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Pig Guise

01/01/2012 12:29

Pig Guise


In Eden the serpent persuades Eve to give Adam bad fruit, which is curious because they already have all of the good fruit, and God is omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniscient, and omnipresent, that is, Good. Why would anybody want bad fruit? The serpent, in effect, represents the poison apple, which is why the fruit is bad. It is from the `Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil` (Gen: 2.9), and God is Good, so why do Adam and Eve not accept fruit from the `Tree of Life` alone? Because evil, the serpent, is not able to abide good and they are innocent, which is progress without anticipating being threatened.


 This is also the American Dream. It is a dream because it is progress without being threatened, and that was thought possible because Americans believe in the Almightiness of God. However, true innocence is about progress without anticipating being threatened, that is, without requiring defensive/offensive capability. In other words, fulfilment of the American Dream and Manifest Destiny is innocent progress and development without the possibility of being threatened; the good fruit of God throughout the whole of Creation, that is, rather than the poison apple that Earth represents – Star Trek (1965-) in effect.


 The Taliban terrorist attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre in New York on 9/11 2000 was about the threat to the innocence of Americans, that is, the American Dream of progress and development with threat as an impossibility. What the serpent represents in the Garden is a threat to innocence, and it injects poison into Adam and Eve`s relationship. It therefore represents what is neither Man nor Woman, who are One Creature in God (Eve is created by God from Adam`s side as a completely developed Woman), but what is an evil intelligence that seems human. God told the serpent that there would be perpetual `enmity between...[itself] and the woman`s seed`(Gen: 3.15), which not only suggests that the serpent will have seed of its own, but also that the woman has seed. This can only be understood if the woman has a penis and that her enemy is male humanoid. In other words, men are to be her enemies because she does not need them.



 A woman with seed of her own is a star of Japanese Manga, and is called Dickgirl. The animation is called Hentai, which means `pornographic` and our heroine has a penis. Adam and Eve`s appearance in the Bible is described thus: 'Male and female He created them both.' (Gen: 1.27), which suggests, poetically, that they were created as both male and female; or, in other words, they were physically bisexual. Dickgirl does not only have a penis, she has a woman`s reproductive equipment, which means that, together with another woman, or with a woman the same as her, she can reproduce without men, and without producing men either.


Men together cannot produce anything: it is a sterile relationship. This is what the serpent in Eden represents, a future teeming with poisons (boy sons) that hate women because they are redundant in their presence. They are as bees in flowers, stealing pollen to make honey and more drones; whereas flowers pollinate one another. The serpent, essentially, connotes men as homosexuals. Because, if woman is self-reliant in terms of sexual reproduction, then men are forced to recognize that they are evil. Only recently has Hollywood acknowledged lesbians as a theme for mainstream movies, and that is primarily because there is no penis visible in the relationship – either mentally (in the cinemagoer) or physically. Men, on the other hand, are quite happy to reveal their penis in the shape of a gun.



 It could be argued that the preoccupation with firearms in US culture, is in part due to the fact that the `love gun` or penis is repressed to the point of extinction in mainstream Hollywood movies. Therefore the onus is on action of an unvariable type. Essentially movies are about hunting. It is the hunter-gatherer scenario. On the one hand, you have the gatherers who are creative, produce, progress and develop (the woman who is a homemaker with her offspring). On the other hand, you have those who, like brigands, steal, rape, murder, and are basically sterile (men). The argument is that hunters put meat on the table, but I buy my protein from the local ABC. I use a can opener to get the beans out, and I`m not a vegetarian.


 The other argument is self-defence and, with so many evil men around, who can argue with them? If movies are mainly about action in the Lethal Weapon (1987) mould, the denouement in these and the other modes of movie is elided because the girl is never got, as it were, because the repressed item, the penis, is never active. It seems more likely to assume that repression of the penis in favour of maintaining a murderous collective of men is a policy decision on the part of those who seek to keep woman in fear. Literally, they keep woman because she fears them and, as we have seen, she doesn`t need them.


 The current anti-terrorist action in Afghanistan, which is a part of George W. Bush`s (1946-) declared `War Against Terror` (2003-), is ostensibly against the Taliban, and their repression of woman is one of the main reasons given against them. But, if that is all we are keeping men for, it is all they are keeping themselves for. Murdering each other with the concretized hatred of their penis repression, and the repressing/suppressing of woman. The British and Americans are convinced that they are the good guys and the Taliban are the bad guys, and they are. But what is woman`s role after the war? Generally, the same as before. Woman is kept in fear and she doesn`t need men. They are evil concretizers of repressed self-hatred and sublimated desires in the form of those murderous penis extensions which are their guns. What they hate is that woman is nurturing and developmental while they are sterile and unproductive.



 If the Earth is Woman, then we are currently in a terrorist phase in which her apes are raping her and terrorizing her with their raids and their AIDS (a scenario in which men are AIDS monkeys). The Gulf War (2001-03) was really about the gulf between Man and Woman. Sadists want everyone to be sad and Saddam Hussein (1932-2006) represents not only the dam breached by the Americans and British to end his sad regime, that is, his sadism, but the realization that sadistic minds encourage the continuance of the real gulf crisis, which is that men are murderous and are therefore irremediably separate from Woman. In fact, she has [Marquis De] Sade`s (1740-1814) BDSM, which is bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism. Without sadism, this is marriage, obedience, and humility.which is God and not them.


In the New Testament of the Bible Jesus visits Gadarene (Matt: 8.31) and discovers two men who are possessed by demons who tell him. “If you drive us out, send us into the herd of pigs.” Jesus does so. Pigs are `forbidden fruit` in Islam and Judaism, and it is because men prefer them. Humans, however, do not want to contaminate their spirit with them. The Gadarene swine story is an example of Redemption. Christians believe that Man is redeemed but has to accept Jesus` teachings. In this instance, Jesus makes man whole, as it were, twice. But they have to continue as they are. We are told in Matthew: `When he arrived at the other side in the region of the Gadarenes, two demon-possessed men coming from the tombs met him. They were so violent that no one could pass that way. “What do you want with us, Son of God?” they shouted. “Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?” (Matt:28-29) The writers of the Bible clearly have to be careful because it is a work of hope and faith in Jesus` ability to save mankind, but the reality here is that these are men.


 Without Jesus` intervention men are doomed, and the inference is that Jesus fills them with the spirit of God, that is, God is present and they are not. Or that part of them which is not able to accept God leaves them for the pigs, which is a prefiguring of the unendurable eternal pain that awaits those who do not accept Jesus` teachings on Redemption. The torture spoken of here may be understood as a part of the plagues of Revelation sent by God as a punishment against those who have not converted from their evil path: `Men gnawed their tongues in agony and cursed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, but they refused to repent of what they had done.` (Rev: 16.10) It is important to understand that this is not merely a description of the tortures attendant upon the homosexual plague that is HIV and AIDS. Sadists like pain – for others. Because Man and Woman are One Creature in God from the Creation of Adam and Eve from the side of Adam, homosexuality is sadism, the torturing of Woman who wants to nurture, develop, and progress. The Gadarene swine represent the sterile ambitions of men. Their spirits pass into the swine because they would rather be pigs. It is the `pig eyes` syndrome, which in English idiom is: `Your eyes are too big for your belly.` This means: `You want more than we want you to have.` It is a curse of men upon those who desire more good for themselves. Homosexuals have pig eyes, that is, they may look big but they are small and they guy, that is, they deceive or `pig guile`, and feign empathy for Woman they do not desire because they are `pig guys` and her belly is `too big` in the sense that she is a creator, producer and developer of that which they do not want – pregnancy (of thought or invention). Woman wants her belly to `big`. Homosexuals want to `pig`; they don`t want to produce: they want to be the `pig guys` and have the woman understand that her productions, that is, mankind`s future, are sterilized.


 Eve was created from Adam`s rib which, as a verb, means `to guy or ridicule`. Homosexuals are `guys` who are not from God because they are ridiculous. Satan is often described as the ape of Satan and AIDS is, reportedly, a monkeys` disease. Who would prefer a monkey`s disease to a woman? It would, however, explain why there is to be enmity between Eve`s beguiler in Eden and the `woman`s seed`. If Adam and Eve are One Creature in God, then Man is Eve, that is, the Woman of the Man`s rib is always by the side of the Man. Homosexual beguiling, therefore, is the replacement of the woman by the side of her man with a man, that is, the man has been `ribbed` and it is a joke of Satan`s.



 Man without woman is a urinater, and that is what homosexuals are. They produce nothing but urine. From Frank Herbert`s Dune (1965), I know something of the `Butler Jihad` in which the evil premise is a war against the beauties and arts of fiction. The main character is Butler and he seeks nothing for everyone on a grand scale, that is, he is a urine bottler. He does not seek the greatness and goodness of the things that are produced by the mind in God through the powers of the soul, spirit, and imagination. He seeks to empty everything of creativity and replace it with sterility, and in truth to urinate upon God. My church in Hungary`s Budapest is called the Hít Gyulakazet, which is the Faith Church. I have a friend there who, when asked why she was called `the AV`, replied `I do not stand while I urinate`. AV means Adult Video and the believers at the Hít Gyulakazet stand with their arms in the air – ostensibly prayerful. In England, the Queen Victoria (1819-1901) & Prince Albert (1019-61) museum is known as the V&A where many art treasures are housed. In my fantasy, my friend means Victorias rather than `all but` Victorious. Arms raised high in friendship with God and not brandishing weapons are Victorias, as it were. Unless men are visibly weaponless they are Adult-ə- rated and cannot know God. Her name is Emese and a pastor at the church informed the whole of the congregation that the name Emese, a traditional Hungarian name, means `pig`.


 When Emese said that she was called `the AV` because she `didn`t stand to urinate`, she obviously meant that was all men were good for. In Hungary, they have a tradition of `watering` a woman with perfume at Easter, and the woman gives them money. At the Hít Gyulakazet the pastors demand 10% of your income as tithe and they stand to urinate, which is all they`re good for. I went along one Easter to attend and was ejected because, although I had been born in the spirit from the waters in Debrecen sixteen years previously, they didn`t recognize me and it was an overly long period of time for them to wait for me to take my passport from my pocket. After an hour waiting outside in the cold April weather, eventually they told me to `piss off`. I felt I`d been watered enough. At the church they preach about the Holy Spirit, which is the Paraclete or `teacher` sent by God after Jesus Ascension. The assumption is that the Holy Spirit is male, but it is in fact the Shekinah or Glory of God, and is female. If men are only good for `watering`, then they are cheap extortionists and only need to appear threatening. The Holy Spirit, from men`s point of view, therefore corresponds to the character from Ghostbusters (1984) called Slimer, which has no lower body parts but can still hold its own in a struggle, despite being a spiritual `pig me`.



In America, the pastor that called Emese a `pig` would have been described as a snake. I define homosexuals as rattlesnakes, because they don`t want woman to begin with: `In the beginning was the word and the word was God.` (John 1:1) God went on to create woman; and the serpent, which presumably went on to become the spine of the ape of God, that is, the AIDS monkeys, would already have had its rattle prepared for the infant in its cradle. The evil want innocence to abuse and do not want developed individuals; therefore they poison and reduce the good to evil - whether born in the spirit or reborn from the womb that they are returned to: to be their supposedly justifiable victims ad infinitum. Fortunately, the good are born good, those who are reborn can be good, and those who are born in the spirit, from the waters of baptism – at whatever age – are saved eternally because they want to be good and want good. Consequently, the evil that would seek to make evil from good are doomed to unendurable eternal pain forever because God has told them that this shall be their punishment for the evil that they do.



 Eve was created as Woman, whereas daughters are produced, nurtured, developed, and progress. The spine of Man and Woman who are One Creature in God are therefore of a different order to the serpents` spines of the apes of Satan. Rattlesnakes are called sidewinders because they are analogous to the ways in which the Evil One strives to come between Man and Woman, who is at the side of Man. Jesus describes himself as `the Son of Man` (Luke: 9.58) in the Bible and is pierced in the side by a spear during his crucifixion. The Roman soldier who does this calls Jesus the `Son of God` (Matt: 27.54), and it is evident from the symbolism that he is looking to see where Jesus` Woman is. Nor should we be in any doubt that he had one. Or that we are lacking in this department when we remain unmarried. According to tradition the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, or teacher, sent by God in the shape of a dove after Jesus Ascension (Acts 1: 9-11), is the Shekinah, the eternal feminine, and would correspond to Jesus` Woman; which fallen Man needed in order to accept what Jesus had taught and be redeemed. Fallen Woman is an ambivalent concept because the Shekinah is the Glory of God, and the Virgin Mary`s Assumption indicates that Woman`s place is assumed to be with God by God (Rev: 12) despite the dragon (the serpent of Eden has become a dragon) being at war with her child; first in Heaven where, assisted by the Angels and their Commander, the Archangel Michael, the child removes Satan and places him upon the Earth and, later, the child `rule[s] the nations with an iron rod` while those seeds of hers that remain upon the Earth exterminate the dragon. Indeed, it is clear from Genesis, when God creates Man in the image of God and then appears from the side of Adam as Eve, that God has Assumed Woman and she is to be Triumphant.


 Desert sterility is the goal of the sidewinder as it wriggles ever closer to the side of yourself and your woman in order to prevent the birth of the child that is the knowledge and wisdom that she is yourself. That is why there is a serpent sapientae or `serpent of wisdom`. It is the certainty that, just as woman came from the side of Adam, so woman comes from your side to be the woman you are with. It is the instinctive intelligence that we associate with the simpler part of our central nervous system, the spine or serpens sapientae. The evil serpent would seek to intercept that accord and poison it, as it does in Eden and as all adulterers do who would turn gold into lead. Mr and Mrs Smith (2005) with Brangelina is one of the more popular movies of the new century, but it conceptualizes a loving couple endeavouring to murder each other with guns; turning gold into lead for the moviegoers. It is the sign of a fatal malaise when men murder women and define it as `action` in mainstream movies. In illegal `snuff` films they do the same and those responsible shall have unendurable eternal pain forever; in accordance with the will of God.



 In Hungary they have a term, `leszbika`, which means `lesbian`, but in Hungarian `lesz` means `to be` and `bika` means `bull`, that is, `leszbika` means `to be a bull`. If we remember that there shall be enmity between the serpent`s and the woman`s seed, we can understand that the woman is `to seed` and `to be seed`, that is, she shall have a penis. If such a thing were possible, then woman would be forever independent of men. Or, as my friend at the Hít Gyulakazet would say it: `Only those people who are Victorias can have sex.`