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For God and Satan

01/01/2012 15:38

For God and Satan


Jesus was tortured to death because he preached of `God`s love`. At his death after the crucifixion his side was pierced by the spear of Longinus, and the Paraclete emerged therefrom as the `Second Eve` to be the `tutelary guide` that would be Woman`s Revelation, Resurrection and Redemption. The woman of Revelation is `hidden` until she leaves Earth to sow her `seed` in heaven, and there is war there between hers and the `serpent`s seed`, men, until the final victory of Jesus and God`s creation of a new heaven and Earth for Woman.



 Jesus` mother, Mary the Virgin, functions as Woman`s anti-virus against the parasitical viral organism that is men`s invasion of Woman as a host womb in order to replicate itself. The red dragon of Revelation that lies waiting before her birthing of the New Redeemer is a symbol of men as the devourer of her product, that is, civilization, art, and culture. The creation of 21st century viruses to attack computer technology, the avoidance of air traffic control `protocols` by using `civil` aircraft on 9/11, and the functioning of such STDs as AIDS are paradigmatic of men`s constitution as parasitical viral organisms that are a cancer upon the Earth as `consumption`.



 The Earth has accepted the notion of `consumerism` since the 50s. Communism was criticized for advocating that `the workers control the means of production`, whereas Woman is both God`s producer and product, which men are concerned to consume. Capitalism advocates the role of the entrepreneur who feeds the market what it wants, which is `bread and circuses`, that is, consumption, symbolized by the red dragon of Revelation waiting to devour the New Redeemer who is Woman`s best product.



 In Christianity, the bread and the wine are symbols of the body and the blood given by Jesus to the disciples at the last supper before his crucifixion and, in Catholicism, are the transformative content of the mass, which is called `transubstantiation` and denotes the spiritualization of the body through the acceptance of the Paraclete`s teachings and guidance. Consequently, `bread and circuses` are a `black mass`, which is bread as `consumption` and  `circus` as `play games`, that is, `plague aims`, the goal of the evil magician who consecrates a `black mass` being to confuse the issues so that the `game` of bringing cancerous devourments to Woman`s Earth can continue. 9/11 was such a `plague aim` designed to confuse the truth about the `big picture`, which is that the `War Against Terror` should be a war in defence of Woman and not a global perpetuation of violence against her.



 Individual nations such as Kuwait, Iraq and Libya are the homes of Woman and her daughters. Attacks on nations are attacks upon Woman, which is what men as cancerous consumption are. Noone objects to a consumer that wants a better washing machine, but consumption has become devourment, because that`s the meaning of the word - as programmed into human consciousness. Capitalism is then perceiveable not as entrepreneurship, but as devourment.



 Making a better society is discovered in Revelation as `disinformation` by `the circus`, a euphemism for an internationally competing network of national or company `spyrings`, and the symbol of the devouring red dragon of Revelation indicates that the `plague aim` of the `play gamers` is to devour the Earth by advocating consumerism as a `Trojan virus` in everyone`s mind. The owner and, therefore, should-be controller of the `means of production`, is Woman. This is desirable  so that she and her daughters won`t be consumed by viral men as the Earth`s cancer, which is neither a capitalist nor a socialist perspective: it`s the simple truth.



 Jesus didn`t marry because men are a viral form and, if he had married, he would`ve been Woman`s betrayer. Woman is a species with her own penis, which is called here on Earth futanar. To marry her is to lie to her, because she`s been led to believe that a) she`s for reproduction, and b) men are the means of it. In fact, she`s a species and so for God`s heaven, whereas men are for enslavement of her in reincarnation, death and rebirth. Resurrection and Redemption is for Woman. Man, because he has lied to her, can`t have her because he doesn`t accept God`s `plan`, and so Jesus` central teaching is:


`Leave her alone.`



 Jesus has Resurrection and Ascension, and preaches `God`s love` for Woman. In Revelation, Redemption is a side issue. Because Redemption supposes the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, and Ascension is through Redemption and Resurrection after Jesus, who had Ascension and Resurrection because he was `perfect`. The devouring red dragon of Revelation signifies Consumption. Woman has Ascension because she is a species, and that`s why the Virgin Mary`s Ascension to God is called the Assumption, and is a `given` in the Catholic church, because she`s assumed as a species to be deserving of God`s heaven. Men are a virus, so they can`t have Ascension unless Man accepts that Man is Woman, and there are many plagues in Revelation before Jesus` slaying of the evil and their eternal unendurable pain as a punishment, because it`s a description of how men attempt to devour Woman and the Earth before she leaves.



 Jesus was tortured to death a) because he knew that marriage was a betrayal, and b) because torture is necessarily an aspect of betrayal. Jesus wouldn`t betray Woman as a species by making of her a host womb for a male parasite, which amounts to a torturous Consumption of her as a species, as opposed to the Assumption of her species into heaven represented by the Virgin Mary in Catholicism. Marriage is then comprehensible as a device to further men`s plague aims` system of betrayal and torture, which is why men are irredeemable and doomed to perdition. In men`s `play games` system, Woman is attacked by their virus until she succumbs to Consumption, that is, as God`s producer and product, she`s the Earth`s art, civilization and culture, which is devoured by men in several kinds of war against her.



 Because men are Woman`s betrayers, torture is what they`re for, that is, slow (cancer) or fast (violent) Consumption. Marriage is betrayal because men are a virus and not her species, so it`s torture and Consumption. That`s why the woman of Revelation is confronted by a red dragon waiting to devour her child, the New Redeemer. It`s a divorce metaphor. Woman is, in fact, Satan to men, as Jesus has the Satan role for men when he preached forgiveness for his `brother`, who is Satan.1 The men who betrayed and tortured Jesus are his brother`s, that is, they`re telling Jesus that they`re Satan`s.



 Men are not Jesus` sisters, however. Jesus helps Woman to endure men by preaching `God`s love` on Earth in the New Testament, while knowing that men are a virus (evil) and she is a species. In Revelation she remains `hidden` until she escapes to sow her `seed` amongst the heavens, where she is depicted as fighting a successful war against `Satan`, who is then understandable, in perspectival terms, as once more devolving upon men as a virus. However, in simpler terms, Jesus is also Satan, because Woman is his `brother` from God`s perspective. The war in heaven is against evil, which doesn`t need labels.



 Lady Gaga`s pop videos attempt to present Woman`s case educatively to younger women in videos such as Paparazzi, Bad Romance, and Judas. She poisons her man in Paparazzi and we understand that he`s a virus so she`s `not guilty` because he`s not human. In Bad Romance, she`s hated because she can dance, is beautiful, and defies the men who don`t ogle but menace, and she declares herself indifferent to  them:


`I want your disease.`



 Emerging from white plastic coffins with red crucifixes, she wears a white mask that blinds her, and symbolizes the endlessly futile cycle of rebirth and death in unconscious reproduction of what has gone before, by those who have produced it before, and are blindly unaware that they have.



Lady Gaga defies the men that menace her in Bad Romance, which is a 21st century metaphor for the real misogynistic meaning behind Judas` homosexual betrayal of Jesus in the New Testament and, in the video for the song Judas, she`s finally captured by as much `full metal jacket` as men can muster against young Woman who is subject to degradation, and that`s what she mustn`t accept. If her reincarnated self rebels and wants completeness of memory in Resurrection and Redemption, she`ll be Satan to the Jesus torturers. In Judas it`s her perception that 21st century Judas is possessed by men`s evil spirits, and so she uses New Testament imagery from Jesus` Anointing, before his death, by a mysterious woman, and the disciple Peter`s fearfully denying three times that he knows Jesus:


`When he calls to me, I am ready.
I'll wash his feet with my hair if he needs;
Forgive him when his tongue lies through his brain:
Even after three times he betrays me...`



 Lady Gaga`s indifference to traditional perspectives is based on the Virgin Mary`s Assumption, that is, men are Consumption, so the basic Assumption is that Lady Gaga belongs in God`s heaven, whereas the spirits of evil men are consigned to perdition. She examines the perspective and doesn`t accept that her man is irredeemable because she can give him Redemption from men`s evil spirits.



 In the New Testament Judas betrays Jesus because he`s a tortured lover. In perceiving that Jesus is unmarried, he assumes that the disciples are a marriage. Because marriage is for betrayal and torture, he seeks to torture, which is why the disciples are, as recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, even by their own admission, always criticizing and betraying Jesus` principles:


`...a woman came with an alabaster jar of very expensive perfume, made of pure nard. She broke the jar and poured the perfume on his head. Some of those present were saying indignantly to one another, “Why this waste of perfume? It could have been sold for more than a year’s wages and the money given to the poor.” And they rebuked her harshly.



 “Leave her alone,” said Jesus. “Why are you bothering her? She has done a beautiful thing to me.  The poor you will always have with you, and you can help them any time you want. But you will not always have me. She did what she could. She poured perfume on my body beforehand to prepare for my burial. Truly I tell you, wherever the gospel is preached throughout the world, what she has done will also be told, in memory of her.”


 Then Judas Iscariot, one of the Twelve, went to the chief priests to betray Jesus to them. They were delighted to hear this and promised to give him money. So he watched for an opportunity to hand him over. (Mark 14: 3-12)


 The disciples are jealous of the woman`s love for Jesus and want to betray, torture, and so divorce him and her immediately, which is why Jesus is crucified. The homosexual element is relevant, because it further emphasizes men`s sterility, which is that marriage is for producing more men for Woman`s Consumption. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen: 18, 19) for this reason. Woman functioned there as host wombs for men who want to betray and torture her. In Judas` terms, he`s for homosexual hatred, which is restressed in Revelation as `plague aims`:


`His kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.`



 The kingdom is dark because blindness is what men are for. It`s the throne of the beast because the Woman who`s hidden might see, whereas men don`t want her to. It`s a false perspective, familiar from Islam, in which Allah is neither male nor female, because Woman is a species with her own penis and is both male and female – from a male-female perspective. This means that, if men don`t want Woman to see, they`re preventing themselves from seeing, which is why they`re evil.



 Men don`t want Woman to be seen, so they blind Man, who does want to see her. But men are many and so men will be blind. It`s a false perspective anyway, because men are a virus, and Woman is a species. Consequently, when evil men become aware of a woman who knows that she`s a species and isn`t blind, they`ll want to blind her also. So that she has to see that she doesn`t want them, they don`t want her, and she has to accept slavery in devourment in betrayal, torture and Consumption during ceaseless cycles of reincarnations, deaths and rebirths. That`s why the tradition in Islam is of Shaitan as Satan, and that all men are Iblis, who whispers but doesn`t exist because men are a manifestation of Shaitan, who wants to be in the picture with Woman who isn`t their species and so is excluded, which in Christianity is the Assumption.



 The kingdom of the beast is dark, because it`s a `dark room` in which men are preventing Woman`s picture from developing because they want her to continue seeing them as `host wombs` for perpetuating their alien parasitical viral forms, which exists to foster blindness, enslavement, and devouring.

 In the Christian Bible the red dragon in Revelation waits to devour the New Redeemer born of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` who will protect her with the scepter until it is time for her to leave and sow her seed in heaven. She`s Woman with a penis, and doesn`t need men who have blinded her to her own beauty, and who would continue to do so unless she escapes from the Earth that is her own.



 The devouring dragon is that which devours the light of those who are guiding others to see, and would prefer them to remain blind and to live in darkness. It`s a perspective, which derives from the notion that Woman should not be seen by other men, and proceeds to the teleological conclusion (from that basic premise) that she shouldn`t see either. It`s perspectival, because it`s about perceiving when to change position. The perception that Woman should be hidden because she has her own penis is a laudable position. Men blind and devour her because she`s a species and they are a virus. To hide her so that she cannot be seen is to hide her so that she cannot see. A woman with a penis can`t be seen unless she chooses to show it to you. If she doesn`t, she remains `hidden`. Consequently, the scepter of Revelation that rules for her while she`s `hidden`, and before she escapes to sow her seed amongst the stars in heaven, may be construed as her penis. While she`s upon the Earth she reproduces herself secretly, and when she`s in heaven her `seed` fights against the evil and, according to Revelation, wins.



 Blinding Woman is an evil perspective derivable from a correct position, which is that Woman is `hidden` in accordance with God`s omniscient plan for her development. That`s why it is evil to have Woman understand that she shouldn`t be seen because, in the final analysis, men don`t want her to see, so they`re eye cancer, which is why the Arabians have the concept of the `evil eye` in Arabia.



 If the evil hold and maintain their perspective, you will see the `evil eye` as your own. That`s why it`s important to begin from a correct perspective, and to change one`s mind if necessary, to continue an understood position, in order to maintain and hold the simplest perspective, which is that Woman is God`s species on Earth, and evil isn`t good because it is men, and they seek to blind Woman to knowledge of herself. The cure is Redemption, Resurrection and Ascension rather than reincarnation, death and rebirth in endless slavery, and that means unendurable eternal pain for men who don`t accept the `love thy neighbor` principle, which is the knowledge that Woman is Man, so when Woman leaves Earth for heaven to sow her own `seed` there with her own penis, Man is leaving on Woman`s Assumption that he has Ascension with her, and what remains is men`s blindness, their evil, and their evil blindings.



 Labelling is what creates a false perspective. From the perspective of Woman, who gives birth to her protector as the New Redeemer, men are evil to her because she`s a species, whereas we are taught to think of Satan as evil. Consequently, it`s about when to perceive evil as evil and to ignore labellings which proclaim this or that as Satan, because Satan is a word that has come to be used to label that which evil wants us to perceive as evil but which is good.



 The hidden Woman of Revelation leaves to sow her seed amongst the stars because the New Redeemer perceives that men are evil, not that they`re Satan. Woman is Satan from the perspective of evil men who don`t want her to leave, and that`s why Satan`s perspectival. In God`s omniscience it is revealed that Woman wants a divorce from men and so Satan is revealed as an archetype of God`s plan. Jesus is able to save because he is able to recognize evil. From this perspective, Satan is the archetype of Woman`s imprisonment and escape because she`s labeled as Satan for wanting freedom. Jesus, in perceiving this, performs a Herculean leap of faith and reveals himself as a master of tactics and battle strategy in understanding that Woman is his `brother` Satan.



 The Second Coming is Jesus` return, in Revelation, to slay the evil that is men, leave God to punish men with unendurable eternal pain, and accept that that was God`s divine intention, when God gave Woman as `God`s love` to Man. She was Jesus` brother, and his brother isn`t evil after Redemption, Resurrection and Ascension – as Woman – which requires faith from Man and Jesus. In the New Testament, Jesus shows God he has the necessary faith, and Mary has the Assumption because it`s the correct one: Woman is God`s species. It`s the basic `assumption`, for those who are perspectivally  and positionally correct in terms of faithfulness to God. Without an acceptance of that basic Assumption, there can be no Redemption for Man, who is Consumption, but it requires a leap of faith to accept that Man is Woman, and so she leaves for heaven as Man, whereas men do not. That`s Man`s Redemption.



 Egos in heaven are not egos here. It`s a difficult concept to grasp, but it`s God`s, and we are not in a position to question God`s omnipresent perspective, which is that of omnipotent good and omniprescience. If you`re not a good ego, then you`re there and not here, or here and not there. The `love thy neighbor` principle is Jesus` attempt at a `fixit` but, if Woman is a species and men aren`t, then Woman`s egos are good, so `love thy neighbor` is a `confidence trick`, which works if men believe in it and have faith, but doesn`t if they don`t. They can only have Redemption if Woman`s Assumption is accepted, that is, that she as Man belongs in heaven, and Man is Woman so can have Redemption and Ascension as Woman.



 If Man doesn`t accept the basic Assumption, then they`re men with false egos because they accept false teachings that aren`t from the tutelary guidance of the Holy Spirit that wants Man to see, or they`re evil egos because they accept the evil teaching that she as Man shouldn`t see. Men don`t want Woman or God to see because, as `God`s spirit`, the `Second Eve`, the Paraclete or Holy Spirit, she`s who guides upon the path to sightedness, but is `God`s spy` to the evil, and she who looks upon their doings, which is why they don`t want her, sapientae dei, Sophia, the wisdom of God, to see. Because they`re the evil enemies of God. They tell us that there are spies everywhere, when what they mean is that the Paraclete is.



 The `War on Terror`, declared by U.S. President George W, Bush in 2003, is an attempt by the `circus` to discover the whereabouts of Woman`s `hidden` penis, and to prevent the Holy Spirit from teaching and guiding her to sightedness and God`s heaven. The promulgation of anti-terrorism to the point at which everyone is spied upon is a denial of the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, which is why it is evil to pursue a war on terror to the point at which everyone is spied upon:


 `Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man: and his number is six hundred threescore and six.`



 Solomon, the wise, `collected` 666 talents of gold each year (1 Kings: 10. 14, and 2 Chron: 9. 13) in the Bible.  Solomon`s wise because wisdom denotes acceptance of Sophia, the Sapientae Dei, that is, the sun and moon of psychic and physical hermaphroditism. But the beast isn`t wise because he doesn`t. The number of the beast denotes `election`, which is why many Popes were thought of as `beasts`. They were elected, as are Presidents. It`s a simple concept. The gold symbolizes wisdom, it doesn`t symbolize gold. The number of the beast is the number of a man because men are beasts, and are not wise as Solomon.



Solomon`s wisdom is diluted, that is, first perceivable as `adulterated gold`, from a Gnostic2 point of view, when he judges between two women who each claim to be the mother of a baby. He orders the child to be cut in half and a half given to each woman. She who says that it should be given to her rival is awarded the child, but her rival is wiser because she`s explaining to Solomon that neither woman wants it. She`s a woman who`s a species with her own penis, and so doesn`t actually want the boy son (poison), and nor does Solomon.



 In his relationship with the Queen of Sheba, Solomon worships `false gods`, which means that his perspective is `false` because unconscious, but not necessarily evil. That`s why God prohibits `false gods`, because they`re a false perspective. Some of Solomon`s wisdom remains unconscious, so Sophia`s teaching him. He is `elected`, as it were, to receive her knowledge, whereas the beast upon the throne of the darkened kingdom in Revelation is elected from the `number of the beast`, that is, men who blind the gold of wisdom, and betray her.



Judas, in the New Testament, is the fool who is offered silver by men to allow them to torture the future of Man and Woman in the person of Jesus, so that Woman, as a species with her own penis, will continue to live in the blindness that men want for her. Traditionally, fools are blind and, because Jesus is supposedly blind to the charms of women, he`s men`s `fool`. Men are a virus and not a species, so Jesus is an attractive symbol of worship because he`s a man, and so men have fooled Woman as a species into worshipping men by making Jesus an adorable celibate who`s penis needs to be teased into erection, so enabling men as her blindness.



 Interestingly, the `fool` is a card from the tarot deck that is often used in divination but is thought to be a pictorial and portable Torah or book of Judaic `law` saved from the conflagration that was the library of Alexandria before the Roman conquest of Egypt in 30 BC. Jesus corresponds to the `fool` as renunciator, he who renounces everything but God, whereas the evil – including the disciples - are his denunciators. The `hanged man` is another card in which a man is suspended as a traitor and so is a type of Judas. But he also symbolizes deep analysis and planning before action. In other words, we are meant to perceive the archetypal meaning behind the role of the character of Judas, which is that of the married, betrayed, tortured and divorced. It`s the plan, but not God`s. That`s why the hanged man is a symbol from the Torah.



 The hanged man`s planning to escape after marriage, betrayal, torture, and divorce. He`s hung by the foot, and not by the neck as Judas was and his crossed leg makes a reversed sign of four. When reversed a tarot card has a different meaning, and so it can represent a new approach to an outdated mode. In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) fourness symbolizes the four functions of `Sensation`, `Thinking`, `Feeling` and `Intuition`, the conscious actualization of which, under the control of the ego, are needed if the individual is to be conscious rather than unconscious. This is a necessary step on the way out of the unconscious cycle of death and rebirth, which is unreflective action and impulse leading to a mode of behavior that is devouring and must be changed.



 Jesus is described as the `Second Adam`, because Woman came from Adam`s side as `God`s love` in Eden, and so the Paraclete emerged from Jesus` side as `God`s teacher` and guide to sightedness. In other words, Man and Woman`s original form is hermaphroditic, and that`s what Redemption is. Resurrection in completeness of memory and form. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary and the Ascension of Jesus after Resurrection is God`s description of the process whereby Man and Woman attain to their original form and a unique wholeness symbolized by the `virgin birth`, which is why Christmas is so celebrated. It`s the perception that Jesus` Advent is Salvation in its entirety.



1 According to tradition Satanӓel is the second son of God and Jesus` brother.


2 Gnosticism is wisdom through biblical interpretation.