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Britney`s Radar

25/05/2012 17:01

Britney`s Radar


Britney Spears recorded the single Radar, which appeared on the Circus album, although it was scheduled for Blackout, when she was filing for divorce from Kevin Federline, who`d `fed her a line` she`d believed in for a time. The video is about polo, which is a sport for men on horseback. Because Britney is from the Southern States of the USA, that is, Mississippi, she`s probably entitled to be a member of DAR, which is `Daughters of the American Revolution`, a membership open to any woman who had family that fought on either side, Union or Confederate, during the American Civil War (1861-65). Because Britney would need help from her sisters during the divorce, Radar is probably her distress call to DAR. Concerned over a possible Confederline `raid` during their `Civil War`, Britney`d want to ensure her sons` future with their mom after their Union had ended in divorce. Consequently, `raid` DAR (Radar) is a `distress signal` to the `Daughters of the American Revolution`.



 The symbolism is couched in terms of the tarot, that is, the Momluk tarot, which is Arabian and features the polo `mallet`; `clubs` in modern tarot decks of cards. Radar features a fountain with the statue of a polo player upon a horse. In symbolic terms, he`s a knight with a lance. The other three suits of the tarot deck are sword, cup, and dish. In the legend of the Grail, centering around the myth of King Arthur and the Knights of la table ronde,  the cup is the holy vessel from which Christ drank at the last supper before his crucifixion. The sword and lance are symbolic of the knights who eat (dish) and drink (cup) in fellowship. Because Britney Spears connotes `lance`, which is `club` in the more usual tarot deck, and the `lance` is a polo mallet in Radar, the polo player is both her symbol, and her signal to the `Daughters of the American Revolution` (DAR) that `clubbing` has caused the `break up`, which is why Paris `hilt on the Sword` became her confidante and, in effect, an auxiliary `brain` during Britney`s divorce.



 In the ancient world, Paris was the prince of Troy that kidnapped Helen, and provoked her husband, Meneleaus, brother of King Agamemnon of Greece. The result was war against Troy, resolved by the device of the wooden horse, left by the Greeks and taken into Troy by the Trojans. Full of Greek soldiers they emerged from the hollowed out horse by night and took the city. Britney, voted `most beautiful woman in the world`, is Helen in `modern` terms.  Paris Hilton, `the sword`, has the role of Paris of Troy to Kevin Federline`s `Meneleaus`. But Britney`s Helen is asking Paris for help because she`s bisexual. In ancient Greece, men were homosexual by `tradition`, and so Paris of Troy was heterosexual by analogy. In the Bible the `hidden woman` of the Earth is described as leaving to sow her seed amongst the stars where she`ll fight a victorious war against the evil `seed` and receive a new heaven and Earth from God as her reward. Because she has seed to sow she has a penis of her own, and so Paris `hilt on the sword` - and Britney Spears - represent the `hidden` woman`s love for her own species.



 According to the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) there are four functions of consciousness and these correspond to the sword (`Thinking`), spear (`Intuition`), cup (`Feeling`), and dish (`Sensation`) of the tarot. Because the polo player in Britney`s Radar denotes the character from the Momluk tarot that corresponds to the knight with the lance, he`s `positionally` the Arabian knight Saladin.



 The Momluk Sultans were from Kurdistan, Saladin`s birthplace; significant because Saddam Hussein`s treatment of the Kurds in Kurdistan was the main reason given as justification for Saudi Arabia`s support for the Gulf Wars. The Momluks spread Islam by the sword, as far as Hungary in Western Europe (1541-1699). They gave themselves the title of `Custodians of the Holy Mosques`, a title which King Fahd of Saudi Arabia adopted in 1986 thereby `positionally` declaring Saudi Arabia`s support for the descendants of Saladin, the `Arabian Knights` of Kurdistan, and of course Islam.



 Polo is an aristocratic sport in which there are goals, two opposing teams, and a ball. Each period of play in polo is called a `chukker`, which derives from the Sanskrit `cakra`; circle or wheel. Britney`s Radar is alluding to `Fortune`s Wheel` in the tarot deck:


 `... we all change positions, some of us rising some of us falling, some dropping to a nadir, some reaching a zenith.`1



 Polo, as the `sport of kings`, is elitist. Knights have lances, and polo players, in each `chukker` or period of play, wield `mallets` as symbolic lancers, and their opponents are metaphorically `unhorsed` if they score goals; as knights jousting in `tourneys`, that is. The elitism of polo resides in the meaning of the sport, which is that knights aren`t racist.



Traditionally, knights have squires; apprentice knights. This is important because it ensures the continuity of the knightly tradition. In racist slang, blacks are `spear chuckers`, which explains why `clubs` replace `spears` in the modern tarot. The black African peoples have chucked their `spears` and only have `clubs`, that is, the South African Zulus were defeated by the British lancers at Ulundi (1879), for example. A `spear chucker` is in fact a `spear thrower`, a tool used by aboriginal peoples to extend their arm. It`s a piece of wood with a groove into which the shaft of the spear is inserted and then it is used as a `launcher`. After the spear has been thrown what`s left is the piece of wood with the groove, the `spear chucker`, which is in effect a `club`.



 A `club` is what Kevin Federline had after Britney Spears because he signed on for the seventh season of the `reality TV` show Celebrity Fit Club (2009). In Britney mythology, a `club` is for those who want Spears. In Radar terms, Federline had `chucked` his, a euphemism for ending a relationship. Britney`s Spears, not a `clubber`. However, after her divorce, she herself became a `night clubber`; because she`d been `thrown over` and had to `start over`. Her 2012 single Criminal suggests how `night clubbing` degenerates into `knight clubbing` where good knights are robbed by the evil.



 Britney lost control of her fortune to `Conservatorship` (her father, James) because she (and her children) were `chucked` by Federline for `clubbing` rather than `Christian fellowship`, which the `Daughters of the American Revolution` (DAR) might represent for Britney.  In terms of `knight clubs` Jesus` disciples from the `Last Supper`, symbolized by the Grail (cup and dish), are the precursors of la table ronde of the Arthurian knights (sword and lance) persisting into the modern age as a `Rotary Club` that denotes knightly `training` for those who`d `chuck` Spears, as it were, and become `clubbers`.

 Oops I Did It Again shows Britney Spears` early awareness of the meaning of the `Rotary Club`. The spaceman`s first words on perceiving her on Mars are `Whoa there horsey!` Wearing a red pilot`s suit Britney hooks and hoists him to where he`s able to look down where she lies; as if upon a white tablecloth in a white bikini-dress. He`s her knight, and not a polo rider. He`s not going to `chukka` because he doesn`t want to `chuck her` for a men`s `club`, which would be homosexual. Consequently, homosexuality would be defined as men `clubbing` a man who`s a good knight with his lady. The homosexual penis, as an AIDS spreading weapon, is a `members club` for subduing ladies, and their good knights; much in the way that the evil hate laughter and would promote AIDS rather than sexual pleasure. In sexual terms, `clubbers` are `spear chuckers` because they`ve developed homosexuality as a disease. Men`s penises are so small in comparison to futanar women who have their own that it could only be the result of a relationship with Woman that wasn`t supposed to last because they`re homosexual. Their penises are so small it seems almost certain that the rectum is their appropriate orifice.

 Beside Britney`s spaceman is a `giant fork`; one of several `giant` motifs in the video. Descending in her red pilot`s suit, Britney`s inside a giant`s ring and, dancing, she appears inside the rib cage of the giant. When the spaceman gives her a box containing a gift, she says:


 `But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end?`


 Again it`s a `giant` reference to the Titanic movie in which the `heart of the ocean`, a blue diamond, is dropped into the sea at the site of the ship`s salvaging by Rose. The Titanic sank after hitting an iceberg on its maiden voyage in 1911. Described as `unsinkable` at its launch, the movie uses it as a metaphor for betrayed love.  Rose`s ex-fiancée `plants` the jewel in her new love`s pocket, accusing him of theft. Her love subsequently drowns while attempting to save people in the lifeboats and, despairingly, Rose drops the `heart of the ocean` jewel into the sea at the movie`s close. Appearing on Mars in Oops I Did It Again the heart, inside the giant rib cage, is a symbol of a titan`s love.

 The titans were gods and goddesses descending from Gaia, the Earth`s `mother, and Uranus. Britney`s allusion is to Tethys, the consort of Oceanus. Tethys would be the `heart of the ocean` in symbolic terms, a Titaness, and symbolically the Titanic would be her ship; the ship of Gaia, the Earth. Anyone trying to see the joke would laugh at the idea of Gayer and Your anus as `received pronunciation` for Gaia and Uranus but it fits the notion of the Earth being Resurrected because Greek culture in ancient times was predominantly homosexual and male, which probably meant that the Earth was the original home of a single species of Woman. The revisionist thesis is not a new one. The Russians have altered history to suit themselves almost since Russia began. It`s highly probable that Greek homosexuality, caring nothing for the enslaved wombs of women, created a mythology designed to create false heroes for posterity. The Lemaean Hydra, for example, protecting the Danaiads, women who have refused to marry, is slain by Hercules. The Hydra has many heads and is female, which suggests that it`s a woman`s collective response to homosexuality as a form of enslavement and parasitism. Hercules, however, is the prototypical Greek homosexual with a  `club`.



If you`d ever seen a statue of the purportedly superhumanly strong Hercules and his incredibly shriveled penis you would laugh out loud. It`s a homosexual lampoon, because they hate Mankind. All war derives from them. That`s why Hercules carries a big club and has a very tiny penis. Because it`s designed for non-reproductive sterile anal masturbation, which is what a tank is. That`s why Hercules carries a very big club, because he has a tiny penis and he doesn`t want to use that. In terms of men`s role as parasites on women`s `host womb`, they breed men with a very tiny penis because the extinction of Mankind is what homosexuals are for and that`s why Hercules has a tiny penis and a big club to compensate his homosexuals` feelings of inferiority. Doubtless Hercules had a large member, but penis envy is what homosexuality is all about. Mankind wants to reproduce with Woman, whereas the homosexual doesn`t. Ridiculing Hercules and giving him a big club is homosexuality`s way of planning Armageddon.

 Because Mars is a desert planet without water, the `heart of the ocean` is a metaphor for Resurrection. In his 1922 poem The Wasteland T.S. Eliot presents similar imagery to, as it were, `water` the imagination of the reader to produce:


`... a revelation of that vanished mind of which our mind is a continuation.`2



 Eliot sought to use what he called the `objective correlative` to foster those thoughts in the minds of his readers that would facilitate their own personal development, a process of correspondence between imagery and imagination which the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) termed `individuation`. Jung called the elements of the human psyche that aroused inventiveness and creativity `archetypes` and argued that they appeared in mythology and dreams, as well as before and within imagination`s products.



 In The Wasteland T.S. Eliot used imagery similar to Britney`s `heart of the ocean` in Oops I Did It Again to stimulate the mind. The Wasteland refers constantly to the Grail legend and the role of the `fisher king` who is waiting for his kingdom to be restored:


`I sat upon the shore

Fishing, with the arid plain behind me

Shall I at least set my lands in order?` 425


  In Oops I Did It Again Mars is Britney`s `arid plain` and she`s `fishing`. Her spaceman having `landed`, in her red pilot`s suit, she hooks her `fish` and dangles him above her white bikini dressed self who corresponds to her `hidden` woman. In the Bible, the New Redeemer protects the woman of the Earth, who is `hidden` until she leaves Earth. According to Revelation the symbol of the New Redeemer`s authority is a `rod`. Because there are tarot motifs in Oops I Did It Again Britney`s future is present. She has a `ruler`. In astrological terms, her ruler is Mars, and so she`s ruling her red planet, which is unusual; because Mars is a war god.  Because Mars` sandy desert  is arid and barren, the god of war represents sterile homosexuality. Britney needs to overcome Mars `to set my lands in order`. In other words, Mars is the male ego, sterile and homosexual, so Britney has to replace Mars as her `ruler` so that her red planet can become green. Earth is described in science fiction as a `blue and green world` because it`s watery and verdant, so desert Mars should be red and green.



 The desert is important because one of the central figures of the holy book of the Arabian deserts, the Koran, is Khidr `the green one`, who emerges from the Red Sea after Joshua loses a fish he has for Moses` supper. Khidr begins to teach Moses who complains that Khidr does things that only Khidr knows the reason for. But that`s why Khidr`s wise, and Moslems believe in obedience to the `Will of Allah` (God),  because they don`t know the reason for everything that happens. In Judaism Moses receives the `law of God` on Mt. Siniai. They`re for Moses so that he can obey God and not have to know the reason why things happen. Jesus, whose symbol, like Khidr, is the fish, distilled `God`s law` into `love your neighbor as you love yourself`. It`s the simple Arabian perception that growing things need to be `watered`. If your neighbor has fruit trees, so will you.



 In the developmental psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) the fish symbol represents a content of the unconscious, in dreams, myth, and imagination, that is struggling to become conscious. The fish is a developmental symbol, which is why the `fisher king` is fishing in T.S. Eliot`s The Wasteland. Britney, in her red pilot`s suit in Oops I Did It Again, shows the spaceman to herself in a white bikini dress, to see if she`s sexually aroused.  If he`s sexually aroused, it means that her penis is erect, which is Christian in thinking but not yet Redemption for Mankind as woman with a penis of her own and a species in development. From the Earth`s moon, Earth is a `blue and green world`. From the Earth, the moon is silver. But it`s sterile. So men have been with their war god homosexuality, and Britney`s on Mars in Oops I Did It Again to observe that going back to the moon and pretending that you haven`t been there before isn`t Redemption. Altough it looks silver from the Earth, their moon is pock marked with what appear to be blast craters. God`s plan for Redemption is `green` because men as a parasite on the `host womb` of Woman are the war god homosexuality, whereas Woman with a penis is a developer`s species. Britney appears in three different guises on Mars. In her red pilot`s suit; in a white bikini dress; and in a white blouse with black leather skirt and boots. In her red pilot`s suit she hoists her spaceman and dangles him like bait above herself in a white bikini dress. He`s a small fish and she`s using him to catch a bigger fish. If a woman has a penis, she`d need a woman for sex, but because she`s a woman she also has a vagina, and so she would need a third woman with a penis for sex, which is why there are three Britneys in Oops I Did It Again. Woman as a species is the big fish of religious thought, which provides a solution to Mars` war god homosexuality and predicts a future for Mars as a red and green world.



 In Islam they say that, if you accept Jesus, you`re a Moslem. Because Khidr is the beard of Jesus. He`s `the green one` and all that`s required in Christianity is to accept the meaning of the symbol of the fish, which is the Arabian principle that all growing things need water. Life can`t be sustained without growing things, and so growth and development is what the fish, which lives in water, symbolizes. The lungfish, according to evolutionary theory, is the precursor of all animal life. Mankind has lungs, so men were fish. Jesus was a `fisher of men` because he believed in saving good men. Christian baptism is a symbolic immersion in water to remind Westerners that Jesus was Arabian and water is the stuff of life and those green growing things that can`t be lived without.



 A man will often say to a woman that he `can`t live without her` and that she`s `necessary` to his `well being`. In angling terms, Britney Spears was `fed a line` by Federline, before he chucked his Spears back into the water. In Jungian terms, he wanted to fish for `tuna` and do some `clubbing`. In American slang, a `tuna` is a vagina. In Japan fishermen surround the tuna in the water and club them to death, which is why `fed her a line` preferred `clubbing`. A `tuna boat` is a car with more than one woman, and so the spaceman in Oops I Did It Again represents Britney`s `little man in the boat`, that is, the clitoris. In simple terms, Britney masturbates and the penis gets bigger.



According to Jungian psychology there are four functions of consciousness; `Thinking`, `Feeling`, `Sensation`, and `Intuition`. The eyes are associated with the `Sensation` function and the clitoris is the only organ, male or female, that`s entirely concerned with sexual sensation. Consequently, the spaceman with his camera represents Britney`s `Sensation` function.  Her perception is that the penis gets bigger if she shows herself because the penis finds her desirable and libidic energy is transferred into activities designed to win her. Writing articles about Britney Spears, for example.



 9/11 is a further example. The Twin Towers represent development, which is in accordance with the concept of `the green one`, Khidr, in the Koran, that is, the WTC grew because the woman has shown enough of herself to make the penis grow. The `Islamic fundamentalists` of Al Qaeda were anathema to Moslems because they represented anti-life. Britney`s position is psychologically true and developmental. The penis gets bigger is the woman shows herself. In Islam the woman is only supposed to show herself to her man, and she wears the one piece coverall, the abiyah, in public. Pop stars like Dana, Nancy Aram, Myriam Fares, and Haifa Wahbi show more of themselves; and the penis gets bigger. It`s funny for young girls, but women are a species with their own penis. Consequently, the `bigging` of the penis is important to them because it`s their planet, and the Twin Towers are their erections also.

 Because Britney appears `twinned` in red and white in Oops I Did It Again  it`s a transition. In tarot terms, her red Mars planetary ruler is introducing herself in a white bikini dress to a new man. Britney, however, is bisexual. Her `daughter` is interested in science fiction, and that`s why the astronaut is wearing a spacesuit. Her libido is directed towards space and not Earth. In T.S. Eliot`s The Wasteland the fisher king`s rod is a symbol of the need for the fish that will restore the kingdom. In Christianity, Jesus` symbol  is the `fish` because of his teaching of Redemption. According to Revelation the redeemed are put in a new place, which is heaven. Moreover, the `hidden` woman, protected by the New Redeemer`s `rod`, leaves Earth to `sow` her `seed` amongst the stars, and her `seed` fights a war in heaven against the evil serpent`s `seed`, which is homosexuality, and receives a new heaven and Earth from God as a reward while the evil experience perdition. The `hidden` woman sows her own seed, so she has her own penis. The penis of the `fisher king`  is dysfunctional because of a wound given him by the `Spear of Destiny`, that is, the spear of Longinus that pierced the side of Jesus and, effectively, released the Paraclete or Holy Spirit as `Second Eve` from the rib of the `Second Adam` after Jesus` crucifixion and death. The `fish` is a symbol of development, and the woman with a penis is God`s new woman. Consequently, the `Spear of Destiny` is the liberator. Redemption is Woman with a penis as God`s new species, and Jesus` precept to `love your neighbor as you love yourself` is preparation for Man`s understanding that their future is Redemption as Woman with a penis.



 In symbolic terms, the `heart of the ocean` in Oops I Did It Again corresponds to what Jung terms the `Feeling` function in humans, which is symbolized in Christianity by the Grail or `cup` used by Jesus at the `Last Supper` before his crucifixion. A grail could contain both food and drink, that is, it`s a duplex vessel, but in the tarot deck the symbol is separated into suits of `cup` and `dish`. In Jungian psychology, the `dish` represents the `Sensation` function, which is associated with the sense of sight, whereas `Feeling` is associated with the mouth, eating and speech. Undifferentiated, the mouth is for eating, and the ability to speak is consequently indicative of a more differentiated or conscious `Feeling` function. Eating and drinking while conversing is, therefore, a sign of `fellow feeling`  to a refined degree, and as the `fish` on the `dish` on la table ronde Britney in her white bikini dress in Oops I Did It Again is equivalent to the fish supper that Joshua was keeping for Moses before it leapt into the Red Sea and reemerged as Khidr, `the green one`, who is wise and represents development. In real terms, Oops I Did It Again is Britney`s Beard because it represents her wisdom. The giant`s fork beside the spaceman`s helmet as he gazes down upon her is a cannibal allusion. Britney descends inside a giant`s ring to her stage in Oops I Did It Again so she`s supposed to appear as small. Because the eyes are associated with the `Sensation`  function and sexuality, `tuna clubbing` is the concomitant of a male sexuality that has become homosexual, that is, the fork gets bigger. It`s the Mr. Big idea. Who is it that`s developing the Earth in order to devour it? From the eyes point of view, there are never enough women to admire, but the desire to possess is demonic and can result in what the French call crime de passione, which is the murder of what`s desirable. In Jungian psychology `Feeling` is associated with the mouth and eating, whereas `Sensation` is associated with the eyes and sexuality. Cunnilingus and fellatio are definably `Feeling` because they`re associated with the mouth, but eyes and mouths that represent undifferentiated `Sensation` or `Feeling` mean devourment for the women they want. Britney`s Oops I Did It Again is about Britney`s ruler, but not from a tarot or astrological point of view. She hadn`t yet met first husband Alex, never mind Federline when she made Oops I Did It Again. Her ruler was going to introduce her to Federline, because it`s built into the video as a primary concept. In other words, the elements of the video aren`t predictive, they`re coercive. It`s a typically homosexual modus operandi in which the `star` is to be got into position rather than getting herself into a position to do what she wants, which is dangerous because homosexuals are interested in the man and not the woman. Consequently, Federline was theirs and not hers. In terms of the US, he represents the `Federal line`, which is that central government is more powerful than state government. Or, in other words, homosexuality is `the governor` of the women`s prison, which is the Earth before she leaves, and her family`s tree can begin to leaf everywhere amongst the stars. From a Mr. Big perspective, it`s about playing a `fish`. The line that Britney`s been fed is the bait, and then the line is paid out. She remains in the swim, as it were, until she`s reeled in exhausted.  It`s a `fish run` in which Mr. Big allows her to be in the swim, and even breed, but freedom is an illusion, Woman is a `breeding slave`.



 Jesus` symbol is the fish, and in the Koran Joshua loses a fish that he was bringing for Moses and himself to eat by the Red Sea. Upon its disappearance into the waters, the `wise old man` figure of Khidr appears. In symbolic terms, he`s the fish. Moses travels with Khidr, who explains that he rebuilds a wall so that the treasure beneath it isn`t found by evil doers. According to the Bible Moses doesn`t enter into God`s `Promised Land` of Canaan, but does receive the Judaiac law from God on Mt. Sinai. Joshua goes on to fight the Canaanites at the battle of Jericho and `the walls came tumbling down`.4 The analogy is of a small event, the wall, writ larger. The smaller event is as important as the seemingly greater. The wall rebuilt by Khidr refers to the treasure that`s Jesus, who`s to come after Jericho and is `reserved` for the New Testament. Similarly, Jesus was the `fish` because Christianity was yet to develop. As the `wise old man`, Khidr is Jesus` beard. Because Jesus` teachings are accepted in Islam. Jesus is the `fish` because, developing his teachings from infancy, Christianity is Jesus` beard writ large.



 In Oops I Did It Again Britney appears descending in a giant ring. Because Khidr is `the green one`, the giant is green. In the USA there`s a 55 foot high statue of the Green Giant in Blue Earth.5 Although Mars is the red planet and a desert, Britney`s conception is that it`s the bottom of the Earth`s blue ocean and a sterile wasteland is what men would make of it because they don`t value the wisdom of Jesus` beard.

 Britney, in her white bikini dress, revolving slowly upon her round white tablecloth beneath her increasingly rounded spaceman`s eyes (`Sensation`), is a science fictional la table ronde, and also a scifi image of the `Last Supper` at which Jesus offered `bread and wine` to his `knights` as a symbol of fellowship. However, Britney is a woman, and so the offer is physical love.



 Jesus` story is a typical `Greek` tragedy in which the man is murdered by homosexuals who want him to `know` them, in the biblical sense of Sodomites, and he doesn`t want to know. The story of the evil serpent in Eden is similarly about `knowing`. God creates Eve from the rib of Adam and the serpent begins the process of separating Eve from Adam. It`s a homosexual myth. After Jesus` arrest and trial, he`s crucified, and at the `Last Supper` he tells Peter, `the rock upon whom I will build my Church`, that Peter will not admit to knowing him the next  day:


 `A servant girl saw him seated there in the firelight. She looked closely at him and said, `This man was with him.` But he denied it. `Woman, I don't know him,` he said. (Matt: 26. 69-75)


 Peter doesn`t know Jesus, and denies being a Sodomite vehemently to a young woman who, effectively, is a sex slave, which is a normal reaction for a man with a penis to satisfy, whereas following a man who preaches love to men, and for men by men, is intrinsically abnormal. Physical love from a woman is the  sine qua non of development, which is denied Jesus in the New Testament because Mr. Big doesn`t want him to have it.

 In the New Testament  of the Bible, Judas` betrayal of Jesus` unspecific  love is a homosexual `parable`. The disciples criticize the woman who anoints Jesus with expensive oil before his crucifixion because they`re jealous homosexuals. Effectively, Jesus` reply is: `Don`t you think I`m worth a woman`s love?` (Luke: 7. 36-50)

 They don`t because what Jung terms the shadow of homosexuality is upon them, and that`s why the Paraclete or Holy Spirit effectively emerges from the side of Jesus when it`s pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus at the crucifixion. Afterwards the `spear of Longinus` was known as the `spear of Destiny`,  because the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, is the `Second Eve` from the side of the `Second Adam`, Jesus.  As a `tutelary spirit` from God, the Paraclete, or Holy Spirit, emerging from the side of Jesus pierced by the spear of Destiny, confers the role of symbolic `vessel` upon Britney Spears:


`I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Piece Of Me


 Manifest Destiny and the American Dream are basic tenets of faith in the USA. Consequently, Britney Spears is a symbol of the role of the Paraclete and the Holy Spirit as a `teacher`. The imagery of her videos is designed to promote individuation. As in T.S. Eliot`s The Wasteland, we are meant to decipher her meaning inwardly and outwardly develop because we are inspired. The key is sexuality. As a canalizer of penis arousal, Britney`s a `developer` who knows Woman has a penis. In Oops I Did It Again she appears in a red pilot`s suit to suspend her spaceman above herself in a white bikini dress because, in Jungian literary analysis, such `splitting` of a main character denotes the differentiation of a function. Here the `splitting` is that of man from woman with her own penis as an independent species. Britney, in her red pilot`s suit, is `androgynous`, but sexually desirable to her spaceman in her white bikini dress. He represents the penis, and the Christian `fellowship` imagery suggests he`s to be understood as being her. In her red suit she can only suggest bisexuality and lesbianism, but she has to in order to announce the Advent of the future of God`s plan for the Earth`s `hidden` woman, that is, the emergence of `Woman` as a species from Earth with her own penis.

 As Britney`s white bikini dressed figure revolves upon her white clothed table ronde she`s surrounded by an eight pointed `star`, a symbol of good knights and fellowship, and imagery suggestive of the `star` of Bethlehem that heralded the advent of Jesus upon the Earth. According to Jungian psychology, there are facultas praeformandi pre-existent in the psyche as latent images waiting to be awakened and that foster individuation, that is, developmental functioning. Jung calls these archetypes. In Oops I Did It Again Britney is attempting to constellate, from within the psyche of her suspended spaceman `watcher`, the archetype of the new Christ, described in Revelation as born to the `star woman` , `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`. The `New Redeemer` will protect the `hidden` woman of the Earth before she leaves to sow her `seed` amongst the stars.



 Oops I Did It Again is analogous to the nursery rhyme in which the `dish ran away with the spoon` and the `cow jumped over the moon`. Britney`s the `dish` and the spaceman is the `spoon`. Knights were so heavy in their armour they had to be hoisted onto their horse. Britney suspends her space knight above her white bikini dressed self because she doesn`t want to be `ridden` by a `false knight` who has a controlling demon, which is what `Mission Control` represents. Beneath her white bikini dressed form is her white `saddlecloth`, but she isn`t `saddled` with the `spoon`, that is, her spaceman`s penis, because that`s Mission Control`s `handle`. When he lands on Mars, Mission Control contact him by radio:


`Earth to Mars lander. Report status please.`


 He`s `Mars lander`, that`s his `handle`. We never hear any other `handle`. It`s the `handle` by means of which the demons of Mission Control `spoon` with him. Spooning is sexual and is the placing of the penis between a woman`s buttocks while sleeping.  The Mission Control demons represent homosexual `spooning`, that is, contamination. According to Judaiac thought the Shekinah and the Paraclete or Holy Spirit are the `spirit of God`, which Christianity calls the `tutelary spirit`, and so it`s against `God`s will` to listen to the voices of men inside your mind because that`s `spooning` with demons and would contaminate your relations with your woman and prevent you from hearing the words of the `spirit of God`, accepting the teachings of Jesus as communicated by the Holy Spirit, and adhering to the `will of God`. The Shekinah is female, and `Mars slander` is the homosexual spirit of the war god that wants to discredit Woman`s God by slander, which is what Shaitan is purported to do in Islam. Although Shaitan only has the power to whisper, slanderous gossip based on `hearsay` can ruin relationships. Britney`s bisexuality means that she`s hated, because she`s not open to slanderous accusations about her sexuality. Therefore she was stripped of her fortune and her children, because Mr. Big is a demon who didn`t have a `handle` on her.

 As a hermaphroditic symbol of woman as a species, Britney`s `dish` and `spoon` in Oops I Did It Again suggest the future of sexual love and reproduction. Britney lost her custody battle over her children because the paparazzi noticed that she didn`t care when her youngest son`s baseball cap fell off. It`s the baby`s `spoon` and her demon saw that it could take the child away from her by drawing attention to her losing the `spoon`. Her baby is her egg, and the cap is what they call in English language a `warmer` before they get to the main part of the lesson. As a `trophy wife`, Britney`s the cup of her egg, that is, her child`s `trophy` too. The mouth is associated with the `Feeling` function in Jungian psychology and, in England, they say that aristocrats are born with a `silver spoon` in their mouths, which means that their feelings can be `contaminated` by money.



 In the `egg and spoon race` Britney dropped the spoon but saved the egg, her baby, which is not what her demon, Mr Big, wanted. Men aren`t a species, because women have their own penis, and so the `egg and spoon race` is homosexual. They`re interested in the baby because a `spoon` is interpretable as a male penis, and so the homosexual demons aren`t interested in her because she`s a woman, and the wrong kind of egg product, so they took Britney away from her son after she left his baseball cap in the street. If she`d left the baby with Federline that would have been the end of the `egg and spoon race`, because the baby is her egg product. But the baseball cap is the `spoon` symbol, which suggested to the homosexual demons that she didn`t want the product of her egg because it was male. They used it to `spoon` her son away from her.  In simple terms, homosexuals are the `egg and spoon race` because they`re only concerned with the `spoon`, that is, the penis. To them women are not important. It`s just balancing the egg on the spoon for the cup.

 In Revelation the red dragon waits to devour the child of the woman `clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet`, which corresponds to Britney on Mars, Earth`s nearest planet and closer to the sun. The dragon is the son devourer, which is the cup that the homosexual wins. The `New Redeemer` is born, however, and grows to protect the woman `hidden` upon the Earth until she leaves, and defeats the evil serpent`s `seed` by sowing her own with her own penis and fighting a war in heaven against homosexuality. Mr. Big, Britney`s demon, is the son devourer who was able to get the `spoon` but not the baby, because she`s the cup and he couldn`t win.

 In Egyptian mythology the soul and the spirit are separate entities; Ba and Ka corresponding to personality and memory. In the myth of Ra the god is incarnate upon the Earth as Osiris who is `dismembered` by his evil shadow brother, Set, a symbol of the way men don`t want you to understand them. Osiris is a multiple personality or `Bau` that knows itself before it becomes evilled by split off components of the group mind that seek power and a reduced level of self awareness for the other elements of their `mind of God`.  Because the `Ka` is the memory, the collective mind is the `Kau`, and so the `cow` that `jumps over the moon` in the children`s nursery rhyme is a symbol of Ra`s return to heaven. In the Egyptian myth, `Ba` and `Ka` are united as the `magical personality` or `Akh` because Isis, the goddess, reassembles the `Ha` or parts of Osiris. All the parts are reassembled apart from the penis, so Isis makes another. It`s a metaphor for lost memory. The penis is the instrument of rememberment and sex is the restorer. Resurrection is the restoration of parts (Hau), personality (Bau), and memory (Kau), which is `Hau`, `Bau`, and `Kau`. The children`s nursery rhyme of the `dish and spoon` is a species` mnemonic. English pronunciation classes often feature the phrase `How now brown cow.` The reason for this is because it `sounds like` the Egyptian mythologem of Ra, and so is a mnemonic for the meaning of Ra:


 Hau Nau Bau Kau.


 `Nau` is the primal water from which all life came, and corresponds to what Jung calls the collective unconscious which contains all developmental archetypes. Consequently, it`s a species` memory. When all the parts of Osiris (Ha) are assembled`(Hau), the multiple personality (Ba) comprised of individuals (Bau) and its memory (Ka) is restored (Kau). Ra-Osiris becomes Horus, the `sky god`, because he`s remembered. He can ascend to the stars as a collective consciousness of individuals because he`s remembered how to.

 In Oops I Did It Again Britney, clothed only in her red pilot`s suit, is on Mars to receive her spaceman visitor in his spacesuit because she knows `Hau`. The spaceman needs `know Hau`, and so must become a `functioning personality` (Bau) with restored memory (Kau) to `jump over the moon` to Mars. If they don`t remember `Hau` it`s because men blind them, a euphemism for the murder of God as described in the Egyptian myth of Ra incarnated upon the Earth as a `multiple personality` murdered by his evil brother Set so that he can`t `see`.

 You can`t drive a car if you`re blind, and you can`t pilot a space rocket if you`re dead. Dead is progressive blindness to a `multiple personality`, which is defined erroneously as `schizophrenia` by psychologists. In fact it`s the `presence of God`, the Shekinah, and `schizophrenia` is, properly defined, a symptom of the murder of God by men who prefer blindness (for others), degeneracy (for all), and so they represent what is regressively evil and unhuman.



 In the Egyptian myth of Oedipus the problem is sight, that is, the central protagonist is metaphorically unable to see from birth and, at the story`s end, he`s physically unable to see. Because men don`t want him to remember. Oops I Did It Again is about the opening of eyes. The woman `hidden` upon the Earth is not able to be seen because men blind. In Arabia women wear the abiyah, a one piece coverall, so that they are `hidden` . Moreover, `Jennah` is the Arabian word for Paradise and translates as `hidden`. In the myth of Oedipus, dramatized by the Greek Sophocles in Oedipus Rex, Oedipus marries his mother, and blinds himself when he realizes; because he`s been taught the incest taboo by men. In other words, they`d murder him for being able to `see` that circumstances have directed him to the perfect woman for him. In dramatic terms, Oedipus is all of the characters; as he would be in Christ`s concept of `love your neighbor as you would love yourself `. Oedipus marries himself when he marries his mother Jocasta  but, if he were able to see that, he`d deduce that his penis is hers. That would reveal her as a species, and so men blind; because they want to continue their enslavement of woman`s `host womb` and remain as a parasite upon her and her Earth. In Islam men are even described as `leeches`3 in accordance with the teachings of their holy book, the Koran.



On Mars Britney Spears is `heaven` and the spaceman represents how men hide her by blinding. Man on her Mars doesn`t remember his `Starship` and, even if he did, men would murder him so that he`d remain blind in his incarnation. It`s director Stanley Kubrick`s 1968 movie 2001: A Space Odyssey in reverse.  Instead of the bone picked up by the monkey representing the evolutionary urge to travel to Jupiter, symbolized by the bone`s transforming into a space station as the monkey tosses it into the air after its having murdered a fellow monkey with it, the bone is the `club` symbolizing how degenerate men murder Man, so that Man won`t be able to travel to Jupiter. In `multiple personality` terms, if you want Britney Spears` God, you`ll have to learn Braille.



 In Islam the `embryo` is called alaqah, which means `leech`, `blood clot`, or `suspended thing`, and is what Britney`s spaceman represents. Suspended above her white bikini dressed self, he represents the `clot` who`s preventing the woman`s `consanguinity`, from the Latin consanguinitas, meaning `blood relation`, from flowing `incestuously` towards her own species. However, Britney`s spaceman has `Mission Control`, and so the real `clot` is the controller who functions as the `demonic possessor`, Britney`s Set, the evil `brother`. Dismembering Osiris in the Egyptian myth, Set represents the murder, and so progressive blinding, of the collective that can see well and know themselves to be God on Earth because they`ve consciously actualized the archetypes of the collective unconscious, the facultas praeformandi of dreams, myth, and imagination, placed in our unconscious selves by God for that purpose.



 Blinding would prevent Britney`s Man from reaching her through `know Hau`, that is, by murdering his `multiple personalities` (Bau), the Set `pieces`, that is, homosexuals with guns, would ensure memory loss (Ra would progressively be reduced from Kau to a single Ka) and the penis would lose its capacity to be remembered. From degenerate men`s point of view, the penis is a `blood clot` that wants to be remembered by the woman, who has her own `Bau`, or `multiple personalities`. Man and Woman`s conjoined parts would give them `know Hau`, and their `Kau`, that is, memory, would remember how to `jump over the moon` to the stars in faster than light (FTL) starships, for example. Otherwise Man will spend eternity with the Starship Enterprise lying in the garage forgotten under a tarpaulin while he tries to build a bicycle. Then, having forgotten how to build a bicycle because he`s murdered and reincarnated, the men`s `club` of evil degenerates will laugh at him as he tries to build a bicycle again.



 The 9/11 terrorists from Al Qaeda used the lowest form of space travel, hijacked lanes, to chuck them at the Twin Towers of New York`s World trade Centre in the USA. It represented the raw aim of the `spear chucker` mentality; to prevent successful development from continuing. Although the white Arabian Moslem population of Sudan received heavy criticism for their treatment of black Moslem West Africans in Dharfur, the Arabs have represented a civilizing influence over Sudanese culture.  In other words, elitism isn`t racism; but the problem of the `spear chucker` remains. Al Qaeda chucked spears at the World Trade Centre. Neither planes nor ticket purchasing genuine visitors to the USA will be coming back from the 9/11 inferno, and the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre are gone. The `spear chuckers` don`t want Man (still less Woman) to get off the Earth. In Oops I Did It Again Britney, in her red pilot suit, represents those who flew the X-15 planes out of Earth`s orbit before experiencing `blackout` and, falling back through the Earth`s atmosphere, awoke to rue the impossibility of ever flying to the stars because their brains couldn`t sustain consciousness under the high gravities they needed to withstand in order to operate a plane`s controls:


`Whisper softly and the world just disappears

 Take me high and just wipe away my fears,

 When you're with me

 Oh boy, it's my heartbeat that I hear

 Ooh, ooh baby

 In your arms I finally breathe

 Wrap me up in all your love

 That's the oxygen I need, yeah ...

 You're fillin` me up with your love.`  Ooh Ooh Baby



 In Islam the figure that finds correspondence with Satan is the djinn Shaitan but according to the Koran the evil one only has the power to whisper. What the individual does in response to the `whisperer` is a matter for free will. In Islamic tradition each individual has a good and a tempting djinn, a `Hamzad`, who record the good and bad deeds of the person to whom they are given. Depending on their records, the actor either goes to hell or heaven.  It`s a metaphor for a `choice dish`. In Arabia it`s traditional to eat only the food on your plate that you want and to leave what you don`t. Oops I Did It Again presents Britney, in her red pilot`s suit, as a good djinn and, in her white bikini dress, as a tempting djinn.

 From men`s perspective a woman with a penis is `Satan` because she`s a threat to their parasitical enslavement of her as a `host womb`. Consequently, Shaitan`s `whisperings` in Islam might correspond to the `tutelary guidance` of the Paraclete or Holy Spirit. Actions in accordance with the `will of Allah`, that is, `God`s will` in Christianity, can produce no evil results; whichever `voices` are audible to listeners who have conscience as their guide.  The Paraclete or Holy Spirit is the `Second Eve` born effectively from the side of Jesus as the `Second Adam` after being pierced by the spear of the Roman centurion Longinus and known thereafter as the Spear of Destiny because of its `potency`. In the Old Testament the `spirit of God` is the Shekinah who, described as a female spirit dwelling within the tabernacle where `God`s law is kept, corresponds to God`s conscience and that`s why she`s associated in Judaism with the Paraclete or Holy Spirit:


`[A] table ... prepare[d] for her ... the bride ... in holy jewels ...`6


 Britney Spears` white bikini dressed self upon the tablecloth of her altar with the star of her Advent about her is a type of the Shekinah in Oops I Did It Again where her suspended spaceman gazes down upon her. Either he`s her `liege lord` and a knight, or he`s a `leech lord` and a parasite. Under the direction of `Mission Control`, these are his `blood-sucking parasites` from her point of view and they`d interfere with their union. The `law of God` must be applied to `test the spirits`, as the Christians say, and remove any `demonic` control. There are indications of `demonic control` because the spaceman is a `camera` from the point of view of `Mission Control`, which means that he can only see what they point him at, a form of blindness in which `seeing is believing` and you accept that what you are able to see is all that`s present.

 The Shekinah is described as the `divine presence of God`, and she contains `All Worlds`, which explains why Britney is surrounded in Oops I Did It Again by `planetary bodies` orbiting her Mars. The video itself is demotic. There are indications of worlds that exist but are `hidden`; even from those who are able to penetrate some of Britney`s story. Only those who accept `God`s law` may enter we guess, and 9/11 holds the key. Those who pretend friendship in order to attack the innocent are breaking the law of God and are haraam. At the outset of Oops I Did It Again Britney`s spaceman uncovers a small icon of her in the desert of Mars and – Open Sesame! – Britney`s `Grail castle` emerges gargantuanly from the sand. It`s as if her spaceman `clicks` on a Microsoft Explorer (ME) icon, and the website corresponding to Britney`s URL appears. After he`s `released`, he`s depicted walking backwards; presumably to his previous position. Shaped like a `cookie` from a jar, the icon is, in fact, a `cookie` in internet terms also, and the `intruder` is safely dealt with by the simple means of `rewinding` him; or anything else that is deemed illegal by Britney Spears: a smarter `cookie` than she might appear to someone not interested in all the stories of all the worlds that the Shekinah contains as `spirit of God`s law` and supreme arbiter of what constitutes a `good yarn`.

 In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung  (1875-1961) the tarot suits are equated with the four functions of consciousness, that is, `Sensation` (dish), `Thinking` (sword), `Feeling` (cup), and `Intuition` (lance). In Marie Louise Von Franz and Emma Jung`s `Jungian analysis`, The Grail legend, they interpret knife (`Intuition`) and `dish` (`Sensation`) symbolism as relating to the differentiation of the `lance` function. It`s the `sword [`Thinking`] beaten into a ploughshare` concept, but here the `lance` becomes a utensil. In Oops I Did It Again the `giant fork` beside Britney`s spaceman is differentiated `Thinking`, that is, the sword as utensil indicating deliberation; or, in other words, the `choice dish` of which story to enjoy. Of course you have to be interested in a story, and willing to let it unfold and enfold you. Pressing ENTER isn`t enough. You have to pass muster with the supreme arbiter of `God`s law`, the Shekinah; otherwise you`re an unwanted `hacker` into an `Ivory Tower`, a `spear chucker` terrorizing New Work.



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