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Queens of Heaven

01/01/2012 12:40

Queens of Heaven



In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the contrasexual component of woman, which is the soul or anima in a man, was not fully understood by Jung and much study has been made by the Jungian school of psychology he founded.

 Jung thought that woman has a spirit rather than a soul and that, because she represented Eros or relationships and relatedness, she used her animus to control relationships. Jung said that woman imagined herself as surrounded by men; as by a crowd of observers. She modified herself in order to appeal to as many as she could in order to maintain a social network that would preserve her and her family.

 Jung described a woman`s animus as `opinionated`. In fact she represents a man`s ideal, created by God for man in man`s own imagination; in other words, out of man`s imagination woman was created from the side of man by God. The Second Adam or Christ was crucified and, after the Ascension (1 John: 2.1), was with God in heaven and the Paraclete or teacher of Jesus` Gospel remained upon Earth as the Holy Spirit, which in the Old Testament is the Shekinah as she appears in The Song of Songs; the beautiful woman: and elsewhere as the Spirit of God in the Tabernacle that contains the Ark of the Covenant and the Commandments of the Law, for example.

 In the Qu`uran the Prophet Mohammed has the Word of God dictated to him by angels, who are God`s messengers, and the Shekinah would be present to assist his understanding in her role as what Christians call the Holy Spirit. As the Prophet of Islam after Mohammed, Jesus is not crucified or dies, but has an Ascension to God. This is probably because, in Islam, a man has four wives, which connote Jung`s four functions of consciousness again; `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`. They have the role of the Shekinah as teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet, which is the  components necessary for the construction of an actualized `Self` that Jung equates with what humans are able to understand of God.

 Jesus` Ascension in Islam is, therefore, because of the differentiation of woman`s function within marriage as teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet, which is adopted by women in Islam and, as Jung says, is necessary for the development of man`s consciousness. Jesus is, therefore, depicted as ascending to heaven without crucifixion and death because he has taught them what the Shekinah as Holy Spirit wants for them to know. He was preparing the wives of Islam to take their man to heaven, so Jesus was not married to anyone but the Shekinah, irrespective of whether Jesus was actually married or not. Jesus doesn`t need to be crucified in order for the women of Islam to be shown the correct way to God and the Shekinah can show Jesus God because - self-actualized - God would be revealed to Jesus. The difference in Islam is that Jannah is `hidden`, which means that, for them, heaven is Paradise on Earth, from and for which Adam and Eve were expelled by God, that is, they shall be in heaven, in Christian terms, when they have accepted the teachings of Jesus and Redemption.

 Essentially, in Christianity, Jesus is upon the cross as Adam and Eve. The key scene in the New Testament of the Bible is Longinus` Spear as it cuts open the side of Christ (Matt: 27.54), in a Caesarean section that means the birth of the Paraclete. As Eve came from Adam`s side, so the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35) as the Holy Spirit is by, at and from the side of Jesus. She may even have been visible to Jesus as the Spirit of God that had been with Adam since Eden.

 She has a role in man`s imagination but is not a product of it; although she appears in dreams. Her problem is that she is closer to God because she is the Holy Spirit and woman is trained by men to not perceive herself as designed to be sexually attractive to woman. But, if the Holy Spirit is her teacher, guide, comfort and helpmeet, it is the Spirit of God in all her relationships. Consequently, she is the attractiveness that inheres in all relationships sexual or otherwise.

 Jung believed that woman was `opinionated`, which suggests `animosity` towards woman on his part, and this is the true nature of woman`s animus. In effect, she represents what someone once said about the role of the United States` President, which is that `You can please some of the people all of the time, some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.`1 Women is in this position. The men around her give her her opinions. Often they tell her who to vote for. But her role is maintaining relationships, so she Presides for God, that is, as the Shekinah as Holy Spirit. Men are therefore the ones that perceive her as `opinionated` because she is their teacher as well as their guide, comforter and helpmeet. They can accept all but teaching, which they perceive as being a woman`s opinions, and that are necessarily nebulous on occasion because she has many relationships to maintain. This gives men the opinion that she is an `airhead` or, if she is intelligent, threatening to their belief that man teaches. In fact, God, as the Holy Spirit in the vessel that is woman, teaches.

 It is interesting that, in Jung`s psychology of consciousness, there are four functions; `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Intuition` and `Feeling`. Jung argues that, often, one of these is inferior because it represents what we do not want. In the fourfold construct that is the Holy Spirit, that is, teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet, man is least able to accept woman as teacher and guide. For man, she is comfort and helpmeet. Effectively, she is permitted the role of comforter, and is the man`s servant rather than helpmeet. She is the homemaker and is the carer.

 The mistake is to assume that `Intuition`, which along with `Feeling` is feminine in Jungian psychology, is inferior. In Christian iconography it corresponds to the Spear of Longinus, which cut the Paraclete from the side of Jesus, that is, the teacher as the Shekinah, which is God`s WIsdom that man cannot accept and that is why it is She that is crucified.

 On the single sleeve for Piece Of Me (2007), Britney Spears (1982-) appears as Jesus crucified. She represents the Holy Spirit as the omnipresent, omniscient, omnibenevolent, and omnipresent Spirit of God, which is the meaning of her name. The single is about the paparazzi, which vilify her in the press. They represent her animus, because they have no good opinion of her and have the animosity of men towards her insofar as they don`t like the teacher.



 The press are a typical aspect of the spirit of men that are evil without their acceptance of the Holy Spirit, which Jesus describes as `God`s love`. Britney has to Preside over home, family and career, which requires her to also be an educator. To men she is not a man, so the picture of her upon the cross as Jesus does not appeal to their understanding of her as the Paraclete, but to their understanding of what it is they hate. Teachers. That is why she places herself on the cross; as an appeal to God and man. But, as with Jesus, she is displaying herself as someone with masochistic tendencies which encourages sadism, and that is man`s opinion of Jesus too. He is their masochist and they are going after Woman.


`What do you call Britney Spears with a brain? Pregnant.` (Ed. adds....Well it depends who the father is.......)2



 Britney understands this, and not intuitively, but because she has God`s Spirit and understands that men want to stick their spear in her side too - and keep it there forever to prevent the Holy Spirit from showing her the way to God. That may be why God Promised the Paraclete to mankind, because Longinus was showing what men wanted to do with the Shekinah, and she knew this and had decided to teach God through Jesus. The paparazzi and others are, therefore, the Spears in Britney`s side where the Holy Spirit teaches.

 Men have, as it were, moved on from torturing Jesus and each other – in the Gulf War, for example – to torturing Britney Spears and Woman specifically. Because she is a teacher. This is evident from the role that woman has chosen for herself as a pop superstar. She appears as a Pop Princess, but actually she is the Paraclete. In the Bible `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18), giving birth while a dragon waits to devour her, is the Queen of Heaven. Traditionally, she is also the Queen of Islam, or any other significant woman. Queen of Pop, for example, would qualify a successful woman as a Queen of Heaven.

 The Paraclete`s relations with woman mean that any woman with the Holy Spirit is a Queen of Heaven, but the conditions for acceptance are the same. It is men that seek to persuade her to be of their opinion of her, which is that she share their animosity towards her. The woman of Revelation gives birth to a child who `rules with an iron scepter` and whose birth is threatened by a dragon. Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) may have been the dragon, and Babylon was, according to historical records, a seat of Satan worship in the Middle East (-539 BC). Satan worship is based on mother-son worship, which is what the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` could represent and, although she gives birth to a child that casts Satan from heaven, the Queen of Heaven is also a tradition of Satan`s.



 However, according to some interpretations of the Bible, she is giving birth to the New Redeemer, which suggests the power of the Holy Spirit to transform the original mother-son relationship to that of the mother-daughter, and this is closer to the developmental function of the Spirit of God as the Wisdom and Glory of God that is God`s Spirit as the Holy Spirit in the Judaeo-Christian tradition.

 Men want their spirit to prevail, which is the spirit of Satan. They want the mother to worship the son, whereas in Christianity the Son of Man, Jesus, accepts God and the Paraclete as the teaching assistant that explains the relationship. Woman has God with her because God`s Spirit is in her likeness. Man is therefore not God, but is created in the image of God, which is man and woman. A physical and psychological complexio oppositorum which men cannot accept, except as a vessel to carry their tyrannical ambitions and desire to dominate woman as `the means of production`, which is an enslavement that Christianity attempts to ameliorate in the definition of the Paraclete as a `helpmeet`.

 In the English national anthem, `Britons never shall be slaves`: it is a line from Rule Britannia.3 Britannia is therefore a Queen of Heaven. She is a strong figure that, in Christian terms, could be the Holy Spirit as the Paraclete, which is Women Eternal in Heaven with God as omnipotent Good, and it is this that Catholicism defines as the Summum Bonum.

 The Nativity of Jesus is following Satan`s tradition of mother-son worship, unless we perceive that Mary is a pure vessel. Then we can perceive that we are meant to understand that Jesus is born with, at and by the Spirit of God, which is the Eternal feminine. As a teacher, Jesus preaches that `God is love` and therefore God`s Spirit, which is love, is God.

 Woman is therefore man`s redeemer and man prefers to enslave her, which is what Satanists do. Satan worship is merely that, for the woman, her child is God, which is not so different from Christianity fully understood. The difference today would be that the Shekinah or Holy Spirit is absent from Satanism because, although she could remain at the side of those who would worship Satan, she cannot be at the side of those who would practice Satanism, which is sadism as prefigured in the crucifixion of Jesus.

 Woman conditioned by the spirit of men are the spirit of Satanists because she perceives herself as a masochist, and cannot escape her own acceptance of men as sadists; because that is what they teach. She has no thoughts that aren`t their opinions and, rather than her own animus, which is God`s, she is forced to accept her environment as being one of animosity towards her.

 It is about Faith and Faithfulness. In the Arabian Nights Shah Jehan believes his wife is betraying him with his brother and beheads her; although she is faithful. Sheherezade is the woman who saves all of the other women because she functions as a Shekinah and, as a teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet, she tells a never-ending story to Shah Jehan that stops him from taking a wife every day and beheading her the next, which is his evil practice as revenge upon a faithful woman. He is annoyed at her deceiving him by not deceiving him and he blames her for his own mistake, which is what sado-masochists do. It is an aspect of Satan worship.

 Sheherezade is a Queen of Heaven in the Christian understanding of it as she appears in Revelation as the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. Shah Jehan marries Sheherezade and,in Christian terms, is reconciled to `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. Effectively, this woman represents the love of the Queen of Heaven who is Shah Jehan`s original wife insofar as she represents eternal forgiveness in Christian terms. The child she bears is her Shah as her son, which is Christian Redemption. In short, it is not important who is Queen of Heaven because the Holy Spirit is Everywoman and God is omnipotent Good, so anyone who accepts the power of God`s Spirit has all of Heaven`s Queens as God`s love.

 The child born to the woman `rules with an iron scepter` and casts Satan from Heaven while she is hidden. The child then rules over those who have `enmity` against her `seed`, which she has been promised since Eden shall live forever.

 The worship of Satan necessarily implies, from a Christian perspective, what is euphemistically known as `subdom`, because it is the understanding that Satan defied God, which makes Satan`s relationship with God one of submission and domination. The Queen of Heaven, in the worship of Satan, contains this danger; but it is the understanding that the woman or the son care for each other. If they do not, then `enmity` between the woman`s `seed` and the serpent`s in Eden results in a fully grown dragon, which is the antichrist of Revelation and corresponds to Saddam Hussein whose traditional seat was Babylon in Iraq: if he was Satan. The child that is born from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is the one that defeats him.

 The Shekinah is the Holy Spirit, which is the teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet; and again would correspond to our Pop Princess, Britney Spears as the Spears of God`s Paracletes. But worship by the `seed` of Satan is outside of God and that could produce war in what is perceived as heaven before Satan is cast out and God creates a new heaven and a new earth, which is Revelation. Before that, and the reign of omnipotent God, who remains omniscient, omnipresent and omnibenevolent upon the Earth as the Holy Spirit, heaven is as it is perceived to be by the `seed` of the woman and the serpent`s `seed` who have `enmity` and the relation is one of submission and domination; either the son becomes `dom`, or the mother does because of the poison (boy`s son) of the Oedipal relations between fathers and sons. The solution is endogamy, that is, an incest relation between mother and son that produces offspring which have the same spirit, and this is immortal. because they love and care for one another, which gives long life. Timespan is important, but technological advancement within the loving `relationship` produces longevity and immortality. This, essentially, is Adam and Eve in the Bible.

 In Christianity, God is love and all of Heaven`s Queens are love. God is Good and the apple has been made good again. It is God`s Promise fulfilled: the fruit of immortality from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (Gen: 2.9). Satan is removed from Heaven and the Woman is hidden while she waits for her ruler to defeat the enemies of God upon Earth. Her appearance in Heaven, giving birth to her child threatened by devourment by a dragon, is the serpent that has grown. Saddam Hussein could be the dragon, or any evil dictator. In Genesis, we are told that there shall be `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) between the woman`s `seed` and she shall `bruise its head with her heel`. Having left Earth, she is God`s Queen of Heaven because she`s Woman who accepts the Holy Spirit as God`s Queens of Heaven. Because Saddam Hussein was an Antichrist serpent grown to a dragon, Babylon was a `seed` of Satan. As Babylon the Great, Mother of Abominations, Saddam`s Woman would be a Queen of Heaven in Satan, but Saddam`s defeat means that God`s Queen of Heaven shall be Queens forever.



 The secret is in the knowledge that the woman is the man, and not that it is a relationship of submission and domination or Oedipal and incestuous. It is the knowledge that the Holy Spirit rules in the woman and that it is her `seed` that shall be Queens of heaven forever that indicates her future. Her `seed` is different because her genes are, which again suggests Britney Jean Spears as our Pop Princess being prepared to be Queen of Heaven and Queens there in the form of the Holy Spirit`s Newly Redeemed.

 The woman with her penis and the woman that does not seem to have a penis are man as God intended from the beginning. Man had to learn love to be as them. They are futanar and they are God`s love.


1 P.T. Barnum of Barnum and Bailey`s Circus.

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3. British Patriotic Song from a James Thomson poem, set to music by Thomas Arne 1740.