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Sunny Spears

07/06/2012 07:59

Sunny Spears of the Vine



The sharp green vine leaves,

Wrapped entwined.

Sun warmed blue grapes.

Oceans of sky and, shining through,

Britney`s spear tips.

Naked, Obscured By Clouds,1

Porn, know Woman.

The sunshine of her hair spilling upon her shoulders.

The sharp diamond blue of her heart`s eyes,

As her breast milk cascades.

Creamily she spunks as her penis throbs,

And the cunty wine of her womanness flows.

- Sunshine of Your Love The Cream


1 Pink Floyd`s Obscured By Clouds (1972) was the `soundtrack` for the movie La Valée, a woman`s mind altering quest for a paradise of sexual freedom labeled `obscured by clouds` on her map, .