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Transformation Symbolism

17/01/2012 12:24

Transformation Symbolism


In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) symbols are transformers. The basic transforming symbolism is that of the Catholic Mass in which the bread and the wine is the body and the blood of Christ who gave it to the disciples at the Last Supper before his crucifixion. Symbolic of the immortality of the Resurrection, and Redemption of the body through the acceptance of the continuing teachings of God`s Holy Spirit, she effectively emerges as the `Second Eve` from the side of Jesus Christ, after his death and Ascension to heaven, the first Eve having emerged from the side of Adam, the first man, in Eden.

 The Holy Spirit or Paraclete is the `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet`, which is how a woman is traditionally perceived, and so the Paraclete is `female wisdom` accumulated over many thousands of years as the body and the wine from the `fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil` from the Garden of Eden. As the Shekinah, or `spirit of God`, she`s in the Old Testament of the Bible at the place where the `law of God` is kept within the `Ark of the Covenant` and, in Gnosticism, she`s Sophia, the `wisdom of God`, and God`s `female spirit`. In Jungian psychology, she`s the soul or anima which, as an archetype or `developer` of the unconscious self through imagination, would correspond, in Catholicism, to the figure of the Virgin Mary as a mediator of thought which, as deep meditation, or the emergence of helpful ideas in dreams, corresponds to the Christian concept of `prayer`.

 The concept of the Holy Spirit is of the anima or soul as an ancient, and therefore wise, `teacher, guide, comforter, and helpmeet`. In Jungian psychology there are four functions of consciousness, which correspond to `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`. When unconscious, or undifferentiated, the functions are associated with the eye, ear, mouth, and nose. Buddhism states that eye and ear (`Thinking` and `Sensation`) can be `trained` to see what is invisible, which means that kissing and smelling, for example, requires the differentiation of `Feeling` and `Intuition`, and the differentiated eye (`Sensation`) and ear (`Thinking`) enable the seeing and hearing of what is invisible before it`s heard or seen, which is why the unseen is described as `felt` or `intuited`, and radio and television are visible manifestations of what is invisible before perceived by ear or eye.

 In archetypal terms, inventions are heard and seen within dreams or imagination before they become visible and tangible through the mind of the inventor. However, after 2000 years of the developing Logos of Christianity, that is, the Word of God, we can`t see or hear the Paraclete, which means that we can feel for her and intuit her, but we can`t see or touch her.

 In Revelation, the red dragon waits to devour the child of the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` because he`s the male devouring imago, and that`s why we have radio and television rather than her. Her child is the New Redeemer, because he protects the `hidden` woman of the Earth until she is prepared to leave and fight with the `serpent`s seed`, that is, the evil, in heaven. She`s `hidden` because she`s the invisible and intangible Paraclete, who is visible and tangible to those who can see and hear her by accepting Jesus` teachings of Redemption, which those who prefer radio and television can`t accept.



 After war in heaven in which her `seed` defeats the evil serpent`s `seed`, that is, the `seed` of the devouring imago of the red dragon, the evil receive eternal perdition, and God creates a new heaven and Earth for her and her `seed`. The suggestion is that, because she fights and wins against the `serpent`s seed`, men`s technology is insufficient against her. Her `seed` wins, which suggests that she even has her own penis, and so has her own technology because, according to Jung, the instinctive libido or sexual urge is the transforming developmental impulse, which is defined as the movement from instinctive promptings to spiritual creativity.

 Woman`s technology would be of use in defending her as a species, against the `serpent`s seed`, which is the evil that wants to see her in order to devour her, and is discovered by Adam and Eve in Eden. They experience nakedness when observed, and this is described as evil not the nakedness. In Revelation the serpent`s grown into the red dragon, which looks to consume her child with fire. The traditional perspective is that there`s something wrong with nakedness, but men are the serpent`s `seed`, so the wrongness is theirs. They don`t want woman as a species with her own penis to develop, and so it and she`s `hidden` and protected by the New Redeemer because men would devour her in fire if she were visible.

 The story is Christian because it`s truth, whereas myth is designed as a lie. Jungian psychology posits archetypes as the content of myth that is developmental truth, but it`s perspective is that of the liar. Because the creatures are unbelievable. However, they`re archetypal and so have a meaning that isn`t representative but symbolic. Hercules is depicted as a hero, but he more closely corresponds to the devouring imago as represented by the red dragon of Revelation insofar as his encounter with the Lemaean Hydra is concerned. The Twelve Labours of Hercules are a Greek myth and amongst them is the slaying of the Hydra, which has many heads.



 The Hydra is guarding the Danaiiads, forty-nine women who are incarcerated for murdering their husbands. The fiftieth spared her husband`s life if she remained virgin, which resembles Joseph`s acceptance that he has no part in the Virgin Mary`s parthenogenesis in the New Testament of the Bible. The husband of the Danaiian accepts he has no part for her, which is why Jesus is celibate in the New Testament. He has no part for woman because she has her own penis. Hers is the `seed` of the hermaphroditic woman who defeats the serpent`s `seed` in the battle for heaven, that is, men`s evil design to continue the enslavement of woman, with or without a penis, before God creates a new heaven and Earth for her to dwell in.

 In the Greek myth Hercules` cutting off of the Hydra woman`s heads reflects the ancient world`s approach to women as breeders: less women more men. But this isn`t only ancient history. In the 20th century Chinese women were killed at birth, because men don`t want them at all. Pederasty was the norm in ancient Greece and homosexuality was the preferred mode, which suggests that men aren`t even for reproduction.

 In Homer`s Odyssey the wooden horse is the device used by the Greeks to hide men inside and, `taken in` by the Trojans, they `devour` the city from within. That`s why a virus is called a Trojan, because the computer is `taken in` by it. The analogy is of the air raids in the USA where `civil` aviation protocols were used by the terrorists to be `taken in` before attacking New York`s Eve`s `Big Apple`, that is, 2000 years of Western civilization, art, and culture. Eve`s as God`s producer and product since she accepted the promise of future wisdom from the `fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`. In Eden Adam and Eve perceived their nakedness because they were spied upon. The `serpent` doesn`t want to be seen, or heard, but to see and listen, which means he doesn`t want you to see and he wants to attack you by means of subterfuge – as `son` 9/11.

 Adam and Eve`s vulnerability is reproduction. That`s why Cain kills Abel. He`s the serpent`s `seed` as the devouring imago constellated within the individual that doesn`t want development. Cain was a `gatherer`, and offered fruit to God, whereas Abel was a `hunter`, and offered animal sacrifice. Cain killed Abel because Abel had prepared `cooked` meat for God. In other words, Abel didn`t only kill, which is what the serpent`s `seed` wants.



The equivalent of the protocol Eve`s `Big Apple` of New York lacked for dealing with `air AIDS` was a `Trojan condom` because the terrorists were the equivalent of a Trojan virus that the polite `civil` aviation authority were `taken in` by. The second Gulf war (2001-11) and the `mother of all battles` ensued, which effectively released the `virus` in George Bush`s declaration of a global `War on Terror` (2003-). As the 16th century prophet Nostradamus foresaw, the 21st century was to be the fight against the insidious perfidy of its devouring imago:


` From the sky will come a great king of terror.` (Century 10, Quatrain 72)


 In the New Testament of the Bible the Virgin Mary gives birth to Jesus without fertilizer, and Jesus is depicted as a non-fertilizer, which is Adam and Eve before the `apple`, that is, in the New Testament God`s developing an anti-virus. In Revelation the `hidden` woman, protected by the New Redeemer, leaves Earth for the stars, which means she escapes from what plagues her. That`s why AIDS is found in Revelation. Because it`s from chimpanzees:


`...and there fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the beast, and upon them which worshipped his image.` (Rev: 16.2)


It`s champ, chump, chimp, that is, champions are achievers, but `the mark of the beast` is the `chimp` who, in contrast to Jesus, the `Son of Man`, wants to make chumps of those who have achieved development - as `son` 9/11 when, civilly in planes, terrorist `chimps` destroyed the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in 2000 in what was the equivalent of being `taken in` by the USA in a `Trojan condom`, before taking it off to rape her, and deliver her of air AIDS, which the USA spread as far as Colonel Ghaddafi`s Libya in 2011 after President George W. Bush`s 2003 declaration of a global `War on Terror`.



 The serpent`s `seed` is often described as the `ape of God`. Men worship its imago because it`s a consumer and not a creator, which means they want the product and not the producer, that is, woman`s womb rather than woman. That`s why the red dragon of Revelation waits to devour the New Redeemer, because it wants to kill the development as a silenced witness to its destruction of mankind`s future. Effectively, it`s the commandment `Thou shalt not steal.` Because silencing a person who`s product you`ve stolen is to prevent mankind`s development. If the murderer and the thief know how to use the equipment, but can`t make it, then they`re `chimps` spreading air AIDS - as `son` 9/11.

 The terrorists of 9/11 were thieves and murderers using craft they`d stolen without making, and they used them to attack and destroy what had been made by others to use. The virus is the 21st century paradigm, and the terrorists` polite avoidance of the USA`s defence system to `hacked` into it by means of `civil` aircraft protocols. Effectively, `crashing` the system of politesse that ensured relative global peace silenced `Big Adam and Eve`s Apple`, that is, New York`s `voice box`, and the Twin Towers of Christ, Jesus, in the West, which means that theft and murder has as its aim the prevention of free speech:


`...the sun was given power to scorch people with fire. They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.` (Rev: 16.8)


 God is omnipotent good, and who wouldn`t want it? Theft and murder result from the prevention of free speech, which is the civilization, art and culture of God`s producer, who is Woman because, truthfully, all of it is indeed from her womb. Development isn`t possible if thieves murder the maker to use an invention they can`t make. The aim of the plagues of Revelation is to `plague aims`, that is, prevent achievement. In this analysis 9/11 was `play game` and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre were Microsoft`s X-Box for terrorist `gamers` to `shoot-em-up`. To stop the world`s development is, therefore, a `plague aim` of thieves and murderers whose modus operandi this is. It`s the `degeneration game`.1



 The 9/11 terrorists were `the ape of God` because they aped trained civilian aircraft pilots to fly the planes they used to destroy the Twin Towers. The pilot that landed his damaged airliner in New York`s Hudson river wasn`t aping God. He was using something made by others like him to obtain financial remuneration. He was of God and the terrorists were the `ape of God` because they were parasitical. If men are perceived as parasites perpetuating their viral form through woman`s womb then the role of them as the red dragon of Revelation and devouring imago is clear. They`re for preventing the `child` from developing a `vision` to deal with them. Adam and Eve perceived their nakedness in Eden because they were being watched. Consequently, Jesus` New Testament message is of the Paraclete, the invisible eyes of God that watch for us. The lesson of 9/11 is that America`s eyes were blind to the danger posed by terrorists politely asking to be admitted to the USA and using `civil` planes to politely enter USA airspace, before hijacking them and destroying global peace.

 The mythological signifier is Sophocles` Oedipus Rex in which the central character is psychologically blind from the beginning because, after marrying his mother unknowingly as a consequence of mistakenly murdering his own father, he blinds himself because the taboo against incest is too strong to prevent him from abhorring his own eyesight. The mythologem is a description of what the devouring imago is. Sophocles` drama presupposes that all of the characters are Oedipus, which means he is his father and mother, and his marriage to his mother is a marriage to himself. His blindness is a metaphor for development. He is unconscious at the start, and physically blind at the end, because the incest taboo doesn`t want him to achieve the realization that his mother is his wife. The `plague aim` of Oedipus Rex is that men want blindness so that the evil that they do isn`t seen.

 In Jungian psychology the original form of marriage is posited as endogamous, that is, within the close family circle, and the exogamous marriage with a stranger from another village, for example, succeeded. According to Jung, the anima or soul is that aspect of the psyche which prefers family because the mother is the first anima-figure the infant encounters. Consequently, the anima received some additional dimensionality in exogamous marriages, which is reflected in the emergence of the Paraclete as `tutelary spirit` from the side of Jesus after it was penetrated by the spear of Longinus upon Jesus` death at the crucifixion. The Paraclete is the eyes of God, which guides the soul or anima, as God would, and as Eve emerged from the side of Adam in Eden to be `teacher, guide, helpmeet, and comforter`. In Egyptian mythology, the `ba` is the soul and the `ka` is the spirit, but they have independent existences, and come together as the `magical personality` or `akht` in the afterlife.



 In Christian terms, the soul is guided by the `tutelary spirit` from the body, and so an individual leads a life of three existences. That`s why Christian thinking is Trinitarian. If a man`s soul is female, and the spirit is female, then the `magical personality` would partake of God and be male and female in a single unity, which is what a woman with a penis is. As the woman `hidden` upon the Earth, preparing to sow her `seed` amongst the stars in preparation for her victory against the serpent`s `seed`, and the new heaven and Earth God promises in Revelation, she`s triune because she can fertilize both a woman with a penis and a woman without, which means that, if she marries a woman without a penis, she needs a woman with a penis to make a trinitarian marriage. It`s simpler to suppose that love in heaven would be universal because men, as parasitical devouring viral imagos, will be experiencing perdition unless they accept God:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev:16.10)


 Men worship the imago of `the ape of God`, which is aping the developed, rather than developing, because they can`t develop, or they refuse to. Instead, they disable the able to have what they have developed, and then they have abandoned development and are mocking God, which is the `plague aim` of those who want to `play games` and God condemns them to perdition, so releasing woman as a species from her degenerate captors.

 The disabling of the maker, in order to have what the maker has, is how the devouring imago virus functions. Reduced to the level of `chimps`, in Revelation men accept and even worship it. As Cain was with Abel, men don`t want enablement. Abel was therefore the `champ` killed by a `chimp`, and AIDS is a virus originating in monkeys, according to scientific research, so is concerned with making a `chump` out of the `champ`, that is, mankind, and killing it.

 In the Greek myth Hercules is `champ, chump, chimp`, because he`s a champion chump. The Lemaean Hydra is the guardian of the Danaiiads, who don`t want men because women`re a species with their own penis, and woman doesn`t need men for reproduction. Consequently, the Lemaean Hydra is Woman and corresponds to the archetype of the `Terrible Mother` of Jungian psychology who, as Khidr in the Koran of Islam, appears evil because her actions aren`t comprehensible as being nurturing and developmental.

 In the Koran, Khidr kills a boy because he`s going to be evil, helps build a wall when he`s in a hurry because there`s treasure there and he doesn`t want it found, and makes a hole in a boat so that he`s not followed. This is incomprehensible to Moses who asks for an explanation each time and Khidr observes that he doesn`t need to give him an explanation. Moses is one who has to follow the law. The archetype of the `Terrible Mother` similarly doesn`t give explanations, because her actions aren`t comprehensibly good.

 In the myth of Hercules, she appears as the `monster` that is comprehensively defending the Danaiiads. Hercules is the male devouring imago and so isn`t heroic or a prefiguration of Jesus, although what the myth pictures is a prefiguration of Christianity because it depicts the defence of the `hidden` women who`re forced to marry because they have to reproduce themselves as women, although men are parasitical viruses seeking to enslave Woman and perpetuate themselves by means of her `host` womb.

 Each time Hercules cuts off the Lemaean Hydra her head another grows. Effectively, the Hydra represents better technology than men`s because neither men nor women would defend a woman with a penis that`d want her own species. She`d be a `monster`. In the Christian tradition, the red dragon of Revelation is men as `monster` because they are the devouring imago who`ll consume Woman`s art, civilization, and culture. The myth of Hercules depicts Greek culture`s desire to enslave women, and so her guardian is depicted as a female monster to have its head cut off until she aquiesces.

 Each time a head of the Lemaean Hydra is removed by Hercules, the Lemaean Hydra grows two more, which reflects upon her duplex nature as woman with a penis and woman without a penis, that is, she`s self-reproducing. Consequently, Hercules represents the male devouring imago as men who are prepared to slay the entirety of Woman`s reproductive capacity as a species in order to enslave her.

 The Lemaean Hydra prefigures Woman`s technology, the idea of which is depicted in the Hercules myth as monstrous to the ancient Greeks, and so Hercules, a `monster`, is depicted as heroic. The idea of Woman`s technology is comprehensible to the Christians because Revelation depicts men as the devouring imago of the red dragon of Revelation. The problem is that mainstream Christians wouldn`t accept Woman as a species, and so she`s Satan to Christianity. Consequently, Woman as a species is Satan, and so Satan, as the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, is paradoxically protected by the New Redeemer`s scepter.

 The New Redeemer`s scepter would correspond to that technology derivable from Woman`s hermaphroditic reproductive capacity, which would enable her to escape from men as her enslavers, devourers, and slayers of her upon the Earth that contains her as a species. Consequently men are her virus, which is why the New Testament represents both the Virgin Mary and Jesus, that is, Christ, the Messiah, as uncontaminatable by male `serpent`s seed`. The Paraclete or Holy Spirit is God`s technology for Woman, because the soul or anima of man is instructable, and so may be separated and saved from the body which is men`s devouring imago.

 In Islam Paradise on Earth is `heaven` or `Jennah` and is everywhere, but `hidden`, which is what the Christian Bible says of Woman upon the Earth. It`s the Middle Eastern tradition. In Islam evil is `iblis` and exists only as a whisperer but has no corporeal reality, which means that, if men are an evil parasitical organism perpetuating itself through the wombs of women, men have no actual existence in God. In Judaism, you can only be born a Jew if you`re born from a woman, so only women are Jews, which is the same principle that women hold to in Islam. They are real, whereas men aren`t.

 In Christianity, Jesus and Mary are virgin because they`re uncontaminated by the `serpent`s seed`, which is men as a parasitical virus upon her product as civilization, art, and culture. The Paraclete that, effectively, emerges after the crucifixion when the spear of Longinus pierces the side of Christ, is Woman`s technology for `teaching, guiding, helping, and comforting` the soul in what the Arabians term `Jennah`, which is the `hidden` heaven or Paradise on Earth, and neither the Jews nor Christians believe in Paradise on Earth because Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden for accepting the devouring imago of the serpent in the apple of Eve`s future wisdom, which was the 9/11/2000 attack on New York`s `Big Apple` that `commemorated` 2000 years of Christianity`s acceptance of the teachings of the Paraclete from her `hidden` place by the side of mankind.

 Paradise on Earth is believed in by the Arabs, but in Christianity the future sign of what the Arabs term `Jennah` is the `hidden` woman of Revelation. Consequently, 9/11 may be understood as an attack on the USA for allowing her to be seen, or to see. The distinction is important because being seen means that the eyes of other men can perceive your woman, which is why Adam and Eve feel naked in Eden after accepting the devouring imago of the serpent in the apple of Eve. However, if the woman can see, she`s wise, and so men, who`ve accepted the devouring imago, don`t want her to see through their desire to enslave, devour and slay her. Their `plague` aims at the fare of war, and they want to `play games`.



 The children`s game of `blind man`s bluff` is to place a scarf around the eyes of a man and hide from him as women. The `bluff` is the precipice, and he may stumble and fall. In the Greek myth of Oedipus, blindness is associated with Oedipus` failing to accept the woman Jocasta, even after she tells him that his fears over the incest taboo are a device of men to keep him in blind unconsciousness, and he blinds himself, that is, he `falls` at the `bluff`, or is `deceived` by men`s aim of preventing him from achieving enlightenment through the teachings and guidance of his woman, who`s his `helpmeet` and `comforter`, irrespective of the consanguinity of the relationship.

 Jocasta is wise and can see, but Oedipus isn`t. It`s the `serpent in the Garden of God` analogy. The serpent doesn`t want to be seen, because it`s designs are evil, and evil men are the `seed` of the `serpent` which, in Sophocles` drama Oedipus Rex, finds ways of preventing the `everyman` figure of Oedipus from seeing that Jocasta is a `good apple`. The 9/11 terrorists didn`t want the USA to have what they saw, that is, New York`s `Big Apple`, symbol of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny in accordance with the principles of God, was a `good apple`, and so they attempted to devour it and the world in terror.

 If man isn`t kind, then the soul can`t live upon Earth in the `hidden` Paradise of Jennah as described in the Koran of Islam, even if she accepts the teachings of her Paraclete that helps and guides her to be her comforter in heaven on Earth, and so her `hidden` woman of Paradise must leave to sow her `seed` amongst the stars and wait to defeat the evil `seed` of the `serpent` in the `war in heaven` that God promises in Revelation shall result in her victory and God`s creation of the new heaven and Earth in which she shall dwell forever.

As the devouring imago bent on enslaving and slaying her, men have worshipped themselves in their own image, and God forbade `other gods` and `graven images` in the Bible, but they were emergent in the 20th century`s personality cults of Stalin, Hitler, Saddam, Gaddhafi, etc. God`s allowing Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit of immortality in Eden was because he didn`t want Adam and Eve to be devoured by these devouring imagos. Genkhis Khan, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, etc., represent the serpent`s desire to destroy, that is, to have Adam`s `descendants` eat what has developed from Eve`s `apple`.

 Eve was deceived into eating from the `tree of the knowledge of good and evil` by the `serpent`, which is the red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the New Redeemer protecting the `hidden` woman of the Earth with the `scepter`, which would probably correspond to those enlightened persons with `backbone` enough to fight the evil. The `imagic` representative of the `seed` of the `serpent` at the beginning of the 21st century was another `cult of the personality` leader, Osama Bin Ladan, whose terrorist agents attacked the `Big Apple` of New York in 2000, and so precipitated the Earth into a continuation of the war and terror that had begun with Saddam Hussein`s invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

 The 9/11 terrorists were able to do this because they were `snakes`, `seeds` of the `serpent` eluding US protocols by feigning the demeanour of guests in order to launch a treacheous attack as representatives of the devouring imago, which was as sneaky as 1941`s Pearl Harbour when the US 6th fleet was destroyed in Hawaii by the Japanese fascists.



 In Roman mythology, the symbol of enlightenment is the wand of Hermes, which is associated, in Jungian psychology, with the transformation of instinct into the intelligence of soul and spirit, which is why Eve, the soul, came from Adam`s rib, and the Paraclete, the `tutelary spirit` of the soul`s journeying, effectively emerged from the side of Christ, Jesus, when pierced by the spear of Longinus. The spear is often called the Spear of Destiny, and is associated with absolute power equivalent to God`s, which is why it was so sought after by Adolf Hitler amongst others. It`s a prefiguration of how those with  `backbone` are a `scepter` of protection against evil. It`s God`s technology for Woman in the realm of the spirit, which directs its forces against those who`d blind the eyes of their body to perpetrate evil against the eyes of their souls and spirits in the `hidden` Paradise of Woman`s Earth.

 The eyes of the soul and the spirit are those of what Jungian psychology terms the anima, and those of the Holy Spirit or Paraclete, which `descended from above` according to the New Testament, and suggests it`s further than the soul or anima up the chakra ladder of energy centres that Buddhism conceives as the backbone. If body, anima, and Paraclete have eyes of their own, then dreams and visions are where they communicate to the individual what the `scepter` needs to do in order to defend.

 Seeing is the key to understanding, and why terrorists attacked the USA on 9/11. The evil don`t want to be seen, and the good want to see. If they could see, the good would destroy the evil, but the good are `fooled`. AIDS is a disease that `fools` the body`s immune system into accepting what`ll destroy it, and 9/11`s evil terrorist attack `fooled` US protocols to launch air AIDS upon Eve`s `Big Apple`, which finds mystical correspondence in the `apple of the third eye`. Between the frontal lobes the pineal gland at the centre of the forehead is the `vision` centre. The good would`ve seen, and destroyed the evil, if they`d been able to see them, and that`s what the eyes of God`s `scepter` are for.

 The fact of 9/11 means that the USA declared war on evil in body, soul and spirit. It`s God`s war against the evil that blinds, which is what Revelation is for – to reveal the evil so that the good can destroy it. The red dragon`s a devourer of the light, whereas the woman who produces New Redemption, that is, the backbone`s `scepter` of the mind, is `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, which means that she, as the light of the Earth, remains.

Eve didn`t create the civilization, art, and culture of New York`s `Big Apple` for the devouring imago to consume, but that`s the paradigm of the 21st century. The `plague aim` of the system-as-game is to mock God in `shoot-em-ups` in which killers are successful. Good is defined as a successful killer by `gamers`, and 9/11`s terrorist `plague aim` is definable as `godly` because `successful`.

 This is not the perception in Revelation where God`s plagues are men`s AIDS, presented as resulting from war as `play games`, with men who see themselves as God, and originating with men`s worship of themselves in the form of homosexual sterility, which produces AIDS, degraded, and men who`re degrading of other men women, and who aren`t God.

 Men prefer to make war with each other, which is `hate-making`, and so the planet Earth has produced AIDS, which is the antithesis of `love-making`, because men want to destroy women and the Earth with each other in the form of armies. Woman could make love with herself with her own penis, and be a species that doesn`t need men at all, which is why men make war upon her, so that she`ll accept enslavement, and the slaying and devouring of her and her Earth.

 The Greek myth of Hercules is a false picture, because the hero is depicted as a slayer of the `Terrible Mother` in order to rescue women who`ve refused to marry men, whereas the Christian picture is true because it recognizes that the red dragon of Revelation is men`s devouring imago of war that they worship as the god they`ve created in their homosexually perverse desire for sterility. Because war historically precedes plague, AIDS results from men`s final war games in Revelation:


`God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath.` (Rev: 16.8)


 The Lemaean Hydra is Woman transformed by men`s myth, and in Jungian psychology she represents the `Terrible Mother`, which isn`t perceivable by Hercules who believes he`s good when he`s defeated her, whereas Hercules represents the desire of men to kill women, which is why they worship themselves as the devouring imago of war upon her Earth. Because Hercules and his audience are meant to perceive him as good, it`s a pictoralogical recipe for matricide, and most myths can be read in this same way.

 The Oedipus` myth is a recipe for blinding, whereas the baby of the woman of Revelation is in danger of being devoured by dragon fire, which is murder by mouth, and distance (as in Nagasaki or Hiroshima), and denotes an indifference in which women aren`t even valued for the protein from their breasts` milk. Although the strong male fire breather has been nurtured by her breasts` milk, she`s not desired for anything other than becoming charcoal, which is what the Jews discovered about men. Flesh isn`t even valued as protein by the devouring imago, which means that women`s lactations are for their daughters in the same way that their penis is for their wives.

 The robin is a mythic Christian symbol that`s famous for its futile struggle to remove the crown of thorns from the head of Christ and receives a wound that stains its breast feathers red. It`s a harmless tale, but a target for evil. Manchester United`s soccer stars, after the air crash of February 1958, gasped out their lives in the snow of Munich airport, and are ridiculed each year by supporters of other English footlball clubs for lying red in the snow like Christmas robins.



 Mark Robins was the star that, netting the winner against Nottingham Forest in 1990, sent United on an F.A. Cup run that resulted in their winning the Cup. The story is that Alex Ferguson would`ve lost his job as manager if Robins hadn`t struck, and United went on to overtake Liverpool`s record of championship wins after twelve more by 2011. Resurrection isn`t a myth, but the evil crucified Jesus for promulgating the truth.

 The robin hops on the snow in Christmas cards celebrating the advent of Christ, but the evil want to turn it into a red dragon. Just as the myth of Hercules is a pictorial recipe for perpetrating genocide against Woman as a species, so the Christmas card has mythic pictoral properties that may be understood as a recipe for futility.


 The Danaiiad women`s punishment for refusing to have husbands was to endlessly attempt to fill an empty vessel by carrying water to it from sieves. The motif is not uncommon in Greek mythology. Sisyphus was punished for violating the laws of hospitality by endlessly being made to roll a stone up a hill only to see it roll down the other side. The robin of Christianity`s attempt to remove the largest thorn from the head of Christ, and its receipt of bloodied breast feathers as an eternal sign of its attempt to remove the crown of mockery, is symbolic of the meaning it has for non-Christians whose devouring imago, constellated by the pictorial recipe, wants to torture the robin, which is a constellation of the red dragon.



 The meaning of the myth for Christians is that the robin is `washed in the blood of the lamb`, which is a Christian prerequisite for Resurrection, Redemption, and Ascension. The `lamb` is Jesus and the story of the robin is a metaphorical truth. The thorn has the blood of Jesus upon it and the robin receives a wound from the thorn, which means that Jesus` blood is mingled with that of the robin`s. The symbolism is significant because the robin`s attempt indicates a genuine, rather than the theoretical acceptance of the Holy Spirit which the disciples demonstrated, along with the traitor Judas, at the Last Supper. The robin`s attempt to alleviate Christ`s pain from the crown of thorns placed upon his head in mockery of `God`s love` is a concrete implementation of Jesus` teaching that `the body and blood` are transformed by the `power` of the Holy Spirit, and that`s `bread and wine` to the soul in the transformed breast of the robin.

 The complexio oppositorum of Jesus and Mary, as an archetypal virgin pair, is symbolic of a strong anti-viral component, and so the robin is symbolic of the anti-virus that is needed in the 21st century war against terror. Those who violated the `laws of hospitality`, by eluding `protocols` in the terrorist `air AIDS` of 9/11, were attacking the body of the USA`s `immune system`, which news, met with cheers in some parts of Arabia, receives an insidious echo in the perennial jeering at stadiums all across England at the memory of the red robins in the snow of Munich in February 1958.



 Not to relate to the picture of the robin on the snow in the Christmas card as a Christian is to constellate a pre-Christian devouring imago - and an enemy within. Not even blood transfusions from German and English volunteers, in accordance with `the laws of hospitality`, could save the Manchester United robins in the snow at Munich in 1958 and the `enemy within` jeers at them and the `laws of hospitality` every February in England. Just as `air  AIDS` was the USA`s reward for accepting guests in the name of Jesus` Holy Spirit on 9/11.



 Anti-virus programmes are about protocols, and so is terrorism. If the system has an adequate prophylactic, the virus can`t get through. The Christmas card robin is acceptable to God, and God`s protocols are adequate to save it on the snow of God`s picture. It isn`t the same picture when perceived by non-Christians, whose devouring imago is constellated within them. For them, the robin isn`t a symbol of Redemption from the shed blood of the body of Christ, that is, it isn`t a healing transfusion from the thorn from Jesus` brow, but a fear of AIDS from the `body and blood` that`s 21st century terror released into the air on 9/11 over New York.



1 Cf. BBC TV`s Bruce Forsyth and the Generation Game (1971-2002) in which families of contestants answer questions to prove they`re more intelligent than other families of contestants, which is a way of telling others they`re stupider and you want them to be more stupid so that you can win. For thieves and murderers it`s about giving the other monkeys air AIDS so that they can steal and use without making anything and preventing humanity from developing beyond murdering Abel for the food he`d cooked and without knowing how to cook it.