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Britney Spears` distillation of the Bible`s meaning; encapsulating its entirety in Oops I Did It Again: from Genesis to Revelation - to eat, and not to devour.

19/02/2012 15:19

Britney Spears` distillation of  the Bible`s meaning; encapsulating its entirety in Oops I Did It Again: from Genesis to Revelation - to eat, and not to devour.


 In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears` red suited figure`s counterpart is her white bikini-dressed figure who, resembling a snow flake, beneath the huge eye of her spaceman`s spacehelmet, as he directs at her the `lesser` eye of his camera lens, strengthens a Christmas motif that begins with the appearance of herself as a red suited Santa Claus.

 Above her the spaceman appears as a Christmas `bauble` that Britney`s red suited Santa figure hoists above her white bikini-dressed self so that she appears below him as if upon a white tablecloth, symbolic of the `Last Supper`, and the Holy Grail.

 Britney`s red suited figure repeatedly poses with arms raised, as if she were a cup or bowl, that is a figure of the type of the vessel that Jesus is said to have drunk, and eaten from at the `Last Supper`, and so she is a figure of Redemption, because she recognizes the value of companionship.



 At the `Last Supper`, Jesus is depicted as offering his `body and blood`, in the form of the `bread and the wine`, which is a concrete, rather than symbolic, offer of `fellowship`, and the betrayer Judas prefers the role of the `bloodthirsty` assistant to those  who are the torturers and murderers of Jesus` body.

 Britney`s spaceman, hoisted above her white bikini-dressed self by her red suited Santa Claus, as if he were a Christmas `bauble`, and she were the `star` upon her Christmas tree, is depicted with the giant tines of a fork almost resting against his faceplate. It`s a `giant` motif that doesn`t stand alone in Oops I Did It Again, as her red suited figure descends at the video`s outset inside a giant ring. It`s as if she were a `New York Giant` with her `Last Supper Bowl` ring as, with her arms raised aloft, she makes the `sign` of the  `superbowl` to  her spaceman, and signals the `extra point` following Mars Lander`s `touchdown`.

 He responds by giving her a gift. She exclaims: `But I though the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?` It`s a cinematographical allusion to The Titanic movie, another story of betrayal, in which Rose, betrayed by an ex-lover who, placing the blue jewel, the `heart of the ocean`, inside the coat pocket of her new fiancée, contributes to his drowning when the ship, the Titanic, of the White Star Line, sinks after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage. An older, sadder Rose, consigns the blue jewel to the ocean depths at the movie`s end, which is what Britney`s alluding to in her exlamation at her spaceman`s gift: `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?` The `cup` is a symbol of the `heart`, and so Britney`s receiving of the blue jewel is the passing of the `Holy Grail` from one American Rose to another `American Beauty`.

 The Rose motif is present in Britney`s red suited and white-bikini figures, who`re now understandable as Rose Red and Snow White from the Hans Christian Andersen tale, and whose kindnesses, as `little women`, towards a `little man`, were looked upon by him as being insufficiently considerate, and he is killed by a bear they allowed into their home:


`Do not be frightened, I will do you no harm; I am half frozen, and only want to warm myself a little.`1


 The `little man` is their irascible educator, that is, he`s an impatient teacher, in contradistinction to the tranquil leadings of Jesus. The bear kills him because the `little man` is frightened, but remains a good but irascible teacher insofar as he affords the friends an option to stop:


`Dear Mr. Bear, spare me, and you shall have all my treasures; look at the beautiful precious stones that lie there. Give me my life! for what do you want with a poor thin little fellow like me? You would scarcely feel me between your teeth. Rather seize those two wicked girls; they will be tender morsels for you, as fat as young quails; pray, eat them at once.`


 The girls` mother is a representative of her socio-cultural conditioning, which is imposed from without by men. The `little man` is irascible, because girls aren`t stupid, although the story is about how men want them to be stupid, and the `little man`, perceiving that he`s trapped within a perspective in which girls don`t have a penis of their own, is angry with the `storytellers`. It`s the story of the invisibility and unviability of the woman`s penis, although history and contemporary pornography tells us that she has one.

 The bear reveals itself as a handsome prince, which reinforces the socio-cultural conditioning of the mother who describes the bear as `honest`, that is, he`s an animal with a compatible penis. The prince tells the girls that the `little man` turned the prince into a bear, but the `little man` is an educator, and so the bear represents traditional thinking, that is, the bear becomes a man when he kills his teacher, because he doesn`t accept further education, which would be the beautiful princess with a large, powerful penis with testicles full of sperm to fulfil the two girls `who loved each other dearly and always walked hand in hand together`.



 The bear represents the traditional thinker who believes that the girls should have the `treasure` of the `little man`, because the `little man` is a boy that, in Christian terms, the red dragon of Revelation wants to devour because it’s the `New Redeemer`. Dragons are often depicted as the `guardians` of treasure, and so the `treasure` that the red dragon of Revelation perceives itself as guarding is that of the girl, which actually belongs to the `little man` it seeks to devour.

 As the First Redeemer, Jesus was betrayed by a group of homosexuals, who prevented him from being with a woman, and served as the guards of his `treasure`, which were his teachings. Jesus was subsequently tortured and murdered by the prevailing homosexual spirit of victimization, which prevailed in the 20th Century in the attitudes towards the `cannon fodder` of WWI, the Jewish holocaust of WWII, and the `ethnic cleansings` of the late 20th century (Yugoslavia), and early 21st century (Kurdistan, Dharfur).

 The spirit of the Antichrist is that of the bear that kills the `little man`, who represents the `teachings of Jesus` that, in Revelation, are reborn as the New Redeemer who`ll `protect` the `hidden` woman of the Earth. The `little man` can never leave Earth because the bear will kill him. The woman of Revelation is a woman because the Bible says so, whereas the `treasure` that the dragon is guarding is for a girl, and the ruins of art, civilization, and culture that are the beginnings of the 21st century represent the attempt by a traditionalist thinker, in the spirit of homosexual victimization, to protect his girl by destroying his boy, whereas the `New Redeemer` is the `son of the woman`, who`s there to protect the girls, that is, the woman`s daughters, and the `hidden` woman, so that she`ll grow, which is the `treasure` that the red dragon of Revelation doesn`t want.

 Britney`s Oops I Did It Again presents the basic 21st century dilemma, which is that of the unwanted visitor. 9/11 was the visitor`s feigning of friendliness in order to effect a terrorist attack, and the bear is a guest of the mother of the girls before he kills the `little man`, which means that he`s like the Taliban who don`t want their girls to receive the `treasure` of becoming women. In Judaism it`s understood that the `little man` can`t live, because you can only be a jew if you`re born from a woman, which is why Jesus is born from a virgin. If you can be a jew only if you`re born from a woman, then only a woman is a jew, and Jesus can`t live because he`s a `little man` who guards woman`s education.

 Marriage is a prison because, on the understanding that women are a species with her own penis, if men wanted you to be with a woman, you`d be a woman, and so women would be together, which is what Oops I Did It Again observes. Britney is with herself as `Rose Red` and `Snow White`, while the visitor is a guest if he isn`t a `cheat`, which is why Britney has her spaceman pick up a `cookie`, the `Open Sesame` to her home. He passes her `protocol`, which the 9/11 Taliban terrorists didn`t, because they wanted to kill the `little man` who wouldn`t cheat women of the `treasure` of an education that would allow them to perceive that, 2000 years after Christ, their war was over, and they`d won. The `little man` would be George W. Bush, who was despised by Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Ladan, and the Taliban. The plunging of the Earth into the `War On Terror` (2003-) may well be the death throes of the red dragon of Revelation, that is, the traditionalist thinker, who`s prepared to sacrifice the sons of millennia for a girl he doesn`t want to be a woman.

 In biblical terms, man`s Redemption upon the Earth depends upon an acceptance of the `hidden` woman of Revelation who has her own penis, and the transformation symbolism of The Tale Of Rose Red And Rose White is that of the role of traditional thinking as opposed to educated thinking, which is what the `little man` as Giant represents.

 Britney`s observing that there`s a place for traditionalist thinking, and so the contest for the `Supper Bowl`, which is the `Holy Grail` of fellowship, is between the Bear`s `clause`, which is action according to `positional sense`, in US football terms, that is, how a man acts in his position as a man, and the Giant`s ring of the `little man`, which is that of the educated woman, but is more difficult to attain for the man who wants her, because she isn`t a stupid girl who believes that men are the centre of the cosmos because they have a penis. She has one of her own. A point underlined in Oops I Did It Again by Britney`s dispensing with her male dancers during her `routine` by means of a simple upward gesture with her hands, at which they all fall inert, leaving her to dance on with the educated `girls`.



The Tale Of Rose Red And Snow White suggests girls should be stupid, which means the author`s being written by an evil predator, as were the authors of the Bible. Jesus` symbolic New Testament offering of fellowship in the `bread and the wine` of the `Last Supper`, as a symbol of his `body and blood`, for example, is a test to see whether he`s with friends or predators.

 Jesus` realization is that he`s being written by a homosexual predator, which in Revelation appears as the red dragon that waits to devour the New Redeemer, born to the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. He decides to end the `scene` with an appeal to God, and the Paraclete, the `tutelary spirit`, effectively emerges from his side, pierced at his crucifixion by Longinus` spear, as the soul`s redemptive guide. Earlier, in Genesis, the homosexual predator appears as the serpent, that is, the not yet fully grown dragon that, in Revelation, wants to enslave and devour the child of the woman, the New Redeemer, who`s the `protector` of the hidden` woman of the Earth, before she leaves to sow her `seed` amongst the stars in heaven, with her own `hidden` penis.



 The dragon is an evil draco, a `blood drinking` parasitical vampire and Jesus` offer of his `body and blood`, as the symbolic `bread and the wine` of friendship, is his awareness that the body is a vessel from which a little blood may be drunk; if the vampire is going to give eternal life: whereas an evil draco will drain the body of blood and in effect devour the life force. It`s Jesus` recipe for living on the Earth. His Resurrection, Redemption, and Ascension to God and heaven is his escape from the evil draco, and the `hidden` woman `protected` by the New Redeemer is promised a similar escape by God. She will leave Earth bodily and her `seed` will defeat the evil `seed` of the draco in a war in heaven.

The bear in The Tale Of Rose Red and Rose White is evil, because it`s a man, and the `little man` is angry because girls aren`t stupid, and the author is being forced to write of `little men` who are trying to emerge, dwarflike, from beneath the weight of social and cultural conditioning with their `treasure`, the truth. The bear explains to the girls that the `little man` had transformed him from  a prince to a bear, and had stolen his treasure, but the `hidden` truth is that the prince doesn`t know how to regain his treasure. He`s told that the death of the `little man` will restore him, and his death does restore the prince to himself and his treasure, but the `hidden` meaning is that the girls want themselves, and in an older version of the tale written by Caroline Stahl, the bear never met the `little man` before he kills him, isn`t an enchanted prince, and the girls take the treasure, which is woman`s `hidden` wisdom.2 To develop as a species, you need a penis. The girls are comfortable, but they`re not reproductive, and therefore not productive either. If the bear were to be restored as a princess with a penis, the girls would be more than parasites.

 In order to show that the bear has the truth he has to say `no` to the little man`s asking if it`s a devourer like the red dragon of Revelation, which lies in wait for the New Redeemer, who `protects` the `hidden` woman of the Earth until she leaves for the stars where her `seed`, that is, the `seed` of her descendants from her own penis, according to Revelation, fights a war against the evil serpent`s `seed`, that is, men, and are rewarded victoriously by God`s creation of a new heaven and Earth for them to dwell in forever, while the real `evil little men`, that is, the homosexuals, who have actually enslaved women and her `womb` in order to devour it in warfare, receive eternal unendurable pain as their punishment.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney is surrounded by bears` claws, as she sings and dances. She`s `Snow White`, `star` of the North, with the signs of the bear`s friendship about her, while her `Red Rose` is watched over by the `Eastern star` of joviality, the Giant`s `red eye`:


`The Great Red Spot is a persistent anticyclonic storm, 22° south of Jupiter's equator, which has lasted for ... possibly longer than 347 years.`3


 The claws of the bear`s paws, in Jungian terms, represent the `pause` of the differentiated sword, as the `Thinking` function, which pauses before acting because wise, and in biblical terms here on Mars, the name of the god of war in Roman mythology, represents Jove`s (Jehovah`s) controlled omnipotent anger, whereas the `Great Red Spot` (GRS) of Jupiter is the `eye of Jove`, here a symbol of a differentiated `Sensation` function which isn`t an eye of a devourer, and so is a symbol of God`s omnibenevolence.

 As Jehovah (YAHWEH) promised to guide the Israelites, the `chosen people`, to the `Promised Land` in the Old Testament, so God`s `Holy Spirit` was the `tutelary guide` vouchsafed to Jesus` adherents in the New Testament for the Christians, and is represented in Jungian terms, by the differentiated function of `Intuition`. Essentially, God`s omnipotence (the sword as `Thinking` function, in Jungian terms) is tempered by omnibenevolence (the cup, Grail, or heart of `Feeling` in Christian iconography), and the pentacle, symbolized by the `bread and the wine` of the table, is a symbol of the spirit of God`s approving omnipresence (the eyes, and the `Sensation` function), while omniscience is in `tuition` (`Intuition`), that is, the knowledge of God`s plan through the acceptance of the `tutelary guidance` of the Holy Spirit.

 Britney`s Giant`s `Supper Bowl` ring is a symbol of strength, and forbearance, towards `little women`, God`s omnipotent anger should be towards the bear, who murders. The girls are needy opportunists, and are forgiveable, whereas the `little man` is a dead giant. In Oops I Did It Again Britney Spears, as `Rose Red` and `Snow White`, receives the blue jewel (Jupiter is blue, emphasizing the `Great Red Spot`), that is, she `takes heart` from the story, which is that it`s possible for the `little man` to have Redemption because he`s a giant, and that`s why she wants to make of him a giant and give him to wear the ring that she descends within in Oops I Did It Again. He`s the hero of both tales, and dead in both, which is why Oops I Did It Again is a memorial to Rose`s love aboard the Titanic, a love that was doomed because it was infected by a Judas.

 Jesus` understanding that he`s being written by a homosexual predator reflects his relations with the disciples and Jesus, and the disciples collectively confirm it whenever he meets a woman who is interested in him: `...a woman came to him with an alabaster vial of very costly perfume, and she poured it on his head as he reclined at the table. But the disciples were indignant when they saw this, and said, `Why this waste? For this perfume might have been sold for a high price and the money given to the poor.` But Jesus, aware of this, said to them:


 `"Why do you bother the woman? For she has done a good deed to me. For you always have the poor with you; but you do not always have me. For when she poured this perfume on my body, she did it to prepare me for burial. Truly I say to you, wherever this gospel is preached in the whole world, what this woman has done will also be spoken of in memory of her." Then one of the twelve, named Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said, "What are you willing to give me to betray Him to you?" And they weighed out thirty pieces of silver to him. From then on he began looking for a good opportunity to betray Jesus.' (Matt: 26: 7-17)


 Oops I Did It Again presents Britney as a `little woman` waiting for a big enough good man to put her ring on his finger. She`s a figure of the woman who`d be told by the disciples that she`s too big a woman for Jesus. That`s why she appears as herself upon what seems to be a white tablecloth as her `star` revolves beneath the eyes of her spaceman`s visor, and the camera lens beside his spacehelmet.

 The white tablecloth`s her pentacle, symbolic of the table at which Jesus was sitting when the woman poured expensive oil upon his head. In Oops I Did It Again Britney is an `anointing` for the spaceman`s eyes, and through the eye of his camera, the eyes of all those who will see her. The fork next to the spaceman`s spacehelmet, as he hangs suspended above her, is asking the same question the `little man` asked of the bear:


 `Are you Cain or Abel?`


 Abel was murdered by Cain, because Abel could cook, and Cain wanted the fruit of immortality, so showed God he grew fruit. However, women are traditionally homemakers, which is why the Holy Spirit is called `teacher, guide, helpmeet, and comforter`. Britney is asking the spaceman: are you going to eat with me, or devour me? It`s her understanding that the `little man` is a good giant and so is the best, so Britney`s ring for him is going to be big and she shows it to her spaceman, who`s too small to wear it and, walking backwards, leaves disconsolately.

 Oops I Did It Again is `Chrismassy`, in the sense that she`s Santa in her red suit, and so the video is a Christmas e-card. The figure of the spaceman resembles Santa trudging through the snow with his sled, by which signifier we`d assume Britney`s `Rose Red` and `Rose White` to be Christmas `elves` (selves), while several of her gestures, with her arms raised above her as she dances, suggest she`s a `reindeer` for her spaceman`s sled. He`s brought her the blue `heart` jewel (`Feeling`), and she`s anointed his eyes (`Sensation`), which means that they need `Intuition` (spear, which `Rose Red` and `Rose White` represent as Spears), and `Thinking`, which is represented by the thoughtfulness of the `interactive video content`. There are eight reindeer in the poem `Twas the Night Before Christmas, but a line from the verses indicates that they all have the same function as `Dasher`:


`Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away all!`


 Britney`s white bikini-dressed figure, a `star` beneath the spaceman`s eyes of visor and camera lens, has eight of her dancers between the Christmas snowflake`s radial points which, together with herself in the red Santa`s suit, suggests she`s her Christmas selves with her reindeer. Oops I Did It Again is A Christmas Carol, the Charles Dickens` tale of the spirits of past, present, and future, which Scrooge is shown to have him convert from miserliness. The Titanic is the past, the spaceman`s the present, she`s the future, and the message she preaches is `take heart` from Jesus` teachings and accept the Holy Spirit.



 The psychological interpretation suggests that she has a `reined ear`; or, in other words, she`s reining in her sword, that is, the cogitations of her `Thinking` function, before she`s ready to acts her part with the `dashing knight` who`s going to attain to the `Holy Grail` she represents. The spaceman isn`t dashing enough because she sends him home, but the imagery of I`m Walking Backwards For Christmas indicates the theme:


`I'm walking backwards for Christmas, to prove that I love you.`


 Because the spaceman gives her the `heart of the ocean`, the blue jewel from the sinking of the Titanic, he`s a deep sea diver and  an astronaut, which means he`s a pilot also. Meeting him in her pilot`s suit, Britney`s indicating her understanding of what it takes to get to her there on Mars. She seems to give him nothing in return but, immediately he picks up her icon from the sands of Mars, Britney`s palace emerges from the desert.

 Her palace can only be seen in the faceplate of the spaceman`s spacehelmet because that`s how the Earth appears in the visor of the spaceman`s spacehelmet for the `ASE` Award, which is given by the Association of Space Explorers to those who have distinguished themselves in the field of space exploration. In short, Britney gives her spaceman the ASE Award for his landing on Mars to be with her. His gift is a message, and it says:


 `Take heart.`


 The science fiction allusion is to American Grand Master Robert A. Heinlein`s Stranger In A Strange Land which features the character Valentine Michael Smith who, born on Mars and raised by Martians, becomes a Christ-figure on Earth. Heinlein`s other relevant character here would be Podkayne of Mars, called `Poddy` by her friends and family, and Britney would be `Poppy` of Mars, because she`s a `poppy of rememberance`, whereas her spaceman`s Valentine, the blue heart`s jewel, the `heart of the ocean`, is in memory of Christmas past, the American Grand Master, Robert A. Heinlein, died in 1988.

 There`s a brief allusion to Heinlein`s most famous character, Lazarus Long, from Methuselah`s Children (1958) and Time Enough For Love (1973), when the spaceman in Oops I Did It Again finds Britney`s icon in the sands of Mars, exclaiming:


 `Whoah there horsey!`


 One of Lazarus Long`s roles during his long-lived life was as a `horse and buggy doctor`. His role in Heinlein was as a persecuted minority of people who had longevity, and effectively were immortal. Because they were long-lived, people became suspicious at their remaining while others passed away, and so Lazarus periodically changed his identity.



 Valentine Smith`s religion of universal love was a necessary antidote to the persecution of the long-lived `Families`, as they were called, and Britney`s spaceman, a `stranger` on Mars who gives her a Valentine, is welcomed by herself as Poppy, who represents the rememberance of Christmas past, the present, as the USA`s plans for landing on Mars, which Britney`s video projects as a reality, and Robert A. Heinlein`s `Future History`, the several stories that, containing Methuselah`s Children, and detailing the persecution of those with longevity in `If This Goes On -`, constitute the future that Britney`s `Poppy` is remembering.

 In the New Testament Jesus is depicted as having a sword that comes out of his mouth, which signifies thought before speech, that is, differentiation of the `Feeling` and `Thinking` functions, whereas the ear that`s undifferentiated `Thinking` is susceptible to the lies it`s told if the `heart` doesn`t temper the sword, which is the `Holy Grail` of action in accordance with truth.

 The bear that thinks he`s a man remains a bear, because he wants the role of `prison warder` for the `hidden` woman of the Earth with a penis that the evil draco doesn`t want to leave, and so Britney dances and sings surrounded by bears` claws because she undestands that the little man`s irascibility is actually his ability to teach, but he`s socio-culturally unexplicable because evil men don`t want his knowledge and wisdom to, be known, which is that girls have a penis of their own.

 In lesbian circles, it`s fashionable to wear a `thumb` ring, and so Britney`s thumb-size heroine, inside her giant`s ring in Oops I Did It Again, is proclaiming a sexual awareness in keeping with the revelation that women have a penis of their own, and she`s preparing, in the characters of `Rose Red` and `Rose White`, to take care of herself as a `thumb`, which is what the first wife of a `hand` is called in Moslem countries, where four wives are permissible.

  In psychological terms, the Moslem `hand` is a metaphor for Jungian individuation in which the self has four differentiated functions of consciousness to work with, and it`s also a symbol of cooperation where the `hand` of friendship has genuine meaning, because a `hand` that doesn`t have a `thumb` can`t humanly grasp anything.

 Oops I Did It Again`s `Rose Bowl Stadium`, from which all other `bowls` derive their origination in American football, and the heart`s symbol of the cup, bowl, or Holy Grail is associated, in the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), with the `Feeling` function. According to Jungian psychology, there are three other `functions of consciousness`; `Thinking`, `Sensation`, and `Intuition`. In the tarot deck of cards, believed to be a pictorial Torah, or `book of the law`, from the Old Testament of the Bible, the cup, sword, spear, and pentacle are their symbols.

 The `sword` is associated with the function of `Thinking`, and the ear; because thoughts are communicated by means of the speaker, to the hearer. The `spear` is associated with `Intuition`, and the nose, or sense of smell; because the `Holy Spirit` is in `tuition`, that is, the `tutelary spirit`, which effectively emerged as the `Second Eve` from the side of Jesus when pierced by the spear of Longinus at the crucifixion. She`s the `inner voice` of woman that distinguishes between what is, and what is not, God. `Feeling`, associated with the mouth that eats, but can also speak, is the cup, or bowl, of the `Holy Grail` of fellowship. The pentacle, associated with the function of `Sensation`, or tangibility, is `sightedness`.

 The eyes inform the body of what is edible, and the soul, taught by the `Holy Spirit`, prevents the individual from becoming a devourer. Britney`s red suited figure isn`t the red dragon of Revelation, waiting to consume the `New Redeemer`, born to the `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, a symbol of the `body and the blood` as warfare, rather than the `bread and the wine`, which is the redemptive friendship of Christianity.

 Britney`s white-bikinied self, revolving as a white Christmas `star`, beneath the eyes of her spaceman`s visor, and the camera beside his helmeted spacesuit, is a symbolic `vision` of what it means to accept the Holy Spirit, that is, the `Holy Grail` of Jungian individuation, which is the differentiation into consciousness of the four functions of `Thinking`, `Sensation`, `Feeling`, and `Intuition`, and the development of an individual with the attributes of a sharp ear for truth, respectful eyes, a love that speaks, and inner wisdom.



 The eye motif is important in Oops I Did It Again. Britney`s spaceman discovers her icon in the sands of Mars, and `Mission Control` on Earth sees it through the `camera eye` beside the eye of the spaceman`s spacehelmet`s visor.  The icon seems to be an `Open Sesame`, as it were, a `cookie` functioning as a `password`.

 A structure appears dramatically arising from the desert in the spaceman`s helmet visor, and the `Open Sesame` motif suggests Jennah, the `hidden` Paradise of the Arabian Tale Of A Thusand Nights and One Night, which features Sheherezade, a woman who saves other women by telling stories of genies and hidden treaures to a man who`d murdered his faithful wife in order to marry a new wife each day after beheading the previous one each evening as a punishment for his first wife`s unfaithfulness. Britney`s lyrics in Oops I Did It Again reflect on this:


`I think I did it again. I made you believe
We're more than just friends.
Oh, baby;
It might seem like a crush,
But it doesn't mean
That I'm serious.
'Cause to lose all my senses...
That is just so typically me.
Oh, baby; baby.`


 Shah Jehan `lost his senses` when he cut off the head of his faithful wife, so that he could marry a new woman each day and behead her each evening. Shah Jehan`s wives were those who actually lost their senses; because they died. Britney`s describing the fate of woman, the inadequacy of men`s apology - Oops I Did It Again – and the knowledge and wisdom represented by the sane woman who`s `not that serious`. In Jungian psychology `Sensation` is the key function because it represents the eyes, and what is tangible. Britney`s alluding to Jung`s Theory Of Psychological Types, that is, men would have her believe that Oops I Did It Again excuses them for being `typically` themselves. However, you can`t touch what you can`t see and, if a woman`s intangible, seeing her is the issue. Shah Jehan`s wife was faithful, but he said she was having an affair with his brother, although she wasn`t. Shah Jehan was unfaithful, and compounded it with `serial murder`. He`s the prototypically undifferentiated man who observes to his wife that, because she`s been speaking with, and seeing, his brother, she`s unfaithful. Shah Jehan has a problem with `Sensation`, in Jungian terms, that is, his eyes are his `tangibility function` and his ears are his `Thinking` function, and together they tell him what he perceives visually, and mentally. He communicates his perceptions of his wife`s unfaithfulness by means of his `Feeling` function, which in Jungian psychology is associated with the mouth, and so he has a `bad heart`.

As the `teacher, guide, helpmeet, and comforter`, a wife`s traditional role is defined as the activity of the Holy Spirit in Christianity, Shah Jehan`s wife therefore corresponds to  the `tutelary spirit`, which is identifiable in Jungian psychology as `Intuition`, and is what Shah Jehan rejects. The storyteller of 1001 Nights, Sheherezade, saves the women of the kingdom by telling tales that both educate and entertain Shah Jehan so that he prefers her, and Britney Spears in Oops I Did It Again is contributing to her storytelling insofar as she remains intangible for as long as she`s being watched.

In 1001 Nights Shah Jehan observes his wife and his brother, and she remained intangible for as long as he was watching her. The Arabian tradition is that the `evil one` is a whisperer, and has no other power, so Shah Jehan must have been under the influence of such a `Shaitan`, as it is called in Moslem countries. In other words, Shah Jehan`s `Thinking`, that is, his ears, were at fault, so that his eyes perceived what was not – his wife`s unfaithfulness. However, so long as he watched over her, she was `untouched`, which is why Britney`s Giant`s ring refers to jovial Jupiter, and its `Great Red Spot`, which is the tranquil eye of a storm twice the size of Earth. It’s the calm required of a man for a woman, who does (and should) represent the Holy Spirit for him, and without which he can`t attain to Redemption.

Better read, then Redemption, as it were. The legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the `Round Table` is also present in Britney`s treatment of the theme of cup, sword, spear, and of course pentacle; a symbol of the table itself, upon which Britney`s white bikini-dressed self revolves in symbolic depiction of the modern age`s `Rotary Club`, which follows the precepts of fellowship set by Arthur and his knights of le table ronde.

 Shah Jehan believed his brother to be having an affair with his wife, and so beheaded her. The Christian tradition is of `brotherly love`, and the `Holy Grail` is a symbol of the fellowship that promotes it. Jesus approach towards the disciples is as a brother who offers the `bread and the wine` as a symbol of his `body and blood`, prior to the crucifixion, so he`s Shah Jehan atoning for the sin of mankind, which is to view the woman as evil. Jesus is born from a virgin, Mary, his mother, and is man not touched by man, nor is his mother.

 Jesus and the Virgin Mary are a reflection upon the idea that women can give birth without men, as a solution to the problem of the evil that they represent. Moreover, they can give birth to each other, irrespective of whether they have a penis or not, which is why Mary is a virgin. There`s no reason why a woman should ever be anything else; if parthenogenesis were to be practised.

 Evil is what men perpetrate upon woman, who is the Earth`s species, whereas men are `aliens`, that is, parasitical, vampiristic enslavers of woman`s art, civilization, and culture in their wars. Devourers of what`s produced from woman`s `host` womb, nevertheless the wisdom of Eve finally emerged from the side of  the `Second Adam`, as the `tutelary spirit` from the side of Jesus, to put a man on the moon in 1969, `One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.` On Mars, 2000 years after Christ, it`s Oops I Did It Again – spending billions on WWI, II, III, etc., was retarded, and Britney`s womankind, `hidden` upon the Earth, and ready to leave, may find that men have done it to her Earth before, as they have always sought to retard it and her. In Oops I Did It Again Britney suggests she`ll  be waiting for them `out there` with a better offer. It`s a  small step for a woman, but it`s a giant leap for womankind.


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