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Cannibalism in Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again

14/03/2012 16:40

Cannibalism in Britney Spears` Oops I Did It Again


Britney suspends her spaceman from a meathook in Oops I Did It Again, and the tines of a fork are visible at the side of his space helmet, which is suggestive of the the ancient pagan practice of god-eating, whereby the `magical personality`, called the `Akh` in Egyptian mythology, is eaten in order to have the mana or power of the one who is `special`.

The practice derives from approaches towards `animism`, which is an old belief system based on the notion that the world is animated by the figures within it that demonstrate the ability to create something ex nihilo, because they are creative. Consequently, geniuses, film or pop stars, etc., contain mana and are sought after by cannibals who want to devour them. Oops `I Did It Again is infra dig; `fork`, get it? Either you`ll reply `Forget it!` Or you`re a cannibal:


 `Fork, get it!`


 Britney`s referring to the ancient tradition of remembering in ancient Egyptian mythology where Isis puts back together the pieces of the god Osiris after he`s been dismembered by the evil Set. Women represent desire, so if resurrection is what you want, which includes memory, desire for women is integral. The erect penis is not only the desire to be greater than you are, but to remember where you`ve been and who you were with. In the myth Isis can`t find Osiris` penis and fashions a new one. It`s symbolic of woman`s power to resurrect through desire for her, and the memory of those places you have been with her as well as what you were doing there.



 D.H Lawrence`s The Escaped Cock (1929) details the story of Jesus` Resurrection, that is, restoration of memory after his crucifixion and death, by means of the physical love of a priestess of Isis. Of course, `cock` is a euphemism for `penis`. In the biblical book of Revelation the red dragon waits to devour the `New Redeemer` because the dragon represents that which doesn`t want the woman `hidden` upon the Earth, and which the New Redeemer is born to protect, to escape. After escaping, and spreading her `seed` amongst the stars in heaven, according to Revelation she and her `seed` fight against the serpent`s `seed` and, defeating the draco, God creates a new heaven and Earth for her to dwell in forever. Lawrence`s The Escaped Cock is a metaphorical tale of the power of the penis` liberation, Jesus` Resurrection, and Ascension (or escape) to God. Revelation is, therefore, the story of the penis of the woman `hidden` upon the Earth before she escapes to sow her `seed` amongst the stars.



 Jesus` teachings are memorable because they contain the wisdom that, through `God`s love`, which is what Jesus distils as the essence of `God`s law` in the New Testament, comes Resurrection and Redemption. Because woman is the focus for man`s desire she`s the focal point for memory, and so Jesus` message of Resurrection is dependant on love for God and woman. The difficulty for men is loving a father image. After all, God destroyed Sodom. However, if a woman, `hidden` upon the Earth, had her own penis, she`d be a `fatherer`, and the image of God that could be loved by man without homosexuality, which appears in the homoerotic sadism of Jesus` crucifixion, and his Ascension to God and heaven as the `Son of Man`.

 In the Bible the red dragon of Revelation is depicted as waiting to devour the `New Redeemer`, the child born to the mana figure of the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. The New Redeemer is a type of the mana figure, the new `magical personality`, which is to protect the woman `hidden` upon the Earth. The war against the serpent`s `seed`, that is, the dragon`s `seed`, is with the cannibalist devourers of the `special` ones with `special` abilities, and the nurturing, procreative, and developmental `seed` of Christian woman wins.



 The scenario is difficult to understand because a woman would have to have a penis to sow her own `seed`, which is why she`s described as `hidden` upon the Earth before she leaves. The scarcity of women with a penis in the media is indicative of the prejudice against her, but the fact of her existence undeniably makes of her a species capable of reproduction, whereas men cannot reproduce alone, and are therefore correlatable with the red dragon of Revelation, which seeks to devour the `New Redeemer`, who represents any individual with an ego-consciousness developed enough to want to protect her here.

 The concept of the `hidden` woman is important, because of the fine dividing line between `farming` her secretly in order to breed her as powerful mana meat, and protecting her. Britney alludes to the framework of meat production in her descent inside a giant ring as a `little person`, and the scene with the spaceman hanging like meat on a hook above her, with the tines of a giant`s fork beside his spacehelmet, emphasizes the role of the `little woman`, who`s the `magical personality`, full of mana for the devourer that wants her power.

 In Oops I Did It Again Britney is small in comparison to the giant ring and fork, and beneath the spaceman she has hanging above her on a `meathook`, she appears in a white bikini-dress; as if she were upon a white tablecloth. Britney`s addressing the production of mana personalities small enough to be easily devourable by the cannibals.

 In her red suit, she suspends the spaceman above her white bikini-dressed self, and it`s The Tale Of Rose And Snow White, which features a bear and a `little man`. The girls befriend the bear, and help a `little man` whose irascibility towards them annoys the bear. However, the bear himself is irritable, and says to the girls: `Children, leave me alone. Little Snow White and Rose Red. You will strike your lover dead.` Paradoxically, it`s the bear that kills the `little man`, that is, irascibility. Logically the `little man` is their lover, and the girls receive his `treasure` from the bear, who reveals himself as a prince transformed by the `little man` into a bear. The bear explains that the `little man` did this so that he could have the prince`s `treasure`, but if the `little man` is the girls` lover, he`s the educator who`s transformed the prince, so the `little man` is the `lover` who the bear/prince says will be killed (and, indeed, kills him), because they`re girls who need the education of the `little man`, which the prince doesn`t want them to receive. He has been taught that it`s man`s nature to enslave women, and the `little man` represents the educative principle that, if women knew they were a species, they wouldn`t want `parasites` as their `masters`.



 The story is `traditional` insofar as the girls marry the prince and his brother. However, in Christine Stahl`s earliest version of the tale, the bear kills the `little man`; has never met him; isn`t a prince: but the girls have the `treasure`. In other words, the girls obtain the treasure of the `little man` from the bear who becomes a prince because it`s man`s nature to catch women for sex and work, and not to educate them in `true nature`, which is what the `little man` that the bear kills represents.



 In Bible terms, the `New Redeemer` is the `treasure`, which the girls would have from `mother nature`; if the `little man` grew. But the bear has the role of the devouring red dragon of Revelation, which waits to devour him. The pattern is familiar from Graeco-Roman mythology, where the god Chronos (Saturn) devours his children; particularly Zeus (Jove) the new father. The red dragon of Revelation is a `son devourer`, because this `New Redeemer` would protect the `hidden` woman of the Earth and educate the girls into becoming women. The red dragon is the father-imago, who doesn`t want female development, and devours the son who`d be their new `teacher`, as it were. The `treasure` of the `little man`, although the best he has, isn`t the `treasure` that `mother nature` is educating her species, that is, woman, to receive, which is that she`s a `hidden` treasure, a species whose mission is to fight the `seed` of the evil serpent, and win the reward of the new heaven and Earth promised by God in Revelation to her, and her `seed` forever.



 In both Revelation and Genesis God tells Eve there`ll be `perpetual enmity` between her `seed` and the serpent`s, and she `shall crush his head with her heel as she leaves`, that is, the serpent`s, who devoured her sons that fought for her freedom at Gettysburg in the American Civil War (1861-5), in the trenches of the Somme in World War I (1914-18), at the Normandy beaches in World War II (1939-45), and in the desert sands of the Gulf Wars (1990-2011). According to the Bible, the evil serpent, and the serpent`s `seed` receive the punishment of unendurable eternal pain. Saddam Hussein`s name means `crusher`, which means he was the red dragon of Revelation, and his name actually means `he who is to be crushed`, because that`s why he`s labeled red for danger. Freedom, represented by the statue of Liberty in New York`s harbor on 9/11, symbolizes the `hidden` woman who, seeking  liberation, crushes the head of the serpent.



 `Saddam` also means `shoemaker` or `cobbler`, and it`s a torturers` practice to `shoe` a man and woman, which means to put them together in a confined space, such as an `iron maiden`and, unable to see each another, they are tortured together in torment. Effectively, the `iron maiden` becomes a `sarcophagus`, which is what the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were placed in as their `coffin` that resembles a `shoe`.



 Similarly, the `burkahs`, or `abiyahs`, of Arabian women, have the appearance of `shoes`, while Saddam Hussein, whose name means `shoer`, represents unredeemed man as the tormentor. Those who are `shoed` live, while their `emanations`, the `soul` or `spirit` bodies, which the ancient Egyptians called the `Ba`, corresponding to the personality, and the `Ka`, corresponding to `life force`, combined as the `magical personality`, or `Akh`, enter Paradise, which is `Jennah`, `hidden` from the `shoed`, and where the `shoers` torture the couple to death, which is hell for them and that`s why they`re `shoed` by the `shoers`.



 The red dragon of Revelation was Saddam, the `shoer`, `crushed` by the heel of `Liberty`, because Christian women don`t want to wear a shoe; you need two feet to crush a red dragon`s head before you leave for the stars:


`One small step for a woman. One giant leap for womankind.`


 In Egyptian mythology, Ra is the sun god, and is incarnated as Osiris, who`s dismembered by the evil Set. Osiris` scattered parts are found and put back together, or re-membered, by the goddess Isis. As the resurrected Horus, he has the moon and sun as his eyes, and finds correspondence in the New Redeemer of Revelation born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`.

 In Oops I Did It Again Britney makes feather-like movements beneath her spaceman`s gaze and camera eye. She`s the Egyptian goddess Ma`at, whose `feather of truth`, called `Shu` in Egyptian mythology, is weighed against the heart of the hero to see if he`s brave enough to journey with her. He gives her a `mysterious gift`, and she asks:


`But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`


 Red suited she hoists the spaceman until, hanging suspended above her white bikini-dressed `twin`, `feather` and `heart` are in the balance. The oblique reference to the `old lady` is a reference to the Titanic (1997) movie in which Rose drops the `heart of the ocean` into the sea at the site of the shipwreck`s salvage operation. The Titanic hit an iceberg and sank on its maiden voyage in 1912 from Liverpool, England, and the story is about Rose`s betrayal be an ex-fiancée who frames her new lover by planting the jeweled pendant in his pocket.

 Rose`s boyfriend subsequently drowns and Rose is left with only the blue heart-shaped jewel. Symbolically, therefore, the spaceman`s gift corresponds to the heart of Horus, and Britney`s white-bikini-dressed self is the Egyptian goddess Ma`at, whose `feather of truth` is weighed against the heart of the hero to see if he is `true` and will journey with her to heaven. According to tradition the feather and the heart balance if they are to go together. In her red suit Britney corresponds to Seshat, who `answers important questions` and `opens the door of heaven`. To those who`re true to her and follow her path of wisdom, she`ll reveal her secret truths.

 In Egyptian mythology `Kheru` is `Word` or `Voice` and the name `Christ` derives therefrom, so `Ma`at Kheru` is the `voice of truth`. In Egyptian mythology, Horus is a hawk and `Kheru-ur`, the `face of heaven`, and so Ma`at-Kheru-ur` is `the voice of truth from heaven`s face` (Jesus Christ). Egyptian mythology is prefiguring the Old Testament `Word of God`, Jesus Christ, and the New Redeemer, who protectively watches over the `hidden` woman of Revelation `like a hawk` (Horus) before she leaves for heaven. Ancient texts were written by scribes employing a feather in the form of a quill dipped in ink, and so the Egyptian goddess Seshat is depicted as a scribe to indicate the beginnings of writing, and the keeping of written knowledge:


 `I am thy writing pallet, O Thoth, and I have brought unto thee thine ink-jar. I am not of those who work iniquity in their secret places; let not evil happen unto me.`



 The hemp symbol above her head signifies paper and writing, and her role as `architect`, because rope, made from hemp, is used in measurement. The Egyptian symbol `10` appears to be above the hemp leaf and denotes the science of mathematics, so the basic building materials of civilization are present; written language and numbers:


 `... a number world ruling ours behind the scenes supplied five thousand years later the screen script for the science-fiction movie The Matrix.`1


 The ancient Egyptian constellation of the `bull`s foreleg` corresponds to Ursa Major, and Britney hoists her spaceman aloft using a pulley. Symbolically, she`s dealing with a `bully`. In the tale of Rose Red and Snow White the bear becomes a prince after it kills the `little man`. In Oops I Did It Again, the bear, symbolized by Ursa Major, would be a `Giant Prince` if it were transformed from bear to prince, which is why Britney descends inside a giant`s ring.

 Britney`s spaceman isn`t big enough to wear her ring, because he has a `little man`. The pulley and `Bull`s Foreleg` symbolism indicate that, as Seshat, she`s suspending the judgement of Ma`at upon this `bully`.  Metaphorically, he`s to be `killed` beneath the sign of `the bear`, and the spaceman transformed by `Kheru`, in Egyptian, that is, the `Word` or `Voice` of Christ, thereby becoming the `Giant Prince` who`ll wear her ring. The `bully` is the `little man` who`s bullying him. Effectively, the bespectacled `geek` at `Mission Control` who`s made a `game` of Christ Jesus` love.



 Britney`s spaceman is the pinball in a game. When he uncovers a `cameo brooch` of hers from the desert sands of Mars it`s the token that begins it. When the `game` is over we see him walking backwards; he`s the pinball being reset.

 Historically, the first pinball game to have the ball bearing exit the playfield after the end of play was Bumper. In fact `bumpers` define pinball. The ball bearing bounces between them and you can`t predict where the ball will be propelled.



Britney and her dancers make `bumpers` by holding their hands clasped in front of themselves. Of course, the women`s breasts are nature`s `bumpers`, to which men are either `propelled` or `repelled` by their mothers` `bumpers`.



 The original pinball game Thumper was new because the ball bearing was propelled away, and the `bumper` registered a `hit`. Britney is the `Red Rose` at the `heart` of her `game`, Ring-Ring-A-Roses, which is a nursery rhyme recited by children as a mnemonic to remind them of the plague, that is, children `play games` but the aim of adults corresponds to `plague aims`, and that`s what Revelation warns against; sodomy and war.



`A ring, a ring o' roses,

A pocket full o’posies -

Atishoo atishoo we all fall down.` (1883)


 Britney`s male dancers fall away from herself and her female dancers, because men represent death; they`re not the Earth`s species and the death of the Earth is what they are. The sneezing in Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses is a disease anology, and the 21st century killer is the STD AIDS, which is described in Revelation as God`s punishment on `homosexuality`. The men of Revelation, as parasites upon the wombs of women, represent the sterility of a cancer that only wants to replicate itself and needs a `host womb` to replicate itself as `war, famine, plague, and death`:


`... ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image ... [the Earth`s water] ... [`became blood`] like that of a dead man, and every living thing ... died ...`  (Rev: 16. 2-4)


 The AIDS` plague is described in terms of the `horsemen of the apocalypse` in direct contrast to the role of the `Holy Spirit`, the Paraclete, described in the Bible in `womanly` terms as `guide, teacher, comforter, and helpmeet`. Because men have rejected Jesus, as they did originally on the hill of Calvary in Jerusalem, and in Revelation they are seen to be the Earth`s cancer of sterile homosexuality.

 The pinball game Thumper had a `skirt`, now standard, around the base of the `bumper`, which sensed the ball bearing touching it. A `Popper Ring` came down, hit the ball bearing, and propelled the ball bearing away. The giant`s ring Britney descends in at the beginning of Oops I Did It Again is a `Popper`. Her spaceman is the `toy`, a usual pinball `feature`; the `crane grab` of the `amusement arcades`, which is the homosexual amusement of men not satisfied with the delights of the love permitted by God; the homosexual amusement, dark AIDS`.



 Suspended above her as if by a crane, Britney`s spaceman represents the god Thoth, who`s the male counterpart to Seshat, and judge of the dead, whose symbol is the `crane`, the Egyptian ibis. Thoth is `thought` over action. Britney`s surrounded by what seem like giant steel bears` claws, and a pinball is a steel ball bearing, so the symbolism of the `bear ring` in Oops I Did It Again `is sin, repentance, and forgiveness; for the `bears`, whose homosexual amusement, dark AIDS, is forbidden.

If it were Jesus Christ`s ring, it`d be the ring of Britney`s `Giant Prince`, and the bears would be forgiven or have eternal perdition. Britney`s `game` is `Christian conversion`, which accepts Egyptian mythology (or any other) as `costume drama`, but not the modern worship of God, which is simple:


`One of the most important ceremonies in the foundation of Egyptian temples was known as `stretching the cord`. The reigning pharaoh, and a priestess personifying Seshat, proceeded to the site, each with a mallet and a peg connected by a cord to another peg. Seshat, 

sch, he drives his peg in, marking the position of a future temple.`2



 Thoth may be simply understood as `thought`, and when Ma`at weighs the heart of the hero against the `feather of truth`, he`s reading the heart and the thoughts within it as if it were a book. It`s analogous to the evaluation of an author when his story has been written.



 The ibis headdress of Thoth is the `mask` or persona. The ibis` long curved beak probes deeply below the surface to get at the real nourishment below, and is a symbol of the individual whose persona belies their thirst for knowledge. Like American football players who have to learn hundreds of plays each season, or they can`t play no matter how good they are. It`s no accident Britney`s astronaut looks like an American `superbowl` winner. Every astronaut is a pilot and scientist, and Britney`s spaceman`s Horus, with the `face of heaven` mirroring the cosmos, and Britney`s particular `star`, looking out from the persona of the space helmet`s visor that hides him as the woman of the Earth is `hidden`.

 Britney alludes to the cord again in the symbol of the `tuning fork` beside the spaceman`s helmet as he hangs suspended above her white bikini-dressed self. She`s Rose Red in her red suit, Rose White in her white bikini dress, and the blue of the `star spangled banner` is her spaceman. Oops I Did It Again is `four chord` red, white and `blues`, and Britney`s Seshat is a mason of the USA because she`s planted herself and her flag and built a temple on Mars.



 The `blue lodge` is the traditional Masonic temple, and Britney`s Oops I Did It Again`s `four cord blues` refers to the `cord of Seshat`. The earliest Egyptian mason`s `compass` was a hempen rope, which was particularly used to link the four corners during temple building, and appears in Seshat`s emblem in the same relation as the compass in the blue lodge`s emblem. This suggests that the seven points of the hemp leaf, appearing beneath the mason`s cord in Seshat`s emblem, correlate with the mason`s `square` insofar as it can be related

 When Britney`s spaceman finds her cameo brooch in the sands of Mars it`s as if he`s clicked on an internet `icon`, and mirrored in the visor of his spacehelmet her temple miraculously emerges from the arid desert of the red planet.

 Without water, plant life can`t be, and so the hempen rope of Seshat is emblematic of the importance given to water by the Arabians who live in the deserts, and why it appears in Christianity`s baptismal `font`. For those who accept Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, the water of life is the ink in the pen of God`s Word. In the Eastern tradition of the desert peoples, which can`t easily be understood by people of the West where water is plentiful, Seshat is the knowledge of the desert. From water comes plant life and, from hemp, ropes are made; the mason`s squares and compasses from which ancient Egyptian temples were built.



 In the West, the temples of the head are associated with cannabis, and `illumination`. The Illuminati are an ancient Masonic order, and hemp is a consciousness-expanding drug. Consequently, Thoth or `thought` finds correspondence in Seshat, life`s activating principle. The `cord` of Seshat is a psilocybin mushroom, which is a natural psychotropic drug that again relates to mind expansion.



 In ancient Egyptian mythology the `Khaibit` is the shadow of the personality, which is separate from the `Ba`, personality, and `Ka`, spirit. Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is `four Ba blues` because her `Ka` seats four, according to the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), which says there are four functions of consciousness; `Sensation, Thinking, Feeling, and Intuition`.



 The Egyptian `Khaibit` is depicted as looking something like a mushroom with a parasol umbrella, which is why the cannabis leaf appears beneath it in

the emblem of Seshat as if the shadow or `Khaibit` were a lampshade unfolded by the light of the mind; like the parasol of an umbrella over what is illuminating the room.



 According to Jungian psychology, the shadow is libido or instinct, which is transformed into spiritual activity as the individual achieves enlightenment, that is, success through work. Beside the foot of Seshat is the `genie` of the `lamp`, the activating principle and symbol of genius resting upon the Egyptian symbol for `infinite creativity` that can`t be subdued.


 The symbol of `infinity` is a `cock ring` to maintain desire, and Seshat`s genius personifies the vegetative principle of desireful Thoth or `thought`, while the height of thought is symbolized by the tip of a condom signifying that she mediates the emergence of his enlightened state, which could be productive of something as mundane now, and as earth-shaking then, as the invention of the electric light bulb.



 Star Trek`s (1965-) Enterprise extends the analogy. People enter and it leaves, which makes it a `good dragon` rather than a devourer. The ship`s `shield` corresponds to the aura of the individual, a protective umbrella, that is, the `magic lamp` of Arabian folklore is an archetype of the collective psyche to which Jung accords developmental power. In simple terms, it`s the friction upon the penis` length during intercourse or masturbation that causes it to grow greater and receive the reward of orgasm for its desirefulness for the woman in pleasure outside of work, where the libido is channeled into less instinctive (physical), and more spiritual (intellectual) effort, which results in more time for pleasure and greater safety in the enjoyment of it.



 The Enterprise isn`t `developed` in the sense that it has `phasers` and `photon torpedoes` that assist it in its schoolboy `action` role as a `devourer` of men, whereas what`s needed is a shield that can`t be penetrated, and that`s what Seshat`s condom represents. In simple terms, you wouldn`t need to attack if you were able to defend. That`s why the red dragon of Revelation is depicted as waiting to devour the New Redeemer – and can`t. God is omnipotent, unassailable, and doesn`t need devourers: noone does.

 The simplest feature of Oops I Did It Again is that Britney on Mars doesn`t need a space helmet, whereas her astronaut does. In other words, she`s Seshat and her emblem indicates that she has a helmet; but invisible: like a `starship shield` or `cloaking device`. A shield is designed to withstand an attack, whereas a cloak is designed to `hide` from an attack. In short, a shield presupposes an attack, and so is designed to withstand one, whereas a cloak presupposes one isn`t an attacker, and that no one can attack you. It`s developmentally wiser. Why invite an attack by presupposing that you can be attacked? That`s the meaning of the woman `hidden` upon the Earth waiting to leave and protected by the New Redeemer who can`t be devoured by the red dragon before she leaves.



 The New Redeemer`s mother is `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, or `cloaked`, which suggests that she`s the archetype of what can`t be attacked. In terms of religious development, Seshat and Thoth are the pre-inventors of the electric light bulb, lamp shade, umbrella, starship shield, and cloaking device; because they`re the archetypal pairing that represent those developments. They`re also the developers of the condom, another meaning of Seshat`s emblem, which protects the `hidden` woman preparing to leave the Earth in Revelation from the sodomite`s disease AIDS that men are dying from, that is, the homosexuality and faithlessness they refuse to repent of:


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 Seshat and Thoth are an archetype of constance because faithfulness to a woman (or, indeed Woman) over many lifetimes, or reincarnations, assists memory of desire, cr and so resurrection. Jung describes archetypes as facultas praeformandi which descry the future. The ourobouros archetype of the dragon that gives birth to itself, for example. Appearing in the mind of the sleeping scientist Klulé, the ourobouros inspired him to model the structure of  the `benzene` molecule.3



  Occasionally, the `Voice` speaks in dreams or reverie, and in Christianity the Holy Spirit or Paraclete is described as `guide, teacher, comforter and helpmeet`, which suggests that it speaks the `Word of God` to the believer. In Egyptian mythology , `Kheru` is `Voice`. Because `Christ` derives from `Kheru`, Oops I Did It Again is about `Voice` and the `Ib`, which is `heart` in Egyptian. In her white bikini dress, Britney has the role of Ma`at`s feather while, in her red suit, she`s Seshat who, balancing her spaceman above her white bikini-dressed self with the fork beside his space helmet, is referring to the goddess Ammit`s eating of the hearts of those who are unworthy to journey with her into heaven.

 When her spaceman gives her the gift of the `heart of the ocean`, she `takes heart`, and the blue jewel in the shape of a heart is to be weighed in her balance to reveal what truth it contains. Because of the allusion to the Titanic, Rose, and betrayal, it`s the heart of Saddam Hussein, the `friend` of the USA that betrayed her:


`I think I did it again.

 I made you believe we're more than just friends.

Oh baby.

It might seem like a crush.

But it doesn't mean that I'm serious.

'Cause to lose all my senses.

That is just so typically me.

Oh baby, baby.`



 Saddam means `crusher`. Here Britney is saying that the USA`s friendship is lost and Ammit, the `devourer`, will eat the treacherous heart of Saddam, whose name means `the crusher`, and who himself has been crushed beneath the heel of the woman, `hidden` upon the Earth, and in accordance with the `Voice` of God (Gen: 3.15) all traitors` hearts shall be eaten.



 In the movie Silence of the Lambs, which refers to the quietude that descends upon lambs before they`re slaughtered because they instinctively know what`s to occur, Hannibal Lecter, the `cannibal`, has Jodie Foster, the FBI agent, assigned to `read his heart` to discover the extent of his and others` crimes that he knows of.



 Cannibalism is eating to obtain power or mana, and Oops I Did It Again`s `bear` motif is present in the acting career of Hannibal the cannibal`s Christian `lamb`, Jodie. As a rape victim in The Hotel New Hampshire (1984), a movie in which the founder of the Viennese school of psychology, Sigmund Freud, is portrayed as blind and with a `performing bear`, who turns out to be a girl in a `bear costume` (Nastassja Kinski), Jodie`s revenge for the rape is to have her assailant, `Chip` Dove, sodomized by `Susie the bear`. Jesus and the `Holy Spirit` are `the lamb of God` and the `Dove` respectively, which means that cannibalism and sodomy are the enemies of God.

 The motif of the blind Freud in The Hotel New Hampshire is important because it`s present in the Freudian drama of ancient Greece, Sophocles` Oedipus Rex. The implicit meaning of the story is that Oedipus is the mother (Jocasta) he marries, but the incest taboo causes him to stab out his own eyes, and Antigone his daughter, who is also implicitly Oedipus himself, becomes his guide. The meaning is that any woman could love him. But it`s a `revenge play` on the part of homosexual men who don`t want `mankind` to see. Christian `agape` is a `familial` and `universal` love, but Greek society was institutionalized homosexuality in which women were bred to produce more homosexual men. The Christian knowledge that women are men because they share the `Holy Spirit` is a `secret` dramatized by Sophocles. Oedipus` self-blinding is a measure of the power of the homosexual, which in the 21st century is manifest as the `killer disease` AIDS, that is, the `disease of the killer`, and is identified in Revelation with the `throne of the beast` - and `blindness`:


`... his kingdom was plunged into darkness. Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 The story of the Greek war against Troy is of the development of a homosexual virus. 9/11 was a `Trojan horse` whereby the terrorists feigned `friendship` and, pretending to wear a condom (a `Trojan` in the USA), that is, fly politely in `civil` aircraft, hijacked them, crashed the planes into the Twin Towers of New York and, betraying their `welcome` (the `greatest crime` in Islam), launched a `Trojan virus` attacking Christianity`s war upon blindness, symbolized by the `Big Apple`, that is, Redemption from the serpent`s `seed` of homosexuality, which is the sin of the `fruit of the knowledge of the tree of good and evil`.

 The Paraclete, given by God as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` after Jesus` crucifixion, effectively emerged from Christ`s side as the `Second Eve` when that side was pierced upon his death by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus. Exactly 2000 years later it was Saddam and Eve. The `crusher` would restore the blindness of war, and that`s what the Greeks bred homosexuals for.



 Osama Bin Ladan was the terrorist organizer of 9/11 supported by Saddam, and the name `crusher` suggests affinity with the jaws of the crocodile, the oldest living dinosaur or serpent`s `seed`. Osama means `lion`, and lion and crocodile are two of the three composite parts that go to make up the body of Ammit, the `devourer; the other being hippopotamus. The ancient Egyptians viewed the amphibious creature as a cannibal and associated a red hippopotamus with Set, the `dismemberer`. Consequently, Britney Spears` red suited self in Oops I Did It Again refers to the `hippopotamus` who is `Set upon the Earth` as the `third` enemy of God:


`He is a lion. Yes, he is better than a lion—he is a hippopotamus.` - Zulu national anthem


 The `Behemoth` of Job (40: 15-24), greatest creature of the land is, according to tradition, a hippopotamus and, along with Leviathan (greatest of the creatures of the sea), and Ziz (greatest of the creatures of the air), is slain at the end of time by God, their creator, before they are `devoured`.

 The `Behemoth` is represented as living invisibly in a desert `East of Eden`. Britney, in her red suit in the Martian desert sands is referring to Set as `the red hippo`. Because the first spacecraft from the USA to make an unmanned landing on Mars was the `Mars lander`, Britney`s also referring to `Ziz`, a `griffin` that, with the body of a lion (representing humanity) and the head and talons of an eagle (representing divinity), was a figure of Christ to the Middle Ages because of the protection it was said to afford against witchcraft, and evil`s `slander`, that is, `bearing false witness` against `God`s law`.

 In Oops I Did It Again, Britney`s borne by her ring, which means that the ring bears her, that is, she bears the truth. It`s important because that makes her a `she bear`, as `Susie` was; the woman in The Hotel New Hampshire inside the `bear costume` who exacted vengeance upon `Chip` Dove for rape. Although Behemoth is described as male, in Judaism the plural feminine noun is applied, which means Britney`s acting the part of the woman protected by the `New Redeemer` and `hidden` (Rev: 12.6) in the wilderness. A jew can only be born from a woman, because only women are jews, and jews aren`t cannibals. `Behemoth` is the `hidden` woman of Revelation. The description of her `tail` that `moves like a cedar` (Job: 40.17) is her penis. In terms of the cannibalism implicit in Oops I Did It Again`s careful arrangement of props, that is, the fork beside the helmet of the spaceman and the blue jeweled heart of the ocean that`s being weighed for Ammit, the `devourer`, Britney`d disagree with anyone who wanted to eat her because she has `seed` to sow from her own penis amongst the stars of heaven.



 In Arabic `my` means `water`, and `sas` is `horse` so, because the hippopotamus is `water horse`, the third enemy of God would be `My sas.` To deny water to a thirsty man is a great crime in Arabia. Camels are described as `ships` because their humps contain enough water for journeys across the vast arid seas of the deserts. Consequently, water is valuable and someone with the character of a `hippopotamus` would, in psychological terms, be a `miser`s type`; a `possessive` and a `possessor` who`d want to possess and dispossess others. In Christian terms, he`d be `possession` and `possessed`:


`Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told the United Nations most people believe the United States government was behind the attacks of September 11, 2001.`4



 Ahmadinejad reportedly refused to accept his election defeat in 2009 and instead possessively held on to the power he possessed in Iran. He was among the students that seized control of the US embassy in 1979, which led then US President Jimmy Carter to mount Delta Force`s `Operation Eagle Claw` that resulted in the debacle of a helicopter crashing during a sandstorm, another returning to the aircraft carrier Nimitz, and a further helicopter unable to continue with `engine trouble`. This reduced the number of RH-53D `Sea Stallion` helicopters below the number required for the mission to be `operational` and, returning, a helicopter collided with a C-130 Hercules transport plane, resulting in the remaining helicopters being left behind and the deaths of eight servicemen.



 The British `special forces` are the SAS (Special Air Service), symbolized by Pegasus, the mythical wingéd horse. In Arabic, `my sas`, that is, `water horse`,  would be `Sea Stallion`, and Britney Spears` Radar alludes to the RH-53Ds that were to fly `under radar` in `Operation Eagle Claw` to rescue the US Embassy hostages from the roof.



 Britney`s Radar features a horse standing in water ridden by an English `polo player`. Traditionally the `sport of kings`, polo began amongst Arabian knights. Early Mamluk5 playing cards featured `polo sticks`, along with swords, cups, and coins. According to Jungian psychology, there are four functions of consciousness, which correspond to the sword (`Thinking`), coins (`Sensation`), the cup (`Feeling`) and, in the Mamluk deck, the `polo stick` (`Intuition`).



 What the individual thinks (sword) is desirable (cup) relates to finances (coins). `Intuition` is the heightened instinct that shows how the goal (polo stick, and cup) is to be achieved. This is the indefinable `something` that battle commanders possess. English knights were heavier in their armour, a tradition borne out in Gulf War I (1990-1) in which the Challenger tanks of the British 1st Armoured Division protected the right flank as allied forces delivered a debilitating `left hook` to Saddam`s Iraqi army. This was the `battle plan`. Because of the heaviness of their armour, knights can`t dismount alone, and so Oops I Did It Again depicts red-suited Britney hoisting her man above herself while signaling from her `helipad` in a white bikini-dress.

 Symbolically, Britney`s `Sea Stallions`, in their red pilot`s suit and white bikini-dress, together with their `spaceman`, symbolize the `blue diamond` that`s the USS Nimitz helicopter carrier in `Operation Eagle Claw`, a `star` upon the USA`s red, white, and blue `banner`. Obviously, because he has the role of a `grab` in her pinball game, she`s also `seize dalliance` (Sea Stallions), that is, the promise of sex for her man. Britney`s spaceman`s a `Navy Seal`. He tells her, when she says she `thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean`:


`Well, I went down and got it for you baby.`



 Britney`s spaceman is a `deep sea diver`, that is, a `Seal`, because he`s brought her the `heart of the ocean` from the wreck of the Titanic. Navy Seal training includes being dropped into the ocean from a helicopter and being required to complete a `dummy mission`, and occasionally a mission that`s genuine but unannounced to the SEAL. Britney`s `gun and tackle` is a `helicopter pulley`, and Oops I Did It Again is her `helicopter carrier`. In her red pilot`s suit, and her white bikini-dress, she`s a Navy pilot and a SEAL. The literary reference is to a line from If, a Rudyard Kipling poem:


`If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two imposters just the same.`6


 The US `Sea Stallions` proposed rendezvous in `Operation Eagle Claw` was `Desert One` which, symbolically, corresponds to Britney Spears` Mars, where Oops I Did It Again begins with her spaceman`s discovering her `image` in the sand:


`Whoah there horsey!`


 `Operation Eagle Claw` was woeful for the `Sea Stallions`, but there`d be other missions, and Britney `takes heart` from her spaceman`s `touchdown` on her `carrier`, the USS Oops I Did It Again, which name signifies forgiveness for mistakes as a prerequisite for success. There isn`t any water on Mars, but Britney`s spaceman effectively says:


 `My horse.`


 In Arabic, `my` is water, and `sas` is `horse`. Traditionally, US `horse soldiers` are the 7th Cavalry, who flew very successful helicopter missions in Gulf War II (2001-11). Because an Arabian horse (sas) needs water (my), and `special forces` in Saudia Arabia are SASAS, the acknowledgment from Britney Spears is that the USA`s efforts in the Gulf were `complimented` by `my sas`, whoever that may be. We may assume that Britney didn`t `desert one`.

 If Britney in her red suit is the `real` Britney, then Britney in her white bikini-dress is an `impostor` but, if the mission is completed successfully, noone cares who`s the `real` Britney, because it`s the `team` that`s important. She descends in a giant`s ring to indicate that the `little people` are valuable to a `mission`, and she values the giant even though the ring is too big for her finger. In other words, `little people` are big enough for themselves, and the giant`s ring fits his finger; as the little people`s rings fit theirs. Britney`s descent inside her giant`s ring comments on how small things look from below, and from the air:


 `Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.`


 President Carter was a `big man` but the members of the family`s of the Delta Force that lost their lives in `Operation Eagle Claw` weren`t `small` men to him, which is the meaning of Britney`s ring. Inside her giant`s ring, she appears `smaller`, and the fork beside the spaceman`s helmet is designed to make her appear small enough to swallow. If you are an ogre and not a  `true` giant, that is. Only an ogre would eat her, and a `small woman` is vulnerable to such. Iranian President Ahmedinejad`s remarks were those of an ogre, and he`s not a `small man`; but neither is he a giant ogre. He`s man-sized.

 The motif of the `small man` is present in Byzantine Christian iconography, which depicts the Madonna with a fully formed child that isn`t a baby. Both Britney, in her white bikini-dress, and in her red suit, are `small women`, and so they correspond to the folktale`s Rose Red and Snow White awaiting the `Giant Prince`, who`s Jesus Christ; and their ring is for him. Because small women don`t want to be devoured by the ogre. In Iran or anywhere else.



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5 The Mamluk`s were Turkish slaves brought to Baghdad by the Caliphs to strengthen their military power. The Persians were nominally the masters of the Mamluk`s, and the entirety of the Muslim Middle East. The height of Mamluk power was 1250-1817 when they ruled Egypt, but they remained powerful until 1811.


6 Kipling, Rudyard If, 1895.