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Woman Piercing

01/01/2012 15:14

Woman Piercing


Taking a woman`s virginity requires the correct functioning of the equipment applied to the task. There is a little blood, and the woman is pierced. It is a salutary lesson in the goodness of God. Both of you now proceed towards fulfilment; in orgasm; in life, and in heaven.



 ICBMs threatening Mother Russia are similarly penetrative. They have been tested. If they are used, there will be a lot of blood, but the woman will be `taken`. It is, of course, a rape analogy; but it is an accurate perspective.



 Piercing is a part of sado-masochism. Saddamasochism pierced Kuwait, and threatened the American Dream and Manifest Destiny by attacking the WTC in New York with his terrorist supporters. The American Dream represents innocent development and progress, which proceeds defensively in the knowledge that it is threatened. Saddam`s rape of Kuwait was a threat to freedom, that is, `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`. 1 In other words, Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) threatened the World Dream. There was a lot of blood between Saddamosichism`s piercing of Kuwait and George W. Bush`s (1944-) taking of Saddam; but the woman was finally `taken`; that is sado-masochism. It is what Saddam wanted, and everybody understood it.



 Bush represents the police (911) and not the bullies (9/11). He represents good and not evil. It reminds me of the Iranian hostage scene at the British Embassy in London in 1976. We were good police (999) and not evil bullies (666), and the good hostages, when they were told `Get down!` did so. The evil remained standing and were exterminated. The Embassy is a house; of Iran. As Kuwait is a house, and everything belongs to the woman; because without Woman nothing can be produced.2 Woman is, therefore, Kuwait, and God also; by extending the analogy.



 We had to penetrate the Iranian Embassy, but it was not our woman`s house and it was returned immediately to her. Similarly, in Kuwait; the woman was penetrated without invitation (at the Embassy in London, the Special Air Service commandos had permission) and her house was returned to her by George Bush Sr (1924-).On 9/11 America was `penetrated` by Taliban terrorists operating out of Afghanistan where they keep woman in fear. That is why we have been fighting them since 2001. It is about woman. Saddam`s house in Iraq was not under the control of the woman`s principles. Iraq was therefore penetrated and Saddam was exterminated.



 It is the difference between `God is love`, and war; which is the difference between the penis and the bullet. If the woman invites you, you are permitted. If not, you are a rabid animal to be destroyed. The distinction between penetrating a virgin with a little loss of blood (from her) and penetrating an enemy soldier with a little loss of blood (to him) is important; and does not seem to be Godly conscious amongst humankind.



 In fact Hollywood, in its despising of penis representation in favour of artillery and `penetrating our air space` in the cinemas, is in fact favouring rape over love; which is very dangerous in terms of the American Dream – as 9/11 in 2000 demonstrated. I have no doubt that the terrorists viewed themselves as movie stars.

 Jodie Foster (1962-), raped in The Accused (1988) drew everyone`s attention to this at the close of the 80s and, more than two decades later, we are still obsessed with bullets penetrating bodies as if we were vampiristically feeding upon the energy released, rather than admit we have a penis. In fact we equate penis energy with murder; faster penetration of the woman; more woman; more blood; and greater elation in what is a sadist`s engineered misogynistic homosexuality. Find the sadist and kill the Satan; Saddamasochism is dead: Hollywood wake up.



 The vampire is an interesting character. Like Jesus, it offers immortality; usually to a beautiful woman in Hollywood. But it is killed by a stake through the heart. Effectively, then, it is pierced in order to prevent it bestowing immortality upon a beautiful woman. That is why the vampire is a myth; because it represents truth. Men would put their penis into the heart of Man in order to prevent Man from achieving immortality with Woman.

 The story of Jesus is about Man without Woman. Jesus is the Second Adam and, figuratively, Eve has been taken from his side: raped and murdered. At the crucifixion Longinus cuts open Christ`s side with a spear, to indicate that Jesus has no woman by his side. After the Ascension (1 John: 2.1), the Paraclete or `teacher` is present upon Earth as the guide to Jesus`s path of redemption. She is the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35) of the Old Testament and the Holy Spirit of the New. The Woman that cannot be taken from the side of Man. Although, as is evident from the person of Longinus (Matt: 27.54), evil men would seek to do so.

 This is what the stake in the heart of the immortal lover of woman means; and it is the reason why Longinus does not put the spear in Jesus` heart. That`s what a spear is for. Longinus is, then, a sadist. From a sadists point of view, Jesus is a masochist. The Gulf War (2001-3) therefore represents the defeat of Saddamasochism. His attack on the Twin Towers meant `Kiss my ass!` He was declaring himself as Saddam `ass kissed` by the Americans, that is, Saddamasochist. In order to defeat this aspect of Satan, the USA had to play his `game`; that of Saddamasochist.

 Saddam `ass-kissed` by the Americans is more than a play on words; because the Americans created him: and the world`s third largest military capability after Russia. In other words, Satan was already playing as sado-masochist. The danger for the Americans is to continue to play. Miley Cyrus: `a creature so rare it was believed to be extinct` - is masochistically already accepting her role in the persona of a plummy voiced prototypical British KGB (cage GB) agent`s sadist `rap` preamble to Can`t Be Tamed (2010). Paying `lip service` to the American Dream and Manifest Destiny is ass-kissing in order to be a Saddamasochist. Pretending to believe in God in order to crucify Britney Spears, for example:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` (Piece of Me 2007)


The danger for Britney Spears is the same for the USA. Accepting masochism. Masochists think of themselves as sadists towards themselves; and it is an `illness` created by sadists. Angelina Jolie (1975), for example, is on record as saying she used to `harm herself` because she 'always felt caged'3 (by her sadist presumably). Sadists like this. Mr and Mrs Smith (2005) in which Angelina and her husband try to kill each other is a sadist movie. Saddam Hussein was, in fact, a dam (Adam) against sad(ness). Paradoxically, extermination of this sadist released sadism. Witness `The Evil Beet, Celebrity Gossip with an Evil Twist`:


`I told a friend this afternoon that I had to get home to watch Britney Spears open the VMAs. `What's the rush?` he asked. `Who hasn't seen Britney Spears' opening?`4



Opening her legs, that is. Britney`s album Circus (2008) isn`t about the media circus; or, if it is, she recognizes that the world`s paparazzi are an aspect of the Russian Secret Service, formerly the KGB, British Intelligence (BI6), which is notorious for employing Communist traitors from their public school to Oxbridge system (cage GB, as it were), and the CIA – as well as the rest. The circus, particularly in Britain, is notorious for sadistic homosexuality. Miley Cyrus (1992), named Destiny Hope at birth and in her cage for Can`t Be Tamed (2009), Angelina`s comment that the `always felt caged`, and Britney`s own Circus cage on tour suggest that they – wittingly or unwittingly – are a part of the sado-masochism that is `circus`.



 Longinus`s spear in the side of Christ represents the beginnings of the end of the Roman Circus, which was the `game` of torturing victims in the amphitheatres in Rome. Jesus is the ringmaster that keeps everyone`s attention in Christianity. The spirit of sadism was the spirit of Rome, before Catholicism (and afterwards; during the Spanish Inquisition, for example); but it was Pope Pius XII that made the Assumption of the Virgin5, that is, the saving of woman. doctrinal. Before that woman was `chattel` or `livestock`, a possession to be possessed by the spirit of men. That is why modern circus is about `animal training` and `tricks`. In the Bible, Babylon is the `Mother of Abominations` and the `Great Whore of the Apocalypse`. A prostitute is a `trick` in pimp speak. In Circus terms she`s an `animal producer` and `circus trick`.

  Babylon is ancient Persia – Iraq – so Saddamasochist is her `baby`. In Hollywood jargon, one`s baby is one`s project; so Saddamasochist is Hollywood Grande Guignol. CNN`s newswoman anchor Relitsa Da Silva received awards for 9/11. It was major box-office. Governments are often criticized for providing `bread and circuses` to keep the public`s attention focused away from their activities. `Let them eat cake,`6 Marie Antoinette, 13 years old Empress of France said, when she heard the French people were starving. Later they stormed the Bastille in what was known as the French Revolution (1789-99) and that was the end of Marie Antoinette. She hadn`t registered the basics. If they had been able to obtain cake they would have eaten it. She is not being sadistic. The sadist is. It`s about perspective. Marie Antoinette`s `circus` kept her attention away from reality. Her bread was cake.

  Gulf War I, 9/11 and Gulf War II was a media circus; big bucks and cake. Bucks banging antlers together; well trained animals. The `rules of engagement` in the Gulf were the `regulations concerning the treatment and care of animals in the circus` presented as boxers` ring craft. It was the preliminary to the marriage of sadism and masochism. What you learn as a boxer are the sado-masochism rules. The Gulf Wars were about identifying the problem. I don`t care about the rules; that`s for sadists: kill the Satanical. Saddam`s execution was according to the rules; `hanging by the neck until dead`. But I don`t want the hangers to hang on. Someone shot Saddam in the head; good: know when to act and when to stop.



 Having `kissed Saddam`s ass and paid `lip service` to the hopes enshrined in the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, and christened Miley Cyrus with the birth names of Hope and Destiny, the Saddamasochist brigades presume to go blithely on with their torture ring. Stars like Christina Aguilera (1984-) in the USA and Nancy Ajram (1983-) in Arabia have examined the circus motif in their music and videos. It is the role of the woman`s animus – her spirit according to the noted Swiss school of psychology founded by Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) – to keep men`s attention focused upon her. Britney Spears is a ringmistress therefore; `bread and circuses`, as it were. But the `bread and the wine` are necessary, in Catholicism, for the transformation (of the vessel of the body that contains the personality and the soul) through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Christian Church is not a circus; but Jesus is the ringmaster: the focus of attention. Because the woman`s animus is masculine, Jesus represents the animus; and is, effectively an animal trainer: `...forgive them, for they know not what they do.` 21st century stars do know what they do; they have the egos for it: that is why they are stars. They have big egos and can withstand the pressure of the sadists; the voyeuristic vampirism of leeches upon that spirited happiness to which they would bring sadness.

 Clowns and comediennes are known for their sad alter egos off stage. I often remember the audience`s roaring their approval at Tommy Cooper (1921-84), a comic magician, as he sat slumped before the curtain on the stage where he was performing. Tommy`d had a heart attack and was dying. It was obvious to the viewer on live TV, and the audience hooted derisively as if annoyed at the pause. Clowns understand. They are sadism`s victims. Many have died on stage; Tommy did it for real: he was the sadists` masochist and was punished for laughing - and for making them laugh. That is why it is important to be in control of the circus and train the animals. If you do not, they will turn upon you. This is what Jesus` crucifixion tells us; and Jesus offered redemption through the Holy Spirit. Now, however, men are sado-masochists and, having `ass-kissed` Saddam and paid `lip service` to God, they are preparing to turn upon their usual target. Miley Cyrus` first adult recording Can`t Be Tamed features a `rap` preamble from an upper middle class sounding Brit with the usual plumy voice universally understood to be Oxbridge Communist KGB old-style and attractive to ingénue Americans: `A creature so rare it was believed to be extinct!` is how Hope and Destiny (Miley`s birth names) is `introduced`.



 Britney`s fifth album cover accepts herself as a Christ figure and as a masochistic victim; because remarks like this in the media have put her in the picture. Those who would hang you on the cross are your `hangers on`; they are your evil sadists and the way to ask God for redemption in order to get rid of such `hangers on` is to  put yourself in the position of Jesus with God in acceptance of the Holy Spirit. Truth is reality and reality is truth; it is not a symbol. Jesus said `forgive them, for they know not what they do` (Luke 23: 34). Now they do. Britney Spears has shown them. There is no escape from the knowledge; the evil are doomed to unendurable pain forever in hell: because God says so.

 The cross is a symbol of Satan. Jesus did not like being crucified; therefore the cross is a symbol of Satanasochist (Satan ass-kissed). If you kiss the ass of the Saddamasochist you get the Saddam `ass kissed` virus; Satanasochism. It is Revelation and it is God`s omniscience to reveal it. Sadism puts Britney on the cross, and she is the American Dream. The Spears of Destiny, as it were; America`s Manifest Destiny tortured by sadist`s into accepting masochism, that is, Saddamasochism, which means that Saddam - `who`s sane` because in accordance with the spirit of the age (sado-masochism) - won the Gulf War by bridging the gulf between the sadists and the masochists that did not perceive the link until they were victims of Saddam `ass kissed`:


`You want herpes of me.`


Saddamasochism (Saddam - ass kiss `em) isn`t a virus you get `from kissing`, and you won`t get AIDS from Britney Spears either. Despite Evil Beet`s telepathic media mind control coerciveness persuading her to open her legs for everyone, she doesn`t want AIDS. You get it from `brown-nosing` or `ass-licking` false flattery in acceptance of Satan. It is against the Commandments of God `to bear false witness`, and this is the reason why. Sadists will help you as Aides de Camp but you will be sado-masochistical `suicides` - eventually. To begin with you will accept sadism, and then you will accept masochism. As time progresses you will be a sadder masochist, and there will no longer be the American Dream, that is, Manifest Destiny in accordance with the Will of God, but `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` will be a delusion perpetuated by sadists who want to continue torturing the `lambs of God` upon their cross by filling them with Hope and Faith in development through the Holy Spirit.

 Longinus tortured Christ, and there`s a stake in the heart of the vampire who is offering the body and the blood of eternal life, but men do not want the Holy Spirit, that is, immortality for Woman. Therefore there is a discrepancy here between man and men. Saddam `ass-kissed` was a rabid animal, and not humankindness (of human kind).  In the Bible it is commanded by God: `Thou shalt not kill!` But men, as defined, are not mankind. Exterminating them is, therefore, an obligation placed upon us by God. This is not a paradox. `Thou shalt not suffer a poisoner to live.` is one translation of an injunction from another part of the Bible: `Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.` is a translation of the same text. It is an injunction to exterminate of men what there is of the elated vampiristic slayer, that is, what is condemned by God, but Jesus` offer of his body and blood in the form of the bread and the wine does not underestimate the value of what has been termed a vampire but, according to what little is known, are the givers of eternal life to the body by means of what is euphemistically called `the little drink`.



 Woman is known for her wisdom and has often been condemned – by men - for being wise; witness the `witch trials` of Salem, Massachussetts in 1692. Young girls claimed to be possessed and accused three women of witchcraft who named others in forced confessions (not unlike some reports of what occurred in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere in history). Because the girls were young, it seems likely that they were `possessed` by men`s misogynistic evil spiritedness. Trials resulted in hanging nineteen women.



 It is clear from the sado-masochist `s game` that men who would burn her at the stake are the same men who would put a stake in her heart if she were an immortal beautiful woman and call her a vampire. That is why woman practises wicca and does not choose `witch` as her title; it is chosen for her by men and she understands what is at stake. What is Jesus upon the wooden cross but a vampire with Longinus aiming a stake at God? For men, immortals are vampires. In the transubstantiation symbolism of the Catholic Mass, the body and the blood of Jesus are eaten and drunk symbolically in the form of the bread and the wine. This is blood-drinking, which is prototypical vampirism as understood by those who would put a stake in vampires for being evil creatures that seek immortality for their woman.

 Satan is therefore seeking the death of Woman and, thereby, the extinction of Womankind, which is Man and not men who would put her at a stake or put a stake in her in order to deny her Godliness. Jesus` cross omnisciently denotes the stake at which wise women are burnt and the stake men would put in her heart to deny her immortality. The Spear of Longinus is aimed at the soul, the spirit, Eve from the beginning of the creation of her and Adam`s One Creatureliness in God, and anything else that would be a blessing upon Man from Woman; including God.



 I have often thought of Jesus as being like General George C. Custer (1839-76), `yellow hair` as the red Indians called him, at the battle of the Little Big Horn (June 25-6 1876). Custer`s 7th cavalry fought to the last, and Custer was the last to live. He was defending what the USA required him to, like George Bush and George W. Bush in the Gulf Wars, and like Jesus he was standing between men and their attack upon Woman and God.



 In Hebrew, YHWH is the tetragrammaton, the name of God, and may be pronounced `yellow`. In Islam God is Allah and, in Hebrew, Eloah. This suggests that we accept the same God and that the Indians of the North American Plains recognized Custer as a Jesus figure and therefore christened him Eloah or `yellow hair`, that is, the heir to Eloah and, indeed, Allah.



 The Coalition forces ranged against Saddamasochism suggest that the USA is the heir to Allah as it is the heir to everything; because she is the World Dream and, despite the detentions and alleged tortures of Moslem citizens within the Homeland, that is, the aftershocks of dealing with Saddam ass-kisseds `game`, Islam and its people within the USA are there because they want to share in the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, which is what Longinus`s spear points to. Known as the Spear of Destiny, it points backwards to Eve, and forward to God through the soul of Man and acceptance of the Holy Spirit which is Eternal Woman and immortality in heaven forever for `the star spangled banner`.


 `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Britney Spears` Piece of Me (2007)



1 As enshrined in the United States` 4th July, 1776 Declaration of Independance from the Imperial tyranny of Britain.

2 Evil men would say that, without Woman nothing can be produced, so we shall produce nothing.

3 ‘”I always felt caged”: Angelina Jolie on why she was driven to cut herself’, Daily Mail, July 7th, 2010, .

4 The Evil Beet, MTV, ‘Britney Spears at the VMAs: No, Seriously, Give Us More’,  September 9th, 2007, .

5 Pope Pius XII, Apostolic Constitution, Munificentissimus Deus, 1st November, 1950.

6 Marie Antoinette `Qu`ils mangent de la brioche` in Rousseau, Jean-Jaques Confessions, 1729.