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Hit Me Baby One More Time

19/01/2012 03:15

Hit Me Baby One More Time


Britney Spears` video for Hit Me Baby One More Time is interestingly lyrical, because it features two basic notions, that of `taking a hit` as in heroine injection, for example, or being hit by a boxer, or even a hit in the sense of being assassinated by the CIA. The obvious allusion is to Britney as a `hit maker` of pop records, but abusive parenting may even be a consideration.



 If Hit Me Baby One More Time is a film for the intelligence community, there are clues as to its meaning. The basic principles in spying are to prevent those who you don`t want to see from seeing, which is why there`s a reference to blindness.


`Oh baby baby,
The reason I breathe is you.
Boy you got me blinded.`


 It`s a metaphor for enslavement. A later work was entitled Blackout, because it relates to the idea of asphyxiation, which produced blindness or unconsciousness, because of a lack of air. In Oops I Did It Again, which precedes Blackout but was recorded after Hit Me Baby One More Time, Britney on Mars is visited by a spaceman who narrates: `Oxygen content 98%.` In astronaut training, high levels of oxygen are used but `blackout` is always a danger, and although Britney takes his helmet off for a minute or so, further exposure would be fatal, and she replaces it. She wants him to be able to see her.

 The Femme Fatale album of 2011 is about a Mafia `hitman`, and so there`s continuity within the concept of blindness and unconsciousness, which begins to emerge in Hit Me Baby One More Time. The idea of intelligence and blindness is closely related in thematic terms. Piece Of Me is about the intrusions of the paparazzi into her privacy, and the issue of deepest concern, which is her parenting, A snap of Britney`s baby losing a hat during a paparazzi melée was the basis for a custody battle that resulted in her children being taken away, so she was denied the right to see:


`And with a kid on my arm
I'm still an exceptional earner.`


 For someone whose preoccupations are intelligence and seeing, it`s hardly surprising that she`d become obsessed with criminals, because they represent non-governmental secret organizations that might be responsible for preventing her from seeing, and the USA`s governmental intelligence organizations didn`t protect her from those who wanted to keep her from being able to see. In Piece Of Me she appears in dark glasses, which suggest that she`s able to see but is blind to, or unconscious of, the truth, and she wants to see:


`No wonder there's panic in this industry
I mean please...`


 The chaos in the industry is due to the perspective that false is truth, and is more entertaining, which is like preferring shit to what`s edible. It`s a metaphor that`s translatable because Hit Me Baby One More Time contains lyrics that complain of interference with her planned development:


`It's not the way I planned it
Show me how you want it to be
Tell me baby cause I need to know now oh because...`


 Pop songs have often been accused of having `hidden` meanings that are `Satan`, and one of the more infamous is that, if The Beatles Revolution 9 was played backwards from The White Album, the words `Paul is dead` could be heard.  Britney`s lyric `...oh because...` sounds like `Robigus`, which is a reference to a Roman deity that protected the crops. In terms of Britney`s oeuvre, `crops` may be understood as what an editor does when deciding what to keep of the picture, that is, to crop a picture means to choose what is illustrative  from the processing angle, but from the individual`s perspective it`s what`s `treasured`.



 The analogy is of wedding video rather than a movie such as Shakespeare`s The Merry Wives of Windsor. In Shakespeare`s day only men were thespians, and women were allowed to act later, but the extrapolation would be of a drama that only contained women, which would be what a man who was interested in `harem` pictures would desire. To extrapolate further, a divorce would necessitate the `cropping` of pictured from a marriage. It`s a scenario further complicated, or even made easier, by the knowledge that Woman has her own penis, as futanar, and so doesn`t need a man at all, which means that, in terms of the Shakespeare analogy, she`d want the woman`s  picture for herself.



 In the Bible the `hidden` woman of Revelation leaves Earth to sow her `seed` in heaven where she defeats an attack by the serpent`s `seed` from Earth, that is, men. The New Redeemer protects her with a `scepter`, and the red dragon of Revelation is depicted as waiting in vain to devour the protector of the `hidden` woman, which means that she can`t be prevented from escaping from the Earth and sowing her `seed`. According to Revelation God creates a new heaven and Earth after Jesus slays the serpent and its `seed`, so Woman as a species can live. Britney`s Hit Me Baby One More Time invokes the Roman god Robigus to protect her `crop`, that is, her `picture` of Earth, because she`s leaving to sow her `seed` amongst the stars.



 If True Stories isn`t defended, that is, her understanding of what the picture should contain, which is Woman as a species with her own penis, then she remains blind and unconscious, which is why the metaphor of the corn god is important. The notion of endless cycles of reincarnation in death and rebirth relate to the Buddhist idea of karma, which is the perception that, although completeness of memory is possible across lifetimes, as Jesus` Resurrection and Ascension indicates, those who practice evil cause blindness and  unconsciousness in those who don`t. Or, as Britney says in Piece Of Me:


`I'm Miss bad media karma
Another day another drama.`


 The archetypal story of blindness and unconsciousness is from Greek drama, that of Sophocles` Oedipus Rex in which the protagonist is psychologically blind or unconscious from the beginning because he doesn`t understand that all the characters are himself. It`d be much easier if he were aware that Woman is the species upon the Earth.

 Men are the red dragon of Revelation that, waiting to devour Woman as the product, and producer, of God, as civilization, art, and culture, are the reason why Oedipus is blind and unconscious of his predicament. It`s Seventeenth Century Shakespeare in reverse, where all of the characters are Woman as a species with her own penis, but men want to keep her as `host wombs` for their parasitical viral forms to enslave in endlessly reincarnated blindness and unconsciousness. Jocasta, Oedipus` wife, is indifferent to his discovery that she`s his mother because it`s an incest taboo that`s designed to prevent Man from realizing not only that each individual upon the Earth is Man, but that men are parasites, because Woman is the species.

 It`s a two stage realization that men don`t want to be perceived, and so Sophocles` drama is about blindness and unconsciousness. Oedipus blinds himself after discovering his wife`s his mother, and that he`s killed his father. His `accidental` patricide is a plot device, to underline the idea that he`s his father, and so his mother`s his wife. Men are evil, because Oedipus isn`t able to see his father as himself. Men don`t want him to see even that much because it`d allow him to see that Woman is himself, which is the second stage of realization or `seeing` that they don`t want, because then he wouldn`t be on the `blind side` but able to see Woman as his species.

 Seeing Woman as a species is the basis of Christian Redemption. Jesus preaches `God`s love` and, at the crucifixion`,the Paraclete  emerges as the `tutelary guide` from the side of Jesus when its pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus. She`s the eyes of God and the `Second Eve` who represents God`s memory because she sees all that men do. If they`re doing it to her, then God knows. That`s why Britney Spears` Circus album is significant. Spying is often termed the `circus`, and the aim of spies is to see, or prevent others from seeing.



 The cover for Piece Of Me is Britney crucified, and so she`s the second stage of self-realization after Oedipus` discovery that God`s species is Woman. The Paraclete effectively emerges from the side of Christ when  its pierced by the spear of Longinus, and so Britney Spears is symbolic of the multiscient omnipresent Paraclete as the `Spears` of God, that is, God as the omniscient producer that, with God`s omnipotence and omnibenevolence, are the visible signs of God`s goodness upon the Earth. Britney`s Roman protector `Robigus` are the complimentary aspect to God`s `Spears` as the ears of corn, which are as sharp as Spears and represent the man who has the ears of God, as she has the eyes.

 In the USA `corn` is simple truth, and is ridiculed by unbelievers. Britney`s `Robigus` has ears to hear, and eyes to see, which means he`s accepted the `tutelary guidance` of her Holy Spirit.  He adheres to the preached Word of God, as written in the Bible as an account of Jesus` mission as a proselytizer, and so is the type of the Egyptian `corn god` Osiris, who`s Resurrected `ears` and eyes as the `sky god` Horus, the hawk-eyed, denotes God`s `watch` over the Earth prior to the `hidden` woman`s leaving to sow her `seed` in the `fields of heaven`.

 Redemption and Resurrection is completeness of memory across reincarnated lifetimes, which is why it`s of paramount importance, because it`s the years of Man, and the eyes of Woman. In Hit Me Baby One More Time Britney`s `scarecrow` is asking for the eyes of the Paraclete, that is, intelligence, and an end to the years of `corn`, that is, the ridiculing of Robigus, as her man`s simplicity, and so an end to the cyclic Resurrection of Man and Woman that they represent, without Redemption, which is as fertilizer for the `crops` rather than heaven and God.

 In terms of the artistic process, Britney`s `pictures` for `Robigus`, as well as herself across the generations, are `crops`, that is, it`s how they remember each other, and so it`s how they`re remembered, by the power of the Holy Spirit, which are her `eyes of Horus`, in Egyptian mythology, and her `ears of Osiris` when her message is heard by the listening `Robigus`. Hit Me Baby One More Time is like the Bible, in the sense that `Robigus` listens, and reads what she shows, and penetrates the `logical fallacy` that it`s ridiculous `corn`.

 The Paraclete is omnipresent, as the Holy Spirit, and so the evil seek to blind Britney`s `scarecrow` into unconsciousness by dulling her `intelligence`, that is, denying her a brain, and refusing her the Paraclete`s eyes to see, and her `Robigus` ears to hear her. Because she sees what they do to her, and the evil want the good to know, especially God, who has condemned the evil to unendurable eternal pain, and so we receive glimpses of what the Paraclete can see of the tortures they perpetrate upon those who`ve accepted `God`s love`.



 In Hollywood`s movie of Frank L. Baum`s `corn bowl` tale The Wizard of Oz, the `scarecrow` asks Dorothy for a brain. She has a brain, and he`s brainless. It`s reminiscent of Oops I Did It Again in which Britney sings:


`I played with your heart.`



 In The Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man asks Dorothy for a `heart`, because he doesn`t have one. He`s a type of Osiris who, dismembered, received a tin body as each of his parts had to be replaced. Originally named Nick Chopper he lived by logging, but his axe was cursed by an evil woman so that it cut off his own limbs. It`s a metaphor for fascism, which has as its symbol a bundle of sticks wrapped around an axe. When the Allies uncovered Belsen and other places they discovered that, in the Nazi concentration camps, dead bodies were stacked like piles of wood in preparation for the furnaces.



 A `chopper` is a euphemism for `penis`, and so Dorothy`s `tutelary guidance` is axed at the movie`s close. The evil don`t want Woman to use her penis, but want to axe her. Nick Chopper`s penis is cursed so that he can`t marry the woman he loves, and that`s the meaning of Dorothy`s axing at `rainbow`s end`. A symbol of God`s promise of Resurrection and Redemption, Dorothy`s singing of Somewhere Over The Rainbow signifies God`s Covenant fulfilled, and Man`s refusal to accept anything other than Woman as ``lumber`.

 Nick Chopper doesn`t get the girl because he doesn`t want her, that is, his chopper is accursed, but not by Woman. The cursing of it by a witch is a metaphor for how women are seen by men. In a further allusion to the movies in Oops I Did It Again, Britney references the movie Titanic. She asks her spaceman about his gift: `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean at the end.` It`s `the `heart of the ocean`, a jewel Rose lets fall from her grasp into the sea at the place where the Titanic is being salvaged. Aboard the `unsinkable` vessel as a passenger in 1912, she`s betrayed by an ex-lover who frames her new lover for stealing her `heart` by depositing the jewel in his pocket. Rose`s boyfriend drowns while helping her and others to the lifeboats while the ship is disastrously sinking, and so the raising of the jewel of the `heart of the ocean` from Earth to Britney on Mars indicates loss, and the Titanic task of Redemption.

 Dorothy gives the cowardly lion a medal for courage in The Wizard of Oz, because he isn`t brave but afterwards he`s confident and becomes courageous. Although he falls into the trap of aggessivity, he`s lucky, as `heroes` often are, and so becomes successful rather than an unpleasant type of bully. Because he`s male, and a lion, however, he`s the type of devouring men`s imago which, constellated in the psyche as a `hero`, functions as the devouring red dragon of Revelation, that is, it consumes the developing ego-personality and, in so doing, turns the individual it devours into a devourer.

 Britney is applying the boxing analogy from Hit Me Baby One More Time. Those who are taught that boxing is defence have no chance against a gun, and the evil aren`t noble. Boxing is a device to persuade men that facing each other is what they must do, whereas boxing`s devised to prefer the bully to the man, and make a coward of a man because the man sees through the device. It`s like criminalization. Police surveillance is designed to make a criminal of a man, because the system prefers the police to the man, and the man won`t face the police, because the police cowardly manipulate the man into being angry and facing them, which justifies their criminalizing.

 Taking a hit what heroes do, but it`s the system that has to be beaten, which is what is meant by Jesus` preferring of the Paraclete to the bullies and the police of Galilee. Jesus observes that he`s taken enough hits and succumbs to the blows. He isn`t a boxer, but he is a man, and the bullies and the police aren`t. in Revelation the `number of the beast is the number of a man`, which means that men elect themselves into the role of first beast, second beasts, and so on...

 The number of the police, fire brigade, and ambulance service in Australia, England, and most of the rest of the world, is 999, and 666 is the `number of the beast` in Revelation, that is, in a reversal akin to those of George Orwell`s 1984 in which the state produces such slogans as `Peace is War`, a man asking for help is likely to be placed on `death row`, where he waits to be executed, because he`s `troublesome`.

 When the `War on Terror` (2003-) began with the USA`s reaction to the terrorist attack on New York`s Twin Towers, it was 9/11, and 911 is `the number of the beast`, that is, it`s the number used by its citizens to call for help, and where the National Security Administration (NSA) asked for, and received thereafter, the authority to monitor and process every single e-mail or other piece of information sent electronically everywhere upon the Earth. The result is that, in Orwellian terms, `Help is Hate`, and the bullying murderers  have everyone on `death row` awaiting execution for their intelligence and ability to see when they should, according to the bullies and the police, be punch drunk and KO`d in blindness and unconsciousness for accepting the devouring imago of the hero, who helps you to devour yourself as the red dragon of Revelation waits to devour the New Redeemer being born of Woman.

New York`s the `Big Apple` and the devourer was born as a bite was taken out of it. Those who planned 9/11 intended it to be perceived as an analogy of the bite taken out of the apple of Eden, which signals the separation of the `seed` of the serpent from the woman who`s `hidden` in Revelation prior to her leaving for the heavens to sow her own `seed` with her own penis. Amongst the stars, she prepares to defeat the `seed` of men, and is able to do so because the red dragon of Revelation isn`t able to devour the New Redeemer with the `scepter` that protects her before she leaves.

 George Bush Jr`s declaration of a `War on Terror` was the beginning of 666, and men as `beasts`. In Revelation, God sends plagues to turn men aside from their enantiodromian Orwellian enforcing of such nonsenses as `Freedom is Slavery`, and AIDS is depicted as a reversal of such simpler constructions as aids for the blind, mobility aids, hearing aids, etc. Because men are a parasitical viral organism they`re the evil `plague aims` who `play games` of bio-degradation against Woman as a species, and which have, as their goal, the reduction of humanity`s wisdom, derived over many millennia from `the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil`, to the status of `hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil` AIDS` monkeys that can`t see, speak, or hear objective goodness; because everything has been evilled by them:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.`


 If it`s a good apple, I want it. That`s the definition of good and evil. It`s obectivally simple. Why would I want a bad apple? I wouldn`t. At the end of The Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow are rulers of Oz and Dorothy, who has got them their positions, as it were, is spirited away as, effectively, `hot air` in a  balloon, having performed her function as the `tutelary guide` to God`s heaven and installed the despots. Noone would want to be governed by the brainless, the heartless, and the cowardly. But with the `tutelary guide`, who`s `God`s spirit` in Dorothy, Mankind would have good and not evil. Men prefer to be guided by evil rather than have Woman as their guide, because she`s God`s species, and they`d rather be enslavers and devourers of God in warfare, plague, and famine.

 Famine is the awareness of the existence of food, and the refusal of it, which effectively is what first world nations do with third world nations. They know how to produce it, but they say they can`t afford it. They`d rather build Saddam Hussein the third largest army in the world, and the first world`s first largest army for themselves, and then watch the USA and Iraq devour each other on CNN.

Filmed before World War II, The Wizard Of Oz is a reflection on both Nazism and the emergent psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) who observed that, in a fully functioning human being, there were four functions of consciousness, which he called `Sensation`, `Thinking`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`. Undifferentiated, these were respectively associated with ears, eyes, mouth, and nose. They had to be differentiated, or brought into conscious use, in a process he termed individuation.

 The Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow and, finally, the Wizard, who is a charlatan frightening the people of the Emerald City into obedience, denote early twentieth century fascism in The Wizard Of Oz. The ears, eyes, mouth and nose function successfully, but `God`s spirit` is wanted only to achieve victory. Saddam Hussein was a similar `scarecrow` for early twenty first century fascism and, although several `lions` were `lost in action` (1990-2011), and several purple hearts were awarded to `full metal jackets`, it`s Tin Man, Lion, and Scarecrow II for the War On Terror (2003-) while the only sign of the Holy Spirit is her palpable absence.

 Redemption is Salvation and not a `salvaging` that, passively, is the activity of `grave robbers` and, actively, is the actions of `wreckers`, but definitely isn`t Resurrection. Rose`s dropping of the jewel at the scene of the `salvaging` is her asking for Salvation for herself, and her man, as Britney, the Spears of God in Oops I Did It Again, is  being given, and is taking, heart for her Titanic task of Resurrection and Redemption. She receives heart, in accordance with the Egyptian myth, as a part of Osiris` `remembering`.

In Egyptian mythology, the evil Set dismembers Osiris, which is a metaphor for the murder of a social group that lives as a unity of individuals who, perceiving in the `mind`s eye` that their society`s being murdered, either in dreams mediated by the soul, or in a waking state by means of what, in Christianity, is called the Paraclete, represent what the evil do as torturers of those who have accepted God`s Holy Spirit.

 Man can only have Redemption if Man accepts her, but the second stage of realization incurs the knowledge that, just as the Virgin Mary in God and heaven is the Assumption, so Man`s Ascension to God and heaven is impossible. Unless Man accepts that Man is Woman, even if Man has Redemption, because Resurrection is Man in the eyes of Woman, who`s Man as the `hidden` woman with her own penis that`s capable of sowing her own `seed` to defeat men as the `seed` of the serpent that has been trying to devour her since Eden.

Piece of Me features a `True Story` tableau in which a `photoshoot` in the style of the National Enquirer is presented as entirely false, and is a brief analysis of the press`s blinding and dumbing down into unconsciousness of those who believe what is written about her. If they`re concerned to blind others into stupidity, what are they doing to her? The same thing, obviously. The analogy is of Princess Diana in the Pont D`Alma in Paris being hounded to death by paparazzi on a `photoshoot`. Many people believed that was an assassination, and Britney`s Piece Of Me indicates how the paparazzi operate.

 Every crop needs a `scarecrow` and Britney`s Hit Me Baby One More Time is the notion of the assassin as the `scarecrow`, who wants a brain but the evil don`t want him to because then he`d see, which is what intelligence is for. The `scarecrow` is also the `straw man` who`s a `cover` or `front`, which is what CIA intelligence operators make for themselves.1 In Hit Me Baby One More Time, Britney`s a `scarecrow` for her `crop`, which is also protected by Robigus, the `corn god`.

 On one level, Britney`s a `straw man` herself, because a `logical fallacy` is that the answer is obvious. In Sophocles` Oedipus Rex it`s that Oedipus is blinded for patricide and incest, whereas the truth is that he`s married to his wife, and the evil don`t want him to perceive that he`s her. In Hit Me Baby One More Time Britney presents herself as the `scarecrow`, who`s in need of intelligence, and her man is `Robigus`, who`s for protecting her `crop`, that is, her picture of God and heaven, and so Hit me Baby One More Time is designed to explode the `logical fallacy` that Britney is `simple`.

 In the Egyptian myth of Osiris, Isis fashions the penis of the `corn god` anew, when it`s lost because of the evil Set`s dismembering of Osiris. It`s archetypal insofar as daughters help their mothers to prepare meals, etc. They do this because it`s what binds mother and daughter together. It`s the alchemical secret which the ancient Egyptians called Al-Khem, or `the black earth`, which alludes to the cycle of the growing seasons. What is grown is fertilized, and what is decayed is fertilizer. Osiris` decayed penis is fertilizer, and that`s the secret. Men are for the earth because they`re its fertilizer. Isis, however, is Woman`s secret. She`s the fashioner of the penis that she shares with her daughters. Her own. Hit Me Baby One More Time is Britney`s perception that she, as the `scarecrow`, and Robigus, her man, share a penis.

The term`straw man` is also used of an opponent who`s set up to be easily defeated. Saddam Hussein is a good example for this. The USA made him strong by giving him the 3rd largest army in the world and then defeated him in a few weeks. Effectively, he fulfilled the criteria of a CIA `front` for taking over Iraq`s oil production. Saddam didn`t have brains or vision, because he was a `straw man` and the USA didn`t want him to have any. In Hit Me Baby One More Time Britney`s a first Gulf War (1990-1) baby who`ll be a `front` man for the second Gulf War (2001-3), which effectively went on for twenty one years (1990-2011).

 Hit Me baby One More Time underlines Britney`s nation`s preoccupations with Resurrection and Redemption, that is, `scarecrow` and Robigus, are Isis and Osiris in mythic terms.  The Roman Robigus corresponds to the Egyptian Osiris insofar as Osiris is the `crop` and Robigus is the protector of Osiris, who`s remembered by Isis in the Egyptian mythologem. Osiris is Resurrected as Horus, the `sky god`, which is indicative of his `special` nature as having broken the karmic wheel of reincarnation, death and rebirth, symbolized by the cycle of the seasons, to achieve what Christianity calls Redemption, that is, completeness of memory across lifetimes.

 As the `sky god` Horus is the `hawk` and corresponds to the New Redeemer whose all-seeing eye protect the `hidden` woman from the devouring dragon of Revelation, that is, men, and denotes the function of the Paraclete that, omnipresent with those who have accepted her `tutelary guidance` sees what the evil do and so can defend the `hidden` woman prior to her leaving the Earth to sow her `seed` in the `star` fields.

 Although the Roman god Robigus is Britney`s protector of the crops, which is her edited picture of the reality God seems wants from her, the Roman Robigalia, a celebration of the growing season, often featured a feminized version, Robiga. Britney envisages a hero and heroine, and Robigus takes hits for her, while she`s his heroine, but not in the sense of hitting.

 The spaceman in Oops I Did It Again hits on Britney, which means that she`s `some heroine` because she`s made some hits. From this premise is derivable a false analogy based on the logical fallacy that the language is simply understood by everyone. To a heroine addict, she`s a hit and, to an assassin, she`s as he is. It`s a joke as bizarre as `civil` aircraft being polite enough to avoid 9/11`s computerized air traffic control protocols and `hack into`  the Twin Towers of New York`s air defense system because men are alien parasitical viruses that use woman as a host womb to punish her for making them eat the apple in Eden.

 To extrapolate further, Britney is Robigus and Robiga, that is, god and goddess of their man and woman. It represents an awareness from ancient times that Isis` fashioning of Osiris` penis anew is symbolic of their spiritual unity. In other words, Woman is Man, and Britney`s knowledge of that is transmitted through Hit Me Baby One More Time by means of her realization that, if she can conceive of herself as Robiga, then Robigus exists. It`s a Christian principle that requires some seriousness. In the US TV series, Scarecrow and Mrs King, Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Smith were CIA agents whose `handles` were `Scarecrow` and Mrs King. Britney`s usage of the mythologem of Robigus and Robiga is a key to a simpler understanding. Without the concept `god and goddess`, the concept of Man is Woman as a realized belief is difficult to achieve, whereas Christianity relies on notions of man and woman as a species to perpetuate the enslavement and devourment of God. This isn`t serving the intelligent community.

 The Earth`s true species is Woman, with her own penis, and so she`s Satan from Christianity`s perspective by enantiodromia, which is what the ancient Greeks termed `reversal of opposites` and why Britney once called herself the Antichrist. She`s Woman giving birth to Redemption, and Christianity , in refusing to acknowledge that Woman is the species here, prefers to worship itself as a baby-devouring dragon imago and prevent Womankind from developing.


1 McDowell, Don (Lanham, MD) Strategic Intelligence: A Handbook for Practitioners, Managers and Users, The Scarecrow Press, Revised Edition, 2009, 286 pp.