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Move Up

01/01/2012 12:12

Move Up


Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) got himself into position as the ruler of Iraq by stabbing his predecessor in the back. He wasn`t prepared to work his way up. Someone once said to me: `You can move up.` The suggestion was apropos of nothng. I understood I was being propositioned by a homosexual who wanted to get behind me - and I don`t take it in the ass. Essentially, the first Gulf War (1990-1) was Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) back-stabbing the Emir. It`s anal.

 Anal sex is sterile and produces nothing, so those who `move up` by back-stabbing are homosexuals; because they don`t produce anything. Woman is the Creator`s Producer`s Product – Civilization – so 9/11 is the act of a homosexual back-stabber. Saddam `moved up` by back-stabbing and the USA gave him the world`s 3rd largest army, so he was being encouraged.

 9/11 was a hacking into the US` defence system by civilian aircraft, that is, wrongly oriented in terms of sexual paradigm. They were the hacker`s virus – AIDS by analogy; in other words, an attack by a homosexual back-stabber that didn`t want Islam, Judaism and Christianity to recognize their shared developmental perspective.

 Jesus is a Prophet of Islam. After the Hajj, the annual Moslem pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia and the seat of Abraham, there is the feast of the Eid in which the Moslems celebrate the founding of Israel and Islam. God commanded that Isaac be sacrificed (Gen: 22.1-24), so his father took him to the mountain top where God produced a lamb, and that was sacrificed so Isaac was spared. Isaac was the forebear of Israel and Ishmael, his brother, was the forebear of Islam. In Christianity, the lamb prefigures Jesus as the `lamb of God` - Redemption for all.

 In `gassing the Kurds`1 in Kurdistan, Saddam was bringing sterility to the people of Saladin (c.1138-93), the Arabian Knight who was `the lamp of Islam`, the light of Creation. In 1001 Nights he`s depicted for children as Aladdin`s (Faith) lamp, for whom all things are possible. Saddam tried to extinguish the `light` in Kurdistan, which is not only the poisoning of his neighbour`s well that he perpetrated in Kuwait, but also the poisoning of his own well, which is an even worse crime in Islam. It is a homosexual suicide`s back-stabbing of himself. In back-stabbing Islam and his neighbours, he prepared Al Qaeda to back-stab, that is, `Saddamize`, the USA.

 The Gulf Wars were about George Bush I (1990-1) and George Bush II (2001-3), and Saddam I`s attack on the Twin Towers, that is, the two Georges. Saddam I means `I am sad`, which is appealing if you want to spread happiness. But `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` is the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, that is, innocent progress and development without threat, and Saddam I threatened that because the US encouraged a homosexual back-stabber.

 It is psychological profiling. If someone moves up by assassination they are homosexual, don`t want God, Woman as the Producer - or Woman`s Product as Civilization; because they haven`t accepted the work of Redemption which is God`s love. Anal sex is sterile and anti-life, so God destroyed Sodom, Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19), and Saddam. Colonel Gadhaffi (1942-) in Libya was able to `move up` by similarly back-stabbing (1970`s coup d`etat) and supporting international back-stabbing as terrorism, so he is a homosexual by definition and that is why he was ousted by NATO and the USA in 2011.

 Basically a homosexual is an assassin. They refuse to develop, or allow development because they are `sterile` advocates and their evil resides in this. They don`t want what they `move up` for. That is why Saddam Hussein is a psychological type – the `Saddamite`. He doesn`t want what he has because he`s a sterilizer- as his use of poison gas against the Kurds indicates. Saddam `eyes` were turned upon the apple of the eye of America, New York, and she was `Saddimized`, as it were, by terrorist homosexuals who described themselves as `martyrs of Islam` whereas, in fact, they were sterility worshippers.

 Martyr`s go to Paradise, in Islam, and it is a tradition that Afghanistan is the home of the Old Man of the Mountain – Osama Bin Ladan (1957-) in the 21st Century – who is the leader of the assassins. But, if assassins are homosexual back-stabbers, they`d `move up` only in order to make a sterile wasteland of Paradise. The so-called Islamic martyrs of 9/11 were attempting to `move up` in the Order of the Assassins - as were those of 7/7 in the UK and Bin Ladan with the Taliban in Afghanistan. Properly understood these are homosexuals, and they correspond, in the Bible, to the serpent`s `seed` for whom the Woman`s `seed` has perpetual `enmity`. (Gen: 3.15)

 The serpent`s `seed` correlates with AIDS because it is the virus transmitted by sodomy, or by the Saddamite, which is what the civilian aircraft crashing into the Twin Towers on 9/11 represent, the 21st Century paradigm of the hacker`s virus, which is the terrorist homosexual who wants to `move up` amongst his fellow `assassins` but doesn`t want anything other than to prevent development. The analogy is significant because Jesus saves, and hackers `crash systems`, which is what the homosexual hacker on 9/11 did. The `wrongly oriented` (homosexual) - but `civil` (addressing their targets politely) planes - hacked into the Twin Towers and crashed the `system` of the World`s Trade Centre. With no interest in the future, because sterile, homosexuals have no mercy.

 The danger is to conflate hero with assassin. The original Old Man of the Mountain, Hassan-i-Sabbah (1034-1124), removed political figures dangerous to Islam. Saddam Hussein, for example. The idea wasn`t to `move up` by means of assassination but to remove obstacles to development, which is why the USA asked the Arabs to `put their own house in order` prior to 9/11. Osama Bin Ladan`s family is rich and he didn`t have to `move up`. His adherents, if they entered into Paradise, would make of it a desert. That is why homosexuality is evil and condemned by God, and why murderers aren`t heroes.

 It`s a dangerous conflation to equate murder with heroism. The evil pretence that murderers are heroes is a malaise of the 21st Century. But murderers cannot enter into Paradise or heaven. Hollywood idolizes the murderer – Al Capone,(1899-1947), Anthony Perkins in Psycho (1960), Edward Fox`s assassin in The Day of the Jackal (1961), the psychopathic character of Freddy Kruger in Nightmare on Elm Street (1984), Reservoir Dogs (1992), Mr and Mrs Smith (2005), etc. This is an evil path and it is homosexual because it`s `moving up` by murder – in order to `move up` - and murder. The character in Brett Easton Ellis` (1964-) American Psycho (1991) screams down the phone `You gotta kill a lotta people!` You mustn`t - or you`ll never have God and heaven.



 9/11 was a ratings success for US TV and so it was TV. The homosexuals were complaining that there was too much sex on TV and not enough violence, because homosexuals aren`t interested in the Creator`s Producer`s Product – Woman and Civilization. They don`t want sex, they want violence; not because they`re macho but because they`re queer. What`s wrong with Hollywood is that it threatens other nations, misleading itself into believing it is supporting the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, whereas it is boasting openly of it`s deep seated homosexual antagonism toward God.

 Hollywood is described as `Babylon`, the `Mother of Abominations` in Revelation (17.5), and the serpent`s `enmity` towards the Woman`s `seed` suggests that homosexuality is the `Abominations`. Historically, Babylon (c.4004 B.C.) is in Iraq, and Saddam was the `beast` of Revelation; but the USA is perceived as `the Great Whore` because Hollywood calls itself that. In suggesting that homosexuality is heroic, that is, murdering to `move up`, it`s the back-stabbing 21st Century Hollywood advocates. From Hollywood`s point of view, 9/11 was Oliver Stone`s World Trade Centre (2006) `in development`.

 It`s the Christian tradition not to be devoured. This is why the red dragon of Revelation waits to devour the child born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12.1.18). This child `rules the nations with an iron scepter` until the woman leaves the Earth and `bruises the serpent`s head with her heel` as she goes. Either Saddam - as the advocate of Jihad against the USA is the first `beast` and, perhaps, `False Prophet` of Revelation or Osama Ben Ladan as the second `beast` is the `False Prophet` of terror – Terra meaning `Earth` in science fiction.

 Saddam and Terra is the devourer of the Creator`s Producer and Product – Woman and Civilization – and in his Second Coming Jesus brings the Sword to exterminate the evil devourer that, in Greek and Roman mythology, is depicted as either Chronos or Saturn (Satan), the god that devours its children. In Greek and Roman mythology, the mother of the Earth saves Zeus (Jupiter) and her devouring husband is defeated. The red dragon of Revelation is, therefore, the husband-devourer of the woman`s child who doesn`t want Woman to develop. Jesus` Redemption recognizes that men are evil and that Woman is God`s love, which is why they had to accept it. They don`t, and she leaves. Saddam was defeated in the Gulf War (2001-3). He was the devouring red dragon of Revelation and the second `beast` of Terra (terror) is the serpent`s `seed`, the terrorists that are being exterminated.

 Anyone who attacks is a terrorist – that is what `attack` means – witness Jennifer Lopez`s (1969-) self-defence killing of her husband (devourer), abusive towards herself and her daughter in the movie Enough (2002) Britney Spears` (1982-) red-suited figure of Redemption in the video of the pop song Oops I Did It Again (2000) refuses the astronaut access to her Red Planet because Jesus has defeated the devouring red dragon of Terra, and Woman has left Earth for heaven. She doesn`t want the serpent`s `seed` contaminating Jesus` conquest of the god of war.

 Woman`s `seed` has eternal `enmity` for the `seed` of the serpent, which means perdition for men. That is why the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` - Britney on Mars has the sun behind her and Terra`s moon below – is surrounded by stars. Jesus is Woman`s Redemption and God gives womankind a new heaven and a new Earth. Men hate her because they`re irredeemably accepting of their paradigm of devourment. They repress her knowledge of her own penis – as futanar – and try to prevent her species` separation from Earth.

 The space race between the USA and Russia may have been curtailed, not because the superpowers wanted to develop self-defence systems – as ICBM`s – but to prevent Woman`s escape from their murderous intentions towards her. Neil Armstrong`s (1930-) statement, as the first man on the moon, was: `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`2 On the Red Planet that symbolizes Redemption, she is Britney Lamb Strong, the `lamb of God` (Rev: 5.13) that is to be the `bride` of God. She had an Arm Strong enough to make the touchdown for Man on the moon because she is the Creator`s Producer and Product - Woman. On the Red Planet, she is Woman and God`s Redemption form womankind. She doesn`t need Man, although she might accept him when he`s `better read` and accepts God`s Word.


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2 2:56 UTC, July 21st, 1969.