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This Troy

01/01/2012 14:59

This Troy


Homer`s (c.850 BC) Iliad is about the Trojan horse, and Helen of Troy, who was taken to Troy by Paris. Meneleaus was the husband of Helen, and together with his brother, Agamemnon, King of Sparta, they persuaded the Greeks to send warships to Troy and return Helen to Greece (1190s-1180s).

 Paris Hilton (1981-) befriended Britney (1982-) during her divorce from Kevin Federline (1978-), and effectively `divorced` `the most beautiful woman in the world` from her Meneleaus. Britney has said she is `Bi`, so three people are needed for her marriage. This is the crux of the problem in the story of Meneleaus, Paris, and Helen – as recorded by Homer in the Iliad. In symbolic terms, Kevin Federline is Meneleaus or `men`, while Paris is Paris Hilton, and `the most beautiful woman in the world` is Britney Spears by voting consensus, that is, Helen.



  In the Bible, Jesus distills God`s law as, `God is love`, and that means `love thy neighbor`. Christians argue that Meneleaus and Paris do not understand `God`s love`, which is correct. Helen represents the Holy Spirit, which is the Shekinah from The Song of Songs in the Old Testament, who is depicted as being in the place where the Ten Commandments are kept (Ex: 40.35), which means that she is the love of God.

 If Meneleaus and Paris had accepted that the woman was God`s love, they would have shared her. But that is Antichristian to us. Therefore it`s a contradiction, and it has remained so until the advent of the internet. When I saw a futanar woman, I was disabused forever. She has a penis. This means that, if married, she has a choice, in Christian terms, of woman, man, or futanar.



 If she marries a man, who is she going to impregnate? If she marries another futanar, they do not need either a man or a woman. If she marries a woman, there are two in the marriage and no man. If she marries a man, she needs a woman for her to impregnate, and three is the marriage number. If she marries another futanar, they may want to have a woman or a man within their marriage, which is three or four as a marriage number. If she marries a woman, this is good but, in Christianity, not promulgated as an option because of misogyny.

 Paris Hilton and Britney Spears` relationship is outside their knowledge of futanaria, and the ideal Christian marriage is between a woman with her own penis and a woman. In repressing woman`s knowledge of her own penis, Christianity is Antichristian. It is a form of Satan worship. Because men are not needed, and know it.



 God`s love is Redemption, and `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to a child who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter` (Rev: 12.1-18), which simply means the love of Woman will prevail; it is God`s law. Because she is `sun and moon`, she is a male-female complexio oppositorum, which is Hermaphrodite.



 The dragon is Satan and does not want God`s love, which means that Redemption is futanar, because men who are Satan`s would assume the woman `clothed with the sun` is woman without a penis. She is a prefiguration, which is understandable to Britney Spears, who in Oops I Did It Again (2000) appears on Mars. Neil Armstrong had appeared on the moon in 1969, with the sun behind his back because it hurt his eyes. He had the `moon beneath his feet` and was `clothed with the sun`, but wasn`t a woman. Britney, on Mars, knows the moon is below her and has the sun behind her too. She`s Britney `lamb` Strong as the `Lamb of God` (Rev: 5.13) in Oops I Did It Again, which isn`t the `red dragon` of Revelation, although she is `red` who `deems` or decides. In the 21st century, Paris and Britney are deemed `read`, which is what the `Assumption` of woman as the virgin means. Men are redeemable but have to want Redemption, whereas woman is `assumed` into heaven as `God`s love`. Consequently, Britney isn`t the `red dragon` of Revelation in Oops I Did It Again because, in terms of the logic of the video, it would devour her spaceman `baby` who, as the `New Redeemer`, would understand that lesbianism is a necessary first step towards the normalization of relations between women as a species with her own penis, and so the `New Redeemer` would protect her.



 Britney, in declaring herself `Bi`, divorced Kevin Federline, and accepted Paris Hilton, which means that Helen, `the most beautiful woman`, divorced Meneleaus - and Troy`s Paris, that is, men, which is in accordance with her understanding of Revelation, as it were. She doesn`t need a bisexual relationship, she needs futanaria, which may include 21st Century Paris Hilton, but marriage isn`t an issue. A good marriage has at least three people, and Christianity enforces two. So it`s against God`s love, woman and Redemption.



 Paris Hilton represents the woman with her hand on the hilt of her sword, which means that she is low technology from a good perspective, that is, the sword is a penis, and not a gun. Symbolically, Britney Spears is `God`s love` as the multiplicitous omniscience of the Paraclete (1 John: 2.1) separated from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` by Longinus` cutting open Jesus` side with his spear in what amounts to a Caesarean section (Matt: 27.54).



 `Et tu, Brute?` Julius Caesar1 (100-44 BC) says to Brutus (85–42 BC) when he is stabbed in the back at the height of his power. It is Caesar`s surprise that his friend would betray him. But it also represents Caesar`s faith that the same fate will befall Brutus. `My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27.46) is Jesus cry from the cross. He would not be there if he hadn`t had a similar friend to Caesar`s Brutus in his disciple Judas Iscariot (died c.30 AD). Jesus` work of Redemption was simple; God is love and the woman from my side is her. If men do not accept her, they shall not have Redemption; so destroy them as traitors to God. The betrayer is someone who puts a knife in your back, and Jesus tells God who it is. Karl Marx (1818-83), the architect of Communism observed, in Das Kapital (1861-94) that, in order to be free, the workers had to `control the means of production`. Capitalism is the `liberation of the means of production`, but woman is the only producer man has. FHM  and similar magazines for men are a form of the `ownership of the means of production` which isn`t liberation, as promised by capitalism, but enslavement.

 In communism the state owns the means of production, which is women, and in capitalism the means of production, that is, women, are owned by individuals. Men are the betrayers of the `means of production` because women aren`t free in any economic system yet devised. Other than the meritocracy which the United States purports to be - and isn`t. On the cross Longinus effectively separated Jesus` woman, that is, the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, from his side by means of his spear, which prefigures spiritual enslavement. Thence Jesus` cry, `My God! My God! Why has thou forsaken me?` Jesus prophesied that the Holy Spirit or Paraclete would be upon the Earth after his crucifixion as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, but the role of the female spirit in man has been that of a slave, and physically also.

 In Jungian psychology the soul is the anima, which is female, and the spirit corresponds to the Shekinah of the Old Testament as she is described residing within the place of the Covenant of the law of God, because she`s the `spirit of God`, and Holy Spirit or Paraclete of the New Testament that effectively emerges from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` when pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus upon the death of Jesus at the crucifixion and before Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. In other words, the soul and spirit are wholly female, and although 20th century economics was based on state control of the `means of production` versus individual control, the `means of production` was essentially woman and the soul and spirit, which is female. Consequently, control of the `means of production`, whether commmunist or capitalist, is slavery for the female. Feminism believes itself to be liberational, but the feminist perspective devolves form the falsely egalitarian perspective that male homosexual pederasty, which corresponds to the devouring `red dragon` of war and its enslaving of women`s wombs as `hosts` for the self-perpetuating of itself as war. However, women with a penis are a species and lesbianism isn`t homosexuality as defined by feminism but the normal expression of a repressed and subjugated species own desires for ittself and its developmental functionality.



 The `new economics` would be based on the notion that individuals obtained from their labours what they work for, whereas communism and capitalism are based on the principle that individuals work for the `other` and obtain rewards for the work they do. Slavery is the obtaining from someone something that they have worked for, either knowingly or unknowlingly, and keeping it for yourself, whereas true economics is working for what you could have but the exploiter won`t give it to you, because they don`t want  progress and development of potentiality or genius. The result is the reduction of individual consciousness to subhuman levels of functioning. As the soul or spirit is female, and constitutes the spiritual and intellectual `means of production`, so the notion of God as exisitng within individuals as the Paraclete or Holy Spirit as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` means that the reduction of functionality in individuals by means of murder or poor education is the progressive `dumbing down` of the human species to those few gene pools that are able to initiate those periods of `Rennaissance` that the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war requires at intervals in human history so that it can fake defence of the woman and the female soul and spirit, and so maintain its false role as `protector` of the devoured and enslaved `means of production`, that is, art, civilization and culture, while the Earth awaits the advent of the true `New Redeemer`.



 Because of the nature of goodness, which is the production of more good, heaven is where the good live, irrespective of what may be conceived as `heaven`. Consequently, Earth is a prison for those who are conceived as `not good`, which devolves upon woman and the female soul and spirit, because she`s too good to allow to leave. In short, the male flesh won`t release the species of woman that it`s fooled into believing its first phase dormant symbiosis in order to implement its second phase as a virulent parasitical viral form, that is, its devouring homosexual pederasty of warfare and HIV/AIDS, which Revelation describes as the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` and constitutes biological warfare against the `host` wombs of women.

Jesus` cry of `My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` relates to Longinus` seperating of the female soul and spirit from the side of the `Second Adam` by means of the spear Longinus thrust in there after Jesus` death at the crucifixion. The Shekinah or `spirit of God`, that is, the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, was Jesus` `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` up to his death, which is the role God had given to her so that the technology of the 21st century would develop through her spiritual influence on the intellectual capacity of her workers. In Jungian psychology libidic or sexual instinct is deemed to be the source of the transformed energies of the psyche that constitute genius levels of thought. However, repressed sexual instinct as negative reactions to pornographic representations of women, although comprehensible because of the participation of the alien parasitical life form in the `typical` scene, has prevented species` awakening, because woman, and the female soul and spirit, have been lied to physically insofar as she has been led to believe, on the one hand, that the alien male is her reproductive partner and, on the other hand, sexual representations of the female form are not for her to desire, whereas she is a species with her own penis, and her penis desires herself.



`My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` is Jesus` recognition of the role of the `serpent` to come, which would be an enslaving and devouring `red dragon` of war and `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS biological warfare against the `host` wombs of women by the male alien as parasitical virus. Jesus` words upon his death at the crucifixion were a protest against what Longinus` separation of the female soul and spirit from Jesus meant for the future. Enslavement of the female soul and spirit and women`s `host` wombs for the sole purpose of devouring the productions thereof. In Revelation Jesus` marriage to the `bride`, Jerusalem, reflects on the role of `BABYLON, THE GREAT, MYSTERY, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH` who is described as a woman ruler, which suggests that `Jerusalem` is God`s ruler for Jesus and a woman. In other words, `Babylon` is the producer of the products devoured by the devourer, which is why 9/11 is often thought of as `Hollywood`, because it was `like a movie`, while `Jerusalem` is God`s producer and product, and isn`t devoured by the evil `red dragon`. God`s Redemptive plan is that the female from Jesus` side should be God`s teaching presence upon the Earth after Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension to God, and explains why Jesus is the Sword of God in Revelation. He avenges himself upon those who have abused the `love of God`, his woman.



 Revelation indicates that the `means of production` are to be in the hands of the `producer`, which is why Holywoood movie moguls are called `producers`, because they`re producers for `Babylon` and the devouring `red dragon`, which was demonstrated by 9/11 on CNN and the `TV wars` of the Gulf (1990-2011), whereas God`s producer and product is to be the `bride`, Jerusalem, according to Revelation, and Redemption is the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` giving birth to he who shall `rule the nations with an iron scepter` while the dragon waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer`. From the `rednecks` of US culture, for example. The woman of Revelation is wearing nothing but the sun behind her as she walks upon the moon, which is what woman with her own penis would have to achieve in order for her to be free of men.

 On her `red planet` of Mars Britney is spied upon by the astronaut, and appears in her red pilot`s suit of NASA``s original intention to fly to the moon but the X-15 space plane programme was cancelled because of reentry problems associated with `blackout`, which was the title of one of Britney`s later albums, Blackout (2007). Just as Oops I Did It Again is a nod at Robert A. Heinlein`s novel Podkayne Of Mars (1963), which feaured the USA`s first Grand Master of Science Fiction`s only novel about a heroine space pilot, so Britney is criticizing Heinlein`s Starship Troopers (1959), which was made into a movie in  1997 starring Denise Richards. Based on John F.Kennedy`s `Green Berets`, the movie featured the notion of futuristic paratroopers dropping out of spaceships to fight against `bugs`. Many commentators viewed Starship Troopers as an extrapolation of `communism`, but in the 21st century we might view it as an extrapolation of the dangers of being `bugged` by increased surveillance masquerading as security but that actually prevents much needed research and development from an individual and societal point of view.

 What Britney is saying in her red pilot`s suit is that the astronaut concept presupposed the Starship Troopers` paratrooper because the USA`s cancelling of the X-15 spaceplane programme reflected attitudes towards freedom. Effectively, Britney`s spaceman on Mars in an `invasion` by a paratrooper because 50s America`s perspective was coloured by projections in science fiction of their own behaviour patterns towards woman, which was freedom for themselves to control them. The X-15 spaceplane was too liberating, and Britney`s hypothesis is that the phenomenon of hypoxia, which is the technical term for `blackouts` experienced by the X-15 spaceplane pilots, was induced by `demonic possessors`. The `red dragon` as the enslaver of women`s `host` wombs , and devourer as homosexual pederast warmonger, doesn`t want the `host` to leave unless it has futuristic `gay boy sons`, that is, the paratrooper equivalent of `gay poisons` to `drop` on her. Britney is projecting HIV/AIDS` devouring `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty`s `blood plague` of biological warfare.

 Ancient Greece was based on homosexual pederasty and the enslavement of women`s wombs for the purposes of further enslaving of women`s `host` wombs for the parasitical virus` purpose of perpetuating war. At Troy the Greeks employed the device of a huge wooden horse and then left it for the Trojans to take into their city where the Greeks emerged from their hiding place inside it and enslaved the women. On 9/11 the Arabian terrorists employed `civil` aircraft to hide inside and crash into the Twin Towers after hijacking. Both devices employed the notion of `feigned friendship`, which is how the HIV/AIDS virus spreads itself through the body in order to kill it. HIV/AIDS `feigns friendship` with the defence system and then kills it. Consequently, 9/11 was the first example of airborne HIV/AIDS terrorist biological warfare against the symbol of woman in the Western hemishphere, that is, New York`s `Big Apple` of Eve`s wisdom garnered since Eden.

 In Oops I Did It Again Britney seems to have envisaged a spaceborne HIV/AIDS virus after the model of the futuristic paratroopers of Starship Troopers coming to `bug` her with their cameras on her Mars before spreading through the cosmos to bring biological warfare in the shape of the male alien `buggers` from Earth to woman as a species with her own penis, which Britney`s red `one piece` spaceplane pilot`s X-15 `jump suit` pardoxically seems designed to emphasize in its obvious lack of male genital equipment, and equally paradocically seems to suggests that she possesses, or is going to possess, because it`s a male pilot`s X-15 `jump suit`. For the `bugs` of male alien biological warfare, woman is for `host` womb enslaving, and the warmongering devourer of her is homosexual pederasty`s `red dragon`, which spreads its contagion through the equivalent of the biological warfare of the `blood plague` of HIV/AIDS as spaceborne male alien `starship troopers`. And just when she`s settled in nicely after escaping from confinement upon the planet Earth. Which explains why Revelation describes war in heaven between the `seed` of the woman and the `seed` of the `red dragon`.

 According to Revelation the evil shall receive unendurable eternal pain as a punishment from God while the good shall receive a new heaven and Earth in which to dwell in forever. On her Mars Britney is working for the Redemption of woman. If men knew she had a penis, they wouldn`t want her. Britney`s `Bi` female is Britney`s `spy plane`. Women may appear topless, nude, show her ass, and never reveal her penis, because that`s how the male alien parasitical viral life form of men maintains `the means of production`. But women don`t know that they`re a species with a penis of her own, and so Brintey`s `Bi` girl is functioning as women`s `spy plane`. While for men bisexual women are `host` wombs for their homosexual pederasty`s enslavement and devourment.of the products of her womb, that is, art, civilization and culture, through warfare and the biological warfare of the `blood plague` of the `red dragon` of HIV/AIDS against women`s wombs, and the `biology war` of the male against the female with a penis of her own as the species of the planet Earth. Britney, on the other hand, in her red pilot`s suit and white bikini dress, represent Britney`s `Bi`, that is, Britney`s `spy plane` on male-female relations with a view to examining lesbianism as the basis for relations between women as a species with her own penis.



 In computers a `Trojan` is a virus, whereas  the 20th century`s HIV/AIDS virus was the biblical `red dragon` of devouring homosexual pederasty`s fear-inducing, terroristical `blood plague` of the `gay boy sons` biological warfare, that is, the `gay poisons` biology war, against the `host` wombs of women, which God`s Redemption was designed to save her from. Woman with a penis does not need men, which is why men themselves are a virus. This is what God means by the serpent`s `enmity` (Gen: 3.15) with the woman, that is, the `gay boy sons`, which are the poisons of the serpent, are wman`s enemies. Homosexuals aren`t producers, and their valence of HIV/AIDS tells us that they don`t want God`s productions, or women as the producers; nor even the producer – God.


`I like to see it lap the Miles -
And lick the Valleys up -
And stop to feed itself at Tanks -
And then - prodigious step

Around a Pile of Mountains -
And supercilious peer
In Shanties - by the sides of Roads -
And then a Quarry pare

To fit its sides
Complaining all the while
In horrid - hooting stanza -
Then chase itself down Hill -

And neigh like Boanerges -
Then - punctual as a Star
Stop - docile and omnipotent
At its own stable door -`


 Emily Dickinson (1830-86) `riddle` (1924) poem is about a train which is depicted as a horse. It is the `iron horse` of the growth of America, but it is represented towards the end of the narrative as `docile` and `omnipotent` at the `stable` door, which is what Jesus` birth and Ascension represent. The child that `rules the nations with an iron scepter` is Jesus; so is the `Son of God` on the cross, and the baby Jesus in the `stable`. The task for God is to bolt the stable door before the horse has bolted, and Jesus` Salvation from Nativity to Ascension and heaven indicates that the horse remains in the stable with God even if it had bolted. Jesus is eternally saved and has Redemption, but has to be the `Sword of God` in Revelation, which requires him to be meek as a teacher and wield a sword later to bring about the death of Satan. However, if God can allow Jesus to meekly teach the Word of God before his crucifixion, death, and Ascension to heaven, and engineer his `Second Coming in which, wielding the Sword of God, Jesus decimates the evil bloodthirstily and punishes them with perdition, before receiving a new heaven and Earth as reward, God has successfully `closed the door afte the horse has bolted` because Jesus has Salvation from his Nativity in the stable and throughout eternity.



 Men who are not `washed in the blood of the lamb` (Rev. 12.11), and do not accept Jesus` teachings through the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, can`t have Redemption. Because they prefer to continue with their tortures rather than accept whatever is visible of `God`s love`, who is woman. Jesus` `bride`, Jerusalem, is woman, as `Babylon, the Great, Mystery, Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth` is woman upon the Earth living under difficult circumstances. Forced to accept `boy son` injections that are the poison which will kill and subject her to fear and terror in the forrm of the wars of the `red dragon` and its `biological warfare` against her `host` womb through its `blood plague` of STDs and HIV/AIDS,  her `gay boy sons` are the poisons depicted in her cup:


`... having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication ...` (Rev: 17.4)


 Jesus is unmarried but required to bring about the death of Satan with the `Sword of God`. He is the `Son of Man`, which he describes himself as, and the `Son of God`, as Longinus describes him as, but he`s celibate, according to infantile perceptions that wouldn`t give credence to the idea of Jesus` penis functioning. However, the functionality of the penis` libido as instinctual sexual energy transformed into spiritual or intellectual endeavour is the basis of Western art, civilization and culture. The celibacy of Jesus` penis relates directly to the need for spirit and intellect rather than sensuality as the basis for development. In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s penis can`t be seen either, but the fact that she`s declared herself as `Bi` means that she`s `in the same position for those who`ve decided that Jesus was celibate, that is, they don`t want to know. However, those who do want to know would spy on Jesus, as Adam and Eve were spied upon in Eden by the `serpent` that becomes the devouring  `red dragon` of Revelation. Britney would be spied upon by them also because she`s declared herself as `Bi` and they`d want to know as `spies`, which is what the spaceman`s camera is for in Oops I Did It Again as he reports to `Mission Control` on her `movements`. Declaring herself `bisexual` preempts discussion over Britney`s celibacy, in lesbian terms, which means she`s Christ-like, because discussions over Jesus` celibacy are preempted in Christiianity. Jesus doesn`t have to be celibate. Just as Britney Spears in Oops I Did It Again doesn`t have lesbian sex, but we don`t presume that she doesn`t.

 Jesus` penis is a secret, and so is Britney`s. In terms of Emily Dickinson`s `riddle`, God is in the `stable` and without. Jesus can go forth, teach Redemption, bring death to Satan, and be the `bridegroom of the lamb`, who is `God`s love` as Jesus` woman, Jerusalem, and their marriage is noone else`s. Jesus is eternally saved; from the `stable` fixed point in time and space symbolized by the `star` of Bethlehem, to his bringing about the death of Satan by means of the `Sword of God`, and his marriage is for his eyes alone, which is what God told Adam and Eve in Eden, and that`s Redemption, because noone sees what goes on in Jesus` marriage, apart from Jesus and the `bride`, Jerusalem.

 In Eden God said there`d be `enmity` between the woman`s `seed` and the serpent`s. When Adam and Eve ate of the fruit of the `Knowledge of the Tree of Good and Evil` (Gen: 2.9), they perceived themselves naked because they were being watched. The serpent`s `seed` can`t have the `marriage of the lamb` as the `bridegroom`, because watching is what they do, and the `red dragon` of Revelation devours them because it can see them. God is omniscient, however, according to the Bible, which is why the `red dragon` waits in vain to devour the `New Redeemer` when the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is giving birth.

 Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again is a prayer to `close the stable door after the horse has bolted`  - and before it bolts - which is a euphemism for a woman who has either lost her virginity, or has lost her virginity and conceived. The `video logic` of Oops I Did It Again has the spaceman discover the `cookie` each time the scenes are run. The `cookie` is an `Open Sesame`, or `password`, and access to the scenes depend upon its uncovering by Britney`s spaceman in the desert sands of her red planet of Mars. It`s the `condom` which protects her `conception`. If she`s a woman with a penis of her own as a species but doesn`t have a penis, then she`s for `bisexual` relations productive of male or female children, whereas if she has a penis of  her own as a `member` of the species `woman`, she`s `saved` in `eternity`, according to the Bible, which means that somewhere she is woman as a species with her own penis. Closing the door of the stable after the horse has bolted is what God does. Britney is `twinned` in the Oops I Did It Again video because, in terms of God`s `editing process`, that is, Salvation in eternity from Nativity onwards, in her red suit Britney doesn`t have a penis, but in her white bikini dress she`s a different woman, and might have.

 Christianity presupposes man and woman, so Salvation from Nativity to eternity supposes that man and woman`s forms are eternal, whereas the advent of the futanarian woman with a penis of her own, as an aspect of the species woman, tells us that man and woman are not eternal forms. Because a woman who is born without a penis and discovers that women have a penis presupposes that women are a species that does have a penis and men are keeping her as their prisoner, which is what monogamy and patriarchy is. In other words, woman`s Salvation is a knowing that she has a penis of her own, because women are a species with her own penis, and so if she doesn`t have a penis she`s `recorded` as having one by God somewhere, which means that she`s `saved` because she`s divided from her own species by the parasite that calls itself male, but is actually an alien viral life from masquerading symbiotically as a `friend` in the same way that the HIV/AIDS virus, or `gay poisons` from the `gay boy sons`, `feigns friendship` with the white cells of the body`s immune system in order to mount a campaign of biological warfare against the `host` wombs of women and kill the female with her own penis before she can emerge. That might explain why there`s no cure for the `killer disease`, because the aliens are endeavouring to discover a way of making the virus gender specific.



The `video logic` corresponds to the idea of permanence in which Britney, at the video`s commencement, corresponds to Jesus as both in the stable of his Nativity and in the eternity of his Salvation, which doesn`t require death and Resurrection. Although Jesus himself experienced crucifixion and death. Oops I Did It Again represents Britney Spears` `take` on Redemption and Salvation. If Oops I Did It Again is her Nativity, then the `recording` is her Salvation, because the appearance of her `star` is the sign of her Advent in the same way as the `star` of Bethlehem heralded the birth of Jesus. Britney`s `star` heralds the birth of the `New Redeemer`, which is the perception amongst humankind that woman is a species with her own penis, and that`s why she appears in her red pilot`s suit raising her spaceman above her in a white bikini dress. The spaceman is her `son` who she`s `teaching`, so he can `protect` women and be the `New Redeemer`. After her birthing of the `New Redeemer`, the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` is `hidden` upon the Earth until she leaves. Britney`s Redemption is Salvation, without death and Resurrection, because she`s `recorded`. As the `stars` of the elect are `recorded` as `eternally saved`, according to the Bible, and as Jesus is `saved` in eternity from Nativity to Ascension and beyond.



Because of her declaration of bisexuality, which entails lesbianism, and doesn`t exclude encounters with futanarian woman ( ) with a penis of her own, Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is her version of the `marriage of the lamb` in which the `bride` is herself in a white bikini dress, and Britney`s spaceman, who she raises in her red pilot`s suit above herself in the white bikini dress by means of a hook and pulley, is the `marriage agent` for the `marriage agency` with his camera that sends her picture back to Earth for prospective wedding partners to view. `Beware Greeks bearing gifts` is the paradigm. If woman has a penis of her own, why would she want to wed with a man? It`s a `Greek horse` for the virus` enslavement of woman as a `host` womb by means of the `gay boy sons` that, in the last quarter of the 20th century, have become the `gay poisons` of the 21st century, HIV/AIDS. The `demons` of `Mission Control` which appear to be inside the spaceman as `mites of sodomy` are the `gay boy sons` endeavouring to `boy son` Britney for the `red dragon` of homosexual pederasty and war so that the `blood plague` of their `biological warfare` against her can spread its `contagion` further. In rasing her spaceman abover her `daughter`, Britney is asking: `Is there a woman in the room?` Because my daughter will be woman as a species with her own penis.

 `Music can be such a revelation.` Madonna sings in Into The Groove `At night I lock the doors, where no one else can see . I’m tired of dancing here all by myself. Tonight I wanna dance with someone else.` Eventually, woman without a penis tires of masturbation and accepts her Satan, that is, a man who wants to produce more `gay boy sons`, and its viral `blood plague` of the `gay poisons` of HIV/AIDS. If men do not accept Redemption and the notion that the `New Redeemer` is to protect woman as  a species with her own penis, while she is sojourning upon the Earth, perdition is men`s punishment for being evil towards her,.



 Britney Spears  Oops I Did It Again `scifi` declares Mars` Redemption. Victory for the female Venusians, and  futanarian Penisians, over the god of war that`s the `red dragon` of Britney`s Revelation. But, if men turn their spears on woman, it`ll be species war between woman and herself as futanarian woman with a penis, that is, the men of Mars and the Venusians against the futanarian Penisians. If women do not accept that men have `ownership of the means of production`, where women are the `means of production`, then the `American Dream` is `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, that is, Manifest Destiny through the `producer of the means of production`, who is futanarian woman with a penis of her own of the species` woman of the planet Earth.


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Piece Of Me



1 William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, III, I, 77, 1599.