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`There is nothing new under the sun` is an idiom, which is often used to describe a literary work that is derivative. There is also a French word for the sense in a person when they see something occur that they perceive they have seen before. This is de ja vu. It is a version of plagiarism that is being witnessed because of a practice known as `enshrining`, which has been practised in the USA by Shriners, who take many precepts and ideas from Arabian culture, and even their Temples or centres where they gather are called Mosques.

 In Emily Dickinson`s (1830-86)`riddle poem` (1924) we are meant to believe that the narrative in verse form is interpretable as being about the founding of America and its early growth with the advent of railways. The answer to the riddle is that the `horse` of the poetry is actually a train. The answer then is `train`, but the key is that the references to a `star` indicate the birth of Jesus, which is `enshrined` as a fixed point in time and space.

 At the close of the poem, the narrator makes a reference to the horse as `Boanerges`, which is the `iron horse` as the Native American `red` Indians, described it. The train remains `docile` and `omnipotent` at the `stable` door, and is an allusion to the omnipotence of God and the notion that technology will take the USA to the stars.

 Boanerges is James and John, the name given to them by Jesus (Logos) because they accepted the Word of God, which is the basis of technological development. That is why the train is outside the `stable` door. It refers to the Nativity, which is the birth of Jesus and, as another English idiom has it, the impossibility of `closing the stable door after the horse has bolted`. It refers to de ja vu. When something`s perceived as having happened before, the time has been enshrined, and the de ja vu indicates that it is there again. The desire to bolt `the stable door after the horse has bolted` is the work of Redemption. The solution to Emily Dickinson`s riddle is, therefore, the `Shrine` of Jesus. The `stable` is God`s birthplace and it is a `stable` point `enshrined` in time and space.

 When a moment is enshrined in de ja vu, we understand that what has gone before has been, that is, something has occurred and the clocks in the heavens have been turned back to the point at which one saw the scene previously. The constellations surrounding the Earth move imperceptibly, but appear fixed; therefore de ja vu is difficult to comprehend because it is the signs of enshrinement by a miser who does not want you to have an inkling of what he is doing. Effectively, that someone is `covering up` what has been done.

 Travelling through time and space, what we perceive are our journeyings; although manipulable. Someone wants us to be back in position because a moment is enshrined and, if they recognize it, they can enjoy the fruits of another`s success. That person may even be you and is not giving you what you have worked for. It is as if the nativity of Jesus, perceivable as de ja vu, is again present, and the Virgin Mary could be raped, sodomised and bulleted before the Immaculate Conception – which is what a miser like Satan would want to do.

 From a vantage point on Earth, nothing may seem to be occurring, but elsewhere events will be `replayed`. If we think of de ja vu as time travel, what we are seeing are moments that relate to the past or future that have now recurred.

 I walked into a school in Poland one day as their new teacher in 1999, the ASLO in Lebork, and remembered that I had been a pupil there before. I also recalled that it was a tradition there that a pupil returned as a teacher to receive the matura school leaving certificate, and I was educated in England. The time had been enshrined, which meant that everything that these people had achieved before was also present.

 Jesus has been born, technology has been developed, and Britney Spears (1982-) has appeared on Mars. Only God can put the horse back into the stable before it bolts, which means that, if Britney Spears is the woman on Mars, man cannot put her back into the stable, and neither would God because the woman in red represents Redemption.. As in the pop video for Oops I Did It Again (2000), she does not want the American astronaut. She has outgrown that level of progress, which represents Spears hurled as ICBMs across the globe in thermonuclear devastation. She is now Logos and Eros combined in complementarity; wisdom and understanding in accordance with biblical prophecy found in Revelation. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` - and she doesn`t want low level murderous apes, so she tells the American spaceman (Neil Armstrong) she isn`t ready. She is Britney Lamb Strong, the Lamb of God.1

 On the single sleeve for Piece Of Me (2007), she appears on the cross. Longinus` Spear is not in the picture, but its cutting open the side of Jesus was an `enshrining` of the importance of Eve`s birth from Adam in the mechanism of Redemption. The Paraclete, emerging from the side of the Second Adam – Jesus - is the Holy Spirit as teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet.

 The single Hold It Against Me (2011) is a reference to Longinus` Spear which, held against the side of Jesus, is absent from Britney Spears single sleeve for Piece of Me. Britney`s question is: If you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me? It is a song by the Bellamy Brothers and the apposite line is similar to The Song Of Songs, which is a wooing of God`s love; the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament: `If I were dying of thirst would your flowing love come quench me?`



 Because she has a beautiful body, men hold it against Britney. Their Spear, not their penis; it is not a joke. The Shekinah, as the Holy Spirit, is at, by (and from, as the Paraclete) the side of Jesus in all of his teachings. What men say is that they have a Spear, but Spears is the Paraclete. She is asking for the Holy Spirit, which is what you receive from being `washed in the blood of the lamb`, and that is symbolized by full water immersion baptism when you accept Jesus and Redemption. Britney`s saying that she`s accepted the Holy Spirit, the Gulf War (2001-3) has ended, and she wants the bullets removed, and her body of work, that is, the woman of God`s, restored; past and future.

 Men associate penetrating a woman`s virginity with their Spear, which is not by the power of the Holy Spirit, but man. The knowledge of the Holy Spirit and its teachings come after penetration with the penis, because the woman is then active in the Spirit; which is what the piercing of Jesus` side with the Spear perverts. But it indicates the problem and the solution - acceptance of Jesus` teachings and the wisdom of his assistant, the Paraclete. This is the woman of Jesus` God, as Eve is the woman of Adam from his side. The Paracletes are the Spears of God, and the path to heaven; vouchsafed by God if you accept the Holy Spirit.

 The analogy of `bolting the stable door after the horse has bolted` means that restoring virginity is impossible. Physically possible perhaps, but not in terms of experience. De ja vu effectively means the loss of innocence, because it represents what has gone before; and if a virgin observes a scene of de ja vu, it means that she mightn`t have been a virgin when she saw the scene previously.

 There is a difference between a visitor and an uninvited guest. The visitor to Britney Spears` Mars, for example. Saddam Hussein was an invader, and the USA forced his removal from Kuwait. It is a tradition in Islam that a thief has his hands cut off, and one might suppose that God`s omnipotence says that the thief never had any hands. That is why the locomotive in Emily Dickinson`s poem is `docile` - as a lamb - but `omnipotent`, because God can bolt the stable door after the horse has bolted and the horse will be there if it returns to itself. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are innocence, development and progress, which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. Being `washed in the blood of the lamb` is acceptance of the Holy Spirit, that is, Jesus` teachings, and Redemption, which means the restoration of what is `enshrined` in the American Dream and its fulfillment – after war.

 Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) was a threat to the USA, that is, development and progress in innocence while living with an awareness that threats are possible. Sufficient advancement means weapons are unnecessary; but this can only be assured if God is in heaven with the Spears of God. Otherwise, the Queens of Heaven are what they are in the worship of Satan, which is what the woman of Revelation symbolizes. She is giving birth, and`the dragon prepares to devour her child. The worship of Satan is a mother-son relationship. It is often confused with incest, but it represents the necessity for the woman to prevent her offspring from becoming a Satan that would devour her rather than accept her.

 Incest is taboo but it is mother-son worship in Satan. In Christianity, the mother`s child is her husband, which is a difficult concept that requires an acceptance of what it is to find oneself born to the woman you`re married to. Not ungraspable for those who read the Word of God because it is what happens with the Virgin Mary. God can put the husband in the womb of the woman if she loses him, and can return as her husband. This is Christian, but it can be a form of Satan worship because of the attendant Oedipal problems, that is, the battle for possession of the mother which, in Christianity, is resolved by accepting the Holy Spirit and the teachings of Jesus as Redemption from submission and domination, which is the `Terrible Mother` and father as Satan, and the bane of development; in accepting Jesus and the Holy Spirit, one accepts man needs to be redeemed and Woman is God`s love which man has to accept or perdition will ensue.

 If one can remember, through de ja vu experiences, that you were a woman (if you are a man), then you have won. You accept parthenogenesis, God, the Holy Spirit, and a woman such as Britney Spears. Then she will bear you and be a Queen of Heaven in God rather than Satan.

 The Queens of Heaven with the Spears of God would be Heaven, but the Queen of Heaven in the worship of Satan could give birth to a devouring dragon. That is why Jesus` Nativity represents Redemption, because the child who is born `washed in the blood of the lamb` is, in effect, a redeemed dragon. God has returned the horse to the stable before it`s bolted, and it is there when the horse returns `docile` and `omnipotent` to find itself there. Jesus is both the redeemed dragon, child of the `woman clothed with the sun`. and the New Redeemer. Because he offers Redemption - and defeats Satan. He is the `docile lamb` and the `omnipotent` Sword of God. This is why the Nativity of Jesus and the Ascension are defined as a single event in eternity; Redemption. If we accept it, we are Eternally Saved also.

 Travelling to the stars, and returning to find that God has given your wife a child when you return is the same paradox that Joseph had when Mary gave birth by parthenogenesis. Who is the father? One who does not believe in God would say the child is not theirs. One who does would understand that the child is them. It is a serious issue:


`What do you call Britney Spears with a brain? Pregnant.` (Ed. adds....Well it depends who the father is.......)1


 Herself and God. It is about plagiarism. `If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can`t I paint you?` is songwriting. To paint a picture you first need words. The composer is speechless at her beauty and is unable to speak, and therefore composes a song. To present someone with beauty that does not belong to them because they have not created it, is plagiarism; which is definable as an attack upon the creator using their own creation. In other words, an attack by a poisoner. Plagiarists are the literary equivalent of poison pens; a serpent in the Creator`s work that tries to become a dragon. Plagiarism is, therefore, the poisoning of Adam, the child of God, who created mighty works on behalf of God with the assistance of Eve. Consequently, much is unconsciously rewritten and `there is nothing new under the sun`, as the English idiom has it. Those who make people unconsciously rewrite what has previously been written – even by they themselves – are therefore plagiarists because it is your writer`s hand they are playing. They are, as it were, masturbating you while you think it is an original pleasure that is yours. Plagiarists are therefore those who masturbate you and thereby poison the original works of the creator. But the New Testament cannot be plagiarized: it contains all of the Truth and can be quoted but it is not possible to misconstruct. Plagiarists misconstruct constantly, which is an attack on a person through their oeuvre.

 Britney Spears is the Spears of God because she represents the Holy Spirit as the Paraclete. In Arabia, there is a similar figure: Sheherezade. The wife of Shah Jehan is beheaded for unfaithfulness and she is faithful. Sheherezade saves the women from a similar fate when Jehan weds a new bride each day and beheads her each evening for his wife`s faithlessness.

 Sheherezade tells a never ending story that enthralls Shah Jehan and she marries him. She is a Spears, a Paraclete. Like Mary, the question is: Who is the wife? The answer is that they are the same person. It is about privacy and Faith. Shah Jehan`s wife is Faith and the poisoner – Satan - is what causes him to blame his wife for faithlessness when she is faithful:


`What do you call Britney Spears with a brain? Pregnant.`


The editorial comment that follows is poisonous; but it is also plagiarism.


`Well it depends who the father is...`


Britney`s paparazzi are, in effect, attacking her as a way of poisoning the truth, that is, they are masturbating, making her produce their idea of her, and that`s a poisoning of her original material. If we consider de ja vu, it`s a plagiarising of what has come before from her, and that`s `played your eyes singer`.  Attacking her life on the grounds that she`s readable to everyone. It`s criminalization. Creating her in their media coverage as a bad mother is a crime against God.



 She lost custody of her child because his hat fell off and she thought the child was more important as she hurried to her car. The press thought the loss of the hat indicated neglect, and so decided the court. The paparazzi were also blamed for the death of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-97). As with Britney Spears, they plagiarized her life; and rumours suggested she was shot by one of them because Prince Philip was tired of the gossip about her. Effectively, her life was poisoned by serpents. If she had lived before and had experienced de ja vu - as everyone has – they were masturbating her; to see her produce what she had produced before. The fact that she was murdered suggests that they had finished with her production, that is, she was killed because they`d seen it before.

 As a Queen of Heaven on Mars, Britney recognizes that she may be born again on Earth because she knows what de ja vu experiences mean. She has grown in innocence, progressed, and remembers she`d developed. But, as she says, in Oops I Did It Again, `I`m not that innocent.` She has perceived that she`s threatened and, on 9/11, the American Dream was threatened. The girl who knows she`s a virgin, and understands her de ja vu experiences, now knows she`s a woman, and her de ja vu experiences tell her that she can have the fruit from the tree of her previously developed self; if someone else is not preventing her from enjoying it. Her de ja vu tells her that that is possible; and so which of her parents is Satan?

 The Queen of Heaven is a mother-son form of Satan worship, and the difficulty is underlined in the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, which gives birth to a child that `rules the nations with an iron scepter` and is domination on behalf of the mother. But to a good end in the sense that God`s Commandments are kept, which Jesus distills as `God`s love`. This is the Shekinah as God`s Spirit that dwelt in the Tabernacle of the Ark of the Covenant where the Commandments are kept. The Paraclete or Holy Spirit of the New Testament are the Spears of God. The child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is threatened by the dragon, which means that the dragon wants to devour her because she is giving birth to herself. The dragon is a father – or even her son - as Satan.

 She is her child and does not want to be dominated by herself, whether born previously as a man - or a woman (because of gender enforcement, it hardly ever occurs to anyone that they may`ve been of the opposite sex; even with knowledge of what de ja vu means). The danger for the Pop Princess that would be Queen of Heaven is that she`d become too dominating - or even dominated - by herself as the child she bears.

 The important component is her acceptance; those who do not believe have the understanding that she cannot give birth to herself or be her own fatherer. The Virgin Mary is the pure vessel that gives birth to Jesus, the Son of Man, who is the Second Adam in the Garden of Eden and from whose side Eve is born. Parthenogenesis is the birth of the Second Adam, and the Paraclete is the Second Eve, which means that God has given birth: `Surely this is the Son of God`, as Longinus says (Matt: 27.54). Man and woman will have Redemption when they are One Creatureliness in God - as in the Garden of Eden before Eve was separated from Adam`s side, and she was rediscovered by Jesus (during his journeying and preachings) as the Shekinah which is the Holy Spirit.

 Futanar is the name given to the physical and psychological bisexuality that is the genuinely beautiful woman with a penis Britney Spears could have enjoyed. If her de ja vu experiences had remembered it to her. In fact, it is perfectly possible she has been futanar, which is difficult for the rememberer to comprehend. Who is giving you de ja vu experiences and keeping you from the knowledge of the existence of your former development and its fruitions?

 Whoever is the `Shriner` has the knowledge of who is who and what they have previously achieved. It may be a secret but the keeper of it is working people to death in order to live like a vampire on the flesh and blood of the offspring of those who have already been virgin, innocent, and have experienced progress and development. A continuation of a life in which, barring accidents, the child is born again at periodic intervals while the original version continues with its development and progress – probably forever.

 The pornography of the planet is `gender bender` oriented, and it is one of the ways that men seek to prevent you from understanding that de ja vu experiences are helpful insofar as you may`ve been Hermaphrodite. As it says in the Bible, `Male and female he created them both.`(Gen: 1.27) We are persuaded that pornography is in some way wrong, but in actual fact it is a simple learning tool for those who are able to read. There are no weapons and that`s what `God`s love` means.

 In the Gulf War (2001-3), Saddam Hussein represented Satan, the Antichrist. The Sword of Saddam is that of Saddam Might, which in American would mean `a mite sadder`, which is apposite because those who want to live off your flesh and blood - in a parody of the bread and the wine as the transformative substance in the Transubstantiation of the Catholic Mass – want to keep you from the simple truth. Adam and Eve were born as a Hermaphrodite and, by the power of the Holy Spirit, which is God`s love as the hermaphroditic completion of you that wants to be restored, you are taught to have disdain for the Sword.

 Love is the Holy Spirit, and the Word is Jesus as the Logos, which gives you the mind and understanding to have the wisdom to perceive that `one woman one man` is a construct designed to gender condition you into submitting to the impossibility of you being `both male and female`. If you reach that awareness, then being futanar is a possible conjecture if you are able to surf the net for pornographic images which are educative enough for you to perceive the beauty of what you had not supposed you were. If you are able to perceive this, then, if you are Britney Spears, for example, you have been dominated in your relationships; so that you think men are everything in terms of sex. Whereas, in fact, they are Satan because they have concealed the Truth from you.

 It is about the ears. If you listen to men, they will explain that they are fathers and therefore they are God, because God made them in his image; but they are told not to worship images in the Bible. Woman is God`s idea of what is good for man, and forbidden fruit are men. That is why the serpent becomes a dragon seeking to devour the child in Revelation; because it is a father who is a Satan.

 There is a similar Roman myth in which Saturn (Satan) eats his children. In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the mouth corresponds to the `Feeling` function, as the sense of smell corresponds to `Intuition` and, in symbolic terms, the Spear; because it is penetrating in its wisdom. In Revelation, `out of his mouth comes a sharp double-edged sword`, which means that this function is commanded by the Spirit of God. The mouth is associated with devouring, and men unable to accept the Holy Spirit are Satans. The good `fruit` of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in Eden is the woman`s `seed`, which is why God tells the serpent that there shall be `enmity` between it and her `seed`. Men would devour the woman and her creative product by using their `Thinking` function as a Sword against her. `Thinking`, in fact, is associated with the ears (years) in Jungian psychology, and the evil use their thinking to devise weapons. One of these would be AIDS - the Thin King - because those with AIDS have the `thin disease`. This is why, in Revelation, she gives birth to a protector.

 She is a Queen of Heaven, like the Virgin Mary in Catholicism, and her child is Christ-like. That is why he is called the New Redeemer; because he represents a continuation of God`s Promise of Redemption. His sword is the Word of God and he is not a devourer, but he is threatened by a false father who is a Satan. Saddam Hussein was a devourer who wanted to put holes in people, which is what men do. Their `Feeling` function is associated with the `mouth` and is undifferentiated. They understand eating as devouring. In the myth of Hercules, there are four man-eating horses (Fast, Shining, Blonde, and Terrible) that the hero has to control in order to give them eternal rest. It is a metaphor for the controlling of the four functions of consciousness by accepting Redemption through the power of the Holy Spirit, which is woman`s love and God`s. If men do not accept it, but seek to devour the woman – and pretend that it is only photography when they are planning to murder her with bullets (as men did with Diana, another `Terrible Mother` to the paparazzi) – the woman has the authority from God to exterminate them, because she has her own penis - as a futanar - and does not need them. Satanism is the propogation of men as a virus, and AIDS is God`s plague upon those who do not accept that the love of woman redeems. In Eden, the `forbidden fruit` is the beautiful woman, and the serpent is the one to whom it is forbidden. It is told by God that there shall be `enmity` between it and the woman`s `seed`; which means that she and hers shall exterminate the serpent`s `seed` - unless men (who are it) accept God`s Promised Redemption.

 The Gulf War (2001-3) was a war against Saddam Might, which wants to put bullet holes in man and woman and is the `beast` of Revelation which is, psychologically, a sadist. In effect, he wants to harm whatever is beautiful, and the Twin Towers of New York that were attacked on 9/11 - by terrorist hijackers crashing into them with civilian aircraft - are teeth. He is the vampire and doesn`t want to see another dragon`s teeth. The mouth, as undifferentiated `Feeling` function, is dangerous; but the ears are able to hear the Word of God by means of the Holy Spirit and protect `America the Beautiful` with the `sharp sword that comes out of…[the] mouth` if one is prepared to listen - and Saddam didn`t after 9/11. Instead, he supported the Al Qaeda terrorists.

 In truth, the ears are the years of a man. If you are unable to hear, you cannot protect yourself against evil and you have to understand the power of the Holy Spirit when it speaks to you, which is difficult if men lie to you and lie with you as homosexuals because it is not in the spirit of a woman. That is why the might of Saddam makes you sad because it`s sadism. Paradoxically, the `Thinking` function is associated with the Sword that is undifferentiated egoism unless it is controlled, and `Thinking`, in Jungian psychology, is associated with the ears. This means that one cannot think without one`s ears because one needs to hear the Holy Spirit, which is Woman`s. One`s sword is one`s ears and, in effect, you are required to see with them. Your eyes know when to use the Sword because you have listened to the Word and can see the `enemy` is men, that is, Satan, and not Woman. Otherwise, the Logos becomes the sword and becomes indiscriminate because undirectable by Woman who does not want to perish through men`s Satanic will towards her.

 George W. Bush did not learn Arabic; he simply told his advisors to exterminate Saddam`s noise when he saw him on the TV because he could see that Saddam represented a threat to innocence, and that progress and development which is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. It was a defence of `America the Beautiful`, because Saddam would put holes in the women of America as he had already raped the women of Kuwait. These were her raids and her rapes; or her AIDS and her apes: undeveloped evil men who`d keep man and woman as a breeding pair to murder for pleasure with guns, while sodomising and raping their children who, because they have the Holy Spirit in them, that is, differentiated `Thinking`, are able to read their de ja vu experiences and see that they are being murdered through the generations - past and future - that they have preceded themselves with.

 De ja vu means a future is in existence and is a target for those who are mighty in ego and want to put holes in as much beauty as they can, like Nagasaki and Hiroshima - to take an extreme example of undifferentiated `Intuition`. Hurling war Spears at the far away, and therefore inconsequential to the conscience of the murderer. But the Holy Spirit is there as Woman, who is therefore being tortured as well as murdered across the globe by the sadist and what he is causing to transpire. This means that one has to recognize that the Holy Spirit is everywhere, not just in Christianity, and the spirit of the Evil One, who is Satan (and men), has to be exterminated. It is easily detectable because it has the voice of men, and if you hear voices of men when they are invisible to you, or you dream of men if you are a man, then the Evil One is speaking to you and, indeed, sleeping with you without invitation as the evil homosexuality that is the bane of Woman.

 Saddam Hussein`s attack on the USA was offensive in the eyes of all, but violence in US culture, particularly movies, is a source of much anger in Arabia. Having experienced Arabia as a teacher, I can vouchsafe that, from a different perspective, 9/11 was an attack on American television; literally. Everyone watched it. If we understand the Twin Towers as what they look like – penis - we know that it is about sex and violence on TV. In Islam, four wives are allowed, which means that there is enough sex in the home. In Christianity, we are told one man, one woman; but, if a woman has a penis, she may marry another woman with a penis. It is, therefore, possible to envision a marriage, in Christian terms, where a man marries a futanar woman who has a penis of her own. Who is she going to impregnate? This is thinking based on the concept of the Holy Trinity of God, man, and woman as Holy Spirit. Unless Christianity accepts that at least three people are required to form a marriage, Christianity is Satanism. Al Qaeda cut down the Twin Towers with their eye saws (the planes), and the Twin Towers became `eyesores`. In Islam, they would say that American TV has given them sore eyes. A joker would say that the Twin Towers were an `eyesore`, but not now. Their `Thinking` Sword has heard and acted with the spirits of men who are Satan.

 Saddam was not involved in the planning of the attack by Al Qaeda. But he understood its meaning. Violence in American culture is endemic and is the result of one man one wife, which denies the possibility of a man, with a woman, and a futanar as a viable reproductive unit. It represses the penis and shows us woman nude on TV where it is clear that she does not have a penis, and men`s guns are the visible signs of her repression. For men, the gun is their penis and women are their target because they are frightened that Woman will learn that she has a penis. In effect, what happened to the Twin Towers is about the `authorial fallacy`, that is, that the author –  in this case terrorism - intended what was wrote or imagined. In fact, it is Revelation. It is a tradition to fight on both sides in a conflict in order to achieve a correct perspective. American women have a penis as futanar, and men want Woman to be subject to their penis and will use guns to enforce the ideological perspective, because their movies and TV tell us this. To achieve ideological reality, at least one futanar is required in a marriage. The viable marriage unit is, therefore, triune, which is what the Holy Trinity points to. If both marriage partners are futanar, each can reproduce and impregnate; so a man is not required. Men want to force the `means of production` to produce them. The woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a second opportunity for man to be redeemed because the child is he who `rules the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 12. 1-18), but if men do not accept, as Jesus does, that the Law is `God is love`, then they don`t accept Redemption and shall have eternal perdition. The woman is a symbol of male and female in One, that is, the sun and the moon, which is the simple proposition that, if two people are required for marriage in Christianity, woman as futanar does not need man. If woman wants man, man has to accept `teaching` and understand that, if he marries a futanar, she has a penis she needs to reproduce; so three is a `Christian` marital unit.

 The eyes, in Jungian psychology, are associated with beauty and development, which means loving woman. That is why the eyes are associated with the `Sensation` function. If you want God`s love, you need to see her. Because the undifferentiated `Feeling` function is associated with the mouth, the dragon of.Revelation waits to devour the child who is both New Redeemer and Redeemed. However, as in Jesus` birth and Ascension, the child is Eternally Saved because it represents the differentiation of `Feeling` and love towards Woman rather than the desire to devour her.

 The desire to put a woman into one`s mouth is a sign of undifferentiated `Feeling` therefore, and murder is devourment. If the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is a futanar, she could use her breast as a `pacifier` for her child and her penis as a `pacifier` for the one who loves her – in fellatio. But, for men, a gun is a `pacifier`, so the Bible and Revelation is dealing with Satanism. When a soldier sees many women, and is in a position of power, he wants to devour and, instead of functioning as a trained photographer with women, as it were, he wants to put holes in them. Because he does not have the strength to rape them all, he shoots them; which is effectively a declaration of race war. Because it is a race war. Woman as futanar does not need Man, who is kept ignorant of the fact that woman has a penis of her own because God`s Plan for Redemption doesn`t have to save him. Heaven is a Hermaphrodite and God offers Redemption to Man but doesn`t have to. That is God`s love and it is Revelation.

 Saddam raped Kuwait in order to put holes in as many women as he could. Eventually, US Marines are accused of raping Iraqi women, but that`s what men do when unrestrained in their functionality; they devour as many women as they can by raping or shooting them. This is why pornography (sex) is good. It allows the picture to speak to the Spirit, which is God`s love for Woman. The penis learns to respond adequately. If you know futanar, you are able to understand that woman is asking you to put her penis in you, rather than devour her. You should have reproductive equipment that her penis can use. Because man is, untutored, a devourer. Britney Spears in Piece of Me asks: `You wanna piece of me?` Up on the cross, in the picture sleeve for the single, her loincloth conceals where her penis would be. Essentially, she is asking for futanar, which is an antidote to the poison of the Gulf between man and woman by excluding men who are all involved in the worship of themselves as Satan.

 The differentiation of all four functions means total self-actualization in Jungian psychology, which means that futanar are a higher level of development because they are able to reproduce each other, and reproduce with Woman. This removes men from the equation. So, unless they accept Redemption, they can only be those who put holes in women because they prefer the Spears of war, which is the sorrow of those who perceive that they are being murdered through their generations because they have accepted the Holy Spirit, and men who are Satanists practice sadism upon them. This goes against the American Dream. As Britney Spears says, in Piece of Me: `I`m the American Dream since I was 17[76].` The American Dream is `life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness`, which is Manifest Destiny, and the Spear of Longinus points towards it as the Holy Spirit, that is, in revelatory terms, the Spears of God, which is Woman`s penis.

 Oral sex between women with a penis and her man or a woman who is also by her side, as it were, is normal because it is a `pacification` that is not a gun and it speaks as love with the mouth. Britney Spears is a woman of Revelation because, as Spears, her name means penis, which men supposedly want to put in the woman for pleasure. Women, according to the propaganda, do not have a penis, which makes them want one. But, when I was young, all of the women had a penis, and the men cut them off because they wanted them to want them. Futanar is a better alternative because it isn`t a victim of penis envy. As women are conditioned to accept men`s penis, so they are also conditioned to accept men`s guns. The women I knew were terrified that men would rape them, cut off their penis, and put bullet holes in them. De ja vu suggests that, if the seeing of a scene that has been seen before, means that the previous scene is again a reality, then my girlfriends are in danger of exactly that happening to them.

 Women are trained to want men`s penis, but men are trained to put bullet holes in them, so women who do not have a penis perceive that the gun is their penis – and they want it. This is what Jesus on the cross represents; the idea that he is not Satan`s masochist. But, for men who are in the worship of Satan, he is Satan`s masochist. Women without a penis who perceive that the gun is their penis are in the worship of the Marquis De Sade as masochist`s because that is what Satanism is: sadism. If Woman is trained to see the penis as her gun, she will despise herself for having a penis and turn it upon the futanar because she has been trained to worship men`s penis in Satanism. Effectively, men are training a gun on God, because they are Satan, and Woman as the Holy Spirit represented by Britney Spears is important as teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet.

 In effect, God`s Revelation has been plagiarized. It`s a game with the eyes, a `played your eyes game`, which means that the game has already been played and Adam and Eve lost in Genesis; because they accepted separation. This is a lie, of course, but that is what serpents who want to be dragons do. They explain that you are separate to begin with and that you are always going to be separate, which is why men cut off my girlfriends` penis` when I was younger. It was an enforced separation from the Holy Spirit, which means that Britney Spears represents the Hope of a generation as well as their Faith, which is why she gave her name to the perfume, Faith, and why I go to the Faith Church in Budapest. She told me to. It`s the Hít Gyulakazet, which suggests the Holy Spirit but the only word I`ve understood is tanar, which means `teacher` and I`ve understood it because futanar means `fut` and `tanar`. In Hungarian this means, `run teacher`; because it`s the Computer Age and Britney Spears upon the cross is the Holy Spirit as futanar. It`s Jesus for the 21st Century, and the Longing in us is the Holy Spear of God`s love.

 I`m slow but I have understood. It is better to love a woman slowly than to seek after God, because men who believe, believe they are God, grow into dragons and, as Satans, would put a bullet in the woman rather than allow her to use her penis to have sex. Revelation is difficult because open to interpretation, and I recently changed my name to Robin Aaron Bright, so I see myself as the Bright of God and it is as the `bride of God` that the Christian Church is given to `the lamb of God` which, in revelatory terms, is Britneyl Armstrong (the strong lamb of God) who set foot upon Mars as Woman and is Redemption.

 That is why she appears in a red suit, because the dragon of Revelation is red and she turns away the man in the spacesuit, because she doesn`t want to be a red dragon of Revelation, which is read and understood by her. In Jungian psychology, the dragon is regarded as a `Terrible Mother`, and Britney Spears as the Holy Spirit is in God. As she says, in Oops I Did It Again: `I`m not that innocent.` She lives on Mars without a spacesuit, which means that, although man has been technologically capable, she is enshrining him as redundant because his `seed` is that of the serpent, and he is incapable of not being Satan who, as the English idiom has it, wants to `put the cart before the horse`. It refers to sex before marriage. If a futanar relationship is a true marriage, then three are required if a man is involved.

 Emily Dickinson`s `train riddle` is, therefore, actually about training, because it`s about two trains, not one; the `docile` and the `omnipotent`: one to push up the mountains and the other to guide you down. This is the process of continuation; up and down the mountains. You need a woman behind you, as support and comfort (guide and teacher), and in front, as guide and teacher (support and comfort). It`s either a metaphor for a relationship between God, Woman, and the Holy Spirit as the woman who is your Paraclete and is now preparing your Ascension to God from which she does not want you to return, or it`s a metaphor for the relationship between two futanar who are two women who love a single man, which is true Christian marriage and Redemption.

 Jesus says to Satan, when offered the Earth: `Avoid me Satan`. This is often interpreted as `Get behind me Satan`, but the void is where Satan belongs and you wouldn`t want Satan behind you, because that would be inviting a bullet in the back, which is the evil`s equivalent of the Mighty Sword of Sodom: the Sodomite, that is. Those who don`t want life. Men`s guns may be penis extensions, but Woman`s penis is supposed by them to be an extension of the assholes. If it resists them, they want to put a bullet in her, which is why you avoid Satan - and that`s obviation. You appear as `meek and mild` in order to `inherit the Earth`, which is what Jesus teaches. The way you void Satan is by not giving men an opportunity to know you from behind. This is what we learned from the Mighty Sword of Saddam`s invasion of the USA by the backdoor of Kuwait, and Al Qaeda`s cowardly attack on New York. Saddam wanted sadness where there was the `pursuit of happiness` and a programme for Redemption being run by a teacher - Britney Spears.

 The undifferentiated `Feeling` functions , associated in Jungian psychology with the `mouth`, means that the more fruit you see, the less you eat; so Woman is to be devoured and men put a bullet in her in a way that is analogous to photography, that is, it`s a photo shoot because they are unable to differentiate between a woman, a camera, and an appetite. In other words, this Earth is a place of Satan, and men are being trained to have an appetite for woman in order to murder her, which is Satanism. Some would argue that the gun is a penis extension, but the linguistic programming would suggest that the gun is `shitting` at you. That`s what Sodomy is: an asshole extension. The question is: who`s the coprophiliac asshole that planned it? Satan.

 Britney, on the red planet, is the Holy Spirit outside the man`s spacesuit, which is what man perceives as his body and environment. She is intelligent wife on Mars. If you are going to Heaven, you need someone behind you to enshrine your passing, and someone in front to guide your way. That is why she is called Britney Spears because Spears are more than one, and everyone is told `one man, one woman`, which is a lie. In a futanar marriage the woman has the penis and there are two of them, unless a futanar marriage includes a man and then there are three in the marriage because the futanar woman also needs to reproduce. If Christianity does not accept that there can be more than two people in a marriage, they are rejecting God and encouraging the continued practice of Satanism upon Earth.

 Those who experience de ja vu are part of an enshrining; look at what has gone before and remember what has happened. It is now outside the `spacesuit` of your body. Mankind is `enshrined` and living upon the Earth as a `shrine`; time and space is eternal and contains eternity. Britney Spears` conquest of Mars, therefore, represents Woman`s rejection of men in favour of an eternity ring; the `strong Lamb of God` and the Church as her `bride`.

 The choice is simple for man; accept that you are Woman: cherish and love her in the name of God and by the power of the Holy Spirit you shall have Redemption. Because it is in the power of God to give it. If you do not accept it, you shall have eternal perdition.


1 Neil Armstrong, as the first man on the moon, was `clothed with the sun` and with the moon at his feet.

2 The name Russians give to a teacher; it means `watch over`.