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Arrow Guns and Arrogance: what is wrong with the American Dream?

01/01/2012 11:06

Arrow Guns and Arrogance: what is wrong with the American Dream?


In the Gulf War (2001-03) the US 7th Cavalry were supported by helicopters named for North American Indian tribes. It is a symbolism meant to unify the nation and it did. Saddam Hussein (1932-2009) was projected as the bad guy by the cowboys and the indians won. Much like the Washington Redskins defeating the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Noone minds who despatches the villain as long as the good guys win.

 Good is an important notion here. God is good and the best team always wins because they are the greatest good. However, it is important to remember that the North American indian tribes under the leadership of Sitting Bull defeated the US 7th Cavalry with arrows while the 7th had rifles. Superior numbers won. The leader of the Sioux nation and the combined might of the other Indian nations crushed the 7th at the battle of the Little Big Horn (June 25-6 1876).

 Saddam Hussein was annhihilated by superior might and, though we may not think of him as General George C. Custer (1839-76), the principle is the same. He was projected as the bad guy and  the indians won. The Americans created him and his army, much in the fashion that they created the military strength of Iran when they supported Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the Shah (1919-80) until his dethronement in 1979. Saddam was, therefore, a cowboy who was beaten by our indians. His weapons were good but not good enough, and so were his army.

 Our indians, of course, were highly efficient with oodles of technology, and Saddam had arrows (scuds) in comparison with the USS New Jersey`s cruise missiles. But it was Saddam`s Little Big Horn and he was defended by his troops to the last. Paradoxically, then, he had the George C. role, and the US Army had the role of the North American Indian Nations with George W. as Sitting Bull.

 The North American Indians have a tradition of the Spirit of the Great White Buffalo, which is the Spirit of God within the land and its people.1 In curious fashion, therefore, the Spirit of America has triumphed in the Gulf War and the indian nations have again emerged victorious.

 The prevailing view, naturally, is that Saddam was just another indian that the cowboys dealt with: `A good injun is a dead injun.`2 This is arrogance, and neglects to perceive the difference between the arrow and the gun, that is, arrogance is based on the arrow-guns conceptualization in which arrows are necessarily inferior to guns. The battle of Little Big Horn disprove this for all time. Superiority won.

 The Little Big Horn is an American mythical event, which transposes into legend and partakes of what is called the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. God is good and God is great and God goes on forever. It represents the victory of the Americans; not the European settlers who arrived with Columbus in 1492, but Sitting Bull and the indians. Paradoxically, the defeat of the cowboy Saddam is the American Dream. Cowboys only existed for a brief period of history in the 1800s. The dream of the New Frontier - and its infinite expansion - comes from the settlers` desire to move ever Westwards into the continent, that is, from the East Coast, New York, to the virgin territory of the West Coast, California.

 The dream gathers epic propesity in, for example, Star Trek (1965-), Babylon 5 (1993-99), Stargate (1994-) and Dune (1965) that is, science fiction extravaganzas that partake of the sweeping grandeur of the vision that is Manifest Destiny, which is innocent progress and development in God without the threat that the gunslingers represent. That is why Saddam is a cowboy, because arrows are only for hunting animals and so are guns. The USA is about readiness to do battle on behalf of freedom, which is the basis of the American Dream: `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`.3 But it accepts that innocence is threatened, which is why it maintains defensive/offensive capability. Without a threat, there is no need to maintain a defense, and the American Dream is therefore the Will of God and Manifest Destiny, that is, recognition that God is not determined but that God has the power because God is omnipotent.

 Egoism is about the will, and God does not have a will to power, but is power and is omnipotent power for good, that is, innocence without poisonous evil in the shape of bullies such as Saddam that would seek to burn our farms, rape our women, and murder us. That is why Saddam was a cowboy, because he was a gunslinger, and was defeated by indians with arrows (cruise missiles).

 Tomahawks are not primitive weapons. The USA declared war on terrorism with the symbol of the `warhammer`, an indian weapon. Saddam was hammered by the tomahawk cruise missiles. The tomahawk, as the hammer of God, therefore represents, not God`s determination or will, but God`s power.This is translatable as the Shall of God because God has the power. It is the American Dream, together with their belief and faith, that God`s power shall be their Manifest Destiny as the vehicles of God`s Shall.

 The symbol of the 7th Cavalry are Spears and the Spear of Destiny is that with which the Roman soldier Longinus pierced Jesus` side at the crucifixion (Matt: 27.54. Jesus is Custer from an indians` point of view; a brave man who fought to the last. The name of God in Hebrew is Eloah, )in Aramaic Elah, and in Arabic Ilah (Allah), whereas the tetragrammaton, the secret name of God in Hebrew, YHWH is pronounceable as yellow, which corresponds to the name, Yellow Hair, by which the indians `christened` Custer. In other words, Custer, recognized by the indians as having the spirit of God in him, was their Jesus, and the spirit of God in the Will of the American People prevailed in the Gulf War when Satan was defeated by George W. as the representation of George C. Jesus.

 The Glory of God is the Shekinah in the Bible, as described in the Song of Songs: `A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.` (Song: 4.12)  and she corresponds to the Holy Spirit of Christianity, which is the Paraclete or `teacher` sent to Earth after Jesus` Ascension (1 John: 2.1) to further those who accept Jesus` teachings and safeguard their redemption; which is the knowledge that they are saved and therefore their path to God is certain. Those who deny the Holy Spirit are doomed to unendurable eternal pain, which is the hell the Christians are to fear; as it is written and as it is to be revealed -  according to the Bible.

 In iconographical terms, Yellow Hair (YHWH), that is, General George C. Custer, represnts the Holy Spirit as the Shekinah (Ps: 37.3), which is the Glory of God, and that is the reason the flag of the United States is known as Old Glory because she is Custer. She is also Eve , who was born from the side of Adam (Gen: 2. 21-2), and that which the Roman soldier was looking to see if he could dislodge from the side of Christ when he penetrated it with his spear. The Woman that is by the side of Adamic Man and can never be taken from there because she was given by God.

 In the Book of The Revelation of Saint John The Divine, `the woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18) gives birth to a child that will `rule the nations with an iron rod` and whose birth is threatened with devourment by the serpent. She is depicted as hiding upon the Earth while her child is ruling, which suggests that there is a problem in the way in which Woman is perceived upon the Earth because she is both Custer and Jesus. Figures who represent a `last stand` and victimization, that is, sadism. This is the basic difficulty for Christianity. Jesus is perceptivally distinguished as a masochist and his tormentors are sadists. Custer, on the other hand, is a hero, but a Christ-like figure in the sense that he is equatable with `the blood of the lamb` (Rev: 12.11) or redemption through heroism on the part of God. This burgeoning of the Church Military, is fulfilled, as it were, in the Gulf War against Saddam (sadism) who is neither Jesus nor Custer. His `last stand` and execution are therefore a part of the victory of God over Satan.

 The `blue bird of happiness` appears in the movie the Song of the South (1946) and `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness` are intrinsic to the American Dream. Sad Dam is therefore interpretable as the dam of sadness, that is, Saddam would have brought sadness to the world - and sadism - but his dam was breached and `life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness`, together with the fulfilment of the American Dream, shall progress and develop in unthreatened innocence, which is the Manifest Destiny of the USA.

 The danger arises when Woman is equated with Custer and Jesus, because from a sadist`s point of view, those who died in the Gulf War – all of them – died for them. Woman shouldn`t want to. But because Jesus, Custer, and even Saddam represent the victory of the sadist, Woman is the target.

 `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen.` Britney Spears (1982-) sings in Piece of Me (2007), and this `yellow hair` is bravely challenging her enemies: `You want a piece of me?` She is the Shekinah, in everything but name, that is, she represents Custer`s `last stand` and Jesus` victimization by the sadists who want to keep her from happiness and feed like vampires upon her sadnesses, her video – as another Shekinah blonde Lady Gaga (1986-) also depicts her enemies – as paparazzi.

 It is about image and ideal. It is superstition that, to have one`s image stolen (by photographer, for example), is to lose one`s soul. Jesus` and Custer`s soul are clearly the Shekinah. Jesus` because God says so, and Custer because the indians, naming him Eloah or YHWH (yellow hair) say so. Britney Spears is, therefore, the image of the Shekinah, which is an ideal. If one`s image is poisoned, as occurred when the serpent persuaded Eve to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil (i.e., Evil; because all of the other fruit in the Garden of Eden was good), then one`s ideal is also threatened, which is a threat to the American Dream and Manifest Destiny. Not only that, but it indicates that 21st Century culture is based on the principle that Woman, whose soul is taken everywhere, is to be a victim of a `last stand` against – sadism. This is what it says in Revelation:


`They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.` (Rev: 16.8)


It could be argued that these are masochists; but Jesus and Custer – our  heroes – are not. One represents Betrothal to God or the Shekinah as Eros (love), and the other represents Logos taught by the Shekinah as Holy Spirit, or the Word of God as Sword. Masochism represents the danger of identifying oneself with the sadism of the sadist, that is, accepting one`s determined status as victim, which is what Woman has been trained to do. The sadist, moreover, with the knowledge that the Shekinah is God`s Glory, that is, the Holy Spirit, and that she is Woman, will seek to torture her both within and without, that is, within themselves (Man and Woman are created as One Creature in God in Eden and are therefore indivisibly united), and in the person of Woman who is the image of the ideal which is the Shekinah.

 The Book of Revelation therefore presents the folly of accepting sadism, because Woman was not created as a plaything of sadists and is not a masochist. That is why it is important to descry the parallels between Jesus and Custer. Neither are masochists and both were great. Nor were they sadists. Nor, as the indians are saying in their destruction of Saddam, were they sadists. But those who tortured were; the Romans, the Pharisees, Pontius Pilate, and Saddam. These are also cowards. Custer and Jesus fought to the last. Saddam hid behind his army, and so did Longinus. The indians and Britney Spears therefore represent the 7th Cavalry and the Spears of God. She, because she is Destiny as the Shekinah and Everywoman, which is the Holy Spirit that teaches us neither to give in to sadism nor to accept masochism as our lot.

 The lines from the song Piece of Me `I`m Miss American Dream since I was seventeen,` and the not-to-be-intimidated `You want a piece of me?` rhetoric are words sung in the defense of Woman, the American Dream and the Spears of Destiny, and are not to be trivialized. The image of Woman is what the paparazzi and photographers everywhere seek to steal and remake in their own image, which amounts to BDSM (bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism). It is not the ideal, which is the Shekinah as the Shall of God that partakes of God`s omniscience in the sense that Saddam`s downfall was `planned`, for example, by Sitting Bull at the battle of the Little Big Horn.

 Britney Spears represents the Spears of God as the Shalt, which is the command form of God`s powerful omnipotence. We must protect the image of Woman because she represents the ideal, which is the Glory of God. This does not mean that she is prissy. Woman is sexual but sado-masochism is not about sex, except and insofar as Woman is the victimized. Sadism is about sadness and the loss of innocence; innocence which is necessary for the fulfillment of the American Dream because it represents unthreatened progress and development in accordance with the Will of God.

 Sadists would have us confuse love with shock; horror at the sight of nudity for example: love-making represented as hateful and hate-filling when viewed or participated in. Woman`s imprisonment in video, magazine and cinema is a 21st century starting point. She hasn`t progressed, in significant media terms, since the silent film stars of the 1900s such as Theda Bara (1885-1955). Her image is still being tormented and abused while she accepts her role as the victim of the sadist who wants her to play the role of masochist to his psychic vampirism of elation at suffering others: this is Satan and Satanism.

 The aim of the sadist who is a Satanist is to torture God, and they do this by having you understand that Man and Woman are One Creature in God, that is, Man is God and Woman is God and both are One Creature in God. Sadists torture because they understand this. They are like child abusers returning to those they have abused when the abused think they are free of them, and then they remind you of their role as sadists and have created you in the image they want of you, which is the masochist. In other words, masochism is created by sadists and is not a perversion but a corruption. Masochists are corrupted in order to accept their role whereas sadists want to torture God as the `lamb of God`, as it were, who is meek, mild and humble as a young bride seeking to be faithful. Jesus and Custer, although they can be represented by sadism as victims, are not masochists, and Saddam Hussein is gone, which means that sadists (like Saddam) can be exterminated. It is the role of Jesus and Custer to represent what it is to refuse sadism, while demonstrating that what is done to them is what sadists do and – our heroes warn - DO NOT ACCEPT MASOCHISM!


`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10)


 `We believe in God and you have to accept [the role of] Jesus.` is how evil sadistic parents fool their children into becoming masochists, and if they accept their domination, the promise that, having been submissive acceptably, they can be sadistic towards others. I am always reminded of Jesus` words in the Bible: `Suffer little children to come unto me.` (Luke: 18-16) which was often interpreted for me when I was a child as `children must suffer for Jesus`, which is bullshit. `Allow the children to be with me,` is what Jesus is saying.

 Michael Jackson (1958-2009) was similarly vilified for saying what amounted to the same thing and was crucified in media terms for it, being labeled as a pedophile and a pederast, which again is what sadists do; they attempt to create in their own image - as a means of torturing another human being - what they themselves want that person to be perceived as (and are sometimes successful at it). It is called `criminalization`, and `demonization`, to use Christian terminology: or photography and film-making.

 Stars are intelligent though, and like Jesus and Custer are able to present material that is educative. Lady Gaga in Bad Romance (2009) presents herself beringed my men who are clearly evil and concerned to do her harm. It is the sadists and she`s the non-masochist which they are determined shall be a masochist victim. She puts herself in the Custer and Jesus position and it is a dangerous thing to do. She is being the Shekinah, a Paracletian Guide to the `resistance movement`. But the danger is that young Woman will take such a stance as a recipe for behaviour and it is folly to posture tauntingly before men who are sadists. It is presenting young Woman with a masochist pose as a role model, which is what sadism wants.



Woman is a reproductive vessel and wants to be penetrated in order to receive the Holy Spirit of the Shekinah and produce more Glory of God, as it were. But evil men are sadists. That is what Satan and Satanism is. Woman is a vessel for them only insofar as she produces more innocent flesh for them to torture. More flesh, and flesh that is more innocent, that is. In Sophie`s Choice (1982), Meryl Streep (1949-) has to decide which of her children, the boy or the girl, she`ll keep when the Nazis offer her a choice at the gates of the concentration camp. Naturally she keeps the girl; because men are sadists.

 Sophie is being as good as she can be, but innocence has different problems. Innocence is good whereas people who encounter it find theselves being good with it, because it is unthreatened and non-threatening. They then find themselves in the position of not being innocent and good, but representing the threat because they are used to the poison within them working itself out - like a computer virus - as a threat. Feeling the menace in them, they become a threat to the innocent, because the virus is threatening. Education then consists in making the innocent be good rather than good, which is what Lady Gaga is doing in the Bad Romance video. She isn`t innocent, so she is being good and is representing herself as threatened innocence and good, which is true visually - and helpful because she, like Jesus and Custer, faces the problem; the evil men who would torment her and make her the focus of their sadism.

 Sadism is dependant upon the psychological mechanism of Woman. According to Carl Jung (1875-1961) every woman has an animus, which exists as an opinion-making component of the psyche that is her spirit. Taught that men are for her to choose from, she observes them all carefully like Scarlet O`Hara in Gone With The Wind (1939) surrounded by a supposedly admiring throng, but she is also taught that she will be asked, that is, she does not do the choosing but exists to be chosen: like Jesus or Custer.

 Jung posits the animus as perceiving itself at the centre of the arrangements with men around it, which is what Jesus and Custer are. They are victims, but paradoxically also heroes; or so we are taught to perceive them. The sadists do not, but view them as taught masochists and, therefore, useful as images to promulgate amongst what they conceptualize as further victims. They are assisted in this by the animus of woman which is concerned with creating a circle of `viewers`; like a television actress with an act to perform. The action goes on around the woman until she is chosen; like Jesus or Custer. The sadists turn upon her and she is doomed: it is what her animus is for – according to the sadists.

 In actuality, the animus is for creating what the Christians call Agape (1 Cor: 13. 1-8), which is an interlacing network of relationships that are not exclusively familial and are based on love. Unfortunately, large circles provide greater possibilities for sadists. That is why pop stars such as Lady Gaga seem preoccupied with looking good and being viewed. On the one hand, they are assured they are loved and, on the other hand, they are perceived as successfully created masochists by the sadists who think of the entire construct – the Jesus and Custer `system`, as it were – as their `operation`.

 Woman believes – or is taught – that love is important. Britney Spears` Hold It Against Me (2011) is an old chat up line: `If I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me?` But it`s also an appeal from the animus, which doesn`t want the woman to be attacked because she believes in love: `Don`t hold it against me.` Love is only important from the sadists angle, however, if it affords them more opportunity to inflict pain. A sharp sword held against the heart is what the animus can be construed as. Jung describes it as a woman`s cutting power, that is,. she has the illusion of discriminating between suitors whereas she actually has one chosen for her – by the sadists. It is their swords that she finds placed against her heart because they correspond to what the Bible calls faggots (Ps: 141.7); the dead wood that is destined by God for the fires of hell: a euphemism for the eternal unendurable pain that shall prevail as the Will of God for the evil throughout all eternity.

 Faggots that are already aflame we might think of as a virus that needs to be kept away from the faggots that aren`t yet ablaze, which is the woman`s animus recognition that she has to keep the faggots that surround her as sweet as she can or they will spontaneously combust and begin spreading their contagion like wildfire. This is faggotry.and, if we read the Bible correctly, it begins in Genesis, when the faggot in the tree, the serpent, suggests that it has poison and that the generations of Adam and Eve shall result in enmity (Gen: 3.15) between its seed (the boy-son`s) and hers, that is, the faggots will try to harm her and hers.

 Interestingly, the woman has seed, which suggests that she has a penis, and therefore her sword is real but not visible to men. In short, Woman is surrounded by faggots and doesn`t need them because she has a penis of her own, and it is this that they seek to conceal from her while they prepare their sadisms. She attempts to deploy love as a protective screen, but it becomes a device of the sadistic faggots who understand it. Woman is defenceless unless she can escape the evil enemies of God who are the homosexual faggots that represent hellfire and damnation for themselves and any they can train as masochists. Bible training then becomes the inculcation of the belief that, one day in the distant future, masochists – who are created by sadists (Jesus and Custer) will have power over sadists. But, in sadism,  heroes do not exist: it is their agitprop, that is, they see the Bible as propaganda.and they are agitating against it.

 The woman`s animus would be her `prop`, that is, her agitating propaganda. According to Jung, a woman`s animus represents her `poison of illusion`,4 which it does from the point of view of men`s psyche because her faggots are the poisonous (boy-son-us) relations she and her animus are perforce required by the sadists to delude themselves with. The problem for Woman is that, without knowledge provided by her own penis (sword of logic or discrimination), that is, understanding of her own penis and its existence – which is real – she will always see men as the centre of her world even though they surround her, which is how Britney Spears as Custer would have felt at Little Big Horn. She is attacked by these men (the Sioux and the combined nations of the original inhabitants of North America) but these other men that surround her are her men (the 7th Cavalry), whereas in fact they are all against her. Because they were not successful in the defence of YHWH, that is, yellow, which would be the opinion of the Shekinah as the Glory of God who is Eternal omnipresent Woman.

 `Cowardy cowardy custard,` is an English playground song which derives essentially from the notion that cowards are `yellow` because Custer had `yellow hair`, whereas yellow (YHWH) actually means God and the Glory of God that is the Shekinah. The perception is that Custer is Woman and she is a coward. Much as the English football terraces `anthem` goes: `Jesus Christ superstar, walks like a woman and he wears a bra.` Jesus and Custer are a part of the sadist syndrome. Jesus and Custer (JC) is the Woman`s animus, that is, the Shekinah is Old Glory because the animus of God is prepared to draw its sword in defence of Woman. Custer and Jesus are in the unique position of knowing what it means to be surrounded at the last by enemies and having only God. It is the position of Woman who sees her sword as the men about her; but in fact she suffers under the poison of their illusion: that she is protected. Jesus and Custer experience the same delusion: `My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken me?` (Matt: 27-46) They have been placed in the position of the woman to understand that Satan is a sadist. Woman`s problem remains this: that she does this. Jodie Foster (1962-) was lauded and applauded for acting the part of a rape victim in The Accused (1988). It is the role the animus keeps choosing for Woman because it has something to communicate. Either she accepts her role as a trained masochist – which is the poisonous illusion, because sadists create them in their own image and they are not created so by God –  or she changes.

 Woman`s sword is hidden; or has been so: by men. The sword of men is well known; it is their penis extension: their ICBMs and their B1s. Woman`s sword exists and would make men extinct because they are sadists and woman does not want to be a masochist. That is what Jesus and Custer are indicating. The Glory of God, the Shekinah that is the Eternal omnipresent aspect of God that is the Holy Spirit in each of us, prefers God and Woman and so does God and Woman. Men are for torture, murder and rape; so the cutting edge of woman`s sword of discrimination is preparing to cut them out of the equation and remove from them the possibility of continuing with their sadistic `game` in order to replace them with a more viable alternative.

 Men have shown that they court sterility. The A-bomb is nothing if not a sterility exercise. AIDS is a sterile`s disease passed from one monkey to another by means of shit, blood, urine and semen, because they`d rather put their penis in each other`s anus than reproduce with a woman. God has therefore, in God`s omniscience and omnibenevolence, prepared Woman as a producer of God`s good only. Her relationships shall never be sterile but always fruitful and she shall leave sadism behind with men. She shall never cast a glance backwards and never accept masochism because it is for men and Satan - and God does not want it.



 Sadists are Satan. It is what is represented by the image of Satan being cast out of Heaven by God and the angels (Rev: 12. 7-12). The angels with Satan are depicted as `fallen` but not in hell, which is the place God prepares for men who accept Satan. This is the place of unendurable eternal pain prepared by God for those who accept the sadism of Satan and all his angels, and also for Satan and all his angels. Because sadism is what Satanism is, Satanists seek victims and the Satanists are Satan to them. They want their victims to become evil in order that they also shall experience unendurable eternal pain. But they are sadists and their victims are not masochists; even though they may become embroiled in sadism.

 Satanists have more knowledge of what they are doing and masochists are created by them from the meekness, mildness and humility that is loved by God and connotes faithfulness to God in marital obedience. That is why the Christian Church is called the `bride of God` and Jesus is the `bridegroom` (Rev: 21. 1-2). Masochism is a marriage with Satan as sadistic Satanists who, although they may embroil you in sadism, are unable to put you in the place of unendurable eternal pain because their expertise precludes you from being aware of your part in their scheme.

 If you knew your role entire, you would be a sadist and they do not want you; you are their masochist: they have created you. If you had their power, you would be in a position to stop their sadism. Therefore you are always their victim because power for you is illusory. They are Satan and a victim is a victim; in whatever clever disguise they may appear to trap you. Jesus and Custer are not cowards; sadists are because they want to be the ones who have you helpless rather than the ones who are helpless. Consequently, paedophiles and pederasts are also sadists; because you are helpless to begin with. Only if you were able to take care of yourself as an infant would the sadists be unable to harm you. Evil parents who are paedophiles therefore posits God and God`s angels as the protectors; as is the case with the birth of Jesus Christ (Luke: 2. 1-20). In other words, God is the infant`s defense. Sadists, however, perceive that they have no defensive capability, and therefore infants are prized so they want more to be produced.

 Consequently, immortality is something that they hate; because a knowledgeable immortal would be able to take care of themselves. In the Bible Methuselah (Gen: 7.4) is old by 21st century standards (969) when he dies – and was wise presumably. But immortals measure wisdom in terms of development and progress, whereas sadists are interested only in inflicting pain, which is the end of development and progress in the shape of an A-bomb, for example. For sadists a life span of three score and ten is therefore acceptable, as is a retirement age of around sixty five; because it affords them enough opportuntity to torture and deceive the ephemeral innocents. Immortality is, then, something they don`t want for others. So they have developed a system that the Buddhists call karma, that is, `the cycle of death and rebirth` in which people have to repeat their lives. This is an opportunity for sadists to torture the reborn.

 In the Christian church one can be born in the spirit, and washed clean of karma, which is the promise of immortality in God. Consequently, Christians who are `born in the spirit from the water` are attractive to sadistic Satanists because they are immortal and saved. If they have been bound to the `karmic wheel` over many lifetimes, this would mean that what is saved is all of those lives and Satanists would have much to torture as sadists if they were able to.

 Born as One Creature renewed in God is the goal of redemption. E Pluribus Unum is the motto on the Great Seal of the United States of America, which means `the many and the one`. God is one and we are many in one. Similarly, to be `born in the spirit from the waters` is to save `the many and the one`, which is the saving of all those we have been, and saving them in God as `the many and the one`.

 It is the responsibility of the Shekinah or Holy Spirit as the Glory of God that is the omnipresent Eternal Feminine in each of us to effect this birth because men are evil enemies of God and Woman does not want to be one, and neither does Man. Men are definable as sadistic homosexuals who seek sterility rather than reproduction (which includes art, literature, music, and love) and immortal good with God. Therefore men shall be excluded from God and Woman shall be eternal with God. It is the fulfilment of the Virgin`s Assumption by God in which, after the sending of the Shekinah as the Spirit of Eternal Woman to be the Paraclete or `teacher` of Man and Woman in the path of the Glory of God (which she is), Woman is Assumed by God to be eternally redeemed from the beginning of Creation as the Daughter of God.5 Man as Adam was created in the image of God, but image is not ideal. God appears from the side of Adam and says that Eve is his wife. She is Adam`s ideal, because she is God. Consequently, God and Man are Woman because Adam and Eve are One Creature in God. The promise is the reappearance of Man with Woman in the shape of Woman as Man, which shall be eternal and God forever.

 The role of the Shekinah is, therefore, to engineer a redemption from the poison of the serpent and she teaches as the Holy Spirit what that is to be. That is why stars like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears (Do Somethin` [2005] for example) agitprop in their music and videos (Britney declared herself Antichrist after shaving her head to `improve` her image, but she clearly meant to agitprop for her ideal).6 Consequently, although Woman appears in a plethora of multiplicity in the media that are available, this suggests that man does not want men; or be them either. It is the absence of men from God - who refuse to change and prefer the karmic `wheel of torture` - in recognition of which the 21st century begins. The solution is Above and the `final solution` is below. The unendurable eternal pain that is awaiting the evil for making the penis taboo and, thereby, making Woman`s own invisible and unattainable to her, is real – and justifiable.



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