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My Daughter`s Seen A Penis And It`s Hers

01/01/2012 12:26

My Daughter`s Seen A Penis And It`s Hers


Recently, my daughter, who`s futanar, asked me about representations of men in movies. She couldn`t understand why women were able to be seen naked whereas men couldn`t, and I had to explain to her that, although she`s a woman, her penis is taboo. She said she liked to look at the other women – obviously – but what chance would she ever have of being a Hollywood movie star? I had to do some deep thinking.

 Meredith Baxter (1947-) recently `came out` in Hollywood and said she was a lesbian. That`s not new; Doris Day (1922-) was widely understood to have the same sexual orientation in the 50s, and Selma Blair`s (1972-) kiss with Sarah Michelle Gellar (1977-) suggest that they are capable actresses too. How many women marry because they want to reproduce and spend most of their time under self-hypnosis? I pondered. My daughter doesn`t have that problem; she knows what she wants, and she doesn`t want men – though some of them have tried to convince her that she should.



 It seems to me that this is the problem and I am therefore writing this article for her and those who are like her – and for those who like her and for those she likes. I love her because she`s my daughter and everyone should love her, but I don`t want men to after reflecting on their position. This world represses the penis of man in order to repress the penis of woman, I have concluded. It is a planet controlled by an evil spirit; that of sadistic homosexuality.

 Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) argued that civilization, culture and art were `nothing but` repression of the penis. I would argue that penis repression results in the destruction of civilization, culture and art, and that this is the intention of the spirit of the homosexual sadists that repress the penis. If we had used our resources on reaching the stars – in Star Trek (1965-), for example - rather than creating B1s and Tomahawk cruise missiles to threaten ourselves with nuclear annihilation, we would have escaped Satan.

 Freud argued that space rockets were an expression of the penis, and why would anyone complain? I don`t want my daughter under an ICBM though. It is the spirit of Satanism that seeks to prevent us from going to heaven. The paparrazi are largely blamed for the death of Princess Diana (1961-97), a star in the firmament of good works. Stars generally have this role. Audrey Hepburn (1929-93) and Shirley Temple (1928-) were both Ambassadors, Audrey for the UN and Shirley for the US. Britney Spears (1982-) is criticized for declaring herself the Antichrist, but if Christians are going to continue to repress my daughter`s penis, we need a world`s spokeswoman and my daughter and I know where our penis wants to be (my daughter understands she`s available).

 In Piece of Me (2007) Britney criticizes the paparazzi and it is clear that she understands they want her star to fall. Here is a sample of vilification from Hollywood Gossip:


`… treating us to another fine upskirt display… after her universally maligned… performance… from the former pop star… than to… show off her hairless axe wound once again.`


`The only questions: which has more hair: Jayden James' head, or his mom's vagina?`1


This is evil sadistic homosexual vitriol. It is anti-Woman and anti-reproduction. It is also the work of a serpent seeking to harm the mother-son relationship with boy-son (poison), that is, this paparazzi is the boy for that son. He doesn`t want her to remain a star or be in heaven, which is what the enemies of God do. They tear down the stars as if they were Satan and attempt to prevent them from living a life in God that will lead them to heaven. It is important, moreover, to identify what sadists are. Those who want you to be sad; especially if you`re happy with your sex life: `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` is the central theme of the Declaration of Independence (4/7/1776) of the USA. It is the American Dream, and Manifest Destiny is its fulfilment amongst the stars in heaven. Stars like Britney Spears, therefore, are a microcosm of the American Dream and represent heaven on Earth. Sadistic evil homosexuality is what men practice here, and ruining the happiness of others is their goal because they are Satanic.

 Amanda Bynes (1986-) made the movie She`s The Man. (2000) Well, my daughter has a penis, and she wants to be the man with Amanda, and She`s A Woman (please understand I have copyright, Hollywood). In Amanda`s movie, which takes place in London, a beautiful young woman pretends to be a boy; effectively in order to confirm the English homosexuals in their self-evaluated superiority.



This was my parenting with my daughter. Because it`s not amusing for her. She likes Amanda and doesn`t want a man. The subtext is that Amanda cannot really `wear the trousers` because she doesn`t have a penis. My daughter does and can, and prefers lingerie. What the movie is actually saying is; if the star is a lesbian, we still have the penis, that is, the sadistic homosexuals would deny Amanda my daughter, who would like to see a bulge in Amanda`s trousers. My daughter has one in her bikini briefs – for Amanda – and she isn`t a lesbian and, so far as I know, neither is Amanda.

 As I said, my daughter is futanar, and is only interested in the woman`s liking of her. My daughter has a penis and that`s what it`s for – Amanda if she likes her and she doesn`t even consider the concept `lesbian`. She`s for what is normal sex. Amanda has a pussy, and my daughter has a penis. This goes there and I`m not explaining any `birds and bees` guff. If Amanda wants a man, my daughter can supply all the necessary equipment, and so can Amanda. It`s a male-female reproduction thing, which doesn`t need men to oversee it. My daughter is Adam and Eve, and Amanda is God so far as she`s concerned – and heaven. Where`s your spaceship?

 In Star Trek, starships aren`t shaped like rockets; that`s how I know they aren`t for men. They`re for Woman. Neil Armstrong (1930-) landed on the Moon with the phrase; `One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.` (2:56 UTC July 21, 1969) But the technology has been used to menace the planet with ICBMs and global nuclear holocaust. I prefer Britney on Mars in Oops I Did It Again (2000) and I pray that men never get there. In fact, in the video, she turns away a US astronaut who arrives because she`s claimed the red planet for herself as the first woman, and because Man and Woman are One Creature in God (Eve is created from the side of Adam in Eden) `Oops I did it again!` is the idea that she was also Neil Armstrong when he set foot upon the moon. She would then be Britney Lamb Strong, the `lamb of God` and, as it says in Revelation: "To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honour and glory and power, for ever and ever!" (5.13) Traditionally, woman is from Venus, man is from Mars. The moon is female in Western tradition, but male in Arabia. There is, therefore, a symmetry in terms of man in the moon and Venus as Mars because Mars is god of war and Venus is goddess of love. What we have is an East/West moon that is male/female and Venus as the conquering lover of Mars, the Gulf War over.

 All stories are upon the theme `My Prince shall come.` What is never quite understood is that the hero and heroine of the story are One. That is what Oops I Did It Again is about. The woman is the man and knows it. She therefore also understands that she is `all woman`, as the Americans say, and so she doesn`t want other men. In the video she makes a gesture and all the men `die` while the women continue dancing. My daughter loves it. So do I. It is the celebration of woman taking her man back into her bosom after the conflict is over. Venus and Mars are One and she is herself again. As she says, in Piece Of Me (2007) `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` 1776. She is the Spears of Destiny, herself and her man. The fulfillment of the American Dream is Manifest Destiny, and the Spear of Destiny is that with which the Roman centurion pierced the side of Christ; afterwards observing: `Surely this was the son of God.`(Matt: 27.54) As Second Adam, Jesus didn`t have a woman from his side; but it is clear Longinus was looking for her. Britney Spears is Venus and Mars, the woman of Revelation: `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18) whose birth was threatened by the red dragon, which was war. The child she bore `ruled the nations with an iron rod`, but it is over. She is Man and Woman and that is why she is Britney Spears (pl.), the Spears of Destiny as Adam and Eve made Manifest as Destiny`s Child.

 It is the difference between what you can have and what you shall be. Having someone or something is possession. In English it is commonly accepted that `possession is nine tenths of the law`, which is nonsense spiritually. In the Old Testament ten per cent of everything is given to the keepers of the Tabernacle in which are kept the Ark of the Covenant which contains the Ten Commandments. In short, for 10% of your income the whole of the law protects you against possession by evil spirits. To have AIDS is possession too, and sadistic evil homosexuals would spread it to my daughter and I don`t want her to be a possession of it. The Tabernacle is traditionally the dwelling of the Shekinah or Spirit of God (Ex. 40.35), which is the Holy Spirit; the `teacher` or Paraclete sent to Earth from God after Jesus` crucifixion and Ascension. (1 John: 2.1) The `tithe` is the tradition at my church in Budapest, the Hít Gyulakazet or Faith Church. In Hungarian `tanár` means `teacher`, which is apposite if we understand that futanar means Hermaphrodite. Britney is Aphrodite and a `teacher` in Oops I Did It Again; she is Shekinah: possession is what you `can have`, she implies, but she is indicating what you `shall be` if you accept the Holy Spirit. Man and Woman are One Creature in God, or as it says in Genesis: `God created them both male and female.` (1.27) This means that Adam had male and female attributes when created but these were separated so that Eve would become manifest and the destiny God planned for her could be fulfilled. God therefore created Man as futanar, and this is what Britney`s Woman `shall be`, which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny: to be woman in one body with her original male attributes as futanar – or with them as a Second Adam and Eve in one body with whom she can produce.

 Farrah Fawcett was the star of Saturn 3 (1980), a Mars landing which, broadcast to the Earth as a `live` event, was revealed to be a hoax that was actually taking place in the Nevada desert. It reminded me of the most recent version of H. G. Wells (1866-1946) War Of The Worlds (2005) which, when broadcast live on USA national radio on 30th October 1938 as a Halloween `spoof`, resulted in people believing the Martians were coming. When I saw Dakota Fanning (1994-) running along the street in the 21st century version with her friends and relatives bursting in the heat rays the Martians were turning upon her, I understood that the Martians were here. They are the men who can`t do anything else but replay their intentions towards the woman: don`t let her leave and kill her.

 It is the penis repressed as the `love gun` that results in the real gun being used. Tell me I`m wrong and you know you`re a liar. My daughter doesn`t understand why she can appreciate Demi Moore (1962-) nude in Stripper (1996) and Jodie Foster (1962-) in The Accused (1988), and is expected to hate the penis of those who rape Jodie and Demi in GI Jane (1997) but isn`t allowed to see the rape weapon. It`s because the weapon is men, and the gun is their penis extension.

 The mystique is that there`s a difference; there isn`t: and that`s why they hide their penis. It`s a concealed weapon. Mae West (1893-1980) is famous for her line `Is that a gun in your pocket; or are you just pleased to see me?` It`s a genuine question. `What is a repressed penis but a homosexual sadist`s concealed desire to murder women?` is another question: and correct. My daughter does not want to murder women; her penis desires them: she is normal. I don`t want her to spend her days watching the repressed sadists fantasies of the homosexuals that control Hollywood and the rest of the media on the planet. I want her to see woman and herself as they are; loving and sexual.

 I have a friend who goes to the same church as me; the Hít Gyulakazet in Budapest. Her comment on the men there is: `I don`t stand to urinate.` My opinion is slightly different. So far as I`m concerned, the Christian Church have `bottled it`. They talk about accepting the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete sent to Earth after Jesus` crucifixion and Ascension to God, that  is, a `teacher` of Man and Woman; but the Holy Spirit corresponds to the Shekinah of the Old Testament, the Glory of God as the Eternal omnipresent female principle in Creation. Woman and Woman with a penis are the Spirit of God and the Holy Spirit of God. What the Church have produced is bottled urine. It is the Spirit of Satan, Satanism, and Satanists that they have bottled; themselves: and I don`t want to drink from them. They are about as useful as a chocolate tea pot with the Holy Spirit.

 The Church are in a position to accept the Holy Spirit as Eternal Woman and acknowledge that they have repressed the penis of Woman and that this repression is that which has produced the evil enemies of God who are the sadistic evil homosexuals who would rather show a gun to my daughter in the cinema than allow her to view her own penis` love-making.

 Rather than do this, the strong men of the Church `bottle` the opportunity and advocate urination as the celibacy of the Virgin Jesus which, as each of their Shepherds will tell you, produces the Holy Spirit. My daughter wants Lady Gaga (1986-) to drink from her; her Spirit is Holy because she contains the Shekinah and knows God is real because she has the Adamic penis of God and is Womanly Eve in the fullness of her 21st century knowledge. She wants Lady Gaga to drink from her well and isn`t offering her any bottled urine.


1 Free Britney September 11th, 2007, 8:01 AM.