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Munchies with Britney Spears

01/01/2012 16:04

Munchies with Britney Spears


Oops I Did It Again depicts the imago of men as the devourer, which is represented in Revelation by the dragon waiting to devour the New Redeemer, who is the antidote to the parasitical viral organism that has woman as a host womb in order to replicate itself and play games of development and nurturing. In biblical terms, these are `plague aims`, and men are revealed as Woman`s disease, that is, as God`s producer and product she`s devoured by their `play games` system of bio-degradation. In Revelation, the `hidden` woman leaves to sow her `seed` in heaven, and win a war against evil.

 In simple terms, Woman has her own penis, and so her `seed`, that is, Woman`s, propogates amongst the stars, and defeats the `plague aims` of the viral illness that devours her upon the Earth as cancer. The `seed` of men is called the serpent`s `seed`, because God isn`t a devourer, whereas the serpent in the garden of Eden is the appearance of the imago of the devourer, and Adam`s devouring of the apple given to him by Eve is his symbolic acceptance of the imago of the devourer. Eve is the apple and he has accepted his role as her devourer.



 In Revelation, the New Redeemer is born while the serpent waits to devour it, but it protects her with its `scepter` while she remains `hidden` and prepares to leave. The scepter is, effectively, her penis. Because her libido is different from that of men. In psychological terms, libidic energy is instinct that is transformed by thoughtfulness into spiritual product. NASA`s space programme is a typical example of the transformation of libidic impulse into rocket science because, as Freudian psychology argues, the Apollo space programme is `nothing but` the expression of a repressed penis` upward thrustings, and so is the rest of art, civilization and culture.

 If Woman has a penis, the desire for escape from Earth is the expression of her repressed upward thrustings, because men want to devour her, and so prevent her `hidden` self from leaving. That`s why Britney appears in Oops I Did It Again in a red pilot`s suit, rather than a spacesuit, because the X-series of planes were designed to fly to the moon, and onwards to Mars, but the programme was cancelled in favour of Gulf Wars I and II, in which the USA fed Saddam until he was big enough to eat, thereby curtailing Woman`s upward mobility.



 When Britney`s spaceman arrives on Mars, he`s observed by Mission Control who`re `behind him all the way`. In fact, as he looks out upon the sands of Mars, it looks as if they`re looking out of his eyes, which is what it`s like for a man who has the devourer imago constellated within his mind. He picks up what looks like a `cookie` with Britney`s image on it. Of course `cookies` are what`s needed to access a website, so Britney`s Mars is her domain.

 Immediately the spaceman observes that she`s `cute`, it`s an `Open Sesame` from the tale of `Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves` in the Arabian One Thousand and One Nights where a `hidden` treasure is revealed by using the correct password or `cookie`. There`s a Mars quake as the website opens to reveal the `hidden` treasure, which is Britney`s Woman on Mars who, `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, represents the emergence of her species, that is, the `hidden` treasure is she who was `hidden` upon the Earth.

 In 1001 Nights Sheherezade tells tales in order to save the women of the kingdom from marrying a madman who cuts off one of their heads each night after marrying each day. It`s Sesame Street and the `cookie monster` has, Open Sesame, come to devour it`s `treat`, which is the path to the stars. The great `jar ring` of Mars is the Sesame Street version of The Ring in which the `cookie monsters` are preparing to devour Britney Spears.  The red dragon of Revelation is a big baby that hasn`t learned not to put things in its mouth, which is infantile and dangerous, because it`s the devouring imago that is men in the mind as demoniacal influences concerned to megalomaniacally devour everything they see, because they don`t want to be looked at by Woman.



 Britney`s spaceman is observed by a `controller`, who`s a man sitting at a console that seems to be inside the spaceman`s eyes, and he`s directing the spaceman`s movements, which is what demonic possession is. The spaceman, immediately he arrives on Mars, begins with the `cookie`, who`s Britney Spears. Mission Control is the devourer, and it seems childlike, but that`s what children are afraid of. The devouring monster.



 The distinction between the female of a species, and the male is intrinsic to our understanding here. Men are devouring imagos because they are parasites that replicate themselves in the female`s `host womb` in order to enslave and degrade for their entertainment as torturers. Woman, as a species with her own penis, is the archetype of God`s intended creation, because she`s `hidden` until Revelation when she leaves and, after her defeat of evil in heaven, God creates a new heaven and Earth for her to dwell in alone.

 Woman isn`t a devourer but a developer and nurturer, and why men use the bogeyman of `devil` as a means of frightening children. The devil is a man who wants to be a `cookie monster`, whereas a woman is a developer who doesn`t want her child to be devoured by an infant who hasn`t learned not to put things in its mouth and has grown monstrous and evil in the doing of it.



 In the tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, the thieves are `hidden` in jars in order to perpetrate their crimes, which is what possessive demons do. They are the devouring imago that hides in order to steal the password, which is `cookie` devouring for those that don`t want the `hidden` treasure, but want to prevent those who find it from having it. The spaceman is a `jar head`, because of his helmet and, when Britney takes it off for a minute or so, she releases `the bends`.

 The X-series of planes that would have flown Britney to Mars were cancelled because of `the bends`, that is, blackouts, which seems to be a preoccupation of hers. The subject of a later album Blackout, contains a track called Break The Ice, which contains the line:


`...let`s get it up.`


 What she wants `up` is Woman`s penis, which is a metaphor for the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who`s `in ice` on Earth until she`s `up`. In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s hypothesis is that `the bends` are the result of demonic possession by men as evil spirits that didn`t want the space programme, but wanted to eat Saddam when they`d made him big and fat enough to justify wasting all her billions of dollars on.

 The spaceman`s head becomes rubbery and distended as `the bends` of his demonic possession. Released, he`s able to see because his blindness and unconsciousness are removed. He gives her a gift, which we are able to deduce is a symbol of the `heart`, because now oxygen is flowing through his system, and not the demons that are the evil spirits that are the men that are possessing him and telling him what to do. It`s Britney`s astronaut training programme:


`Oxygen status 98%.


 In diving, `the bends` are an acknowledged hazard, and higher levels of oxygen content are a part of diver and astronaut training. Britney`s spaceman says he`s also a diver:


`Well, I went down and got it for you baby.`


 It`s the `heart of the ocean`, which Rose drops into the sea in disillusionment at the close of the movie. Her man was betrayed and drowned as the ship sank. Framed for stealing the jeweled heart, which she wore about her neck as her man painted her nude, her ex-fiancée had him `framed` by putting it in his coat pocket.

 In spying, demons are called `sleepers`. They `sleep` behind the eyes of the `host` in order to devour. Britney, in Oops I Did It Again, reclines on her white eight-pointed star-shaped `security blanket`, which identifies the tale as Arabian, because Arabian stars have eight points. Britney`s concerned about who wants to `sleep` with her. That`s why she has her `blanket`. It`s a fireman`s `trampoline`, which is used to catch escapers from fires in multi-storey buildings.

 Oops I Did It Again is the story of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, and she wants to catch him, but not Ali Baba`s  `evil spirits`, so she hangs the spaceman above. In the tarot, the `hanged man` is a symbol of `planning`, so he`s saved while she expels his demons. Her fireman`s `trampoline` is a `soul-catcher`, to catch his soul.



In Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, the thieves emerge from jars to steal. Here Britney`s thieves is a `soul-catcher`, and he shows her what is familiar from primitive cultures beset by notions of animism: a camera. Primitive cultures believe that a photograph is a soul-catcher, and in the Titanic movie Rose is painted nude by her lover, which results in her ex-fiancée betraying her because he doesn`t want her new boyfriend to have her. It`s a form of animism. Her soul has been caught, as it were. Her betrayer `frames` her new beau by planting the `heart jewel` in his coat pocket, which she`d worn for the painting. In other words, Rose gives her heart, but the soul-catcher won`t let go of it.  He`s a soul-eater, and Rose`s lover drowns. Because men are devourers.

 Britney`s `soul` is for her, but her fireman`s `trampoline` is a `soul-catcher` for the women of the kingdom, because she`s Sheherezade, and the good characters in her multi-storied construction are good souls. Britney`s spaceman photographs her and so he`s a `thief` who emerged from the `jar` of his spacehelmet to give her the jewel. In American terms, the demon possessed astronaut didn`t `blackout`. Resurrection and Redemption is completeness of memory across reincarnations, which is what the Titanic movie represents. The painting of Rose nude is more important than the jeweled `heart of the ocean`, because it represents the love of Woman`s beauty and soul, which she gives freely. Only those who want to devour her would want to possess her, which is why Woman is `hidden` before she leaves to sow her `seed` amongst the heavens.

 According to Revelation, there`s war against the serpent`s `seed`, that is, men, and God creates a new heaven and Earth for Woman as a species with her own penis, which means that there won`t be men to see her. This is the meaning of the serpent in Eden. He wanted to see Adam and Eve naked. Resurrection and Redemption for Man is Woman`s memory, that is, she remembers him in completeness across reincarnations, but he isn`t there. Jesus` exhortation to `love one`s neighbor` is a corresponding principle to his preaching of `God`s love`, and the acceptance of the Holy Spirit as the `tutelary guide`. It`s the awareness that all individual egos partake of God, irrespective of the devouring imago. In simple terms, Man is Woman, and so Woman`s memory of Man is Man`s Resurrection and Redemption. Her penis would then be the `scepter` of Revelation, a symbol of her immortality, which is her memory of herself as Mankind. Britney`s spaceman didn`t `blackout` because, in symbolic terms, he says:


`Take heart.`


 She gives him heart because she`s released him from his demons and his oxygen flow is restored. However, restoration isn`t what`s required. It`s the heart of the ocean because it`s Osiris`. In Egyptian mythology, Osiris is cut into pieces, and the parts sunk in the ocean inside a trunk. His penis can`t be found, but Isis remembers the rest of him and fashions a new penis for him. Egyptian iconography has the `bee goddess` as an aspect, of Isis, because honey symbolizes resurrection. Spores, of course, are the means by which flowers are pollinated, and viruses replicate by spores. Britney`s analogy is of honey and monsters. Having observed that the `cookie monster` is a devourer, she observes that the `honey monster` is a symbol of resurrection and devourment.



 On Mars, Britney is Hathor, the mother goddess, who has a red disk. Isis, in her aspect as `bee goddess`, appears without a disk between her `deeley boppers`, which means that she`s yet to save Osiris, in computer terms, through her disk. In Egyptian mythology, Hathor lives in Horus` Mansion, and Horus is the restored Osiris, so Hathor restores Osiris as Horus because it`s Horus` Mansion she dwells in. Osiris` Mansion is Horus`, so Hathor`s disk is a portal through which he`s `rescued`. The bee metaphor is the idea of Woman as a species, which is that of Resurrection and Redemption, where the honeys would be her. Because men are monsters, they`d eat them.



 In her scene with the spaceman, her red disk`s visible between them, but she`s not concerned with restoration, she`s for Resurrection and Redemption of Woman with her own penis, which is Revision. There won`t be the form of man in God`s heaven and new Earth. They`re more concerned with presenting Woman`s teddys as their devourers, rather than have their daughters aware that the imago of man is the devouring monster that`s frightening them out of their dreams.



Britney`s spaceman takes her photo, because he`s possessed by `foe toes`, which is why he looks like a `toe`. In English, he`d be a `toe rag`, because his demons tell him when to stop (red), pause (amber), and go (green), which is a `traffic light` system (RAG) in which Mars is red, Sol is amber, and the Earth is green.



 According to Claude Levi-Strauss, the structural anthropologist, reality corresponds to the structure of the brain, because what we perceive is what the brain is constructed to perceive. This means that nature is a part of our constructionality, that is, red for danger, amber for stolidity, and green for development, or life`s progression. Consequently, reality is structural but, if the brain is determined by the imago of men as devouring evil spirits, reality will be progressively eaten.



 Britney`s spaceman is a `toe`. The label derives from the nomadic Arabs, the Tuareg, who wear headgear that`s a wraparound cloth that leaves only the eyes visible, because they have friends they don`t want you to see, rather than enemies who don`t want them to see.



 In English `slang`, `toe rag` means `tramp`,1 which is how Britney`s astronaut appears. He`s Oedipus at Colonus, in Sophocles` Oedipus Rex, where he`s psychologically blind, that is, unconscious of his fate, which is to be physically blind and unconscious in his doom of being unable to accept love.



 Britney`s spaceman`s controlled by demons who want to watch what he`s doing, and voyeuristically vampirise his emotions through vicarious participation in his life. Controlled by demons, he can`t accept love either; as Oedipus couldn`t. The demons control his every movement, and so she allows him to take her picture, because it`s all they`ll let him see of her.

Britney`s `Tuareg` takes an aerial photograph of her, and she`s become an Arabian Sheherezade atop her `Big Top Tent`. Her spaceman`s constructed on the `Tuareg model`, but he`s a primitive controlled by demons. Warfare is `limited engagement`, based on `rules of engagement`, and so Britney`s astronaut is being prepared for an Arabian `engagement` involving the Tuareg, and they live in North Africa, Libya, etc. In simpler terms, it`s about handicapping. The spaceman would have to become a `toe rag` in order to be in competition with a `toe rag`, which was the principle of Gulf War I (1990-1), and that of Gulf War II, where  in order to waste zillions of dollars, the `players` were blind and in wheelchairs with the brakes firmly applied.

 The role of Sheherezade is to save the women in the telling of her many stories in 1001 Nights, so Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves is a reference to Britney, in her red pilot`s suit, as a `P-40 Warhawk` because Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves was the name the USAAF `training wing` for the `fighting tigers` was known as in WWII. Pilots graduated from 40s propellor thrust to the X-series` programme of rocket-fuelled jets in the 50s, and so on to Apollo rockets in the 60s, which got the first man as far as the moon in 1969, before the `Luna lander` was piloted to the surface, where Neil Armstrong transmitted these words to Mission Control on Earth:


`One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.`


 Britney Spears on Mars, in Oops I Did It Again, isn`t unaware of the import of her words:


`I think I did it again.`


 She`s the red Indian who`s not selling her Mars, as those of Manhattan sold theirs for $24 in 1626. New York was built on Manhattan Island, and the common perception is that the Indians were cheated. Invested in 1626, $24 would be worth $50 billion today. To engage in a contract is akin to marriage, and Jesus` relations with the disciples, which followed the pattern of betrayal, torture, divorce and death, is what `cheating` represents. When the spaceman finds Britney`s `cookie`, it`s a `cheat` and it`s her domain:


`I made you believe we`re more than just friends.`


 The `cookie` is a `cheat`, from the perspective of the cheat, whereas it`s perspectival. From 9/11`s terrorists` point of view, the `civil` planes were a polite `cheat` from the Americans point of view, but a `cookie` is a protocol and the terrorists bought a ticket to visit as guests of the USA. It`s the type of the `marriage` contract. Just as Saddam`s was a contract to accept the 3rd largest army in the world from the USA. He married in. In simple terms, Britney`s Sheherezade is a `tough cookie` who insists on her protocols. Atop her `Big Top Tent` she`s preparing for her `circus`, which is intelligence gathering. It`s Isis `gathering intelligence` of the whereabouts of Osiris` parts. First she collects the `heart of the ocean` and so that`s her first `protocol`. From men`s perspective it may be a `cheat`, but from her perspective it`s her `cookie` irrespective of their thoughts of betraying her.



 As the spaceman hangs, suspended above her, she`s reading Osiris` heart. Ali Baba is an `honest man` in Sheherezade`s tale, and overhears a `password` that gives him access to a `cave` in which thieves and murderers have their `hidden` treasure. Britney`s spaceman is a `pro toe call`, which means he thinks he`s honest, whereas he works for professional thieves and murderers, engaging protocols and marrying `cookies`. In Shakespeare`s era, `to marry` meant to gain knowledge of. To `know` men and women is prohibited by God, and he destroys Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19) for `knowing`, which is a metaphor for sexual access.



 The thieves` cave is a metaphor for their refusal to accept protocol, and they have a password that allows them access and egress from their hiding place, which contains what they`ve `hidden`. It`s a protocol that`s a `cheat` because they`re evil, so `Open Sesame` and `Close Sesame` are `cookies`. In the New Testament, Jesus` tombstone is rolled away to reveal him resurrected. He was `hidden`, because he was `treasure`, and the tombstone was a `cookie`. In other words, having married (known), betrayed, tortured, and divorced Jesus (death), the murderers wanted to see what he was hiding.

 In Oops I Did It Again, the `cookie` of Britney that the spaceman finds, that is, her image on an icon found in the sand, is her `Open Sesame`, and the `Close Sesame` is hers also, which means that, although the spaceman finds her `cookie`, if he uses it as a `cheat`, he hasn`t followed the protocol. In terms of Britney`s symbolism, it`s reset. In Egyptian mythology, the evil Set cuts Osiris into pieces, which means that Oops I Did It Again is Britney`s `See-card` sent by `yeah-mail`, and the subject title is Re: Set which is why the spaceman says:


`Woe there! Horus See.`

 The written lyrics are:

`Whoah there horsey!`


 The spaceman is a `horse and buggy` doctor, and he has found the `cute cookie` with the image of Britney on it. He`a about to ask her to take heart, and the `Mars quake` occurs, which equates with the opening of Osiris` trunk, containing his parts, especially the sadness or woe of his heart, but also its restoring.



 Britney`s is Horus` See, or the `seat` of Hathor, which is Horus` Mansion, and the evil Set murdered Osiris to steal his Earth. That`s why he`s put into a trunk, and it`s sunk to the sand of the ocean`s floor. The discovery of Britney`s `cookie` on the sands, where the blue oceans of Mars had been, signals Resurrection and Redemption, and the opening of Hathor`s `seat`, the Mansion of Horus.

 If she`s `cheated`, Britney`ll press `reset`, and Ali Baba, the `honest man`, will try to evade the thieves and murderers that beset him, that is, who want him to `be Set`, so she`ll be there to uncover the `cookie` in the sand. To do this she needs `intelligence gathering, which is what her white bikini-dressed self atop her `Big Top Tent` signifies.

 The parts of Osiris remain in the trunk on the ocean`s floor, and to gather the pieces she needs to know who the `cheaters` are. That`s what Piece Of Me is about. Britney appears on the cross on the cover for the single, and Piece Of Me is a song about a previous marriage to Tom Hulk, which took place during the Vietnam War between 1955 and 1974. The protocol in the Vietnam conflict was of pretending to be injured as a G.I., which the Khmer Rouge did, and then cry out for assistance using a common Christian name:


`Tommy! Tommy!`


 When the Americans went to help, the Khmer Rouge murdered them. Being injured is a protocol, because it`s a convention, ratified by the United Nations in what`s known as the `Geneva Convention`, for either side in a conflict to give medical assistance to the wounded.



 Pretending to be injured on behalf of someone else is a sign of the devouring imago, because it`s what the Khmer Rouge did. Pretending to be injured for - or by - someone else is an offense, because it`s signifies `offend`, which is how the Khmer Rouge murdered the `Geneva Convention`, and why President Richard Millhouse Nixon ordered `carpet bombings of Indo-China as well as defoliation, using `agent orange`. The Khmer Rouge signaled `offend` and Nixon offended.

 George Bush Jr. ordered Gulf War II and a global `War on Terror` (2003-) when two `civil` aircraft broke protocol and demolished the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre, because of a few individual extremists, a few of whom may`ve been Arabs; but Afghanistan isn`t. The Taliban and Saddam Hussein signaled `offend` Arabia, and George Bush Jr. offended.

 As Sheherezade, Britney atop her `Big Top Tent` is `offensive` to terrorists because, if men are parasitical viral organisms, they`ll follow the Khmer Rouge `pattern` and  pretend to be injured for – or by – her. Piece Of Me is about the paparazzi as Vietnam war, that is, to photograph her they need her help, and so they cry out her name and pretend to be injured for – or by – her, if she doesn`t `help`. That`s an `offense`, and it signals `offend`. It`s a programmer`s `tool`.

 Britney writes SUCKER on the head of one cameraman in red lipstick, because the `offend` signal is a `red rag to a bull`. In terms of `traffic signal` symbolism, it means Khmer Rouge, that is,`offend`. Without the `tutelary guidance` of the Holy Spirit, pretending to be injured for – or by – someone, is a SUCKER punch, which is thrown by psychic vampires:


`I cry watching the days.`


 She`s crying out for help, but won`t receive it, because the paparazzi want to offend her, and start a war. The USA was understood to be the `world`s policeman` in the 50s and onwards, but policemen function as criminalizers, which means that they `offend`, and that means constant offensives, because policemen are offensive in their creation of offenders. The `sleeping policeman` imago fits the `traffic signal` picture, because it`s a devouring male imago that has as its goal the devouring of the developing ego as a censor. That`s why `the number of the beast`, 666, has been associated with 9/11 and 999, because the police, whether the USA as the `world`s policeman` or the `sleeping policeman` that`s the imago of the devouring father, are criminalizing bullies that want to careen through red lights chasing their tale.

 Britney`s allusion to Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves alludes to the `cookie`, that is, the thieves weren`t `for tea`, so she didn`t see them. But an `honest man` recognizes a `good cookie`. In the tale Ali Baba`s brother, Kassim, enters the cave but forgets the password, which is `Simsim` in Arabic, that allows him egress.

 The thieves and murderers cut Kassim into four pieces, which Britney Spears alludes to in her single Piece Of Me, that is, her role as Osiris. In the Egyptian myth, dogs carry the pieces of Osiris to the four corners of the Earth, which is a symbolism that Jesus` crucifixion also represents in the arms of the fourfold cross which point North, East, South, and West.

 Kassim was the name of the ruler of Iraq who was murdered by Saddam Hussein in 1959 so that he could steal his `earth`. Saddam did this with the full support of the USA and the CIA, because Kassim preferred a `mixed bag` in terms of his economic alignments, which largely excluded the USA. During the Gulf Wars (1990-2011) insurgents were called `Ali Baba`, because they were unable to distinguish between an `honest man`, murderers and thieves. In other words, they`re illiterate.

 Criminalization of the `honest man` is the product of illiteracy, and crucifixion is the symbol of `God`s love` with the disciples as the homosexual marriage partners betraying, torturing, and divorcing Jesus in death. Because men are parasitical viral organisms that want to replicate themselves from Woman`s `host womb` and, by means of insurgency and counter-insurgency, devour civilization, art and culture, that is, the product of God`s Woman as producer, they`re homosexual, which is why STDs and AIDS is believed to originate with monkeys. They`re illiterate too.

 The police have a similar concept, which is why they`re associated with the Antichrist as `big brother` CCTV etc. Their perception is that Judas is Jesus, so they never accept that a man is innocent, because Jesus words `love your neighbor as you love yourself` indicate that your neighbor is yourself, so Winston Churchill is Adolf Hitler, and Winston Smith is both of them, and so George Orwell is guilty in the eyes of the police. Because they`re illiterate too.

 In the tale Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, Morgiana, a woman, kills all the homosexuals, and Ali Baba lives as an `honest man` with the secret of the cave to himself. It is in accordance with Sheherezade`s principle of saving all the women. Morgiana is a good woman.

 Britney`s cave is where the spaceman finds her. His `Open Sesame` is the `cookie`, and she is the `hidden` treasure, which is the Earth because it is that which was stolen from Kassim. In symbolic terms, she`s the red dragon of Revelation, and the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, who is `hidden` treasure and the New Redeemer with the scepter that protects her is her guardian while the dragon is that which waits to devour it. In this sense, she`s what the psychologists call a complexio oppositorum, and so is Khmer Rouge too.

 Britney`s red suit is a siren suit, and sirens, appearing as beautiful mermaids, lure sailors to their watery grave in `Davy Jones` locker`, which is a metaphor. It`s found in the journey of the Argos in which Odysseus ties himself to the mast rather than have the sirens` singing lure him to the ocean`s floor. Britney`s Mars is sandy desert, and waterless. It`s the love of a siren for a man, and she`s prepared to lose her tale. When her spaceman gives her the heart of Rose from the Titanic, she says:


`Oh, you shouldn`t have.`


 For a siren it`s a titanic struggle. The Earth is blue and green with sky and ocean, and Mars is sand, but she`s lured herself by the heart of Osiris to return to the sea. In the Egyptian myth, Osiris` parts are placed within a trunk, before Set sinks it to the ocean`s floor. If Britney`s suited siren is to remember herself, she only needs to remember her man is herself.



It`s a tradition of the United States Armed Forces that they never lose a serviceman, and they`re still trying to locate them, or their remains from their wars in Indo-China. In Oops I Did It Again, Britney receives her `purple heart`, and so is the Khmer Rouge because, from a Christian point of view, he was Khmer Rouge too. In Piece Of Me, she writes SUCKER on the forehead of a paparazzi with red lipstick,  which means that she`s Khmer Rouge to the psychic vampires:


`You wanna piece of me?`


 Drug addiction is psychic vampirism because of `the man`, who is the imago of the devourer for those who need a fix. Britney`s spaceman, when he sees her `cookie` image, says `Woe there. Horse see.` `Horse` is heroine, and so for those who see by means of heroine it`s woe, because they have to see the devouring imago of `the man` to see through heroine. For drug users it`s about confidence. To see the heroine, you get heroine from `the man`, which means that you see through the heroine because you`ve accepted the devouring imago of `the man`, who wants you to shoot heroine and not see her.



 In her red body suit, Britney`s Podkayne Of Mars, that is, Poddy Fries, the heroine of the first Grand Master of Science Fiction, Robert A. Heinlein, and Britney`s reference is to the travelogue, Tramp Royale, in which Heinlein`s wife is asked: `Anything to declare?` She replies: `Heroine.` Tramp Royale provided backdrop for Podkayne Of Mars and Oops I Did It Again, because it`s about passenger liners, and Poddy journeys to Earth from Mars aboard a passenger liner. There`s a `voice over` in Oops I Did It Again before her spaceman gives her the `heart of the ocean`, which is effectively her Earth ticket:


`All aboard!`


 Before he gives her the gift, her spaceman says: `Britney, before you go - ` Heroine is all she has to declare, because she`s embarking for Earth, which is blue because the `heart of the ocean` is from there. The structurality is red (Mars), amber (Sol), green and blue (Earth). In order to leave Earth for Mars, instinct, which is associated with the colour red for danger, has to be transformed into spiritual rather than libidic energy, which is associated with men`s penis. Britney, in her red suit, symbolizes the goal, Redemption from `the bends` of evil possessive spirits that force the diver or astronaut to struggle `up` in order to be `turned down` by the demons, who don`t want her.

 In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), blue is associated with spirit, so Britney`s observation is that, on Earth, RAGE has to be overcome, that is, Red, Amber, Green, Earth, and the solution is the Holy Spirit, which is `blue` in Jungian terms and can release you from `traffic light` demonic control systems which are men as evil spirits that tell you when to stop, pause, and go.

 Demons take over the minds of others in order to murder and experience how it feels, or simply to have you know that they are there and understand that they are tormenting you with the knowledge that they are in possession of you. It`s confusable with voyeurism, which is watching and vicariously enjoying. It`s also confusable with pornography, which is pictorial representation of sexual activity.



 In the movie Sliver, Sharon Stone is watched by CCTV, but demons watch as you and perpetrate murder as you, which is neither voyeurism nor pornography. It`s psychic vampirism. In the Many Coloured Land novels of science fantasy writer Julian May, she posits the existence of chakra vampires, which devour these `energy centres` in their `hosts`, much in the same way that Woman is devoured by men as parasitical viral organisms that keep her as a `host womb` for replicating themselves.

 In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus kills his father accidentally, because he is symbolically blind and unconscious of who he and his father are. He breaks the incest taboo by unconsciously marrying his mother, which is enforced by his conditioning to the point of his self-blinding, whereas the taboo is designed to prevent him from understanding that he is his father and mother, and that possessive demons are men as evil spirits that have murdered Oedipus` parents in order to vicariously enjoy it.

 Sophocles` Oedipus Rex is a tragedy because that`s what men want for Jocasta, who`s Oedipus` mother. As a woman, she doesn`t care that Oedipus is her son, and advises him to accept her as a woman. The tragedy is that the devouring imago, that is, the image of a man inside Oedipus, is so strongly possessive that he blinds himself, which extends the vicarious enjoyment of the evil men as demons that are possessing him, and that`s their intention with the incest taboo. Because Woman is nurturing and developmental, in the person of Jocasta, who wants to continue with her love and family, the devouring imago is a man or men.

 In Oops I Did It Again Britney `s `set` looks like `spare ribs`, which are red and so`s Britney`s Poddy Fries in her red pilot`s suit. In Ireland, `ribs` are called `bodice`:




 Because it was Britney`s first stage set for her lift off in 2000, it`s an allusion to the evil Set of Egyptian mythology that dismembers Osiris. Britney is given Osiris` heart symbolically, and the ribs of her set suggest that `Set` is dead and she`s returning to Earth to remember Osiris.


 1 The Tuareg nomads of Arabia bind cloth around their feet as footwear.