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Animosity Towards Women

01/01/2012 10:28

Animosity Towards Women


The animus is the `spirit` of a woman according to the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961). The anima is a man`s soul and contrasexual component, that is, the ego is male but the soul is female, and it is that which attracts the ego to the woman who represents what is sexually desirable.

 For a woman it is about being perceived as `opinionated`, because according to Jung her `spirit` is associated with `opinions`. In fact a woman`s `directedness` is the result of men`s opinions rather than her own, because she is `directable` due to the softness of her ego. Jung describes her animus as being at the centre of a group of men, that is, she sees herself surrounded by opinions and chooses the opinion that corresponds to hers.

 She is still surrounded by men, so her choice is designed to support her in her spirit, and `the spirit of God`, according to the Old Testament, is the Shekinah (Ex: 40.35), which the New Testament calls the Paraclete (1 John: 2.1), that is, the Holy Spirit, which is `God`s love` (Luke: 10. 27) and corresponds spiritually to the anima or soul that is attracted to a woman sexually. Man or woman who accepts the Paraclete as `teacher, guide, comforter and helpmeet` is capable of being taught by the Holy Spirit in order to be a teacher – Jesus, for example.

 The eyes are our pupils, and by the `spirit of God` we are taught, so our spirit learns through our eyes, which is why they are the `pupils` of God. In Egyptian mythology the `throne of the eye` belongs to Osiris, whose wife Isis collects his bodily parts and remembers him after his evil brother Set has dismembered him. The meaning of the name of the Egyptian deity Iris, the `messenger`, is `rider of rainbows between heaven and Earth`, and `the Iris` is the coloured part that surrounds the `pupils` of the eyes and where our `wisdom` reposes as we grow older.

 Iris is the repository of wisdom. In the Egyptian myth, Isis is the desirable wife and Iris is  the `connector` between heaven and Earth. When Osiris` body is recollected by Isis, after his evil brother dismembers him, Osiris is remembered as Horus, the sky god, which suggests Iris, the `rider of rainbows`, is the `tutelary spirit` of Christianity that, receiving wisdom `from above`, passes it on to its `pupils` as the Paraclete.

 Premeditated violence is the reason why Osiris is `dismembered`. Christianity preaches forgiveness, so there isn`t `animosity` between the souls and spirits of men and women (anima and animus). In other words, the heavenly `connection` between people`s eyes is `dismembered`. They haven`t accepted God and, therefore, can`t be complete irrespective of their sex.

 The Shekinah or Paraclete as `tutelary spirit` imparting God`s wisdom can be transmitted from heaven by God – as Iris `riding the rainbow`, which is a symbol of God`s `Covenant`, the `rainbow` as `Promise of Redemption` through the teachings of Jesus after his Ascension and the `rediscovery` of the Shekinah as `teacher`s assistant` by his side as she, effectively, emerges from his side - cut therefrom by the spear of Longinus Matt: 27. 54); the Spear of Destiny which points to Woman`s continuing future as the Creator`s Producer and Product: Civilization – if it weren`t for men who keep trying to destroy it.

 The missing ingredient in Man`s relationship with the Cosmos is, therefore, the Holy Spirit of `God`s love`, which we are used to thinking of as male, because of God and Jesus, but which is actually Woman`s – the Paraclete by our side cut from the side of Jesus, as it were, by Longinus` spear, and Eve placed, as it were, by the side of Adam in Eden by God.

 In the Egyptian myth Isis recollects Osiris`s cut up body parts and remembers `him`, as it were; except for his penis which she `fashions anew` by her hand. In Genesis God tells the serpent there`ll be enmity between its seed and hers (Gen: 3.15), which suggests she has semen of her own. The penis of Osiris that she `fashions anew` by hand is, therefore, his and hers, which indicates the original hermaphroditic being that was Adam and Eve in Eden coming together as One Creatureliness in God.

 In Revelation it`s `the marriage of the lamb` (Rev: 19. 7-9) that`s the reunion of Jesus with the `spirit` of God`s omnipresence - and developing progressive wisdom upon the Earth - after she has completed her mission of promulgating Jesus` teaching of Redemption. The `woman clothed with the sun and with the moon at her feet` (Rev: 12. 1-18) giving birth to the `New Redeemer` is a complexio oppositorum that represents male (sun) and female (moon), and the devouring dragon awaiting her delivery is the `serpent` from Eden full grown and perpetuating the enmity of its `seed` for hers, which is the developed and progressive man and woman that accept male-female complementarity and Redemption therefrom.

 The Woman`s child is he who `shall rule the nations with an iron sceptre`, which means that `God`s law`, defined as `God`s love` by Jesus in the New Testament, shall prevail while the evil shall go to perdition and a new heaven and Earth is created by God for the man who can accept that he is the woman. This is prefigured by Adam and Eve being a part of a single wholeness originally. The Shekinah - as the Paraclete - is the wisdom and love of God - effectively emerging from Jesus` side when pierced by Longinus` spear at his crucifixion – and this Spear of Destiny points towards the complexio oppositorum of male-female complementarity, that is, the Woman of Revelation `clothed` with the sun (male ego-anima) and moon (female ego-animus). It`s the love of God strenghened by he who upholds God`s law, which is forgiveness – or that animosity ensues which results in conflict and death.



 `If looks could kill...` is a phrase often used by those who want to spread `animosity` between people. These looks prevent the spread of Christianity and forgiveness, which is why Jesus says `avoid me` (Matt: 16. 23) to the Evil One. `Animosity` is conflict, which is a disconnecting of the pupils from `heaven above`, the `tutelary spirit` that is the `teacher`s assistant` here on Earth. Love and sex can raise the soul and spirit in spiritual ecstasy, but the evil want to disconnect lovers from the soul and spirit, so they produce look that `kill` the nascent Oneness of God between couples.

 In Arabia it`s haraam or `forbidden` to gaze upon a woman, and they wear the veil to prevent the `heavenly connection` being broken – `shattering`, as it were, the `windows` and replacing `God`s love` with the killing look of the `Evil One`. It`s a piercing of the veil prefigured in Longinus` spear`s cutting open the side of Jesus, effectively releasing the Paraclete who`s the woman he`s veiled from the sight of the evil. As Adam contained Eve, so Jesus contained the Paraclete, and she had lived as a `teacher`s assistant` behind his eyes.

 Jesus` name means `God rescues`, and the spirit is the `rescue vehicle` from Jesus` body broken into upon the cross, which is why the Egyptian Pharaohs called the spirit `Ka` and Ford Motors have a `Ka` range of `motor vehicles`. Those who break in to Kas are evil murderers so, in the USA, it`s a paradigm - `grand theft auto` because the paradigm is a serious metaphor for evil.

 Jesus` Ascension to God results from his acceptance of the spirit of God, which becomes the `teacher`s assistant` for humankind afterwards. Acceptance of `God`s love` is Redemption because it means you have an `assistant` for the `Ka` or `spirit`, which is internal Woman`s beauty. Because `good` is beautiful and `good` is wisdom - to want heaven.

 Woman and the `teacher`s assistant` correspond - outwardly and inwardly - to Isis (anima-figure) and Iris (`tutelary spirit`), which produces the love of God`s wisdom because of the connector (Woman) and the connected to – God.

 The pupil of the eye, in Egyptian mythology, is Osiris, whose name means the `throne of the eye` and he returns to heaven restored as the `sky god` Horus. The cutting open of Jesus` side by the spear of Longinus is a piercing of the `veil`. To Theosophists (mediums) this is the`other side`, which is the spirit that is God`s - the Paraclete`s.

 Jesus` breaking upon the cross as North, South, East and West is prefigured in Osiris` parts being hidden in the four corners of the Earth by dogs after his dismemberment by his evil brother. It`s an analogy of the way in which `animosity` produces conflict and an unleashing of `the dogs of war` that prevents God`s wisdom from developing and progressing in innocence without threat – the American Dream and Manifest Destiny, that is. 9/11 was a threat to the USA that sought that disconnection. In the UK there are army units defined as `death or glory` (DOGs), which effectively represent the Evil One`s desire that GOD won`t be restored. 9/11 was an attack by Saddam`s DOGs upon New York`s Adam`s `Big Apple` of fruition – World Peace.



`To lose all of my senses. That`s so typically me.` Britney Spears (1982-) Oops I Did It Again (2000)


 In the psychology of Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961) North, East, South and West are associated with the four functions of consciousness - `Sensation` (eyes), `Thinking` (ears), `Feeling` (mouth), and `Intuition` (nose). 9/11 was an attack on the `eyes of the world` and, because the mouth is associated with `Feeling` and freedom of speech, the `Big Apple` was the spirit of God`s wisdom nurtured over 2000 years by the Paraclete`s teachings of Redemption. It was a `sneak attack`, so there wasn`t a smell of it in the air (`Intuition`) and the `ears` of the USA (radar) were only politely functioning as `protocol` when the terrorist hijacked `civil` aircraft penetrated her veil of secrecy.

 Of the five senses, `touch` is missing from the equation. But the quintessence that represents the distilled knowledge of the ego appears in the duplex nature of the mouth which `tastes` as well as having the power of speech. In other words, New York represents the `taste` of the Big Apple, which is to be `in touch` with world affairs. This is why the World Trade Centre was the main target for 9/11. The five-sided Pentagon in `defence` of the `five senses` is the citadel of the `spirit of God` and the wisdom of Jesus` teachings of Redemption.

 The `sixth sense` is absent from 9/11 and it`s what produces `Animosity Towards Women`. There`s a `bad smell` about the attack, which `Intuition` (smell) could have prevented. In Jungian psychology the spear is associated with `Intuition`, so the 2000 year old wisdom of the Paraclete that`s on our side from Jesus` was in abeyance in New York on 9/11. SADDAM`s DOGs ATTACKS ADAM`S GOD`s might have been the headline in The New Yorker. It wasn`t. Because it would need a sixth sense to write it, or to prevent it being `written` - as Al Qaeda wrote it on 9/11.

 The paradigm of 9/11 is Sodom (Gen: 18, 19), which God destroyed for homosexuality and anal sex. New York`s Saddam`s apple is the `city of the planes`, which wasn`t destroyed by God because it`s Adam`s not Saddam`s. The Iraqi city of ill repute would be Saddam`s ancient seat, the `city of Abominations` – as it is described in Revelation - Babylon. The terrorists were practising `Saddamy`, which is the homosexual paradigm of the `ass-as-Sins`, that is, replacing the spirit of God with that of the Evil One in order to be `brothers in evil` and `move up` from `preoccupying` to `back stabbing`. Saddam moved up in Iraq by stabbing President Qasem in the back in 1959. He was `occupying` Iraq with the evil spirit of Saddam and the paradigm is rejection of legitimacy.

 Saddam was `illegitimate` in political terms and, in terms of `rules of engagement`, he was born out of `wedlock`. The USA gave him the world`s 3rd largest army because he was treacherous and a `brown nose`, that is, his `Intuition` was that of the homosexual who`d be polite and get his `nose` as far up the ass of the USA as possible in order to betray her. The fact that the USA didn`t get a smell of what was to occur on 9/11 was because they`d accepted an ingrate, which is the spirit of the Evil One who doesn`t want to `move up` in a meritocracy (the USA way) but to destroy it.

 Saddam was the `beast` of Revelation because he activated the spirit of homosexuality in the USA, the dragon waiting to devour the child of Woman – the `Big Apple`. The terrorists were `civil` aircraft, that is, they`d learned `brown-nosing` politeness from `Saddamy` in order to elude `protocols` that`d reveal their `wrong orientation`. They were able to fool Homeland Defence, because the US had already accepted the principle of homosexual politeness as a virus that`d hack their system and crash it. This is the paradigm of the `Greek horse`. The homosexual virus that breeds in men (ancient Greece was rife with it, and that`s why computer viruses are `Trojans`).

 The Trojan that survived the defeat of Troy was Aeneas, pronounced `in ears`, and the legend is that he found refuge in Britain and laid the foundations of the British Empire. He was able to do this because he didn`t have the `Greek spirit` and the collapse of the British Empire was because the British learned Greek homosexuality and `Trojan horse` whereas they should have learned how to defend the woman – as Meneleaus did whose wife Helen was raped and kidnapped by Paris of Troy.

 Similarly, the US made a `Trojan horse` for themselves in Saddam because they didn`t listen to the spirit of God that it is folly to promote ass-as-Sins and, on 9/11, the spirit of homosexuality, that is, the paradigm of the AIDS virus, was activated. `Saddamy` and the terrorist air AIDS of New York were able to evade Civil Aviation `protocols` because they were `civil`, that is, they employed `civil aircraft`. As airborne viruses camouflaged as men they crashed the US` defence system - and into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon.

 The idea of `preoccupation` is important. It`s the idea that the spirit of the Evil One lies in wait because the host has been ass-fucked and has received the spirit of homosexuality and is occupied – as a foreign power invades (Saddam in Kuwait) – by forced entry. It is a parody of the host by which the Holy Spirit is received in the Catholic Communion (Acts: 17. 11) and may, therefore, be understood as a Black Mass between `brothers in evil` who seek to occupy the bodies of the resurrected with the spirit of the Evil One.

 Osiris is torn apart by his `evil brother` and the `dogs of war` prevent his being remembered until he`s recollected by Isis who fashions his penis anew because the original is `lost`. It`s a metaphor for the `evil brothers` who inject the spirit of their homosexuality into their chosen `hosts` as the future `ass-as-Sins` that`ll similarly `cuckoo`1 and occupy those they`ve chosen to be`benevolent` so they can manifest the Evil One`s malevolence. Osiris` resurrection - as Horus `the Sky god` - represents the recollected and remembered body and spirit of God because Isis fashions a new penis for her.

 In Christianity Jesus` Resurrection, Redemption and Ascension to God is Revelation. He returns - as the archetypal hero - to kill the Oneness of the Evil with the Sword and then there`s the Resurrection in which the Paraclete is the spirit of God in the good people that are recollected and remembered. Because the Paraclete is, effectively, God`s Woman, the new heaven and Earth created by God in Revelation is Jesus` penis fashioned anew, that is, Woman as the Creator`s Producer`s Product – Civilization amongst the stars – recreated without the evil who have perdition.


1 Cuckoos lay eggs in other birds nests and their offspring murder the hatchlings of other birds in order to take over their territory.

 Robin`s, on the other hand, are territorial and so a `Trojan horse` is required because it`s the bird that sought to remove the largest thorn from the crown of thorns on Jesus` head during the crucifixion, a symbol of honest resistance that isn`t prepared for the `cuckoo` - neither was the USA on 9/11.

 Jesus` teachings of Redemption are, therefore, to accept that God destroyed Sodom because of it`s spirit of evil, and the `teacher`s assistant` is Woman.