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Women are Superior

02/01/2012 03:41

Women are Superior


Jesus follower, Judas, `married`, in the biblical sense of `knowing` or, in William Shakespeare`s sense of `understanding`, in order to betray and torture. The spurious `followers`  made sure the Christians` divorce from Jesus was permanent by making rolling a stone in front of his tomb to prevent his escape, or achieving something more that they didn`t want him to, like marrying. Upon Jesus` Resurrection, the `followers` would want to abrogate his Ascension and steal a path to heaven.



  Those followers of Jesus, who weren`t his disciples, were homosexuals, who wanted to transmit their disease. Such are the devourers of women`s productions, because women`s host wombs produce civilization, culture and art. As women have their own penises as the `futanarian` human species, they don`t need men, so the spreading of men is parasitical. Men perpetuates themselves by devouring the woman`s penis and so `woman`s seed` by replicating themselves and so enslaving her `host womb` in parasitism and death as her consumption.

 In Revelation men are represented by the devouring male imago of the dragon at the birth of Jesus which, waiting to devour the `New Redeemer`, whose scepter is depicted as defending the Earth, represents the danger of men`s devouring mankind`s penis as well as womankind`s. In the Bible, God`s commandment is, don`t `worship graven images`, because men are the imago of the devourer within the collective consciousness, while individual ego-consciousness partakes of the more ancient, and so collective unconscious, that is, collective race memory, which contains the archetypal heroine, rather than the devouring male imago, as the protector of `woman`s seed`.

 In Revelation the woman who gives birth to Jesus as the `New Redeemer` in his `Second Coming` to the Earth after Resurrection and Ascension lives upon the Earth while `woman`s seed` fights a `war in heaven` against the `serpent`s seed`, and the remnants of `woman`s seed` on Earth are persecuted by the `serpent`s seed` after their defeat. God`s heaven, according to Revelation, is changed and altered, because the `seed` of the `hidden` woman defeats the `serpent`s seed` on Earth, which precedes `woman`s seed` dwelling in heaven forever. As men have no function, other than to seek Redemption through repentance and conversion from their sin of host womb slavery for war against `woman`s seed`, Jesus` `sacred heart` is at the center of the story. Britney Spears` promotional video for `Oops! ... I Did It Again` resurrected the theme 2000 years after Jesus` betrayal by Judas as a `dissident` speaker against the Roman Empire`s occupation of Palestine. The Romans nailed Jesus to a cross and tortured him to death before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven illustrated for the Romans humankind`s future amongst the planets and stars. In `Oops! … I Did It Again` a spaceman brings Brintey `the heart of the ocean` as a symbol of Jesus` `sacred heart` of Redemption:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end.`



 The `heart of the ocean` is the blue diamond pendant Rose drops into the sea at the place of the salvage of the wreck of the ship in the film Titanic (1997). Because she was aboard the vessel when it sank on its maiden voyage from Liverpool to New York in 1912 after hitting an iceberg. The `heart of the ocean` is Jesus` `sacred heart` in the movie, because Rose, played by Kate Winslet as a young woman, was betrayed by a jilted fiancée who framed her lover, Jack, for theft by placing the `heart of the ocean` pendant in his pocket:


`Well, baby, I went down and got it for you.`



 Britney`s spaceman`s words reflect on Jack`s drowning when the Titanic sank, `I played with your heart. Got lost in the game.` Jack drowned because Rose`s fiancée, Cal, didn`t want him to have Rose, `the heart of the ocean`, which is how men are. Jack`s the lover, so his rival, Cal, has the role of the devourer:


`I played with your heart. Got lost in the game.`



 The vampire myth is central to the fears of Eastern Europe, which reflects upon the role of the devourer. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is dismembered by the evil Set, and his parts are sunk in the river Nile in a trunk, which lodges in the roots of a tree by the bank. The reemergence of the `heart of the ocean` on Britney`s Mars in her science fiction promotional video for `Oops! … I Did It Again` symbolizes the salvaging of the Titanic, `All aboard!` The theme is Resurrection. Osiris rose each year, according to Egyptian tradition, when the crops by the side of the Nile ripened, and so Britney`s spaceman is Rose when he brings Britney `the heart of the ocean`. Britney represents the `eternal flame` for `woman`s seed`. The `game` is homosexuals` divorcing her from her own `futanarian` species with their own penis` semen for sexually reproducing their own brains` power for developing labor-saving technologies to escape from the `serpent`s seed` enslaving and devouring them.

 Just as the goddess, Isis, has to fashion a new penis for Osiris because his is lost, so Britney`s reading of the homosexuals` `game` is that Osiris shouldn`t have a heart, although the Egyptian tradition of the feather of Maat is that it should balance the sins of he who is to make the journey to the House of Horus in heaven, or the trip can`t occur and the heart is Ammit the devourer`s. Osiris` dismemberer, Set, represents the homosexuals` `game` of betraying a marriage so there`s no conjoining in heaven:


`At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.` (Matt: 22. 30)

 Because women are `futanarian`, which is why Egyptian tradition divides the human into `Ka` or spirit and `Ba` or soul, symbolized by the temple of Abraham in Saudi Arabia`s Mecca. Built by the Egyptian woman, Hajer, and her son, Ishmael, as the `Ka` Ba`, the Haj pilgrimage is the annual task willingly undertaken by thousands of Moslems, because the conjoining of `woman`s seed` as the `Akh`, or `magical personality of Egyptian `futanarian` tradition, is desirable for the Salvation of the human race. Homosexuality conceives women as a `game` to be thwarted, which is why it`s `haraam` or forbidden in Islam. Men are perceived as the jailors of the `Ka` or spirit of `futanarian` woman with her own penis` semen, while her `Ba` is herself as her host wombs, and men seek to keep her a prisoner in slavery. Having inveigled itself into her womb eons ago, the parasite has devoured her penis and enslaved her. Jesus` teaching is of Resurrection for `woman`s seed` and Redemption for mankind if men convert and repent from slavery, but homosexuals prefer their `game` of thwarting women`s sexual reproduction as the human race that excludes sterile homosexuality:


`Honor your father and mother.` (Ex: 20. 12)


 If women have penis` semen of their own, she`s fatherer and motherer of the human species, whereas honoring a homosexual `game` that aims at the extinction of the human race is dishonorable. In Islam, God is `neither male nor female`, which means `Allah`, who is `Eloah`, in Judaism, is male and female (, that is, `futanarian`.

 In Christianity, prayer is giving thanks to God. The Holy Spirit is the `tutelary guide`, and although men define the Holy Spirit as Jesus`, the Judaic tradition of the `Shekinah` as female, which travelled with the Jews in their escape from slavery in Egypt, suggests that Jesus` Paraclete, that is, the Holy Spirit, is female.  As an archetype, the Shekinah or Holy Spirit is the heroine, because men are women`s devourers. In Judaism it isn`t possible to be born a Jew unless from a Jewess, which means Jews are women.  During the pogroms against the Jews by the Geman National Socialist (Nazi) government in the course of World War Two (1939-45), the Shekinah represented `woman`s seed` forced into heaven, which for homosexuals is heroine production, that is, for `shooting up`.

 In Hollywood Babylon movies like Scream (1996), The Ring (2002) and Spiral (2007), the paradigm is the `snuff movie`, which is a film of murder made by homosexuals as entertainment, and that`s what Jesus` spirit is for, according to the evil. Men are preying on God`s Holy Spirit and `woman`s seed` rather than accepting `tutelary guidance`. That`s why drug users want `The Man`, who`s their supplier, because sterile homosexual men shoot heroines.



 In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), the anima or soul corresponds to the Holy Spirit, which is the female contrasexual component of a man, that is, the Shekinah or `Ka` of the women within that desires her `Ba`, symbolized in Islam as the `Ka` Ba` of Hajer`s temple. Addicts inject heroin into their eyes, so they can look for women numbly and get the devouring male imago closer to her. As those who `shoot up heroin`, homosexuals are plague, that is, they`re plague aims, and they prey on the archetypal heroine:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores.` (Rev: 17)


 The sexually transmitted disease (STD) of HIV/AIDS is plague as men`s incurable killer disease`, because that`s what they are for women, so God gives them perdition as a punishment before creating a new heaven and Earth in Revelation for `woman`s seed`.

 In Eden Eve and Adam accepted the devouring imago of the serpent`s `seed` when they ate the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil` from the serpent, Satan, who`d been an angel but was cast down from heaven and turned into a serpent by God, according to Christian tradition, for refusing to accept that humankind would be greater than the angels. Consequently, the serpent of paradise tempted Eve and Adam to evil, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) After Eden came parasitism and host womb slavery by men of the `serpent`s seed` who so devoured `futanarian` womankind that her human species now hides from its subjugators.



 On the stage set for `Oops! ... I Did It Again`, Britney Spears appears to be performing inside a giant`s rib cage, which suggests the feather of Maat is being weighed when her spaceman with his camera is hooked up above her. His heart isn`t pure enough so he returns to Earth. The imagery is reminiscent of Miley Cyrus` promotional video for, `Can`t be Tamed`, where she`s a hawk in a cage. The hawk is a symbol of Horus who, as the resurrected Osiris, travels through the Duat to the House of Horus in the heavens. Consequently, the hawk is a metaphor for the heart that`s brave within its rib cage. In Eden Eve emerged from Adam`s rib, because she`s his heart, and so the Roman guard at Jesus` crucifixion, Longinus, pierces Jesus` side with his spear, because the `Second Adam` has the `Second Eve`, that is, the Holy Spirit, at his side.

 As the hawk, Horus is a metaphor for heart that flies out of the body at death, which in a man corresponds to the `Ka` of the spirit of the woman`s sexual desire for her own soul or `Ba` woman without penis` semen.  Horus is symbolic of an ancient pair faithful through the eons, so in Christinaity Jesus is rules with the scepter for the hidden pair. Britney `twinned` in her red pilot`s suit and white bikini dress in `Oops! … I Did It Again` symbolizes the Resurrection of `woman`s seed` while the weighing of her spaceman`s heart represents mankind`s need for Redemption through repentance and conversion from the sin of slavery. Britney represents the entwined souls of those who have Resurrection, that is, completeness of memory across reincarnated lifetimes, because they`ve accepted the teachings of Jesus Christ.

 In Egyptian mythology, Hathor, in whose house Horus` is, is of equal importance with the Virgin Mary as a mother archetype representing women`s self-reproductive nature. Britneys `game` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` is `eeny, meeny, miny, moe, catch a nigger by the toe, if he squeals let him go, eeny meeny, miny, moe.` Her spaceman is the toe she catches and won`t let go if he doesn`t repent and convert from sin represented by his giving her the `heart of the ocean` as a symbol of Jesus` `sacred heart`. Descending inside her giant ring a the outset of the performance in `Oops! … I Did It Again`, she`s a thumb of Hathor waiting to show him the path to heaven if he`s brave and pure.



 The Spanish Inquisition tortured people to accept Jesus, and continued in disbelief when their victims said that they did. Consequently, women are God`s great `Akht`, which  is the plural of `Akh`, the `magical personality of `Ka` and `Ba` conjoined as `futanarian` humanity. Women have to be actresses because men aren`t their species and so racism and xenophobia is omnipresent. Homosexuality is an imago of the devourer attempting to enslave `woman`s seed` of humanity through war.  Mariage affords the devourer an opportunity in heaven, which is why Britney represents women`s need for great tact in `the game`.



 Jesus has great tact in the New Testament, mildly rebuking his eventual betrayer, the disciple Judas, for suggesting a woman`s money had been better spent on the poor than anointing Jesus` feet before his crucifixion: `Leave her alone.` Britney Spears` spaceman is a toe, who wants a toehold on women`s heaven, and so Britney Spears descending inside her giant ring at the outset in `Oops! … I Did It Again` is a `thumb screw` of the Spanish Inquisition. Men`s autos are their whore`s toes:


 `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5)


 Because men`s enslaving of women`s host wombs prevents her from sexually reproducing her own brains` powers for the development of labor saving technologies to facilitate her escape from the Earth in starships to the planets and stars of God`s heaven. The benzene driven automobile, or `whore toe`, represents women`s subjugation to a pervert`s `bent scene` propelling a low level technological stasis designed to perpetuate war and extinction for her human species of `woman`s seed`.



 In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the key to the structure of the benzine molecule emerged from a scientist`s dream. From his unconscious appeared the archetype of the serpent devouring its own tail endlessly, which Jung interprets as a symbol of self-recognition and realization. According to Jung, the anima or soul is the archetype of woman and of the unconscious `Self`, which accords with the Egyptian tradition of the woman`s `Ka` desiring sexual union with her own `Ba` as the `Akh` or `magical personality` of `futanarian` human women`s species.

 In Jungian psychology, the self approximates to God. The male imago in dreams is woman`s devourer, and so indicative of their aim of devouring God. Consequently, the ourobouros can be an imago of that, although it functions developmentally as an archetype. Jung observed that pressurized carbon becomes diamond, so benzine is carbon that didn`t. Consequently, `bent scene` driven `whore toes` is what humans represent, because technological development requires brains` powers that humans devoid of their women`s penis` semen don`t possess.



 Britney`s stage set on Mars is the giant rib cage of Osiris, because Set was his devourer. Consequently, Britney is the remembering heroine. In television`s Star Trek: The Original Series (1965-7) space travel at faster than light (FTL) speed  posits the return of travelers to Earth who`ve remained youthful, while those on Earth have grown old. Consequently, a partner may be left to become decrepit, which is what the `bent scene` of `whore toes` is, because the remnants of `woman`s seed` are devoured by the `serpent`s seed` in artificially created low level technological progress.



 Travelers` youthfulness and remnants` agedness was based on German scientist Albert Einstein`s `Special Theory Of Relativity`, which posited that space was `folded` and that  contiguity between parts of the universe seemingly separated by great distance were accessible through what Einstein called `anomalies` or `wormholes` that allowed the gulfs between the stars to be bridged instantaneously. Human relations would become strained, and so the `serpent`s seed` would target travelers` remaining families to follow their path and devour their relatives.



 In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` Britney`s a woman of Revelation, `crowned with stars`, as Jesus` second mother was. But the imprisoning screws seek Jesus` human relations amongst the stars. Britney`s spaceman is guided by `Mission Control`, although he appears to be their spaceship, that is, they`re `little people` using his eyes and living inside his space helmet. Consequently, he`s possessed by controlling men known for devouring women, so Brintey needs to display `great tact` in the game. If she`s a `star woman`, they can locate her relatives and `shoot up` some heroine, which is the `bent scene` driven car metaphor of men with their `whore toes`.

 The concept of Satan is conflated with evil, although `woman`s seed` is Satan to the `serpent`s seed`. Consequently, it`s perspectival. A destroyer of the devourer is Satan to the devoured. To an abuser, the abused child is Satan because he`ll be jailed. Consequently, the Christian church is Satan for preaching, `Honor your father and mother.` Because they`re often the child`s abusers. Neither are they mistaken, because `woman`s seed` is Satan to the churchmen.

 Sex is an aspect of men`s devouring imago, because men have devoured the woman`s penis so they can have her. Consequently, fathers are evil, whereas Satan is `woman`s seed` to churchmen, which means that Satan represents God to daughters. From woman`s perspective, Satan is the archetype of Redemption, because she has her own penis.

 In Jungian psychology, there are four functions of consciousness, `Sensation`, `Thinking`, `Feeling`, and `Intuition`. Just as men are the devouring imago as `father`, women develop consciousness through the archetypes of the collective unconscious, for example, the ourobouros. The archetypal heroine is Jesus, because he`s the first of `woman`s seed`, while Satan is the archetype of Redemption, because `woman`s seed` is what men don`t want. Unless men convert from televised Gulf war `shoot-em-ups` couched as `PC` games in which the products of humanity are devoured, she`ll `beam up` and go.



 The Salvation Army`s salvaging of people as a Christian organization is analogous to the salvage of ships like the Titanic. Given `tutelary guidance`, the salvaged are reanimated for Start Wreck, the homosexuals` stalk show. Britney Spears` animated style in `Oops! … I Did It Again` reprises Gerry Anderson`s Century 21 Productions` Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967-8), for example, which employed the technique known as `Supermarionation` for its puppet dramas. In the promotional video for the single, `Toxic` (2003), Britney wears a light blue TV 21 Thunderbirds (1965-6) uniform as a stewardess aboard a passenger plane, and changes like Superman in the toilet before going to a top secret laboratory to steal an HIV/AIDS` serum. Although Salvation isn`t reanimation in novelist Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley`s  sense of the monster in Frankenstein (1818), that is, a reanimated corpse, Britney Spears` character`s TV 21 style in `Oops! … I Did It Again` acknowledges her role as an animated `puppet` in a game of ogres while indicating her desire for genuine Salvation rather than the reanimation of the start wreck stalk show that passes for Christian Salvation.



1 David Zincavage asserts that the origin is Scottish and posits that the first line of the verse is a corruption of Inimicus animo, a Latin phrase that translates as `enemy of the soul`,,_meeny,_miny,_moe .