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Reservoir Dogs, Adam (Who`s Sane?): An Essay From A Constructionalist Point Of View

02/01/2012 02:39

Reservoir Dogs, Adam (Who`s Sane?): An Essay From A Constructionalist Point Of View



The Middle East has been a crisis zone since the British and the Israelis in 1956, without the support of the Americans, invaded Egypt in order to take back the Suez Canal, an artificial waterway linking the city of Suez in Egypt with the Mediterranean sea port of Port Said, from President Nasser, who had nationalized it. Nasser wanted to place a toll upon the usage of the canal, which afforded travel to and from Europe without having to navigate around Africa, in order to construct the Aswan Dam, which was necessary for controlling the annual flooding of the Nile river that, traditionally, is the source of well water for the crops of the Egyptian farming communities, and therefore essential to the economic well-being of Egypt.

 The `dogs of war`, unleashed against Saddam in the Gulf Wars (1990-1, 2003-), symbolically and concretely, are the `reservoir dogs`, `reservoir` being what was created by the Aswan Dam. In the movie, The Reservoir Dogs (1992), the action is evil, that is, it`s about murderers who are men. Some religious organizations turns away lesbians on grounds of unnaturalness while men with a penis aren`t. But the perception that a woman that wants her own species is for `hellfire` and God`s punishment of `eternal unendurable pain` for the evil is without foundation in scripture. If a woman had a penis, she would be `man` in definable terms, and there are many `futanarian` women with penis` semen of their own. In short, women are a species and men may be perceived as a parasitical virus that perpetuates itself by using her species as a host womb. Jesus` mother, Mary, preempted this in giving birth to Jesus as a virgin, that is, by means of parthenogenesis, so men could see they don`t command input. Mary represents the archetypal mother that doesn`t want her offspring to have STDs, and so she`s a prophylactic against the incurable `killer disease` of HIV/AIDS, for example, which is what men mean to her from the point of view of protecting the child that`s her species. POV is important, because from the POV of Mary men are either self-perpetuating, self-devouring parasitical viruses (boy sons = poisons), or parasitical orgasm viruses (STDs = HIV/AIDS), and she doesn`t want them.

 Churchmen believe they`re employed by God, and for some officiates lesbians are those for whom the `fire of hell` is being prepared. From a woman`s POV, men are those who want to `fire us`, that is, `virus`. The delusion is men are employees of God and `fire us`, that is, they make women redundant. As a virus upon the species of women who can sexually reproduce from their own host wombs without the parasites, men are women`s virus making the human race redundant, that is, extinguishing her as a flame of love for herself. As a virus men demand the belief that they are superior because they have a penis, which is capable of waging the biological warfare of STDs, for example, HIV/AIDS, to keep women`s host wombs in faithful monogamy to her parasite. Lesbian actress, Sophie Moon and others, represent the parasites` mocking human sexual reproduction.



 In terms of understanding God`s plan, the Gulf conflict and American `Superbowl` are analogous constructs. In `Superbowl`, the quarterback, who throws the successful touchdown or `TD`, is performing against the offense of the other team, and that may be construed as the sins from which Jesus has redeemed mankind, that is, Jesus is the `QB` that`s beaten the offense. In Britney Spears` video for her pop single, `Oops! ... I Did It Again`, her QB is the astronaut, who makes `touchdown` on her Mars, where he gives her a gift before, walking backwards from within his `opponent`s end zone`, he celebrates with a typical American football `dance` of victory.

 American football is about `offense` and how to beat it, and the analogy is of ICBMs aimed at Russia and how to survive to hit back, which is what American football represents. In the Gulf, the US was perceived to have built the Iraqi army until it was US Iraq, so there to fire at each other they were `fire US`, that is, the parasites` `virus`. In her red suit on Mars, Britney is Redemption, if the astronaut has beaten the `offense`, because she`s the species, so the QB has Redemption if he recognizes she`s the redeeming human that might accept him. If not, he`s a virus seeking to penetrate her, whereas the woman, even if she has a penis of her own as `futanarian` women have, can`t penetrate him sexually in order to reproduce her human race. Moreover, women without a penis of their own can`t penetrate the `offense` to sodomize, which is what American football posits as an unspoken aim, that is, Sodom and Gomorrah were the `cities of the plains` destroyed by the angels in the Bible, while Lot and his family were rescued, but for his wife, who turned back in regret and was transformed into a pillar of salt, that is, sodium (Na), which is why sodomy is associated with nuclear holocaust, because Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God for sodomy, that is, homosexuality in pederasty, which produces war as a `pillar of salt` insofar as parasitism prefers its teleology of extinction for the host and mixing shit, blood and semen in its anus in mockery and rejection of women`s human sexual reproductive processes.

 In American football, the ball represents the woman`s egg through which men want to sexually transmit their disease, that is, self-perpetuation as a viral parasite by means of a host womb. However, in terms of homosexuality in pederasty and host womb enslavement, they`re a virus that practices its teleology of extinction by inserting their penis into each others` anus, which is how the STD HIV/AIDS virus was born and `woman`s seed` was hijacked.

 Britney Spears-eption is redemptive. Spears penetrative insight is of women with their own penis that exclude men as their species` viral parasites. Jesus` exhortation, `love your neighbor as you love yourself`, must be accepted in order to perceive Jesus` conception of the whole of God`s law as `love`. If lesbian actress, Sophie Moone, had a penis, her sex films wouldn`t be mocking Britney Spears` human species` extinction. Redeeming knowledge for men is they`re conceivably the woman`s penis, even though their predecessors have devoured hers, which is why it`s possible to be with God Almighty and against the Sodomites, represented by the might of Saddam.

 From the descendants of Abraham, who left Sodom and Gomorrah at the behest of angels, according to the Bible, where was practiced sodomy, that is, homosexuality in pederasty, Islam sprang. The story of Sodom is Lot`s wife being told not to look back in regret, as the angels of God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, but she did and was transformed into a `pillar of salt`, or sodium (Na), which is a necessity for desert dwellers:


`The symptoms of sodium deficiency … are neurological, such as confusion, loss of reflexive movement, convulsions or even coma.`1

 Racism argues that `salt` is what the Moslem people of Islam are for and the destruction of the `cities of the plains` by God`s angels foreshadows what Moslems can expect from the nuclear devastation to be unleashed upon them by the United States of America, as the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed to bring US` involvement in World War Two (1939-45) to a closure after the US` Pacific fleet had been sneakily attacked while becalmed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.

 The attack by Al Qaeda terrorists on the World Trade Centre, when planes and `woman`s seed` were both effectively hijacked as the `civil` airliners were crashed into the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, to precipitate the Gulf war (2003-), made New York biblical as the 21st century`s `city of the planes`. Racists would argue 9/11 foreshadowed the destruction of `the people of the salt`, that is, the descendants of Lot and his wife, who fled from Sodom and Gomorrah, and who were the ancestors of both Jesus and Islam`s Prophet Mohamed, who received the word of the Koran (610-30 C.E.) from the angels, according to Moslems. Figuratively, the might of Saddam was that of the Sodomites, and their madness is that they lack `salt`, that is, sal sapientae or traditional wisdom, which lack represents a failure to defend `woman`s seed`.

 For Christians, Redemption after and during the Gulf wars required their overcoming their role as `fire US` (virus), because `futanarian` women are those whose penis, that is, God`s, has been devoured by men of the `serpent`s seed`. Love for woman is the sine qua non of Redemption, because she`s the instrument of `God`s love`. Identifying with the `fire US` (virus) is an attack upon women, God and Jesus, whereas women are capable of loving themselves, that is, their own species, rather than the viral parasites that emerge from her host womb to decimate her mothers, sisters and daughters in Arabia, the United States, or anywhere else, that is, men`s parasitism is construable as a virus in the `Word` of God as transmitted by men through war, whether conventional or by means of their STDs and Satan`s `biological weapon` of HIV/AIDS.

 There are those employed by God and those who are doomed to `eternal unendurable pain`, that is, `hellfire`, because God`s employees put them there. However, if woman is God`s species, men alone are for hell, because they want to `fire us`, that is, virus the women employed by God.  The British took control of the Aswan Dam in 1956, because Egypt`s President Nasser wanted to finance the Aswan Dam, while Adam was created by God as a bulwark against Satan`s `serpent`s seed`, that is, the `reservoir dogs` of Saddam Hussein who was executed on December 30, 2006, after the fall of the dictator who`d supported Al Qaeda. Hussein was a dam financed against God`s `seed` by the British after Suez in 1956, that is, Saddam was a `false Adam`, who burst forth in an invasion of Kuwait for the first Gulf war (1990-1) to remove the Iraq army. Rather than accept Nasser`s Aswan Dam, the British preferred to finance Saddam Hussein as a dam against Egypt.



 In Islam the holy place in the city of Mecca is the Ka` Ba which is the temple of Abraham built by Ishmael, son of Abraham and Sara, by Hajer, Sara`s maidservant. Sara`s son Isaac was of the lineage of Judaism while Ishmael`s line was Islam. The Haj depicts Hajer`s role in the building of the temple of Abraham in Saudi Arabia`s Mecca and her Egyptian ancestry is reflected in the `Ka` or spirit and `Ba` or soul of ancient Egyptian tradition. Conjoined, Ka and Ba are `Akh` or `magical personality`, that is, the spirit and the soul of women separated by men`s bodies from sexual reproduction, which is why Saddam Hussein was conceived by the British as a dam between Egyptian knowledge and the Middle East.

 Eve, created by God from the side of Adam, means `that which precedes`, and therefore is the future of the spirit of humanity. Traditionally, water is associated with the immortality of the spirit, and of life. Especially in Christian baptism, and in the ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris, who is the Christ-like figure believed to be `resurrected` when the beneficial waters of the river Nile cause the crops to grow. In the myth Osiris is cut into pieces by his `brother` Set, who is evil personified. Isis, representative of the female principle, restores Osiris. She fashions a penis which is effectively hers, and Osiris is `risen` as Horus, who returns to heaven, because those who accept that women have penis` semen of their own haven`t enmity towards humanity.

 In the Christian tradition, Jesus may be understood as the incarnation of God with the penis of Isis` Osiris, who also wasn`t born of man. Men who didn`t accept Jesus` teachings, for example, that `God is love`, nailed him to a fourfold wooden cross and tortured him to death, while the four wives permitted Moslems in Islam represent the remembering of him who was crucified because he was `woman`s seed`, just as Isis was remembered by Osiris after his dismemberment by the evil Set.

 In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is a `corn god`, which means he represents bread and water, whereas in the Christian tradition Jesus is associated with wine. He transforms water into wine in the verses from the New Testament dealing with a `wedding at Canaan` (John: 2. 8) and, at the meal for the disciples called the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion, Jesus offers wine and bread to the disciples as his `body and blood` with the added observation that Judas Iscariot will `betray` him.



 Wine is forbidden or `haraam` in Islam, because alcohol befuddles the mind for the obtaining of water and bread, which is why Osiris is a `god of corn` and not grain alcohol.  Jesus` use of wine is similarly metaphorical and illustrative, that is, the blood in the bodies of his crucifiers isn`t transformed. According to structural anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss (1908-2009), the signs of culture may be constructed as a triangle in which fruit and meat form the base (one at each corner), and at the apex is that which is produced through patience and understanding (wisdom), that is, cheese and vinegar, for example, are the result of corruption and rottenness; wine producing vinegar and milk producing cheese. In structural anthropology, therefore, Jesus belongs at the zenith of the Levi-Strauss `cultural pyramid` because, in terms of transubstantiation, that is, the religious procedure of the Catholic Communion in which the parishioners accept `bread and wine` from the officiate as a preliminary to the transformation of the `body and blood` by means of Jesus` Holy Spirit as `teacher`, with the promise of a physically immortal body in heaven, Jesus` blood  is the wine, that is, metaphorically the water transformed into wine at the Canaan wedding (John: 2. 8), while the bread is his body, and he`s the `cheese`, that is, cheeses (Jesus), insofar as what is `corrupt and rotten` belongs at the apex of Levi-Strauss `cultural pyramid` and Christianity emerged from Jesus` torture and death.

 From the structuralism of Claude Levi-Strauss it is evident that, just as patience is a virtue attributed to the Madonna, that is, the Virgin Mary, so patience is required if milk is to become, as it were, despite rottenness and corruption, cheeses (Jesus). Imbibing milk at the breast of his mother, Mary, Jesus is preparing to become cheeses from Levi-Strauss` structuralist POV, because rottenness and corruption will form his mission. From this POV Jesus` cross is a mousetrap, that is, without Redemption, unendurable eternal pain follows. Jesus is the cheeses in God`s mousetraps and represents the triumph of mother Mary`s milk over rottenness and corruption, just as the vinegar given to Christ at the crucifixion, as a fortifier for endurance, represents Jesus` patience and understanding towards overcoming rottenness and corruption because vinegar is the bitterness of rotten and corrupt wine.



 In Islamic thinking, alcohol, that is, wine, is `haraam` because it encourages passions that are inhibited for good socio-cultural reasons. At the `Last Supper` Jesus says that the wine and bread are his body and blood, and in the communion service of the Catholic mass these are given to the congregation as a sign of transformation, that is, the wisdom and eternal life that comes through the acceptance of Jesus` teachings, and the Paraclete or Holy Spirit as tutelary guide sent by God after Jesus` Ascension to heaven. At the crucifixion, which precedes Jesus` ascent to God, it is the spear of Longinus that penetrates the side of Jesus, effectively releasing the Paraclete from his side as the Second Adam producing the Second Eve, who is called the Shekinah or `spirit of God` in the Old Testament (Lam: 1. 5) where she dwells in the tabernacle that contains the Ark of the Covenant of God`s Promise of Redemption, which itself contains the commandments of God that are distilled in Jesus` words as `God is love`.

 After the `Last Supper` (Matt: 26. 17-30) however, Jesus` offer of the wine and the bread as his `body and blood` of eternal life and Redemption, in accordance with the fulfilling of God`s Promise, is betrayed by Judas and he is flayed like a dead animal preparatory to being eaten raw as steak tartare is. Similarly, the Roman soldier Longinus` giving of vinegar to Jesus to drink represents the bitterness that precedes awakening. Judas is the mouse caught in the trap by Jesus. As the Koran of Islam observes, water doesn`t arouse evil passions (90. 1 `The Table Spread With Food`), which is why Jesus` birth included the added precaution of his being spiritually blessed in water through baptism, a ritual universally maintained in Christianity.



 During his crucifixion, Christ was given, not water or wine to assuage thirst, but vinegar to sustain him, which is symbolic and archetypal, that is, it denotes the transcendence of rottenness and corruption. In terms of Lev-Strauss` structuralism, Jesus is water, bread, cheese, and vinegar, that is, alcohol is absent from the equation as it interferes with judgment, that is, choosing choose good over evil, while vinegar denotes the bitterness that comes with bouts of drunkenness and impatience without comprehension, which is why the Romans crucified Jesus, because he was patient and comprehending as `woman`s seed` of what misogynistic power the Empire of Rome was based:


`My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27. 45-6)


 In spite of Judas` treachery (Luke: 22) the meaning of the wine and the bread as the `body and blood` of Christ is that of forgiveness, that is, the inflammatory position of alcohol may contribute to the perception of Judas as corruption and rottenness furthered by too much wine at the `Last Supper`, and the furthering of the `bad blood` existent between the `seed` of Adam and that of woman since Eden and the `perpetual enmity` (Gen: 3. 5) God warned Eve would come from their rejection of the `tree of life` for what would be the `serpent`s seed` of ephemerality in enslavement to war.

 Even `bad blood` is part of God`s omniscient plan for Redemption. Jesus` receiving vinegar in his extremity is a torture, because he`s sustained in the prolongation of suffering. However, vinegar is produced through patience and understanding from wine, that is, it`s a virtue of the wise. Prolongation of Jesus` pain is virtuous insofar as Jesus` message is strengthened. Vinegar represents the true virtue of wine, that is, with patience amidst rottenness and corruption, God`s plan becomes visible, and so virtue is represented by vinegar and the bitter spilling of Jesus` blood during his crucifixion.

 Jesus` `vinegar personality` (Mark: 15. 23) resides in his capacity to spring the trap, that is, though even Judas Iscariot may be redeemed from his `bad blood`, that is, his crime deriving from consumption of too much wine at Jesus` last meal. In Aesop`s (620-564 B.C.E.) fable of The Fox and the Raven, the cheese the raven works for and that the fox steals makes the raven a slave of the fox:


`Where did you get that cheese?`



 `Vinegar` is the answer, because the fox had to wait for the milk to become cheese, that is, for the raven to have cheese, just as it takes time for wine to become vinegar. From slavery`s POV, vinegar is the raven and the fox is the enslaver of nigger, that is,  desire is freedom but freedom can be manipulated so that the result is slavery because the raven wants cheese and the fox is prepared to wait until the raven has some.

 The enslaved are enduring Jesus` torture, which is the meaning of Jesus` mousetrap Redemption. Ignorant Christians play a game of entrapment, rather than proselytize for Redemption of the erring. Christian `gamers` fall into the trap of seeing themselves as the fox. Slavery, however, is the denial of the fruits of their labors to people who work. Jesus` Ascension represents escape from slavery, because workers like the raven who have product torn from their hands are given the illusion of freedom by the slavers who`re their torturers. Jesus` role in the New Testament is to teach that enslavers are torturers and eternal pain will be their punishment, whereas God and heaven is for the producer of good. Consequently, although the 19th century Southern States of the United States of America`s production of good cotton by slaves resulted in the American Civil War (1861-5) for emancipation, freedom to desire good only represented the foxes` wiles in waiting for what the good produced before dispossessing them further.

 Bible commentators ask why Jesus, in following what he clearly perceives as God`s instructions, allows himself to be crucified. Some have seen Job, who represents `patience` (Job: 21. 83) as Jesus prefigured, that is, God`s patience before impatience. Jesus delivers the message of `God`s love` (1 John: 4. 8) though God allows Jesus to be the instrument of vengeance in Revelation, because he was patient. Consequently, the crucifixion occurs though Jesus perceives it needn`t as an aspect of his understanding of God`s patience. In terms of Levi-Strauss` cooking analogy, Jesus is the recipe for Redemption. God will be angry, but not with Jesus, or those who accept Jesus` teachings, in order to have Redemption.

 In Kuwait city, Kuwait, there`s a mousetrap beside a bus lane big enough to trap an elephant. Such whimsical art is commonplace in Arabia, and Jesus is a prophet of Islam whose story is retold in the Koran (Maryam, Sura 19). Jesus (cheese) was not in the trap, although his physical presence was implied. In both Islam and Christianity, Jesus has Ascension to heaven. For Islam, the meaning of Jeddah, `Bride of the Red Sea`, is Eve because her tomb is there. Consequently, Jeddah`s  Jesus is the `Second Adam`, whose bride waits in heaven for `woman`s seed`, while Jesus has sprung the trap on the blasphemer.

 In Levi-Strauss` structuralist terms, Jesus is the cheeses in the Kuwaiti mousetraps sprung on Saddam Hussein. In Jesus absence, the rogue elephant that was Saddam Hussein was trapped and killed by the Holy Spirit. It`s Schroedinger`s Cat for Christians, who believe in the spirit rather than physics, that is, particle physics, which is about possibility. Erwin Schroedinger`s cat (1935) was either in the box or not, depending on what was perceived as being possible within the closed container:


`If a tree falls in the forest, and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?`


 The Zen koan applies to the aliveness or otherwise of the cat in the box. Jesus isn`t in the mousetrap, but the mouse is trapped. Necessarily, all evil spirits are inevitably trapped in the Jesus Mousetrap because they can`t be anywhere else, although Jesus` presence is entirely spiritual.

 Jesus didn`t have to be on the side of first Gulf war (1990-1) US President, George H. W. Bush, or second Gulf war (2003-)  US President, George W. Bush Jnr (2003-). President Richard Millhouse Nixon was impeached in 1974 on behalf of the US people and Jesus didn`t have to be there either. Being There (1979) is a Peter Sellers (1925-80) film in which he has the role of the US President `being there`, like Jesus, while the evil are forever trapped, because it`s their nature to be there.


President Bobby: `Mr Gardner, do you agree with Ben, or do you think that we can stimulate growth through temporary incentives?`

[Long pause]


Chance the Gardener: `As long as the roots are not severed, all is well. And all will be well in the garden.`


President Bobby: `In the garden.`


Chance the Gardener: `Yes. In the garden, growth has its seasons. First comes spring and summer, but then we have fall and winter. And then we get spring and summer again.`


President Bobby: `Spring and summer.`


Chance the Gardener: `Yes.`


President Bobby: `Then fall and winter.`


Chance the Gardener: `Yes.`


Benjamin Rand: `I think what our insightful young friend is saying is that we welcome the inevitable seasons of nature, but we're upset by the seasons of our economy.`


Chance the Gardener: `Yes! There will be growth in the spring!`


Benjamin Rand: `Hmm!`


Chance the Gardener: `Hmm!`


President Bobby: `Hm. Well, Mr. Gardner, I must admit that is one of the most refreshing and optimistic statements I've heard in a very, very long time.`


[Benjamin Rand applauds]


President Bobby: `I admire your good, solid sense. That's precisely what we lack on Capitol Hill.`


 It`s comedy, but there`s no sense that what is said is nonsense. It`s exactly the kind of homily that Ronald Reagan successfully applied both in his campaign for the Presidency and during his tenure: `All great change in America begins at the dinner table.` In the Gulf conflict, George Bush may be said to have been in a good position with regard to God, and Jesus was there. But Jesus was not where Saddam Hussein was, and Jesus` mother, representing the perception that Jesus needed to be protected from the might of Saddam, that is, the Sodomites, God parthenogenetically sealed off from men`s contaminatory `seed`. In short, Jesus wasn`t a man of men. Jesus patented the cheeseless mousetrap, whereby he is trapped who condemns a lesbian in need of `woman`s seed` to conceive a child. Although homosexuality is usually defined in terms of the sterility of anal sex between men, those who refuse to produce parasitically feed virally upon those who can. Advocating supposedly heterosexual adaptation isn`t pastoring, because `woman`s seed` is true heterosexuality between members of the same species. The homosexual can`t reproduce with a lesbian, although she can reproduce as lesbianism is a measure of her species` normality and her wisdom in face of her teaching to be a schizophrenic rejector of her own race`s sexual orientation. For the condemner all women are lesbians remaining in the gene pool for the parasites` replication. He`s a slaver caught in Jesus` mousetrap:


`Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.` (Ex: 20.7)


 In the Koran, Joshua ben Nun is with Moses when they lose a fish by the Red Sea (Sura 18, Al-Khaf), and it`s important because Joshua fights the battle of Jericho (Josh: 5.13, 6.27) after Moses` death, before subsequently entering into the land of Canaan God had promised the Jews. In Christian iconography the fish is a symbol of Jesus, and the loss of the fish by the Red Sea is attendant upon the emergence of the figure of Khidr who, as a Wise Old Man, directs Moses` attention to his lack of patience in understanding before leaving. Jesus is archetypally patient, which suggests Khidr as an aspect of Jesus` leaving.


`From the halls of Moctezuma to the shores of Tripoli…`


 `Joshua` is a derivative of `Jesus`, and so Jesus fought the battle of Jericho, and the `walls came tumbling down`. Although the US Marine Corps didn`t wholeheartedly support the European invasion of North African nation, Libya in 2011, to depose terrorist supporter Colonel Ghadaffi, Jesus` spirit was there. Whatever revenge might be taken upon the Germans for Zeppelin air raids over England in World War One (1914-18), Jesus spirit is there in the mousetrap for the evil whoever they are.



 Jesus, like Jeri Ryan, as `Seven of Nine` in the science fiction television series Star Trek, isn`t bound by time and space. Jesus fought the battle of Jericho, although he wasn`t there. `Joshua ben Nun` means `the one who is the fish that is born from the waters` while, in Egyptian, `nun` means `ocean`, and so the fish prefigures the meaning of Jesus` birth, that is, Jesus is there.

 In Arabia the meaning of Jesus is related to the stories of djinn. A `marid` is a type of djinn, and so `marid jinn` is interpretable as `Mary djinn`. Emerging from his mother, the Virgin Mary, as if she were a `bottle`, and he a powerful granter of wishes, is in perfect accord with the tales of the djinn in the eighth century collection, One Thousand And One Nights, where djinn appear as the geniuses of legend, `Your wish is my command.` Although Jesus` story isn`t narrated as that of a djinn, his genius was in perceiving the need for technological development and progress through `woman`s seed` because men`s had degenerated. According to the Koran, djinn have `free will`, that is, genius is free to flourish rather than being imprisoned. In Islam God created men and djinn, who`re the geniuses of the race. Iblis was a `shaitan` djinn who refused to bow before Adam, which in Christian terms means Satan didn`t accept men, because they were parasites upon genius. Jesus, however, was the `son of man`, and represents Redemption for genius from enslavement, that is, freedom through good.

 Praying to God is, theoretically, praying for genius to work within the individual, which is God granting wishes. However,  if God had to emerge from a bottle he`s imprisoned in, as Jesus emerged as `woman`s seed` from his mother, the Virgin Mary, then he represents Almighty God who`ll sentence the transgressor, who imprisons genius in order to have what good the imprisoned produces, to unendurable eternal pain. Jesus` message is that he won`t be there in hell, because he wasn`t in the mousetrap either. He doesn`t have to be.

 As `virgin` is homonymous with `djinn`, lost virginity is equivalent to the loss of intelligence through breeding with parasites, which is what `djinn` or geniuses lost after the killing and culling of `woman`s seed` when Eve and Adam were expelled from their original home by God for preferring the `serpent`s seed` of power through men`s host womb slavery of Eve`s daughters, `You shall be as gods.` (Gen: 3. 5) As `futanarian`, women can remain virgin while fertilizing with her own penis` semen. `She`s us` is what Jesus as the first of `woman`s seed` means. So, why should monogamous ring slavery in parasitism be forced upon `woman`s seed` if Christianity accepts she`s us? In structuralist terms, a woman with a `futanarian` woman with a penis is `fruit of the tree of life` (Gen: 2.9), which is immortality. In Levi-Strauss` `culinary triangle` (1966), woman`s archetype of socio-cultural, politico-economic potential for civilization is represented:


                                               Futanar woman (cheese/she`s us

Futanar woman (cooking)      Woman (fruit)


 From the perspective of virginity, the original couple, that is, woman as a reproductive system, requires a third woman in order for the `futanarian` woman with a penis to reproduce with another woman with a penis. It`s `she`s us`, as it were, which is the recognition that polygamy is the instinct of woman to form relationships that do not prevent the development of her planet. She is woman born from the womb, that is, `womb man`. Heretofore everything, including the parasitical organisms that are men, have been born from her womb. Or, in other words, civilization is hers. To reclaim it, and progress, the structuralist `culinary triangle`, which is the archetype of civilization, that is, patience in development from knowledge to recognition, and onwards to realization, has to be applied in terms of the human `software`, as it were. Jesus represents patience allied to understanding in order to attain knowledge, and Redemption is intelligence, that is acceptance of good, whereas those who don`t want it are trapped by the crucifixion-as-mousetrap metaphor, and are doomed to unendurable eternal pain. The archetype of realization is dependent upon actualization, that is, Jesus represents the cheeses of development, that is, imbibing mother`s milk and following her instruction and education is a `training program`  that, avoiding corruption and rottenness, which is the process that produces cheese from milk, creates Jesus-consciousness that, from the POV of woman, means `he`s us`. Levi-Strauss` `culinary triangle` archetype of woman`s development represents the realization that women`s species can be successfully actualized:


                               Futanarian woman (cooking)

Woman (fruit)   Futanar woman (Jesus/she`s us)


 This ménage a trois posits that, rather than the `original couple` perceiving the need for a third woman with a penis to fertilize the woman with a penis (futanarian women) in the course of the original woman`s love for her `futanarian` partner, the goal is to rise through `gathering` (fruit), that is, understanding and patience, whereas a parasite perceives from his vantage point that women with a penis have the needed equipment and so murder is a path towards womb theft. Contaminated by the meat eating parasite who murders her species for food, women degenerated into practicing the religion of Cain who, in killing his brother Abel (Sura Maidah, 27-32) rejected early the path of Redemption from evil, although woman`s archetype is strong:



                                               Futanar woman (Jesus/cheese)


Futanar woman (cooking)  Woman (fruit)


 The original women with their `fruit of the tree of knowledge` live on the mountain, and educate, instruct, and train their `futanarian` species with a penis how to eat without murder. Through patience and understanding, the `futanarian` women with a penis progresses from cooking apples to producing cheese, a metaphor for avoiding corruption and rottenness, that is, killing, culling and species` womb slavery, which is for parasites. The apex of the pyramidical structure is the `futanarian` woman with a developed penis, that is, she has the raven`s cheese and has accepted Jesus. However, the woman with a penis needs a woman with a penis to sexually reproduce her. The archetype functions as a marital structure which is a natural trinity. In archetypal terms, the teaching is  protein without death, that is, food without killing: `Thou shalt not kill.`



 Abel was a lesser killer than Cain, because he killed animals for meat, and God was pleased with that. Cain, however, was a fratricide close to species` suicide, that is, woman`s. When Britney Spears `hooks` her spaceman in `Oops! … I Did It Again` it`s 2000 years after the birth of Jesus, but her wisdom is the same, `She`s US`. Seen from the camera`s eye attached to the spacehelmet of the suspended spaceman, Britney is meant to be sexually arousing. Consequently, if `God is love`, Britney`s testing the hypothesis that self-love in the form of masturbation is undesirable? Onan (Gen: 38), the prototype for masturbation, despised his `seed`, which is a metaphor in the Bible for `product`. If Onan doesn`t want `fruit` from his `seed`, he doesn`t want to live and so is a self-murderer. God killed Onan for not desiring to produce what he needed. Britney`s captured astronaut in `Oops! … I Did It Again` films her because he`s positioned to, which means he`s productive, and that`s what slavers do with self-murderers who don`t want to produce. Abjuring onanism is life and Britney Spears demonstrates that she wants to be a `fisher of men` like Jesus, hooking the viewer who wants to make videos by suspending her spaceman and encouraging the desire for freedom.

 Many churchmen are unable to perceive that Jesus was born 2000 before the 21st century began and everyone knows the difference between good and evil, because technology provides. The perennial question directed at churchgoers is, `Have you accepted Jesus?` Well, I accept `futanarian` women rather than parasitical viruses wanting to masquerade as the human species while preying on the her host womb to perpetuate their devouring of her rather than development. Homosexuals, by definition, are those who want others to produce for them. Jesus represents refusal, which is why he was murdered.

 Japanese mitsubishi zero pilots, using their planes as flying torpedoes, launched a surprise attack on the US Pacific fleet at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, as were suicidal self-murderers. So were the Al Qaeda terrorists who hijacked planes on 9/11, 2001, to crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York. Jesus was accused of suicide, but he represented refusal to be a slave, whereas the Empires of Rome, Japan, and the terrorist group, Al Qaeda, represent enslavement to men`s homosexuality in pederasty and war. Although Jesus` crucifixion was sacrificial, Jesus wasn`t sacrificing, but was a human sacrifice, which he used as a platform to spread his teaching of Resurrection and the Ascension of `woman`s seed` through her own brains` powers for self-actualization in self-reproduction.

 Lesbianism is good pornography, because there are no parasitical virus organisms present (men) to interfere with the human species` sexual interactivity. The Levi-Strauss` `culinary triangle` archetype of species` evolution suggests that, because woman with a penis or without are a universal constant like God, so Jesus is too because she`s us.


 … 1 AD … Jesus crucified … Redemption … mousetrap won … eternal undendurable pain for the evil …  Jesus left … for Kuwait … arrival 2000 AD   … mousetrap won … cheese`s left …  fuck you …


 Conversing with an English language from the UK, he observed that women weren`t a species with a penis, and patiently explained `she-males` were surgically produced `transsexuals`. Fortunately, an American explained that women were a species as `futanarian` women had penis of their own. The UK trains belief in heterosexuality as men and women, whereas species` sex is woman sex. Propounding the symbolism and archetypal structure of Old  England`s Beowulf (1100 AD), or US` poet Walt Whitman`s Song of Myself (1818-92), preparing women for University requires knowledge that can often be had only from websites ( illustrating Shakespeare`s perception that `hero`, the name of the woman in Much Ado About Nothing (c.1598), is a comment on women`s absence from the stage of Shakespeare`s Globe Theatre because men played all the parts as that`s how the parasite functions, whereas women with and without a penis can be said to legitimately have all of the parts. However, because men want women to accept their parasitism, Shakespeare`s `hero` is a man pretending to be a woman pretending to be a man, and Jesus on the cross is Shakespeare`s true `hero` playing the role of `woman`s seed`.

 In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` Britney Spears is Shakespeare`s `hero`, because it`s Romeo and Juliet, where the Montagues and Capulets, rival families, who`re Ghibelline (white cross on red) and Guelph (red cross on white) politically, that is, the Emperor`s Ghibelline temporal power, and the Pope`s Guelph spiritual power represented by Britney Spears `twinned` in a red pilot`s suit and a white bikini dress symbolizing the difficulties facing `woman`s seed` on a world`s stage that denies women`s species` reality:


`I`m not that Innocent!`


 The Popes Innocent asserted spiritual over temporal power, so in terms of the promotional video for `Oops! … I Did It Again` Britney is Ghibbeline and Guelph, Romeo and Juliet:


`Wishing that heroes they truly exist. I gry watching the days. Can`t you see I`m a fool in so many ways.`


 As two Britneys, Romeo and Juliet, she`s Shakespearean heroes. Red is Redemption, so Romeo is white, and together they`re `Ka` and `Ba` represented in Islam as the Ka` Ba, which is the Egyptian temple of female sexuality representing the original `futanarian` spirit and soul of woman as the `magical personality` or `Akh`, which is celebrated in the Haj pilgrimage`s recognition of Hajer whose son, Ishmael, built the temple of Abraham in Saudi Arabia`s Mecca called Ka` Ba:


`I`m a fool in so many ways.`


 According to Judaic tradition the deck of cards known as the tarot were a portable torah, that is, a Jewish Bible depicting the journey of the soul, which Britney Spears` suspended astronaut is an allusion to. The `Hanged Man` of the tarot is her spaceman and she`s `The Fool`, who is innocent, while the spaceman`s suspension signifies Jesus` surrender to God.



 Although Saddam wasn`t a father of Islam, the red cross and crescent helped restore the `fertile crescent`, where the light of civilization first dawned in Babylon (c. 4000 B.C.), according to Iraq`s history, by breaking a sad dam, where `dam` is a witch`s term for her woman: `Mystery, Babylon the great, mother of harlots and of the abominations of the Earth.` (Rev: 17. 5) The `dam` was Babylon, a woman, because men`s enslaving of her for homosexuality in pederasty and the spreading of war`s contagions is witchcraft. Baghdad was dad bagged, but the Resurrection of `woman`s seed` requires Babylon`s liberation. Ben Laden was a `bagged dad` on May 2, 2011, when the terrorist leader of Al Qaeda was killed in Pakistan, but Hollywood Babylon`s dad culture continues to deny `woman`s seed` reality, so that sad `dam` of Babylon`s still needs to be broken and redeemed where the parasites perpetuate themselves through images of civilization being devoured as entertainment:


`I gry watching the days.`



 Britney Spears` lyric in `Oops! … I Did It Again` contains a riddle. There are but two words in English that end in –gry, an-gry and hun-gry, and the challenge is to discover a third. Britney`s solution is to conflate `skry` with `augury` because  she`s trying to see into her future. In Shakespeare`s Romeo and Juliet (1591-5), Juliet fakes drinking poison to escape a suitor, and Romeo, discovering her inert form, drinks real poison, because he doesn`t want to live without her. Juliet wakes and stabs herself to death with Romeo`s dagger when she discovers him. The suitor is someone`s boy son, that is, the drama`s poison, which was true in William Shakespeare`s (1564-1616) theatre, because men had the women`s parts. `Oops! ... I Did It Again` redresses the balance, and Britney in red and white represent `woman`s seed`. Although `suited`, she isn`t `suitored`, so she`s free. In symbolic terms, she`s space (spiritual power) while in her white bikini dress she`s time (temporal power), and the pair don’t need the spacesuited man.

 In Shakespearean terms, the spaceman is the suitor Juliet didn’t want. In `Oops! … I Did It Again` Britney and herself are together. In red and white she has the Romeo and Juliet roles and all of the female parts.

 As an archetype, Jesus is `She`s us`, that is, Britney Spears` twins in `Oops! … I Did It Again` represent `woman`s seed`, just as the spear of Longinus that pierced the side of Jesus represents the release of another sad `dam`, that is, the Holy Spirit of the Paraclete, as the `Second Eve` from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam`, and so the `tutelary spirit` of Britney Spears` twins.

 The `Hanged Man` of the tarot is often associated with Odin, father god of Norse mythology who, to gain knowledge, with a spear`s wound hung from a tree. The spear is Gungnir, `the swaying one`, which describes Britney`s astronaut suspended above with his camera eye trained on her. In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` Britney`s run past a tree before throwing herself like a spear through the air until she stands in front of her spaceman is probably an allusion to Odin`s spear. Her spaceman gives a gift from a small black box, `But I though the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?` It`s an allusion to the film Titanic (1997) in which the aged survivor Rose drops the `heart of the ocean` blue diamond pendant at the point of salvage of the wreck of the ship that sank after it hit an iceberg on April 15, 2012, while she was a passenger. Her story is of a fiancée she jilts and a lover who drowns. The pendant`s part in the story is of the jilted fiancée planting it in his rival`s pocket to accuse him of theft, and as Rose`s memorial. Britney`s spaceman is depicted walking backwards after giving her the `heart of the ocean`, which means he`s rewound on the video and so can remember his future when the track is played again, which is the knowledge Odin sought and that Jesus possessed because he was able to predict his own death and Resurrection. Although Jesus isn`t a self-sacrifice, he`s a human sacrifice, which is what traitors like Judas do, while those who remember are likely to be safer, and so Britney`s spaceman remembers.

 `Oops! ... I Did It Again` is also Britney Spears` 2001: A Space Odyssey. In terms of her `riddle`, that is, finding a third word ending in –gry, apart from `an-gry` and `hun-gry`, is a matter for pronunciation. In Stanley Kubrick`s 1966 movie of Arthur C. Clarke`s novel, Hal is the sentient computer that attempts to murder the crew on the way to Saturn, the name of the Roman god of devourment, as Satan is the devourer in the Bible:


`Then another sign appeared in heaven: and behold, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and on his heads were seven diadems. And his tail swept away a third of the stars of heaven and threw them to the earth. And the draon stood before the woman who was about to give birth, so that when she gave birth he might devour her child. And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up to God and to His throne.…` (Rev: 12. 4)



 Another name for Satan is Chronos, the Greek god of `time` that was the Roman god Saturn, who Chronos devours all his children but Zeus in Greek mythology. Zeus is saved by Rhea, his wife, by having Chronos swallow a boulder instead of Zeus. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the space mission is redirected to Jupiter, which is the Roman name for Zeus. In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` Britney`s suspended astronaut upon a hook alludes to Leviathan from the Book of Job, `Can you pull in Leviathan with a fishhook?` In Hungarian `Hal` means `fish`, which was Jesus` symbol amongst the early Christians,  because he described himself as a `fisher of men`, that is, he sought believers who`d proselytize his teachings. Although Leviathan is sometimes associated with Satan, when God is revealing his Almighty nature before Job, he says of the comparably great Behemoth:


`He is the chief of the ways of God. He who made him gives him his sword.` (Job: 40. 19)


 In Psalms the third great creature of God is mentioned, Ziz, a bird. (Ps: 50. 11) According to Jewish mystical `kabbalah`, which is a form of occult study frowned upon by Judaism, Leviathan and Behemoth are to be devoured by the Jews in celebration of God`s judgment upon mankind. If Leviathan, Behemoth and Ziz represent sea, land and air power, the allusion is to `Armageddon`, which is the battle against evil that precedes their perdition and God`s giving of heaven to the good. God`s giving of a sword to Behemoth suggests he`s for God. Consequently, Judaic tradition refers to `Armageddon` as a naval, land and air conflict, which will consume much of the Earth`s resources, and that`s why `kabbalah` is forbidden because Jewish humanism doesn`t want ruination for the Earth.

 In the Middle East the United States of America is called `Satan`, and Britney sends her spaceman home, after receiving `the heart of the ocean`, that is, the blue diamond pendant, symbol of Leviathan, because the US prepares to defend herself. 2001: A Space Odyssey culminates in Jupiter`s transformation into a second sun in the sequel, 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984), within the solar system by means of its diamond core. The analogy is of Satan devoured, which is real Judaic tradition. In 2001: A Space Odyssey, the sentient computer, `Hal`, which means `fish` in Hungarian, is Satan, because Hal attempts to murder the mission. Actor Keir Dullea, in the role of Dr. David Bowman, disables Hal, which is a symbolical eating of the fish representing the success of Christian humanism over Satan, who is replaced by God`s `heart of the ocean` of space, that is, Jupiter becomes a second sun within the solar system containing the Earth, which is why Britney accepts the diamond blue pendant, the `heart of the ocean`, from her spaceman in her science fiction opus, `Oops! … I Did It Again`. The schizoid impetus is simplistic, because Jesus is `Meshiah`, that is, the inaugurer of the `Meshiahn` or machine age, whereas Hal is depicted as humanity`s enemy, because men fear being made redundant by women`s having labor saving technology produced from `futanarian` humans` sexual reproduction together as women with their own brains` powers. Consequently, although the viewer doesn`t see the contents of the spaceman`s black gift box in Britney Spears` `Oops! … I Did It Again`, it has the same compelling effect as the black monolith in Arthur C. Clarke`s short story, `The Sentinel`, which was the prequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey and introduced the mysterious black gift from an ancient civilization seeking to impel the path of `woman`s seed` to the planets and stars: `Well, baby, I went down and got it for you.`



 There are many paths to God, and scifi writer Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88) wrote the first $1,000,000 dollar contracted novel, The Number of the Beast (1980), which is `666` in the Bible but `6 raised to the power of 6 raised to the power of 6` in Heinlein`s novel and constitutes the number of possible universes accessible to the `space-time continua vehicle` that sits at the center of the work. All possible worlds are included in Heinlein`s `666`; even those from fiction. One scenario is of Edgar Rice Burroughs` Barsoom, the setting for A Princess of Mars (1917), where red-skinned women are usual. There are four characters within the space-time car, Gay Deceiver, and one is DT, which is `short` for Dejah Thoris, the name of Burroughs` Princess, but it might also be interpretable, in American football terms, as how to reverse a `TD` or `touchdown` , because the space-time vehicle can go backwards in time as well as forwards. Barsoom suggests `Ba` and `Zoom!` In ancient Egyptian mythology, `Ba` is the soul, while `Ka` is the spirit, and so `Akh` is the `magical personality`of the `futanarian` woman, that is, `woman`s seed`, which in `Oops! … I Did It Again` is represented by Britney `twinned` .  With her `Ka`, the woman can `Zoom!` Consequently, Barsoom represents her `Ba` soul, and she needs her `Ka` to get her there through her brains` powers created in sexual reproduction with herselves, `Zoom!`


`One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes one as the fourth.`



 Alchemy, according to the developmental psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), that is, the science preceding medicine, and deriving from the Egyptian `Al Khem`, meaning `black earth`, was psychological insofar as the practitioners were projecting their psyches into the material world in search of a solution. Jung argued that the psyche consisted of soul, anima, and ego, which projected the anima or soul onto women as the cause of sexual desire. What puzzled the alchemists was `futanarian` women, which is why their symbolism contains hermaphroditism. Women`s `Ka` seeks union with her `Ba` or anima-soul trapped within men as her parasites. Although alchemy is perceived as designed to produce the elixir of immortality, God`s expulsion of Eve and Adam from paradise for rejecting the `tree of life`, which was immortality, for host womb slavery in parasitism, identifies the reason for humankind`s ephemerality. Men want an early death for women, so the human race can be brain slaved in mindlessness.

 As Britney Spears` red Martian Princess suspends her spaceman above herself in a white bikini dress in `Oops! … I Did It Again`, he trains his camera lens upon her attached to his space helmet by `Mission Control` observers. In the Bible, God` injunction is, `You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below.` (Ex: 20. 3-4) It`s God`s training program for women. Men are her parasitical virus seeking the extinction of her species, and nude pictures of men and women are confusing to a species denied knowledge of her penis` `seed`.

 `The Hanged Man` hangs by his foot in the tarot, which is a concealed wisdom relating to the brain damaged species limping on handicapped by men`s enslaving of the `futanarian` host womb of the race of women in parasitism. In Hungarian `fut` means `run` and `tanar` means `teacher`, so Jesus is mocked as the teacher of `woman`s seed` who can`t run to escape her brains slavers and exterminators.  

 Although a `futanarian` woman with a penis is needed to fertilize a woman without a penis, a second `futanarian` woman is needed to impregnate the first, and so the fourth is born, `One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes one as the fourth.` Species` oneness.

 The appearance of Britney `twinned` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` is repeated in the promotional video for her single, `Lucky` (2000), where there are at least four red Martian Barsoomian Princesses waiting upon herself, while the promo video for `I was Born to Make You Happy` (1999) features Britney`s pregnant self, and a vision of herself as twins, which might be construed alchemically as, `One becomes two, two becomes three, and out of the third comes one as the fourth.` Robert A. Heinlein`s `magic carpet` in his novel, The Number Of The Beast, that is, the continua car, `Gay Deceiver`, has four occupants, because there are four functions of consciousness, according to Jungian psychology; `Thinking, Sensation, Feeling and Intuition`. The novel details the four characters, Jake, Zeb, Hilda and Deety quarreling about who`ll drive, because the ego makes one function superior to the others. Consequently, individuation or personal growth requires equality amongst the functions, although Heinlein`s two couples squabblings actually denote the women`s repressed species` hatred for her parasites. In short, all of the occupants of the `magic car` should be `futanarian` women`s race. Heinlein`s fictional solution was `wife-swapping` and homosexuality, because it`s reality, but Britney Spears` self-replicated woman is closer to God`s truth.

 The `culinary triangle` of Levi-Strauss is species` developmental, because it represents the `futanarian` archetype of a woman with a penis and a woman without a penis, and the woman with a penis needs another woman with a penis to complete her. Just as `Ba` and `Ka` are soul and spirit in Egyptian mythology, so according to Islamic tradition, the Ka`Ba in Mecca, brought from heaven by angels, `whiter than milk but the sins of the sons of Adam had made it black`.

 Jesus` teaching `God is love` was against men as women`s  parasites, which is why Jesus was tortured and murdered. Men didn`t want his ancient Egyptian predecessor Ra, who was the Egyptian father god incarnated upon Earth as Osiris, according to Egypt`s mythology, and was cut into pieces by his evil brother, Set, before being remembered by the goddess, Isis, who gave him a new penis. As Horus, Osiris had Ascension to heaven, and the archetype of the `seed` of woman reemerged in the figure of Jesus, born from his mother, the Virgin Mary, uncontaminated by male semen, before his Resurrection and Ascension to heaven prefiguring the `futanarian` reemergence of `woman`s seed` to make white the `Ka` Ba of Islam made black by men of the `serpent`s seed`, who`ve killed and culled the species of woman to make her their slave.

 The beginning of Britney Spears` `Lucky` features an advertising hoarding with her picture that bears the legend: `Top Of The World`. The allusion is to Jimmy Cagney (1899-1986) in White Heat (1949), a `gangster` movie: `Made it, Ma! Top of the world!` Cagney`s character, Cody, dies defiantly as the gas tower he bestrides explodes.

 Cigarette smoking wasn`t banned from cinemas and movies, although what was an adjunct to most scenes in films was heavily curtailed. `Luckies` were the common name for `Lucky Strike` cigarettes which were the most popular brand in the United States of America in the 1930s. From Britney Spears, an acknowledged `smoker`, `Lucky` is an allusion to `Lucky Strikes`, while the legend on Britney Spears` advertising hoarding, `Top Of The World` alluding to Cagney`s fate in White Heat, `Made it, Ma! Top of the world!` suggests an anti-smoking awareness. Cagney`s smoking throughout White Heat and atop the gas tower is symbolic of the absence of women`s penis from the movie screen. Gangsters describe murder as `smoking` and in Russia `smoking` is fellatio, that is, the activity of murder is associated with `smoking` the penis. Consequently, Britney Spears` proliferated character in `Lucky` represents an attempt by a woman to stop smoking because it`s deleterious to her health.

 The image of Cagney atop the exploding gas tower is reminiscent of the giant ape in King Kong (1933) atop the Empire State building in New York swatting at planes attempting to kill him, and World Trade Centre (2005), the movie of the Al Qaeda terrorist hijacking that resulted in planes crashing into the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre to precipitate the United States` invasion of Afghanistan, and the overthrow of the notoriously misogynist `Taliban` regime that had provided bases for Al Qaeda, before the United States` invasion of Iraq and the deposing of Al Qaeda`s supporter there, Saddam Hussein, who was executed on December 30, 2006. His demise preceded the rise of another gangster, Caliph Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, whose Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), continued Hollywood Babylon`s `monkey picture` franchise, and which Britney Spears` self-replications in `Lucky` and elsewhere acknowledge as species` threatening. As Adam was the first man, according to the Bible, Jesus is the `Second Adam`, as the first of `woman`s seed`. The Virgin Mary`s legacy to Jesus uncontaminate is that men are parasites who want to smoke her penis to death, so love women, and don`t ape men, because it`s an animal experimentation laboratory in which the tobacco manufacturers seek to prove that smoking doesn`t damage your health.

 The Fox and the Raven is a `gangster` fable. The fox says the raven sings well, and the cheese falls from the raven`s beak as the raven opens its beak to sing, which is how smokers are persuaded. In the Bible Eve and Adam `must earn their bread by the sweat of their brow` (Gen: 3.19), because those who live by others` work are slavers:


`Topic! A hazelnut in every bite! I remembered!`



 An `ad` for Topic bars of chocolate in the 1980s illustrates the modern slaver, who waits for the raven to drop the cheese that the raven has worked for: `Yes. Funny how you always remember right at the end!` Without brains to remember, humans will always drop the cheese, which is what the woman`s penis was `smoked` by men for:


`You shall not steal!` (Ex: 20.15)


 Taking life from others is how `stealing` is defined, and `You shall not kill!` is for those who can`t learn in kindergarten. Jesus on Mars (1979) is a science fiction novel by Philip José Farmer with the premise that, found on Mars, Jesus returns to Earth and is condemned as `the Antichrist`, because the people there refuse to believe:


`We keep both my hands above the blanket. When the light`s out!`


 Britney Spears` lyric from `I Wanna Go` (2011) follows her shaving her head in 2007 and declaring herself `Antichrist`, because she`s a `smoker` and lighted cigarettes beneath the blanket are hazardous, but will occur if brainlessness ensues from men`s smoking of her human species` penis. Although the legend is that vampires die with a stake in their heart, men`s stake in the heart of women is a small lighted wooden match for their cigarette as a symbol of her `smoked` penis, because she won`t live long without her own penis` semen for the sexual reproduction of her own brains` powers to develop labor saving technologies and medical sciences to give her longevity and memory enough to recognize what endangers her species in the bedroom.

Britney Spears` Blackout album appeared in 2007 after she declared herself `Antichrist`, because `blackout` is unconsciousness and occurs as the brain ceases to function, which is what occurs in species` death. The promotional video for the song, `Gimme More`, features brunette Britney pole dancing, while her blonde self watches with two blonde girlfriends. Gimmel rings are traditionally in three pieces, and the cover of Britney Spears` `Piece of Me` features her upon the cross of Jesus, because `woman`s seed` are her pieces, that is, a woman without a penis, and a woman with a penis, who also needs a woman with a penis to impregnate her, which is Britney`s three piece Gimmel ring. A cinema sign in `I Wanna Go` reads Crossroads 2: Cross Harder, a reference to Britney`s `road movie`, Crossroads (2002). It`s traditional for criminals to be executed at the crossroads, because Jesus was nailed to a cross and tortured to death. Consequently, Britney appears on the cross of Jesus for the cover of the single, `Piece Of Me`, because she`s a `martyr` to smokers that give her `blackout` and kill her human species of `woman`s seed`:


`You want a piece of me?`


 In the United States of America `a piece` is a handgun, which is what cigarettes represent, that is, the death of the human species by smoking her penis. Traditionally witches are burnt at the stake and are depicted in legend as riding phallic broomsticks through the air, because the development of technology from brain power is what the woman`s penis` semen represents. Consequently, men`s matches and cigarettes represent the burning of the witches at the stake, and the extinction of her penis` semen, symbolized by gangsters` smoking in `Criminal` (2011), because they`re the vampire drinkers of women`s blood:


`He is a sucker with a gun (gun, gun, gun).`


 In Richard Wagner`s opera, The Ring, Siegfried, a hero, is given a magic potion, to forget Brunhilde, and marry Gutrune. Brunhilde, angry, has Hagen murder him, and then gallops on her horse to her funeral pyre, and so Valhalla, the home of the gods and their father, Odin, burns. The subject is memory, that is, if the brains of the species are extinguished, `blackout` ensues, which is what slavers want, because it eases their enslaving of the human race, but Wagner`s tragedy describes the consequences. Actor Guillermo Diaz, Clyde (Barrow) to Britney`s Bonnie (Parker),2 pours a carton of milk over his face while driving Britney from the Crossroads 2: Cross Harder street scene, and his eyes burn fire, that is, her milk isn`t going to be Jesus`, because she`ll never remember from the ember.



 Britney is asked at the `spoof` press conference for the promotional video for `I Wanna Go`, `Is it true that you banned junk food, smiles, candy, sunshine and laughter from your Femme Fatale tour?` `Candy` is the name of her clothing line. In the Hans Christian Andersen (1805-74) tale, the Emperor`s told he wears clothes but he`s naked, `The Emperor has no clothes!` It`s safer to assume you have clothes; even though you perceive your own nakedness. As Jesus, before Judas` betrayal. Britney`s Mars` `Ba` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` wears a red pilot`s suit, while her twin, `Ka`, wears a white bikini dress. Britney Spears isn`t an Emperor without clothes, as her `Candy` clothing line indicates, which is why she can reply to her interlocutor:


`Fuck you!`


 Bell language school in Tripoli had a black eight ball engraved in the frosted glass, before the European assisted rebellion that overthrew Colonel Gadaffi in 2011, that is, the pool players had extended their cue to the black eight ball of Libya after the battle for Kuwait. The Emperor isn`t wearing clothes anymore, because it`s clear that a game is being played that isn`t about politics, economics, society, or culture and civilization; it`s the Antichrist.


 Although Asset is a name for Isis in Egyptian mythology, Britney Spears` `Gimme More` song represents `asset stripping`, after a United States` court stripped Britney Spears of her assets, because paparazzi snapped her leaving her child`s hat in the street as she ran for a car near New York`s Central Park and labeled her an `unfit mother`:


`Gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme gimme more.`


 The parroting repetition of `Gimme More` depicts Britney as `Polly` and so `Gimme More` is `more polygamy`, which was the cause of Britney`s assets being stripped. After a brief marriage to Jason Alexander in 2004, Britney Spears married Kevin Federline in 2004 before divorce in 2007, although the affair she`d with one time manager, Jason Trawick, left her penniless when the United States` court made him Co-Conservator of her fortune with her father, on the strength of what the lawyers viewed as an unwillingness to marry based on her own declaration of being `bisexual` and advocating `woman`s seed` in her promotional videos.


 In `Oops! ... I Did It Again`, the spaceman QB makes the TD, and a pass to the receiver, Britney Spears, who `twinned` represents wide receivers. As `chicks` who`re Baltimore Ravens, the fox doesn`t want to fertilize their eggs, `All aboard!` Receiving the `heart of the ocean` diamond blue pendant, it`s time to board the Titanic to make rendezvous with the iceberg, that is, it`s all abort because all abhorred, as men don`t want `woman`s seed` to fertilize herselves. Sterile homosexuality in pederasty and war doesn`t want `woman`s seed`, because the `serpent`s seed` doesn`t produce anything, and wants others to produce for it, and it doesn`t actually want anything to be produced, as that`s its sterile nature.



 Cheese, like Jesus, represents spiritual or intellectual production, rather than sexual reproduction. Consequently, the fox wants to devour the egg to prevent species` development, and ensure that Brintey`s ravens `croak`, just as the dragon of Revelation wants to devour the `New Redeemer`, that is, Jesus in his `Second Coming` to the Earth after his Ascension, born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18) who will `rule the nations with an iron scepter.

 In the opening sequence to the `Oops! ... I Did It Again` video, Britney Spears descends inside a huge superbowl ring, a Giant`s. For women it`s about proportion, whereas for men it`s about size, that is, a woman is sexually desirable as a giant on the movie screen or on the small screen of television, whereas the film, Giant (1956) is about men`s domination of each other in the oil business, which is what homosexuality in pederasty and war is. The dragon waits to devour `the son of man` because that`s what fathers do with sons who`re becoming bigger than their fathers. Britney `hooks` her spaceman in `Oops! … I Did It Again`, because she wants to catch Leviathan, `Can you catch Leviathan with a fish hook?` If she can give men a sense of proportion, her spaceman can recognize himself as amongst the Giants rather than the ogres.

 In Revelation (14. 19) the pressing of the grapes in the `wine press` of God is the wrath to follow men`s betrayal of humanity. Levi-Strauss` `culinary triangle` shows the development of culture from fruit, which doesn`t require preparation, to meat which requires the capacity to murder and the ability to cook, and the further knowledge that rottenness and corruption produce cheese from milk, for example. If Jesus is `cheese`, renunciation is corrupt and rotten. Moreover, ferment is how alcohol is produced as a medium by which evil spirits obtain renunciation, whereas the anger of God`s `wine press` is from righteousness, rather than ferment.  Although Jesus blessed the marriage at Canaan by changing water to wine, he received vinegar to add to his torment on the cross of his crucifixion. And Jesus offered `bread and wine` to Judas, who betrayed the `body and blood` of the human host, so with Judas wine is a symbol of ferment, and the corruption and rottenness of vinegar, although `Christ`s Passion` transmutes that bitterness to wisdom.

 Satan isn`t able to devour Jesus in his `Second Coming` because `woman`s seed` isn`t the species of the `serpent`s seed`. The serpent of Eden represented the penis of a poison before it grew to become the devouring dragon of war and HIV/AIDS. The Bible doesn`t indicate Eve`s penislessness, or Adam`s lack of a vagina and breasts, Adam is God`s image and Eve emerges from his side. Both may be hermaphrodites:


`So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.` (Gen: 1. 27)


 Eve and Adam`s progeny would be boy sons (poisons), hermaphrodites, or penisless women. If it became the aim of the boy sons (poisons) to kill and cull `futanarian` humanity and become parasites, then the story of Abel and Cain is clear. Cain`s murder of Able, as he who is able to cook, is Cain`s plan for parasitism. The ignorant won`t know they`re slaves, so Cain murder of Abel prefigures the extinction of civilization and culture by the `serpent`s seed`.

 It`s necessary to `play dumb` to learn what isn`t explicit, which is what the virgin birth means. Wine is at the `wedding at Canaan` as an persuasive `spirit`, or the woman would prefer her own species. The sustaining vinegar at Jesus` crucifixion represents his capacity to `play dumb` and endure. From a developmental point of view, Jesus `plays dumb` to invent television. He`s `Logos`, the `Word of God`, or the technology of the future after developing consciousness. But Cain, who can`t cook, needs slaves, and will `dumb down` humanity to an agricultural level of awareness in order to maintain enslavement.

 As parasites men manifest spiritually as viruses, for example, American `Superbowl` represents the triumphant possession woman`s egg. In `Oops! ... I Did It Again` Britney waits for the STD, that is, the spaceman`s `touchdown`, and hangs him safely suspended from a hook:


`For me? Oh, you shouldn`t have!`


 The North American Space Administration (NASA) probes indicate there isn`t any water on Mars, or if there is it`s beneath the desert surface. As the `Ka` with her Mars `Ba` in `Oops! … I Did It Again` on the red planet, Britney`s a dessert `ad`, `A Mars a day helps you work rest and play.` Water is the source of life and spirit amongst the Arabs where it`s more precious in fact than oil. Christians use in baptism as a mnemonic. The heat of the sun kills, so water is the connection with the living spirit, and a Mars Bar is worth even more.

 As `Oops! … I Did It Again` commences, Britney`s astronaut finds an `artifact`, a small cameo with her likeness in the desert sand. The artifact, like the monolith in Arthur C. Clarke`s science fiction prequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey, is compelling. In the film Titanic, Kate Winslet, in the role of Rose, is painted nude by Jack, her lover, after she jilts her fiancée, who `frames` Jack by placing the `heart of the ocean` blue diamond pendant in Jack`s pocket and accusing him of theft. Britney Spears` `cameo` performance in `Oops! … I Did It Again` compels the viewer to examine the video for meaning. Britney`s `cameo` in the Martian desert alludes to Frank Herbert`s desert world of Arrakis. Herbert`s science fiction novel, Dune (1965), contained references to the `Butler Jihad` as a `holy war` against literature. Dune was therefore related to Robert A. Heinlein`s `multiverse` in his novel, The Number Of The Beast, which contained all worlds `real or imaginary` and was accessible through the `continua car`, Gay Deciever, because William Butler`s Jihad represented the sterility of homosexuality in pederasty and its wars upon the human spirit.

 Humans are capable of eating and drinking, apart from sexual activity, which means that their imagination is concerned with that. Jack, in the Titanic movie, was framed by Cal`s butler, because Jack didn`t want to imagine Rose with Cal. Rose wants Jack to paint her naked, so he does, because that`s her imagination. Britney`s suspended spaceman films her, because that`s the imagination of the video`s director, Nigel Dick. `What The Butler Saw` is a traditional English seaside machine that imagines for the viewer what goes on in the bedroom of the butler`s employer. Consequently, imagination isn`t for butler`s, because if it was they`d be in the bedroom. Herbert`s `Butlerian Jihad` is a `gay` war against love.

 In Revelation, the dragon waits to devour the child of `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` as a symbol of the difficulties `woman`s seed` has with atomic weapons and terrorism, symbolized by Al Qaeda`s flag with the moon upon it. The dragon Satan`s Roman mythological counterpart is Saturn, the cannibal who devoured his own offspring. In Greek mythology, he is Chronos, `time`, because women`s children are born to be devoured in time to prevent their growing bigger than their father. In Egyptian mythology Osiris is `risen` when the corn is ripe for harvest, because the children of fathers are fertilizer. Those who are food for their fathers are `cropped`. Those who accept Jesus` teachings are saved. For the devourer, children are food, but the child wants to live: `If music be the food of love, play on…`3



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