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Developmental psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), observes that the mother-son relationship is associated with the worship of Satan. In Revelation, the red dragon waits to devour the child of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, the New Redeemer who protects the woman `hidden` on the Earth before she leaves to sow her `seed` in heaven and defeat the serpent`s `seed` there. The supposition is that the `hidden` woman has a penis of her own, or she wouldn`t have `seed` in heaven. So, Woman`s a species with a penis of her own, which is true and she`s called `futanarian` woman.



 Redemption is from the father-son relationship in which the child is devoured by the father, which is Satanism. Jungian psychology, often observes that the imago of the hero is deemed archetypal, that is, it represents a developmental ego that slays dragons. But this is false. If Woman is a species, then men aren`t, and so the `hero`, in dreams and elsewhere, constellates the ego-devouring imago, and the red dragon of Revelation is the father that devours the son.



 Interestingly, the mother-son relationship forms the basis of Satan worship. Consequently, `Satanism` isn`t the same as Satan worship, which probably derives from the incest taboo. It relates to the Greek Kore, which is the mother-daughter relationship, and because Woman has a penis, she provides the key to resolving the division between Christianity and `Satan worship`, which effectively is the love-relationship between mother and son, where the mother understands that he is her daughter, and her daughter should have his penis, because Redemption is the knowledge that Woman has a penis of her own and, in Revelation, her `hidden` penis` `seed` will defeat `Satan` in heaven.



 Because the red dragon of Revelation waits to devour the child that will protect the `hidden` woman before she leaves, Satanism is the father-son devouring imago, which is evil, and so `Satan` is the mother-son relationship, which will be defeated in heaven. Because Woman has her own penis, and is a species, her son is `Satan` and will be defeated in heaven, because he`s male. Woman as a species is female, and Redemption is acceptance of `God`s love` and the tuition of the Paraclete, as the `tutelary guide` that, effectively emerged from Jesus` side at the crucifixion after his death when it was pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus.



 If the mother-son relationship is `Satan worship`, then the war in heaven between `Satan` and the Woman`s `seed` is a divorce in which the mother-daughter relationship replaces `Satan worship,` which is the maintaining of the perspective that the son is the daughter on the part of the mother. The ego-devouring imago of the father is Satanism, but the love for the daughter as the `handicapped` son without her own penis, is `Satan worship`, which is `God`s love`. In Greek mythology it`s the myth of Demeter, the corn goddess, and Persephone, who lives under the Earth, during winter, with Pluto, her uncle.



 The myth is the fertilization of Persephone, the daughter, by Demeter, the mother, and Poseidon, Persephone`s father, is the god of the river under the Earth, and the god of the sea. Poseidon is called `Earth shaker`, because he`s also the god of earthquakes. Interestingly, Britney Spears` `scifi` video, for the song Oops I Did It Again, features the `Kore` relationship, between Britney herself in her red suit, because she`s on the red planet Mars, and Britney in her white bikini-dress as she lies on what looks like a stretched white buffalo`s hide:


`The legend says that to the North on the medicine wheel is found wisdom. The color for wisdom is white and the medicine animal is the buffalo.`



 Britney`s red suited character is obviously an allusion to Edgar Rice Burroughs` A Red Martian Princess in which John Carter on Mars, which is called `Barsoom`, helps Dejah Thoris: `...the sudden breakdown of the Atmosphere Factory that sustains the planet's waning air supply endangers all life on Barsoom. In a desperate attempt to save the planet's inhabitants, Carter uses a secret telepathic code to enter the factory, bringing an engineer who can restore functionality. Carter then succumbs to asphyxiation, only to awaken on Earth, left to wonder what has become of Barsoom.` Britney`s spaceman`s arrival coincides with a Mars quake, and the emergence of her red Martian Princess` `dream` palace from the `underworld`.



 Britney`s father Poseidon is so powerful his earthquakes can be felt on Mars, and her emergence from the `underworld` there suggests that she`s her father`s daughter. Britney alludes to Carter`s asphyxiation when she removes her spaceman`s helmet for a minute or so, which is the maximum time astronauts are required to accept exposure to high oxygen content in training at NASA, and Britney`s spaceman advises `Mission Control` at the start of Oops I Did It Again, `Oxygen content 98%.` When Britney removes his helmet, her spaceman`s head and neck demonstrate the flexibility of Reed Richards, the character of `Stretch` in the Fantastic Four, whose body bends like rubber.



 Britney`s spaceman is treated to a performance of Oops I Did It Again before we see him leaving, and he walks backwards because he`s returning to his corporeal body which, waking perhaps from sleep, is recalling its astral body from the astral plane where it has been a visitor to Britney`s `Barsoom`. It`s an interpretation supported by the Egyptian word `ba`, which `zooms` back to the corporeal body when it wakes from deep sleep and recollects itself from the plane it`s been astrally journeying upon.



 Britney`s white bikini-dressed character is similarly important, because Britney in red is the `red Indian` of North America, and her white `self` is an allusion to the legend of the `Great Spirit of the White Buffalo Calf Woman` who, appearing in the guise of a buffalo, emerged as a beautiful Indian girl, who gave them a `sacred bundle`, a `peace pipe`, saying the people of the Indians would life forever if they cared for their `sacred land`. She also instructed them in ceremony, the last of which is the `Sundance`, which is essentially a pole dancer`s, and that Britney performs for her mother in Gimme More. Here, in Oops I Did It Again, Britney`s white bikini-dressed beautiful Indian girl performs her `Sundance` upon the hide of the white buffalo while lying beneath the `spaceman`. He`s also brought her a `gift` from the sea:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end?`



 The allusion is to the Titanic movie in which Rose, a survivor of the sinking of the `unsinkable` ship, after it hit an iceberg and sank in 1912, drops the `heart of the ocean`, a jewel, into the sea at the point of the vessel`s salvage many years later. Britney`s video may also be understood as alternatively titled The Heart Rose, and her spaceman as a diver, who has brought her the heart, not from Hades, the abode of the god Pluto, her uncle, but from the ocean deep, the home of her father, the goddess Poseidon. Approaching delivery point, Britney`s spaceman experiences an earthquake and, rising from the red sands of Mars, which was an ocean`s depth, the `Mansion of Horus` emerges.



 In Egyptian mythology, Hathor is the mother goddess, and the home of the `sky god` Horus is her. In Greek mythology, Zeus is the god of the sky, and so Horus corresponds to the figure of Zeus in Greek mythology, whose life was almost devoured by Chronos, who ate his other offspring. However, Rhea, the mother of the gods, saved Zeus by giving Chronos a stone to swallow instead of her son Zeus. In Christianity the figure of Chronos, who`s Saturn in Roman mythology, is Satan, and the same mythologem is repeated in Revelation where the red dragon waits to devour the New Redeemer.



 The dragon isn`t able to devour the child who rules with the scepter to protect the `hidden` woman before she leaves Earth for the stars, because its mother is `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, that is, Britney`s on Mars, and Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, so the devouring imago of the red dragon wasn`t able to prevent the birth of Horus, the `sky god`, because Rhea, the Greek goddess of the Earth, prevented the red dragon from swallowing the moon, that is, the `sky god` got there.



 On Mars, Britney`s waiting for the `sky god` to dwell in `Horus Mansion`, so she`s Hathor, the ancient Egyptian`s mother goddess of the Earth. When the spaceman arrives, he picks up a Greek `icon` with her face upon it, and it acts like a `cookie` in website protocols to give him access. He represents Horus, the `sky god`, and he gives her `the heart of the ocean`, because she`s the `heart` of Poseidon as Persephone, that is, she`s Britney`s Persephone, which suggests Britney Spears` `phone technology`, or `I-phone`, but also the `Ethernet` or Microsoft Explorer, that is, Britney`s Spears` E-phone (Persephone); or, in other words, an `ether` I-phone. Because she`s Persephone, it`s underworld meaning is a parody of Aristotelian either/or logic in which `ether` phone becomes `eye the phone` but we won`t let you go anyway. It`s rather like the dispute over how to pronounce tomato and tom8to in the Cole Porter song:


`You say tom8to, and I say toma:to.

You say pot8to and I say pota:to.

Tom8to, toma:to. Pot8to, pota:to.

Let`s call the whole thing off.`1


 Britney`s spaceman is a tom8to, because he`s `Major Tom` from David Bowie`s A Space Oddity. Bowie`s backing band were called The Spiders From Mars when he was known as Ziggy Stardust, and so it`s an allusion to Britney`s red suited character as a tom8to, which is US pronunciation rather than British. It`s also a reference to the mistake Dan Quail made when he was Vice President of the USA for Bill Clinton. He went to a kindergarten and spelt potato as p-o-t-a-t-o-e, and tomato as t-o-m-a-t-o-e, which in turn refers to the fact that Britney`s spaceman resembles a `toe`, and he`s spied her on Mars, but Britney`s from there.



 Image enhacement in the 20th century was largely to do with smoking, and the removal of `ciggies` from movies, television, and advertising, which resulted in an escalation of explicit violence. The reason is because, psychologically, cigarettes are nipples, and men`s nipples don`t nourish, that is, orality for women is the nipples and penis, whereas men don`t have any nourishing oral contact with women. Milk is protein and so is semen, which means that women give and take nourishment, but men only fertilize. A woman may produce a child over nine months, and lactate in order to suckle and nourish the baby from her breasts, but a man is finished with the process in a few seconds, and is only concerned with when he can devour it.




 Consequently, men teach women to smoke, which is their primary function, because they represent the devourer as cancer, which is Consumption, whereas Woman in the person of the Virgin Mary, a non-smoker, has Assumption according to the Catholic church. It`s the basic Assumption, as it were, that God discourages smoking because it`s the sublimated desire to use the penis as a gun.



 In men the anus is associated with the `Thinking` function, in psychological terms, because it`s associated with the ear or listening function. However, although men believe the gun to be a penis extension, it`s an anus extension, that is, when they`ve devoured enough, in sexual terms, they shit on it. The gun is simply a louder fart to make the sound of the woman and that of the Paraclete, that is, the spirit of God within, less audible, by devouring her life audibly. Polite men use silencers, so spiritual people aren`t disturbed by the sounds of their farts.



The Paraclete was sent to teach them not to torture and murder people like Jesus, and stopping smoking was a step towards preventing men from teaching women to put guns in people`s mouths rather than the nourishing, nurturing, and developmental Word of God, which is `God`s love` from the mouths and breasts of women. As it says in the Bible, `Out of his mouth came a sharp double-edged sword.` Jesus is Woman`s commander, and he`s obeyed because he can`t be disobeyed. It`s God`s Word. He`s not talking between puffs on his cig.



 Homosexuality is the devouring of women sexually, and shitting on them afterwards, which is men`s approach towards the Earth and its female inhabitants generally. Men are puffs on their cigs, where cig is the penis and the puffs are each other, or the gun as an anus extension to fart-shout `Go away!` If they`re passively homosexual, they`re practicing extinction, and if they`re actively homosexual, they`re murdering women, and devouring civilization, art, and culture. As Britney sings in Criminal:


`He is a killer. Just for fun fun fun fun.`



 Or, to put it another way, Ciggy doesn`t play the guitar, and the spiders have never been to Mars, because they`re cigarette puffs, and would contaminate Britney`s atmosphere. Her hypothesis, in her red pilot`s suit, is that the pilots of the X-series of planes that began space exploration by flying out of the stratosphere, experienced `blackouts` because they were being murdered by evil men who were possessing them as spirits and functioning as the devouring imago to prevent Neil Armstrong from setting foot upon the moon:


`One small step for a man, one giant leap for Mankind.`



 The spaceman`s Britney`s `camera`. She suspends him above her while he makes helpless baby movements, because he`s a baby dragon that, with a symbolic fork in the `frame`, represents that which will be devoured by the betraying father-imago, who betrays his Titanic love, because the father-imago will constellate the devouring imago in the son and cause him to devour her.



 The analogy is apposite because the Titanic movie is a story of betrayal through `framing`, and the heroine Rose is betrayed by her ex-lover who `frames` her new lover for stealing her heart by putting the jewel in his pocket. Consequently, the `fork` in the frame with the spaceman is a symbol of the devourer`s aim to betray. If the spaceman accepts the devouring father-imago, symbolized by the fork suspended next to the spaceman hanging above the delectable Britney, rather than accepting the Paraclete`s wisdom that God is God, then he`s accepted the devouring imago of `dad` as God, and dad isn`t.



 The spaceman is Britney`s baby `foe toes` as he makes faltering steps to get into a position to take `photos`, which is his devouring imago`s  preparing to devour her. It seeks to constellate itself in man through `dad`, and `daddy`s little girl` is the target, for `daddy` and her husband, brother, or any other male that accepts the devouring imago rather than the `tutelary guidance` of God`s spirit, which is the accepted tuition of the Paraclete. As Marilyn Monroe sings, `My heart belongs to daddy.` Because daddy`s a devouring imago and wants to eat it himself.



 Marilyn`s real name was Norma Jean, which suggests a content of the unconscious, that is, an archetypal anima-figure that wants to be remembered. Debbie Harry, Madonna, Britney `Jean` Spears, and so many other young women, have felt an affinity or closeness with Marilyn`s imago, so that it takes on the appearance of a `remembering` archetype. In My Heart Belongs To Daddy, Marilyn`s a pole dancer, and so is Britney in Gimme More. In fact, her dark haired self dances while her blonde `mother` watches over her. It`s the Kore archetype from ancient Greece, which is Persephone and Demeter, the growing daughter, and the growing mother who grows her.



 The mother-daughter archetype is more important than any other, because women`s breasts provide nutrition, and development for their daughters so, when a woman has a penis, fellatio is an appropriate response between them - and nutritious. The sister-sister or girlfriend-girlfriend relationship isn`t as good as the mother-daughter, because it`s based on shared experiences that are based on hatred for the devouring imago that is represented by the father or fathers, and so they become devourers of each other.



 Pornography is often called `hard core` because it`s the `hard Kore` of mother-daughter love that maintains and nurtures. In crude terms, Britney`s pole-dancing in Gimme More is the maintaining of an erection between mother and daughter, that is, `hard Kore` memory of her own penis in which Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Harry, Madonna and Britney Spears in `Piece Of Me` are `pieces`, and the Paraclete is the `me` of the jigsaw in which the memory is of Woman as a species - and with a penis of her own.



 In mythological terms, Persephone escapes from the underworld when her mother escapes from the Earth, which Britney represents on Mars, because she`s Hathor, the victorious mother goddess of ancient Egypt, who dances with the corpse of Set`s rib cage around her, while the spaceman`s delivery of Osiris` heart is symbolic of Osiris `risen`, and Osiris` heart`s brought to assist Britney as Hathor`s memory by the spaceman, the representative of Horus, the `sky god`, who`s Britney on Earth, and who belongs in Hathor`s `Mansion of Horus`, which Britney on Mars represents. In her meeting with her spaceman the red disk of Hathor can even be seen, and it`s a symbol of her `housekeeping`.



 Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is the `hard Kore` of her `risen heart`, because it`s Woman`s as a species`, that is,  Resurrection in completeness of memory across lifetimes. She`s assisted by the Paraclete as guide and mentor to Redemption, which is acceptance of the  teachings of Jesus that `God`s love`, that is, Woman`s, is to replace the endless cycle of death and rebirth, with completeness of memory across reincarnations.



 There`s a difference between incarnation and reincarnation, because reincarnation is about karma, which is what`s left after the spirit of the incarnate God has removed itself. Essentially, what`s left isn`t memorable, and so isn`t remembered, but ego may continue when the spirit of God is no longer present, and that`s continuity but soulessness, which is what `zombies` are, and what evil men as devouring imagos, want from women, because men are parasitical alien viruses replicating themselves through the medium of `Woman`s` host womb in order to enslave her as `zombies` and devour God through her. It`s a predicament summarized most perfectly by science fiction Grand Master Robert A. Heinlein`s (1907-88) story ` - All You Zombies - ` in which a man who knows he`s the woman in the story laments her predicament:


`Jane,  I know where I came from - but where did all you zombies come from? You aren’t really there at all. There isn’t anybody but me – Jane - here alone in the dark. I miss you dreadfully!`



 The `zombies` aren`t there because they`re souless imagos of devouring men who have enslaved women as souless replicators of themselves as perpetual viral parasites. The only escape for Woman is the `hard Kore` mother-daughter relationship in which the daughter learns to nurture and develop from her mother, which is the antidote to the imago of the devourer that doesn`t want her to grow from the Earth - and leave, with her mother`s help, to sow her `seed` amongst the stars.



 Accusations of lesbianism or incest are taboos that, as in the Oedipus myth, are devised by men to foster blindness and unconsciousness. In this case, blindness and unconscious enslavement to the idea of men`s penis as the source of fertilization, which is equivalent in terms of the myth of the corn god to saying that men are the source of fertilizer only, because woman is to be ploughed back into the soil as fertilizer and Demeter, become Persephone, is doomed to endless cycles of death and rebirth in enslavement to the devouring imago, that is, men as her tormentors and devourers in the underworld who, having devoured her mother`s memory of her own penis, now devour her afresh each time Persephone `rises` in order to keep Demeter`s daughter a pole-dancing slave.



 In psychology, `bipolar` is categorized as symptomatic of disorder, and it would be if the woman was unable to recognize that, when she`s developing, her mother is her developer and not the devouring imagos of men who don`t want her to escape from the underworld and join her mother amongst the stars in heaven, which is the imagery of the red dragon in Revelation who waits to devour the child of the woman who gives birth to the New Redeemer who`ll protect the `hidden` woman of the Earth until she leaves. The child is Jesus, which is why the mother-son relationship is associated with Satan worship, because the son and father imagos are devourers, which is Satanism, if the Paraclete and the teachings of Jesus aren`t accepted.



 In Jungian psychology, acceptance of the Paraclete`s tuition would require differentiation of the function commonly regarded as `woman`s intuition`. Tuition of the soul or anima is how the archetype of Woman saves, and is the individuation process of Jungian psychology. Although the devouring imago isn`t archetypal, because archetypes are developmental, they`re recognizable in the working out of archetypal material. Consequently, the Gulf Wars (1990-2011) were the stabbing from the `back, dad` (Baghdad), where the `Big Apple` of New York refers to the wisdom of the `third eye`, the pineal gland that, opening to see and communicate the guiding Paraclete`s animation of the Earth, as it were, was thwarted by the devouring mechanism of the male imago that, constellating the dragon of Baghdad`s Saddam Hussein in Iraq`s Middle Eastern `zone`, spent zillions of dollars on the 3rd largest army in the world, and a corresponding amount on the US army, so ensuring the success of the devouring imago.



When New York, the `Big Apple` or Western world`s centre for art, culture and civilization was transformed from an animator`s `haven`by the `plague aims` of a devouring imago `play gamer` into a `shoot-em-up` for `X-boxers`, it became possible to perceive the terrorist attack on New York`s Twin Towers as being analogous to a Microsoft`s `X-box` games` platform for a `shoot-em-up`.



 Boxers are taught to face each other in the ring, which is why Britney descends inside a giant ring in the video Oops I Did It Again. They can`t fight tanks, but boxers can be stopped by a single person, as the student proved in Tiananmen square in China`s Beijing. However, the box that the boxers want to face each other in becomes `too big`, which is why boxing isn`t about teaching, or learning, self-defense.



 The attack by terrorists on the Twin Towers of New York`s World Trade Centre was what `boxers` are taught, that is, `ringcraft`, which is polite, and `civil` outside the ring, and murderous within it. The Twin Towers were `boxes` and the terrorists were being planes, `civil`, within boxing `protocols`, and then murderous once inside the ring. The British employed the same principle in the 1982 Falklands War when announcing an `exclusion zone`, then expanding it to include the Argentine troopship Belgrano, before torpedoing it with the Conqueror submarine.



 The analogous Hollywood movie is The Ring, which is the concept that everything in the ring is to be `snuffed`, and everything will be in the ring. In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s protocol is her `icon` image, and her spaceman is suspended by her `boxing board of control`, that is, her PC`s `motherboard`, because she`s her tough `cookie`, and he has to complete a task, which is to give her the jewel of the `heart of the ocean` that, symbolically means he accepts Venus, the goddess of love, as having conquered Mars, and not the god of war.



 The spaceman gives it to her inside a `box`, and we have to guess what`s inside it. If it`s a ring, we understand that it`s `ringcraft`, and she`s mistress of it because she descend in a giant`s ring. In Egyptian mythology, the evil Set dismembers Osiris` parts, and his parts have to be recovered by Isis. Britney`s stage set in Oops I Did It Again is a giant`s rib cage, so it`s the stage Set where, having performed her role as dragon slayer, she has the ring of Set, and has now accepted the heart of Osiris, who`s The Heart Rose and shall receive Resurrection and Redemption through her tuition and tutelary guidance as God`s Paraclete before he becomes the `sky god`, Horus, and lives with her in `Horus` Mansion`.



 The symbolism is similar to J.R.R. Tolkein in The Lord Of The Rings in which part two of the trilogy is The Two Towers and the power of the ring is broken when it`s destroyed, because it`s a `snuff ring`, as all devouring rings are. The central feature of the story is that Frodo`s mind, personality, spirit, and soul are under constant threat of devourment by the `Dark Lord`. The tragedy is that marriage is the same. As the devouring imago of the red dragon of Revelation shows, the devouring imago of the father seeks to devour the baby, which is why Britney`s constant refrain in Oops I Did It Again is `Ooh baby. Baby.` Men are baby eaters because they`re Satanists. Britney`s red suited figure in Oops I Did It Again is juxtaposed with her white bikini-dressed figure surrounded by an eight-pointed Arabian star, which suggests Britney Jean:


`You see my problem is this. I`m dreaming away.`



 In the late 50s Larry Hagman was the lead male character in the US TV show I Dream Of Jeannie in which Barabara Eden was the Genie and he was in `astronaut training`. The meaning of the genie is `freedom`, but the meaning of the genie imprisoned within the lamp, or bottle, is for the imprisoner to be `secretly free` with her, which is what marriage is, but tragically it`s also a recipe for slavery and devouring.



 When Britney`s spaceman picks up her `iconic image`, there`s a Mars quake and what looks like a city appears in the visor of the astronaut`s space helmet. If it`s an Arabian `Open Sesame`, then it`s the Paradisal `Jennah`, which is heaven in Arabic, and exists upon the Earth as it does everywhere else. Before it appears, the spaceman speaks the `magic` word: `Cute.` It`s a reference to a passage from the Koran, Sura 69, and refers to `Qutoofuha daniyatun`, the `fruits` of Paradise, and their properties.


69:21 And he will be in a life of bliss, Fahuwa fee aaeeshatin radiyatin,


69:22 In a garden on high, Fee jannatin aaliyatin,


69:23 The fruits whereof will hang in bunches low and near. Qutoofuha daniyatun.



The true role of the genie is tutelary, that is, to change the mind of the devourer, which is the same function the Holy Spirit has in Christian tradition. In short, there`s a semantic difference in `being free` with someone`s affections, and being good enough to be free, which is why Britney`s red suited figure represents Santa Claus. Santa is an anagram of Satan, and there aren`t any toys for those who haven`t been good, because they`re not good enough to be free with them. Britney`s stage set appears as if surrounded by claws. They`re the claws of Satan who wants to be free with her and the toys he`s prepared for those who`re good, but they`re also her adult`s claws for those who haven`t been good enough to be free with her.



 When she suspends the spaceman above her, Britney, in Oops I Did It Again, has become his `magic lantern` picture show, and that`s why she appears as a slide for a projector beneath his `camera`, because slides can be made from photos, and so the spaceman in his spacehelmet, who captures her image, is the `bottle`, and Britney`s the genie. In other words, `the genie is out of the bottle`, as computer `geeks` say, when they`ve created something new with their genius. The `problem` for the spaceman is his functioning as a picture taker, because he can`t see Britney Jeannie as projections of the genie within. He`s blind as to how the `magic lantern` show functions.



Britney describes the `problem` in Blackout and `Piece Of Me`, which presents the situation as Oedipus`, whose name means `lame`. In the myth Oedipus is psychologically blind and unconscious, that is, `slow` on the `uptake`, like the spaceman lumbering clumsily towards her, and above her, as Mars` huge, cumbersome infant. As a camera, he represents `baby pictures` with his wife and mother, whom he can`t recognize as the genie within and so, blind and unconscious, he remains an infant.



 Oedipus Rex by Sophocles is the story of Oedipus` blinding of himself, after recognition that he`s broken the incest taboo by mistakenly killing his father and marrying his mother. The meaning is that he`s his father, and his mother`s always been his wife, but the devouring imago of men with their incest taboo don`t want him to perceive that `Woman` is his wife. Consequently, Oedipus` blinding is a devouring of him by men`s imago, because his consciousness needs woman`s guidance, which Jocasta, his mother tries to give him, and his daughter Electra still attempts to provide at the close of the ancient Greek drama as she guides the baby spaceman`s slow footsteps to the future. But the `genie is out of the bottle`, as it were. If the Greek audiences were able to discern the truth, so will we.



 Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is Santa`s present to those who want to be good with her, and enjoy her toys, free from being hung up on. Britney`s Persephone. When she sings Oops I Did It Again, her video character makes a grab at the eye of the person watching her. Her spaceman, as she raises him above her (symbolically, as her `baby`), also appears as a `grab`, like those of old-style arcade machines that, manipulated like cranes, descend and `grab` a `toy`. Here the `toy` is Britney`s Spears Oops Eye Did It Again. She`s demonstrating how her I-Phone works: it`s her theatre.



 In Oops I Did It Again, Britney`s character is different to that of Hit Me Baby One More Time, or Stronger, because it`s an aspect of her, that is, selected from a range of available images that are for `show`, whereas the rest are `secretly free`. It`s a metaphor for consumerism. If she`s free, she doesn`t cost anything, and her image is freely available everywhere on the internet, but to be `secretly free` is to have a secret life, which is what `Piece Of Me` is about. At one point there are five Britney`s, in French resistance berets, leading the fight for freedom against the paparazzi, who want to `shoot` her.



 The analogy isn`t a foolish one. The paparazzi effectively `shot` Princess Diana in the Pont D`Alma tunnel in Paris. Oops I Did It Again is about the apologist monsters who devour the art, civilization and culture of `Woman`, as God`s producer and product, in what is effectively continuous warfare against her and her upon the planet, that is, Earth, and then flash their camera bulbs at her in mockery of their desire as devouring imagos to `shoot-em-up` some more `heroine`, the archetype of God`s developmental creativity.



 In NASA space programmes blackout is a training feature, that is, how to deal with it. Britney`s spaceman observes at the beginning of Oops I Did It Again: `Gravity device, status effective.` She then takes his helmet off for a minute or so while he gives her the boxed jewel of the heart of Osiris, and as a trained astronaut he`s able to resume his helmet without deleterious effects from high-G, which is where blackouts occur because that`s where genie is, and the devouring imago of men don`t want her to be seen. Formerly, her spaceman had observed, `Oxygen status 98%.` Normally that level of oxygen would cause `blackout`, but astronauts are trained for `contacts` in high-G, which is called `special air`, and that`s why the British call their special forces, the Special Air Service (SAS). Essentially, `special air` is the Paraclete, or `God`s spirit`, but SAS means `enslavers` of what can be serviceable in the pursuit of warfare.



 It`s Britney`s hypothesis that `blackout` is caused by men who want unconsciousness and blindness, and so it`s a metaphor for possession, which is slavery, and murder, and that`s torture for those who have the Paraclete, that is, Jesus` `Piece Of Me`, as their `all-seeing` witness to what`s being perpetrated against those who`ve also accepted the Paraclete and are able to receive what amounts to telepathic communications by means of `visions` of others torments and distress at the hands of the evil devouring imagos of men that are Woman`s tormentors upon the Earth.



 The war in heaven in which the Woman`s `seed` defeats `Satan` is a defeat of the evil, whereas Woman`s regard for her `handicapped` daughter without a penis, and before her Assumption as Woman`s own species, is `Satan worship`. Consequently, Woman is Satan from the perspective of men, who don`t want her to leave Earth and defeat her here rather than face the strength of her `seed` in heaven, which means Redemption for Satan if he`s a man who accepts God and perdition if he doesn`t.



 What`s defeated  by Woman`s `seed` in heaven will  be evil, and no one will care. God`s promise is to create a new heaven and Earth after Jesus slays the red dragon and the evil are given eternal unendurable pain as their punishment. Amen.


1 Thanks to Avril Lavigne for Sk8er Boy (2002).