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The Boys & Ben Laden

01/01/2012 14:48

The Boys & Ben Laden


There is a proverb, `The pen is mightier than the sword.` It seems to be an accepted article of faith in the Arab world where they have a tradition of monumental and realistic art. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, at the entrance to the Princess Nour Bint Abdulrahman women`s University, is a stylized fountain pen several metres high and, in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, besides aircraft on model kit style plinths decorating the boulevards, by the side of the King Abdul Aziz Hospital (KAAH), inside the King Khalid Military City where the North West Armed Forces` army nurses trained with their helicopter crews for rescue missions in the Gulf wars, there`s a giant fountain pen maybe 50 metres high.



 In Revelation the lamb `spake like a dragon` and `out of his mouth came a sharp double edged sword`, which is the `Word of God`. It is not the same as the `Sword of God`, but it is the equivalent of the pen because it`s the `Word` of God is the `spirit of the law`, which is the female Shekinah in the Old Testament, who dwells wherein the tablets of the law of God`s Commandments are kept in the Ark of God`s Covenant, that is, the promise to the `chosen` that they`ll receive a new heaven and Earth from the Almighty. The `Word` is taught by the Holy Spirit/Paraclete after Jesus` teachings of Redemption, according to the Bible, and corresponds to the `spirit of the law`, which is the Shekinah, and suggests that the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is Shekinah in the New Testament. Just as she appears in Arabian tradition through their `Word of God`, which is to be found in their holy book, the Koran, as it was dictated from 609-32 CE by the angels to the Prophet Mohammed:


`Shekinah is a spirit from God that speaks, and, in the case of the Israelites, where people disagreed on some issue, this spirit came to clarify the situation, and used to be a cause of victory for them in wars. According to Ali, `Shekinah is a sweet breeze/wind, whose face is like the face of a human`. Mujahid mentions that `when Sakinah glanced at an enemy, they were defeated`, and ibn Atiyyah mentions about the Ark of the Covenant (at-Tabut), to which the Shekinah was associated, that souls found therein peace, warmth, companionship and strength.`1



 Christianity`s perspective that Islam is less intelligent because more complicated besets communication. In Judaism, and even Catholicism, the symbolism isn`t token, whereas in Evangelism all that`s required is acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. In the Koran are Abraham, Moses, Joshua, the `spirit of the law`, which is the Shekinah of the Old Testament, and Jesus is a figure second only to the Prophet Mohammed as a teacher. After the Moslem`s fasting month of `Ramadan` the feast of `Eid` celebrates God`s sparing of Abraham`s son Isaac, who was the founder of Israel, whereas Abraham`s son Ishmael was the founder of Islam. But the important aspect is that the Moslems are still celebrating the founding of Israel in the `Eid`. Just as Ramadan is one of the `five pillars of Islam` so the Hajj, which is an obligatory pilgrimage to the Kaba, or `holy house` built by Abraham and Ishmael, is a journey Moslems undertake at least once in their lives, and is another of the `five pillars` of Islamic faith.



 Millions of Moslems travel each year to the Kaba in Mecca, and so gratefulness to God for the `fathering of Israel`, because Abraham`s son Isaac was the founder of Judaism, is a central tenet of Moslem worship. The Christians, whose Book of the Revelation of St John the Divine was dictated, have no justification for their despising of the Moslems because they believe that the Koran was dictated to Mohammed by the angels, who`re depicted as heralds of the birth of Jesus to Mary in the New Testament, that is, she whom the Moslems call Miriam, and which is also celebrated in their Koran where Jesus enters into heaven without crucifixion. In symbolic terms, the Christian Jesus` crucified is comprehensible because Christ is the `Second Adam` and Eve emerged from his side. Jesus` death was marked by the Roman centurion Longinus` piercing the side of Jesus with his spear (Matt: 27.54), which effectively announced the upcoming Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus into heaven and the emergence of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from the side of Jesus, that is, the `Second Adam`, as the New Testament version of the Old Testament Shekinah, who was Eve from the side of Adam and, as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, is the`Second Eve` to Jesus` Adam.  In `movie` terms, Christianity represents `continuity`. However, although Abraham, Moses, and Jesus are central figures in the Moslem Koran, it doesn`t seem as if Christianity wants `continuity` with Islam. Largely on the basis that the Moslem figure of Jesus wasn`t crucified before he was taken into heaven by God. Although Eve, the Shekinah and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the `continuity girl` in `Hollywood` terms, but although she wants Islam, Judaism and Christianity, Christianity doesn`t want her.



 This `Second Eve` from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` is `God`s love` (Luke 10.27), according to Jesus, who evaluates the Commandments of God as `love your neighbour as you love yourself`. According to the Old Testament, the `spirit of the law` of God is the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35), which dwells wherever the Ark of the Covenant is, and wherever the Commandments of God are kept because God`s promise is kept there too. Although the Kaba of Islam, that is, the `holy house` in Mecca, doesn`t seem outwardly a symbol of God`s law, neither do the `tefflin`, which are worn in Judaism as smaller boxes containing prayers:


`Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One! You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might…These words that I am commanding you today must always be on your minds…Tie them on your hand as a sign. They should be on your forehead as a symbol.` (Deut: 6. 4-8)



 Just as the box of the `holy house` of the Kaba signifies that Islam is a `house of God`, so the box affixed to the door post in Jewish households declares the occupant of the `house of God`, `Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them fade from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.` (Deut: 4.9). If you can`t teach it`s because you haven`t kept God`s Commandments, which is why Jesus` advocation of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, that is, the wisdom of God`s spirit garnered since Eden, represents immortality. Because the evil don`t want you to be able to teach your children, and you can`t if you live in the spirit of `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for the `woman`s seed`. Roger Daltrey once sang My Generation for `The Who`, `I hope I die before I get old,` which became a 1965 `pop anthem`. If you don`t live long, how can you teach the young? A typical pederast news story:


`Forget about the debate over passport forms replacing ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ with ‘Parent One’ and ‘Parent Two’ -- make way for Parent Three! A Florida judge has ruled that a 22-month-old baby girl shall have three people listed as her parents on her birth certificate - a married lesbian couple and the gay man that provides one half of her DNA.`2



 Who`s going to teach the girl about `woman`s seed`? Feminism`s `politically correct` approach towards equality for lesbians, homosexual pederasty, and libertarianism are well represented. But what about the girl with the penis? Obviously the two women don`t want to reproduce with a woman, and neither does the pederast, so what are they doing with a baby human, who may be born with a penis of her own? Who`s supporting the alien education and information system? Parent one is a human woman with a penis, and parent two is her birth mother, while parent three is already pregnant. In Christianity the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` is the female Shekinah, that is, the `spirit of the law` of God, which is the continuator of Jesus` teachings of Redemption and immortality as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, whereas news stories about pederasts and lesbians parenting women who they haven`t fathered isn`t educational, but a symptom of institutionalized misogyny. The Shekinah is the `spirit` of the composition, The Song of Songs which, because all art, civilization and culture ultimately comes from the womb of `Woman`, is the `spirit of God`:


 `The watchmen that go about the city found me: to whom I said, Saw ye him who my soul loveth?` (Songs: 3. 3)



 Through the `spirit of the law` of God, that is, the Shekinah, and Jesus` teachings of Redemption by means of this Holy Spirit/Paraclete, God has taught the love of `woman`s seed`, art, culture and civilization, which ultimately emerges from the womb of `Woman` as the human species on the planet Earth with her own penis and socio-economic valence as `futanarian`. Effectively, `Woman` is God`s `producer`, and God`s genius, but Mankind must accept her spiritual valence or perdition will ensue. In Revelation a `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to a child while a `red dragon` waits to devour the `New Redeemer`, because men are the devourer of the art, culture and civilization of the `woman`s seed`.



 In some biblical translations the serpent of Eden is described as the `crusher` of the head of Eve while she strikes at his heel, which is curious because it would be expected that the serpent would strike at the heel of its assailant. Moreover, the Douay-Rheims translation of the Bible describes Eve as crushing the head of the serpent before she leaves the Earth, which agrees with Revelation in which the `woman`s seed` receives a `new heaven and Earth` from God while the evil receive perdition. The serpent as `crusher` interpetation gains some credence from Saddam Hussein`s (1934-2009) name, which means `crusher` but, as Saddam was figuratively crushed by `Liberty`, that is, the USA, the Douay-Rheims translation, in which Eve is the crusher, despite the attentions of the serpent grown into the `red dragon` of Revelation, is more sensible. Although the World Trade Centre is a symbol of capitalism, which wants `ownership of the means of production`, `Woman` is the means, and `rough trade` is what the 9/11 2001 terrorists` attack on the Twin Towers of New York, by crashing hijacked planes into Manhattan island, aimed to restore. In ancient Greece homosexual pederasty spread its contagion of war by enslaving the `host` wombs of women and then attacking nearby city states for fresh female slaves. In the 20th century `rough trade` was the name used for homosexual pederasty, and Gulf War II (2001-212) resulted from Al Qaeda`s terrorism against New York on 9/11. If `rough trade` means `homosexual pederasty and war`, the World Trade Centre was the logical `restoration point` for the `serpent`s seed` and what God warns Eve of in Genesis (3. 15), that is, its `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed`.



 The `American Dream` is `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, which is freedom and what `Woman` wants, as the human species enslaved by the parasitical aliens of homosexual pederasty that emerge from her host wombs. Feigning the virality of its wars against her as virility, but which God`s Revelation identifies for man as the consequences of its `witchery`, men have mixed their semen with blood and shit in anal sex to spread homosexual pederasty`s viral contagion of war and its `blood plague` (Rev: 16.3) of vendetta through HIV/AIDS to the very wombs of what God describes as the `perpetual` enemy of the `serpent`s seed` (Gen: 3. 15). The terrorist attack on New York`s World Trade Centre on 9/11, 2001, was a sign of the red dragon`s will to devour the `American Dream` and `Manifest Destiny`, but without traitors and betrayers it can`t win. Just as the HIV/AIDS` virus feigns friendship for the immune system of the body in order to kill it, so the 9/11 Al Qaeda terrorists feigned friendship for the USA before attacking it. At the `Last Supper` Jesus` offered fellowship to the disciples in the shape of `bread and wine`, which he called his `body and blood`, and Judas betrayed him to those who wanted to crucifiy him. In 21st century terms, having `broken bread` with the USA, the tourists from Arabia boarded `civil` aircraft at Boston and, hijacking htem, flew them to New York`s World Trade Centre where they crashed them into the Twin Towers. In sociological terms, betraying friendship is equivalent to the deliberate spreading of the disease HIV/AIDS and is closely associated with homosexual pederasty`s desire to enslave `Woman` as its `hosts` in its wars against art, culture and civilization, and which God defines for Eve in the Bible as the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` for `woman`s seed`.



 The `American Dream` is `Manifest Destiny` and is the fulfilment of God`s Covenant with the `chosen people for Redemption through the teachings of Jesus and acceptance of the teachings of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which taught in the spirit after Jesus` death, Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. As Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary, he`s `woman`s seed`. Mary was a Jew and it is only possible to be a Jew if you`re born from a woman, which means that women are God`s `chosen people`. Although Jesus was a man, he was `woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary, which means that those who accept the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete are redeemed but, as the `Assumption` of the Virgin Mary in Catholicism indicates, `Woman` is assumed to be redeemed because she`s human and `woman`s seed`. Because `futanarian` women have a penis of their own the human species has an entirely female valence, which means that `Woman` can continue without male semen, and God gives a `new heaven and Earth` to `woman`s seed` in Revelation while the evil `serpent`s seed` receive perdition as a punishment:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.11)



 According to tradition, the `Spear of Destiny` is the spear of Longinus (Matt: 27.54) which, in cutting open the side of Jesus, effectively signals the liberation of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam`. She`ll stay by the side of humankind long enough to save those who want Redemption although `woman`s seed` is given a `new heaven and Earth` by God in Revelation, which suggests that she`ll abandon her efforts to save the `serpent`s seed` before God decrees eternal unendurable pain as their punishment. She is the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, and the `Spear of Destiny`, which is the `American Dream` of `Manifest Destiny` through the teachings of Jesus Christ. 9/11`s terrorism was a betrayal of `Liberty` and `Woman` as God`s `chosen people`, that is, `woman`s seed` as God`s `producer` of art, culture and civilization. Homosexual pederasty`s terrrorism is now its threat to human progress and development.



 The story of Adam and Eve is of a divorce. God offers Redemption through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete from the side of the `Second Adam`, but `futanarian` women have a penis of their own and so are categorizable as the independent species which the Bible identifies as `woman`s seed`. The evil perceive Revelation as a `battle ad`, that is, as a constant advertisement for homosexual pederasty and war, that is, the `bad lads`, which in the 21st century had become the `biological warfare` of HIV/AIDS against `Woman`. The appearance of the 9/11 terrorist atrocity against the Twin Towers of New York `live on CNN` was a `battle ad` made by `bad lads`. New Yorkers saw planes cut down the World Trade Centre like plane saws, but the more logical analogy is of the `battle adz`, where `adz` is an old word for axe. Consequently, 9/11 was a `battle ad`, in accordance with the `battle ads` of Revelation, which maintains the serpent`s seed`s advertising campaign for its battles against the human species. In simple terms, homosexual pederasty and war has hijacked Jesus `Mission` to further the `plague aims` of the `bad lads`, who want to `play games` of `biological warfare` with `woman`s seed` and other HIV/AIDS` related `plague games`.



 Even the campaign against HIV/AIDS is a `battle ad` for homosexual pederasty`s `bad lads`. However, Revelation makes it evident that the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of enslaving and devouring homosexual pederasty and war is the serpent`s seed`s `perpetual enmity` towards `woman`s seed`, and so the `battle ads` are a genuine sign to Christians that they are being campaigned against by the `bad lads` and that there is a genuine battle to be fought. But the battles of the Somme, Arnhem, Kosovo and Kuwait suggest that the `battle ads` have won rather than that the `bad lads` have been defeated. In other words, Christianity has succumbed to the programing of the `serpent`s seed` rather than fought with the dragon:


`Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to him: for the marriage of the lamb is come, and his wife has made herself ready.` (Rev: 19.7) 



 Although the bride is represented as the Christian church in most theology, as `woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary, Jesus` church is his bride, `Woman`, that is, `the marriage of the lamb` is the divorce and independence of `woman`s seed` from  pederasty. The Roman centurion Longinus said, `Surely this was the Son of God,` but Jesus described himself only as `the Son of Man,` because he was `woman`s seed` as the child of the `Virgin Mary`, who was `Man` to Jesus. If `woman`s seed` have their own penis, which `futanarian` woman does, the `marriage of the lamb` is the union of `woman`s seed` as `one creature in God`. God is divorcing what was formerly Mankind because it doesn`t want Redemption. In Revelation the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS is an aspect of homosexual pederasty`s war of terror:


`I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. With justice he judges and wages war. His eyes are like blazing fire, and on his head are many crowns. He has a name written on him that no one knows but he himself. He is dressed in a robe dipped in blood, and his name is the Word of God. The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. `He will rule them with an iron scepter.` He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty.  On his robe and on his thigh he has this name written: king of kings and lord of lords.` (Rev: 19. 11-18)



 Jesus` robe is `dipped in blood` because Christ`s victory is over HIV/AIDS, tthat is, the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` and its enslaving and devouring homosexual pederasty and war, which was prefigured in God`s erasing of `Sodom and Gomorrah` (Gen: 18,19), where sodomy and the `blood feuds` of the unforgiving mafia families, who are known as `Camorra` and are synonymous with anti-Christian vendetta, are the 21st century`s `Sodom and Gomorrah`, which they attempted to inflict on New York and Arlington`s Pentagon, and that were supposed to be understood as the `cities of the planes`; as `Sodom and Gomorrah` were punished by God as the `cities of the plains` in the Bible. Osama Ben Laden`s Al Qaeda family`s attack on New York`s `Big Apple` of Eve`s garnered wisdom since Eden was intended to be the poisoned fruit that would lure the USA into being `bad lads` with `bad` Laden`s `family`, that is, the mafia `Camorra` of Al Qaeda, and spread the serpent`s seeds` contagion of `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed` into the 21st century and beyond.



 The symbol of the assassin is the dagger, which is a weapon of cowardice. Unfortunately, most of the Earth`s `special forces` have the dagger as their symbol, which suggests support for terror rather than anti-terrorism, that is, the `Camorra` of warring families` vendettas, and  those global factions amongst the military and police who want the violence and sado-masochism of homosexual pederasty and don`t want an end to it. To conceal their evil design, which is the destruction of art, culture and civilization periodically as it emerges from the `host` womb of `Woman`, homosexual pederasty has engaged in a `politically correct` war of attrition, which by the end of the 20th century had produced the `black magic` of mixing blood, shit and the `serpent`s seed` of male semen in anal sex to wage `biological warfare` against even the host wombs of women that had harboured the nihilistic parasite.



 The figure of the statue of `Liberty` in New York harbour isn`t incidental. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer`, that is, Jesus in his `Second Coming` as `he who shall rule with an iron scepter`, and so the victory of `Liberty` over the red sun of the Japanese flags at Pearl harbour and the yellow moon of Al Qaeda`s flags at New York harbour is the beginnings of the triumph of the `woman`s seed` over the evil parasitical virality that she has harboured in her bosom for too long in her hopes of redeeming the evil bastard from its `perpetual enmity` against her `seed` that God had warned her of as long ago as Eden. Jesus is `Faithful and True` because `Woman` is bound by her acceptance of monogamy, which enslavement is broken by Jesus` `marriage of the lamb`. Previously, she`d even had to accept HIV/AIDS as a means of homosexual pederasty`s keeping her `Faithful and True`, which is represented in the Bible by, `MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH` (Rev: 17. 5) because the slave of homosexual pederasty is abominated through no fault of her own. To maintain its slave, homosexual pederasty engages in wars of terror, which include the terrorism of HIV/AIDS and homophobia, which are designed to prevent `woman`s seed` from divorcing pederasty and denying Redemption to Mankind.



 According to the Bible, the `wages of sin are death`, which is what Adam and Eve are told after they`ve disobeyed God`s injunction not to eat of the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` (Gen: 2.9) which the serpent tempts them to eat, but to eat of the `tree of life`, which is immortality. Because Eve accepts the fruit from the serpent, she has `perpetual enmity` with the `serpent`s seed` because, although the serpent is widely understood to represent adultery, it represents adulteration. The future of `woman`s seed` with humankind is poisoned by pederasty after Eden. God tells Eve there`ll be `enmity` between its `seed` and hers, because men aren`t her `seed`. `Woman` with her own penis is `futanarian`, which has the `seed` of the human species uncontaminated by male semen and, prefigured in the birth of Jesus from the Virgin Mary, can be discovered through the internet as the only education and information system that will explain to `woman`s seed` that `Woman` is the human species and she lives as a slave in pederasty`s wars against `woman`s seed` and the art, culture and civilization that `Woman` producers from her womb.



 Although `woman`s seed` is meant to be grateful to her misogynists, if the USA can put a man`s foot on the moon, `That`s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,` she can put a woman`s futanar on the moon, but men don`t want it to go any further than `first base`, which is an American baseball euphemism for kissing, and father`s don`t want it to go any further. Consequently, Al Qaeda means `base` and the 9/11 terrorist attack, which reestablished global war was a sign that, so far as patriarchy is concerned, the space programme was designed to produce a better washing machine for the woman to use rather than a space rocket to facilitate her species` escape. One of the more famous scifi movies of the 50s was Forbidden Planet (1956) and it`s title is indicative. The basic premise is that science is a monster. All of the scientifically highly developed species on the Forbidden Planet have died mysteriously at the zenith of their achievements. Most critics perceive Forbidden Planet as a metaphor for nuclear Armageddon and what could happen on Earth. Although the loss of the species of Forbidden Planet is due to their imaginations becoming too strong to control themselves, it`s a metaphor for pederasty because it presents technology as a monster, whereas it`s a liberator. Effectively, what Forbidden Planet says is that the planets are forbidden to women and men won`t allow technology to develop, because they are monsters and won`t allow her to escape.



 9/11 was `Babylon` insofar as it was`Hollywood`. In typical 50s alien invasion movie style, the `monsters` of the `serpent`s seed`, who have already taken control of the Earth, say that they don`t want the human species, that is, `woman`s seed`, to escape from its `perpetual enmity` against her. Many people watching 9/11 `live on CNN` in fact perceived it initially as a 50s scifi alien invasion movie because they couldn`t believe that could happen to the Twin Towers. Although science fiction is viewed as faintly ridiculous, last month`s science is tomorrow`s world. The space rocket that would put a futanar woman on the moon with her own penis is more liberating than the automatic washing machine, which washes the clothes of the `woman`s seed` for her. But the principle is of the machine that is the liberator of `Woman` and not the system`s machinery that keeps her in imprisonment upon the Earth so that her pederast can enslave and periodically kill her when the technological has advanced far enough to suggest to her that she can leave. Internet taboos against sex research for the young may seem comprehensible ( ), but if there`s noone to tell a young woman that she`s a species with her own penis, how else is she to know?



 Christianity`s Jesus is `woman`s seed` and advocates immortality, so that Eve`s daughters will have the knowledge of themselves as a species, which is denied to them by pederasty`s ephemeral preoccupations. Just as the washing machine, rather than the spaceship, is the zenith of human aspiration, in terms of pederasty`s technology, so `three score years and ten` is the limit of their enslaved ephemerals capacity for stored memory. Because it is in pederasty`s interest to prevent a young woman having a grandmother who can tell her about women`s own penis, or indeed reveal that she has one. Irrespective of eternal youth, pederasty will murder her in the spirit and the flesh to prevent her from passing on her stored knowledge, which in Revelation is what the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS is a sign of. Consequently, `the wages of sin is death` refers to pederasty, not adultery, because it is `woman`s seed` that has been adulterated by the `serpent`s seed` of homosexual pederasty, which Jesus` birth without male semen and his crucifixion by the `serpent`s seed` emphasizes. Redemption is acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the `Word of God`, that is, the Logos, so that `woman`s seed` can progress in technological development and escape pederasty, which Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension prefigures. Those who advocate spiritual escape without work haven`t understood God`s exhortation to Adam and Eve after Eden, `In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.` (Gen: 3.19) To the `serpent`s seed` this means that work that`s productive isn`t possible, because, as Jesus did, you`ll escape death. On the other hand, if you believe in maracles, as most Christians perceive Jesus` Ascension as, you won`t work. However, as science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once observed:


`Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.`3



 Just because Jesus` Ascension seems miraculous doesn`t give us an excuse for assuming that sanctimony is Jesus` path. Spirituality isn`t the perception that other people work for you and that the miracles of technology and/or heaven are yours because you`re `spiritual`. Even if Jesus wasn`t carried up into space by the transporter beam of the USS Enterprise for another episode of the TV show Star Trek, (1965-) it isn`t the perception that those who believe in the work of science are spiritually inferior because they don`t want to die in pederasty.



 Men are death to `Woman` because she`s God`s producer and the destruction of her art, culture and civilization is what they`re for. Although HIV/AIDS is the homosexual pederasts` `biological warfare of the 20th century, cigarette inducing cancer has been a metaphor for the killers` disease for much longer. A euphemism for murder is `smoking` and the first murderer was Cain who killed Abel for being able to cook, that is, he was able to see and develop beyond agriculturalism. The blind are given a white cane, which they use to bang against objects in their path so that they can feel their way forwards. In Christianity the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` because it`a about being able to see. Cigarette smoking is the precursor of HIV/AIDS as the homosexual pederasts` prototypical precursor of its more improved killer disease of HIV/AIDS. Consequently, the little white stick of the cigarette is the blind woman`s cane. Jesus` distillation of the `spirit of the law of God` is `love your neighbour as you love yourself` because woman`s seed` is your neighbour, which is the Christian perception that murderers kill themselves, and means that `smoking` is Cain and the smokers` cigarette is the white stick that represents blindness. To the dying individual the smokers` white stick isn`t `Romance`. Living life without eyes to see because the `smokers` and those spreading the homosexual pederasts` more recent and lethal contagion of HIV/AIDS have killled them in the spirit.isn`t romantic:


`Do you have eyes to see and ears to hear? And you don`t remember?` (Mk 8. 18)



.Where are the eternally youthful ancient old women with the memories of `woman`s seed` and who can teach and guide their daughters? Dead because the blinders have `smoked` them with their white stick symbols of blindness and death. Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` Now the planet is beringed with the little white sticks of their ICBMs in the mutually assured destruction (MAD) that cigarette smoking retro `Hollywood` shows like Mad Men (2007-) ensure will puff us all out of existence. God`s destruction of `Sodom and Gomorrah` prefigures the mafia families` `Camorra`, which is the `blood feud` of sodomy, that is, homosexual pederasty`s serpent`s seed`s vendetta against `woman`s seed` and her Earth`s human species.If you don`t have eyes to see, or ears to hear, you can`t remember, which is `Camorra`:


`He who is deaf, blind and silent, lives a thousand years in peace.`4



 The romantic would place the emphasis on `peace` in the sentence as it is constructed, whereas it`s a blinding curse. Who wants to live for a thousand years, deaf, blind and without the capacity to communicate? That`s `Camorra`, or as the famous non-mafiosa Dean Martin mightn`t have sung, `When you walk in a dream but you know you`re not dreamin` ... [signora]. `Scusami, but you see back in old Napoli, that`s ... [Camorra].` 5 The American myth is of a virgin land, which is developable. Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary is of the `woman`s seed`, which is developable, but if the Americans persisit in infantile delusions; for example, political correctness consists in the institutionalized belief that homosexual pederasts and women are equal, all we can expect is deafness, blindness and silence, which isn`t `amore`. In Eden the serpent`s apple of temptation is a sign to Eve that it will seek to enslave and devour her. through homosexual pederasty, which is what 9/11`s terrorist attack on the `Big Apple` of New York was attempting to reinforce. The USA was tempted into global conflict, which in WWII resulted in the defeat of the red sun of Japan by means of two nuclear bombs, `Fat Man` and `Little Boy`, dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima which, after the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS in homosexual pederasty, that is, the `biological warfare` of the `gay boy sons`, is understandable as an early symptom of the disease.



 In Revelation, `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` while the `red dragon` is unable to devour `he who shall rule the nations with an iron scepter` because the moon of Al Qaeda is beneath the statue of `Liberty` where it is reflected in the harbour of New York after 9/11. In other words, the defeat of the red sun of Japan after Pearl Harbour in 1941 and of Al Qaeda at New York harbour in 2001 represents the defeat of that which would devour the Earth by unleashing the power of its suns upon her. 



 Acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is `the Word`, which is what software giant Microsoft calls its processor. In Jesus` terms, humankind`s speech and writing requires a `guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet` which, in the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), corresponds to the spiritualized soul or anima that is the female component of the psyche. Most works produced by Microsoft word processor, or any other type, adopt the paradigm of homosexual pederasty`s undeclared war against the human species of `Woman` as their premise; for example, the Bible. Consequently, accepting Jesus` `Word` as the `woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary uncontaminated by male semen, is a prerequisite for changing the paradigm of homosexual pederasty`s enslaving and devouring of her as the `serpent`s seed` that, grown into the `red dragon` of Revelation, cannot devour `he who shall rule the nations with an iron scepter` to protect her. In Revelation `woman`s seed` receives a `new heaven and Earth` from God while the evil `serpent`s seed` receive perdition as a punishment. The paradigm of `Woman` accepting her slavery in exchange for comfort perpetuates low level technological advancement. The washing machine that takes care of the woman is not yet conceived of. But that would be the end of her enslavement, and the knowledge that she has her own penis and is a species is enough to indicate that the source of her enslavement is the desire for it.



 9/11 was knocking down buildings and rebuilding them; as a child does with building blocks. But the notion that humans shouldn`t develop is central to the terrrorist attack upon New York`s Twin Towers. Unless `Woman` wants a washing machine that takes care of her, she`ll opt for the next best thing, which is the male seed that accepts low level technology in exchange for roles as enslavers and devourers within the pederasty that provides her exclusively female form, that is, `woman`s seed` without her own penis that `sows` her own `seed`, with low level technological comforts. In the scifi movie Barbarella (1968) Jane Fonda is depicted in the opening scene through the porthole of a spaceship that looks like that of a washing machine and the cinema audience watch her in weightlessness while she `spins` and removes her clothes. The metaphor is of the liberated `woman`s seed` who has her own washing machine. In socio-economic terms, 9/11 precipitated `another Vietnam` because the USA`s spaceplane programme of the 50s was cancelled on economic grounds largely due to the USA`s commitment to global policing of communism. Although the Saturn V space rocket replaced the X-15 programme to pilot spaceplanes, the astronaut atop the rocket, but visible through the lunar module`s porthole, represented development of the washing machine, that is, the low level technology that woman required for her comfort within pederasty. US President Richard Nixon`s support for the `Vietnam war` (1955-75) and George W. Bush`s declared `War on Terror` (2003-) represents a refusal to develop. Because a higher level of technological development would mean that the washing machine would take care of the `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` woman with her own penis would be cared for by the technology, and the devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war would no longer exist. It`s continuation means that the Saturn V rocket no longer functions as a washing machine developer, but as a means of deploying nuclear holocaust, which would mean that the Nazi`s `concentration camp` programme of turning dreams to ashes and then into soap would have more ash:


`It’s funny how,
A building can look so tired.
They’re knocking down,
All the buildings,
That remind me of you.
And the new ones,
Just scrape giant holes in the blue,
And they block out.
The sun.
They pay for the ground,
And a thousand blocked views.
Cannot bear to stand at all,
Cannot bear to stand at all,
Maybe that is why,
That’s why,
Yeah, maybe that’s why,
Buildings fall down.`6



 The proverb is that `the pen is mightier than the sword`, which is borne out by the description of Jesus in Revelation, `and out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword`. Although Jesus is thought of by the Christians as the great dragon slaying hero of Revelation, he is true to his `Mission` in that his acceptance of torture and murder by the `serpent`s seed` illustrates his role as the `woman`s seed` born from the Virgin Mary and uncontaminated by male semen, which doesn`t prefigure the helplessness of `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` woman with her own penis, because it is written in the Bible, `the meek shall inherit the Earth`, and although Jesus defeats the `red dragon` and its `serpent`s seed` in Revelation, while the evil receive perdition, Jesus doesn`t actually fight. The analogy is of the US Marine who takes orders from Norman Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell, who were erroneously thought of as the `black beasts` of Revelation, because `schwarzkopf` means `blackhead` in German and Colin Powell was black. Just as there`s no perception that Norman Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell were cowards because they commanded, so there`s no perception that Jesus is a coward because he commands. Nor is there the perception that `futanarian` woman, that is, `woman`s seed` with her own penis, has to fight either. But, in psychological terms, there`s the perception that sexual instinct and libido has to be transformed into spiritual and intellectual endeavour, which means that the new socio-economic valence of the woman with a penis represents the technological development that can save her through the creation of the washing machine that cares for her rather than that she is a low level technological slave of the washing machine that doesn`t. In simple terms, labour saving devices are the liberation that the enslavers and devourers of `woman`s seed` don`t want for her, which means that the fight for the `seed` of woman is cerebral and spiritual, but a real and significant battle.



 As `Logos` or the `Word` of God, Jesus is the advocate of technological advancement, which is the defeat of pederasty by peaceful means. In programers` terms, Jesus` `Word` is the machine program, which is why the adjectival form for `Messiah`, that is, `Meshiah` in Judaism, is `Meshiahn`. Because the intelligent machine is more human than the humans it cares for, which is the reason that pederasty doesn`t want higher levels of technology for its slaves. Much `scifi` has been devoted to the idea that robots are the slaves of humans, whereas the notion that the robots are more human because they care for the human species isn`t considered. However, Jesus` notion of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete infusing the spirit of humankind with the desire for more human machines is why he`s `Meshiahn`. Jesus` perception is of a future technologically advanced art, culture and civilization in which the spirit of woman`s seed`s desire to protect itself has triumphed. Jesus` New Testament is the battle for the heart, which is why he`s associated with the distillation of the `spirit of the law` of God as `love your neighbour as you love yourself`, but the battle for the brain is why he`s `Logos` and the `Word`. Because peaceful technology is Salvation for `woman`s seed` and, if men don`t want it, she has the socio-economic valence to take her penis elsewhere.



 In publishing terms, the Bible is the `Word` of God and, whether Saddam Hussein and the Ba`ath Party, or the terrorist cells of Al Qaeda, are the two `black beasts`, as foretold in Revelation, the attack on the Twin Towers put them in print as `wannabes`. In the `Vietnam war` the average age of the US combatants was nineteen, which meant that the `Khmer Rouge`, that is, the Asian incarnation of the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war, could pretend to be injured American servicemen, crying `Joe! Over here Joe!` Repetition is the bane of art, culture and civilization, because cancer cells replicate. The evil spirit of HIV/AIDS even feigns friendship for the body it kills by pretending to be the white cells that defend it, which is what the Khmer Rouge did with the US Marines. Although the `Khmer Rouge` were perceived as the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed`, war is the sign of homosexual pederasty, and so the 19 year old American soldiers were victims of pederasty. Consequently, repretition and pederasty is the cancerousness of war, and HIV/AIDS is the `blood plague` of Revelation as a sign and a portent that homosexual pederasty is a repretitive anathema, which God has wanted to exterminate since `Sodom and Gomorrah` (Gen: 18, 19). Because `futanarian` woman with a penis is `new`, that is, 21st century `woman`s seed`, she`s a `cancer cure`. Simply, because `woman`s seed` isn`t contaminated, which Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary prefigures, and his teachings of immortality through the Holy Spirit/Paraclete of the New Testament were `new`. Because repetition is cancerous and `woman`s seed` isn`t. Although the Bible is repeated for the edification of infants, infantilism is the desire to repeat evil events, which homosexual pederasty encourages, and so the Catholic church is condemned periodically for its pederasty because the Bible encourages its repetition. Unless pastors are prepared to preach the physical reality of `woman`s seed`, the only thing to be understood from the Bible is war, slavery and death in the jaws of homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon`. Jesus` Holy Spirit/Paraclete is for the teaching of `woman`s seed`, that is, the `seed` of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, who is uncontaminated by the virality of the male parasite that wants to feed off the human species` `host` womb as its devouring plague.



 In the movie Face Off (1997) Nicholas Cage and John Travolta change faces by means of surgery and attempt to kill each other. The concept of good and evil is irrelevant because it`s the alien face of pederasty, and it`s the nature of the disease to devour itself. Britney Spears` album Blackout is a more intelligent perspective. The concept album is familiar to contemporary music lovers since the 70s and unconsciousness, where that means the inability to remember, is the basis of homosexual pederasty`s cancer. If `woman`s seed` can`t remember her own penis, it`s because she`s been, or is being, murdered. In the late 80s the all girl rock group was at its zenith with bands like Vixen, The Spice Girls, Heart, and Girlschool, which was `newish`, but the all `woman`s seed` band is yet to appear and, if the cancerous repetitiveness of homosexual pederasty prevails, there won`t be any woman bands. Elvis Presley was once ostracised for shimmying on stage while singing `Blue Suede Shoes` and the complaint was that his penis could be seen engorged along his inner thigh beneath his tight jeans. If the female band ever took to the stage with their erections and breasts, it`d be the end of homosexual pederasty`s dominant stance. Consequently, repetition is a sign of homosexual pederasty`s enslaving and desire to devour `woman`s seed`, which is an Anti-Christian denial of the role of the communion wafer that represents the body of Jesus in the Catholic Mass:


`I'm Mrs `Lifestyles of the rich and famous`.
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs `Oh my God that Britney's Shameless`.
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs `Extra! Extra! this just in`.
(You want a piece of me)
I'm Mrs `She's too big now she's too thin`.

(You want a piece of me)` Piece Of Me (2007)



Of course, Jesus` `bread and wine` from the `Last Supper` is the `body and blood` symbolized by the wafer and the wine of the Catholic Communion because the drink represents the spirit, that is, the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which isn`t possession by the evil of homosexual pederasty and the `perpetual enmity` of the enslaving devourer for `woman`s seed`, but self-possession in the desire for `Woman`. Female sexuality is taught that she isn`t to be desirable to herself, which defines men as her possessing demons, because `woman`s seed` has her own penis and socio-economic valence together with its capacity for energic spiritual and intellectual transformative capcity to improve her environment for her species. In `Piece Of Me` Britney Spears` observes that not only do `demons` want to possess her spirit, that is, the wine of her body, and cause her to endanger herself or her family, but intoxicated by their desire for sexual possession of her, post coitally she`s `pissed off` by men who`re only devouring and enslaving demons using her as `a convenience` before and after ejaculating:


`I'm Mrs 'You want a piece of me?'
Tryin' and pissin' me off.
Well get in line with the paparazzi
Who's flippin' me off.
Hopin' I'll resort to some havoc

And end up settlin` in court.

(You want a piece of me)`



Britney Spears` concept album Blackout observes that she wants to be `original` and not a victim of homosexual pederasty insofar as she doesn`t want to repeat herself in endless regurgitations of material that she has previously produced. One of the basic principles of enslavement is that of the `cargo cult` in which an individual is given a mock artifact such as a mobile telephone carved from wood in order for the `cult` to have the `subject` work to produce a working mobile telephone based on the wooden `effigy`. The concept is based on the theory of reincarnation, that is, if the individual is reborn, and the theory is that everyone is reincarnated, all the `cargo cult` has to do is wait for them to produce what they`ve produced before. Moreover, if they don`t reproduce what has been before, the `cult` will force them to. Because they don`t want anything but what they`ve already had. Basic to the theory is homosexual pederasty, which doesn`t want `woman`s seed` because it`s `new`.  In simple terms, the Earth is definable as a `cargo cult` run by homosexual pederasts who don`t want `woman`s seed` to be born, whereas God`s Revelation in the Bible is that `woman`s seed` shall receive a `new heaven and Earth` while the evil `serpent`s seed` receive perdition as a punbishment, but it`s not clear why. The reason is because the alien parasitical virality preying on the `host` womb of the human species won`t allow the `woman`s seed` to develop:


`Men cursed the God of heaven because of their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.11)



 What they`d done was enslave `Woman` in homosexual pederasty and preferred their alien parasitical virality in the shape of HIV/AIDS to enforce the faithfulness of `Woman` to their possessive enslaving misogynyst`s monogamy. In videos like Oops I Did It Again and Lucky, Britney Spears appears `repeated` in the sense that she`s `doubled` or `twinned` to `star` alongside herself. In homosexual pederasty replication denotes cancer because it copies itself, which in terms of God`s `plan` means that there won`t won`t be any original material if the serpent`s seed` is successful. But for `woman`s seed` replication is a metaphor for reproduction by means of her own penis. The featured track of Blackout is `Piece Of Me` and Britney Spears appears on the cover of the CD single depicted on the cross in the place of the crucified Jesus, because his `Mission` is to be new `woman`s seed`, but after 2000 years `Woman` still hasn`t remembered because homosexual pederasty has censored that `piece` of her. Christianity is a travesty in which the murdered spirit of woman is expected to go to her local pederast and say, `Forgive me father because I can`t remember whether I`ve sinned or not.` On the tacit understanding that she used to have a penis and is now a sinful lesbian, who`s censored and so unconscious of her forever `fallen` state, which the priests will remind her of just before she goes to hell in order to experience the eternal unendurable pain that they`ve accepted as God`s `plan` for her:


`I can feel you on my lips.

I can feel you deep inside.

Ooh, ooh baby,

In your arms I finally breathe.

Wrap me up in all your love.

That's the oxygen I need, yeah.` Ooh Ooh Baby (2007)



 Britney Spears` `Ooh Ooh Baby` from Blackout represents the singers` desire for the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. Although it`s sexual, Jesus is `woman`s seed`, which means that the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is `woman`s spirit`. In the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which detail the life and teachings of the disciples` master, all agree that the Roman centurion Longinus` spear pierced the side of Jesus upoin his death at the crucifixion, which was the signal for the emergence of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the continuator of Jesus` teachings, that is, as the spirit of the first Eve from the side of the `Second Adam`. Because the Holy Spirit/Paraclete is a `multiple personality`, in psychological terms, without being fragmented, each is a `piece` from Longinus` spear, which means that Britney Spears` name has biblical significance because it suggests the `pieces` of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, but the `piece` of her that`s invisible is her `futanarian` sexuality. In other words, `Woman` is schizophrenic because the education and information system available to her upon the Earth says that woman`s sexual orientation should be towards men because they have exclusive rights to the penis, whereas `woman`s seed` has a penis of her own. Consequently, women are schizophrenic because their sexual orientation has been interfered with, which is why Jesus is `woman`s seed`. Because Jesus represents the `seed` of the woman interfered with by the `serpent`s seed` of homosexual pederasty and its `perpetual enmity` for the human species. Britney Spears` `Ooh Ooh Baby` is sexual and spiritual, because `woman`s seed` is.



 The attack of Al Qaeda`s terrorists upon the `Big Apple` of New York`s World Trade Centre was homosexual pederasty`s declaration of its intention to devour the human species, which is definable as `woman`s seed`, in biblical terms, because Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary without contamination by male semen and is described as the `Second Adam`. Jesus` offer of Redemption to mankind is conditional on mankind`s acceptance of his teachings and those of the Holy Spirit as his continuator. Just as Eve emerged from the side of Jesus, so Jesus` side was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion, Longinus, and so the Holy Spirit/Paraclete emerged from the side of the `Second Adam` because she was the spirit of Eve, that is, `woman`s seed`, and so the `Second Eve` is the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. In Revelation the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the `New Redeemer` to ` rule the nations with an iron scepter`. Jesus` teachings have been disseminated by the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, and so the minds of mankind have changed:


`Men cursed the God of heaven because of their sores but refused to repent of what they had done.`




 God sentences those who refuse to change their mind to eternal unendurable pain. Jesus` `Second Coming` is identified with the birth of the `New Redeemer`,because the Messiah`s birth from the Virgin Mary, without male semen, is decontamination, and prefigures `futanarian` woman`s birthing of the `New Redeemer`, who may be male only insofar as a `futanarian` woman with a penis is his birth mother, and he is male because `futanarian` too. Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary identifies him as `woman`s seed`, but the penis doesn`t identify the male as human. The `sores` of HIV/AIDS are from the `serpent`s seed` because men who don`t accept the `woman` seed` are no longer human, and homosexual pederasty is the biblical sign of their degeneration. HIV/AIDS is  a `wasting disease`, and was defined as the `thin disease` when it was first recognized as a `gay plague` in the 1980s. Because the minds of men need to change their `thinking`, HIV/AIDS is the `Thin King` disease, which is identifiable as `plague`, that is, one of the `four horsemen of the apocalypse` from Revelation, but God even is blamed by men for the `blood plague` in Revelation, whereas men have constructed the enslaving and devouring god of homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon` for themselves.





 `Thin King` is a mind wasting disease, and so `plague`, but its physical symptoms are starvation, which identifies it as another of the `four horsemen of the apocalypse`, `famine.`, while the ancient Greeks` enslavement of women as `host` wombs to spread their contagion of war, means that war and death are the god of homosexual pederasty`s also, and so these are the `four horsemen of the apocalypse`, `plague, famine, war and death`. In the New Testament Jesus is `Logos`, the `Word` of God, because technological advancement is either an aspect of the `wasting disease` of the god of homosexual pederasty, that is, thermoglobal nuclear holocaust as the latest instalment in their `snuff movie` homage to the god of wasting everything that `woman`s  seed` produces from her womb. `Woman` produces art, culture and civilization, and men as her `wasting disease`, waste it, and that`s worship of the god of homosexual pederasty, which is the enslaving and devouring `red dragon` of `consumption`. According to Revelation the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer` because the strong willed and the strong minded won`t allow `woman`s seed` to be devoured, and the `New Redeemer`, according to the Bible, protects his mother who remains `hidden` upon the Earth. God tells Eve that she will crush the head of the serpent before she leaves, and God gives `woman`s seed` a new heaven and Earth in Revelation, which means that `woman`s seed` will leave Earth and be protected before she does so. God`s `plan` seems to be that `woman`s seed`, as `futanarian` woman with her own penis, is `hidden`, but the plan of the evil `serpent`s seed` is that she shall never be seen, which is the difference between Revelation and blinding through miseducation and disinformation, for example, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are both associated with `eye candy`, whereas `candyman` is the name of a `snuff movie` company providing training for directors who want to implement the `perpetual enmity` of the `serpent`s seed` against `woman`s seed` by preparing themselves for genocidal `cleansing` pogroms such as occurred in Yugoslavia`s Srebrenica, Sudan`s Dharfur, Ukraine`s Chechnya and elsewhere in the late 20th century.



New York was the `Big Apple` of America`s desire for innocence, progress and development, which is the American Dream of Manifest Destiny through `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. But humanity has to accept the teachings of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, because Jesus` flesh and spirit is `woman`s seed` and `Woman` is Redemption through `God`s love` (Matt: 22.39) although those who won`t accept due to their worship of the false god of homosexual pederasty will have eternal perdition:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Piece Of Me (2007)



 On the cover of the CD single for `Piece Of Me` Britney Spears appears in the place of Jesus on the cross, but without the spear of Longinus in her side, because she represents the `spirit of Eve` born from the `Second Adam`, that is, acceptance of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete, which is an aspect of God`s omnipresence and omniscience. Consequently, Britney Spears is lending her name to the idea of the omnivalence of the Holy Spirit/Paraclete emerging from the side of Jesus when pierced by the spear of the Roman Centurion, Longinus, because the multivalent spirit may be conceived, in US Christian terms, as `the Spears of Manifest Destiny`, which at least makes Britney Spears` name and appearance on the cover of `Piece Of Me` symbolically cogent.



 Eden is explicable in terms of `adultery` but only insofar as the `serpent`s seed` doesn`t adhere to the `Word of God`, which is `adulterated`. Because of the `serpent`s seed` who tempts `Woman` from the side of mankind. God`s `plan` was for a third to stand beside Adam and Eve the `futanarian` woman with a penis of her own. The terrorist attack on New York`s `Big Apple` is the explication of the problem 2000 years after Jesus` exhortation to `love your neighbor as you love yourself`. Without the third aspect of the Christian Trinity, that is, `futanarian` woman as a `fatherer`, the `serpent`s seed` will devour `woman`s seed` in its adulteration of the `Word` and publish its `perpetual enmity` for her, which is why Jesus called himself `the `Son of Man`. Because he was `woman`s seed` from the Virgin Mary who, as the prefiguration of `futanarian` woman with her own penis, would correspond to both `Woman`, God, the `fatherer`, and the `spirit of Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam` as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete. Consequently, God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit/Paraclete can all be understood trinitarily as `Woman`.



 Miley Cyrus is another US pop star famous for appearing in a cage as an American Eagle in `Can`t Be Tamed` (2010), while a `master of ceremonies` declares he`d thought she was `extinct`, and in `Party In The USA` (2009) she celebrates her birth names of `Hope` and `Destiny`, which may signify hope in the American Dream and the Manifest Destiny of the United States of America:  `Hopeful people are `like the little engine that could, [because] they keep telling themselves `I think I can, I think I can`.`7 Mythologically,  `Zeus created a box that contained all manners of evil, unbeknownst to the receiver … and those evils were released into the world; hope, which lay at the bottom of the box, remained.`8 Miley Cyrus is at the bottom of her cage at the end of the video for `Can`t be Tamed`, which suggests that the hope represented by the Eagle upon the `Great Seal` of the United States of America is `bird flu` to her plummy voiced British impressario. Although Hannah Montah, Miley`s character in the TV show about a successful teenage popstar, was the American Dream fulfilled, Britney Spears` shaving of her head to `baldly` represent the American Eagle, denounced herself as the `Antichrist`, and was equally symptomatic of possession by the `wasting disease` of the god of homosexual pederasty, which had caused Miley Cyrus to promote herself as a soon to be extinct species.



 Britney Spears had growing pains too. The `red dragon` threatened to devour her offspring, when she was accused of being a child neglecter after paparazzi snapped her child`s hat falling off as she ran for a cab near her hotel by Central Park, New York, and the court awarded custody of her boys to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and after agreeing to award Conservatorship to her father, Co-Conservatorship of her confiscated billions US$ earnings was awarded by the courts to Jason Trawick, who said he might marry her, and eventually didn`t. 



Britney Spears had `growing pains` too. The `red dragon` threatened to devour her offspring, when she was accused of being a child neglecter after paparazzi snapped her child`s hat falling off as she ran for a cab near her hotel by Central Park, New York, and the court awarded custody of her boys to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and after agreeing to award Conservatorship to her father, Co-Conservatorship of her confiscated billions US$ earnings was awarded by the courts to Jason Trawick, who said he might marry her, and eventually didn`t. Hannah Montanah was Redemption for Miley Cyrus, because she could `act good`. However, the USA`s preoccupations with `family` meant that her father, Billy Ray, much in the same way that Britney Spears` father,  Jim, was awarded Conservatorship of her fortune, when the courts decreed she was neglecting her children, was able to `remain close on set`, `acting good` as her father, , `In late 2005, he began to co-star in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana with his daughter Miley Cyrus.`  Hannah was Redemption for Miley and her generation of viewers because she developed as a good actress, but she was young enough to be good as well as act good, and the acting taught her and her audience what good was, which is what American TV is perfect at, because it`s in accordance with the American Dream of innocent progress through development. However, in homosexual pederasty the pederasts act with the good, and so the meaning of Miley Cyrus` father having the role of her father in Hannah Montanah is pederastical, whatever Billy Ray`s relations with his daughter are.  In other words, acting is what pederasts do, but the developing adult learns to act good with them, which is what pederasty is. You`re good and they`re secretly evil, but they`ve taught you to be good, and if you declare yourself bisexual, or a single mother, because you`re the `woman`s seed`, who`s able to recognize her own species, like Britney Spears, the pederasts will take your children and your money and give you a leech who says he`ll be Co-Conservator of your billions US $ until you`re a hollowed out shell singing mafia songs about your love for sodomy and `Camorra`:


`He is a loser, he's a bum
(Bum, bum, bum)

He lies, he fluffs he's unreliable
He is a sucker with a gun
(Gun, gun, gun)`



 Bitney Spears` early career produced good recordings, and those who act good are good. Oops I Did It Again (1999) presents the `game`, Oops! ... I did it again. I played with your heart. Got lost in the game. Oh, baby; baby. Oops!` Pederasty is the `plague game` in which the individual learns to play the game of pretending to believe in father so that they can develop and escape, but Britney Spears slipped up when she dropped her child`s hat and the paparrazi snapped it, while Miley Cyrus learned to act good for the pederasts, which made of her a `wild child` like others of her generation, such as Lindsay Lohan, who escaped in the right direction by becoming a lesbian and  embracing `woman`s seed` to escape from her `father`, who was a criminal.



In the Chinese book of philosophical wisdom, the I Ching, or Book Of Changes, the central tenet is `hidden dragon, do not act`. If you believe that acting good will save you from `the dragon`, it`ll devour you, and pederasty teaches its victims to be good by acting good. In Hollywood, everyone is an `actress` because it`s a game for `drama queens`. `Woman` can`t act to save herself  because she`s taught that acting good is what fathers do, whreas it`s what `drama queens` do, and Belsen and Auschwitz give the lie to the belief that they don`t. In the video for the CD single Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears is depicted beneath her spaceman`s camera with a giant`s fork beside his helmet while she` `looks good`. It`s a devourer`s metaphor. She`s acting good and looks `good enough to eat`, because homosexual pederasty is her parasitical devourer.



 If men promote actions that are evil, they are published as `read` in Revelation.  As God`s producer, `Woman` isn`t responsible for the evil that emerges from her `host` womab. The daughters of Eve have been trained by men to believe mistakenly in `boy sons`, that is, but `poisons` is what men have become. Because they`ve accepted the `serpent`s seed` since Eden. On the cross of his crucifixion, Jesus is a `good actor`. He doesn`t have to illustrate how homosexual pederasty tortures the spirited to make them produce, that is, Christianity in Jesus` case, but he does. On the cover of her CD single, `Piece Of Me`, Britney Spears isn`t acting out Jesus` crucifixion, because it`s a symbol. She knows `good and evil` so she`s not fooled by `bad actors`. The actors aren`t as `good` as Britney Spears, because the `serpent`s seed` were `bad actors` who didn`t accept Jesus` `Mission`, and so Britney Spears` 21st century crucifiers, the paparazzi, and the American judicidary, are mistaken in believing that they are good, because they represent the evils of homosexual pederasty, which enslaves `Woman` and torments her spirit to produce for it.  In `Piece Of Me` Britney Spears is preaching the `Word` of God` and, although many perceive her, and those who are similar, for example, Madonna and Christina Aguilera,  as akin to the `MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH` because she`s `sexual`, human beings only have two physical valences; sex and eating. Babylon the Great is described as `mystery` because it`s a mystery that `woman`s seed`, that is, `futanarian` woman with her own penis, continues as the slave to a devouring parasite, which is what homosexual pederasty`s alien virality constitutes.



 In the New Testament Jesus distills God`s law as `love`, `love your neighbor as you love yourself,` which simply means that, in addition to the two physical human valences of sex and food, `love` is added, which is described as the Holy Spirit/Paraclete because it is the spirit of `Woman`, that is, Eve`s spirit from the `rib` of Jesus as the `Second Adam` pierced by the spear of Longinus at his crucifixion before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. In simple terms, heaven is a better place, which Jesus as `Logos` or the `Word` represents. If the Bible is read as the Destiny of `woman`s seed`, attempts to prevent technological advancement restrict the ages of women by limiting medical advances through science. Events such as 9/11`s terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre is recognizably an attempt to restore the `rough trade` of homosexual pederasty and the enslavement of `Woman` as the de facto producer of the human species by `wasting` the Earth`s resources in war   Low level technological imprisonment maintains pederasty and imprisons the human species as the victim, in science fiction terms, of the aliens that aren`t invading, but are already here, and have humanity trapped without the possibility of knowledge or information about its true circumstances because the education system defines pederasty as `good`, and Christian leaders pay only scant attention to the concept of the `woman`s seed`, which is vaguely understood as `good` because Jesus was born of a virgin, rather than that Jesus` mother`s seed was the source of Jesus` conception, which prefigures the `futanarian` woman with her own penis as the human species of `Woman` receiving, in Revelation, a `new heaven and Earth` from God.



 In Oops I Did It Again (2000), Britney Spears declares `I`m not that innocent!` which means that she is aware that the American Dream is innocence and fulfilment of Manifest Destiny is development and progress, which depends on protecting the innocent, and so she`s a woman. On the cross of his crucifixion, Jesus is a lawyer, and the defence is for the accused:  that is, mankind, but Britney Spears isn`t `innocent` because defence is the protection of the innocent`s progress and development, which is what mothers do. If homosexual pederasty wants `Woman` to be naked and vulnerable, which is how women`s image is generally promulgated, Jesus` nakedness upon the cross of his crucifixion depicts the helplessness and torment pederasty wants for `woman`s seed`. Moreover, the sadistic `punishment` of Jesus by the `serpent`s seed` is interpreted by Christians as a sanction to righteously torture the spirit in worship of the false god of homosexual pederasty that they have set up as an `idol`, which God forbade in the Old Testament:


` You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them or serve them; for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me, but showing steadfast love to thousands of those who love me and keep my commandments.` (Ex: 20. 3-6)



Jesus represents the defence of `Woman`, who was from Adam`s side in Eden, as Jesus was from the Virgin Mary without contamination, and the Holy Spirit/Paraclete was from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam`, when pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus at his crucifixion and death before, ascending to heaven, Jesus left the Holy Spirit/Paraclete as the continuator of the Messiah`s teachings of Redemption. Because the Shekinah of the Old Testament is the `spirit of the law`, the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam` is the Shekinah, who is called the Holy Spirit/Paraclete in the New Testament, where Jesus distills `God`s law` as `love your neighbor as you love yourself,` which means that the new `spirit of the law` of God is `love` and so the Shekinah, which means the `dwelling or settling` of God, is the Holy Spirit/Paraclete and the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` of humanity thereafter.:


 `The Lord was going before them in a pillar of cloud by day to lead them on the way, and in a pillar of fire by night to give them light, that they might travel by day and by night. He did not take away the pillar of cloud by day, nor the pillar of fire by night, from before the people.` (Ex: 13.:21-22)


 The Shekinah contains the divine presence  and moves before and behind to protect and guide, `the pillar of cloud moved from before them and stood behind them. So it came between the camp of Egypt and the camp of Israel; and there was the cloud along with the darkness, yet it gave light at night. Thus the one did not come near the other all night. When the cloud moved, the people followed it. When it stopped, everybody stopped.` (Ex: 13-25) The Shekinah prefigures Jesus` Holy Spirit/Paraclete as `guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet` because the Messiah, in his `Second Coming`, is the `New Redeemer` as protector. As the cloud or light, the Shekinah or Holy Spirit/Paraclete is the `spirit of the law` of `God`s love` and of the penis`s `seed`  that desires itself, which is `woman`s. In Egypt the Jews were enslaved as breeding pairs of slaves in pederasty, and it`s traditional in Judaism that a Jew can only be born from a woman, which means that women are the `chosen people`, and the escape from slavery to pederasty in Egypt is only a stage in her liberation from pederasty,


 `In the night time the cloud was a great column of brilliant light, and all night long the radiance from that cloud brightly illuminated the entire camp so that no night ever touched them for forty years. As soon as the sun rose, the fire became a white cloud.`



 HIV/AIDS, is the `biological warfare` of the `serpent`s seed` and its `perpetual enmity` for `Woman`, which is how the future struggles of the `daughters of Eve` are described for her by God in Eden. 9/11`s destruction of the `World Trade Centre` by Arabian terrorists was the attempt by homosexual pederasty to restore the `rough trade` of the `boy sons` of war by attacking the `Big Apple` of woman`s development in the West. The serpent`s seed`s `gay poisons` were the `gay boy sons` of the terrorist East`s `biological warfare` against `Woman`, which has already separated itself entirely from `woman`s seed` in preparation for species` genocide by the alien parasitical virality preying on her `host` wombs.



 In their black abiyahs and burkahs the `woman` seed` of Arabia is as entirely segregated as the black populations of enslaved South Africans were separated from the white in pederasty and, indeed, the Arabian pederasts wear white as a sign. But not even of racism because `Woman` isn`t their species. Jesus lived in pederasty but was born uncontaminated by male semen from the `woman`s seed` of the Virgin Mary, which was a sign of the eventual freedom of `woman`s seed` and her capacity to reproduce by means of her own penis. Civil war between Moslems and Christians in the former Yugoslavia, and in Sudan`s Dharfur between the black West Africans and the ruling `masters` emigrated from Arabia, only masks the true war for species` enslavement by pederasty and its ongoing genocide against `woman`s seed`. Jesus` words to the disciples who, on the day before his crucifixion, berated a woman for washing his feet with oil that was `too expensive`, were:


`Leave her alone.` (Mk: 14.6)



 The most significant words in the Bible condemn `pederasty`, and announce the `futanarian` future of `woman`s seed`, which receives a `new heaven and Earth` from God in Revelation as a sign of the formerly thwarted technologically liberated future of `Woman` amongst the stars. God isn`t a sado-masochist who seeks enslavement for the human species in eternal torture, which is what Jesus` crucifixion means for the evil. It is the mistake of sado-maschists to assume that, because `Woman` and Jesus` teachings of the `spirit of the law` as `love`, represent the softness of `woman`s seed`, the sado-masochists shan`t have eternal unendurable pain as a punishment for wanting it. Because the rest of us don`t want it. Hell isn`t a place of torture. It`s pain alone. Sadists can`t have heaven, because they like to inflict pain, and masochists can`t either, because they like to experience pain. Both are evil and want torture for humanity, which is why Christ, crucified on the cross, is the `serpent`s seed` playing `devil`s advocate`. Jesus` crucifixion is a homoerotic icon for the false god of homosexual pederasty`s spiritual enslaving of humanity`s development to the even falser god of sado-masochism`s `cat`s paw`, which doesn`t want the human `seed` to advance technologically and leave Earth because it wants to continue its tormenting of it.



 The Assumption of the `Virgin Mary` is the assumption that `woman`s seed` belongs in heaven, which is confirmed in Revelation when `woman`s seed` receives a `new heaven and Earth` from God. `Mankind` has to work for Redemption because men aren`t `woman`s seed`. Jesus was born from the Virgin Mary to emphasize that men aren`t `woman`s seed` and that contamination by male semen is what Jesus` birth from the Virgin Mary attempts to avoid. Consequently, when Jesus is tempted by the serpent from Eden, the Messiah says, `Avoid me!` Because `woman`s seed` doesn`t want contamination. The `blood plague` of Revelation is the `serpent`s seed` and its `gay boy sons` of homosexual pederasty`s spreading of its `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS is its advanced form of contamination to the `host` wombs of women in its war of `perpetual enmity` against her `seed`. `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth` is the `original sin`, which is enslavement of the `host` wombs of women in homosexual pederasty and war, but not the `original sin` of Eve, which was to accept pederasty for the `daughters of Eve` through her accepting of the `fruit of the knowledge of good and evil` from the serpent in Eden.



Those women who accept pederasty are whores because they support the serpent`s seed`s `perpetual enmity` for the `woman`s seed` in genocidal pederasty. All wars mask the campaign, which is to exterminate the `seed` of `Woman`, and the illusion is the delusion of heroism, that is, wars are fought by men, whereas they`re pederasty`s engagement rings. Conventional war is the conventional marriage in which the partners accept equality, which is touted as freedom in feminism, that is, women are equal to homosexual pederasts, and so the conventional marriage can continue. Defined as `gay`, lesbians are `politically correct` if they accept that homosexual pederasts are their equals, although their sexual desire for women without a penis, is mirrored by `futanarian` women with a penis, which suggests that conventional heterosexuality`s belief in equality is mirrored in the convention that wars must be fought by equals and that this is a marital convention. In simple terms, the liberating marriage of technology with art, culture and civilization can`t occur because pederasty has a `conventional` desire to kill the woman before she escapes. In short, `politically correct` feminism is species` genocide.



 Pederasty is plagiarism because it doesn`t want anything else to be produced: `In the beginning was the word and the word was God,` As the author, God was producing an original work, and the `original sin` was plagiarism. Because the serpent hijacked the `published` work, much in the way that the 9/11 terrorists attack on Eve`s `Big Apple` at the World Trade Centre indicated their hijacking of human development to restore `rough trade`, which is the `gay` slang term for homosexual pederasty. In Latin `serpent` is serpens, which suggests poison serpens,, or `poison pens`,is what the `gay boy sons` of the `serpent`s seed` are. The work of God is defiled in Revelation by the `blood plague` of the `red dragon`, which is the `perpetual enmity` of the serpent`s seed for  `woman`s seed` in the form of `biological warfare` against the `host` womb of `Woman` by means of homosexual pederasty`s evil `seed` of HIV/AIDS. Because pederasty is plagiarism, in Christianity the paradigm is more important than the text, and literary analysis reveals that the Christian paradigm is of the `woman`s seed` but pederasty wants male seed, which is defined by Jesus as the contaminant of the original design of the creator. Because Jesus was born without contamination by the `male seed` and so the Messiah was `woman`s seed`, which is paradigmatic. In other words, the paradigm of `woman`s seed` doesn`t exist in pederasty , which is the `poison pens` plagiarism since Eden, and so the concern of Christianity is with the paradigm of `futanarian` woman with her own penis and socio-economic valence for the future of her own technological achievements outside of pederasty, but so far Christianity has only displayed a coward`s refusal to engage with the enemy by supporting such delusory notions as `gay Christians`.





 Poison pens are the enemy`s sword raised against the creator and the producer , that is, art, civilization and culture from the womb of `Woman. In Revelation Jesus is the `New Redeemer` who commands with `the sword that came out of his mouth` because God`s is the `Word` of the author, and the writer who employs the paradigm of `woman`s seed` is the `Sword` of God raised against the evil `serpent`s seed` because the good artist wants progress and development outside of the false paradigm of pederasty.  A good writer is a producer of the creator`s paradigm of `woman`s seed` and, although their time and space is devoted to the `Word` and not the `Sword`, they are in accordance with the `Will` of God, which is represented by Jesus commanding with `the sword that came out of his mouth,` that is, Jesus` heroism isn`t that of a warrior in pederasty, but of `he who shall rule with an iron scepter` in the `spirit of the law` of `God`s love` for `woman`s seed`. Consequently, woman`s seed` is elevated in Christianity, whereas the plagiarists of the `serpent` seed` have elevated pederasty and feminism because heterosexuality is perceived to be the paradigm, whereas `woman`s seed` uncontaminated by male semen is the true paradigm of Christianity. Or, in simple terms, the penis of `Woman` desires herself because it doesn`t desire the anus of homosexual pederasty, which is sterility and death. If Christianity continues to accept plagiarism in pederasty, it will no longer be God`s `Word` because it`s refused God`s paradigm of `woman`s seed`, which is given a `new heaven and Earth in Revelation by God and so should be the new paradigm of Christian belief after 9/11. Because the overcoming of the terrorists attack on the `Big Apple` of Eve`s wisdom, garnered since Eden, by the United States of America, heralds the birth of the `New Redeemer` from the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet,` that is, the defeat of the red sun of Japan at Pearl harbor in 1941, representing her menses, and the defeat of Al Qaeda, symbolized by the moon reflected in the broken waters of `Liberty`, in New York`s harbor on 9/11, 2001.



 The `Word` of God is preached, because God doesn`t want anything published that isn`t Godly. In Revelation the `serpent`s seed` since Eden has grown into the `red dragon` and represents men`s devouring of the product of `woman`s seed`, that is, art, culture and civilization from her `host` womb, which the parasitical alien virality of homosexual pederasty is devouring in its ceaseless wars of `perpetual enmity` against her. Those who read the Bible to plagiarize the `Word` of God want to maintain pederasty. It`s a common perception that quotations from the Bible are used to support any argument, whereas the biblical paradigm of the `woman`s seed` receiving a `new heaven and Earth` in Revelation precludes any argument, `In vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.` (Matt: 15.9) Text is devoid of meaning without context. The Evangelist Paul wrote `Wives should be subordinate to their husbands as to the Lord, (Eph: 5. 22), but precedes this, `Be subordinate to one another out of reverence for Christ.`  Paul`s words are a dilution of the teachings of Jesus, who remonstrated with the disciples en masse when they observed that a woman washing his feet was using perfumed oil that was too expensive for the Lord about to be crucified due to the treachery of one of their number, Judas, `Leave her alone.` Despite pederasty, wives must accept God and teach the `Word` to husbands, who might be able to enter into a dialogue of Redemption.



 Plagiarism in pederasty is stealing the work of another pederast, because pederasty is what is plagiarized in pederasty. That is why the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` is forbidden in Eden, because `futanarian` woman with her own penis, that is, `woman`s seed`, was yet to emerge from the creator`s `tree of life`. Without `woman`s seed`, art, culture and civilization is `variations on a theme` of pederasty, which is the result of the `original sin` of accepting plagiarism for the creator`s work. The serpent, who is plagiarising God`s creation when he tempts Eve into slavery in pederasty, wants to be a plagiarist`s boy son`s pen until, a parasite from her `host` womb, it emerges as a collective called the `red dragon` in Revelation to once more devour `woman`s seed` and her product of art, culture and civilization. God wants what is good. Writer`s write within their milieu, so they write about what is good and what is not good, but a writer who writes within pederasty doesn`t know what is good and what is not good. Although Christians say `good works` are what Christians say they`re for, if they don`t know that they`re In pederasty, their perception of `good works` is flawed. Such abominations as women are the equals of homosexuals because of `political correctness` then abound. Playboy  publishes pictures of beautiful women, and why would God say that`s not good? If the fruit isn`t poisoned, and the woman is beautiful, why should God be rejected? Because the evil want us to concentrate on the penis of the `serpent`s seed` rather than that of the `woman`s seed`, which would become erect in its appreciation of its own species` beauty.  Pederasty is terrified of the first steps of the `futanarian` woman.  Without knowledge of what a good seed is from the original fruit of Eden, Redemption is an occluded chimera. Taboos against the penis` visibility in art, culture and civilization blind `woman`s seed` from the knowledge of her own species actual sexual drive. Because sex drive is the basis of libidic transformation into spiritual and intellectual endeavour, which would result in the development of an independent technology for `woman`s seed` and an escape from pederasty amongst the stars of heaven in fulfillment of Revelation in which `woman`s seed` receives a `new heaven and Earth` while the serpent`s seed receive perdition as a punishment for enslaving her and thwarting humanity`s progress.





 Men have not accepted Redemption, because Woman`s product has been continually devoured in pederasty since the expulsion of Adam and Eve from Eden. President George W. Bush`s declared `War Against Terror` (2003-) appears positive, but it implies surveillance of the global population, which includes the internet as the most accessible source of information and education about woman as a species and `woman`s seed` because she can be seen in sexual coitus with herself and even during pregnancy ( ) If the terrorism of 9/11 is used to enforce global `blackout` on `woman`s seed` by means of internet censorship, or other forms of information freedom, and mask the intention to inflict genocidal pederasty upon the black West African women of Dharfur, or the Arabian `futanarian` women veiled beneath their burkahs in Iraq, for example, the reestablishment of `rough trade` through the terrorist attack on the World Trade Centre accords with the USA`s support for Saddam Hussein`s Iran war (1979-89) and Osama Ben Laden`s notoriously misogynistic Taliban`s successful role as insurgents (1979-89) against the Russian backed regime in Afghanistan:


`It is becoming increasingly clear that George Bush, operating largely behind the scenes throughout the 1980s, initiated and supported much of the financing, intelligence, and military help that built Saddam's Iraq into the power it became.`10



 In 1990 Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait precipitating the Gulf wars (1990-2012), which included Osama Ben Laden`s terrorist attack on New York on 9/11, 2001, and `Hollywood` style `live on CNN` reestablished the virality of homosexual pederasty masquerading as virile machismo as the false paradigm for humanity. Although Revelation indicates that the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and warfare waits in vain to devour, the aim of the alien parasitical virus is `perpetual enmity` for `woman`s seed`, according to God, before she`s given a `new heaven and Earth` and the `serpent`s seed` receives perdition as a punishment. However, the `serpent`s seed` wants `forever war` against `woman`s seed` and so, although Revelation says the `New Redeemer` is successful in protecting `Woman`, the evil want him to be devoured, which is what the struggle is about.Pederasty wants the consuming of the product of `Woman`, that is, art, culture and civilization from her womb, to continue indefinitely.



 If Adam was originally hermaphroditic, then Eve would be the female aspect from the side of Adam, but that wouldn`t necessarily mean that Adam wasn`t `futanarian`, that is, a woman with a penis, whereas the serpent could have been what pederasty has taught is man, although there are no pictures to support the argument. What are thought of as humans in pederasty want the belief that `Woman` doesn`t have a penis, so she`s `published` ubiquitously and pornographically for the male members while the moralists write of women`s `immorality`, whereas they`re the slaves of pederasty. With her own penis as `futanarian`, `Woman`  is an independent species that doesn`t need men. Naked and vulnerable to the destructive nature of the alien parasites that have taken over her `host` womb, which is what art, culture and civilization is, mankind is doomed to eternal perdition unless men seek forgiveness and Redemption from God for being the `father of lies` to the human race.


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