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Mighty Swords or Sodomites

01/01/2012 12:44

Mighty Swords or Sodomites


Feel Like Makin` Love (1975) is a song by Bad Company (1973-). I always feel like it; because I never tire of it. One shouldn`t. I love my penis and so does my woman. We pleasure each other as often and for as long as we can.


 The Sword of Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) was Saddam Might, and the Sword of the USA was Sadder Might. The Independance Declaration says the American Dream is about `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. The invasion of Kuwait (1990) and the 911 attack on the Twin Towers (2000) left the USA sadder. That was Saddam Might.


 My penis is productive. It is how things are produced and created. Or, rather, my woman creates and produces. I try not to be a virus, which is what men are. I produce daughters and therefore more creative producers.


 In Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). `Indie` is faced with a swordsman and, rather than fight, he shoots him. This is what Saddam as Iraq and George Bush Jr (1944-) as the United States did.



Sodomites aren`t abed with me. My penis orgasms and where I put it is my woman`s business. Sodomites aren`t philosophers. They`re a virus. Men. AIDS is described as a plague sent by God. It is the sword o` mites that comes from Sodomites. It is also the sword o` mights, which is the truncation of possibility.


 Taking life, as Indie did, is sword o` mite and sword o` might. It is sodomite. Logically, therefore, a bullet is a sword o` mite and a sword o` might. It is akin to Sodomy in the sense that anal sex is a sterile union that produces nothing. AIDS and bullets are, by extrapolation, anti-production, that is, they are both Sodom (Gen: 18,19).


 Saddam Might and sadder Might therefore represent the truncation of possibility that is lives ended prematurely. But, as the Gulf War (2001-3) is only the swordplay of sword o` mites and sword of mights, it is only swordomites whose lives are ended. They represent the Sword and the Word of Sodom. It is what men want, otherwise they would not continue to do it.


Woman does not have the equipment. She has the Sword of Logos as her man in Jesus, who defines God as `love`, and the Spears of the Holy Spirit as the Wisdom and Glory of God.


 Realistically, this means that men are sodomites and that they are different to Man and Woman. Sword Domites would rather shoot women than make love or anything else. This is Sword Dumb Might, the Mighty Sword of the Stupid; or Mighty Stupid Sword. The Stupid Word of the Mighty that purport to believe in God but are actually Stupid. It is the Dumb Sword that bites or the Sword that produces dumb `sound bytes` instead of making sounds that promulgate God and the Holy Spirit, that is, the Glory of God which is the Shekinah and the Paraclete of God`s Wisdom as she was given to Man after being prompted to emerge from the side of Christ as the Second Adam by the Spear of Longinus` cutting open Christ`s side at the crucifixion (Matt: 27.54) and after his Ascension to God as the Logos or God`s Word (1 John: 21).


 The Paraclete which, as teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet represents a psychological and bisexual unity that is not the Sword of the Dumb because every picture tells a story for those who are able to read, and therefore the image of Longinus cutting open the side of Jesus is not for the eyes of the Dumb or represents Jesus as the unspeaking eyes of the Sword that cannot read the Word of God. Jesus` eyes are able to read and the Sword of Logos, the Wisdom of God as the Holy Spirit, is able to protect those who believe in God because they use their eyes wisely. Similarly, the Sword of the Wise knows when to speak and not be Dumb and, therefore, it is the Sword of the Wiser and not the Sword of the Miser, the Sword o` Miser that would speak sparingly and to no good end.


 Here the Paraclete is the differentiation of `Feeling`, a function of ego-consciousness in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) which is duplex because associated with the mouth. It denotes the psychologically bisexual complementarity that comes from the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit that is the Eternal Woman within and without. She is therefore the one that teaches wisdom and the Word of God that is actually the Power of Speech. In Jungian psychology the eyes are associated with the `Sensation` function, which suggests that it is Woman as the ideal image of God`s love for Adam as she emerged from Adam`s side in Eden which encourages Man to speak the Word of God as love, which is Eros as the complementary aspect of the Sword of God as Good Judgement and Sound Sense rather than Mighty Stupid.


 `He that has ears, let him hear.` (Matt: 11.15) The `Thinking` function in Jung is associated with the ears. It is not enough to speak the Word of God if the recipient is unable to hear. Traditionally, the Sword is associated with the masculine ego and the powers of Judgement and discrimination which are concerned with thought, thoughtfulness and `Thinking`. The ears are therefore the Sword of the Holy Spirit as Logos because they are able to understand and translate their understanding into language, words and, because it is a higher function of Man and Woman, pictures and works of art such as are to be found in Hollywood.


 It is the Holy Wood of the Cross rather than the `dead wood` (Job: 13.28) of the faggots that are doomed to eternal perdition because the Sword of the cross is a dumb sword of wood that does not speak of anything but dumb pain for those who are unable to read the picture and learn anything from it but sadistic homosexuality. It is the fourth function that completes the capacities of the `Self`` as `Intuition`, which is associated in Jungian psychology with the nose or sense of smell and is symbolized by the Spear, which corresponds to that of Longinus` birthing of the Holy Spirit as Paraclete from the side of Jesus as the Sword of Logos and the Eternal Woman who is the Paraclete, teacher, guide, comforter, helpmeet and protector.


 In this sense the cross of Jesus is a Sword in the Earth but it is made of wood and does not speak of anything but dumb pain that is, symbolically, the Evil of the `tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil` (Gen: 2.9) which is the wood thereof and not the fruit. Jesus represents the fruit on the cross. Effectively, the Holy Spirit represents the woman that appears to `talk to` the fruit. She is the woman at his side as well as the Holy Spirit by his side that is Eternal Woman. Sadistic homosexuals, on the other hand, are those who want to `torture` Jesus. That is why he`s naked on the cross; so they could expose him and see what a man - of whom Longinus said `Surely this was the Son of God.` - looked like naked. The cutting open of his side by the Spear of Longinus is the intentionality of Satan. Men want to `torture`, and the Holy Spirit as Eternal Woman and the Wisdom of God wants to teach, guide, comfort, help and protect; so she wants to `talk to` her fruit. Longinus is a sadist who seeks to separate her from the side of her man, because he does not want her to speak the truth; which is that men like him are evil fruits with a penis extension that want to stick their Spear in God`s anus but want the Holy Spirit to explain it to us all first before they kill her and woman too.


 Longinus` cutting open of Jesus`s side is to remove the Holy Spirit so that Jesus cannot teach. She is the Wisdom of God and men do not want Mankind to receive it, and did not want Jesus to teach it. Those who are irremediable did not accept Redemption and are doomed to unendurable eternal pain forever. The Spear in Jesus` side represents the serpent which sought to poison the relationship between Eve and Adam, effectively separating them as One Creatureliness in God which is physically and psychological bisexual. It seems likely from reading Genesis that Eve was a part of Adam: `Male and female he created them both.` (Gen: 1.27) The Woman from Adam`s side is therefore the Glory of God as the Shekinah and God`s Wisdom. It seems likely also that she was able to remain a part of Adam and lived with him in one body but was separable by her own volition so that she could love and teach him as the Wisdom of God.


 The cutting open of Jesus` side on the cross is the separation of a man`s woman from her man. In other words, Jesus only appears to be alone, unmarried and single. He actually has the Spirit of God as his bride, which as Eternal Woman filled with the Holy Spirit all around him as Woman is what Jesus knew. But he was sent to Redeem Mankind and men are not kind. He therefore refused to play their adulterous game, and accepted and promulgated the teachings of the woman at and by his side; on the assumption that the woman at and by his side would, one day, be the woman from his side and that God would give her to him in heaven. That is Jesus` Ascension and what the Assumption of the Virgin means. Jesus` Woman is Eternal and is for the Glory of God, the Shekinah, and the Holy Spirit as teacher, guide, comfort, helpmeet, and protector.


 Jesus said: `I am the way, the life, the truth and the narrow door.` John: 14.6) God told the serpent in Eden that there would be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between hers and the serpent`s `seed` which would correspond to her boys` sons (poisons) and the `narrow door` is the Paraclete`s abode behind the door of which she resides as the `teacher`. Men`s `guidance system` is to explain that they are sword o` mights who don`t want you to know that you have a woman and might let you see one. The reality is that you are born with a woman if you are a man, and born as a woman if you are lucky and have the Holy Spirit as Eternal Woman representing a daughter or `door to` God. That is why Longinus cries `Surely this was the Son of God!` as he pokes around inside Jesus` side with his Spear. He can see the path to God and that is why men prefer torture rather than accepting the Word of the Holy Spirit. If they can break open the `narrow door` then they can get into heaven by forcing Man`s Eternal Woman to tell what she knows. First of all, they would seek to lock her in; which is what happened in Eden. The serpent locked her out – of her man: Adam and Paradise. Jesus on the cross represents the forced birth of the Paraclete as knowledge from and of God, and the return of Eve as the Shekinah or Holy Spirit. But she is`hidden` from Mankind because she represents the teacher as guide, comforter, helpmeet and protector that is Eternal Woman within and without. In other words, God has deemed that the path for Mankind is Woman and that Redemption in the Spirit requires adherance to God`s Law. Because the Woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, giving birth to the child that will destroy Satan and `rule the nations with an iron sceptre` (Rev: 12.1), is a complexio oppositorum that defends her. He represents that psychological bisexuality which has the Word of God as the Sword from the mouth that denotes differentiated `Feeling`, which is usually the inferior function in man. Just as `Intuition` is the other feminine function that is often thought of as inferior and represents the Holy Spirit as the Spear of Destiny. `Sensation` as the tangible love of woman that is associated with the eyes means that the image of woman is not dumb either, but speaks to man with the power of the Holy Spirit. This is why Britney Spears represents not the Sword of a Dumb blonde in Piece of Me (2007) but a woman who knows that the sword o` mites that might let her sing1 are powerless against the Sword and the Spears of God because she hears, speaks, feels, and sees Truth.



The woman and the child of Revelation not only represent psychological bisexuality but physical bisexuality, which means a return to that Edenic One Creatureliness in God that is the Original Hermaphrodite which has been taught the Will of God and Plan for Redemption which is that Man accepts the Holy Spirit, omnipresent, and that Man is therefore Woman, which is part way to true acceptance and Revelation that Man is to be Woman as futanar if he is able to receive Redemption. This is because men are sword o` mites and union between woman and woman with a penis is inevitably creative and productive, whereas men only produce Sword o` me (Sodomy) rather than the Word of the Spirit that `out of his mouth like a sharp sword` protects the innocent and cuts away the evil. As Britney Spears sings in Piece of Me: `I`m Miss American Dream since I was 17.` Innocence is progress and development without threat. In Oops I Did It Again (2000) Britney sings `I`m not that innocent!` The American Dream and Manifest Destiny unfolds as innocence under threat, and can defend itself against the Saddam Mights even though the USA is a sadder Might at having to deploy its own Sword o` Might. Britney wears her tiny sword not as costume jewellery but in the safe and certain knowledge that she is able to deal with sword o` mites and mights in shining armour. Innocence under threat is the American Dream upon Earth, and the threat is Sodomy. Innocent progress and development is the American Dream amongst the stars in heaven. Britney Spears as the `American Dream` is the Spears of Destiny and the tininess of her sword indicates her wisdom; size does not matter: it`s what you do with it.


1 Otherwise sodomising.