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Plague Aims

01/01/2012 12:35
Plague Aims   The beginning of life in a new era was that of the 21st Century. The previous century was a troubled epoch and, in the latter stages, was concerned with AIDS and other viruses, including those of computers and their `software`. One of the more promising developments of the 20th...


01/01/2012 12:31
Plagiarism   `There is nothing new under the sun` is an idiom, which is often used to describe a literary work that is derivative. There is also a French word for the sense in a person when they see something occur that they perceive they have seen before. This is de ja vu. It is a...

My Daughter`s Seen A Penis And It`s Hers

01/01/2012 12:26
My Daughter`s Seen A Penis And It`s Hers   Recently, my daughter, who`s futanar, asked me about representations of men in movies. She couldn`t understand why women were able to be seen naked whereas men couldn`t, and I had to explain to her that, although she`s a woman, her penis is...

Move Up

01/01/2012 12:12
Move Up   Saddam Hussein (1937-2006) got himself into position as the ruler of Iraq by stabbing his predecessor in the back. He wasn`t prepared to work his way up. Someone once said to me: `You can move up.` The suggestion was apropos of nothng. I understood I was being propositioned by...

Low bottom eyes

01/01/2012 12:09
Low bottom eyes   An ass-as-sin is someone who wants to put their penis in your ass: ass - as - sin. Those who want to do this are men, and so they are evil homosexuals, which is why AIDS is the plague of the 21st Century. The concept of the ass-fucking killer began in Arabia in...

Lead into Girled

01/01/2012 12:07
Lead into Girled    Every girl is told that men are snakes. In the English language we have an idiom: `Good as gold.` Girls are often told they have to be this in order to receive some reward. Clearly the poisonous snake is an obstacle to their performance and, presumably, will...

Lead from the pencil, poison from the pen

01/01/2012 12:05
Lead from the pencil, poison from the pen    Many pictures are sketched, and some are never more than sketched. Pencil is not indelible, and can be erased. A writer`s published work is indelible. The Word of God is the Holy Spirit, which is `God`s love` (Luke: 10.27). The Redemption...

A Lay Speaker

01/01/2012 12:02
A Lay Speaker   I am not a Hungarian woman and, moreover, I am English and `belong` to the Hít Gyulakazet. Insofar as I have been a church member since my being born from the waters of the spirit, that is, full immersion baptism from the swimming pool in Debrecen in 1994, I have accepted...

Jesus Christ: the Great Escape

01/01/2012 11:59
Jesus Christ: the Great Escape   Steve McQueen escaped from the German prison camp, Stalag Luft III in Zagań (1942-5), in The Great Escape (1963) film, and Jesus Christ escaped from men who tortured him to death through Resurrection and Ascension to heaven. The Roman guard Longinus` spear...

Saddam Happy

01/01/2012 11:56
Happy and Saddam   `Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness` is enshrined in the United States of America`s `Declaration of Independence`, July 4, 1776, the USA was saddened, or rather `Saddamed` on September 11, 2001, when Iraq`s dictator gave support to Al Qaeda`s terrorist group...
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