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Chimp Pansy`s; the Apes of Satan: On Her Majesty`s Secret Service - Her Rapes and Her AIDS.

01/01/2012 11:49

Chimp Pansy`s; the Apes of Satan: On Her Majesty`s Secret Service - Her Rapes and Her AIDS


Visitors to England notice all of the newspapers write about three subjects; pedophiles, homosexuals, and the Special Air Service (1941-) or the acronym that is universally understood there: the SAS. It`s understood everywhere that secretaries understand that they`re women and are therefore not pedophiles or homosexuals, but secretly the SAS; which is understood by everybody: they are all secretly the SAS and not homosexuals or pedophiles.


 Eastern Europe doesn`t have the West`s obsessions, which are terrorizing themselves with their infantile fears, and presenting `super chimp` as the image that the actual power, that is, the monied pedophile homosexual sado-masochists, Satanism, want us to perceive as men. Richie Madonna, the director, and Vinny Leeds, the strongarm thug, are prototypical sadistic masochists created by the sadist homosexual elitism that is British upper middle class and a large part of the aristocracy, who play `the game` with the aspiring, until the monkeys expire at the public bars.


 English directors and actors want to `make it big` in Hollywood to escape from the English system of sadistic homosexuals that behave sadistically towards everyone else on the understanding that they`re not pedophiles, which of course they are. Hating humans and shunning children, the sadistic homosexual pedophiles are in the democratic tradition of ancient Greece where the women were enslaved host wombs in institutionalized homosexuality and pederasty for the spreading of men`s contagion of war. `Love your neighbor` (Matt: 22. 39) Jesus tells us in the Bible, but `suffer the children to come unto me` (Matt: 19.14) is interpreted in English as homosexual encouragement to torture the kids.


 Despite homosexuality`s endeavoring to convince the humans and children they`re not pedophiles, despite their sado-masochistic homosexual pederasty with its chimp `pansy` veneer, by the late 20th century homosexuality in pederasty had developed the incurable killer disease of HIV/AIDS as its `biological weapon` with men mixing blood, shit and semen in each others` anuses in mockery of human sexual reproduction. Scientists postulated that the HIV/AIDS virus came from monkeys, which accords with scripture: `You shall crush the head of Satan with your foot, although he shall bruise your heel.` (Gen: 3. 15) Eve`s `foot` is the futanarian human race of women with their own penis` semen. Satan was the angel who rejected God`s plan that humans would be greater than the angels, while Jesus was born uncontaminated by male semen from his mother, the Virgin Mary, as a prefiguration of the Resurrection and Ascension of `woman`s seed` to heaven, that is, HIV/AIDS comes from monkeys because men are what homosexuality is.


(You Drive Me) Crazy, a member of Hollywood`s aristo-crazy withstanding the pressures through her art


 In Hungarian, `sas` is a word pronounced `sha-ash` and it means `eagle`. Thought of by the English as their secret training center, the Hungarians don`t think the same. Special Air Service (SAS) is a religious term for the spirit of God, and it was Jesus who said that, after his death, a `Holy Spirit` would come to teach humankind, that is, Eternal Woman, who is the Shekinah, and it is she who is written of in the Song of Songs as the personification of wisdom, `My mother's sons were angry with me; they made me caretaker of the vineyards, But I have not taken care of my own vineyard.` (Songs: 1. 6) Wisdom is the woman who hasn`t yet sown her own `seed`. Eternal woman dwells in the place where God`s law is kept (Ex: 40.35), because she represents Jesus` teaching to `woman`s seed`:


 `Love your neighbor as you love yourself.` (Mk: 12. 31)


 Woman is the law of God, and so the Roman guard, Longinus, is depicted as cutting open the side of Jesus after he was taken to the hill of Calvary outside the city of Jerusalem as a `dissident` during the Roman occupation of Palestine and nailed upon a cross of wood. As the `Second Adam`, who was the first man in the paradise of Eden where Satan gave Eve the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, which was death, Jesus would have Eve by his side. Consequently, Longinus` cutting open the side of Jesus, where the `Second Eve` should be, was accompanied by his declaration, `Surely, this was the son of God.` (Matt: 27. 54)  Before Jesus` death, Resurrection and Ascension, the Messiah said that the `Holy Spirit` would be upon the Earth as the guide to Redemption, which requires that men stop monkeying around and spreading HIV/AIDS to humans:


`Men cursed the God of heaven with their pains and their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11) 


Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager


 The concept that an individual can be multiple is the nature of `woman`s seed`, which is why the `Holy Spirit` is depicted as the teacher of everyone, because Eve`s `seed` was enslaved by ape men in homosexuality and pederasty`s wars: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) Jesus` Resurrection prefigures women`s liberation from the biology war against the ape. Consequently, the Special Air Service is the spirit of futanarian woman still endeavoring to save `super chimp` before she tends her own vineyard:


`But like a monkey on your back you need it.

But do you love it enough to leave it ...`1


 Phil Collins` lyrics to `Man On The Corner`, from the album Three Sides Live (1982), are a serenade to homosexuality in pederasty`s special AIDS service, because muscly males with bodies formed for ascending through the bars are what British society is.  The monkeys are on each others` backs, because that`s how they got where they are, and that`s how the HIV/AIDS virus got where it is too. 


 Where eating, drinking, and sexual reproduction takes place is what civilization and culture has through human nature and science. Homosexuality and pederasty is adulteration, that is, taking a woman from her own side, which is what the biblical story of Eve emerging from the side of Adam to be tempted from his side by Satan teaches. Longinus` cutting open of the side of Jesus after his death, because the Romans didn`t want the `Holy Spirit` of the `Second Eve` to preach to humanity against the male brained Empire of pederasty and war, was an attempt to kill the Shekinah and so end Jesus` teaching.


 Satan, transformed by God into a serpent in the Bible, cursed Eve to death in ephemerality through generations of Satan`s poisons, that is, boy`s sons, by tempting her to reject the `tree of life`, which was immortality, saying `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) God told the serpent there`d be `enmity` between its `seed` and the woman`s (Gen: 3.15). Irredeemable men have poison `seed`, because ape men enslave futanarian humanity in ephemerality and ignorance for war`s devouring. 


 Men, as defined, are not human, and are the evil enemies of God. who would replace the `Holy Spirit` with the homosexuality in pederasty and war. The Gulf war was Saddam masochism rather than sado-masochism in homosexuality and pederasty`s `rough trade`, which is why the Al Qaeda terrorists operating out of Afghanistan chose the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, to crash hijacked civil airliners into. Iraq`s leader Saddam Hussein`s offer of bases Al Qaeda, `the base`, was Saddam masochism, that is, homosexuality in pederasty`s valence, which resulted in the deposing of Hussein and the reestablishing of sado-masochism between Christian and Moslem males in homosexuality and pederasty`s war.


 To sado-masochists, Jesus is theirs, because his torture and death is what they`re for. This is Satanism and the sado-masochist endeavors to put the Christian into the unendurable eternal pain reserved for the Satanist by having the Christian identify Jesus` pain and suffering with Resurrection, Ascension and heaven. Because hell is the reward of sado-masochism, teaching `self-harming` is Satanism, but Christianity encourages it by preaching that Jesus was tortured to death to redeem humanity.



 Sadism is about torturing women with their loss of futanarian `woman`s seed`, that is, their own penis` semen and host wombs for the sexual reproduction of their own brains` powers for liberation from slavery to ape men. God was incarnate as Eve to be Adam`s image of God, but Adam`s progeny were men, women, and futanarian women, which meant that Adam didn`t want God because, as the serpent knew they would be, futanarian women were rejected by men in favor of host womb slavery in parasitism and that`s why succumbing to the temptation of the serpent meant death for the human race. Jesus` torture is that of woman`s futanarian spirit, because the parasites have stolen women`s penis` semen. For sadists, children are easier. Consequently, maintaining ignorance ensures that homosexuality in pederasty and war prevails and the children remain the victims of a sadist that wants to torture the woman`s futanarian spirit.


 Miley Cyrus (1992-) was given the birth names Hope and Destiny. Like Britney Spears (1982-) and Christina Aguilera (1984-), whose name derives from the Spanish, `águila`, that is, `eagle`, the names Hope and Destiny are mythic. Beyoncé Knowles (1981-) was with the female black pop group, Destiny`s Children (1997-2006), and the motif of Manifest Destiny, that is, the fulfilment of the American Dream through `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, informs the age of Christianity through the Spear of Longinus in the side of Christ, which was thereafter known as the `Spear of Destiny`, because it represented the liberation of Jesus` futanarian spirit as the teacher of humanity.



 Men prefer the adulterate `game` of taking a woman from her side to poison, that is, boy son, the spirit of God. It is the ape men`s `game` of torturing the human spirit. Upon the cross of the cover for her CD single, `Piece Of Me`, Britney Spears is the symbol of Manifest Destiny, because she represents the woman emerged from the side of Jesus through Longinus` Spear of Destiny, while Miley Cyrus` names, Hope and Destiny, and Beyoncé Knowles` Destiny`s Children develop the theme. As the `eagle`, Christina Aguilera represents the Great Seal of the authority of the President of the United States of America:


`The woman was given the two wings of a great eagle, so that she might fly to the place prepared for her in the wilderness, where she would be taken care of for a time, times and half a time, out of the serpent's reach.` (Rev: 12. 14)

 Although Moslems are depicted by Christianity as non-Christians, the four wives that are permissible in Islam means women can sexually reproduce with each other within the family, which is what Jesus` birth uncontaminated by male semen recommends. The eagle of the Great Seal of the United States of America represents the defense of `woman`s seed`, and the `hidden` women of the desert beneath the one-piece coverall of their burka, worn in public, and from which only their eyes can be seen, represent the futanarian sisters of the Christian women, who`re taught they`re not there.