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Entering Mars Orbit

01/01/2012 15:35

Entering Mars Orbit


In Egyptian mythology, the figure of Osiris is the incarnation of the sun god Ra, and he is dismembered by Set, `the evil`. Isis, the goddess, puts the parts of Osiris back together. It`s a myth that describes how a collective consciousness of individual egos that know one another, and accept each other as one, are attacked and murdered by an individual who is clever enough to turn them against each other. The result is that the peaceful group becomes warlike and forgets its oneness, which is why Jesus, in Christianity, focuses on `togetherness`:


`Forgive them Lord, for they know not they do.`


 In order to have Redemption and Salvation, in Christianity, it`s necessary to accept the wisdom of Jesus` Holy Spirit, which is the Paraclete that, effectively, emerges from where his side`s pierced by the spear of Longinus at the crucifixion upon his death, and before his Resurrection.

 The Paraclete emerged as the `Second Eve`, Woman`s accumulated wisdom since Eden. Jesus` Resurrection wasn`t reincarnation, and neither was Osiris` sojourn amongst the Egyptians; it was an incarnation. Reincarnation is death and rebirth, that is, the continuance of experience without memory, but a `continuity` that has completeness of memory is `Resurrected`.



 Osiris` collective consciousness is murdered in the Egyptian myth, because it represents a collective continuity of a unity focusing upon good and made up of individuals, who function in the knowledge that they have oneness, which is what is advocated in Christianity`s acceptance of God.



 Isis` rememberment of Osiris, and her fashioning of a new penis for him, is her functioning as the `divine spirit`, which is Ra`s accruing of wisdom as Osiris during his sojourn in Egypt; before, during, and after the attack upon him by the evil Set.



 What is missing from the myth is a description of the process whereby Osiris` collective oneness of individuality is attacked. Osiris` resurrected name is Horus, the `sky god`, who`s symbolized as a `hawk`, and the `eye of Horus` is revered in Egyptian mythology because it `sees`. Those who attacked Osiris` oneness did so because they didn`t want others to see. Similarly, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve discovered themselves to be naked after being tempted by the evil serpent to eat of the fruit of the `knowledge of the tree of good and evil`. Eve tempted Adam to eat after she had eaten, and he ate also. The serpent represents the one who wants to see, and doesn`t want others to. As Britney Spears observes in her video single Piece Of Me, when she opens the shirt of a paparazzi to discover a tiny camera, the serpent`s a spy and a voyeur.

 The evil want to watch others die while they torment them as bloodsucking leeches in endless reincarnations of death and rebirth. Redemption and Resurrection isn`t the same, because it`s completeness and continuation of memory across incarnations, which means complete, and continuing life.

 The rainbow is a symbol of God`s covenant because it`s a continuity of archetypal symbolism that proves God`s omniscience. In Greek mythology, Iris is the rainbow, which is the name given to the coloured part of the eye, and constitutes the bridge between the pupils of God`s eyes, who love each other. God`s Paraclete is, then, a mediator of `God`s love`. She`s the teaching spirit between her pupils, as it were.



 In Oops I Did It Again, Britney is Iris` pupils. The spaceman can`t see her because his men don`t want him to, and he`s a Martian to her because he represents war. In short, he`s there to declare war upon her because he wants Mars, the god of war, and doesn`t want her.



 Britney`s teaching is that eyes are the focus of those who hate and would seek to blind you to your own knowledge of yourself and others. Resurrection, in completeness of continuing memory of lives living and lived, is the absence of blindness - and those who have blinded you. In other words, Redemption is the certainty that you`ll never see men, which is why Jesus says:


`Forgive them for they know not what they do.`



 It`s a matter of emphasis. Jesus is asking for forgiveness for Woman, because she`s a species, and men aren`t. He wants to see them, and he knows men don`t. Surrounded by what does not seem good in your eyes, as Jesus was, you are either a blinded person or a blinding one. Those who hate others want them to be blind.  They are those who, seeing what they want, don`t want others to see or want it. The good love, and want to see more good, so that they can love more good. As Jesus wanted.



 Jesus` Resurrection precedes his Ascension but does not follow from his Redemption. Although Jesus preaches Redemption through the acceptance of `God`s love`. Redemption is the Resurrection of an individual`s incarnations as a `continuity` through time. As the `Perfect Man` it is easier for Jesus because he`s a completeness from birth to death, Resurrection and Ascension.



 For those who are upon the wheel of karma, the cycle of death and rebirth in reincarnation is without completeness of memory across lives lived and living. For them, Resurrection and Ascension is more difficult, so God sent the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit as an expert in `continuity`. Isis, in Egyptian mythology, is a similar `continuity girl`. In terms of Hollywood film editing, she puts together the pieces of Osiris as a film editor would. Men are stereotypical devourers, but editing is the removal of that which is not saved. Isis represents the omniscience of God because she`s Woman with a penis, so knows God`s `heart` and so is an editor and not a devourer. Britney`s spaceman gives her a gift:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.`



 It`s a reference to the `heart of the ocean`, a jewel in the movie Titanic. God`s `Old Lady` is Sophia, the sapientae dei or wisdom of God. It`s a titanic effort to edit for Woman, on the understanding that she doesn`t want men because they`re devourers of her. The heroine of the film, Rose, is painted nude by a man, who is framed for stealing her `heart` by another man. Sophia`s wisdom is that Rose is `shilled`.

 At the end of the movie Titanic, Rose drops her `heart` into the ocean, because she doesn`t see a solution to her heart`s problem. Sophia`s is the understanding that, if Rose`d had a penis, neither of the men would have wanted her, but she`d have been a `normal` woman. The two men would have attacked her together and, as `God`s wisdom`, Sophia would have edited them out of the film for her. Woman`s problem is that men want to edit themselves into the film with her, and so Mission Control in Oops I Did It Again appears as an editor`s console. When the spaceman leaves, he walks backwards as if rewound. To the naive he`s a rejected suitor, but to the wise he`s a symptom. Men will assault her until she`s a host for their virus, and she`ll never know the wisdom of Sophia.

 Sophia`s `divine spirit` appears as the Shekinah in the Old Testament. She inheres in `God`s law` because the Ten Commandments are designed to protect the knowledge of the goodness of God: `Thou shalt not...[have to] ...` Distilled by Jesus, in the New Testament, as `God`s love`, `God`s law` is extended to protect Woman in Revelation. She is `hidden` by the ruler with the iron `scepter` because she has a penis of her own, and is being prepared to leave Earth for heaven and her triumphant overcoming in war of men`s `seed` by hers.

 Jesus` Ascension follows upon his Resurrection, because he`s the `Perfect Man`, and `complete` in terms of memory. He preaches Redemption, as a fulfilling from the Old Testament in which the Shekinah is described as dwelling within the `Ark of the Covenant` as God`s continuing feminine spirit.

God`s promise through Sophia, the sapientae dei or wisdom of God, is symbolized by the rainbow that appears as a symbol of hope after God drowned the Earth in Genesis and, in Greek mythology, Iris means `rainbow`, which is the name for the coloured part of the human eye in biology. The `rainbow bridge` to the beauties of God, as it were.

 In camera technology, Iris` diaphragm is used to capture images on film. Deconstructionalists want you to see evilly, so good is presented as evil (nudity), and eventually you hate what is good because it was `hidden`.



 For Woman, `diaphragm` has another meaning. It`s inserted into the vagina to prevent conceiving. In film terms, there is that which she wants to conceive of, and that which she doesn`t. The woman`s diaphragm that doesn`t conceive is an `Iris diaphragm`, in camera terms, that captures only those images it wants. Woman`s `diaphragm` therefore represents nascent `automatic camera technology` which decides what to conceive, and when to develop, which is Sophia Sapientae.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears (1982-) descends with a hoop in her hand. It`s the symbol of her then nascent archetypal bisexuality, because it`s the archetype of both male and female condoms. The presupposition of what bisexuality means is naive, however. Woman is a species with her own penis, so she`d be able to use both male and female condoms, which is why Britney`s hoop is an ambivalent symbol. It`s an archetypal `framework` for condom design, and shows that she has a virtual `camera`s  eye` for how to conceive and develop a `Woman`s picture`.

 In mythological terms, Britney`s hoop`s a cane in the form of a circle, which denotes the `vicious circle` of blinding. In Sophocles` Oedipus Rex , Oedipus is a man who needs a cane because he blinds himself after finding Woman too beautiful.  His `filter` is unable to accept good, because he`s been taught to accept men as a group mind that should prevent him from seeing Woman.The incest taboo in the story is a plot device. Oedipus is blind to begin with because he doesn`t know the woman he marries is his mother.



 In Hollywood terms, his blinding is transition between movies. If I can remember my first movie as a star, I have Resurrection. If I can`t remember, I`m blind.1 Effectively, Oedipus is his father, who he accidentally murders. He was separated from his father, who couldn`t tell him, and couldn`t have because to know father is you is another taboo of men`s against you, and they would kill you if you knew. Because they want to be in control of the editing process and decide that nothing belongs to Jocasta.



 Sophocles` perception is that everything is Jocasta because she`s Woman as the producer of his – and all - dramas. Oedipus could have remembered his father`s first relationship with Jocasta, his wife, because he was his father. But Oedipus was as blind as his father because men use their taboos to blind, and Sophocles observes that the incest taboo is another device they use to possess the blind, because blitheness in Oedipus is equivalent to blindness. Oedipus` spiritual blindness increases until it`s a physical affliction and men`s reification of their dispossessing of him and Jocasta by means of `possession`, which is why men are in fact what are thought of as demons.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s spaceman has a crew that, ostensibly, are Mission Control on Earth, but in video terms are inside the spaceman`s spacehelmet looking out of his eyes. His crew are the `blinders` who represent shouldn`t see, even though it`s ostensibly the spaceman`s mission to see. This is NASA`s unaddressed basic issue. Men don`t want to see, because men don`t want them to.

 Britney`s spaceman`s close enough to touch her and he doesn`t. So his crew don`t want him to. That`s why men are `stilted`. Because the other men don`t want them to see or touch anything. If he can see, he can`t touch. It`s a basic taboo. If he can`t see, he can`t touch. It`s a basic methodology of blinders, which may be construed as men`s basic hidden activity as the parasitical viral organism that doesn`t want Woman as a species to know God.  They are `men of virus`, whereas Woman is of Iris.



 Britney is the archetypal Iris that seeks to edit out everything but what is for a bisexual Woman with her own penis, and that`s what her prototypical spaceman`s  camera is for. To discover the `hidden` Woman with a penis, because Woman`s a species and men aren`t. Men only pretend to want her. They don`t actually want to explore space. They want to blind her because they don`t want her ro have her own space.

 The spaceman`s camera is a prototype of what he actually needs; an `Iris diaphragm` that excludes men from blinding him, and which would allow him to be alone with Woman as a species. Effectively, she`s Redemption for the man who can accept he`s Woman, but men wouldn`t want Redemption for each other because blinding is what they do.

 Jesus understood he was `the Son of Man` because men tortured him to death. He was his own son because these were his fathers. The Virgin Mary was God`s mother, and so he was uncontaminated man waiting to be alone with Woman. Britney`s perception on Mars in Oops I Did It Again is her nascent bisexuality. If she`s Woman with her own penis, she doesn`t need a man. Consequently, she`s bisexual as a lesbian with a nascent desire to be a Woman with a penis. Redemption for man is from being censored  by men who want to blind him. He needs to know that Woman has a penis, and that she doesn`t need him, which is what the internet is for.

 If Britney shows her penis, he`ll blind her with the other men for seeing herself. If he`s not strong enough to resist their collective coerciveness. Men don`t want each other to see women, and they`re not her species anyway. If Woman`s seeing herself, `blinding` is a euphemism for murder. That`s why, in Revelation, `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to the New Redeemer, who`ll rule on her behalf with an iron scpeter while she`s `hidden`, not blind.

 The story of Adam and Eve being discovered naked in Eden is about evil seeing you. It wants us to associate Woman with evil, and blind us to her goodness, so that they can be evil towards her. In some ways, Eden is a reversal. The Edenic couple are alone, because they represent what remains of men and women after a previous incarnation of God in humanity.



 A collectivity of individuals, who`re one consciousness and spirit, would be peaceful unless someone, or another of them, wanted to enslave and devour the rest, which is why the red dragon of Revelation is depicted as waiting to devour the New Redeemer. Men are a parasitical viral organism that enslaves Woman as a `host womb` to produce art, civilization and culture in order to devour her.



 In the Egyptian myth, the `pattern` is of Ra, the sun god, incarnated as Osiris. The evil Set dismembers Osiris, who is the sun god upon the Earth, that is, he`s a collective consciousness of individual egos that know they`re Ra. The evil Set`s dismemberment of them is his murdering of egos that are resistant to evil. Eventually, the evil Set has replaced Ra, the collectivity of individuals that constitute greater knowledge and wisdom, and so Adam and Eve in Eden, in historological terms, represent a saved `breeding pair` for the serpent Set, the evil `One`, to breed again.



 In the Egyptian myth, Isis fashions a new penis for Osiris, who is reborn as the `all seeing`; because he can see everything. In Revelation, the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` gives birth to he who rules with an iron scepter on the woman`s behalf, and she is `hidden` until she leaves Earth for the stars in heaven where her `seed` defeats that of the serpent. It`s important that she`s `hidden` and not blind. If she`s `hidden` and the evil find her, then they`ll murder her. Without a penis of her own she couldn`t propogate, so she must have one; and that`s why she must be protected against `men of virus` because their eyes are diseased. Their contagion is hate and they know that blindness is what they`re for.



 Britney`s spaceman is excited by the image of her that he finds in the sand, and that`s because she`s a masturbator`s icon. Desire for Woman is for seeing her, whereas men`s taboos are for blinding. In the Bible, Onan is condemned by God for `despising` his `seed` (Gen: 38. 8-10), which is interpreted by biblical commentators as masturbation; but it isn`t. Onanism is despising but, according to liars, masturbators become blind. Not because they are despisers, but because men want to blind those who`ve discovered the reason for their taboo against masturbation. They don`t want Woman`s eyes to open; in man, or Woman. If they do, they blind (murder) them. That `s what their taboo says they do, so we may suppose it to be true; it`s their psychopathic `pattern`.

 Isis is able to fashion a new penis for Osiris in the Egyptian myth: because Woman had one to begin with and she was murdered so that she`d be blind to her knowledge of herself as a species. As the `sky god`, Osiris corresponds to the scepter wielder with `the eye of a hawk` that, in Christianity, watches over Woman as the New Redeemer in Revelation who, because he wants Woman as a species to prevail, transcends male egotism. This is symbolized by the one with the scepter uniting the poles of sun (Ra) and moon (Isis), and so the opening of eyes to God through the wisdom of the Paraclete is the fulfillment of God`s covenant, symbolized by the rainbow (Iris) that appears as a symbol of hope after God`s early drowning of the Earth:


 `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end.`


 The `heart` of the ocean is a metaphor for an unconscious content of the psyche, in psychological terms, and so wisdom is masturbation. It`s a myth2 that masturbation causes blindness, so it`s a sentence of blindness by men upon men for those who want to see Woman, and discover her penis. It`s a `hidden` psychologem, but recoverable, although equivalent to raising the Titanic, which is what`s occurring when Rose`s `heart` drops into the ocean depths.



 In Greek mythology, Iris is the `bridge` between those who accept `God`s love` (for the evil want evil, and do not love), and those who want `the beautiful and the good`, which is God and is symbolized by the multi-coloured rainbow. Convincing others that what they see is all of the good that they can have is what the evil do, because they blind us so that we cannot see good and tell us it is evil because evil is what they want us to see.



 Isis is the `rainbow bridge` to God`s heaven, and is in the eyes of Woman who`s conditioned to believe in `God`s love` from man. But it`s evil conditioning, because men don`t want women to see beyond death and rebirth (enlavement for devourment) to Redemption, which is that completeness of memory that would allow them to remember themselves as Woman with a penis, and a species that does not need men:


 `Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their heart and turn, so that I should heal them. But blessed are your eyes for they see, and your ears for they hear.` (Matt: 13. 15, 16)



 The Paraclete is the `teacher` after Jesus, and is a spirit that God sent in order for God to be listened to. That is why the Bible says: `Test the spirits to see if they are evil.` (John 1: 4. 1-6) In Islam, the evil one is `Shaitan` and has no power beyond the ability to whisper, but that whispering is designed to make the person who listens, evil-eyed. In other words, the Paraclete, as the Holy Spirit, isn`t an evil whisperer but there are evil spirits who whisper. Because the Paraclete is the `Second Eve` from Jesus` side, she`s female. If we hear a male voice in our minds, it`s the evil one.



 In Islam, the tradition amongst women is that of Iblis, who is Shaitan, and all men are Iblis, because they are evil-eyed. The women do not see or speak to any; because they`re evil spirits. In effect, Jesus is born of the Virgin Mary, because she and God don`t want men to contaminate him, and that`s why he`s the `Perfect Man`: he`s the only man. The rest are evil spirits. That`s why the Paraclete that emerges after Jesus`s death is female; because men are evil spirits. All of them.

 The Gospel of Matthew contains Jesus` understanding that, in the disciple Matthew, he has someone he can teach. The rest are deaf and blind because they`ve been blinded and deafened (murdered) by those who do not want them to see or hear `God`s spirit` (Matt: 13. 15, 16). Men are the evil spirits who`ve deafened and blinded each other when oneness prevailed, and they didn`t want to see or hear God; because God was too good for someone, or another of them. The result was that the better were murdered, and the ability to see was darkened; until none could see and all were deaf to anything but the whisperings of the evil spirits that are men.

 God isn`t convinced by the disciples. Judas sells him for torture and death, and Peter denies knowing him: `...he began to curse and to swear, saying, I know not this man of whom ye speak. (Mark 14: 66-71) This is Peter of whom Jesus said: `Upon this rock I will build my church.` (Matt: 16. 18) That`s why God sends the Paraclete, which is the wisdom of `God`s spirit`, from the side of Eve to the present day. The church is the body of God`s Woman and men are the conditions she endures; if she doesn`t want to be free:


 `Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.` (Rev.13:18)



 The answer is the same as the one given by Oedipus to the Sphinx in Oedipus Rex when she asks `What crawls in the morning, walks on two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?` The answer is `a man` because Oedipus has limited perception and, because of men`s conditioning taboo as to what is good and evil, he blinds himself for marrying his own wife. The answer to wisdom`s conundrum in Revelation is - `man`. Because men are beasts.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney`s hoop is the circle of Cain who was the brother in the Bible that murdered Abel because, in simple terms, he was able to cook. Britney`s hoop is a circular cane of the blind, and the vicious circle of murderers that want blindness rather than even the simple cultural development of culinary expertise. In her red `dinner suit` Britney descends, in Oops I Did It Again, inside a giant`s ring that`s symbolic of the retina, that is, she`s the `red dinner` of the eye, and corresponds to the anima figure or developing soul in the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). Because of the cane hoop she`s carrying, and the fork beside the helmet of the spaceman she suspends above herself in a white bikini dress, the allusion is to Cain, the vicious circle of the murdering devourer, whose `red dinner` she perceives herself to be. In the Bible Cain is blind to the need for development, as men are blind to anything but their lust, which reduces them to the developmental level of ogres. Everyone knows of `red eye reduction` camera technology, and this is what Britney`s  alluding to:


`... [RER] causes the irises in the subjects eyes to close thereby eliminating the red eye in the final image.`


 In Revelation the `red dragon` waits to devour the `New Redeemer` born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, because it`s a symbol of men as devouring ogres. Closing the irises is what the `red dragon` does. Because, at the end of Iris` rainbow, is God`s Promise. In photographic terms, RER is her removal. Oops I Did It Again is Britney`s discovering to her viewers the goddess Iris` program for Redemption and Resurrection through the Paraclete and her pupils. However, men want `red die reduction`; the death and rebirth of Reincarnation: Woman`s continuing enslavement and devourment rather than that continuation of memory which is Redemption and Resurrection.



 From the point of view of women, men behind their cameras presage murder; because men want to keep themselves in the picture, whereas Woman doesn`t want to keep them in hers. That`s why so-called bimbos represent a higher intelligence, because they appear nude and alone in `girlie magazines` for masturbator`s to open the Paraclete`s inner eyes to them in acceptance of the `tutelary guidance` and teachings of God.



 Resurrection is completeness of memory, which is why Osiris` dismembered parts are placed in a trunk by the evil Set. It represents a truncation of promise fulfilled, that is, Osiris is a collective unity of individuals with their collective wisdom - until they are murdered - and unless they have Redemption and Resurrection, Osiris will never be what he was.



 The key role is with Isis, for whom Osiris is truncated. When all the men are removed, everything will be hers. Because it`s her penis that she gives to Osiris when she puts him back together, and he becomes Horus, the `sky god`, represented by a hawk, to watch over her Earth in the same way that, in Revelation, the `ruler` with the `iron scepter` hides the woman who`s destined to spread her `seed` amongst the stars in heaven prior to the war against men as the serpent`s `seed`.



 The `New Redeemer` is variously described as ruling with an `iron scepter` or an `iron rod`, and `rod` and `iron` are both euphemisms for homosexuality insofar as an `iron` is someone who washes and irons their own clothes as a woman should, according to misogyny. In the folklore associated with the `Wild West` of the USA a gun is a `side iron` because Eve was from the side of Adam, as the Paraclete was from the side of Jesus as the `Second Eve`, and the irons don`t want her:



`Rod cells, or rods, are photoreceptor cells in the retina of the eye that can function in less intense light than can the other type of visual photoreceptor, cone cells. Named for their cylindrical shape, rods are concentrated at the outer edges of the retina and are used in peripheral vision. On average, there are approximately 125 million rod cells in the human retina. More sensitive than cone cells, rod cells are almost entirely responsible for night vision.`



 If `red eye reduction` is a metaphor for the devouring `red dragon` of Revelation insofar as `photo shoots` are gun sublimations and the `evil eye` of the dragon is mollified, the `rods` of the eye will function so that the anima figure can be seen as the mirror of the soul, which is not just a `red dinner` for the `red dragon`. Without the `rod cells`, the eye doesn`t have `night vision`, which is commonly termed `infra red` or IR and is used by men who use guns for targeting at night. In opthalmathy receptor `rods` are also `cones`, which means that Britney, in her red pilot`s suit, is `IR` because she`s International Rescue`.



The 60s TV show Thunderbirds introduced the British viewer to scifi `puppet films`, which explains why Britney descends inside a giant ring at the beginning of Oops I Did It Again. Her `puppet` size is emphasized by the giant`s fork beside the spaceman`s helmet as, in her red Thunderbird 1 pilot`s suit, she suspends him over herself in a white bikini dress. The `puppet master` is the `red dragon`. She needs `red eye reduction` and IR (International Rescue) `night vision`. The Thunderbird 1 rocket has a `red cone`, and in opthalmic terms denotes the capacity to see, which is what is promised to the `hidden woman` of Revelation after the advent of the `New Redeemer` who rules with an `iron rod`. Britney`s Thunderbird 1 from International Rescue or `IR` is the saving strength of the `night vision` of the `New Redeemer` with the iron `rod`, who fosters the American Dream of Liberty, which is Woman`s liberation:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Piece Of Me


 The evil Set of Egyptian mythology represents men`s awareness that Man is leaving with the goddess, who`d correspond to Sophia in Christian terms, and so they murder Man. However, Woman doesn`t need Man; although Man is her defence. That`s why Christianity focuses on the need for the Redemption of Man, because Woman can live and leave without Man, who will be unredeemed and doomed, if he remains, to eternal unendurable pain, according to Revelation, because of his enslaving of her, and thereby the products of her womb, which are the art, civilization and culture of her Earth, in order to devour her.



 Britney`s `red eye reduction` (RER) system in Oops I Did It Again is her planned Redemption and Resurrection for herself as Woman, that is, the removal of all men but Jesus from her `sacred heart`, and indeed from the reality she wanted for her Woman`s opening irises to see herself in alone. But men don`t want her to live and leave them, so she has to feign love for men, while loving God, which is, effectively, what Jesus did.

 Although Woman`s conditioned to look for love, and with love, into a man`s eyes, God isn`t there. As a species, `God`s love` is for Woman and the eyes of Woman, but men don`t want to see `God`s love` there, or anywhere; because men are not a species but her devouring parasite. For them RER is the closing of Woman`s irises in death, and the murdering of her `sacred heart`, which Britney`s red suited heroine in Oops I Did It Again represents; either acceptance of Woman as a species and Redemption with Resurrection on her terms, or the unendurable eternal pain promised by God to men for not protecting her while her penis is `hidden` upon the Earth.



 Eyes, of course, are for seeing and, in intelligence services such as the CIA, the `circus` is a metaphor for blinding those who can see. Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is `circus` because of the references to Oedipus Rex. It`s an eye operation in the `theatre`. The ego is `I` in psychology, and Britney appears in a giant`s ring, which doubles as a giant`s eye inside which she operates as a prototypical Woman`s camera that, excluding what she doesn`t want to process, edits.

 In much of Eastern Europe, teachers are `cameras`; because they watch over their charges. Britney`s camera `technique` presupposes a heaven and Earth for man and woman, and a heaven and Earth for futanarian Woman ( ); because she remains `hidden`, according to Revelation, before leaving to spread her `seed` amongst the stars. Like Britney, Jesus` Christianity functions as a `double agent` who knows the `circus ring` of marriage is Cain`s.

Oops I Did It Again was made after the first Gulf War, amid American optimism, because the United States was known as `the Great Satan` in the Arab countries, and victory on their behalf over Saddam Hussein`s Iraq  was taken as a sign of that `curse of Cain` being lifted.  Analysts of the second Gulf War observe that Satan is a perspective, that is, the United States created Saddam`s 3rd largest army in the world and spent an equal amount of dollars trillion in defeating him. Satan was a perspective, and most of the combatants were blind to their role because, just as the attack on Kuwait, the Twin Towers, and Baghdad, were upon Woman`s home, so Woman  may actually be identified with the appellation `Great Satan`, because men attack her. They`re evil, and labeling the home they attack as `Satan` is how they continue to perpetrate their evil design. Her enslavement, as a species, and the devourment of its product, that is, the art, civilization and culture of Mother Earth, is a perspective they don’t` want to shift from:


`...they cursed...God...[and] refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16. 11)


 The number of the beast, 666, is simply reversal. 999 is the number of the bullies and 911 is Terra`s number, the name of the Earth in much of science fiction. The first American Science Fiction Grand Master, Robert A. Heinlein (1907-88), wrote a novel in 1978, The Number of the Beast, which postulated that, if one was alone, the `beast` couldn`t see you, so would attack you because it wanted to stop you from being without it, which is what security forces are.



 The paradigm is of a man who wants to be alone with a woman, but that`s a `shill`.3 Preventing Woman from being alone as a species is what the system is about. It`s what happens to Adam and Eve in Eden. The evil one doesn`t want Adam to see Eve. That`s why she feels his eyes upon her. After the fruit of the `knowledge of the tree of good and evil`, she can`t see him. But he can see her. The history of art, civilization and culture is, then, a successive series of her thwarted attempts to see herself.

 911 was an attack on the `Big Apple` of New York, and so on Woman`s attempt to use her `voice`, which was being `modulated` by her `Adam`s apple`. In Afghanistan, women were murdered for obtaining an education, and the Taliban guided two civil aircraft carefully into Eve`s heart in the West, the the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre.

 Of course, the `apple of the eye` is what is valued, so New York may be considered as the `apple of the eye` of the world. In 21st century terms, 911 was a viral attack because men are parasitical organisms using Woman as a host womb in order to produce more of themselves. It`s a deconstuctionalist picture in which she doesn`t have a penis of her own, and so is not a species.

 911 is depicted in Revelation as `plague aims`. In the 21st century, `to play games` means to embrace murder and mayhem in such desensitizing constructs as Games of War and Total War (2011). 911 was the undeclared perception that the Twin Towers were a part of Microsoft`s new X-Box system for the game Gulf War II, which is why Revelation describes the `play games` systems of the future in terms of a `plague` in which people with the `mark of the beast` worship his `image`. It`s the male cult of the macho destroyer of the Earth as Woman:


`God remembered Babylon the Great and gave her the cup filled with the wine of the fury of his wrath.` (Rev: 16: 2-17)


 In Revelation, the child who is the New Redeemer is born of the `woman clothed with the sun and with  the moon at her feet`, while the red dragon of Revelation waits to devour him. The archetype of Babylon the Great is described by psychologists, amongst them Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961):


`The destruction of Babylon therefore represents not only the end of fornication, but the utter eradication of all life's joys and pleasures...`4


 Babylon is a reactive component of the psyche, a psychologem, as it were, constellated by events to appear, as she does in Revelation, as `the Terrible Mother`. It`s men`s reaction to Woman`s greatness. If men are a virus, then they`ll see Woman as a host womb to reproduce them and be their slave; after which they devour her as the producer and product, that is, civilization, art and culture. In this sense, Babylon the Great is an aspect of `the Great Satan`, because Woman as Satan represents men`s covert hatred for Woman of Iris, that is, vision, which promises Redemption and Resurrection through `God`s spirit`, whose tutelary guidance Judy Garland sings of in The Wizard of Oz (1939):


`Somewhere over the rainbow...`


 Hollywood has often been described as the `Babylon of the West` but Frank L. Baum`s Emerald city is depicted in his series of novels at the centre of what Jungian psychology would perceive as a mandala representing the four functions of consciousness that the inidividual has to have if they are to be fully functioning personalities. The four functions of `Thinking, Feeling, Sensation, and Intuition` correspond to Judy herself and her three companions on the road to the Emerald city. The scarecrow needs a brain (Thinking) and the lion needs courage (Intuition) while the Tin Woodsman needs a heart (Feeling) and Judy needs to see.



According to Jung the eyes are associated with the `Sensation` function, while ears, nose and mouth are associated with `Thinking`, `Intuition`, and `Feeling` respectively. The Tin Woodsman`s need for lubricating oil relates to the mouth`s need for liquid, while the scarecrow`s symbol is the ears of wheat he protects, and the `cowardly lion` senses danger everywhere. When Judy arrives at the Emerald city she`s symbolically a fully functioning personality. Along the way the Tin Woodsman recieves a heart from Judy, and the scarecrow a brain, while she awards the lion a medal for bravery because he finds the courage to recognize and act in the face of danger. In symbolic terms, Judy represents the Jungian anima figure or soul. Acceptance of the Paraclete`s teachings,and guidance is necessary or it`s impossible for the soul to see the beauties of God.



Without acceptance of Woman, who isn`t their species, but a coerced symbiote, the virulent pupil of men`s iris results in `men of virus` and the `plague aims` of their `play games` system of giving Woman their disease. which is what male psychology amounts to. In Revelation it seems as if God is reifying evil as war and plague, but war and diseases such as cancer, STD and AIDS are understandable as resulting from men`s psyches, because that`s how they act. Cancer is a parasitical organism that replicates itself until the host body dies, and AIDS is a homosexual disease because Woman is the host womb for men as a parasitical organism that seeks to enslave and devour her. For women men are a homosexual cancer defining itself as AIDS.

 The Paraclete is Woman`s wisdom. She has her own penis and is a species, so is depicted in Revelation as `hidden` before she leaves Earth for the stars where her `seed` will war against, and defeat, the evil of men forever. God will create a new heaven and Earth for her, as it says in Revelation, and those who accept her shall have eternal Resurrection because of `God`s love` rather than an eternal circle of reincarnation, death and rebirth, which is enslavement and devourment by men who, as `shills`, want to see her squirm in partial rememberment of reproduced fragments of what she`s achieved before. Waiting, as the red dragon of Revelation, for the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` to give birth to the New Redeemer, so that it can eat again.

 In Jungian psychology, love and hate are dependant on what one feels about what one sees. Because men are a virus, so are their `pupils`. Blindness, blinding, and to be blind is their `teaching`. In the New Testament, to the evil one who would show him the Earth, Jesus says : `Avoid me.` Because Jesus wants to see:


`... I've lost my way
She had rainbow eyes
Rainbow eyes
Rainbow eyes.` - Richie Blackmore`s Rainbow



 The Paraclete is the `tutelary guide`, because she reveals God`s goodness. Women are of Iris, because the Paraclete opens eyes. As Iris, she`s the `rainbow`, a symbol of God`s `promise` of Redemption and Resurrection, and the `bridge` between `God`s love` and heaven. If men do not accept her, it`s eternal unendurable pain for them: their pupils are irredeemable if they don`t learn. Or, as Jesus said to the disciples, when they vilified a woman for anointing him with precious oil before his death:


`Leave her alone.`


 Babylon the Great is the `wine` of the `fury of God`s wrath`; because it`s God`s war against men, who hate Woman because she can be naked alone. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were `surprised` naked, and were `embarassed`. It was because a man could see them. In the myth, Osiris is dismembered, that is, his collective consciousness is murdered as individual ego units, which is experienced universally as `embarrassment`, and emotional subjection to unconscious impulse rather than intelligent comprehension.



 If Woman has her own penis, she can be alone – with herself. Those men who want to see her have no reason to. That`s why Jesus says: `Leave her alone.` It`s God plan . She`s described in Revelation as `hidden` by means of the `scepter` of he who rules on her behalf before she leaves Earth to spread her `seed` amongst the stars in heaven. Thereafter she won`t be seen by men. The ruler hid her because men would kill her if they could. She`s their nemesis. The end of their enslaving and devouring ring of evil.



1 Cf. Paris Hilton`s Stars Are Blind (2006).

2 Masturbation, .

3 A confidence trickster's assistant, .