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Plague Aims

01/01/2012 12:35

Plague Aims


The beginning of life in a new era was that of the 21st Century. The previous century was a troubled epoch and, in the latter stages, was concerned with AIDS and other viruses, including those of computers and their `software`. One of the more promising developments of the 20th century was that of virtual reality and a relaunching of an old technology, that is, 3-D. It is a move away from flat cardboard caricature in media visuals toward an ‘interactive software’ that is `real` in terms of its relation to the senses.

The danger, of course, is that one becomes dehumanized.  Watvhing the Gulf War (1990-91) on TV while cheering  the American A10 `tank buster` jets, they strafed the Iraqi columns fleeing Kuwait city and, later, the `bunker busters` (the Tornado jets  with their `smart` bombs and heat-seeker guided missiles)  buried thousands of Iraqi soldiers in their subterranean desert strongholds. Similarly, the Iraqis were gassed with poison while they awaited activation by their military commanders inside huge underground shelters that became their tombs.

 Now knowledge is transferred to activities and pastimes in which we play games that have as their goal the `murder` of  those meant to be perceived as `real`. Taught to think it is skillful, there’s a difference between being inside a tank and an addict addicted to games` systems used to instant replays. Although here’s only get one chance to knock out a tank of Saddam Hussein`s (1932-2006) Republican Guard with your own, the suggestion that it’s training for a soldier by playing games with `lives` in Mortal Kombat (1992), for example, is an evil delusion. Lives cannot instantly be replaced. They are irreplaceably precious and suggesting that they are not is a `plague aims` system in itself; the idea that murder is fun because it isn`t `real`. The delusion is that the film can be rewound and no one gets hurt: this is a `plague aims` virus.

 It is the notion that games can be replayed which gives the player the illusion of omnipotence. God is and gamesters are not. It leads to psychopathic behavior to think so. In reality it is not possible for a murdered victim to be resurrected by `rewind`, as it were. Gaming is, therefore, closely related to what plagues us in the 21st century and may be thought of as the `plague aims systems`. There are plagues amongst us and they are being deliberately aimed. Just as hackers terrorize computers and their operators while our A10 virus buster counterinsurgents attempt to deal with their threats, so a disease like AIDS or even a `simple` addiction such as poisoning oneself with cancer-inducing cigarette smoking also has its perceivable `plague aim` goal.

 AIDS is a homosexuals` disease and is incurable. According to Christian fundamentalism it is God`s punishment upon those who would prefer sterility and non-production to creativity and development.  It is a poison that has monkeys as its origin. It can be contracted through blood, urine, shit and semen: originally, from the anus and, presumably, from AIDS monkeys. In Christian iconography, Satan is the ape of God. The Book of Revelation presents `plague aims` as the reasons for God`s punishing of evil (Rev: 16.2). Saddam Hussein is sometimes associated with the `beast` of Revelation and incurred the wrath of the United States for his `rape of Kuwait`. In biblical terms, Kuwait represents the Earth while the Iraqi soldiers (and later the Taliban) are raids upon her and the USA. Her apes and her AIDS, that is.

 It is interesting that smoking is not allowed in public places any longer or - especially – movies: because it is poison. It is also a euphemism for murder by means of firearms: a sublimation, as it were, of the desire to produce death from fire. Ground tobacco is snuff and the title of the Mike Myers` movie The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999) refers to `shag` as a slang term for coitus with a woman without love. It is also a term for raw tobacco. First `shag`, `snuff` later. One who `smokes` another person `snuffs`. An individual therefore carries a cigarette in order to indicate that they are subconsciously - or even consciously - killers (even of themselves). In short, smoking is forbidden because it is evil. Movies do not encourage it and neither do movie theatres. It symbolizes `snuff` films. Television in the USA recently reintroduced smoking as a theme in Madmen (2007-) and, in my opinion, that was evil . The preoccupation with killing in mainstream movies is a concomitant evil. In the movie Mr and Mrs Smith (2005), Brangelina (symbolic of Angelina and Brad`s creaturely oneness in God) spend their time trying to murder each other and they are known as the epitomy of the successfully married couple in Hollywood.

 The problem is a simple one. Mainstream fiction and reality presents `smoking` as evil but glamorous. The missing ingredient in mainstream movies is, of course, the penis. Euphemistically known throughout the latter part of the 20th century as the `love gun`, one squirt and it`s over. As indeed it is for the murdered. Similarly, one bullet was all it took before Saddam was `over` at his hanging in Baghdad. Ironically, it is the nature of a hanging that one ejaculates before death. Saddam was therefore murdered after being found possessing an erection. Irrespective of feelings about Saddam`s execution, homosexuals are men and that explains why the penis is not to be found expressing itself in Hollywood mainstream. They are concerned with murdering and that is why movies are full of killings and `saving the woman for later`. She, however, only represents the `smoking` that comes after coitus. It is the `smoking` that occurs to effect coitus interruptus that is the craze in `snuff movies` of the Mr and Mrs Smith variety in which the `actors` murder one another while they are having sex.

 `Black lung` is what cancer victims are said to have and, in the Book of Revelation, the `black beast` is described; `let he that hath understanding understand, the number of the beast is the number of a man and his number is six hundred three score and six`. (Rev: 13 17-18) In other words, 666 or sick sick sick(s). If the metaphor is applied, then 666 is cig, cig, cig(s). It is the poison in the system that produces sterility and death, which suggests that smoking and homosexuality are linked. It is neither amusing nor daring to observe that, in Russian, `smoking` is fellatio. It suggests that cigarettes are for homosexuals because they would prefer sucking on their own penises which aren`t long enough and they can`t reach them so turn to each other instead - as equally they prefer anal sex to reproduction or, in fact, any development. Prisons - or `joints` in American - are places where homosexuality is rife, and so are cockroaches. A definition for `roach` is the `hard remnant after a joint`: the homosexual`s penis is a `cock roach` (`smoking` in Russian as it were). It is what is left after the `smoking`; paradoxically the `hard remnant` which no longer wants the woman.

 Because fellatio is Russian for `smoking`, this suggests that woman represents `smoking` for homosexuals and, `smoking` is a euphemism for murder with firearms. The correlation is that the homosexually transmitted disease AIDS is a `plague aim`, in biblical terms, of the `beast`. It is the aim of the bullet upon which is bitten, as it were. Despite accepting toIerance as a Christian principle, homosexuality is in fact evil. Simply because woman can be a victim of it and it is not a main theme for her. She is concerned with good product, development. `I`m a smoker` is, therefore, a phrase that can be seen as a virus. It was William Burroughs` (1914-97) argument in The Soft Machine (1961) and elsewhere that language was a virus which is spoken. Eventually he foresaw, humans would be the virus that spoke a language. `I`m a smoker,` means `I am a cold-blooded killer,` but the individual taken over by the homosexual virus that is the linguistic equivalent of AIDS may not understand it until it has become a murderer: then the virus has won. The poison menace`s (boy-son-men-is-us) `play games system` of the PC consoles involve and include what is forbidden in theatres or movies: `smoking` as indiscriminate callous murder and as a learned principle. Men promote poison, that is, `smoking`. Is, then, the murder of woman only a `byproduct` of the `cancer stick`? Not if it’s understood as the cancer`s dick. Paying a murderer is making a `contract` in Slangland. In medical circles, becoming HIV is `contracting AIDS`. In a heterosexual partnering, this has been construed as `collateral damage` from `friendly fire`, but Satan is clever: woman is the enemies of God`s real target, the `plague` aim` of the biological AIDS virus as an overall systems virus that includes thought, language, behavior - and machine technology. If you hinder it, you are with God. If you assist it, you are Satanists.

 In Greek the word for Christ is `Ix`. Therefore the cure for the cancer that is poison is, in Christian terms, Ix Ix Ix:  the New Redeemer produced in Revelation by `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. (Rev: 12.1) The birth of the child is threatened by a dragon that seeks to devour it but the child is nevertheless born. It is Ix Ix Ix, the numberlessness of the Paraclete that is the Holy Spirit which is present as the `teacher` of humanity after the Ascension in which Jesus is depicted leaving the Earth and returning to God. As Jesus says in the Bible `I am the way and the truth and the life.` (John: 14. 6) Jesus is also the `narrow door` (Luke: 13. 24), which suggests that men have to give up their poison if they are to be with God and immortal.

 In Animal Farm (1945) by George Orwell (1903-1950), the pigs are the spiritual guides and Squealer is their propagandist. When it is suggested that the pigs are wrong in keeping all the apples and milk, that they are breaking the Commandments, Squealer explains that it is necessary for the health of all that the milk and apples are taken by the pigs, who are unselfishly taking them, and that the evil Satan shall return if they do not take them. Squealer has a persuasive demeanor and he re-interprets facts. In short, he represents the perception that, if men return, the pigs will be slaughtered for meat, that is, is allegorically the pigs are women and children as ’meat product’. Is humanity a pig breeder? For those who’d betray humanity and feed upon its flesh are cannibals; the pimps of Satan.

 In the Bible the serpent is told: `You will eat dust all the days of your life.` (Gen: 3.14) This is because of its treachery. Abraham is told: `I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth` (Gen: 16). Men are the evil enemies of God. Here God warns of them as cannibals that would devour the `seed` of Abraham.  It is Abraham that God orders to sacrifice his second son, Isaac.  Abraham takes Isaac and is about to sacrifice him atop a mountain when God tells him not to. Abraham is to sacrifice a ram instead. It is a simple illustration. Obey God. God exterminates the disobedient. In Islam the event is celebrated in the Eid, a feast celebrating the mercy of God. Note that they celebrate God`s mercy to Isaac, from whom the Jews are descended, and not Ishmael, from whom the Moslems are descended through the Prophet Mohammed. (ca. 570/71 – 632), to whom the Angels of God are said to have dictated the Koran (610-32 CE), the Moslem `Bible`, as it were. The USA is replete with Moslems and it would be well for her to understand that the Moslems believe in Jesus and the Jews do not. According to Moslems, belief in Jesus is Moslem. The evil enemies of God are men who would seek to create strife where none exists, because they are sadists. God tells Abraham - and Isaac - obey. Later Moses is given the Commandments of God and is told - obey. Jesus tells them the same, and offers redemption if they do. God will save them, and if they obey God shall save them because God is omnipotent and has the power so to do. If they disobey, men shall experience unendurable eternal pain forever. This is the hell that God has promised them if they are evil. The Koran tells them the same and so does every other good book. The tomb of Abraham in Mecca, the Ka’ Ba, is the center of the Islamic Faith, and Abraham is the `father of Israel`, and therefore of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. It is perceivable as a Trinity and a Unity.

 It is a tradition in Islam and Judaism that the pig is, respectively, haraam or `unclean`. In matriarchy’s, like Judaism, one cannot be born a Jew unless one`s mother is; that is, woman is Jewish and no one else. Consequently, the taboo is designed to make the ’meat product’ enticing. Death, as objectively described, is a disease; it`s not an illness: men kill and they are the disease. Woman is murdered in snuff films or `smoked`. She is raw tobacco or `shag` and visibly ground down at the male chauvinist pig’s (MCP’s) snuff mill. 10% of the income of church congregations are `tithe`, based on the money paid out in The Old Testament to the tribe of Levi by the Israelites for upkeep of the Tabernacle, wherein the Ark of the Covenant with God was kept, that is, the promise of God’s protection, whereas in modernity it’s mafiosa `protection` money; pay or you`re `smoked bacon`: snuffed.

 Immortal women live a long time and produce much flesh. Murdering them in heaven above amongst the stars in order to return them to the womb of the Earth is megabucks. Murder is a means of silencing those who know. Remembering is, therefore, anathema to the evil. In the Bible, men who are the evil enemies of God are described as `faggots`. They are `dead wood`, and are not remembered, that is, they are forgotten by God and consigned to unendurable eternal pain forever. That is why cigs (666) are also `fags` and, incidentally, why the remains are called a `butt`: it refers to the anus and buttocks of the AIDS victims, who are now dying, or effectively `smoked`, because of men`s disease. It is a projected reification of evil to define woman as `pig` by her-apes and her-raids; her rapes and their AIDS. The apes of Satan seek to be the pig-stickers of woman’s seed. Similarly, she’s expected to be ’forgot’ by the `faggots`.

 Resurrection is a tradition in the Middle East, and Christ is a part also. Egyptian mythology is about how Set, the Evil One, dismembers Osiris, the son of Ra, until Isis collects all of the parts and re-members Osiris who is resurrected as Horus, the sky god.1 In Christianity it is Christ who is crucified and returns to God in the Ascension. Catholics incorporate the Assumption of the Virgin into their theology and she acts as an Intercessor or mediatrix in the way that Isis functions in the Egyptian myth. Interestingly, Osiris` rebirth is difficult because Isis cannot find the penis and needs to fashion one anew. The sky goddess in the myth is Nut, pronounced `new`, and consequently the penis of Nut is what Osiris receives as her sky god complement, Horus. It is, as it were, the redemption factor alluded to in Revelation. Woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` produces the New Redeemer. It is the penis renewed, as it were. Logos, the Word of God (as well as the Sword when needed) tempered by Eros, the female principle as love.

 The virgin is a symbol. In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) woman`s animus is male, that is, her spirit. According to Jungian psychology the male animus is `opinionated`, but this is necessary if the woman is to have a picture of her role, which she is taught to believe is about reproduction – and isn`t. It is a common belief that every woman takes her opinions from her man, but this is not true. According to Jung, a woman`s animus sees itself as surrounded by men of whom she is their center of attention and focus. An innocent woman views this as her `charm` but an experienced woman understands that these are her predators. She is their victim: the star of their `snuff` movie ambitions. Moreover, she is their opinion of her; they reflect her animus and she consequently shares their opinion of her worthlessness. Contrariwise, if a man shows her considerateness, she will be of the opinion that he is worthless; because other men say so. However, it is their opinion of themselves, otherwise they wouldn`t be projecting their shadows onto her, that is, the need to see their own inferiority in the `weaker sex`.

 Jung argues that man`s soul is the anima and is female.2 Every woman corresponds to the anima and she is developmental both in reproductive and spiritual terms – as a muse, for example.  In the Bible the virgin represents the woman who gives birth to Jesus, that is, God incarnate. In the Assumption, she is the actualized animus, the woman`s developed opinion. The Virgin is not a sexual being and she is therefore ideal for defense. In short, she is woman who has penetrated the deception and has discovered that reproduction and development are a lie. In other words, the developed animus is not fooled by sexual determinism but perceives that men are the evil enemies of God. The Virgin is, then, symbolically the exterminator of the vermin collective that calls itself men. She is not a sexual being. She is an exocet missile.

 The Glory of God, in Judeo-Christian (and Islamic) tradition, is the Shekinah, the beauties of whom are written of in The Song of Songs. She is the eternal feminine throughout history, the soul of Adam and God incarnate in woman (Eve and her daughters), as it were. She is reproduction, nutrition, nurturing, progress, development, and achievement: civilization and culture in fact. However, who is to protect her? Not men, the evil enemies of God: obviously.  That is why God `assumes` the Virgin. She is a necessary component in the divine scheme of things, the Exterminator that has no interest in anything other than the protection of what she has achieved as a Creatrix alongside God, the Creator.

 Saddam Hussein was defeated in the Gulf by, amongst other devices, Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from the deck of the battleship USS New Jersey. It is a part of Egyptian mythology that Horus` rebirth is watched over by a mighty hawk, and it is a tradition amongst the Americans that it is the Tomahawk of the United Nations of the North American Plains` Indians that is known as the `war hammer` that the Presidents of the United States take into their hand (as happened when the US declared war on global terrorism) when `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` is threatened, that is, the American Dream as Manifest Destiny.

 The `blue bird of happiness` is also a part of American folklore: it appears in Song of the South (1946) which stars Louis Armstrong (1901-1971), a blues` musician and singer. The blues are supposedly about suffering, particularly that of black Americans in bondage. The blue bird of happiness therefore represents the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, that is, `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. However, people can be made to accept anything if they have the `blue bird of happiness`. They are always happy so their possession of it can be a curse. This is what Saddam and the terrorists on 9/11 in 2000 believed, and Hitler (1889-1945) and Brezhnev (1906-1982) before them. The USA is happy and will not disturb itself over us. However, in order to fulfil the Dream and the Destiny, to obtain happiness freedom is needed. God is good, and therefore happiness is God. Saddam sought to make the world a damned sad place, so he was killed for the sake of the Dream: God is our Destiny.

 In biblical terms the New Redeemer is becoming visible. It is another tradition of the United States – a part of their folklore - that there is a `black boy` belonging to the Whitehouse and that, like the mythical Arthur who appears `at need` to defend Wales in her darkest hour in English legend, the `black boy` is responsible for initiating those actions that are necessary and in accordance with the fulfilling of the Will of God that is America`s Dream and Destiny.  Barack Obama (1961-), whose father is a Muslim from Africa, is symbolically the `black boy in the Whitehouse` who, armed against the Taliban in Afghanistan and elsewhere where terrorism sought to prevail, watches over the birth of the New Age, like a hawk of God.  Obama is the bridge between Judeo-Christianity and Islam, which represents multiplicity in Faith in God.

 Tolerance is a virtue, but God obviously destroyed Sodom because God doesn`t accept sterility as good. Satan is defeated and the evil enemies of God, the homosexual vermin that seek sterility over creation, are exterminated. God is omnipotent good, the Summum bonum in Catholicism, and therefore superior. Inferiority is, then, evil and homosexuals shouldn`t be. This is the Will of God according to the Bible.

 The other city that received extinction was Gomorrah (Deut: 29. 22-23) and was probably exterminated because of BDSM, a society based on the sexual themes of bondage, dominance (obedience), sadism and masochism. In The New Testament `the meek shall inherit the Earth` (Matt: 5.5) and Christ is `strongest when weakest`. Gomorrah was probably destroyed because it represented a perversion of marriage, that is, marriage (bondage), obedience (dominance), strength  (sadism) and passive humility (masochism). In the Bible Christ is described as `the bride of the Church` (Rev: 19. 7-9; 21. 1-2). It is strong but a bride is soft. In God it isn’t required that sadism is accepted. Christ is perceived by the sadists as a victim and as a recipe for their modus operandi. They do not see that Christ represents the acceptance of God who is good rather than masochism and, consequently, not an invitation to practice sadism.

`Why hast Thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27: 46) is Jesus` cry from the cross to God in his extremity.  The Roman soldier present at the death says: `Surely this was the son of God.` (Mk: 15: 39) As God is One, then Jesus is One with God and God feels his death. Sadists therefore seek to practice the murder of God. It is similar to Sophie`s Choice (1982) in which Meryl  Streep (1949-) has to decide whether to keep either her daughter or her son when the Nazis explain that one of them is to die in the extermination camp . She is a Jewess and so the choice is a simple one. She protects God, that is, the matrilineal line. One can only be a Jew if one is born from a woman, that is, the Creator. The Nazis are sadists. However, men are already looking for their next victim - woman. In some ways Sophie`s choice is viewed as a humanitarian act on the part of the Nazis; but it is an `act`: a pretense.

 `Women and children first!` was the cry as the `unsinkable` SS Titanic went down after being holed by a giant iceberg in 1911. It meant that they were to beak saved in the lifeboats and the men would go down with the ship. The better part of the tradition is that the daughters are saved because they are God - as Judaism recognizes. Therefore sadists are those who will seek to murder the woman because she is God. The Nazis, believing like everyone else that men are created in the image of God, have not yet found their target. In fact, if Genesis is read correctly, God created man and then incarnated in woman for man to love. Sadism is therefore the torture of woman because she is God and feels her pain and death because men want her to. The knowledge that Adam and Eve are One creature in God means that Adam – as Christ – is/was being tortured by sadists who want God to `understand` - as did the Nazis. Jesus offered the understanding of God, that is, love and redemption. However, the sadists tortured and murdered him - and God by proxy.

 Jesus` forsaken cry from the cross is saddening. Sadists like it. God will be sad too. Much has been written of telepathy, especially of twins. Sadists like them. They torture and murder them in order to perceive their sadness – and vicariously God`s. However, they do not seek understanding from God. They only want to enjoy the pain and death of the Creator. In Christian terms, good people feel sadness at the pain of a loved one and sadness at their demise.  A rare few may perceive that the person who has died is them also: because that is the truth. Adam and Eve are One creature in God in Eden and therefore remain One creature as God throughout history. Sadists seek to torture and murder them and their line in order to kill God and have the Edenic pair - whose consciousness endures wherever man and woman have been - understand and feel sad. This is sadism. The apple in Eden represented men, that is, the boys-sons (poisons) that would result in men`s sadism. God is an eternal man and woman, a golden pair or pear, as it were; the golden fruit of a `paradise regained`. However, sadists seek God`s tortured death and that is their teleology.

 The child born to the `woman clothed with the sun` is described in Revelation as returning to Earth and ruling the nations with a `scepter of iron`: God is the ten Commandments for Jesus. They are the laws of God and those who break the rules of God are doomed to unendurable eternal pain. It is a punishment for the sadists who, paradoxically, want it: good God.

 There are seven plagues in Revelation which God sends in order to convert them from their desire for the pain of others, that is, the torture and death of God: `The sun was given power to scorch people with fire. They were seared  by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him. (Rev: 16.8)

 Sadism takes its name from the Marquis De Sade (1740-1814), infamous for such BDSM works as The 120 days of Sodom (1905). Interestingly, the US pronunciation is `saddest`, perhaps because `happiness` is what freedom seeks. If, however, one were to ask a UK citizen the provenance of The 120 days of Sodom, s/he would reply: `It`s AIDS.` Or, rather Sade`s; but that is how it would sound. Clearly the correlation is an objective one. Sadism is Sade`s/AIDS. The sadist `beast` of Revelation sits upon what might be described, in US terms, as the `saddest` throne: `His kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10) Sadist homosexuals like pain and torment, so they do not repent, and it shall be theirs forever. Thank God.

 The apes of Satan who would reify woman as a pig are, inevitably, associated with `plague aims` but God does not `play games`. The evil enemies of God are the pig gamers, the `piggers` in the play games systems. It has never been about black, yellow, red or white – or even blue or green. John Lennon once wrote `Woman is the nigger of the world.` In fact men are the `piggers` of the world: as has long been recognized. MCP means Male Chauvinist Pig, that is, misogyny or hatred for woman.

 Saddam Hussein was exterminated in the Gulf War (2001-03). Sadists like to beat people. They are bullies. Pedophiles are sadists also - often masquerading as police (emotionally)- because children are smaller and are, therefore, `easy` victims and gullible (which is often the attraction for sadists - innocence). Pederasts are also sadists, because boys are smaller, and are therefore `easy` for men to victimize. Homosexuals seek anal sex, and it is painful, therefore sadistic. `We are men` is their lie: `queer men` is the reality. `Queer` means `to pervert` innocence. Michael Jackson`s (1958-2009) ’We Are The World’ (1985), for example, was truth, and not the result of a life poisoned by glitzy exposure to homosexuals, pederasts, pedophiles and misogynists that inevitably produced a schmaltzy outpouring of sentimentality with no political might other than to persuade children that they can also be queer in a system that seeks to create homosexuals, pederasts, pedophiles, and misogynists:


‘We are the world,

We are the children.’


 White supremacists and black supremacists might claim to be against `queers`, but they are the same people. They are racist and, therefore, sadist. They wish to make others less happy, and sad. It is sadism that is the malaise of the 20th century and now the 21st. Exterminate the sadist and sadism, and restore the American Dream; `life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness` - the Manifest Destiny of Humankindnesses:


‘There are people dying

And it's time to lend a hand …

We’re saving our own lives …’3



 Misogynists are who we are (queer) insofar as they are wife beaters. Wives, daughters and mothers are, generally, weaker than the sadist (even if physically larger - it is about mental attitude). All of these indicate sadism is about creating people who are like this - beating, and innocence. That is why the American Dream seems innocent, because it is about progress without being threatened (God is Almighty and so is the Might of America), whereas true innocence is about progress without anticipating being threatened, that is, without requiring defensive/offensive capability. This is why the Taliban terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11 2000 was about the threat to the self-perceived innocence of Americans, the American Dream and their Manifest Destiny, which is based on the Christian Fundamentalist position that God is Good and, if the Almighty power of God is believed in, humanity is Almighty in God also.

 Saddam, therefore, not only means sadism but terrorism, that is, sadists are cowards; as well as bullies. Sadists claim to be hard, and that is why they beat or terrorize - even that it is for the victim’s good that they do this. The bullies masquerading as `police` are the abuser offensively accusing the offended as being an offence. In the Gulf, Saddam was hard, and evil. It was easy for him to be sadistic, because he was a dictator. For sadists, it’s about easy victims. For the soft, ‘hard’ means ‘difficult’. Defeating Saddam Hussein was a difficult achievement, whereas `beating` him was what he represented: damned sad. A beaten Saddam was what the world had after Gulf War I and Bush I, and an exterminated Saddam after Gulf War II and Bush II. The premise had changed: kill the sadists. Don’t beat them: it’s what they want.

 Saddam was defeated, and not beaten. It is more than a linguistic cavil. It was easier than anticipated to defeat Saddam, because God is omnipotent good, could not be beaten, and success was viewed as an achievement. In short, for sadists, hard is easy because evil and, for good people, progress is certain because it is for the Glory of God who wants achievement, not hard and easy evil certainties. Good and God is about `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, that is, the American Dream of reproduction, nurturing, development, progress, and achievement. That is why `gaming` is evil. It is gambling on evil certainties by `hard` men.

 In 1974  US’ boxer Mohammed Ali (1942-) surprisingly defeated world heavyweight champion George Forman (1949-) using a tactic he called `rope-a-dope`. He was old, slow, and dangerous. He allowed Foreman to hit him for long periods while he relaxed against the ropes of the ring, then knocked his exhausted opponent out with a single merciless counterpunch. Both wore boxing gloves, but it would`ve been easier, though evil and more certain, if Ali had shot Foreman before the encounter. This is sadistic hard, but not achievement. Saddam and Bush were also world heavyweights `slugging` with scuds and tomahawks, but the principle is the same. Who is betting on the outcome? Sadists and gamblers: that is why the Gulf Wars happened. No one likes boxing, only those who want the `fight game`.



 Sadists are gamers because evil does not seek anything but hard heartedness, evil, and easy. Many couch potatoes watched the battles in the Gulf on TV and went off to play Tank Commander at the local arcade. It was about `degree of difficulty`, `shoot-em-up`, that is, what is hard heartedness, evil, and easy. Actually flying an A10 and destroying columns of tanks is difficult and an achievement. Sadists and gamers inculcate the belief that gambling with lives is: it isn`t.  Anyone can play Russian roulette. All that’s needed is a gullible someone who isn`t a gamer or a sadist. George Bush I and II were neither gamers nor sadists, but they were gullible. They believed it was about `slugging` it out to see who would be world heavyweight champion. It wasn`t. Sadists and gamers persuade that their constructs of hard competition and confrontation are legitimate. They aren’t: kill them by any means. Do not accept their constructs. It is not about sport. It is not a game. If Saddam Hussein had been shot before he became a damn nuisance, there’d have been no Gulf War. The gloves wouldn’t have been put on, and God would have won.

 It is not merely an analogy that AIDS and viruses in software are the bane of our existence in the 21st century. It is a metaphor for what is plaguing the planet, that is, the aims of the plague and the plague aims system.  AIDS is a fucking virus. So are gamers and hackers. For them people are `software` towards which they are hard and evil because `soft` is easy. In other words, they themselves are viruses – as was Saddam. For gamers and sadists, he was their `game` because he was their `boy`. `All flesh is grass` (Is: 40.6) it says in the Bible and, like Cleopatra with her asp, humanity is holding to its bosom a new generation of serpent. In Eden it was the boy sons (poisons) of futurity, sadism. According to Greek Gnosticism, Nous (pronounced `noose`) is God`s intelligent operating principle: `In the beginning was the word and the word was God.`  (Gen: 1.1) If so, the serpent in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil would be pointing from Eden to men as a poiso-nous futurity.

 The AIDS virus in the shape of the homosexual psychopath is murdering for a `high` and, disguising itself with the pseudonym `hacker` or `gamer`, gives AIDS and other viruses to our `hard drive` (stored potential, innocence), `software` (development, defended innocence) and `written` (developed potential, or saved innocence -  and immortality) in order to experience that same elatedness which is the drug of the sadist, that is, the sadness, mourning, and death of others - as they torture them systematically or `plague aim`.

 Nous, the intelligence of God, then becomes the `noose` by which innocence is strangled; literally: because humanity has been taught to be foolishly tolerant of homosexuals and, therefore, of sadism. Michael Hutchens (1960-97), the lead singer of Australian rock group INXS, allegedly practiced anoxia, which means the heightening of orgasm through strangulation. The verdict was suicide, and it didn’t indicate an intelligent principle’s operating. In short, a generation of sadistic homosexuals do not value life except and insofar as it affords them the instant gratification of someone else`s misery, because of a loved one`s loss, or the longer term gratification they find in the misery of someone else`s torment. It was the same in World War I. The `cannon fodder` went to the front, while the easy lifers, hard and evil, stayed at home, getting fat, having homosexual relationships with each other, or even homosexually adulterous relationships with the wives of the `cannon fodder` husbands that, hopefully (for them) would not return, while preparing to murder them for their medals, honor, reputation and worth. Essentially, the `easy lifers`, hard and evil, had gambled on the achievers` deaths.

 God won in the Gulf but many thousands died. They were not `beaten`: they died.  God `s self- description in the Bible is, `I am that I am.` (Ex: 3. 14) Effectively, `Saddam` means `I am sad.` He presented himself as a leader of a Jihad, a Holy War. However, what he represents is sadism. In particular, because of his use of poison gas against the Kurds. It is the greatest sin in Islam to be the poisoner of a well, and to poison one`s own well is beyond evil. As it says in the Talmud: `Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live.` (Ex: 22.18) It is a similar sin in Judaism as everywhere in the Middle East, and that is why Saddam was exterminated. Poisoning one`s own well indicates sadism towards what should be perceived as oneself because it is one`s stewardship. It equates with the mortal sin of Catholicism, suicide. That is an unforgiveable crime because oneself is God. As Jesus says: `Love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.` (Lev: 19.18) Why? Because you are your neighbor: Saddam was primarily despised in Islam as a `bad neighbor` for his invasion of Kuwait, that is, after poisoning his mother`s well and thereby his own, he went on to poison that of his neighbor. Jesus elaborates upon love and God in The New Testament: “`Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.`” (Matt: 22. 36-40)

 Russians speak about Mother Russia and, in the Song of Songs, ’the Glory of God’, the Shekinah appears: `Your hair falls in waves, like a flock of goats winding down the slopes of Mount Gilead.` (Songs: 4.1) She has washed her hair from the pure well water, that is, the flock are healthful. Similarly, `The Lord is my Shepherd` who `restoreth my soul` and leads through `the valley of the shadow of death`, while we `fear no evil` and `shall not want [for pure water, for example]`. (Ps. 23) She is the eternal feminine, to whom the majority of Gulf war veterans returned as woman, wife or daughter; all coalition forces, that is: including Saudi Arabians, Omanis and other Arab nations.

 Kurdistan was the `straw that broke the camel`s back`, that is, Saddam was effectively the poisoner of his own mother`s well. Kurdistan is the birthplace of Salahudin (c. 1139-1193), the great knight of Arabia revered even by Christian knights during the Crusades (1095-1291) in which they sought to take Jerusalem from the Arabs because it was the Holy Land where Christ was born. Salahudin was concerned with the preservation of honor, and there was mutual knightly recognition of honor as centering upon woman - as themselves in the person of their women as it were: `Saladin was especially chivalrous towards women and children [daughters]. Once he was besieging a castle near Aleppo and after protracted and costly efforts, managed to capture it. Then, a little girl, the sister of Aleppo's ruler, came to his camp and Saladin received her with gifts and kindness. As all little girls will, she asked for one thing more: the castle which he had just captured. Without a moment's pause, Saladin gave her the fortress which had cost him a siege of 38 days.`4

 The Glory of God is the Shekinah in Judaism (but she has many names in many places – including `Old Glory` - or the `Star Spangled Banner` - in the USA`s national anthem to the American Dream and their Manifest Destiny). The Glory of God is glorious because she is faithful, so who would not put the Glory of God in command of one`s fortress? A fortress like a dam is anything that keeps or preserves – as Adam is placed in Eden to keep the fruit of immortality. Adam is Saddam, as it were, gone bad. Adam is here symbolically a dam against sadism and man (and woman) versus Saddam. It is the woman of Saddam that is important – as Eve is to Adam. She is his repressed however; his dam is dammed by him.  Adam and Eve were one creature in God and, therefore, Saddam partakes of this. However, if Iraq and Kurdistan were to be thought of as a woman, Saddam would have been torturing her as Adam the `beast` in Eden. Because he owns it - and her – in the absence of God he also denies. He therefore represents Adam as an enslaver who is poisoned against Eve, and the extermination of him is the refusal of the world to accept such men.

 However, the Gulf War is not a game. Everything is `software` to Gamers. VR is a medium that is indistinguishable from reality; like the holo deck on the Starship Enterprise in the television series Star Trek (1966-). Games aim to provide opportunities for people to dehumanize themselves and `train` for `real`. However, what they are primarily training for are murderous `shoot-em-ups`. If Saddam were viewed as the dam of Adam and Eve, then Brangelina in Mr and Mrs Smith represent the Mr and Mrs myth: the undamning of Sadism. The `plague aims` of the system is BDSM. AIDS tells us to fear sexual contact and sado-masochism is the result.

 Scheherezade is the heroine in 1001 Nights (9th Century onwards) who tells stories to Shah Jehan (1592-1666), who having murdered his wife for unfaithfulness when she was in fact faithful, is now punishing every woman in his kingdom by marrying them for one night and then beheading them the next day. Scheherezade saves the women of the kingdom by marrying Shah Jehan and keeping her head – and those of all the other women - by telling stories that need to be continued indefinitely. The idea of immortality in good God is that people`s lives go on forever. AIDS is death. To suggest that they share AIDS` is a lie. It is a poisonous and murderous attack upon the man and the woman in the room. `Die Weltraum` is how the cosmos is described in German at the beginning of Star Trek, which translates as `the room of the world `. It is the woman`s room because she is God incarnate and man is Herself: `Casting pearls before swine` (Matt: 7.6) isn’t done. The `pearl of great price` (Matt: 13. 45-6) is what is spoken of in alchemy as the goal of the opus or great work which has as its aim the production of the lapis philosophorum, the stone of the wise that confers immortality and is also known as the aurum philosophicum or philosopher`s gold. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to the New Redeemer while threatened by the dragon that would devour it is also alchemical in its symbolism. The child is described as a son, but the uniting symbolism suggests a new vehicle and she is the `futanar`.

 Men are clearly fake gods (faggots) because they represent evil. They would seek to present themselves as the images of God and therefore to be worshipped as God. However, if Genesis is read correctly, God created man, and then woman from his side. (Gen: 2. 21-24) It seems more likely that God has incarnated as woman than that men are gods. The ’serpent’ in the ’tree of the knowledge of good and evil’ from which Adam and Eve eat, and that is forbidden to them by God, indicates the poison (Gen: 3. 1-13), that is, the boy-son viral progression into the future from Eden that will produce war, that is their rapes of the Mother of the Earth by means of their apes of Satan (their raids as men that are her AIDS) as well as those of Eve`s subsequent daughters. Man and woman, however, represent Ultimate Unity. One creature in God, which inevitably means divorcing men completely, and after all that’s what happens in marriage. Homosexuals aren’t wanted in the wedding train. The vehicle God seems to have chosen are the psychologically and physically bisexual futanar, who reproduce together, or with woman, and don’t heed men.


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