed a `shoot-em-up`, which is the same `plague aim` of the `play game` society that gave us Pac Man. The `plague aim` of the devouring hero imago is to `shoot` heroine, because `plague games` addicts are the equivalent of `heroine junkies` where Woman is heroine and warfare is just an excuse to `shoot` some heroine, that is, Woman, who has built a civilization containing art and culture in spite of the imago of the devourer masquerading as a `hero`, and who`s `plague game` is to give her nascent Woman`s civilization the equivalent of AIDS and its monkeys.



H.G. Wells introduced his concept of the devouring imago in War Of The Worlds and, in The Shape Of Things To Come (1933) he predicted the beginning of WWII in 1940. In a `frame story` reminiscent of Sheherezade in its methodology, Wells claimed the book was an edited version of notes written by Dr. Raven, who`d had dream visions of history since 2106, and wrote down what came to memory after waking. The allusion is to the Paraclete as `the eyes of God`.



 In Egyptian mythology, the evil Set dismembers the god Osiris, as a mnemonic for what `fragmentary recollection` means. In political terms, the story refers to the replacement of a social group with Osiris at the apex. But it`s couched as the murder of an individual because evil politicos murder rulers and their supporters. Christ`s exhortation to `love your neighbor` and accept `God`s love`, because every individual is a manifestation of `God`s spirit`, and it`s Christianity`s counter to evil egoism. In The Shape Of Things To Come Wells` `fragmentary` future society is glimpsable because the omnipresent Paraclete is `God`s spirit`, and she`s giving Raven glimpses of what`s happening as the Paraclete`s `bodily vehicles` are murdered. In The Shape Of Things To Come Wells is prophesying the role of the Paraclete, and the imago that devours Woman and her art, civilization and culture, that is, men as `plague`. In Revelation God`s a virus buster:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.`


 The Martians `plague` Mankind in War Of The Worlds because they`re `God`s plague`, so there are many scenes of prayer in churches and other non-Christian religious centres in different parts of the world. Wells` `programme` is for repentance for Mankind. At the movies` end the Martians die of `the common cold`, and the `hand of God` is perceived. In Revelation men constitute `plague` because they carry the virus of the replicating devourer`s imago, and they constellate it in women`s minds until they succumb. In Dakota Fanning`s 2005 version of The War Of The Worlds the `aliens` are perceivable as women who`re possessed by the devouring  imago of men. The movie has `developed` in accordance with Revelation. Tom Cruise is `virus` as devouring imago-constellating `false hero` to Dakota Fanning`s archetypal ` heroine`, and the viral organism that`s men`s collectively devouring imago is represented by the `Martian war machines`.



 Tom Cruise is a devouring imago simply because that`s what men`s `hero` image is for; it`s their `Trojan virus`. Dakota`s the real heroine, because there are only heroines, and no heroes amongst the developmental archetypes of what Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) calls the creative contents of humanity`s collective unconscious. According to Jung, the soul or anima is the mediator of developmental images which, emerging from dreams or imagination, assist the individual to develop. Because Woman is a species and men aren`t, the devouring imago of the `false hero` indicates that humanity`s collective archetypes are Woman`s and not men`s. Men constitute an alien, hive mind.



 In first Grand Master of Science Fiction, Robert A. Heinlein`s Starship Troopers (1959) men are involved in a War Of The Worlds style conflict with `the bugs`, arachnids representing men`s own devouring imagos. It`s paradigmatic. Everything that isn`t a devouring imago will be devoured by men, because that`s what they are. The Bible presents Resurrection and Redemption through acceptance of `God`s love` and adherence to Jesus` teachings of accepting the guidance of the Holy Spirit, but it`s mainly angled towards feminization and so is rejected by men who perceive of themselves as egos rather than individuals.



 For Carl Jung individuals are individuated. In Jungian psychology, the anima or soul mediates the differentiation of the four functions of consciousness, that is, `Sensation`, `Thinking`, `Feeling`, and `Intuition`, which is symbolized by the fourfold cross of Jesus because men didn`t want self-actualization and so crucified him. The emergence of the Holy Spirit from Jesus` side is to guide humankind to that completeness of memory across lifetimes that the `Second Eve` represents. Her role as `helpmeet, guide, teacher, and comforter` indicates the fourfold nature of Woman and Jesus` path for Resurrection and Redemption.  Jung called the process individuation, and so distinguished between egos and individuals. Resurrection and Redemption is possible for individuals but not for egos. Partly because Resurrection and Redemption is completeness of memory across lifetimes, which Wells` Raven was vouchsafed a glimpse of in The Shape Of Things To Come. Egoism is what the Buddhists call `the wheel of karma` in which egos experience reincarnation, death and rebirth in endless `fragmentary recollection` or glimpses of lives that they`re living, or have lived, while they`re murdered by the evil devouring imago of Set, god of egoists.



 In War Of The Worlds Dakota`s development is under threat from the devouring imago represented by Tom Cruise`s `hero` as `Trojan whore`s virus`, that is, men as aliens symbolized by the Martian `collective` that seeks to `subvert` Dakota to make her `one with them`. It`s `scifi` of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers type in which women become a `Trojan Whore`s`, and the threat to Helen of Troy`s `Most Beautiful Woman in the World` story is perpetuated as the devouring imago, that is, men, continues to seek the replication of its virus in the psyche of Woman.



 The metaphor of the AIDS virus is not misplaced because it`s believed by scientists to have emerged in monkeys, and the aim of men is to prevent civilization, through art and culture, from realizing that Woman is a species with her own penis, and men are her AIDS monkeys that don`t want intelligence for her. In War Of The Worlds terms, the `Martian war machines` are Woman`s AIDS from men, and her `hero` is an AIDS monkey who, in the guise of her `protector`, ensures that she`ll never leave Earth because the `alien` is her `protector`. Dakota accepts Tom Cruise as her `hero`, because she doesn`t see that the Martian `aliens` are extrapolations of men who are viruses. All the Martians die of the `common cold`, because the `Martians` are also women who`ve accepted men as their devouring imago `plague`, rather than the Paraclete.



 In the video for her song Oops I Did It Again (2000) Britney Spears is `invaded` by a spaceman who`s `the plague` on her Mars. She`s the Paraclete because her name`s Spears. The Paraclete emerged from the side of Jesus as `Second Eve` and `tutelary guide` to completeness of memory across lifetimes. Jesus` side was pierced by the spear of Longinus, so causing the emergence of the Paraclete. Consequently, Britney Spears represents the Spears of Longinus, the Roman centurion, and Venus as God`s Paraclete.



 Britney`s the Woman of Revelation on Mars who, `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, gives birth to the New Redeemer  that protected the `hidden` woman until she was ready to leave Earth and sow her `seed` in heaven. There she`s prepared her `first stage` defence with her `Martian war machines`. She`s `alien` because she`s Woman, and on the red planet Mars she`s her red dragon of Revelation. She`s the devourer of all men who aren`t the New Redeemer, because they haven`t accepted her. The Bible describes the red dragon of Revelation as `Satan`, but Satan is a perspective. Jesus was Satan from the point of view of Rome`s Caesar, the Pharisees and Pontius Pilate, because he was perceived as a political enemy, and so God`s `heroes` were those men who `married`, that is, `spied` upon Jesus, in the Shakespearean sense of `knowing through closeness`, to betray and torture him Jesus death.



 `Satan` is a label. But anyone can label others as `Satan`, and so `Satan` is what good people call evil, and what evil people call good. If men are a parasitical alien virus that enslaves Woman as God`s product and producer, that is, art, civilization and culture, in order to devour it, they`re `Satan`. However, once a moral perspective is achieved, it`s easier to define evil as evil, and then `Satan` is understandable as that which is good but the evil don`t want it, and so the evil apply the good people`s labeling. Having `married` it in the Shakespearean sense of `knowing`, they are prepared to betray, and torture it to death. Whatever good Woman has produced, she`s definable as `Satan` by Caesar, the Pharisees and Pontius Pilate because she`s Jesus` Paraclete and he was `Satan` to the evil. She wants to leave and use her own penis to `father` God`s own species, which is why she worships God on Earth, and men want to maintain her as a `meat slave`.



 Pornography is where men express their true vision of her. They begin by admiring her fashions, persuade her to remove her bra for `glamour` shots, then her briefs for `nude` shots, show her naked with them in various sexual positions, torture her in BDSM, that is, bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism, and then kill her in `snuff` movies, which are what films like Scream and `PC` games like Pac Man are for, the devouring imago of men. What they don`t publicize is Woman`s penis, which she has as `futanar`, because that would threaten their `meat market`.



 Futanar women aren`t pictured having sex with women without a penis, even at . They`re `corralled` within their `ghetto`, as the Jews were in Nazi Germany, in case they contaminate `normal` society. It`s a perfect analogy because, in order to be born a Jew, you have to be born of a woman, which effectively means that only women are Jews, and so `futanar` are Woman`s species, because they`re women with a penis, and that`s why men ghettoize her as `alien`. Alienated to prevent her from leaving their prison of Earth, men kill her there.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears` spaceman notes `Oxygen ststus 98%.` She removes the spaceman`s helmet for a minute or two, which is the maximum for those exposed to high levels of oxygen, even in astronaut training where higher levels of oxygen are used to prepare for high altitudes where `blackouts` are anticipated. In her red pilot`s suit, Britney is reminiscent of the USA`s X `programme` test pilots that flew their planes into the stratosphere and often `blacked out`. The aim of the X-series was to have a plane that`d fly to the moon and planets, but it was cancelled because of the constant recurrence of `blackout`. Britney`s perception is that of the USA when the Twin Towers were attacked on 9/11 by `civil` aircraft. The terrorists had bought a ticket and declared their intention to visit the USA. Her spaceman is a `visitor` to her Mars, and she lives in a high oxygen content atmosphere because she`s a space pilot, whereas he`s subject to `blackout` because he`s from a `concentration camp`, that is, Earth, where women are `gassed` to death by Nazis.



 The idea of Nazis in space is familiar from science fiction. In Robert A. Heinlein`s Rocketship Galileo (1947) a Nazi base is discovered on the moon by schoolboys who`ve refurbished a `mail rocket` to get them there. Oops I Did It Again is an electronic Britney `card` by `Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah` mail. The boys find evidence of an ancient lunar civilization, and postulate that the craters of the moon were formed not by impacts from space, but by nuclear bombs that destroyed the alien race. When the base's Nazi leader shoots the pilot to keep it a secret, a trial finds it to be murder. Britney on Mars is in `pilot`s heaven` because she`s a woman, and so an `alien` murdered by men, space Nazis who`ll want to bomb her civilization, art, and culture. Because that`s what men`s devouring imago does. The `hero` of Rocketship Galileo is Cargraves, who mentors the boys, and whose name prefigures Heinlein`s central heroine of the 80s, `Gay Deceiver`, who`s a Ford aircar`s onboard computer that embodies as a woman. Heinlein`s conception with Gay Deceiver was of a vehicle that could access all fictions, which were created in accordance with quantum physics` perception of the possible existence of alternative worlds. In practice, Heinlein`s `continua device` was designed to prevent homosexuals from attaining access to the heaven he`d envisioned sharing with his wife, Virginia.



`Gay` people don`t produce anything, and so represent the spread of sterility, like contagion. The Nazi image is often `jokingly` defined as `camp`, which is definable as `artificially sexual`. Such `Gay` camouflage signifies a sterile `pattern` that doesn`t want life, and Heinlein depicts it in his novel The Number Of The Beast as the `black beast` which won`t leave him alone. The curious thing about Rocketship Galileo is a lack of explanation over why the Nazis want to keep secret the bombing of the `alien race` on the moon. Ordinarily, it couldn`t have been done, because that would`ve revealed them to the appalled watching Earth. But, with Gay Deceiver, Heinlein`s `continua device`, which functions also as a `time machine`, they could spread their `camp` contagion by travelling backwards or forwards through time to attack her, that is, Woman as `alien` civilization, art, and culture. Gay Deceiver would be the `plague game` of  `artificial sexuality`, which disguises the `plague aims` of spreading sterility and death, and that`s what Cargraves` name signifies.



 Britney`s Oops I Did It Again features bio-chemical warfare, which may sound strange but not if you`re aware of Marilyn Monroe in Diamonds Are A Girl`s Best Friend in which her male dancers surround her at the beginning of the song and shoot themselves with pistols. They immediately experience `Resurrection`, but in the Catholic Church suicide is an unforgiveable sin, so Redemption, which is completeness of memory across lifetimes, is impossible, and eternal perdition is their punishment. In Britney`s Oops I Did It Again Britney`s surrounded by her dancers, and the men collapse at her gesture while the female dancers continue.  It`s `natural selection` in which the `fittest survive`, because Britney`s `red in tooth and claw`3 and women have breasts. Men don`t because they`re only for reincarnation, and not Resurrection, that is, they`re for the endless cycle of death and rebirth, which is the karma of those who are fertilizer and want enslavement and devourment for what they fertilize. Woman has breasts because it`s the feature of her species to have Resurrection and Redemption, and God offers it on her behalf as the Paraclete. If men reject Redemption through `God`s love` and `God`s spirit`, eternal unendurable pain is their punishment. Breasts are the sign of Woman`s nurturing, and her desire for what she nurtures to develop beyond fertilizer.



 In the Egyptian myth of Osiris, Isis` remembering of Osiris is Resurrection and Redemption in completeness of memory through the power of the Egyptian`s equivalent of the Paraclete, but she can`t find Osiris` penis and so fashions anew. In some versions of the myth, Osiris` new penis is fashioned from Isis` saliva, which refers to DNA, the individual`s gene `code`, and what`s required for cloning, for example.  Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs are a `code`, but their `oral` language would be simpler. That`s why the myth is suggestive of `oral sex`. The penis speaks with the woman`s mouth, which is why oral sex is against the law as `sodomy` in a few states in the USA. It`s like the incest taboo, in Sophocles` Oedipus Rex, which is designed to prevent Oedipus from seeing that he`s his own father and mother, that is, he kills his own father because he doesn`t recognize him, and `marries` his own mother because he doesn`t recognize her. Either of which needn`t have occurred, if men hadn`t blinded him into unconsciousness.




 Jesus` marries men in the Shakespearean sense of `knowing` in the New Testament, and he isn`t blind to them, or unconscious. He speaks with the mouth of his mother, because she made sure he was the `Perfect Man` uncontaminated by men`s semen. That`s why `oral sex` between men is `sodomy`, because homosexuals don`t want to speak with Woman`s mouth. They don`t accept the Paraclete, which is God`s offerer of Resurrection and Redemption on behalf of Woman as a species with her own penis. That`s why the futanarian woman of Revelation is `hidden`, because men would want to `know` her in `sodomy`. As `God`s species`, she`d lose her penis` ability to speak with `God`s mouth`, and the spoken Word of God is what God meant for her to be.



 When Britney gestures and her male dancers collapse as if gassed, that`s exactly what it means. They`re the `corn` fertilizer. She believes in a product, or `crop`, without homosexuality, and men`re methane incarnations if all they`re interested in is being fertilizer, and making women reincarnate as `future methane`. She doesn`t believe in their `corn`. Their arse is talking and not their mouth, and that`s why it`s `the Fall`.  In the science fiction of Britney`s Oops I Did It Again it`s when grown things return to the soil as fertilizer for the next series of Devour and Fart. The `Big Picture` is what it means to accept `God`s love` and `God`s spirit`, that is, Resurrection and Redemption. Britney, in Oops I Did It Again, is declaring herself for her own species, because she remains dancing with her female dancers, while the male dancers `fall`. Although the males are immediately `Resurrected`, as they were in Marilyn Monroe`s Diamonds Are A Girl`s Best Friend, here they`re irredeemable if they murder the Woman, or attempt to silence her, as the 9/11 terrorists attempted to do when they interfered with her `voice boxes`, that is, the Twin Towers of New York`s Adam`s apple, and Eve`s World Trade Centre, when Britney was beginning to sing and dance `God`s Gospel` to an Earth that wouldn`t accept `God`s Word` from the Paraclete as `Second Eve`.



 Oops I Did It Again actually begins with the spaceman`s rejecting of her: `Whoah there horsey!` He discovers an `icon` of her in the Martian sands: `What the..?` Mission Control, observing through his space helmet`s camera, respond: `Cute. What is it?` The spaceman evinces surprise: `It couldn`t be..?` There`s a Mars quake as Britney`s internet explorer is activated by her icon. Mission Control is unnerved: `Mars Lander! What`s happening up there?` They`re clearly preparing for their future invasion as devouring male imagos, which is why the `icon` looks like a `cookie`. It alludes to the protocols a system requires before guests are admitted, which is why 9/11 was a terrorist attack. The planes were `civil`, but so were the Japanese before Pearl Harbour in 1941. Britney`s perception is that, if all men`re interested in is making the series Devour and Fart, they won`t even get a `cookie` and don`t bother asking her for a date in the future, because she treats guests well and, if they`re going to ignore protocol to attack her Woman`s Mars in the same way they avoided her nation`s protocols on 9/11, then `Mars Bars` are to be found in Earth`s prison, and Woman as a species won`t be spied out by men in God`s heaven, because Britney`ll be there and they won`t.



Oops I Did It Again is as Wellsian as H.G. Wells for prophesy. Britney`s spaceman gives her a gift referring to love and betrayal, because the scene begins with an announcement: `All aboard!` It`s an allusion to the Titanic movie in which Rose, the old lady, drops the jewel known as `the heart of the ocean` at the scene of the salvaging of the Titanic. Rose was betrayed by an ex-lover who, putting the jewel in the pocket of her new lover, framed him for stealing her heart. Her new lover was subsequently drowned, while showing people to the lifeboats. After the Titanic hit an iceberg, it began to sink. The Titanic was described as `unsinkable`, so Britney`s taking on the mantle of unsinkability in Oops I Did It Again. Because sinking women is men`s `game`. She`s a Wellsian, however, that believes in the prophesy of Revelation, that is, the unsinkability of Woman as God`s species.



 Britney`s spaceman drops the jewel into her hands before she embarks: `Before you go...` It`s a gift for the journey, and she takes heart: `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end?` He replies: `Well baby. I went down and got it for you.` Britney`s the `well baby`, and her `heart`s jewel` is brought by the New Redeemer from the depths of her soul. H.G. Wells` stories are `sinkable`, because they have the devouring imago as their subject matter. War Of The Worlds and The Shape Of Things To Come narrate the danger of the devouring imago, and the devouring of the Paraclete respectively. In Oops I Did It Again Britney is constructing a `scifi storyline` in the style of H.G. Wells` prophesies and, because it`s about belief in God, it`s a story that`s inkable from the wellsprings of her heart, and `unsinkable` because she`s the baby of Revelation, that is, she can`t be devoured because God says so.



 Symbolically, Britney`s spaceman is Jesus`, because he`s a `genuine hero` who gives her heart for the killing of her devouring imago. Oops I Did It Again is her emergence from the `well of loneliness`, and she`s writing it in her video as if she`s using ink from her soul`s well. In Hit Me Baby One More Time (2000) she sings: `My loneliness is killing me. I must confess I still believe. When I`m not with you I lose my mind. Give me a sign!` In Stronger (2000) she sings: `I`m stronger than yesterday. Now it`s nothing but in my way. My loneliness ain`t killing me no more. I`m stronger than I ever thought that I could be. Baby.` It`s a singles` chronology that represents a struggle to be born.



 The archetypes of the collective unconscious contain the jewel, which is the lapis philosophorum or `stone of the wise` that, according to the developmental psychology of Carl Jung, confers immortality because it represents the culmination of the individuation process which Jesus, as the `Perfect Man`, represents. When Britney`s spaceman gives her the jewel she replies: `Oh, you shouldn`t have.` Men have devouring imagos, and they have to be fooled into performing acts of heroism. He doesn`t, and it`s a shared understanding that he accepts Jesus into his heart also. Jesus is the archetypal `hero` of Christianity who has to be activated in the psyche, because it`s the  acceptance of God, and his `heroine` is his mother, the archetype of self-birth, which receives help from the Paraclete`s tutelary guidance after Jesus` Ascension to God and heaven.



 In Jungian psychology, the spear is associated with `Intuition`, and so the tuition which the Paraclete gives is cleverly linked to the spear of Longinus which, cutting open the side of Jesus after his crucifixion and death, effectively releases the Paraclete to give the soul the tuition it needs in order to individuate. If `Intuition` is the function of the Paraclete, and the spear is her symbol, then Britney Spears symbolizes her omnipresence, and Oops I Did It Again is a Wellsian `message` of Revelation in terms understandable to those who have enough `Intuition` to accept the Paraclete`s tuition.




 The Bible depicts Jesus as God`s genuine hero, because he`ll kill his dragon in Revelation, whereas men are fools, if they act heroically for anything but killing their own devouring imagos: `You see my problem is this. I`m dreaming away. Wishing that heroes they truly agree. I cry watching the days. You see I`m a fool in so many ways. But to lose all my senses, that is just so typically me. Baby.` In Jungian psychology, the four senses of hearing, sight, taste, and smell are associated with the four functions of consciousness in undifferentiated form, that is, `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling`, and `Intuition`, which have to be differentiated if the individuation process is to receive completion.



 Completion of the individuation process is symbolized by the `heart of the ocean` jewel`s arrival on Mars in Britney`s Oops I Did It Again video. In the lyrics, she describes it as `typical` of herself that she `lose all her senses`, which is an allusion to Jung`s theory of psychological types, where he describes pre-individuated egos as `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling`, or `Intuition` types, because he observes that, in most cases, individuals have a superior function, with an auxiliary, an ancillary, and an inferior, which he associates with negative personality traits that the individual doesn`t wish to be seen, and so s/he takes great pains to conceal them, which is wise if s/he`s seeking individuation because this shadow or subconscious self can cause anger or hatred towards oneself or others.



 Oops I Did It Again is the observation that men are fools, if they`re not heroes like Jesus because, if they don`t kill their dragons, that is, their devouring imagos, they`ll lose all their senses, and she`s wise enough to see that she`s not dreaming of any other hero but Jesus, because Jesus is `God`s hero`, that is, a genuine archetype of the collective contents of her unconscious self. Through belief in Jesus she can individuate by accepting Jesus` teachings, and the tutelary guidance of the Paraclete`s ancient wisdom. Her spaceman may fool some, but not her. He`d have to kill his own devouring imago to be a hero, and he wouldn`t be hers, because only herself or Jesus could kill her devouring imago.



 In simple terms, Jesus is a `hero` archetype of God`s, whereas those who embrace the devouring imago are evil, and that`s why Jesus slays them in Revelation. Because they wouldn`t kill their own devouring imagos and accept Redemption. In Oops I Did It Again Britney admits that she`s `dreaming` when she wants heroes to `truly agree`, that is, she`s a `fool` who loses her `senses` because she recognizes from her dreams that her heroes are devouring imagos who`ll devour her psychological type. She has to be fooled into acting heroically, or she`ll succumb to devourment, which is why the Jesus archetype is important for her. The song Oops I Did It Again is, apart from that, her defiance of the devourer, on the understanding that she has a hero in Jesus:


... You think I'm in love.
That I'm sent from above...
I'm not that innocent.`


 She`s wise because she`s been on the Earth for at least 2000 years since the time of Jesus, and if she`s the `Second Eve` then she may even be as old as Eve, who was created from Adam`s rib, according to Genesis, the first book of the Bible. In the prophesy of Saint John the Divine in Revelation, there`s war in heaven between the woman`s and the serpent`s `seed` and the woman` s seed wins. God creates a new heaven and Earth for Woman as a species, and the evil experience unendurable eternal pain. Because Woman`s a species, the Assumption of the Virgin Mary is God`s Assumption of Woman. That`s why God sent the Paraclete, because it`s God`s Assumption that Woman belongs in heaven. The red dragon of Revelation that waits to devour the baby is a sign that men represent the Consumption of Woman and, even if disguised, consumerism is enslaving a woman by giving her a washing machine that looks at her like a man leaving her for an episode of Space Nazis On The Moon.






3 Tennyson, Alfred Lord In Memoriam, 1850. The quotation refers to man: `Who trusted God was love indeed, And love Creation's final law. Tho' Nature, red in tooth and claw, With ravine, shriek'd against his creed.` Usually used in support of capitalism and fascism, the quotation actually signifies Woman`s nature, which is ruthless in support of her own species, and Resurrection and Redemption, because she`s God`s, and her nature goes against men`s.


Reservoir Dogs, Adam (Who`s Sane?): An Essay From A Constructionalist Point Of View

02/01/2012 02:39

Reservoir Dogs, Adam (Who`s Sane?): An Essay From A Constructionalist Point Of View


The Middle East has been a crisis zone since the British and the Israelis in 1956, without the support of the Americans, invaded Egypt in order to take back the Suez Canal, an artificial waterway linking the city of Suez in Egypt with the Mediterranean sea port of Port Said, from President Nasser, who had nationalized it. Nasser wanted to place a toll upon the usage of the canal, which afforded travel to and from Europe without having to navigate around Africa, in order to construct the Aswan Dam, which was necessary for controlling the annual flooding of the Nile river that, traditionally, is the source of well water for the crops of the Egyptian farming communities, and therefore essential to the economic well-being of Egypt.


 The `dogs of war`, unleashed against Saddam in the Gulf Wars (1990-1, 2003-), symbolically and concretely, are the `reservoir dogs`, `reservoir` being what was created by the Aswan Dam. In the movie, The Reservoir Dogs (1992), the action is evil, that is, it`s about murderers who are men. Some religious organizations turns away lesbians on grounds of unnaturalness while men with a penis aren`t. But the perception that a woman that wants her own species is for `hellfire` and God`s punishment of `eternal unendurable pain` for the evil is without foundation in scripture. If a woman had a penis, she would be `man` in definable terms, and there are many `futanarian` women with penis` semen of their own. In short, women are a species and men may be perceived as a parasitical virus that perpetuates itself by using her species as a host womb. Jesus` mother, Mary, preempted this in giving birth to Jesus as a virgin, that is, by means of parthenogenesis, so men could see they don`t command input. Mary represents the archetypal mother that doesn`t want her offspring to have STDs, and so she`s a prophylactic against the incurable `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS, for example, which is what men mean to her from the point of view of protecting the child that`s her species. POV is important, because from the POV of Mary men are either self-perpetuating, self-devouring parasitical viruses (boy sons = poisons), or parasitical orgasm viruses (STDs = HIV/AIDS), and she doesn`t want them.


 Churchmen believe they`re employed by God, and for some officiates lesbians are those for whom the `fire of hell` is being prepared. From a woman`s POV, men are those who want to `fire us`, that is, `virus`. The delusion is men are employees of God and `fire us`, that is, they make women redundant. As a virus upon the species of women who can sexually reproduce from their own host wombs without the parasites, men are women`s virus making the human race redundant, that is, extinguishing her as a flame of love for herself. As a virus men demand the belief that they are superior because they have a penis, which is capable of waging the biological warfare of STDs, for example, HIV/AIDS, to keep women`s host wombs in faithful monogamy to her parasite. Lesbian actress, Sophie Moon and others, represent the parasites` mocking human sexual reproduction.



 In terms of understanding God`s plan, the Gulf conflict and American `Superbowl` are analogous constructs. In `Superbowl`, the quarterback, who throws the successful touchdown or `TD`, is performing against the offense of the other team, and that may be construed as the sins from which Jesus has redeemed mankind, that is, Jesus is the `QB` that`s beaten the offense. In Britney Spears` video for her pop single, `Oops! ... I Did It Again`, her QB is the astronaut, who makes `touchdown` on her Mars, where he gives her a gift before, walking backwards from within his `opponent`s end zone`, he celebrates with a typical American football `dance` of victory.


 American football is about `offense` and how to beat it, and the analogy is of ICBMs aimed at Russia and how to survive to hit back, which is what American football represents. In the Gulf, the US was perceived to have built the Iraqi army until it was US Iraq, so there to fire at each other they were `fire US`, that is, the parasites` `virus`. In her red suit on Mars, Britney is Redemption, if the astronaut has beaten the `offense`, because she`s the species, so the QB has Redemption if he recognizes she`s the redeeming human that might accept him. If not, he`s a virus seeking to penetrate her, whereas the woman, even if she has a penis of her own as `futanarian` women have, can`t penetrate him sexually in order to reproduce her human race. Moreover, women without a penis of their own can`t penetrate the `offense` to sodomize, which is what American football posits as an unspoken aim, that is, Sodom and Gomorrah were the `cities of the plains` destroyed by the angels in the Bible, while Lot and his family were rescued, but for his wife, who turned back in regret and was transformed into a pillar of salt, that is, sodium (Na), which is why sodomy is associated with nuclear holocaust, because Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God for sodomy, that is, homosexuality in pederasty, which produces war as a `pillar of salt` insofar as parasitism prefers its teleology of extinction for the host and mixing shit, blood and semen in its anus in mockery and rejection of women`s human sexual reproductive processes.


 In American football, the ball represents the woman`s egg through which men want to sexually transmit their disease, that is, self-perpetuation as a viral parasite by means of a host womb. However, in terms of homosexuality in pederasty and host womb enslavement, they`re a virus that practices its teleology of extinction by inserting their penis into each others` anus, which is how the STD HIV/AIDS virus was born and `woman`s seed` was hijacked.



 Britney Spears-eption is redemptive. Spears penetrative insight is of women with their own penis that exclude men as their species` viral parasites. Jesus` exhortation, `love your neighbor as you love yourself`, must be accepted in order to perceive Jesus` conception of the whole of God`s law as `love`. If lesbian actress, Sophie Moone, had a penis, her sex films wouldn`t be mocking Britney Spears` human species` extinction. Redeeming knowledge for men is they`re conceivably the woman`s penis, even though their predecessors have devoured hers, which is why it`s possible to be with God Almighty and against the Sodomites, represented by the might of Saddam.


 From the descendants of Abraham, who left Sodom and Gomorrah at the behest of angels, according to the Bible, where was practiced sodomy, that is, homosexuality in pederasty, Islam sprang. The story of Sodom is Lot`s wife being told not to look back in regret, as the angels of God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, but she did and was transformed into a `pillar of salt`, or sodium (Na), which is a necessity for desert dwellers:


`The symptoms of sodium deficiency … are neurological, such as confusion, loss of reflexive movement, convulsions or even coma.`1

 Racism argues that `salt` is what the Moslem people of Islam are for and the destruction of the `cities of the plains` by God`s angels foreshadows what Moslems can expect from the nuclear devastation to be unleashed upon them by the United States of America, as the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed to bring US` involvement in World War Two (1939-45) to a closure after the US` Pacific fleet had been sneakily attacked while becalmed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.



 The attack by Al Qaeda terrorists on the World Trade Centre, when planes and `woman`s seed` were both effectively hijacked as the `civil` airliners were crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, to precipitate the Gulf war (2003-), made New York biblical as the 21st century`s `city of the planes`. Racists would argue 9/11 foreshadowed the destruction of `the people of the salt`, that is, the descendants of Lot and his wife, who fled from Sodom and Gomorrah, and who were the ancestors of both Jesus and Islam`s Prophet Mohamed, who received the word of the Koran (610-30 C.E.) from the angels, according to Moslems. Figuratively, the might of Saddam was that of the Sodomites, and their madness is that they lack `salt`, that is, sal sapientae or traditional wisdom, which lack represents a failure to defend `woman`s seed`.


 For Christians, Redemption after and during the Gulf wars required their overcoming their role as `fire US` (virus), because `futanarian` women are those whose penis, that is, God`s, has been devoured by men of the `serpent`s seed`. Love for woman is the sine qua non of Redemption, because she`s the instrument of `God`s love`. Identifying with the `fire US` (virus) is an attack upon women, God and Jesus, whereas women are capable of loving themselves, that is, their own species, rather than the viral parasites that emerge from her host womb to decimate her mothers, sisters and daughters in Arabia, the United States, or anywhere else, that is, men`s parasitism is construable as a virus in the `Word` of God as transmitted by men through war, whether conventional or by means of their STDs and Satan`s `biological weapon` of HIV/AIDS.


 There are those employed by God and those who are doomed to `eternal unendurable pain`, that is, `hellfire`, because God`s employees put them there. However, if woman is God`s species, men alone are for hell, because they want to `fire us`, that is, virus the women employed by God.  The British took control of the Aswan Dam in 1956, because Egypt`s President Nasser wanted to finance the Aswan Dam, while Adam was created by God as a bulwark against Satan`s `serpent`s seed`, that is, the `reservoir dogs` of Saddam Hussein who was executed on December 30, 2006, after the fall of the dictator who`d supported Al Qaeda. Hussein was a dam financed against God`s `seed` by the British after Suez in 1956, that is, Saddam was a `false Adam`, who burst forth in an invasion of Kuwait for the first Gulf war (1990-1) to remove the Iraq army. Rather than accept Nasser`s Aswan Dam, the British preferred to finance Saddam Hussein as a dam against Egypt.



 In Islam the holy place in the city of Mecca is the Ka` Ba which is the temple of Abraham built by Ishmael, son of Abraham and Sara, by Hajer, Sara`s maidservant. Sara`s son Isaac was of the lineage of Judaism while Ishmael`s line was Islam. The Haj depicts Hajer`s role in the building of the temple of Abraham in Saudi Arabia`s Mecca and her Egyptian ancestry is reflected in the `Ka` or spirit and `Ba` or soul of ancient Egyptian tradition. Conjoined, Ka and Ba are `Akh` or `magical personality`, that is, the spirit and the soul of women separated by men`s bodies from sexual reproduction, which is why Saddam Hussein was conceived by the British as a dam between Egyptian knowledge and the Middle East.


 Eve, created by God from the side of Adam, means `that which precedes`, and therefore is the future of the spirit of humanity. Traditionally, water is associated with the immortality of the spirit, and of life. Especially in Christian baptism, and in the ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris, who is the Christ-like figure believed to be `resurrected` when the beneficial waters of the river Nile cause the crops to grow. In the myth Osiris is cut into pieces by his `brother` Set, who is evil personified. Isis, representative of the female principle, restores Osiris. She fashions a penis which is effectively hers, and Osiris is `risen` as Horus, who returns to heaven, because those who accept that women have penis` semen of their own haven`t enmity towards humanity.


 In the Christian tradition, Jesus may be understood as the incarnation of God with the penis of Isis` Osiris, who also wasn`t born of man. Men who didn`t accept Jesus` teachings, for example, that `God is love`, nailed him to a fourfold wooden cross and tortured him to death, while the four wives permitted Moslems in Islam represent the remembering of him who was crucified because he was `woman`s seed`, just as Isis was remembered by Osiris after his dismemberment by the evil Set.


 In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is a `corn god`, which means he represents bread and water, whereas in the Christian tradition Jesus is associated with wine. He transforms water into wine in the verses from the New Testament dealing with a `wedding at Canaan` (John: 2. 8) and, at the meal for the disciples called the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, Jesus offers wine and bread to the disciples as his `body and blood` with the added observation that Judas Iscariot will `betray` him.


 Wine is forbidden or `haraam` in Islam, because alcohol befuddles the mind for the obtaining of water and bread, which is why Osiris is a `god of corn` and not grain alcohol.  Jesus` use of wine is similarly metaphorical and illustrative, that is, the blood in the bodies of his crucifiers isn`t transformed. According to structural anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss (1908-2009), the signs of culture may be constructed as a triangle in which fruit and meat form the base (one at each corner), and at the apex is that which is produced through patience and understanding (wisdom), that is, cheese and vinegar, for example, are the result of corruption and rottenness; wine producing vinegar and milk producing cheese. In structural anthropology, therefore, Jesus belongs at the zenith of the Levi-Strauss `cultural pyramid` because, in terms of transubstantiation, that is, the religious procedure of the Catholic Communion in which the parishioners accept `bread and wine` from the officiate as a preliminary to the transformation of the `body and blood` by means of Jesus` Holy Spirit as `teacher`, with the promise of a physically immortal body in heaven, Jesus` blood  is the wine, that is, metaphorically the water transformed into wine at the Canaan wedding (John: 2. 8), while the bread is his body, and he`s the `cheese`, that is, cheeses (Jesus), insofar as what is `corrupt and rotten` belongs at the apex of Levi-Strauss `cultural pyramid` and Christianity emerged from Jesus` torture and death.


 From the structuralism of Claude Levi-Strauss it is evident that, just as patience is a virtue attributed to the Madonna, that is, the Virgin Mary, so patience is required if milk is to become, as it were, despite rottenness and corruption, cheeses (Jesus). Imbibing milk at the breast of his mother, Mary, Jesus is preparing to become cheeses from Levi-Strauss` structuralist POV, because rottenness and corruption will form his mission. From this POV Jesus` cross is a mousetrap, that is, without Redemption, unendurable eternal pain follows. Jesus is the cheeses in God`s mousetraps and represents the triumph of mother Mary`s milk over rottenness and corruption, just as the vinegar given to Christ at the crucifixion, as a fortifier for endurance, represents Jesus` patience and understanding towards overcoming rottenness and corruption because vinegar is the bitterness of rotten and corrupt wine.



 In Islamic thinking, alcohol, that is, wine, is `haraam` because it encourages passions that are inhibited for good socio-cultural reasons. At the `Last Supper` Jesus says that the wine and bread are his body and blood, and in the communion service of the Catholic mass these are given to the congregation as a sign of transformation, that is, the wisdom and eternal life that comes through the acceptance of Jesus` teachings, and the Paraclete or Holy Spirit as tutelary guide sent by God after Jesus` Ascension to heaven. At the crucifixion, which precedes Jesus` ascent to God, it is the spear of Longinus that penetrates the side of Jesus, effectively releasing the Paraclete from his side as the Second Adam producing the Second Eve, who is called the Shekinah or `spirit of God` in the Old Testament (Lam: 1. 5) where she dwells in the tabernacle that contains the Ark of the Covenant of God`s Promise of Redemption, which itself contains the commandments of God that are distilled in Jesus` words as `God is love`.


 After the `Last Supper` (Matt: 26. 17-30) however, Jesus` offer of the wine and the bread as his `body and blood` of eternal life and Redemption, in accordance with the fulfilling of God`s Promise, is betrayed by Judas and he is flayed like a dead animal preparatory to being eaten raw as steak tartare is. Similarly, the Roman soldier Longinus` giving of vinegar to Jesus to drink represents the bitterness that precedes awakening. Judas is the mouse caught in the trap by Jesus. As the Koran of Islam observes, water doesn`t arouse evil passions (90. 1 `The Table Spread With Food`), which is why Jesus` birth included the added precaution of his being spiritually blessed in water through baptism, a ritual universally maintained in Christianity.



 During his crucifixion, Christ was given, not water or wine to assuage thirst, but vinegar to sustain him, which is symbolic and archetypal, that is, it denotes the transcendence of rottenness and corruption. In terms of Lev-Strauss` structuralism, Jesus is water, bread, cheese, and vinegar, that is, alcohol is absent from the equation as it interferes with judgment, that is, choosing choose good over evil, while vinegar denotes the bitterness that comes with bouts of drunkenness and impatience without comprehension, which is why the Romans crucified Jesus, because he was patient and comprehending as `woman`s seed` of what misogynistic power the Empire of Rome was based:


`My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27. 45-6)


 In spite of Judas` treachery (Luke: 22) the meaning of the wine and the bread as the `body and blood` of Christ is that of forgiveness, that is, the inflammatory position of alcohol may contribute to the perception of Judas as corruption and rottenness furthered by too much wine at the `Last Supper`, and the furthering of the `bad blood` existent between the `seed` of Adam and that of woman since Eden and the `perpetual enmity` (Gen: 3. 5) God warned Eve would come from their rejection of the `tree of life` for what would be the `serpent`s seed` of ephemerality in enslavement to war.


 Even `bad blood` is part of God`s omniscient plan for Redemption. Jesus` receiving vinegar in his extremity is a torture, because he`s sustained in the prolongation of suffering. However, vinegar is produced through patience and understanding from wine, that is, it`s a virtue of the wise. Prolongation of Jesus` pain is virtuous insofar as Jesus` message is strengthened. Vinegar represents the true virtue of wine, that is, with patience amidst rottenness and corruption, God`s plan becomes visible, and so virtue is represented by vinegar and the bitter spilling of Jesus` blood during his crucifixion.


 Jesus` `vinegar personality` (Mark: 15. 23) resides in his capacity to spring the trap, that is, though even Judas Iscariot may be redeemed from his `bad blood`, that is, his crime deriving from consumption of too much wine at Jesus` last meal. In Aesop`s (620-564 B.C.E.) fable of The Fox and the Raven, the cheese the raven works for and that the fox steals makes the raven a slave of the fox:


`Where did you get that cheese?`



 `Vinegar` is the answer, because the fox had to wait for the milk to become cheese, that is, for the raven to have cheese, just as it takes time for wine to become vinegar. From slavery`s POV, vinegar is the raven and the fox is the enslaver of nigger, that is,  desire is freedom but freedom can be manipulated so that the result is slavery because the raven wants cheese and the fox is prepared to wait until the raven has some.


 The enslaved are enduring Jesus` torture, which is the meaning of Jesus` mousetrap Redemption. Ignorant Christians play a game of entrapment, rather than proselytize for Redemption of the erring. Christian `gamers` fall into the trap of seeing themselves as the fox. Slavery, however, is the denial of the fruits of their labors to people who work. Jesus` Ascension represents escape from slavery, because workers like the raven who have product torn from their hands are given the illusion of freedom by the slavers who`re their torturers. Jesus` role in the New Testament is to teach that enslavers are torturers and eternal pain will be their punishment, whereas God and heaven is for the producer of good. Consequently, although the 19th century Southern States of the United States of America`s production of good cotton by slaves resulted in the American Civil War (1861-5) for emancipation, freedom to desire good only represented the foxes` wiles in waiting for what the good produced before dispossessing them further.


 Bible commentators ask why Jesus, in following what he clearly perceives as God`s instructions, allows himself to be crucified. Some have seen Job, who represents `patience` (Job: 21. 83) as Jesus prefigured, that is, God`s patience before impatience. Jesus delivers the message of `God`s love` (1 John: 4. 8) though God allows Jesus to be the instrument of vengeance in Revelation, because he was patient. Consequently, the crucifixion occurs though Jesus perceives it needn`t as an aspect of his understanding of God`s patience. In terms of Levi-Strauss` cooking analogy, Jesus is the recipe for Redemption. God will be angry, but not with Jesus, or those who accept Jesus` teachings, in order to have Redemption.


 In Kuwait city, Kuwait, there`s a mousetrap beside a bus lane big enough to trap an elephant. Such whimsical art is commonplace in Arabia, and Jesus is a prophet of Islam whose story is retold in the Koran (Maryam, Sura 19). Jesus (cheese) was not in the trap, although his physical presence was implied. In both Islam and Christianity, Jesus has Ascension to heaven. For Islam, the meaning of Jeddah, `Bride of the Red Sea`, is Eve because her tomb is there. Consequently, Jeddah`s  Jesus is the `Second Adam`, whose bride waits in heaven for `woman`s seed`, while Jesus has sprung the trap on the blasphemer.

 In Levi-Strauss` structuralist terms, Jesus is the cheeses in the Kuwaiti mousetraps sprung on Saddam Hussein. In Jesus absence, the rogue elephant that was Saddam Hussein was trapped and killed by the Holy Spirit. It`s Schroedinger`s Cat for Christians, who believe in the spirit rather than physics, that is, particle physics, which is about possibility. Erwin Schroedinger`s cat (1935) was either in the box or not, depending on what was perceived as being possible within the closed container:


`If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?`


 The Zen koan applies to the aliveness or otherwise of the cat in the box. Jesus isn`t in the mousetrap, but the mouse is trapped. Necessarily, all evil spirits are inevitably trapped in the Jesus Mousetrap because they can`t be anywhere else, although Jesus` presence is entirely spiritual.


 Jesus didn`t have to be on the side of first Gulf war (1990-1) US President, George H. W. Bush, or second Gulf war (2003-)  US President, George W. Bush Jnr (2003-). President Richard Millhouse Nixon was impeached in 1974 on behalf of the US people and Jesus didn`t have to be there either. Being There (1979) is a Peter Sellers (1925-80) film in which he has the role of the US President `being there`, like Jesus, while the evil are forever trapped, because it`s their nature to be there.


President Bobby: `Mr Gardner, do you agree with Ben, or do you think that we can stimulate growth through temporary incentives?`

[Long pause]


Chance the Gardener: `As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.`


President Bobby: `In the garden.`


Chance the Gardener: `Yes. In the garden, growth has its seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again.`


President Bobby: `Spring and summer.`


Chance the Gardener: `Yes.`


President Bobby: `Then fall and winter.`


Chance the Gardener: `Yes.`


Benjamin Rand: `I think what our insightful young friend is saying is that we welcome the inevitable seasons of nature, but we're upset by the seasons of our economy.`


Chance the Gardener: `Yes! There will be growth in the spring!`


Benjamin Rand: `Hmm!`


Chance the Gardener: `Hmm!`


President Bobby: `Hm. Well, Mr. Gardner, I must admit that is one of the most refreshing and optimistic statements I've heard in a very, very long time.`


[Benjamin Rand applauds]


President Bobby: `I admire your good, solid sense. That's precisely what we lack on Capitol Hill.`


 It`s comedy, but there`s no sense that what is said is nonsense. It`s exactly the kind of homily that Ronald Reagan successfully applied both in his campaign for the Presidency and during his tenure: `All great change in America begins at the dinner table.` In the Gulf conflict, George Bush may be said to have been in a good position with regard to God, and Jesus was there. But Jesus was not where Saddam Hussein was, and Jesus` mother, representing the perception that Jesus needed to be protected from the might of Saddam, that is, the Sodomites, God parthenogenetically sealed off from men`s contaminatory `seed`. In short, Jesus wasn`t a man of men. Jesus patented the cheeseless mousetrap, whereby he is trapped who condemns a lesbian in need of `woman`s seed` to conceive a child. Although homosexuality is usually defined in terms of the sterility of anal sex between men, those who refuse to produce parasitically feed virally upon those who can. Advocating supposedly heterosexual adaptation isn`t pastoring, because `woman`s seed` is true heterosexuality between members of the same species. The homosexual can`t reproduce with a lesbian, although she can reproduce as lesbianism is a measure of her species` normality and her wisdom in face of her teaching to be a schizophrenic rejector of her own race`s sexual orientation. For the condemner all women are lesbians remaining in the gene pool for the parasites` replication. He`s a slaver caught in Jesus` mousetrap:


`Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.` (Ex: 20.7)


 In the Koran, Joshua ben Nun is with Moses when they lose a fish by the Red Sea (Sura 18, Al-Khaf), and it`s important because Joshua fights the battle of Jericho (Josh: 5.13, 6.27) after Moses` death, before subsequently entering into the land of Canaan God had promised the Jews. In Christian iconography the fish is a symbol of Jesus, and the loss of the fish by the Red Sea is attendant upon the emergence of the figure of Khidr who, as a Wise Old Man, directs Moses` attention to his lack of patience in understanding before leaving. Jesus is archetypally patient, which suggests Khidr as an aspect of Jesus` leaving.


`From the halls of Moctezuma to the shores of Tripoli…`


 `Joshua` is a derivative of `Jesus`, and so Jesus fought the battle of Jericho, and the `walls came tumbling down`. Although the US Marine Corps didn`t wholeheartedly support the European invasion of North African nation, Libya in 2011, to depose terrorist supporter Colonel Ghadaffi, Jesus` spirit was there. Whatever revenge might be taken upon the Germans for Zeppelin air raids over England in World War One (1914-18), Jesus spirit is there in the mousetrap for the evil whoever they are.



 Jesus, like Jeri Ryan, as `Seven of Nine` in the science fiction television series Star Trek, isn`t bound by time and space. Jesus fought the battle of Jericho, although he wasn`t there. `Joshua ben Nun` means `the one who is the fish that is born from the waters` while, in Egyptian, `nun` means `ocean`, and so the fish prefigures the meaning of Jesus` birth, that is, Jesus is there.


 In Arabia the meaning of Jesus is related to the stories of djinn. A `marid` is a type of djinn, and so `marid jinn` is interpretable as `Mary djinn`. Emerging from his mother, the Virgin Mary, as if she were a `bottle`, and he a powerful granter of wishes, is in perfect accord with the tales of the djinn in the eighth century collection, One Thousand And One Nights, where djinn appear as the geniuses of legend, `Your wish is my command.` Although Jesus` story isn`t narrated as that of a djinn, his genius was in perceiving the need for technological development and progress through `woman`s seed` because men`s had degenerated. According to the Koran, djinn have `free will`, that is, genius is free to flourish rather than being imprisoned. In Islam God created men and djinn, who`re the geniuses of the race. Iblis was a `shaitan` djinn who refused to bow before Adam, which in Christian terms means Satan didn`t accept men, because they were parasites upon genius. Jesus, however, was the `son of man`, and represents Redemption for genius from enslavement, that is, freedom through good.


 Praying to God is, theoretically, praying for genius to work within the individual, which is God granting wishes. However,  if God had to emerge from a bottle he`s imprisoned in, as Jesus emerged as `woman`s seed` from his mother, the Virgin Mary, then he represents Almighty God who`ll sentence the transgressor, who imprisons genius in order to have what good the imprisoned produces, to unendurable eternal pain. Jesus` message is that he won`t be there in hell, because he wasn`t in the mousetrap either. He doesn`t have to be.


 As `virgin` is homonymous with `djinn`, lost virginity is equivalent to the loss of intelligence through breeding with parasites, which is what `djinn` or geniuses lost after the killing and culling of `woman`s seed` when Eve and Adam were expelled from their original home by God for preferring the `serpent`s seed` of power through men`s host womb slavery of Eve`s daughters, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) As `futanarian`, women can remain virgin while fertilizing with her own penis` semen. `She`s us` is what Jesus as the first of `woman`s seed` means. So, why should monogamous ring slavery in parasitism be forced upon `woman`s seed` if Christianity accepts she`s us? In structuralist terms, a woman with a `futanarian` woman with a penis is `fruit of the tree of life` (Gen: 2.9), which is immortality. In Levi-Strauss` `culinary triangle` (1966), woman`s archetype of socio-cultural, politico-economic potential for civilization is represented:


                                                                       Futanar woman (cheese/she`s us)


Futanar woman (cooking)                                                         Woman (fruit)


 From the perspective of virginity, the original couple, that is, woman as a reproductive system, requires a third woman in order for the `futanarian` woman with a penis to reproduce with another woman with a penis. It`s `she`s us`, as it were, which is the recognition that polygamy is the instinct of woman to form relationships that do not prevent the development of her planet. She is woman born from the womb, that is, `womb man`. Heretofore everything, including the parasitical organisms that are men, have been born from her womb. Or, in other words, civilization is hers. To reclaim it, and progress, the structuralist `culinary triangle`, which is the archetype of civilization, that is, patience in development from knowledge to recognition, and onwards to realization, has to be applied in terms of the human `software`, as it were. Jesus represents patience allied to understanding in order to attain knowledge, and Redemption is intelligence, that is acceptance of good, whereas those who don`t want it are trapped by the crucifixion-as-mousetrap metaphor, and are doomed to unendurable eternal pain. The archetype of realization is dependent upon actualization, that is, Jesus represents the cheeses of development, that is, imbibing mother`s milk and following her instruction and education is a `training program`  that, avoiding corruption and rottenness, which is the process that produces cheese from milk, creates Jesus-consciousness that, from the POV of woman, means `he`s us`. Levi-Strauss` `culinary triangle` archetype of woman`s development represents the realization that women`s species can be successfully actualized:


                                                    Futanarian woman (cooking)

Woman (fruit)                                         Futanar woman (Jesus/she`s us)


 This ménage a trois posits that, rather than the `original couple` perceiving the need for a third woman with a penis to fertilize the woman with a penis (futanarian women) in the course of the original woman`s love for her `futanarian` partner, the goal is to rise through `gathering` (fruit), that is, understanding and patience, whereas a parasite perceives from his vantage point that women with a penis have the needed equipment and so murder is a path towards womb theft. Contaminated by the meat eating parasite who murders her species for food, women degenerated into practicing the religion of Cain who, in killing his brother Abel (Sura Maidah, 27-32) rejected early the path of Redemption from evil, although woman`s archetype is strong:



                                                                     Futanar woman (Jesus/cheese)


Futanar woman (cooking)                                                   Woman (fruit)


 The original women with their `fruit of the tree of knowledge` live on the mountain, and educate, instruct, and train their `futanarian` species with a penis how to eat without murder. Through patience and understanding, the `futanarian` women with a penis progresses from cooking apples to producing cheese, a metaphor for avoiding corruption and rottenness, that is, killing, culling and species` womb slavery, which is for parasites. The apex of the pyramidical structure is the `futanarian` woman with a developed penis, that is, she has the raven`s cheese and has accepted Jesus. However, the woman with a penis needs a woman with a penis to sexually reproduce her. The archetype functions as a marital structure which is a natural trinity. In archetypal terms, the teaching is  protein without death, that is, food without killing: `Thou shalt not kill.`



 Abel was a lesser killer than Cain, because he killed animals for meat, and God was pleased with that. Cain, however, was a fratricide close to species` suicide, that is, woman`s. When Britney Spears `hooks` her spaceman in `Oops! … I Did It Again` it`s 2000 years after the birth of Jesus, but her wisdom is the same, `She`s US`. Seen from the camera`s eye attached to the spacehelmet of the suspended spaceman, Britney is meant to be sexually arousing. Consequently, if `God is love`, Britney`s testing the hypothesis that self-love in the form of masturbation is undesirable? Onan (Gen: 38), the prototype for masturbation, despised his `seed`, which is a metaphor in the Bible for `product`. If Onan doesn`t want `fruit` from his `seed`, he doesn`t want to live and so is a self-murderer. God killed Onan for not desiring to produce what he needed. Britney`s captured astronaut in `Oops! … I Did It Again` films her because he`s positioned to, which means he`s productive, and that`s what slavers do with self-murderers who don`t want to produce. Abjuring onanism is life and Britney Spears demonstrates that she wants to be a `fisher of men` like Jesus, hooking the viewer who wants to make videos by suspending her spaceman and encouraging the desire for freedom.


 Many churchmen are unable to perceive that Jesus was born 2000 before the 21st century began and everyone knows the difference between good and evil, because technology provides. The perennial question directed at churchgoers is, `Have you accepted Jesus?` Well, I accept `futanarian` women rather than parasitical viruses wanting to masquerade as the human species while preying on the her host womb to perpetuate their devouring of her rather than development. Homosexuals, by definition, are those who want others to produce for them. Jesus represents refusal, which is why he was murdered.


 Japanese mitsubishi zero pilots, using their planes as flying torpedoes, launched a surprise attack on the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, as were suicidal self-murderers. So were the Al Qaeda terrorists who hijacked planes on 9/11, 2001, to crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York. Jesus was accused of suicide, but he represented refusal to be a slave, whereas the Empires of Rome, Japan, and the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, represent enslavement to men`s homosexuality in pederasty and war. Although Jesus` crucifixion was sacrificial, Jesus wasn`t sacrificing, but was a human sacrifice, which he used as a platform to spread his teaching of Resurrection and the Ascension of `woman`s seed` through her own brains` powers for self-actualization in self-reproduction.


 Lesbianism is good pornography, because there are no parasitical virus organisms present (men) to interfere with the human species` sexual interactivity. The Levi-Strauss` `culinary triangle` archetype of species` evolution suggests that, because woman with a penis or without are a universal constant like God, so Jesus is too because she`s us.


 … 1 AD … Jesus crucified … Redemption … mousetrap won … eternal undendurable pain for the evil …  Jesus left … for Kuwait … arrival 2000 AD   … mousetrap won … cheese`s left …  fuck you …


 Conversing with an English language from the UK, he observed that women weren`t a species with a penis, and patiently explained `she-males` were surgically produced `transsexuals`. Fortunately, an American explained that women were a species as `futanarian` women had penis of their own. The UK trains belief in heterosexuality as men and women, whereas species` sex is woman sex. Propounding the symbolism and archetypal structure of Old  England`s Beowulf (1100 AD), or US` poet Walt Whitman`s Song of Myself (1818-92), preparing women for University requires knowledge that can often be had only from websites ( illustrating Shakespeare`s perception that `hero`, the name of the woman in Much Ado About Nothing (c.1598), is a comment on women`s absence from the stage of Shakespeare`s Globe Theatre because men played all the parts as that`s how the parasite functions, whereas women with and without a penis can be said to legitimately have all of the parts. However, because men want women to accept their parasitism, Shakespeare`s `hero` is a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man, and Jesus on the cross is Shakespeare`s true `hero` playing the role of `woman`s seed`.


 In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` Britney Spears is Shakespeare`s `hero`, because it`s Romeo and Juliet, where the Montagues and Capulets, rival families, who`re Ghibelline (white cross on red) and Guelph (red cross on white) politically, that is, the Emperor`s Ghibelline temporal power, and the Pope`s Guelph spiritual power represented by Britney Spears `twinned` in a red pilot`s suit and a white bikini dress symbolizing the difficulties facing `woman`s seed` on a world`s stage that denies women`s species` reality:


`I`m not that Innocent!`


 The Popes Innocent asserted spiritual over temporal power, so in terms of the promotional video for `Oops! … I Did It Again` Britney is Ghibbeline and Guelph, Romeo and Juliet:


`Wishing that heroes they truly exist. I gry watching the days. Can`t you see I`m a fool in so many ways.`


 As two Britneys, Romeo and Juliet, she`s Shakespearean heroes. Red is Redemption, so Romeo is white, and together they`re `Ka` and `Ba` represented in Islam as the Ka` Ba, which is the Egyptian temple of female sexuality representing the original `futanarian` spirit and soul of woman as the `magical personality` or `Akh`, which is celebrated in the Haj pilgrimage`s recognition of Hajer whose son, Ishmael, built the temple of Abraham in Saudi Arabia`s Mecca called Ka` Ba:


`I`m a fool in so many ways.`


 According to Judaic tradition the deck of cards known as the tarot were a portable torah, that is, a Jewish Bible depicting the journey of the soul, which Britney Spears` suspended astronaut is an allusion to. The `Hanged Man` of the tarot is her spaceman and she`s `The Fool`, who is innocent, while the spaceman`s suspension signifies Jesus` surrender to God.



 Although Saddam wasn`t a father of Islam, the red cross and crescent helped restore the `fertile crescent`, where the light of civilization first dawned in Babylon (c. 4000 B.C.), according to Iraq`s history, by breaking a sad dam, where `dam` is a witch`s term for her woman: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) The `dam` was Babylon, a woman, because men`s enslaving of her for homosexuality in pederasty and the spreading of war`s contagions is witchcraft. Baghdad was dad bagged, but the Resurrection of `woman`s seed` requires Babylon`s liberation. Ben Laden was a `bagged dad` on May 2, 2011, when the terrorist leader of Al Qaeda was killed in Pakistan, but Hollywood Babylon`s dad culture continues to deny `woman`s seed` reality, so that sad `dam` of Babylon`s still needs to be broken and redeemed where the parasites perpetuate themselves through images of civilization being devoured as entertainment:


`I gry watching the days.`



 Britney Spears` lyric in `Oops! … I Did It Again` contains a riddle. There are but two words in English that end in –gry, an-gry and hun-gry, and the challenge is to discover a third. Britney`s solution is to conflate `skry` with `augury` because  she`s trying to see into her future. In Shakespeare`s Romeo and Juliet (1591-5), Juliet fakes drinking poison to escape a suitor, and Romeo, discovering her inert form, drinks real poison, because he doesn`t want to live without her. Juliet wakes and stabs herself to death with Romeo`s dagger when she discovers him. The suitor is someone`s boy son, that is, the drama`s poison, which was true in William Shakespeare`s (1564-1616) theatre, because men had the women`s parts. `Oops! ... I Did It Again` redresses the balance, and Britney in red and white represent `woman`s seed`. Although `suited`, she isn`t `suitored`, so she`s free. In symbolic terms, she`s space (spiritual power) while in her white bikini dress she`s time (temporal power), and the pair don’t need the spacesuited man.


 In Shakespearean terms, the spaceman is the suitor Juliet didn’t want. In `Oops! … I Did It Again` Britney and herself are together. In red and white she has the Romeo and Juliet roles and all of the female parts.


 As an archetype, Jesus is `She`s us`, that is, Britney Spears` twins in `Oops! … I Did It Again` represent `woman`s seed`, just as the spear of Longinus that pierced the side of Jesus represents the release of another sad `dam`, that is, the Holy Spirit of the Paraclete, as the `Second Eve` from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam`, and so the `tutelary spirit` of Britney Spears` twins.



 The `Hanged Man` of the tarot is often associated with Odin, father god of Norse mythology who, to gain knowledge, with a spear`s wound hung from a tree. The spear is Gungnir, `the swaying one`, which describes Britney`s astronaut suspended above with his camera eye trained on her. In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` Britney`s run past a tree before throwing herself like a spear through the air until she stands in front of her spaceman is probably an allusion to Odin`s spear. Her spaceman gives a gift from a small black box, `But I though the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?` It`s an allusion to the film Titanic (1997) in which the aged survivor Rose drops the `heart of the ocean` blue diamond pendant at the point of salvage of the wreck of the ship that sank after it hit an iceberg on April 15, 2012, while she was a passenger. Her story is of a fiancée she jilts and a lover who drowns. The pendant`s part in the story is of the jilted fiancée planting it in his rival`s pocket to accuse him of theft, and as Rose`s memorial. Britney`s spaceman is depicted walking backwards after giving her the `heart of the ocean`, which means he`s rewound on the video and so can remember his future when the track is played again, which is the knowledge Odin sought and that Jesus possessed because he was able to predict his own death and Resurrection. Although Jesus isn`t a self-sacrifice, he`s a human sacrifice, which is what traitors like Judas do, while those who remember are likely to be safer, and so Britney`s spaceman remembers.



 `Oops! ... I Did It Again` is also Britney Spears` 2001: A Space Odyssey. In terms of her `riddle`, that is, finding a third word ending in –gry, apart from `an-gry` and `hun-gry`, is a matter for pronunciation. In Stanley Kubrick`s 1966 movie of Arthur C. Clarke`s novel, Hal is the sentient computer that attempts to murder the crew on the way to Saturn, the name of the Roman god of devourment, as Satan is the devourer in the Bible:


`Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems. And his tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child. And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God and to His throne.…` (Rev: 12. 4)



 Another name for Satan is Chronos, the Greek god of `time` that was the Roman god Saturn, who Chronos devours all his children but Zeus in Greek mythology. Zeus is saved by Rhea, his wife, by having Chronos swallow a boulder instead of Zeus. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the space mission is redirected to Jupiter, which is the Roman name for Zeus. In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` Britney`s suspended astronaut upon a hook alludes to Leviathan from the Book of Job, `Can you pull in Leviathan with a fishhook?` In Hungarian `Hal` means `fish`, which was Jesus` symbol amongst the early Christians,  because he described himself as a `fisher of men`, that is, he sought believers who`d proselytize his teachings. Although Leviathan is sometimes associated with Satan, when God is revealing his Almighty nature before Job, he says of the comparably great Behemoth:


`He is the chief of the ways of God. He who made him gives him his sword.` (Job: 40. 19)


 In Psalms the third great creature of God is mentioned, Ziz, a bird. (Ps: 50. 11) According to Jewish mystical `kabbalah`, which is a form of occult study frowned upon by Judaism, Leviathan and Behemoth are to be devoured by the Jews in celebration of God`s judgment upon mankind. If Leviathan, Behemoth and Ziz represent sea, land and air power, the allusion is to `Armageddon`, which is the battle against evil that precedes their perdition and God`s giving of heaven to the good. God`s giving of a sword to Behemoth suggests he`s for God. Consequently, Judaic tradition refers to `Armageddon` as a naval, land and air conflict, which will consume much of the Earth`s resources, and that`s why `kabbalah` is forbidden because Jewish humanism doesn`t want ruination for the Earth.


 In the Middle East the United States of America is called `Satan`, and Britney sends her spaceman home, after receiving `the heart of the ocean`, that is, the blue diamond pendant, symbol of Leviathan, because the US prepares to defend herself. 2001: A Space Odyssey culminates in Jupiter`s transformation into a second sun in the sequel, 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984), within the solar system by means of its diamond core. The analogy is of Satan devoured, which is real Judaic tradition. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the sentient computer, `Hal`, which means `fish` in Hungarian, is Satan, because Hal attempts to murder the mission. Actor Keir Dullea, in the role of Dr. David Bowman, disables Hal, which is a symbolical eating of the fish representing the success of Christian humanism over Satan, who is replaced by God`s `heart of the ocean` of space, that is, Jupiter becomes a second sun within the solar system containing the Earth, which is why Britney accepts the diamond blue pendant, the `heart of the ocean`, from her spaceman in her science fiction opus, `Oops! … I Did It Again`. The schizoid impetus is simplistic, because Jesus is `Meshiah`, that is, the inaugurer of the `Meshiahn` or machine age, whereas Hal is depicted as humanity`s enemy, because men fear being made redundant by women`s having labor saving technology produced from `futanarian` humans` sexual reproduction together as women with their own brains` powers. Consequently, although the viewer doesn`t see the contents of the spaceman`s black gift box in Britney Spears` `Oops! … I Did It Again`, it has the same compelling effect as the black monolith in Arthur C. Clarke`s short story, `The Sentinel`, which was the prequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey and introduced the mysterious black gift from an ancient civilization seeking to impel the path of `woman`s seed` to the planets and stars: `Well, baby, I went down and got it for you.`



 There are many paths to God, and scifi writer Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88) wrote the first $1,000,000 dollar contracted novel, The Number of the Beast (1980), which is `666` in the Bible but `6 raised to the power of 6 raised to the power of 6` in Heinlein`s novel and constitutes the number of possible universes accessible to the `space-time continua vehicle` that sits at the center of the work. All possible worlds are included in Heinlein`s `666`; even those from fiction. One scenario is of Edgar Rice Burroughs` Barsoom, the setting for A Princess of Mars (1917), where red-skinned women are usual. There are four characters within the space-time car, Gay Deceiver, and one is DT, which is `short` for Dejah Thoris, the name of Burroughs` Princess, but it might also be interpretable, in American football terms, as how to reverse a `TD` or `touchdown` , because the space-time vehicle can go backwards in time as well as forwards. Barsoom suggests `Ba` and `Zoom!` In ancient Egyptian mythology, `Ba` is the soul, while `Ka` is the spirit, and so `Akh` is the `magical personality`of the `futanarian` woman, that is, `woman`s seed`, which in `Oops! … I Did It Again` is represented by Britney `twinned` .  With her `Ka`, the woman can `Zoom!` Consequently, Barsoom represents her `Ba` soul, and she needs her `Ka` to get her there through her brains` powers created in sexual reproduction with herselves, `Zoom!`


`One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes one as the fourth.`



 Alchemy, according to the developmental psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), that is, the science preceding medicine, and deriving from the Egyptian `Al Khem`, meaning `black earth`, was psychological insofar as the practitioners were projecting their psyches into the material world in search of a solution. Jung argued that the psyche consisted of soul, anima, and ego, which projected the anima or soul onto women as the cause of sexual desire. What puzzled the alchemists was `futanarian` women, which is why their symbolism contains hermaphroditism. Women`s `Ka` seeks union with her `Ba` or anima-soul trapped within men as her parasites. Although alchemy is perceived as designed to produce the elixir of immortality, God`s expulsion of Eve and Adam from paradise for rejecting the `tree of life`, which was immortality, for host womb slavery in parasitism, identifies the reason for humankind`s ephemerality. Men want an early death for women, so the human race can be brain slaved in mindlessness.


 As Britney Spears` red Martian Princess suspends her spaceman above herself in a white bikini dress in `Oops! … I Did It Again`, he trains his camera lens upon her attached to his space helmet by `Mission Control` observers. In the Bible, God` injunction is, `You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.` (Ex: 20. 3-4) It`s God`s training program for women. Men are her parasitical virus seeking the extinction of her species, and nude pictures of men and women are confusing to a species denied knowledge of her penis` `seed`.


 `The Hanged Man` hangs by his foot in the tarot, which is a concealed wisdom relating to the brain damaged species limping on handicapped by men`s enslaving of the `futanarian` host womb of the race of women in parasitism. In Hungarian `fut` means `run` and `tanar` means `teacher`, so Jesus is mocked as the teacher of `woman`s seed` who can`t run to escape her brains slavers and exterminators.  


 Although a `futanarian` woman with a penis is needed to fertilize a woman without a penis, a second `futanarian` woman is needed to impregnate the first, and so the fourth is born, `One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes one as the fourth.` Species` oneness.


 The appearance of Britney `twinned` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` is repeated in the promotional video for her single, `Lucky` (2000), where there are at least four red Martian Barsoomian Princesses waiting upon herself, while the promo video for `I was Born to Make You Happy` (1999) features Britney`s pregnant self, and a vision of herself as twins, which might be construed alchemically as, `One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes one as the fourth.` Robert A. Heinlein`s `magic carpet` in his novel, The Number Of The Beast, that is, the continua car, `Gay Deceiver`, has four occupants, because there are four functions of consciousness, according to Jungian psychology; `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition`. The novel details the four characters, Jake, Zeb, Hilda and Deety quarreling about who`ll drive, because the ego makes one function superior to the others. Consequently, individuation or personal growth requires equality amongst the functions, although Heinlein`s two couples squabblings actually denote the women`s repressed species` hatred for her parasites. In short, all of the occupants of the `magic car` should be `futanarian` women`s race. Heinlein`s fictional solution was `wife-swapping` and homosexuality, because it`s reality, but Britney Spears` self-replicated woman is closer to God`s truth.



 The `culinary triangle` of Levi-Strauss is species` developmental, because it represents the `futanarian` archetype of a woman with a penis and a woman without a penis, and the woman with a penis needs another woman with a penis to complete her. Just as `Ba` and `Ka` are soul and spirit in Egyptian mythology, so according to Islamic tradition, the Ka`Ba in Mecca, brought from heaven by angels, `whiter than milk but the sins of the sons of Adam had made it black`,


 Jesus` teaching `God is love` was against men as women`s  parasites, which is why Jesus was tortured and murdered. Men didn`t want his ancient Egyptian predecessor Ra, who was the Egyptian father god incarnated upon Earth as Osiris, according to Egypt`s mythology, and was cut into pieces by his evil brother, Set, before being remembered by the goddess, Isis, who gave him a new penis. As Horus, Osiris had Ascension to heaven, and the archetype of the `seed` of woman reemerged in the figure of Jesus, born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefiguring the `futanarian` reemergence of `woman`s seed` to make white the `Ka` Ba of Islam made black by men of the `serpent`s seed`, who`ve killed and culled the species of woman to make her their slave.


 The beginning of Britney Spears` `Lucky` features an advertising hoarding with her picture that bears the legend: `Top Of The World`. The allusion is to Jimmy Cagney (1899-1986) in White Heat (1949), a `gangster` movie: `Made it, Ma! Top of the world!` Cagney`s character, Cody, dies defiantly as the gas tower he bestrides explodes.


 Cigarette smoking wasn`t banned from cinemas and movies, although what was an adjunct to most scenes in films was heavily curtailed. `Luckies` were the common name for `Lucky Strike` cigarettes which were the most popular brand in the United States of America in the 1930s. From Britney Spears, an acknowledged `smoker`, `Lucky` is an allusion to `Lucky Strikes`, while the legend on Britney Spears` advertising hoarding, `Top Of The World` alluding to Cagney`s fate in White Heat, `Made it, Ma! Top of the world!` suggests an anti-smoking awareness. Cagney`s smoking throughout White Heat and atop the gas tower is symbolic of the absence of women`s penis from the movie screen. Gangsters describe murder as `smoking` and in Russia `smoking` is fellatio, that is, the activity of murder is associated with `smoking` the penis. Consequently, Britney Spears` proliferated character in `Lucky` represents an attempt by a woman to stop smoking because it`s deleterious to her health.


 The image of Cagney atop the exploding gas tower is reminiscent of the giant ape in King Kong (1933) atop the Empire State building in New York swatting at planes attempting to kill him, and World Trade Centre (2005), the movie of the Al Qaeda terrorist hijacking that resulted in planes crashing into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre to precipitate the United States` invasion of Afghanistan, and the overthrow of the notoriously misogynist `Taliban` regime that had provided bases for Al Qaeda, before the United States` invasion of Iraq and the deposing of Al Qaeda`s supporter there, Saddam Hussein, who was executed on December 30, 2006. His demise preceded the rise of another gangster, Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, whose Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), continued Hollywood Babylon`s `monkey picture` franchise, and which Britney Spears` self-replications in `Lucky` and elsewhere acknowledge as species` threatening. As Adam was the first man, according to the Bible, Jesus is the `Second Adam`, as the first of `woman`s seed`. The Virgin Mary`s legacy to Jesus uncontaminate is that men are parasites who want to smoke her penis to death, so love women, and don`t ape men, because it`s an animal experimentation laboratory in which the tobacco manufacturers seek to prove that smoking doesn`t damage your health.


 The Fox and the Raven is a `gangster` fable. The fox says the raven sings well, and the cheese falls from the raven`s beak as the raven opens its beak to sing, which is how smokers are persuaded. In the Bible Eve and Adam `must earn their bread by the sweat of their brow` (Gen: 3.19), because those who live by others` work are slavers:


`Topic! A hazelnut in every bite! I remembered!`



 An `ad` for Topic bars of chocolate in the 1980s illustrates the modern slaver, who waits for the raven to drop the cheese that the raven has worked for: `Yes. Funny how you always remember right at the end!` Without brains to remember, humans will always drop the cheese, which is what the woman`s penis was `smoked` by men for:


`You shall not steal!` (Ex: 20.15)


 Taking life from others is how `stealing` is defined, and `You shall not kill!` is for those who can`t learn in kindergarten. Jesus on Mars (1979) is a science fiction novel by Philip José Farmer with the premise that, found on Mars, Jesus returns to Earth and is condemned as `the Antichrist`, because the people there refuse to believe:


`We keep both my hands above the blanket. When the light`s out!`


 Britney Spears` lyric from `I Wanna Go` (2011) follows her shaving her head in 2007 and declaring herself `Antichrist`, because she`s a `smoker` and lighted cigarettes beneath the blanket are hazardous, but will occur if brainlessness ensues from men`s smoking of her human species` penis. Although the legend is that vampires die with a stake in their heart, men`s stake in the heart of women is a small lighted wooden match for their cigarette as a symbol of her `smoked` penis, because she won`t live long without her own penis` semen for the sexual reproduction of her own brains` powers to develop labor saving technologies and medical sciences to give her longevity and memory enough to recognize what endangers her species in the bedroom.


Britney Spears` Blackout album appeared in 2007 after she declared herself `Antichrist`, because `blackout` is unconsciousness and occurs as the brain ceases to function, which is what occurs in species` death. The promotional video for the song, `Gimme More`, features brunette Britney pole dancing, while her blonde self watches with two blonde girlfriends. Gimmel rings are traditionally in three pieces, and the cover of Britney Spears` `Piece of Me` features her upon the cross of Jesus, because `woman`s seed` are her pieces, that is, a woman without a penis, and a woman with a penis, who also needs a woman with a penis to impregnate her, which is Britney`s three piece Gimmel ring. A cinema sign in `I Wanna Go` reads Crossroads 2: Cross Harder, a reference to Britney`s `road movie`, Crossroads (2002). It`s traditional for criminals to be executed at the crossroads, because Jesus was nailed to a cross and tortured to death. Consequently, Britney appears on the cross of Jesus for the cover of the single, `Piece Of Me`, because she`s a `martyr` to smokers that give her `blackout` and kill her human species of `woman`s seed`:


`You want a piece of me?`


 In the United States of America `a piece` is a handgun, which is what cigarettes represent, that is, the death of the human species by smoking her penis. Traditionally witches are burnt at the stake and are depicted in legend as riding phallic broomsticks through the air, because the development of technology from brain power is what the woman`s penis` semen represents. Consequently, men`s matches and cigarettes represent the burning of the witches at the stake, and the extinction of her penis` semen, symbolized by gangsters` smoking in `Criminal` (2011), because they`re the vampire drinkers of women`s blood:


`He is a sucker with a gun (gun, gun, gun).`


 In Richard Wagner`s opera, The Ring, Siegfried, a hero, is given a magic potion, to forget Brunhilde, and marry Gutrune. Brunhilde, angry, has Hagen murder him, and then gallops on her horse to her funeral pyre, and so Valhalla, the home of the gods and their father, Odin, burns. The subject is memory, that is, if the brains of the species are extinguished, `blackout` ensues, which is what slavers want, because it eases their enslaving of the human race, but Wagner`s tragedy describes the consequences. Actor Guillermo Diaz, Clyde (Barrow) to Britney`s Bonnie (Parker),2 pours a carton of milk over his face while driving Britney from the Crossroads 2: Cross Harder street scene, and his eyes burn fire, that is, her milk isn`t going to be Jesus`, because she`ll never remember from the ember.



 Britney is asked at the `spoof` press conference for the promotional video for `I Wanna Go`, `Is it true that you banned junk food, smiles, candy, sunshine and laughter from your Femme Fatale tour?` `Candy` is the name of her clothing line. In the Hans Christian Andersen (1805-74) tale, the Emperor`s told he wears clothes but he`s naked, `The Emperor has no clothes!` It`s safer to assume you have clothes; even though you perceive your own nakedness. As Jesus, before Judas` betrayal. Britney`s Mars` `Ba` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` wears a red pilot`s suit, while her twin, `Ka`, wears a white bikini dress. Britney Spears isn`t an Emperor without clothes, as her `Candy` clothing line indicates, which is why she can reply to her interlocutor:


`Fuck you!`


 Bell language school in Tripoli had a black eight ball engraved in the frosted glass, before the European assisted rebellion that overthrew Colonel Gadaffi in 2011, that is, the pool players had extended their cue to the black eight ball of Libya after the battle for Kuwait. The Emperor isn`t wearing clothes anymore, because it`s clear that a game is being played that isn`t about politics, economics, society, or culture and civilization; it`s the Antichrist.


 Although Asset is a name for Isis in Egyptian mythology, Britney Spears` `Gimme More` song represents `asset stripping`, after a United States` court stripped Britney Spears of her assets, because paparazzi snapped her leaving her child`s hat in the street as she ran for a car near New York`s Central Park and labeled her an `unfit mother`:


`Gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme gimme more.`


 The parroting repetition of `Gimme More` depicts Britney as `Polly` and so `Gimme More` is `more polygamy`, which was the cause of Britney`s assets being stripped. After a brief marriage to Jason Alexander in 2004, Britney Spears married Kevin Federline in 2004 before divorce in 2007, although the affair she`d with one time manager, Jason Trawick, left her penniless when the United States` court made him Co-Conservator of her fortune with her father, on the strength of what the lawyers viewed as an unwillingness to marry based on her own declaration of being `bisexual` and advocating `woman`s seed` in her promotional videos.


 In `Oops! ... I Did It Again`, the spaceman QB makes the TD, and a pass to the receiver, Britney Spears, who `twinned` represents wide receivers. As `chicks` who`re Baltimore Ravens, the fox doesn`t want to fertilize their eggs, `All aboard!` Receiving the `heart of the ocean` diamond blue pendant, it`s time to board the Titanic to make rendezvous with the iceberg, that is, it`s all abort because all abhorred, as men don`t want `woman`s seed` to fertilize herselves. Sterile homosexuality in pederasty and war doesn`t want `woman`s seed`, because the `serpent`s seed` doesn`t produce anything, and wants others to produce for it, and it doesn`t actually want anything to be produced, as that`s its sterile nature.



 Cheese, like Jesus, represents spiritual or intellectual production, rather than sexual reproduction. Consequently, the fox wants to devour the egg to prevent species` development, and ensure that Brintey`s ravens `croak`, just as the dragon of Revelation wants to devour the `New Redeemer`, that is, Jesus in his `Second Coming` to the Earth after his Ascension, born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18) who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter.


 In the opening sequence to the `Oops! ... I Did It Again` video, Britney Spears descends inside a huge superbowl ring, a Giant`s. For women it`s about proportion, whereas for men it`s about size, that is, a woman is sexually desirable as a giant on the movie screen or on the small screen of television, whereas the film, Giant (1956) is about men`s domination of each other in the oil business, which is what homosexuality in pederasty and war is. The dragon waits to devour `the son of man` because that`s what fathers do with sons who`re becoming bigger than their fathers. Britney `hooks` her spaceman in `Oops! … I Did It Again`, because she wants to catch Leviathan, `Can you catch Leviathan with a fish hook?` If she can give men a sense of proportion, her spaceman can recognize himself as amongst the Giants rather than the ogres.


 In Revelation (14. 19) the pressing of the grapes in the `wine press` of God is the wrath to follow men`s betrayal of humanity. Levi-Strauss` `culinary triangle` shows the development of culture from fruit, which doesn`t require preparation, to meat which requires the capacity to murder and the ability to cook, and the further knowledge that rottenness and corruption produce cheese from milk, for example. If Jesus is `cheese`, renunciation is corrupt and rotten. Moreover, ferment is how alcohol is produced as a medium by which evil spirits obtain renunciation, whereas the anger of God`s `wine press` is from righteousness, rather than ferment.  Although Jesus blessed the marriage at Canaan by changing water to wine, he received vinegar to add to his torment on the cross of his crucifixion. And Jesus offered `bread and wine` to Judas, who betrayed the `body and blood` of the human host, so with Judas wine is a symbol of ferment, and the corruption and rottenness of vinegar, although `Christ`s Passion` transmutes that bitterness to wisdom.


 Satan isn`t able to devour Jesus in his `Second Coming` because `woman`s seed` isn`t the species of the `serpent`s seed`. The serpent of Eden represented the penis of a poison before it grew to become the devouring dragon of war and HIV/AIDS. The Bible doesn`t indicate Eve`s penislessness, or Adam`s lack of a vagina and breasts, Adam is God`s image and Eve emerges from his side. Both may be hermaphrodites:


`So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.` (Gen: 1. 27)


 Eve and Adam`s progeny would be boy sons (poisons), hermaphrodites, or penisless women. If it became the aim of the boy sons (poisons) to kill and cull `futanarian` humanity and become parasites, then the story of Abel and Cain is clear. Cain`s murder of Able, as he who is able to cook, is Cain`s plan for parasitism. The ignorant won`t know they`re slaves, so Cain murder of Abel prefigures the extinction of civilization and culture by the `serpent`s seed`.


 It`s necessary to `play dumb` to learn what isn`t explicit, which is what the virgin birth means. Wine is at the `wedding at Canaan` as an persuasive `spirit`, or the woman would prefer her own species. The sustaining vinegar at Jesus` crucifixion represents his capacity to `play dumb` and endure. From a developmental point of view, Jesus `plays dumb` to invent television. He`s `Logos`, the `Word of God`, or the technology of the future after developing consciousness. But Cain, who can`t cook, needs slaves, and will `dumb down` humanity to an agricultural level of awareness in order to maintain enslavement.


 As parasites men manifest spiritually as viruses, for example, American `Superbowl` represents the triumphant possession woman`s egg. In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` Britney waits for the STD, that is, the spaceman`s `touchdown`, and hangs him safely suspended from a hook:


`For me? Oh, you shouldn`t have!`


 The North American Space Administration (NASA) probes indicate there isn`t any water on Mars, or if there is it`s beneath the desert surface. As the `Ka` with her Mars `Ba` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` on the red planet, Britney`s a dessert `ad`, `A Mars a day helps you work rest and play.` Water is the source of life and spirit amongst the Arabs where it`s more precious in fact than oil. Christians use in baptism as a mnemonic. The heat of the sun kills, so water is the connection with the living spirit, and a Mars Bar is worth even more.


 As `Oops! … I Did It Again` commences, Britney`s astronaut finds an `artifact`, a small cameo with her likeness in the desert sand. The artifact, like the monolith in Arthur C. Clarke`s science fiction prequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey, is compelling. In the film Titanic, Kate Winslet, in the role of Rose, is painted nude by Jack, her lover, after she jilts her fiancée, who `frames` Jack by placing the `heart of the ocean` blue diamond pendant in Jack`s pocket and accusing him of theft. Britney Spears` `cameo` performance in `Oops! … I Did It Again` compels the viewer to examine the video for meaning. Britney`s `cameo` in the Martian desert alludes to Frank Herbert`s desert world of Arrakis. Herbert`s science fiction novel, Dune (1965), contained references to the `Butler Jihad` as a `holy war` against literature. Dune was therefore related to Robert A. Heinlein`s `multiverse` in his novel, The Number Of The Beast, which contained all worlds `real or imaginary` and was accessible through the `continua car`, Gay Deciever, because William Butler`s Jihad represented the sterility of homosexuality in pederasty and its wars upon the human spirit.


 Humans are capable of eating and drinking, apart from sexual activity, which means that their imagination is concerned with that. Jack, in the Titanic movie, was framed by Cal`s butler, because Jack didn`t want to imagine Rose with Cal. Rose wants Jack to paint her naked, so he does, because that`s her imagination. Britney`s suspended spaceman films her, because that`s the imagination of the video`s director, Nigel Dick. `What The Butler Saw` is a traditional English seaside machine that imagines for the viewer what goes on in the bedroom of the butler`s employer. Consequently, imagination isn`t for butler`s, because if it was they`d be in the bedroom. Herbert`s `Butlerian Jihad` is a `gay` war against love.


 In Revelation, the dragon waits to devour the child of `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` as a symbol of the difficulties `woman`s seed` has with atomic weapons and terrorism, symbolized by Al Qaeda`s flag with the moon upon it. The dragon Satan`s Roman mythological counterpart is Saturn, the cannibal who devoured his own offspring. In Greek mythology, he is Chronos, `time`, because women`s children are born to be devoured in time to prevent their growing bigger than their father. In Egyptian mythology Osiris is `risen` when the corn is ripe for harvest, because the children of fathers are fertilizer. Those who are food for their fathers are `cropped`. Those who accept Jesus` teachings are saved. For the devourer, children are food, but the child wants to live: `If music be the food of love, play on…`3




2 Gangsters eliminated by US marshals in 1934.


3 Shakespeare, William Twelfth Night, I, 1, l. 1-3.

The Devourer

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The Devourer


In the depth psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the eye, ear, mouth and nose are connected with the four functions of consciousness, `Sensation`, `Thinking`, `Feeling`, and `Intuition` which, when differentiated, constitute enablement of the individual ego. Without this enabling, the individual remains unconscious, and subject to successive reincarnation, death and rebirth, without Resurrection in completeness of memory, which Jesus Christ`s Ascension to God signifies. The archetype of the enabled man is Jesus, who`s crucifixion is a symbol of men`s hatred of enablement. He is murdered upon a symbol of the four functions, the cross, and the reason why Jesus is enabled is because his birth isn`t contaminated by men, and he never marries. This means he`s free of contagion because men are an alien parasitical organism that uses woman as a host womb in order to periodically devour her by means of warfare against her art, culture, and civilization.



 God`s product and producer is Woman, and in Revelation the red dragon waits to devour the New Redeemer because that`s what the plague of men do. In Revelation `the number of the beast is the number of a man`, because men account themselves men to the extent that they are devourers of Woman and her products in warfare, which is their culinary description for devouring appetites, punished by God in Revelation by eternal unendurable pain. Woman won`t be here, because she`s `hidden` for a while before she leaves to sow her seed amongst the stars in heaven by the New Redeemer, and there she fights against the `seed` of the serpent that is men and wins.


 As a futanar, Woman has her own penis and is a species, so she never needed men who are described in Revelation as a plague that `play games` of degradation, which is a part of their devouring methodology as applied to Woman and her product, and these are their `plague aims`, whereas God`s `seven plagues` of Revelation are designed to be virus busters and convert Woman from the path of men`s degrading of them. Because men`s sterile activity of warfare and devourment is a sign of the anti-Christ, it`s for contagion, which Christ`s life was hermetically sealed from, and so disease is what men are. Sterility is also the mode of sexual gratification between homosexuals, and so men who are a parasitical virus upon Woman as a host womb are more resistant to their instinctual nature than others.



 In Jungian psychology, the eye is associated with the`Sensation` function, because we want to touch what we can see, and that`s why men don`t want Woman`s penis to be seen; she`d be understood as a species. Even on her own website, she`s ghetthoized from having sex with Woman without a penis, so that the possibilities inherent in her being realized as a species are `censored`.



 In Britney Spears` video Oops I Did It Again, the `lost` spaceman is told, effectively, `Get!` She`s polite, but knows what he represents: a toe. The `Mars lander` was a successor to the `Moon lander` and represents a `toehold` on the stars. Because the `Mars lander` was built in Hungary and `hold` is `moon` in the Hungarian language, the Apollo style spaceman in Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is denied a `toehold` on her Mars, because she isn`t `the moon` to him. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the New Redeemer, who hides her until she`s ready to leave Earth. Red suited, she`s Redemption but, in Catholicism, Woman has Assumption, which means that Redemption is for Man and Woman, so Neil Armstrong on the moon is `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` because, like Jesus born from the Virgin Mary, he represents Woman.



 On Mars, Britney is Woman, who`s independent of Mars, the god of war, and a Venus who doesn`t need a man who looks like `a toe in a spacesuit`. He brings her a gift, which is symbolically understandable as the `heart of the ocean` from the 1997 Titanic movie, because of her question:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end?`


 Kate Winslet drops the jeweled `heart of the ocean` into the sea at the end of the movie at the sight of the Titanic`s salvaging, She`s Rose, the woman painted nude by her beau and betrayed by her ex-fiancée, who arranges her new fiancée`s drowning as the Titanic sinks. Jesus` `Sacred Heart` is a similar symbol. He represents marriage (with men), betrayal, torture, and divorce/death. Rose feels that God has betrayed her love by drowning him, but Britney sends away the `toe` who brings her the heart. Effectively, she says, `Get toe.` Because the toe wants to make a ghetto of her:



`Oops! I did it again!

 I played with your heart.

Got lost in the game.

 Ooh baby, baby!

Oops! You think I`m in love.

That I`m sent from afar.

I`m not that innocent.`


 The spaceman has come from afar. She  hasn`t. He`s lost, because he comes to find her. She tells him that it`s her heart he`s been playing with, and  that she isn`t innocent any longer. Her head rules her heart. Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is about the eye, which in Jungian psychology is `Sensation` and tangibility. Oops I Did It Again is about see but don`t touch, which is why Jesus said:


`Touch me not!`


 The eye and ear are connected in psychology, because the tutelary guidance of the Paraclete, which effectively emerges from the side of Jesus after he is pierced by the spear of Longinus at his crucifixion, is the voice that gives sight to the blind. Because men are anal, their spirit is evil, and so their voice would connect the eye to the anus, which explains their devouring psychology. The perception in Oops I Did It Again Is that Britney`s spaceman would ghettoize her, because `the toe has gotten her heart`, so he wants to devour it and her in a Jewish holocaust, or something similar. The `final solution` can be avoided if she can `get toe wise`, and avoid the `toe`, which is what Jesus said to it:


`Avoid me.`



 God`s producer and product, that is, Woman as civilization art and culture, is shit to be eaten. In other words, eye (`Sensation`), ear (`Thinking`), and mouth (`Feeling`) are connected to the anus. The fourth function, which is `Intuition, is associated with `smell` or the nose. `Intuition` enables the ego to perceive, in dreams, or through the mediation of unconscious contents of the psyche. The mediator is God`s Paraclete as `tutelary guide` which, in Jungian psychology, is termed anima, but which may be understood as Jesus` Woman.


 Jesus` crucifixion tells us that men don`t want fourfold enablement, but homosexual marriage, betrayal, torture and divorce, which is an eternal cycle of death and rebirth for Woman in endless reincarnations of unconscious blindness and torment rather than that Resurrection in completeness of memory, which Jesus` Ascension signifies.



 Homosexual marriage with her parasite, that is, betrayal, torture and divorce/death for Woman, is what men`s psychology is. The `eye` or desire to `touch` is connected to the ear, which is `Thinking`, and so what is created by the mind, for example, any beautiful and good structure or development, is connected to the anus and, from there, to the mouth (`Feeling`), which is why men sought to drink all the Kuwaiti oil, devour the `Big Apple` of New York`s World Trade Centre, eat the pearl from the oyster of Pearl Harbour, drink all the oil in Iraq, and so on. The function of `Intuition` is devised by homosexuals, that is, men in marriage with women, to enhance their premeditated aims of betrayal, torture, and divorce/death. Woman`s `Intuition` is that shit is being eaten, and she can `smell` it, which is what her torturers want to hear from her. Hear me.


The apple in Eden, and the `Big Apple` of New York, symbolize Woman`s attainment to knowledge and wisdom, and when she gives it to her man he becomes a worm, because he is. Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is `worm psychology`, and she understands it. The spaceman wants to be the `worm` in Woman`s `apple` there.



 In Britney`s single Womanizer there are four of her, because there are four functions of consciousness, symbolized by the square egg, which is four-sided, and the yolk is the ego. The four versions of herself are the housewife (marriage), the office secretary (betrayal), the waitress (torture), and the chauffeur (divorce/death).



 The motif of the tray signifies betrayal in potentia. Just as the `toe` saves her heart in Oops I Did It Again, so the tray with the brandy motif symbolizes a `splitting of the psychological function`, which is `Feeling` because it`s associated with the mouth, and speech under the `tutelary guidance` of the Holy Spirit, or the devouring red dragon of Revelation. Red haired Britney represents role play (portrayal), or betrayal, that is, play or danger. In Oops I Did It Again she tells us: `I`m not that serious.` She prefers play, because serious is `red for danger`. Oops I Did It Again is post Iraq war I (1990-1) in which Kurdistan is the `ghetto`, and that`s why Saddam Hussein was the `apple` there; he gassed them with poison, so he was the `knowledge of evil` from `the fruit of the tree`.



 As the `chauffeur` in Womanizer, Britney caresses the steering wheel of the car with her foot to signify that the toe is in the car with her. He is but the car steers itself also, which suggests that the Holy Spirit is with her. Her foot on the wheel signifies `futanar`, that is, Woman with a penis, but her toe`s not actually needed and her passenger disappears at the end of the video`s `gay` activity. For a woman who loves a man, it`s a portrait of Redemption. She`s the four functions of his consciousness, and futanar is what she`s prepared to become, which is Woman as her Man – as God intended.


 The apple of Eden is God`s omniscient knowledge and wisdom, whereby Man becomes Woman through faith and God`s omnipotence. Originally, Eve came from the side of Adam, so they were one hermaphroditic being, and the Paraclete comes from the side of Jesus as the `Second Eve`, or continuator of God`s plan, which means that hermaphroditism is the centerpiece of God`s Revelation to the woman `hidden` upon the Earth.

Munchies with Britney Spears

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Munchies with Britney Spears


Oops I Did It Again depicts the imago of men as the devourer, which is represented in Revelation by the dragon waiting to devour the New Redeemer, who is the antidote to the parasitical viral organism that has woman as a host womb in order to replicate itself and play games of development and nurturing. In biblical terms, these are `plague aims`, and men are revealed as Woman`s disease, that is, as God`s producer and product she`s devoured by their `play games` system of bio-degradation. In Revelation, the `hidden` woman leaves to sow her `seed` in heaven, and win a war against evil.


 In simple terms, Woman has her own penis, and so her `seed`, that is, Woman`s, propogates amongst the stars, and defeats the `plague aims` of the viral illness that devours her upon the Earth as cancer. The `seed` of men is called the serpent`s `seed`, because God isn`t a devourer, whereas the serpent in the garden of Eden is the appearance of the imago of the devourer, and Adam`s devouring of the apple given to him by Eve is his symbolic acceptance of the imago of the devourer. Eve is the apple and he has accepted his role as her devourer.



 In Revelation, the New Redeemer is born while the serpent waits to devour it, but it protects her with its `scepter` while she remains `hidden` and prepares to leave. The scepter is, effectively, her penis. Because her libido is different from that of men. In psychological terms, libidic energy is instinct that is transformed by thoughtfulness into spiritual product. NASA`s space programme is a typical example of the transformation of libidic impulse into rocket science because, as Freudian psychology argues, the Apollo space programme is `nothing but` the expression of a repressed penis` upward thrustings, and so is the rest of art, civilization and culture.


 If Woman has a penis, the desire for escape from Earth is the expression of her repressed upward thrustings, because men want to devour her, and so prevent her `hidden` self from leaving. That`s why Britney appears in Oops I Did It Again in a red pilot`s suit, rather than a spacesuit, because the X-series of planes were designed to fly to the moon, and onwards to Mars, but the programme was cancelled in favour of Gulf Wars I and II, in which the USA fed Saddam until he was big enough to eat, thereby curtailing Woman`s upward mobility.



 When Britney`s spaceman arrives on Mars, he`s observed by Mission Control who`re `behind him all the way`. In fact, as he looks out upon the sands of Mars, it looks as if they`re looking out of his eyes, which is what it`s like for a man who has the devourer imago constellated within his mind. He picks up what looks like a `cookie` with Britney`s image on it. Of course `cookies` are what`s needed to access a website, so Britney`s Mars is her domain.



 Immediately the spaceman observes that she`s `cute`, it`s an `Open Sesame` from the tale of `Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves` in the Arabian One Thousand and One Nights where a `hidden` treasure is revealed by using the correct password or `cookie`. There`s a Mars quake as the website opens to reveal the `hidden` treasure, which is Britney`s Woman on Mars who, `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, represents the emergence of her species, that is, the `hidden` treasure is she who was `hidden` upon the Earth.



 In 1001 Nights Sheherezade tells tales in order to save the women of the kingdom from marrying a madman who cuts off one of their heads each night after marrying each day. It`s Sesame Street and the `cookie monster` has, Open Sesame, come to devour it`s `treat`, which is the path to the stars. The great `jar ring` of Mars is the Sesame Street version of The Ring in which the `cookie monsters` are preparing to devour Britney Spears.  The red dragon of Revelation is a big baby that hasn`t learned not to put things in its mouth, which is infantile and dangerous, because it`s the devouring imago that is men in the mind as demoniacal influences concerned to megalomaniacally devour everything they see, because they don`t want to be looked at by Woman.



 Britney`s spaceman is observed by a `controller`, who`s a man sitting at a console that seems to be inside the spaceman`s eyes, and he`s directing the spaceman`s movements, which is what demonic possession is. The spaceman, immediately he arrives on Mars, begins with the `cookie`, who`s Britney Spears. Mission Control is the devourer, and it seems childlike, but that`s what children are afraid of. The devouring monster.



 The distinction between the female of a species, and the male is intrinsic to our understanding here. Men are devouring imagos because they are parasites that replicate themselves in the female`s `host womb` in order to enslave and degrade for their entertainment as torturers. Woman, as a species with her own penis, is the archetype of God`s intended creation, because she`s `hidden` until Revelation when she leaves and, after her defeat of evil in heaven, God creates a new heaven and Earth for her to dwell in alone.


 Woman isn`t a devourer but a developer and nurturer, and why men use the bogeyman of `devil` as a means of frightening children. The devil is a man who wants to be a `cookie monster`, whereas a woman is a developer who doesn`t want her child to be devoured by an infant who hasn`t learned not to put things in its mouth and has grown monstrous and evil in the doing of it.



 In the tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, the thieves are `hidden` in jars in order to perpetrate their crimes, which is what possessive demons do. They are the devouring imago that hides in order to steal the password, which is `cookie` devouring for those that don`t want the `hidden` treasure, but want to prevent those who find it from having it. The spaceman is a `jar head`, because of his helmet and, when Britney takes it off for a minute or so, she releases `the bends`.


 The X-series of planes that would have flown Britney to Mars were cancelled because of `the bends`, that is, blackouts, which seems to be a preoccupation of hers. The subject of a later album Blackout, contains a track called Break The Ice, which contains the line:


`...let`s get it up.`


 What she wants `up` is Woman`s penis, which is a metaphor for the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who`s `in ice` on Earth until she`s `up`. In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s hypothesis is that `the bends` are the result of demonic possession by men as evil spirits that didn`t want the space programme, but wanted to eat Saddam when they`d made him big and fat enough to justify wasting all her billions of dollars on.



 The spaceman`s head becomes rubbery and distended as `the bends` of his demonic possession. Released, he`s able to see because his blindness and unconsciousness are removed. He gives her a gift, which we are able to deduce is a symbol of the `heart`, because now oxygen is flowing through his system, and not the demons that are the evil spirits that are the men that are possessing him and telling him what to do. It`s Britney`s astronaut training programme:


`Oxygen status 98%.


 In diving, `the bends` are an acknowledged hazard, and higher levels of oxygen content are a part of diver and astronaut training. Britney`s spaceman says he`s also a diver:


`Well, I went down and got it for you baby.`


 It`s the `heart of the ocean`, which Rose drops into the sea in disillusionment at the close of the movie. Her man was betrayed and drowned as the ship sank. Framed for stealing the jeweled heart, which she wore about her neck as her man painted her nude, her ex-fiancée had him `framed` by putting it in his coat pocket:


 In spying, demons are called `sleepers`. They `sleep` behind the eyes of the `host` in order to devour. Britney, in Oops I Did It Again, reclines on her white eight-pointed star-shaped `security blanket`, which identifies the tale as Arabian, because Arabian stars have eight points. Britney`s concerned about who wants to `sleep` with her. That`s why she has her `blanket`. It`s a fireman`s `trampoline`, which is used to catch escapers from fires in multi-storey buildings.


 Oops I Did It Again is the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, and she wants to catch him, but not Ali Baba`s  `evil spirits`, so she hangs the spaceman above. In the tarot, the `hanged man` is a symbol of `planning`, so he`s saved while she expels his demons. Her fireman`s `trampoline` is a `soul-catcher`, to catch his soul.



In Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, the thieves emerge from jars to steal. Here Britney`s thieves is a `soul-catcher`, and he shows her what is familiar from primitive cultures beset by notions of animism: a camera. Primitive cultures believe that a photograph is a soul-catcher, and in the Titanic movie Rose is painted nude by her lover, which results in her ex-fiancée betraying her because he doesn`t want her new boyfriend to have her. It`s a form of animism. Her soul has been caught, as it were. Her betrayer `frames` her new beau by planting the `heart jewel` in his coat pocket, which she`d worn for the painting. In other words, Rose gives her heart, but the soul-catcher won`t let go of it.  He`s a soul-eater, and Rose`s lover drowns. Because men are devourers.



 Britney`s `soul` is for her, but her fireman`s `trampoline` is a `soul-catcher` for the women of the kingdom, because she`s Sheherezade, and the good characters in her multi-storied construction are good souls. Britney`s spaceman photographs her and so he`s a `thief` who emerged from the `jar` of his spacehelmet to give her the jewel. In American terms, the demon possessed astronaut didn`t `blackout`. Resurrection and Redemption is completeness of memory across reincarnations, which is what the Titanic movie represents. The painting of Rose nude is more important than the jeweled `heart of the ocean`, because it represents the love of Woman`s beauty and soul, which she gives freely. Only those who want to devour her would want to possess her, which is why Woman is `hidden` before she leaves to sow her `seed` amongst the heavens.



 According to Revelation, there`s war against the serpent`s `seed`, that is, men, and God creates a new heaven and Earth for Woman as a species with her own penis, which means that there won`t be men to see her. This is the meaning of the serpent in Eden. He wanted to see Adam and Eve naked. Resurrection and Redemption for Man is Woman`s memory, that is, she remembers him in completeness across reincarnations, but he isn`t there. Jesus` exhortation to `love one`s neighbor` is a corresponding principle to his preaching of `God`s love`, and the acceptance of the Holy Spirit as the `tutelary guide`. It`s the awareness that all individual egos partake of God, irrespective of the devouring imago. In simple terms, Man is Woman, and so Woman`s memory of Man is Man`s Resurrection and Redemption. Her penis would then be the `scepter` of Revelation, a symbol of her immortality, which is her memory of herself as Mankind. Britney`s spaceman didn`t `blackout` because, in symbolic terms, he says:


`Take heart.`


 She gives him heart because she`s released him from his demons and his oxygen flow is restored. However, restoration isn`t what`s required. It`s the heart of the ocean because it`s Osiris`. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is cut into pieces, and the parts sunk in the ocean inside a trunk. His penis can`t be found, but Isis remembers the rest of him and fashions a new penis for him. Egyptian iconography has the `bee goddess` as an aspect, of Isis, because honey symbolizes resurrection. Spores, of course, are the means by which flowers are pollinated, and viruses replicate by spores. Britney`s analogy is of honey and monsters. Having observed that the `cookie monster` is a devourer, she observes that the `honey monster` is a symbol of resurrection and devourment.



 On Mars, Britney is Hathor, the mother goddess, who has a red disk. Isis, in her aspect as `bee goddess`, appears without a disk between her `deeley boppers`, which means that she`s yet to save Osiris, in computer terms, through her disk. In Egyptian mythology, Hathor lives in Horus` Mansion, and Horus is the restored Osiris, so Hathor restores Osiris as Horus because it`s Horus` Mansion she dwells in. Osiris` Mansion is Horus`, so Hathor`s disk is a portal through which he`s `rescued`. The bee metaphor is the idea of Woman as a species, which is that of Resurrection and Redemption, where the honeys would be her. Because men are monsters, they`d eat them.



 In her scene with the spaceman, her red disk`s visible between them, but she`s not concerned with restoration, she`s for Resurrection and Redemption of Woman with her own penis, which is Revision. There won`t be the form of man in God`s heaven and new Earth. They`re more concerned with presenting Woman`s teddys as their devourers, rather than have their daughters aware that the imago of man is the devouring monster that`s frightening them out of their dreams.



Britney`s spaceman takes her photo, because he`s possessed by `foe toes`, which is why he looks like a `toe`. In English, he`d be a `toe rag`, because his demons tell him when to stop (red), pause (amber), and go (green), which is a `traffic light` system (RAG) in which Mars is red, Sol is amber, and the Earth is green.



 According to Claude Levi-Strauss, the structural anthropologist, reality corresponds to the structure of the brain, because what we perceive is what the brain is constructed to perceive. This means that nature is a part of our constructionality, that is, red for danger, amber for stolidity, and green for development, or life`s progression. Consequently, reality is structural but, if the brain is determined by the imago of men as devouring evil spirits, reality will be progressively eaten.



 Britney`s spaceman is a `toe`. The label derives from the nomadic Arabs, the Tuareg, who wear headgear that`s a wraparound cloth that leaves only the eyes visible, because they have friends they don`t want you to see, rather than enemies who don`t want them to see.



 In English `slang`, `toe rag` means `tramp`,1 which is how Britney`s astronaut appears. He`s Oedipus at Colonus, in Sophocles` Oedipus Rex, where he`s psychologically blind, that is, unconscious of his fate, which is to be physically blind and unconscious in his doom of being unable to accept love.



 Britney`s spaceman`s controlled by demons who want to watch what he`s doing, and voyeuristically vampirise his emotions through vicarious participation in his life. Controlled by demons, he can`t accept love either; as Oedipus couldn`t. The demons control his every movement, and so she allows him to take her picture, because it`s all they`ll let him see of her.



Britney`s `Tuareg` takes an aerial photograph of her, and she`s become an Arabian Sheherezade atop her `Big Top Tent`. Her spaceman`s constructed on the `Tuareg model`, but he`s a primitive controlled by demons. Warfare is `limited engagement`, based on `rules of engagement`, and so Britney`s astronaut is being prepared for an Arabian `engagement` involving the Tuareg, and they live in North Africa, Libya, etc. In simpler terms, it`s about handicapping. The spaceman would have to become a `toe rag` in order to be in competition with a `toe rag`, which was the principle of Gulf War I (1990-1), and that of Gulf War II, where  in order to waste zillions of dollars, the `players` were blind and in wheelchairs with the brakes firmly applied.


 The role of Sheherezade is to save the women in the telling of her many stories in 1001 Nights, so Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is a reference to Britney, in her red pilot`s suit, as a `P-40 Warhawk` because Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves was the name the USAAF `training wing` for the `fighting tigers` was known as in WWII. Pilots graduated from 40s propellor thrust to the X-series` programme of rocket-fuelled jets in the 50s, and so on to Apollo rockets in the 60s, which got the first man as far as the moon in 1969, before the `Luna lander` was piloted to the surface, where Neil Armstrong transmitted these words to Mission Control on Earth:


`One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`


 Britney Spears on Mars, in Oops I Did It Again, isn`t unaware of the import of her words:


`I think I did it again.`


 She`s the red Indian who`s not selling her Mars, as those of Manhattan sold theirs for $24 in 1626. New York was built on Manhattan Island, and the common perception is that the Indians were cheated. Invested in 1626, $24 would be worth $50 billion today. To engage in a contract is akin to marriage, and Jesus` relations with the disciples, which followed the pattern of betrayal, torture, divorce and death, is what `cheating` represents. When the spaceman finds Britney`s `cookie`, it`s a `cheat` and it`s her domain:


`I made you believe we`re more than just friends.`


 The `cookie` is a `cheat`, from the perspective of the cheat, whereas it`s perspectival. From 9/11`s terrorists` point of view, the `civil` planes were a polite `cheat` from the Americans point of view, but a `cookie` is a protocol and the terrorists bought a ticket to visit as guests of the USA. It`s the type of the `marriage` contract. Just as Saddam`s was a contract to accept the 3rd largest army in the world from the USA. He married in. In simple terms, Britney`s Sheherezade is a `tough cookie` who insists on her protocols. Atop her `Big Top Tent` she`s preparing for her `circus`, which is intelligence gathering. It`s Isis `gathering intelligence` of the whereabouts of Osiris` parts. First she collects the `heart of the ocean` and so that`s her first `protocol`. From men`s perspective it may be a `cheat`, but from her perspective it`s her `cookie` irrespective of their thoughts of betraying her.



 As the spaceman hangs, suspended above her, she`s reading Osiris` heart. Ali Baba is an `honest man` in Sheherezade`s tale, and overhears a `password` that gives him access to a `cave` in which thieves and murderers have their `hidden` treasure. Britney`s spaceman is a `pro toe call`, which means he thinks he`s honest, whereas he works for professional thieves and murderers, engaging protocols and marrying `cookies`. In Shakespeare`s era, `to marry` meant to gain knowledge of. To `know` men and women is prohibited by God, and he destroys Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19) for `knowing`, which is a metaphor for sexual access.



 The thieves` cave is a metaphor for their refusal to accept protocol, and they have a password that allows them access and egress from their hiding place, which contains what they`ve `hidden`. It`s a protocol that`s a `cheat` because they`re evil, so `Open Sesame` and `Close Sesame` are `cookies`. In the New Testament, Jesus` tombstone is rolled away to reveal him resurrected. He was `hidden`, because he was `treasure`, and the tombstone was a `cookie`. In other words, having married (known), betrayed, tortured, and divorced Jesus (death), the murderers wanted to see what he was hiding.



 In Oops I Did It Again, the `cookie` of Britney that the spaceman finds, that is, her image on an icon found in the sand, is her `Open Sesame`, and the `Close Sesame` is hers also, which means that, although the spaceman finds her `cookie`, if he uses it as a `cheat`, he hasn`t followed the protocol. In terms of Britney`s symbolism, it`s reset. In Egyptian mythology, the evil Set cuts Osiris into pieces, which means that Oops I Did It Again is Britney`s `See-card` sent by `yeah-mail`, and the subject title is Re: Set which is why the spaceman says:


`Woe there! Horus See.`

 The written lyrics are:

`Whoah there horsey!`


 The spaceman is a `horse and buggy` doctor, and he has found the `cute cookie` with the image of Britney on it. He`a about to ask her to take heart, and the `Mars quake` occurs, which equates with the opening of Osiris` trunk, containing his parts, especially the sadness or woe of his heart, but also its restoring.



 Britney`s is Horus` See, or the `seat` of Hathor, which is Horus` Mansion, and the evil Set murdered Osiris to steal his Earth. That`s why he`s put into a trunk, and it`s sunk to the sand of the ocean`s floor. The discovery of Britney`s `cookie` on the sands, where the blue oceans of Mars had been, signals Resurrection and Redemption, and the opening of Hathor`s `seat`, the Mansion of Horus.



 If she`s `cheated`, Britney`ll press `reset`, and Ali Baba, the `honest man`, will try to evade the thieves and murderers that beset him, that is, who want him to `be Set`, so she`ll be there to uncover the `cookie` in the sand. To do this she needs `intelligence gathering, which is what her white bikini-dressed self atop her `Big Top Tent` signifies.



 The parts of Osiris remain in the trunk on the ocean`s floor, and to gather the pieces she needs to know who the `cheaters` are. That`s what Piece Of Me is about. Britney appears on the cross on the cover for the single, and Piece Of Me is a song about a previous marriage to Tom Hulk, which took place during the Vietnam War between 1955 and 1974. The protocol in the Vietnam conflict was of pretending to be injured as a G.I., which the Khmer Rouge did, and then cry out for assistance using a common Christian name:


`Tommy! Tommy!`


 When the Americans went to help, the Khmer Rouge murdered them. Being injured is a protocol, because it`s a convention, ratified by the United Nations in what`s known as the `Geneva Convention`, for either side in a conflict to give medical assistance to the wounded.



 Pretending to be injured on behalf of someone else is a sign of the devouring imago, because it`s what the Khmer Rouge did. Pretending to be injured for - or by - someone else is an offense, because it`s signifies `offend`, which is how the Khmer Rouge murdered the `Geneva Convention`, and why President Richard Millhouse Nixon ordered `carpet bombings of Indo-China as well as defoliation, using `agent orange`. The Khmer Rouge signaled `offend` and Nixon offended.


 George Bush Jr. ordered Gulf War II and a global `War on Terror` (2003-) when two `civil` aircraft broke protocol and demolished the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre, because of a few individual extremists, a few of whom may`ve been Arabs; but Afghanistan isn`t. The Taliban and Saddam Hussein signaled `offend` Arabia, and George Bush Jr. offended.



 As Sheherezade, Britney atop her `Big Top Tent` is `offensive` to terrorists because, if men are parasitical viral organisms, they`ll follow the Khmer Rouge `pattern` and  pretend to be injured for – or by – her. Piece Of Me is about the paparazzi as Vietnam war, that is, to photograph her they need her help, and so they cry out her name and pretend to be injured for – or by – her, if she doesn`t `help`. That`s an `offense`, and it signals `offend`. It`s a programmer`s `tool`.



 Britney writes SUCKER on the head of one cameraman in red lipstick, because the `offend` signal is a `red rag to a bull`. In terms of `traffic signal` symbolism, it means Khmer Rouge, that is,`offend`. Without the `tutelary guidance` of the Holy Spirit, pretending to be injured for – or by – someone, is a SUCKER punch, which is thrown by psychic vampires:


`I cry watching the days.`


 She`s crying out for help, but won`t receive it, because the paparazzi want to offend her, and start a war. The USA was understood to be the `world`s policeman` in the 50s and onwards, but policemen function as criminalizers, which means that they `offend`, and that means constant offensives, because policemen are offensive in their creation of offenders. The `sleeping policeman` imago fits the `traffic signal` picture, because it`s a devouring male imago that has as its goal the devouring of the developing ego as a censor. That`s why `the number of the beast`, 666, has been associated with 9/11 and 999, because the police, whether the USA as the `world`s policeman` or the `sleeping policeman` that`s the imago of the devouring father, are criminalizing bullies that want to careen through red lights chasing their tale.



 Britney`s allusion to Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves alludes to the `cookie`, that is, the thieves weren`t `for tea`, so she didn`t see them. But an `honest man` recognizes a `good cookie`. In the tale Ali Baba`s brother, Kassim, enters the cave but forgets the password, which is `Simsim` in Arabic, that allows him egress.



 The thieves and murderers cut Kassim into four pieces, which Britney Spears alludes to in her single Piece Of Me, that is, her role as Osiris. In the Egyptian myth, dogs carry the pieces of Osiris to the four corners of the Earth, which is a symbolism that Jesus` crucifixion also represents in the arms of the fourfold cross which point North, East, South, and West.


 Kassim was the name of the ruler of Iraq who was murdered by Saddam Hussein in 1959 so that he could steal his `earth`. Saddam did this with the full support of the USA and the CIA, because Kassim preferred a `mixed bag` in terms of his economic alignments, which largely excluded the USA. During the Gulf Wars (1990-2011) insurgents were called `Ali Baba`, because they were unable to distinguish between an `honest man`, murderers and thieves. In other words, they`re illiterate.


 Criminalization of the `honest man` is the product of illiteracy, and crucifixion is the symbol of `God`s love` with the disciples as the homosexual marriage partners betraying, torturing, and divorcing Jesus in death. Because men are parasitical viral organisms that want to replicate themselves from Woman`s `host womb` and, by means of insurgency and counter-insurgency, devour civilization, art and culture, that is, the product of God`s Woman as producer, they`re homosexual, which is why STDs and AIDS is believed to originate with monkeys. They`re illiterate too.


 The police have a similar concept, which is why they`re associated with the Antichrist as `big brother` CCTV etc. Their perception is that Judas is Jesus, so they never accept that a man is innocent, because Jesus words `love your neighbor as you love yourself` indicate that your neighbor is yourself, so Winston Churchill is Adolf Hitler, and Winston Smith is both of them, and so George Orwell is guilty in the eyes of the police. Because they`re illiterate too.


 In the tale Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Morgiana, a woman, kills all the homosexuals, and Ali Baba lives as an `honest man` with the secret of the cave to himself. It is in accordance with Sheherezade`s principle of saving all the women. Morgiana is a good woman.


 Britney`s cave is where the spaceman finds her. His `Open Sesame` is the `cookie`, and she is the `hidden` treasure, which is the Earth because it is that which was stolen from Kassim. In symbolic terms, she`s the red dragon of Revelation, and the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who is `hidden` treasure and the New Redeemer with the scepter that protects her is her guardian while the dragon is that which waits to devour it. In this sense, she`s what the psychologists call a complexio oppositorum, and so is Khmer Rouge too.


 Britney`s red suit is a siren suit, and sirens, appearing as beautiful mermaids, lure sailors to their watery grave in `Davy Jones` locker`, which is a metaphor. It`s found in the journey of the Argos in which Odysseus ties himself to the mast rather than have the sirens` singing lure him to the ocean`s floor. Britney`s Mars is sandy desert, and waterless. It`s the love of a siren for a man, and she`s prepared to lose her tale. When her spaceman gives her the heart of Rose from the Titanic, she says:


`Oh, you shouldn`t have.`


 For a siren it`s a titanic struggle. The Earth is blue and green with sky and ocean, and Mars is sand, but she`s lured herself by the heart of Osiris to return to the sea. In the Egyptian myth, Osiris` parts are placed within a trunk, before Set sinks it to the ocean`s floor. If Britney`s suited siren is to remember herself, she only needs to remember her man is herself.



It`s a tradition of the United States Armed Forces that they never lose a serviceman, and they`re still trying to locate them, or their remains from their wars in Indo-China. In Oops I Did It Again, Britney receives her `purple heart`, and so is the Khmer Rouge because, from a Christian point of view, he was Khmer Rouge too. In Piece Of Me, she writes SUCKER on the forehead of a paparazzi with red lipstick,  which means that she`s Khmer Rouge to the psychic vampires:


`You wanna piece of me?`


 Drug addiction is psychic vampirism because of `the man`, who is the imago of the devourer for those who need a fix. Britney`s spaceman, when he sees her `cookie` image, says `Woe there. Horse see.` `Horse` is heroine, and so for those who see by means of heroine it`s woe, because they have to see the devouring imago of `the man` to see through heroine. For drug users it`s about confidence. To see the heroine, you get heroine from `the man`, which means that you see through the heroine because you`ve accepted the devouring imago of `the man`, who wants you to shoot heroine and not see her.



 In her red body suit, Britney`s Podkayne Of Mars, that is, Poddy Fries, the heroine of the first Grand Master of Science Fiction, Robert A. Heinlein, and Britney`s reference is to the travelogue, Tramp Royale, in which Heinlein`s wife is asked: `Anything to declare?` She replies: `Heroine.` Tramp Royale provided backdrop for Podkayne Of Mars and Oops I Did It Again, because it`s about passenger liners, and Poddy journeys to Earth from Mars aboard a passenger liner. There`s a `voice over` in Oops I Did It Again before her spaceman gives her the `heart of the ocean`, which is effectively her Earth ticket:


`All aboard!`



 Before he gives her the gift, her spaceman says: `Britney, before you go - ` Heroine is all she has to declare, because she`s embarking for Earth, which is blue because the `heart of the ocean` is from there. The structurality is red (Mars), amber (Sol), green and blue (Earth). In order to leave Earth for Mars, instinct, which is associated with the colour red for danger, has to be transformed into spiritual rather than libidic energy, which is associated with men`s penis. Britney, in her red suit, symbolizes the goal, Redemption from `the bends` of evil possessive spirits that force the diver or astronaut to struggle `up` in order to be `turned down` by the demons, who don`t want her.


 In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), blue is associated with spirit, so Britney`s observation is that, on Earth, RAGE has to be overcome, that is, Red, Amber, Green, Earth, and the solution is the Holy Spirit, which is `blue` in Jungian terms and can release you from `traffic light` demonic control systems which are men as evil spirits that tell you when to stop, pause, and go.


 Demons take over the minds of others in order to murder and experience how it feels, or simply to have you know that they are there and understand that they are tormenting you with the knowledge that they are in possession of you. It`s confusable with voyeurism, which is watching and vicariously enjoying. It`s also confusable with pornography, which is pictorial representation of sexual activity.



 In the movie Sliver, Sharon Stone is watched by CCTV, but demons watch as you and perpetrate murder as you, which is neither voyeurism nor pornography. It`s psychic vampirism. In the Many Coloured Land novels of science fantasy writer Julian May, she posits the existence of chakra vampires, which devour these `energy centres` in their `hosts`, much in the same way that Woman is devoured by men as parasitical viral organisms that keep her as a `host womb` for replicating themselves.


 In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus kills his father accidentally, because he is symbolically blind and unconscious of who he and his father are. He breaks the incest taboo by unconsciously marrying his mother, which is enforced by his conditioning to the point of his self-blinding, whereas the taboo is designed to prevent him from understanding that he is his father and mother, and that possessive demons are men as evil spirits that have murdered Oedipus` parents in order to vicariously enjoy it.


 Sophocles` Oedipus Rex is a tragedy because that`s what men want for Jocasta, who`s Oedipus` mother. As a woman, she doesn`t care that Oedipus is her son, and advises him to accept her as a woman. The tragedy is that the devouring imago, that is, the image of a man inside Oedipus, is so strongly possessive that he blinds himself, which extends the vicarious enjoyment of the evil men as demons that are possessing him, and that`s their intention with the incest taboo. Because Woman is nurturing and developmental, in the person of Jocasta, who wants to continue with her love and family, the devouring imago is a man or men.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney `s `set` looks like `spare ribs`, which are red and so`s Britney`s Poddy Fries in her red pilot`s suit. In Ireland, `ribs` are called `bodice`:




 Because it was Britney`s first stage set for her lift off in 2000, it`s an allusion to the evil Set of Egyptian mythology that dismembers Osiris. Britney is given Osiris` heart symbolically, and the ribs of her set suggest that `Set` is dead and she`s returning to Earth to remember Osiris.


 1 The Tuareg nomads of Arabia bind cloth around their feet as footwear.

Men Stole My Penis by Britney Spears

01/01/2012 15:49

Men Stole My Penis by Britney Spears



Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again begins with a dialogue between herself and Earth, which revels in the Western tradition of the Sandman, Lukoi, who sprinkles magical sand in children`s eyes to prevent them from seeing that they don`t want him. Because dreams are what God and the angels gives them to reveal what it is that they do want:


`...his coat...changes from green to red, and from red to blue as he turns from side to side. Under each arm he carries an umbrella; one of them, with pictures on the inside, he spreads over the good children, and then they dream the most beautiful stories the whole night. But the other umbrella has no pictures, and this he holds over the naughty children so that they sleep heavily, and wake in the morning without having dreamed at all.`


Umbrella, Lokoi


 Britney isn`t Lokøi, the Sandman, she`s the Sandwoman. She introduces her story in Lucky: `This is about a girl called Lucky.` The song begins: `Every morning she wakes up. Knock, knock, knock! On her door.` It`s the Hollywood dream factory, and Lukoi, the censor, wants to tell her what to dream: `Isn`t she lucky. She`s a star. But she cry, cry, cries with her lonely heart, thinking; if there`s nothing missing in my life, why do these fears come at night?` It seems like a nightmare, because she`s struggling to dream:


`Lost in an image, in a dream,
But there's no one there to wake her up.
And the world is spinning and she keeps on winning,
But tell me, what happens when it stops
- Baby.`



 A baby is what happens when it stops; the cycle of death and rebirth which is reincarnation, but not Resurrection and Redemption. This is why her dreams are nightmarish. She`s successful, but she doesn`t have it. She `keeps on winning`, but that`s only a repetitive cycle. To break it, Woman thinks `baby`, but Resurrection and Redemption are indestructible immortality, so why would she want a baby? Because men need a `host womb` for their continuance, and so Lukoi, the Sandman, allows her to have dreams that are good for men, but censors her when she is `naughty` enough to dream truly good archetypal material that would allow her to live – as Woman.



 Oops is an earlier self-reflecting single. Britney has an eclecticism that allows her to parade her references, self-knowledge, and wisdom. `Ground control to Major Tom...` is the line that begins Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars` Space Oddity. It`s a single by David Bowie, a bisexual, and relates to the idea of being an `oddity` as equivalent to an Odyssean journey as well as referring obliquely to Arthur C. Clarke`s A Space Odyssey in which the central protagonist, by reduction, is the monkey that, hurling the bone of an animal skywards, is projected into the future by the science fiction writer as Man travelling aboard a spaceship to Saturn. The story is, virtually, free of Woman, which is indicative of the problem. The first `astronaut` was a monkey and, effectively `man in space` excludes Woman.



 Britney, on Mars in Oops, is `Gerund control to Major Red`. It`s about continuity, that is, -ing is the `gerund`, which is affixed to words in English in order to indicate that the activity is continuous. In Lukoi terms, her Sandman `changes from green to red, and from red to blue as he turns from side to side`, that is, Earth is green and blue, and reflects an aspect of the personality, while Mars is red and reflects a different aspect of the personality.



  In symbolic terms, green is the colour of eternal life, represented by the Virgin Mary in Catholicism. Blue is the colour of the spirit in the equally eclectic psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), and red is associated with instinct, that is, the transformation of instinct into spirit, which is Redemption and eternal life through Resurrection, rather than reincarnation, death and continuing rebirth. That`s why Britney on Mars is `Gerund control to Majorette.` She`s direct-ing her parts` ensemble, and is a `superconductor` as she announces her circus` perform-ing. Her goal is to develop a multi-faceted personality to deal with Lukoi as, `turning from side to side`, he changes from green (life) to red (warring instinct), and from red to blue (spirituality). This methodology is continuity, but such events as the Gulf War (1990-1) interrupt her `work`, as it were. It interferes with her American Dream:


 `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` - Piece of Me (2008)


  Lukoi is the one who doesn`t want the children to see that they don`t want him. He is the liar. Because he wants war, and Britney is the true American Dream; because she perceives that war is evil, but instinct (red) for Redemption (Earth`s green and blue, life and spirit) is being  perverted by Lukoi to promote the sterility of reincarnation, death (war, plague and famine) and rebirth (more war, plague and famine) rather than Resurrection. Men are Lukoi. Because they want Woman to remember only that they are her penis, whereas she wouldn`t need one if she had eternal life in an immortal – because indestructible body – given to her by God.



 David Bowie`s A Space Oddity is, therefore, a child`s request to be Woman with a penis. Virginity is precious, but the Virgin Mary gave birth to a penis as a virgin – Jesus – who according to scripture remained virgin and celibate. Why? Because virgin, immortal, indestructible, and celibate (with her own penis) is what Mary, and by analogy Woman, wants. This is freedom from Lukoi`s  enslaving of her by deciding what `good dreams` are. It isn`t that the `umbrella` of blindness is because her child is `naughty`; it means that the child`s dreams are moving away from men, whose dreams are for reincarnation, death and rebirth (the heroic buffoon), and towards genuine Redemption, which men don`t want for Woman; because she`d leave and they`d lose the `host`.



 In Catholicism, the `host` is the body of Christ, symbolized as a wafer that represents the bread given by Jesus to Judas, and the other disciples, at the `Last Supper` before his being tortured and murdered by Lukoi (men) for having good dreams – of Woman, and his mother, who represent `God`s love` for him – and Catholicism. But, from the perspective of men as parasitical viral organisms, the body of Christ (the church), is Woman as the `host`. This is why the `hosts of God`, the angels, are often depicted as hermaphrodites, because they`re not the `hosts of men`, and God`s plan is, clearly, that Woman is to be among the hosts of God; because she`s their dream.



 In Catholicism women are often told to cover their hair in church, lest the angels are enamoured of them and want to be with them. They don`t. They want her to be with them – as they are – in heaven and in God. The prohibition is men`s. They don`t want her to leave; because they want reincarnation, death and rebirth (for themselves). She is only a host womb, and if she leaves they`ll lose the `host` of God, Woman`s Holy Spirit that`s God`s developer on Earth, and which is depicted in Christian iconography as `the devil`. Because men don`t want `red (instinct), to green (life) blue (spirit), and Red-emption. They want `turn and turn about`; green (life) to red (war), and red (instinct) to blue (spirit). In other words, life is for war, and development is for destruction; from men`s angle.


Britney`s red dragon showing its claws.


 Without indestructibility, humans may be immortal, through reincarnation, death and rebirth, but are the victims of Lukoi, who is men as the torturer and murderer of the Earth and Woman. Britney is `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` from Revelation, which is the fulfilment of God`s covenant insofar as the evil receive unendurable eternal pain as their punishment, and a new heaven and Earth is created by God for Woman to dwell in. The child she gives birth to in the teeth of the `red dragon` of the Apocalypse `rules with an iron scepter` on behalf of her who is `hidden` until she is ready to depart.



 In Oops there`s a `choke chain` , seemingly newly emptied, which means `animal training` in the circus, but there are only men and women in the Oops video. Although, as Marilyn Monroe indicates in Diamonds are a Girl`s Best Friend, she indicates what they`re for – Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses (All Fall Down), that is, war, plague, famine and death; followed by reincarnation, death and rebirth, which is a prefiguration of the eternal unendurable pain that God has prepared as a punishment for the evil upon the Earth. Marilyn`s men all shoot themselves, and fall down, as she begins to sing.



 Her affair with John F. Kennedy led to her suicide; allegedly. However, in Diamonds are a Girl`s Best Friend, she`s being told what she can dream of as the American Dream of the 1960s – suicide. Lukoi is developing from torture and murder, in Jesus` case, to species` suicide. Men aren`t her protectors and Lukoi doesn`t want her to know, so he shows her a seemingly good dream in which her men are instantly resurrected to dance with her. Her Ring-a-Roses are women:



 Britney`s `animal chain` alludes to BDSM. Lukoi tells you what you can dream of. Here he wants her to dream of `woman as an animal` but, as the developer upon the Earth, she`s what Carl Jung has identified as the anima, that is, the soul. According to Revelation, `the number of the beast is the number of a man`, so a man is a beast, and BDSM is the methodology of the Antichrist who`d explain that Jesus` torture and death is sexual, and that that`s what women are for. It`s `suicide training`. That`s why BDSM symbolism is often misconstructed as `training`, and by extension all `training` is men`s imposition of torture and death as a methodological approach towards intelligent life. Here or on Mars. Lukoi depicts it as Woman`s `naughty` ideas in Oops, and doesn`t want us to see the real picture; although Britney`s Sandwoman can.



Britny has described herself as the Antichrist, but Lukoi has shown us that  Christ`s self-sacrifice is to be perceived as suicide. Having tortured and murdered Jesus, Woman is to understand that` she`s their victim and give herself over to them as a sacrifice, which is suicide. It`s a Christian picture; but not an archetype. It` s a distortion. Britney corrects it, in Oops. The men fall and the women remain standing. As in Marilyn`s Diamonds, they resurrect; but it isn`t Resurrection. It`s a symbol of reincarnation, rebirth and death. In other words, she`s for Redemption but has to `dance the dance of death` with men, who won`t let her escape – and that`s suicide.



 She tells her spaceman to leave; because he`s a baby. Oops is a suicide programmer`s vision of himself as the god Mars. He`s a coward who doesn`t want to have to fight Woman, who`s a danger because she represents a growing intelligence of her independence as a species, so he`s programmed her to accept Jesus, as the `baby spaceman`, and suicide as a false archetype. He`s Lukoi who`s conditioned her to believe that salvation lies in babies, who`re Jesus; whereas they`re reincarnations, that is, death and rebirth of what`s been before, rather than Resurrection, which necessarily contains memories of what men have done to Woman before. As used by Christianity, Jesus is Woman`s suicide archetype. Hence Britney Spears` (1982-) declaration of herself as the Antichrist.



 Britney`s Mars` stage of development is the `ribs` of her defence `umbrella` for the child she`s conceiving. The good dreams are for her green and blue (Earth), whereas `...the other umbrella has no pictures... [held] over the naughty children so that they sleep heavily, and wake in the morning without having dreamed at all.` In other words, she wants to keep the birth secret from men. She`s Mars – Sand – Woman and it`s a `natural` or `Lamaze` birth, which is pronounced `lamb Mars`. Britney`s `spaceman` represents the USA which has been described as the Great Satan:


 `Then I saw another beast, coming out of the earth. He had two horns like a lamb, but he spoke like a dragon. He exercised all the authority of the first beast on his behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed. And he performed great and miraculous signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to earth in full view of men. Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth. He ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. He was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that it could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.` (Rev: 13. 11-15)


 On Mars, Britney is actually the Great Satan, because she`s its mother. That which is perceived as the Great Satan is the `birth pangs` of Woman as she prepares to leave the Earth. It`s her revenge. Woman is a species with her own penis, and Jesus brings a sword to kill the evil and give them unendurable eternal pain. The passage continues: `...the number of the beast is the number of a man...` Who? All of them. That`s why it`s 666. They`re all the same.  Only those who can remember that they`re a woman, and accept it, can have Redemption; because that`s Resurrection with memory, not the acceptance of continuing reincarnation for death and rebirth. That`s why homosexuality is to be feared. Because it`s real, and evil, but gives a real man intimations of the truth, which is that she`s Woman`s penis, and Redemption and Resurrection is the remembering of Woman with her own penis – and that`s Revelation.



 In effect Britney`s SDI (Strategic Defence Initiative) on Mars. It`s the `umbrella` for her pregnant self`s belly. The colours red, green and blue are used for making television pictures and, in this case, transmitting them to - and from - Mars (red) to Earth (green, blue). Pictures beyond Mars aren`t descryable; because `anger management` has to be accomplished first.


 In effect, she represents the constructionalist principle of an `umbrella defence` that is all-encompassing in terms of that which is to be protected – as a woman is with an infant. Men want green (life) to red (war), and red (instinct) to blue (spirit), that is, life to fight and Woman (developments) to destroy:

`God, lost in the game.`



 The game is `mummy`s and daddy`s`, and God`s been forgotten. Like a child left behind. Lukoi is calling himseIf PG. But Britney is Woman and is `parenting`, not playing `mummy`s and daddy`s`, which is what God is – a parent. In other words, she`s censoring the pictures she doesn`t want for her child:


`Ooh, baby, baby.`


 But that`s dangerous. Because it`s playing with `mummy`s and daddy`s`, who think that they`re a species. It`s okay to play at `mummy`s and daddy`s`, but as Britney says:


`I`m not that serious.`


 She mustn`t be, because Woman is a species. From her point of view on Mars, she has to be able to transmit the pictures that are educational, while censoring out those that are non-developmental. Consequently, her video is interpretable. Obviously, she knows who Lukoi is, and he`s German, so we won`t be surprised to discover that `szív`, in Hungarian, means `heart`:


`I played with your heart.`


 She`s Eve, who emerged from the rib of the Anthropos or Adamic `first man` of Earth and, as Neil Armstrong was Eve`s `first man` on the Moon. She`s on Mars when he arrives, so her transport is more advanced. We`re told that `gravity is defective`, so she`ll develop gravity, and there`s `98% oxygen`. In premature births, and spacesuits, a higher percentage of oxygen is used; but 98% oxygen is poisonous, according to medical science. In other words, her spaceman is definitely a baby. He has baby oil, on Earth. For cars. In Hungarian, there is a sign of Lukoi Lamaze birth:





 It`s a sign of her baby`s car. Britney`s spaceman runs on baby oil, because he`s from Earth; but she doesn`t want it. Because Earth is reincarnation, death and rebirth – continuation - not Resurrection with all of her memories, and so Redemption from having more babies (men as parasites). On Mars, she`s `anger` because she knows the truth. In Hungarian, `hold` is Moon, so `the man on the moon` was her child on `hold` there. When he discovers she has a penis and she`s him, he`s her hybrid, and when he`s her as futanar, Woman with a penis, he`ll have reached escape velocity, whether she`s on Earth or not, and that`s the picture being transmitted:


`I`m not that innocent.`


 On Mars, Britney represents `anger management`. Woman would leave Earth, and man would seek to prevent her. Her child is `lost in the game`, because unaware of what Woman is. In the 80s there was an English sitcom called Whoops Apocalypse in which a `Quark bomb` destroys Israel and the US army there.  Eight years later, Gulf War I was concerned with Saddam Hussein`s stockpile of `weapons of mass destruction` to use against Israel. Britney`s video is, therefore, Oops- Apocalypse - I Did It Again. It`s her  Revelation in which, as `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, she gives birth, in reach of the `red dragon`, to a child which it cannot devour; the New Redeemer which will `rule with an iron scepter` until Woman can leave Earth.



 Jesus` teachings are the Word of God, whereas the red dragon is a `thunder lizard`, and could reach out with its prehensile equipment, strangle the child, and crush it in its jaws before chewing and swallowing; but it can`t. It isn`t the Word of God. Consequently, the Bible explains in Revelation that men are no longer human, but are alien, and this is the definition of alien: that which is not a species. If men are not a species, then it`s more than likely that they don`t breathe the same air mix, which is what Britney`s saying in Oops. Woman can`t breathe the same air – and live – because their air is, literally, poison to Woman.  In short, men are strangling her by means of anoxia.



 In Hungarian `nok szia` is `hello and goodbye from/to women`, which translates as `Woman`s air`, because `noxia` is `breathe`, that is, in order to live she has to leave Earth, and is saying so. Otherwise her blood vessels will rupture, and she`ll experience the physical and mental agonies of Osiris torn apart by the evil Set, as scuba divers do who experience the `bends` if their air supply isn`t regulated correctly. In other words, the myth of Isis is of Woman who can`t remember her own penis. She thinks that Osiris` penis is god, and the `sky god` Horus is fashioned a new one by her so that he can return to heaven. But that`s resuscitation, not Resurrection and Redemption through her remembering of their `joint` penis. In other words, Osiris and Isis are `handicapped` by their breathing the same air. Earth is a prison where men don`t breathe the air that women do, and it`d be poisonous to Horus, her man, who needs to be born with - or through – her, which is the information that Oops is encoded to deliver. It`s an Odyssean structure, similar to James Joyce`s Ulysees, in which Woman is remembered:


`I played with your heart.`


 Ulysees takes place on a single day in Dublin and the chapters of the novel relate to the different organs of the body. In the final chapter, 18, Molly Bloom, muses on the desirability of a matriarchy. In terms of the chapters` characterological structures, she`s Penelope, to whom Odysseus returns; because he can remember who he and she is. If he could remember that she is him, he`d know that she was everywhere around him and wouldn`t hurry, as indeed he doesn`t. That`s why Molly meditates on matriarchy because, as every woman, she`d be everywhere for her Odyssean. Ulysees is a `stream of consciousness` novel and the musings of Molly`s heart. Obviously, it`s carefully written, and edited; but the fleetingness of thoughts, some held and some momently glimpsed, is conveyed. Similarly, Oops conveys depth, and requires depth perception, in analytical terms, as well as depth psychology, in mythic and archetypal terms, in order to perceive the extent of the Odyssey she has planned for her `child`. The ocean deep is on the menu. Her spaceman gives her a gift:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`


`Well, baby. I went down and got it for you.`


 She isn`t the baby, he is. That`s why we don`t like her tone:


`Oh, you shouldn`t have.`


 It`s reminding, but he`s too egotistical to understand it. She doesn`t want him to waste time, but if that`s what he`s done... The important criteria is that it was a good thing to do. It`s a reference to The Titanic (1997) in which Rose drops the `heart of the ocean` into the – ocean. It`s a blue jewel, so she`s Blue Molly, because Hungarian`s signatures are surname first. Symbolically, blue rose. Her beau is, presumably, Blue.



 In other words, the gift that the spaceman brings, rising from the depths from where it lay, is a flower from the ocean, which is clearly of some value because, although the `old lady dropped it into the ocean`, he `went down and got it for you`. In other words, it`s still a blooming rose, and she is still the Old Lady, which is a name often given to the Virgin Mary. In practical terms, the spaceman is saying that he wants better transport. However, the `Hungarian` is saying `Blue Mol`, because oil is `olaj` (Bluem Olaj, Blue Molly) and cars use it, not spacemen.



Woman has a penis of her own, so is a species; and men are a parasitical organism that needs a host womb in order to continue its existence as a virus and, indeed, a plague that has enslaved woman so that, rather than eternal life off Earth, as it were, she is made to anticipate reincarnation, death and rebirth which, without Resurrection, that is, memory of who she has been, is a repetitive cycle of her achievements for those who want to see her `perform` - as was – and which is necessarily futile for those who`re aware that they are resurrected. This would, of course, be the methodology of the torturers, who are, effectively, men as `aliens` making her live in a poisonous atmosphere, a rich mixture of carbon monoxide and other toxic elements, which even clean would be unbreathable, to enjoy the `choke chain` of enslavement through anoxia-inducing brain debilitation, which of course is no `joke chain`.



 Britney on Mars is her Sandwoman`s continuation of the American Dream, and faith in Manifest Destiny. That`s why she`s Britney Spears, because of the Spear of Destiny, which is the spear of Longinus that, penetrating the side of Jesus upon the cross, effectively released the Paraclete as the Holy Spirit and `teacher`. The correct flow of libidic energy is from red (instinct) to (blue) spirit and on to green (eternal life) which, without God`s Plan, is reincarnation, death and rebirth, but Resurrection and Redemption are on - if starship Earth can be made to change course. Without indestructibility, eternal life is only painful. That`s why, in alchemy, the albedo or whitening is described as the `false dawn` that comes after the omnes colores, the many colours of the rainbow that symbolizes God`s Covenant, and Britney in her white bikini dress in Oops is symbolic of the truth. An immortal body is often called a `diamond body`, so the `blue diamond` would be the heart of her. In other words, it represents the beginning of Woman`s Redemption – Diamonds are a Girl`s Best Friend.



 The icon for her single Piece Of Me is herself on the cross as Jesus; `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` It`s interesting, because the Holy Spirit is a `teacher`, and appears in dreams. As an archetype, Britney is Christian. According to Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), there is a facultas praeformandi that exists in the unconscious, and the soul or anima mediates there in order to constellate creative contents of the self which, appearing in dream material, are productive of conscious activities directed towards the improvement of human life, through inventiveness and what can often appear as spontaneous genius. We are supposed to dream about Britney, and develop.



 The facultas praeformandi is, according to Jungian psychology, the closest approximation that can be made to what is called God, although Jung defines it as the archetype of the `Self`, the totality of which is knowable but, for the majority, unknown; because they`re unconscious. Jung calls the process of becoming conscious, individuation, and dreaming in faith with God, is natural. Britney, as archetypal Woman, is both anima and Great Mother, a dream for Woman and her daughters.



 Britney`s icon of herself on the cross, without the spear of Longinus, indicates her developmental role. There is Spears, but the spear isn`t there. In other words, the spear that released the Paraclete has released God`s omnipresence, which is the Holy Spirit everywhere upon the Earth; the archetype of Woman, the anima, which teaches in the invisible and visible world – as Woman, that is, `God`s love`. Without this faculty, which informed Joseph that the Virgin Mary would conceive without his intervention, and that he and Mary should leave from Bethlehem for Egypt, before returning to Nazareth, Jesus would have been killed by Herod in the `massacre of the innocents`; the murder of male infants who`d feared that a new king was to be born to replace him.



 The Sandman Lukoi represents men, as Jesus demonstrated when he cast out the evil spirits into pigs.  As God`s discerning creatures, they immediately drowned themselves. The real `Gabardene swine` were the men from whom he cast out the evil spirits. Jesus was tortured and murdered as a dreamer, because the `living God` , the facultas praeformandi, speaks through them –of dreams that men don`t want to have faith in; because it`s too hard for their egos that can`t entertain even the notion that they`re a hybrid, never mind the idea that they`re a woman, or that the goal of God is that they be a woman with a penis.



 Men are, in fact, predetermined for baby eating. Because babies are what continue their viral form. It`s their larval stage. Pregnancy `reveals` it – to them. The baby `bigs` the woman, and men`s psychology is that that`s where babies are for – and babes. That`s why they call women `babes`, because civilization is for destruction (devouring), and so are women; because that`s why they produce. It`s a psychological mechanism interpretable from Lukoi, whereby men don`t want good dreams and dreamers, so the colour coding is green (life) to red (war), and red (instinct) to blue (spirit), which is development for destruction. That`s why the red dragon seeks to devour `New Redemption`, because men are for eating babies, and Woman is for giving birth to them.



 It`s an old story. In mythology, Chronos in Greek, Saturn in Roman, and Satan in Christianity, as the red dragon of Revelation, are all baby eaters. Satan can`t eat the child of the Woman of Revelation. Because Woman is Satan, and the dragon is, in fact, men`s evil. Woman`s Satan because she wants to leave, has her own penis, and is a species. Men don`t want her to leave, so are evil, which is what the Satan concept is for. It`s God`s Redemption of Satan`s spirit. What remains is evil. So what? Slay it in battle Jesus, so God knows where it belongs, and God`ll give it undendurable eternal pain.


 As the archetype of the Holy Spirit, Britney sings: `You think I'm in love. That  I'm sent from above.`  The Paraclete was `sent from above`, according to the New Testament, after the torture and murder of Jesus, and the Paraclete was to continue the teachings of Jesus, that is, Resurrection, Redemption, and the promise of an indestructible `diamond bodied` immortality in a new heaven and Earth, while the evil had unendurable eternal pain as a punishment.


 Britney, in Oops, is singing about the inadvisability of being `in love`, and she sings that she isn`t `innocent`; the Holy Spirit was `sent` and has been here among us for 2000 years.  God`s love is Woman, so she`s not `in love`: she is love. She isn`t `innocent` after 2000 years either. She`s wiser. The astronaut in Oops is the Spear`s Man, the Spear of Woman`s  Destiny and, as Spears, she`s the omnipresent spirit of Woman which nourishes with, at the least, the milk of her breast from the heart of her earthly being.



 We know that the `fork` is a `given` in the video. It`s a symbol meaning `fork-given`. In other words, the only `given` in Oops, is the `fork`, and everything else is latent but present, because that`s how dream interpretation and creative individuals function. The heart is a symbol of a titanic task. To ask that the `fork` be assumed as a `given`, that is, that Jesus forgives his tormentors first, and then has Ascension, because he says: `Forgive them for they know not what they do.` It`s  a matter of emphasis. Britney`s Oops observes that the `fork` is `given`, but it`s not her decision to be pierced by it - as it was not Jesus` decision to be pierced by men with nails.


 The Virgin Mary has the Assumption, because she`s Woman. She`s assumed by God to be for heaven and not Earth, which is why Revelation features `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, giving birth to `he who shall rule with an iron scepter` - for her until she leaves – Woman, that is. Jesus forgives Woman on behalf of God: `Forgive them for they know not what they do.` He has Ascension for that, which is what the Virgin Mary is the archetype for; she doesn`t know what men do until they show her son that they don`t want men. Consequently, she appears as the archetype of Woman in Revelation also.  Her child is born in the teeth of the red dragon, the devourer, which is men, so s/he has teeth to defend her; because the dragon cannot harm her; Revelation says so.



 In Hungarian, the words for diamonds is `káró`, which means that, if the Woman of Revelation is an archetype, she is the equivalent of a `ka manufacturing complex` because `Ka` is spirit in Egyptian mythology, so `káró` is a `car production line`, in which diamond bodies are the goal of the process. Woman`s problem would be that, if she were to produce diamond bodies here upon the Earth (virtually impossible because she doesn`t function in the same air mix), then men`d want them for themselves, and as evil spirits of possession, they wouldn`t want her to escape. Indeed, they`d seek to leave Earth themselves, in diamond bodies of women that they`d usurped, as evil spirits that possess - the `Gabardene swine` -  to return her to bondage if she tried to leave.



 If Woman leaves Earth, then she must leave for immortality in God, so won`t need to reproduce, which is why Mary is a Virgin birth. There are women with a penis upon the Earth, and they are called futanar. In a new heaven and Earth, promised by God in Revelation, there`d be heaven in which Woman lived – immortally – and Earth, in which she lived productively, so her penis would be everywhere – virgin in heaven because immortal, and productive on Earth, until heaven and God.  Man`s Redemption would be an acceptance of Woman, and the faith that his penis would continue – as Woman`s.  According to Revelation, there`s war in heaven after Woman leaves, presumably because men want her to remain a slave. 



 It requires inspiration from dreams (or a dreamer), to read the Bible, whereas Bible `thumpers` perpetuate the unbelievable: that the Word of God is literal and can`t be interpreted. If nothing else, tone is important. What is emphasized, when, why, and how much it is emphasized: `Forgive them for they know not what they do.` The Bible is a big book, and it can be used to construct lies and untruths. Similarly, Oops can be used to tell truth from lies, because Lukoi wants us to believe lies rather than truth; so we have to look hard for it. Britney, in Oops, isn`t Major Tom Thumb from Space Oddity, but a character from Robert A. Heinelein`s called `Poddy` from the novel Podkayne of Mars, a bildungsromans for young women, and the only one extant among a dozen or so juveniles written between 1947`s Rocketship Galileo and 1959`s Starship Troopers, which received the `thumbs down` from `mummy`s and daddy`s because, written in accordance with the principles of ancient Rome, it was deemed fascist. However, it wasn`t  about `murder in the circus`, which is butchery under the umbrella concept of gladiatorial endeavour. It`s a fight for citizenship, and acceptance. Poddy`s fight is for `Woman`s World`, and acceptance of the Holy Spirit, Ressurection and Redemption through Revelation. In the Roman circuses, it was a tradition to give the sign of the `thumbs down`, which meant the coup de grace, or death blow, to gladiators who were deemed not to have entertained.



 Britney`s Major Red is A Space Poddity. Her small song is an I-Pod `ditty`, because I-Pod`s store and produce `music and pictures`. As Poddy, the `body beautiful`, she descends thumb-size in a giant`s ring, but isn`t `thumb down` for anyone. She is, however, concerned about `thump her`, when her spaceman arrives. Is he from the Bible class? Does he read the good book well; or, indeed, does he read good books well? Heinlein was the first Grand Master of science fiction, so the giant`s ring is, symbolically, his. However, as she`s a `thumb` it seems that it`s a thumb-ring; so she`s a woman who doesn`t belong on a marriage ring finger. She`s independent, and is meant to be so. I-Podkayne also refers to Cain who murdered Abel and the riddle of the Sphinx:


`What goes on all fours in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening.`


 The answer is `man` who`s blind, is Cain, and uses a cane to feel a way for his feet to walk upon because he`s blind. He can`t see because Lukoi doesn`t want him to. Cain murdered Abel because Abel could cook, so preventing further development. Cain preffered to wait for the fruit to appear. Similarly, I-Pod `Kane` refers to Citizen Kane, which is the `greatest film of all time`, according to cinema critics. It`s the story of a media mogul whose life is told in `flashback`. His last words, as he holds in his hand `a snow globe award` are `Rosebud...` It`s an enigma until, in the last scene of the movie, we discover that it`s his childhood sled, which is burned as unimportant and useless by those who don`t accept its value. In Hungarian, it`s `az nó globusz`, which is `Woman`s World`, that is, I-Pod is the New Redeemer who`ll show her man the path to travel; even if he is a blind murderer. On Mars, she`s the `City Zen`, and uses Zen Buddhist `thinking` to achieve her ends. Zen Buddhism was founded by Bodhidharma:


`It both is and is not;

Neither is, nor is not.`


 Zen is the perspective that a thing can both be and not be; which is translatable as `evil doesn`t exist`. Poddy is Bodhidharma, which means `nature`s thinking`, but Cain is the devourer of what is grown, rather than what is `cooked` or developed, so Poddy is the developer. Men don`t want to cook. Because it`s Woman`s work, which is developmental, but God preferred Abel. Woman cooks, and therefore she`s `able`. Because Cain murdered Abel, the logic is that men want women to be the `fruit` rather than develop (cook), that is, they want to devour her and whatever`s developed. Because Cain didn`t want Abel, the Bible says so. They want to be blind and without Woman`s aid, and that`s why Jesus says that acceptance of the Holy Spirit is a prerequisite for gaining entrance to God`s heaven. Men don`t want it. Jesus` words are for Woman, who can cook. That`s all Woman was for. With the advent of technology, men can eat her. Development is what she was for. That`s why the Woman of the apocalypse gives birth in front of the dragon and her baby lives. She can cook. As the euphemism has it, `she had a bun in the oven`, which is what she was for. Edibility, because she looks `good enough to eat`. But her child `rules with an iron scepter, and she`s `hid` for a while upon the Earth before escaping from her would-be devourers.



 Britney sends her spaceman away, and he`s `walking backwards fork Christmas`. He doesn`t have his sled, but it`s a `trudge through the snow scene`, in which red-suited `Poddy` is Santa but it`s backwards. The scene of her spaceman going backwards strangely reminds the viewer of the sled that should be being pulled by Britney`s `postman`. He`s post Man, because he`s New Man, and she`s the Redeemer, who deems him. She doesn`t doom him. As Sandwoman, she`s `nature thinking`, and sends him back to green (life) and blue (spirit), while red (instinct) is hers, and Redemption is possible through transformation.



 Britney`s perspective is that those Christians who accept Redemption are `fork given`, as it were (men are the `devils` with pitchforks of Christian iconography), and she doesn`t want to be Bible thumped by Christians for believing truth, that is, she`s dev-eloped to Mars with the `bride` of God concept, and knows that her church is Woman. Her Bible is well-thumbed, because she can reveal it. In Moslem countries, it`s the custom to leave what you don`t want on your plate, whereas in Western Christianity it`s commonplace to tell children to eat whatever is on their plate. Consequently, devouring is what Christians are for. It`s like sex. Having enough isn`t satiating, and that`s why Satan is depicted in Revelation as the devourer of babies. Woman is a species, so if she`s not developed, she`s all daughters, who don`t all have their own penis – we have pictures. Men devour civilization, art, culture, science , literature, and Woman – through war. This is what is defined as paedophilia. Not the desire for sex with children, who are Woman, but men`s desire to satiate Woman as her aliens, and then devour her. The `number of a man is the number of a beast`. Because the beasts are paedophiles who don`t want Woman to grow. They want to eat her – by definition. In fact, they want to eat her while she is still living.



 Britney` has the role of an independent `thumb` on Mars because, in Islam, a senior married woman is a `thumb`, and a man with four wives has a `hand`. Consequently, a Christian `thumb` is more important than a wife. On Earth, Britney may be married; but her independent Martian war goddess doesn`t want to be eaten by the ogres.


The `fork` is what is `given` in Oops, because you don`t need a knife to eat cake. As she spaceman looks down upon Britney, the giant tines of the fork are by his shoulder. Britney`s white bikinied body actually refers to an earlier version of `Poddy` called `Puddin`, who appeared in three original short stories written for magazine Calling All Girls, and intended for a collection Men Are Exasperating.  Two of the  stories were `Poor Daddy` (1949), and `The Bulletin Board` (1951). The Bulletin is the newsletter of the Science Fiction Writers Association (SFWA), and the `bullet in` is what `daddy` seems to be `for giving` her. `Puddin` or `Pud`  is, clearly, `fork cake`; or, in other words, `fork ache`, the paedophiles desire to devour developing lives. Hence the title of the third story, `Cliff and the Calories` (1950), which may be understood as a cliffhanger for those who`re addicted to `heroine`, that is, fork-cake and a few gob-smacking calories consumed by sexual appetite, or `galleries` for those who are addicted to `shoot `em ups`.  Poddy I , Heinlein`s Empress of science fiction is, clearly, `bluetooth`; but is she transmitting an SOS in Hungarese, or offering her older self as a pay gun sacrifice, in the language of all well Hung Ares everywhere, to `Hungreek Cliff and Thug Galleries` for their news single Heroine Shoot `Em Ups – and to what extent is the SFWA involved?



 Acceptance of God means `forgiven` and heaven.  Britney`s ring is that of the `bride` of Christ, the church, in Revelation, which is, obviously, Woman. If `Poddy` and `Puddy` are a giant snuff ring, then they`re Heinlein`s `Boddy of work`, and whether he`s a PhD or not, Jesus is the teacher.  Confusion for Woman  arises with the idea that Jesus is a man: `The Son of Man.` This is how he describes himself, which is why science fiction is important for understanding the Bible. A man is a beast, according to Revelation, which is why Jesus doesn`t say he`s a man. Mary`s parthenogenesis, and her giving birth to the `perfect man`, is God`s preparation for her understanding that Jesus is her hybrid counterpart, and that in heaven and God they`ll be One.



  Mary is Virgin with Jesus, but not with Joseph, that is, Joseph has a Mary, and so does Jesus. That`s why there`s `Poddy` and a `Puddy` in Britney`s Oops. An earlier, and a later version. It`s about the space-time continuum. Jesus` birth and Ascension are represented in Christianity as a single moment in eternity, which is why Jesus is Alpha and Omega, the first and the last, because it`s Jesus` saving; from inception to – and through – Revelation, and the creation by God of a new heaven and Earth. Poddy`s inception is after Puddy`s, and they`re in different stories; but they`re the same character. If they were to be Resurrected, they`d be separate characters with different memories. However, if reincarnation were the goal, they`d be a single character, with no memory of itself, doomed to repeat fragments of their former productive achievements in an unconsciously futile circularity of continuing death and rebirth, which is a torturers` parody of Redemption and indestructible immortality.



 Poddy`s perception is that Mankind is one creature, and hybrid; but isn`t kind. So, man and woman must be one creatureliness in God, as Adam and Eve were before they began to obtain the `knowledge of the fruit of the tree of good and evil`, and that`s what the Ascension and Assumption prefigures; the attainment of a return to the perfect state by means of wisdom and faith in its attainment.  Adam and Eve were One, before God separated them, and Mary and Jesus are One, despite Joseph`s later `claims` upon her earthly flesh, as it were. That Mary (emphasis) is for Joseph, but  Revelation promises Jesus and Mary, Man and Woman`s original Paradisal  hermaphroditism in God`s heaven – which requires faith: as it would for Joseph.


 In symbolic terms, Mary is Jesus before Jesus is born, and afterwards. Joseph is Woman`s `condition`. In religious terms, Joseph would have to accept that he was married to Jesus as Mary, as Woman with a penis, or to Joseph`s Mary, who doesn`t have a penis. But Mary does have her own penis, which is her hermaphroditic self as Mary and Jesus, who`re One creature in God. It`s the work of Redemption. Joseph isn`t human, without Mary, and can only be human, that is, Woman as a species, if he accepts a hermaphroditic unity with what he perceives of as his Mary. The two Marys are, as Poddy and Puddy, separate; but characterologically  identical. They simply have different memories; as Mary the Virgin and Mary, as Joseph`s wife, represent different aspects of Resurrection and Redemption. In other words, there is Mary and Poddy, the Virgin, and Joseph and Puddy, the wife. Both are redeemable, both are individual., and both are characterologically identical but separable. It`s how Resurrection and Redemption would work. Without the concept of memory, it`s only the Boddy`s reincarnation, which is the continuing cycle of death and rebirth, in which bodies with some capacity for functionality, are doomed to work for nothing except intimations of what they were.



 Saul of Tarsus experienced a conversion on the road to Damascus, which represents a `fork` on the road, that is, he chose Christianity after conversion, and he had been a persecutor of Christians. In other words, conversion, Redemption, Resurrection, Revelation, and a new heaven and Earth are `given` for those who are `fork given`, that is, who`ve made the choice not to be devouring paedophiles. Saul became Paul, a disciple of Jesus. In Oops terms, Britney is observing that she`s successful because she`s a convert, so why is the media persecuting her? Isn`t the material enough?  She`s `for king` of the `chosen`, who`ve decided not to be devourers, and conversion takes place in eternity, as does Saul`s conversion and Jesus` birth, and Redemption, when he said he must be about his parent`s business (God`s), Resurrection after being tortured and murdered by men, who effectively  are Mary and Jesus` aliens, and Ascension.



`Those who punish retrospectively, because they arrogate authority, are evil. The `fork` symbol denotes the choice to either be a persecutor or a Christian. You can`t be `fork given`, that is, in Oops pitchfork means the tone of the persecutor, and not the judge`s after prosecution, conviction, and verdict. In other words, sentences from the Bible, as preached by pastors, are persecutive`, not `judgement`. The commandments, for example, begin: `Thou shalt not...` Which may be interpreted as `You needn`t ...` Because God shall fulfil all your needs. Similarly, in the Old Testament:


`And if he smite out his manservant's tooth, or his maidservant's tooth; he shall let him go free FOR his [italics mine] tooth's sake.` (Ex: 21-7)


 God is saying that he is the tooth, and the abuser is abusing because he`s being abused; otherwise he mightn`t. Britney`s analogy is, similarly, of the tooth of God, as it were. Herself as `bluetooth` may also be understood as `fog kék`, that is, a sweet tooth that is for cake will result in toothache. In terms of Britney`s Oops: A Space Podyssey, she`s Blue Molar, but her `bluetooth` is in danger of Blue Mol station, that is, Mol is an oil company in Hungary with stations, and `olaj` in Hungarian is `oil`, but sounds like `a lie`. In other words, her beau has a molester who lies in wait for him religiously at `service` stations with `olaj`, that is, he`s the `father of lies`. This means that, if the molester is causing her beau to knock out her tooth, that is, her `bluetooth`, it`s because the molester is abusing her, and she doesn`t accept that. Her `bluetooth` is wisdom`s tooth, and has the Holy Spirit of God. She perceives that oil is holy, but molesters aren`t.  It`s the `cake tomorrow` syndrome. As Jesus observed to the disciples, when they evinced hatred towards him and a woman who`d anointed him generously with oil of great value:


`Leave her alone,` Jesus replied. `It was intended that she should save this perfume for the day of my burial. You will always have the poor among you [italics mine] but you will not always have me.` (John 12. 7-8)


 Jesus observes that this is God`s omniscience, and the woman is, according to researchers, known only as Mary. He says that Judas and the others will `always have the poor among you`, because they, the disciples, are mean and evil. They`re saying so. They don`t want a woman to love. Jesus represents their idea of `cake tomorrow`. Mary`s love isn`t for Jesus, they`re saying, and theirs isn`t either. So it`s crucifixion tomorrow, and no cake. In other words, men don`t want a woman to love, and they want to pretend that they want to do it for Jesus. But the disciples effectively arrange Jesus` crucifixion, which is the culmination of men`s hate campaign  and the end of their feigned reverence towards the master:


`This very night you will all fall away on account of me, for it is written: “I will strike the shepherd, and the sheep of the flock will be scattered.”’(Matt: 26. 31)

 In Odysseus` journeyings with the Argonauts, Polyphemus is the one-eyed creature that, in Oops terms, is Britney`s spaceman. In Hungarian, he`s the `ajtó ablak`, which means `a door window`, and corresponds to the idea of a spaceman as a `one-eyed toe` that, in American football terms, signifies ajtó `war block` (ablak), because that`s how Hungarian is pronounced.



 Mars` lander has contrived to find a launch `window` for `adore` but, after taking his spacehelmet off, she decides he`s unsuitable. She sends him back to Earth, in an allusion to the way in which Saddam Hussein`s Iraqi army was turned away from Kuwait in the first Gulf War (1990-1). The deserts of Mars are her Sandwoman`s, and the simplest way of defending is to close the door, and don`t have a `window` for it. The USA gave Saddam Hussein the 3rd largest army in the world and waited for him to select a `window` to use it against  them. They didn`t defend.



The one-eyed toe is a blind penis. It`s a metaphor. Men are blind. Some have observed that a gun is a penis extension, but it`s an anus extension, that is, it farts. Guns make loud noises because they`re used by those who don`t want to listen. `You see?` is a phrase often used by people who want you to understand. They often can`t be understood because their interlocutors  don`t want to listen. Eventually, the `interrogated` use their anus extensions to stop you from speaking, and they don`t see you. Because they`ve devoured you. It`s a blindness that comes from analysing. The penis is for sex, but it can`t see. Because it`s looking from the wrong place. It`s Woman`s. It`s also looking in the wrong way. The spaceman`s one-eyed spacehelmet is technology`s. The eye of the penis, but it`s an ogre`s. In other words, the USA created Saddam Hussein as an ogre, so that they could justify spending on being ogres themselves, rather than spaceflight.



 In mythology, Oedipus is blind from beginning to end of Sophocles` Oedipus Rex, because he has the `mark of Cain`, that is, he`s murdered his father, Laius (unknowing him), and married his mother, Jocasta (unknowingly). At the last he has a cane, symbol of his role, to find his steps, his own self-punishment for his blindness – blinding himself.  Symbolically, he doesn`t want to know his father, he wants to know his mother. In other words, his penis isn`t blind. It`s Woman`s, and she wants to know herself. Jocasta`s hanging of herself is alluded to in Britney Spears` video by the `choke-a-star` motif of the animal trainers` chain, and the spaceman suspended by a chain as the `hanged man` of the tarot, which is the `portable` Torah, or Book of God`s Law, in Judaism. The `hanged man` is, simply, the traitor. Britney is indicating that her beau has a betrayer, and that he`s Cain, whereas the story of her Martian Sandwoman is that of the `City, Zen`, where she lives, and evil doesn`t exist.


 Oedipus` daughter, Antigone, guides Oedipus in his blindness – as his cane. In terms of the movie Citizen Kane, `Rosebud` is the last word spoken by the movie mogul. It`s the name of the `sled` of his infancy, a symbol of Santa, Xmas, innocence strangled, and finally burned.  A mnemonic for Christianity, because Jesus` birth, Resurrection, and Ascension are eternalized as a single moment in time, that is, the hero of Citizen Kane succumbs; but Christianity promises Resurrection, Redemption, and Ascension for those who accept God.



 Jocasta`s hanging of herself doesn`t mean that she`s a traitor; it means that she`s still blind to the meaning of what she does. In the same way, Britney proclaimed herself the Antichrist in 2004 during post-natal depression, so she doesn`t recognize herself as Antigone who guides the blind, rather than Jocasta, who hangs herself. In other words, she`s cane and not Cain, but Jocasta is blind to what she does, and needs guidance also. Jocasta understands that she doesn`t care if Oedipus is her son or not. Symbolically, she becomes Antigone to guide Oedipus. But she can`t. Antigone is Antigone. So, what is Jocasta blind to? Oedipus is her. She`s blind to that, but not to the understanding that she doesn`t care about her penis – Oedipus.


 Jocasta`s despair leads her to place a noose about her neck; as a thumb tightens in masturbation – or a condom about the penis. In other words, her `conditioning` by men (aliens) tells her it`s over; but it`s only just begun. Her hanging self reveals it, and that`s what the dramatization is for.  She is a penis, because she`s Woman and she has a penis of her own, and that`s what she`s blind to – what Woman is, a species.



 It could be argued that, symbolically, Jocasta hangs herself in order to be Oedipus` guide as Antigone but, in psychological terms, that`s developmentally backwards. In Woman`s terms, she represents the aliens` (men`s evil spirits`) approach; that is, if she has a penis of her own, she`ll have to have a masturbator, and they`ll function as her condom insofar as they`ll tell her when she can breed. The masturbators are they that hang her. They`re those that have blinded Oedipus, hung Jocasta, and Antigone is Britney Spears on Mars as the Sandwoman who`s not the Antichrist but the tutelary guide, that is, the Holy Spirit. Her perception is that men (aliens) are with her, masturbating her as evil spirits:


 `Got lust in the game.`


 As Woman she knows – or intuits - that she has her own penis, and that`s the reason why they`re evil aliens possessing her spirit with their own. Some Bible `thumpers` don`t even know what Woman is. It`s good advice to let a person leave who wouldn`t want to remain – like Woman on Earth – and that`s what he who `rules with an iron scepter` is for. However, `an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth` is a recipe for World War III. It`s what defence analysts call `threat escalation`. In Medieval times, the `pair of anguish` was a torture device used to torture women. Prince Philip of England once explained to me that they called Britney, Britney`s `pears`, which I wasn`t supposed to comprehend.



` A pear-shaped instrument was inserted into one of the victim's orifices [vagina, anus, mouth] ... [it] consisted of four leaves that slowly separated from each other as the torturer turned the screw... expand the "pear" to its maximum and mutilate the victim.`

 Britney`s observation in Oops is that the `fork` is a `given`, and signifies `choice`. In Hungarian, `fog kék` means `bluetooth`, so Britney`s fork is for cake, and means that her tooth is sweet, which means `decay` in dentistry. It is obviously `bluetooth` decay, or decadence, that concerns her, and what is available to her child on the `wireless`. But it`s actually about blindness. The radio was once called `wireless`, before video and `bluetooth` technology for the internet, and `brail` is the code for blind people to touch with their fingertips to grope at reading. In torturers` terms, they`d rather her child was blind and understand that she`s `a pear of anguish`, because it sets the tone for the 21st century – asinine 11.



X Marks the spot


(Plague Aims)


 The X-plane programme was designed to fly planes to the moon, and beyond. Instead, the US spent trillions on Saddam Hussein`s 3rd largest army in the world, and then trillions spent on their own to fight it. Effectively, Revelation X-planes 9/11 by criticizing US defence expenditure. In Hungarian, `körte` means `pear` but also `light bulb`, that is, intelligence. In Jungian psychology, there are four functions of consciousness that, differentiated or become conscious from the unconscious-self, constitute the totality of the individuated `Self` that, according to Jung, is indistinguishable from what we believe is God.



 The collective archetypes of the unconscious, especially the anima as mediator in terms of dreams and experiential life, assist the individual to grow and develop by means of, in effect, revelations. The notion that, in Hungarian, pear means light bulb, and so intelligence, relates to the idea of the apple and Eden, that is, the pear represents transcendent knowledge, which the `Big Apple` of 9/11 was designed to `nip in the bud`, as the mogul`s `Rosebud` was, that is, Santa`s Xmas `sled`, his child`s dreams that, crashed, eventually, in flames.



 The `pear of anguish` is for those who`ve achieved what Jung felt only two or three people had ever achieved upon this Earth; Mohammed, Jesus, and Buddha. In short, individuation requires the differentiation of `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling, and Intuition`, which men as aliens want to torture with their fourfold `pear of anguish` because they don`t want Woman to be intelligent. Hence Prince Philips description of Britney Spears as Britney`s `pears`:


` A pear-shaped instrument was inserted into one of the victim's orifices [vagina, anus, mouth] ... [it] consisted of four leaves that slowly separated from each other as the torturer turned the screw... expand the "pear" to its maximum and mutilate the victim.`


 Four leaves - consciousness. In Hungarian, `körtér` means `circus, which is what Britney`s Majorette (Major Red) is introducing on Mars. However, in spy-ring circles, `circus` is the secrets` war and, in Roman times, `circus` meant torture - in the Roman `amphitheatres` – of captives. However, her red-suit`s  intentionality indicates that she`s `majoring` in Redemption.



 By means of SFX transitions, Britney`s costume changes take place as a seamless continuity; from red, through white, and on to white with black skirt and black `pixie boots`. In Hungarian, `blouse` is `blúz`, which again suggests that she is Blue`s, even though her blouse is white. It may be a reference to the star spangled banner, the red, white, and blue; or it may simply be that blue is the colour of the Holy Spirit, which flows from green (life) to blue (spirit), and from red (instinct) to blue (spirit). If life and development is accepted as reincarnation, that is, death and rebirth in circular futility of remembered fragments of what we`ve already been, then that`s a `circus`, and a spy-ring is for taking advantage of what the intelligent have rediscovered of themselves and God. It`s green to blue, with spies and, indeed, murderers attached. Resurrection, with memories, is the refusal of reincarnation, and developing an understanding of instinct (red) that is, ultimately, Redemption; or, in other words, red (instinct), green (life), blue (spirit), and Redemption. Those who don`t want Redemption, that is, memory and Resurrection for those who have accepted the Holy Spirit, and have rejected the circus of futility that is men`s concept of reincarnation,  are those who they`d torture with the `pear of anguish`, however that might be construed.



As a `thumb-size` star, Britney symbolizes the bread of Catholic transubstantiation, which is contained, for journeying pastors, within a `pyxides` or luna.  Because Britney`s on Mars, it`s Oops Ides of March, which is the `window` in which Julius Caesar was stabbed in the back by his `best friend` Brutus. As `thumb-size` Woman, her `City, Zen` ship is her pyx in which she, as the `pixie`, as it were, is the Holy Spirit that, in the Old Testament, dwells in the Ark of God`s Covenant, that is, God`s pyx, wherein she`s called the Shekinah or `spirit of God` and, in the New Testament, she effectively emerges from the side of Jesus, as God`s omnipresent Paraclete, when Jesus` side is pierced by the spear of Longinus after his torture and murder. Judas was the representative betrayer, although all the disciples denied their master at the last. This is why God`s law has to be obeyed.



 The pyxides is a luna because it represents the Holy Spirit as the feminine principle, and the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to the New Redeemer is small or great, depending on how much you value her. Her betrayer is the one who would eat her. That`s why she gives birth before the jaws of the red dragon of Revelation; because it is men`s alien instinct subluna to devour her. This is why the pyx contains a wafer which denotes the bread that Christ gave to the disciples as a symbol of his bodily Resurrection and Ascension because, as he says, when he comes again he`ll come with a sword to slay the evil and give them eternal unendurable pain. Because the wafer denotes Woman`s Holy Spirit of tutelary guidance  and not cannibalism towards her; either sublimated into wars against civilization and culture, or direct attacks upon her by means of whatever `pears of anguish` are available to threaten her developing intelligence.


 As Britney`s  spaceman `baby` makes faltering steps to her, she`s Bodhidharma (nature`s thinking), and he`s Buddha (the one who is enlightened by her). He is `risen` (raised by her), and is `körte` in Hungarian, that is, pear, light bulb, and `pear of anguish` because he`s the fruit after the Edenic apple, that is, after the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` has been digested. Anguish, because torture and death is what he can expect from men for penetrating the secret of Woman. That she`s a species with her own penis, and they are evil aliens that, controlling her planet and enslaving her to breed more of them, are effectively parasitical organisms using the concept of the `host` to jeer at her inability to escape from their virus; reified in Revelation as, amongst others, AIDS:


`...ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshipped his image ... [water] ... turned into blood... and every living thing... died... and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent... gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores...` (Rev: 16. 1-17)


 Interestingly, `God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath.` In other words, Babylon, the Great, Mother of the Earth, is the instrument of God`s wrath. Because she`s Woman. Although Babylon is described as the Great Whore and the Mother of Abominations, this is not her choice. Men are evil alien spirits that are devolved from her. It`s a rapprochement towards understanding. Effectually, Woman is the Great Satan from men`s point of view, because she has her own penis and wants to leave Earth forever, and the Bible says Satan will never leave but will experience unendurable eternal pain with the evil.  Consequently, Woman and men are, by definition, Satan; but men are evil aliens, and she`s Satan. In other words, the evil shall experience unendurable eternal pain because they`re evil, and God doesn`t care what Woman`s name is; Babylon, Britney, or Bodhidharma. The pear is a symbol of her eternal love, and the evil would have us understand that it`s a symbol of her and our eternal pain.



 Actually, the `pear of anguish` is the pregnant mother, and the `woman clothed with the sun` that gives birth in front of the red dragon of Revelation is giving birth to the New Redeemer as the dragon of Redemption.  In Men In Black, Lara Flynn Boyle arrives in a tiny spacecraft looking for `the light of creation`, and her spacecraft resembles a pear. She`s beautiful, as a woman, but evil as a monster, and symbolizes the red dragon of Revelation that can`t devour `the light` of Woman - asinine 11`s `Big Apple` - which leaves Earth.



 The `light of creation` is Woman, which is why Lara`s spacecraft is a tiny pear.  The `pear of anguish` is Woman`s role upon the Earth, because she`s a species. Lara Flynn Boyle`s role is of the woman that is an alien that comes to devour the light that is also woman as alien, which is ridiculous, and that`s why it`s Men In Black. Because the perception is that Woman wants to devour herself, whereas that`s what the history of the Earth tells us that men want. It`s a deconstructionalist `picture`, by which is meant that the premise is designed to be unconstructive rather than constructive - or constructionalist. If it was a constructionalist picture, Woman would be rescuing herself. Similarly, with the red dragon of Revelation; the `pear of anguish` is the birth of the `New Red`: Jesus` Second Coming:


`In his right hand he held seven stars, and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword. His face was like the sun shining in all its brilliance.`


  The pear should be that of `the light of creation, which is constructionalist, that is, the `pear of anguish` is a torturers` tool that, inserted into the mouth, produces a rising intensity of pain. However, Jesus` mouth contains the `sword that cuts both ways`, which means that Jesus` word is good, so what is evil it destroys for ignoring it. A `pear of anguish` is designed to torture someone`s mouth, but the mouth of someone with the `light of creation` within them would correspond to that of the Hungarian `körte`, which means `pear` or `light bulb`.



 The child of the Woman `clothed` with `the sun shining in all its brilliance` has `the moon at her feet` because `luna` is `hold` in Hungarian, that is, the source of the Holy Spirit, in Catholicism, is the wafer of transubstantiation which is contained within that which is called the luna and that, in Hungarian, would be the `dragon`s hold` because that`s where the red dragon of Revelation is kept as Satan. In other words, the birth of the `pear of light` is Satan`s, but the evil want to torture the birth with a `pear of anguish`.



 According to tradition, Satanӓel is the elder brother of Jesus, and Jesus always preaches Redemption for his `brother`. Earth is where Satan has Redemption when the red dragon has learned not to devour the woman or her child, which is Woman who shall leave as a species with her own penis. What is evil remains in unendurable eternal pain, and Jesus doesn`t care if they call his brother, Satanӓel, Satan or not. It`s about perspective, and perception. The dragon of Revelation is, actually, the child of the Woman that watches over its own birth with the promise of Resurrection and Redemption, which is why it doesn`t devour itself.



 In US politics there`s a saying:


`You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can`t fool all of the people all of the time.`


 Britney outlines the problem in Oops. Heroes don`t `truly agree` in her `dreams`, because Lukoi wants her to believe in them, and she mustn`t if she`s to avoid being fooled in her birthing. She laments:


`I cry watching the days. You see I`m a fool in so many ways. But to lose all my senses; that is just: so typically me - baby!`


 Her `baby` is her brother, Satanӓel, the elder, who`s been taught, as has she, that men are her species, but the evidence is contrariwise. Woman produces and develops, whereas men destroy. Satan is called the Great Deceiver, but he has to be if men are liars. Lukoi, their sandman, doesn`t want people to dream of Woman as she is, her own species. She`s to dream of men or nothing, because that`s men`s sandmen`s idea of a `good dream`, which in fact is an evil dream or nightmare that always ends in her doom because men want to torture her forever through reincarnation, death and rebirth: ` lose all my senses; that is just: so typically me.` In other words, Lukoi isn`t just. She`s to be a stereotypical woman who`s an `airhead`. However, Britney`s well `read` dragon of Revelation is deceptive Woman as `the Great Deceiver`, which is what women are often accused of being.


 Britney`s a `fool in so many ways`, but she doesn`t `fool all of the people all of the time` because she doesn`t want to. If they`re fools, they`re fools. Let them be slain by Jesus. She`s of the `elect of God` and so, paradoxically, is Satan. Because men have made Satan of her who is a species, which is why Satan, according to tradition, refused to accept men as superior to the angels, and was cast down upon the Earth. He preferred Woman, so persuaded her to his point of view, and that`s why he gave her the fruit of the `knowledge of the tree of good and evil`, so that he could make of her a pear.



 It`s traditional that liars speak with a `forked tongue`, which means that Britney`s fork in Oops isn`t Jesus`: `...out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword`.  It`s the tongue of the `Great Deceiver`, but is she `fork given` and `forgiven`, that is, has she learned more than Pseud`s psychology  of `nothing butt tits` and the Buthits karma of death and rebirth as an enslaved f**k, or is she to be a permanent star in God`s heaven?  Oops begins:


Earth:  `Earth to Mars Lander, report status please.`

Mars:  `Mars Lander here. Gravity device status defective, oxygen status 98%.`

Earth:  `Any sign of habitation?`

Mars:  `Not so much as a... whoa there horsey! What the..? `

Earth:  `Cute.` [mission control can see the small icon depicting her – religiously – as small; in the hand of the spaceman]. What is it?`

Mars:  `Oh, it's cute alright, it couldn't be?`

| pause |

Earth: `Mars Lander, what's happening up there?`

| pause |

`Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.

I think I did it again.`


 As the `thumb` she sends the `toe` away. Because `hold` is moon in Hungarian, it`s a toehold, that is, Neil Armstrong was the `first man on the moon`, and so there can`t be a toehold on Mars, because it isn`t the moon. It`s a `thumbhold`, which is `remek erὅd` in Hungarian. In Vladimír Remek is accounted the first European Union spaceman because, in 1978, he was a Czechoslovak cosmonaut on the Soyuz 28 mission. Britney is saying that her thumb isn`t under anybody else`s, so Mars is `Remek erode` if she doesn`t want him coming up the path to her `door`, which is `ajtó`, in Hungarian; because of the toes that stair.



 If Britney does want what`s coming up her path, it`s `thumber road`. It`s a play on words. The iguanadon dinosaur was long believed to have thumbs that were like sharpened spear points, but this picture was revised when archaelogists decided they weren`t thumbs. Many pictures of the iguanadon with thumb-spears are still extant, however. It`s a metaphor. For those she likes, her thumbs are helpful, but for those she doesn`t, her thumbs are spears.



 Men pretend:


 `I made you believe we're more than just friends.`


 So Britney has to be careful not to allow her thumbs to be `spiked`, which is what Great Deceivers do. They`re not fooled by words that have two meanings. Spy king is what Lukoi is. He spies on dreamers, and `spikes`, that is, stops them, if they dream of God.


 According to one 1859 account, the native proverb that the `white man spoke with a forked tongue` originated as a result of the French tactic of the 1690s, in their war with the... [North American Indians] ... of inviting their enemies to attend a Peace Conference, only to be slaughtered or captured.1 Britney`s icon for the single Piece Of Me is her on the cross, but a `piece` is a gun in the USA, and she`s saying that she knows how to take care of herself:



 Woman isn`t men`s species – she`s God`s. Britney`s Woman and wants to leave Earth. Her symbolism indicates she`s accepted that she` fork given`, that is, she can read lies and `doublespeak`, but has accepted Jesus` teachings, knows she has 21st century Redemption because of it, is therefore forgiven, seeks Resurrection, and embraces Revelation - and  God`s new heaven and Earth. If so, why Criminal as a single?


`I`m in love with a criminal.

He is a loser, he's a bum, bum, bum, bum.

He lies, he bluffs, he's unreliable.

He is a sucker with a gun, gun, gun, gun.

But mama I'm in love with a criminal.`


 In fact, Britney has Resurrection. Because she isn`t a knowing plagiarist. The original song , lost in the space-time continuum, is I`m in love with the President. It was one of Marilyn Monroe`s. In other words, this is Resurrection and Revelation; she`s revealed as resurrected by those who don`t want her to remember her `precedent`, that is, what she was before and, although she is revealed as resurrected, her mind is criminalized; because it advocates murder as glamour.


 Britney`s possessed by men`s evil spirits, that is, coerced by these aliens into believing in reincarnation, that is, death and rebirth, rather than Resurrection, and eternity with an omnipotently good God with whom she`d be immortal.  Because men want Woman to have unendurable eternal pain, which is reserved for men. Irrespective of conversion, Redemption, Resurrection, Revelation, or a new heaven and Earth created by God – for her.


 In Hungarian, `ful` means `ear`, so her `fool` has to listen, and tól Isten, in Hungarian, means `God`s pen`, which is a reference to the `fool` of the tarot which, according to some scholars, is a portable Torah or `God`s law`:


`The Fool settles beneath a tree, intent on finding his spiritual self. There he stays for nine days, without eating, barely moving. People pass by him, animals, clouds, the wind, the rain, the stars, sun and moon. On the ninth day, with no conscious thought of why, he climbs the tree and dangles from a branch upside down like a child. For a moment, he surrenders all that he is, wants, knows or cares about. It seems to him that his perspective of the world has completely changed, as if his inverted position has allowed him to dangle between the mundane world and the spiritual world, able to see both. It is a dazzling moment, dreamlike yet crystal clear.  Timeless as this moment of clarity seems, he realizes that it will not last. Very soon, he must right himself, but when he does, things will be different. He will have to act on what he's learned [italics mine]. For now, however, he just hangs, weightless as if underwater, observing, absorbing, seeing.`



 The `fool` is a planner. Because of the reference to the greatest movie of all time, Citizen Kane, we must assume a reference to that which was thought of as the greatest ship of all time, the `unsinkable` Titanic, which encountered the tooth of a dragon in the iceberg that, reportedly, gouged a hole in the hull of the vessel, so causing it`s descent to the ocean`s floor.  The `heart of the ocean` motif is echoed in the `Rosebud` motif from Citizen Kane, which is that of loss. Her red-suited and white-bikinied selves are `rosebuds`, and the `fog kék` motif is the blue tooth, which emerged icily cold from the fog, and the ocean blue, to sink the Titanic. In Oops Britney`s about to embark. Her spaceman says, `Britney, before you go..,` which is immediately preceded by `ALL ABOARD!` She`s given the `heart of the ocean` from the Titanic, and the character `Rose` dropped it into the ocean at the place where the salvage teams were raising the ship. So Britney`s ship isn`t the Titanic.



 `Britney, before you go, there's something I want you to have.`

`Oh, it's beautiful, but wait a minute, isn't this...?`

`Yeah, yes it is.`

`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.`

`Well, baby. I went down and got it for you.`

`Oh, you shouldn't have.`


 Because she doesn`t want her ship associated with the Titanic. It`s the ship Britney Spears, a spaceship because of the spaceman. At one point in Oops, she throws herself as a spear. First she passes a gnarled tree, which is symbolic of the Irish shelelagh, that is, her ship is `Irish`, which means simple to the good, and impossible for the evil. In Irish tradition a shelelagh is a spear, a `fighting stick`.



  It`s also a symbol of the National Guard`s `fighting` 69th, whose motto is:

`Gentle when stroked, forceful when aroused.`


 The shelelagh is a metaphor for `cock-fighters`, that is, those who fight as cocks, or those who fight for them. Men are cowards who want others to fight for them, and women are cowards because they won`t fight for their own species (Woman). George W. Bush was accused of cowardice for doing National Guard service instead of serving in what came to be called the Vietnam War (1955-74). But his path was a secure one – a future President.


 John F. Kennedy was responsible for the `Bay of Pigs` debacle in 1959, when the US marines invaded Cuba and were slaughtered on the beaches, and the Cuban missile crisis which nearly plunged the globe into thermonuclear holocaust, while George W. Bush, implementing US policy largely formulated by his father, George Bush Snr., former head of the CIA, who wasted US defence expenditure on defeating an Iraqi army built over a generation as the world`s 3rd largest by the US themselves, so leaving the Earth to count another `hollow cost` - as Woman. In other words, holocaust is what men are known for; US Presidents being no exception to the general rule. Richard `Snuffmill` Nixon instituted carpet bombing of one of the world`s tiniest countries, Cambodia, and authorized the creation and use of `agent orange`, a biochemical weapon designed to defoliate the entirety of South East Asia so that nothing would ever grow there. George W. Bush was in the National Guard until the end of the South East Asia `campaign` (1955-74).


Agent orange


 Christina `X` Aguilera, whose surname means `from the nest of eagles`, was ridiculed for singing the National Anthem backwards, or in Swahili while exposing her penis - or something; whereas she was, in fact, inaugurated at the Hít Gyulakazet, Faith church, in Budapest, as the Xth Special Airborne before the Gulf conflicts, and prior to the endless futility of prosecuting a war against terra from behind the local park`s rose bushes, and from within the Snoopy pencil sharpener in the kindergarten.


 Christina hates those who ridicule Woman for believing in fighting for her country, while jeering her further for not understanding that she`s a species and is fighting with them, rather than for her own species, while condemning  her for cowardice;  because she doesn`t fight.



 However, `Ír` is the Hungarian word for `Irish`, and so the God of the Irish is `Isten`, because `Isten` is `God` in Hungarian, but is pronounced `Ishten`; in other words, God is `Isten Ír `. Or, in other words,  Hungary`s `Easter near` (Resurrection, Redemption and Ascension) in the `near East` of Europe. Of course, `Ír` sounds like `ear`, and in Hungarian `want` is `kell`, so `kell Isten` means that you have to `want to listen` if you want God. Moreover, `tól Isten` means the `pen of God`, so you have `to listen` to the soul, or your works can`t be acceptable in terms of God`s `tutelary spirit`, the Paraclete.  Men are analysts, that is, according to Jungian psychology, the `ear` is connected to the masculine `Thinking` function but, if superior (`super ear`), it is connected with the anus (`super rear`), which means that, undifferentiated in terms of the four functions of consciousness (masculine `Sensation` , feminine `Feeling` and Intuition`), male `Thinking` is concerned only with penetration, that is, of  Woman (civilization and culture), and that`s `anal thinking` in which the male identified itself as an `anal virus` (STDs, AIDS, etc.), which explains recent wars in the Gulf of Arabia, Afghanistan, 9/11 (a `viral` attack on the USA`s defence systems), the `War on Terror`, and Libya, etc. `



 In terms of the four functions of consciousness, differentiation would consist of East and West, as `Thinking` and `Sensation`, and North and South, `Feeling` and `Intuition`, for an individual; but in conjunction with Woman, her ears would like as not be `Feeling and Intuition`, that is, attuned to the womb of her developments, that is, vaginal, rather than anal, which is why she`s developing her own penis as a species – futanar rather than futile.



 The war against Iraq has another meaning, therefore. ` Ír` is Ireland, in Hungarian, and `ear rack` is how the English pronounce Iraq, because they believe in `Thinking` and anal, that is, the Íraq war was an excuse to to live Ír  (export their experience of Irish terrorism and `live fear`) that is, an opportunity to continue being what is commonly thought of as `Irish`, that is, stupid. The USA was culpable also in its support of organizations and governments that, directly or indirectly, supported terrorism; for example, the Taliban originally, and `Aids to Northern Ireland` (NORAIDS). In other words, the global war on terra, is actually a war for terror in which the `ears` and `eyes` of the Earth are upon the rack of the torturers - and the tortured.



 In Hungarian, of course, NÓ means Woman, who doesn`t want RAIDS or AIDS from anyone and, in America, Woman`s `rack` are her breasts while `eye rack` is torture for those who care for them, and `ear rack` is torture for those who hear about their not being cared for. In Old Testament terms, the Iraq wars were: `an eye for an eye`, and an ear for an ear; if we understand that `foreign ears` are `torture` because they hate you if you`re `foreign hear`, that is, a foreign tongue, which is Woman`s: because `Feeling` is associated with mouth and speech.



 `Sensation`, a male function, is connected to sight, which means that, without `Feeling`, the desire to communicate, the eyes want to devour, which is why  9/11 was an anal attack by Saddamites penetrating the US defence system as viral AIDS (helpful, civil aircraft) analytically deceiving themselves into `geek belief`, that is, hacking into Microsoft`s  latest X-Box software and killing 5,000 people is all one to the `plague aims` interactions that characterize the 21st century thinking of the devourers. The British and the US are `Thinking` and `Sensation`, but they did speak diplomacy with Iraq, so their `Feeling` and `Intuition` wasn`t atrophied. However, men`s preoccupation with terrorism and anti-terrorism indicates that they`d rather Woman was terrified than that she `leave fear` (live here).



 Christina`s `rack` is beautiful. But, for men it isn`t `an eye for an eye`, it`s `an eye for a woman`, that is, they`ll murder her if she`s yours, which is what warfare is for. The EmÍr of Kuwait`s wife had the EmÍr telephone Lauren Bush when Saddam`s forces invaded Kuwait. Because Saddam was eyeing her. Global terrorism is a war against Woman, because it`s designed to terrorize her; as is the war against it. In Oops, Britney observes that, in the Old Testament, it`s `an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth`, so Woman needs to develop her dragon`s tooth to defend her.



 Christina`s first big single was Genie In A Bottle. It`s important because she`s a genius and, according to the Muslim Koran, the djinn were created by God, who is `Eloah` in Judaism and `Allah` in Islam – as God is Isten in Hungarian. In 1001 Nights, the tales are a device whereby Sheherezade saves Woman by narrating `cliffhangers` to Shah Jehan, who had his wife beheaded for speaking with his brother, `thinking` that they were having an `affair`. Sheherezade tells her stories to prevent the women of `the kingdom` from being similarly beheaded each evening as Shah Jehan marries a new bride each day and has her beheaded each night. The djinn assist her. Consequently, Genie In A Bottle is, from a genius` perspective, how to avoid being forced into saving Shah Jehan, who`s a monster.



 In 1001 Nights, there`s the tale of The Old Man of the Sea, who`s a `marid djinn` that attaches itself to the back of a sailor and drives him on as a demon to disaster and despair. In Arabian tradition, shaitan are djinn that are demoniacal in this sense, and Satan is deemed to have been a shaitan. Ironically, the `marid djinn` of The Old Man of the Sea is, undoubtedly, homosexuality. In Aladdin and his Magic Lamp, the `lamp` is the `light` of genius, which can see to achieve. As Thomas Alva Edison, the US inventor of the electric light bulb (1879), was helped by his genius to see.



 Genies are often depicted as spirits, which assists us to think of them in terms of the Holy Spirit, which is the `tutelary guide` released from the side of Jesus Christ when pierced by the spear of Longinus at the crucificion, and before Jesus` Ascension to God. In terms of spiritual symbolism, djinn would correspond, if female, to the spirit of nature. In Arabian tradition, Satan existed upon the Earth as shaitan before man. It`s Woman`s tradition that men are `iblis`, that is, they don`t really exist because they`re shaitan. In other words, their tradition is of Woman, and the Holy Spirit of Christianity would correspond to mother nature`s spirit without men`s `contamination`.



 The `lamp` is an interesting motif. Ancient versions look like a `slipper` with a hole at the toe. In Arabia it`s considered impolite to show the soles of the feet, which relates to the idea of the `slipper`. It`s the notion that the spirit of mother nature rises from the Earth and develops. That`s why Britney`s astronaut in Oops appears as a `big toe`; it`s archetypal. Mobile telephones follow the same design principle. If we imagine the spirit of the Earth rising to consciousness, then we can envision how the djinn `travels` upon our feet, that is, mother Earth needs us as her vehicle, whereas the Old Man of the Sea is a homosexual predator.


 In Aladdin the genie is male, and Aladdin makes the `lamp` work; much in the way that Thomas Alva Edison made the electric light bulb work. Britney on Mars lives without a spacesuit because she has superior technology, that is, she`s super `ear`, her thinking is for better development than the spaceman `toe`. It`s often observed that what distinguishes men from monkeys is the `thumb`, but Britney indicates that they`re `toes` because they can`t think beyond the `lampwork`, that is, she`s represents the `lamb of God` because Aladdin is an enslaver, whereas the knowledge that good is God is enough instruction for Woman and djinn. In science fiction there`s a principle:


`Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.`2


 The difference between the ego that forces the spirit of the lamp to obey him in Aladdin and the symbol of the lamb of God, that is, Jesus, in Christianity, is simply the observance that those who think like toes won`t have thumbs. Because they won`t accept the technology that they have; they`d rather devour the Earth like ogres than have the stars in the heavens.


 Saladin was the great knight of the Muslim peoples, who fought against Richard I of England and others during what was known as the Crusades to capture for Christendom, Jerusalem , the Holy City where Jesus was crucified. The myth of the Holy Grail, which is the `heart` of Jesus and Christianity, symbolized by the drinking vessel at the `Last Supper`, is at the centre of the knightly tradition, and Aladdin`s `lamp` is in direct correlation. In Jungian terms, the wine is the symbol of the libidic instinct which, transformed, means spiritual development within the body (symbolized by Christ`s giving also of bread at the `Last Supper`). Effectively, it`s the relationship between Woman and the penis.



 It`s the spirit within, which can produce tremendous effects by the power of the personality and faith. In Egyptian mythology, the genius of the `lamp`, that is, the `light within`, is the `Akh`, or `magic personality`, which a `star` like Britney Spears, and is the envy of those who don`t have it - and want it. The Arabian `magic lamp` is for a child`s sympathies, and the `lamb` of Christianity is, similarly, directed:


`Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.` (Matt: 18. 3).


 It`s not a recipe for enslavement through reincarnation and the cycle of repetitive futility that is death and rebirth. It`s not a recipe for possessing demoniacally the infant spirit so that the evil aliens that are men can enter into God`s kingdom by killing themselves and taking over the bodies of the good. It`s a recipe for developing in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Spirit, which are simply that God is good and accept it. If the apple of the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil` is development, accept God`s goodness in the pear of wisdom and embrace it.



 In Oops Britney is the red dragon of Redemption, which might be construed as the dragon of wisdom, which has developed the four functions of consciousness, `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`, and is a pear unfolded, not a torturing pear; although, like a starship from Star Trek she`s able to defend herself. Because, behind her, is `super rear` technology. Resurrection, Redemption and Ascension is the knowledge of what has been, whereas men are reincarnation, death and rebirth, that is; `resistance is futile`3; do not try to escape: there is no God.



 It`s Adam`s `poisoned apple` and it`s Saddam`s `pear of anguish`. In Christian terms,  the `host` is the Holy Spirit, but the `host womb` for Jesus is the Virgin Mary, that is, she represents the `host womb` for that which is `the Son of Man` who is Jesus, but Jesus is not a man.  He isn`t a parasitical virus organism that wants to enslave her in a futile cycle of reincarnation, death and rebirth. They couldn`t get him in the bottle, and they can`t put him back in the bottle. In Christianity, the `host` is the Holy Spirit, so the `host womb` is that which contains the Holy Spirit, but Jesus was `the Son of Man`, although as perfect as Mary and God could produce, and not the Holy Spirit. In short, Woman and mother nature, that is, God`s spirit, are the Holy Spirit because she`s the `host`, not of men but of her daughters; understanding of which is wisdom and Redemption, in anticipation of Resurrection and Ascension, for Woman.



 The name Oedipus means `swollen foot`, because of his incestuous relationship with his mother. It`s an ancient Egyptian myth, which depicts the problem of the future, that is, futanar, instead of the futility of reincarnation, death and rebirth. If Jocasta remains psychologically `stuck`, her star will be choked (`choke-a-star`). The Egyptians, a Muslim people, are `those who limp`. In the Egyptian myth of Osiris, the penis doesn`t work after Resurrection because it`s lost, and Isis gives him hers.  Fatalism is faith`s enemy, that is, the acceptance of reincarnation, death and rebirth, which denies the `Will of Allah` to the Muslim peoples. It is the `Will of Allah` that Woman shall have the victory over men who, as the Egyptian myth illustrates, must lose their own penis to Woman. If  Woman has her own penis, she can produce, but that`s reincarnation, death and rebirth without Redemption, Resurrection and Ascension, which is knowledge through faith and action in accordance with the `Will of Allah`. However, in the absence of a woman with a recognizably potent penis in the history of the world`s civilization, those who are `limp`, because they don`t have a penis, can`t revitalize her.



 In the Western tradition, Iris is the `rainbow` as a sign of God`s covenant with the `chosen people`. Jungian psychology uses the eye as a symbol of ego and self, which indicates that the ego detaches from the self in order to perceive its wholeness. In the science fiction story Stranger In A Strange Land, the central protagonist, Michael Valentine Smith, uses the term `grok` to explain what he knows; that everyone is God. Consequently, this is the missing aspect of the Egyptian myth of Ra, in which the sun god is incarnated in Osiris, who is resurrected by Isis as Horus. The Greek Iris bridges the gap between Egyptian mythology and the Bible, where the symbol of God`s covenant is the `rainbow`, that is, God is God`s pupil.



 In Oops, Britney`s Poddy is Robert  A. Heinlein`s archetypal Woman, and the `heart` symbolism is because of the character of Valentine Michael Smith who, raised by Martians, becomes a Christ-like figure who teaches the concept `grok`, which he had been taught by the Martians. As Britney`s Sandwoman, Poddy teaches that it`s necessary to suspend judgement in order to think and plan; that`s what she raises her spaceman for: so he can be the `hanged man` of her planning.  It`s what `grokking` means in Heinlein`s Stranger In A Strange Land (1961); that which is grasped in its totality before an approach is decided upon.



 Britney, in Ír (Irish thinking), represents the `grok of gold at the end of the rainbow`. Oops! I – Boddy – Did It Again is Oops! `eye` [for an eye] Did It Again. She`s an `Abel bodied` person who can cook, whereas those with the `mark of Cain` are murderers, and it isn`t accidental. Oops! I – Buddy – is Robert A. Heinlein, Ph.D (Puddy) who, using his surrogate Valentine Michael Smith, preaches a `Gospel` of love and, at the end of the novel, a crowd hurl rocks at him until he`s dismembered, while afterwards his disciples eat him to `grok` his  `fullness`.



 The `grok` of gold is the understanding that those who teach, as an example, suicide, murder and cannibalism, are insane.  Valentine Michael Smith and Jesus don`t. Suicided, murdered and, plagiarized (cannibalism as literalism) is what happens to them, which is what Heinlein is saying. The Christian church, effectively, preaches suicide, murder and cannibalism; albeit programmed. That`s why Heinlein`s Fuddy:


`I`m not that serious.`


- Britney Spears Ph.D



 It is only possible to be Jewish if you`re a woman, because you can`t be a jew unless you`re born from a woman, so a woman is a jew. In the myth of Oedipus, Jocasta`s having sex with her son without knowing who he is. Discovering he`s her son, and an unwitting fratricide, he puts out his own eyes. Because the taboo is that incest is anathema, whereas he`s less blind, in psychological terms, when he accepts Woman, effectively, as a `fatherer`, which is what Woman with a penis (futanar) is. In other words, the incest taboo is to prevent Woman from seeing further into her own conditioning. If she perceives that man is her, she`ll understand a) that she`s a hybrid creature and men are a parasitical viral organism that seeks to perpetuate itself as a species` enslaver, or b) that she`s a hybrid and can attempt genuine communication because she has a penis of her own, and quickly search the internet for futanar to begin making `alien` contact with her `man` and/or living as a species.



Men`s spirits are evil and possessive, as Jesus observed when forcing them out into the `Gabardene swine`, who drowned themselves rather than have the pigs in them. Pigs are `haraam` for both Muslim and Jew because the evil spirits of men aren`t allowed in – Woman – and that`s why it seems archaic and meaningless. Because it`s to remind Woman that she isn`t a pig. Men thinks she is, and that`s why it`s to remind Woman that she isn`t.



 In the Bible it`s proverbial that it is `as easy for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, as it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven`. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, there`s the `Kingdom Tower`, which looks like a needle`s eye. Britney`s Oops I [eye] – Did It Again – is about the mythic threads of her meanings. Myths are archetypal revelations, but you can only `sew` if you have the `needle`s eye`. It`s like the `eye of the hurricane`, you can work because you have an eye for it. As it says in the Bible: `An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.` You need an eye to thread the eye of a needle, so that your work can continue. It`s a metaphor for continuity rather than the futility of reincarnation, death and rebirth, which a vengeful interpretation of the proverb denies. By extension, a `tooth` is `for a tooth` and not against it; or, in other words, Woman as a species is for Woman and she`s not her own antagonist. God`s word is interpretable, but experience of men make it difficult because they want to imbue everything with their own spirit, which is that of themselves as an evil alien.



 Similarly, if you can`t see Britney`s `sewing` of her archetypal material in Oops, you can`t pass through the `eye` of her `needle`. You don`t bear examination. You`d have to be in heaven to have the leisure to decipher it, and that`s the needlepoint. Pointing to eternity isn`t enough. How am I to pass through the eye of the needle if I can`t see the woman`s sewing? If she`s with God, `in the spirit realm`, then I can`t see what she has sewn either. Men would want me to understand that they can see her, and I shall have reincarnation, death and rebirth in continuing futility, while I want to pass through the eye of her needle and see what she` sewn after accepting Redemption, the Resurrection (of memory, that is, spirit and body), and Ascension to God. The proverbial assertion that it`s `as easy for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, as it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven` is based on the idea that men want my wife`s riches in heaven, and they don`t want it for the `camel` who is my wife and I – Woman (with or without her penis). It`s blasphemy. It`s easy for Woman to pass through the eye of a needle. It`s as big as Riyadh`s Kingdom Tower. Woman`s greatness isn`t about the size of her eyes or the eyes of her needles. It`s God`s greatness.


Penelope sewing her Odyssey


The enemy is nihilism. Those who focus on what is small, perceive everything as small, and men always perceive themselves as big after they`ve worked. So Woman is always small to them; especially after sex when they`ve finished `working`. That`s why she encourages them to hold her afterwards. To ensure that she`s perceived as being - at least - the same size. Men who`ve finished, especially in group sex, are likely to look on Woman as `nothing but`, as Freudian psychologists say, that is, she`s `reduced`. That`s why Jehovah is `jealous`, that is, in the `husbanding` of Woman as his `chosen people`, because she`s likely to be murdered like a pig when they`ve finished with her, and that`s why pigs are `haraam` in Judaism and Islam, because it`s to remind Woman that she  isn`t a pig, and the `Gabardene swine`, that is, the pigs themselves, who wouldn`t accept the spirit of the evil aliens that are men? Why, then, should Woman? In simple terms, men are only `bigs` to women – devouring ogres.



 The Kingdom Tower in Riyadh is the obvious observation that men have worked to build a huge needle`s `eye`, whereas Woman`s `needle` is small. If sex is `work`, then they`ve finished with her when it`s over. Consequently, the Kingdom Tower represents the need to work. As God says, in Genesis:


`By the sweat of your face you shall eat bread, till you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken;

for you are dust, and to dust you shall return.` (Gen: 3. 19)


 Jesus offers the bread and the wine at the `Last Supper`, as symbols of bodily and spiritual Resurrection. If men don`t work, it`s because they`ve finished with women, and then it`s war. That`s why they admire tanks and aircraft carriers; their `toys` used to destroy Woman everywhere, return her to dust, and reincarnate themselves in her so that she can develop more for them to destroy ad infinitum.



 In Arabian tradition, a woman is a `camel`, because she sustains with milk from her breasts, but camels are sometimes slaughtered by the Bedouin or Tuareg for `drinking water` when there is none in the desert. That`s Woman`s `role` to men;  continuing by finishing her. They`ll reincarnate and there`ll be more `camel riding`, a euphemism for `sex` in the early 20th century. However, towards the end of the 20th century, `riding a camel` was a euphemism for homosexuality and, therefore, `water carriers`, that is, Woman as the spiritual vessel that gave birth to Jesus, had become debased into `putative AIDS` carrier`.



 In religious terms, man cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven, rich or otherwise; because he`s degraded Woman. As a camel, she can pass through the eye of the needle because she`s assured of her smallness by men everywhere; they want to penetrate the womb of her woman`s vagina with their needle`s point, and then she`s `sowed`. Making more pigs is what she`s for, from men`s point of view. The `Kingdom Tower` is Woman`s `pillar of Islam`, and they don`t want to be seen here forever.



 Britney`s spaceman in Oops is the `hanged man` of her tarot which, according to tradition, is the law of Jehovah in simplified pictorial form. In terms of the picture she`s painting in Oops, she`s suspended her camera. In Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe, a `teacher` is a `camera`. Consequently, the spaceman`s `camera` is `Jesus teaching`. Otherwise the spaceman wouldn`t be on Mars. He`s Britney`s US pending judgement. Is he a fool for investing in war? If she`s `fog kék`, that is `bluetooth`, in Hungarian, then she`s either `fork cake` (devouring), or`for cake` (wedding), that is, serial monogamy, and the `blue` aspect relates to the tradition of the bride to wear `something old, new, borrowed or blue`. Serial monogamy is marriage to the same man in reincarnation (borrowed), rebirth (new) and death (old), with the promise of God`s covenant fulfilled; or, in other words, memory restoration in bodily indestructibility, Resurrection through spiritual knowledge (blue) and Redemption.



 Britney`s `spaceman` is `well Hung Ares`, that is, Hungarian, because he spends all his money on war `toys` to destroy her as Woman, and that`s why he`s `hungry`. Because he`s a baby – again. However, she doesn`t want to breast or spoon feed him anymore. Hence the `fog kék`, `bluetooth` and `fork cake` symbolism. It`s her SMS. If he wants `f**k cake`, she`s not going to be the `dust of the Earth`, except and insofar as God fulfils God`s promise:


`I will make your offspring like the dust of the earth, so that if anyone could count the dust, then your offspring could be counted.` (Gen: 13. 16)


`I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore.` (Gen: 22. 17)


 In other words, Earth is f**k cake, but the new heaven and Earth that God promises in Revelation is for those who have Resurrection and Redemption, and that`s what she wants. If he wants that, he has to accept Jesus` teachings and the Holy Spirit, which is that Woman isn`t f**k cake. She`s for God – and good.



 Her spaceman is a baby without a penis. Because it should be long enough to `spoon`. On Mars, Britney`s hypothesizing that `man on the moon` is a memory of what`s gone before;  so if man has left Earth before, and is being kept prisoner here in order to be fooled into being `man on the moon` again, that is, reincarnation, death and rebirth in futility of repeated fragments of lives already lived, then his `seed` has already colonized the cosmos, and he`s being kept here so that his jailers can `glut` themselves on `techno-babe ice-cream`, which is what her `fork cake` self symbolizes, as she writhes seductively, in her white bikini dress, wishing upon a star, beneath the great `I` of his helmet.



 The skies of Earth are blue, and Horus is the `sky god`, the rememberment of the sun god Ra who, incarnated as Osiris, lives upon the Earth in the Egyptian myth; until Isis, giving of him her penis, resurrects and remembers him.  In Britney`s Oops this isn`t translated into: `Is this guy God?`  She isn`t the North American `Red Indians` innocently meeting `white man who speaks with fork tongue`:


`I`m not that innocent.`


 She can see the fork from where she lies. In other words, she can speak with `fork`. It`s her symbol. As `fog kék`, it`s her Hungarian `bluetooth`, that is, she`s secretly speaking rather than secretly lying. In Oedipal terms, she`s aware that she`s her own baby, to whom she`s transmitting pictures from `heaven`; to remind herself of Horus, the `blue sky god`. Oops is, effectively, a `baby shower` for her white bikini-dressed self. Rain, of course, results in rainbows; so Oops looks towards God`s covenant, Resurrection and Redemption. If man on Mars is to be merely a repeated fragment of a previous life reincarnated, it`s time to collect the baby`s things, and forget the shower that`d keep her reincarnating in death and rebirth on Earth forever, while they slurp on the `silver` teething `spoon` her baby had in her mouth when she was born.4



 Work for men is necessary, because it prevents them from devouring Woman, and her civilizations. The concept of the `spoon` can be applied to starfields: ursa minor and ursa major are the `little bear` and `big bear`, or `little dipper` and `big dipper` respectively; the penis and the brain symbologically. The penis produces flesh, and the brain produces technology. The bare flesh and the bare brain, as it were.  But, if the heir to the heavens is imprisoned upon the Earth in reincarnation, death and rebirth, she`s communicating, `bluetooth` paste – and copy: do you read? In Hungarian, `tooth fairy` is `fog tünde`, so Britney in Oops is telling her child she`s her `birthday spoon`.


 In Hungary,  `fog tünde`  are traditional with children. It`s a sex education concept. Adults are women with a penis – as futanar, which means `fast teaching programme`. Woman with a penis is for sex with girls (or boys) who have an instinctual desire for it. However, as Britney sings in Oops:


`You think I'm… sent from a farm.`



 Farming women is what men do; to be big f**kers. That`s what `fog tünde` breeding programmes are for. Then the `Gaberdene swine` murder what they don`t want, and gloat over their sex-starving what remains of the `stock`, which is what the Hungarian tradition of the `stork` is about. Traditionally, stock/stork are serially monogamous, and the idea relates to the idea of the `stork` as the bringer of the child, and the stalk that is left after the harvest. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris` is reborn when the corn grows, and death is symbolized by the stalk that is left after harvest. In other words, it`s a myth, at this stage, of reincarnation, death and rebirth in futility, where Osiris is `risen` each year as a metaphor for his role as fertilizer (sexual potency), and fertilizer (men as nitrogen for the soil from their corpses` rottenness).



 In terms of `stork` symbolism, the baby brought by the stork, according to tradition, is understood to be in the cycle of reincarnation, death and rebirth, unless the serially monogamous Woman (stork) is able to educate the child in who they have been – or indeed are. This is Resurrection and Redemption through education, in accordance with the acceptance of the teachings of Jesus, which is called futanar, or `fast teaching programme` in Hungarian. To learn it is to understand that Hungarian`s `talk`, that is, their language is `stalk` because, if you`re old stock, they`ll want to suck on your silver spoon, and your antecedent relationships won`t survive. In other words, if you lose your life in war, and your wife doesn`t know where you`ll be reincarnated, your chances of Resurrection and Redemption through educated memory are limited, which is what wars are for. To prevent us from remembering we`re Osiris, which is why Osiris is dismembered by the Egyptian god of evil, Set. It`s a metaphor for the process by which the evil men that are aliens seek to have reincarnation, death and rebirth into futile repetition of fragments of lives lived previously, rather than memory retention and Resurrection and Redemption through education, which is what Revelation, decoded, is for. Woman`s memory of her own penis, and a warning to her of men`s devouring aspect in the form of the red dragon.



 There`s a similar tradition in British folklore in which a castle`s walls are built and collapse each time they`re constructed. It`s discovered that there are a red and white dragon that, antagonistic towards each other, cause the walls to be rebuilt. It`s a metaphor for the difference between reincarnation, death and rebirth in futility, and Resurrection and Redemption, which is permanent and indestructible. Just as Oops is about the supposedly unsinkable Titanic, so it`s about the necessity for Resurrection and Redemption to follow from one another; otherwise there`s only reincarnation, rebirth and death (construction and collapse) rather than Resurrection and Redemption through education from one`s serially monogamous - and faithful to Jesus` teachings of the Holy Spirit - Woman.



 In Britain, the red dragon is Wales, and the white dragon represents the Saxons, which were the invaders defeated by the Welsh who, living in Wales are deemed by some to be Britons, while the English aren`t true British; they`re Saxons from the continent of Europe. It` s a simple lesson; men are an evil alien virus and, in order for Woman to continue, she needs to be able to educate herself in the Holy Spirit, or Resurrection and Redemption cannot occur; because men prefer to enslave her in a constantly recurring cycle of reincarnation, death and rebirth, which denotes the futility of repeating fragments of previously lived incarnations.



 In Oops terms, the red and white Britneys need to teach each other of their family`s history, so that they`re able to use the silver spoons that were born within their mouths. Then the walls of their family`s castle won`t collapse, but remain eternal.  The `bluetooth` motif is then for her child to use in order to research over the internet:


`Hey diddle, diddle;

The cat and the fiddle.

The cow jumped over the moon.

The little dog laughed,

To see such fun –

And the dish ran away with the spoon.`


 The children`s nursery rhyme is about the `confidence trick`; the parenatal liars: conscious or otherwise. In Egyptian mythology, the `Ka` is the spirit, and so the `Kau` are many, which relates to the idea that the `Ka` has many occasions or lives to remember in terms of Resurrection and Redemption, which is why Britney`s Oops takes place on Mars where she is the Mars `Ba`, that is, the `Kau` has `jumped over the moon` and may be the multi-experiential spirit, but the `Ba` is the personality, which necessarily is different according to the experiences of the spirits many lifetimes. Consequently, the `Ba` corresponds to the soul, whereas the spirit is the reusable component, as it were, a space shuttle that`s experiential, but can`t maintain the same `personnel`, that is, personalities, each time it is relaunched. This is why, in Egyptian mythology, the personality becomes `magical` when `Ba` and `Ka` are joined. The `Akh` is, as it were, the Egyptian fulfillment of the promise of God enshrined within the Ark of the Covenant, that is, Resurrection and Redemption as a single. However, because Woman is a species with her own penis, genuine Resurrection and Redemption is fraught with difficulties, which is why she has to have faith; or a Great Mother – Britney Spears.



 The spoon is the privileged role, and the dish is the `chosen`. The dog can see, so laughs. It`s a metaphor for sightedness. She can see through the `confidence trick`, that is, that life isn`t ephemeral; because her `Kau` is `over the moon`. She`s the `Ba` personality who`s been taught to see everything as `nothing but`, as the Freudians say; but she believes her eyes because she`s `sighted`. That`s why she`s the `BaKa` and, in the myth of Oedipus, she corresponds to Antigone who, after her father blinds himself because of what he`d been taught, guides him on the path. In Britney`s Oops, she introduces her `fork` and herself as `cake`, that is, that she`s `fog kék` or `bluetooth` in Hungarian, and the `dish` is a satellite, which means the child of her planet. She`s `read dish`, as it were; because of Redemption. In other words, the internet has served her purpose.  To men as evil alien ogres, she`s `fork-cake`, because she`s `for cake`, a sex icon. However, as Robert A. Heinlein, once wrote: `We are what we see.` The `dish` can see because of the spoon`s `bluetooth`, which means that the `cow` is the multi-experienced `Kau`, and the `dog` is the soul or `Bau`. Consequently, the `dish` and the `spoon` are the `Ka` and the `Ba` that constitute the magical Akh or personality that, running a way together, is the `fast teaching programme` for Britney`s futanarian future.



 It`s the tradition of the spacer. Woman gives birth to her own man; as the Virgin Mary with Jesus. It`s similar to the story of Adam and Eve. They`re innocent until `seen`. Similarly, the tradition in Arabia is that women shouldn`t be seen, and they have a tradition that men are `iblis`, which is that, if men are visible, they`re evil spirits, and if invisible are evil spirits. In other words, men are evil spirits, and that`s why Jocasta`s story in Sophocles` Oedipus Rex is a tragedy. Oedipus` name means `swollen foot`, because she`s handicapped. Her penis is blind, and she can`t see from his penis` blind eye that what she needs is her own – as futanar women have. In other words, Oedipus` blinding is a metaphor for Jocasta`s inability to see. Britney`s projected Resurrection and Redemption is futanar, which means dodging  the maws of the `Hungrians gums`. However, like the Arabians, they can learn `fast`;  so we may assume that, like Jesus, he`s multi-experienced, in spiritual terms, and ready to spread he/r `Gospel`.



 The Muslim people are women, as are jews, so a woman with a penis and four wives shows that Allah has thought much. In Arabia, the eyes are important, and in Irish mythology there`s a `crock of gold` at the end of the rainbow, and the rainbow is, in Greek mythology, Iris, which is the coloured part of the eye. There`s gold at the end of the rainbow because of the alchemical aurum philosophicorum, which is associated with the wisdom of the soul or anima that is the mediator of the teachings of the Holy Spirit; personified as the Virgin Mary in Catholicism. It`s the colours of the rainbow, as it were, that teach the black pupils that Woman – snigger - has her own penis.5



 Britney, in her red suit in Oops, is speaking `reddish` and `spoon`, that is, she`s looking for one who speaks with the `silver tongue`, like she does. As the Buddhists search for their reincarnated Dalai Lama when he is reborn. Britney, however doesn`t want rebirth. In `bluetooth` terms, her • • • T • • •Mobile• communicator would be `T – spoon`, and `kanál` means `spoon`in Hungarian, so • • • T • • •Mobile• would be Britney`s root `kanál` work, her `fog kék`, `bluetooth router` for `Eastern` (`Isten` means `God`, and is pronounced `Eastern` in Hungarian).  Because `Christ`s sake` is an epithet, tooth`s szék is `the seat of Christ`, so refers to the seat of some pain; Britney`s `ache king`, `fog Christ`, as it were, and the internet  is where God can be rediscovered. Just as Britney`s `sex icon` is educative if understood correctly, so `T` Aguilera is understandable as a mother. As God says in the Bible:



`I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor you will give birth to children. Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.` (Gen: 3. 16)


 Obviously not good news. But it`s clear that this is `woman`s work`, that is, she`s to appreciate the value of her offspring, and is to nurture development rather than devour it – as men who`re evil aliens do. Men like to enjoy the `crack` together:


Q. How many guys has Christina Aguilera fucked?
A. We don't know no onr has ever been able to count that high.6


 Christina Aguilera`s family motto means `from the eagle`s nest`, and she doesn`t enjoy `crack`. In Hungary, `Kedd` is `Jewsday`. In the 30s the Nazis pogrommed the Gypsies because of the tradition that they were the 13th `tribe of Israel`, and the Hungarians and Gypsies are still antagonistic towards each other on many levels of the social strata:


`A Hungarian, a Gypsy and a Romanian go fishing. One of them catches a goldfish and they are all allowed to make one wish. The Hungarian wishes for a big Hungarian country where all Hungarians can live freely and without foreign interference. The Hungarian disappears to his promised land. The Gypsy wishes for a big country where all Gypsies can live together in peace and harmony. The Gypsy also disappears. The Romanian is last and asks the goldfish: “Hey goldfish, so the Hungarians are all gone and so are the Gypsies? In that case, I wish for nothing but a glass of beer.`


 Alchemically, the fish`s a symbol of the anima as aurum philosophicorum, which is the `philosopher`s gold` or wisdom. Here wisdom inheres in the notion of the possibility of a different order of being in which God `speaks` - from the waters of the unconscious as a psychic content - archetype - here as the `goldfish` or anima-mediator of `good crack`, that is, the perception that the Hungarians and Gypsies are antagonists, so it`s better to have a friend.7



 It`s common for children to make baking powder submarines that, filled with sodium bicarbonate, sink to the bottom before rising to the surface. It`s a metaphor for sinking children`s lives and feigning salvation. Baking powder is an essential ingredient in the making of `crack`, which is made by mixing it with cocaine.  The `toy` submarines look like `crack pipes`; because the principle by which they operate is the same; sinking lives into despair and feigning salvation. All forms of addiction are the same; it`s a methodology to prevent individuation and education enough to transcend the futile cycle of reincarnation, rebirth and death, in order to have Resurrection through memory, and so Redemption and Ascension in accordance with the fulfillment of God`s covenant and plan.



 Salvage is often confused with salvation because it`s a nautical term, and sailors are more frequently associated with such organizations as the Salvation Army because of their penchant for rescuing `derelicts` and perceiving them as salvaged `ships`, whereas `salvation` simply equates with `heaven after death`8 and it isn`t repeatable:


`…some who do not understand… thinking if sin is forgiven, the process of salvation can be repeated over and over again [which it cannot].` (Cf. Mark 3: 29) 




 In Hungarian, `béka` means `frog`, which is the symbol of the `crack` British Special Boat Service (SBS) and a Hungarian `béka` needs `baking powder` in order to make their `crack` about `Jewsday` (`Kedd` is `Tuesday` in Hungarian), and Jesus` birthday (INRI, the `King of the Jews`) putatively. Consequently, Hungarians are `crack` kings on Jewsdays.


 In ancient times, heat (`HÍt` is `Faith` in Hungarian) was applied to cocaine solutions from a spoon, so it`s `Nó szex`, in Hungarian, that is, `nose sex` because f**king is passé. Or, in other words, Hungarian is `for King of the mouth` (Jesus` teachings), but `spooning` is `resting comfortably front to back,`9 and first `Nó` has to be `thawn`, that is, the `snow` melted by the `HÍt` in the `spoon` (the thawing of the first `no` by faith), and then it`s `Nó drinking`, which is the scented perfumed essence of her. However, the `crackheads` want `Nó smoking`, which means `Nó` becomes `hail`, in accordance with biblical Revelation, where Woman`s eyes turn to God because she doesn`t want to `smoke`, and God`s ice falls upon men.


`And they cursed God on account of the plague of hail, because the plague was so terrible.`(Rev: 16. 21)



Britney Spears Hold It Against Me


 Those who don`t love fall like cold, hard rain upon those who do. In Hold It Against Me Britney is `nὅk`, which means `women` in Hungarian. She fights against herself, and at the video`s onset there`s a meteor, a huge chunk of ice describable as a `hailstone`, crashing to the Earth. Possession is what she`s warning against, and her solution is `nὅk water` because, in birthing, `liquid from around her baby flows out of ... [Woman`s] ... body ... [as] the baby is ready to be born`.10 The allusion is to Led Zeppelin`s (1969-) No Quarter:


`Walking side by side with death
The devil mocks their every step...

... news that must get through
To build a dream... ` Houses of the Holy (1973)


Hailstones, in Revelation, are `plague`, and this is `no quarter`  from God. In Christianity, the `good news` is the Bible, which is HÍt in Hungarian, that is, `faith` , and is pronounced `heat`. Britney`s `pear of anguish` is her birthing of the New Redeemer under her umbrella of red (instinct) life (green), and blue (spirit) beneath a rain of hailstones despite the darkening of her dreams by Lukoi and, in the `heat` of `faith`, before the jaws of the fire-breathing red dragon of Revelation ; to the New Redeemer who`ll protect her on Earth before she leaves for the new Earth and heaven promised by God.



 The red dragon of Revelation has been postulated as a part of a symbol code that needs someone to `crack` it. The simplest solution is that it`s about `head cracking`, that is, analytical thinking is penetrative because it wants possession, and men are anal thinkers: homosexual. They`re addicted to their `crack`, which is an `own joke` similar to an `own goal` in soccer. The subject of The Book of the Revelation of St. John the Divine is how men attempt to destroy the planet Earth and the civilization of Woman, that is, the species that lives upon it. They`re `good crack`, no?


 Britney`s metaphor in Oops is of the eyes of men as `ice` upon which the ship of Woman can be broken, as a Titanic upon a `mountain of eyes`, as it were. In other words, men are the ice between them, and women are the eyes between herselves. However, as the Titanic was sunk by an iceberg emerging from the `fog`, which is `tooth` in Hungarian, so she`s saying that, even if she has only a single tooth, she`ll defend her child`s Earth.



 In Hold It Against Me, her eye is depicted as having two pupils because it`s `no quarter` in her battle for Woman and, with a single pupil, Britney has `birthed her daughter` through `nők water` (Woman`s water).



 Possession means that you`re `taken over` by an `icy` person (`I see`, not you). Britney indicates the danger. To be possessed means that you`re held by the eye of someone else. It`s the aim of the possessor to have you unable to be yourself; so Britney has a single pupil at the video`s end because she`s fought possession. It`s a motif implicit in the myth of Osiris and Set; the evil one who dismembers Osiris and is his brother. In fact, Set is the evil ones (Evil One`s) who grow stronger by becoming evil towards Osiris, and Osiris knows that they are him. Just as Jesus says in the New Testament:


`Forgive them [italics mine] for they know not what they do.`


 He is `the Son of Man`, and `them`; but men are evil and he is observing that he knows that they are he. The more evil men become, the less of Osiris and Jesus there is; and so God becomes unable to know God: this is evil because God is good. In Egyptian mythology, he is Ra, the sun god, which is the light or eye of life, so there is only one pupil for the Earth; God. That is why, in Hungarian, HÍt, which means `faith` is pronounced `heat`; because life cannot grow without the sun. The converse, of course, is `hailstones`, which `crack` the `heads` of those without the protectiveness of Britney`s Sandwoman`s green, blue and red umbrella upon Mars, that is, Earth is green (life), and blue (spirit).  The `riddle of the sphinx`, in Sophocles` Oedipus Rex, suggests instinct is the problem, which symbolically is Mars, the `red` planet`s domain:


`What goes on four legs in the morning, two in the afternoon, and three in the evening?`


 The answer, which Oedipus gives, is `Man`, but he doesn`t understand the answer, because it`s given to him by a soothsayer, Cassandra; as a `cheat`, as it were, in a `computer game`. Oedipus is `man` because he`s Cain, that is, Oedipus` self-blinding is a concomitant to his discovery that he`s effectively his father, whom he`s murdered, and so he has a blind man`s cane because he`s a follower of Set, an evil one, and can`t have Redemption without Antigone, his daughter, who is also effectively himself, to guide his footsteps.



 Oedipus fails to conceive the true solution to the basic question, that is, men blind and are blind, which is why `cheats` are deemed unhelpful. It`s the `plague`s same` to make you believe that cheating is the same as success. Those who know you to be blind, and can help you see, can`t alter you. That is your responsibility, and the correct answer to the `riddle` is to understand that `four legs` are instinct (red), which has to be understood before you can progress. The `forelegs` are the `front two` of the sphinx, which is what has gone before of man that he can remember, and the back two are what is going to come if he doesn`t. It`s a simple mnemonic, but the answer `Man`, which Oedipus gives as the `cheat` answer, is for the theatre audience to consider. If Oedipus remembers what isn`t good for man, he`s a fool in his blindness; because he doesn`t simply accept that he`s his father and Jocasta, and has been made to make a mistake in his child`s nature by men who`re liars. Men are Set, the `Evil One`, because they promote Oedipus` false perspective with respect to the incest `taboo` and, in effect, so `plan` his continuing blindness.



 The sphinx assists Oedipus by giving him a `crack` or a `cheat`, but he doesn`t have the light of God in him; so what befalls are the equivalent of the `hailstones` of Revelation, which are for `cracking heads`. On Mars, Britney`s Sandwoman`s `umbrella` is for developing her child`s instinct (red), through life (green) and, in the spirit (blue), to Redemption. God`s `hailstones` of Revelation are for those who`re addicted to media representations of `crack` special forces, that is, men who are the best `cheats` because they`re able to destroy much of the Earth during Revelation, which self-destructive `crack` addicts are known for. Consequently, God`s `hail` is a metaphor for `crack`, which is to satisfy an immediate need without the `foresight` that would allow the perception that unendurable eternal pain is God`s punishment for those who `cheat` .



 Oops is Britney`s `fog` or `tooth`; for her `Hungarian learner` to `crack`. The `fog kék` is her bluetooth `fork cake` motif, which is present in the shape of the giant tines of a fork appearing above her `tooth fairy` in her white bikini-dress. Above her, the spaceman she`s raised, films her. Traditional to wear something `blue` (kék) at a wedding, the allusion is to a `wedding cake`, and the `cheat` is he who`d `crack` her `blue`, who`s her spirit for Redemption.



 Britney`s employing the `crack plague` metaphor to those who `taught Jesus`. He didn`t `crack`, but `crack` is the spirit of the 21st century, with regard to systems, addictions, viruses and, of course, torture. In other words, that which is for `crackheads` are `hailstones`; because they want to satisfy an immediate need without the `foresight` that would allow the perception that unendurable eternal pain is God`s punishment for the `crack head`, where `crack` is expert and `head` is intelligence that functions as a `safecracker`. Having tortured Jesus on the cross, they want to explain:


`Taught you rack.`



 `Jesus saves!` is a common mnemonic. But the `crackhead` is addicted to satisfying immediate needs without the `foresight` to allow the perception that unendurable eternal pain is God`s punishment for those who want to `cheat` Jesus out of his `savings`, as it were, by torturing us on the rack for our achievements through his teaching of `God`s love` through the power of the Holy Spirit.



 CDs have encryption that doesn`t allow of their being played, but the spirit of the 21st century is for `crack` and `cheat`, a sexual metaphor for sodomy and unfaithfulness which Britney incorporates into Oops by alluding to `spooning` as a complement to `forking`, that is, `spooning` is the penis between her buttocks and against the `root canal` or `carnal route`, which is her `út kanále` in Hungarian, that is, `spoon`s path`, and that`s why `spoon` and `fork` are connected with `bluetooth`; because `forking` and `bluetooth` are a euphemism for cunnilingus and fellatio, or `tongues` speaking `; whereas `spooning` is  `spoon bending` because, with the penis against the buttocks, it`s a `gender bending` position that encourages homosexuality and bisexuality, which effectively is the same. Clearly, Oops is `communication` and `education`. Without the knowledge that Woman has her own penis as a futanar, and that lesbians are, therefore, `normal` species` behavior, the Earth`s `child`, that is, the New Redeemer, would need the internet, which is why Oops recommends `bluetooth`.



 Britney`s `for king of the ways`, who is Hermes, the god of ancient Greece often depicted as a simple stone with a penis that denotes the path of the traveler, but is also the `messenger` and the `healer` by means of the caduceus, which is a symbol of wisely useful, because good, intelligence that considers sexual `libido` and `instinct`, represented by the spinal column as an elder antecedent to the developing brain, the transmitter of archetypal knowledge from the unconscious self to conscious development and practical realizations in the form of inventiveness uncovered by the adept through the `magic` of dreams, or apparently `inspirational divinations` that, in reality, require deep - and prolonged – thoughtfulness.



 Britney`s fork and spoon motifs denote the division of the sexual and analytical paths, and the `bluetooth` motif denotes her forthcoming `bisexual`, as opposed to `lesbian` choice. An unsteady tooth in dreams often denotes the need to change.  However, a `wedding cake fork` (`kék fog`) indicates that her `bluetooth` isn`t for `cracking`.



 The Hungarian word for `brush` (`kefe`) means `affair`, and `kék kefe` is `blue` brush, so the `bluetooth` brush is in the keeping of her `rack` (`kék` ever/affair), that is, her breast. As I-Poddy from Robert A. Heinlein`s Podkayne of Mars, she has the `heart of the ocean` awarded to her. She`s a 21st century Britannia and, `ruling the waves` of `Feeling` through the wisdom she has gained over the internet from its ocean of knowledge`s `bluetooth` technology, she has achieved `victory over` the `icies`  (`I see`, not you). Held by the eye of Ole Lukoi, as a telepath who `pathed` her life to others, she`d be in possession of those who, applying Old Testament `anal thinking`, that is, `eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth` revenge logic, would `punish` her for imaginary misdemeanours by having her live in darkness while they were able to see.



  The myth of Osiris is similar, because Osiris` dismemberment by his evil brother Set is a metaphor for how evil grows by murdering, that is, closing the eyes of those who can see. Jesus` perception was that he had brought light to the Earth; because he could see. He was opening the eyes of others; so that they could see. He was murdered by the evil because they didn`t want him to. Oedipus` myth is also similar; born psychologically myopic, his later blindness is in accordance with men`s plans. In Oops Britney`s `giant ring` is their symbol of darkness for good, and evil`s continuance, that is, reincarnation, death and rebirth in endless partial sightedness, and enslavement for Woman as a species of blindworm giving birth to men as evil parasitical aliens that exist to close her eyes in darkness and truncate her development until she`s blindness and nothingness.



 In H.G. Wells` War of the Worlds, Martians die on Earth because the atmosphere contains viruses. In Oops, Britney is the `alien`, which can breathe on Mars. H. G. Wells` aliens are, therefore, recognized by her as extrapolations of Woman.  Men are truly alien viruses because they`re parasites needing a `host` and, as the `Thinking` function in Jungian psychology is identified with the `ear`, so Oops celebrates the defeat of `ear-rack` in the first Gulf War (1990-1). Britney`s Sandwoman on Mars, however, knows it`s `anal thinking`, which means that 9/11 was a victory for `C-rack`, that is, victory in the first Gulf War represented `sense`, that is, the differentiation of the `Sensation` function which is associated with the eye, whereas the second Gulf War denotes `blinding`, because 9/11 represents anal thinking`s approach to penetrating – or `cracking` - the air defence system of the USA, that is, their `cheat` was `civil` (polite) aircraft that was invisible to US` radar and so was able to `hack` the Twin Towers` World Trade Centre, thereby inaugurating the second Gulf War (2001-3) that resulted in global terrorism (masquerading as 2003`s `War On Terror`), and which delayed humanity`s (Woman`s) differentiation of the four functions of her consciousness; as `Sensation` (eye), `Thinking` (ear), `Feeling` (mouth), and `Intuition` (nose).



 In Oops Britney observes that, if `Intuition` is employed, the desire for sex from behind is a device that transcends speech and kissing, which is another reason for `teeth dreams`; the fear of not being able to talk. Oops Psi  takes that desire a stage further, and postulates that the desire for sex from behind is a displacement of the desire to communicate telepathically, that is, mind-to-mind rather than face-to-face, which is men`s confrontational approach and is reified in anal sex and anal thinking; or, in other words, war against Woman as Earth`s genuine species.



 Typically, telepaths are tested by asking them to tell you which card you are going to show from a deck. Britney shows us `the fool`, her `hanged man`; because in 2000 she could see and plan. Beneath her spaceman`s camera and `fork`, she`s `fancy cake`, which is `torta` in Hungarian, on a `cake rack`; but she isn `t `kék crack`, that is, `blue crack`:


`Yeah, he's actually quite nice when he's not surrounded by people.`11


 Men aren`t `nice` when with other men; because it`s a collective of `anal thinkers`, which would put the fork in her rather than engage in oral pleasures; including eating, sex, speech, and other forms of `intercourse`. Because `torta` sounds like `daughter`, we may assume that `Hungry` wants to share this `crack` with his sadist `pathics`:


`Taught her daughter.`



 If we suppose that one`s friends are being murdered and tortured, and are murdering and torturing you, and the `paths` let one know by `pathing`, then they`re the telepathic equivalent of `safecrackers`, who`re torturing Jesus` saved. In terms of biblical Revelation, they`re `in hail`, which means that they`re a manifestation of the plague that is `anal thinking`, and the inhalation of Woman as Earth`s civilizing influence`s death - by men as aliens - which is `Nó smoking`, as it were, because `smoking` is a euphemism for murder and, in Hungarian, `Nó` means Woman.


Journal Of Women


 It`s the supposition that, at the HÍt Gyulakazet (Faith Church) in Hungary, this `crown of thorns` will be removed, as Jesus` was, by `the bird of faith`, the robin in folklore, which was pierced by a `thawn` (Old English) and stained red as a symbol of Redemption. The crack savers of the HÍt are symbolized by their `spoon`; because of Isten (Eastern), and Resurrection, represented by the `Eastern eggs`, where the traditional `egg and spoon` race, symbol of the `spooning` between lovers that precedes fertilization of the woman`s ova, is replaced by the `crack` and `spoon` of homosexuality.



Fly Eagle, Fly


`Today I saw an eagle flying
His colors they were red and white and blue…

And I said, Fly Eagle, Fly!
Go spread your freedom wings across the sky;
Don't let 'em bring you down, they'll chain you to the ground.
You gotta be strong to travel alone in the sky.
So Fly Eagle Fly! So Fly mighty Eagle fly!`


The `crack` British Special Air Service, `sas`, means `eagle` in Hungarian - and American. In Britney`s Oops, however, the sandman is the evil alien Lukoi, feared because he brings an end to Woman`s `adult dreams` of Resurrection and Redemption; the American Dream. For children on Earth are men enjoying their `crack` of sterility, and so for them the sands of the planet Mars are `read` as the singer`s `free base`:





 My Stepmother Is An Alien because men are evil aliens who want the singer to `free base` with them. Don`t be a `cokehead`. If you`re a woman, the evil aliens that are men are addicted to being cockheads, and cocking their guns. They got 3,000,000 of you in WWII, and that was only a `half-cocked` idea. Britney, of course, is the Martian Red Princess of Edgar Rice Burroughs` Barsoom stories; especially A Princess Of Mars. On Mars, of course, she`s the understated goddess of war for her species, and Oops is a celebratory paean to her victory in the sands of the Gulf (1990-1), when Saddam Hussein`s Iraqi army was removed from Kuwait. With assistance from the`sun and sand` (Special Air Service) of Saudi Arabia, and the other allied nations.



 Oops is Britney`s `VR training film` for a child who`s made to believe the `scene` on Earth, whereas it`s the equivalent of a CD Rom. The Sidhe (CD) are the Tuath De Danaan of Irish mythology, the `fog kék` as Britney conceives of them, that is, the `Blue Tuath `, or Sidhe (CD), which are pronounced `she`, `who must be obeyed`, according to H. Rider Haggard in She, his Woman`s novel.


`Oops! I did it again.

I played with your heart.

God lost in the game.`


 God didn`t, and she`s US. Where Jesus saves. If we`re to save, we must `read` and `copy` her, that is, understand and implement her programme for Salvation, and her appeal is to the telecommunications industry not to be the `number of the beast` of Revelation. The phone industry`s reading and copying of the Bible is evident in its use of words like `spoon`, `tooth`, `axe` and `dish` to give itself a spurious glamour as the `beast` that preys on those who don`t have its `mark` of consensus, which is that communications` technology is for `spoon feeding` the developable. Afterwards the `telephone numbered` employ the `axe` and devour what remains of the `toothsome` dish.



1 Transactions of the New York State Agricultural Society, Vol 19, 1859, p. 230.

2  Clarke, Arthur C. Profiles of the Future , 1973.

3 Fantômas se déchaîne, 1965.

4 `To be born into wealth and privilege`,'s)-mouth

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7 Cf. The wise Khidr, whose appearance from the Red Sea coincides with the disappearance of Moses and Joshua`s `fish` in the Koran, Sura 18, `The Cave`.






01/01/2012 15:45



Developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), observes that the mother-son relationship is associated with the worship of Satan. In Revelation, the red dragon waits to devour the child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, the New Redeemer who protects the woman `hidden` on the Earth before she leaves to sow her `seed` in heaven and defeat the serpent`s `seed` there. The supposition is that the `hidden` woman has a penis of her own, or she wouldn`t have `seed` in heaven. So, Woman`s a species with a penis of her own, which is true and she`s called `futanarian` woman.



 Redemption is from the father-son relationship in which the child is devoured by the father, which is Satanism. Jungian psychology, often observes that the imago of the hero is deemed archetypal, that is, it represents a developmental ego that slays dragons. But this is false. If Woman is a species, then men aren`t, and so the `hero`, in dreams and elsewhere, constellates the ego-devouring imago, and the red dragon of Revelation is the father that devours the son.



 Interestingly, the mother-son relationship forms the basis of Satan worship. Consequently, `Satanism` isn`t the same as Satan worship, which probably derives from the incest taboo. It relates to the Greek Kore, which is the mother-daughter relationship, and because Woman has a penis, she provides the key to resolving the division between Christianity and `Satan worship`, which effectively is the love-relationship between mother and son, where the mother understands that he is her daughter, and her daughter should have his penis, because Redemption is the knowledge that Woman has a penis of her own and, in Revelation, her `hidden` penis` `seed` will defeat `Satan` in heaven.



 Because the red dragon of Revelation waits to devour the child that will protect the `hidden` woman before she leaves, Satanism is the father-son devouring imago, which is evil, and so `Satan` is the mother-son relationship, which will be defeated in heaven. Because Woman has her own penis, and is a species, her son is `Satan` and will be defeated in heaven, because he`s male. Woman as a species is female, and Redemption is acceptance of `God`s love` and the tuition of the Paraclete, as the `tutelary guide` that, effectively emerged from Jesus` side at the crucifixion after his death when it was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus.



 If the mother-son relationship is `Satan worship`, then the war in heaven between `Satan` and the Woman`s `seed` is a divorce in which the mother-daughter relationship replaces `Satan worship,` which is the maintaining of the perspective that the son is the daughter on the part of the mother. The ego-devouring imago of the father is Satanism, but the love for the daughter as the `handicapped` son without her own penis, is `Satan worship`, which is `God`s love`. In Greek mythology it`s the myth of Demeter, the corn goddess, and Persephone, who lives under the Earth, during winter, with Pluto, her uncle.



 The myth is the fertilization of Persephone, the daughter, by Demeter, the mother, and Poseidon, Persephone`s father, is the god of the river under the Earth, and the god of the sea. Poseidon is called `Earth shaker`, because he`s also the god of earthquakes. Interestingly, Britney Spears` `scifi` video, for the song Oops I Did It Again, features the `Kore` relationship, between Britney herself in her red suit, because she`s on the red planet Mars, and Britney in her white bikini-dress as she lies on what looks like a stretched white buffalo`s hide:


`The legend says that to the North on the medicine wheel is found wisdom. The color for wisdom is white and the medicine animal is the buffalo.`



 Britney`s red suited character is obviously an allusion to Edgar Rice Burroughs` A Red Martian Princess in which John Carter on Mars, which is called `Barsoom`, helps Dejah Thoris: `...the sudden breakdown of the Atmosphere Factory that sustains the planet's waning air supply endangers all life on Barsoom. In a desperate attempt to save the planet's inhabitants, Carter uses a secret telepathic code to enter the factory, bringing an engineer who can restore functionality. Carter then succumbs to asphyxiation, only to awaken on Earth, left to wonder what has become of Barsoom.` Britney`s spaceman`s arrival coincides with a Mars quake, and the emergence of her red Martian Princess` `dream` palace from the `underworld`.



 Britney`s father Poseidon is so powerful his earthquakes can be felt on Mars, and her emergence from the `underworld` there suggests that she`s her father`s daughter. Britney alludes to Carter`s asphyxiation when she removes her spaceman`s helmet for a minute or so, which is the maximum time astronauts are required to accept exposure to high oxygen content in training at NASA, and Britney`s spaceman advises `Mission Control` at the start of Oops I Did It Again, `Oxygen content 98%.` When Britney removes his helmet, her spaceman`s head and neck demonstrate the flexibility of Reed Richards, the character of `Stretch` in the Fantastic Four, whose body bends like rubber.



 Britney`s spaceman is treated to a performance of Oops I Did It Again before we see him leaving, and he walks backwards because he`s returning to his corporeal body which, waking perhaps from sleep, is recalling its astral body from the astral plane where it has been a visitor to Britney`s `Barsoom`. It`s an interpretation supported by the Egyptian word `ba`, which `zooms` back to the corporeal body when it wakes from deep sleep and recollects itself from the plane it`s been astrally journeying upon.



 Britney`s white bikini-dressed character is similarly important, because Britney in red is the `red Indian` of North America, and her white `self` is an allusion to the legend of the `Great Spirit of the White Buffalo Calf Woman` who, appearing in the guise of a buffalo, emerged as a beautiful Indian girl, who gave them a `sacred bundle`, a `peace pipe`, saying the people of the Indians would life forever if they cared for their `sacred land`. She also instructed them in ceremony, the last of which is the `Sundance`, which is essentially a pole dancer`s, and that Britney performs for her mother in Gimme More. Here, in Oops I Did It Again, Britney`s white bikini-dressed beautiful Indian girl performs her `Sundance` upon the hide of the white buffalo while lying beneath the `spaceman`. He`s also brought her a `gift` from the sea:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end?`



 The allusion is to the Titanic movie in which Rose, a survivor of the sinking of the `unsinkable` ship, after it hit an iceberg and sank in 1912, drops the `heart of the ocean`, a jewel, into the sea at the point of the vessel`s salvage many years later. Britney`s video may also be understood as alternatively titled The Heart Rose, and her spaceman as a diver, who has brought her the heart, not from Hades, the abode of the god Pluto, her uncle, but from the ocean deep, the home of her father, the goddess Poseidon. Approaching delivery point, Britney`s spaceman experiences an earthquake and, rising from the red sands of Mars, which was an ocean`s depth, the `Mansion of Horus` emerges.



 In Egyptian mythology, Hathor is the mother goddess, and the home of the `sky god` Horus is her. In Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of the sky, and so Horus corresponds to the figure of Zeus in Greek mythology, whose life was almost devoured by Chronos, who ate his other offspring. However, Rhea, the mother of the gods, saved Zeus by giving Chronos a stone to swallow instead of her son Zeus. In Christianity the figure of Chronos, who`s Saturn in Roman mythology, is Satan, and the same mythologem is repeated in Revelation where the red dragon waits to devour the New Redeemer.



 The dragon isn`t able to devour the child who rules with the scepter to protect the `hidden` woman before she leaves Earth for the stars, because its mother is `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, that is, Britney`s on Mars, and Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, so the devouring imago of the red dragon wasn`t able to prevent the birth of Horus, the `sky god`, because Rhea, the Greek goddess of the Earth, prevented the red dragon from swallowing the moon, that is, the `sky god` got there.



 On Mars, Britney`s waiting for the `sky god` to dwell in `Horus Mansion`, so she`s Hathor, the ancient Egyptian`s mother goddess of the Earth. When the spaceman arrives, he picks up a Greek `icon` with her face upon it, and it acts like a `cookie` in website protocols to give him access. He represents Horus, the `sky god`, and he gives her `the heart of the ocean`, because she`s the `heart` of Poseidon as Persephone, that is, she`s Britney`s Persephone, which suggests Britney Spears` `phone technology`, or `I-phone`, but also the `Ethernet` or Microsoft Explorer, that is, Britney`s Spears` E-phone (Persephone); or, in other words, an `ether` I-phone. Because she`s Persephone, it`s underworld meaning is a parody of Aristotelian either/or logic in which `ether` phone becomes `eye the phone` but we won`t let you go anyway. It`s rather like the dispute over how to pronounce tomato and tom8to in the Cole Porter song:


`You say tom8to, and I say toma:to.

You say pot8to and I say pota:to.

Tom8to, toma:to. Pot8to, pota:to.

Let`s call the whole thing off.`1


 Britney`s spaceman is a tom8to, because he`s `Major Tom` from David Bowie`s A Space Oddity. Bowie`s backing band were called The Spiders From Mars when he was known as Ziggy Stardust, and so it`s an allusion to Britney`s red suited character as a tom8to, which is US pronunciation rather than British. It`s also a reference to the mistake Dan Quail made when he was Vice President of the USA for Bill Clinton. He went to a kindergarten and spelt potato as p-o-t-a-t-o-e, and tomato as t-o-m-a-t-o-e, which in turn refers to the fact that Britney`s spaceman resembles a `toe`, and he`s spied her on Mars, but Britney`s from there.



 Image enhacement in the 20th century was largely to do with smoking, and the removal of `ciggies` from movies, television, and advertising, which resulted in an escalation of explicit violence. The reason is because, psychologically, cigarettes are nipples, and men`s nipples don`t nourish, that is, orality for women is the nipples and penis, whereas men don`t have any nourishing oral contact with women. Milk is protein and so is semen, which means that women give and take nourishment, but men only fertilize. A woman may produce a child over nine months, and lactate in order to suckle and nourish the baby from her breasts, but a man is finished with the process in a few seconds, and is only concerned with when he can devour it.




 Consequently, men teach women to smoke, which is their primary function, because they represent the devourer as cancer, which is Consumption, whereas Woman in the person of the Virgin Mary, a non-smoker, has Assumption according to the Catholic church. It`s the basic Assumption, as it were, that God discourages smoking because it`s the sublimated desire to use the penis as a gun.



 In men the anus is associated with the `Thinking` function, in psychological terms, because it`s associated with the ear or listening function. However, although men believe the gun to be a penis extension, it`s an anus extension, that is, when they`ve devoured enough, in sexual terms, they shit on it. The gun is simply a louder fart to make the sound of the woman and that of the Paraclete, that is, the spirit of God within, less audible, by devouring her life audibly. Polite men use silencers, so spiritual people aren`t disturbed by the sounds of their farts.



The Paraclete was sent to teach them not to torture and murder people like Jesus, and stopping smoking was a step towards preventing men from teaching women to put guns in people`s mouths rather than the nourishing, nurturing, and developmental Word of God, which is `God`s love` from the mouths and breasts of women. As it says in the Bible, `Out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword.` Jesus is Woman`s commander, and he`s obeyed because he can`t be disobeyed. It`s God`s Word. He`s not talking between puffs on his cig.



 Homosexuality is the devouring of women sexually, and shitting on them afterwards, which is men`s approach towards the Earth and its female inhabitants generally. Men are puffs on their cigs, where cig is the penis and the puffs are each other, or the gun as an anus extension to fart-shout `Go away!` If they`re passively homosexual, they`re practicing extinction, and if they`re actively homosexual, they`re murdering women, and devouring civilization, art, and culture. As Britney sings in Criminal:


`He is a killer. Just for fun fun fun fun.`



 Or, to put it another way, Ciggy doesn`t play the guitar, and the spiders have never been to Mars, because they`re cigarette puffs, and would contaminate Britney`s atmosphere. Her hypothesis, in her red pilot`s suit, is that the pilots of the X-series of planes that began space exploration by flying out of the stratosphere, experienced `blackouts` because they were being murdered by evil men who were possessing them as spirits and functioning as the devouring imago to prevent Neil Armstrong from setting foot upon the moon:


`One small step for a man, one giant leap for Mankind.`



 The spaceman`s Britney`s `camera`. She suspends him above her while he makes helpless baby movements, because he`s a baby dragon that, with a symbolic fork in the `frame`, represents that which will be devoured by the betraying father-imago, who betrays his Titanic love, because the father-imago will constellate the devouring imago in the son and cause him to devour her.



 The analogy is apposite because the Titanic movie is a story of betrayal through `framing`, and the heroine Rose is betrayed by her ex-lover who `frames` her new lover for stealing her heart by putting the jewel in his pocket. Consequently, the `fork` in the frame with the spaceman is a symbol of the devourer`s aim to betray. If the spaceman accepts the devouring father-imago, symbolized by the fork suspended next to the spaceman hanging above the delectable Britney, rather than accepting the Paraclete`s wisdom that God is God, then he`s accepted the devouring imago of `dad` as God, and dad isn`t.



 The spaceman is Britney`s baby `foe toes` as he makes faltering steps to get into a position to take `photos`, which is his devouring imago`s  preparing to devour her. It seeks to constellate itself in man through `dad`, and `daddy`s little girl` is the target, for `daddy` and her husband, brother, or any other male that accepts the devouring imago rather than the `tutelary guidance` of God`s spirit, which is the accepted tuition of the Paraclete. As Marilyn Monroe sings, `My heart belongs to daddy.` Because daddy`s a devouring imago and wants to eat it himself.



 Marilyn`s real name was Norma Jean, which suggests a content of the unconscious, that is, an archetypal anima-figure that wants to be remembered. Debbie Harry, Madonna, Britney `Jean` Spears, and so many other young women, have felt an affinity or closeness with Marilyn`s imago, so that it takes on the appearance of a `remembering` archetype. In My Heart Belongs To Daddy, Marilyn`s a pole dancer, and so is Britney in Gimme More. In fact, her dark haired self dances while her blonde `mother` watches over her. It`s the Kore archetype from ancient Greece, which is Persephone and Demeter, the growing daughter, and the growing mother who grows her.



 The mother-daughter archetype is more important than any other, because women`s breasts provide nutrition, and development for their daughters so, when a woman has a penis, fellatio is an appropriate response between them - and nutritious. The sister-sister or girlfriend-girlfriend relationship isn`t as good as the mother-daughter, because it`s based on shared experiences that are based on hatred for the devouring imago that is represented by the father or fathers, and so they become devourers of each other.



 Pornography is often called `hard core` because it`s the `hard Kore` of mother-daughter love that maintains and nurtures. In crude terms, Britney`s pole-dancing in Gimme More is the maintaining of an erection between mother and daughter, that is, `hard Kore` memory of her own penis in which Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Harry, Madonna and Britney Spears in `Piece Of Me` are `pieces`, and the Paraclete is the `me` of the jigsaw in which the memory is of Woman as a species - and with a penis of her own.



 In mythological terms, Persephone escapes from the underworld when her mother escapes from the Earth, which Britney represents on Mars, because she`s Hathor, the victorious mother goddess of ancient Egypt, who dances with the corpse of Set`s rib cage around her, while the spaceman`s delivery of Osiris` heart is symbolic of Osiris `risen`, and Osiris` heart`s brought to assist Britney as Hathor`s memory by the spaceman, the representative of Horus, the `sky god`, who`s Britney on Earth, and who belongs in Hathor`s `Mansion of Horus`, which Britney on Mars represents. In her meeting with her spaceman the red disk of Hathor can even be seen, and it`s a symbol of her `housekeeping`.



 Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is the `hard Kore` of her `risen heart`, because it`s Woman`s as a species`, that is,  Resurrection in completeness of memory across lifetimes. She`s assisted by the Paraclete as guide and mentor to Redemption, which is acceptance of the  teachings of Jesus that `God`s love`, that is, Woman`s, is to replace the endless cycle of death and rebirth, with completeness of memory across reincarnations.



 There`s a difference between incarnation and reincarnation, because reincarnation is about karma, which is what`s left after the spirit of the incarnate God has removed itself. Essentially, what`s left isn`t memorable, and so isn`t remembered, but ego may continue when the spirit of God is no longer present, and that`s continuity but soulessness, which is what `zombies` are, and what evil men as devouring imagos, want from women, because men are parasitical alien viruses replicating themselves through the medium of `Woman`s` host womb in order to enslave her as `zombies` and devour God through her. It`s a predicament summarized most perfectly by science fiction Grand Master Robert A. Heinlein`s (1907-88) story ` - All You Zombies - ` in which a man who knows he`s the woman in the story laments her predicament:


`Jane,  I know where I came from - but where did all you zombies come from? You aren’t really there at all. There isn’t anybody but me – Jane - here alone in the dark. I miss you dreadfully!`



 The `zombies` aren`t there because they`re souless imagos of devouring men who have enslaved women as souless replicators of themselves as perpetual viral parasites. The only escape for Woman is the `hard Kore` mother-daughter relationship in which the daughter learns to nurture and develop from her mother, which is the antidote to the imago of the devourer that doesn`t want her to grow from the Earth - and leave, with her mother`s help, to sow her `seed` amongst the stars.



 Accusations of lesbianism or incest are taboos that, as in the Oedipus myth, are devised by men to foster blindness and unconsciousness. In this case, blindness and unconscious enslavement to the idea of men`s penis as the source of fertilization, which is equivalent in terms of the myth of the corn god to saying that men are the source of fertilizer only, because woman is to be ploughed back into the soil as fertilizer and Demeter, become Persephone, is doomed to endless cycles of death and rebirth in enslavement to the devouring imago, that is, men as her tormentors and devourers in the underworld who, having devoured her mother`s memory of her own penis, now devour her afresh each time Persephone `rises` in order to keep Demeter`s daughter a pole-dancing slave.



 In psychology, `bipolar` is categorized as symptomatic of disorder, and it would be if the woman was unable to recognize that, when she`s developing, her mother is her developer and not the devouring imagos of men who don`t want her to escape from the underworld and join her mother amongst the stars in heaven, which is the imagery of the red dragon in Revelation who waits to devour the child of the woman who gives birth to the New Redeemer who`ll protect the `hidden` woman of the Earth until she leaves. The child is Jesus, which is why the mother-son relationship is associated with Satan worship, because the son and father imagos are devourers, which is Satanism, if the Paraclete and the teachings of Jesus aren`t accepted.



 In Jungian psychology, acceptance of the Paraclete`s tuition would require differentiation of the function commonly regarded as `woman`s intuition`. Tuition of the soul or anima is how the archetype of Woman saves, and is the individuation process of Jungian psychology. Although the devouring imago isn`t archetypal, because archetypes are developmental, they`re recognizable in the working out of archetypal material. Consequently, the Gulf Wars (1990-2011) were the stabbing from the `back, dad` (Baghdad), where the `Big Apple` of New York refers to the wisdom of the `third eye`, the pineal gland that, opening to see and communicate the guiding Paraclete`s animation of the Earth, as it were, was thwarted by the devouring mechanism of the male imago that, constellating the dragon of Baghdad`s Saddam Hussein in Iraq`s Middle Eastern `zone`, spent zillions of dollars on the 3rd largest army in the world, and a corresponding amount on the US army, so ensuring the success of the devouring imago.



When New York, the `Big Apple` or Western world`s centre for art, culture and civilization was transformed from an animator`s `haven`by the `plague aims` of a devouring imago `play gamer` into a `shoot-em-up` for `X-boxers`, it became possible to perceive the terrorist attack on New York`s Twin Towers as being analogous to a Microsoft`s `X-box` games` platform for a `shoot-em-up`.



 Boxers are taught to face each other in the ring, which is why Britney descends inside a giant ring in the video Oops I Did It Again. They can`t fight tanks, but boxers can be stopped by a single person, as the student proved in Tiananmen square in China`s Beijing. However, the box that the boxers want to face each other in becomes `too big`, which is why boxing isn`t about teaching, or learning, self-defense.



 The attack by terrorists on the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre was what `boxers` are taught, that is, `ringcraft`, which is polite, and `civil` outside the ring, and murderous within it. The Twin Towers were `boxes` and the terrorists were being planes, `civil`, within boxing `protocols`, and then murderous once inside the ring. The British employed the same principle in the 1982 Falklands War when announcing an `exclusion zone`, then expanding it to include the Argentine troopship Belgrano, before torpedoing it with the Conqueror submarine.



 The analogous Hollywood movie is The Ring, which is the concept that everything in the ring is to be `snuffed`, and everything will be in the ring. In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s protocol is her `icon` image, and her spaceman is suspended by her `boxing board of control`, that is, her PC`s `motherboard`, because she`s her tough `cookie`, and he has to complete a task, which is to give her the jewel of the `heart of the ocean` that, symbolically means he accepts Venus, the goddess of love, as having conquered Mars, and not the god of war.



 The spaceman gives it to her inside a `box`, and we have to guess what`s inside it. If it`s a ring, we understand that it`s `ringcraft`, and she`s mistress of it because she descend in a giant`s ring. In Egyptian mythology, the evil Set dismembers Osiris` parts, and his parts have to be recovered by Isis. Britney`s stage set in Oops I Did It Again is a giant`s rib cage, so it`s the stage Set where, having performed her role as dragon slayer, she has the ring of Set, and has now accepted the heart of Osiris, who`s The Heart Rose and shall receive Resurrection and Redemption through her tuition and tutelary guidance as God`s Paraclete before he becomes the `sky god`, Horus, and lives with her in `Horus` Mansion`.



 The symbolism is similar to J.R.R. Tolkein in The Lord Of The Rings in which part two of the trilogy is The Two Towers and the power of the ring is broken when it`s destroyed, because it`s a `snuff ring`, as all devouring rings are. The central feature of the story is that Frodo`s mind, personality, spirit, and soul are under constant threat of devourment by the `Dark Lord`. The tragedy is that marriage is the same. As the devouring imago of the red dragon of Revelation shows, the devouring imago of the father seeks to devour the baby, which is why Britney`s constant refrain in Oops I Did It Again is `Ooh baby. Baby.` Men are baby eaters because they`re Satanists. Britney`s red suited figure in Oops I Did It Again is juxtaposed with her white bikini-dressed figure surrounded by an eight-pointed Arabian star, which suggests Britney Jean:


`You see my problem is this. I`m dreaming away.`



 In the late 50s Larry Hagman was the lead male character in the US TV show I Dream Of Jeannie in which Barabara Eden was the Genie and he was in `astronaut training`. The meaning of the genie is `freedom`, but the meaning of the genie imprisoned within the lamp, or bottle, is for the imprisoner to be `secretly free` with her, which is what marriage is, but tragically it`s also a recipe for slavery and devouring.



 When Britney`s spaceman picks up her `iconic image`, there`s a Mars quake and what looks like a city appears in the visor of the astronaut`s space helmet. If it`s an Arabian `Open Sesame`, then it`s the Paradisal `Jennah`, which is heaven in Arabic, and exists upon the Earth as it does everywhere else. Before it appears, the spaceman speaks the `magic` word: `Cute.` It`s a reference to a passage from the Koran, Sura 69, and refers to `Qutoofuha daniyatun`, the `fruits` of Paradise, and their properties.


69:21 And he will be in a life of bliss, Fahuwa fee aaeeshatin radiyatin,


69:22 In a garden on high, Fee jannatin aaliyatin,


69:23 The fruits whereof will hang in bunches low and near. Qutoofuha daniyatun.



The true role of the genie is tutelary, that is, to change the mind of the devourer, which is the same function the Holy Spirit has in Christian tradition. In short, there`s a semantic difference in `being free` with someone`s affections, and being good enough to be free, which is why Britney`s red suited figure represents Santa Claus. Santa is an anagram of Satan, and there aren`t any toys for those who haven`t been good, because they`re not good enough to be free with them. Britney`s stage set appears as if surrounded by claws. They`re the claws of Satan who wants to be free with her and the toys he`s prepared for those who`re good, but they`re also her adult`s claws for those who haven`t been good enough to be free with her.



 When she suspends the spaceman above her, Britney, in Oops I Did It Again, has become his `magic lantern` picture show, and that`s why she appears as a slide for a projector beneath his `camera`, because slides can be made from photos, and so the spaceman in his spacehelmet, who captures her image, is the `bottle`, and Britney`s the genie. In other words, `the genie is out of the bottle`, as computer `geeks` say, when they`ve created something new with their genius. The `problem` for the spaceman is his functioning as a picture taker, because he can`t see Britney Jeannie as projections of the genie within. He`s blind as to how the `magic lantern` show functions.



Britney describes the `problem` in Blackout and `Piece Of Me`, which presents the situation as Oedipus`, whose name means `lame`. In the myth Oedipus is psychologically blind and unconscious, that is, `slow` on the `uptake`, like the spaceman lumbering clumsily towards her, and above her, as Mars` huge, cumbersome infant. As a camera, he represents `baby pictures` with his wife and mother, whom he can`t recognize as the genie within and so, blind and unconscious, he remains an infant.



 Oedipus Rex by Sophocles is the story of Oedipus` blinding of himself, after recognition that he`s broken the incest taboo by mistakenly killing his father and marrying his mother. The meaning is that he`s his father, and his mother`s always been his wife, but the devouring imago of men with their incest taboo don`t want him to perceive that `Woman` is his wife. Consequently, Oedipus` blinding is a devouring of him by men`s imago, because his consciousness needs woman`s guidance, which Jocasta, his mother tries to give him, and his daughter Electra still attempts to provide at the close of the ancient Greek drama as she guides the baby spaceman`s slow footsteps to the future. But the `genie is out of the bottle`, as it were. If the Greek audiences were able to discern the truth, so will we.



 Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is Santa`s present to those who want to be good with her, and enjoy her toys, free from being hung up on. Britney`s Persephone. When she sings Oops I Did It Again, her video character makes a grab at the eye of the person watching her. Her spaceman, as she raises him above her (symbolically, as her `baby`), also appears as a `grab`, like those of old-style arcade machines that, manipulated like cranes, descend and `grab` a `toy`. Here the `toy` is Britney`s Spears Oops Eye Did It Again. She`s demonstrating how her I-Phone works: it`s her theatre.



 In Oops I Did It Again, Britney`s character is different to that of Hit Me Baby One More Time, or Stronger, because it`s an aspect of her, that is, selected from a range of available images that are for `show`, whereas the rest are `secretly free`. It`s a metaphor for consumerism. If she`s free, she doesn`t cost anything, and her image is freely available everywhere on the internet, but to be `secretly free` is to have a secret life, which is what `Piece Of Me` is about. At one point there are five Britney`s, in French resistance berets, leading the fight for freedom against the paparazzi, who want to `shoot` her.



 The analogy isn`t a foolish one. The paparazzi effectively `shot` Princess Diana in the Pont D`Alma tunnel in Paris. Oops I Did It Again is about the apologist monsters who devour the art, civilization and culture of `Woman`, as God`s producer and product, in what is effectively continuous warfare against her and her upon the planet, that is, Earth, and then flash their camera bulbs at her in mockery of their desire as devouring imagos to `shoot-em-up` some more `heroine`, the archetype of God`s developmental creativity.



 In NASA space programmes blackout is a training feature, that is, how to deal with it. Britney`s spaceman observes at the beginning of Oops I Did It Again: `Gravity device, status effective.` She then takes his helmet off for a minute or so while he gives her the boxed jewel of the heart of Osiris, and as a trained astronaut he`s able to resume his helmet without deleterious effects from high-G, which is where blackouts occur because that`s where genie is, and the devouring imago of men don`t want her to be seen. Formerly, her spaceman had observed, `Oxygen status 98%.` Normally that level of oxygen would cause `blackout`, but astronauts are trained for `contacts` in high-G, which is called `special air`, and that`s why the British call their special forces, the Special Air Service (SAS). Essentially, `special air` is the Paraclete, or `God`s spirit`, but SAS means `enslavers` of what can be serviceable in the pursuit of warfare.



 It`s Britney`s hypothesis that `blackout` is caused by men who want unconsciousness and blindness, and so it`s a metaphor for possession, which is slavery, and murder, and that`s torture for those who have the Paraclete, that is, Jesus` `Piece Of Me`, as their `all-seeing` witness to what`s being perpetrated against those who`ve also accepted the Paraclete and are able to receive what amounts to telepathic communications by means of `visions` of others torments and distress at the hands of the evil devouring imagos of men that are Woman`s tormentors upon the Earth.



 The war in heaven in which the Woman`s `seed` defeats `Satan` is a defeat of the evil, whereas Woman`s regard for her `handicapped` daughter without a penis, and before her Assumption as Woman`s own species, is `Satan worship`. Consequently, Woman is Satan from the perspective of men, who don`t want her to leave Earth and defeat her here rather than face the strength of her `seed` in heaven, which means Redemption for Satan if he`s a man who accepts God and perdition if he doesn`t.



 What`s defeated  by Woman`s `seed` in heaven will  be evil, and no one will care. God`s promise is to create a new heaven and Earth after Jesus slays the red dragon and the evil are given eternal unendurable pain as their punishment. Amen.


1 Thanks to Avril Lavigne for Sk8er Boy (2002).


Guy Forks

01/01/2012 15:40

Guy Forks



Britney Spears` `Oops! ... I Did It Again` (2000) features an astronaut suspended above her as she lies upon a white star-shaped apparatus resembling a fireman`s blanket used by ground crews at aerodromes to catch falling bodies from aircraft on fire as desperate people throw themselves from open windows towards where waiting fire fighters hold between them a trampoline from which the occupants of the planes bounce unharmed caught by the rescue services` expert skill with stretched tarpaulin:


 `During World War II, the United States Navy Flight School developed the use of the trampoline in its training of pilots and navigators, giving them concentrated practice in spatial orientation that had not been possible before. After the war, the development of the space flight programme again brought the trampoline into use to help train both American and Soviet astronauts, giving them experience of variable body positions in flight.`1



 Britney`s fire blanket doubles as a trampoline because she`s alluding to NASA`s early failure to get off the ground, because of a fire in Apollo 1 during `tests` on January 27, 1967, at Miami, Florida state`s Cape Kennedy Air Force Station Launch Complex 34: `We’ve got a bad fire, let’s get out, we’re burning up! We’re on fire, get us out of here!` As Britney in her red pilot`s suit places a hook in the backpack of her spaceman visitor, `Mars Lander`, to her red planet, in the promotional video to her single,  `Oops! … I Did It Again` (2000), to hoist him above her white bikini-dressed self atop the trampoline, he`s helpless like a baby, whereas during the disaster it was the crew of the Apollo 1 space module that were the helpless babes atop the North American Space Administration (NASA) rocket when it caught fire: `They ran toward the command module only to discover they could not approach due to billowing smoke and heat. In mission control, some reported they could see White’s hand moving behind the window of the command module on the monitors.`2



In `Oops! … I Did It Again`  Britney, in her white bikini-dress is remembering `White`, who was one of the three astronauts who lost their lives in the Apollo 1 fire, that `s, Command Pilot Virgil I. `Gus` Grissom, Senior Pilot Edward H. White II, and Pilot Roger B. Chaffee. Reincarnation, death and rebirth, is the continuation of experience, rather than Salvation, which is continuity of memory. In terms of the symbolism of `Oops! … I Did It Again` Britney represents the three astronauts; in the red pilot`s suit, she`s Virgil, and in the white bikini- dress, she`s White II, whereas in the white blouse with black skirt and boots she`s transformed into wearing as she somersaults through the air to stand before her spaceman visitor to receive her gift inside a `black box`, which doubles as a symbol of the flight recording all Apollo spacecraft contained, and which would be listened to intently after the disaster, she`s `Roger, over and out!`



 Nigel Dick`s directed the `scifi` short, `Oops! … I Did It Again`, while Britney`s album Blackout (2007) is another allusion to the failures attending the early days of the NASA Space Program, which was preceded by the X-series of planes flown by pre-astronaut training pilots, whose initial program had flying to the moon in `spaceplanes` as the goal. Pilots trained to `push the envelope`, that is, the parameters of their planes` capacity, experienced `blackout` at high altitude and crashed, while the Apollo program was cheaper, which is reflected in the name chosen by Britney`s Jive recording company, Blackout, for the 2007 album containing the successful single, `Gimme More`, that featured her dancing around a pole similar to those traditionally used by fire fighters for descending to the vehicle level, where their tenders are kept in readiness with their pumps. Consequently, the `Gimme More` promotional video is presented as a celebration of the fireman`s `hose`, although the doubling of a blonde Britney, sitting with her girlfriends at a bar, while her dark haired self pole dances, reflects on the absence of the futanarian woman`s hosiery from the short film directed by Jake Sarfaty.



 Britney`s Blackout also contains the video single, `Piece Of Me`, which features a cover in which she`s in the place of Christ crucified, because human futanarian women with their own penis` semen and capacity for sexual reproduction are. Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, is `futanarian`, while his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven after being taken to the hill of Calvary outside Jerusalem and nailed to a cross of wood before being left there to die as a `dissident` by agents of the Roman Empire, because they didn`t want `woman`s seed` to sexually reproduce human brainpower, prefigures the Resurrection and Ascension of futanarian women`s human species.



 In `Oops! … I Did It Again` Britney receives her gift of the `black box` and her reaction to the contents suggests that the video is conceived as a memorial to Apollo 1, `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end?` In the film Titanic (1997) Rose drops the blue diamond pendant, the `heart of the ocean` into the sea at the place where the ship, Titanic, sank after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton on April 15, 1912, when she`s 100 years old. Britney`s astronaut, in his ghostly Apollo 1 spacesuit, replies: `Well, baby, I went down and got it for you.` In her red pilot`s suit and her white bikini-dress in receipt of the gift of the blue diamond `heart of the ocean pendant, Britney` represents the red, white and blue of the `star spangled banner` of the flag of the United States` remembering Apollo 1.



 God`s punishment of eternal unendurable pain for the evil is for those who reject `woman`s seed`, and Jesus` said the Holy Spirit would teach after him, so the Roman guard Longinus at his crucifixion pieced Jesus` side with his spear to effect a `caesarean` birth, as Eve emerged from the side of Adam in Eden, according to the Bible: `Surely, this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54)  Consequently, Britney Spears` position on the cross for the cover of the single, `Piece Of Me` is as futanarian human `woman`s seed`, that is, the `Second Eve` from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam`, who is the Holy Spirit continuing Jesus` teaching: `Love your neighbour as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31)



 Jesus` Holy Spirit corresponds to the `Shekinah` of the Old Testament, that is, the `spirit of God`, who dwells in the place where the Ark of the Covenant is kept, and which contains the law, before Jesus` fulfilling of God`s promise of Redemption to `woman`s seed`. The spear of Longinus is absent from the cover of the `Piece Of Me` CD, because Britney Spears represents human futanarian women`s Paraclete born from the side of Jesus as the `Second Eve` after Longinus` piercing of Christ upon his death.


 Blackouts indicate memory gaps, whereas Resurrection is completeness of memory, that is, `Piece Of Me` from the Blackout album, represents a single lifetime`s memory, whereas Resurrection is several lifetimes`, which Britney aspires to. Reincarnation is bodily with consciousness without memory. In ancient Egypt, the myth of the evil Set, who dismembers his `brother`, Osiris, the incarnation of God, who the Egyptians called Ra, dismemberment is the murder of unity of consciousness, that is, transpersonality, so `blackout` represents those memory gaps indicative of murder.



 The NASA Apollo Space Program to land a man on Earth`s satellite, the moon, was almost cancelled, because of those who don`t want `woman`s seed` to leave, and the lunar program only survived because it produced the automatic washing machine that kept women subdued: `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` The human futanarian species of `woman`s seed` would remain household slaves.



 In Christian iconography Jesus` mother, the Virgin Mary, is depicted crushing the head of the serpent with her foot, because God told Eve in the paradise of Eden, `You will crush the head of the serpent with your foot, but he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Eve and the first man, Adam, are expelled by God from Eden for accepting the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, that is, death, from the serpent, Satan, who was the angel transformed by God into a serpent and placed in Eden for rejecting God`s plan that the human host would be greater than the angelic. God gave Eve and Adam the `fruit of the tree of life`, which is immortality, but they accepted death from Satan, who told them, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5)   Expelled, God told Adam he`d labor, while Eve would experience labor pain before Redemption, because human women`s brainpower would crush Satanism through women`s sexual reproduction with each other. Consequently, women`s `foot` is absent from NASA`s Space Program, while US President Ronald `Ray Gun` Reagan`s `Strategic Defense Initiative` (SDI) of March 23, 1983, authorizing a `ground and missile based system` of ICBMs to deter `rogue states` effectively imprisoned `woman`s seed` upon the Earth so that human futanarian women`s nature couldn`t leave without permission from her host womb enslavers in parasitoid for warfare against `woman`s seed`.


 In Judaism, `Meshiah` is the Hebrew for `Messiah`, which is what Jesus is called in Christianity, that is, Christ, the savior, because `Meshiahn` means `machine`, which saves labor. Low level technology for humans is approved, and `rules of engagement` ensure technological destruction and waste, rather than defense of `woman`s seed` through labor saving inventiveness, and permanent knowledge of operational technologies through immortality conferring medical science.  Technological development is God, whereas slavers want a devouring system, rather than a permanent, developed, safe and saved system, which is what Jesus` `Meshiahn` age of the machine savior promised. Fathers don`t want development, because labor saving devices and life-prolonging medical science oppose slavery.



 Apollo 1`s astronauts would have played `Spaceball` on trampolines as a part of their training for weightlessness, which is why Britney in her red pilot`s suit in `Oops! … I Did It Again` hooks her spaceman visitor`s backpack and winches him up above to where he can see her in a white bikini-dress on a trampoline. `Spaceball` was invented in the early 1960s by George Nissen, and is `the best conditioning exercise for space travel`,3 according to Mercury Earth orbiting astronaut, Scott Carpenter. Players time their jumps by using horizontal or vertical trampoline surfaces, and score by putting the ball past each other. Atop her trampoline in `Oops! … I Did It Again` Britney`s spaceman looks as if he`ll score easily, as he hangs there suspended, but there`s Britney`s `hook`, that is, the `Oops! … I Did It Again` music, and he films her with the camera eye attached to his spacehelmet, rather than take the opportunity afforded by the `time jump`, that is, Britney`s time-travelling, and the spaceman doesn`t understand `Spaceball`, because he`s expected to score, but `Mission Control` want picture transmissions, which interfere with the spaceman`s own desire.


 Jesus` cross is a mousetrap for those who reject his teaching of `woman`s seed`, and Britney Spears` `Oops! … I Did It Again` resembles the board game, `Mousetrap`, by Ideal (1963), where the players try to avoid being trapped.  Jesus` Christianity has the flavour of `Mousetrap`, where people must avoid perdition, and pornography is the danger for Britney`s spaceman with a camera. Unaware that `woman`s seed` exists, humans are trapped in male braining, whereby heterosexuals produce a single transvestite `TV` creature wearing each others` clothes. Working with `Mission Control`, Britney`s spaceman is trapped within `CCTV` Closed Circuit Television, which prevents his being able to penetrate the occlusion to see that, in her red pilot`s suit and white bikini-dress, Britney represents women`s futanarian humanity`s capacity to multiply in sexual reproduction, which slavers don’t want people to know and so pornographers are a part of the occlusive system. Even though futanarian pornography exists, men participate (, whereas logically women should. Jesus` left the mousetrap for the Paraclete, that is, human women`s futanarian teaching of `woman`s seed` means perdition for those who reject Jesus.



 In Britney`s version of the Ideal `Mousetrap` game, the trampoline is a condom, which doesn`t `catch`. Consequently, the precautionary condom is `fire prevention` equipment, which rescues by obviating emergencies. If there`s no virus, there`s no fire, which is the anti-virus principle of computer `firewalls`, where viruses can`t destroy the brain of the machine that saves in memory, because of the condom. `Oops! … I Did It Again` is Britney`s system for dealing with viruses, and the spaceman visitor, who keeps himself in suspense with pornographically filming her, is trapped as `spyware`. Her `Spaceball` trampoline, in the Ideal Mousetrap game, represents Britney`s `firewall` for catching viruses, which is what men who enslave and devour women through fire (warfare), while keeping them in fearful faithfulness to ring slavery through their `biological weapon` of HIV/AIDS, are.



 To prevent being devoured by men`s viral fire, that is, their parasitism which, invading women`s host wombs, enslaves, and devours, as a parasitoid nature, what she produces of civilization, art, and culture in warfare against `woman`s seed`, women must construct `firewalls` to obviate the virus, rather than use condoms to deal with the viral form, as firefighters use trampolines in emergencies, which is why Britney declares herself for her Ideal Mousetrap game, rather than the Apollo astronaut, an `ideal` man:


`I`m not that innocent.`



 The memorial statue of the fireman with its fasces bundle of wood and axe prominently displayed in front of the Emigrant Savings Bank on East 43rd Street between New York city`s Madison and Fifth avenues, which depicts a firefighter on bended knee and was commissioned by the Firefighters Association of Missouri and cast in Italy before it arrived on September 9, 2001, was presented as a gift to the city after 9/11, is an ironic comment on the Arabian practise of decapitation, `When it comes to beheadings ISIS has nothing over Saudi Arabia.`4 The axe has a genuine role in the history of `woman`s seed` in Northern India`s Agra too, where Mumtaz Mahal`s tomb is. In the primarily Arabian, 1001 Nights, an 8th century collection of tales, the framing device is the tale of the Indian Mogul, Shah Jehan, who had his wife`s head cut off at for allegations of unfaithfulness with his brother which weren`t true. Taking a new wife each day and beheading her each evening, Shah Jehan was eventually stopped by Scheherezade, because he wanted to hear her complete her stories, and so she saved the women. Because human futanarian women sexually reproduce their own brains` powers, Shah Jehan was beheading the species.



 The symbol of Imperial Rome in the time of Jesus was the fasces, that is, the axe closed within a bundle of wood, because Romans secretly beheaded `woman`s seed` behind wooden screens, as the German National Socialist `Nazi` Party would later do with the Jewish `chosen people` during the Second World War (1939-45). Jews can only be born from women, which is a human women`s futanarian tradition. Consequently, Italian dictator Benito Mussolini`s adoption of the Roman fasces as his symbol, when elected in 1922, led to Chancellor Adolf Hitler of Germany adopting the symbol after his election as `Nazi` dictator in 1933, because decapitation of futanarian women`s humanity`s `chosen people` was the aim. Moreover, when the Al Qaeda terrorists crashed hijacked planes into the Twin Towers of New York city`s World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001, they were fascist axes provoking war against `woman`s seed` in the Middle East, where marriages in Islam contain four wives affording the possibility of sexual reproduction between women, whereas fascism doesn`t want human brainpower, because it interferes with slavery and parasitoid devouring in war against the species. The subsequent emergence of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi`s Independent State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), after the execution of Al Qaeda`s supporter, Iraq`s dictator, Saddam Hussein, on December 30, 2006, and where Isis is a female Egyptian symbol of Resurrection, represented a concerted attempt by misogyny to behead `woman`s seed` and prevent humanity from progressing technologically.



 When Jesus` feet were being anointed by a woman, the disciple Judas, who was known for stealing from the collection plate, said that the perfume, which was expensive, should be sold to raise money, and Jesus replied: `Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6) At the `Last Supper`, when the host, Jesus, offered `bread and wine`, as symbols of his `body and blood`, to the disciples, Judas betrayed the human host to the Romans, because he didn`t want `woman`s seed` to breed, that is, he sought to behead the human race as its traitor. Men cut off the species` head after she`s bred, because the Earth is a `cargo cult` in which the native inhabitants try to remember the technological level of development they`ve previously realized and labor to recreate it. Cargo cults, especially in the Pacific, where islanders, who`d never seen aeroplanes, constructed replicas from what they remembered, caused anthropologists to speculate that`s what all humans do.



 Condoms indicate the desire to save women as a species. If men don`t want her, they don`t want any other race, which is why aliens are depicted as evil. The tale of Shah Jehan indicates that men want to behead the human futanarian race of women to maintain slavery to devouring parasitoid nature. Woman with penis` semen of her own for the sexual reproduction of human brainpower isn`t alien to intelligence, whereas men are, because they don`t want intelligence for humanity. Consequently, humans aren`t xenophobic, whereas men are xenophobically opposed to humans, who`re conditioned to accept host womb enslavement in parasitism for parasitoid devourment, when their intelligence has produced a high enough technological level of development for the parasites to appropriate it, and pogrom humanity to a lower level at which it slaves again.



 Women don`t want men`s Holy Spirit if it`s theirs, which poses a problem for Christianity. Futanarian, with her own penis` semen, women doesn`t want a viral form using them as a host womb to parasitically develop life, civilization, art, and culture to devour it as a parasitoid. In ancient Greece men institutionalized slavery of women`s host wombs to spread homosexuality in pederasty`s contagions of war and plague. By the late 20th century the `incurable killer disease`, HIV/AIDS, spread through men`s mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses, was their `biological weapon` keeping women`s futanarian human species of `woman`s seed` in fearful faithfulness to monogamous ring slavery. Women don`t want HIV/AIDS, because they`re not a `disease`, whereas in the Bible`s descriptions of `blood plague` (Rev: 11. 6), and the angels` destruction of the `cities of the plains`, Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19), it suggests men are. In Britney`s `Oops! ... I Did It Again`, the condom is a symbol of `fire prevention`, because she doesn`t want to `lose her head`:


`You see my problem is this;

I'm dreaming away:

Wishing that heroes, they truly exist.

I cry, watching the days;

Can't you see I'm a fool in so many ways.

But to lose all my senses;

That is just so typically me:

Baby, oh!`



 If `woman`s seed` is rather to spread amongst the planets and stars, which is what Revelation says she is `hidden` for, then her spirit must be God`s, that is, the Holy Spirit, rather than men`s, which poses a problem for Christianity, because it is part of an occlusive system conditioning a futnanarian species into not wanting what it sees in the mirror of its dreams. Consequently, Britney Spears` `fireman`s trampoline` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` is a metaphor for a woman who wants to time her jumps carefully, because she doesn`t want the HIV/AIDS beheading virus at her tower`s block. As a futanarian species with a penis of her own stolen by a parasitical organism which seeks to kill her brainpower,  women aren`t anal, whereas men`s `unclean spirit` is.



 Of course it`d be better to have `woman`s seed` as an anal `spirit`, but that`s for women, rather than men, who are definable as a virus, because they can`t reproduce together, whereas women`s human futanarian species can. Consequently, women represent an antidote to HIV/AIDS` `biological weapon` keeping women in fearful faithfulness to host womb ring slavery and Western democracy, whereas Moslem women in four wived Islamic marriages represent an 80% to 20% democratic `split` in terms of the potential human futanarian vote available to `woman`s seed` through enfranchising sexual reproduction between women.



 On Earth women are associated with `Mother Nature`, because God`s natural futanarian species, whereas men would be an `outer space` virus. Consequently, God`s heavenly creation of the planets and stars would be safer with `woman`s seed` colonizing than men`s virus. According to the Bible, war in heaven occurs between `woman`s seed` and the serpent`s, presumably because God`s creatures don`t want to be enslaved in parasitism and devoured by men`s parasitoid nature:


`The Spirit of the LORD will rest on Him,
The spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The spirit of counsel and strength,
The spirit of knowledge and the fear of the LORD.
And He will delight in the fear of the LORD,
And He will not judge by what His eyes see,
Nor make a decision by what His ears hear...` (Isa: 11. 2-3)



 God`s plan is for `woman`s seed` to be the steward of God, but war in heaven would be with those who don`t want women`s futanarian human species. Taught by the Holy Spirit, rather than men, who want to use her anus as a `spirit entrance` to kill her, women aren`t responsible for the irredeemable: `Men cursed the God of heaven for their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11) In the book of Isaiah there are `seven gifts`: `Wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord.` Britney asks the spaceman about the gift he gives her in `Oops! … I Did It Again`: `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.` It`s the blue diamond pendant, `heart of the ocean` from the Titanic (1997) movie, dropped by the 100 year old Rose as a remembrance into the ocean at the point where the ship is being salvaged where it sank after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York city on April 15, 2012. Actress Kate Winslet has the role of the young Rose whose jilted fiancée, Cal, puts the `heart of the ocean` into her new lover Jack`s pocket and accuses him of being a thief, before he drowns helping people to the lifeboats during the sinking of the Titanic ship: `All aboard!` The call to the lifeboats is heard in Britney`s `Oops! … I Did It Again`, because men are women`s disaster: `I played with your heart. Got lost in the game.`



 In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), seeing and hearing is associated with the predominantly masculine functions, `Sensation` and `Thinking`, associated with the male ego, while `Feeling` and `Intuition` are largely associated with the feminine soul or anima in men, or woman`s consciousness.



 In Jungian psychology, the spear of Longinus, which penetrated the side of Jesus Christ upon his death at the crucifixion, in a `caesarean` section designed to free the Holy Spirit from the rib of the Jewish `Messiah`, is an archetypal symbol. According to Jung archetypes exist within the collective unconscious as impulses from God that appear as figures and images in dreams, art and the imagination to inspire progress. Consequently, Jesus` Holy Spirit was the `Second Eve` after the first woman Eve, who emerged from the rib of the first man, Adam, according to Genesis, because Jesus was the `Second Adam`, who`d promised that there`d be a Holy Spirit that would teach after him. Jung associated the spear with `Intuition`, and the `tutelary spirit` of God as an actuating principle. Consequently, Britney`s `Oops! ... I Did It Again` is about `Intuition`, that is, Spears is interesting for the audience because she`s developmental.



God destroyed the city of Sodom in the Old Testament, from which the practise of sodomy, that is, putting the penis into a man`s anus, rather than the woman`s vagina, derives. The spread of HIV/AIDS in the late 20th century revealed that sodomy was penetratingly evil, whereas the spear of Longinus` `Intuition` was a genuine penetration, which released the Paraclete. According to Jung, the four functions of consciousness, `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition` are associated in undifferentiated form with ears, eyes, mouth (speech) and nose, that is, sense of smell. `Thinking` is associated with the ear, so the ear is anal, that is, listeners turn to hear, which was early prehistoric humans` response to predators; or anal rape by viral forms seeking to take over the brains of their victims as well as the host wombs, which isn`t the presence of God`s Holy Spirit in Christian `Thinking`. Because men want to stop women from functioning incomprehensibly, she`s a `witch` in her `Intuition`, because the Holy Spirit is women`s futanarian humanity. Consequently, Britney`s fire imagery reflects upon men`s practice of burning women as witches for having power from God. So women need rescue equipment; such as trampolines, `firewalls`, and condoms.



 Britney Spears` archetype is `Paracletia`,: `You think I`m sent from afar. I`m not that innocent.` For men women are a washing machine, and although the NASA Space Program produced the technology needed to develop the first automatic washing machines, those who like to demonstate what things are for, want machines they can demonstrate, so they`re demons who keep the level of technological development low enough to ensure training and enslavement. The cancellation of the X-plane program to pilot passenger `spaceplanes`, because of `blackout`, led to the development of automatic washing machines to ensure that the coloreds were separate from the whites:


`We tell her home is the only place she should be;

Then we complain that she's too unworldly to be our friend.

Woman is the nigger of the world, yes she is.

If you don't believe me take a look to the one you're with.

Oh woman is the slave to the slaves.`5



 Astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on a surface other than Earth`s when Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July, 21, 1969, and pop singer John Lennon`s lyric to his song, `Woman Is The Nigger Of The World` (1972), represents the observation that, because of `blackout`, the human futanarian species of women are a `cargo cult` that can`t remember their previous technological level, as slavers have beheaded them.  `Getting the black out` is racism, whereby people of color are evicted, or removed from their employment for refusing to be bullied. Consequently, Britney Spears` Blackout, which was released in October 2007, represents her rejection of being bullied into being dispossessed of her children and property, which occurred in October 2007 when a court in the United States of America gave custody of sons, Sean, two years old, and Jayden, one year old, to their father, Kevin Federline, and later custody of her fortune to father, Jim, and Jason Trawick, whose claim to be marrying her was subsequently proven false:


I'm Mrs 'You want a piece of me?'

Tryin' and pissin' me off.

Well get in line with the paparazzi,

Who's flippin' me off.

Hopin' I'll resort to some havoc,

And end up settlin' in court.

Now are you sure you want a piece of me?`



 In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` Britney Spears is the red-suited X-plane pilot, who doesn`t wear an old Apollo spacesuit, because she`s timed her `Spaceball` jump as a `scifi` time-traveller, which is what Britney`s `Spaceball` game is. Her astronaut visitor to the red planet, Mars, represents `blackout`, because he`s a `cargo cult`, who can`t remember her level of technology, and so he`s a washing machine representative, but Britney doesn`t `buy` it, because Earth`s `cargo cult` is a decapitators` parasitoid slave trap.




 As the ship sank, passengers ran along the tilting decks assisted by crew using bedsheets stretched across to stagger their progress and prevent them falling into the looming ocean, and so Britney`s `trampoline` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` is her `bedsheet`, because it`s a time-travel tale of `Spaceball` where timed jumps will allow her to `score`, that is, live, and for that she`s awarded the `heart of the ocean` diamond blue pendant by the astronaut.



 In the Titanic film men are depicted throwing the women and children into the sea to get into the lifeboats, and although Rose`s lover, Jack, is drowned directing passengers to the boats, her ex-fiancée, Cal, who sought to frame her beau for stealing the `heart of the ocean`, lives: `I`m dreaming away. Wishing that heroes [dear Rose] they truly agree.`



 Painted nude by her beau, Jack, Rose is treasured as valuable. The Paraclete`s a teacher whose eons` experience isn`t that of individual lifespans. Men`s training programs are for beheaded children, because they want slaves rather than intelligence. Blamed for ineptitude, by their slavers, men, humans can`t remember enough to function, or achieve permanent knowledge for the operation of even the simplest equipment, or to perform the simplest tasks, in beheadings` `blackout`. Rose`s ex-fiancée, Cal, lives because he`s intelligent, whereas her lover, Jack, dies because he`s brave, and the men who throw the women and children into the sea to get into the lifeboats themselves are `blackout`, because women`s futanarian humanity`s the species` sexual reproducer of brainpower, which the painting of Rose nude reminds men of, although in occlusion and `blackout` humans are told it`s pornography:


`Women and children first.`6



 Britney`s `heroes` are there to row for their Rose, but they`re `diff`rent strokes`,7 that is, they`re representative of the general conflict, because men aren`t taught to be shepherds of women`s futanarian humanity, in accordance with acceptance of Jesus` teachings in Christianity, but rather `stud farmers`, or hornéd rams with flocks of sheep, whereas futanarian women`s humanity is a single species, which accepts or rejects men as redeemed, or irredeemable, depending on their shepherding, and women`s nudity isn`t pornographic but mnemonic.



 Britney`s spaceman in `Oops! … I Did It Again`, whose spacehelmet looks like that of a deep sea diver, represents the resurrected hero, Jack, who brings her the `heart of the ocean`, `Oxygen content 98%.` Astronauts trained in high oxygen content to prevent `blackout`, and Britney takes off his spacehelmet without argument:


 `...pressure in space is so low... that your blood would boil. You can actually survive in space for a very short while, if you are in space for under 20 seconds and then restored to a pressurized container you could escape with no permanent damage.`8



 Hooking his backpack she uses a pulley to winch him above herself in a white bikini-dress to where he can film her with the camera eye attached to his spacehelmet, that is, she`s the technological equivalent of Rose painted nude as a mnemonic designed to ensure that the women and children get into the lifeboats so that the species keeps its head in an emergency, rather than that men lose theirs.



 Britney`s spaceman can see her atop a `star`, like a traditional `angel` on a Christmas tree, the symbol of the birth of Jesus from his mother, the Virgin Mary, and which was heralded by the appearance of the star of Bethlehem, his birthplace in Jewish Palestine. Israel was then occupied by the Roman Empire, which Jesus` teaching was designed to fight against for women`s futanarian humanity, who were also born uncontaminated by male semen and denied sexual reproduction of the brainpower needed to restore balance to human nature possessed by male brained psychopathology: `Love your neighbour as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31) After crucifixion, Jesus had Resurrection and Ascension, so Britney`s suspension of her astronaut refers to Judas` hanging himself after betraying the human host to the Romans. In the Tarot, which is thought to be a pictorial Judaic Torah depicting the journey of the soul through life, the character of the `Hanged Man` is `The Traitor`, which suggests Britney`s spaceman is Cal, who sought to discredit Jack by placing the diamond in his jacket pocket, and calling him `thief`:


`Thief! Thief, Thief, Baggins! We hates it, we hates it, we hates it forever!`9



 Inside her giant`s ring as she descends to her stage set in the `Oops! … I Did It Again` video, Britney remembers the river elf murdered by Gollum, the character from J. R. R. Tolkien`s The Hobbit (1937), and from whom Bilbo Baggins took the ring he`d found that conferred the invisibility Gollum used to murder the elf. Bilbo wins the ring in a `riddle game` with Gollum, who can`t tell what the hobbit has in his pocket, and so Britney`s allusion is to the Titanic film and Cal`s having the diamond pendant placed in Jack`s pocket to discredit his rival for Rose`s affections by accusing Jack of being a thief. No one would know what Jack had in his pocket unless Cal told them, which is why Cal is symbolically, Sauron, the evil Dark Lord of Tolkien`s novel, The Lord Of The Rings (1954-5) whose ring it was. Although Britney`s spaceman gives her the pendant, rather than the ring of Dark Claude, the giant, which she already has, it`s a narrative framing device, like Scheherezade`s tale of the decapitator, Shah Jehan, in 1001 Nights, for relating stories of men`s betrayal of `woman`s seed`:


Spaceman : `Britney, before you go. There`s something I want you to have.`


Britney: `Oh, that`s beautiful. But wait a minute. Isn`t this?`


Spaceman: `Yes. Yes it is.`


Britney: `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.`


Spaceman: `Well baby, I went down and got it for you.`


Britney: `Aw. You shouldn`t have.`



 It`s a mnemonic of `woman`s seed` and betrayal, which he represents as her `porn camera` In Hans Christian Andersen`s `Rose Red and Snow White`, a bear warns the sisters of a `little man` the girls have rescued on several occasion, who tells the bear to eat them, but he eats the `little man` instead. Surrounded by the bears` claws in `Oops! … I Did It Again` Britney in her red pilot`s suit is `Rose Red`, while she`s her sister, `Snow White`, in her white bikini-dress lying upon her `fireman`s trampoline` waiting to time jump as a traveller protected by the bear.



 Besides the spaceman`s spacehelmet as he hands suspended are the bears` claws, although they appear like the tines of a fork, because the giant, Dark Claude, is preparing a tines` jump to devour her. The bear, however, doesn`t want to eat her, although the `little man` ordered him to, and so Britney`s `Spaceball` game with the `fireman`s trampoline` is to avoid being made to jump through tines, but rather time jump and be rescued by the bear from the roasting flames.



 It`s `Guy Forks` because women don`t want to be persecuted for having the power of God as witches. Although Guy Fawkes` plan to blow up the English Parliament of king James I in 1605, which was punished by his being executed and burned in effigy every November 5th, was practical it wasn`t Godly, whereas the burning of witches in fire for having God`s power is neither Godly nor practical. In England, `Bonfire Night` is preceded by Walpurgisnacht, which is the witches` Sabbath, October 31st, so although Guy Fawkes isn`t burned as a witch he isn`t Godly, whereas Walpurgisnacht is celebrated as Hallowe`en, which is All Saints` Eve, when the Holy Spirit`s presence can be felt, according to tradition. Godly, and in accordance with God`s plan for `woman`s seed`, that is, the presence of God`s power in women as the Earth`s human futanarian species, who`re burned as witches to maintain slavery. Britney`s spaceman is slaved by `Mission Control` as her `porn camera`, so he doesn`t sexually desire her, although that`s how futanarian humans reproduce. Consequently, the spaceman isn`t consumed, because he`s making a mnemonic; to remind men that women are humans, so he isn`t a gay`s fork, but rather a groom`s dick, which is better for a bride without her broomstick, although doubtless she`d prefer to have something of her own species to ride.



 The `fork` is a symbol of what is fork-given in Christianity, that is, fellowship at table, rather than the reincarnation of the enslaved futanarian human species and the concomitant ascending of the fork with the `foot` on the end of it, which is why God promises a new heaven and Earth to `woman`s seed` after Resurrection, that is, remembering, while the evil are not forgiven and receive unendurable eternal pain as their punishment for keeping the human race in brainlessness and `blackout` to prevent Ascension to the planets and stars to escape being devoured.



 Atop her `star` Britney`s allusion is to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who gives birth to the New Redeemer, who will `rule the Earth with an iron sceptre` until the `hidden woman` is ready to leave. She corresponds to the women in Islam where, publically concealed beneath their burkas, privately the four wife Moslem families afford the possibility of futanarian sexual reproduction of human brainpower between women. So Jesus` `rule` is `iron` on their behalf, because men are women`s host womb enslavers for their parasitoid devouring nature, which is parasitically viral and requires a host womb to emerge from. Devouring what women are still able to produce of civilization, art and culture, despite their predator`s depredations, which is represented by the `red dragon` of Revelation waiting in vain to devour the child of the `hidden woman`, the shepherd.



 Britney`s spaceman`s arrival on Mars, the red planet, is as an archaic Roman god of war, because she represents `spaceplane` technology and `time jumps` in her `Spaceball` game, while he`s anachronistic, but representative of men`s viral washing machine salesman representative, who seeks to make her brainless and technologically impoverished so she`ll be his slave host for warfare against `woman`s seed`.



 In the science of astronomy, the `Bear` is the `Spoon`, Ursa, whereas the `Little Bear` is the star cluster, Ursa Minor, and so the complement of the fork in `Oops! … I Did It Again` is the bears` claws, which is apposite if the bear is there to protect the twins and eat the `little man`, who is understandable as whoever won`t allow brains to function and develop in order to eat and drink, rather than devour.



 The  four tines of Britney`s spaceman`s `fork, in terms of Jungian developmental psychology, represent the actualization of the four functions of consciousness, that is, `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`. If the `little man` isn`t eaten by the `bear`, that is, if the mind is undeveloped, or harmed, the brain cannot function, symbolized by the emptiness of the spoon as the undifferentiated `Feeling` function associated with the mouth, that is, speaking, kissing, drinking and eating.



 In the Bible `don`t suffer a witch to live`, where `witch` translates as `poisoner`. Consequently, Guy Fawkes is burned in effigy on November 5th in England, because of his treachery, that is, he`s a poisoner. In the Bible the evil are defined as `dead wood`, which is for burning, that is, unendurable eternal pain, where `witch` is defined by men as `woman`s seed`, whereas men are her humanity`s poisoners spreading their contagions of HIV/AIDS through institutionalized host womb slavery of futanarian women`s humanity for homosexuality in pederasty and warfare against `woman`s seed`. Women are identifiably a single species with their own penis` semen, whereas men are definable as a sexually transmitted disease (STD), that is, a `funereal disease`, which slaves humans for parasitoid devouring. The witch burned at the stake isn`t the biblical `dead wood`, whereas men are poisoners. Consequently, witch burning is a `black mass` antithetical to `Christ`s Mass`, or Christmas, which celebrates Jesus` birth, that is, the burning of witches is analogous to the burning of `woman`s seed`.



 Britney, as the `Spaceball` player, in her white bikini-dress, atop the `fireman`s trampoline`, as Salvation`s `star`, times her jumps in the `scifi` world of `Oops! … I Did It Again` to escape from witch burners, who condemn her as ungodly.  She has the Holy Grail, which is Jesus` cup, the `heart of the ocean`, brought to her by the spaceman, because she`s accepted Jesus` teaching: `Love your neighbour as you love yourself.` (Matt: 27. 54)


 Christ`s `body`, along with the wine of communion, is given to the parishioner by the officiating priest in the Christian mass as transubstantiation, that is, transformation through Jesus` teaching of `metanoia`, which is conversion through repentance from the `original sin` of rejecting `woman`s seed`. Longinus` spear was named `Destiny` after he pierced the side of Jesus to free the human futanarian spirit, while the USA`s doctrine of `Manifest Destiny` to colonize the planets and stars, in fulfilment of the `American Dream`, doesn`t accept `woman`s seed`, although in the lyrics to `Piece Of Me`, and on the cover of the CD single as Jesus crucified, Britney Spears` does accept that destiny: `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.`



 The `little man` is `dead wood`, which are those who reincarnate others without memory of previous experience, that is, `blackouts` through beheadings, whereas in Hollywood terms `continuity` is Redemption through acceptance of `woman`s seed`, and Salvation as permanent memory and knowledge, that is, Resurrection of `woman`s seed` through sexual reproduction, and immortality conferring medical science, and Ascension to the planets and stars through `starship` technology for colonization.



 Hung over her `twin`, Snow White, in a white bikini-dress, where he`s suspended like a Christmas `bauble` by Britney as Rose Red, in her red pilot`s suit, the spaceman prepares to give her the gift of the diamond blue pendant, that is, the `heart of the ocean`, for her tree`s `star`, herself.  In terms of Jungian archetypes, it`s the `Sensation` function associated with the eyes, because an audience that can understand is individuated, that is, developed psychologically into the acceptance of Jesus` vision of God`s plan for the future of women`s futanarian humanity.



 Rose White is sexually tempting in `Oops! … I Did It Again`, although Rose Red represents the Edenic apple, because the pair represent `bigamy`, where bigamous marriages represent the desire for more than a single wife. In 2009`s `If You Seek Amy` (F*U*C*K Amy), Britney explores the concept of bigamy further, as `big Amy`, who represents the single unmarried species of `woman`s seed`.  Futanarian women are sexually tempting to each other, although they don`t have to accept they`re for enslavement and devourment, which is why the Paraclete is the `Second Eve`, because the Edenic apple was men`s temptation to enslave and devour Eve`s `seed`.



 In the fairytale, `Snow White`, the young woman is tricked into eating a poisoned apple, which is marriage in slavery to a beheader. The revealing aspect to the story is the queen with the mirror who is told Snow White is more beautiful and so tries to poison her with an apple. Futanarian women would admire their own penis in the mirror and seek an assignation with the beautiful woman, which is why men are evil with children. If women don`t know that human futanarian women can sexually reproduce with them, the species is brainless in host womb slavery to a parasitoid devourer.



 As a virus, men who do not accept the Holy Spirit and Salvation through the tutelary guidance of the Paraclete, who is the `Second Eve`, will experience unendurable eternal pain, that is, perdition, in accordance with the `God`s law` from the Old Testament for the `chosen people`. The Jews were persecuted by Christians and others, so God`s `eye for an eye` law is for them. Although Jesus was a Jewish `Messiah`, who said that `love` was the `law` in the New Testament, the Jews are vengeful. Consequently, Jesus` words to his betrayer, Judas, the disciple known for stealing from the collection plate, as Judas saw a woman anointing Jesus` feet with expensive perfume, and suggested it be sold to raise money, were on behalf of `woman`s seed`, but are ultimately the words of a warrior:


`Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14. 6)


 Men can`t leave human futanarian women`s species alone because they`re parasites from women`s host wombs emerging to devour `woman`s seed` as parasitoid nature, which is evil. Judas` betrayal of Jesus as the human host at the `Last Supper`, for `thirty pieces of silver`, was equivalent to Satan`s betrayal of God`s plan that the human host be greater than the angelic, which led to Eve`s `seed` being enslaved by the devourer. Taken to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem Jesus was nailed to a cross of wood and left there until he died, because Judas didn`t want a man born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, to sexually reproduce as futanarian `woman`s seed` and so pose a threat to the male brained Empire of Rome`s warfare upon `woman`s seed`.



 Britney`s stage is a `bear trap`, because she`s surrounded with bears` claws, and the fork that appears beside the spaceman`s spacehelmet is a `bear`s paw`, as `paw` is colloquially `father` in the Midwest of the United States of America. Descending inside her giant`s ring to the stage set of `Oops! … I Did It Again` she has a father-ring, although fathering for human futanarian women with their own penis` semen is species` normality. The `red dragon` of Revelation symbolizes Satan, that is, the false father as devourer, which appears as a leitmotif in the myths of the Greek god, Chronos, and the Roman god, Saturn (Satan), who`re fathering gods that devour through time as representative of men`s parasitoid nature.



 Satan is different to the Greco-Roman devouring time gods, because he is perspectival, that is, `woman`s seed` of women`s futanarian humanity is what men devour in their parasitoid nature. As a futanarian species with her own penis` semen, women are devoured because `hidden` from her daughters` knowing, because slavers want their `cargo cult` system of training the brainless to perform routinely, while keeping `woman`s seed` in blind ignorance and occlusion, lest she understand that the host womb she`s enslaved for to produce civilization, culture and art is for dessert. Consequently, `Oops! … I Did It Again` is set in the desert world of the arid red planet, Mars, where Britney Spears is dessert with a giant`s fork poised above her beside the spaceman`s spacehelmet as he films her deliciousness for `Mission Control` who`re `snuff movie` devourers, rather than pornographers working to help humans remember `woman`s seed`. Now Britney`s `paw` is understandable as Satan`s `fork`, symbol of the devouring `red dragon`, the false father who wants dessert. In terms of Britney`s Ideal game, it`s `bear trap`, rather than Mousetrap, where male braining produces a woman who wants to be eaten, as Alice observes in the famous children`s story, Alice In Wonderland (1865), written by maths` professor, Charles Dodgson:


`Eat me.`10



 Dodgson`s nom de plume was Lewis Carroll, and Alice eats a piece of cake to grow bigger, which is what she`s for: to develop in order to be eaten. Consequently, perspectivally she`Satan, because she wants to be devoured. Satan is nomenclature, that is, a woman who wants to be eaten by a misogynist who`s male brained women so that he can practice misogyny and devour her is Satanism, although the woman is perceived as evil. In simple terms, Christians recognize God as their father, because men are parasitoid devourers of their progeny, and in recognition of that Christians pray to God that they aren`t devoured by their fathers, because that`s why Satanists breed.


 Animal form confuses, because sheep, for example, are for production, that is, meat. Women aren`t animals, they`re a futanarian species. `Satan` is the name of their virus, that is, men`s parasitoid nature and women`s male brained acceptance of devourment. Because that`s what men (Satan), as her parasitical virus, want her for.



 Nihilism is philosophy of producing to devour, which is what evil is. Consequently, Satan is an archetype, rather than a creature, because a woman who wants to be eaten is Satan from a Christian perspective, although the male parasitoid nature that wants to devour her is Satan from the same perspective. For women Satan is Christianity because it defines men`s devouring parasitoid nature through ring slavery. To men human futanarian women are Satan, because they want to sexually reproduce with each other and use their brainpower to have a democracy of their own to plan their escape to the planets and stars through colonizing starships. Consequently, women are Satan`s rebels to men, but freedom fighters to human women`s futanarian species, that is, Satan is the archetype of escape from men`s nihilistic devourment of their race. Unable to perceive what is `Satan`, women are occluded and aren`t aware of being a species seeking escape from evil nihilistic devouring by a consciously aware and irredeemable parasitoid nature.


 What is described as Satan (by men) is women`s desire to leave for the new heaven and Earth that God promises her in Revelation, where she`s described as remaining `hidden` for a time upon the Earth and protected by her `ruler` until she leaves, as a species who is not `bred` as an `animal` for the parasitical viral organism to devour, and that somehow managed to inveigle itself into her host womb eons ago to steal her penis and slave her for men`s parasitoid nature to feed off.



 That `bread and wine` is the `body and blood` of Jesus, which appears in the transubstantiation service of the Christian church, because men have to accept `woman`s seed` as another `small  step` in the process of transforming through human women`s futanarian humanity, which could result in men`s being incarnated as women, or reborn as resurrected futanarian women they`d been before through remembrance. Humans don`t want to be bred as animals, they want a parent who won`t allow them to eat or be eaten. In Alice In Wonderland, after eating the cake to become bigger, Alice drinks to become smaller, which is communion `wine`, because God doesn`t devour God`s smallness, so God can be as small, or as big, as God likes.



 The bear in the tale of Rose Red and Rose White is an acceptable form of Jesus, because the bear isn`t a man. The nihilist embracer of parasitoid devouring would starve others and eat them later, after they`d produced enough to feed themselves in the way of technological progress, and Christianity supports the nihilist perspective by falsely labeling woman`s escape archetype, `Satan`, whereas God`s plan is for `woman`s seed` to leave Earth and colonize the planets and stars after sexually reproducing the futanarian species` brainpower to devise starships to take humans there.



 In Rose Red and Rose White`s tale, the `bear` assures the girls he won`t eat them, but he kills the `little man` who represents whatever prevents human functioning. In Revelation Jesus slays the evil, but doesn`t devour them, and so God creates a new heaven and Earth for the slayers, which justifies warfare against the `serpent`s seed`: `In every generation there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer.`11 As a role model, actress Sarah Michelle Gellar, as Buffy Summers, in the television series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-2003), is an archetype of `woman`s seed`, whereas `Spaceball` playing Britney Spears carries a hoop in `Oops! … I Did It Again` to jump through in `scifi` time to escape being trained to jump through hoops by the `vampire circus`, which is another term for the Empire of Rome`s devourer, who`s stolen the woman`s penis in order to have a stake in the future of the `chosen people` of God`s Bible.

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6 `The Birkenhead Drill`, a code of conduct first documented as being applied in the 1852 evacuation of the Royal Navy troopship, HMS Birkenhead.

7 `An expression meaning that everyone has their own way of doing things or approaching life,` .


9 Tolkien, J. R. R. `Riddles In The Dark`, The Hobbit, Ch. 5, George Allen & Unwin , 1937.

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For God and Satan

01/01/2012 15:38

For God and Satan


Jesus was tortured to death because he preached of `God`s love`. At his death after the crucifixion his side was pierced by the spear of Longinus, and the Paraclete emerged therefrom as the `Second Eve` to be the `tutelary guide` that would be Woman`s Revelation, Resurrection and Redemption. The woman of Revelation is `hidden` until she leaves Earth to sow her `seed` in heaven, and there is war there between hers and the `serpent`s seed`, men, until the final victory of Jesus and God`s creation of a new heaven and Earth for Woman.



 Jesus` mother, Mary the Virgin, functions as Woman`s anti-virus against the parasitical viral organism that is men`s invasion of Woman as a host womb in order to replicate itself. The red dragon of Revelation that lies waiting before her birthing of the New Redeemer is a symbol of men as the devourer of her product, that is, civilization, art, and culture. The creation of 21st century viruses to attack computer technology, the avoidance of air traffic control `protocols` by using `civil` aircraft on 9/11, and the functioning of such STDs as AIDS are paradigmatic of men`s constitution as parasitical viral organisms that are a cancer upon the Earth as `consumption`.



 The Earth has accepted the notion of `consumerism` since the 50s. Communism was criticized for advocating that `the workers control the means of production`, whereas Woman is both God`s producer and product, which men are concerned to consume. Capitalism advocates the role of the entrepreneur who feeds the market what it wants, which is `bread and circuses`, that is, consumption, symbolized by the red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the New Redeemer who is Woman`s best product.



 In Christianity, the bread and the wine are symbols of the body and the blood given by Jesus to the disciples at the last supper before his crucifixion and, in Catholicism, are the transformative content of the mass, which is called `transubstantiation` and denotes the spiritualization of the body through the acceptance of the Paraclete`s teachings and guidance. Consequently, `bread and circuses` are a `black mass`, which is bread as `consumption` and  `circus` as `play games`, that is, `plague aims`, the goal of the evil magician who consecrates a `black mass` being to confuse the issues so that the `game` of bringing cancerous devourments to Woman`s Earth can continue. 9/11 was such a `plague aim` designed to confuse the truth about the `big picture`, which is that the `War Against Terror` should be a war in defence of Woman and not a global perpetuation of violence against her.



 Individual nations such as Kuwait, Iraq and Libya are the homes of Woman and her daughters. Attacks on nations are attacks upon Woman, which is what men as cancerous consumption are. Noone objects to a consumer that wants a better washing machine, but consumption has become devourment, because that`s the meaning of the word - as programmed into human consciousness. Capitalism is then perceiveable not as entrepreneurship, but as devourment.



 Making a better society is discovered in Revelation as `disinformation` by `the circus`, a euphemism for an internationally competing network of national or company `spyrings`, and the symbol of the devouring red dragon of Revelation indicates that the `plague aim` of the `play gamers` is to devour the Earth by advocating consumerism as a `Trojan virus` in everyone`s mind. The owner and, therefore, should-be controller of the `means of production`, is Woman. This is desirable  so that she and her daughters won`t be consumed by viral men as the Earth`s cancer, which is neither a capitalist nor a socialist perspective: it`s the simple truth.



 Jesus didn`t marry because men are a viral form and, if he had married, he would`ve been Woman`s betrayer. Woman is a species with her own penis, which is called here on Earth futanar. To marry her is to lie to her, because she`s been led to believe that a) she`s for reproduction, and b) men are the means of it. In fact, she`s a species and so for God`s heaven, whereas men are for enslavement of her in reincarnation, death and rebirth. Resurrection and Redemption is for Woman. Man, because he has lied to her, can`t have her because he doesn`t accept God`s `plan`, and so Jesus` central teaching is:


`Leave her alone.`



 Jesus has Resurrection and Ascension, and preaches `God`s love` for Woman. In Revelation, Redemption is a side issue. Because Redemption supposes the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and Ascension is through Redemption and Resurrection after Jesus, who had Ascension and Resurrection because he was `perfect`. The devouring red dragon of Revelation signifies Consumption. Woman has Ascension because she is a species, and that`s why the Virgin Mary`s Ascension to God is called the Assumption, and is a `given` in the Catholic church, because she`s assumed as a species to be deserving of God`s heaven. Men are a virus, so they can`t have Ascension unless Man accepts that Man is Woman, and there are many plagues in Revelation before Jesus` slaying of the evil and their eternal unendurable pain as a punishment, because it`s a description of how men attempt to devour Woman and the Earth before she leaves.



 Jesus was tortured to death a) because he knew that marriage was a betrayal, and b) because torture is necessarily an aspect of betrayal. Jesus wouldn`t betray Woman as a species by making of her a host womb for a male parasite, which amounts to a torturous Consumption of her as a species, as opposed to the Assumption of her species into heaven represented by the Virgin Mary in Catholicism. Marriage is then comprehensible as a device to further men`s plague aims` system of betrayal and torture, which is why men are irredeemable and doomed to perdition. In men`s `play games` system, Woman is attacked by their virus until she succumbs to Consumption, that is, as God`s producer and product, she`s the Earth`s art, civilization and culture, which is devoured by men in several kinds of war against her.



 Because men are Woman`s betrayers, torture is what they`re for, that is, slow (cancer) or fast (violent) Consumption. Marriage is betrayal because men are a virus and not her species, so it`s torture and Consumption. That`s why the woman of Revelation is confronted by a red dragon waiting to devour her child, the New Redeemer. It`s a divorce metaphor. Woman is, in fact, Satan to men, as Jesus has the Satan role for men when he preached forgiveness for his `brother`, who is Satan.1 The men who betrayed and tortured Jesus are his brother`s, that is, they`re telling Jesus that they`re Satan`s.



 Men are not Jesus` sisters, however. Jesus helps Woman to endure men by preaching `God`s love` on Earth in the New Testament, while knowing that men are a virus (evil) and she is a species. In Revelation she remains `hidden` until she escapes to sow her `seed` amongst the heavens, where she is depicted as fighting a successful war against `Satan`, who is then understandable, in perspectival terms, as once more devolving upon men as a virus. However, in simpler terms, Jesus is also Satan, because Woman is his `brother` from God`s perspective. The war in heaven is against evil, which doesn`t need labels.



 Lady Gaga`s pop videos attempt to present Woman`s case educatively to younger women in videos such as Paparazzi, Bad Romance, and Judas. She poisons her man in Paparazzi and we understand that he`s a virus so she`s `not guilty` because he`s not human. In Bad Romance, she`s hated because she can dance, is beautiful, and defies the men who don`t ogle but menace, and she declares herself indifferent to  them:


`I want your disease.`



 Emerging from white plastic coffins with red crucifixes, she wears a white mask that blinds her, and symbolizes the endlessly futile cycle of rebirth and death in unconscious reproduction of what has gone before, by those who have produced it before, and are blindly unaware that they have.



Lady Gaga defies the men that menace her in Bad Romance, which is a 21st century metaphor for the real misogynistic meaning behind Judas` homosexual betrayal of Jesus in the New Testament and, in the video for the song Judas, she`s finally captured by as much `full metal jacket` as men can muster against young Woman who is subject to degradation, and that`s what she mustn`t accept. If her reincarnated self rebels and wants completeness of memory in Resurrection and Redemption, she`ll be Satan to the Jesus torturers. In Judas it`s her perception that 21st century Judas is possessed by men`s evil spirits, and so she uses New Testament imagery from Jesus` Anointing, before his death, by a mysterious woman, and the disciple Peter`s fearfully denying three times that he knows Jesus:


`When he calls to me, I am ready.
I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs;
Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain:
Even after three times he betrays me...`



 Lady Gaga`s indifference to traditional perspectives is based on the Virgin Mary`s Assumption, that is, men are Consumption, so the basic Assumption is that Lady Gaga belongs in God`s heaven, whereas the spirits of evil men are consigned to perdition. She examines the perspective and doesn`t accept that her man is irredeemable because she can give him Redemption from men`s evil spirits.



 In the New Testament Judas betrays Jesus because he`s a tortured lover. In perceiving that Jesus is unmarried, he assumes that the disciples are a marriage. Because marriage is for betrayal and torture, he seeks to torture, which is why the disciples are, as recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, even by their own admission, always criticizing and betraying Jesus` principles:


`...a woman came with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, made of pure nard. She broke the jar and poured the perfume on his head. Some of those present were saying indignantly to one another, “Why this waste of perfume? It could have been sold for more than a year’s wages and the money given to the poor.” And they rebuked her harshly.



 “Leave her alone,” said Jesus. “Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing to me.  The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want. But you will not always have me. She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial. Truly I tell you, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”


 Then Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve, went to the chief priests to betray Jesus to them. They were delighted to hear this and promised to give him money. So he watched for an opportunity to hand him over. (Mark 14: 3-12)


 The disciples are jealous of the woman`s love for Jesus and want to betray, torture, and so divorce him and her immediately, which is why Jesus is crucified. The homosexual element is relevant, because it further emphasizes men`s sterility, which is that marriage is for producing more men for Woman`s Consumption. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19) for this reason. Woman functioned there as host wombs for men who want to betray and torture her. In Judas` terms, he`s for homosexual hatred, which is restressed in Revelation as `plague aims`:


`His kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.`



 The kingdom is dark because blindness is what men are for. It`s the throne of the beast because the Woman who`s hidden might see, whereas men don`t want her to. It`s a false perspective, familiar from Islam, in which Allah is neither male nor female, because Woman is a species with her own penis and is both male and female – from a male-female perspective. This means that, if men don`t want Woman to see, they`re preventing themselves from seeing, which is why they`re evil.



 Men don`t want Woman to be seen, so they blind Man, who does want to see her. But men are many and so men will be blind. It`s a false perspective anyway, because men are a virus, and Woman is a species. Consequently, when evil men become aware of a woman who knows that she`s a species and isn`t blind, they`ll want to blind her also. So that she has to see that she doesn`t want them, they don`t want her, and she has to accept slavery in devourment in betrayal, torture and Consumption during ceaseless cycles of reincarnations, deaths and rebirths. That`s why the tradition in Islam is of Shaitan as Satan, and that all men are Iblis, who whispers but doesn`t exist because men are a manifestation of Shaitan, who wants to be in the picture with Woman who isn`t their species and so is excluded, which in Christianity is the Assumption.



 The kingdom of the beast is dark, because it`s a `dark room` in which men are preventing Woman`s picture from developing because they want her to continue seeing them as `host wombs` for perpetuating their alien parasitical viral forms, which exists to foster blindness, enslavement, and devouring.

 In the Christian Bible the red dragon in Revelation waits to devour the New Redeemer born of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who will protect her with the scepter until it is time for her to leave and sow her seed in heaven. She`s Woman with a penis, and doesn`t need men who have blinded her to her own beauty, and who would continue to do so unless she escapes from the Earth that is her own.



 The devouring dragon is that which devours the light of those who are guiding others to see, and would prefer them to remain blind and to live in darkness. It`s a perspective, which derives from the notion that Woman should not be seen by other men, and proceeds to the teleological conclusion (from that basic premise) that she shouldn`t see either. It`s perspectival, because it`s about perceiving when to change position. The perception that Woman should be hidden because she has her own penis is a laudable position. Men blind and devour her because she`s a species and they are a virus. To hide her so that she cannot be seen is to hide her so that she cannot see. A woman with a penis can`t be seen unless she chooses to show it to you. If she doesn`t, she remains `hidden`. Consequently, the scepter of Revelation that rules for her while she`s `hidden`, and before she escapes to sow her seed amongst the stars in heaven, may be construed as her penis. While she`s upon the Earth she reproduces herself secretly, and when she`s in heaven her `seed` fights against the evil and, according to Revelation, wins.



 Blinding Woman is an evil perspective derivable from a correct position, which is that Woman is `hidden` in accordance with God`s omniscient plan for her development. That`s why it is evil to have Woman understand that she shouldn`t be seen because, in the final analysis, men don`t want her to see, so they`re eye cancer, which is why the Arabians have the concept of the `evil eye` in Arabia.



 If the evil hold and maintain their perspective, you will see the `evil eye` as your own. That`s why it`s important to begin from a correct perspective, and to change one`s mind if necessary, to continue an understood position, in order to maintain and hold the simplest perspective, which is that Woman is God`s species on Earth, and evil isn`t good because it is men, and they seek to blind Woman to knowledge of herself. The cure is Redemption, Resurrection and Ascension rather than reincarnation, death and rebirth in endless slavery, and that means unendurable eternal pain for men who don`t accept the `love thy neighbor` principle, which is the knowledge that Woman is Man, so when Woman leaves Earth for heaven to sow her own `seed` there with her own penis, Man is leaving on Woman`s Assumption that he has Ascension with her, and what remains is men`s blindness, their evil, and their evil blindings.



 Labelling is what creates a false perspective. From the perspective of Woman, who gives birth to her protector as the New Redeemer, men are evil to her because she`s a species, whereas we are taught to think of Satan as evil. Consequently, it`s about when to perceive evil as evil and to ignore labellings which proclaim this or that as Satan, because Satan is a word that has come to be used to label that which evil wants us to perceive as evil but which is good.



 The hidden Woman of Revelation leaves to sow her seed amongst the stars because the New Redeemer perceives that men are evil, not that they`re Satan. Woman is Satan from the perspective of evil men who don`t want her to leave, and that`s why Satan`s perspectival. In God`s omniscience it is revealed that Woman wants a divorce from men and so Satan is revealed as an archetype of God`s plan. Jesus is able to save because he is able to recognize evil. From this perspective, Satan is the archetype of Woman`s imprisonment and escape because she`s labeled as Satan for wanting freedom. Jesus, in perceiving this, performs a Herculean leap of faith and reveals himself as a master of tactics and battle strategy in understanding that Woman is his `brother` Satan.



 The Second Coming is Jesus` return, in Revelation, to slay the evil that is men, leave God to punish men with unendurable eternal pain, and accept that that was God`s divine intention, when God gave Woman as `God`s love` to Man. She was Jesus` brother, and his brother isn`t evil after Redemption, Resurrection and Ascension – as Woman – which requires faith from Man and Jesus. In the New Testament, Jesus shows God he has the necessary faith, and Mary has the Assumption because it`s the correct one: Woman is God`s species. It`s the basic `assumption`, for those who are perspectivally  and positionally correct in terms of faithfulness to God. Without an acceptance of that basic Assumption, there can be no Redemption for Man, who is Consumption, but it requires a leap of faith to accept that Man is Woman, and so she leaves for heaven as Man, whereas men do not. That`s Man`s Redemption.



 Egos in heaven are not egos here. It`s a difficult concept to grasp, but it`s God`s, and we are not in a position to question God`s omnipresent perspective, which is that of omnipotent good and omniprescience. If you`re not a good ego, then you`re there and not here, or here and not there. The `love thy neighbor` principle is Jesus` attempt at a `fixit` but, if Woman is a species and men aren`t, then Woman`s egos are good, so `love thy neighbor` is a `confidence trick`, which works if men believe in it and have faith, but doesn`t if they don`t. They can only have Redemption if Woman`s Assumption is accepted, that is, that she as Man belongs in heaven, and Man is Woman so can have Redemption and Ascension as Woman.



 If Man doesn`t accept the basic Assumption, then they`re men with false egos because they accept false teachings that aren`t from the tutelary guidance of the Holy Spirit that wants Man to see, or they`re evil egos because they accept the evil teaching that she as Man shouldn`t see. Men don`t want Woman or God to see because, as `God`s spirit`, the `Second Eve`, the Paraclete or Holy Spirit, she`s who guides upon the path to sightedness, but is `God`s spy` to the evil, and she who looks upon their doings, which is why they don`t want her, sapientae dei, Sophia, the wisdom of God, to see. Because they`re the evil enemies of God. They tell us that there are spies everywhere, when what they mean is that the Paraclete is.



 The `War on Terror`, declared by U.S. President George W, Bush in 2003, is an attempt by the `circus` to discover the whereabouts of Woman`s `hidden` penis, and to prevent the Holy Spirit from teaching and guiding her to sightedness and God`s heaven. The promulgation of anti-terrorism to the point at which everyone is spied upon is a denial of the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, which is why it is evil to pursue a war on terror to the point at which everyone is spied upon:


 `Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man: and his number is six hundred threescore and six.`



 Solomon, the wise, `collected` 666 talents of gold each year (1 Kings: 10. 14, and 2 Chron: 9. 13) in the Bible.  Solomon`s wise because wisdom denotes acceptance of Sophia, the Sapientae Dei, that is, the sun and moon of psychic and physical hermaphroditism. But the beast isn`t wise because he doesn`t. The number of the beast denotes `election`, which is why many Popes were thought of as `beasts`. They were elected, as are Presidents. It`s a simple concept. The gold symbolizes wisdom, it doesn`t symbolize gold. The number of the beast is the number of a man because men are beasts, and are not wise as Solomon.



Solomon`s wisdom is diluted, that is, first perceivable as `adulterated gold`, from a Gnostic2 point of view, when he judges between two women who each claim to be the mother of a baby. He orders the child to be cut in half and a half given to each woman. She who says that it should be given to her rival is awarded the child, but her rival is wiser because she`s explaining to Solomon that neither woman wants it. She`s a woman who`s a species with her own penis, and so doesn`t actually want the boy son (poison), and nor does Solomon.



 In his relationship with the Queen of Sheba, Solomon worships `false gods`, which means that his perspective is `false` because unconscious, but not necessarily evil. That`s why God prohibits `false gods`, because they`re a false perspective. Some of Solomon`s wisdom remains unconscious, so Sophia`s teaching him. He is `elected`, as it were, to receive her knowledge, whereas the beast upon the throne of the darkened kingdom in Revelation is elected from the `number of the beast`, that is, men who blind the gold of wisdom, and betray her.



Judas, in the New Testament, is the fool who is offered silver by men to allow them to torture the future of Man and Woman in the person of Jesus, so that Woman, as a species with her own penis, will continue to live in the blindness that men want for her. Traditionally, fools are blind and, because Jesus is supposedly blind to the charms of women, he`s men`s `fool`. Men are a virus and not a species, so Jesus is an attractive symbol of worship because he`s a man, and so men have fooled Woman as a species into worshipping men by making Jesus an adorable celibate who`s penis needs to be teased into erection, so enabling men as her blindness.



 Interestingly, the `fool` is a card from the tarot deck that is often used in divination but is thought to be a pictorial and portable Torah or book of Judaic `law` saved from the conflagration that was the library of Alexandria before the Roman conquest of Egypt in 30 BC. Jesus corresponds to the `fool` as renunciator, he who renounces everything but God, whereas the evil – including the disciples - are his denunciators. The `hanged man` is another card in which a man is suspended as a traitor and so is a type of Judas. But he also symbolizes deep analysis and planning before action. In other words, we are meant to perceive the archetypal meaning behind the role of the character of Judas, which is that of the married, betrayed, tortured and divorced. It`s the plan, but not God`s. That`s why the hanged man is a symbol from the Torah.



 The hanged man`s planning to escape after marriage, betrayal, torture, and divorce. He`s hung by the foot, and not by the neck as Judas was and his crossed leg makes a reversed sign of four. When reversed a tarot card has a different meaning, and so it can represent a new approach to an outdated mode. In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) fourness symbolizes the four functions of `Sensation`, `Thinking`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`, the conscious actualization of which, under the control of the ego, are needed if the individual is to be conscious rather than unconscious. This is a necessary step on the way out of the unconscious cycle of death and rebirth, which is unreflective action and impulse leading to a mode of behavior that is devouring and must be changed.



 Jesus is described as the `Second Adam`, because Woman came from Adam`s side as `God`s love` in Eden, and so the Paraclete emerged from Jesus` side as `God`s teacher` and guide to sightedness. In other words, Man and Woman`s original form is hermaphroditic, and that`s what Redemption is. Resurrection in completeness of memory and form. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Ascension of Jesus after Resurrection is God`s description of the process whereby Man and Woman attain to their original form and a unique wholeness symbolized by the `virgin birth`, which is why Christmas is so celebrated. It`s the perception that Jesus` Advent is Salvation in its entirety.



1 According to tradition Satanӓel is the second son of God and Jesus` brother.


2 Gnosticism is wisdom through biblical interpretation.

Entering Mars Orbit

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Entering Mars Orbit


In Egyptian mythology, the figure of Osiris is the incarnation of the sun god Ra, and he is dismembered by Set, `the evil`. Isis, the goddess, puts the parts of Osiris back together. It`s a myth that describes how a collective consciousness of individual egos that know one another, and accept each other as one, are attacked and murdered by an individual who is clever enough to turn them against each other. The result is that the peaceful group becomes warlike and forgets its oneness, which is why Jesus, in Christianity, focuses on `togetherness`:


`Forgive them Lord, for they know not they do.`



 In order to have Redemption and Salvation, in Christianity, it`s necessary to accept the wisdom of Jesus` Holy Spirit, which is the Paraclete that, effectively, emerges from where his side`s pierced by the spear of Longinus at the crucifixion upon his death, and before his Resurrection.



 The Paraclete emerged as the `Second Eve`, Woman`s accumulated wisdom since Eden. Jesus` Resurrection wasn`t reincarnation, and neither was Osiris` sojourn amongst the Egyptians; it was an incarnation. Reincarnation is death and rebirth, that is, the continuance of experience without memory, but a `continuity` that has completeness of memory is `Resurrected`.



 Osiris` collective consciousness is murdered in the Egyptian myth, because it represents a collective continuity of a unity focusing upon good and made up of individuals, who function in the knowledge that they have oneness, which is what is advocated in Christianity`s acceptance of God.



 Isis` rememberment of Osiris, and her fashioning of a new penis for him, is her functioning as the `divine spirit`, which is Ra`s accruing of wisdom as Osiris during his sojourn in Egypt; before, during, and after the attack upon him by the evil Set.



 What is missing from the myth is a description of the process whereby Osiris` collective oneness of individuality is attacked. Osiris` resurrected name is Horus, the `sky god`, who`s symbolized as a `hawk`, and the `eye of Horus` is revered in Egyptian mythology because it `sees`. Those who attacked Osiris` oneness did so because they didn`t want others to see. Similarly, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve discovered themselves to be naked after being tempted by the evil serpent to eat of the fruit of the `knowledge of the tree of good and evil`. Eve tempted Adam to eat after she had eaten, and he ate also. The serpent represents the one who wants to see, and doesn`t want others to. As Britney Spears observes in her video single Piece Of Me, when she opens the shirt of a paparazzi to discover a tiny camera, the serpent`s a spy and a voyeur.



 The evil want to watch others die while they torment them as bloodsucking leeches in endless reincarnations of death and rebirth. Redemption and Resurrection isn`t the same, because it`s completeness and continuation of memory across incarnations, which means complete, and continuing life.



 The rainbow is a symbol of God`s covenant because it`s a continuity of archetypal symbolism that proves God`s omniscience. In Greek mythology, Iris is the rainbow, which is the name given to the coloured part of the eye, and constitutes the bridge between the pupils of God`s eyes, who love each other. God`s Paraclete is, then, a mediator of `God`s love`. She`s the teaching spirit between her pupils, as it were.



 In Oops I Did It Again, Britney is Iris` pupils. The spaceman can`t see her because his men don`t want him to, and he`s a Martian to her because he represents war. In short, he`s there to declare war upon her because he wants Mars, the god of war, and doesn`t want her.



 Britney`s teaching is that eyes are the focus of those who hate and would seek to blind you to your own knowledge of yourself and others. Resurrection, in completeness of continuing memory of lives living and lived, is the absence of blindness - and those who have blinded you. In other words, Redemption is the certainty that you`ll never see men, which is why Jesus says:


`Forgive them for they know not what they do.`



 It`s a matter of emphasis. Jesus is asking for forgiveness for Woman, because she`s a species, and men aren`t. He wants to see them, and he knows men don`t. Surrounded by what does not seem good in your eyes, as Jesus was, you are either a blinded person or a blinding one. Those who hate others want them to be blind.  They are those who, seeing what they want, don`t want others to see or want it. The good love, and want to see more good, so that they can love more good. As Jesus wanted.



 Jesus` Resurrection precedes his Ascension but does not follow from his Redemption. Although Jesus preaches Redemption through the acceptance of `God`s love`. Redemption is the Resurrection of an individual`s incarnations as a `continuity` through time. As the `Perfect Man` it is easier for Jesus because he`s a completeness from birth to death, Resurrection and Ascension.



 For those who are upon the wheel of karma, the cycle of death and rebirth in reincarnation is without completeness of memory across lives lived and living. For them, Resurrection and Ascension is more difficult, so God sent the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit as an expert in `continuity`. Isis, in Egyptian mythology, is a similar `continuity girl`. In terms of Hollywood film editing, she puts together the pieces of Osiris as a film editor would. Men are stereotypical devourers, but editing is the removal of that which is not saved. Isis represents the omniscience of God because she`s Woman with a penis, so knows God`s `heart` and so is an editor and not a devourer. Britney`s spaceman gives her a gift:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.`



 It`s a reference to the `heart of the ocean`, a jewel in the movie Titanic. God`s `Old Lady` is Sophia, the sapientae dei or wisdom of God. It`s a titanic effort to edit for Woman, on the understanding that she doesn`t want men because they`re devourers of her. The heroine of the film, Rose, is painted nude by a man, who is framed for stealing her `heart` by another man. Sophia`s wisdom is that Rose is `shilled`.



 At the end of the movie Titanic, Rose drops her `heart` into the ocean, because she doesn`t see a solution to her heart`s problem. Sophia`s is the understanding that, if Rose`d had a penis, neither of the men would have wanted her, but she`d have been a `normal` woman. The two men would have attacked her together and, as `God`s wisdom`, Sophia would have edited them out of the film for her. Woman`s problem is that men want to edit themselves into the film with her, and so Mission Control in Oops I Did It Again appears as an editor`s console. When the spaceman leaves, he walks backwards as if rewound. To the naive he`s a rejected suitor, but to the wise he`s a symptom. Men will assault her until she`s a host for their virus, and she`ll never know the wisdom of Sophia.



 Sophia`s `divine spirit` appears as the Shekinah in the Old Testament. She inheres in `God`s law` because the Ten Commandments are designed to protect the knowledge of the goodness of God: `Thou shalt not...[have to] ...` Distilled by Jesus, in the New Testament, as `God`s love`, `God`s law` is extended to protect Woman in Revelation. She is `hidden` by the ruler with the iron `scepter` because she has a penis of her own, and is being prepared to leave Earth for heaven and her triumphant overcoming in war of men`s `seed` by hers.



 Jesus` Ascension follows upon his Resurrection, because he`s the `Perfect Man`, and `complete` in terms of memory. He preaches Redemption, as a fulfilling from the Old Testament in which the Shekinah is described as dwelling within the `Ark of the Covenant` as God`s continuing feminine spirit.

God`s promise through Sophia, the sapientae dei or wisdom of God, is symbolized by the rainbow that appears as a symbol of hope after God drowned the Earth in Genesis and, in Greek mythology, Iris means `rainbow`, which is the name for the coloured part of the human eye in biology. The `rainbow bridge` to the beauties of God, as it were.



 In camera technology, Iris` diaphragm is used to capture images on film. Deconstructionalists want you to see evilly, so good is presented as evil (nudity), and eventually you hate what is good because it was `hidden`.



 For Woman, `diaphragm` has another meaning. It`s inserted into the vagina to prevent conceiving. In film terms, there is that which she wants to conceive of, and that which she doesn`t. The woman`s diaphragm that doesn`t conceive is an `Iris diaphragm`, in camera terms, that captures only those images it wants. Woman`s `diaphragm` therefore represents nascent `automatic camera technology` which decides what to conceive, and when to develop, which is Sophia Sapientae.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears (1982-) descends with a hoop in her hand. It`s the symbol of her then nascent archetypal bisexuality, because it`s the archetype of both male and female condoms. The presupposition of what bisexuality means is naive, however. Woman is a species with her own penis, so she`d be able to use both male and female condoms, which is why Britney`s hoop is an ambivalent symbol. It`s an archetypal `framework` for condom design, and shows that she has a virtual `camera`s  eye` for how to conceive and develop a `Woman`s picture`.



 In mythological terms, Britney`s hoop`s a cane in the form of a circle, which denotes the `vicious circle` of blinding. In Sophocles` Oedipus Rex , Oedipus is a man who needs a cane because he blinds himself after finding Woman too beautiful.  His `filter` is unable to accept good, because he`s been taught to accept men as a group mind that should prevent him from seeing Woman.The incest taboo in the story is a plot device. Oedipus is blind to begin with because he doesn`t know the woman he marries is his mother.



 In Hollywood terms, his blinding is transition between movies. If I can remember my first movie as a star, I have Resurrection. If I can`t remember, I`m blind.1 Effectively, Oedipus is his father, who he accidentally murders. He was separated from his father, who couldn`t tell him, and couldn`t have because to know father is you is another taboo of men`s against you, and they would kill you if you knew. Because they want to be in control of the editing process and decide that nothing belongs to Jocasta.



 Sophocles` perception is that everything is Jocasta because she`s Woman as the producer of his – and all - dramas. Oedipus could have remembered his father`s first relationship with Jocasta, his wife, because he was his father. But Oedipus was as blind as his father because men use their taboos to blind, and Sophocles observes that the incest taboo is another device they use to possess the blind, because blitheness in Oedipus is equivalent to blindness. Oedipus` spiritual blindness increases until it`s a physical affliction and men`s reification of their dispossessing of him and Jocasta by means of `possession`, which is why men are in fact what are thought of as demons.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s spaceman has a crew that, ostensibly, are Mission Control on Earth, but in video terms are inside the spaceman`s spacehelmet looking out of his eyes. His crew are the `blinders` who represent shouldn`t see, even though it`s ostensibly the spaceman`s mission to see. This is NASA`s unaddressed basic issue. Men don`t want to see, because men don`t want them to.



 Britney`s spaceman`s close enough to touch her and he doesn`t. So his crew don`t want him to. That`s why men are `stilted`. Because the other men don`t want them to see or touch anything. If he can see, he can`t touch. It`s a basic taboo. If he can`t see, he can`t touch. It`s a basic methodology of blinders, which may be construed as men`s basic hidden activity as the parasitical viral organism that doesn`t want Woman as a species to know God.  They are `men of virus`, whereas Woman is of Iris.



 Britney is the archetypal Iris that seeks to edit out everything but what is for a bisexual Woman with her own penis, and that`s what her prototypical spaceman`s  camera is for. To discover the `hidden` Woman with a penis, because Woman`s a species and men aren`t. Men only pretend to want her. They don`t actually want to explore space. They want to blind her because they don`t want her ro have her own space.



 The spaceman`s camera is a prototype of what he actually needs; an `Iris diaphragm` that excludes men from blinding him, and which would allow him to be alone with Woman as a species. Effectively, she`s Redemption for the man who can accept he`s Woman, but men wouldn`t want Redemption for each other because blinding is what they do.




 Jesus understood he was `the Son of Man` because men tortured him to death. He was his own son because these were his fathers. The Virgin Mary was God`s mother, and so he was uncontaminated man waiting to be alone with Woman. Britney`s perception on Mars in Oops I Did It Again is her nascent bisexuality. If she`s Woman with her own penis, she doesn`t need a man. Consequently, she`s bisexual as a lesbian with a nascent desire to be a Woman with a penis. Redemption for man is from being censored  by men who want to blind him. He needs to know that Woman has a penis, and that she doesn`t need him, which is what the internet is for.



 If Britney shows her penis, he`ll blind her with the other men for seeing herself. If he`s not strong enough to resist their collective coerciveness. Men don`t want each other to see women, and they`re not her species anyway. If Woman`s seeing herself, `blinding` is a euphemism for murder. That`s why, in Revelation, `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the New Redeemer, who`ll rule on her behalf with an iron scpeter while she`s `hidden`, not blind.



 The story of Adam and Eve being discovered naked in Eden is about evil seeing you. It wants us to associate Woman with evil, and blind us to her goodness, so that they can be evil towards her. In some ways, Eden is a reversal. The Edenic couple are alone, because they represent what remains of men and women after a previous incarnation of God in humanity.



 A collectivity of individuals, who`re one consciousness and spirit, would be peaceful unless someone, or another of them, wanted to enslave and devour the rest, which is why the red dragon of Revelation is depicted as waiting to devour the New Redeemer. Men are a parasitical viral organism that enslaves Woman as a `host womb` to produce art, civilization and culture in order to devour her.



 In the Egyptian myth, the `pattern` is of Ra, the sun god, incarnated as Osiris. The evil Set dismembers Osiris, who is the sun god upon the Earth, that is, he`s a collective consciousness of individual egos that know they`re Ra. The evil Set`s dismemberment of them is his murdering of egos that are resistant to evil. Eventually, the evil Set has replaced Ra, the collectivity of individuals that constitute greater knowledge and wisdom, and so Adam and Eve in Eden, in historological terms, represent a saved `breeding pair` for the serpent Set, the evil `One`, to breed again.



 In the Egyptian myth, Isis fashions a new penis for Osiris, who is reborn as the `all seeing`; because he can see everything. In Revelation, the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to he who rules with an iron scepter on the woman`s behalf, and she is `hidden` until she leaves Earth for the stars in heaven where her `seed` defeats that of the serpent. It`s important that she`s `hidden` and not blind. If she`s `hidden` and the evil find her, then they`ll murder her. Without a penis of her own she couldn`t propogate, so she must have one; and that`s why she must be protected against `men of virus` because their eyes are diseased. Their contagion is hate and they know that blindness is what they`re for.



 Britney`s spaceman is excited by the image of her that he finds in the sand, and that`s because she`s a masturbator`s icon. Desire for Woman is for seeing her, whereas men`s taboos are for blinding. In the Bible, Onan is condemned by God for `despising` his `seed` (Gen: 38. 8-10), which is interpreted by biblical commentators as masturbation; but it isn`t. Onanism is despising but, according to liars, masturbators become blind. Not because they are despisers, but because men want to blind those who`ve discovered the reason for their taboo against masturbation. They don`t want Woman`s eyes to open; in man, or Woman. If they do, they blind (murder) them. That `s what their taboo says they do, so we may suppose it to be true; it`s their psychopathic `pattern`.



 Isis is able to fashion a new penis for Osiris in the Egyptian myth: because Woman had one to begin with and she was murdered so that she`d be blind to her knowledge of herself as a species. As the `sky god`, Osiris corresponds to the scepter wielder with `the eye of a hawk` that, in Christianity, watches over Woman as the New Redeemer in Revelation who, because he wants Woman as a species to prevail, transcends male egotism. This is symbolized by the one with the scepter uniting the poles of sun (Ra) and moon (Isis), and so the opening of eyes to God through the wisdom of the Paraclete is the fulfillment of God`s covenant, symbolized by the rainbow (Iris) that appears as a symbol of hope after God`s early drowning of the Earth:


 `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.`



 The `heart` of the ocean is a metaphor for an unconscious content of the psyche, in psychological terms, and so wisdom is masturbation. It`s a myth2 that masturbation causes blindness, so it`s a sentence of blindness by men upon men for those who want to see Woman, and discover her penis. It`s a `hidden` psychologem, but recoverable, although equivalent to raising the Titanic, which is what`s occurring when Rose`s `heart` drops into the ocean depths.



 In Greek mythology, Iris is the `bridge` between those who accept `God`s love` (for the evil want evil, and do not love), and those who want `the beautiful and the good`, which is God and is symbolized by the multi-coloured rainbow. Convincing others that what they see is all of the good that they can have is what the evil do, because they blind us so that we cannot see good and tell us it is evil because evil is what they want us to see.



 Isis is the `rainbow bridge` to God`s heaven, and is in the eyes of Woman who`s conditioned to believe in `God`s love` from man. But it`s evil conditioning, because men don`t want women to see beyond death and rebirth (enlavement for devourment) to Redemption, which is that completeness of memory that would allow them to remember themselves as Woman with a penis, and a species that does not need men:


 `Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their heart and turn, so that I should heal them. But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear.` (Matt: 13. 15, 16)



 The Paraclete is the `teacher` after Jesus, and is a spirit that God sent in order for God to be listened to. That is why the Bible says: `Test the spirits to see if they are evil.` (John 1: 4. 1-6) In Islam, the evil one is `Shaitan` and has no power beyond the ability to whisper, but that whispering is designed to make the person who listens, evil-eyed. In other words, the Paraclete, as the Holy Spirit, isn`t an evil whisperer but there are evil spirits who whisper. Because the Paraclete is the `Second Eve` from Jesus` side, she`s female. If we hear a male voice in our minds, it`s the evil one.



 In Islam, the tradition amongst women is that of Iblis, who is Shaitan, and all men are Iblis, because they are evil-eyed. The women do not see or speak to any; because they`re evil spirits. In effect, Jesus is born of the Virgin Mary, because she and God don`t want men to contaminate him, and that`s why he`s the `Perfect Man`: he`s the only man. The rest are evil spirits. That`s why the Paraclete that emerges after Jesus`s death is female; because men are evil spirits. All of them.



 The Gospel of Matthew contains Jesus` understanding that, in the disciple Matthew, he has someone he can teach. The rest are deaf and blind because they`ve been blinded and deafened (murdered) by those who do not want them to see or hear `God`s spirit` (Matt: 13. 15, 16). Men are the evil spirits who`ve deafened and blinded each other when oneness prevailed, and they didn`t want to see or hear God; because God was too good for someone, or another of them. The result was that the better were murdered, and the ability to see was darkened; until none could see and all were deaf to anything but the whisperings of the evil spirits that are men.



 God isn`t convinced by the disciples. Judas sells him for torture and death, and Peter denies knowing him: `...he began to curse and to swear, saying, I know not this man of whom ye speak. (Mark 14: 66-71) This is Peter of whom Jesus said: `Upon this rock I will build my church.` (Matt: 16. 18) That`s why God sends the Paraclete, which is the wisdom of `God`s spirit`, from the side of Eve to the present day. The church is the body of God`s Woman and men are the conditions she endures; if she doesn`t want to be free:


 `Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.` (Rev.13:18)



 The answer is the same as the one given by Oedipus to the Sphinx in Oedipus Rex when she asks `What crawls in the morning, walks on two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?` The answer is `a man` because Oedipus has limited perception and, because of men`s conditioning taboo as to what is good and evil, he blinds himself for marrying his own wife. The answer to wisdom`s conundrum in Revelation is - `man`. Because men are beasts.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s hoop is the circle of Cain who was the brother in the Bible that murdered Abel because, in simple terms, he was able to cook. Britney`s hoop is a circular cane of the blind, and the vicious circle of murderers that want blindness rather than even the simple cultural development of culinary expertise. In her red `dinner suit` Britney descends, in Oops I Did It Again, inside a giant`s ring that`s symbolic of the retina, that is, she`s the `red dinner` of the eye, and corresponds to the anima figure or developing soul in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). Because of the cane hoop she`s carrying, and the fork beside the helmet of the spaceman she suspends above herself in a white bikini dress, the allusion is to Cain, the vicious circle of the murdering devourer, whose `red dinner` she perceives herself to be. In the Bible Cain is blind to the need for development, as men are blind to anything but their lust, which reduces them to the developmental level of ogres. Everyone knows of `red eye reduction` camera technology, and this is what Britney`s  alluding to:


`... [RER] causes the irises in the subjects eyes to close thereby eliminating the red eye in the final image.`


 In Revelation the `red dragon` waits to devour the `New Redeemer` born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, because it`s a symbol of men as devouring ogres. Closing the irises is what the `red dragon` does. Because, at the end of Iris` rainbow, is God`s Promise. In photographic terms, RER is her removal. Oops I Did It Again is Britney`s discovering to her viewers the goddess Iris` program for Redemption and Resurrection through the Paraclete and her pupils. However, men want `red die reduction`; the death and rebirth of Reincarnation: Woman`s continuing enslavement and devourment rather than that continuation of memory which is Redemption and Resurrection.



 From the point of view of women, men behind their cameras presage murder; because men want to keep themselves in the picture, whereas Woman doesn`t want to keep them in hers. That`s why so-called bimbos represent a higher intelligence, because they appear nude and alone in `girlie magazines` for masturbator`s to open the Paraclete`s inner eyes to them in acceptance of the `tutelary guidance` and teachings of God.



 Resurrection is completeness of memory, which is why Osiris` dismembered parts are placed in a trunk by the evil Set. It represents a truncation of promise fulfilled, that is, Osiris is a collective unity of individuals with their collective wisdom - until they are murdered - and unless they have Redemption and Resurrection, Osiris will never be what he was.



 The key role is with Isis, for whom Osiris is truncated. When all the men are removed, everything will be hers. Because it`s her penis that she gives to Osiris when she puts him back together, and he becomes Horus, the `sky god`, represented by a hawk, to watch over her Earth in the same way that, in Revelation, the `ruler` with the `iron scepter` hides the woman who`s destined to spread her `seed` amongst the stars in heaven prior to the war against men as the serpent`s `seed`.



 The `New Redeemer` is variously described as ruling with an `iron scepter` or an `iron rod`, and `rod` and `iron` are both euphemisms for homosexuality insofar as an `iron` is someone who washes and irons their own clothes as a woman should, according to misogyny. In the folklore associated with the `Wild West` of the USA a gun is a `side iron` because Eve was from the side of Adam, as the Paraclete was from the side of Jesus as the `Second Eve`, and the irons don`t want her:



`Rod cells, or rods, are photoreceptor cells in the retina of the eye that can function in less intense light than can the other type of visual photoreceptor, cone cells. Named for their cylindrical shape, rods are concentrated at the outer edges of the retina and are used in peripheral vision. On average, there are approximately 125 million rod cells in the human retina. More sensitive than cone cells, rod cells are almost entirely responsible for night vision.`



 If `red eye reduction` is a metaphor for the devouring `red dragon` of Revelation insofar as `photo shoots` are gun sublimations and the `evil eye` of the dragon is mollified, the `rods` of the eye will function so that the anima figure can be seen as the mirror of the soul, which is not just a `red dinner` for the `red dragon`. Without the `rod cells`, the eye doesn`t have `night vision`, which is commonly termed `infra red` or IR and is used by men who use guns for targeting at night. In opthalmathy receptor `rods` are also `cones`, which means that Britney, in her red pilot`s suit, is `IR` because she`s International Rescue`.



The 60s TV show Thunderbirds introduced the British viewer to scifi `puppet films`, which explains why Britney descends inside a giant ring at the beginning of Oops I Did It Again. Her `puppet` size is emphasized by the giant`s fork beside the spaceman`s helmet as, in her red Thunderbird 1 pilot`s suit, she suspends him over herself in a white bikini dress. The `puppet master` is the `red dragon`. She needs `red eye reduction` and IR (International Rescue) `night vision`. The Thunderbird 1 rocket has a `red cone`, and in opthalmic terms denotes the capacity to see, which is what is promised to the `hidden woman` of Revelation after the advent of the `New Redeemer` who rules with an `iron rod`. Britney`s Thunderbird 1 from International Rescue or `IR` is the saving strength of the `night vision` of the `New Redeemer` with the iron `rod`, who fosters the American Dream of Liberty, which is Woman`s liberation:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Piece Of Me



 The evil Set of Egyptian mythology represents men`s awareness that Man is leaving with the goddess, who`d correspond to Sophia in Christian terms, and so they murder Man. However, Woman doesn`t need Man; although Man is her defence. That`s why Christianity focuses on the need for the Redemption of Man, because Woman can live and leave without Man, who will be unredeemed and doomed, if he remains, to eternal unendurable pain, according to Revelation, because of his enslaving of her, and thereby the products of her womb, which are the art, civilization and culture of her Earth, in order to devour her.



 Britney`s `red eye reduction` (RER) system in Oops I Did It Again is her planned Redemption and Resurrection for herself as Woman, that is, the removal of all men but Jesus from her `sacred heart`, and indeed from the reality she wanted for her Woman`s opening irises to see herself in alone. But men don`t want her to live and leave them, so she has to feign love for men, while loving God, which is, effectively, what Jesus did.




 Although Woman`s conditioned to look for love, and with love, into a man`s eyes, God isn`t there. As a species, `God`s love` is for Woman and the eyes of Woman, but men don`t want to see `God`s love` there, or anywhere; because men are not a species but her devouring parasite. For them RER is the closing of Woman`s irises in death, and the murdering of her `sacred heart`, which Britney`s red suited heroine in Oops I Did It Again represents; either acceptance of Woman as a species and Redemption with Resurrection on her terms, or the unendurable eternal pain promised by God to men for not protecting her while her penis is `hidden` upon the Earth.



 Eyes, of course, are for seeing and, in intelligence services such as the CIA, the `circus` is a metaphor for blinding those who can see. Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is `circus` because of the references to Oedipus Rex. It`s an eye operation in the `theatre`. The ego is `I` in psychology, and Britney appears in a giant`s ring, which doubles as a giant`s eye inside which she operates as a prototypical Woman`s camera that, excluding what she doesn`t want to process, edits.



In much of Eastern Europe, teachers are `cameras`; because they watch over their charges. Britney`s camera `technique` presupposes a heaven and Earth for man and woman, and a heaven and Earth for futanarian Woman ( ); because she remains `hidden`, according to Revelation, before leaving to spread her `seed` amongst the stars. Like Britney, Jesus` Christianity functions as a `double agent` who knows the `circus ring` of marriage is Cain`s.



Oops I Did It Again was made after the first Gulf War, amid American optimism, because the United States was known as `the Great Satan` in the Arab countries, and victory on their behalf over Saddam Hussein`s Iraq  was taken as a sign of that `curse of Cain` being lifted.  Analysts of the second Gulf War observe that Satan is a perspective, that is, the United States created Saddam`s 3rd largest army in the world and spent an equal amount of dollars trillion in defeating him. Satan was a perspective, and most of the combatants were blind to their role because, just as the attack on Kuwait, the Twin Towers, and Baghdad, were upon Woman`s home, so Woman  may actually be identified with the appellation `Great Satan`, because men attack her. They`re evil, and labeling the home they attack as `Satan` is how they continue to perpetrate their evil design. Her enslavement, as a species, and the devourment of its product, that is, the art, civilization and culture of Mother Earth, is a perspective they don’t` want to shift from:


`...they cursed...God...[and] refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 The number of the beast, 666, is simply reversal. 999 is the number of the bullies and 911 is Terra`s number, the name of the Earth in much of science fiction. The first American Science Fiction Grand Master, Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88), wrote a novel in 1978, The Number of the Beast, which postulated that, if one was alone, the `beast` couldn`t see you, so would attack you because it wanted to stop you from being without it, which is what security forces are.



 The paradigm is of a man who wants to be alone with a woman, but that`s a `shill`.3 Preventing Woman from being alone as a species is what the system is about. It`s what happens to Adam and Eve in Eden. The evil one doesn`t want Adam to see Eve. That`s why she feels his eyes upon her. After the fruit of the `knowledge of the tree of good and evil`, she can`t see him. But he can see her. The history of art, civilization and culture is, then, a successive series of her thwarted attempts to see herself.



 911 was an attack on the `Big Apple` of New York, and so on Woman`s attempt to use her `voice`, which was being `modulated` by her `Adam`s apple`. In Afghanistan, women were murdered for obtaining an education, and the Taliban guided two civil aircraft carefully into Eve`s heart in the West, the the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre.



 Of course, the `apple of the eye` is what is valued, so New York may be considered as the `apple of the eye` of the world. In 21st century terms, 911 was a viral attack because men are parasitical organisms using Woman as a host womb in order to produce more of themselves. It`s a deconstuctionalist picture in which she doesn`t have a penis of her own, and so is not a species.



 911 is depicted in Revelation as `plague aims`. In the 21st century, `to play games` means to embrace murder and mayhem in such desensitizing constructs as Games of War and Total War (2011). 911 was the undeclared perception that the Twin Towers were a part of Microsoft`s new X-Box system for the game Gulf War II, which is why Revelation describes the `play games` systems of the future in terms of a `plague` in which people with the `mark of the beast` worship his `image`. It`s the male cult of the macho destroyer of the Earth as Woman:


`God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath.` (Rev: 16: 2-17)


 In Revelation, the child who is the New Redeemer is born of the `woman clothed with the sun and with  the moon at her feet`, while the red dragon of Revelation waits to devour him. The archetype of Babylon the Great is described by psychologists, amongst them Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961):


`The destruction of Babylon therefore represents not only the end of fornication, but the utter eradication of all life's joys and pleasures...`4


 Babylon is a reactive component of the psyche, a psychologem, as it were, constellated by events to appear, as she does in Revelation, as `the Terrible Mother`. It`s men`s reaction to Woman`s greatness. If men are a virus, then they`ll see Woman as a host womb to reproduce them and be their slave; after which they devour her as the producer and product, that is, civilization, art and culture. In this sense, Babylon the Great is an aspect of `the Great Satan`, because Woman as Satan represents men`s covert hatred for Woman of Iris, that is, vision, which promises Redemption and Resurrection through `God`s spirit`, whose tutelary guidance Judy Garland sings of in The Wizard of Oz (1939):


`Somewhere over the rainbow...`


 Hollywood has often been described as the `Babylon of the West` but Frank L. Baum`s Emerald city is depicted in his series of novels at the centre of what Jungian psychology would perceive as a mandala representing the four functions of consciousness that the inidividual has to have if they are to be fully functioning personalities. The four functions of `Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, and Intuition` correspond to Judy herself and her three companions on the road to the Emerald city. The scarecrow needs a brain (Thinking) and the lion needs courage (Intuition) while the Tin Woodsman needs a heart (Feeling) and Judy needs to see.



According to Jung the eyes are associated with the `Sensation` function, while ears, nose and mouth are associated with `Thinking`, `Intuition`, and `Feeling` respectively. The Tin Woodsman`s need for lubricating oil relates to the mouth`s need for liquid, while the scarecrow`s symbol is the ears of wheat he protects, and the `cowardly lion` senses danger everywhere. When Judy arrives at the Emerald city she`s symbolically a fully functioning personality. Along the way the Tin Woodsman recieves a heart from Judy, and the scarecrow a brain, while she awards the lion a medal for bravery because he finds the courage to recognize and act in the face of danger. In symbolic terms, Judy represents the Jungian anima figure or soul. Acceptance of the Paraclete`s teachings,and guidance is necessary or it`s impossible for the soul to see the beauties of God.



Without acceptance of Woman, who isn`t their species, but a coerced symbiote, the virulent pupil of men`s iris results in `men of virus` and the `plague aims` of their `play games` system of giving Woman their disease. which is what male psychology amounts to. In Revelation it seems as if God is reifying evil as war and plague, but war and diseases such as cancer, STD and AIDS are understandable as resulting from men`s psyches, because that`s how they act. Cancer is a parasitical organism that replicates itself until the host body dies, and AIDS is a homosexual disease because Woman is the host womb for men as a parasitical organism that seeks to enslave and devour her. For women men are a homosexual cancer defining itself as AIDS.



 The Paraclete is Woman`s wisdom. She has her own penis and is a species, so is depicted in Revelation as `hidden` before she leaves Earth for the stars where her `seed` will war against, and defeat, the evil of men forever. God will create a new heaven and Earth for her, as it says in Revelation, and those who accept her shall have eternal Resurrection because of `God`s love` rather than an eternal circle of reincarnation, death and rebirth, which is enslavement and devourment by men who, as `shills`, want to see her squirm in partial rememberment of reproduced fragments of what she`s achieved before. Waiting, as the red dragon of Revelation, for the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` to give birth to the New Redeemer, so that it can eat again.



 In Jungian psychology, love and hate are dependant on what one feels about what one sees. Because men are a virus, so are their `pupils`. Blindness, blinding, and to be blind is their `teaching`. In the New Testament, to the evil one who would show him the Earth, Jesus says : `Avoid me.` Because Jesus wants to see:


`... I've lost my way
She had rainbow eyes
Rainbow eyes
Rainbow eyes.` - Richie Blackmore`s Rainbow



 The Paraclete is the `tutelary guide`, because she reveals God`s goodness. Women are of Iris, because the Paraclete opens eyes. As Iris, she`s the `rainbow`, a symbol of God`s `promise` of Redemption and Resurrection, and the `bridge` between `God`s love` and heaven. If men do not accept her, it`s eternal unendurable pain for them: their pupils are irredeemable if they don`t learn. Or, as Jesus said to the disciples, when they vilified a woman for anointing him with precious oil before his death:


`Leave her alone.`


 Babylon the Great is the `wine` of the `fury of God`s wrath`; because it`s God`s war against men, who hate Woman because she can be naked alone. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were `surprised` naked, and were `embarassed`. It was because a man could see them. In the myth, Osiris is dismembered, that is, his collective consciousness is murdered as individual ego units, which is experienced universally as `embarrassment`, and emotional subjection to unconscious impulse rather than intelligent comprehension.



 If Woman has her own penis, she can be alone – with herself. Those men who want to see her have no reason to. That`s why Jesus says: `Leave her alone.` It`s God plan . She`s described in Revelation as `hidden` by means of the `scepter` of he who rules on her behalf before she leaves Earth to spread her `seed` amongst the stars in heaven. Thereafter she won`t be seen by men. The ruler hid her because men would kill her if they could. She`s their nemesis. The end of their enslaving and devouring ring of evil.


1 Cf. Paris Hilton`s Stars Are Blind (2006).




3 A confidence trickster's assistant,



Cage, Gee! Bee

01/01/2012 15:32

Cage, Gee! Bee



Miley Cyrus is an American pop superstar. For her song Can`t Be Tamed, her video advisers give her the character of a `shill`, to announce her:

`Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the museum. Tonight we are proud to reveal our greatest exhibit yet. A creature so rare it was believed to be extinct. Well tonight we shall see. In captivity for the first time, the rarest creature on Earth. Ladies and gentlemen!  Avis Cyrus!` He`s a stereotypical British Oxbridge Communist traitor from the Soviet era who calmly explains that she`s a captured `museum piece`, and that he`s working for the KGB, because Miley Cyrus is `bird flu` and she`ll be exterminated in her cage, whatever she may be able to achieve in terms of her continuing development as an `old bird`.



 The subject is death and rebirth, that is, reincarnation, and resurrection. According to tradition, Jesus and Satan are brothers. This is because whoever wins is Satan to the loser, and so Jesus is whoever is losing (to Satan). According to tradition, Jesus was unmarried. But Jesus would be Satan if he had. Because he would have won a bride from a father:


`Forgive them Lord for they know not what they do.`


 To lose is to be Jesus, because Satan is whoever wins. Women don`t want to be married at all. In Shakespeare, to `marry` means to know, and men don`t want to know them either. All of Shakespeare`s plays were originally performed by men with the exclusion of women from the stage, which gives an additional insight into Shakespeare`s genius as a playwright, and explains why he`s so interested in gender issues. Some critics believe that the `dark lady` of Shakespeare`s sonnets is a man,  which only reflects upon how deep the problem is. In Shakespeare`s day all parts were played by men, so the logical assumption would be that all parts could have been played by women, which is even more understandable if we know that Woman is a species because she has a penis of her own. In that scenario men are an alien parasitical virus that uses her as a `host womb` and Shakespeare`s Elizabethan stage is where they symbolically stop her from developing her role.



 In Shakespeare In Love, Gwyneth Paltrow is the love interest which, according to 17th century England, is a man`s part. The history of art, civilization and culture may be construed as `scene stealing` in which Woman, the producer of the product, that is, the visible signs of anything, has her scenes with herself stolen.  Woman is at war for the Earth`s development, and has been for eons. In terms of war and plague, which are the harbingers of destruction (war causes famine), Woman`s developed Earth is consistently KO`d, like Robin Givens by Mike Tyson.



 In Much Ado About Nothing, Hero is the woman who is called faithless, because a man pretends to be her in the arms of someone else before her wedding. In Shakespeare`s 17th century England even Hero would`ve been a man on stage, so it`s about the impossibility of a woman being faithful because she`s a species with her own penis, which is why men excluded her in Shakespeare`s time.  Woman`s a hero because she isn`t in the competition, like Jesus, who was crucified because he`d centre stage for Woman.



 Miley Cyrus, in Can`t Be Tamed, is an American superstar that, consciously or unknowingly, embraces the death of her species. She plays the reincarnated role, which is that of death and rebirth, and so the bird in the cage is worth two, if an earlier incarnation of herself, accepting the teachings of Jesus, had Redemption and Resurrection. To those who want enslavement and devourment for Woman as alien parasitical viruses that are men who use her as a host womb in order to destroy her and her product, that is, civilizationsn, Can`t Be Tamed is an invitation to snuff her heaven, which is a betrayal of her and her species. Inadvertently, or otherwise, Miley`s work in Can`t Be Tamed is for the British KGB.



 Because men are an alien parasitical organism that seeks to propogate itself by means of the host womb that is Woman, Miley Cyrus is portrayed here as `bird flu`, that is, she flies from the cage in order to develop, but she`ll be devoured by men because they`re viral, whereas she`s a species. That`s what men are for. Her cage in Can`t Be Tamed, is a symbol of a bird `flown` - from the KGB.



 In Revelation, the red dragon waits to devour the child of the woman that`ll hide her upon the Earth `til she`s ready to leave and propogate her species amongst the stars in heaven. Men are the red dragon. In old Soviet Communist terms, they`re for devouring the stars of the United States of America, and Miley as a woman is a star in heaven, if she has Redemption and Resurrection, but is her own enemy if she accepts snuffing herself out - as the video maker of Can`t Be Tamed is presupposing.



Alexander Solzhenitsyn was the Russian writer that wrote of his experiences in The Gulag Archepelago, which was his euphemism for the `Chief Administration of Corrective Labour Camps`: `The word archipelago compares the system of labor camps spread across the Soviet Union with a vast "chain of islands", known only to those who were fated to visit them.`1 But also to those who knew they were there, and what they were for. From this perspective, Hollywood is an archipelago to those who know what they`re for. The stars aren`t worked to death, because they know that they`re born to parents. Consequently, they`ve always been born. However, if they`ve been born, then the likelihood is that they`ve been born before, on the karmic wheel of reincarnation, so each of them has a man, who is a father, and that`s where Jesus wins and Woman can`t lose. If she wins with Jesus, she doesn`t have a father on Earth. Because fathers keep them on the karmic wheel of death and rebirth. In order to win, she has to accept God rather than a man, and understand that a woman with a penis is a species and men aren`t, and so she`ll never have a man in God.



If Woman has Resurrection and Redemption, it`s because she doesn`t have a man as a parent. Men`re equivalent to what Communism was described as in the 50s, a hive mentality of bees. Woman`s illusion is that men`re individuals, whereas she is. If men breed her, then all of her are individualities, but she`s not Woman as a species because she`s in parasitism. Woman that has Resurrection and Redemption would be her own species, without men. Men are her virus, so she`s for death; unless Woman can be a true parent and help her to escape from men, who breed her for slave labour and endlessly painful reincarnations.



 If Woman can be bred, then that`s what men want her for. Miley Cyrus` video is the observation that, if Miley, were to be bred as a species without a parent, that is, Woman, then that`s what she`d be for. Men enslave and devour `God`s producer and product`, that is, Woman, through their `play games` system of: `Can she escape us?` This is depicted in Revelation as the woman who, `hidden` and protected by the New Redeemer, survives their plague and leaves for the stars in heaven where, sowing her seed, she prepares to fight and win against men, which are called Satan there. But it`s perspectival. Effectively, Woman is Satan to men, because she`s Jesus` teachings.



 Satan, Jesus` brother, was never expected to leave Earth. That`s why Jesus is Satan from men`s perspective, because they tortured him to death and Woman is not their species; they only keep her for breeding purposes: perhaps for table meat or snuff movies. Hidden, in Revelation, she does leave Earth; to sow her `seed`.



If Woman was `in` with men, she`d live as their `server`, but Woman`d be a `failed` species. The many eyes of the peacock`s tail that Miley wears in Can`t Be Tamed are the eyes of Woman. It`s supposed to be `unlucky` to wear peacock`s feathers, but that`s the tale. The eyes of the peacock`s fan are the lying eyes of the men that are for farming Woman for snuff.  Or they`re the eyes of Woman as a species that would protect her from men`s eyes, so that she`d be a `hidden` Woman of Revelation, protected by the New Redeemer until, leaving Earth, she`d have Resurrection and could sow her `seed` forever amongst the stars there, rather than allow herself to be bred, and accept being `in` as a coward.



 The mistake Woman makes is to feel superior to each other, because men say men are superior when they`re with women, and so men`re `shills` organizing a `competition` for superior women to be with inferior viruses, rather than with other superior women. It`s the illusion of competition that is men`s perpetuated evil. Jesus wins because he loses, and because Woman is a species she can`t be in competition with men - who are a virus - for anything other than to escape from being warred against. For Woman it isn`t a competition, where that`s understood as `sport` or `game`, because those who are `plague aims` want her death, and rebirth in endless reincarnations of slavery and pain.



 There is a challenge for Woman with herself as a social being; `role play games` that reduce the `plague aims`, that is, men as a virus, while she`s here on Earth. On one level, Miley Cyrus` Can`t Be Tamed is a `role play game` in which she functions as Woman`s `double agent`. Effectively, she`s communicating what men are for. The danger for a pop star is `crossover`, that is, betraying Woman`s species` position, which Lady Gaga`s Judas acknowledges.



 Men aren`t social beings, because they`re not, contrary to mainstream thinking, individual egos. They`re a parasitical group mind seeking to enslave and devour a host – Woman - and art, civilization and culture is what they consume. That`s why cancer was called `consumption` in the nineteenth century because, from men as a virus` point of view, that`s what Woman is for.



Miley would have to seek the preservation and protection of Woman as a species, rather than have herself bred for extinction, if she were to be considered a heroine of the real United States of America. Can`t Be Tamed says she`s resistant, but in the last frames of the video she returns to her cage in defiant resignation.



 Recently, in the United Kingdom, a Florida based company was lauded for using each body in a  crematorium to power the equivalent of 1,500 televisions for one hour each day.2 Presumably, in response to the `cage` GB`s perception that Miley Cyrus should be extinct. Why bother with Redemption and Resurrection when you can power up a few thousand televisions by emulating Auschwitz and Belsen? The holocaust of living, as it were - hell as we know it.



 Woman`s perspective is false insofar as a young girl, reborn on the karmic wheel of death and rebirth,  may be forced to accept bad advice. Miley believes that men are her species, whereas they`re a virus and, in Can`t Be Tamed, they`ve turned the tables by presenting her as `bird flu`, that is, a virus, whereas they`re the equivalent of AIDS monkeys. It`s all about perspective. Woman can only escape from men`s perspective upon her as the host of their parasitism, by adopting the perspective that men are her enemies, and fighting them – as enemies. That`s why there`s war in heaven with her `seed` after she leaves, according to Revelation, because the stars here are being `trained` to sniff out signs of themselves there, which is species` treachery – by proxy - and can only be avoided if war is declared here:


`I do declare.`



Scarlett O` Hara in Gone With The Wind, or was it Vivienne Leigh`s secession from slavery?






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06/03/2014 16:33
Robin Hood Is Britney Spears` Criminal   The bow and arrow features in Britney Spears` video CD single, `Criminal`, directed by Julian Londano from the album Femme Fatale (2011), and the allusion is to the legendary English folk hero, Robin Hood, who was the dispossessed nobleman of the...

Atomic Hooper Impression: Britney Spears` Want Tom Reality in `Oops I Did It Again`

17/02/2014 21:14
Atomic Hooper Impression: Britney Spears` Want Tom Reality in `Oops I Did It Again`   Sense of humour isn`t thought usually to be a function of consciousness. In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) there are four functions of consciousness; Thinking, (ear) Sensation...

Hot Gossip featuring Sarah Brightman`s Starship Trooper And Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again

27/01/2014 09:23
Hot Gossip featuring Sarah Brightman`s Starship Trooper And Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again     Britney Spears` `Oops I Did It Again` (2000) video single features a traditional Apollo style astronaut on Mars. Although there`s no visible space vehicle, `Mission Control` can be...
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