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Game: Conservation

27/04/2012 07:20

Game: Conservation



After reading The Criminalization Of Bad Mothers by Ada Calhoun, in The New York Times online for April 25th, 2012, and recalling how Britney Spears (1982-) was forced to give control of her wealth to her father, Jamie Spears, because she was defined as a `bad mother`, doesn`t it occur to anyone that there`s a certain incongruity in Jason Trawick, the formerly sacked manager of Britney Spears (indeed, sacked by Britney Spears), being given authority over her estate as Co-Conservator to her father? Why didn`t Jamie Spears implement the huge intellect of the USA`s legal system that made of him a Conservator and prevent Trawick, the failed ex-manager of Britney Spears` pop career, from ever being in a position to handle her? Moreover, didn`t the legal fraternity of the USA perceive the incongruity of Britney Spears losing her fortune to a Conservator primarily because her kids hat fell off as she was harried by paparazzi one afternoon and, not finding herself in a mood to be bothered to pick up the cheap headgear because she was worth billions of dollars and could buy a roomful, was labelled a `bad mother`, effectively on account of her `neglect` of the baseball cap rather than her kid?

Hope Ankrom, interviewed by Ada Calhoun for her article The Criminalization Of Bad Mothers, relates how, after her infant tested positive for cocaine, she was breast-feeding before they took her to jail: `I had toilet paper crammed in my bra. There is nothing more painful than needing to [nurture] and not being able to.`1 Hope was a `junkie`, whereas Britney Spears` kid lost his hat. Nevertheless, a mom is a mom; as Hope`s story reassures us and, having followed what seems a `crooked` path` to the law, to give Conservatorship to Britney Spears` father, on the strength of her being `unfit` to take care of her son`s hat, it`s surely within the Attorney General`s purview, as the chief law enforcement officer of the United States government, to take a serious look at a sacked `Svengali` wheedling his way back into Britney Spears` life to the point at which the interpreters of the law of the USA have given Trawick, a failed businessman, that is, failed according to Britney Spears` sacking of Trawick for mismanaging her career, Co-Conservatorship over her life and, effectively, without any actual social bond other than the reinterpreting of the title of putative fiancée to mean `leech`, the power of life and death over her ideas, image, music, and business empire.



1 'The Criminilization of Bad Mothers', The New York Times .